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It's 2022 and TF2 still slaps.
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File: 1666181526928.png (371.88 KB, 694x768, ClipboardImage.png)




wasnt valve investigated for possible money laundering schemes done by the russian mafia or whatever?



thoughts on this 50K trade?

yes, not sure what happened later


literally all made up prices


After playing this game for over 11 years I have only started really trying out spy outside of some niche applications like terrorizing the engineers in the Doublecross Intel room and I can now say with certainty that I now know true pain. What a horrible class.


Well yes I play Mercy as a DPS how could you tell?
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I only play spreadsheet and map simulators


I don't take comp games seriously anymore, they're fun every so often but there is just to many hackers, even twitch streamers and pros dabble in cheats and have gotten caught for it.


>Mice Tea
Its will never be finished unfortunately.


File: 1668910855200-0.jpg (15.15 KB, 637x358, minos chad.jpg)

File: 1668910855200-1.png (355.75 KB, 630x500, C2ADup.png)

Two of my faves, especially Ultrakill for how it mixes DMC-style combos and movement with Quake-style gameplay. Also, that mouse VN is pretty cute indeed.


Oh yeah, suboptimal builds are fun. Dawn of War 2's suboptimal builds were the most obvious ones because they were literally shown to you by the game

File: 1668535536212-0.jpg (182.69 KB, 1440x1019, reversed front3.jpg)

File: 1668535536212-1.jpg (170.13 KB, 1200x1200, reversed front2.jpg)


Get a load of this shit lmao
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Communists with the coolest look. Oh my God. He even has a metal hand… What did the artist try to convey here really?



To be completely honest if a civil war broke out between red china and the rest, the communists would be much more ideologically purist (since all the roaders would probably jump ship to manchuria) and they'd still have a chance of winning even if they only kept the eastern part, since tibet and xinjiang are so underdeveloped. Remember all the money in china is in the coastal half, so the only real resistance they'd face is in manchuria. If they swept through hong kong, took out tibet and xinjiang, all they'd have to do is hyperfocus on manchuria and their purging would be complete, they'd have won. Not saying it'd be easy, but focusing on the weaker neighbors first would be best to buy more time and have a more controllable front.


Plus if red china took xinjiang they'd share a land border with russia again, and russia is a key ally here.


i will pirate the game when it comes out and play as the uyghurs


Wtf leftybros I thought you would be all over this.
>Lesbian robots
>Protagonists are all personnel working for an east german rip off socialist space faring nation
>Some[thing] is turning everything spooky and insane
>Lots of lore, flashbacks, documents lying around - the plot is never told to you outright and you have to piece together what you think is going on yourself
>Puzzles that make gamers' small brains mad because it's not shooty shooty shooty all the way through
>Multiple endings

<Developed by an indie dev - no dlc, microstransactions, and other capitalist fuckery
<Deliberate low poly art style means even broke people can run it on their $100 budget builds
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How 2 get Elster gf?


File: 1668706457635.png (415.72 KB, 1920x1080, image.png)

Okay, I've finally beaten it. It's a solid Silent Hill clone, set in retro sci-fi setting, albeit there are some rough edges.
And even if developers clearly have lib-tier understanding of socialism, the visuals and aesthetic of Eusan Nation are looking cool.
Like, really cool. And from ingame text the regime doesn't look very bad even, like local mine/penal colony has more robot personnel than actual workers. It's of course all surveillance and paranoia, but with a good cause. It seems that Eusan Nation are in process of long space civil war with old government which are calling itself Empire.
And yeah here comes the schizo lore part. Empire is being lead by literal psychic Empress. Who. as said ingame, was able to elevate whole nation into space by some kind of mind magic, or whatever.
Great revolutionary and her daughter are also said to be psychics. With same abilities. I believe it is why revolution was possible in the first place, because being strong bioresonant in SIGNALIS equals being some kind of god, who are literally capable of warping reality to the point of terraforming entire planets.
How the fuck it works is never elaborated. It is known though, that bioresonance is what enabled both parties production of so called REPLIKA's. It is never elaborated further, than mentions of copy-pasting mind-patterns of living people artificial brains of replikas.
Also, all leaders mentioned in game are female. And majority of game cast is female too. Retro-futuristic lesbian space communism, I guess?
Its a good survival horror overall. I'd recommend it, cause it doesn't delve in political commentary so much. The setting are a little sketchy, you can interpret it however you want.


wtf im gonna play papers please now
wish arstotzka had a more lax immigration system tho


There's some in-game documents where the Eusans are talking about how reliant the Nation still is on bioresonance abilties to fight the war, and how they're worried that a new hierarchy might form with those with bioresonance stay at the top just like the Empire.


