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There seems to be a bit of a war that went on between the SJW and GG boys back in the day about the topic and I was pretty interested in it suddenly since I play a fair few vidyas that could be said to be on the harder side.
That being said I think that the wank over difficulty is a bit pretentious at times.
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I think there's exceptions, especially complex sims, strategy games, and the like. but for the most part if a person can't handle a game on the standard difficulty level they shouldn't even bother playing because they're not engaging with it in any meaningful way.


I think something also needs to be said about over-hard games, I'm talking battlefield 3 hard, no warning of enemies, quick ttk, that shit, because it exists and shouldn't be praised for being that hard, I'm not saying sekiro is too hard (never played it) but I think we should consider the other side of the problem


>battlefield 3 hard
I find it "hard" to play the cancerous festering pustules still masquerading as Battlefield games.


Nobody is forcing you to play them.

>muh markets

Kinda funny to see leftoids care so much about that.

>Some wokoid, fragile game journo
Stopped reading there. /v/ermin really care about what "video game journalists" (lol) have to say, huh?

>they're not engaging with it in any meaningful way
Most games released in the past two decades aren't all about gameplay, for better or for worse.


It's not about being forced to play, it's about there being nothing to play.

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File: 1608528095914.jpg (76.64 KB, 1100x825, 5f1b630d19182451ba132073.jpg)


i'm interested in learning chess. also what is the best place to play chess online againts real people?


>also what is the best place to play chess online againts real people?
Probably https://lichess.org/

Also there's a thread for chess you might want to check out → >>3291


chess.com has plenty of resources to learn chess. they have interactive lessons and a beautiful, simple to understand UI.


this channel kind of helped me get more into chess

File: 1608527572588.png (410.69 KB, 1200x1359, arrrr.png)


Piracy general thread.

Feel free to discuss the subject of piracy but
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I'm not a "Soulsborne" fan per se, but I played Dark Souls for the first time just over a year ago and it enthralled me. There are just so many exciting moments in that game - the hellkite dragon, getting chased by a Black Knight, walking into the Undead Parish and getting hit by a beam of light from out of nowhere, fighting gaping Gaping Dragon, crossing Blight Town and then finding out you can just waltz on over to Firelink Shrine, chilling in Dukes Archives etc. The environment designs are really inspired. Playing DS1 brought back those feelings that I used to get playing Ocarina of Time all those years ago.

All other 'Souls-like' games seem uninspired in comparison. I unfortunately never got to play BB, but I did play Sekiro for a little bit and that just seems like a shit game to me.


I like the gameplay loop.
>I did play Sekiro for a little bit
The game really gets better once you get a handle on the combat.


File: 1608528097180.png (104.34 KB, 488x491, 31tu3r.png)

igg-games puts bitcoin miners in your system and slowly fuck your system
they made there own DRM and they put it on games
they put ads in there games

Better Piracy Websites:
[Links removed]


Hmm, I used IGG for 2 games I currently have (Shovel Knight collection and For the People). Any way I can check if they got bit miners, as in what should I look for in processes menu?


i know they did not sure if they do it anymore because i know people where picking up on it. you don't really have a way to check because from what i have told it is very well hidden.

File: 1608528093297.jpg (385.02 KB, 2048x2048, EjMniVHWkAIkvX-.jpg)


>multiple 2TB hard drives full of games
>never touch them
>bought a PS4 back in 2018 and practically every game I would ever be interested in
>haven't beat one
>have every handheld modded and a PC that can run any emulator with high specs
>never play anyway

Is it possible to just completely lose interest in video games? I know people who played substantially more than me during their adolescence, yet their appetite for gaming doesn't seem to diminish.
I don't think it's burnout because no amount of time away is affecting my interest.
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lmao no


A lot of video games are just a series of checklists that you fill out, or are empty vacant rooms that you're supposed to interact in.
This could be said about a lot of things though, but it is easy to start seeing multiple games of the same type as being too samey. There is also a lot of pressure to like games that you're "supposed" to like in order to be a based lord or whatever even if they aren't terribly appealing to your appetite.



This is why I pirate everything. I know that I have a tendency to play games for a couple of days at most and drop them.


