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File: 1677466493132.jpg (395.37 KB, 1710x900, Returnal.jpg)


I just finished this game and it was a bit of a let down tbh. It had been hyped up as a really difficult game but I breezed through it and first time'd every boss in the game after the first, including the final boss which I beat no hit first try. The gameplay was alright but nothing special. The story is such a mess, the whole thing is made up in Selene's mind because she felt guilty over driving off a bridge with her child even though it was an accident… all the worldbuilding is thrown out for a shit and cliche 'psychological' story. Visually it looked very same-y and the camera had too low FOV for you to take things in, and the visual storytelling sucked, all the worldbuilding was done through text (and again it doesn't matter in the end). The only standout part of the game was the 4th boss which plays a song that's significant to the MC on an organ and its really badass with a great buildup, but this is the only time where story and gameplay work together (I guess the final boss also has like a astronaut face in its final phase but it was so easy and I killed it so quick I didn't notice until I watched a video on it). Most overrated game I've played in recent years.


The game is Returnal btw. Also le spoilerinos!


I liked it

File: 1677388046093.jpg (792.77 KB, 1920x1080, half life RT asdfasdf.jpg)


the ray tracing mod for Half Life 1 has been released! Not gonna post a link because it's gonna look like spam(?), but you can find it easily. i'm really enjoying playing the game again with a new coat of paint


Why not just play black mesa?


i like the janky feel of hl1


Is metal gear solid a leftwing series of games?

I ask this question because there are multiple videos made by the Kavernacle that say that this game series is socialist

I played mgs2 and mgs3 and mgrr, but I was getting mixed messages from the games, and I think that they were not fully leftist games.

For example, Inside of Revengeance when during the final fight with Armstrong, the "Standing Here" song plays, it essentially equivocates an ancap fascist with raiden, and tries to say that the two would both agree when their guard is down.

That is essentially the game saying that "both sides bad", which is a centrist idea.

Maybe Kojima is a left leaning liberal, but I have doubts about him being a socialist.
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okay this makes more sense


File: 1677095935397.png (830.73 KB, 1710x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Did he do anything wrong?
He and Liquid might have been misguided assholes, but his raid on Big Shell/Arsenal is the closest anyone ever got to defeating the Patriots before they ended up creating their wartorn hellworld dystopia that Snake and Raiden created by being useful idiots.


File: 1677232084486-1.jpg (55.88 KB, 1024x750, tengus.jpg)

File: 1677232084486-2.png (4.16 MB, 1920x1080, FROGs.png)

Using child soldiers for your philosophy experiment probably counts as something wrong.

That said, he would've had a much better chance by properly teaming up with Solid Snake (even if it was a temporary alliance) than he likely ever was with Ocelot - if he burnt the bridge with Ocelot after taking Big Shell and teamed up with Solid Snake, I think that Solidus would've had a much better chance at actually beating the Patriots, at the cost of crippling the US and basically creating a CoD plot (Soviet resurrectionists dealing a crippling surprise blow against the United States as a surprise tactic and waging war against the US using advanced technology). And to boot I would think that they would have to coup a large government's power base to wage such a war - if Gurlukovich Sr. was still alive, couping Russia would seem very plausible, but Ocelot kills that very early on. Olga was compromised by the Patriots and was non-viable for that task, and Dead Cell is mostly a group of schizophrenics who were at that point mostly dead. Solidus had far too few connected and powerful allies that he could trust in positions of leadership or as power brokers in his absence. Basically everyone betrays him in the end, either out of being compromised from the Patriots or because they were double-crossing him from the beginning.

In the long run, Ocelot's strategy of an army without a state (diet Outer Heaven) made a lot more sense for anti-Patriot action, and Solidus would only have a fraction of that power with the Gurlukovich mercs, even with their Arsenal Tengu getups (which would pretty quickly be surpassed by the FROG units and other cybernetic special forces as the Patriots rolled out the full war economy).


