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File: 1694061301578.webm (2.48 MB, 1280x720, boxfox.webm)


To display some of the ingenuity of Ohshima, and his unfortunately scorned cohort Naka, we must look at the Box Fox. The Box Fox is a powerup from Balan Wonderworld that has gained infamy; yet, the source of its infamy is entirely the incompetence and slow-mindedness of e-celebs.
The player will acquire the Box Fox powerup in the 4th level on a cliffside abound with slopes, at which point they will be told that the Box Fox will randomly transform them into a box. Almost all players will then start walking backwards down the slope, at which point they will be turned into a box and slide off the cliff to their death.
The humor of the moment is unmistakable. The Box Fox is based on the shapeshifting kitsune of Japanese myth, known for their pranks and mischief. To kill the player in such a comical manner is befitting of their nature. The player will lose, at the very most, 30 seconds of progress, due to the Box Fox being discovered very shortly after a checkpoint. The player will lose nothing but the Box Fox powerup itself.
So why did the internet at large mock Balan Wonderworld for the Box Fox? It's simple. Low IQ people don't like a joke being made at their expense. The concept of a game killing them for a joke is too far, especially in a game like Balan Wonderworld which most of them were already predisposed to hate because of its reputation and dogpiling at the time of release. Rather than identifying the Box Fox as a clear joke, they instead ascribed it to poor design, due to the aforementioned low IQ. That being said, if a powerup like the Box Fox were in Mario Odyssey or some other Nintendobab game, they would have posted about it on Reddit on mass numbers praising it for its wittiness. Herein lies the idiocy of Balan Wonderworld's critics.
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how is Balan Wonderworld btw


not good


why are you ranting about people whining about a garbage game that no one played




>>30364 are you saying this about me or about op? if it's about me, i'll have you know that i'm well below average


I’ve beat
Just finished Dark souls 2
Far cry 2
MW 1 and 2, (the originals)
Sly cooper
Fancy pants, (every game)
And the first infamous game with my uncle
How many games have you finished?
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>he did genocide undertale



cant believe he killed all those hot furry beasts


>>30286 i wanted le e
ic sans battle
i hated killing the voluptuous furri
es :C


File: 1693940809318.jpg (60.07 KB, 600x597, cat council.jpg)

A pretty common but good taste. I wish my PC was not so shit and I could play any Dark Souls game without it being on the verge of exploding.
Also, Twisted Metal definitely needs to make a comeback and maybe do a crossover with Carmageddon.


>>30294 thx for the compliment even though you kinda called me a basic bitch ❤❤❤

>I wish my PC was not so shit

just download a new pc

>Twisted Metal definitely needs to make a comeback and maybe do a crossover with Carmageddon

ULTRA true!!!!!!!! :C
& that's a rly cool idea

i have yet to play dork souls 2. i heard it's rly cheap, difficulty-wise, but i liked as 1 and 3, so i should probably play the second one too

never heard of these games, and they look 🔥. good on you for buying small indie games

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File: 1694033705727.png (2.91 KB, 343x147, IMG_0227.png)


I don’t get the writers decision to keep vault tec and the enclave as separate factions, or even not make the first antagonists of the first games explicitly the corporation. They’re the first roadblock to the health and longevity to a substantial portion of humanity, they’re responsible for most of the major innovations used by settlers, raiders and officers alike, they should’ve been the first major faction.


"Ongoing drills in completed Vaults slowly created a cry wolf effect: Turnouts for the drills fell as the years went on, limiting the Vaults' future role in ensuring the survival of humanity.[Non-game 10] However, even if they didn't, the shadow government decided against Vaults being shelters for preserving humanity.[Non-game 11] After establishing control over Project Safehouse, they subverted it to their own ends. Rather than act to save humanity, Vaults were built to test their population as part of the Societal Preservation Program.[30] Only 17 of the Vaults were designed to work properly as control Vaults.[31] The 105 other Vaults featured a variety of scenarios, ranging from annoying to downright lethal, to gauge how humans acted in these scenarios for their own, nefarious purposes.[Non-game 12] Some were not provided with enough food synthesizer for their population, others had only men in them, or were designed to open prematurely. The purpose of this experiment was to gather data for the Enclave's own projects, the exact purpose of which is unclear.[32]"

Tldr: Vault Tec was taken over by the enclave who only intended to use the vaults for research purposes, they didn't care about them beyond that. Vault Tec was just a corrupt corporation that wanted to make money out of making vaults, they either didn't think the war would actually happen or didn't really care and just wanted to make money.


God this would be such a satisfying way to conclude that faction if not for the fact that that kind of realism in fallouts writing was consistent across all the games.

