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File: 1661476529165.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, RW1.png)


Best game ever. Play it.
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No it’s an art game, I avoid those because the meaning is poorly established and often has little to do with the actual game. If you wanna establish an idea expressed in a game the best way to do it is clearly either through writing or gameplay not making the player run around in circles coming up with a much better story, or theme than the author did


>art game
<hey let’s survive in this hellish world in which everyone and everything are trying to murder you
There’s literally no more meaning. Just you trying to make the best of a bad situation. The best part of it is that the animals act like real living creatures and not game enemies.
Finished it already. Waiting patiently for the expansion. Having more slug cats is always more fun.


Yeah I’m aware rainworlds AI and animation is above average as it uses methods of animation and ai typically only used in position papers for computer graphics

Specifically those developed I think in like the late 80s but that alone isn’t what I want out of a game like it, I just wanna have fun and rainworld brings the same emotions as a game like half life 2 did. The game feels more like a tech demo than it does a fun experience


>isn’t what I want out of a game like it
Then what do you want out of a game as a side scrolling semi open world with timed mechanics though? From the title alone and the few beginning snippets you’re already know that it’s not going to be forgiving.

Having a game be a slower burn experience that give out dopamine in unfrequent doses doesn’t mean that it’s not “fun”. But I agree on the Half Life 2 part though. The gunplay sucked in that game to the point that Alyx was superior.


The art in the game is astounding but I think just calling it an art game is missing the engaging gameplay. You have loads of ways to approach encounters, either through running or fighting, and there is good enemy variety. The platforming is exciting and even just walking through the world is fun since you have to engage with gameplay mechanics even in downtime, which by the way is very important for any game and especially so for a game which is portraying such a strong atmosphere. That being said I've mostly been playing hunter difficulty and mods so the spawns might be higher for me, but there isn't really that much time spent without having to deal with encounters or platforming. I don't know how long you've played it and I don't blame you for just not enjoying a game, but I would try it again until you get to the underhang at least.

As for the story, I don't understand your critisism. Also I think you shouldn't critisize a story before finishing it since there could be something later on which recontextualised the entire experience. Perhaps the fact that death doesn't matter to the slugcat does contrast with the harshness of the world, but things can have different stories and themes in them, and as for the whole cycle thing from what I gather for most people it isn't like the last cycle is crystal clear in their memory, its almost more of a spiritual / theoretical thing. But the gameplay is very much linked to the story, since the different enviroments reveals much to the player through their art and atmosphere, and emotion is expressed just by moving through different enviroments, especially the more climatic areas, which is accomplished through a very effective combination of art, sound, level design and enemy threat. This game manages to tell a more effective story with atmosphere and gameplay alone than most games can tell with a thousand lore books, and this game has lore as well.

Major spoilers
As for the lack of writing, there actually is dialogue in the game, you just have to get to Five Pebbles, who you get to through the underhang. Then you can being lore pearls to Looks to the Moon, who will read them for you. Also, the ending is crazy and like the whole game really melancholy, in fact I would say its verging on eldrtich

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Literally the fucking opening of the game made me feel like I was suppressing anger when the lifeless character design and setup for the plot reminded me of how fucking boring and isekai infested modern anime is which is why I refuse to watch it several years since I first quit

The opening gameplay ramps up why I dislike modern RPGs especially East Asian ones because they have all the components 90s RPGs had with none of the depth or personality to it. The combat and world design is way to fucking bright and cartoonish to my eyes whom are used to blood, grey, brown and no VFX attached to every fucking move. The way the 3rd person camera moves to me feels terrible compared to what I’m used to in ds2, and TES of all fucking things, there’s no real freedom you’d see in games like fallout or RuneScape being the game at the fucking start will try to force you back into the tutorial even if you don’t give two shits about that annoying white haired small ass cunt and just wanna play how you like. Play this game if you have absolutely nothing better to do in your time or your just stuck with a shitty phone to play games on and are too retarded to buy a console or low end PC, holy fuck I can’t play Genshin impact and honestly say to myself I’m not suppressing anger with every waking second of the core gameplay and that’s ignoring the obvious and god awful monetization of the game

Good fucking god
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Yeah I’m aware that shitloads of the cunts here browse
D d d
S s s
C c c
O o o
R r r
D d d

And that some of the mods are from that space. I’m just amazed at how many of them are even on that game consistently, like it’s shocking knowing how on point all that slandering from the shitposts were


No one os going to talk about the fact these japs are purposefully making softcore pedo porn to get pedo bux? Yeah everyone agrees pedo weebs are disgusting, but how come we don't consider the companies making the pedo porn disgusting.


