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File: 1625509436325-0.jpg (288.48 KB, 1600x900, 20210704130554_1.jpg)

File: 1625509436325-1.png (102.88 KB, 1142x601, 5445.png)

>"that destroyed biocorp"
and that's bad?
Wasn't Biocorp an "old-world supercorporation"?

Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?
>" About 17-18 years ago Melek began his rise to power in the north, recruiting local gangs, training and shaping them into a paramilitary force that eventually grew into the army known today as the Protectorate. 15 years ago, he finally made his move and took over Biocorp's capital city Dis, and other key locations soon followed. The High Council was disbanded, the technocrats along with anyone deemed to be a threat to the new government apprehended and executed.".


There is original Biocorp, which ended after Hollow Earth incident. There is reformed Biocorp, established after that to maintain peace, that was overthrown by Melek. And now it is Protectorate Biocorp.

I guess it is kinda bad because it lead to shitload of deaths and the result was a fascist regime bent on expansion.

>Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?

Most likely, no.


>direct movement control in isometric game
Trash taste you’re having. The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
>Can General melek be considered a revolutionary?
<Can a military junta that toppled a corporatist regime and replaced it with another oligarchy revolutionary?
If anything they’re even more reactionary.


You're still wrong, but ironically it sounds like you're making a case for isometric being a shit perspective.


>The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
No, it comes from combat being resolved very quickly one way or another, while having plenty of tactical options. Except for a couple of encounters (beach invasion) i never felt that i grinded through enemies, repeating same actions over and over

File: 1625010500412.jpg (125.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Anyone else doesn't like the graphical remakes (like DS, Halo, Shadow of the Collosus, Spyro, etc)? Them graphics look good but it's also done by a completely different team. It's like if they took a movie and reshot it exactly the same but with different actors and new effects. Or if someone redrew mona lisa and now it's supposed to be considered the best version. It results in a different feel and fucked up art style. And yet gamers seem to eat this shit up and ask for more. Am I alone on this?
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But Hollywood remakes are considered terrible. No one wants to see Black Christmas remade like what, 3 times by now? Nobody's gonna do Citizen Kane with new actors and shit. And good movie remakes are usually entirely different. For example, John Carpenter's The Thing vs The Thing from Another World. Completely different movies with similar ideas. This is more akin to Resident evil remakes, where everything is redone, new gameplay mechanics introduced. I guess I should've mentioned that I don't mind Resident Evil style remakes. My problem is with the games that are the same games with a new skin applied on top. If I was to play Shadow of the Collosus, I'd be like "wow they made that fur work on ps2? Holy shit!" and I was playing Sotc PS4 i'd be like "wow average ps4 graphics, that's okay i guess".


File: 1625021307894-0.png (263.71 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1625021307894-1.png (8.53 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

>But Hollywood remakes are considered terrible.
Not always, that's more of a recent development with how shitty hollywood is now. Off the top of my head, The Fly and Little Shop of Horrors are considered to be at least as good if not better then the originals.

>If I was to play Shadow of the Collosus, I'd be like "wow they made that fur work on ps2? Holy shit!" and I was playing Sotc PS4 i'd be like "wow average ps4 graphics, that's okay i guess".

I can see where you're coming from, especially when they do a graphical 'reimagining' of a game that's only 1 or 2 generations old- something like SotC already looked fantastic, it doesn't really need or benefit from any improvements and it only detracts from the original technological achievement the game represented. But the game in your examples that stood out to me was Spyro- that one was so massively transformed by the updated art style that it basically feels like an entirely new game, and I don't mind seeing other things from the PS1/N64 era or before given this sort of intensive face lift. You're still losing the perspective on technology, since the original was a technical beast for the time but the new one is only on par with every other AAA game, but the radically re-imagined art style justifies its existence to me.


File: 1625022033020.jpg (1.56 MB, 1766x2403, 18256opn2o831.jpg)

I've never actually played Spyro but I brought it up because I've heard people complain about art style changes like this https://old.reddit.com/r/Spyro/comments/c9shl4/i_know_im_going_to_sound_nitpicking_and_unpopular/

Personally, If I was to get into the Spyro games today I'd definitely go for the original ps1 games first and probably not even touch remakes (like I did with yakuza but then it died sadly).

