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Let's talk about stories in video games.
One thing I find fascinating with online alt-right anti-sjw gaming youtubers(Griffingaming and all the Leafyclones that are still fucking alive) is that they prefer to take vague definitions(TLoU2 having a "bad" story) and spearhead them to no end.
I haven't played TLoU1 and I'm not planning to, but I think having played this game, I am qualified for talking about the story. My biggest gripe with the story is that they changed focus and perspective. I'm rarely ever a fan of changing perspective in a character-driven story. Take GTA V for example. It's an action-driven game rather than character, and you can see that the incohesive story focus doesn't really hurt the game much. Compare that to GTA IV, which was a much more character focused game.
One thing that I believe gamers don't understand when discussing story in Hideo games is how stories work in general. In the contemporary age, and with more creative writings, you can see how the importance of having a plot, having characters is fading and giving its place to more storytelling through language. Now of course we don't really know what this "language" of video games is for certain because of how little literature there is on video games, but drawing parallels, it roughly translates into gameplay and visual elements of the game. Sure, a plot and character-driven story is more accessible and probably a lot of people would prefer that to more experimental storytelling, but it's not like we didn't have games with unconventional methods of storytelling in the past.
Minecraft, the epicest game of all time doesn't have a real plot. Sure, it does have a supposed "end", but that doesn't make for a plot. Ask all gamers if minecraft has a story and they'll say no; but it does have characters, a setting, and most importantly "storytelling".
The language of storytelling in videogames translates into gameplay and visual elements. Take Doom for example. The plot is a simple demon invasion, but the methods of storytelling is similar to that of the Grindhouse genre. Take Cruelty Squad, one of my favorite games, for example. It does have a plot, for sure, but the thing that really stands out is the storytelling.
The gameplay contributes a lot to the storytelling. Different gameplay modes allow for different forms of storytellings. Why are most story-focused games RPGs? Why aren't they Multiplayer Battleroyale games? Because RPGs allow for a more heavilPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>using chekov's gun in video games
that could make the game really interesting but i'm wondering how difficult it'd be to pull something like that off. is the hardware advanced enough to do something like that? keep in mind that no major publishing would want to do that since I believe console structures do not allow for a lot of CRPG elements to perform and they'd rather have the market
>this doesn't translate to video games very well
yeah, which is why i think there should be more theory on video game language and especially narrative through game mechanics. one of the more innovative narrations i've come across in video games is rogue(1980), where the narration is literally just game mechanics.


>I believe console structures do not allow for a lot of CRPG elements to perform
Yes, most consoles lack the CRPG processor that modern PCs have.


>i'm wondering how difficult it'd be to pull something like that off. is the hardware advanced enough to do something like that?
doubt it would be that hard, not really a hardware issue. I see it like this
<game engine already tracks the interactable objects in the world, including when to spawn and de-spawn them
<each type of object can have a list of "payoff" behaviors like red barrels exploding for example
<each object could have a flag for how significant it is to gameplay (probably a couple booleans, very little data)
<properties like this can be linked to keywords, so in a game like BotW where you have a rich soup of interacting systems, you can dynamically look at potential payoffs
<when using the despawn function, add a couple lines of code to check for the "chekov" flags to see if the object (or NPC) is significant enough to bring back later
<have an AI function scanning every 30 seconds or so for a lull in the action lasting too long or other such opportunities (can be as simple as "how long has it been since there was combat?")
<do a simple check for which entities are stored in the chekov buffer, which payoffs they have, and optionally if there is anything around the player's current situation that would be likely to trigger the payoff
<optionally have a number for how long ago the entity was encountered, depopulate from the list if it's been too long (make the time-out longer for more significant things, infinite for really important ones like quest items or something)
<for bonus points, wait until there are actual events nearby, so that you can re-spawn the chekov's gun and add complexity/wrinkles to the encounter (like monsters coming back to harass random civilian NPCs or treasure hunter NPCs finding a cool item you dropped for better loot), this way you get dynamic complex encounters based on how thoroughly you play the game
Not really that much information to store. Honestly this seems like it would be pretty simple to implement assuming the systemPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>It's a mistake to try to cram a movie script into a video game

Most video games are like 5+ times longer than a movie lol.


well yeah, whether it's too big or too small, having them not fit the format is the problem

File: 1660292826203.png (93.37 KB, 522x293, ClipboardImage.png)


What do you guys think about the Quest 2/VR in general? Was thinking of buying one cause it's only $400 compared to $100 Index. Games all look kinda shit tho
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Can't really say much about the Quest 2 (I have an Index) but VR is pretty cool overall. However, I don't think you can get the same games on Quest as someone who is a PC VR player. Although, I think Blade & Sorcery and Stride are available on Quest.

