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I’m aware that during fallout 3s development the development of the gunplay was strangely enough not done by bethesda(the parent studio) but by ID software. The creation of the areas, story, and DLC however was done by bethesda directly. What I’m trying to understand was where was ID, experience wise that somehow led to Bethesda creating generally better developed gunplay mechanics for fallout 4 that the both the teams for new Vegas and fallout 3 failed to achieve

I’m looking for any responses due to the fact that ID has worked on FPS, titles like wolfenstien and doom, while obsidian has the outer worlds whose gunplay mirrors again fallout 4s


Fallout 3/NV were pretty directly using the same engine as Oblivion with barely any changes. Fallout 4 was using a more modernized version of the engine that made better mechanics possible. Idk but I doubt id had much under-the-hood control on Fallout 3 and were stuck with building the walls and ceiling on a shitty foundation.


That’s really strange fallout NV had iron sights to ads with and some other stuff. Specifically for ADSing was there some sort of time management reason or bug that created limitations for this?


IIRC they were working with existing gun models from Fallout 3 that were designed in a way that made ADS impossible. Energy weapons in particular had a bunch of greebles on top that blocked the sights.


File: 1678852232561-0.png (95.24 KB, 360x322, Fo1_Plasma_Pistol.png)

File: 1678852232561-1.png (969.03 KB, 1800x1000, PlasmaPistol.png)

Bethesda's gun design looks like utter bullshit smh.

File: 1678216042153.jpg (8.22 KB, 225x225, sabbat.jpg)


Are the Sabbat the good guys or the bad guys in Vampire the Masquerade? On one hand, they're a reactionary organization that values vampire supremacy, but on the other hand, they're the only ones that promote communial solidarity, want to stop the apocalypse, and they expose the corruption of the anarchs and the Camrilla. The anarchs always take a side alongside the Camrilla whenever things get serious like with the introduction of the Sabbat or the Keul Jin as threats.
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The Sabbat only wants to stop the Antediluvians so they can enslave humanity unimpeded, the Anarchs aren't all Camarilla cucks either and are the most likely to have actual communists in their ranks.


The anarchs only care about rights for vampires though. All the factions suck and there should be one that actually cares about humans.


What about the Brujah clan? The lore says they have always fought for equality and egalitarian causes both in human and vampire societies, not to mention quite a lot of them outright being part of leftist and communist movements also.


V:tM doesn't have good guys and bad guys


fat titty goth chicks are close enough


I wouldn’t say it’s fair to say bethesda games are buggy and unstable
Why because I’ve played a lot of their games especially creation ones and generally the bugs I do find are rarely game breaking, hard to find and dissapear as fast as they come

Skyrim on the other hand is where I think most of the criticism towards the studio comes from. The games objective garbage, you can’t readjust texture detail because the game launched several times without low res textures for in game assets. Bugs are fucking everywhere to the point where it’s noticeably bad, the game is horrendously optimized to the point where my game crashed over and over again several times and sometimes wouldn’t open at all and when it was running it ran at a terrible frame rate compared to any Bethesda game I’ve played(yes even fo76). This game solidified the belief that the entire studio doesn’t have to give a shit at all about actually trying to produce finished, stable, mostly bug free well made games and it shows in any game they’ve made post Skyrim

No the mods don’t fix the issues with Skyrim often they make everything worse as mods can be divided into three categories for this game
>mods requiring files from mods completely unrelated to it causing save bloat and adding more bugs to the base game
>mods that just straight up don’t work and are as buggy as the base game
>mods that are so disconnected from TES as a franchise lore and gameplay wise you’d question if the modder even opened any file from Skyrim other than the creation kit

I can’t say Bethesda’s a bad studio I’ve played enough to know they can do so much better but the community surrounding the studio is making things so much worse for any room for genuine improvement. God damb
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The UI I can understand as developers back then thought putting more stuff on the screen would make it easier for casual players to play. Turns out years later they would backtrack on that decision because often only hardcore players actually use those icons consistently since they’re indicators for micro elements of gameplay that those players exploit. For the casuals all those extra hud elements just amounted to visual clutter


ANd Oblivion was a downgrade from Morrowind.

