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Both games are fine in playercount. Your problem? Maybe people stop playing because the weather outside is nice.


Why what?


Apex Legends is a regularly updated free to play and riding the wave of a genre that's currently popular while TF2 came out sandwiched between Battlefield and CoD and died before it could live. Next quesiton.


You can’t excuse the poor release schedular for titsnfalls unpopularity. The truth is respawn abondoned tf2 the same way valve abondoned tf2 in favour of another game that was free and had regular updates. There’s like 2 people working on despawn a tf2 and if that doesn’t tell you about how little the studio cares about this amazing game I don’t know what wil


Apex is unbelievably popular in Japan for some reason

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To join:
>open minecraft
>add server
>use address leftypol.aternos.me and name it whatever you want
If it's offline you can log in to the public-use aternos.org account leftypoluser to turn the server on.
The password for that account is bunkercelsBTFO
Reminder to bump the thread if you bring the server online so other players will see.

Mode: Survival
World Type: Large Biomes
Pirate Friendly: Yes
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File: 1645288916007.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

We need to build tanks.
We should write down the resources and the quantities of them (more or less) that we are in need of. This would make it easier for people like me to better know how the fuck could i be of use.


the servers offline fag


What are some minecraft mods that would make the game more like Terraria? As in, more crafting mats, more furniture, more zones to explore, more bosses, perhaps more advanced potion systems?


Don't know. This channel should be good for searching.


Thaumcraft. Has a lot of new items, mobs, blocks, crafting stations, bosses and even whole new dimensions.


Mobile P2W ports of actually fun games that get infested with microtransactions by their developers…
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>actually fun games
Battlefield has been horrible trash since DICE died during 2142 development.


>experience doesn’t matter
Current day blizzard devs fucked up at something as simple as upgrading the graphics for a game over a decade old called Warcraft 3 reforged. Even without accounting for how soulless the company is that’s just straight forwards incompetence and it shows in every one of their new releasss


It's not incompetence. It's deliberate.
It's not done by the same people. It's outsourced, budgeted and scheduled. Also showing you only care about the visuals when the gameplay is what matters and has been improved upon shows, once again, how little you care about the actual quality and are just focusing on some bs drama that's only alive in your head.
>muh soulless
If the original was so perfect, why would it need a remaster? This kind of hypocrisy bothers me to no end.


Your thinking my problem with Warcrafts remaster was with the graphics and not with the fact that the entir game and every aspect to this day was complete dogshit after they fucked up starcraft on top of that


>only mentions the graphics
>claims the old game was perfect (soul)
Yes. I do think you can't have both your bread and bake it too.


The first review was based off the gameplay but I didn’t even fucking finish the dogshit tutorial no one wanted before uninstalling and spending several hours later fucking around in dayZ and terraria to calm my frustration with how horrendous the game is, and that’s without playing through 90% of the shit in it because you don’t need to actually spend longer than the 8 long ass minutes I had to painfully spend on it to know it’s straight garbage.

If you wanna reference to know how bad it is, not only did I have to play this wearing a mask due to finding facetracking spyware in the games source files but I shit you not if you have an antivirus software on your computer it’ll recognize this game as a virus.

>and now on to the 8 minutes of pain that is this dogshit game

Single player straight up doesn’t exist, which is strange because I didn’t encounter another player for the entire play through before writing this. This means that if your retarded enough to get invested in this burning shitstorm of an excuse for a dungeon crawler and then decide to get a life and touch grass, nothing saves and the game will register you as “disconnected” even if your literally the only player on the server(which is often times the case).
Remember how earlier I mentioned the difficulty is nonexistent. Yeah apparently the devs of this game due to “accessibility” thought making potions infinite was a good idea meaning if your ever low on health you straight up can just kill off small enemies and installs get as many regens as you want without even having to at least craft the fucking things, on top of the fact that those same enemies drop health and experience globes that give you even more HP and mana completely eroding the point of not just using an auto clicker to play through the game. And that’s just the surface shit, just ahahaha(sorry I’m laughing a bit while writing this knowing how buggy parts of this shitshow are) apparently it’s also possible to straight up ignore the actual combat part of the game entirely, enemies take no less than 20-30 seconds to kill you if your standing perfectly still, why standing still? Because movement speed in this shitshow is so fast relative to mobs that they can’t swarm you or force you to actually play the game at all and if you somehow die, death does nothing either. You don’t get sent back to restart a level, you don’t lose your items and gold like in osrs and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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what the fuck is this thread


