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File: 1617228259631-0.mp4 (26.91 MB, 1920x1080, SuperTuxKart.mp4)


Kart racing general

You may now play as Alunya in SuperTuxKart.gentooGentoo
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The new Godette kart is cute.


Now make a grace character


I'm picturing Grace steering with her knees because she is holding a tea cup the whole time.


Yeah yeah, same with a couple of the updates like Konqi.
The cat-in-a-cart add-on (Lynx?) and Dashie at top-tier too.


This is fucking gorgeous and to all the people that spent their time developing the software and the team behind the art to make this game come so far you did great


the graphics are very good for fortnite i like them, they are very pretty you know

this makes me wwant to play fortnite right now


File: 1670512771217.jpg (731.37 KB, 1280x720, 1670512764379.jpg)


yeah,slowly killing your employees tend to do that,just like RDR2


File: 1670530564777.png (233.8 KB, 640x410, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667776219739.png (543.28 KB, 960x544, Junkomaeda.png)


Im making a thread about VNs because there isnt one on the catalogue and i wanna talk about my experience. I just finished danganronpa 2, which im not certain counts as a VN or if it's a point and click murder mystery social deduction game, and i think im pretty confident to say that it presents a pretty interesting moral dilemma. On one hand, the hope faction is pretty clearly a technocratic organization who obsesses over "Ultimates", or people who possess immense talent in a particular field or study, for example the world's best scientist, or the world's best doctor. It is revealed in the story of goodbye despair that before despair took over, hope's peak academy created a method of artificially forcing someone to become extremely talented, which dialectically had the potential to equalize mankind and develop the talents of anyone, which would make the idea of meritocracy, or ruling over others due to better talents or knowledge, completely obsolete. Despair on the other hand spawned as a result of the mass movement of reserve students, malcontents who became disaffected with the idea that people with talent mattered more than the rest, since hope's peak academy was formed to research peoples' talents and how to cultivate them.
I think it would be pretty easy to side with the latter out of frustration, especially if you're talentless like i am, but i think the idea that talent could be forcibly cultivated out of someone who never realized it before would be the "productive forces" argument. Not to mention that junko destroyed civilization, which is dialectically bad.
Your turn to die is a great game too, very similar to danganronpa on a surface level, i finished it a while ago and im glad i played it. Free btw. Anyone got visual novel recommendations? I need a weeb fix.
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might as well play Phoenix Wright or Clannad baka


>horror fan being up his own ass

quelle surprise


Thank you for reminding me clannad exists. I wonder why everybody loved it years ago. Ill play it and find out soon


this is a thread for visual novels not "kinetic novels"


File: 1667969988669.png (197.78 KB, 400x225, ClipboardImage.png)


The game has now come out, what are your thoughts on this comrades
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File: 1669957209521.jpg (7.6 KB, 150x225, SonichuPose.jpg)

you're going to believe who? Sonic fans?


don't hate us cause you ain't us


what's the name of your oc


File: 1670156791922.jpg (99.36 KB, 600x607, bloodpouch.jpg)

Bloodpouch the Pouchman


File: 1670512521305.jpg (123.34 KB, 800x800, domestic2.jpg)


they're remaking dead space which is cool I guess
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They made the ship fully explorable. So similar to Prey and gave Issaac the voice actor from the second game.


I enjoy the part where you pick up plasma CUTTER from under giant red text saying CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS, followed by camera panning over said giant red text, and then find an audio telling you to SHOOT THEIR ARMS AND LEGS OFF. Love it when games treat me like I am mentally challenged.



Why would someone play dead space in 2022 but not know about the de-limbing meme? They must be living under rocks or something


It was even worse in the original, where in addition to all of that you also got a pop-up telling you to shoot the limbs.

File: 1670261802202-0.jpg (58.97 KB, 460x215, barologo.jpg)

File: 1670261802202-1.jpg (154.08 KB, 1920x1080, WwgjP6M.jpg)


>2D coop "sidescroller" submarine indy game
>set in the icy seas of the Europa moon orbiting jupiter
>underwater aliens attacking your sub
>lovecraftian abyss horrors after a certain depth
>distinct roles doing various different tasks (captain, mechanic, engineer, medic, security)
>ragdoll physics
>brutal gameplay
>excellent, oppressing atmosphere
>amazing coop campaign
>can play solo, still fun
>can do RP
>can do one shot missions with a traitor on board or PVP sub vs sub
>a bit janky but definitely fun
>open source, big modding scene, no DRM
>can be grabbed for like 5 bucks on key resale
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I have a friend who spends weeks building submarines in this.


It's pretty cool, and it's sea setting let you have that deep terror when shit like vid happens.


the only time I ever tried playing this it was with a bunch of idiots with SS17 brain who tried to sneak around and blow up the sub


Also how's the best way to find a 'regular gaming group'?


mine is mostly just old teammates from our MMO days 10 years ago

yeah in pub I guess griefers gonna grief.


