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File: 1667818357648.jpg (65.33 KB, 700x432, thefutureofs.jpg)


What are some good in-depth science fiction RTS games that are scientifically and logistically accurate?


fast forward


KSP did it, just add RTS mechanics.


Terra Invicta (game by the guys who made XCOM's famous Long War mods)


Children of a Dead Earth maybe? It has realistic orbit mechanics and a pretty realistic view of what space warfare would actually look like.


No forced in hero system
No forced squad system
Movement tech is still present but being spending hours mastering it isn’t a requirement as long as you understand positioning and your aim isn’t complete shit meaning it’s pretty easy for anyone on any system to pick up and play well at
And what gadgets do is pretty straightforward and easy to understand

Just a simple game to hop in and enjoy at any time


tf2 used to be like that but i dont even know what the fuck it is now


it's still that


Game seems cool, but isn't it pretty glitchy? Would you recommend trying it out?
>t. never played PUBG or any other Battle Royale game


The combat is just dumb fun, the level design is open and allows so many different ways to move fast compared to the linear structure of most games before it, I love the new 3d platforming mechanics and overall the game is looking a lot more stable than what was first shown


The environments and enemies look too much like hyperrealistic Michael Bay shit though.


It's weird seeing a cartoon hedgehog run around these super real environments and shit, but I have to admit the trailer made it look fun


So, did Sega hired that man finally?


sega's been hiring him since mania

File: 1667627550523.png (599.14 KB, 1200x793, ClipboardImage.png)


The technology to not make drifting controllers exist but because of capitalism they don't use it

Sorry Sega


There's the problem.
At least this will be useful once the patent expires.


hallhell sensors that the sega saturn used are patented??


File: 1667657945472.jpg (145.14 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Idk why nobody other than Sega thought about hall sensors before. Also:


Actual arcade sticks used on arcade cabinets takes some time before they drifted (and easy to fix) so it is also console manufactures cheaping out on build quality.

File: 1667409969147.mp4 (9 MB, 1920x1012, goombaa.mp4)


rate my goomba stompin bros
ignore the sudoku in the end, i just wanted the coin and the mushroom but i lost them both :(
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It's more impressive if you imagine anon has only one finger and is doing the best he can


it's a regular human error and i got mad afterwards i realized i couldn't jump anymore to get the other coin

i was expressing my anger and disapproval artistically by running past everything



Hurry up then


File: 1667627578146.png (135.53 KB, 400x225, ClipboardImage.png)

i have to exercise, but


exercise those fucking thumbs of yours so you won't constantly slip and miss coins


Guy undergoes failed blood transfusion gets crazy hallucinations and starts murdering randos and wild animals in southern Britain
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it will eventually happen so many console exclusives are being ported over to steam


2 more weeks bros


>caring about exclusivity deals when there’s the free option


File: 1667551207303.jpg (59.03 KB, 1066x769, bloodborne.jpg)

I love this game so much anons


Sony already ported Uncharted and is in the middle of porting The Last of Us both of which were pretty much Playstation's brand for decades. Bloodbourne doesn't stand a hope in hell of remaining exclusive the only question is how long it will take.

File: 1667147281037.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, 4qfbxuwvgpw91.png)


Behold your god, gamers
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He playing Neon Prime


he looks like a NONCE


File: 1667232282993.jpg (216.88 KB, 1280x720, microsoft shark.jpg)

They would become yet another subsidiary of Microsoft, the company that Gaben and other founding Valve members left in the first place.


File: 1667539479471.png (508.32 KB, 900x507, ClipboardImage.png)

Not my god, #savetf2



it would be so funny, but also wild how steam started at microsoft

any other stories like these


>apex file size on pc
<58 GB
>apex file size on ps4/5
<42 GB
>apex file size on switch
<24.4 GB
>apex file size on mobile

Apex is just an example of what I’m trying to ask here. WHY IN THE FLYING FUCK DO DEVS MAKE PC GAMING SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE AND SLOW. It clearly doesn’t have to be like this
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Ff7 remake is 100gb

For a game with 2000s era Pixar movies graphics.


And of course those old textures you didn’t want are still loaded first lagging the shit out of your PC anyways


you do realise the switch version has a lot of cuts (some models are litterally untextured) and massive drop in texture quality right ?


So at least the switch version is actually fucking playable


tbh,since the foliage wasn't changed,it would probably still not run on your potato,sorry to tell you.


It’s not that I can’t find a game I like or that I don’t have fun with them. I’m having a blast at the moment with terraria and sekiro but right now it feels like every once in a while my urge to play just dies and I just don’t wanna play at all. Coincidentally I also don’t wanna watch anything or read anything that’s fictional either. The fuck causes this sudden climax
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Your brain is like a self righting system and if you get too much stimulation from x thing, then x thing will produce less stimulation. If you take goof care of your health then your baseline mood will improve and it will become easier to regain pleasure for tasks. A healthy life is it's own high ss it were.


Gay post


Man, what I would give for a sequel to Terraria or Sekiro. Enjoy those games theyre so good


It's called "Anhedonia" and it's a major symptom of depression.


i don't know, i haven't gamed for months (excluding the binding of isaac to pass time), but recently the urge to play came back and i've sunk tens of hours into warriors orochi 3 and smt v. these things just go in cycles sometimes, especially if you've got no one to play vidya with. i think a large part of my mental problems comes from the fact that i've got no friends


Ranked apex, csgo, valorant, and r6 should make queuing into lobbies exclusive to invites between players

Losing is one thing but losing because of one or two players on your team that are really bad purely due to randomness dictated by an algorithm is complete shit to put up with and invitational matchups more than ensures no opportunities for rng to decide who wins and loses
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Elo based sbmm is better because if you based who matches with who off kd than everyone would just end up having a kd around 1 while one guy ends up dominating and destroying every lobby they’re in


The whole point of basing it off K/D is exactly so you don't get that one guy obliterating the lobby. If everyone has a kd of 1 that means it's an equal playing field and no one can go on a 60 kill streak because they're fighting bots uygha do you even understand how sbmm works?
The problem with sbmm has never been that it is too strict but that it has a ton of exceptions (streamers are known to be placed in bot lobbies deliberately so they can frag out and advertise the game) and that the elo is never determined by K/D (example apex legends where if you place top 3 with 1 kill you will still get harder matches since it's based off placement even though it's because all the good players hot dropped and killed each other in the first 5 mins).


Hahaha that almost never happens and if you’ve played one of the games mentioned or just looked at the state of sbmm in cod you’ll know how fucked up easy it is for some random dickhead to just reverse boost and go on to fuck up an entire lobby for shits and giggles


Those people have to throw 20+ games in a row constantly dying before they get into a "bot" lobby and as soon as they do well in that one match they're kicked back up. The problem here is that SBMM does not set any hard skill floors that players cannot fall beneath. As soon as you achieve a certain level of skill, let's say 1.5 lifetime K/D, you should never ever be put in a lobby with players below idk 1.10 K/D let's say no matter how many games you throw. This is merely yet another example of how SBMM is too lenient and not too harsh because it's judging off recent performance instead of lifetime performance.


Right as if people can’t just get better or worse at a game as they play it at any time🤨

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