Overall, VR nowadays is pretty damn immersive. It really makes you feel like you are the main character of a story. Only problem is that if you plan on playing on PC, you need a very solid build (and money to buy the VR kit, they're not very cheap).

>Games all look kinda shit

In what sense? The graphics or do you find the games to be meh?

>Wireless and independent
Yeah, it's a great thing. The wiring of PC VR and PSVR is kind of a pain, especially if you plan to move around.


>In what sense? The graphics or do you find the games to be meh?
Well, it was a lazy dismissal. But just from looking at the "best" games it seems like there's much here? I don't care about the graphics but the gameplay loops appear simplistic. I think I need to experience it in VR to judge. That's the main enjoyment, right? The immersion in 3D? "Resist" looks cool.



>That's the main enjoyment, right? The immersion in 3D?
Pretty much.
>"Resist" looks cool.
It does look pretty fun TBH. Can't really have a detailed opinion of the games of this list (except I Expect You To Die 2) tho, because I didn't play them.


>I don't think you can get the same games on Quest as someone who is a PC VR player.
Quest 2 owner here. You can play pcvr games on quest 2 if you have a PC capable of running vr games and a $20 quest app called virtual desktop. Played through all of HL Alyx and some Pavlov using this method. Make


Fuck accidentally pressed post. Anyway, make sure you have good internet (preferably your PC is connected via Ethernet) for the best experience streaming to your quest 2

File: 1659990792813.jpg (42.03 KB, 676x380, cp.jpg)


So, after 20 years, when is the good game coming out?
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yeah but how would I know where I am supposed to go? might not matter much on my hundred's playthrough but I like immersion. it would have been cool if mister handy just told me to go to diamond city instead of that weird fucking psychic lady

you get the best armor of game and get to fight a deathclaw in the first quest of the game for an annoying af faction.


>yeah but how would I know where I am supposed to go?
Go around the nearby locations and talk to local merchants and travellers. Most of them talk about Diamond City at some point and AFAIK mark it on your map.
>you get the best armor of game and get to fight a deathclaw in the first quest of the game for an annoying af faction.
More like a glorified vehicle/mech suit that is also battered, missing parts and chugs the power cores too much to be viable for 24/7 use. Even with it and the minigun (most of which ammo I used up to shoot the raiders outside to tiny giblets), the deathclaw kicked my ass hard enough to make me resort to spamming stims and kiting it with a shotgun, after which I just parked it in Sanctuary for repairs and rarely touched it except for assaults on raider bases or main quest missions (it is usable without the power core, but you cannot sprint in it while it is powered down).


File: 1660171580242.png (97.38 KB, 1553x1082, w2 choices.png)

Witcher 2 has an amazing plot that elevates the rest of the game into a classic. The gameplay is pretty shit but the story is way better than most RPGs especially nowadays. It was a better Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones became mainstream and to this day is still one of the only games which have actual weighty choices with massive consequences. I mean holy shit you can even literally walk away from the final boss fight and avoid killing him and by the time you get to that point you're even incentivized not to do so because of missing memories and context that he fills in for you.


I literally played it when it was released.
It was shit, is shit, and will continue to be shit in the future. This is not a new, or sudden development.
I have no idea where this recent-ish wave of Bethesda defenders comes from, but I can only assume it is fueled by nostalgia. Every one of their games have been derided since at least Fallout 3. Oblivion, bizarrely, used to be saved from this even though it is almost as bad as Fallout 3.
And don't try to shoot back with the GOD AWFUL games media and their petty awards, now and especially not then.

Seek help.


I agree with most of this, which is exactly why I recommend the books over the game.

File: 1629942945972.jpeg (34.77 KB, 220x313, 220px-WoW_Box_Art1.jpeg)


Does anyone play this game or wow classic? I used to play quite a bit of classic, TBC, WOTLK and early cataclysm. TBH i consider the first three expansion packs unbeatable in their quality, esp. Vanilla and TBC. WOTLK was also the height of Arena pvp.

