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File: 1613695690243.png (148.57 KB, 256x294, X-COM_-_UFO_Defense_Covera….png)


For all those oldie goldies, cartridges, CDs, and games that you remember but have since been lost to planned redundancy, discontinued product lines, sites being shut down, just generally losing it, or you only caught a glimpse of it before it was swept away and now are seeking it again. AKA you want a game found that you can no longer get or one you kinda only vaguely remember and need help finding the SAUCE.

I'll start it off: Before the 2012 remake there was a fan made version of XCOM; it had mid 2000s 3D top down graphics, was more grounded in irl military equipment in terms of looks and effects, entirely free, and was rebranded as something else which I have entirely forgotten and why I need help finding it since these days searching for "Xcom fan game" usually nets all the spinoffs since the 2012 remake(which is kinda garbo in my opinion) or Xenonauts. So does anyone know which game I'm talking about? I remember it was very oversaturated with the colour green if that's any help at all.
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Link? No I doubt it. Seemed like an indie developer game. Very high quality though and free. With a GOAT tier soundtrack. Pretty sad that I never bookmarked the page or saved the link to my email account back when I played it all the time on my old computer in elementary and middle school.


Oh that's Need for Madness. Classic game.


Here's one: Age of Castles, the one from 2005. Main theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re7vi6eo-Qk. I played dozens of freeware/flash games from that era..


File: 1614642371933.jpg (1.31 MB, 1280x1024, comfy.jpg)

Wow, I can't believe it. That's actually the one! Thank you anon! I thought I lost that game forever!


Glad I could help. If you're looking for a nostalgia trip, Flashpoint has a huge amount of games from this era archived: https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/

File: 1613760948120-0.jpg (29.52 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

File: 1613760948120-1.jpg (359.66 KB, 1920x1080, ss_d17109fbe930ee58c854aef….jpg)

File: 1613760948120-2.jpg (312.31 KB, 1920x1080, ss_c9ea4278bbe496806dcda47….jpg)

File: 1613760948120-3.jpg (474.13 KB, 1920x1080, ss_cec775dbaf1df8223c79cc1….jpg)

File: 1613760948120-4.jpg (274.58 KB, 1920x1080, ss_3e9d8ecff6abd9fff6e0e63….jpg)


Made by our favorite game developers, Kremlingames, the game will have you take on managing your own fictional country (called "Republic") right after the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union between 1992 and 2004. Diverting from the previous games' path, you will play not as the country's president, but as the leader of a party of your choosing. This means that you will be able to play as the opposition for the first time in a Kremlingames product.

You will get to shape the personality, sex and background of your party's leader as well as to be able to choose between seven different parties:
>the liberals
>the conservatives
>the social-democrats
>the "socialists"
>the communists
>the nazbols
>the fascists
Each of these parties are then divided between three different factions vying for power. You can go for a reformist or revolutionary path as the communists.
There are many other features, such as interactions with foreign powers, regional separatism, international integration, etc… I'm pretty intrigued by it tbh, I hope it won't be as hard and save-scummy as their previous games. It seems to be a better version of what Suzerain aims to be.

The game will release on tuesday the 23th.
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>CitK was lightning in a bottle
take that back, the east Germany was alright :^c


Yeah, sure. Ostalgie is second best, and Mao was lukewarm. Problem with Ostalgie for me was that its too on-rails, where you basically have to do a checklist if you want the perfect run. Meanwhile CitK was great because even in the ass that is the 1991 starting date you could turn it around. Maos Legacy was bad, because it had a chance to be CitK 2, because you're playing freakin' China, but instead you are even less influential than Stasi GDR in Ostalgie.

Also about Collapse and things it fucks up: enemies. In all of the last three, even Mao, you had specific rivals : Deng, Khruschev, NATO, Yeltsin, party wings, your own people etc. Here there is nothing. I guess different parties, their paramilitary wings, sepratists, NATO, CIS and factions are supposed to replace them, but in no way they feel like enemies. They are anoyances at best (factions which you just bribe) and don't even seem to do anything in most cases.