File: 1693885437131-1.jpeg (384.29 KB, 1192x624, landscape1-67058203.jpeg)

File: 1693885437131-2.jpeg (81.33 KB, 1347x704, Kenshi-146849356.jpeg)

File: 1693885437131-3.jpeg (744.75 KB, 1680x1026, horizon1-2265013449.jpeg)

File: 1693885437131-4.jpeg (256.19 KB, 1920x1080, latest-3234476601.jpeg)


Ken-Xi Jinping?
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I only appreciate dark story telling in games when the aesthetics match the writings tone. The environmental design is fine, but the character designs are so fucking bad and cartoonish. Just like the entire fallout series where the lore is painful and dark, but every NPC wears power ranger gear and borderline BDSM equipment for clothing along with using goofy looking firearms, rather than wear the mass produced nylon and cotton clothing proles internationally use on top of using standard pistols, assault rifles and everyday blades for self defence.
I get that Kenshis different but man it gets frustrating to see.


one day i will have a PC that can run this game


I've almost "beat" the game once but it started getting unstable once I headed to the ashlands. Southern Hive raids were spawning when they weren't supposed to and the game would crash when they'd get near my outpost, importing didn't fix it and resetting the world state completely was too demoralizing to consider. Maybe another time. My favorite part of the game is doing assaults on minor outposts, it's just chaotic enough with some bonus objectives like freeing slaves without turning into a slog like the late game where enemies just keep getting up over and over and you have to individually confiscate all of their weapons and med kits to make sure they can be easily KO'd again. Taking out the Southern Hive was also a ton of fun because you're so deep in enemy territory and the hostile patrols are relentless.

Fallout's aesthetic is meant to be retro futurism meets Road Warrior (at least until 4) and Kenshi's is sci-fi samurai, they aren't meant to emulate reality and doing so wouldn't make them better games, thematically or in terms of gameplay.


It would be really satisfying to see the aesthetics match the writing like in rain world, cyberpunk and dark souls 3. Players are less likely to feel completely disconnected from the world they take part in when what’s visually communicated to the player matches up with the world around them. It also helps make serious moments in the games stories feel a lot more organic than feel out of place.


Inner china moment


David Cage was 100% right on this one, they are failure of game design. Both immersion braking and challenge trivializing, because what are you going to do when you loose the game? Hit the reload button and continue like nothing happened.
I recently finished Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, and just now rage-uninstalled its sequel, and these two games perfectly illustrate why game over screens are bullshit. In the first game, you loose the game when you loose 50 systems to enemy (and also final mission I guess), other than that you can fail any single mission and continue the game, but of course, now having to deal with consequences of your failure. You failed to protect a system? You get debuff until you reclaim it. You failed to protect a system in one of the story missions against Planet Killer? You get debuff, but no way to remove it because there is no longer a system to reclaim. Failed to keep artifact out of hands of Chaos? They are more aggressive now. Got your ship damaged? Pay to speed-repair then or make do for couple turns without it. Even if the story is basically linear, it still lets player build their own narrative this way.
Now in Battlefleet Gothic 2, whats that, enemy decided to focus fire and blow up your admiral? Eat shit, game over, reload. Nothing, no consequences, just bad taste in your mouth. And there is no reason it had to be this way. Even if he just respawns, you still at very least get punished by loosing a ship. Or have player pay for having him respawn, of reset his level, give him some negative trait, anything.
Anyway, because I am a retard with no self control, I am currently trying to recover the deleted save files so I can reinstall the game and continue. I am going to make my own "game over" free houserule, reload right before the battle, delete my fleet, and continue from there.
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/v/irgin rage lmao


Guys I have problem:

I played a game about a guy who’s a piece of shit unlikable character. Now me, being a cool intellectual, I understand perfectly fine that art doesn't have to be likeable. An artist can create unlikable main characters in order to make a point. I enjoyed it ironically. But later I read an interview and the dude who wrote the story for the game actually thinks the douche main character is actually cool. So it turns out I wasn't playing a good game at all! I feel violated.

Can you help me out here. I need some donations so I can buy the copyright to the game IP and as the owner of the IP I can then declare that it is official canon that the character is a douche and NOT cool and so my own coolness hymen will be restored. Thnx.


File: 1693613765281.jpg (63.72 KB, 905x1280, 24b0ds800.jpg)

>I can make him write multiple paragraphs
secretly you know that I am right and you are wrong


I watched Mandalores video and read some steam reviews, and apparently its only Chaos campaign that is like this, and others are better. Suck so much, Chaos barely ever gets presence in games as anything other than antagonist, and even those couple times it does ends up poorly implemented. Total War Warhammer had similar issue, where Chaos campaign was generally considered to be borderline unplayable until the 3th game came out.


