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File: 1687106346199.jpg (100.54 KB, 1348x758, Screenshot.jpg)


All video games must have the same UI now. There's a lot of western devs that think game design isn't about creating unique experiences, but about reaching the singularity of game design, the one true correct way to make a game. You see this every time a game doesn't follow the formula and they get mad.
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File: 1687123438455.png (184.47 KB, 1280x1024, xonotic_xaw.png)

this but unironically


What would you change about it? I don't have a great aesthetic sense but it doesn't strike me as bad, just uninspired. It's reasonable to think a conventional, easily understood style would emerge the same way wasd-movement and escape/start menus have, being less about zeroing in on the one true game and more about using a risk-free, legible design to devote more development resources elsewhere.


The UI is important in games, you're looking at it the whole time you're playing.


>but when it was clear all the "spells" were all just glorified guns firing variations of magic missile I lost interest
that sounds fun thoever


It was Destiny who shitted all over gaming UI. Starfield menu looks good tho.

File: 1685152511864-0.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685152511864-1.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


Inspired by Lord of the Rings: Gollum.
somebody get the franchise out of Amazon's hands
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kys Vermin.


Kojima didn't direct that game


Kojima is still stuck on Metal Gear, and he will double down on Death Stranding 2. The gameplay it's cool, unique and fun. The story should have been more focused and humanistic. Long cutscenes should have been left on Metal Gear Solid.


I dunno if I agree on the cutscenes, but I think the constant grinding dilutes the story beats. I mean it's supposed to be a distributed task, irt building roads, but that system is broken, it doesn't work, so it means grinding.


>more focused and humanistic
Did we play the same game??


what's everyone think???
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>with actually introducing Communist ideals into the mix
Won't even get past the drafting stage.


Well they can't have anything set in the future, because then that will constrain whatever the Disney writers room shits out in 5 minutes for the next movie's plot.


Disney can't make anything new. They can only make pale imitations of the old EU, possibly even ripping off shit from it like Palpy coming back.


>Disney can't make anything new. They can only make pale imitations of the old EU
Tru, all those damn remakes are cancer.


Right but still I came up with a fucking plot in like 10 mins of survival horror. Linking up the ideas from the KoTOR games having the Star Forge Slowly Rebuilding itself, calling to unsuspecting victims turning them into hive mind like zombies while on the Planet its still primitive with the Rakatans still an extremely hostile race. While everything around Rakata Prime is ship graveyard.


New trailer dropped. Cringe chosen one narration, but gameplay looks really fun. The vibe I get from it is trying to be to Skyrim what New Vegas is to Fallout 3 (i.e. hopefully making it good).
Also its rather striking how pretty and intriguing the world looks, despite being generic fantasy, in sharp contrast with Bethesdas Starfield, which is sci-fi filled with the most boring alien planet designs imaginable.
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>game world not being a single big map, but split into number of areas.
So it's hub based like The Outer Worlds was. Some of the later areas were very undercooked in that game, hopefully they got more money and dev time with this one.


>I have spend two weeks just getting all the mods working together
That's the fun part.


No its not. Some of it was fucking esoteric, like I had wildlife AI mod, so that animals behave like animals and not like video game enemies, which worked fine on its own, but broke hostile NPC AI (not wildlife, that worked fine, just "people" enemies) when used with other mods. After a whole day of experimenting, I figured out that the culprid was a texture mod. Like how? How does that cause anything?


>Like how? How does that cause anything?
Well, the thing is, Skyrim is not Doom…


That texture mod probably had a plugin that changed AI package in some way. Which one it was btw?


debut gameplay trailer of witcher 3 turns 10 this day depending on your time zone. one of the most famous and influential rpgs of all time, now time to talk about your views on it in this thread, whether positive or negative
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That just means you've never played Witcher 1 or 2 then lol.

Witcher 1 is a weird turn based/live action eurojank mixture that is somehow even less interesting than Witcher 3's combat.

Witcher 2 is super consolized (you can't take potions mid battle, for instance) and yet has absurd difficulty for much of the early game since enemies do 600% more damage if they hit you in the back once and your initial rolling distance is pathetic meaning vs. crowds you have to cheat hard and use the environment to avoid getting gangraped.

Thronebreaker is genuinely fun CCG combat though but I ranked it below 3 since most people don't like card game combat.

But in any case just on story alone Witcher 2 all and nothing will ever top it.


>That just means you've never played Witcher 1 or 2 then lol.
In fact I did. Second one had better combat, but more importantly, I interpreted "gameplay" as not just combat, but overall gameplay experience. Sure, Witcher 1 combat is what it is, what can you even add about it, but you know what else? Well designed map, sense of progression, engaging quest with meaningful decisions.


I was bored to sleep playing Witcher 1. Witcher 2 has the greatest amount of cool and hard choices you can make. 3 didn't have good choices but at least 3 didn't bore me unlike 1.


Witcher 3 is the worst case of level scaling/level gating I have ever seen in a videogame. I genuinely dont get what were the designer thinking when they decided to make all equipment scale to the level, thus assuring you can never get a good item, just always average. Or enemy levels being completely unrelated to creature type, meaning you can easily defeat griffons and basilisks but get one shot by a drowner 30 levels above you.


