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File: 1708997840250.jpg (94.23 KB, 640x760, freedom fun allowed.jpg)


Hello fellas, I thought we could use this to share ideas for games to play.

Right now I want a post-apocalyptic RTS or strategy war game in general, I tried playing Cuban Missile Crisis just because I love the concept of a final war between the survivors of the various superpowers, but the actual game is pretty bad and definitely doesn't hold up today. I tried even playing this weird I think Russian old-ass RTS also set after the end of the world which was alright but again basic. I dunno anyone have any ideas?

Will also answer anyone else's questions obviously. Oh yeah and I also want a new XCOM style game to play but I doubt anyone will be able to suggest one I haven't already tried or looked at and deemed too garbage to play (seriously try me).


HOI4, Vic 3, Tropico 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Those are the games that have some left content. I want to play anno 1800, and when i was a kid i played Starcraft 1 and 2 a lot, age of empires, age of mythology, etc, those being RTS(real time strategy)


I've played HOI to death sadly, and Tropico gets pretty stale after a while, Vicky 3 is just not very good IMO. I was thinking of playing Anno 1800 but idk, I find the resource management aspects of it a bit tedious and the citybuilding aspects a bit shallow.


Have you tried WARNO? It's a spiritual successor to the Wargame series if you're familiar with that. Essentially a (relatively) realistic late-Cold War RTS with accurate recreations of real units and their equipment, and on a much larger scale than something like World in Conflict. It's got a steep learning curve and a niche player base, but its a lot of fun.


I was tempted to try that but I'm so bad at Wargame it's a bit intimidating.

Also, I prefer a doomed world kinda setting to traditional East vs West you know? Though I guess an actual cold war hot war is basically post apocalyptic anyway. Or 'pre apocalyptic' maybe.


>I was tempted to try that but I'm so bad at Wargame it's a bit intimidating.
I was never great either but it was always worth it to play imo. In general I would say its a big improvement over Red Dragon. The scope is a little more limited since there are fewer countries and they recreate real units faithfully, so no wacky prototypes and you're basically forced to specialize in terms of armored, mechanized, etc. decks. The gameplay itself however feels much better, the UI and graphics are greatly improved, they introduced some semi-decent AI commands so you don't have to micro as much, the soundtrack is excellent (all pretty hard synthwave stuff which pairs great with the visuals). As for difficulty its still a lot of fun if you can get into a 10v10 and fuck around without anybody really caring. The only major drawback is that the player base is still pretty sparse so it can take a while to find a game.

File: 1688182390122.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


What do you think of the Yakuza / Like A Dragon series? I love it!
Thread for everything Ryu Ga Gotoku
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I’m currently playing the OG Yakuza 1 on PCSX2, working just as intended, and the dub isn’t really that jarringly terrible.


The best thing about the dub is Mark Hamill. He doesn't voice Majima anymore sadly.


Finished Infinite Wealth. Good game.


without spoiler, how does it compare to other Takuza/like a dragon games? Did they improve on the turn based mechanics?


Yes, the combat is much more dynamic compared to 7. You can position yourself to get upclose damage bonuses/choose the best angles for your attacks, use combo attacks with the other party members. It only started to get old for me during the NG+.



can't fucking wait


<sniper ghost warrior 2
Honestly everything about this game looked bad and usual racist Americans shit but I happen upon this trailer:
<A lawless terrorist region of the middle east
<..situated between Syria and Lebanon
<… your mission is to assassinate president Bibi
Has anyone played it? Do you really get to shoot bibi? Is this a secret anti zionist game?


>sniper ghost warrior contracts 2.
Damn. My mistake.. with a title like this why would anyone play this?
I guess that's how they got away with it.

File: 1705856749979.png (525.67 KB, 1107x1067, 1705853198229508.png)

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There's no proper word to describe just how cultish and odious Nintendo fanboys are. There's a weird game of telephone going on because I've seen people accusing Palworld of being made with AIs or stealing from artists when it's not and at worst they are obvious parodies of pokeymans.
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well, what did you expect? There's not that much variable content. I'm enjoying it right now, but once done with the last tower and whatever's after, I will drop it for a while until the next big update happens


>be fotm
>be early access survival crafting slop
>game is only relevant because people think it's pokemon with guns
>game starts dying when people realize it has no real staying power
i can't believe people fell for this shit


well staying power is irrelevant to how good a game is unless youre one of those braindead online morons who want every single little thing to have a "fandom" lmao

also almost no game or media in general has staying power this past decade. new popular things come and go thanks to the breakneck speed of information under social media


Believe me i want nothing more for this game to succeed. I'm hoping this motivates them to put their all into this rather than just cutting the check and running. You can't deny their track record is less than stellar though so I'm tempering my expectations.


They finished their games, those just weren't successful

File: 1706321680209.png (35.99 KB, 1500x255, joy.png)


Blizzard had a survival game in the works for more than 6 years and just gutted the entire team. Anything that isn't an established IP is out, but even successful teams have been hit pretty badly by the layoffs. Hope everyone likes endless sequels and remasters!
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To develop LoL, TFT, LoR, Valorant, Convergence, Song of Nunu, The Mageseeker, Hextech Mayhem, Ruined King, the two big ones still in development, the fighting game and the MMO, on top of the hit Netflix show Arcane, I would say 5500 people is way too little.


