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GTA VI trailer just dropped
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In the first seasons of L&O: SVU they just openly talk about using commitment to keep offenders locked up indefinitely after doing their time or putting people without evidence. In 1995 people already understood it to be a subversion of due process. No liberalist pretext of compassion either, just abject contempt for the concepts of rehabilitation and burden of proof. American fascism manifest championing its favorite tools.


>American fascism
He was trialed by a british court dawg


all anglo countries are the same tbh


Most of Yuroop is an American colony. Cultural at least, if not fully. The UK most of all.


File: 1703489510051.png (81.45 KB, 1290x1399, v0slf2dsjg151.png)

chihuahua = epic

File: 1703216704008.jpg (212.56 KB, 668x554, 1702400769897.jpg)


looking at those insomniac leaks, its hilarious. over half a billion dollars to make a game because of capeshit licensing and they wanted to do another one for 2030, "Console Gaming" is donezo
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There wasn't and won't be any better Wolverine game than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, change my mind.


they were about to have a recognizable identity like nintendo and sega do but decided to shove all those series aside in favor of AAA slop that costs insane amounts of money and time to make


>"Console Gaming" is donezo
Nintendo keeps going strong tho


File: 1703434106342.jpg (245.59 KB, 1080x892, 1703431778641728.jpg)

theyll make their money back by patenting basic game mechanics


Fucking bastards lmfao.

File: 1678725086667.png (407.66 KB, 777x455, sparkles.png)


Which console is better if im looking into getting a gaming console?
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Switch, but if you have to get one then I guess Xbox because it has better backwards compatibility and GamePass is pretty nice.


PC is the way to go, especially if you were considering Xbox vs PS5 either …
>Build or buy a new one yourself for gaming
This will be perhaps the most costly, but will give you the most sustaining power over time and of course. Either build one yourself ,buy a reasonable pre-built, or get someone else to buy/build one for you. Using discounted, used, or other high quality parts on sale can help get the best value
>Upgrade an existing one for gaming
Depending on how old and what form (ie if its a laptop things will be harder), you may be able to simply add a handful of components, notably new GPU, RAM, and SSD and make your computer way more gaming capable. This may or may not be worth it compared to a new core build, but its worth a shot
>Steam Deck + Deck Dock
If you want something "easy to use" console like, inexpensive, but NOT locked down, look into a Steam Deck. A solid value, well supported, and you're supporting Linux, openness, and generally not being a shit.


>Just build a PC my dude
How do you tackle the issue of bad PC ports though? Disgruntled PC gamer here.
Based libre software comrade, GNU/Linux and libre software are SUPERIOR! S.U.P.E.R.I.O.R! Well, other than OpenBSD of course, I respect you, OpenBSD chads.


This word is a psyop, what is important is not supporting this vague notion of "openness" but rather combatting DRM and supporting libre and open-source software. Windows is technically more "open" (as in "less locked down") than consoles but it's still a compromise.


Depends, but I will recomend buying second-hand. It's much more cheap and they are generally in good condition cause consoles are just sitting there. For that reason, a good second-hand Switch is harder to find.

File: 1703230471772.png (149.03 KB, 350x515, ClipboardImage.png)


great mechanics, entertaining storyline, fun gameplay and above all titties. What more can one want out of a Video game? God of War PS2 edition was peak of gaming.


If only Dreamcast didn't die prematurely, it could have been better.

There's still hope that Switch will normalize gyro but I do wonder what could have been if KB+M on consoles was the norm. Regenerating health, ADS and cover shooters might have been way less ubiquitous, the aim assist would have almost disappeared, and many PC FPSs would have gotten ports and remasters on consoles (and vice versa). At least we can experience what could have been through emulation but ofc the change in controls demands the change in game design and core gameplay mechanics.
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why do redditors have such a hate boner for console fps games?


Control sticks are an objectively worse way to handle aiming than a mouse because of how they function at a fundamental level regarding physical use and input data.


Not all people you disagree with are Redditors, take meds.
>hate boner for console fps games
<literally embedded a console FPS game footage as a counter-example to other console FPSs
<literally said that the FPS games on Switch (Wii also counts) are a step in the right direction
How about you actually read the post, eh?


>>32648 (me)
Oh, btw, I like Metroid Prime despite its tanky controls. But if I had to choose between the original hardware and Trilogy/PrimeHack/Remastered I'd choose Trilogy/PrimeHack/Remastered. I'd say that Prime's controls at least don't give me mental turmoil, good job, Nintendo.


