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File: 1630036387214.jpg (95.02 KB, 1024x576, 1629923589237.jpg)


Ohhhh shit this looks awesome! I'd been hoping for a Saints Row return to more grounded stuff, where walking and driving matter, but without the old outdadted gangbanger tone of 1. I'm really liking the setting and characters, this looks like it's gonna be great fun. Can't wait for next year! I also LOOOOOVED WD2 and I'm so excited to see Volition adoption similar aesthetics for the Saints

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>No doom thread
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Zombiemen are replaced with techno-troopers- Strife-looking guys that are a little tougher and have a faux-phasing effect. Chaingunners now make chaingun sounds instead of shotgun sounds.
The custom green plasma guys are Plasmaguards, they’re similar to the Scythe 2 evil marines.
Hanging keens are replaced with Power Cores (they still use the Keendie special)
MBF Helper dogs are now hellhounds (fast weak zombie dogs)
Barons of hell are now Cyberbarons, they shoot a rocket and a baron fireball.


I plan on updating the standalone enemies pack with a few more enemies and props, which will be used in later maps I make.


Really hyped for whatever Trenchfoot will be in the future. I think it have great potentials ahead.
Been playing Blades of Agony and this might be one of the best Doom mod I’ve ever played.


I would suggest you decrease the volume of the shotgun. it's really loud.


Gonna make use of that feature in my next map.

File: 1626431865386-0.png (669.18 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626431865386-1.png (628.72 KB, 879x882, ClipboardImage.png)


Yesterday, Valve quietly dropped it's answer to the Nintendo Switch.
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Of course it does!


I wonder how long it will be before I can get a second hand one at a reasonable price.


2-3 years


Why is this so much more expensive in EU countries? Valve basically put plus 25% on the US price tag.


EU list prices include Value Added Tax
US list prices don't

If the EU VAT is 20% (i'm guessing this number), it would be only 5% more expensive

File: 1617904953191.jpeg (17.64 KB, 284x351, Freespace1box.jpeg)


If no one has played this great classic space sim from the golden age of pc gaming (90s to mid 2000s) you owe it a chance. Descent Freespace, including the silent threat expansion and the sequel, Descent Freespace 2, are arguably the greatest games ever created in the space sim genre.

This guy has a pretty good video series on the games:

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yeah, it works fine with a mouse and keyboard


thats because freespace had nothing to do with descent, it just shared a name because they were trying to capitalize on it. Sorta like naming javascript after java


bump for this 90s classic


This topic inspired me to play Freelancer again, so thanks lads.


buy freespace from GOG while you're at it

File: 1629454211311.png (11.7 KB, 1005x942, 9vnxu4f7fs461.png)


>mfw when you realize elder lyons is the deng xiaoping of the fallout universe

>mfw again when you realize elder Maxson is the xi jinping of the fallout universe
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>fallout 76 could be good if it was an entirely different game

The Minutemen don't advocate for a race war against all mutants/ghouls/synths/etc. So I'd say they are fairly different. Also Fallout 4 confirms that the DC Brotherhood were purged and utterly destroyed for their revisionism from the fascist party line, and actually wanting to help people.


>The Minutemen don't advocate for a race war against all mutants/ghouls/synths/etc
The Minutemen hardly have a centralized command to do so, but their individual sects within communities very well might. Part of most of fallout's lore is that very few groups really understand the difference between feral and normal ghouls, so just generalized anti-ghoul bigotry is fairly common - it is why a lot of them shacked up with the Master. Ironically the Western BoS and the followers are about the only people who care enough to make the distinction, even towards super mutants seeing as the Followers help out in Jacobstown and the Mojave BoS were content with largely peaceful super-mutant neighbors.