I remember fans at the time complaining about all the stuff that got cut. And Skyrim was more of that.


it was better because it had better graphics and was slightly less clunky


No oblivion was better for smoothness. Skyrim has too many camera and VFx going on screen especially in late game that makes seeing anything happen a challenge in it of itself on top of whatever your doing


Yeah, it sucked that they did not implement crossbows, spears and throwing weapons. On the other hand though, there was a number of definite improvements that made Oblivion a sweet spot in-between Morrowind and Skyrim gameplay-wise. A lot of things like combat and speechcraft were untied from RNG, NPCs no longer stuck in one location for all eternity and skill milestone perks made progression more rewarding and noticeable than just increased damage with X weapon type or chance to open a door. Not perfect, but definitely an improvement , disregarding the whole shitty autolevelling thing.
There is also the fact that Skyrim removed ability to attack while in mid-air or underwater, which made it much more annoying to fight on uneven terrain or with water-bound enemies like slaughterfishes.


I was thinking for a bit about this and I’m beginning to realize how hard this aspect of gaming is to actually design properly, and it’s because shooters are foundationally flawed. Shooters aren’t like other games.
In hack and slash, action or even fighting games you have a mix of movement, blocking, attacking, maybe even dodging, and some projectiles in some scenarios. With shooters you only well shoot and move around and that’s it, when these games work they feel about as fast paced as any other fun game, wether or not that level of pacing translates into quick and smart decisions being made consistently is up to debate on the game your playing but generally it’s rare just to even make a shooter feel fast(I think that’s also why dealing with bullet sponges in these games often feels unusually worse compared to other genres of games). Some shooters like the doom remakes tried making gunplay feel fun by implementing bash and kick mechanics while introducing the player to hordes of players meant to be killed quickly which had varying but well recieved results, others like far cry tried implementing stealth mechanics so even if a player didn’t have the skill to quickly take on a barrage of enemies they could still use their understanding of the levels they were in to clear areas swiftly. There’s plenty more I can say but generally I don’t think there’s any way to make these games as consistently enjoyable for a casual audience as much as 2d and 3rd person titles


Well I was about to mention ULTRAKiLL but you mentioned this was in regards to casual titles. In which case I for the most part agree.


I'll be honest, despite having played shooters of varying sorts for years, I have no idea what gunplay actually means and what "good" or "bad" gunplay is.


The game design of behind the usage of guns in video games


>mix of movement, blocking, attacking, maybe even dodging, and some projectiles in some scenarios.
Old dooms had these all besides blocking


Most pre halo/cod shooters had those in general. The ps3/360 era of shooters did a number on the genre. I'd say it's better nowadays but beyond the Doom reboots and the resurgence in boomershooters made by indie devs the genre is still in a shit state now most AAA want to make hero/looter shooters or battle royale shit.

File: 1673266951438.png (1.53 MB, 1024x1024, hog.png)

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Is there a chance it will be good?
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The whole appeal of Hogwarts Legacy is wish fulfillment and being able to self-insert as a wizard. A TV show can't replicate that kind of interactivity.


I used to believe that but then I remember Doritogate which illustrated this to the satirical level never had the quarter of attention Gamergate had.


File: 1677740975239.jpg (1.26 MB, 1592x1888, 1677726574312684.jpg)


>I remember Doritogate which illustrated this to the satirical level never had the quarter of attention Gamergate had.
go bakc to twittewrz with bafd takes plsss
there was also dumb shit in the gg days as wells pls go


File: 1678061559358.gif (1.33 MB, 176x144, 1414043804378.gif)


Not surprising. They want to milk this franchise, but the latest movies have been shit.


Joe Rogan discusses the Burned Man, radscorpion attacks and more with Caesar and Legate Lanius.


