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File: 1702151327108.jpg (260.21 KB, 2158x804, gg.jpg)


looking at the old guilty gear sprites you realize wow those games kinda look like ass now in comparison. de-toonification of this magnitude. everything must be genshin now
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So many Strive characters already wear jacket or a coat, so even though on its own Xrd looks better, just a single layer hoodie makes her visually distinct.


Funny how May looks the youngest in Xrd.


probably because they rounded out her features and gave her a generic annoying voice, she also looks less like a sailor and more like a school girl.


Yeah Strive looks like one of those bad western attempts at emulating Japanese aesthetics. It's sad because Guilty Gear had such a distinct style. I don't even really like how the Xrd series games look tbh.


I for one am glad that Xrd exists, ArcSys has shown that you can make cel-shaded games look closer to real 2D animation. Before the character movement was too smooth and the shading looked off (especially noticeable in Transformers Devastation). JSR got around this by having fewer polygons in general and a 30 FPS lock.


There's going to be a Fallout TV show and it looks like a yoghurt ad. It's also solely based on Fallout 4 and it's going to have even more BOS wank. Thanks Todd!
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Daggerfall for all its bugginess was rich in different mechanics which made it stand out like climbing, language skills, banking, different endings and even background game events ranging from holidays to advances in the war that the game's story revolves around. Morrowind was to have similar simulation elements with blight spreading through ash storms and the sleepers, but due to the encroaching bankruptcy, finnickiness of the Netimmerse Engine and demands of the new publisher to release the game sooner a lot of ideas were not implemented. Some of that like the blight storms is still referenced in-game, while certain other features like major character voiceovers and certain artifacts like the Ring of Namira were left lying on the cutting room floor in an unfinished state. Judging by all this it is a fair assessment that Zenimax's meddling started here, but did not affect the studio's creative process directly before the beginning of Oblivion's development.


Every TES game is rich in different mechanics, nobody can accuse Skyrim of not having enough stuff in it, but those mechanics lack in complexity or integration into each other. Daggerfall is the most "size of an ocean, depth of a puddle" game ever.


>most "size of an ocean, depth of a puddle" game ever.
That would be Spore. But yeah, I guess thats the main issue the series has is that basically every system is by itself and does not really synergize with the other ones nor the story. I do not remember much checks for skills other than speech being used in the dialogues, nor do a lot of skills besides the thief ones interact with each other much. For example, a check for breaking down a door with a blunt weapon could have benefitted pure warrior characters, yet you have only exactly one option for door opening and it hurts the roleplay in return.
Also Daggerfall in particular suffered from a pretty basic plot revolving around doing a series of fetch quest for whatever side you choose, and other than that you have not much of engaging characters and side-stories to go through besides vampirism and lycanthrooe cure. Morrowind improving on this as well as the setting itself is one of the reasons it is eetimes considered better than Daggerfall.


finally watched it…. it just looks like generic streaming slop.


To be entirely fair to Bethesda (and only on this point), they didn't start this obsession, Interplay was even worse before they shut down. Canonically, the BoS was supposed to by and large control America (and get into conflict with Post-Apokalypse China), but they were REALLY spiteful little shits about FO:BoS doing awfully, to the point of claiming that they were cancelling Van Buren to do BoS2.


Is the Steam Deck worth it or should I just build a proper gaming rig? Portability sounds nice.
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OP is not stupid, if he keeps an eye on what laptops are put on sale he can buy one that does support ootb linux and achieve a much better power per penny ratio


>OP is not stupid
>being new to GNU/Linux is stupid
Never said that. Ever.


Actually if he finds a good cheap laptop with a dedicated gpu he can just look up "[laptop model] linux", only after failing to do this would op be stupid




It depends on what you're planning to do with it.
If you want small games you can already play them on a psvita or 3ds with a better comfortability.
If you want some better games handheld surely its the way to go, but do you want to play stuff like metro handheld?

The steamdeck is already outdated and doesnt run new games, take that into consideration.

So if you want to play something like alan wake 2 than tough luck.
I think the steamdeck is really only worth it if you want to play some ps3 or gamecube games while riding a train, or you want to escape family christmas and shit like this

File: 1690987269385.jpg (39.08 KB, 686x386, DS.jpg)


i was a few hours into the game, but it got kinda boring, and i sucked at sneaking by BTS, i feel kinda bad about not beating it since my brother told me it is the kind of game that i like, and just now i discovered i could sneak past BTS…
im at this part
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The third way is to run the studio like a co-op and have the workers collectively either decide how the game design should be or they elect somebody to lead the design to avoid a too many cooks situation.


I mean yeah that would be superior I guess.


The third way is to publish the source code.


True. In socialism the raw files for everything should be available, including like movies and stuff so you can re-edit them.


Blender does just that with their movies iirc. Sintel, Big Buck Bunny and others are available as project files so you can fool around with their various assets and rerender then however you like.

File: 1608527995266.png (195.15 KB, 1440x500, leftytg.png)

 No.3729[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.
What are you playing/running/home-brewing? What do you have to recommend or criticize?
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exactly that, but instead your first response was
>uhm you are looking offended sweetie, stop talking, okay?
would sect be a better euphemism? I think that's precisely why this type of game is so popular among self-proclaimed socialists, specially the easily influenced and not very smart ones, that, more often than not, end up in ultra-left cults or terminally online circles


You are deranged.


>Hasbro/WotC lay off 1100 people two weeks before Christmas
They are really determined to kill the D&D brand huh.


Isn't D&D the only thing making them money besides MtG?


