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File: 1626220990150.png (269.5 KB, 1200x821, w null_m7b2mbgddta71.png)


Whats games are the /leftypol/ people currently in the middle of playing?
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I want to love it. I really like the aesthetic. The sim aspects seem pretty deep. I like the idea of the lore and the world.

I don't like how you're outnumbered in every battle though. I think it's really fucking dumb that you can only use one ship at a time while the enemy can field their whole squadron. I can't fucking grok the aiming and it really annoys me when I whiff an entire salvo because the shitty reticle fucking sucks at indicating where my attack is going to go and the weapons are so fucking small you can't tell where they're aiming.


Probably because they’re shit at programming an ally AI or implementing a basic system to order your fleet. I love the game but Airships conquer the skies has it beaten in this aspect. Where fielding more than 30 ships at end game is the norm.


File: 1629300592099-0.jpg (493.76 KB, 1920x1080, vomitoreum 2.jpg)

File: 1629300592100-1.jpg (467.76 KB, 1920x1080, vomitoreum 1.jpg)

File: 1629300592100-2.jpg (258.12 KB, 1920x1080, hedon 2.jpg)

File: 1629300592100-3.jpg (295.92 KB, 1920x1080, hedon 1.jpg)

Vomitoreum is a doom engine game that just came out and it's basically a short metroidvania in a world made up of shit and awful. I especially enjoy how, instead of learning how to bend your knees slightly or lie on the ground, you painfully crunch your body down into a small sphere to roll around in vents in full metroid tradition.

There's also a massive 'update'/free sequel to Hedon coming out in just a few days so I'll be playing that as well. It's another atmospheric game and has an arx fatalis vibe with underground cities running off steampunk and magic, except populated by big titty orcs and goblins including your own 8 foot tall amazonian self.


File: 1629318986460.png (1.1 MB, 600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

I've just finished The life and suffering of Sir Brante. Nice little text based adventure made by a Russian developer, very well written imo. I only wish it was less railroady in the end.
And yes I did go for the revolutionary path.


Playing a Mount and Blade Warband campaign with the Last Days of the Third Age mod. Gondor and Rohan got their shit kicked in while I haven't even managed to take out Gundabad, Moria or Dol Guldur.


Any of my comrades want to play Warzone together? It's free.


is this the 200gb cod or the cod where you play with the touchscreen


it's around 80gb and on pc/console


Free like free toilet water.


This piece of shit can't even maintain a stable 100fps despite using current gen hardware in addition to sucking up 200gb of space because nothing is compressed. Oh yeah and hacking is rampant.
I thought Apex Legends was buggy trash until I played Warzone and realized that no, Apex wasn't even close to being the worst BR.

On the bright side this means CoD is going to die soon because their devs keep shitting out 200gb patches and games and one of the biggest sources of American imperialist propaganda will no longer reach the masses because Activision got too lazy to bother with hardware optimization lol


Is it laggy as shit most of the time for anyone else?

File: 1628719656697.png (424.25 KB, 1772x682, ClipboardImage.png)


Fable is the patrician RPG choice for any true marxist
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So if I'm playing a game of chess with someone and they've placed my king in check and I flip the board over and say that I won, is chess now a better game?


>black & white morals
Smelling some spooks over here.


hockey is a billion times more popular than chess and has awesome fistfights so I think the free market supports me on this one

heh king me fag


Anything, could you for example marry a dragon?


Yes. The dragon is even capable of actually loving you.

File: 1628740876683-0.jpg (47.97 KB, 1364x665, giants in the mist.jpg)

File: 1628740876683-1.jpg (129.66 KB, 670x1025, green knight beard.jpg)

File: 1628740876683-2.jpg (129.66 KB, 670x1025, green knight beard.jpg)


I really liked The Green Knight. What are some video games that have a similar trippy dark fantasy vibe
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I didn't get it. I was confused for like 50% of the movie.


Where the hell do you watch this? Is it some sort of limited screening before repease situation? Because rarbg has nothing and local cinemas say it will be releaded on the 20th.



