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Would you play league of legends classic?
What season should it be? I personally think season 3 gives long time players the most nostalgia
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I want to go back :(


Was 3 the season with that stupid lantern for junglers?


I liked wrigles lantern because it was a free jump for my main back then (jax). For most junglers you'd just go spirit stone and philosophers stone for the passive gold while your laners took your camps.
Wriggles was a decent alternative to the passive playstyle while also having utility with free wards.


Also, spirit stone was hella broken, even laners were building it


I played current day league today and I wanted to kill myself

File: 1654481522203.jpg (145.58 KB, 640x565, T4hTUAn.jpg)


Post wave slave simulators ITT.
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File: 1654682654492.png (515.48 KB, 500x517, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are these trucking simulators popular outside of German autist circles? I've seen people who stream normal games also stream trucking simulator. I don't get it. Looks like the stupidest ass game.


The Spintires series seems to be actually pretty cool since it is about offroad trucking and exploration rather than driving the same roads over and over, plus there are lots of quality mods available for it that add new maps and vehicles.


Like most simulators, the fun part is the incredibly rapid progress compared to real life. You can upgrade from your crappy truck to a super uber truck in a few hours, and then be running your own empire of truckers within 20 hours. It's fun to accumulate the big cash in not very much time.

That said, I would much prefer a Big Mutha Truckers type game with modern technology, where you can drive as fast as you want so long as you can shake off the cops


you don't pay Tom nook rent though. he saddles you with debt when you "buy" your house but once you pay it off it's yours


File: 1654843541082.jpg (654.13 KB, 1500x640, wave.jpg)

>wave slave
Right on brother

File: 1654786161808.png (1.4 MB, 1428x847, kojiman.png)


Was it good?


It was alright, not as good as MGS, massively overhyped too. But the actual game was fun enough. I dunno why they kept hyping up the plot so much though, it ended up being fairly basic.


I liked it alot. Playing it was more relaxing than exciting. The story was pretty meh at times but its conclusion was still satisfying.


It was an OK point where to have ended his videogame career, I'm afraid of what may come up later


it's dark souls of amazoncore bloodborne-type stranding games


As I mentioned in my first post complaining about world of Warcraft I specified that wow was always and always was looked on as a casual MMO and after going back to old videos of wotlk and the burning crusade I feel like although my expectations weren’t extremely high compared to the rest of the wow fan base that left I understood why I left classic. But let’s talk about classic wow, in pieces to get this right beginning with

>post 1: the UI

As you can clearly see in the OP the UI is about as garbage as modern WOWs, I know plenty of MMOs have this like EVE or GW2 but my christ most of the shit on screen is batshit useless especially since the second half of WOTLK was filled to the brim with easy dungeons and raids that made half of the shit on screen pretty fucking useless to even point out.

You don’t need a nametag and constant reminders to know who arthas or the curator is their models take up most of the fucking screen anyway. You don’t need a massive fucking damage text system constantly telling you when you parried, crit and dodged an attack because the HP bars will tell you enough to know what the fuck is going on, you don’t need to be told what level your at and occurring quests your doing along with a massive fucking skill menu you have because you use them all the fucking time, you shouldn’t need a map that’s constantly on screen when your grinding in zones you’ve been in for hours. It’s actually even worse when all this clutter is on screen is it blocks my FOV and makes trying to understand wtf is going on in the game half the time a fucking pain in the ass. I’m gonna be biased and say out of any other mmo that RuneScape 2 AKA old school RuneScape had the best overall UI design due to its simplicity and level of control that prevented your screen from being infested with endless numbers on mechanics you already have used god knows how many fucking times.

>and on to part 2 in the next post difficulty
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I don't even have nostalgia for wow classic yet I prefer to run around on foot until I can grind up the gold to buy a mount than to be gifted one for free.
Why the fuck would anyone buy a boost when you can get to level 20 in an hour, something that takes you days in classic.


Because blizzards current demographic for world of Warcraft players are players that don’t play world of Warcraft and want to progress everything easily. Guess what happens?

RNG is placed everywhere on buffs, item drops and mob spawns specifically to encourage spending money on boosters and straight up buying levels
Every normal quest is piss easy and requires zero thinking or even skill to play
And every actually fun component of the game like PVP, mythic raids and quests is all locked only to like the 0.1% of extreme whales of this game that take this shit to seriously and will buy anything that gives them a competitive advantage over other players which fuels the P2W bs in the game making there a massive pit both in money and in difficulty for players with no inbitween

If you wanna know what every problem in wow would look like if it was put into a single non world of Warcraft game look no further than diablo immoral(no I’m not spelling that correctly) that’s currently being assblasted by everyone



Despite the OK being a rant about activision, I'll just treat this as the wow general.
I just want to say how much fun I've had in classic. Nobody is rude, everyone is so wholesome and mindful. I think playing it is the most fun I've had on an online game ever.


OP* smh


It’s actually not bad. Yes despite how many fans of Bethesda have complained about its inadequacies it’s actually a legitimately good engine, but like with the frost bite engine it’s only good at a specific task. MMO games with minimal amounts of physics(see ESO), which makes sense. Creation was built off another MMO engine called Gamebryo made in 1997 which was used to develop games like rockstars bully, Atlantica online, civilization 4, and wizard101.

