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File: 1699850066115.jpg (59.34 KB, 800x419, warehouse.jpg)


> There is never an official statue of limitations because the implicit expectation is a studio will own the work you make forever. One particularly hostile contract stated they would own my work in perpetuity for the rest of my life, or my children's lives. Not sure if that one will hold up in court.


copyright law is a fucking joke


"artwork" is a red flag anyways


The worship of art as something more than a means of communication or stimulation is reactionary nonsense.


>>31663 >>31667
what? meds.


I mean, things like the whole "high art" circlejerk basically serves nothing else but setting up hegemonic standards for what art should be produced and thus intentionally devalue it in favor of "classical" and "traditional" motives, styles and themes. In turn, this enforces the existing dominant ideology and suppresses alternatives while turning conforming art into commodity. That's why so many creative fields are in such a sad state nowadays, including music, film, games, you name it.


Obviously my opinions are gonna be biased since I work with bethesdas engine often and know a lot of the mechanics present in how their games function but I really am honest when I say that gameplay wise FNV is about as awful as your standard 3d Fallout game on top of being horribly under developed

Level scaling is still thing
Enemies just have random weapons some don’t have any at all including the enemies you’d think should be armed like NCR
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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
It was just as rushed as FNV and even ended up being Troika's swan song, but this game is what both Bethesda and Obsidian should take as a standard when making a first-person RPG.


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Bruh the jannies removed the IQ > autism score filter?


I dont think FNV would be improved by having shittier combat and locking you into a dungeon crawl for the final stretch of the game.


also having half of the game be cut content

File: 1699648609638.jpeg (142.6 KB, 828x474, IMG_0528.jpeg)


Why tf did they even bother keeping the dialogue options of mw19 if they weren’t gonna bother creating different outcomes for mw3? Oh wait, I know why and it’s the same reasons for why the player barely has a choice in tlou2 and half life. The games supposed to have a sequel with a specific story that the player gets 0 choice on.

This annoying aspect about linear games, again.
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>it’s the video games for why my son is a violent nazi


does “birth of a nation” birth reaction? Does main kampf birth reaction? Video games are a combination of different form of art, cod actively dehumanizes people and espouses pro US ideology. Fashoids are actively comparing real human being to lord of the rings in orcs. Fashoids have no real ideology or values, they live in a world of delusions and naturally they take ideas from games, cartoons and movies(sometimes books, but most of them don’t read). You have to be retard and an antimaterialist, if you do not believe that art can influence or spread ideology, just look at propaganda posters!


also you gamers seek the validation of the greater majority by often claiming that vidya is art, and yet when someone takes games seriously and analyses them the same way someone would analyse a painting or a book you start bitching and moaning. Fucking apes.


1.This is almost exactly like…

2. … Genshin Impact dialogue choices.


>le "russia bad" propaganda game reboot #412 that's just a vehicle for multiplayer and can't even get an original story
I'm glad this shit tanked in the reviews, they need to find a better way to indoctrinate zoom zooms to hate brown anti-imperialists like Menendez and sign up to get hit by a hypersonic missile in the Straits of Taiwan in 2027.

File: 1699853273647.mp4 (14.64 MB, 1920x1080, 2023-11-12 13-08-14.mp4)


>Do you love your dead space son? Your franchise? Your money?
The ending of DS3 was specifically designed to make a sequel impossible because the franchise was bought by EA and they were going down the microtransaction rabbit hole at the time so the creators heroically sacrificed the dead space games in order to tank the company.


File: 1699853926208.png (106.56 KB, 220x275, ClipboardImage.png)

>10 years later they just start remaking the series


They don’t care, never did, never will. Have you seen fanfiction? people writing and rewriting characters in situations and ways that don’t make sense. Have you ever read manga or comics? If it’s profitable then it will happen. We will get prequels and sequels and midquels. We will never be free.


Dead Space never had an exquisite plot to be honest. Its just that the sequels have ran any pretense of coherence into the dumpster and then did away with the neat balance of splatter, mindfuckery and suspense that made the first game feel so chilling.

File: 1699675348561-0.jpg (74.34 KB, 960x582, sakurai1.jpg)

File: 1699675348561-1.png (732.26 KB, 851x606, sakurai2.png)


Nintendo has a very “pick up their toys and go home” approach to anything they don’t have complete control over, huh. Absolutely pretentious.


They copyright strike youtubers for the most minimum of gameplay, they are insanely petty despite having a relatively positive position in the gaming sphere.


nintendo cultists will defend this (as usual)


File: 1699684130806.jpg (218.44 KB, 1024x1452, vokkswagen.jpg)

Nintendo is truly the Volkswagen of the videogame industry, the company that has the most undeserved positive reputation despite their abhorrent actions


What makes it even more petty is that this is a recent video where he's whining about something that happened over 15 years ago.