Speaking of opposing parties, what the hell is up with their AI and the laws they make? Do they just throw shit at the wall? This whole thing feels like an awful alpha build.


Did we already have a Suzerain thread on here? Or was it all on Bunkerchan?


Some rere made this the other day, but it's not a Suzerain thread, and it's on the hobby board.


I definitely remember there was a Suzerain thread somewhere because that's why I played it. But I can't see it in the catalog anywhere so maybe it was on Bunkerchan post-move. I don't go there anymore so eh.

File: 1608527898354.jpg (36.67 KB, 500x500, artworks-000231712387-8rt3….jpg)


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I wonder how people who played the games in release order felt about the plot points that were revealed in 0, considering that everyone new keeps jumping into 0-1-2 instead of 1-2-3-4-5-6-0.


> and one moment where I gasped IRL
what was it?


I want Ishin to be released in English so bad

Also lemme share this article about real yakuza playing Yakuza 3, in case you haven't read it:

Some of my favorite bits:
>S: You got your salaryman in there, the delinquent school girl and her sugar daddy, Chinese people, and even those Nigerian touts. What's with all the fucking gaijin (foreigners) in the area anyway? It used to be just Japanese, Koreans and Chinese.
>M: Don't say gaijin. Say Gaikokujin. It's more polite. Jake's a gaijin.
>S: Yeah, I forget sometimes. What's with all the fucking gaikokujin in Kabukicho anyway?

>M: I like the fact that you power up by eating real food. Shio ramen gives you a lot of power — CC Lemon, not as much. It all makes sense.

>S: The breaded pork cutlet bento box is like mega power. More than ramen. That's accurate.
>K: If they had shabu (crystal meth) as a power-up item, that would be realistic. It's a yakuza game.

>S: I don't know any ex-yakuza running orphanages.

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Never played, but have watched some youtube gameplay clips. According to Yakuza, all you have to do to sleep with a thicc, booba-tier girl is share drinks and talk with her at a bar? And maybe win a bar fight?

This true?


Play Yakuza 0, or Yakuza Kiwami 1. You'll get to be a coomer inside the game.

File: 1613602054256.jpg (1.57 MB, 1630x1600, 1404347027684.jpg)


What even is the point of them since it seems like the best games that get noticed is shit that you wouldn't find at those sorts of hype conventions.
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It's a giant media hype fest and shill gathering that only the big companies benefit from.


Not even devs like to attend the damn thing.


I liked the E3 spectacle.


If by "spectacle" you mean "suits hilariously faceplanting", then I am right there with you.


This. The presentations fucking up was the only good part of any e3.

File: 1612148361379.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


what happened to jim sterling?
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didn't he get youtube "famous" by reviewing and shitting on asset flipped steam games?


He was moderately successful before that IIRC but yeah basically, the dev of 'slaughtering grounds' trying to sue him was the best thing imaginable for his career. But it's really just punching down, this guy's game probably sold like 10 copies.


>What happened
For one he is a retarded #resistance tier lib, despite his anti corporate talks. Just look at his reaction to boomer Senate raid, he literally started shiting himself about "muh fascism, muh terrorism" and deffending both police and social media crackdown.

As for trans shit, I believe that he was openly NB for a long time, its just that in our current hyper specticalized consumerist shitculture being trans or NB also means you gotta look like a fucking retarded clown from the 80's.


he allready looked like a clown before, that was supposed to be kind of his thing


He got sucked into the Internet trans cult. I wouldn't really care but the general quality of his writing has gone down lately. I appreciate there's still someone with hundreds of thousands of views critiquing capitalism, but I've personally tuned out because it's gotten so repetitive.

I've been following him since his days at the escapist and I used to really like him. For years his episode would provide decent coverage and critique of something happening with the industry. I would learn some interesting news or tidbit or he would offer his personal take on the problems. Yes, capitalism is at the core of most of the game industry's problems but every video feels the same.