Are horror games the last bastion of anti-imperialism and leftism in the video game industry?
>Government experimenting with bioweapons research on prisoners
>Corporations profiting off the research
>Innocent proles who accidentally stumble onto their black sites getting arrested on dubious charges and thrown into the prison industrial complex
>Robots answering to Porky who can kill workers on demand
>Experimenting gets out of control (just like Covid) and Porky deciding to cover it all up by killing everyone
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>The devs were purged by the company and had their IP taken over by nazis. Don't give Baltic Nazis your money.
What the fuck, where can I learn about this?


the first statement is here : >>23010
the devs still in the company that deboooonked it is here : >>24268


>Are horror games the last bastion of anti-imperialism and leftism in the video game industry?
Funny that you say that. While it obv isn't in any way or form pro-commie, Resident Evil does have its fair share of based moments.
>At the start of RE5, an Easter Egg has one of the main protags, Chris Redfield, talk with an african colleague about how he dislikes capitalism, that it is a system designed to have winners and losers, and the cause of plenty of suffering.
>The entire series was essentially kickstarted by a old aristocrat trying to force a malthussian scheme on the world, with him as god on top ruling over the survivors of the global catastrophe?
>almost every game contains notes saying that the US is neck-deep in funding said weapons
>several main antagonists have been government officials using the virus the benefit themselves, one of them a borderline glowie
>The president of the US gets straight-up JFK'd in RE6 because he actually wanted to follow his conscious and reveal to the world their role in allowing bioweapon-terrorism. Done by glowies because they wanted to save the US's face at that!
>The latest digital movie has the US is funding terrorism (and testing bioweapons) in a fictional nation bordering China to destabilize it, and the later is victim of false-flag in order to kickstart WW3: Biological Boogaloo in order for the defense minister and his backers to reap profit from it.


File: 1670368995264.webm (2.69 MB, 1280x720, femcel.webm)

RE heroes have always been LEFT pilled except for Leon who is a government glow cuck.


I suspect it all started with the devs calling Marx their biggest inspirations. You just don't do that in eugenic estonia.

File: 1666423296617.png (747.76 KB, 614x750, Marx_in_Vic3.png)

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Get in the hype train Communism simulator is coming in 3 days. Which will be your starting nation?
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First game I played as Korea and made nazbol empire conquering Japan and indonesia. It was insanely easy probably because the civil war in China gave me independence and so I just industrialised in peace, I didn't even join a customs union but had highest GDP per capita, literacy and standard of living on the great powers list. War with all my neighbours was trivial and it was basically plain sailing and I didn't interact with half the mechanics in the game, I just built factories to increase urbanization and GDP even if they weren't profitable. Second game I played Haiti and it was going well until France declared war twice, tanking my economy and the second time they just bled me dry without sending troops until I went bankrupt which was so cringe. I will destroy them in my next playthrough mark my words.


>I just built factories to increase urbanization and GDP even if they weren't profitable
True Stalinist way, Feldman-Preobrazensky pilled.


bro you literally just revealed the juche strategy to the deep state


>true stalinist
>two men who were repressed by stalin


I recently got a phone because my old one burned out a few years ago, and I saw there was a mobile animal crossing game called pocket camp. It was fun for a week or so, but they fucking drown you in mechanics that are just there to make you discontent so you buy the solution. Unplayable by level 42.

But it's still an endearing formula, and I'm wondering what FOSS games out there are the closest to animal crossing? Doesn't even need to be on mobile, my main concern is modding. And if there isn't anything all that close, I think a "Super Tux Crossing" game would be a cool project.

Art sauce: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=88013230&mode=medium


Cute art. Regarding your question, ave you considered emulation? The Dolphin emulator works well for the first Gamecube game, while New Leaf can be emulated through Citra. You would need to get the ROMs first tho.


Yeah, I'll try that. I gave it a go once but was too busy with school to figure it out. Finished my finals yesterday so that won't be an issue.


New Leaf is the best version


Very cute picture! :3

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What games do leftypol play? I played through Stalker recently, I also like Deus Ex, Mount and Blade Warband, Dark Souls. I play supreme commander daily and generally enjoy strategy games.
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which ones are you playing through now? i'm doing a hard 'cturne playthrough on my switch. the hd remaster is pretty disappointing for its msrp, i expected something better. i bought it on a huge discount so it was worth it, but it's still annoying how they basically didn't bother to improve any aspect of the base game or redo/crop the fmvs in a better way. the only good thing they did was add the ability to choose your fusion skills


what is socialist about brutal legend?


I play Budokai Tenkaichi 2 with spergs and get my shit ran


i did the hardmode cockturns play and couldn't beat satan. final fight felt like a coin flip.


i really think a lot of it is like that, as much as i love the game. the element of enemies and the player being fragile to make level differences matter less than skill, ironically ends up killing you in dungeons and boss fights because of lucky crits and weaknesses you won't know about if you're playing the game blind. the fact that you get a game over if the enemy manages to kill your male-to-fiend doesn't help either

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