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File: 1688723495778-0.png (3.15 KB, 256x256, 125re986u2j31.png)


A thread for traditional roguelikes.

Many of these games are free.

Traditional Roguelikes:
DCSS (Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup)
ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery)
TOME (Tales of Maj'Eyal)
CoQ (Caves of Qud)
CDDA (Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead)
Dwarf Fortress (Adventure Mode)
Infra Arcana (HP Lovecraft inspired roguelike)
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>I try cata every now and then but I have a hard time meshing with survival games.
That's fair, in the genre i think little beats it but also it has everything there to make and play as a decent more streight RPG, especially with the high level, simple and versatile modding it allows.


what was the "controversial content"


Off the top of my head, being able to kill and molest kids.


oh, the horror, seeing words you don't like on a screen


I googled it and it seemed like more of a typical personality conflict, one admin wiped the servers and deleted everything as a power trip because he hated the users basically (it seemed to attract a right wing crowd generally)

File: 1692871417336.png (302.33 KB, 480x338, ClipboardImage.png)


I like how these two characters reflected each other. I like how sad Dros is when he finds out that Rene died and that he'll never have a chance to shoot Rene
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that's dope


>Also, anyway to get my hands on the game with the Chapo VO? I want it because I'm retarded.
it's awful compared to the new voice actors but you can activate it in the options menu somewhere


File: 1695495800602.png (74.08 KB, 1848x954, discokrunk.png)

forgot pic


Yeah Evrart is basically socialism with mob boss characteristics. I love him. The fat fuck.


Possibly the greatest quote in the game

File: 1695504103865.jpeg (202.51 KB, 828x552, IMG_0303.jpeg)


I feel like it’s important to recognize how this platform fighter both failed to compete with smash bros, it’s biggest competitor brawlhalla, and managed to go through the same player base loss as Nickelodeon all star brawl.
This game had a lot of problems at launch and still does now. It was never finished at launch, the bugs were obvious and the lack of clear physics seen in smash bros and brawl in the movement made the issue way worse for its accessibility. The game doesn’t have many playable characters and most don’t work at all when played in the same setting as others mechanically or visually.
When you throw that in with the fact that it somehow runs worse than smash, isn’t ported over to the switch and multiple other consoles for the sake of backwards compatibility and accessibility like brawlhalla, had issues with server stability and a disagreeable monetization policy, the game was simultaneously having issues pulling in players, and even more retaining them since plenty just couldn’t play the game at all even if graphically speaking it’s not anything special.



Should have had an actual progression and story. One of the biggest flaws in my opinion among multiplayer games is the lack of incentive to be a pro, a lot of them encourage playing, but competitively they are lacking and competitive players are the ones who will keep on playing and paying.


Game died when they lengthened xp requirements to level up by 50% for all characters.
They took an already grindy game in which you have to unlock perks for every character and made it even more of a grind.
Unironically a game killed by the idiocy and unrelenting greed of the dev team. One of the biggest self-owns in recent vidya history. They could have had a multi million dollar success on their hands but they threw it all away once they started seeing dollar signs (forgetting that all gamers have 20 other games pushing microtransactions and other BS on them and everyone is getting tired).


Mate the game was already bad in comparison to its competition even at launch. Barely had any characters and the movement was awful


File: 1695619611821.png (985.15 KB, 800x589, Definitive_Edition_Art.png)

Of all Smash Bros-style fighting games I think only Rivals of Aether got the gameplay right so far.

File: 1694753688633.jpeg (285.25 KB, 721x453, IMG_0260.jpeg)


I saw gameplay of gta 5 and found myself confused seeing the player fail to drive safely and use their signals. It was then I remembered that the person was playing a gta title. In the time since gta 5 released I graduated high school, got a license, learned to drive, got 2+ years of experience, and am finding a first job, yet the only game released by rockstar was from over half a decade ago, and that’s just the release schedule of one major game company out of like 5-6 others whom we only got one star field game out of…
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Late 2024 or early 2025. Probably teaser trailer this year.


File: 1695515845097.png (22.81 MB, 3312x4416, ClipboardImage.png)

> In the time since gta 5 released I graduated high school, got a license, learned to drive, got 2+ years of experience, and am finding a first job
GTA 5 came out 3 years after I finished school


A GTA game set in modern day Florida/Vice City would be wild.


That would be pretty cool. Most of all though I just want games to be outside America more.


