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Normalize violence against people who make or buy spyware devices and destroying said devices.

Have you tried not playing DnD? There's never been a better time to play not-DnD.


I work in childcare are there are definetely parents who straight do not do anything resembling parenting besides basic material needs(if that) and just expect the world to parent there kids instead. Its honestly really fucked up. these are the parents that complain about there kid being groomed while sitting them in front of Ipad all day when they're home. They just straight up dont like their kids or at least interacting with them. Like why tf did these people even become parents in the first place. we literally had a dude who would show up early to pickup and then play nintendo switch in his truck until the very last minute that they wouldn't charge a late fee and thats a someone common trend at pickup time. All these "i would fucking kill and dismemmber an imaginary criminal of my own creation for my children" dipshits don't even love there children or if they do then there "love" is shitty and bad


>Like why tf did these people even become parents in the first place
They live their life following a script instead of doing what they want to do with themselves, and also they are misled by pro-natalist ideology about what having kids actually entails.


Simon beavouir talked about this in the second sex. It was after a section about how women feel about marriage. Basically how people feel about parenting is different from how they feel about marriage, there’s no instinctual urge to protect youth, but to protect DNA. This idea was also mentioned in another book called “Mother Nature is trying to kill you” by a biologist I wish I could remember. Anyways what ends up happening is that the sentiment people have towards parenting doesn’t change once they actually have kids instead of fetuses. If parenting really mattered to those people their disposition has to change not just their attitude. obviously there are cases of actual cunts that are selfish and don’t wanna put in the effort to raise kids, but as a general trend parental care and quality is generally a lot higher in countries that put a lot of resources into ensuring most parents have the time and money to be with their kids often - some parts of Japan have even managed to increase births per family substantially through this - or countries that have civilians exist in extended families like much of Africa, MENA and to a lesser extent India.


this is exactly why I'm not having kids, if you can't be fucked to give them the best quality of life then it's just selfish to reproduce. but as the others said, people have been indoctrinated that there's no other option. or they just want the benefits of being parents but are too lazy to do any work.

In fairness, parents nowadays are immersed in an incredibly sick world that makes it hard to be a good parent, but to be unfair, they are the ones that chose to bring kids into this world.

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File: 1638234295183-1.jpg (560.85 KB, 1799x1014, 2.jpg)


This is a thread about a third-person shooter game featuring Alunya.

It is a free-and-open-source game made using Godot and Blender. Contributions are welcome.
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show some example


File: 1674629376146.png (1.98 MB, 1200x1201, R (7).png)

Just want to say to the dev anon who is the only one doing this. You have my support and I hope you can continue. And if I could, I would help in any way possible.




make some of the enemies bio-luminescent


File: 1690762845569.webm (14.85 MB, 656x784, alunya_voice_acting.webm)

nice anon


For those not familiar with the term, hitscan refers to a design choice game developers of first person shooters use to make sure the projectile ends up hitting the target and not the environment around them. What’s important about this is that rather than having the bullet eject out of the ingame muzzle the bullet itself auto hits a target based on a position vector from the center of the players monitor/screen to the target. Thus bullets may occasionally pass through objects clearly obstructing the position of the firearm being used by the player but still hit the opponent because of this, an easy example is with a box in front of an opponent while the player is angled just enough so that the position vector still points towards their target even if the gun itself visibly is colliding with the object in front of them.

Here’s an easy fix, just do what modern warfare 2022 did by adding leaning and mounting guns on fixed edges. Similar to third person leaning in the first gears of war titles, having the gun simply go into ads and pivot as the player stops and aims near a wall can allow developers a way to keep projectiles eject out of the muzzle of the gun without relying on hitscan to make sure those rounds end up where they should be. It’s also semi realistic and adds new styles of gameplay by offering the player multiple positions they can fire in to keep themselves protected without having to rely on leaning seen in games like r6 where the mechanic at a high level can be abused


Gun stabilization through bracing could give leaning and crouching more value in FPS games besides simply providing cover. Though it might also incentivise excessive camping that would slow down matches a bit, but not much since players usually have cover-clearing options like grenades too.


File: 1690553023587.jpg (1.07 MB, 2497x1680, fps.jpg)

Which way western man?


Give me the GEP gun.


Arcade shooters often have mechanics in them that make them far more realistic, or at least believable than their tactical counterparts. Take a game like mw2022, that game has limits for how many items a player can carry at any time, typically ammo, but it’s not like they’re running around at a snails pace. it’s a trained soldier of course they’re gonna be a littler quicker even with a lot of junk on, on top of the fact that they’re also a member of the most endurable species. S.T.A.L.K.E.R mods on the other hand like gamma and anomaly are so overbearingly slow and constant see the player bleed more often than bruised despite wearing enough gear to significantly reduce the impulse felt by most ammunition that it feels like the player character is fragile.