And the movies you brought up are similar to my examples with The Thing, as in, completely remade movies. Imagine if The Fly was a shot for shot remake with every single line of dialog remaining the same, every camera angle the same and the new actors trying as hard as they can to mimic the way old actors talked. That's how I perceive remakes of Demon's Souls, Halo, Sotc etc


>The original still exists
I also wanted to make a point about this. The original doesn't always really exist. Like with Demon's souls. They remade it for the ps5 but only with new graphics. What if I want to play the original, I now have to go and get a console from 2006 and a copy of 12 year old game. And the digital store on ps3 won't always be available (they even shut it down earlier this year but restored it but it still means it could be gone at any time). And the servers for the game going to get shutdown at some point. Sure there's emulation but the answer to play the original version shouldn't be "like bro just acquire the copy somehow probably illegally and then an illegal copy of bios or dump it yourself". If they're doing these remake at least it would be great to have an original version as well (preferably patched to unlock fps and stuff too).


the definition of soul/soulless


The Sega System

DescriptionShinobi is a series of hack-and-slash action video games created by Sega. The ninja Joe Musashi is the protagonist of the original series of games. The first Shinobi game was released in 1987 for arcades and has since featured in a dozen other Shinobi titles


excellent game
SEGA was so good back then


the only games I had as a kid were phantasy star 4 (never heard of the other games) and battle toads with X-Men characteristics.

still hold up uh yup

File: 1624994260600.png (316.46 KB, 785x731, ClipboardImage.png)


Why can't it be like Minecraft or GTA or Sims? I just wanted some sex mods


just watch porn lol


It just works, anon


Aren't there already Skyrim mods for that?


its not complicated, its annoying and a bit unstable so you have to plan your playthrough and make a modlist you'll stick to till the end. its generally a bad idea to remove a mod mid-playthrough.
as for minecraft yeah its kind of easier but it has the insufferable "mod is only compatable with one version" shit, which is why mod authors just can't keep up with the endless stream of new bullshit updates and a lot of good mods get abandoned.

File: 1624947406770.png (428.02 KB, 600x600, cheater's lament.png)


>The Market is unavailable for the following reason(s):
You must have a valid Steam purchase that is between 7 days and a year old with no recent chargebacks or payment disputes.

>To remove this restriction you must make a purchase in the steam store
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Trade your cards little by little until you have enough money


If you mean sell them, I can't since the market ban exists or that would be my goto

If you mean trade them, I don't understand
Where do I trade them to and with whom


>I can't since the market ban exists
Oh that's right I'm a dumbass
>Where do I trade them to and with whom
There's a trade forum, right? I've never done it because I don't wanna learn the complexities of it just to get digital cards


unironically based and cringe at the same time.


>buying games
But why though? I only have steam for TF 2.


New mechagamezilla/infinite review episode out lads
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I didn't know these guys, but I watched this video, and even though I laughed at most of the jokes shitting on the E3 and game companies, I don't like the fact that they're massive consoomers anyway.


How else do you distract yourself from the inevitable doom that awaits you? No ethical consumption, etc.


"There will be a fifteen minute Call of Duty demonstration."


<Thank You

>I have wanted to write this post for a little while, but kept putting it off. I will try to keep it brief.

>The viewing figures for The Infinite Review have been steadily declining for a while now. Maybe it's the algorithm, maybe it's the rise of tiktok or vtubers, maybe I am simply not as entertaining anymore. Whatever the reason, it is discouraging. I know it's unwise to judge the worth of ones work on Internet Numbers, but the rate of decline is stark enough to make me worry about reaching a point where I question if it's worth making these videos at all. Don't get me wrong, I never saw the channel as something that would grow to dizzying heights, but I did hope to at least maintain the modest audience I had - and lately it feels as though I've been failing to do that.

