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File: 1620228007532.jpeg (6.66 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)


What in the fuck is this shit?
Looks like i won't be trying to afford a PS5 after all:

>In an interview with Axios Gaming included in its latest newsletter, Kanda said Village’s development team didn’t want to frighten off players, after some feedback suggested the game’s predecessor was too scary.

>When we develop a new Resident Evil game, our goal is not always to make it scarier than the previous title, but find a balance to deliver a scary but fun experience for players, he said.

>Some of the feedback we received regarding [RE7 was] that it was too scary to play,” Kanda added. “In one regard, that’s exactly what we were striving for, so it’s a huge compliment for us.

>But at the same time, it’s always our goal to create something that anybody can feel comfortable jumping in and playing, so we eased up on the tension curve [in RE Village] relative to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, so that players aren’t in constant fear.

I'll just keep spending my money on cheap booze then, no thanks.
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Jump scares aren't scary


there aren't any of those in this game though


literally only people that are scared by jumpscares feel the need to constantly remind everyone that jumpscares aren't scary and that they're cheap no-good bad bad not scary i don't need mommy to hold my hand


File: 1620951885100.png (Spoiler Image, 1.98 KB, 320x224, Gradius II option thief.png)

You wanna know what fear looks like?


RE7 was filled with jumpscares
really pissed me off, I turned it off and played re4 again

File: 1620193689903.jpg (131.31 KB, 660x726, a3XWxfH.jpg)


Does anyone here work in the gaming industry? Be a programmer, artist or related
Is it bad as people says it is?


Nobody works here actually.ak-47AK-47


>Is it bad as people says it is?
There's always news about gaming studios crunching and other shitty practices, so yeah.


the worst part isn't the sketchy employment practices, it's the egos. i worked at a studio split between macho bro types who "practiced" kickboxing during lunch (mostly posing and flexing in front of a mirror to "perfect their form") and textbook PMC liberal women with massive savior complexes. the few normal people i worked with often volunteered to work overtime on salary just to get done with our part so we could be laid off and free of the social black hole that the studio really was. we convinced the director that the greatest "experience" (the favorite buzzword of the lead designer that got slathered on everything like hot sauce in a university dormitory) would be achieved by using a 16 year old RPG engine for an MMO/action hybrid. We fucked that game up so bad just so we could be done with it and out of there. I've been working at an animal shelter ever since. Programming is a fun hobby but doing it for a company is masochistic just because of the nightmare personalities it attracts.


Sounds nasty, glad your new job really gives back to the world


he didn't ask you dr. expert news article reader. this addressee of OP is abundantly clear.

File: 1620005941277.jpg (128.09 KB, 1900x750, tx.jpg)


Why are like 50% of gamers totally antisocial sociopaths whose only emotions are seething hatred and rage? Why do so many gamers seem completely incapable of empathy or goodwill?
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no, my exposure has been in actually playing multiplayer and PVP oriented games and experiencing how utterly sociopathic gamers are in their habitat.


That's because of the type of games you play, not because all "gamers" are like that. What about people who prefer single player games?


There's plenty of reasons for it, but here are just a few.

A) You're playing multiplayer games, which are over saturated with 'competitive' type players and underrepresented with other types of players, such as story focused or exploration focused or creatively focused players. Those kinds of players tend to be far more easy going, and they are also too busy playing single player games to cool down the atmosphere in multiplayer games.
B) Antisocial parasitic retards are really fucking loud and obnoxious. They are constantly screaming and broadcasting their rage. More chill and relaxed players tend to stay quiet and just play the game. When I play a multiplayer game with a server of, say, 24 people, I generally won't find 50% assholes- what I'll find are 3 players that are public but chill, 3 players that are screeching their raging spergy assholishness, and 18 players that just keep to themselves.
C) Video games are easily accessible to children, and people who have never really emotionally matured past the state of children, for whatever reason. Children aren't really capable of separating themselves from a product, and will invest their ego and self worth into it. If someone is just kind of generally a failure that spends 100% of their available time playing video games instead of growing or maturing, then they'll continue to act like children with an inability to separate themselves from the game they're playing, which leads to seething hate and rage whenever any one of a million things causes dissonance. The server having lots of either manchildren or actual children will lead to a lot of screeching and sperging out.
D) Antisocial, antagonistic and socially parasitic attitudes are actually celebrated by large segments of capitalist society. See all the people who thought that "Greed is good" was meant as an inspirational quote. Cooperation is bad, dominating others is good. Kick and claw and fight your way to the top of the heap, then stomp on the face of everyone below you so that they can't climb up and dethrone you. These are seen as positive behaviours and encouraged, so why wouldn't that translate into video games as well?


play better games lol
I've had games where other players take a few minutes to teach you tips on how to play better.


Its not the games per say but their community, it is why many people do private games where it is only people on their friends list.

File: 1619846698129.jpg (73.84 KB, 1280x720, tonight we riot.jpg)


Tonight We Riot, an explicitly communist beat-em-up game, is free on GOG today. Anyone here played it?

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If anyone drops a link I'll try it.




>communist and not antifa
is commupunk just cyperpunk but no-one was dumb enough to get brain implants?


This game is alright, nothing amazing, but it's cool to play an openly commie game


About to start playing this on stream for a bit tonight

File: 1619752977125.mp4 (42.15 MB, 640x360, cowadoody.mp4)


Call of Duty Cold War "Bad" Ending
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Perseus is also the ultimate daddy.