I don't think bu-blizzard could ever recreate something on this level. Classic Blizz (90s->2007/8) was an AWESOME time. Activision merger started to take its toll around the time Cata rolled out. Even WOTLK though having tons of oldfag devs etc. it still began to show a few signs of this, though arena pvp was at it peak and beast. Raiding was good, but already you saw the cycle of "running out of ideas", with them updating naxxramas. Cataclysm was supposed to be a reinvention of classic wow which is why they redid a bunch of classic zones including Orgrimmar.

I feel like after this period Blizz started to succumb to the same late-capitalist bullshit of hollywood where every single movie is a reboot. Every game nu-Blizz/activision-blizz made after that just seemed like a shitty recycle of previous ideas (ex: Heroes of the storm - lets make a moba like 6 years after they were hot and make all the characters in there from our other games or shitty generic). Even overwatch wasn't as original as people think, the characters felt like shitty incredibles/disneyfied versions of archetypical charcters.

The mechanics/graphics of wow have gotten better but the balance and storyline have become shitty. This isn't an inditement of the programmers or technical artists but more the corporate leadership and creative direction.
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MMOs in general are so fucking boring these days

I feel completely drained just entering them. Not because they’re bad games but because there’s nothing in them once you finish your first play through
All the endgame content in them is instanced meaning you can’t farm old dailies and weekly quests
All the fun rpg mechanics you’d expect from these types of games like the lack of quest finders, paragraphs worth of quest notes your expected to read, lack of linearity in progression and story telling, large maps, equipment durability and gear requirements all are taken out
Not because it’s “too hardcore”(quite the opposite casuals love this type of shit) but because the whales that blow money on these games wanna make sure anything that can potentially put ordinary players against them is neutralized. Fucking obnoxious shot dude makes these games feel static and unfun


how long until the older xpacs of wow become public domain and open source? i would love to see the day when private servers entirely replace retail.


sadly never until ActiBlizz bites the dust


Blizzard at this point hates any aspect of gaming that looks like too much fun to play and that’s proven by their blatant design and shocking defence of diablo immortal

World of Warcraft isn’t an RPG
Servers will never become open source
Blizzard will die with activision a death of a thousand stabs from the past decade of consistent disappointment they’ve brought onto their community and the gaming industry as a whole. Not even the Microsoft buyout can save the company from where they’re heading


Project Ascension and Turtle WoW are both pretty good vanilla+ private servers with healthy populations


>the maps were larger
This might be shocking to some of you but RPGs used to have maps a lot larger than they’re today, part of it was the lack of limitations imposed with using sprites rather than actual polygons to build worlds and account for physics led to minimal problems with precision and collision errors but most of it was, well it’s easier to paint something than it is to model build rig or apply physics to it, coincidentally this meant quests were also large and had cryptic as shit descriptions at times making the amount of time you played these games really fucking long but you’d put up with it because you likely didn’t have that much shit to do if you were playing games back then when barely anyone had computers beyond the ones they’d use at work

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*older games were noticeably less cluttered
Fuck I hate phoneposting.


CRPG's trying to imitate TTRPG's was a dark age



what CRPG exists that doesn't try to imitate a TTRPG? isn't that basically all the genre is


Oblivion and especially Skyrim got rid of stuff like classes and RNG dice-rolling to focus on more experiential playing, and newer CRPG's are influenced by them


Oblivion had classes tho. Baurus asks what your skills are before leaving the dungeon into the sewers, and you could either choose a pre-made class like Acrobat or Witch-hunter, or create your own. The difference between Morrowind's and Oblivion's class system is that in the latter there is no distinction between major and minor skills, but you could pick only half the skills you could in Morrowind.

File: 1659262389210.jpg (58.96 KB, 640x360, WordofOkran.jpg)


>"You ever listen to the word of Okran?"