>And this is why I want to you all how much the patreon support means to me. It's so easy to sound disingenuous when you're a youtuber saying things like this, but honestly: there simply would not be any videos or podcasts without you. This patreon remains an anomaly. It frankly should not have this much support when you look at how small my channel is. And while the diminishing views on the videos can be disheartening, the patreon reminds me that even if my audience is small, it's a dedicated one that truly enjoys what I am doing, and that means the world to me.

>Even though I'm a little embarrassed writing all this, I would feel much worse about not saying it. So there you go, it's off my chest for now. Thank you all again so very much. There are lots more Infinite Reviews planned and hope you'll enjoy and share them with others.

>Owen x

Our boy deserves better.


This year's E3 was pretty rubbish, but Mecha always finds enough stuff to make fun of each year.

File: 1624844372983-0.jpg (53.17 KB, 1050x503, Dactyl-Nightmare.jpg)

File: 1624844372983-1.png (928.04 KB, 1200x800, QuestVRad.png)


Will VR ever be affordable for the average gamer? Even the Quest 2 costs as much as a game console and they are trying to shove ads into them.
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Well Open Brush and NeosVR benefit creators, having a radical new UI, where your hands are your cursors and to move your camera you simply move yourself. In terms of 3d chat programs like VRChat it allows higher immersion by reducing the amount of canned animation as avatar movement is going off the tractors and it is obvious who is running in desktop mode because of that.


That's very interesting, but this all sounds like stuff that is more tedious and requires more work to navigate through the interface with than simply pressing some buttons already at your fingertips. What sort of paradigm-changing feature does "virtual reality" present to game design? For example, the Wii opened up huge possibilities for third- and first-person shooting games by allowed players fine and intuitive control over aiming at things that could be independently coupled with movement. Where previous 3D console shooters often had to contend with a sluggish pace due to the inherent limitations of analog sticks for camera control, and where 3D PC shooters are stuck with digital movement on keyboards, the Wii finally compined a lightgun with other controls in a way that presented huge opportunities for fast-paced 3D shooters. What, if any, opportunities for game design does VR actually present?


Let's keep using shooters as an example. In most shooters, you have a standing pose, a crouching pose and a prone pose. Some games have leaning to the side, some let you jump, but this is not always the case. In a VR game, you can perform all of these actions and more since your body is the only limit. Want to blindly spay while hiding on the side of a building? You can do that. Want to peek behind a crate without exposing your entire body? You can do that. The same possibilities the Wii opened up are expanded upon in VR. Think of it like a Wii, Kinect and 3DS glued into one console without the baggage of designing a game around traditional controller schemes too.


File: 1625190448226-0.jpg (501.63 KB, 1920x1080, NeosVR.jpg)

File: 1625190448226-1.jpg (81.56 KB, 1422x797, tilt-brush.jpg)

While less efficient for heavy workloads they have a far gentler learning curve with a newbie being able to learn open (or tilt) brush easier then GIMP with the UI able to be uninstructive for the way for the easy stuff and you are drawing 2D brush strokes in a 3D space so it is kinda of half way between a 2D program like GIMP and 3D like Blender. With NeosVR you are basically playing with a live watered down Unity dev world that is sandboxed inside Neos giving you real time feed back as you adjust values and create logical nodes that actually makes it easier to learn game devlopment. This also allows you to set up your workspace with ease as you just drag and drop windows where you want them in 3D space, and allows for better collaboration as other players can see your windows in 3D space if you give them permission.

As for how this translates to games well there is already experimentation in controlling cars in VR by moving your hands and feet (full tracking) and trying to make it as good as if you really had a wheel and peddle setup, the end result would be the full tracking being a highly flexible controller.


Given how things are progressing now, it's probably going to be pretty normal eventually. It's just that it's a complicated enough set of problems that the technology doesn't advance that quickly.

