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You've been playing games for years now. Why aren't you any good?
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Difficulty is one thing but I hate games that punish you for dying like losing your souls and shit. Like fuck off.


I don’t mind difficulty but sometimes I just wan’t to fuck around and try things that might get me killed. For instance, I like playing low-tier fighting characters in video games despite the fact I’m bound to lose a shit ton. That’s frowned upon in a lot of spaces filled with “serious gamers”. I sincerely don’t care if I lose most of the time as by long as I had fun losing.


File: 1664503862574.jpg (46.92 KB, 512x250, romance.jpg)

I don't play games to get good, I play games that are good.


unironically how and where do i start playing from
what are the different methods and styles


Agree, I'm glad games moved away from excessive punishment for losing like xp loss or straight up deleting the character (unless they opt in). Just let them jump back in and try again, the difficulty should be in figuring out the encounter and not in taxing your patience running through braindead content you already did 20 times just so you can get back to the encounter. It's like if every time you lost a game of chess your opponent hid all the pieces around the neighborhood and you had to go find them again before attempting a rematch, it's terrible game design and players will find other games that don't punish them for taking on challenges.


I legitimately can’t name a single component of new Vegas that made the entire base game for me boring after my first few play throughs but rather a clusterfuck of stupid outdated shit
The map is visibly empty, like fuck fallout 4 and 3 you at least had places to go to if you didn’t give a shit about the base campaign, in new Vegas over half the actual map is unusable and you can see this if you type tcl and look down on the entire map after flying for a bit, and the part you can play is still barren in content while the DLCs are a fraction of the size of shit like far harbour, the Pitt or even non fallout games like fucking oblivions knights of nine expansion felt more complete
The AI is retarded being the script used for it is the same across literally all actors and consistently gets stuck in places while the cities were never fully fleshed out partly due to console restraints but mostly due to deadlines the dlc updates never saw had their issues patched out. Like fuck does any casual new Vegas know about the rest of freeside outside of the main centre?
The gunplay is a disaster that I’m not getting into as it would clog this thread but you get the point

This game fucking stinks. At least to me since I last played it over a month ago(Fallout NV threads already exist)
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>abloobloo my shitout is better than your shitout
This overrated franchise should have just died with Interplay, at least then the fanbase could have been much more sufferable instead of being an endless parade of Black Isle, Obsidian and Bethesda fanboys fighting each other and reactionaries soying over the Enclave and Caesar's Legion.



Bethesda shill all the way


>after completing every single legion quest
let me guess skipped all the side quests?
Can't imagine at all taking only 20 hour for a playthrough especially with all the DLCs like you mentioned before. There's plenty of quests and dungeons all over the map to explore even if it is supposed to be less than F3 apparently, it's definitely not an empty map, you clearly don't want to enjoy the game in the first place.


the franchise seems to be getting a lot of attention recently I just like seeing some good western RPGs that aren't just, keep slashing monsters and upgrading weapons and all the japanese trash

File: 1664166286935.png (29.66 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)


Retroarch for everything or standalone for some stuff?
How do you #retrogame?

I like beauty, customization and ease of use but also understand how much performance and smoothness matters

So which systems you shouldn't go for a retroarch core and download the standalones?

Also, please post your setups and how you decide the play old games
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Yeah, I forgot Dolphin, I use it too of course, great emulator. Duckstation is the PS1 one and it fixes the texture wobbling as well as many more options. Xenia is Xbox 360, Fusion is Sega Genesis, Cemu is Wii U, FCEUX is NES.


And Mupen64Plus is for N64 specifically, Dolphin doesn't cover it as far as I know.


So is Mesen X fork the peak or is a retroarch core better

Citra, Yuzu, Xbox and 360, PS3 and PS1, DS for these their standalones are better and prettier

What emus is retroarch worth for? I'm scared to install it, because it's so extensive I get sucked in



Where do you get your ROMs from, I know Vimm's Lair
There was some site for 3DS that I signed up for, It's so annoying with .3ds files, decrypted and that shit

Also it's kinda fucked how games like Forza Horizon will forever be lost, because of all the licensing issues


save states (unnatural) are saved as .sav
but where teh fuck are the in-game saves locateed?

within the rom itself?


Anyone find it insane that games are the biggest industry now? People always talk about films and movies box office

But the revenue this industry generates is nigh high compared to them
MicroTranscations really soared this industry up, Game psychologists tinkering up the best way to release dopamine and make money

That game that is never coming out. I can't remember its name, something star, got more money in fan-funding than the entire budget of Endgame

Game development is very expensive, but can someone break down where a studio like Rockstar will spend it?
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I could barely run it so not sure, it looks like it's super uber graphics but very lacking gameplay


It’s pretty much a role playing space game
Outside of the pretty visuals if you like role playing games. Like the classic kind where there’s a mix of survival and faction type shit you’d see in fallout, TES, exile etc than this would be appealing


I have a feeling this thing will turn into some metaverse scam soon enough once the devs give up on shipping a full game


doesn't run on my phone


>the revenue this industry generates is nigh high
Yet the wages are even more miserable too.


