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I'll start.
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>Chrono Trigger
I wouldn't say it's ahead of its time in any respect, it's just polished beyond belief with a team of people who couldn't be touched. The battle system, the plot, the time traveling aspects, etc had been done in RPGs prior. In fact, there isn't much in CT that I would say future JRPGs took from.
I hate on Earthbound more than I should, not because I actually dislike the game (I think it's a really fun time), but compared to how good some of the RPGs on that console were and how clunky the game was at times, I just can't say it's even in the top five of its genre. Also Mother 3 exists and while it's not fair to compare the two, one is a 8/10 game and one makes Chrono Trigger look like IdeaFactory shlock.
FE7 isn't the best of the series, but it's such an easy game to sink 20+ hours into without realizing where the time gone. Speaking of which, pic related is what I'm going with. Fire Emblem isn't nearly as good as it is without what this game establishes. It's also one of the few games in the series that's meaningfully critical of the premise of the series (superpowered monarchs tear the countryside a new asshole, except this game points out that's not actually good)spurdoSpurdo


How do you feel about The Binding Blade? I found it at a cheap price in a second hand store.


File: 1618681422976.jpg (60.27 KB, 640x443, Super Mario RPG.jpg)

Actual Best SNES RPG comin through.


It's hard for me to give it a fair shot considering how much of an improvement FE7 and FE8 are. There's just a lot of weak units (even for casual runs) and some truly awful maps. Chapter 14 of FE6 is my least section of gameplay in the entire series, and it looks even worse because FE8's main desert map is one of the coolest fights both from a map design and plot standpoint.spurdoSpurdo


>They're all decent
After Tellios the series became increasingly bad.

>Otherwise you'll be waiting for hundreds of turns to get your preferred romantic pairings.

Just play a regular galge/otome at this point. The dating sim aspects of FE are honestly terrible if you've ever played VNs worth their salt.

File: 1617551250712.jpg (317.47 KB, 978x777, klv.jpg)


What do you think about killer7's politics?

File: 1617502582262.jpg (122.94 KB, 400x300, Super Fucking Metroid.jpg)


Is this game about late-stage capitalism? Or does that matter?
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Samus redeemed herself in fusion


They call her a bounty hunter but how often does she hunt bounties? It seems more often she's following missions given by the Galactic Federation.

If I kill a lot of one group it doesn't stop being a hate crime verging on genocide if I also sometimes kill other things.

Planets tend to blow up any time she's around in general. Not a good look.


By merging with melting cheese and becoming a helpless child who obeys the computer words of a daddy figure?


Oh, and blowing up another entire planet by crashing a research station into it (not even sure how this possible, was the station made of antimatter)?


File: 1619295877942.jpg (231.07 KB, 900x1064, Super Metroid Dachora.jpg)

Saving Dachola and Etecoons is rather surprising when you think about it. No concern for the other inhabitants of Zebes, Samus?


Is the relinking of the fire like capitalism? Trying to keep it going means it comes back weaker and weaker despite all their efforts to keep the fire going.
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fiction aways mirrors reality


File: 1620960617034.png (96.52 KB, 422x437, durrrrr.png)

>dialectics isn't literally magic, stop saying it is!!!!!!!!!!


Imagine being so retarded that you say nothing in a one large paragraph mixed with copious amounts of bad grammar.


you will never be taken seriously


This is a good analysis.
>>9106 is an idiot.

File: 1617231551850.jpg (83.85 KB, 1200x544, astros-playroom.jpg)


The PS5 pack in (Astro's Playroom) taps into PlayStation nostalgia while Sony didn't even give Vita developers advance warning in the closing of the Vita store this summer with some developers having to scrap their projects as they can't get it out in time.
It is like Sony hates its fans for still loving their old hardware, wanting them to only care about (and develop for) the PS5. Hell Sony's head of marketing (Jim Ryan) in 2017 basically said the PS2 was too old for anyone to really want to play anymore thus why Sony had no plans for backwards compatibility despite even the PS4 having the processing power to do PS2 software emulation at full speed with up scaling let alone the PS5.

