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Real or fake? Discuss. It's early development footage most likely but I think that atleast the NPC cover system looks funny.
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The hysteria around this is astounding. It's just an early built leak. If morons want to believe that is the end of it, you shouldn't be glad they are part of your consumer base.
As for developers getting "discouraged": fucked beyond belief. You are going to get paid if the game sells 1.000.000 copies or 100.000.000.


The devs getting discouraged thing is a psyop to make leaks less likely coz you'll feel bad for the devs


Fuck Rockstar, everyone knows it's going to be another shitfest with online monetized garbage for 10 years.


GTA is weird, all these foreigners making money off of pastiching our poors. GTA V was made by the Scottish Rockstar, who's making VI?


GTA are cultural landmarks tho. You may cringe but its true. GTA VI will capture pre christofascist civil war era USA.

File: 1663598617551.gif (481.66 KB, 900x833, totallycyberpunk.gif)


Its been so long, yet the hurt still remains. Why are we still here? Just to suffer? After years I finally decided to go back and give it another try. And you know what?
MGSV is still kino as fuck. Especially with mods.
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Only mods I use are the one that forces rain every time unless a story mission requires other weather and the one that makes Quiet stop humming. Though next time I will try a mod that adds more missions, should be fun. Already beat the game twice, never 100%'d it though.


Thanks for the recs! If I ever get MGSV on PC, I'll make sure to check out these mods. Just one more question: can they be found on Nexus Mods? I'm asking because I see a lot of mods ending up there nowadays and I think having to create an account for mods is annoying.


File: 1663658087503.png (1.01 MB, 1658x925, xof.png)

What about the mod that gives Quiet her XOF uniform back so she doesn't look like a cheap prostitute incel bait LARPing as a soldier? I think that's pretty mandatory for all non-coomers.
Nexus Mods is the one stop shop for basically 80% of all games sorry you're going to have to create a burner account with a disposable email if you want access to that good stuff.


not that anon but I find the game more fun if you don't use followers much if at all. the game is already loads too easy without quiet insta-KOing anyone who spots you.


Nude Quiet only if I ever use a mod for her.


Short thread: they play a lot worse than I remember
Long thread below

I’m amazed at how bad these games hold up because I remember them being fucking pinnacles. But playing them again makes me realize just how far gamings evolved that’s made me appreciate new games a lot more than I thought i would. Those RPGs barely function as games and the inflated map size is barren not due to any game design things(see cube world) but do to the fact that the devs filled the open world with literally just terrain and nothing else, no wildlife, no NPCs, no encounters, no caves nothing, just emptiness to look deep without
Deep and the list of problems goes on with shit like the controls being visibly awful, massive sections straight up looking unfinished the low res music fucking with my ears but turning it off with nothing to replace it causing feelings of isolation and legitimate fear. It’s terrible man terrible oh well still really good RPGs for their time
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I can't even remember what it was that annoyed me about Arcanum, does it have some antiquated mouse setup or something?
Whoever came up with JA2's default control scheme needs to be permanently removed from being able to design control schemes, it's absolutely terrible.


There is lack of hotkeys in Arcanum, yes. Not that big of a deal really. It's weakest point was and will always be combat, but that's not why people love it.


The combat in arcanum wasn’t necessarily bad it was just different and more tactical and focused on the story telling aspect of the moment

Daggerfall and exile 3 on the other hand did flat out suck hard
In daggerfalls case having the weapons be apart of the ui itself on top of making enemies and NPCs sprites with sprite hit boxes made hitting anything borderline impossible even if you were using always hit mods
For exile 3 it was just that it was way to sterile, their really was no way for your inputs to be registered without text on the screen explaining you did anything


Combat is garbo since you either spam Harm or cripple yourself. As a melee character, fighting the golems in the mountains is always a pain. And if you go for guns, that can be decently fun I guess but magic is just way better. Also, enemy placement is all over the place, there wasn't any thought put into it. One of the best examples of that is the sewers in Tarant, if you ever play it again see for yourself.


Overall, for me the best era of PC RPGs starts with Fallout 1. Before that there's just a few games that I still like. Ultima Underworld 1/2, Lands of Lore, Anvil of Dawn. The Bard's Tale Trilogy is also neat, the remastered version specifically. Wizardry games are solid if you are into dungeon crawlers (I played the PS1 versions of 1-3). Might & Magic 3-7 (I like 8 too). And Dark Sun games, the first one especially. That's about it for me.

File: 1663299771200.jpg (55.58 KB, 500x576, 1608997678792.jpg)


guy who has never played guilty gear getting really mad at trans woman who has also never played guilty gear for being happy bridget is trans
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Also considering how hands-off the corporations funding Japanese game devs tend to be when it comes to this kind of stuff it's really facetious to call this corporate pandering.


File: 1663634144625.jpg (16.07 KB, 500x279, satoko.jpg)

Oh lmao he's a gaymergayer. No wonder.


Bruh, this is an 8chan offshoot to begin with.


/leftypol/ was the good part tho. (also /cyber/, did they ever make their own offshoot, I miss it.)


File: 1664464664294.jpg (38.4 KB, 500x375, earth total fag.jpg)

No I did not, I got banned for a single-word reason: "idpoling" and no number of deletions of my posts is going to change that insane nonsense of a reason given that nothing I've said is any different to any other poster arguing in this idpol-topic thread. Nor am I a ban evader, stop making shit up you assblasted schizo. Judging by your posting method you sound like that NAFO poster from the Ukraine general.

the fuck are you on about? Take meds

>O-only muh /pol/ complaining!
See pic in >>22407 literally demonstrating trans and Japanese people complaining about this change. Eat shit liberal.

