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File: 1652952322943.jpeg (212.29 KB, 800x450, the-sims-4.jpeg)


Wake up, get ready, go to work, come back, level up some skill for a bit, eat some shitty food and shower, go to sleep, repeat until you receive paycheck to spend on AESTHETICS, do it all over again.

Why did I find this fun when I was younger? What's the POINT? Earn virtual money to CONSUME virtual decorations? For what purpose? Nice """escapism""" Will Wright
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so melodramatic


>online multiplayer
Wasn't Sims 4 supposed to have online too until SimCity 5's always online bullshit was a disaster? Don't know why they want it to be a thing so bad. Obviously it's to monetize it but I don't see how they could monetize the sims anymore than they are now.


Well arguably they want to stop pirates, therefore if you can do multiplayer with your friends only if you buy it it might convince more people to pay


>Don't know why they want it to be a thing so bad
Because it's cool and ads unique gameplay opportunities? If anything, SimCity and The Sims are the games that will only be better with multiplayer in theory. EA's castrated studios just suck at making games now (Respawn's games are a rare exception).

Fun fact: Cities Skylines is apparently available on GNU/Linux. WTF?


>Well arguably they want to stop pirates
It's actually way better than integrating DRM into the software IMHO. Because holy cow, Denuvo and proprietary spyware can kiss my ass.

The only issue is that you can't run your own servers. And that was really bad for WoW, Blizzard was just banning private servers left and right while their offering was bullshit.

File: 1686106982286.png (384.49 KB, 587x552, ClipboardImage.png)


Today is the 17th anniversary of the Falador Massacre in runescape



i get nostalgic whenever i come back to this video about the game back in 2012 when the eoc update was first being worked on, for me it was always something that happened a only few years before i joined the game but now so much time has passed that eoc as an update basically happened at the half point of runescape's existence, since it goes from 2001-2012-2023 which makes me realize just how old this game is



this is a good video on it

File: 1686036431737.png (83.5 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)


>drop $100 on diablo 4
>become bored after an hour two
>skip all the story
>feel no pleasure from the gameplay
>feel annoyed the dialogue is preventing me from absorbing podcasts
>feel annoyed that i can't follow the story because they didn't make it engaging enough for me to bother.

maybe ff16 will be a better experience. afterall, i enjoyed playing ff7.
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Dude, games exist beyond the PC. It's almost as if you've never played any console ports/exclusives ever.


Forgot about rhythm games.


Where are you pointing in fighting games? What are you clicking on?


They're trying to out-click the opponent I guess.


File: 1686090315675.jpg (68.09 KB, 812x694, D2.jpg)

D2 is the only one that was actually good

File: 1685789377230-0.jpg (205.51 KB, 1280x720, elysian eclipse bird.jpg)


It seems that someone is finally up to making something akin to Spore, 15 years since the game's release. Not only the devs are making considerable progress over time, but it also seems that its stages would have more gameplay to them rather than be just window dressing to the editors.
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i got nms because I heard it was "fixed" and "good" but found it was an incredibly boring shit with lackluster mechanics, wouldnt trust their devs for anything


Procedurally generated with a focus on resource gathering and doing other generic MMO tier quests is almost always a recipe for bad time.


Yeah, I always thought that Maxis bit more than they could chew and Spore would probably be a much more coherent game if the project was split into a straightforward alien evo sim with just the Cell, Underwater and Creature stages and no creature editing, and a game that would be basically the Space stage redesigned as a pulpy sci-fi 4X-RTS hybrid with a species designer and whatnot.


The player's actions as the creature could influence the ecosystem or selection pressures on their species. If you cheese a particular food source you might drive it extinct and then make it harder to survive yourself. Or if you die a lot the cause of death could affect what traits are in your species' gene pool.


Aquatic stage prototype showcase dropped just a day ago, as well as new version of the microbe stage demo.

File: 1685902788677.jpg (103.84 KB, 683x1024, 61z1wH3roMS.jpg)


What are your favorite Mega Man games? Me, I like MM Zero series the best. The first game is pretty rough, but the fundamentals are already in place. It has some of the most fun 2D combat I ever experienced. 2-4 are just pure greatness.
Classic Mega Man I'm not attached to as much, but I'd say the first 6 are all very consistent. 5 & 6 is when it started getting a bit old maybe, but they are still good games.
Mega Man X though, that's where it gets wonky for me. I only REALLY like 1 and 4. 2 and 3 are fine, just not very exciting. Everything past 4 feels pretty bad.
Never played much Battle Network, just not my thing.
Legends, that's another great short series. First one is better in my opinion, especially the way the overworld is structured. 2 is still very cool, fuck Capcom for letting this series die.