Another way is just through ammo and weapon distribution: far cry 2, basically every cod title, home front and more all have the player carry a modest but believable amount of ammunition and weapons at any time. However in tactical shooters - especially ones with survival elements ones like 3d fallout - see the player carry a comical amount of resources on them at all times, most of which are rarely ever useful to gameplay and turn the player into a walking arsenal. I’d you wanna imagine how ridiculous this is gameplay wise, imagine if those games were in third person and allowed you to see every item you were carrying.

File: 1687510174518.jpg (578.2 KB, 1280x720, ugly.jpg)


Thank fuck Nintendo never made an edgy "realistic" copy-cat of Ocarina/Twilight Princess Zelda again. That Wii U demo they showed decades ago looked like ass.
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Those games weren’t even that edgy.
I feel like people forget all the goofy shit like Tingle in the N64/Gamecube era. I would be fine with a version that has dark overtones if it’s done right.


That’s kind of their whole deal. If a son is born to a Gerudo they are treated as royalty. However the only ever mentioned is Ganondorf so far.


my bad, I forgot that


Like what exactly?

Windwaker, especially the hd version – looks really good now a days.
While skyward sword age abit poorly.

Twilight princess is realistic and looks bad now.
But I'd say Majoras mask, which was also realistic (as much as they could at that time), aged weirdly well since the game was darker, which let obscured details and let the payer use their immagination.

>It's cool as long as link is still a hot twink and most of the NPCs are gaybait
>ugly-ass cel shader
Funny, reminds me of when Japanese teen girls wrote angry letters at nintendo when they revealed the wind waker.


>Funny, reminds me of when Japanese teen girls wrote angry letters at nintendo when they revealed the wind waker.

how come?


Since 3 isn’t out and after finishing episode 1 I’ve been thinking about where combine troops are after the transmission got cut. After all, with no advisor or threat of annihalation by the rest of the combine some of the combines human members like the metro cops have the opportunity to flee for the first time in 2 decades. My best guess offers three cases

Former metrocops joined the resistance for two reasons: to fight back against xens wildlife and the remaining combines alien forces, or to rebuild society. Overwatch soldiers stopped finding a reason to fighting and simply came to either wander the planet, without memory of the world before the 7 hour war. They simply roam without purpose and may have been abducted by either the remaining forces of the combine to resume their war, or taken captive by the resistance to be studied and potentially regain their memories and humanity. Case three, the combine now operate similarly to the aliens and still continue fighting against the resistance. Here they would be at their most vulnerable without clear coordination from advisors or any other leaders and may be overwhelmed by earths remaining human population, seeing their conclusion as the last remaining threat the combine offered before humanity comes to restore itself and the planet.
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I actually believe that the plot of HL3 post Half-life Alyx is about GMAN taking over Combine Earth Remnant and Gordon going after him

>HLA ending hints strongly about a final confrontation

>Combine armed forces will follow anything strong enough to seize control


God damb I fucking regret posting that image for the OP
Reminds me of seeing Barney in the first episode all fucked up after hl2. Remembering the last words were “don’t leave me” just feels worse and knowing it’ll take years before hl3 comes out


Aren't metrocops slightly transhuman? Not enough that Barney can't pose as one obviously.


File: 1690407179601-0.jpg (71.73 KB, 950x1300, Trenchcoat_CG.jpg)

File: 1690407179601-1.png (156.74 KB, 512x236, Decalgraffiti056a.png)

The Civil Protection are pretty explicitly stated in-game to be unaugmented humans who volunteered to be part of Combine's occupation police force in exchange for better access to food, water, medicine, protection of their family members and VR pornography, or whatever "non-mechanical reproduction simulation" could mean. During their service, they are gradually brainwashed and sterilized, until the point the Combine command deems them loyal enough and direct the metrocop to Nova Prospekt for "promotion", where the subject's memories and basic instincts are overwritten with Combine's commands, their bodies are implanted with basic synth technology and then are transferred to the Overwatch units.
As for Barney, my theory is that he managed to evade the brainwashing and being turned into a cyborg because he likely was a new member of the Metropolice and did not take any mind-altering drug laced rations the Combine has paid him with for his service.


Transhuman soldiers would really suck at their job if they had 0 agency and couldnt handle any situation where they get disconnected from Command.