Day has been cut short by a terrorist attack.

File: 1668643609970.jpg (111.85 KB, 1000x900, hazmat cat warhammer.jpg)


Not sure if this should go here or on /tech/ but I will try here since I'm more interesting in a functional gaming PC than a linux box.

My PC is currently dying as I write this post, I got it around 2016-17 I think and since a week or two ago it is starting to lag horribly off and on just opening folders or trying to play a game at minimum settings.

What are the best resources for picking/building a setup? I want mid-high range PC probably but as I am in the UK prices are horrible and I will easily have to spend over £1000 to get anything decent.

Also any tips to revive my PC in the short term appreciated.
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possibly, but probably not. Just try reinstalling the OS and see how it goes.


Ok, I guess it can't hurt. I need to do that anyway if I get a new PC.


you said you only have a SSD for your OS? Your HDDs for your other storage could be dying. You said that it lags when you open folders, presumably to open files on them?


Yes it's quite possible, one of my HDDs died a few months ago and I lost all data on there. I will replace them all with new SSDs if I get a new PC obviously. However stuff like Chrome is installed in my SSD and even that is running like shit, plus my OS is freezing so I don't think it is only an issue of the other hard drives.


My PC is suddenly running much better and I am able to do shit and play games. It's a miracle it seems. Windows defender deleted a bunch of viruses while I was moving my C drive into backup, so maybe there was actually some crypto miner shit running on it. Halleluiah if it's actually fixed the problem. Of course I still need a new PC but at least it's not a crisis now.


pls give us ur dream game ideas, and pls someone make these games:

1: Audio-only puzzle game with binaural audio. It's in first person and in a 3d environment, but with rly good spatial audio so that u can rely exclusively on it
2: Minecraft but with much smaller voxels & better physics like teardown, but survivalcraft (maybe already exists??!?!?!)
3: Crime mystery game where u'r the capitain of a cruiseship & u gotta both drive the ship and interact with the passengers (when the ship's on auto-drive or something) to solve a mistery of some kind
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An idea I had -

The game would be called "The Traveler", and would open with a short history of the world. Long story made short, God created the world and was conflicted by the creation, both enamored by the complexity of their creation and appalled by their capacity for excess and exploitation of it. The internal conflict eventually "broke" god into shards, each of them representing a different ideal or concept once held by the original god and falling onto creation, each of them a being of mythical power. These various shards became religious icons and formed the first religions, influencing the races of creation with the fragments of the Ur-God they inherited. Gradually, the shards arranged themselves into the 2 camps - those shards who wanted to curb the excesses of the created became the Exaltation of Order, those who appreciated the totality of creation became the Children of Ambition. They waged a great war, with the races of creation taking up sides based on which god(s) they followed, but in the end Order prevailed, and banished the Children from Creation and rebranded them as "the Darkness", and rebranded themselves as "the Light".

Fast forwards thousands of years and the forces of the Light have lead the world into early industrialization, while the ruined civilizations which sided with the Children are gradually subjected to exploitation and colonialism from early capitalism and globalization. A mix of prayers from the exploited and some trickery by the Children has allowed a slim few of the Shards to slip back into reality, with a catch - they must give up all their power to do so, entering creation as a mere shade, a being of will without form. This is the game start - you are The Traveler, a shade which will form a bond with one of the followers of the Children, whose form will nurture you as you gradually restore your power on creation. The game is a mix of keeping your true nature hidden from the forces of Light, building a party to adventure with, repelling the forces of Light from conquering your people, and building up your power by finding ancient runes and spells so that your shade may become strong enough to give itself physical form, at which point you will break off from your host and become a full-fledged party leader and religious icon instead of a ghostly figure only your host can see. At this point you could Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1664306062634.png (60.69 KB, 210x220, 20220927_161144.png)

you fools!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to steal ur ideas and become a quadrillionaire