File: 1677232184655-0.jpg (83.23 KB, 640x361, 1.jpg)

File: 1677232184655-1.jpg (64.05 KB, 640x361, 4.jpg)

File: 1677232184655-2.jpg (100.76 KB, 640x361, 3.jpg)

Also a completely unrelated aside, while looking for Tengu fanart I found a Tengu skin you could use while playing GTA: Vice City



It's like a Joe Rogan guy leftist critique of imperialism, dumb and schizo as hell but it's close enough
>Set in 1975, a few months after the events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the story follows Snake as he infiltrates an American black site in Cuba called Camp Omega, attempting to rescue Cipher agent Paz Ortega Andrade and former Sandinista child soldier Ricardo "Chico" Valenciano Libre.


Also IF General I suppose
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File: 1667998073440.png (16.96 KB, 878x765, zorkpilled.png)

Interactive fiction. Like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but in digital form with way more options of interaction.


Thanks for the answer


I've been wanting to get into making IF using Twine, but this is the first time I've ever heard of Inform. It looks very interesting, but I'm curious what makes it more appealing than Twine? And why anons in this thread specifically reference Inform6 when Inform7 exists? Does it have benefits over the newer version? Thanks in advance


>anons in this thread specifically reference Inform6 when Inform7 exists
Inform7 is a macro-language on top of inform6. I know of some projects done in inform7 that experienced significant drops in performance each time they had major updates. You would want to avoid that.


yeah, there are reasons to choose inform 6. Programming languages with a natural language syntax don't sit well with me because I find it a bit verbose. But that's purely subjective.
On the plus side, Inform7 adds some nice libraries and an IDE, and performance shouldn't be too big of an issue these days. Go for I7 if that appeals to you. Twine is also good.


What I’m gonna say isn’t actually restricted to the show itself but something really fucking dumb about movies and visual entertainment that got me to quit watching it.
<Cinematic bullshittery
What it is is basically when any form of film sets up an event to provoke a mood in the audience but then follows up that even with something contrived so that the story can continue. This just ends up in the story itself feeling less tense knowing how little impact certain events can actually have on the plot.

An example of this show wise is that bloater scene where the dudes with guns stood there watching a massive fucking truck getting consumed by infected while those same infected were literally fucking screaming at them. They then proceeded to waste their time for several seconds continuing to stand idly than do something like throw a bomb, or get in their fucking trucks and gtfo with Ellie. Unsurprisingly they all died there like the disposable side characters there and this bullshittery is fucking everywhere in the show, which is why I refused to watch past the first 2 episodes. Also fuck hbo max for what they did to cn
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You didn’t just miss the blatant in accuracy of guns in the show
You also missed
>the fact that spore transferred infections were just flat out removed from the show since it “wasn’t dramatic enough due to actors wearing gear that would protect them from” as dumb as that sounds
>the fact that lore wise nearly all cars straight up don’t work when Ellie was a child which is eradicated as a concept by the 5th episode and never elaborated on
>the fact that people in Joel’s time have easy access to ammunition despite it being decades since society fell apart and also the fact that that would’ve meant most bullet factories are totalled
>the fact that more effort was spent protecting Ellie from danger to find a vaccine despite the fact that it’s common knowledge in the show and game that the fungi is the most present and easiest to study in flour based foods
>the fact that every encounter with the infected leaves know one injured in any meaningful way regardless of context unless a character specifically has to die
>untrained scavengers somehow having a shot of wonders when they have guns unless they’re near the protagonists suddenly they have storm trooper aim and tactics
>the bloater not immediately following the pair out of the room when it was first introduced
>Kathleen like the rest of her crew standing idly in front of an infected child for several seconds instead of shooting on sight and killing ellie off reflex
>no one else bothering to do something about or just gtf away Kathleen while she’s distracted or being just flat out eaten by the same child
>Joel needing to be a piece of shit for no reason and murdering bryan when he could’ve done something smart like ask for directions and knock the fucker out purely to justify the shows age rating in the shittiest way possible
>Joel in general being a piece of shit in moments when he doesn’t need to be around ellie or his companions because “muh kid or trauma” or some other horseshit excuse as if in real life bitter people are somehow incapablePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>the fact that spore transferred infections were just flat out removed from the show since it “wasn’t dramatic enough due to actors wearing gear that would protect them from” as dumb as that sounds

