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Hey everyone just wanted to mention why games typically don’t see players accelerate when falling
The reason is due to two reasons
Having the player fall at an increased distance each second will inevitably cause the player to clip through the ground if falling fast enough
Also because accelerated motion should ideal be increasing the players falling speed but with the limits imposed on timers it shouldn’t be possible for the player to simply move a smaller unit of space faster to overcome the clipping issue

You can just set a parameter that teleports the player towards the surface ground if clipping happens though this effect is obvious if not hidden under a Black Death screen, also if real world gravity is attached to any non player object the actual player will be able to see clipping occur just fine

File: 1659412499775.mp4 (38.74 MB, 1920x1080, Cars are possible.mp4)


Why can’t we have cars in fallout 4??? This can happen in fallout 3 and new Vegas, Bethesda themselves added in working dragon and horse physics in Skyrim and oblivion, and they’re making entire space ships and planetary physics in starfield, why couldn’t we have vehicles in 4?

Was it a game design decision as that would be reasonable but still why? If they updated the engine to include destruction and drastically improved graphics along with that what went wrong with cars and vertiberds and shit?
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The problem is that Bethesda's games do not have the preloading mechanism for the world's cells optimized for this, thus making such rapid transitions between them painfully slow as the game pauses in order to load the next portion of the game world chunk by chunk at a rather sluggish speed, also due to how the games manage memory. in general.


Either way there’s one other thing I want to talk about
Although vehicle implementation in fallout games would immediately cause balancing issues it’s not impossible to balance them. You’d have to make them crazy expensive in the Mojave like thousands of caps expensive along with making sure they consume caps and can be damaged or broken easily to ensure players can’t just cruise through the entire game or make them stealable with a sneak and agility stat that’s high enough

It’s obviously not the best solution but a solution


If you implement vehicles, you would have to design the map around it accordingly. You would have to make them bigger, more spacious and make sure that the vehicles would not get stuck at every bump. The Frontier mod had to do account for all of this while the original developers did not, so it was decided that the vehicles would not appear in the Mojave worldspace.


File: 1659588254449.mp4 (65.69 MB, 1280x720, F-80 vs deathclaws.mp4)

That makes sense but there’s something you forgot about the frontier

Flying vehicles like the vertiberd kind of also contradict that as well as the devs built the maps around automotives, shit like vertiberds wasn’t ever really accounted for and reasonably so. Aerodynamics is hard to implement in games due to that field of mechanics also being a partial implementation of fluid dynamics due to the similarities gases and liquids share, combine that on top of the fact that support for realistic physics in creation games well more specifically fallout games(shockingly enough bethesda decided support for dragons and horses was cool for oblivion and Skyrim but vertiberd physics was abondoned in fo4 for whatever reason) is batshit nonexistent for anything that’s too large and too fast and you get a pretty bleak attempt at flying physics

I mean fuck I saw a modder called xilandro implement a fully working jet into the game after implementing vertiberd physics and homing missiles into the base game with a custom made engine he made but never published the mod for whatever reason likely due to client stability issues and even then the physics on that jet really weren’t realistic, fluid and responsive yes but not realistic. I don’t even wanna know what trying to design an entire map around flying in an engine like creation would’ve been like if that was ever attempted in the frontier
>Vid related


What the fuck is wrong with blizzard fans holy 0_0
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The paywall till max isn’t 100k it’s been confirmed to be 500k at a bare minimum due to the awakened gem thing


File: 1659473812055.png (272.02 KB, 640x748, garfelit.png)

This is not even gambling anymore. This is fucking extortion, thats what it is.


I found his channel



They are what is referred to in marketing as "whales." The consumers who are the big spenders, the compulsive consumers. It's where everyone doing these business models make most of their money.