I always assumed the authors were just like that on a foundational level over there
Like fuck I knew that these people did appeal to that low ass denominator of the anime community but whenever I saw the authors behind that shit they were always kind of deranged so I didn’t care


It's standard for eastern MMOs to have a playable little girl race, pedos are the biggest paypigs and kept games like TERA afloat for years. They're chasing profitable market segments wherever that may lead.


It's Chinese made.
Also, I would ram Paimons cervix like the Gauls did Rome.


If the whole Microsoft buyout thing fails it’s likely blizzard will have all the financial reasons to just split off activision entirely as they do have their own subset of investors and it’s clear that the joint with the company isn’t actually doing anything to promote blizzards reputation nor its profits due to its dead community

I wouldn’t be too surprised if somewhere during diablo 4 or dragon flight something major erupts at A to B and just sees blizzard gaining either increased control to maintain itself or splitting off entirely leaving activision with just its only developed IP call of duty especially considering after Warcraft 3 reforged dropped it was documented that blizzards marketing sector was cut off and parts of head management overall were replaced with either industry veterans or just someone not tied to activision. What do you think?


Blizzard has lost most of its developers so even if it went independent, it would still not be able to produce a worthwhile game.


Didn’t they literally just buy out an entire studio this year

Yeah i think it was the one that made spell break, obviously those devs still need training and a marketing team still needs to be present but realistically to make even one game with how low standards are these days they really wouldn’t have much trouble pulling it off


Not him but if that breakup happens it NEEDs to happen soon. Blizzard as a studio is even worse off than it was as a subsidiary of vivendi during its collapse despite the increased wealth the studio has. the influence of activision coupled with the increasing alienation from their community has sent that studio into a decade long down spiral of bad update after bad game after bad PR nightmare while all their partner can do is fuck up their employees and milk cod while ignoring everything else the two studios have made.

It’s clear after the nightmare that was BFA which was considered to be the worst expansion ever made the devs won and a serious push to be better was implemented with lowering the level cap back down to 60, releasing classic, switching up management, updating dragon physics, being honest about diablo 4 as much as they could etc but the changes aren’t drastic enough to repair their games much less repair the state of the community which has long since eroded into nothing

File: 1660934943857.png (1001.5 KB, 1145x759, What the fuck.png)


You can tell the game was built for consoles because holy fuck are the default controls cartoonishly awful
If your motion sensitive oh man don’t play without a console again because you cannot manually adjust the games sensitivity meaning even the slightest move can cause the entire in game camera to undergoe a full rotation.
It’s not even with the bad keyboard inputs whom some don’t do anything important it’s also minor things like binding keys to move the camera when the mouse already exists due to the way controllers have those arrow buttons or how there aren’t icons for PC interactions meaning every time you go to do things like light a bonfire or open a door you’ll see a controller or for XBOX controllers than the key you setup your keyboard with

Also the jump button doesn’t work in the way you think it should


Dark souls 2 in general is an experience, play any other souls game


One of the things that I loved about dark souls 2 was how optimized it was for pc at the time of release. Remember how absolute shit Dark Souls PTDE was when it was released on steam? Remember Windows live and the ds fixes? Well, DS2 didn't have those problems. Sure the controls had to be slightly reworked on keyboard but compared to what came before, it was a godsend.


Yeah they didn’t even have a pointer lock system for the mouse until the remastered version came
Shame all the fun components of the game got overclouded by the bs systems they ended up removing in ds3 and never brought back again like having your health reduce to 50% for dying which caused an issue of appeal due to the fact that new players kept quitting out of frustration over being punished for death or how badly placed the checkpoints were which made a lot of deaths unnecessarily tedious to deal with due to the time it would take to come back to your original spawn

Either way ds3 set the standard of how from software games would design their titles later on to be more fun


For those of you wondering the tan target system is called that because in most MMOs back then you literally pressed tab to lock the camera onto whatever you were fighting against

The reason why this system is shit isn’t because it’s not fun or even bad compared to action combat considering a badly designed action combat system is as mind numbing as a badly designed tan targeting system(cough cough BDO) but because it poorly represents what should be happening to the player

Games aren’t just for fun they’re a way of communicating ideas through an interactive format and that can be watching someone die instantly from a headshot in any shooter, travelling at super fast speeds in space in games like EVE or no man’s sky, or just blowing shit up for shits and giggles in red faction. Tab targeting is awful at communicating what should happen because you can’t really interact with what your up against as all exchanges are limited to essentially button mashing
It’s even worse with games like WOW or EverQuest where there are classes that all feel functionally the same because that tab targeting fundamentally limits what the player can do to interact with their environment at any given time, for single player games there’s an even shittier system of combat and it’s the turn based system that’s near dead outside of dragon quest and fire emblem because not only is that shit crazy boring but also because all the things you’d expect would behave a certain way can’t because all inputs end up as animations and nothing more while you wait to attack again. Maybe there’s a strategy element but it would be far less deep, dynamic and less tense than something you’d see in a real time action based combat system