I wonder if there are other political reasons they decided not to depict a deadly outbreak of an airborne illness that is defeated by masks


Nope the reason for the lack of masks seen in the original game was quite literally because the director was complaining that having actors wear safety equipment around disease would make the show less dramatic since the audience wouldn’t be able to see there faces. 🤣


It's a run of the mill zombie story. I was going to make a post about people ITT criticizing it like they're Neil Degrasse Tyson, but it's not like there's much to say about it to begin with.

It's a common thing in live action that actors want their faces seen or directors want actors to have their face visible because they think not seeing someone's expressions limits their acting capability or something. It's the reason capeshit heroes don't wear their masks most of the time.


I’d honestly prefer a generic zombie show over whatever sludgefest of superheroes and remakes Disney won’t stop cramming into every fucking section of entertainment. Can’t even find a reason to pirate anymore since what’s available currently is that shit


I hate this mechanic
I hate seeing it in souls games
I hate seeing it in kh games
I hate seeing it in ARPGs in general and it’s existence is only partially justified in monster hunter where it makes sense

Everywhere else in the genre it’s fucking stupid and the only way to make it as a mechanic not fuck over offensive play is to make weapons that basically kill anything in 1-4 hits. Unsurprisingly this makes trying to make low level builds in games that aren’t called kingdom hearts viable in endgame content fucking atrocious because every enemy in these games basically can just wake up immediately after getting hit and landing a successful hit feels horrible since you might as well be slashing at a wall. Not to mention how much pvp content gets fucked over knowing that in games like elden ring pvp just devolves into projectile, bloodhound step and roll spamming because people are gonna lose immediately after like one whiff punish or a parry. Better off poise as a mechanic in action games only affects the stun actors and players receive after being directly hit without blocking not if they’ll even be put into hitstun at all


File: 1677042944981.png (528.4 KB, 888x500, ClipboardImage.png)






Someone on the art team really thought giving this bigger more teeth would somehow make these ogres scary. Pftaahahahaha they’re adorable regardless
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File: 1676758588389.jpg (129.52 KB, 810x730, ogre nom.jpg)

Oh thanks. He cute.


>giving this bigger
what did he mean by this?


I and o are both right next to each other on western keyboards. Most likely some random ass typo


They are one of the sciest enemys to fight in the game though


Just walk behind them while they try and fail to sit on you repeatedly

File: 1676725576668.png (836.7 KB, 984x793, Capture.PNG)


any more degenerates who like this chinese propaganda waifu collection game?
non of my friends play it and i thinks it's fantastic gameplay- and art- wise.

post your mains
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File: 1677011488297-1.jpg (641.65 KB, 1460x908, vampsurv.jpg)

A twin-stick shooter like Crimsonland where you kill bazillions of monsters.


it's a nice indie game from a guy that used to work at making casino machines, so he used his experience to make a dopamine machine in gaming form.
i'm saying instead of making a gacha microtransaction money sink just make a game that emulates the addiction through actual gameplay that stimulates you the right way.


well that would defeat the whole object

I don't get the hype over VS, it's a game you play with only the arrow keys, that just sounds like trash


> stimulates you the right way.
It makes you solve differential equations??


>sounds like trash
>means he hadn’t played it
It’s an experience. I thought I’d hate it, but I’ve almost unlocked everything.

File: 1676600575669.png (1.01 MB, 1751x1069, ClipboardImage.png)


I've never played a final fantasy game before. I want to start with FF7 remake, and play it soon. I don't really want to play the original, since it says online that it will take 33 hours to beat on average, so I'm leaning towards just playing the remake.
It also has good reviews on opencritic, 88%, so that makes me want to play it more.
If FF7 is an iconic game, I want to be able to experience it some way, and i like the graphics of the new game. Should I get the game?
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Why would you get a remake that's purposely about subverting the idea of a remake without having been part of the cultural zeitgeist of the original itself? Intergrade is both not a complete game and isn't a direct remake. It's a really strange choice after everything discussed in this thread.

