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In which we speculate about the rumored new Russian game console. My vision: A weak but also cheap machine (perhaps even cheaper than production by following a strategy of "selling the blades") running games from 10+ years ago with mods adding in Russian language support and some fun extra features and the marketplace is just paying pocket change for these mods and it's all perfectly legal because of copyright reform. If it's cheap enough and the controller feels decent I don't think normal people would mind the hardware being ancient.
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I once tried to play Klonoa on a Wonderswan emulator. Works perfectly, until you must rotate the device.




It's real… but not available on GNU/Linux?


Weird hardware lost on economies of scale. The closest thing these days are overstock ARMshit like the broadcom inside the original raspberry pi. That isn't even all that weird, it's just undocumented trash meant for phones or tv boxes.


Fill that bitch with emulators and then cram it with every ROM they can find.

File: 1655863876488-0.png (1.21 MB, 940x530, bloodalone.png)

File: 1655863876488-1.jpg (311.51 KB, 1920x1080, FarEastCollapse.JPG)

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By Blood alone waiting room edition.


I didn't realise they also reworked the Far-Eastern Collapse.
If Kerensky fucks up the Manchu's still take over the West, Republicans run off to Transamur and Vladivostok and then either become one of two different flavours of authdem, Ukrops spawn in the north, but can either be SocDem or Banderites who are now properly set to reactionary.
Harbin proper gets to keep some of the south now, Its either led by Gastev who calms down his autism a bit and becomes PopSoc

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TNO is probably the longest playthroughs with actual substantial content.


Mostly because of history/text. In actual year lenght all nations are 20 years content in TNO. Not a problem though. Very good, better then suzerain


Meh I think Suzerain is more fun than TNO but obviously tons more potential content in TNO.


File: 1712201633483.png (9.61 KB, 184x184, ClipboardImage.png)

Do those WW1 mods link up with vanilla HOI4? If yes, then that must be a playthrough atleast three and a half decades long, but I wouldn't know I've never tried them. Are they worth it when it comes to content, or is there content concentrated around WW1 and the Interwar Period is completely barren?

Theres another mod called Endsieg:Ultimate Victory, the description talks about adding content from the Road to 56 mod, so its potentially four decades of play time, I can't try it though, as the mod hasn't been updated in a year.

Then maybe combining tech and focus tree mods? Does that work without problems?


I don't think the WW1 mods link up with vanilla. Even if they did it would be pointless to play them that long since there's no kind of victory/defeat in HOI4 other than total. If your side won WW1 then all of Europe would be your puppets.


Hell Let Loose is praised as a standout example of the current golden age of multiplayer first-person shooters (FPS). It caters to military simulation enthusiasts, offering a hardcore Battlefield experience akin to Squad but set in World War II. The game features intense gameplay where players must carefully manage respawns, often facing long distances to return to the front lines if their position is overrun.

Combat in Hell Let Loose is lethal, with players succumbing to just a few bullets. The emphasis on realism extends to weapon mechanics, requiring players to consider factors like bullet travel time and drop. The game prioritizes teamwork, respawn management, and vehicle utilization, akin to other titles like Squad and Post Scriptum.

While simplifying logistical mechanics compared to Squad, Hell Let Loose remains accessible. However, some players miss the intricate supply management of Squad, which added depth to the gameplay experience. One notable criticism is the audio design, with some players finding the sounds lacking in intensity and immersion compared to other similar titles.

Despite comparisons to existing games in the genre, Hell Let Loose offers a distinct World War II setting for players seeking straightforward action. While some players may continue to prefer Squad for its depth, Hell Let Loose remains a compelling option for those interested in immersive FPS experiences.


File: 1712095028670.jpg (298.45 KB, 750x764, Old vs younf.jpg)


I’m tired of woke, sensitize, I-drink-craft-beer-exclusively-beard, nu-Kratos. Bring back old, horned up, rampaging, dont-give-af, old Kratos.


File: 1712095766352-0.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1857, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712095766352-1.png (427.85 KB, 602x504, ClipboardImage.png)

is that you David?


I was unaware Jaffe was like this.
That’s hilarious.


And I thought "Agent 47 was based on a very sus pizza boy we had" was hilarious.


David Jaffe is just deeply embarrassing in general. He's too dumb to grasp the concept of a hidden/secret wall, and too immature to take criticism when he acts like a moron.


