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File: 1640145291508.png (12.31 KB, 297x170, ClipboardImage.png)


I’m just gonna whine and nitpick obvious gaps in science and logic the games and the lore have for fun

>nukes aren’t fucking magic

This is the most important one to point out, nuclear warheads in their current state(I’m emphasizing current because the tech for them is no match for the modern world and potentially not even a threat in the era they were made) aren’t fucking magical WMDs, they aren’t used just because NGOs fight against them but because as practice weapons there shockingly useless. There only heavy enough to destroy 1 or a few buildings, there isn’t a guarantee they’ll hit, plenty of weapons from missiles, jets, satellites etc can detect and destroy them LONG before they hit anything or even launch(fun fact the internet was created directly to prevent them by the USA), volcanic eruptions regularly occurring cause far more radiation, climate change and general destruction than even the tsar bomba, the blast heat and radiation diffuses to such a point where simply being a few meters away is pretty much guaranteed safety, other WMDs and conventional weaponry today do far more damage and can cause far worse atrocities like napalms, white phosphorus, bombing campaigns etc this list just keeps going on

>weapons available

If this takes place a hundred or so years after 2077 it should have EVERY weapon made prior to 2077 and more including f-2 stealth fighter jets, f16s, aircraft carriers, destroyers, attack helicopters, rail guns, turrets, submarines, tanks, cluster bombs, CBRN weapons, ARs, Snipers, Shotguns, Pistols, PDWs, Carbines, revolvers, machine pistols, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, mini guns all made from 1907-present, Suppressors, scopes, sights, hard sights, canned sights, extra clips, remove and add stocks, lasers, modes of fire including semi, automatic, tri etc Bullets, cartridges, armour piercing bullets, explosive rounds, 1mm-20mm rounds, shells, IEDs, incendiary devices, bombs, nukes, knives and clubs, armoured vehicles(this includes jets, tanks, submarines, trucks, ships), artillery, drones, armour piercing bullets, incendiary bullets, explosive rounds, missiles, anti material rifles etc instead the game pretty much crippled you with shitty ww1 and 2 weapons and you don’t even get the privilege of getting to drive cars or tanks or jets without using a mod because Bethesda is filled with morons and the creation engine is worse than garbage, youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.(not only is there like 3 other fallout threads, op is also retarded)
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I noticed OP is a fag and can only seem to bitch about story elements. Might be fine if Fallout were a decent game in spite of this. Unfortunately, Fallout is a trash tier RPG. Don't worry OP, I'll save this thread for you.

Things that are stupid about Fallout:
-tedious click-to-move interface
-combat animations that slow action down for no reason
-annoying barter menu animations every single time you switch back and forth to chat mode
-broken Barter stat effectively generates infinite money as soon as you raise it to 100% or so or get good enough karma because you can trade things back and forth in your favor until you fleece people of all their stuff
-shitty inventory management interface both in the fumbling-hands system that ensures you’re constantly opening your inventory up just to use a key or something, and REALLY awful item scrolling interface that takes forever to reach the bottom of inventories and makes carrying many things a huge slog
-certain guns favored substantially more than others due to the simple fact that you can’t alter their damage output outside critical hit probability—the combat in Fallout does not provide as many meaningful options as it seems at face value
-game has so much cut/never-finished content that it actually feels incomplete, both in the severe lack in number of dungeons (there’s basically only four or five) and in buggy shit like inability to get Followers of the Apocalypse good ending because they didn’t finish implementing the quest that triggers it
-because ammo modifiers are not applied properly, all ammo types are functionally identical
-critical hit bullshit resulting in completely random Game Overs since it only takes one to kill you even with the highest amount of health and armor you can get, a really horrible idea that almost mandates savescumming

Seriously, Fallout is a shitty fucking RPG and the only people who like it are victims of an ad campaign propping it up to market Fallout 3.


you heard the Jannies OP, go fuck yourself


What was this ban for exactly?