File: 1617076261639.jpg (35.56 KB, 500x244, mine.jpg)


What about a mod of minecraft in which you relive eastern european history. So you begin like normally, then you find a village, if you make a certain advancement, or create certain tool to grow crops more efficiently, then you get to take villagers as slaves, but you can only do it by subjugating other villages, so that when you eventually run out of villages nearby then you can simply take them as serfs. then you implement a trading system like the one there is now, but make it so that after becoming masters some villagers become teachers of their craft and teach it to other villagers, and then make it so that at a certain point it becomes more profitable for the player to trade with these, and he becomes compeled to drive away serf villagers, and create capitalism.
Think about it, it could be made really naturally too, you would need to add a system so that you could fight a villager to subjugate him, and make him grow crops, and if he happens to be from your village you can only make him give you a quota of grain, but if he is from another village, then you are allowed to make him give you everything. so that the first one will be more profitable at the beggining, but as you get better tools, then they become more equalised, and you are incentivised to take serfs instead, and then when they are serfs you have to physically fight them to take them out of their landleft_communismLeft Communism
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>mod the autismblox to teach the crotch goblins about capitalism
This seems like going far out of your way for what you're trying to do. There are already simulationist games that deal with economics. Something along those lines is much better suited to simulating early stage or emergent capitalism than something like minecraft. Just because the base game is popular doesn't mean that your mod would be.


I feel like a Minecraft mod with slaves would get Cheka’d off all the mainstream mod platforms real fast


That was a depression post my god, to clarify (because that post is really spastic), the idea is this. You have one gameplay mechanic, which leads you, according to your material conditions, to behave in different ways, these different ways are close simulations of modes of production. So the mechanic is that if you defeat someone in a battle you get to be their "boss" and thus make them work, and take a part of their product, but that amount of product is different depending on productivity and tools that you give. So at the beggining you can make them give you everything, and only take what they need in food, making them slaves, and then through gameplay conditions you are force to go through the motions, and get serfs and then workers, but not through contextual menus, but through organic gameplay
actually i don't really want to teach anyone anything, i just think it would be a nice game lmao, certainly just because i though of it as a mod, doesn't mean it has to be.

we could always name them something else, these are not slaves clearly, these are life servants or some shit


life servant is not any more politically correct my g


I get what you're saying and your idea makes more sense now but your OP was pretty fuckin weird NGL

File: 1615751647702.jpg (327.39 KB, 1920x1080, Nier.jpg)


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I remember reading the review for one of the Drakengard games in EGM a million years ago and iirc it got big point deductions for a weird incest plot


There is a priest in the first game who rapes children, but he's comically evil, just like everyone else in the game tbh


Imagine having a nice enough butt that people would pay to polish it for you.


How is that a bad thing?


File: 1627004486289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.59 KB, 2958x1840, 2b-nier-automata-3d-print-….jpg)

>anatomically innacurate figurines


A thread dedicated for discussing the Pillars of Eternity game series, as well as anything related to the Project Eternity setting.
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I started playing the game again on your recommendation OP and am really enjoying it. My complaints about having a prebuilt party were misplaced because the interactions between characters and the relationship building mechanics are actually very interesting. Normally I'm not too partial to high fantasy but what I'm saying here >>8218 was really cynical, the setting is very cool, I like the marriage of 18th century colonial era inspired politics and tech with the existence of real but not all powerful gods. Also just as a little note I like how the Vailians(?) seem to be almost all black but are also a colonial power, avoids the eurocentrism of most fantasy without shoving in weird liberal idealization of nonwhite people even in an entirely different universe


come back OP i want to talk about the game now lmao


Sorry for being away. At first I was planning to do it as a bi-daily thing, but a lot of IRL crap came up that meant I had little time to post. I'll try to rectify it, perhaps on Monday.
Anyway, did you finish the first one or both of them? And is there something in particular you wanted to discuss more about? I was planning to do Thaos>Engwith>Gods>PoE2


oh i was just fucking around anon no worries. i didnt play the 1st one and im maybe halfway thru the 2nd, got 60 hours in it so far, party level 11 and doing side quests before doing the He Waits In Fire Quest.

not sure how long the main eothas quest is or how long the faction quests are, but so far my faction priorities have been Deadfire Huana > Principi > Rautai Hauna Trading Co. > Vailia Trading Co. , with the big exception of freeing the dragon from the Watershapers Guild.

really loving the game so far. ive been playing with the turn based combat beta bc i prefer turn based in iso games, but it does make combat a little tedious because the game was obviously designed for real time combat. not sure if i made a mistake in selecting turn based but ill just play it through like this anyway, nbd.