Also: replying 4 separate posts to be assmad about being called out


I’m losing my mind over this game
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I don't like how the Smash clones try to be literally Smash. Seems lazy to me. Seems like someone could take a lot of the things that made Smash different from traditional fighting games (the verticality and having a level that's not completely flat) and do it in a way where it's not just exactly Smash.

I have no idea what that game is OP but just thought I'd share my thoughts on Smash clones in general.


Ngga did you read the reply
I tried versus and the gravity and movement felt awful but even worse
Everyone that I was playing with left for other games some not even fighters entirely man :(


Also pics related to the second half of that reply


I didn't see anything inherently bad about multi versus when I played besides how fucking dumb the iron giant was. I think it's a decent platform fighter, but I would still play rivals of aether any day of the week.
That being said, traditional fighters like tekken are more my style so I can't really comment on smash clones.


Bug I’ve always preferred traditional fighters with high movement and skill ceilings like injustice 2 and mkx
Not dbfz though, the auto combos and Namcos “just buff every character who gives a shit about power creep” approach makes me wanna stay away from it

File: 1661289929493.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, xpiratez catgirls.jpg)


I'm finna play Xpiratez, I have started 2 playthroughs but never finished it yet, apparently it has catgirls in it now so that's cool.

You guys can play it with me if you want, if not I'll just post the interesting shit in this thread. For those that don't know it's a post-apocalypse/cyberpunk total conversion for the original X-Com (the amiga one) with BOOBA and general crazy shit.

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Isnt xpiratez the one where you get to have an army of big dicked voluptuous women running heists on an abandoned Earth?

Post deets, also what is the fbi.gov reference


File: 1663455648925.png (145.32 KB, 946x649, openpolcom.png)

>Here's a tiny fraction of what kind of shit the piratez server had been doing for a long long time. It seems a lot of big name openxcom modders are cool with it.


Took them 39,999 tries to get a big hit


Honestly it's not like I'm paying them, and you kill Nazis in the mod, so whatever I guess.



This is never coming out and it shouldn't
The Elder Scrolls squeezed out its last drops of creative energy in Skyrim and is at its end now
Bethesda should kiss and say goodbye, and focus its energy on newer IPs
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TES ended with morrowind, full stop.


he said better tho ?


It started with Morrowind, actually


all TES is garbage


Not as trash as Failout though.

File: 1638234295183-0.jpg (514.04 KB, 1801x1014, 1.jpg)

File: 1638234295183-1.jpg (560.85 KB, 1799x1014, 2.jpg)


This is a thread about a third-person shooter game featuring Alunya.

It is a free-and-open-source game made using Godot and Blender. Contributions are welcome.
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>>16449 i download file and open it with rarwin but it didn't load


>>16449 simply the file broke


I would use 7-Zip instead of rarwin. It's an excellent program that's been developed since 1999. I've never had an issue with it.


necrobump to save thread
no new progress due to 10 other projects, but Godot 4.0 is in change freeze.


Damn, hope you get some of those finished at some point anon, good luck


this is what 4371 hours in mount and blade looks like
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I bet they suck at the game too.


Is this Second Life for nazis?


What are the best mods for Warband? I'm currently enjoying becoming a filthy capitalist in Nova Aetas.


A Clash of Kings is good if hard, there is also another ASOIF mod called A World of Ice and Fire
last days of the third age if you enjoy Lord of the Rings, has loads of pretty nifty scriping and gives you an overall campaign to fight and win in. some bullshit RNG where you can permanently lose stats tho.
Prophesy of Pendor is pretty fun, includes a custom system where you can build your own knight orders and train up members a la companions, good for padding out your late game armies.
Perisno is fun, a very Warhammer inspired fantasy world with very stereotypical but fun factions
Gekokujo if you want some Japanese warlordism, there are loads of blends between it and the diplomacy mod kicking around on 4chan's /vg/ thread for mount and blade


>Not mentioning Warsword Conquest
Needs some seasoning to your taste. It’s bland.

File: 1662452389440.png (22.71 KB, 597x268, bioshock leaks.png)


New bioshock is rumored to be called Bioshock Isolation. And it will take place in two cities in the antarctic. Recently there have been leaks about the story. It could be false tho. What do you think?
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Prey did Bioshock but better


File: 1663070695111.jpg (34.79 KB, 800x450, ergeofgreat.jpg)

There were only two places where Bioshock could have went. Number one - under ground mole people barrack communism dystopia city with lava lakes, massive forges, mineshafts, steampunk drill-swords and drillmechs. Number two was boring "abloobloo soviets evil" ice city. SO BICE THEY PICKED THE MORE INTERESTING OPTION, INNIT?!?!?


the most ebin plot twist of bioshock infinite is at the end where Levine just says
>man bad because no matter what man does man bad
>man starts a revolution or establishes theocracy
>no man means no problem
>drown man


In the Burial at Sea DLC, it is explicitly shown Suchong making his final recording, complaining that Big Daddy's aren't bonding onto Little Sisters, slapping one, and getting killed by a mad Big Daddy (a random Bouncer).

Subject Delta was said to have been the very first Big Daddy (Alpha series) to bond onto a Little Sister (Eleanor), suggesting he was the one that killed Suchong. Burial at Sea effectively wrote 2 out of canon.

Tell me with a straight face Ken wasn't mad about Eleanor being the superior daughteru.


I mean I think everyone besides the Elizabeth simps agree Elanor is the best daughter character of Bioshock but it's a huge stretch to say 2 was created solely out of spite. 2 was a rushed sequel churned out to hit quarterly targets after seeing the success of the first.

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