Kek if level scaling pisses you off you should try Diablo 4. All enemies auto scale to your level and all your drops are always below your level and the only good items are legendary ones which have a 0.00001% drop rate that you need to farm 20 hours for each. At least with Witcher 3 you're given treasure maps to unlock the max tier witcher armor and you can easily find everything you need.

File: 1686578116823.jpg (2.04 MB, 3000x1688, TotK_Key_Artwork.jpg)


I really don't care about 30 fps. And if the game pushes software, hardware or gameplay boundaries, I specially don't care.


just emulate it lmao lol


Starfield tho.


>Zelda ToTK
>Pushing boundaries
It's literally just another Zelda game but with shitty and less interesting minecraft mechanics. But of course all the nintentards soyface over it since they're stupid. Nintendo as a company is so fucking overrated.


i played tunic instread tbh


By this point there is no reason to NOT emulate Nintendo games aside from the online multiplayer (which is shit anyway). Nintendo can fucking kys. I want them to suffer. I want them to beg for mercy as their annual budget approaches zero.

>but with shitty and less interesting minecraft mechanics
You're being too harsh to a pretty decent game. I don't hate Nintendo games themselves, they are fine.

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The gameplay just looks like morrowind if it was third person and didn’t have absolutely abysmal combat
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I could see a remake next year of another old 2D zelda. The Links Awakening one sold pretty well.


BOTW had zones where it was constant 15 fps.
TOTW doesn't have those zones but it has sporadic frame drops when using the Ultra Hand and in some villages.


I think that TOTK is better than BOTW. But I don't feel like the people that say that it is impossible to come back to BOTW now after playing the new one. At the end of the day, they have different vibes. BOTW is about nature, lonlyness and exploring a new world. TOTK is about mastering the world with the help of newfound powers and friends.


This is true. I wonder how much of BotW's vibe was a deliberate choice and how much was coping with not finishing stuff on time. It did end up working to their advantage though.


I think it was intentional. Just like the island on TOTK. The devs said that at first when they were testing the new mechanics, they filled the entire sky with islands. But then they realise that players would get lost between puzzles, so instead they opted for the archipelagos. Although I don't know if the Switch would have been capable of that.


I want you to look past the big titty anime women and gags and tell me this isn't the most dialectical game of all time

No xenoblade 3 spoilers I haven't finished it yet
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File: 1684134865529.png (196.29 KB, 320x640, ClipboardImage.png)


>>27640 that's pretty cool
>>27748 that's cursed, i love it

made me want to play it


This song killed me.


What would jesus have to say about being in a big titty anime girl game?


He'd love it for sure


Post-Apocalyptic retro-futuristic cyberpunk/western hybrid game about being a bounty hunter. Basically the Mandalorian but cyberpunk.

Anyone else looking forward to this? Is this the next Cyberpunk 2077 but with (hopefully) a better release?
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Looks like a mixture of EYE Divine Cybermancy and Cowboy Bebop.
To be honest, by this point the genre has been pretty much reduced to a package of aesthetics and tropes for more conventional sci-fi works to parody and adopt. Straightforward and truly dystopian cyberpunk that primarily focuses the themes of alienation and social inequality wrought by a new wave of rapid capitalist industrialization is pretty rare nowadays.


>Straightforward and truly dystopian cyberpunk that primarily focuses the themes of alienation and social inequality wrought by a new wave of rapid capitalist industrialization is pretty rare nowadays.
Cause it hits too close to home



>it is weird how the cyberpunk aesthetic has shifted from "green" (cool colors, low-poly models) to "orange" (warm colors, cartoonish models). this orange cyberpunk feels like a parody tbh

green/blue (2000s/90s 'the matrix') and orange = 2010s/2020s ex: bladerunner 2049


I think they're trying to split the difference between fallout new vegas and cyberpunk aesthetically


gameplay reveal trailer dropped

File: 1652952322943.jpeg (212.29 KB, 800x450, the-sims-4.jpeg)


Wake up, get ready, go to work, come back, level up some skill for a bit, eat some shitty food and shower, go to sleep, repeat until you receive paycheck to spend on AESTHETICS, do it all over again.

Why did I find this fun when I was younger? What's the POINT? Earn virtual money to CONSUME virtual decorations? For what purpose? Nice """escapism""" Will Wright
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so melodramatic


>online multiplayer
Wasn't Sims 4 supposed to have online too until SimCity 5's always online bullshit was a disaster? Don't know why they want it to be a thing so bad. Obviously it's to monetize it but I don't see how they could monetize the sims anymore than they are now.


Well arguably they want to stop pirates, therefore if you can do multiplayer with your friends only if you buy it it might convince more people to pay


>Don't know why they want it to be a thing so bad
Because it's cool and ads unique gameplay opportunities? If anything, SimCity and The Sims are the games that will only be better with multiplayer in theory. EA's castrated studios just suck at making games now (Respawn's games are a rare exception).

Fun fact: Cities Skylines is apparently available on GNU/Linux. WTF?


>Well arguably they want to stop pirates
It's actually way better than integrating DRM into the software IMHO. Because holy cow, Denuvo and proprietary spyware can kiss my ass.

The only issue is that you can't run your own servers. And that was really bad for WoW, Blizzard was just banning private servers left and right while their offering was bullshit.

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