>muh hidden rooms without way too obvious visual clue
lmao hasn’t ha been in the gaming industry for decades? why is he like this?

File: 1712090901472.jpg (414.89 KB, 1920x1078, ff7.jpg)


Is FF7 the most mainstream commie game of all time?


>anti-nuclear environmentalism


>communism is when you blow up the world


>communism is when milquetoast leftoidism
many such cases


Is using the souls of every living thing on earth to power your civilization really why worse than using coal


what is your what is your f
Avorite racing favorite racing game
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F-Zero X or there's this other similar n64 game I forgot the name of. Burnout 3 was pretty cool too. Oh, and Rally for the gamecube, just because of nostalgia. I can't really get into modern car racing games because I hate cars. Airframe Ultra is looking really exciting though. The Akira-style they're going for is really strong.


>Burnout 3 was pretty cool too
>I hate cars
I'm getting mixed signals here.


>F-Zero X or there's this other similar n64 game I forgot the name of.
The one where you can fly high? Aero Gauge (not popular).
The one with weapons? WipEout.
The one with bikes inspired by Tron? Extreme G.


Star Wars Pod Racing.


guessing this was his favourite mode

File: 1690947588798.jpg (104.28 KB, 616x353, terra invicta.jpg)


I really wish this game had been good but it isn't, the design is completely boring. I just want a good game where I can run a country (preferably in the modern day) that isn't yet another HOI mod. Any suggestions outside of the obvious Paradox fare?
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That's a good broader topic for the grand strategy thread. What do all think? Is paradox pseudo real-time stupid? I can see how it might be good for multiplayer but I never play multi-player. I think turn based is a he'll of a lot more convenient instead of watching the game play itself while you wait for something to do.


Personally I can't stand turn based games. I like paradox style real time with pause a lot more.


Why p? I find paradox style so whack and pointless. Like I said you spend a good portion of the time watching the game play itself. With turn based I can go straight from my actions to my opponent's.


More on paradox games:
>crusader kings
So unbalanced with diverse elements of game play. I'm trying to conduct a war and meanwhile my character is on a meaningless feast or hunt and I am like get the fucking pop ups out of my face, I'm just clicking what makes sense statswise without even reading the rest of the bullshit.

That applies to all their games. Hoi is all about some stupid trees yet I never read any of it but the Stat modifiers.

The whole concept of text that has no gameplay value is stupid, just make a fucking game.


Thinking too how asymmetrical game design always leads to balance issues as well. I guess paradox games are not supposed to be balanced, but even in context of the starting factor, the tree of course can have any manner of OP things in it.


They’re easy to produce, last long, can fuckup thousands of other aliens and even humans, cost little to maintain and can be deployed anywhere. Why not skip the process of training, educating and deploying tau soldiers and just automate defensive lines to preserve the taus existence in the most pragmatic way possible. It’s not even like the tau aren’t politically inclined to rely on automated warfare
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On second thought since they seem to use wormhole drives (per Google) that might not work for FTL. Even still relativistic warfare seems like the best option.


I think they cover that in Rocks Are Not Free Citizen or whatever that essay is called


>Rocks Are Not Free Citizen
Correct name.

Rocks are NOT ‘free’, citizen.

Firstly, you must manoeuvre the Emperor’s naval vessel within the asteroid belt, almost assuredly sustaining damage to the Emperor’s ship’s paint from micrometeoroids, while expending the Emperor’s fuel.

Then the Tech Priests must inspect the rock in question to ascertain its worthiness to do the Emperor’s bidding. Should it pass muster, the Emperor’s Servitors must use the Emperor’s auto-scrapers and melta-cutters to prepare the potential ordinance for movement. Finally, the Tech Priests finished, the Emperor’s officers may begin manoeuvring the Emperor’s warship to abut the asteroid at the prepared face (expending yet more of the Emperor’s fuel), and then begin boosting the stone towards the offensive planet.

After a few days of expending a prodigious amount of the Emperor’s fuel to accelerate the asteroid into an orbit more fitting to the Emperor’s desires, the Emperor’s ship may then return to the planet via superluminous warp travel and await the arrival of the stone, still many weeks (or months) away.

