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File: 1699153936122.jpg (46.63 KB, 750x343, 1.jpg)


This is exactly what I look for in the Silent Hill series, thank you.
Silent Hill fans are always having to learn that it can get worse. Might actually be the most punished fandom there is.
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Mannnequin humping simulator mode confirmed?


I for one hecking love consuming redemption arcs, especially for abstract murder-rape demons


File: 1699368662067.jpg (78.53 KB, 1193x397, xd.jpg)

reading archived Silent Hill fan forum threads and this poor poster… her signature…. she has no idea how bad things are about to get


File: 1699368911798.jpg (128.88 KB, 1242x1141, 1662445078061.jpg)


Isn't he just a manifestation of James' mind

File: 1654574946865-1.png (224.2 KB, 625x353, our gnulag.png)

File: 1654574946865-2.mp4 (43.64 MB, 1920x1080, Stalin90 6.mp4)

File: 1654574946865-3.mp4 (12 MB, 1920x1080, 9.0.mp4)

File: 1654574946865-4.mp4 (21.47 MB, 1920x1080, TROT.mp4)


A general permanent thread for the ICUP and /pol/eague meme tournaments.
Previous thread: >>10211
Note that during a cup, a thread will be made on /leftypol/, then merged into here after the end.

>ICUP: Infinity Cup, a competition between a wide range of small imageboards.

info - https://anon.cafe/icup/
vids - https://archive.org/details/@icuparchive
>/pol/eague: A 4chan Cup invitational league for /pol/ generals.
info - https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//pol/eague
vids - https://implying.fun

Aesthetics files: https://git.leftypol.org/comrade/divegrass_aesthetics/
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File: 1662941539430.png (512.13 KB, 1920x1080, Infinity Cup 7.png)

Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned in the following weeks for the award winners.
Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!


There might potentially be an icup 8 in 2 months.


File: 1686136646657-0.png (37.67 KB, 536x600, 1659493761899-0.png)

File: 1686136646657-2.png (1.62 MB, 3100x3100, Grace icup ball.png)


Grace gives me Mario Strikers vibes.


Depending on the personal situation of the host, there may be an upcoming /pol/eague 8 in March/April.

File: 1699022170721.jpg (258.95 KB, 1600x1200, F97bNyTWEAA6MVY.jpg)


The cancelled, almost-finished Daredevil PS2 game has been shared online by an anonymous developer who worked on it, almost 20 years later:


hearing the story of why it was never made reminds me that the reason modern culture sucks is because executives have terminal brain rot


lol yup thats a cyber"punk" 2077 moment right there brought to you by the average polish fiction writer
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Based on me having slept with your mom.


punk is anticommunist

this is consistent



which is funny because even in the 80s people understood this. that's why most cyber-dystopia stories at the time took for granted the fall of the soviet union in their world building
but this is apparently a board game so you should expect the author to be exceptionally ignorant and mediocre


There's tons of sci-fi from the cold war which has the USSR still in it though. Other than ones in the far future what examples are there where the USSR has collapsed?

File: 1698763917341.png (2.96 MB, 1894x1048, ClipboardImage.png)



Getting Started
Please consult docs/contributing.md for more information! it contains information on how to compile the project on both Windows AND Linux

Picking up where Open V2 left off
The goal of Project Alice (named after Alice Roosevelt Longworth) is essentially to create a new version of open v2 – my earlier project to create a Victoria 2 clone – and then to finish a working, feature complete, version of the game. This means that, at least initially, there will be few departures from doing things as Victoria 2 did them, simply to keep the project focused and on track. Once a 1.0 is complete, we can then use it as a playground for new experiments. As of July 2023, I have basically caught up to where open v2 was, minus some deficiencies in the ui.

I hope to find a few people to form an art team that can recreate the assets that Victoria 2 uses to give this project its own distinctive visual identity. I know that is a big ask, but on the other hand, there will be no 3d modeling required. We already have access to a set of new flags that we can use, courtesy of the SOE project.

In comparison to other projects
In comparison to SOE (Symphony of Empires) this project is a more direct Victoria 2 clone, while SOE is its own game. Nevertheless, I tend to think of it as a sister project. We do have some people here involved with both (I myself make the occasional suggestion there), and if you see something that we make that they could use, I am sure that they would appreciate the contribution. Likewise, we will be using at least some of their work.

With regards to the OpenVic2 project, although it "marketed" as a Victoria 2 "clone," that isn't what they are working towards creating. Instead, they intend to provide an entirely new set of assets, including events, decisions, etc., which will make their project more of a Victoria 2-ish game. It is also run with a very different managerial style. If you are interested in both Project Alice and OpenVic2, I suggest spending time with both teams or even joining both projects.