It's playing in every other theater here in NYC


How? I mean it's trippy but the plot is pretty straightforward, everything he runs into is a typical medieval test of character. That's one of the reasons I liked the movie so much is it leaned in to all the weirdness that fills Arthuriana



That's actually a pretty good example, I didn't think of that


Do flash games count?
Some are trippy just for the gameplay, like Depict1.

Actually, try and be beat this for trippy: Second Person Shooter.


gong to start ded spase 1 after i bate 2;
wat am i in for :DDD?spurdoSpurdo


A slightly better game

File: 1628084869538.jpeg (240.17 KB, 1366x682, 1366_2000.jpeg)


Ok, so….
This game is crap.
I'm embarrased for having played it, seeking till I saw something of value in it.
But it is crap, like, one major shit.


Oh shit, it's monster hunter stories 2, sorry.


I've never played a single Monster Hunter game
Should I bother? What's the best game? And why is this one shit?

File: 1627793657623.png (72.85 KB, 255x200, ClipboardImage.png)


Quick! Post a 9+/10 game that has some actual educational value.
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File: 1628055655964.jpg (82.03 KB, 512x271, unnamed(2).jpg)


Idk if 9/10 But Exapunks is the more normie friendly TIS-100 and arguably teaches programming.accelerationAcceleration


File: 1628058427869.jpg (592.36 KB, 1276x717, screenshot0227.jpg)

The Expression Amrilato


Will I actually learn some basic Esperanto if I read this?


If you take it seriously, yes. There are study sessions and minigames where it quizzes you about it. You need to pass the quizzes to continue the story but there's a setting to skip them.

File: 1627672956824.jpeg (11.24 KB, 637x358, download (7).jpeg)


Modern games are boring as shit because the player has no reason to play the game. This sounds retarded but it's true, modern games are designed with an end goal, too many games are either multiplayer minigames or open world games where the world is filled with nothing and you have no sense as to what your supposed to do in those games, what ends up happening is the player either feels as if they're aimlessly moving a character in the game accomplishing quite frankly nothing or have already finished the game like in games like Alex legends or modern warfare and thus have 0 reason to open or play the game again as it's unlikely they'll find anything new or interesting to play. This lack of a purpose is one of the reasons as to why games since the late 2000s started seeing a noticeably declining quality in actual game design despite the fact that graphical technology has improved(of course if your willing to pay thousands just to run new releases at consistent frame rates than it's an improvement) and player dissatisfaction has risen to a point where ancientfags in gaming either have given up on new releases due to fears of wasting their money on a game that's gonna be shit and bug infested day 1. I blame world of warcraft for this trend as they made the belief that you can get players consistently spending on a game without a real purpose, and with it a bunch of new MMOs hoping to copy world of warcrafts success started launching all while making mistakes the developers of WOW had already came over during the 90s and early 2000s, suddenly the open world format would become an increasing normality with franchises like far cry and soon the world of modern gaming began to decay over a reason that could be fixed pretty easily. Oh well
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I blame crap like Minecraft (quite literally an unfinished game) for our modern standards more than MMORPG skinner boxes.


The problem with modern games is capitalism. It's why we get rehashed shit, microtransactions up the ass, and huge marketing campaigns for shitty rushed games.
GAMERS need socialism because it's the only way games can go back to being FUN. Games were GOOD when they were made by passionate nerds instead of committees seeking the most profit.


>The Soviets only got into gaming in a few years
>created king shit like Tetris
Imagine if the Soviet still exist today. We would have state funded Slav jank. All I want to see is people having enough resources to carry out their passion projects. Like Phil Tippett and his 30 years movie.


I blame Activision and ea. They shut down so many studios…


EA has been doing that since the '80s.