After twiddling away the Emperor’s time and eating the Emperor’s food in the wasteful pursuit of making sure that the Emperor’s enemies do not launch a deflection mission, they may finally watch the ordinance impact the planet (assuming that the Emperor’s ship does not need to attempt any last-minute course correction upon the rock, using yet more of the Emperor’s fuel).
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Light speed still means waiting like 30, 50 years for it to get from some system not even that far off in 40k terms. Warp travel makes it trivial. However
doesn't explain why not just drag the damn rock through the warp, put a fucking geller field around it if you must, then drop it. I guess the idea is these unobtainium made planet killer weapons are cheap and plentiful.

But that's not even the problem. The biggest problem is combination of fleet battles and the stupid ass between WWI and WWII tier tactics employed by any side in a conflict. It's even funnier when everyone is called "a tactical genius" and it literally just consists of fucking line fire, or at best a feint.

Actual warfare is still going to be much like firing relativistic weapons, space rocks, Rods of God, dyson sphere energy weaponry and the like on the micro to macro scale. See also why the F-16 being faster than the F-35 doesn't mean jack shit and how they would lose miserably to modern fighters and you begin understanding how actual battles would ultimately work. Anyone with super far off weapons wouldn't even see each other.

The only excuse for this is duh durr hurrrr but we only got servitors for that not REAL computers that doesn't even make fucking sense and other factions like Tau and Eldar would still have them.

40k is meant to be cheesy and dumb as hell. They literally have to fly through hell to make the central premise make any sense at all. Which is a lot funnier considering they tried handwaving this shit with multiple FTL technologies.


>the Emperor will have saved a massive amount of His most sacred money

File: 1677121234545.jpg (34 KB, 600x600, ec1.jpg)


Do corporations just hate people? Once I used to think that sure you have big bourgeoisie who act in their class interests but you still has creatives who could flex their muscles and produce something great and then it would make a shit ton of money for publishers. But it seems that publishers these days just absolutely hate developers and moreso despise the consumers and now you have what the modern gaming industry is today, record profits with absolute gutted and half made releases with microtransactions to "buy" the full game. Also physical copies aren't useful anymore and digital copies can basically be "erased" at any time. All of these problems make me think that they just hate, like actually hate their consumers.
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99% of indie projects don't blow up like that though. Corporate slop is more reliable income (usually).


sure, but things don't have to go viral to be a fair income tho. It is more reliable big bucks to work on industry stuff tho.


I keep underestimating how dumb, bydlo, and childlike the Western masses are true. Like I never gave a damn about Starfield. I am shocked people are still paying for this crap game. I am shocked people bought with honest to God working class wages, a fucking console version of Toddout 4. Or Toddout 76. Or that they pay for all that Paradox shit, or give EA their money.

I am shocked the amount of money people actually spend on these complete trash games, though maybe it's because they saw like one ad, are childlike and stupid and impulsive the way the corpos like it, and based on some shitty marketing thing pull the trigger then never play it past the character creator and never learn from their own mistakes.

It's almost like the Americans treat the act of buying itself like a rat pressing a cocaine button.
It would be easy to just hijack that mechanism preying on their fears and insecurities to then make them feel better about themselves after the buy. I strongly suspect this is why apple retards exist that buy iTrash.


>the Western masses
Have you considered there are material reasons that AAA companies put out uninteresting intellectual property receptacles for games that isn't "le heckin sheeple aren't voting with the wallet hard enough."

Your favorite youtuber buying $200 open world games to tell you how poorly made they are is not representative of the proletariat as a whole. Slapping a national flag on that line of reasoning doesn't do anything.


starfield wasn't that bad. yeah it wasn't high art but whatever, it was a waste of time for a few dozen actually hundred hours. you don't have to call people rats just for buying something you think wasn't that good. also it was on game pass anyways

File: 1692227561431.png (1.23 MB, 600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

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Is it any good? I haven't played it myself
Also do I have to play the previous games to understand what's going on?
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Where's the Baldur's Gay eroge spin-off when we need it?


yeah Japan wtf


most sales come from the first month or so, and all the streamers showing people what the game is like will mostly be playing the earliest parts. way less incentive to make the game not a piece of shit past that point.


the raphael song is cringe. i've seen some cope on reddit saying that it's supposed to be cringe and that in the context of d&d it's okay if it's cringe. but that's not true. the song is cringe because it's badly written. the rhyme scheme is doctor seuss level and the analogies/metaphors are are the most basic 1:1 simplistic shit. i get the impression that it was written by some person in the dev team whose actual job was some technical shit and they were unqualified for the task


it came off as cheesy boss fight stuff and that is one the reasons i liked it though, that and the singing was competent.

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