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File: 1699312072452.jpeg (222.78 KB, 828x609, IMG_0505.jpeg)


Shay already talked about this but this is just that but way more comprehensive. I found the story enjoyable, I found the gameplay enjoyable, the way the gameplay was mixed with the story just fucking wasn’t. It’s the same problem as interactive TWD games, and part of the same problems seen in undertake. Ludonarrative dissonance, it’s such a fucking strong as shit aspect of the game it’s hard to ignore or focus when you can go from shooting slavers mercilessly to seeing Ellie contemplate Abby. Granted there’s lore specific reasons for this that actually do make sense in context, but gameplay to story transition wise the way the game overall progresses is bizarre as shit and fucks with my mind due to the complete lack of choice the player has.

Worse this still happens if you decide not to be a piece of shit with Ellie and run past everything. Literally beratting the player for being evil even if they haven’t done shit just because the game is that linear with its story.
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Didn’t he say that Idf soldiers getting attacked by palestinian civvies is what motivated him to make tlou 2. I imagine he might turn either full psycho after what’s happening or turn into an apologetic lib, like he is rightnow, but less pro idf.


channer moment


File: 1699400242812.png (34.21 KB, 733x378, twitter.png)


i couldve just called you /v/ermin cancer if the word channer triggers you so much


>the only risk is not selling enough copies, moron
That's the risk of all media have under capitalism, moron.

>read actual fiction
<accept entertainment for what it is: entertainment
Why read "actual fiction" then?
Seems to be as shallow as video games.

File: 1699153936122.jpg (46.63 KB, 750x343, 1.jpg)


This is exactly what I look for in the Silent Hill series, thank you.
Silent Hill fans are always having to learn that it can get worse. Might actually be the most punished fandom there is.
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Mannnequin humping simulator mode confirmed?


I for one hecking love consuming redemption arcs, especially for abstract murder-rape demons


File: 1699368662067.jpg (78.53 KB, 1193x397, xd.jpg)

reading archived Silent Hill fan forum threads and this poor poster… her signature…. she has no idea how bad things are about to get


File: 1699368911798.jpg (128.88 KB, 1242x1141, 1662445078061.jpg)


Isn't he just a manifestation of James' mind


lol yup thats a cyber"punk" 2077 moment right there brought to you by the average polish fiction writer
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Based on me having slept with your mom.


punk is anticommunist

this is consistent



which is funny because even in the 80s people understood this. that's why most cyber-dystopia stories at the time took for granted the fall of the soviet union in their world building
but this is apparently a board game so you should expect the author to be exceptionally ignorant and mediocre


There's tons of sci-fi from the cold war which has the USSR still in it though. Other than ones in the far future what examples are there where the USSR has collapsed?

File: 1698605790814.png (187.49 KB, 500x488, 1693519894633.png)


RIP Matthew "Many of you have asked what klonoa game I am playing. It's the new one on the wii. I'm at level six. I play with my pants around my ankles." Perry. Dude liked FO3 so much that he talked about it on TV unprompted so they gave him one of the best roles in New Vegas.
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File: 1698691020897.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.11 KB, 1246x866, chandler.jpg)

wow my opinion on him increased favorably tenfold now


>beat up Justin Trudeau when they were kids
Perry didn't kill himself.


I only knew one guy back in highschool who was a big Klonoa fan. He became a train-hopper crusty folk punk kind of guy and then he died of an opiate overdose. Keep your kids away from Klonoa.


File: 1698756514249.webm (1.12 MB, 1280x720, WAHOO.webm)



sounds cool until the part where he died


the problem is capitalism


He's saying that devs are too cautious, don't think he's really talkig about capitalism


No cap


For a second I thought the guy in pic was Cult of Dusty


the issue hes talking about relates and is perpetuated by capitalism
hes just too much of a yankee to know that


I'm feeling legit depressed
made a wrong choice and my girlfriend died, and that stupid black kid who betrayed me before would died instead if I made it right. This is ruining the happy ending for me, clem should be there with her GF having a perfect happy live raising a kid and finally having someone who loves her and wont live, and now she will be a lonely virgin cripple until the day she dies. I feel like I wasted 10 hour playing this fucking game, I wish she just died so I would now I couldn't give her a happier ending.
Fuck me.


replay it?


