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What is your opinion on proliferation of porn games on mainstream gaming platforms?

Like when I first saw shit that I am used to downloading off F95zone popping up on Steam and GoG I got weirded out, but then I though about it and its probably for the best, maybe this will encourage higher quality games rather than shovelware trash dominating the industry currently.
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File: 1666703680623.jpg (84.52 KB, 960x722, 1631616261285.jpg)

>paying for pron games
>paying for shitty renpy games
>paying for rpg maker games that don't even have the nsfw content patched in
>its probably for the best
Nah, its just another sign of gog going down the toilet.


How can you defend GOG at all if you are gonna be all >paying for games


Yeah but other people paying means more stuff for pirates


Why not just play games you actually have fun with


most of this shit is not uploaded by pirates,and if it's japanese,they already bought it on dlsite
Subverse is an ugly mess with shitty gameplay,and it got like 1.6 million dollars in kickstarter.
Teraurge is absolutely free,bless that man (even if it's basically dead)


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Embedding error.
official release date dropped yesterday, game comes out on October 25th


Why does no one point out the fact that the main reason for changing the war system is PROBABLY to improve game performance.


Is Vic3 more expensive than other PDX games or something? Lots of complaining about the prices happening on the various forums rn, not that I blame them but Im just wondering whats changed.


I think the game is gonna suck tbh. Weeks ago I watched someone play a few series of the leaked game with the most up to date community patch in several different countries on youtube before he got banned and it just didn't look that interesting, I pretty much lost interest after seeing them.
Every nation is basically the same except the numbers are different, which I know being a video game you could be pedantic and say the same is true for Vic2, but Vic2 definitely had a "feel" to every country. Like in Vic2 you could play as Serbia and get taken for a wild ride, in Vic3 you play as Serbia and lose if you try and do anything because you lose any war with a neighbor because it's automated and they just squash you.
It's overly micromanagey with literally everything in the economy needing to be held by the hand and rivals Vic2's awful stack management, although I think this is one thing that will hopefully be drastically improved before release. What makes this more annoying is the whole discussion is full of retards who like the war changes because stack management was a nightmare, as if you couldn't just fucking change that instead.
Another change is that the new interest groups are unengaging, you just make a government out of the people who support the stuff you want to pass and then do it. There's no real struggle with anyone or anything, and if there is then it's a foregone conclusion of who will win that struggle. The player is empowered in places it's annoying like the economy, or in putting together a government where it's boring, and disempowered in things like war where the performance decides if you actually get to advance the game.
Also the map colors and shading look shit, and the war graphics look atrocious

It's most likely because they're woefully incompetent at programming AI, which would also explain the lack of capitalists. Although I suppose it ties into performance.


is communism in vic3 better than it was in vic2?


Literally how tf did the game die so fucking quickly???
It’s not even like a failed AAA release or anything. It just came out and died instantly just like that…
For reference here’s cyberpunk and fo76 to realize how fucking extreme of a drop that is
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Think he meant for this game specifically since it's more of a kids' game


oh yeah ok


Hacked Consoles and low budget pcs are the people's platforms


Update It’s dead
Like nearly all there players are gone kind of dead


Pic rel

File: 1666594554932.jpg (151.72 KB, 1080x1440, gabe.jpg)


How private is Steam really? I've got an old account I haven't touched in ages and was wondering if I should go back to it or just make a new account clean of any old data about myself.
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If OP charged their Steam wallet then chances are they also had to give personal identifying information like real name, address, phone number…


you can use a prepaid credit card and fake address although idk if they changed it
t. did exactly that years ago


>datamining is le bad because it just is ok…


Who are you quoting


They do it as much as anybody else so I encourage you not to


How do game designers balance games?


They don't. They make a list of cool stuff and let the players run wild. The players come up with meta builds and optimize the crap out of what's available and then the devs take in that data and buff and nerf based on what's overpowered and underpowered.

That said, there is one quirk exclusive to live service games.
For live service games, new weapons/cards/heroes/etc. are always overpowered on release and locked behind a progression system to encourage people to spend money to buy the latest stuff, and nerfed back to their original intended levels later. It's a neat bait and switch tactic that a lot of companies use now.

File: 1663687497789.jpg (87.75 KB, 1200x545, 4090ti.jpg)


who are they making these gpus for? ps5 is 500 dollars why the fuck would someone pay triple the price to play the same games with minimal differences in graphics?
wtf is nvidia thinking
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Because they have the right to price their cards at any value(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Go away ch*d


for quite some time, crypto miners were jacking up the prices of GPUs. Ethereum, of course, is now proof of stake, not proof of work, so a lot of the demand is gone, and perhaps we'll see GPU prices drop.


based mods


>same games with minimal differences in graphics?
4K >60fps
Is it actually selling for 1500 USD RSP tho? wtf? I wonder how much the other models will be. Let alone after the presales are over. Are there benchmarks to compare to the 3000 series yet? There was 3090ti on sale for like 1000 USD a couple weeks ago. I thought it was power draw reduction and only slight performance boost in some applications with the ai predicting frames stuff.