like i said in my original misguided posts im normally not really into high fantasy or attempts to subvert it but this feels less like a subversion and more like a proper realization of high fantasy, really impressed with the overall balance of tone they accomplished. feels like a sword & sorcery pulpy dungeon crawl and also feels like an unusually compelling contribution to fantasy as a genre

idrk about Thaos at all besides dialogue with Aloth bc i havent played the first one, the Engwithans and their becoming the gods is very interesting to me though.

is there any significant gap between the gameplay of the 1st and 2nd? loving the 2nd enough that ill probably go back and play the 1st anyway but hoping its not much of a downgrade (tho i say this after having just finished a playthru of Temple of Elemental Evil from 2003 lol)


The combat in first one is a bit more annoying. Basically all your good spells are on a per-rest basis and not a per-combat one, but also are more powerful. Also you get a bigger party size than II. This means some companions are more equal than others, especially the chanter who is a builder-spender summoner and the priest who, at least in my experiance, had some of the most useful spells in game.

Base stats matter a lot more for dialogue, so I'd recommend getting more will/perception and some int (although you can Disco Elysium it because some gear gives base stats).

Since you're doing PoEII, guess I'll talk about their factions. Maybe I'll start with Huana. Oh, btw, you should totally explore what lies at the far-east side of the map (specfically the inconspicious floating flotsam). Are you doing the DLCs by any chance?


Death Stranding thread
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Agreed. It's one thing to be masturbatory like artsy film directors, because it's usually more about capturing an image or feeling. It's another thing to include tons of lines of psychobabble that pretend to make perfect sense. There are also pacing issues with a large chunk in the middle of the game with no story development.

Overall I enjoyed the game a ton and I'm glad some teams still risk big budgets on crazy ideas. But I still felt disappointed because someone to reign in kojimbo's insanity would have greatly improved the game.


>But I still felt disappointed because someone to reign in kojimbo's insanity would have
greatly improved the game.

I always have the feeling that a good movie/game has to have the right balance of auteur director whims and studio mandate. Too much of either is bad.

Too much studio mandate: mass market trash with no soul, i.e. capeshit, Ubisoft games

Too much director control: incomprehensible self-masturbatory trash that doesn't try to appeal to anyone, i.e. Kojima games, or movies that are four hours long like Heaven's Gate

The perfect blend is a mostly-equal struggle between director and studio where they are forced to compromise. This gives you a product that has a good central concept and heart behind it, yet is constrained and tightly wound to actually be palatable to the audience.


I'm sure there's a Marxist analysis in the game somewhere.


Razortits was right even though I hate that faggot: Kojima needs actual editors and people to tell him no for anything to be good. Sony giving him the carte blanche on every creative decision was naive and stupid.
The game is basically every shitty part of a Kojima game rolled into one boring package that was received like a wet fart days after release.


My issue with the game, gameplay wise, is that it's a half step between being arcadey and a simulation leaving anyone who'd like a full step in either direction unsatisfied.

File: 1615446151026.png (971.87 KB, 1008x884, diablo 2.png)


Diablo 2 is getting a remaster, in Diablo 2 resurrection, what does /games/ think?


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You mean it requires me to check the windows 10 box in wine config.


No, starcraft got a remaster too. I mean, you aren't necessarily wrong, but, you aren't right either.


I have been trying to understand how setting up private servers works for d2 classic. Maybe help me out?


imagine my shock


From the videos I've seen, it looks good, with some caveats:

1. It's grey and de-saturated which seems to indicate that Blizzard once again missed the fucking point and utility of the original's style, and they don't know how to convey a dark, brooding atmosphere without making the visuals literally dark.

2. It looks to be just a straight remaster without additions, expansion, or improvement over the mechanics, which is a detriment to me because I still have my original disks and if I just wanted to play that, I would. They've been charging full price for the fucking game all these years so it shouldn't just be a carbon copy of the original game, it should be an ultra deluxe edition that greatly expands on everything from the original.

That's just my impression from watching some of the gameplay videos several months ago. I have no faith in blizzard to make anything good, because if they had the ability or the talent then they'd be putting it into Diablo V or whatever instead of remaking a decades old game. So, if they are expanding on it then it wasn't reflected in what I saw.

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