My theory is something similar to SERE Training that US Air Force Pilots undergo. The Transhuman soldiers and synths would attempt to regroup and hold the fort while waiting for help that might nevers arrive

Purely worldbuilding-wise, how that military enclave might turn out when they realize that help coming is highly unlikely is an interesting premise


>A mini documentary about the little Doom WAD that could - and did!

I had no idea this was a thing. Someone should make a sequel, Ronald Reagan's Techbase or something idk

File: 1690153706012.jpg (38.76 KB, 454x525, wash dogs.JPG)


is it ok to skip the first games before playing the following games (?):
-Resident evil 4;
-Metal gear solid 5;
-Diablo 4;

I want to play these games, but I'm afraid that not playing the games that came before them is going to hurt the experience and make me a poser + cringe
additionally, is playing the remake of resident evil games first instead of the originals morally wrong? Thanks in advance ❤
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The one thing I'd say is that the story in MGSV is that major characters and events are relevant in the other games so you might appreciate the significance of it more by playing the rest of the series first (and playing V first might ruin the mystique of those elements if you play the other games later).

It's also arguably a weak entry in the series and was compromised significantly by a troubled development. IDK much about that though.


>not to mention the bits that are now considered offensive.

Sauce? I'm curious. It sucks if they took stuff out like the bad guys calling you, that was funny


There's a few, most infamously the B A L L I S T I C S joke which was actually pretty important for the characterization of two characters (the one making the quip and the one responding to it). The other big one is Ashley calling you a pervert if you look up her skirt which is actually kind of impressive at a technical level and pretty likely to get triggered accidentally (like if you look up to check if she's at the top of a ladder). Not narratively important but one of those cool details that makes the game feel more alive.


Sure I guess. You won't really lose anything, you'll just miss out on an iconic series. Just, play the OG version of RE4.
Why would you ever do that anon? You'd miss a lot since MGS5's story is early-midway through the series timeline, but also MGS is a fantastic series.
>Diablo 4
Well you probably wouldn't "miss" anything really, but you should at least check out the earlier games.


Peace Walker is a fine game, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone new to MGS.

I finished MGS V main story for the first time last week. I played MGS 1, 2 and 3 as well as PW a while ago, and I was still confused by the story tapes, especially everything related to Zero because I never played MGS 4. The references to The Boss, Big Boss, Liquid Snake and the Patriots were nice, but MGS V is all about gameplay I think. I didn't remember who was Paz, just like her in the cutscene tbh.
The story was just a thing for the fanbase to mull over, that couldn't even be finished properly due to Konami withdrawing their capital from the project before Kojima was truly satisfied, in order to invest in pachinko machines instead (and in some ways, it's a fitting meta-end to the MGS saga).

MGS V gameplay is a fine mix of MGS 3, MGS:PW, and Red Dead Redemption, I spent 100 hours on this game and I usually don't spend that many hours on a game since I became a wagie, I usually play short indie games like Pizza Tower.

I think it's fine for zoomers to begin with MGS V, and honestly after playing it, I wonder if the gameplay of MGS 2 and 3 aged that well.
My desert island video game would still be MGS: HD Collection or something like this, and I think every zoomer should play the PS2 MGS games to understand why Kojima is a big deal, but maybe it's more rewarding for a new gen gamer to experience MGS V first, and then to go back to the previous iterations of the series' game design and (much better) story telling if they like it.
It's kinda like philosophy books in a way: most philosophers refer to past philosophers, and while you can start with the Greeks, or Confucius, or ancient Indian spirituality, you could also start from more modern philosophers like Marx and then rewind the tape of history, till you find yourself reading older philosophers.

So I think OP could start with MGS V without any issue. It's normal if you are weirded out and don't understand everything at times, but after some point, if you want that stealth gameplay with good story telling, play MGS 2 and 3, they are classics. Then if you want the true background story, play Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1688074094798.jpg (77.95 KB, 474x534, th-643615152.jpg)


Been fidling with the geck and decided modding new Vegas's overworld to feel less empty and it's components to be ever slightly more balanced. currently starting small with revamping some locations in good springs, gonna learn how to create new cells later.