Pissed off fallout simps


general thread supremacist bullshit

File: 1640070607675.jpg (143.22 KB, 1200x1200, 16.jpg)


Is the number one thing after maybe latency that will ever cap the limit of online gaming. I always thought it would be cool to have some strategical MMO fought over a long period, but then I realized people can easily make multiple accounts and spy on any secret conversations. If you try to limit what information can be transmitted between two players, they can just use a separate voice chat to share it. Not to mention all the people who seem to always be able to find a way to hack any game.
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I've wondered about what you mentioned when I saw a video of a DayZ mod manually catching people using speed hacks and why he needed to do that instead of it being automatic.

But besides that kind of hacking, a certain type will always be possible unless you limit your game design around it. For example, playing CS on two computers in the same room, me and my brother used to, if one of us died, use the spectate to tell the other where the enemies are and things like that. Of course that's why you can disable universal spectate. Anytime you might need to rely on an "honor system" you can count on someone to break it.


>I think kernel-level anti-cheat has already dealt a heavy blow
Things like that can always be beaten with virtualization. Drilling into the system is pointless, no matter how deep you drill it's always possible to add another virtualization layer in between the drill and the host system. Game-devs are essentially trying to break the security systems of virtualization, which is used for high security stuff where development resources are orders of magnitude greater.

>All a game dev needs to do is set "flags" for "impossible" behavior

Plausibility checks is the correct approach. You don't need anything too fancy to determine whether a player has extraordinary skill or whether it's a cheater. You just need to group people with a similar skill level and all the cheaters will be quarantined off into the cheater zone.


>Anytime you might need to rely on an "honor system" you can count on someone to break it.
Use game theory to minimize the issue (I mean the field of economics, not some dorky youtuber). If you can't prevent that a group can make massive gains by collaborating against the game's rules, the next best thing you can do is designing it in a way so that it pays for a cheater to betray his group.


China made it illegal to hack ingames if I remember correctly


Thats why you shouldn't take games seriously heck even sports has cheaters taking PEDs with increasingly different ways to bypass testing.

File: 1635943020409.png (1.42 MB, 800x1214, z1m5qln5tci21.png)


Why do the dev for the hoi4 mod kaiserreich get anarcho-syndicalism wrong.
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horribly wrong.
i would love to hear the devs justifying their theories about what would have been.
in the Patagonia lore for some reason they decided to name real anarchists figures of argentina as totalists or moderates, dunno why


File: 1640032826356-0.png (34.65 KB, 300x300, Totalism.png)

File: 1640032826356-1.png (119.74 KB, 923x500, 5v6krpqm52x41.png)

File: 1640032826357-2.png (678.41 KB, 640x912, nvui8bkyla161.png)

File: 1640032826357-4.png (296.77 KB, 566x396, uoahq29czif01.png)

>totalism is just a Marxist Leninist + Strasserism right?


never played kaiserredux but how is Stalin in that mod ?.


Totalism ranges from some type of leninism to left nationalism, and nazbolism. Like Mosley, Benito, sorealins is def nazbols, but there are also some figures who get put into totalism, but are far these people - Thorez, Foster, Radek (who is explicitly internationalist), Browder even, all of them share more Communist points. Totalism is a weird mix of, all not wholesome, big chungus killers, ebil lefties, while syndies are more of normal (they still can be evil when doing something revolutionary) and radsoc, who are basically demsocs, and sometimes anarchists(but not anarcho-syndies)
He's nazbol, who can form great transcaucasian socialist state, his second portrait (after being attacked by bear) is badass. Also can be couped by Beria (he orchestrated the bear attack) and transforms Georgia into literally 1984 george orwell predicted this


I'm afraid you got national bolshevism wrong

>because it's not just fascism + marxism_leninsm

I have done a lot research on National bolshevism to tell you that you are wrong

>Totalism is more like strasserism than National bolshevism because totalism has way more fascist elements than National bolshevism

>bolshevism is just socialism with nationalist characteristics and >national bolsheviks are not actually racist or antisemitic national

>bolshevism is a complicated ideology that requires Thorough research I'm not a national bolshevik but I can tell you need to do a >bit more research into national bolshevism

Here are some sources for you
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World End's Club
-It's like those oddworld games only with annoying kids, dying isn't fun, replaying parts isn't, pushing blocks is not a puzzle, the game is slow and too long, I was done with it when I saw how big the map was. I thought I'd be done when I got to the third area. Gameplay isn't engaging, there's no variety to the 'combat' so you might as-well just watch a youtoube 4k longplay.
This game I was looking forward to since it was an exclusive it was apparently considered special. Turns out it was a chore simulator for ironic weebs. For the record, oddworld games aren't good either, but at least they commit.