Are you just here to insult me? There’s no point to derailing threads over losing one pointless argument


Thanks I didn’t realize I could do that up until now about the tape idea



Tf no
I stated like repeatedly that only 8 minutes were spent on gameplay so the review could be written in the first place

File: 1654316196016.png (73.33 KB, 1366x768, FUVUx_wXoAE3Ex2.png)


on gmod right now, a popular modder lost his goddamn mind and has altered all of his addons to add a jumpscare of goatse when you open the game.


File: 1654317266414.mp4 (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 8y4qvc09g391.mp4)


File: 1654141744110.jpg (224.21 KB, 1368x1648, professors.jpg)


New Pokemon professors look like an anprim/neonazi couple.
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Gigachad Father Elijah


now i remember richard spencer


>When did Pokemon fall off?
Literally the second game in the series, where they took all the worst aspects of the first game and cranked them up to 11.


What worst aspects?
Also, what aspects were good?


File: 1654326543987.jpg (89.12 KB, 980x1050, FUVu0DDWAAIg-Yj.jpg)

File: 1608527523458.png (382.97 KB, 900x600, cap_the_intel.png)

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Hardmode: Soldier
Easymode: Heavy

Prize: PootisPOW

Also general team fortress 2 thread

If you have a potato PC

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ffs what do they do at valve all day
hippy ass company


they work on VR and the steam deck,and everybody that tries to do anything else get guiltripped by the older employees into coming back to working on their pet peeve.


is steam's HTC VR even popular?
I think every one is buying the Facebook Oculus one

Steam Deck on the other hand…
Well at least we can play TF2 on the toilet while we can


everybody is using the oculus because it's cheaper,that's why they're probably working on making another HTC that costs less.
And I was being cheeky, they're clearly working on a game since a while,it's just that we have no info whatsoever coming from them,and have to piece it via the copyright they're dropping,which voice actors are getting back in the company etc. (inb4 they come at the SGF next week because I said that)


"take it down, you could turn it into an official mod with our help if you want"
"ok the whole thing is down, so about the steam release… … … … hello? valve…?"

File: 1613275969034.mp4 (6.64 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.mp4)


>Kapital: Sparks of Revolution is a sandbox economy simulation game about class struggle. You take the role of the new mayor of a 20th century city that was recently destroyed by the Great War. Your mission is to restore the city to its former glory. Manage limited resources to satisfy people’s needs, bring new laws and unlock new technologies. Fight crime and suppress protests. Resolve social conflicts and shape the future of your society!

>Key Features:

>DIVIDED SOCIETY - The population of your city consists of 3 classes: nobles, bourgeois and workers - all of them want a better tomorrow.

>CRISIS MANAGEMENT - Rebuilding the city is not an easy task. Your resources are limited, so you have to decide who will get food and shelter first. Be prepared to face new threats on a regular basis.
>PROTESTS AND RIOTS - There is no way you can make everyone in the city happy. People with unsatisfied needs will protest and riot. You have to decide which class to support and which to suppress.
>SHAPING THE FUTURE - As a ruler of the city, you have the power to bring new laws which shape your society. Which class will become dominant in a new political system? Only you have the answer.

Coming Fall 2021.
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wierd how there is one party member lacking


Anyone play this? It flippin' 30 dollars so I'll pass


Anon please
You cant do this to me


Pirate it. I've even found a linux version on rutracker.

As for the game itself… Looks like a pretty mediocre city building sim. It's only saving grace is a rather steep difficulty, from what i can tell so far. Start is slow, but it kinda catches on by midgame(?, idk, haven't finished it yet).
And didn't see much communism either so far. Just some low key class struggle.


the game trailer is set to the internationale so they are overtly signaling such


Take a good look at this fucking shit

They somehow not only managed to fuck to at building a game but because they’re working with Chinese corporate software of course the games not only a grind fest with recycled content from previous Diablo games but now you can get spied on on top of that

This games gotten banned in several countries
One for its microtransaction policy for featuring loot boxes which does fall under the same laws as gambling
Two for its nonexistent privacy
And three for on the grounds “dude you’d actually make this”