File: 1699769553833.png (21.44 KB, 810x365, 1699742609177037.png)



quick, name a communist video game that is NOT disco elysium
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Final fantasy tactics


Space communism gameplay is allowed is stellaris, but so is space cyberpunk capitalist dystopia, space third reich and space feudalism.


True and the only correct way to do so is playing a driven assimilator


The correct course is to get that wonder that makes it so every species can breed with each other


I memba when Megacorps was first dropped, the Space USSR was so OP, it had to be nerfed several times. But housing mattered back then.

File: 1698198966270.jpg (222.22 KB, 1024x1024, cities skylines 2.jpg)


Anyone played it? I have gamepass so it's free for me, the performance is impressively terrible. On default settings for me the main menu was running at about 1 FPS, which is just crazy, there isn't even anything animated on it. Had to turn everything to low to get decent performance, apparently there's ways to tweak the settings to get it to look okay and run okay but I shouldn't have to do that in the first place. It's obvious now why it was delayed for consoles until next year, I have a 3090 so I would be surprised if it even run at all on consoles in this state.

As for the actual game, it's okay, I like how citizen economics are simulated a bit more in this instalment, but it feels pretty bland to be honest. There's a bunch of little things they didn't fix that annoy me, for example a cemetery is a huge plot of land and if you place it on a slight incline, instead of being stretched to fit over the incline it just remains perfectly flat and there's a huge terrain wall at the edges of the lot. Just lazy. I'm also not a huge fan of how you have to unlock everything super slowly, not even by population this time as in the last game but by 'XP' which you get for just placing buildings and doing stuff, which feels really silly and casualised/gamified. You also get a huge amount of money each time you level up so there's no incentive to run a balanced budget except for I guess RP reasons, you can just place every service in order to level up even though you can't afford the upkeep.

This is just a personal note but I feel very inadequate about creativity, I just end up making an American style grid city which is efficient but looks soulless, and I don't even really plan out my high density buildings to make them look nice and realistic-ish. I was never one to make the super aesthetic cities you see online but I feel like I used to be more meticulous than this. I guess I'm just tired in general and just play games to veg out and not think about things. Oh well.
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Efficient for cars, sure.


Rectangular grid cities aren't necessarily unwalkable or unsuited for public transport. In fact some of the things that make suburbs so awful is how they aren't regularly rectangular.


>Even failing that and saying that's not possible for technical reasons, why can't buildings have non rectangular gardens or plazas around them? Ju
You can. You don't have to build on every tile the game auto generates for you lol. That's just base game too. With mods you want to use things like ploppable RICO and adjust or manually move buildings. As far as gameplay look at industries revamped(need the industries DLC) also get the population mod because Cities has terrible estimates for how many people should live in a building. Especially need it when you start bringing in custom buildings.

Cities isn't a map painter it's a builder game like roller coaster tycoon. Most of the fun is like model trains, but instead you have a living sim.


If you are not playing CS with mods you aren't doing it right. The buildings in CS1 are ugly as sin.


Bro I don't want to make a city where I plop down assets one by one, I want to grow up a huge metropolis.


RTS set during Russia civil war. Comes out on November 28th, demo currently available on Steam.

I played the demo, havent finished it because its kind of boring. Doesnt seem to have any choices that would affect story, or meaningfully impact gameplay, only random events along the lines of "pay 20 resource or get -10 morale". Performance issues as well. Despite being Czech game, the Czech voice acting is awful, I recommend selecting English if you want to give it a try. Dialogue as well is very anachronistic, there is no effort to make people talk appropriately for early 20th century. Instead they banter like they would in contemporary Hollywood movie. Its not quite Marvel level of quipiness, but veering dangerously close to that territory.

On the ideological front, its laughably anti-communist. To the point where it undermines itself as a propaganda tool. Reds keep committing atrocities for shit and giggles, like right in the first mission you come across homestead burned by them, because peasants refused to hand over food, so they shoot them, which is fine, horrible stuff like that was carried out by Reds irl, but then they also set food on fire just to be dicks. Your soldiers even comment that they havent actually come for food, they just like murder. In another missions you help villagers with random labours around the village, and then Reds show up, and your soldiers proclaim "They are here to murder everyone, we must stop them!", with absolutely no explanation why would they do such a thing, they just do, they are not even looting, just spreading destruction for the glory of the Blood God. And dont get me started on who I assume is supposed to be the main antagonist, this Red Army general that talks and acts like a James Bond villain.
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I am more of a space fish maoist supporter.