Specs Ops The Line, expected a run of the mill TPS about good soldiers shooting bad guys, instead ended up doing war crimes in a cool heart of darkness adaptation with schizoid characteristics.

File: 1632466434284.png (33.04 KB, 1024x1346, z5vz4asbyny31.png)


Are Undertale and Deltarune leftist games?
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Acapella variant


I also liked this version of Asgore's theme


File: 1636932569757.png (779.01 KB, 1280x926, ClipboardImage.png)

This amused me


I miss Toby "Radiation" Fox and not the pandering fuck that he's turned into.


File: 1640015059404-0.png (297.68 KB, 850x1100, 1638678668107.png)

File: 1640015059404-1.png (328.87 KB, 850x1100, 1638680086879.png)

File: 1640015059404-2.png (394.9 KB, 850x1100, 1638681902380.png)

File: 1637654657270.png (7.11 KB, 200x200, ClipboardImage.png)


Specifically in Player versus Player type of gaming

All of them are fundamentally dependent on the same thing

Play long enough = Get good by getting reflex time in the game
This makes the players think they are skillful and gives the developers long time players
It's a win-win scenario which causes players to play more also

BUT I find this stagnant, Why do things always have to be done this way
There must be some other invention in this space, Will we just forever play this kind of PvP games where all we need to do is invest time and reaction times?

I hope not


>invest time
It is inevitable that people will get better at something when they invest time in it. I don't get what you are trying to say here.
>reaction times
There are already plenty of games where general game knowledge is more important than raw mechanics. Besides that the only PvP experiences I know of that don't require any reaction speed would be those browser based city builders.


It's hard to imagine any kind of game where people who play it the longest wouldn't have an advantage.

File: 1617228259631-0.mp4 (26.91 MB, 1920x1080, SuperTuxKart.mp4)


Kart racing general

You may now play as Alunya in SuperTuxKart.gentooGentoo
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One useful piece of advice is to choose a kart that suits the track. Almost all speedruns use a medium (like your current one) or heavy kart, depending on the layout. There's also some points on when to use Nitro, and skidding on the straight track.
This thread has a bunch of good advice for people struggling to beat a the Cocoa Temple run. https://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=11586


>>They are impossible.
>does them anyway
What an absolute unit.


>I can upload a .blender model if anyone wants to add it to a game they have.
It would be tight if there was a usable model available in case anybody wanted to put it in a game or mod.


File: 1638162390010.mp4 (28.12 MB, 1920x1080, AlunyaCocoa.mp4)

>silver one is cocoa temple
Knew it.
But yeah it's possible. I forgot to turn down the grpahics settings so it's lagged to hell, but it's possible to win even with a bunch of fuckups. It is hard though unless you've had a bit of practice.

It was my first drive in a month and laggy. Sabinyak can eat a dick :^)



File: 1636649818980.png (6.75 KB, 302x167, ClipboardImage.png)


What would fallout 4 be like if it had vehicles including cars, tanks, jets, submarines, helicopters, boats, motorcycles and the ability to travel to different continent? Along with other weapons like drones, chemical bombs, and turrets
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Modern games are shit
Cod mw 2019 was genuinely the last actually fun cod game and that should’ve been its own separate complete game not a part of the cod franchise. Fallout 3 wasn’t perfect but it was actually still fun along with borderlands 3 and that’s it for the FPS world. The rest post 2013 is shit


Go play Warzone 2100 or Earth 2150 and tell me honestly that they are good enough to still play.