I am a socialist in almost every aspect in my life. I help organize, I promote worker rights, I don't ignore feminist and racial struggles. Yet when it comes to console exclusivity I transform into the complete opposite of everything I believe in. As an owner of a console, I enjoy exclusives and I hate it whenever an exclusive gets ported to PC. I know every game being on every piece of hardware especially PC is the right, moral, and "proletarian" choice, but I can't help but rage and denounce at the sight of any exclusive, even the ones from a different console, gets ported.

Maybe it's some residue PTSD from being in a tight-knit Demon's Souls community when I was younger, and seeing the community flooded by morons and petit-bougie assholes when the Souls series was ported to PC.

What do you guys think of console exclusivity?
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>just sorry
*just separate


>I hate it whenever an exclusive gets ported to PC
I suspect OP is taking the piss and yet I have to admit such people exist. Consoles really shouldn't exist and I say that as somebody who has played far more on console than on PC. On a PC, you can use the processing power for games and other things. The console is just a more restricted PC. In the future, all software and media will be freely available.


>What do you guys think of console exclusivity?

To hell with it. I do not give two flying fucks about 'community' or something like it if i can get to more easily play games with my friends.


File: 1627878445102-1.jpg (176.61 KB, 923x1360, 71TYDLm3pAL.jpg)

Back to /pol/

Or the BBS boards of yesteryear

The >Universal< Computer

OP, either you are the cringe you despise, the newfag/moron/petite bougie/pick your denigration that doesn't understand how social/public goods like communities work, or this is a bait thread.

All consoles and all culture are united in the future through emulation. You may as well cringe that Agamemnon's accent is all wrong in modern Greek plays. Or that no one mentions the French Parliament under Louis XVI with respect anymore.

As for muh culture, your unwillingness to take the time to enlighten the 'morons' is the reward of sloth and apathy. Leisure now, persistent morons later. There was a time when you were the moron in Dark Souls, I promise you.
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I wish consoles didnt exist because I dont want to waste my time playing sub par games

File: 1627495856688.png (1.47 MB, 1560x720, graphics dont matter.png)


Theres no way to improve 3d models, textures or lighting anymore what matters are animations and physics along with art and game design these days, battlefield 2042 wont look better than bfv, bf3 hell maybe not even bad company 2 but what it can do to show it's an improvement is by implementing improvements to its physics engine to make the world feel more interactible and immersive like bf1
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Due to the rate of profit AAA studios like ubisoft and Activision have been pumping out shitty bargain brand releases every year because profit margins are too thin within the pc and console gaming industry to produce well written,refined games with original assets like portal 2 ,old school runescape, half life 2, call of duty classic and world at war, and far cry 2. The modern gaming industry isnt what it was like in the early 2000s where most games were polished linear 1 purchase games that occasionally came with expansion packs that doesnt make enough mullah and that sure as shit doesn't keep the absolute vultures that are investors from pulling out their stocks so to compensate game devs are systemically forced to keep finding ways of pumping out money out of the same fucking assets out of the same unoptimized code with the same safe new releases every year that people are already familiar with because the risk of a new title like anthem coming out and just fucking flopping is higher than ever as profit margins continue to lower and the prospect of innovation within computer graphics to provide gamers better performance and new experiences is a dream. We will never see a game like bad company 2 ever again for a long long time


>We will never see a game like bad company 2 ever again for a long long time
Good, because it was dumbed down trash that signified the death of the Battlefield series. You shit eater.


I just mean some games look the same or worse than 5 years ago but struggle to push 60 frames on current hardware.


WiW is unironically the best looking game there is, and it has deffended this title ever since 2004. Art design and a good sense of creating aesthetics that fit together beat any sort of super fancy graphic technology, ESPECIALLY the meme experimental shit like textile/hair physics or "advanced" liquids like FromSoft shit after DS2 exemplifies (DS2 best looking FS gane btw), where suddenly every monster with loose clothes or some fur becomes a hairy scrotum that splashes shitty looking blood which then goes on to place a stain on the 3D model skin which just makes it look dirty.


>WiW is unironically the best looking game there is
That title belongs to a game released ten years earlier.

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