>I saw gameplay of gta 5 and found myself confused seeing the player fail to drive safely and use their signals.
Are you German

File: 1695492655832.jpg (71.38 KB, 500x533, true main character.jpg)


Sorry if this exist already but I didnt see it anywhere and Id like to discuss


At last someone made a good vidya thread. You deserve to be kissed on the mouth for creating this!

I’m currently playing Persona 5 have taken a break after 60 hours. I don’t understand the japanese rpg mc thing where they have a character who has no personality while at the same time they won’t let us customize our character. Self insert without the self part. Also the plot is painfully slow and I hate the dialogue, I have given up on reading the random chit chat characters have in dungeons after I open every single door or puzzle. I also found the mc dying and taking the whole team with him to be annoying, I found smt 4 apocalypse more satisfying while at the same time more hard in a fair way, also wtf is up with everyone in this game being immune to abilities and items that don’t do direct damage, do they actually think I will waste my time putting fodder to sleep? I also got mixed feelings about the maid prostetute part, Rtuuis eagerness to employ the prostetute made me think less of him due to my ideology, but other wise he and the art guy are the only good team members in the game, female characters are painfully boring, I also wish there was better team chemistry because personally I don’t really like phantom thieves, lack of conflict makes them seem superficial. Ui is pretty cool. I hope persona 6 has a better cast and avoids too much dialogue.


>You deserve to be kissed on the mouth for creating this!
As long as you're not down with that useless idiot POS Morgana Im fine with that

>they won’t let us customize our character.

Japanese game. You. Will. Assimilate.

>I also found the mc dying and taking the whole team with him to be annoying

Dont die. Make sure you play royal and download the DLC and start on normal. Its a super simple game given that. There's a very right and wrong way to play Persona. I can tell you more if you want but guides do help.

>I also got mixed feelings about the maid prostetute part, Rtuuis eagerness to employ the prostetute made

Kawakamis benefits are superb and Ruyji is just a teen best boy. He dindu nuffin. And critical support for sex workers. They may not all have perfect chemistry. But it's really only Takamaki and asshole cat that are insufferable.


I still can't decide if I like SMT5 more than SMT4. I would need to replay 4 at some point. 3 is superior to both, of course.


I woyld say this is probably one of the more interesting singleplayer shooters of the last decade. I loved the weapon and firing mode synergies, bosses with complex movesets that require you to utilize the movement techs and various weapon abilities to the max, badass voice acting by Stefan Weyte and Gianni Matragano, style combo system akin to DMC and Bulletstorm and a rather cool low-poly art style combined with detailed textures that really does remind of 90's-early 2000's games. On the bad side, I found level design to be kinda meh most of the time and I am kinda worry what will happen of it all with the recent Unity install fee shitstorm, since of the final act only the first level was finished as of now.

File: 1692500394106.jpg (19.55 KB, 256x363, UFO_Aftermath_cover.jpg)


Here's the caveat: MISS me with games that don't have an overworld layer because IMO that's more fun than the actual battles half the time. Games like Gears Tactics feel very halfassed due to not having that layer where you can do research and get immersed.

My favourites are the 'After'X series, very underrated, but eager to see if there's any unsung gems I missed. Doesn't necessarily have to be modern day vs aliens.
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New tactics game set during a worker's uprising on Mars


Yee I've been following this (OP), hopefully should be sick. I can finally play the Red Mars trilogy (well I guess Red Faction was kinda that already but w/e)



XPiratez mod


I've started playing this like 3 times but it's just too grindy and long, never got to the end

File: 1695280853317.jpeg (300.6 KB, 828x647, IMG_0293.jpeg)