Likewise for Synths, any military which is going to recruit from common people is going to inherent the bigotries of those common people, and most people fairly rightfully fear synths as a weapon of the Institute. There is hardly anybody in the whole of Fallout 4 who wants to effectively correct this - the Railroad can't or won't muster the energy to change social perceptions post-Institute and the Institute actively capitalizes on that fear to get compliance from Synths. The best case scenario is probably a Minutemen/BoS victory where the threat of the Institute becomes enough of a forgotten memory that the Minutemen or BoS realize that Synths aren't an active threat to humanity without the Institute and as such its just empty bigotry rather than semi-justified fear, just like how the NCR (largely) and the BoS ended up getting over their fear of ghouls and super-mutants post the defeat of the Master.
>Also Fallout 4 confirms that the DC Brotherhood were purged and utterly destroyed for their revisionism from the fascist party line, and actually wanting to help people.
Wut? Elder Lyons died of old age and Sarah Lyons died in battle, and there was a succession of relatively unremarkable Elders until Maxon hit the stage. He ended the Super Mutant threat in a protracted campaign, further opened up recruitment to outsiders, and ended up reintegrating the BoS Outcasts from Fallout 3 through the promise that the military force and quasi-nation they were building was capable of both protecting technology and rebuilding civilization, and that a lot of the time they went pretty hand-in-hand. FalloutPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Okay, I have no idea where I got that from. I swear that I remember in FO4, Maxson mentioning something about how the Eastern BOS got cut off from the West and purged. But I guess I must have been wrong.

But even still, you can't just excuse genocide by saying 'well it's the prejudices of the common people', that applies to the Nazis just as well.


>Maxson mentioning something about how the Eastern BOS got cut off from the West and purged
You are probably misremembering that the current status of the Eastern BoS was that they can't get in contact with the Western BoS, likely because as of Fallout NV the NCR had attacked the Western BoS and they had been in lockdown mode since it, presumably still up until the events of Fallout 4. Thus they are cut off from aid from the Western BoS in their current campaign and also can't inform them of the threat of the Institute and their Synth sleepers.
>But even still, you can't just excuse genocide by saying 'well it's the prejudices of the common people', that applies to the Nazis just as well.
I mean the BoS never did an active genocide of ghouls or super mutants unless you count all of the super mutant armies they wiped out, and if you go by history they are usually the first to wipe away those bigotries once they realize the threat had passed (they were agnostic to ghouls/super mutants by Fallout 2 while the NCR was still fairly hostile to them thanks to the influence of vault city). They aren't morally righteous paladins but that has been the joke at their expense since the original Fallout - they try to keep a near-mythologized image of themselves as knights and defenders of the remanents of the old world while inadvertently stifling and sometimes becoming hostile to the emerging new world - but it doesn't necessarily make them "good" or "bad" by any measure, just flawed a la most of the factions in the games. Only groups like the Master and the Enclave are ever meant to be like 100% bad, even Legion in Fallout Van Buren and NV have far more of a philosophical bend and methodological justification of sorts for their power structures, especially seeing as they initially came out of Nevada which was basically just a shithole of radiation and rampant slaver-gangs with largely defenseless tribals getting killed in great numbers by them. In unifying the tribals Caesar ended up turning the tables on the slavers and ironically enslaved many of them, and freed their slaves to be Legionaries to return civilization to the wastes. They cleaned Nevada of radiation and gangs and have, through excessive brutality and an overbearing military-government, made Nevada into the safest place to be in the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


basically you had a old geezer reformist of a dogmatist regime that wanted to adapt the system to the conditions that the old geezer and his party found in.

and through his reforms made it so that his organization/nation becomes super powerful in the long run and probably developed the regions that they were in.

Meanwhile his succesors end up criticizing the previous leaders reforms for going to far and causing problems in the organization/ nation

and then comes a reversal against the reforms that ends up with the rise of a strongman that seeks to mix the lessons of the old pre reform beliefs and the new reform beliefs to satisfy both camps.

meanwhile the home organization that the old geezer organization split from ended up in the long term collapsing decaying and falling apart.

does that remind you of something

File: 1617592263018.jpg (121.64 KB, 1280x720, EyLWlaMUUAUZ6nK.jpg)


>No animal crossing thread for 10 pages
Absolutely disgusting you uncultured plebs.
Post friend codes and Island codes, or just screenshots in general.
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Sorry, I don't play games made by and for uyghurs, KEK get better taste or be rightfully labeled as a hipster faggot numale jew.

https://steamunlocked.net/victoria-2-free-download/ (Vicky 2)
https://tlauncher.org/en/ (Minecraft, third party launcher)
http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ (Dwarf Fortress)
https://fractalsoftworks.com/ (Starsector)
https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=12973 (Hideous destructor)
https://igg-games.com/barotrauma-712721899-free-download.html (Barotrauma)
https://steamunlocked.net/worms-armageddon-free-pc-download/ (Worms Armageddon)
All of these games can be played on any PC built from 2010 and onwards
There is literally no excuse for you not to play these pure kino titles, unless you are a literal mentally retarded uyghur


You can't even draw penises in this game


Maybe not everyone likes the same kind of games, you retardo.


