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File: 1617592263018.jpg (121.64 KB, 1280x720, EyLWlaMUUAUZ6nK.jpg)


>No animal crossing thread for 10 pages
Absolutely disgusting you uncultured plebs.
Post friend codes and Island codes, or just screenshots in general.
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You can't even draw penises in this game


Maybe not everyone likes the same kind of games, you retardo.


These are for Windows, right?


t. never played AC

Wrong thread /pol/oid


File: 1637225018460.png (1.25 MB, 720x646, ClipboardImage.png)

> hipster faggot numale jew
you can only compliment me so much, anon

File: 1608527523458.png (382.97 KB, 900x600, cap_the_intel.png)

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Hardmode: Soldier
Easymode: Heavy

Prize: PootisPOW

Also general team fortress 2 thread

If you have a potato PC

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Community Blackwonder


bro this dude used to tf2g

he was a little kid, damn he blew up now


Failed Sniper



>Performance is almost never the issue.
It is now that graphic cards are retardedly expensive again.

File: 1618399307838.png (1.05 MB, 1024x768, acab.png)


>be game set in a medieval fantasy
>have mandatory preaching about equality and racism
>also have characters that are just simply much better due to lineage, race, royalty, etc.
Every. Fucking. Time.
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I don't do mobile games I just liked the trailer, since it has Toy Story vibe and could make for a decent short series. and might make otakaus rethink about participating in r/cummoningonfigurines


Pretty sure that would just encourage them more.


… Yeah you're probably right


File: 1636499193671.jpg (52.78 KB, 528x499, jar.jpg)



Post em
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Name a game with a catchier soundtrack. Protip: you can't


Music for the soul


spoilers in this video btw


File: 1622567629753.jpeg (290.15 KB, 932x420, csgo.jpeg)


I can't stop playing this game. I don't mean that I play it for hours or days non-stop, I mean it is the only game I play when I do play. I really liked Post Scriptum, and even Verdun. But for some reason it doesn't have the appeal of playing the same fucking maps for the nth time. Maybe because the other games are realistic simulations, where the enemy is some unknown shape in the distance, much like in real life; while counter strike is a game where you play against other people directly. There's a lot of psychology involved, and reading the other team, or predicting where someone will be, sneaking there and waiting for them. Because you knew they were gonna go around that corner. Not intuition, because you trained and learned, like a rat in a maze. Yet give the option of a wide map and relative freedom with nearly fifty people on each side vs a small, tight course, 5v5 and damn the latter is way more fun.

Thank you for reading my blog. Let's play some csgo sometime
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I don't see the point in making everyone wear a hyper power headset and listen intently for footsteps, I'd rather listen to music or TV while I play than tryhard shit like that. Also is privileges those with better financial means.


A welcome change, tbh. Ts being able to snipe CTs going to B site on round start was retarded. Once you get to AK2 or DMG level, even if you smoke mid someone will get hit 50+% of the time. CTs already have more expensive guns, having to spend $300 on a smoke you throw instantly doesn't make sense.


>learn to run boost
>use a frag instead of a smoke so you can keep the smoke for later
>hinge smoke
Now you cant even fake going to b, and stacking a.
I havent seen any vods if the adjustments being made, but I guess if this is how you have to spice up the map, then thats what you gotta do


anyone here watch the major? is he really the goat?


He looks like if you skinned chapo amber's face off and slopped it to his face and it started to droop on one side. Rocking the 6th grade cut his mom's friend gave him is acceptable but why the fuck does he have a neckbeard? Don't these autist celebrities have like handlers that pick their outfits and shit? Idk I guess it's a style in and of itself? 30 yo gradeschooler shortbus core? I figured even if his audience is made up of mouth breathers that masturbate 5 times a day to naked WoW mods that you atill would want to look more professional and attractive if you are putting your face out in a promo shot. Who the fuck gets these gigs to do the photos and shit anyways? God damn I would be so much better of a stylist/adderal pusher. I wanna be like the Dynamo steroid-vitamin injector of the professional gaming world.

File: 1636744239587.png (5.54 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


What is up with half-chan's hatred of classless gaming systems both tabletop and vidya related?


/v/ermin are raging retards, what else did you expect from them?


>/a/ likes /v/
I hope this is a joke.