File: 1702570194179.png (73.57 KB, 721x376, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah as mentioned in the video, not just WotC but Hasbro itself has been buoyed by D&D's popularity surge.

File: 1702003100340.png (302.15 KB, 800x450, share-2023.png)


everybody's favorite corporate rigged event that chinletjaks complain about, cheers.
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>favorite corporate rigged event
This. But at least Amored Core 6 won best action game. Bout time us Ravens got some respect


File: 1702303472085.jpg (542.24 KB, 2400x2000, 1702280238266959.jpg)



You made me believe Cocoon had cute girls for a second but it seems they're from another game.


Somebody combined Pizza Party with Freedom Planet of all things.

File: 1702308496294.png (147.46 KB, 494x255, 1702175822398.png)


<wow typical NEW Kojima showing us the Hollywood stars and no gameplay
None of those people are Hollywood stars… If he was going to sell out and market a game on star power he wouldn't be using Hunter Schafer.
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File: 1702318732783.jpg (53.04 KB, 700x525, sleeping cat 013.jpg)

The teaser is pretty shite tho with its direction and rendering, and Kojima explicitly said he is aiming to make it a "game movie" with no details what is going in for the game other than its psychological horror. That is already enough of a red flag for me to be skeptical about it.
You mean /v/ermin and living fossils like The Quartering bickering about transhumanists as usual. Could not care any less about that.


ngl the only reason im interested in the game is because the trailer is presented like P.T.



the nerve of this uygha to announce another game before showing a single second of death stranding 2 gameplay


File: 1702390208184-0.jpg (201.09 KB, 1200x649, zona01.jpg)

File: 1702390208184-1.jpg (63.83 KB, 800x433, zona02.jpg)

Death Stranding 2 should be basically just Roadside Picnic but in Burgerstan.


They’re not profitable
They’re not good no none of them are fun at all especially not in comparison to single player coop games
And they’re also outdated mechanically and literally considering how old the genre is

Outside of how fucking retarded companies like nexon, blizzard, Amazon, and BioWare are there’s legitimate reasons for why this genre seriously should’ve went the way of club penguin at this point and it’s that MMOs have stayed functionally the same since EverQuest 2 was a thing. I mean the closest thing you have to a “modern” level example of these games is new world because it has collisions and basic as shit combat mechanics you’d see in action games from over a decade ago, rather than the lazily shoehorned tab target spam keys to win nonsense you’d have fun with on your dads shitty probably broken janky as shit pc you’d use in your kid years and those aspects of that game are still badly implemented and complained about to this day

There’s no fucking hope for these games even the technically popular MMOs like WoW and ff14 struggle to maintain server counts that aren’t community servers(or the fact that some of their servers are shutting down completely) and any attempt at a revolutionary change that’ll bring what’s seen everywhere else in gaming to the mmo seen in Asian countries is laughably bad or insidiously implemented with layers and layers of microtransactions like BDO. I don’t get why there’s still whales for these trash games when there’s so much else to play you could be having fun with that don’t require an entire communities worth of people to pair up with(ignoring how most people that played these games have already moved on to other aspects of their lives)

I don’t understand this at all at how long they’ve lives
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>Their marketplace was very much a forerunner of the Roblox content trading model in a hindsight
Both of them need to die in a fire for all the shit they've done. Selling basic-ass animations should be punishable by death. At least Valve only sells taunts and weaponry in TF2, these motherfuckers make a penny of literally everything that is in the game. They aren't games, they're what would happen if every individual LEGO piece was sold seperately.


Not only just that, but also exploiting the community for the content to sell while repaying them only in in-game currency. They basically came up with paid mods before Bethesda did.


That's basically what Valve is doing with TF2 tho. The revenue the Workshop creators get is no more than the 5% of the profits TF2's Workshop brings to Valve.


Moreso, Bethesda cooperated with Valve at their first attempt with the same revenue rate. The only reason why the whole mod shop thing went down is because Valve wanted to handily shift the blame onto Bethesda as the modders began to disagree with how shit the payment is and started to withdraw from Steam Workshop.


You could convert Linden dollars back into USD though, that was the whole point.

File: 1701732206597.png (462.33 KB, 947x517, 1701690542583640.png)


Sega trying to hype up… something sending these lame cards to popular streamers.
I can't remember the last time a company had a "big announcement" that wasn't a monumental disappointment.
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>Sega of America


>America of Sega


Well, they're gonna outsource jobs to Japan so obviously that implies some sort of cooperation between the two. It's like making excuses for Nintendo of Japan that way. The main decision-maker is still the Japanese headquarters, SoA is simply a subsidiary.


No, they've always been butting heads since the 90s, but it's not surprising that the one thing they agree with is fucking over their own workers.


Where is Billy Hatcher Re-Ovulated

File: 1697476309515-0.jpg (202.65 KB, 1761x872, 1.jpg)

File: 1697476309515-1.jpg (221.76 KB, 1363x1082, 2.jpg)

File: 1697476309515-2.jpg (134.4 KB, 1128x1029, 3.jpg)


why the fuck do idiots get excited about mergers and acquisitions when this always happens
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>Bungie, formerly owned by Microsoft, might possibly be owned by Sony



I blame Disney/Marvel.
Fanboys considered any Disney acquisition of a Marvel property a positive because it would allow for more fanservice in the MCU.
Since there's a huge overlap between gamers and MCU fans, the pro-merger ideology leaked into gaming.


File: 1702098955694.png (26.13 KB, 836x805, crash.png)


Valve is Xbox in disguise confirmed.

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