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File: 1684028306085.mp4 (19 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_1879.mp4)


I beat Celeste for the second time
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File: 1684063622325.webm (120.78 KB, 480x270, goodjob.webm)


I beat if one time and that was enough for me.


At least attempt the b sides


Are you trans?


No I just like platformers. Though I have noticed that I’ve been having to thoughts and dreams about being a woman since I’ve been trying to lose weight with the initial goal of making running and climbing a lot easier


It's funny how the advertisement for "Tears of the Kingdom" featuring a sad man playing the game after his wife goes to bed and on the bus, syncs perfectly with Gary Jules version of "Mad World".


>he drowns exactly when the lyrics say it
that's gotta be edited come on


What the fuck it's not edited at all they actually just slapped the music on there.



splatoon takes place in a earth where humans die after 5 world wars? genocide? wtf


my man check the video description


File: 1683963846949.jpg (141.16 KB, 890x962, 9jpxig483xn51.jpg)

Imagine letting your wife going to bed like that


I understand that in real life modern wars are generally slow due to the time it takes to actually schedule, strategize, mobilize and actually give commands to troops before any actual time is spent fighting and also the time it takes to do all of that once each firefight ends but in arma it feels noticeably slow compared to the violence seen in wars like the Tigray thing and Ukraine. Are wars really that slow paced or does it really depend on the region?
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irl what you have as a result of this is concrete bunkers burried deep underground connected by tunnels with the occasional breakthrough via superior artilery and mechanized pushes.


Assuming staff could afford that and were willing to blow the funds for it yeah


Immersive Ukraine simulation for western mercenaries. kek


Kinda real tho. ArmA 3 went out to create a combat environment we had not seen until Armenia vs Azerbaijan or Ukr vs Russia now and in hindsight they were on point


Of course they were. ArmA is a commercial version of a real combat sim that real soldiers play.

File: 1683260494129.jpg (199.35 KB, 1170x2010, nintendo mafia.jpg)


In Reggie’s autobiography, he talks about his time at Panda Express, and how he was excited to push the chain to compete against small family-run Chinese food restaurants. He left the company after they decided to pull back on expanding.
The book is a real eye-opener, because he just comes off as a vapid, asshole business guy who kept failing upwards until he lucked into working at Wii-era Nintendo and became famous on the internet because of e3 banter memes.
Anyway, the new Zelda has leaked onto the internet and it is incredibly easy to find and emulate.
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Do they even exist? I thought they alienated pretty much everyone at this point except for the most casual of consumers.


I don't think there's actually any EA 'fans' but there are people who dutifully buy the the new FIFA/Madden/etc every single year


The casual consumer is the biggest demographic after all.


Paradox paypigs are worse.
Just checks the reviews and discussions on Steam when a new DLC comes out.


Stay mad.


Due to the lore most of the infected should ideally be bloaters due to how long the games take place in after the outbreak but based off demographics of the infected it’s obvious there’s way more runners and at times clickers than the fully blown mutated shamblers and bloaters running about indicating most of the infected are fresh victims, not casualties that got bit when the cordyceps started spreading for the first time. And that also means that in the timespan the last of us games actually take place in the spread of the fungi has actually gotten worse not weakened with time
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I'm afraid femboy disease is psychologically transmitted


I'll have to quaruntine I suppose from this femboy board.


Too late pal. You might as well stay with us now.


Project Zomboid is not wacko enough for me.
In CDDA I'm past the shitty interface now that I have some muscle memory to navigate the menus, there's just still a lot to learn so I keep dying but I'm getting better.


it's okay floor
i will protect you


Dark souls 2
And rainbow 6 look so much better in the trailer for one reason, the lighting. Same goes for unrecorded. Games use ambient lighting way to fucking much and rarely will you be in any space that’s genuinely dark in a natural sense since that hides shit the player needs to see for gameplay purposes but in the end games look generally way fucking worse no matter how advanced the graphics are. Which makes me question how can games use ambient lighting less to make games look significantly better…



File: 1683608933609-1.jpg (398.95 KB, 1920x1080, Doom 3 bathroom.jpg)

File: 1683608933609-2.jpg (86.23 KB, 1200x675, FEAR elevator.jpg)

Yeah, its lazy and it sucks. Thats why some of the older games like Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and FEAR look so favorable compared to even some of the newer titles, because they used ambient lighting sparingly if ever and instead used static and dynamic light sources to light levels up and made use of various lighting tricks like chiaroscuro to create mood in their scenes.


