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Variable recovery time on hit.
3 hit movesets for weapon types.
Shield breaks

I thought about it but it would make the act of hitting enemies or enemies hitting you much more decisive if the attack speed when an attack is whiffed is lower than if you successfully hit an attack allowing for moves to be flowed well into each other encouraging aggression and faster play.

Additionally a quasi combo system could exist for these weapons that would rely more on motion input rather than button mashing and looking in the general direction of your opponent. How this would work would look like this
Each weapon has 3 moves
an opener(the attack you open with)
A followup(the attack that leads into the final one)
And a finished that closes off that specific attack but by adding in motion input for each weapon that allows for at least 12-9 basic three hit but blockable combos for each weapon allowing for a higher level of play. How motion input would function would be to allow both the player and the npc to be locked into a specific position at the same time while both figures are stuck in action and stun frames to ensure the player doesn’t have to be too concerned with positioning while preforming defensive or offensive actions after an attack is finished.

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did you ever consider that if you want to play a fighting game you can fucking play one and leave everyone else alone?





This thread was literally about elden ring can you cunts stop arguing


Tell that to the permabutthurt faggot who started squawking about fighting game mechanics not having place in RPGs in the first place.


One cool mod specifically for combat includes combat overhaul which primarily adds in attack canceling seen in games like dmc. I wouldn’t say it would be the best implementation of something to improve combat but it would provide a level of encouragement to engage in combat

Personally I’d love a sort of attack mixup system where the recovery frames for every attack ingame is lower if you input a different kind of attack than the same one over and over again. Would do wonders to encourage dynamic kinds of boss fights and make enemies alot more interesting to fight than just big dudes that attack way to quickly and spam the same moves in the same patterns

File: 1608527914132.png (31.45 KB, 455x420, e2l3v5lb44j21.png)


ss13 thread
what servers do you usually play on?
what do you think of offshoots such as SS14 or unity station?
any greentext moments you want to share?
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SS13 through a VM requires GPU passthrough, without it SS13 looks like your picture.


Still no chance to run it on Linux? Recently ditched Windows and have been aching to play Lifeweb after months of not touching it, sad to read this thread and see people are even having trouble in VMs (after I tried various solutions myself ofc)
is dual-booting the only option? That would suck, setting up a dual-boot purely for Lifeweb might be crossing the line of excess for me


Wine no work?


Both of those are just some bullshit invented by people who don't understand what they are talking about and just heard something like "linux no photoshop". The one with projector is kinda stupid too, since if we are talking about classical tp like x220 they have both vga and hdmi connectors, you don't need to install any drivers to use those. I used tp x220 for quite a long time on all kinds of conferences and meetups and never had a problem, since most projectors have one of those connectors.


>I am dual booting right now, every time I boot into the other OS I have to reset the clock because it offsets it by like 8 hours.
It's not a bug. Also, it is caused by Windows. You have fucked up setting up the time zones when installinig OS, so they are fighting which one is right (rather you are fighting the windows resetting the hardware clock). Nothing to do with "bullshit config files hidden in the archaic and retarded unix file structure".

File: 1671075349705.jpg (214.8 KB, 720x1080, s-l1600.jpg)


if communism is so good then why didnt the helghast succeed in their rebellion against earth?


They neglected Scolar Visari (peace be upon him) tought for J*rhan (piss be upon him) reformisn


The Helghast are fascist not communist.
They are literally a race of people descended from private corporation colonization initiatives. Their leaders either come from the military or from the megacorps from the private sector and much like the Nazis their faith in le free market leads to their destruction (Stahl's weapons development backfired and blew up their homeland).


Helll fucking


I wanted sekiro 2.


We’ve literally have gotten nothing but souls borne games it’s been ages since another armoured core game has come out man


Sekiro is not soulsborne. But I will gladly happily Armored Core VI on my PS4 regardless.


very cool


Why do fighting game players generally blame themselves for mistakes more often than fps and moba players. It sounds like a joke but this happens alot
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using "tryhard" as an insult is one of the most telling-on-yourself behaviors imaginable


competitive games are a meme, they're riddled with hackers, although console has less you can still hide them in your controller.


>Fighting games generally make it more difficult for you to blame anyone but yourself due to it being 1v1
>Fighting games have an easier job pitting people of equal skill against one another due to it being 1v1
>Also if you try to autopilot without learning from your mistakes you will stagnate quickly
>CoD in general is a casual game that's hard to take seriously


This. COD has always been garbage because the game is fundamentally structured around beating up bad players so you can get killstreaks that enhance your ability to farm bad players even faster. So the devs were stuck in a hard place because noobs constantly getting killed results in a lower player population but making teams fair means no one goes on a rampage and then veteran players get pissed because the 20 kill streak lobbies are no more.