Luv Okran,
Luv the holy lord Phoenix,
Luv prayer day,
Luv bread
Luv the paladins fighting those Narkoite's (Go get em boys!)
'Ate Bugs and Shreks (Not a racist, Just don't like em!, maybe they should try to reincarnate harder next time eh!?)
'Ate those fall of man causing 'Skeleton' abominations against Okran He's right you know

Discuss anything Kenshi related ITT (Greentexts, your base, your squad, debate favourite starts, Lore etc)
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I think the research labs are supposed to be more dangerous to loot than they're depicted in-game and the schematics themselves should be pretty much impossible to decipher without specialized knowledge, but tech hunters and machinists have made progress in things like hydroponics. The world is so dangerous and inhospitable that it's difficult to support large, interconnected populations and research centers, so it wouldn't surprise me that information sharing and innovation is limited. The one thing that bothers me is apparently no one knows how explosives work and are instead using high-tech machinery to make really sharp swords.
Also the ancients were wiped out (or left) a few thousand years ago, in the wake of that civilization's collapse the world was left scarred and dangerously polluted. When the skeletons tried to fix things they made initial progress, even setting up their own research and engineering centers, but eventually they got fucked by multiple overlapping cataclysms (like whatever created the Grid) outside of their control and things started unraveling quickly. Initially there was a resource shortage leading to the Mk-II skeleton body, and rebellions started soon after.
They may have created the cannibals in a lab to deal with the Deadcat rebels, and some disaster (?) created the canyon in Wend that flooded the skeleton manufacturing centers and put a complete stop to their production and essentially doomed their kind, as they didn't have the technology to create CPU units on their own and relied on ancient labs to do so. After the fall of that empire the world was left even more dangerous and even more polluted. There's also the fact that a couple skeletons are working diligently to ensure some of the information about the past, and possibly its technology, stays lost. There's a lot of suspicion around skeletons and technology in general, and the Holy Nation is dedicated to making sure that information is destroyed as well.


Basically it goes like this.
>First empire / Ancients.
Space fairing tier civilisation that collapsed for hazy reasons, we don't know exactly why, maybe a bronze age collapse on a universal scale, skeleton rebellion or some convergence of all the head-canons the fandom has come up with - We don't even know that the world of 'Kenshi' was the capital planet of this empire, it could have just been some periphery penal colony or some shit.
**My headcanon has always been that potentially after Obedience and the Skeletons on 'Kenshi' revolted whatever galactic empire Kenshi was part of declared some sort of 'quarantine' (think the way systems with [REDACTED] presence is treated if your a fan of starsector - Anything trying to get off world is detected by some sort of autonomous weapons system like the eye and gets blown the fuck out of the sky, thus why there's so much industrial / ship wreckage all around the planets surface - This galatic
>First Interregnum
After shit collapsed everything was absolutely tits up for a while - this is never really expanded upon
>Second Empire.
Cat-Lon and his skeleton army unify most the continent asides from the shek cities and the hives, Cat-Lon is pretty cool for a while and the population began growing again, Labs were re-established 'Pretty good!'
But then a combination of crisis's like the 'Northern humans turning to cannibalism' among other things made Lon act more and more like a DICKtator until whoever Okran actually was led an uprising, taking over 'Okran's pride' (One of the most fertile places on the continent, with accessible fresh water) - Effectively shattering the empire, Cat-Lon essentially runs away to the Ashlands to go insane and whatever territory was still held by the 'empire' was reorganised into the 'united cities' with its system of local nobility / feudalism with puppet emperor's
>Second interregnum
Modern day.


Kenshi (as in the planet you play on) was almost certainly a periphery world in the ancient space-empire, otherwise there would likely be many more relics of that age other than stuff like the Eye, the busted (nuclear?) generators in the eastern desert, and the shards of I-frames from skyscrapers you can find in parts of the desert, so on.

Plus Stobe's sacrifice was against the 1st Empire trying to destroy the planet for unknown reasons (maybe some kind of degenerative plague, which eventually made all of the northern human tribes into feral cannibals) on top of the Eye satellites which were put in orbit to basically scourge all life from the planet but failed, hence why large chunks of the continent are just desert and the sea level fell - the Swamps were originally a massive port city, according to a Skeleton.

As such you can presume that the continent Kenshi takes place on has grown across the years as the Eyes kept working their heat-ray magic and evaporating more of the water, making a decent chunk of the Atlantaeuropa hellscape deserts which the UC lives on come into being, which explains why so much of it is just dead and can't grow anything - shit is literally salt-sands.