These are for Windows, right?


t. never played AC

Wrong thread /pol/oid

File: 1624706246708.jpeg (54.9 KB, 700x394, 1244567866.jpeg)


When will there ever be a game this kino again?
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well fuck me idk how to make spoilers, can a mod edit my post?


The art direction for BD is just so fucking good. Only behind FF6 in my opinion.
Arcanum, at least for me.


Eh only the first few dialogue rewards winning and some of the endgame quests. There is a concept there but it wasn’t fully explored


rewards losing*


spoilers are double asterisks. ( https://leftypol.org/faq.html really could be better signposted.)

File: 1629438288819.png (120.37 KB, 666x600, ClipboardImage.png)


>game creation platform pops up
>makes fuckload of money exploiting child labor for years on end
>barely anyone notices somehow


Came to post that. This is cyberpunk child labor.

File: 1626220990150.png (269.5 KB, 1200x821, w null_m7b2mbgddta71.png)


Whats games are the /leftypol/ people currently in the middle of playing?
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I want to love it. I really like the aesthetic. The sim aspects seem pretty deep. I like the idea of the lore and the world.

I don't like how you're outnumbered in every battle though. I think it's really fucking dumb that you can only use one ship at a time while the enemy can field their whole squadron. I can't fucking grok the aiming and it really annoys me when I whiff an entire salvo because the shitty reticle fucking sucks at indicating where my attack is going to go and the weapons are so fucking small you can't tell where they're aiming.


Probably because they’re shit at programming an ally AI or implementing a basic system to order your fleet. I love the game but Airships conquer the skies has it beaten in this aspect. Where fielding more than 30 ships at end game is the norm.


File: 1629300592099-0.jpg (493.76 KB, 1920x1080, vomitoreum 2.jpg)

File: 1629300592100-1.jpg (467.76 KB, 1920x1080, vomitoreum 1.jpg)

File: 1629300592100-2.jpg (258.12 KB, 1920x1080, hedon 2.jpg)

File: 1629300592100-3.jpg (295.92 KB, 1920x1080, hedon 1.jpg)

Vomitoreum is a doom engine game that just came out and it's basically a short metroidvania in a world made up of shit and awful. I especially enjoy how, instead of learning how to bend your knees slightly or lie on the ground, you painfully crunch your body down into a small sphere to roll around in vents in full metroid tradition.

There's also a massive 'update'/free sequel to Hedon coming out in just a few days so I'll be playing that as well. It's another atmospheric game and has an arx fatalis vibe with underground cities running off steampunk and magic, except populated by big titty orcs and goblins including your own 8 foot tall amazonian self.


File: 1629318986460.png (1.1 MB, 600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

I've just finished The life and suffering of Sir Brante. Nice little text based adventure made by a Russian developer, very well written imo. I only wish it was less railroady in the end.
And yes I did go for the revolutionary path.


Playing a Mount and Blade Warband campaign with the Last Days of the Third Age mod. Gondor and Rohan got their shit kicked in while I haven't even managed to take out Gundabad, Moria or Dol Guldur.


Any of my comrades want to play Warzone together? It's free.


is this the 200gb cod or the cod where you play with the touchscreen


it's around 80gb and on pc/console


Free like free toilet water.


This piece of shit can't even maintain a stable 100fps despite using current gen hardware in addition to sucking up 200gb of space because nothing is compressed. Oh yeah and hacking is rampant.
I thought Apex Legends was buggy trash until I played Warzone and realized that no, Apex wasn't even close to being the worst BR.

On the bright side this means CoD is going to die soon because their devs keep shitting out 200gb patches and games and one of the biggest sources of American imperialist propaganda will no longer reach the masses because Activision got too lazy to bother with hardware optimization lol


Is it laggy as shit most of the time for anyone else?

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