File: 1666536882178.png (340.37 KB, 750x706, ClipboardImage.png)


Seems like activision's PR manager is headed by the wife of some fag in the heritage foundation…
i wonder just how many of these glowies are everywhere?


what is the heritage foundation
sounds like some comicbook scary company


far right republican org


Had to search this up myself
Basically this
They’re a public institution whose purpose is to promote 19th century era capitalist policy and beliefs into the American public. They’ve had unsurprisingly a lot of controversies related to advocating for violence among lolberts and nazis for public influence


11 years since Skyrim
9 years since gta v
15 years since hl2 and all we got was 2 dlcs and a vr spin-off
5 years since jungle inferno
20 years since Warcraft 3
6 years since uncharted 4
8 years since dragon age inquisition
10 years since mass effect 3
9 years since dead space 3
7 years since mgsv

Where did all the games go????
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>Armored Core
From found out they can milk Souls for all eternity
Bethesda found out they can milk it for all eternity
>HL2,Jungle Inferno
Valve makes more money off Steam
Actiblizz only needs WoW and OW
>Uncharted 4
Series is finished. Naughty Dog moved on to TLOU
>Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect
lol bioware
>Dead Space 3
Enjoy your remake of Dead Space 1
Konami will start milking it after they're done milking silent hill again.


Half of those have sequels they really don't need (looking at you Mass Effect), look past franchises and there are plenty of good games out there.


Have you tried remembering where you last saw them?


>10 years since armoured core 5
A new one is coming
>11 years since Skyrim
A new one is coming
>9 years since gta v
A new one is coming
>15 years since hl2 and all we got was 2 dlcs and a vr spin-off
A new one is coming
>5 years since jungle inferno
No one played
>20 years since Warcraft 3
Fuck you
>6 years since uncharted 4
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>all this salt
Your mom is coming lmao.


Do you share his criticisms?

I liked the 40-minute rant on Game Packaging
I don't believe in collecting video games as much as him tho,

What you own physically at least must be the best of the best, Creme-Da-La-Creme
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shill thread


genuine weirdo behaviour
here's the attention you wanted (you)

i have my ps2 discs, do you think they'll sitll work?

the only time i don't like stalin is when he makes jokes about stalin

i autocorrected scott to stalin in my head


I read it as "bibeo game titties" lol


>i have my ps2 discs, do you think they'll sitll work?
Not that anon, but yeah. Also to criticize your >>21746, sure everything will eventually break just as the universe will die one day, but of the now and not so crazy far future, you can always just keep adapting.

Sure that copy NieR:Automata will go bad one day, but then you just use another copy. As long as you have the interest of backing things up, it can still live in your and future life times.


your post also ends as that boobie number

apt critique
enjoy things as they exist, instead of saving them to rot for some time that may never be

i learned this lesson recently

File: 1666479915073.jpg (170.37 KB, 1000x712, U8LsrTqjv8KAMao1[2].jpg)


There was an abortion of a thread in the main leftypol. This is for discussing W40k from a leftist reading, sort of Sigmarxist lite.

Interestingly enough, first, the Imperium is actually a great deconstruction of how booj and sheeple in the first world can justify their imperialism and inhumanity. Basically, you have folk justifying child soldiers, lobotomizing dissidents, etc, just because if they didn't do it, either AI or Xenos would overrun the Imperium.

A second focus of conversation might be Genestealer Cults as a deconstruction of proletarian revolts.
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Realistically everyone would prefer to only think of the immediate positive implications of orgies but certain people would be more likely to try to figure out whether living like that long-term would be worth the planet-wide cannibalization of everything living there wrt the sexiness of the immediate situation…



i actually assume the men get cut out of GSC; the GSC men are more lotharios whose job is to knock up uninfected women.

Women, on the other hand, end up getting bred by hybrids etc, to provide the appropriate generation of hybrid required.


I’ve never liked war hammer
Not because of its lore but because of its aesthetics making the lore look really childish. Like think about it
The imperial guard being dressed in conventional uniforms with supplies and camos only to then have space marines and templars look like football players with gas masks running around
Or the orks being generally scrappy but dangerous but then being accompanied by weapons and gear that look so undeniably “toy like” it doesn’t feel scrappy at all, much less resemble a piece of equipment. Or just the fact that they’re green instead of fleshy like the master from fallout 1 which would make them much creepier
The tyranids are alright though they’re genuinely the only normal looking faction lore wise
But you get my point. I really hate the art design being to colourful and cartoonish compared to the writing


Games workshop is famous for how retarded they are in storytelling, completely lacking dialectical progression. It's literally a tabletop game so of course it's also toy like.


File: 1666484831503.png (3 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

there are exceptions to the rule, especially with 9E, but it does make more sense to see space marines as less supersoldiers and more super-football hooligans

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