>the bad

Because creation is technically an MMO engine and one based off a particularly old one that stopped becoming used by industry titans after 2013 as you’d expect it comes with a lot of limitations. Physics wise it simply just not great when compared to engines like source, cryEngine, frostbite, and ID tech, all engines that can get away with their advanced physics particularly because those games are typically used for developing single player games. Because of this these internal flaws live on in single player games using creation most notably in the elder scrolls franchise and Bethesdas fallout games where collision miscalculations, random crashes, and stupid AI are a regular occurrence that stick out enough to affect gameplay. Despite this beyond minor rendering issues the major problems with creation isn’t too bad what needs to be fixed is literally just how the engine differs between a server based and offline game along with bethesdas software team adding in new features for better physics to get up to at the very least 2016 standards of physics for the engine.’

>the ugly

Dear Christ where do I even begin. Remember how earlier I specified that creation is based off a 90s era engine called gamebryo, yeah unsurprisingly it also has the compatibility of the 90s for most developers to work with, ingame models frequently only ever work for specific engines of 3ds max or maya, animations just randomly not loading, entire mesh data for objects in the game engine being deleted, old bugs from the 90s never being fixed, lack of features for Multithreading, or cross compatibility support the list goes on about how hard this engine is to work with. Apparently pretty recently there’s been a major delay within star field because of how difficult creation was to work with as most of the software team working on it never fixed the physics or server problems and instead opted for graphPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>physics are tied to frame rate
>no dude it's actually not that bad for real


i like that they're basically still hacking gamebryo instead of following industry gimmicks about what an engine should have


Not really

If creation 2 doesn’t address problems with physics, server scripting, and compatibility issues the engine at a certain point is gonna get abondoned for something else like ID tech for their single player titles because it’s gonna cost to much to work with compared to retraining staff for an engine easier to work with


It's absolutely insane that bethesda didn't already take the opportunity to switch when they hit a lot of growth over the success of Oblivion and Fallout. They must have plenty of people who are already trained with other platforms, but instead of migrating to something not shit, they put their new developers on their old and busted engine.


the gambryo codebase was meant to be portable though
it works on PC, it works on xbox, and it works on playstation
no need to replace it completely


Here’s the shortest explanation, you know how I first person shooters the camera will rotate or stare in the direction of the mouse relative to said players position and overall rotation? This variable ensures that whenever the player moves a mouse there’s a bit of delay between the time the mouse was dragged and the time it takes for the weapon your using to be aimed in that direction, this alone means that snapping effect seen by hackers using aimbot is essentially removed and that any sign of said aim without delay can be automatically qualified as bannable as in no context can such aim be possible
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Ok well if someone wants to make an actual physical robot to aimbot, maybe that can't be stopped, but as for the idea of adding a delay to aiming, it just sounds crappy and people would hate it, also couldn't you program the bot to factor in the delay too? It would still be faster than a human could possibly do it, so it would be pointless right?


Not so. Because of that aim and response time that still gives other players enough time to be able to move out of the FOV range of the bot along with giving the server more time to register foreign or altered files within each match before outputting anything like a kill assist or death etc. obviously delayed response isn’t a perfect solution but it does get rid of most of the major problems with botting and makes it less effective

Also again collision boxes on walls being ignored on top of being able to see enemies through said walls floor and other objects


>people can walk away faster than people can aim

I don't think you are thinking about how awful this would be to play


I'm a /g/tard who hates the "botnet" but it truly seems like invasive software is the only way to prevent cheating as bots become more advanced.


Just remove snipers from every video game EZ

File: 1654661292298.jpg (140.8 KB, 1200x675, FUp2631WYAI3ZF1.jpg)


Overworked GameStop employees walk out, tell gamers to shop elsewhere
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Did they actually just walk out or did they lock up the store like good little workers


gamestonk is le based retailer


Haven't walked into a physical game store in years. I think they're gonna go the way of video rental stores soon enough (they practically no longer exist in my cunt).


Yeah that's why they were massively shorted in the first place. It would have been perfectly unremarkable except porky got soooooo greeeedy that they started over-shorting the stocks of gamestop and some other compannies and the retail investors called their bluff on it.



i have no regret pooping on hedge funders


Reccomend me an offline, single player, linear leveled action game
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File: 1654611080108.png (3.68 MB, 1600x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

>Jazz Jackrabbit
Mmm, classic shareware.


Croc legend of the gobbos



File: 1644009337110.jpg (1.04 MB, 2550x2160, PXL_20220204_210841076.jpg)


I hadn't looked for my ps3 since 10th grade (3 years ago) and wasn't until a few weeks ago that I found it deep in the garage with all the games with it. I'm pretty excited and I've been replaying metal gear rising :)
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File: 1654642250141.png (286.51 KB, 569x414, ClipboardImage.png)

>You either actually care for [other people finding something somewhat enjoyable that you don't think is perfect]. Or you don't, in which case I wonder why you're here
>using 'poor' as a pejorative on leftypol
rofl how did you even find this site? why not just use on of the dozen /v/ boards where this pathetic anger fits in?


>bruh the content can be accessed if you hack your game, that totally counts as accessible to the average gamer


Can you try actually refuting anything I've said with something substantial rather than a pity attempt at gaslighting?

Consider a dictionary.


File: 1654654138904.mp4 (740.75 KB, 478x480, advice.mp4)


File: 1654074769608.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 12.73 MB, 1280x720, R.mp4)


What's your favorite video game that was developed in Japan?
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The absolute STATE of newfags.

▲ ▲


File: 1654554146032.jpg (46.92 KB, 512x250, romance.jpg)

Why the greatest jrpg of all time of course.


File: 1654625427587.jpg (38.85 KB, 400x400, coomer hulk.jpg)

>Why, yes, I do think all video games should be porn, how could you tell?


On god? I wanna try a 3D sonic.

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