Up until CoD MW2 the game had dedicated game servers for MP.
CoD 4: MW, released 2007, was actually a great game. Dedicated servers you could customize the game to your liking with.
CoD: MW2 (2009) killed the franchise. What fascinates me the most about the franchise is that it went for 15 years, getting shittier yet more successful with every interation, until recently.


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Amazing realism


Kek. This, and the complaints about gommunism being OP, lead me to believe we might have an /ourguy/ or two in Paradox.

Is the game still as poorly optimized as it was in the beta?


>I made a fascist the head of the police, how is it they can arrest their political enemies


Did paradox try to btfo chvds by making communism and multiculturalism OP?


Communism is OP because the bourgs and landowners don't instantly counterrev and the republic and monarchist foreign governments don't try and regime change you

File: 1670562471863.png (937.64 KB, 1200x675, 1670558110111463.png)


>no thread for the game awards at all
>kid gets to sneak in and say some funny shit, /pol/ tards claim responsibility

holy shit this board is so dead lmao
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File: 1670626002415-0.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, marisa_ss02.jpg)

File: 1670626002415-1.jpg (964.13 KB, 1920x1080, manon_ss02.jpg)

the only other thing i cared about game award was the SF6 trailer and Tekken 8, not much else to talk about.


File: 1670677845775.png (1.07 MB, 1440x1042, zk3vg6p6d05a1.png)

Death Stranding 2 babeehhh


File: 1670681014704.jpg (278.35 KB, 640x1138, el steve jobs.jpg)

hilarious picture
Lea looks like she just woke up and slapped on her outfit
Kojima looks like he doesn't want to take the picture at all
Kutsuna is going for a stealth butt grab on kojima in addition to wearing some weird ass contraption on her nose

truly a picture that raises more questions than it answers - just like Death Stranding 2 will.


File: 1670814257035.jpg (44.88 KB, 736x644, cmon comrade.jpg)

>hey commies, look at meaningless booj industry award!
>huh, guess you're dead lmao


>it’s the one “joke” reactionaries know
Not dead, just tired of more-of-the-same


This is fucking gorgeous and to all the people that spent their time developing the software and the team behind the art to make this game come so far you did great


the graphics are very good for fortnite i like them, they are very pretty you know

this makes me wwant to play fortnite right now


File: 1670512771217.jpg (731.37 KB, 1280x720, 1670512764379.jpg)


yeah,slowly killing your employees tend to do that,just like RDR2


File: 1670530564777.png (233.8 KB, 640x410, ClipboardImage.png)


they're remaking dead space which is cool I guess
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They made the ship fully explorable. So similar to Prey and gave Issaac the voice actor from the second game.


I enjoy the part where you pick up plasma CUTTER from under giant red text saying CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS, followed by camera panning over said giant red text, and then find an audio telling you to SHOOT THEIR ARMS AND LEGS OFF. Love it when games treat me like I am mentally challenged.



Why would someone play dead space in 2022 but not know about the de-limbing meme? They must be living under rocks or something


It was even worse in the original, where in addition to all of that you also got a pop-up telling you to shoot the limbs.

File: 1670261802202-0.jpg (58.97 KB, 460x215, barologo.jpg)

File: 1670261802202-1.jpg (154.08 KB, 1920x1080, WwgjP6M.jpg)


>2D coop "sidescroller" submarine indy game
>set in the icy seas of the Europa moon orbiting jupiter
>underwater aliens attacking your sub
>lovecraftian abyss horrors after a certain depth
>distinct roles doing various different tasks (captain, mechanic, engineer, medic, security)
>ragdoll physics
>brutal gameplay
>excellent, oppressing atmosphere
>amazing coop campaign
>can play solo, still fun
>can do RP
>can do one shot missions with a traitor on board or PVP sub vs sub
>a bit janky but definitely fun
>open source, big modding scene, no DRM
>can be grabbed for like 5 bucks on key resale
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I have a friend who spends weeks building submarines in this.


It's pretty cool, and it's sea setting let you have that deep terror when shit like vid happens.


the only time I ever tried playing this it was with a bunch of idiots with SS17 brain who tried to sneak around and blow up the sub


Also how's the best way to find a 'regular gaming group'?


mine is mostly just old teammates from our MMO days 10 years ago

yeah in pub I guess griefers gonna grief.

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