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If your a studio and decide to sell a base game and add mixrotransactions in them
Fuck you, fuck you for several reasons

I’m not gonna spend dozens of fucking dollars on a probably unfinished title just so I can find out minutes later that shitloads of garbage in it aren’t available for me to use that I can own fucking sleazebags, I don’t care if it’s “just cosmetics” or “minor perks”, first no one gives a shit about cosmetics if they’re not earned through being good at a game, that’s why I keep seeing faggots with sky forged weapons in Brawlhalla, or armour components in halo, or fucking you get the point and having these items that boost progression in games is one half assed way of saying the games a repetitive un fun nightmare you literally have to pay money for not to win but to progress.

And that’s just the start
I have one massive fucking hate boner for all forms of RNG in gaming because that’s shits fucking cancerous to put up with and when I see lootboxes that shits enough to get me to uninstall faggot along with making me smile whenever game studios get their games banned for that fucking bullshit. Games shouldn’t restrict what you can get from outright buying them much less prevent you from owning the shit in it especially behind a fucking slot machine, are these dumbass studios fucking delusional, they really do think that people are gonna blow their life savings on their dogwater releases? Fuckin hell man I didn’t even mention shit like paid packs, battlepasses, seasonal passes, ingame currencies whatever that make micro transactions in games even more confusing and predatory
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Ha I posted it because $125 on first try is pretty good luck. I think the average is like $2.5k?
It's too bad most MMOs fucking suck because I think you could actually make a good game out of the constituent parts that define one, but I wouldn't even say WoW is a good game (never played it lol). MMOs set in instances don't count either, if I can't have hundreds of people on screen shitting the game up into indecipherable visual noise then it's not an MMO.


Diablo immortal isn’t even an mmo
It has no cross server, crossplay or even offline support. The PVP is instance because of course it fucking is along with the rest of the actual multiplayer content. Fucken hell it actually reminds me of what mash said in this video
Diablo immortal is a single player game you can’t play online that’s filled to the brim with recycled assets from previous diablo titles whose P2W bs is somehow so inefficient that it makes more sense to play f2p only because realistically your not gonna progress that much farther with your wallet as ironic as that is with a P2W title ahahahahahahaha


Terraria? The game with a fishing minigame? The game with RANDOM LOOT? The game with CRITS?

Terraria literally has lootboxes.


Are microtransactions on free games seen as more acceptable?


That really depends on context but most of the time it’s a no. PC gamers especially hold f2p games to the same standards of monetization as ordinary paid games meaning shit like P2W gets derailed immediately or if the game simply has too many microtransactions in them. This is how you end up with situations where Destiny, tf2, Warframe, and csgo somehow have better monetization policies than the average new call of duty game or the dumpster fire that is the fifa series.

In some cases being f2p can make gamers even angrier over monetization because if you initially weren’t gonna spend a cent it’s likely your not gonna want to spend anything in game


Looks like my complaints about f76 and the elder scrolls franchise actually got addressed within this game

The gunplay actually feels and looks good to play with something I haven’t seen in a Bethesda title, ever… the game is clearly single player, the physics are actually working properly, the engine finally got updated and the concept is some hybrid of no man’s sky and star citizen something I would love to play considering I love games involving a shitload of exploration and crafting mechanics. Good job Bethesda and congrats to the devs
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>Crimson Fleet
Wait, weren't these the bad guys in Borderlands?


File: 1655665303476.jpg (707.85 KB, 1920x1080, WANDERERS_terrarium_01.jpg)

They described it as "NASA-punk". Starfield takes place in our actual future, no fantasy. They wanted to make some grounded designs, but it looks too much like Star Citizen's shit designs. They could have made the ships with solar sails. Or if they had balls and a better engine, they could have done an open world game set in an O'Neil Cylinder or something.


>using creation an engine notorious for handling physics poorly for a space game

This games gonna be a mess


File: 1655671132634.png (226 KB, 400x263, 1606598078141.png)

So Wolfenstein TNO in space?
>I don't know what feels distinctively "Starfield" in any of the footage.
This. EVERY other game like this has something unique in their aesthetic. Outer Worlds (space western/1930s retro future design), NMS (cartoonish futuristic aliens), X4 (hard sci fi), Elex (each faction has a unique look). Starfield looks drab as fuck, with barely any uniqueness. I mean you would think the devs would understand that part of the reason Skyrim did so well is because Skyrim had a unique aesthetic (nords, dragons, snowy mountains) it wasn't just a generic fantasy land.


>Our actual future
Not exactly. From the snippets we've already seen, Earth got hit by a comet and got destroyed, forcing humanity to move out.

File: 1619797651503.jpg (49.83 KB, 451x482, 1618927533064.jpg)


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your a faggot the second you post on an imageboard


bro that section fucked me up so bad, I still remember it.


Its mainly capitalist bureaucracy and laws which stifle their potential to build their own life.

In almost any capitalist countries any kind of construction must be connected to an electric or sewage grid, also meet building codes otherwise cops tear it down.

The monopoly on violence also ensures cops can harass or shoot the homeless and tear down anything they build.

Literally you cannot make your own life and it is all about conformity to a single borg.


it's a dude, you gay now


I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, I preferred KOTOR 1 to TSL. It was just…more fun. I will now turn in my gamer card.

File: 1608527889503.png (876.33 KB, 1280x646, L197L_sDsoo.png)

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not gonna look that up what kind of porn is it?


No, but I'm going to guess a lot of R63 and inflation shit for Pyro.