I’ve been thinking about part 1 again and I’ve felt even more indifferent towards Joel’s death than I did than I was coming into part 2. I can see why his death pissed the living shit off so many players but I can’t see what about him specifically made it seem like it wasn’t something inevitably coming to him by his characters setup.
It’s obvious that his relationships with Tess, Ellie and later on with tommy after reuniting with him made him a significantly better person, the problem, he also spent 2 decades attacking both innocents and criminals, not just attacking, but often attacking completely isolated, to ensure his own survival that caused his loved ones to separate from him to begin with and fucked over an entire faction. It wouldn’t have mattered if Abby was even born plot wise, the amount of damage his character has inflicted onto everything around him even before he met Ellie along with the new damage he brought out with his time with her against the fireflies, and Fedra would’ve had him killed by anyone else, whether far more sadistically or gracefully the result would’ve been the same.
It’s a symptom of how isolated he was for so many years. other characters like Marlene, Abby, Tess, that guy fat Geralt, and David, they had people to fall back on for support and defence against confrontation. Joel didn’t, he only had whatever scraps were available from FEDRA and whatever he could get running around the USA with Tess as his only occasional alternative for support. You can’t survive in the real world behaving like that, you wouldn’t survive even if you didn’t if you had that little support from anyone, definitely not in a world like tlou.
For this I feel like his death was the most tragic but most appropriately done because it highlighted what his character fundamentally was like. An isolated man with little support from those around him who’ve been emotionally pushed away from his past actions. He never got to repair his relationship with Ellie because he never did enough to justify what he did to her fast enough, not to tommy either despite the progress he’s made.
Coming back, it’s also why I’m so happy knowing Ellie didn’t turn out like him in the end( for the most part). She still has a life ahead of here where she can fix things with Dina, she still has the opportunity to not spend god knows how many years isolated and constantly miserable over the family that was taken from her by others, she still has a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yeah, I have not played any of these but it seemed pretty logical to me his personal story arc would end on a bitter note given how much of social alienation the outbreak and loss of his family have brought out in him, and if it was not for Tess and Ellie providing him a replacement for the community he has lost he would probably spend his remaining years as a mad recluse robbing whatever survivors coming near him before getting killed by zombies/other Hunters or succumbing to the zombie fungus spores.


Holy fuck now that I’m coming back to this thread and seeing your reply I’m realizing even more how devastating of an existence this man has lived, even compared to the survivors of this fungi. Loneliness is awful, but being so isolated like a man like Joel and not ever having the option to properly integrate into it and running around like that for decades is fucking horrifying, imagine if ND didn’t focus on Ellie at all and just let the story continue with Joel explicitly to his death, would’ve made a story substantially more heartbreaking than part 2 just by how much less optimism there would be in comparison to the ambiguity of Ellie’s future after dealing with her feelings towards Abby and Joel’s actions.


After playing so many different fps titles made recently along with older ones I’ve come to the conclusion that the fucking giant that is call of duty is unkillable for the same reasons for why WoW hasn’t been annihilated when games like gw2 and oars exist. Outside of having larger player bases the games are mechanically better than the vast majority of their competition.

I hate to say this but it’s correct, I’ve noticed most fps titles that come out have horrible issues relating to the pacing of gameplay and responsiveness. Tactical shooters are a monument to this, crawling around for scraps of ammunition in stalker or leaning every second in a game like r6 or arma simply isn’t fun. I don’t know how they did it but infinity ward and trey arch found through years of play testing and redesigning how to craft a game that has a balance between the free movement and action of a game like half life/doom while having the restrictions and sense of weight you’d find in a game like counter strike or the last of us 2 and it just works, too well. I fucking despise the monetization and managing practices of activision by I’d be lying if I said a game like xdefiant or mw2022 wasn’t legitimately enjoyable for me to play through after waiting for a game that felt like half life 2 or far cry 2. The only games I can think of that have even done anything to bring attention away from the franchise are ADS free shooters like ultra kill or battle it remastered and phantom forces, both games that function more like battlefield alternatives than cod killers. Maybe there will be change maybe…
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Me and my bro talk about it alot. First problem with mech games: no sense of scale.
Personally I think this is what makes playing as the Pilot on the ground whilst the mech acts autonomously is the best part of the game for making you -feel- in a mech world.
I would say though that the pilots should be a LOT more squishy to enhance this affect.


Brigador is the best mech game if you want to slaughter defenseless groundpounders


The dev is correct Titanfall 2 takes much less skill than Apex.

What people mean when they say they want wallrunning is that they want everyone to die in 0.2 seconds so they can have a 4 K/D ratio without trying

t. K/D of 6 or something ridiculous in Titanfall but K/D of 1.3 in Apex. Apex is a much harder game that engages the brain a ton more.


I find titanfall more difficult because my reactions are shit while in apex it feels like you have more time to assess situations since you don't die in .02 seconds the moment someone sees you.


there are better shooters for skill. Apex is boring, especially compared to the titan fall games it uses as a launching pad. Fortnite unironically is a better br.

File: 1695090039713.png (743.71 KB, 717x672, chihuahuas in skyrim.PNG)


if you had to live the rest of your life (with your family and loved ones) in the world of a videogame, which one would you choose
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File: 1695163264416.png (412.71 KB, 607x601, ClipboardImage.png)






the sims 2 and i'm saying this because you can eventually acquire the literal fountain of youth and stay young and rich forever


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