It's like you wasted everyone's time in this thread and went with your original decision and only wanted the echo chamber to tell you what you wanted to hear even though it's in some objective sense not a good choice.


Who cares. Everyone already know Aeris dies anyways.


they check if you have the text file for the game in the steam folders (extremely easy to forge tho)


But there are so many other good final fantasy games that don’t require previous knowledge. It’s like going straight to the sequel, and this is not a Bad Boys 2 situation. I presume OP will have fun, video games kinda are always fun, but there’s so much context and history he’s missing out on. Little references, call backs, and fundamental plot changes that only make sense if you know the first one.

Oh well. Have fun OP! Bideo bames!


File: 1677009857921.png (479.24 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>I don't really want to play the original, since it says online that it will take 33 hours to beat on average, so I'm leaning towards just playing the remake.
im pretty sure the remake, which is like, not even 1/3 of the game, takes that long if not more to beat. so if the issue is that its too long (33 hours? honestly average/kinda short for a jrpg but ok), to go with the remake is to double down on the length, to deal with the original game with all fantastical varieties of bloat and padding, dilution to the extreme for no other reason than to milk the consumer for multiple games if they want the whole experience.

none of that even touches on the fact that the trilogy wont even be complete for YEARS, meanwhile the entirety of the original ff7 exists in a multitude of formats, all playable today, right now, at a fraction of the cost AND time investment of the remake.

besides, everyone who loves ff7 does so because of the original game - you know about it and you know all the hype because of that specific iteration. why not give it a go to experience what everyone else did, not this rehash still coming down the pipeline?


Why did the level design in both IPS get so so much fucking worse
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Nah even the most simplistic and boring gameplay mechanics regardless of genre can still be fun with clever level design take geometry dash, Celeste, Mario, or even blood borne to a lesser degree


I guess so. Complexity is not really the key per se, but cleverness is. Well thought out levels and gameplay mechanics make for great experiences no matter how complex they are, but if there is a lot of mechanics but they are underdeveloped afterthoughts, have no synergy with each others of level design philosophy then they are mostly going to be source of aggravation rather than enjoyment. And you can have a very long-winded and architecturally complex level that turns out to be not very captivating because it maybe lacks enemy variety, does not make full use of the game's mechanics and does not reward you much. Cleverness and synergy are key, and is something that many AAA games end up lacking in.


There are many different philosophies about game design. I'm of the mind that if movement is interesting, any kind of level would still be fun to play.
Take a look at Jak and Daxter. The levels aren't stellar as there isn't anything complex that really changes how you play one level from another. All that's really different are the visuals and the story telling.
What makes the game so great is the movement. There are 4 buttons that by themselves aren't that interesting, but you can string them all together to combo across the map of you so desired.


File: 1676926935817.png (264.34 KB, 441x603, ride.png)

Because of the rise of treating games like amusement park rides instead of challenges to face or worlds to explore, which is due to capitalism. Every part of the game you make takes labor. Branching paths means that some non-zero % of the game won't be seen by each player. This is inefficient production! Therefore we should make everything linear to make the most bang for our buck since that way the characters will all see everything (as long as they finish the game). You mainly see this kind of sprawling detailed layout in procedurally generated games these days, because in those the designers just make the pieces and the rules for how the pieces fit together, not the entire level.

One of the big moments that really pushed the industry in this direction was when BioWare revealed that only about 5% of players chose the bad guy dialogue options in Mass Effect, which signaled to the publishers that alternative options are a waste of money.


Bioware has completely given up on trying to make Renegade options appealing after the first game. Virtually all the choices in Mass Effect 2&3 were "would you like to be nice and good and get best outcome or screw yourself over being a dick?"

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