File: 1624831151323.png (88.23 KB, 978x340, Untitled.png)


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File: 1625434185329.png (292.9 KB, 472x496, MayThoughts.png)

We should make them join Near then


File: 1625434450339.jpeg (5.39 KB, 170x170, OIP (2).jpeg)

Why yes, I don't like kiwifarms because the ammount of labels that overlap my identity have a pattern of having crazy people and it makes me weirded out

I don't personally knew the nes emulator creator but I'll prettend i care about them as long as I get the site that might target me out of the internet


Their userbase is full of obsessed furries, trans people, autists, Nazis, NEETs, creeps and every kind of person they hate. They even acknowlege that themselves, obviously they just bully and shit on certain individuals to feel superior in some way, like "I know I'm an autistic trans furry, but at least I'm not like those autistic trans furries!" Self-loathing definitely plays a role there, and they're fully aware of the fact that, if their identity and internet history was to be revealed, they too would be featured in their site.


File: 1625539807895.png (1.01 MB, 872x640, tomcat.png)

Your point stands strong, since that's quite literally what happens! It's so sad to see the hypocrisy at play, but it also goes to show how vulnerable they can be once you take that mask off.

For those not in the know "CIA uyghur" is the person who made the thread on byuu in the first place, essentially being the catalyst of this shitstorm, but now they have their own thread, and have had so since the beginning of the new year. Hilarious as it is tragic!! kiwi's are the oroboros of lolcows, like poetry, they play themselves. There are other examples like them,but this one should be enough.


Please stop being a faggot

File: 1624807266255.jpeg (5.07 KB, 300x168, download (39).jpeg)


Why is it easily the best FPS game ever?


I'm more of a counter blox stan myself


ain’t the enemies flag ancom with a skull



File: 1624801895203.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, td6w0m31nsvz.png)


For years and years the debate has raged over whether video games qualify as art, and as ridiculous as that debate is there's one undeniable aspect of it: video games have ideological content.

For that reason this thread should be used to approach games from a political standpoint with their political content in mind. The only thing to keep in mind here is that YOU CANNOT TALK ABOUT GAMERGATE.

Here's a big list of video games with left wing content to help discussion get going:bolshevikBolshevik
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Oh yeah and Disco Elysium is an obvious one, plus TNO, Equestria at War, and so on…


Video games have great potential to radicalize people because unlike other art forms, they are based around teaching people mechanics and enforcing a working understanding of mechanical systems (at least, a lot of the time - walking simulators etc are another question). Not only is there the possibility in video games to teach people the mechanics of politics and economics (a very straightforward and vulgar example), the very process of learning and understanding game mechanics predisposes people to understanding materialism and learning how to analyze how systems function. Video games are already good but could be made even better with the right application of game design. Properly radical games should be integrated into education that communists engage in, and I will fight you to the death over this.


That rec chart is kind of old. It needs Tonight We Riot and a bunch of other stuff.
>Peace Walker
I didn't finish it, and I know that it has actual communists in the story, but doesn't MSF do some jobs for non-leftists as well? Or was that just in MGSV?
>Ladykiller in a Bind
A meme recommendation? As far as I know, that's just a lesbian bondage VN. Is it actually leftist in any way?

why not? Not that I want to. The thread subject didn't even make me think about it.

>Video games are designed to sell as many copies as possible and to be as addictive as possible
That doesn't apply to all video games, particularly indie/free games. In those cases they might actually be considered works of art.

Plus, there's a lot of people involved in the creation of games, so the writer, designer, programmer, lead artist, lead composer, etc. might not personally be trying to sell many copies but make a game out of creativity. In which case I guess you might be right about games being only "artistic" but not "art".


>videogames are for nerds
Not anymore. Corporations have realized this, that's why everyone who has at least a cellphone plays them. Even the military knew this before video games were popular. Video games have massive propagandistic and educational potential.


>Video games are designed to sell as many copies as possible and to be as addictive as possible
the exact same applies to music and television as well. doesnt make those any less "art".
many of the most popular video games are shit art, made for shit reasons, but again the exact same applies to music and television. youre either a massive pseud or havent engaged with the art form outside of fifa or cod.
go ahead and tell me with a straight face that something like pathologic is not a work of art.

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