File: 1685906191249-0.png (1.48 MB, 939x848, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685906191249-1.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

I think you should check out MegaMan ZX, it's very unique compared to the previous entries in the series. It's structured like a metroidvania, the soundtrack absolutely slaps, and you can transform into the 4 guardians of the MMZ series, opening up entire new ways of movement. It has its flaws (some of the level design is infuriating, and sometimes you can get lost without knowing what to do) but the way you get to interact with the world and feel like a person inside of the world rather than just a soldier is not something I've ever seen in the previous MM games and I love this game for it. It's much more cheerful than the worlds of MMZ and MMX, probably because humanity is much more common and much less downtrodden compared to the previous games and you don't get the sense of urgency that comes with the very rigid gameplay structure of the usual MM formula where you pick one out of 8 bosses on a screen. It's pretty relaxing. The spritework is also the absolute peak of the series, even better than PS1 imo.


Oh it is definitely on my to play list, I will need to finish replaying the Zero series since I got the collection on Steam, and the I'll move to ZX. I heard the story ended on a cliffhanger or something? Seems like a trend with MM games, fucking Capcom.


I've only ever played Mega Man 2


Yup, they just love extending their series into infinity, so when they drop it or put in on hiatus for 15 years, there's no ending.


It is often considered the best out of the classic series, but honestly, 3-4 aren't worse in any aspect. 1 can be a bit rough, it just feels a bit raw in its design. There's a very solid remake of 1 for the PSP, so that might be a better way to experience it for the first time. 2 is an all time great though, poor balance, but who cares, it's a single player game.

File: 1684855964521.jpg (209.94 KB, 1920x1080, 2743606-3ds.jpg)


>Stop making games for your handheld
>Most of its online games are dead aside from Pokemon
>Discontinue it
>Kill the eshop so you can't buy games
>Only effective way to use it at this point is to hack it and pirate games
<A few months later spend time and resources to put out a "stability update" that prevents people from putting CFW on it if they don't already have it, making it a virtual brick unless you pay insane prices for physical copies from some guy on ebay that wants you to pay $60+ for nearly decade old pokemon games

What's even the point? I get porky wants to maximize the hecking profits but they're not making a single cent off the 3DS anymore. I doubt there's a significant amount of people who own a 3DS but don't want to get a Switch.
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I already can imagine Valve fans using Nintendo fans' trump card: "Valve is a small independent company, they would go out of business if they didn't do this." What's so funny is that they literally control almost the entirety of the Windows and GNU/Linux markets. If they did put the boot on this the publishers would've been forced to comply.


The case seems pretty open and shut as I said before, the primary purpose of Dolphin is to violate Nintendo's IP rights, I fail to see how Valve could have any defence in court where this would surely end up.


Emulation is protected under fair use. What the user uses the emulator for is not the business of the emulator's vendor. There are plenty of cases that made this clear: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_console_emulator#Legal_issues


I was talking about DRM, removal of negative reviews and other such cases. In this case they could have resolved this quietly so Nintendo's hitmen wouldn't target the dev team like it was with Gary Bowser.

Also, you're using Nintendo's warped understanding of copyright laws. The purpose of Dolphin isn't to violate Nintendo's intellectual "property" (emulators are just media players). The issue is the dev team's negligence regarding the private keys. Which they could have just not shipped.

The question is about the legality of emulators, not ROMs. Although emulators are definitely legal under the US law.


What is your personal best game of all time?

To me it's Portal. I think it's a flawless game:
>beautifully elegant execution of innovative gameplay mechanics
>beautifully elegant level-design
>beautifully elegant storytelling and dialogue
>beautifully elegant audio and soundtrack
>haunting liminal spaces and magic I can't describe

if a 10/10 game is possible, I believe it's Portal. I really wish I could unplay it, so I could play it again for the first time. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm an elderly man with dementia :C
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I hope one of the endless ss13 remakes works out at some point. I like the game in theory but BYOND is so cancerous to actually play a game in


I would definitely recommend it to the fans of KOTOR 1, personally. Just to see a different take on Star Wars lore. My favorite RPGs are Arcanum, Fallout 1/2, Planescape, but KOTOR 2 is somewhere in the top 10 most likely.
That Mandalorian planet is peak comfiness.