File: 1613275969034.mp4 (6.64 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.mp4)


>Kapital: Sparks of Revolution is a sandbox economy simulation game about class struggle. You take the role of the new mayor of a 20th century city that was recently destroyed by the Great War. Your mission is to restore the city to its former glory. Manage limited resources to satisfy people’s needs, bring new laws and unlock new technologies. Fight crime and suppress protests. Resolve social conflicts and shape the future of your society!

>Key Features:

>DIVIDED SOCIETY - The population of your city consists of 3 classes: nobles, bourgeois and workers - all of them want a better tomorrow.

>CRISIS MANAGEMENT - Rebuilding the city is not an easy task. Your resources are limited, so you have to decide who will get food and shelter first. Be prepared to face new threats on a regular basis.
>PROTESTS AND RIOTS - There is no way you can make everyone in the city happy. People with unsatisfied needs will protest and riot. You have to decide which class to support and which to suppress.
>SHAPING THE FUTURE - As a ruler of the city, you have the power to bring new laws which shape your society. Which class will become dominant in a new political system? Only you have the answer.

Coming Fall 2021.
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can you play as the riots?


are the devs /ourguys/ ?


Seems so from the first glance, but I gotta say, its either my internet addled brain seeing shit and its just a sideburn, but the porky at the very end looka kinda sus


>The population of your city consists of 3 classes: nobles, bourgeoisie…
Comrade Robespierre, your turn!

File: 1608527929616.jpg (80.42 KB, 1200x800, Chess.jpg)


I'm making this thread here, because the other boards are practically dead. If a mod chooses to move it to /hobby/, that's cool, I just wanted some exposure on /leftypol/.

As you might now, chess played a large role in the Soviet Union. They outright dominated the game for decades and it was commonly played ever since the inception of the union.

I think chess does possess the potential to develop and train the strategic thinking skills of players, if they abstract from the game and attempt to apply it to the real world.

But it's also a fun game. Because of that I made a /leftypol/ club on chess.com, which is a great website with a nice UI and plenty of resources to learn and improve at chess. I've been using it for months now and got far better at chess and I even do the puzzles on it for fun every day. The way the website is designed makes learning chess and improving really, really easy. Making an account is free and would be quick. I know this sounded like an ad, lol.

So, I'm inviting you comrades to start learning chess or improve whatever skill level you are at and join the /leftypol/ chess club. We could play against each other. Perhaps even organize tournaments. I think it would be really cool if we could get something like this going and make it the community wide hobby. If only 3 people join that would be good enough honestly.

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File: 1610181605600.jpg (151.22 KB, 1024x768, class-struggle-board-game.jpg)


Oldish post, but I just Dl Alexander Kotov and Mikhail Yudovich's "Soviet School of Chess", its from 1961 so its a bit dated but it goes through all of the Soviet Grand masters and a lot of material. I'm just working through the first games from earlier Tsarizt era players, so they're building more of the national history for how the bolshevik culture changed the game. The American publisher had to preface it with a mccarthyite set of smears on " Communist propaganda", all of it easily refutable, and kind of funny in a quaint sort of cliche manner. I just learned chess notation, so i'm getting back into the swing of things, but I would like to play one of these days with your group. I could care less about AI programming, the games flaws, or whether it is a game for master tacticians, it's fun, I miss playing it with friends at cafes, and It's one line of strategic thought amongst many, its general lessons are clearly applicable to politics and class struggle, and obviously playing it does not make one a Vo Nguyen Giap. Its still fun though!!!


Is the group at chess.com still alive, what with the split and all? I'm a nooboid looking to get into the game in a somewhat more serious fashion and chess.com seems to be a good starting point.

Looks like a fascinating book catch with a hilarious (and historically interesting) preface, gz. However, you surely mean 'could not care less'. :^)


you just need to pay attention to what youre doing wrong. think in terms of what each of their pieces can do at any time and what your pieces can do at any time, and have a few contingency plans for each possible move of theirs. be aggressive but dont stick to one overall strategy

File: 1611001320285-0.jpg (1.56 MB, 1751x2500, matrixukrainemap.jpg)

File: 1611001320285-1.jpg (3.15 MB, 3508x4961, matrixlasgahpolmap.jpg)


This seems like a good topic for a /leftypol/ gaming thread since it is both autistic gaming discussion and actually has potential for a leftist development of strategy.