I know it is not what you are saying exactly but also from a decent story writing perspective it is important to let the consumer experience failure as a part of the story, these kind of game over systems, progress only when winning, often only encourage the same old stale power fantasies hat honestly should be grown out of before one hits 19 years old.
In my opinion at least.


For a studio like from software that has so much experience with visually interesting world design it’s astounding knowing they couldn’t beat anthem. This isn’t an issue with FOR its just a reality of how much potential was wasted on the ladder. It’s crazy knowing how much was just fucking lost the day BioWare fully pulled the plug on their own game, and even crazier knowing the closest title to come close to fulfilling what the game was trying to be still couldn’t hit it almost half a decade after it launched. Fuck fuck, I’ll still look into playing rubicon but man the pang of sadness felt knowing there was a game just like it that could’ve been so much fucking better and in some ways is in comparison to the one released today hurts, so much.
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The issue with anthem extends not just to its mechanics but the way it’s world was designed. There isn’t another game that’s been like it that has come out ever. Like fuck, I’m weak for games with interesting world design and plenty of unique encounters but fuck, I can’t honestly say there’s another game with a world like anthems. Searching for it is pointless and only goes into the same feeing that an insurmountable amount of potential was lost after BioWare pulled the plug on it completely.


Yeah, I haven't played it but I like how many cliffs, ravines, canyons and other natural features maps in Anthem seem to have. Something that a lot of games with vertical mobility kinda lack but could use, mech sims especially with their scale. Mechwarrior games for example when they do feature these its almost always rather generic mountains that barely have any cliffs big enough to land on with the jumpjets.


File: 1692969412662.jpg (149.74 KB, 1440x1286, rxhvaaby04kb1.jpg)


Da fucks this nuyka talking about anthem for?



Hard mode: no GTA games
<specially GTA V where you're more likely to just end up fighting 12 year old in oppressor bikes

right now i'm playing:


<you fight corporate cops there's nothing more cool than cornering them into cover at the end and blasting their asses with all my modded guns

>Red Dead Redemption

<Literal illegalist-pilled game every heist mission is such a thrill even if they start a bit slow


<old game with mods i love making blursed weapons and blasting cops with them then making them surrender and executing them anyway
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File: 1672397250153.png (731.8 KB, 600x838, ClipboardImage.png)


All Elves Are Breedable


elder scrolls frankly lets you kill guards, and they're kinda like cops, in-universe


cruelty squad


If you think about it, in war and country management games in general you are more or less causing potentially thousands of cop deaths

File: 1693499751778-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 536.72 KB, 828x765, 58FFEA40-5ED2-40B3-8976-6….jpeg)

File: 1693499751778-1.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 380.02 KB, 828x533, AD2EC27C-97B1-49DD-B91E-2….jpeg)


From the concept art it’s clear ND toned this character down from what they were going for by like a lot. Abby was way skinnier, used guns and blades like Ellie but she was as vicious as her when it came to kills, protagonists no exceptions. The fact that the first encounter she has with Ellie after straight up slicing off Joel’s arm happens when the several members of Jackson are captured by WLF soldiers and executed collectively, only to have Abby fully armed against Ellie is really dark. I don’t fucking know what happened during the writing phase that saw her have such a drastic change in character but man, this version is horrifying and I’d hate having her in the game wether or not she gets killed by Ellie just for how terrifying she is. Hell her post enslaved concept is so brutal I’d question if the game would get straight up banned like mw2 for being too violent.


I know to so many animators this doesn’t and shouldn’t matter at all but I feel Iike it’s something worth the effort to acknowledge for hack and slash titles. (I’m not a professional so take this with some level of criticism) typically most attacks meant to come out fast, barefisted or with a blade/blunt don’t involve the any part of the body moving backwards at all. In fact the entire point of faster attacks is to use the individuals body to quickly throw out a generally short but swift attack. This typically means these kinds of attacks wether it’s a basic jab, thrust or swing ends up covering little area but enough that it’s not entirely reactable for the person receiving the hit. In nearly all hack and slash titles this doesn’t happen, monster hunter, Witcher, Skyrim, dark souls, I could keep going. It makes the combat feel a lot less brutal and a lot less difficult when every normal attack has someone taking ages to throw something out in the most overly dramatic fashion possible. If there was a mix between fast, and swift attacks followed by highly telegraphed swings covering a large area, attacks you’d find with some of the lothric knights in dark souls 3, or basic jabs in tekken, it would help make these titles feel just a little more interesting.


Play nier replicant


That was actually a pretty shitty example because the attacks are all super telegraphed including the players. It would make slightly more sense to just make the attacks cover significantly more range but the combat is dmc tier in terms of spectacle over realism.

File: 1693274152236.jpg (1.15 MB, 850x1207, 28137101.jpg)


Truxton, Truxton, we want Truxton.


You want the Truxton?

You can't HANDLE the Truxton.

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