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Post some gaming daddies


File: 1687698638665.png (947.2 KB, 1000x750, ClipboardImage.png)

I want to massage twinblades back.
Fable in general has these hunks everywhere including the main character if you get your stats up enough


File: 1687833647576.png (552.87 KB, 611x957, Armorking.png)

I like Armor King because for all his love for brawling he was a swell guy and pretty much joined the tournament to fill in for his dead friend.
Also he reminds me of Guin.


Fallout 3 is my favourite Bethesda title to have ever been released and even after beating nearly every dlc I still feel like I haven't truly finished the game with all of it's quests and discovered locations. One thing that hit different about 3 that I didn't feel while playing daggerfall, Skyrim and new Vegas was a proper feeling of scale. All three of those games have larger worlds but they feel emptier to me because their structures are too small or not densely packed together.

Most towns and locations in new Vegas and Skyrim rarely go on past a single room for a building about the height of the player and everything is too far apart in daggerfall for me to appreciate anything in the game world without spamming fast travel, I think Bethesda should stick with their world design choices they made in 3 and apply them to starfields worlds. It would make travelling not just between planets but in them alot more enjoyable - at least for me, if it means there's something to explore through even if it's not entirely interesting.
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But is the epic scale even noticeable or real if you can't traverse it in real time? If not you are basically just looking at isolated points that are effectively the same as discrete levels that have been the norm for most of video games.


One big level, why would you want to suffer through that as a player, because it is "modern"? Epic scale means travel takes forever. This can be simulated so it's true in the game world without the player literally suffering though that. In a space game, you can have cryo-sleep and mind uploading to a series of clones as an in-game explanation for travel that takes decades inside the game universe. It's a common movie technique to show the passage of a lot of time as a montage with music lasting a minute or so. A game with a dude on a horse riding from one village to another can do an equivalent thing with a catchy tune playing while a bunch of random opportunities are popping up and your beard is growing one meter per minute.

Yes, I prefer distinct levels + overworld.


File: 1687539128314.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

My point was that "epic worlds and real time gameplay don't mix" is kind of the opposite of true. You might not like that design approach (which is fine btw) but on a technical level you can't have that kind of epic open world without also having real-time travel through it (or at least the option to do it).

It's about design goals at the end of the day.

Big open worlds aren't actually realistic of course. They massively compress the space you're in, which goes along with compressing the time. Like how you can see Whiterun from Riverwood in Skyrim and walk there in a few minutes IRL, but much more time passes in the game world. It's all about tradeoffs and which ones fit best for the intended design. Worlds like Skyrim are the way they are because the game is meant to emphasize a wide-open-sandbox approach where you can just go anywhere and do any of the game's content in whatever order you want. Basically an a-la-carte approach. But that means you have to make sacrifices in the realism department, because nobody wants to actually sit there for a realistic amount of time to travel between a medieval town and city. Same as how actually building a realistically sized town or city would not be that conducive to the kind of gameplay Skyrim emphasizes, it would mostly be adding a bunch of filler buildings between the important ones making it take longer to travel between key locations with more NPCs spouting their one line of dialogue as you pass. Daggerfall did this and the result is a world crammed to the gills with filler. The compression of the world is necessary to making it acceptable to play, and finding the exact right balance is a challenge.

Of course, you can forego that balancing act entirely if you just have a different game structure, like the "classic" discreet levels. More recently there's been the "open zone" method getting attention (Mario Odyssey and Sonic Frontiers), although it's older, going back as far as Deus Ex and other immersive sim types. That's potentially a better balance for this kind of open gameplay because it's a lot easier to design a more compartmentalized zone than an entire world where you can just walk from any one place to any other. This could be combined with the other really key feature of these sandbox type of games, which is the seamless travel. We've already got ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


A bigger isse with daggerfalls open world design is how small locations are and spread out they're not the size of the map itself

The towns are literally copy-pasted but even worse theyre barely the size of actual towns even by the standards of the middle ages, not to mention the fact that the wilderness has no natural npc and enemy spawn points, roads connecting cities, particularly interesting dungeons with explorable exteriors etc.