Dear god I can’t express how I feel without this garbage emote 🥴 but it really does express how I feel. I pray I get to see this shit blow into a full blown PR nightmare on par with warcrafts 3 reforged terrible release
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By the way the game has 100 thousand dollars worth of P2W microtransactions in it

Not even an exaggeration the diablo community actually calculated that to buy every ingame item in diablo would cost the player around 100k real world cash or the price to buy hundreds of actually fun games


I don't know how anyone could take this company seriously anymore after the Microsoft buyout. Just the idea that someone could even get worked up about them today, after all that's happened since WoW, is kind of perplexing to me. Dead developer, anon. It's time to move on.


Oh I wish blizzard wasn’t so low to the point where being made at them being awful was still considered normal. I hate everything about modern blizzard games

Yes they were never really “hardcore” in the true sense since their inception but cmon man, pathfinders to navigate the map, having a tutorial teach you what a special attack button is, enemies with HP and damage that makes them a breeze to kill, all on top of the fact that nearly everything in this game is recycled content while there’s dozens of thousands of dollars worth of microtransactions in the game tf, these people know POE is getting its own mobile port, not even a seperate game but a cross platform port to switch and mobile which will kill off this mediocre mess instantly. Uggghh I know your right but I just wanna see a day where this company gets something right, just one stupid fucking thing and not dying out painfully when overwatch 2 comes out and dies on its day of release


I mean hell second note

These people saw classics immediate success and praise knew exactly what their community wanted from them, new exactly what to fucking do to not destroy themselves even more and they abondoned that idea entirely in favour of more micro transactions. This company is dying out the way nexon games died with maple story.

If nothing changes significantly with dragon flight Wow and the rest of blizzards games are gonna devolve into what this terrible cashgrab is into overglorified button mashing dopamine rushes


More repeating of the same dramatization. Again. Doesn't refute what I've said, and doesn't prove what was initially claimed. Why is this so hard? You don't provide any insight into anything. If I wanted to read clickbait news articles, I'd go to a website to do so. This is a discussion forum is it not? Where's your discourse?


Not really sure why this is a response to my comment, as it relates to nothing I've said. I wasn't reminiscing with you. I asked you questions I've failed to get an answer to.


If you want the best description of it

Imagine diablo 3 but now there’s even more P2W nonsense in it. That’s diablo immortal, don’t come here thinking that a cross platform game like this is gonna bear even the slightest resemblance to the first two games.

It’s so boring to the point where it’s impressive, you don’t do anything in it beyond mash buttons and watch shitty vfx play, that’s the entire fucking game, no skill, no difficulty, no real reason to use items that don’t immediately maximize dps and hp, no sense of satisfaction gained like when you got good loot in diablo 2 or the remastered version, amd definitely no fucking content either but a shitload of boosters, skins and other P2W garbage no one wants ugggh

Remember that Elder scrolls mobile game Bethesda showed off ages ago and how many people fucking despised it do to how fucking boring it was and how fucking laced with micro transactions before it was completely abondoned and forgotten about yeah that’s where this games headed and what’s worse is that they’re already talking about a “roadmap” as if this game is ever gonna be fun
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seeing as modern blizzard is now under Microsoft,yeah they're probably going to just die when Overwatch 2 release and nobody give a shit about it because it's just a paid update to the first one,and diablo 4 get barely any player because everybody is on path of exile 2. (this one is probably not gonna happen unless they shit the bed like 3)


Eh maybe it’s not all doom and gloom
Once corps completely ruin the company it’ll dissolve and the devs will finally be free to start their own studios and make the games they actually wanna make. Like how obsidian formed out of Bethesdas downfall


>Nicely put. Adults simply want to challenge themselves and waste as little as time in-between. A s a child I simply didn't get exhausted when doing menial tasks for hours on end. It tells us something about how poorly we were raised.

I dunno. Alot of adults like to think themselves as highly evolved beings capable of any challenges.
Then they flop and prefer simplicity.
Also, kids like to challenge themselves to. But of course we call that childish arrogance.


Games out now

Everything in the OP was correct the game is a literal mash buttons till magical numbers pop up simulator


Scratch that it’s even worse

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