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I'm no big fan of how victoria 2 looks at all, I'd prefer a more original art style


that is an opinion thats possible having :)


>they intend to provide an entirely new set of assets
>very different managerial style.
If your going to make a different managerial style than make it somewhat like V3 (for production), the simplified ui management from the building tab is alot nicer. I barely touched the tab or understand production in v2 unlike v3. Probably out of the project scope, but it would be nice.

Also for better or worse, it's much more hard/longer and debatably realistic in the length of time to change ideology in v2 then in v3.
It's took a whole playthrough to do so in V2, while i could do that way sooner in v3, so i'm wondering that going to change? is OpenVic2 towards realism like in v2 or alt history like in v3.

>new set of assets, including events, decisions, etc

Give me an option to make communist CSA, backport anarchism, add Egoism and make the rebels have diffrent ideologies and playble like in V3 (that's felt more realistic then having vague rebels).
Here's also some history video on communist in the civil war.

File: 1655863876488-0.png (1.21 MB, 940x530, bloodalone.png)

File: 1655863876488-1.jpg (311.51 KB, 1920x1080, FarEastCollapse.JPG)

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By Blood alone waiting room edition.


I didn't realise they also reworked the Far-Eastern Collapse.
If Kerensky fucks up the Manchu's still take over the West, Republicans run off to Transamur and Vladivostok and then either become one of two different flavours of authdem, Ukrops spawn in the north, but can either be SocDem or Banderites who are now properly set to reactionary.
Harbin proper gets to keep some of the south now, Its either led by Gastev who calms down his autism a bit and becomes PopSoc

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Rate my USSR run on kaiserredux


Looks glorious




What a gayass madeup name for a madeup ideology.


what an awesomesauce factual name for an existing ideology

File: 1698605790814.png (187.49 KB, 500x488, 1693519894633.png)


RIP Matthew "Many of you have asked what klonoa game I am playing. It's the new one on the wii. I'm at level six. I play with my pants around my ankles." Perry. Dude liked FO3 so much that he talked about it on TV unprompted so they gave him one of the best roles in New Vegas.
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File: 1698691020897.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.11 KB, 1246x866, chandler.jpg)

wow my opinion on him increased favorably tenfold now


>beat up Justin Trudeau when they were kids
Perry didn't kill himself.


I only knew one guy back in highschool who was a big Klonoa fan. He became a train-hopper crusty folk punk kind of guy and then he died of an opiate overdose. Keep your kids away from Klonoa.


File: 1698756514249.webm (1.12 MB, 1280x720, WAHOO.webm)



sounds cool until the part where he died


the problem is capitalism


He's saying that devs are too cautious, don't think he's really talkig about capitalism


No cap


For a second I thought the guy in pic was Cult of Dusty


the issue hes talking about relates and is perpetuated by capitalism
hes just too much of a yankee to know that


I'm feeling legit depressed
made a wrong choice and my girlfriend died, and that stupid black kid who betrayed me before would died instead if I made it right. This is ruining the happy ending for me, clem should be there with her GF having a perfect happy live raising a kid and finally having someone who loves her and wont live, and now she will be a lonely virgin cripple until the day she dies. I feel like I wasted 10 hour playing this fucking game, I wish she just died so I would now I couldn't give her a happier ending.
Fuck me.


replay it?


It wouldn't be the same


Then live with the consequences of your actions in a video game… forever.


File: 1698640897461.png (306.52 KB, 378x320, 1681253417840.png)


File: 1697690771819.png (417.38 KB, 1200x675, 42.png)


I used to buy a lot of games, but it came to a point that is unsustainable for me, idk how's the situation in NA and EU, but here in south america is pure hell, games usually cost 30% of the minimum wage + most games come with paid dlc, no localization and are released in a total broken stage, and lets not forget, we dont actually own any of these games, we just have a license for them.
why do people accept this kinda of shit that would never fly 10-20 years ago? better yet, why do some people even DEFEND IT?
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File: 1697729516069.png (1.07 MB, 1493x696, ClipboardImage.png)

I have 100s of games from Epic I got for free. I assume every time I get one they must give some kind of cut to the developer. TBH I usually try to only buy games if they're MP because that's really the only limitations of pirated games(usually.) Steam workshop is another reason.

This too. Support the indie devs you really like. For AAA games it doesn't even work like that. All the devs are already paid as much as they're going to get when the game comes out.


A lot of younger people are completely computer illiterate because the extent of their tech use are locked up phones. They don't even know what file folders are, much less how to torrent something, and are stupidly paranoid about "viruses."


>are stupidly paranoid about "viruses."
I mean that's not inherently a nerative. I consider my own childhood paranoia on the matter to have been a great motivator in developing my own tech literacy.
Hell even on stuff like PlanetMinecraft, kids don't trust the companies making these closed systems and are at least aware of stuff like linux, with some adoption. I think they'll turn out alright as long as the rent-seeking remains blatant.


idk how to pirate most games


Remember to buy indies directly from the developers whenever possible so a cut of the game isn't going to Steam or whomstever.

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