In conclusion play ESO


The Minecraft modding community circa 2011-2013 was a time to be alive, especially with the Java codebase which was easy to decompile and mod endlessly
The Aether, Adventurecraft, Tekkit, etc
It really turned a somewhat mediocre survival game into a limitless creative sandbox


File: 1661246706238.png (1.65 MB, 1318x1106, why_roblox.png)

Minecraftforum.com is archived and only some old mods from 1.5.X are missing. I wonder when it will be shut down.
Bless the anon who mentioned UltimMC. The old FTB modpacks it fetches work flawlessly even with the GLSL shader mod.
Also what is the materialist explanation for picrel?


>Minecraftforum.com is archived and only some old mods from 1.5.X are missing. I wonder when it will be shut down.
RIP. Lots of good memories with the mods themselves, lots of shit memories too with the URL shortcut providers and their ads.
Yup, its great and I like it more than TLauncher, especially with its ability to fetch modpacks from services other than Curse.
>Also what is the materialist explanation for picrel?
A large of audience of kids likes a game so content makers try to capitalize on this and Youtube's monetization system by making cookie-cutter videos of its gameplay? Does not sound much like rocket science to me. Also most of this shit was made like 4-6 years ago.


The bullet ejects out of the muzzle of the gun itself and not from the centre of the screen
I know this may sound redundant but often in FPS games like csgo, and overwatch it’s typical for the ladder to occur so the player doesn’t have to guess their aim and can rely on the weapon they’re using, however when guns become off centered with bullets ejecting elsewhere accounting for the minor displacement between the positions of the muzzle and the sight relative to the user holding the gun aiming with the muzzle pointed to where it’s needed becomes prioritized for better accuracy and hence guns feel alot more grounded to use when they’re needed, also the idea of missing with scopes also becomes more noticeable especially when games like war zone implement bullet drop mechanics


Sounds pretty logical, although it should be noted CSGO and CS:Source were intentionally made that way so as to not deviate from the original Counter-Strike, which was a literally a Half-Life mod and thus inherited the base game's various shortcomings such as gunshots being projected at the center of the screen and offsetted in a circle pattern to create a semblance of actual gunplay. Good for a high-mobility boomer shooter like HL1, but not much for even a semi-realistic tactical shooter like CS:GO, especially considering that Valve decided to copy more realistic titles like R6S recently while not doing anything to make the gunplay act less like it is a HL2 mod.


File: 1661366989912.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Not enough games implement leaning or some other way of shooting around ccover while minimizing your exposure tbh. It's not that computationally expensive to more accurately simulate gunfire and it can add a lot to games.


That feature sounds good but isn’t implemented for the same reason as why physics in games stopped being as heavily prioritized as they used to be

The point of mechanics of a game is to
Because of this stuff like leaning, destructible buildings , cities with completed interiors etc may be left out of its not relevant to gameplay or poses problems with balancing with everything else. In a tactical shooter like r6 and stalker yes it’s reasonable to have leaning in a run and gun style game like cod it’s not


ok but not everybody wants to play fortnite kinds of games


When designing HUDs developers need to factor in the reality that most players at most can pay attention to 2-3 things at a time and likewise having too much information on screen is often times bad
Hence why a lot of modern games have minimalistic UIs or even no UIs at all that pop up during gameplay. Battle royales and MMOs on the other hand have failed to pick up on this and are still cluttering the screen with alot of redundant information players don’t need that at times can even hamper on gameplay either by making things feel less cinematic or distracting the player with polyps and hence you get images like these
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This, really. A lot of MMO's and other games like LoL could honestly have a significant chunk of their gameplay outright made redundant by enabling auto-cast macros. Most of them don't seriously go out of their way to make wide-range builds viable either, so a lot of times you pick characters that have, at most, one or two builds, which could just be split up into having a greater number of monobuild characters.
It also tries to be more "exciting" by doing things like displaying numbers of damage flashing/bouncing out of characters - but you could get a more informative UI by giving the average DPS or burst damage or the like…and if you seriously did a lot of these improvements to the UI you'd come out with an MMO that kind of revealed how much a lot of MMO's are basically just very exciting-looking timers and you just have to pick the best method for making a timer run the quickest.