File: 1648084209841-0.png (225.92 KB, 957x830, emblem .png)

File: 1648084209841-1.png (69.76 KB, 2794x1217, flag of LPA.png)


Preparation for a Roblox raid against Azov. this is a raid perp thread against Azov battalion members / groups on Roblox
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File: 1649107680372.jpg (16.98 KB, 459x446, fuckThemKids.jpg)


File: 1649193227457.png (110.3 KB, 655x528, vixavaxa.png)


Are you zombiepatrol or is that somebody else?


>organizing online raids with leftypol
not going to happen, I've seen this board try and organize several of these it allways ends with no more than 4 people


It's also coming from /games/, which only has like four people to begin with.

File: 1655411960434-0.jpg (168.57 KB, 640x898, Spore.jpg)

File: 1655411960434-1.jpg (103.91 KB, 660x385, WillWright.jpg)

File: 1655411960434-2.jpg (63.27 KB, 601x600, ChrisHecker.jpg)


What went wrong? Was it EA's corporate meddling forcing the Maxis team to redesign the game mechanics to fit a more casual audience when the game was already almost done? Or was it as commonly thought the developer team splitting into two camps over whether to follow a realistic or cartoony graphic and gameplay style? What is your take on this whole story, anon?
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Mostly talking about not about the shit game itself, but rather how it turned out to be shit. Also for all of Spore's faults as a game, the creature creator at least turned out to be a pretty fun thing to toy with, especially with mods that add extra parts, although in the age of Sculptris and Blender 3.0 even this might seem like a rather unimpressive feature.


Because it offers something unique. Playing the space stage with a creaure you designed since a cell is cool. Also, the creature creator is unmatched still.


A spore succesor should drop the bullshit about being a game about evolution and teaching science. It is the complete opposite, a god creationist game. Just create a good science opera game with a fun and advanced creature creator.


The defining characteristic of Spore for me has always been its assfucking anti-user DRM.


it came out 15 years too early to properly do most of the things it tried to do, and while the core concept and creature creator are interesting the gameplay is not


File: 1655234514383.jpg (92.96 KB, 900x520, toddler.jpg)


>fallout comes on screen
>is it a remake?
>a new fallout game?
>heck maybe it's, new vegas 2?
<the pitt a 76 update
<I die

I was excited for it mostly just to see avowed and what inxile's been doing, but non of that was there sadly
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There is a theory that Fallout 3 was originally intended to be a reboot of the franchise until Bethesda decided to scrap the idea for some unfathomable reason, which would explain the various lore and design inconsistences like the Enclave being still out there and kicking, the presence of the GECK as a major plot point, the completely different power armor and creature designs as well as the whole "Capital Wasteland is still a barren irradiated shithole despite two centuries passing since the first game" deal.


File: 1655432187798.jpg (124.51 KB, 968x700, media_FVVWAe1acAA9PQU.jpg)

Forget Bethesda and Todd. There's a new fallout in town baby.
<adam Lacko
<Olympus 2077 and Fallout Sonora slav devs
<Fucking Mark Morgan
Now they only need to hire Ron Perlman for the voice over and we'll get the true dream tean going.


Is this a Doom Fallout TC? Looks dope.


it's just concept art


Yeah sadly, but a first-person classic Fallout game with vintage pre-rendered graphics would be awesome.

File: 1655469425360.png (1.94 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)


They don't make 'm like this anymore


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>is the leaked game still being patched anywhere?

Yes anon, random people are just going to spend their time finishing this shitty pre-alpha build of Vicky 3 for you instead of just waiting for the damn game to come out


use yandex for victoria 3 beta zip or something like that. You get a full version if you just recognize what the download button is.
There a good vk post, the first 2 links dont wor but yandex drive does. Good luck!


they actually do, thats the fun stuff


If I get a copyright letter you retards owe me


After mulling over the stuff that's in the beta, i gotta say i'm dissapointed in the political system of the game.
Having classes be tied to their specific produtive roles is obviously based, but them ditching Ideologies completely makes it shit. As much as i would have liked that, not all industrial workers see themselves as proletarian, and every liberal isn't anti-slavery (although that depends on the country).
A better political system would have subideologies representing each social strate (Industrial Workers would be succdem or communist, Academia would wildly vary across the spectrum and the Church would mostly tend to be reactionary or conservative) and the predominant subfaction would change through events and player meddling. Each of the ideologies would have specific traits for their social strata, since a socialist peasant will have different outlook from a socialist academic.


What your looking at is the games preset for the way it loads in its assets

Apparently bethesdas development team made most presets un customizable like the ability to disable vsync, render, and entity distance or the ability to enable things like G sync or Multithreading that would drastically reduce the clients input lag.

Why did Bethesdas developers decide to make the game not run like total dogshit but then prevent the players from being able to play the game at that level of performance in favour of a lag riddled game, I have no fucking clue at this point
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I just wanna understand why those good changes weren’t implemented like seriously imagine being on the dev team and randomly deciding one day to actively make the servers and client side run like complete shit for no reason


Probably to reduce risk.


And forcing players to play the buggy artificially laggy build that can be bypassed by re enabling the features anyways was a better idea?


Bethesda games always have some of the neater features tunable only through the .inis because they first they cannot be fucked to make a good interface for tweaking them, and secondly they seem to think that the defaults for them are good enough as they are (no shit). Most serious modding guides for these games advise the player to get BethINI and tweak the configuration files through it instead of relying on the shitty vanilla launchers.


>someone at Bethesda studios would prefer the games the devs release dying on day one than just releasing the good version they spent years developing

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