Maybe this would ideally be better suited for /hobby/ but as long as /games/ is more active seems sensible to just post anything related to games in any form here, like the chess thread or other tabletop.

I've recently been interested in the kind of "wargames" (broadly meaning military/political/strategic/policy simulation) that militaries, intelligence agencies, and consultant groups use to strategize and troubleshoot their plans. Personally this is interesting as far as I enjoy playing and designing strategy games. More generally, this seems like a good investment of time for leftists who are nerds who enjoy this shit anyway because it is a way to attempt to apply "gaming" to actual strategic considerations.

The best publicly available version of this I've seen that is also utilized by the aforementioned groups is Matrix Games, which is a very rules-lite and scaleable model that tries to remove constraining gameplay meta in favor of players debating what is within reason and what is not. Whether this makes for the most "fun" gameplay possible is besides the point, because the idea is to use the tabletop wargame format to explore the widest range of strategic possibilities, and establishing in-game advantages and victories based on serious discussion of what would be concievable under the given circumstances seems to be a good way to encourage thinking outside the box and considering various angles.


Some abbreviated info from the website:

<What are Matrix Games?

>Matrix games are different to normal Wargames and Role-Playing games. In a these games you compare lists of statistics and peer at complicated books of rules containing someone else's idea about what things are important, before rolling a dice. It takes a long time and can be very difficult to explain to a newcomer. Instead, in a Matrix Game you simply use words to describe why something should happen, the Umpire decides how likely it is, and you roll a dice. If you can say "This happens, for the following reasons…" you can play a Matrix Game.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Bumping for interest, did you continue to research the subject OP? I think we could open up a chat group to organize such games and find participants


Not really, I tried to get some of my friends interested and no one was lol. I would definitely be interested in organizing a discord or something for this purpose.


This sounds awesome OP, I wanna try this. Post a link if you end up making a discord or matrix room


Maybe I will do just a test game sometime with a few people and a simple scenario just to see what it's like.


Some games can necessitate a dozen of people to be run (like Hedgemony by RAND, it looks awesome but it's fucking $250), so we have to find a small scenario to start things off, fatigue and laziness can quickly overwhelm people who plays online games and they might stop altogether.
If the game necessitate a game master of some sort I volunteer to be one.
My discord is ComradeMielke#7849, you can add me so we can discuss the details here and actually start preparing the game.

If anyone is interested in joining the game contact me through discord so I'll automatically add you to the game's server once we start.

File: 1608527841317.mp4 (14.67 MB, 1280x720, Far Cry 6 - Official Revea….mp4)

 No.2612[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Is El Presidente /ourguy/?
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So… anyone managed to solve this? Let's treat this as the final bump. Would be a cool achievment for /games/ if we managed to solve this game. Worst case scenario, is it possible to acquire the game files of Hidden Agenda it self, and if so, can one crack them open to find the cout commands that output the ending text? In that case we could see what the "golden" ending would be if it didn't softlock.


yep, Taimanin Asagi


It's not even a game, it's a visual novel.


The franchise has actual games tho


I installed Far Cry 5 and apparently it has a controller problem
millions of dollars and can't even have a fix for controllers on pc

i tried the steam method and still nothing, i am fucking fuming


Are you buying/pirating the replicant remaster?
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Oh. It looks way better in the new shots to me. You can say it's generic I guess sure but it's a JRPG, so, yeah. Also Oblivion was ugly as sin and we all know it, come on now.


File: 1613612662887.jpg (432.81 KB, 1440x2263, Nier_reincarnation_keyvisu….jpg)



>mobile trash
What the hell do you think it's going to be?


I was afraid it would be gacha trash, but the wikimemeia says it's a plot based rpg


Yes, on a fucking phone. So, shit.

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