What I find is that with older MMOs like RuneScape and WOW it’s that they actually make the cluttering worse by layering hud elements on top of one another

In wow there’s a player frame, a 3d health and mana/fury box on the avatar and a nameplate that’s shown on the default UI at all times, similarly there’s also a minimap and the location box that tells you where you are all on top of the already established introduction to where you are when you enter a zone

The situation in OSRS is even worse, you can’t really toggle off the minimap without addons, the skill and prayer menu doesn’t come with a keybind system again without using addons, the ingame world map is a complete mess along with sharing the same problem as WOW with an ingame minimap on top of an already existing world map and sometimes the UI can get so cluttered to the point where 2/3rds of the screen can be just UI elements your not paying attention to.

Either way out of any other MMO ESO is shockingly the best example of UI design for games like it done right, it tells you what you need to know when it’s appropriate and most hud elements are moved into a page that’s only activated when it’s relevant unlike pic related which is a screenshot of ff14 without any addons


I'm not gonna hold older games made when this stuff was still mostly being pioneered to the same kind of standards I would a game from 2018 or so. These games were coming out when Windows XP was the new hotness and OSRS was being run on Netscape Navigator. A lot of their code was effectively being done "by hand" and just getting things to work consistently with networking at the time wasn't always the easiest thing in the world. I have more issues with OSRS making bot-farming not only viable, but absolutely dominated issues like mining, where it'd cut out human players consistently than I do with the UI being awkward and intrusive.

Modern times, there's way, way, way more interactive and better tools for game development and the companies making them have the opportunity to split things up a lot more to handle different aspects of a game. It's been 18 years since World of Warcraft and City of Heroes were launched, and 21 years since RuneScape (3) was launched.

There has been a steadfast refusal to seriously learn anything over the last ten years, what were technical shortcuts and shaky innovations are now just lazy fucking programming and sheer carelessness.


Partly due to the fact that classic tab target MMOs beyond the main 4(WoW, RS2, GW2 and SWTOR) titans are legitimately dead
The only MMOs left aren’t even massively multiplayer they’re like games like destiny, war frame and fo76. Games that can handle a lot more complicated stuff because lobby sizes are significantly lower and most of the time single player and co op play is what’s expected in most sessions than shit like 40 man raids or massive wars you see in EVE and new world


proof of how empty their gameplay really was, i suppose.


Anyone played this game?
It's made by some Belorussian dudes, you put a jazz disc/cassette in the player in the morning and you spend the day dispatching policemen and women to problems. But some problems you have to ignore or the mafia kills you and you loose the game. And the heroin or the automatic weapons you come across you can sell trough the mafia, should you share the profits with your crew or keep it all to yourself? It's a decision depending on your day to day performance, you don't want your subordinates to dislike you too much or it's game over. Now the Mayor can ask you to bring the SWAT and shoot live rounds in this crowd of peaceful black protesters, you can sit on your hands and make him go fuck himself but if he doesn't like you enough it's game over.
It's a repetitive game honestly but still fun and its cynicism is delightful. Also the music is good.


I’m amazed knowing games are still being released these days
Like fuck the past decade has seen a visible drop in the quantity of AAA and indie games being released


Fun story but the gameplay is too weak IMO, it's boring by the end


I fucking get it I’m playing hard mode but spamming a million of these fucking cunts in nearly every level with some sections being exclusively these bullet sponge grenade spamming fucks is batshit evil and lazy as fuck level design

Ffs holy it’s even worse with the maniacal bullshit that are the shamblers whom you can’t even dodge their attacks in open spaces. Holy mother of god so fucking annoying
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You can only rarely ever take advantage of that in instances where ogres are placed above a crowd of enemies
I’ve done it once with two ogres standing on pillars throwing nades at a fiend it’s not as useful as you’d think as you have to account for the reality that enemies can also move away from those projectiles if you time your movements wrong along with the fact that well it’s just easier to fire back normally using hit and run type of strategy in nightmare than going all in the ogre strategy that only occasionally works

Unless your a speed runner whom relies on frame perfect inputs than go right ahead and do what you want


Furthermore there’s a better strategy to deal with ogres and that’s getting them to use their nades on nearby enemies so that the ai will attack the ogres distracting them from you. I’ve used this strategy to deal with fiends from a distance and wait until one mob is left, I’ve done it to clear out the zombies since explosives one tap them and keep them dead and I’ve used this strategy on the vore


No, you can take advantage of it in other times - any time there's some kind of hole between you and an ogre they'll just sit there and keep dropping grenades in the hole. It also makes it much easier toget them to commit friendly fire, because the position they'll be shooting from is consistent.


here's an example: ogres unable to hit because they're in a position the grenades just bounce around. if they moved, they'd be more a threat.


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