I feel like this shit extends to every other industry
Like fuck you gotta remember the average person globally only spends $10 each day and that’s under the assumption their constantly spending money each day to begin with
Most aren’t even spending on consumer shit just food, clothing and utilities. It’s hard to believe multibillion dollar companies like apple and Microsoft are actually large due to consumers buying in mass and not one or two retards buying every piece of shit they push out every year


The only time they feel like actual guns is in sims and battlefield games that’s it

Every other game with guns just doesn’t get what they’re actually like. Guns are loud as fuck, break easily if handled poorly, ammunition boxes can cause the bullets in their cases to ricochet when shot at, can kill hundreds of meters away and generally aren’t effective in places that aren’t the torso or head and like all other sound waves made by any other object gun fire creates echoes and interfere with the sounds of neighbouring guns. Same with explosions and how fucking violent and loud those sound like compared to their real life equivalent.
I get devs really shouldn’t and don’t have to care about details like this compared to bug fixing, sales and designing games to be actually fun but man being reminded about what guns are like in games like insurgency sandstorm it really hits hard


Obvious reply, just to get it out of the way:
Almost no games care about realism. In fact, they often avoid it on purpose because realism detracts from fun (within their target audience) and is more effort to make and more expensive to compute. CoD and CS want to point and shoot at close range, that's the sport, no confusion of why you missed when the crosshairs were right on their balls.


You want DayZ


One thing that’s bugged me about games is decals and corpses disappearing randomly
I can register the fact that the point of that is to prevent save bloat and boost performance but when I play a game like shadow of Chernobyl and see corpses from men I shot along with the bullet holes left behind in the crossfire still present it really makes things feel a lot more corpses. Is there a way to sidestep this problem?
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wouldn't that be just as non-immersive as if they just disappeared?


Again not quite because the player could factor in that those corpses weren’t originally there without their input and likewise would build up in a specific region if too much violence keeps occurring in there


>start a new save
>corpses from the previous save are there from the beginning
>every time you do a new playthrough there are more corpses, unless you reinstall the game


Wouldn’t it be easier on the computer to just load those new assets in based on the file and not on the entire game?


sounds good TBH, call it an artistic statement on the nature of violence


You know why blaming how buggy and limited a game is in terms of its technical capacity is fucking retarded?

Because a game can run on multiple engines at the same time and often most engines modern games use already are built off multiple engines. If “engine limitations” were all that mattered functioning cars couldn’t exist in new Vegas, doom 1995 wouldn’t have HD remakes with 3d models instead of sprites, daggerfall unity shouldn’t have ever been possible, titanfall as a franchise couldn’t have been as impressive as it was, every valve game in existence would cease, stalker anomaly shouldn’t have been possible either and the list of shit goes on and on. It’s always been the developers willingness to fix their own software or get the skills required to make games on a technical level more advanced than what came before
NEVER believe in the engine bs
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Seeing what insane people are doing with the 30 year old Doom engine blows "it's the engine's fault" right out of the water


None of that would be possible without beforehand thorough examination and dissection of the game though, in addition to the open sourcing of its code by the developers themselves. Modders of most other games on the other hand have to do with whatever data they can mine themselves, and if lucky dissecting an older publicly available version of the engine used by the game like NetImmerse in Gamebryo's case.


I feel like your ignoring how accustomed to creation bethesda as a studio is at this stage in their history

Like fuck they’ve made so many games and each release has seen visible upgrades in the engine

Fallout 3 made 3d Bethesda games possible

oblivion and morrowind introduced procedural generation and large worlds to also be possible to run on most systems without crashes like in new Vegas

Fallout 4 introduced a lot including functioning shadows, better gunplay mechanics, better ragdolls, better facial animations, removal of limitations imposed by opening menus, better sound quality, etc even if you hate the game it’s hard not to see the visible engine differences between the games before it. Same goes for f76 and eso in their stages of development that proved 3d creation games in multiplayer are possible

And now there’s starfield introducing planetary levels of detail, vehicles(this is a big one), even more patches to the original engine, etc. there’s no reason for the studio to decide starfield is the best time to abondone the engine considering how many updates it’s recieved at this point


File: 1659037411277.png (227.64 KB, 640x480, engine limitations.png)

You mixed up Morrowind and Fallout 3 and ESO's engine is not even part of the NetImmerse family, but you are correct that Bethesda's game engine has indeed improved for the better over the course of its history. The real problem though is that these improvements are baby steps compared to how other companies like Valve and Epic improved theirs in much smaller spans of time, and that Bethesda's quality assurance and most likely development organization itself are too lacking for these changes to be implemented in a way that would be satisfactory.


Neither of these is reality.
What is actually happening is that engines are another layer (often many) of obfuscation of whatever the machine is actually doing, thus requiring knowledge of whatever the engine is doing to get somewhere.
So, there is real coin to the argument that an engine is responsible for this or that. Just look at the different ways engines implement physics rendering, and all the wacky things that come out of just that.
For fuck sake just download an engine, any engine, and start tinkering with the source/add modules. You'll find out soon enough what I am referring to.