Just like with the skyrim thread all updates will be posted here
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Update 1.3 alot of new stuff

<powder ganger camp east and west are finished finally meaning from goodsprings to the ncrf now has fully revamped levels. theyre set to be updated along with alot of other stuff as time passed

have fun also note the following
>as I add in more content I am finding myself occasionally running low on ideas, user suggestions for potential level designs are always appreciated


No updates but an issue got resolved. It turns out the mod itself isn’t the problem for why I was dealing with collision issues but the collisions ingame by themselves are just generally awful. If you wanna play bug free you’re gonna need collision meshes. However I do have to fix a few spawn caps in one powder ganger camp and I’m basically done with the PGs


File: 1689917439672.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

I always found Red Rock Canyon really empty of content and Nellis Air Force Base way too big. Same with Camp McCarran.
The cropping industry around Vegas should have more depth to them, with the water rationing and general incompetency with the NCR.

That's about all I can think of that might be of use for this project, and I will return when I do another play through with notes


You mean that place near Jacobstown? That I’m not touching since it’s fine for the region to be emptied since it functions as a transition level over to the quest. I will get back to work on the mod with nellis and the path from the ncrf to nipton once I finish writing my document for planning out everything.


File: 1689952686429.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1042, primm_screenshot.PNG)

Sorry for the lack of updates Ive been slacking. Uh im currently updating primm since I thought the town was freakishly small to even be considered a town, currently just working on the landscape of the region so some cells will look completely different once update 1.35 comes around for a revamped level of primm but heres progress for anyone that wants to see

File: 1686040126217.png (627.22 KB, 704x704, a1.png)


i am hoping for an industry crash, a reset of this whole mess, gaming as it is now its bad, you have to look outside the whole mainstream media and sites for good releases of indie games, triple A games are mostly generic, boring copy pasted versions of each other or remakes that capitalize on nostalgia, and lets not forget, multiplayer games, its good to have some uncompromised fun from time to time, but where are the mainstream single player, rich in story and world games? im not asking for the 50th open barren world, im asking for something creative, captivating, for me gaming is not a passtime its something that can teach us, like a book or a movie
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I'm in full agreement, honestly.


SF6 feels like a giant apology for SF5 being a rushed heaping pile of dogshit with no content and nonfunctional online.


File: 1689514875949.jpg (97.3 KB, 736x736, neckbeard dragon.jpg)

AAA gaming being shit does not even have much to do with ideas than with the fact that they appeal to shareholders that fund and supervise the studios: people, who like every porky worth their salt prioritize maximization of profit over delivering a well-made product.
Microtransactions have de facto supplanted pure retail sales and even selling extra content in profitability while requiring almost no risks or new content input, and so we see AAA-scale studios invest more into live services and other easily milkable venues than boundary-pushing, high-quality games like before the mid-2010's, where that kind of focus on monetization was mostly restricted to browser games like Evony or Farmville.
One can hope that the recent legislations against microtransactions across the world might help stop this plague, but as long as China, Worst Korea and other "whale" countries that provide most of the MTX revenue do not step up to seriously combat and discourage the practice, I think it will not have much effect.


sf6 has no neutral


>you have to look outside the whole mainstream media and sites for good releases of indie games
Industrialized art is bad. This statement generalized to music, films, posters, etc., etc.


The graphics and combat look fucking incredible in my opinion. What do you all think?
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One thing I hate most about RPGs is vertical progression because it makes the player unkillable and destroys any concept of balance in combat or other systems fundamental to the game. This developers can’t design anything new without going through an unusual amount of effort to make sure a new feature doesn’t break everything ingame, or makes the game way too complicated to be approachable to new players(world of Warcraft is notorious for this due to feature and power creep). For ff16 every enemy, especially bosses are raging hit sponges with slow and predictable attacks. It feels like playing dark souls 2 with a progression system that barely makes any sense and a combat system that’s somehow even slower but clogged with way to many special effects and overly expressive animations.


File: 1689636237886-0.png (4.69 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689636237886-1.png (5.36 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689636237886-2.png (3.55 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

how's the story?


Assuming sci Fi, medieval aesthetics with a protagonist that looks like a crossbreed of generic protagonists of third person cinematic open world shooters and Isekai anime doesn't immediately discourage you from diving into the story it's tolerable


The combat looks the same as the other generic AAA action rpgs that aren't just ripping off soulsborne. Think I'll skip.


It's shit. What else did you expect from a jrpg. Has a Japanese company ever made a game that's been praised for story over gameplay?
Metroid has a shit story.
Mario has a shit story.
Zelda has a shit story.
Final Fantasy has shit stories.
Fire Emblem has shit stories.

What these games get right is fun and gameplay. You want a somewhat passable story? Then go play a Western movie game made by a hack writer who desperately wanted to go to Hollywood but had to settle for videogames instead like idk Neil Druckmann or David Cage.

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