Most issues with exploration in daggerfall could be fixed by expandinf the size and number of ingame structures and adding spawn points for NPCs and enemies in the empty space in between


yeah but daggerfall is basically procedurally generated. nothing on that map was handcrafted, and to get a realistic scale the cost was making it impossible to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time without fast travel. i know this because i played that game (even if i didn't finish it) and because of the need for fast travel the world barely even feels real because you are fast traveling everywhere and are unlikely to actually manually travel anywhere in that game

at least that is how i remember it, memory may not be accurate


>ass creed puts marx in one of their games
>chinlets get to have it both ways
>they get to say "our society is literally marxist they put him in the mainstream bibeo gam!!! i'm oppressed!!!"
>they also get to upload videos of themselves killing marx where every comment is the same upvoted soyfaced reddit joke of "you sir have saved ten gorrillions"
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it is almost as though capitalist cultural hegemony has evolved to commodify its own opposition


File: 1687330250001.png (72.69 KB, 281x324, 1374417284876.png)

Games are for kids, do something better with your time.


Yeah rightoid bros, we sure own the lefties by playing corporate goyslop #344404. This truly is a red pill moment where we have based consumerism vs bad consumerism


>Yeah leftoid bros, we sure own the righties by making rightoid whinge thread #344404.


>smug manga girl
Sorry kid, but you are in no position to argue for anyone else being infantile.


Babe wake up, it's time for your new anti-communist survival rpg rts train game.
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Would be interesting if there would be a route to defect to the side of Reds, though that would be likely a "bad" route given the events that inspired the whole game's plot was the Czechs escaping the Reds rather than the Whites. I do not see much how a bunch of pro-Entente volunteers could do a 180° like that other than perhaps a faction aboard the train raising a mutiny akin to the one that happened aboard the Potemkin ironclad.


sounds like an interesting concept
probably not no


The trailer narration says "…through territory disputed by Red and White armies.". As far as I know Czechoslovak legions never fought against whites, but the wording implies that will be an option in the game.


I'm guessing both sides will just be your enemies, didn't the whites fight each other sometimes?

This game is by a Czech dev team so I doubt they will sully their nationalist opus with communism sympathising


Most likely wont, and I dont want them to. I want me as a player to get an option to choose, but I dont need a video game to propagandize to me.

File: 1687106346199.jpg (100.54 KB, 1348x758, Screenshot.jpg)


All video games must have the same UI now. There's a lot of western devs that think game design isn't about creating unique experiences, but about reaching the singularity of game design, the one true correct way to make a game. You see this every time a game doesn't follow the formula and they get mad.
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File: 1687123438455.png (184.47 KB, 1280x1024, xonotic_xaw.png)

this but unironically


What would you change about it? I don't have a great aesthetic sense but it doesn't strike me as bad, just uninspired. It's reasonable to think a conventional, easily understood style would emerge the same way wasd-movement and escape/start menus have, being less about zeroing in on the one true game and more about using a risk-free, legible design to devote more development resources elsewhere.


The UI is important in games, you're looking at it the whole time you're playing.


>but when it was clear all the "spells" were all just glorified guns firing variations of magic missile I lost interest
that sounds fun thoever


It was Destiny who shitted all over gaming UI. Starfield menu looks good tho.

File: 1685152511864-0.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685152511864-1.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


Inspired by Lord of the Rings: Gollum.
somebody get the franchise out of Amazon's hands
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kys Vermin.


Kojima didn't direct that game


Kojima is still stuck on Metal Gear, and he will double down on Death Stranding 2. The gameplay it's cool, unique and fun. The story should have been more focused and humanistic. Long cutscenes should have been left on Metal Gear Solid.


I dunno if I agree on the cutscenes, but I think the constant grinding dilutes the story beats. I mean it's supposed to be a distributed task, irt building roads, but that system is broken, it doesn't work, so it means grinding.


>more focused and humanistic
Did we play the same game??


what's everyone think???
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>with actually introducing Communist ideals into the mix
Won't even get past the drafting stage.


Well they can't have anything set in the future, because then that will constrain whatever the Disney writers room shits out in 5 minutes for the next movie's plot.


Disney can't make anything new. They can only make pale imitations of the old EU, possibly even ripping off shit from it like Palpy coming back.


>Disney can't make anything new. They can only make pale imitations of the old EU
Tru, all those damn remakes are cancer.