I don't know, I think binaural audio can give you a pretty good idea of ur surroundings. Did u ever hear one of those binaural audio demonstrations, like the barbershop one? U do need echolocation to sense walls and objects and shit, but just knowing the exact direction a sound is coming from could be enough imo. Maybe the dev of this game could make use of the ps5s sense controller vibration shenanigans to add the remaining required sensorial input u'd need to undertand ur surroundings, i don't know


oh yeah, there's this guy! Man, I hope his game ends up being as sick as his tech. The tech is insane


Reading this thread makes me nostalgic for the early years of 4/v/. Tastes really have shifted a lot over the decades.

This is totally doable. Something like this has actually been attempted a lot, by furry smut makers no less.
The scope here is so big you would need to keep implementation minimal and abstract. With that I mean few assets (graphics, audio, etc), abstracting away gameplay into variable juggling and prompts, and focus mostly on the writing. That is where you put the emphasis in this sketch, and also the fastest to create a large volume of.
There are a lot of obstacles I see in terms of balance, though maybe the smart move here is to just toss it out of the window and let the player find their own adventure. Sometimes they will run into encounters that are way too hard, other times they are well equipped.

All in all, this doesn't require a lot of experience or skills to start. This could be more than a pipe dream if you would start working on this. You could even implement it through JS or in GLES2 and have yourself a web implementation.
And that brings me to the real Archilles' heel of this project: it would take years to realize (all that prose isn't going to write itself), and I doubt you would stay invested for that long. That is typically the breaking point for these type of endeavors.


Sounds cool anon. I had a similar idea about an RPG/military kind of game where instead of collecting soldiers of different classes like FFT or Fire Emblem you got pilots and tankers and soldiers etc. for a mercenary company and got the vehicles parts and ammo and etc.


an free software version of csgo counter strike


What if Amicia failed and Hugo was left to send the rats to destroy everything. Then what?


>Then what?


I've been working my ass off making this game for more than a year. The destruction system was a pain in the ass to make (what do y'all think?). It's a city mayhem game with Just Cause like outposts, Zelda like dungeons, and Ratchet & Clank like gunplay. I have absolutely no idea how to market the thing. Wish me luck! If u'r a dev, pls tell me how u do ur marketing

Anyway, pls wishlist it if you're interested: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2147890/Demolish_or_Die/?beta=0
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More feedback for the game. I managed to grab a tank! It works, for the most part, BUT:
>pressing right mouse button instead of left mouse button to fire the cannon is counter-intuitive, plus the player can still use the Slingshot while driving it
>it's actually easier than I thought to hijack a tank, and it's pretty OP
>there is a machine gun on it, but it doesn't seem usable. I think making it usable would make AI tanks more dangerous while giving the player another way to defend while in a tank
>after it got destroyed (I was still in the tank), I got completely stuck. Enemies couldn't shoot me, missiles could still chase me but they went through me instead of exploding. As a result, it softlocked the game

Other than that, I see you have brought some slight adjustments to combat with the latest update, it's pretty cool! So far, the only issue I have with the new recoil system is that the Shotgun seems to have the same recoil as the Pistol (can't tell about other weapons for now, I started a fresh game to see what was new ^^)

Thank you very much for your great work, chihuahua! <3


>>24382 (me)
Oh, forgot to add: I think adding some sort of double jump might help the player feel more mobile overall, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea.


Update from sunday!!!_____________
-Recoil added to the guns;
-Cops now perform a damage animation when hit, and get stunned for a brief moment;
-Made it so Cops are pushed away when hit;
-Made shaders and textures that look wet for surfaces that were previously flat and boring;
Bugs Fixed:
-Blueprints not appearing if you destroy an outpost, but die before getting them;
Difficulty tweaks:
-Experience cubes now give 2x as much health to the player;
-The player's health is now 25% higher;
-Made a dialogue line where Catnip explains the importance of Experience cubes;

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>I'm still undecided. I was thinking about putting it on spotify for free kind of as a marketing strategy
That sounds like a good idea!