Old console FPS are fucking awful lol.

File: 1702057365422.jpg (15.87 KB, 292x257, Forty_keks.jpg)


>3 years into the ps5's existence
>still no games
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>Insomniac leak
>Nothing but capeshit games with a single Rachet and Clank in 2029


File: 1703084041207.jpg (40.62 KB, 1212x810, 1703081378361028.jpg)

Why the fuck are sales going up despite having no games?


There's barely any reason to buy an Xbox now with PC Game Pass.


There is barely any competition between consoles, switch occupies it’s own sphere and is going down in popularity, while xbox is only really popular in america and microsoft seem to be willing to just kill off xbox if it will help them to sell more gamepass subs.

File: 1702994048565.png (1.49 MB, 1500x1000, ClipboardImage.png)


btw, the guy who did the voice for Max Payne, James McCaffrey died yesterday.



damn, RIP


Don't have a favorite but some performances that stood out were Sir Patrick Stewart as Uriel Septim in Oblivion, Charlie Adler as Harold in Fallout 3 and Matthew Perry as Benny in New Vegas
Some games with good voice acting in general that come to mind are AoM, KOTOR, Fable 1 and GTA4 but I couldnt name names
then again, this is looking more and more like a list of my favorite games ever so maybe this is just nostalgia talking


correction: Harold was voiced by a certain Stephen Russell

File: 1701984227103.jpg (1.1 MB, 3840x2160, lol.jpg)


> Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 introduces the four playable vampire clans
This is your reminder that a complete, playable and finished version of Bloodlines 2 exists with all clans playable, and Paradox threw it out because of insane corporate politics and had a new developer start over from scratch. Bloodlines 2 was in a playable state start to end years ago when Paradox had some corporate restructuring, moved all the assets to a new company and had them start over. Paradox burned a complete video game because of decisions made behind closed doors by people who have never touched a video game in their life.
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File: 1701990172662.jpg (54.13 KB, 630x337, 1660143883694.jpg)

>In addition to these four clans, an additional clan will be made available via DLC. A sixth clan will appear in a unique, standalone DLC.


And this isn't even remotely the first time this has happened.
It happens with movies and TV shows too.
There is an insane amount of lost art out there killed off by split-second corporate decisions.


>Apparently we are no longer going to be playing a thin blood trying to survive and earn respect of other clans but an elder vampire who awakes after 300 years.

this sounds cheesy as hell lol


Whenever I think it can't be more over I find out it can.


We're not far off from the point where the only category of developer making games that aren't slop are either solo developers or tight-knit friend groups, who have sources of income independent of their gamedevving.

File: 1702151327108.jpg (260.21 KB, 2158x804, gg.jpg)


looking at the old guilty gear sprites you realize wow those games kinda look like ass now in comparison. de-toonification of this magnitude. everything must be genshin now
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So many Strive characters already wear jacket or a coat, so even though on its own Xrd looks better, just a single layer hoodie makes her visually distinct.


Funny how May looks the youngest in Xrd.


probably because they rounded out her features and gave her a generic annoying voice, she also looks less like a sailor and more like a school girl.


Yeah Strive looks like one of those bad western attempts at emulating Japanese aesthetics. It's sad because Guilty Gear had such a distinct style. I don't even really like how the Xrd series games look tbh.


I for one am glad that Xrd exists, ArcSys has shown that you can make cel-shaded games look closer to real 2D animation. Before the character movement was too smooth and the shading looked off (especially noticeable in Transformers Devastation). JSR got around this by having fewer polygons in general and a 30 FPS lock.


Is the Steam Deck worth it or should I just build a proper gaming rig? Portability sounds nice.
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OP is not stupid, if he keeps an eye on what laptops are put on sale he can buy one that does support ootb linux and achieve a much better power per penny ratio


>OP is not stupid
>being new to GNU/Linux is stupid
Never said that. Ever.


Actually if he finds a good cheap laptop with a dedicated gpu he can just look up "[laptop model] linux", only after failing to do this would op be stupid




It depends on what you're planning to do with it.
If you want small games you can already play them on a psvita or 3ds with a better comfortability.
If you want some better games handheld surely its the way to go, but do you want to play stuff like metro handheld?

The steamdeck is already outdated and doesnt run new games, take that into consideration.

So if you want to play something like alan wake 2 than tough luck.
I think the steamdeck is really only worth it if you want to play some ps3 or gamecube games while riding a train, or you want to escape family christmas and shit like this

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