Also since the 1st Empire was so hilariously advanced, its pretty likely that a lot of the most powerful tech was far beyond the reach of common people, and simpler, easier to recreate tech like firearms had simply ceased to exist because they were so ineffective compared to the death lasers they were using. Advanced bionics made melee weapons viable again, Metal Gear Rising style, which is why you have the super-advanced Meitou weapons lying around as well. There are probably so few due to the 1st Empire taking a lot of their shit with them when they left the planet, so there is really only scraps to work with for rebuilding civilization. Even the 2nd Empire realized this - with the means of making new skeletons lost, and loads of skeletons committing mass suicide after the [REDACTED], they knew they were a dying race and tried to use the remaining technology to create new races to inherit the functions of the Empire after they fell - hence the Shek to act as legal enforces, and the Hivers to act as producers for goods and materials (this is more specuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


wish i could play the game but i only have a shitty laptop


I also have it installed on a shitty Acer Laptop i used to use for skool stuff, And asides from loading in between regions taking a bit longer then seems the average it seems to get along fine.
If i turned it up to Max graphics or installed a bunch of graphics / other mods it would probably absolutely brick though


Doesn’t have to be fantasy or in space just a casual rpg game that can be run on most systems that has a fuck FUCK ton of content in it. I need that rn considering I finished new Vegas and Celeste and now I’m bored out of my mind
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You aren't gonna like it but I'm contractually obligated to shill NieR Automata.



My contract tho


is that a meme or something


Old school runescape


Aaaaand this shit right here is why false advertising laws were invented
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Nah you can’t excuse this shit
This level of misrepresentation of a product is beyond Ubisoft levels of fucked up. Even cyberpunk and watch dogs had their trailers show an ideal of what the gameplay was supposed to work this is straight false advertising


It's a trailer you fucking retard. Did you expect warcraft 3 to look like this?


I was pretty sad that AoM didnt look like this tbh


File: 1659994223880.png (539.8 KB, 470x467, dubsaber.png)

Begun, the Trip Wars have.


harsh but fair


After playing half life 2 and comparing the graphics of that game to modern titles I can’t shake off the feeling that the amount of lag, stuttering and consistent crashes games have attributed to their graphics is justified in any aspect

The main 3 contributors to bad performance are
Vide resolution
Object count
And texture resolution

That’s it optimize those 3 things and most games run just fine except most developers seem to be forgetting this. It takes me several minutes for an 80 god damb gigabyte game known as destiny to even boot up just to be greeted with god awful poorly rendered textures and immediate crashes upon trying to move accompanied with knowing how boring the animations for the actors are before playing a game like l4d2 and seeing even the most generic actors look alive with a relatively stable frame rate

It’s not a hard fix for these games all they have to do is create downscaled versions of in game textures, models and allow toning down the resolution of these games and most people they want to play will play these games. So annoying
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>It’s not a hard fix for these games all they have to do is create downscaled versions of in game textures
Yes it is tho. It's a lot more work that will be useless because the vast majority of high end gamers are on consoles.


>high end gaming
Did you have amnesia over the state of cyberpunk when it launched on console, or anthem, or bf4, or this game bf2042, or quite literally any major release within the past 8 years?
Studios that aren’t Microsoft or don’t directly do not give too shits about the concept of optimizing their games for a wider audience


Sorry studios that aren’t Microsoft or Sony forgot to include that part


All of those games you mentioned sold more on consoles. Due to pricing, high end gaming is more accesible via consoles.


it's true tho,the vast majority of "gamers" or people that buy games is on console,even if the pc market is big enough for japanese companies to start offering it on there too.


>reason one: generally bullets always hit the centre of the screen
Because of this using static crosshairs is common as it prevents players from having to constantly guess their aim, with weapons like the aug even a new player can get easy kills immediately after downloading
>reason two: the game is really not complex
I can’t stress this enough. Some people see csgos lack of shit other shooters have like aiming, leaning, mostly destructible maps like in r6, lack of classes, perks or well anything as making the game primitive
That may be true but it also reduces the amount of shit new players have to actually learn in game

Like seriously you could probably tell someone that’s never played the game to just use a scopes assault rifle and change their crosshair to static rather than dynamic and they’d probably play better than someone with hundreds of hours in

That’s my take on this game


I ask because I don't know. Does Valorant have all these negatives also?


Idk I don’t play that game to give you an honest answer


>Idiots still playing CSGO like it's supposed to be an FPS
It's a stock market simulator you pleb. CSGO is what you play to get other games for free.

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