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Funny mods, cool mods, etc.


In honour of DMX




File: 1618974248349.jpg (10.48 KB, 184x239, Cyberpunk2020.jpg)


Post any free tabletop sourcebooks or places to get them here.


File: 1618915892968.png (407.85 KB, 960x540, 1586066194295.png)


>Heavy isn't actually a communist
>in lore his father was killed by the USSR and his family was sent to a gulag
This is like being told Santa isn't real as a kid.
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Yeah, they pulled a super lib move for PR, saying even Medic isn't evil enough to join the nazis.
Can't blame them, I guess.


I wouldn't blame the medic for flipping nazis off but not making the heavy a commie was a dick move considering how he has a ton of soviet themed cosmetics.


>in lore his father was killed by the USSR and his family was sent to a gulag
There's plenty of people that stayed/became communists despite their family going to prison.


despite that communist heavies are a popular meme
the hammer and sickle pootis heavies transcend lore


Just because you've gotten shit in the USSR doesn't mean you're a not-communist. Think about Valery Sablin, Trotsky, among others. Life is complicated.


File: 1618537036793.jpg (150.37 KB, 1048x1798, DmzGUn-V4AAvjFJ.jpg)


This thread is for everything related to indie games. Please throw some recommendations. Here is a list for our interested friends

God tier:
-cup head
-hyper light drifter
-shovel knight
-papers please

-Hotline miami
-the messenger
-Stardew valley

Not the best but could be worse
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Starsector (mods have ear-raping USSR anthem)
Devil Slayer: Raksasi (chinese top-down dark souls-like roguelike)


I played a couple episodes forever ago, really enjoyed its look and atmosphere but the story is incomprehensible, I really didn't get it.


File: 1622052490574.png (1016.87 KB, 816x816, 1561151572_ATOM cover4.png)

I've been playing Atom RPG, it's basically fallout 1/2 but in soviet Russia, pretty great if you ask me.


File: 1623949375909.png (39.12 KB, 400x302, sleep.png)

anybody here a lisafag?
just played Scholars of the Wilbur Sin last week, it wasn't that great, but some moments were pretty good.
I still think the original Pointless is better, that fight with Arnold was underwhelming.


File: 1623959181024.jpg (139.08 KB, 600x897, indie as fuck.jpg)

>one author
>still making sales off itch.io
>manages to maintain a vision for game design despite being FOSS
Mindustry is the most successful libre game of all time and officially indie as fuck.

File: 1618399307838.png (1.05 MB, 1024x768, acab.png)


>be game set in a medieval fantasy
>have mandatory preaching about equality and racism
>also have characters that are just simply much better due to lineage, race, royalty, etc.
Every. Fucking. Time.
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>what wrong with a rape fetish


Mega cope


that's what i'm askin yeah


>thread derailed by moralfaggotry
Go back to 8gag, /v/ermin.


>bitching about moralfaggotry
no u
rape not goods coopz

File: 1617841983995.png (283.17 KB, 583x486, horrifying.png)


Just finished Touhou Luna Nights liked it alot but could've been a bit longer.
Recommend me good Touhou games and other games with simmilar gameplay
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Thx for all the suggestions
I started playing this game >>8617
Its pretty nice so far also gonna look into the other stuff


Shit taste.


Play Imperishable Night


>not even mentioning THE touhou kamige, Imperishable Night
Opinion discarded.

I'm not even >>8629.


You need to play more STDs, my gott.

File: 1617816455815.jpg (65.03 KB, 750x804, 1616829355749.jpg)


Hi, /games/ I opened up a stream for vidya if anyone is interested.
https://tv.leftypol.org/r/chrootStream Also, there's music.


Nice gonna watch for a bit


Thanks anon. I logged off today, but, I had a shit load of fun. Will stream again as soon as possible.


great you could use the cytube if you want


I try and pay attentuion to the cytube, lol. I forget it exists some times, lol.

I think I am going to mostly be streaming every day before work from here on out. I am streaming right now if anyone wants to jump on.


Is this Lee b8?


I'll start.
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>Chrono Trigger
I wouldn't say it's ahead of its time in any respect, it's just polished beyond belief with a team of people who couldn't be touched. The battle system, the plot, the time traveling aspects, etc had been done in RPGs prior. In fact, there isn't much in CT that I would say future JRPGs took from.
I hate on Earthbound more than I should, not because I actually dislike the game (I think it's a really fun time), but compared to how good some of the RPGs on that console were and how clunky the game was at times, I just can't say it's even in the top five of its genre. Also Mother 3 exists and while it's not fair to compare the two, one is a 8/10 game and one makes Chrono Trigger look like IdeaFactory shlock.
FE7 isn't the best of the series, but it's such an easy game to sink 20+ hours into without realizing where the time gone. Speaking of which, pic related is what I'm going with. Fire Emblem isn't nearly as good as it is without what this game establishes. It's also one of the few games in the series that's meaningfully critical of the premise of the series (superpowered monarchs tear the countryside a new asshole, except this game points out that's not actually good)spurdoSpurdo


How do you feel about The Binding Blade? I found it at a cheap price in a second hand store.


File: 1618681422976.jpg (60.27 KB, 640x443, Super Mario RPG.jpg)

Actual Best SNES RPG comin through.


It's hard for me to give it a fair shot considering how much of an improvement FE7 and FE8 are. There's just a lot of weak units (even for casual runs) and some truly awful maps. Chapter 14 of FE6 is my least section of gameplay in the entire series, and it looks even worse because FE8's main desert map is one of the coolest fights both from a map design and plot standpoint.spurdoSpurdo


>They're all decent
After Tellios the series became increasingly bad.

>Otherwise you'll be waiting for hundreds of turns to get your preferred romantic pairings.

Just play a regular galge/otome at this point. The dating sim aspects of FE are honestly terrible if you've ever played VNs worth their salt.

File: 1617551250712.jpg (317.47 KB, 978x777, klv.jpg)


What do you think about killer7's politics?

File: 1617502582262.jpg (122.94 KB, 400x300, Super Fucking Metroid.jpg)


Is this game about late-stage capitalism? Or does that matter?
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Samus redeemed herself in fusion


They call her a bounty hunter but how often does she hunt bounties? It seems more often she's following missions given by the Galactic Federation.

If I kill a lot of one group it doesn't stop being a hate crime verging on genocide if I also sometimes kill other things.

Planets tend to blow up any time she's around in general. Not a good look.


By merging with melting cheese and becoming a helpless child who obeys the computer words of a daddy figure?


Oh, and blowing up another entire planet by crashing a research station into it (not even sure how this possible, was the station made of antimatter)?


File: 1619295877942.jpg (231.07 KB, 900x1064, Super Metroid Dachora.jpg)

Saving Dachola and Etecoons is rather surprising when you think about it. No concern for the other inhabitants of Zebes, Samus?

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