They aren’t I’ve already have


Why you arguing with me then????? Damn uygha


You would also have to add in physics, modern armour, friendly fire, squad tactics applied to raiders, organized monsters etc along with removing shit like hit markers, hp bars, that black background games use for snipers. based off fallout lore the game really should play out more like arma than it does as an rpg being that every weapon in game is used on earth. Coincidentally an arma like fallout would also be 10 times more terrifying because of the ever present chance of getting sniped by scouts or air strikes by an unidentified aircraft along

File: 1638334892624-0.jpg (99.5 KB, 1280x720, Foxhole.jpg)

File: 1638334892624-2.jpg (78.01 KB, 697x500, dioylzuq1r281.jpg)


Didn't see a thread for this game yet so here we go.

Deciding to make this now of all times because the Logistics playerbase of both the Collies and Wardens has unionized. Yes that's right; the playerbase of a game has unionized against the devs for the lack of communication and attention to logistics, the part of the game that is argued to be both its strongest and most appealing aspect.

Current estimates for the amount of Logi that will be going on strike for War 86 is 20 000+, with the pre-strike actions being flooding the media sites and Foxhole forums with pro-union topics and pictures.

If you have Foxhole and want to participate, when War 86 starts simply log on, go afk on the picket line and tab out for the rest of the day. Or just don't play at all.

This is so stupid and it's amazing.
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the social reformist cucks believe that sending a letter will fix the problem



The Logi Lobbyists Lounge is a cross-faction, cross-shard coalition of 600+ logistics players who have banded together to raise our concerns regarding the state of logistics in Foxhole. As one of the server admins I'm here to provide an update and a bit of clarity.

Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate to the development team that improving logistics gameplay is an urgent priority, and to help them identify the core problems within the game that are particularly painful for us all to deal with.

An open letter is currently being drafted for presentation to the team, outlining our concerns and examples of improvements we’d like to see. We have chosen to start with a letter as it is the least disruptive approach available to us, and will also prompt useful discussion in the wider community.

While there's been a lot of talk about logistics strikes on this subreddit and in-game, I would like to stress that there are no in-game protests or strikes associated with us at this time. We have not instructed our members to undertake any disruptive activity. We do not condone disruptive activity or griefing intended to undermine other people’s enjoyment of the game.

absolute CUCKS


Social democrats betray the masses once more


Well actually, we're are preparing for a general strike on January 10th, which was planned from the start as a plan B if Devs refused to budge.


I'm planning on strategic strikes on transport vehicles and scooping vehicles in an effort to sabotage scabs if strike is ignored or scabbed; if any of you play this game, feel free to join (try doing it stealthily, you might get banned kek)

File: 1625800420367.jpg (33.11 KB, 780x438, 15012850980968946.jpg)

 No.10770[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

i don't enjoy playing vidya anymore like i used to. it feels like you wait for that one decent game every half a decade and then its back to filtering through piles of actual shit worth your time.
single player games feel like vapid clones of each other and just non engaging in general.
multiplayer game communities don't even have that soul in them anymore.

what went wrong? is it the industry taking a dump or is it just me?
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I like some games but also get angry at propaganda


Sounds like you need friends bruv. You don't enjoy SP games because you've already experienced them and realized you enjoy MP games 20 times over. Online communities are shit because they're not your friends. I like to enjoy games as an artform, I evaluate them and take my enjoyment out of that. But modern games have equally as good a chance of being good as the old ones. Long term relationships are much more satisfying, challenging, memorable than saving another world in 5 hours. SP also lack any complexity, any time I engage in the combat in a SP game I compare it to Soul Calibur 2 and if it's worse than that game, why even bother? Why play any of the 1000s of fighting games over the other? Games are fine, you should just try out a lot of different things and do what you enjoy. Don't overthink it.


I can't believe I subjected myself to this trash heap of a game just because it's hands down the most active multiplayer game in my country that isn't counter-strike. Shit sux hardcore and gets worse every patch.

I hope Riot's Project L does good in here.


You're just depressed and/or lazy.

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