Typically games will increase the quality of graphics in their games using higher resolution textures and models and on occasion VFx. Although this method isn’t necessarily wrong it doesn’t do enough to actually improve the graphics of a game especially for games like gta definitive edition that’s an overglorified San Andreas mod that uses ai upscaling. The features mentioned are reasonably long considering how large the world of graphics is


The first issues that should be addressed is z fighting which causes pixels to fizzle and load back in randomly when being projected on geometry far away so to avert this depth buffers should become more common place.
LOD stitching is also encouraged due to the obvious gaps that emerge just by briefly looking at terrain from a distance with fog disabled. This is fixed using a parenting system or with skirts as an easier fix, for lighting discontinuities that emerge between LODs should see studios having to go with the parent system specifically for UVs but the developer also has to increase the darkness on far away LODS to ensure the player can’t see anything’s wrong with the terrain
And finally use radius based LOD loading because seeing an entire chunk of terrain load in can and will cause stuttering and it’ll be obvious to the player how fake the world is. It also helps to use procedural texturing on LOD terrain to further promote ideas of scale


Just use raymarched clouds and godrays you don’t need anything else


Please for any developer if it’s possible for the player to enter some kind of first person mode code in support for near distance clipping because it’s typical for PC players to use custom FOVs that make the view model clip through the cameras near plane
As for anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering those features are so standard in graphics it’s not worth mentioning to me
However to smooth out geometry even more I’d suggest using a fragment shader on particularly sharp edges so things look a lot smoother. inigo quilez actually posted a video just on this on how to use sdfs shaders to perform something like this

Anyways that’s all I have to add in
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Gamedev post #3 assault rifles suck

Assault rifles break the balance in nearly all shooters. Because of the way they work in games players do not have to rely on their ability to aim or use every in game mechanic to their advantage to succeed much less approach their target. This is particularly why tech land games removed guns from dl2 because one only has to look at the crossbow to realize how unbelievably broken the game would be if guns were included. That’s all


File: 1659010052117.jpg (33.85 KB, 510x533, googlycat.jpg)

I would say that assault rifles being the end-it-all for infantry combat is pretty accurate to real life though, what them being a staple of every armed forces since early days of the Cold War instead of machine pistols due to having superior accuracy and stopping power at medium ranges. In a brawler game like Dying Light where you fight mostly melee foes, this kind of firepower is indeed an overkill and makes one kind of wonder how the hell did Harran's military lose to the zombies so badly, let alone humanity as a whole in the sequel.


I wouldn’t even stop at dying light

The far cry series
The division all get completely fucking broken by introducing these types of guns in their games. The only realistic way to sidestep this is by making ammo extremely rare and even then there needs to be some sort of implementation of preventing farming of ammunition otherwise you get a snowball effect where the moment a player has one round and a gun suddenly that one round becomes hundreds as the player kills more and loots more


File: 1659013954095.jpg (132.27 KB, 1280x714, comrade greg.jpg)

Even STALKER got piss-easy once you get your mitts on the Abakan or G36 and even easier when you upgrade them. Most human enemy encounters will just boil down to sneaking in the bushes and taking potshots from afar with AP ammo, while for most mutants you can just go full auto and spray and pray until it dies. The only game on my memory where an assault rifle did not fuck up the game's balance completely was the Doom reboot, but only because the rest of your arsenal consists of similarly potentially OP stuff, with the basic shotgun having a grenade launcher attachment and your sniper rifle equivalent being a huge railgun.


Dev post #4: Position ranged based collisions are better than vectors and bounding geometry

Fucked around in JavaScripts threejs and unreal between using ordinary bounding geometry in unreal vs hardcoding collisions for positions and honestly I pick hardcoding
It’s easier to understand, it’s simple, it’s easy as shit to customize not just due to its simplicity as a fucking if statement but also because you can use math functions to change it to whatever’s needed and likewise your less prone to running into limitations of the software your using that require mindlessly picking apart it’s code. Also it’s generally more responsive for my dog water radeon fuckwit PC.