In terms of functionality and aesthetics which armour is better?
Recon armour or elite riot gear

File: 1663897431832-0.mp4 (2.26 MB, 1280x720, Midnite.mp4)

File: 1663897431832-1.jpg (79.02 KB, 887x703, FdStTuaWQAEDMqa.jpg)


I'm astonished that Rabbids goes the direction it does and makes some of them hot.
I always thought they were just silly minion-likes, (I know Rabbids came before but you know what I mean. Minions, Kerbals, The aliens from Toy Story, ect…) though I suppose it makes sense they'd want to do something to stand out and be more than that.
It really is an impressive feat of character design.
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That's the spice that makes it good.


I’m really disappointed in you anon


But I’m even more disappointed in myself because I understand you


Mostly easy to see, they got rid of the homer simpson mouth on the ones they made more sexy and suddenly it works way better

Unless you're into homer simpson mouth Peach


This is dedicated to the possible successor to biowares Swtor
Personally I need gameplay but considering the staffing behind it it would be legitimately hard to fuck up or even undeliver


I hope it's as kino as Heavy Rain. It's another one of those interactive movie games with different endings (the dev did Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human, Fahrenheit etc.) so don't expect RPG gameplay or even any gameplay past clicking on dialogue options and QTEs.


>interactive movie
That honestly fits in more with the role playing aesthetic than swtor
It wouldnot even be hard to pull off something as cool as a faction system considering how basic the gameplay design would be


One really common things in games is to allow movement while performing an action however in fighting games some moves cause you to stick in place but still allow the above to occur if you jump and attack at the exact same time

This can lead to a lot of true combos being created as now the player has access to performing a string frame perfectly without frame perfect input simply by using more than one button at a time. The result this shit
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you have an asshole issue


i thought this was a sex reference, but damn you can swallow people in smash bros?

more like smash vores


actually that just cleared up because I was able to take a massive shit on a terrible smash player


File: 1664280787373.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.77 KB, 850x1133, sample_b930e21cbfd99c19d77….jpg)

wait til I swallow you bro


File: 1664299270571.png (586.83 KB, 600x691, quill me.png)

>ywn feel kirby's warm muzzle over every crevice of your body


The difference between a combo and a string in any fighter is that combos are undodgeable
Strings are typically longer attack chains to compensate and reliance on dodge, block and jump reads to maintain that string is often typical. These reads can make certain matches feel annoying as the one caught in a string may feel as if they’re fighting against a bot that knows all their inputs even before they do anything

Combos are special being that un dodgeable aspect of them often breeds a demand for frame perfect input to maintain people in a stun frame to prevent that combo from being randomly broken. This often means things like pivoting(turning around on frame 1) instant air attacks(holding jump, a directional key and attack at the same time) and wave dashing

Strings I believe require much more skill as not only do you need to practice your inputs like with combos but need to memorize, predict your opponents inputs and problem solve when your in a situation where your opponent has the option to dodge out or away from your attacks, where as with combos once you master the input mechanics you don’t need any much more practice
Strings into combos however are a rarity and often aren’t used due to not being practical although they’re flashy

File: 1664277171351.png (4.49 MB, 1612x2256, ClipboardImage.png)


I've been thinking about how paradox cold war game could potentially work and i've realized that you can't make it just a "mod" for HoI or Vicky.

Victoria 2 has really cool tech/industrialization/politics mechanics, they are very simple and easy to understand and the game basically progresses from slow and small scale wars to massive gigantic armies and world wars, from little fleets with sail ships to steel dreadnaughts.

Hearts of Iron 4 exists because Victoria mechanics simply don't work after 1920-1930s. You have these huge armies and wars have become entirely different with frontlines and logistics playing a more important role than battles themselves. Plus every war now has a chance to turn into a global conflict hence why "world tension" meter exists.

Similarly due to the fact that nuclear weapons were invented wars have changed even more. I think that if there was a game based on Cold War - world tension meter has to stay, however if world tension reaches 100% - it's a nuclear war and game over. So the player has to balance between doing absolutely nothing and going all out and causing a nuclear holocaust. Maybe nuclear war could be a minigame of it's own similar to defcon. Proxy wars, revolutions, sabotage become much more important and should be an important mechanic. Internal politics and decisions, plus technology also become more important, causing changes in pop happiness and stuff like that. When it comes to nuclear weapons, i think besides research, one should manage radars, different types of nukes, subs, bombers, their locations/patrol and stuff like that. When it comes to space race and overall culture i think that it should be something that gives prestige points to a certain bloc that makes actions on the world map easier, or maybe if you could use it as a currency to pay for proxy wars/revolutions to convert some country to a different ideology.
So in the end i think that the philosophy of the Cold War grand strategy game must be:
>if you do nothing - you lose the game
>if you do way too much - you also lose the game
>victory can be achieved economically, polically (everyone is converted to your ideology through proxy wars/revolutions), culturally (better stats/rating by 1992) - this one i'm not sure about.


sounds boring


Indeed, all Parashit is boring spreadsheet simulators with no real entertainment or educational value other than autistically painting maps into one color and wanking off your political ideology of choice (especially fascists).

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