dark souls 1 for the atmosphere and the mood that the music and the visuals set in it, and the way that the game helps you learn how to play it
maybe i should play more souls games because that was all that i played
there are also other great games witcher 3 and morrowind i played
there are also indie games that i have enjoyed that are jrpgs but i won't list because i want to keep them to myself. but they are good, the writing is high quality, so is the art and the music, but it only has around 20 reviews on steam so the amount of people who played it is very small


spec ops the line what do people think of it here


Its great as a journey into insanity. Gameplay is utterly mediocre, but once the protagonist starts loosing his mind, there are some many memorable moments. The setpiece with teleporting heavy soldier as lights flicker, shooting yourself in a hallucination, the absolute chaos of final level, the fact that in the end you cant even tell what is real and what is not. Lovely. The absolute strongest emotional moment for me was the epilogue, when the US soldiers come to save you, and I had to fight my own instincts to not shoot at them, because the entire game is about shooting them, it trains you to reflexively do it no questions asked. Brilliant.
However the whole meta-commentary on nature and morality of modern FPS games, and role of a player, fell completely flat. The big shocking white phosphorus moment made me feel absolutely nothing, because the game railroads you into it. Its obviously a bad thing to do, I tried to progress without using it but after like 20 restarts I realized you literally cant, the game wont let you. So then you fire it against your will, and the game points fingers at you and goes "Wow what a horrible person you are, dont you feel bad now?". From what I read original it was meant to be a choice, but during development all of their testers were avoiding picking it, so they just made it mandatory.


A new Marathon game by Bungie has been announced… but it's a PVP extraction shooter. Who even wants this shit? With Bungie's experience they surely could have made a Doom 2016 or Wolfenstein New Order style re-imagining and pulled it off, but instead it's a cashgrab. Honestly what was I expecting considering all they've been making for the last decade is a franchise so shit it makes me want to blow my brains out playing it. It's a shame because the original Marathon games were great. Porky is going to be porky.
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I want to know the reasoning behind this. Usually you take old dead IPs and "reimagine" them because the name recognition can boost sales, but how many people know about the Apple exclusive sci-fi shooter from the 90s that "the Halo/Destiny guys" made before Halo/Destiny beyond people who are already deep into video games?


File: 1684988798345.jpg (77.84 KB, 720x450, 602821250.jpg)

It really sucks it won't have a singleplayer campaign. Still, I like the aesthetic in this one, it kinda reminds me of the second game.


File: 1684999031705.jpeg (115.54 KB, 1200x1080, security here.jpeg)


More seriously though, it'll probably be a prospective airing of the title to garner public interest in it, since Bungie is more widely known for their MP stuff now. We'll probably see Marathon SP stuff in the future.


>watch MandaloreGaming's reviews of Marathon games
>and Pathways into Darkness
>Halo is mentioned, themes are repeated throughout the games
>comments are baffled by how similar it is to Destiny games
Are these the game version of someone's Time Cube-tier worldview?


To be fair, if they did something like Doom 2019 or the new Wolfenstein games, then it's just going to end up being similar and compared to Halo, specifically Bungie's Halo games.

Personally I think they should have just called it something else even if it's set in the Marathon universe, I know they've stuck with the name Marathon because
>the players are called "Runners" hahahagedit?
But it's not a sequel or even really a reimagining of the previous games and the UESC Marathon doesn't look like it's going to appear, there must be so many names they could have come up with to link it to the Marathon universe that people who know will know, while not begging one-to-one comparisons with the old series.

File: 1662021880740.jpg (133.51 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)


Check this out. An erotic visual novel set in a Soviet pioneer camp. WTF.
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Average Michel Foucault enjoyer.



"I smell a spooked conservative," - average Michel Foucault enjoyer.


I want to fuck the nurse.


Now this is the goal I can admire.


A place to talk about Atari2600 games
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Stfu, we gonna install wood panelling in your damn house now boy




Here are decent Atari 2600 games:
1. Dragonfire
2. Fishing Derby
3. Centipede
4. Joust
5. Stampede
6. Yar's Revenge
7. Berzerk
8. Frogger
9. Asteroids
10. Space Invaders
11. Donkey Kong & Donkey Kong Jr
12. River Raider
13. Adventure
14. HERO
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You can get a Stella emulator to play Atari 2600 games.


Alternatively, you can play something good instead lol

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