Games you don't have to like:
>open world
Have a high tendency to be really boring, especially if they're made by Ubisoft.
>le Souls
Not everybody likes yet another Demon's Souls clone, even if they are "the only hard games ever made"


File: 1608528096159.jpg (67.25 KB, 500x658, THEGAMECHICKEN.JPG)

that's called growing up

File: 1608528092568.jpg (778.46 KB, 2560x1440, maxresdefault2.jpg)


Anyone still plays this? Was feeling nostalgic for some time now and wanted to try it again.

How do I get it for free in Current Year?
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Ah, and I'm referring to the trial, of course. You won't need a torrent or some shady site if you just want to play single player for free. A torrent won't give you a working Realms ID, either, I believe. Better download it from the official site.


If you get stuck, come back to this thread and I will walk you through it. Simply using a third party launcher might work, too.


So I can do everything free on single player version by removing the -demo?

modding also okay?


Thanks, I found a way to play it using MCLeaks. Maybe it's a bit shady but it works for now.


Look on jewtube for a crack you lazy faggot


shut up poltoid
nobody asked you

File: 1608527558987-0.jpg (440.07 KB, 1024x768, asdf.jpg)

File: 1608527558987-1.png (476.92 KB, 640x480, tomo4.png)


Have you guys ever played these two masterpieces? Literally no modern historical city building game can compete with these two, they are the most polished, well designed games I've ever seen.
Caesar III which was already great, was succeeded by the much superior Pharaoh, which expanded on what Caesar had already done right, and made it even better, and was so succesful that even had an "DLC" with many more levels.

Also, you guys can use this thread to share your custom maps aswell
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>oh shit I ran out of tea. better reconstruct my mansion into a hut
What did they mean by this?


Just put your warehouse on >>>/GET/


File: 1608527780379.png (145.98 KB, 256x308, Machines_Coverart.png)

Machines was good rts for the time, sadly it's en limbo state


I never much played Pharaoh and Zeus seems a bit clunky. I did really enjoy the chinkie one, that campaign was solid.


You can get them on GOG for pretty cheap. I bought them for my Aunt who was obsessed with them. I could never figure these games out but she build mega cities that could run by themselves.

File: 1608528091169.jpg (100.41 KB, 256x384, hardcore action gamers.jpg)


This board has become boring as fuck due to all the goddamn LARPers who won't talk about anything unless they can role-play as leftists in it. To rectify this situation, let's talk about some of our favorite white-knuckle thrills. Are you a hardcore action gamer, anon?


this board's traffic is just too low, it's like trying to have game discussion through gas station bathroom scrawls.

File: 1608528087899.jpg (43.46 KB, 425x434, diplomacy.jpg)


Any of you guys play the objectively best board game around?

Any alliances better than R/T?


>tfw you need friends to play board games with
deal breaker :(


old ass thread but Austria Italy is certainly a match for Russia Turkey assuming the other powers aren't interfering with the east. Also western triple is the strongest alliance that is actually realistic in the average game (i.e. the players can actually stay allied through to the end game)


The online community for Diplomacy is vibrant tho. You can find different people to play against on web Diplomacy every day. It's not nearly as fun as playing with friends in my experience but it's still 8/10

File: 1608527558064.png (1.74 MB, 1844x1070, deus ex kino.png)


It's almost been 4 years since Square Enix stopped production of the series, leaving it on the biggest cliffhanger imaginable.

Will the series ever get picked up again? And if so, do you think the original plans will have been abandoned?
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I find it's pretty much necessary to savescum in this due to the janky rng stealth mechanics.


SE are known for fucking over anything that isn't the latest passion project from the same clique, shit just got even worse for gaijins.
Nier Automata only got made because the Dragon Quest producer threatened to leave, Kawazu spent almost a decade (or a decade if you don't count The Last Remmant) in gacha hell until he was able to make a new game, and Yoshida's team keeps getting money and manpower siphoned away even after saving the Final Fantasy brand.


Anybody have the secret society political compass? It has illuminati on authleft, bilderberg on center, templars on authright, masons on libright and the reason i wanna see it again is because i forgot what libleft is


Just use the Chinese dragon sword and it becomes a lot easier


>It's a real shame the gaming community overlooked it over some stupid memes like it being 2 hours long (when it's the longest Deus Ex game).
It didn’t feel short just really inconclusive. Too many loose ends. When I heard it was originally meant to be a two part series, everything made so much sense.

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