Right but still I came up with a fucking plot in like 10 mins of survival horror. Linking up the ideas from the KoTOR games having the Star Forge Slowly Rebuilding itself, calling to unsuspecting victims turning them into hive mind like zombies while on the Planet its still primitive with the Rakatans still an extremely hostile race. While everything around Rakata Prime is ship graveyard.


New trailer dropped. Cringe chosen one narration, but gameplay looks really fun. The vibe I get from it is trying to be to Skyrim what New Vegas is to Fallout 3 (i.e. hopefully making it good).
Also its rather striking how pretty and intriguing the world looks, despite being generic fantasy, in sharp contrast with Bethesdas Starfield, which is sci-fi filled with the most boring alien planet designs imaginable.
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>game world not being a single big map, but split into number of areas.
So it's hub based like The Outer Worlds was. Some of the later areas were very undercooked in that game, hopefully they got more money and dev time with this one.


>I have spend two weeks just getting all the mods working together
That's the fun part.


No its not. Some of it was fucking esoteric, like I had wildlife AI mod, so that animals behave like animals and not like video game enemies, which worked fine on its own, but broke hostile NPC AI (not wildlife, that worked fine, just "people" enemies) when used with other mods. After a whole day of experimenting, I figured out that the culprid was a texture mod. Like how? How does that cause anything?


>Like how? How does that cause anything?
Well, the thing is, Skyrim is not Doom…


That texture mod probably had a plugin that changed AI package in some way. Which one it was btw?


debut gameplay trailer of witcher 3 turns 10 this day depending on your time zone. one of the most famous and influential rpgs of all time, now time to talk about your views on it in this thread, whether positive or negative
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That just means you've never played Witcher 1 or 2 then lol.

Witcher 1 is a weird turn based/live action eurojank mixture that is somehow even less interesting than Witcher 3's combat.

Witcher 2 is super consolized (you can't take potions mid battle, for instance) and yet has absurd difficulty for much of the early game since enemies do 600% more damage if they hit you in the back once and your initial rolling distance is pathetic meaning vs. crowds you have to cheat hard and use the environment to avoid getting gangraped.

Thronebreaker is genuinely fun CCG combat though but I ranked it below 3 since most people don't like card game combat.

But in any case just on story alone Witcher 2 all and nothing will ever top it.


>That just means you've never played Witcher 1 or 2 then lol.
In fact I did. Second one had better combat, but more importantly, I interpreted "gameplay" as not just combat, but overall gameplay experience. Sure, Witcher 1 combat is what it is, what can you even add about it, but you know what else? Well designed map, sense of progression, engaging quest with meaningful decisions.


I was bored to sleep playing Witcher 1. Witcher 2 has the greatest amount of cool and hard choices you can make. 3 didn't have good choices but at least 3 didn't bore me unlike 1.


Witcher 3 is the worst case of level scaling/level gating I have ever seen in a videogame. I genuinely dont get what were the designer thinking when they decided to make all equipment scale to the level, thus assuring you can never get a good item, just always average. Or enemy levels being completely unrelated to creature type, meaning you can easily defeat griffons and basilisks but get one shot by a drowner 30 levels above you.


Kek if level scaling pisses you off you should try Diablo 4. All enemies auto scale to your level and all your drops are always below your level and the only good items are legendary ones which have a 0.00001% drop rate that you need to farm 20 hours for each. At least with Witcher 3 you're given treasure maps to unlock the max tier witcher armor and you can easily find everything you need.

File: 1686578116823.jpg (2.04 MB, 3000x1688, TotK_Key_Artwork.jpg)


I really don't care about 30 fps. And if the game pushes software, hardware or gameplay boundaries, I specially don't care.


just emulate it lmao lol


Starfield tho.


>Zelda ToTK
>Pushing boundaries
It's literally just another Zelda game but with shitty and less interesting minecraft mechanics. But of course all the nintentards soyface over it since they're stupid. Nintendo as a company is so fucking overrated.


i played tunic instread tbh


By this point there is no reason to NOT emulate Nintendo games aside from the online multiplayer (which is shit anyway). Nintendo can fucking kys. I want them to suffer. I want them to beg for mercy as their annual budget approaches zero.

>but with shitty and less interesting minecraft mechanics
You're being too harsh to a pretty decent game. I don't hate Nintendo games themselves, they are fine.

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