It wouldn't be the same


Then live with the consequences of your actions in a video game… forever.


File: 1698640897461.png (306.52 KB, 378x320, 1681253417840.png)


File: 1697690771819.png (417.38 KB, 1200x675, 42.png)


I used to buy a lot of games, but it came to a point that is unsustainable for me, idk how's the situation in NA and EU, but here in south america is pure hell, games usually cost 30% of the minimum wage + most games come with paid dlc, no localization and are released in a total broken stage, and lets not forget, we dont actually own any of these games, we just have a license for them.
why do people accept this kinda of shit that would never fly 10-20 years ago? better yet, why do some people even DEFEND IT?
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File: 1697729516069.png (1.07 MB, 1493x696, ClipboardImage.png)

I have 100s of games from Epic I got for free. I assume every time I get one they must give some kind of cut to the developer. TBH I usually try to only buy games if they're MP because that's really the only limitations of pirated games(usually.) Steam workshop is another reason.

This too. Support the indie devs you really like. For AAA games it doesn't even work like that. All the devs are already paid as much as they're going to get when the game comes out.


A lot of younger people are completely computer illiterate because the extent of their tech use are locked up phones. They don't even know what file folders are, much less how to torrent something, and are stupidly paranoid about "viruses."


>are stupidly paranoid about "viruses."
I mean that's not inherently a nerative. I consider my own childhood paranoia on the matter to have been a great motivator in developing my own tech literacy.
Hell even on stuff like PlanetMinecraft, kids don't trust the companies making these closed systems and are at least aware of stuff like linux, with some adoption. I think they'll turn out alright as long as the rent-seeking remains blatant.


idk how to pirate most games


Remember to buy indies directly from the developers whenever possible so a cut of the game isn't going to Steam or whomstever.


im actually impressed they managed to wring out an entire souls knock off game from the story of pinocchio, thats a testament to korean innovation. americans wouldve simply turned "sexy final fantasy pinocchio" into a series of YA airport novels
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>meme arrow channer
yawn. get new material


File: 1698250126679.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 586.45 KB, 1920x2880, f8a5fe3d7cbaa4b6a5b0bee9c….jpeg)

I want to hug him.


the quality of the replies match the OP


The story sucks fat ass tho


It sounds like the type of game where sex with femboys outweighs the significance of the plot
Based but i bet there will be dlc if its popular enough that fixes shit


Post game animations, both official and fan made
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when I was a kid I used to love this game too, something about the idea of a titanic struggle for survival on a dying earth. Like in most wars it's just bourgeois power struggles but in BF2142 there is apparently literally not enough resources for everyone to survive, so the european union and the pan-asian coalition have a desperate struggle to occupy the temperate zones so they can grow food. I always used to stan for the Europeans as a kid but they've truly shown themselves to be only American shills now so I guess today I would sympathize more with PAC. The Euro uniforms are still cooler though.


Speaking of Euro stanning I always sided with the EU in Endwar. (skip to 1:10 in the video) They were the only faction that wasn't responsible for starting the war and just got dogpiled by the Americans and Russians, again when I was a kid I hoped that Europe could stand up and shake off the shackles of American domination and unite into a superbloc, I guess that isn't going to happen though, alas




cinematic from one of my childhood games

File: 1697895589876.png (18.84 KB, 640x400, gta.png)


How the fuck were you supposed to aim in this game?


move your character in the direction you want to aim and press the fire button


what are the chain gangs chanting


It's a recording of a real Hare Krishna chant but I can't make out the words.


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