>Do you think the fact that it moves the aim by rotating the camera nauseating or something? It's this way in counter strike too, so I'm thinking maybe it's not so bad to do it this way(?)

I didn't find it nauseating (then again, I played a lot of games including VR ones), so I don't think it's a bad way to do so.
>Alternatively I could make a recoil system without a camera rotation change, but by reducing the aim accuracy and making the aim reticle expand.
Honestly, that was what I had in mind for a recoil system when I made the suggestion, but I don't know which of these two systems would work out best in the end. On this note, I think you shouldn't hesitate to make polls to ask players which option they prefer if you hesitate.

>i didn't know about this Sterner guy

Sorry to barge in especially considering I unironically don't read a lot of theory lmao, but if I'm not mistaken Stirner, while pretty edgy, didn't support "Uniques" imposing their will on other "Uniques" or something? My understanding of Stirner boils down to "I'll do whatever the fuck I want if it pleases me" and "our current society is full of spooks (including what we consider moral or not) that enslave us, let's get rid of them", don't know if that's actually the case. I don't think his philosophy boils down to "be a sociopath", however. It's better to ask someone who knows him better, sorry for the intrusion.


not bumping this time, because this is way past excessive sef-promotion at this point, sorry everybody

Update from yesterday!!!!!___________
-Added distance-to-collision-sensitive camera shaking;
-Pedestrians now also get stunned by bullet hits;
-Made a sound for bullet hits on human flesh;
-Made sounds of the Shotgun pumping, and of the Sniper reloading;
-Made it so concurrent enemy gun sounds don't overlap, which was rather ear-violating;
-Fixed the issue of pistol sounds making the audio system reach sound count limits, making other sounds not play;
Bug Fixes:
-Reward Stand in the dungeons freezing if the reward was already collected;
-Text for "Screen Space Reflections" not showing in the quality options menu;
-Sand footsteps playing when it shouldn't;
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1612581801420-0.gif (185.78 KB, 220x220, Mudkip_BW.gif)

File: 1612581801420-1.jpg (95.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (27).jpg)

File: 1612581801420-2.jpg (269.24 KB, 1280x1143, 1564476967987.jpg)

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ITT capitalist guilty pleasures

which tier is your favorite teir?
i leik little cup (lvl 5 only)
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File: 1656409010281.png (1.04 MB, 2000x2000, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1656409061385-0.png (786 KB, 2000x2000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656409061385-1.png (576.01 KB, 2000x2000, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1666195160804.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.12 KB, 1216x1628, 1630537634065.jpg)

Not hand-holding your Gardevoir is emotional abuse.


I don't get how people praise B/W for having a story that criticizes the relationship between pokemon and trainers when the game treats anyone (team plasma) as being an idiot for suggesting it's weird to be concerned about how pokemon are treated on top of every team plasma member being depicted as a hypocrite. And that's not even getting into major spoilers like Ghetis turning out to not actually care to liberate pokemon and just wanting to takeover the region and tricking N to serve that purpose. It's been a while since I played it, but it seems the story doesn't really explore the concept at all. (I've never played B/W2).


Imo it was an underutilized concept in BW because the game had to go back to the status quo at the end. Can't really have the player feel guilt for catching and battling with Pokemon since that's the point of the games.


Mw2 a campaign is literally the only enjoyable component of the game but the plot and core gameplay is synonymous with a 1980s Hollywood power fantasy that serves to glorify the us army

I know bitching about this is stupid because this is made by a clusterfuck of a company like activision a company in a country where not constantly dicksucking the concept of pointless invasions is frowned uponed but still the amount of casual violence that’s no where near as fast paced or bloody than real world conflicts along with the writers attempt to make this dumbass campaign that’s probably the only polished aspect of the game really makes every second spent experiencing this shit feel like you were missing out on a much much better written plot. Oh fuck I miss spec ops and wish that 6 days in fallujah got made into something real

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