I forced myself to play this boring game again on my shit phone and it’s about as boring as a remember it here’s why
>pop ups and the game being way way to flashy
The games developers think their players are completely incapable of thinking for themselves and constantly flood the screen with endless UI elements and popups distracting anyone like me trying to find anything interesting about the game world. Not to mention the VFx and sound effects are cranked to overdrive for absolutely no reason whatsoever it’s hard to go longer than five seconds in any quest or combat related scenario before the screen again gets flooded with damage text, flashy explosions and weapon trails pointlessly added everywhere, it feels like playing an mmo at times with how hard it is to pay attention to anything. Then there’s quests, I hate unskippable cutscenes and this game is full of them every few seconds in the main campaign. I genuinely and I can be confident that others wouldn’t care if there was just ordinary dialogue mixed in with ordinary gameplay between interactions or even just plain text with a lot of dialogue options like in morrowind than whatever the devs are doing. It feels horrible, I wanna play and go on an adventure not listen to some white haired midget screaming about generic isekai nonsense
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It looks like a mediocre and overmonetized Xenoblade clone to me.


No I mean in the sense that they’re watching, actively buying merchanise and consuming any form of media related to Japanese animation of that form in excess to the point where that hobby intervenes and damages aspects of their personal lives


This image made me wish I bought monster hunter world


you still can


monster hunter world + iceborne goes on sale like every other month

File: 1678227039161.jpeg (10.52 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpeg)


Why did they have to put smartphones in this game? It kind of threw the vibe off for me personally, compared to a lot of the previous games. Especially that scene where they scan a fucking QR code. I know it's not really relevant to the plot, but the vibe of this series just gave me the idea they would communicate using magic or something, instead of this imitation of reality. It kind of threw everything off for me. What do you think?
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Well, they are magic cellphones or they wouldn't have reception.


If you can have a magic screen broadcasting from anywhere to anywhere, why have the funny little box at all? Why not a cloud or portal or something?


It’s a video game have fun




In Minecraft and home front damage is communicated through stun or watching enemies flash red upon being hit. Generally most players work fine with this and throughout the years these 2 games along with games like cod in their campaigns also have not needed to implement this visual indicator in their games. In my opinion health bars for enemies are unnecessary and ruin immersion because health bars distract the player from the entity they’re dealing damage towards as it’s likely that they’ll be having to pay attention to their own, and their enemies bars over their actions.

I imagine I could be wrong about this when taking into account groups of enemies where it can become less clear what the player should prioritize attacking
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File: 1678305623432.jpg (171.56 KB, 1280x720, departed.jpg)

Vanilla minecraft works fine without health bars, because it has relatively few enemies whose power you can easily judge based on design and their environment. Most modpacks with many new, unpredictable enemies include them though, an extreme example being FTB Departed.


In order to have dwarf fortress level detail to a AAA game would be immensely slow to implement AND impossible to simulate without hardware from the future.

The only reason dwarf fortress can get away with it is precisely because it's entirely text, and despite that, people still experience total frame death from having too many dorfs doing dorf things like throwing their dirty socks on the ground.


I wish someone would make a shooter like Hideous Destructor


Simulating combat doesn't necessarily require everything else to be simulated, didn't sniper elite have a decent realistic human body model going? Build on that and you can have all kinds of fun.


That has more to do with the fact that Minecraft mechanically is really balanced meaning you don’t need health bars to know what your carrying should determine how effective certain weapons and items are


anyone heard of this? its f2p will all features. Love the guy complaining about no season pass lol


I don’t wanna play fps games. In terms of gameplay they haven’t evolved that much not anywhere near as much as 3rd person and 2d games have


Looks like a good modding platform type of game, although I am pretty sick and tired of the usual open-ended ultra-realistic shooter fare that has been done over and over already.
I would like to see more stuff like FEAR though, combining realistic arsenal with more arcade-y elements like powersliding, bullet time etc. So far vidrel seems like the only closest thing in a long while, minus the psychic/ghost characters.


Fuck AAA. Good on the devs.
What a stupid fucking name though.

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