File: 1608527558724.jpg (87.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Anyone else play TF2?

What's the frikken deal with those chynese lagbots? They're ruining the game. Oh, and I say CHYNESE lagbots because they're from CHYNA
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get the fuck back to your shithole, /pol/yp


the last time i played tf2 there were cheaters


calm down ujǧur



>mfw i still have a nazbol consciencious objector with the nazbol party lyrics as description

it's for sale btw


File: 1615202602220.jpg (67.06 KB, 1516x792, grizzliesoutfit.jpg)


What do you make of it? Do you always go with the presets or do you spend your Time in game to get the best Combinations possible.
I mean for games like RDR2, GTA, Ghost of Tsushima, etc.
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funny,since the devs have shown that most people did indeed make generic human dudes based on the data they received.


>making a generic human dude in a fantasy game
how gay do you even have to be


here is the combination of all the most popular choices last year.
picking tiefling/aasimar is just pretending you're creative when you're just min/maxing.
kitsune shapeshifting into a human for the bonus feat is peak homo.


that's the gayest thing i've ever seen since the invention of sucking dick


I remember hearing that Mass Effect 1's analytics showed that something like 85% of players chose a male soldier shepard. Or in other words, both of the default choices that the cursor lands on first. I think the vast majority of normies just keep hammering A or X through character creation and skip all that gay nerd shit until they can get into the game and start stabbing goblins or aliens.

File: 1608527526267.jpg (64.94 KB, 1280x720, cake mom.jpg)

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>No doom thread
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File: 1636395901520-0.png (321.25 KB, 610x424, ClipboardImage.png)


Killing Floor 2 did that better
and Killing Floor 2 is a direct downgrade from Killing Floor 1


unironically vanilla DooM hasn't aged that well
for the most DooM was so good because like Half-Life it brought new technology to the table
but mods can give them new life and that's good
mods are peak gaming

that's why since DooM 3 the doom franchise has been on decline
DooM 3 with it's shitty license
and DooM 2016 and Eternal being completely unmoddable
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The worst thing about doom'16 being unmoddable is that id being convinced to release the doom source code way back in the 90s is one of the most significant events in the creation of modern gaming culture. Without it there's no doubt that the online modding community as we know it would look significantly different, to say nothing of its influence on pc gaming and especially the doom clone fps genre


File: 1636441978711-1.gif (3.62 MB, 498x371, miles shitworth.gif)

File: 1636441978711-2.gif (1.64 MB, 640x406, judge shitty.gif)

I want to kill the law enforcement (in ace attorney)
i just hate how they try and humanize class traitors
i wish there was a DooM mod where you play as Dorner and you have to kill them like final bosses



i wonder if bethesda had anything to do with it
even SgtMarkIV complained once that ID tried to emulate his brutal kills system
in theory it's not entirely true but it's not as far fetched as some people might think

Bethesda ACTUALLY did that for Fallout 4
in fact as far as some people know
they straight up stole some code for the settlements system from an old Fallout 3/NV mod



Please don't hurt Gumshoe. He's cute :(

File: 1633051222065.png (65.84 KB, 221x229, ClipboardImage.png)


bat ponies dont deserve equine rights for you see the batpony is a fucking disgusting little creature, they commit the most crimes, they are poor as shit, and they worship nightmare moon. They are genetically predisposed towards being nothing but the worst elements of our society. THey know nothing but crime drugs and shit. But at least they arent the griffions, the griffions you see control world wide commerce. All of the top 10 world wide companies are owned by griffions, who secretly are planning a new griffion world order. WELL I CANT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE. Im going out and telling celestia the true state of the world hopefully she will listen to me

(if you think im being serious im laughing at you)
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File: 1636330895330.jpg (40.21 KB, 524x422, sunny weed.jpg)

I make no promises
also /mlp/ has been doing puzzles lately. pretty relaxing
https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/37768793 current thread


File: 1636374621194.jpg (120.24 KB, 1281x534, disdain for plebs.jpg)

seems image posting is disabled again? or is it just on the larger boards like /leftypol/?


yes it is disabled because of more CP spam.


File: 1636386731738.gif (72.9 KB, 244x237, 1635168416688.gif)



Yeah, I know, sucks donnit?

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