I heard a lot of the "Soviets are heartless retards" shit is actually recycled from shit Tarist Russia actually did, but I'm no expert.


Oh definitely, I don't think it ever got as bad as not giving soldiers guns, but in WW1 morale among Russian soldiers was rock bottom for reasons such as not being given replacement boots and having to wear ones with holes in them for months (in snow and slush).


Wow apparently that is actually true about the guns:

"By December, 1914, the Russian Army had 6,553,000 men. However, they only had 4,652,000 rifles. Untrained troops were ordered into battle without adequate arms or ammunition. "Untrained troops were ordered into battle without adequate arms or ammunition. And because the Russian Army had about one surgeon for every 10,000 men, many wounded of its soldiers died from wounds that would have been treated on the Western Front. With medical staff spread out across a 500 mile front, the likelihood of any Russian soldier receiving any medical treatment was close to zero". (12)

Tsar Nicholas II decided to replace Grand Duke Nikolai as supreme commander of the Russian Army fighting on the Eastern Front. He was disturbed when he received the following information from General Alexei Brusilov: "In recent battles a third of the men had no rifles. These poor devils had to wait patiently until their comrades fell before their eyes and they could pick up weapons. The army is drowning in its own blood." (13)"


Now I'm wondering how this got recycled into EATG. I love that movie still, even though the politics of it are revolting. A lot like the movie Patton was ruined for me after finding out that the man himself was essentially a fascist.

File: 1619676741186.jpg (2.8 MB, 1920x2841, 1619663823526.jpg)


There are people out there who want to corrupt the succubus tradwife.
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Who's this semen demon on my /overboard/?thinkThink


>calling Pathfinder a gacha
What the fuck


1. I've never played it
2. I was just reading to the guy's name and quads.

File: 1619534073522.png (381.18 KB, 500x500, Babby's First Metroid.png)


What are some of your biggest disappointments in vidya anon?

Pic related for me, it pretty much ruined my youthful innocence. When I was a child I believed that there was such a thing as "good" and "bad" developers. That good ones existed who would never betray their fans on greedy marketing decisions, developers who were innately pure and reliable. Then I played this abomination and grew up.
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>take a steamy dump all over the series' core mechanics and the way characters play
I don't like YRC either but they're much closer than most Blazblue sequels
>ruin the character aesthetics
>replace beautiful hand-drawn 2D art with ugly cel-shaded 3D garbage
I mean it's definitely different but the way Xrd looks is the last complaint I'd have with the game.
>remove half the playable cast and introduce a bunch of cringe BlazBlue tier characters
Half is a stretch. People don't even like Justice/Kliff in AC. Do you want more +R Zappa swords?
The only character I don't particularly like from Xrd is Leo, who's just kinda bland. If I could play Elphelt in +R, I would in a heartbeat.spurdoSpurdo


Metroid Other M was the biggest piece of shit I ever played, and it's astonishing how much of its problem can be foreshadowed by Metroid Fusion. Sakamoto should never be allowed to touch the series ever again, although at this rate, who knows if the series is even alive at this point.

Another disappointing garbage that happened to destroyed its own series is Final Fantasy XIII. Its new entries now come out every once a decade and it seems we're also going head first into wacky remake territory.


>and it's astonishing how much of its problem can be foreshadowed by Metroid Fusion

<1UP: What most people love about Metroid is that it offers a huge, open world. It's non-linear, there's so much to explore, and you can move about at your own pace. Is that something you're going to be retaining for this game, or is it going to be more of a linear, level by level progression?
<Sakamoto: If you think about this one as being maybe similar to Metroid Fusion, then I think you'll have an idea of how the story will play out. It's still linear in the sense that there's a progression, but there are side areas that players can go into. It will retain that true, Metroid feel.
I tried to warn people. But they refused to listen.


The positive critical response was clearly down to the guided review event. I remember gamers diaping out about it way more than was warranted when it actually released. In the end it was a well designed sandbox game with great missions that suffered from too much filler and an unfinished story.


Why would you respect your audience when your audience is video game players?

File: 1619500792362.jpeg (103.43 KB, 1079x672, james bond burger.jpeg)




Now that's an old maymay. Did the devs stumble on knowyourmeme?


Pretty sure it's edited
But a few days ago the original picture was posted on /b/ so I guess someone on the site stumbled upon KYM after all


Moved to >>>/b/34377.


are there any games that take place during the Spartacist uprising?socialismSocialism




Do we need any?


what does this meansocialismSocialism


Not set during the uprising, but there is gonna be a new HoIV mod coming out where the uprising succeeded.


No we don't fucker

File: 1619148263143.jpg (43.23 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Let's recommend, talk and post apks modded or unmodded about those games new or old that you'd play while waiting in the airport.

I loved Temple Run 2 and Angry Birds Star Wars so much

Where do you guys find old apks of games before they became too iap hungry or online
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Do you have any recommendations for free games developed for Android that are not on the Play Store? As in, you know, APKs that are intended to be downloaded and installed manually.


Whoops forgot to add that practically any game made with Ren'Py can be easily ported on Android.


pixel dungeon or something like that is very popular as an fdroid game


Thank you for telling me about F-Droid, I had no idea that it existed. That's so cool.


oh yeah fdroid is the jam
open source competitor to playstore and has some great apps that you can't find on google

like adaway, tachoyomi, newpipe
i use it mainly for andOTP

i think there is a sequel of that pixel dungeon game on playstore

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