>The Swedish gaming company Embracer Group AB is canceling a video game in the beloved Deus Ex series after two years of development and will lay off a number of employees as part of an ongoing initiative to cut costs, according to people familiar with the moves.
>The canceled Deus Ex project, which had not yet been announced, was slated to enter production later this year, said the people, speaking anonymously because they are not authorized to talk to the press.
>The sci-fi Deus Ex series has been critically acclaimed and sold more than 14 million units worldwide. It was acquired by Embracer in 2022.

Will never forget people saying you were a "doomer" for pointing out the logical outcome to all those mergers happening.


ZA/UM laid off several employees (lead writer of Disco Elysium included) and cancelled one of their planned projects, which was apparently an expansion for Disco Elysium.


I miss flash.


File: 1695492655832.jpg (71.38 KB, 500x533, true main character.jpg)


Sorry if this exist already but I didnt see it anywhere and Id like to discuss
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More like Gayos (positive)


Which of SMT games is the closest to eraMegaten? I've only played personas on emulators, but judging by youtube playthroughs of SMT games it feels like what a Palworld is to a Pokemon

What a fun game, anyway. Get Ringo to assume a "persona" of a demon with full magical reflect/resist and give her tetrakarn, get Figue to assume a "persona" of a demon with full physical reflect/resist and give her makarakarn, somebody to break enemy's resist to fire or something, somebody to buff, somebody to debuff, and then go and smash the enemy with some fire physical ability or with a fire-infused weapon. It's just a pure (un)adulterated dark power fantasy


Probably Soul Hackers.


File: 1707875936523.png (470.46 KB, 575x619, ClipboardImage.png)

This man is the only true representation of Stirnerism in media


>the only true representation of Stirnerism in media
This is a very bold claim.

File: 1707652706181.png (890.19 KB, 1024x1024, tiananmen mario.png)


>proprietary launcher
>running inside of library software
>you don't own the files

how did this become the norm for consumption of vidya?


Same reason as with any art form. Unlike software, art isn't generic enough to be easily replaced.


>why do capitalists try to maximize profits

File: 1695090039713.png (743.71 KB, 717x672, chihuahuas in skyrim.PNG)


if you had to live the rest of your life (with your family and loved ones) in the world of a videogame, which one would you choose
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Hmmmm… Interesting question… It's really hard to tell since I want an advanced-enough level of magic/tech without living in They Live, 1984, The Matrix, The Terminator or Starship Troopers. Maybe Phantasy Star or Ratchet & Clank? Shantae's Sequin Land is fine too but its level of magitech is roughly comparable to a mix of ancient Persian and modern-day technology (it has the Internet and anime apparently). Classic Mega Man I'm not so sure, with all those rogue robots running around. But I'll leave it as an option. Definitely not Mega Man X, it's just MGS all over again.

Imagine dying from getting drowned by Perfect Chaos in Sonic Adventure.


>Ratchet & Clank

good choice


Ironically I didn't even play it, it's just the only safe sci-fi setting I could remember. Which isn't saying much. Jak & Daxter seems to be closer to Mad Max which is cool if you're a badass and sucks if you're a civillian.

Wait, there's EVE Online! That's it!
>Sci-fi? Check.
>Wormholes? Check.
>Multiple factions and guilds? Check.
>Safe-ish regions? Check.

The only drawback is that it's very overwhelming, you have to have a cheatsheet of all the stuff.

I'll join the pirates and die in battle for Mother Anarchy.


I dunno man, EVE seems to me to be populated entirely by the worst people in the world.


You join a guild, the guild protects you. Your guild is your bros.

File: 1705466099094-0.png (2.13 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1705466099094-1.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1705466099094-2.mp4 (363.91 KB, 720x480, Gun_Test.mp4)


Let's say i have a couple pet projects, one of which involves paying people involved in said projects:

what would be a good way for us to raise funds for this which in itself also becomes an investment so we can cooncentrate in working full time in said project?

Also if any of you are interested just drop some of what ya'll know or want to learn and i'll invite ya'll to a chatroom thing; part of the project involves educating aspiring workforce that can help in the project(s) as opposed to the current game development industry which is made up entirely by college clubs.
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It's funny how people refuse to move to Matrix because of mandatory registration while the IRC and imageboards are still alive and well. Maybe the registration requirement is the tool of monopolization and should be rejected in favor of better moderation practices.


I've yet to succeed in registering an account on any Matrix server. I have no idea why it's so difficult. I'm tempted to set up my own server, but running prosody for XMPP for me and my friends is already a bit of work


Speaking of Doom, the icup thread mentions Doom as a possible venue for inter-board rivalry: https://8chan.moe/icup/res/5.html
surely rendering one of the Alunya 3D models to sprites shouldn't be too hard?


Can /dead/ participate with Max Stirner?


idk ask the organizers?

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