>Kind of like how in WH40k the space nazies are viewed as good because they fight against space demons
Space nazis are viewed as good because GW stopped portraying as space nazis.


not really, they are still space nazies except the main characteristics that normies can see were scraped off and replaced by less “problematic” stuff. I think it’s only a question of time until we start seeing liberals depicting nazies as less “problematic”, kind of like recent liberal media has been casting black actors as aristocrats and people who complained about it did out of wrong reasons. We already had an indian ss officer in doctor who, soon we will have black ss officers in eastern europe being “authoritarian” and fighting le savage reds(who are actually the real bad guys).


btw just in case, I am pretty confident no indian ss officers were in france. I know that nazies recruited some black people, but we all know that a)liberals wouldn’t do it for historical realism and b)african ss was in africa not in belarus and stuff.


theres definitely a trend of normalizing them as a "lesser evil" and making them ultimately good guys using unsavory but necessary methods rather than just another bunch of genocidal loonies not fundamentally different from who they fight doing mostly completely pointless carnages due to blind zealotry and fascism
reintroducing the primarchs and showing rowboat as a "reasonable guy at the top fighting against the excess" is a clear sign of that
im not surprised, thats an easier marketing to do even if it rapes the original concept, so it was always going to trend toward this

File: 1699592680204.jpg (128.7 KB, 468x475, Wdw_bridge.jpg)


Gaymers really lost their minds with this, huh?


Creepypastas and "urban legends" about N64 games are nothing new at this point. I guess their ubiquity and extremely low resolution graphics play into this, also with the fact that early consoles tended to behave weird from time to time. To a person who never datamined or modding old games this might be pretty plausible.


Horror games, horror let's players and "video game conspiracies" are all fucking terrible.

File: 1680753630678.jpg (96.63 KB, 962x1284, 1676537353382.jpg)


Thoughts on the jc141 crack scene? They attempt to bring pirated Windows games to Loonix in an easy way to use.

>The motivation behind the project is based on the communist and anti-capitalist ideology. We re-distribute games on the GNU/Linux operating system which is not directly controlled by a corporation such as Microsoft and provide blocking internet access from prying eyes in an environment where the user is viewed as a target for marketing schemes.

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>TBF tar archives and appimages are not truly distro-agnostic because of the glibc dependency.
lmao ok bro, if you're counting the fucking C library implementation then that would also be a problem with those .DwarFS archives since the games still have their own binaries/wine to run
the difference here is that i can do 'tar' on literally any distribution, the same can't be said about this meme format



>the difference here is that i can do 'tar' on literally any distribution, the same can't be said about this meme format
As i said the format is basically a highly improved squashfs. It wouldn't be a meme and could easily backported if the dev had actually bothered to use stable dependencies.
>if you're counting the fucking C library implementation then that would also be a problem with those .DwarFS archives since the games still have their own binaries/wine to run
I thought they would use chroots, but i see no mention of what 'start.sh' is exactly supposed to do.

Using semi-obscure formats isn't necessarily a bad thing if the necessary tools are high-quality and portable. I loathe lutris and similar software not because they're not using muh heckin tarballs, but because they require an unnecessarily opaque setup for the simple act of installing software and applying a few patches to your wineprefix. Flatpak is a hack executed badly, but at least it's nothing more than a fancy chroot manager and works most of the time.


File: 1699473066118.jpg (29.58 KB, 474x278, th-218772394.jpg)

Seem pretty cool.

>Was setting up a new install of arco linux

<(I was going to use endeavor, but got spooked later)
>followed the github to the t
<(had to remove the nvidia drivers they recommended to install, originally thought it didn't work with endeveros)
>Torrented img rel
>and it does just *wrk.
Had to spend time to figure out why I couldn't save, (the reason was that you need to mount drawfs).
"Ummm meme arrows?????", yeah, it's called organization, you fucking tumor

If (mostly) everything goes well, I'm gonna drop a thanks for their hard work.

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Is it? Lutris saves logs by default.


I used lutris because after updating wine in my arch chroot, Tsukihime suddenly refused to start and gave a cryptic error message (rechecking: there isn't even an error, now it just dies). Searching for the error lead to a winehq thread that gave lutris as a solution. (Now using an alpine chroot btw).
I don't like the way lutris is a huge pile of python with a mandatory gamified looking gui (just gtk issues). What is far more infuriating to me is the way it is used as a catch-all distributor of fixes, when the effort going into it could just as well go towards improving wine, winetricks, or just writing a fucking entry on winehq's appdb.
The automatic dependency download and injection for linux games might be neat (if i had any faith in modern linux compatibility), yet the way playonlinux and lutris distribute their fixes is ultimately proprietary, not in license but in the ability of users not to opt into their can-of-worms ecosystems.

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