Fuck vectors and prebuilt libraries

File: 1658758730945-0.jpg (452.86 KB, 1920x1080, scr00005.jpg)

File: 1658758730945-1.jpg (264.69 KB, 1920x1080, scr00004.jpg)

File: 1658758730945-2.jpg (240.7 KB, 1920x1009, scr00037.jpg)

File: 1658758730945-3.jpg (354.8 KB, 1920x1009, scr00019.jpg)

File: 1658758730945-4.jpg (395.56 KB, 1920x1009, scr00032.jpg)


Good space planetarium game.
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noooo you can't have aspirations for mankind to leave the cradle and finally grow up into an interstellar species, that's reddit scientism


anon play the economic sim part of x3 its complex. and if you have problems with x3 not being a true economic sim downloand and install this mod
it adds an actual functional economic system with supply and demand. While at the same time expanding the current economic mechanics to the point you can run a corporate empire in space. Basically capitalism lab but in space


space games have been around for a long time.

I remember downloading space engine a decade ago


File: 1659043766027.jpg (468.35 KB, 1366x768, pioneer.jpg)

>space game craze
This "craze" has been around for decades and some of the most interesting games out there in regards to flight sims and sandbox economy sims (wing commander, privateer, freelancer, the X series, elite/oolite, the Evochron series). But it also has a reputation of aiming for the sky and crashing hard (battle cruiser 3000ad, X Rebirth, NMS, Star Citizen).


If there was a modern Freelancer. Well, that would be cool. Maybe with slightly more developed non-story elements.


The third and final part of Monster Girl Quest Paradox is finally coming out.
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Oh sorry did calling your favourite Indonesian batiks dogshit upset you?


You're on an imageboard speaking like an irony poisoned retard.


/ss/ Kino back on the menu boys


Im actually hyped for a video game after so long


/ss/ is bad

File: 1658871330861.jpg (52.62 KB, 1024x575, jetstreamsam.jpg)


What are the politics of MGR?

I remember when this game came out it was very popular on 4chan's /v/ board. The users there seemed convinced Armstrong was the good guy. The same Armstrong responsible for kidnapping children to turn them into child soldiers? The same Armstrong employing privatized cops that terrorized random people? The same Armstrong that let a psychopath like Sundowner lead a PMC? The same Armstrong that Jetstream Sam, before his downfall, fought?

The game itself is a mixed bag. There are libby moments, and then there are based moments. But the based moments never go past criticizing the American military industrial complex and a kind of Third Worldism. The lyrics of the vocal tracks do make references to capitalism if you squint enough (chiefly Collective Consciousness referencing consumerism via "live in ignorance and purchase your happiness" and the lines "when blood and sweat is the real cost, thinking ceases the truth is lost" along with "the fires of greed will burn the weak, so we'll make freedom obsolete" my interpretations being that "blood and sweat" refers to labor while "the fires of greed" could very well refer to capitalism itself). The track It Has To Be This Way gives me Marxian vibes all-around (we are men trying to make history, there are no moral judgments to be made in our struggle, violence begets violence and in the end is necessary, the world has changed and nobody is to blame for it as it is merely historical processes playing out and finally I believe a new world will arise from the ashes of this one) the only thing really missing being a reference to the class struggle.

Sci-fi wise beyond the current political paradigm there is the Blade Wolf dilemma, that is: do sapient robots like Blade Wolf deserve emancipation?

When I finished the game I didn't really understand what was the takeaway other than "why don't you try thinking for yourself". Which runs counter to the whole memes narrative, that we have no free will etc.

Did I miss something?


>When I finished the game I didn't really understand what was the takeaway other than "why don't you try thinking for yourself".
>proceeds to make a post on /v/ /games/ asking us to come up with an opinion for you


god forbid OP wants to actually discuss a video game instead of getting into a shitpost contest at the first person with an opinion on a game they don't like


>When I finished the game I didn't really understand what was the takeaway other than "why don't you try thinking for yourself".
>Which runs counter to the whole memes narrative, that we have no free will etc.
It is simple as that. Stop being a slave to categories, memes and other people's opinions and start thinking critically if you want to achieve real change, but also make sure you do not lose sight of your goals or become blind to others.
mailto:sage is not a downvote button you know?


I think mgr has an anti-hero / anti-villain vibe to it, with it being that Raiden does the right thing for the wrong reasons (so much so that by the end of the game he's basically still slashing everyone into minced meat, just as before, but armstrong-pilled and aware of his bloodlust), and that Armstrong does the wrong thing for the right reasons (on a very superficial level, ignoring the very obvious and immediate implications that 'purging the weak' would have).


I'll make sure to bump threads with off topic bickering next time.

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