It’s not even just that it’s the colour choice
Take a look at this frame from fear and compare it to an ordinary screenshot of dying light 2s map, far cry 6, and watch dogs legion. If the UI for fear was disabled this image would look convincing but with the new games they have so many over saturated colours that it looks fake. Maybe this was for stylistic reasons so these games could consistently look good in the future but for me I hold the sentiment that it just makes these games look cartoonish similar to Fortnite


File: 1683640599787.png (306.91 KB, 640x361, ClipboardImage.png)

It's a fixed capital vs variable capital thing. It's simply more labor intensive to set up the kind of lighting you want, which imitates the lighting techniques of film crews and tries to carefully select the proper light for each important element. Ambient lighting lets you drop your light sources into the level and let the computer do all the work. It might be more "realistic" but that's not the same as looking good. A lot of people focused on graphics tend to think of video games more as visual simulations than as visual art.

There's a bit from the Lord of the Rings commentary tracks where Elijah Wood talks about a conversation he had with the lighting guy about a particular scene. The scene involves a close-up on Frodo's face as he's facing a wall, with the camera being positioned "inside" the wall. Wood observed that in that position his face should be too dark for the camera to see anything and jokingly asked the lighting guy where the light's coming from. He replied "the same place as the music."

File: 1683483674514.png (2.25 MB, 1200x1387, ClipboardImage.png)


>Create a video game
>it's an RPG where you're basically a Lenin-type figure
>you're trying to lead a revolution
>the main quest is class struggle
>all the side quests and distractions are idpol and culture war nonsense, where you're trying to get people off that path and back onto the main questline
>this is the message of the game, as conveyed through its structure

good idea or bad idea?
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wow comrade gratis digital produce is underfunded???


it's not always gratis
what is a common thing is that dev offer consulting services, making the software itself a loss leader




File: 1683520999490.png (4.43 MB, 2000x2000, ClipboardImage.png)


not a bad idea. probably text would be easiest way to pull it off. maybe painted illustrations
I've had some training in what to do if you arrive at a disaster scene like a car crash. one thing people tend to do is become confused and just wander off

File: 1683003545932.jpg (108.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


What unknown games are you playing that you think are worth talking about? And I mean actually obscure not EYE Divine Cybermancy obscure.

I just finished through playing Kandria, which is a very small indie open world platformer. The gameplay is a lot like Celeste most of the time except much more difficult, and this is applied to a metroidvania like open world, except there isn't anything that unlocks new areas like that and you've got your entire arsenal at the beginnin of the game. The platforming is fun but as I said it is incredibly difficult in later areas, though in earlier areas they added a bunch of pointless underground office blocks to like make it an open world or something. Those areas are very tedious and pointless. It also has a combat system which sucks and I try to avoid it except when you can use it for platforming. The game is very open as to how you approach obstacles, there are often different ways of getting past a room or you can go a different way through the map. The most standout thing for me was the story, which I wasn't expecting to be sort of good even if the twist is predictable. It also has a good soundtrack. All in all its a heavily flawed and rough indie passion project that nevertheless managed to fulfill my need for open 2D platforming.
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What a charming game! The visuals are beautiful, like a great children's picture book.


It really is, not lying when I say it's one of the best build-your-own-car games to this day.


File: 1683021189480.jpg (105.84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Since I mentioned it in another thread, I'll write a few words about the Disaster Report series.

The genre is survival. Just survival, no horror. Your character (or characters) are trying to survive natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. There is no combat whatsoever in these games, although sometimes you do need to avoid some dangerous people. In part 2 you can combine items to make bum style coats that protect you from rain, they degrade with time too. Watching your body temperature is important, it's pretty much your life bar, although it's very generous. In part 1 you have to drink water, but the taps are everywhere, they got rid of the idea in 2. The environments break apart in real time (it's scripted), which looks very impressive, especially for the time.

1 and 2 were released on PS2 in the west. 3 was a Japan only PSP game, there's a fan translation but I don't recommend playing it, too boring. 4 is on everything, even on Steam, and it's a great game, but they changed the formula, making it more akin to Yakuza side missions that take place during an earthquake. You run around and talk to people even more than usual in 4, there's more exploration as well.

Also, in part 2 there are 6 playable characters with their own campaigns, and a bunch of endings that depend on your choices during the game. 1 also has a few endings but only one playable character.

Lastly, for some reason they made most characters blonde in 2 for the Western release of the game. Just giving them Western names wasn't enough, apparently.


Wooden Ocean. Found it from a few people taking about it on twitter several months ago because of a patch note detailing how walls in combat affect humidity, temperature, and clutter. Then I went to its steam page (which barely tells you what the game's about) and saw it was an rpgmaker game which piqued my interest that an rpgmaker game has combat effects that detailed. I bought since it was on sale at the time without trying to look up more about it and was expecting it to be a 4-12 hour rpgmaker game with some weird gimmick in combat regarding the environment.

It turned out to be a big and open game with systems for stuff like town management where you hire people to do various jobs that influences what goes on in the towns themselves, enemy encounters and scaling are dependent on how many "resources" they have which can be reduced by just killing regular ones a lot, bosses, quests, etc, and if it goes up too much they can attack and destroy towns you run. Combat is more straightforward than I was expecting it to be (exploit status effects and enemy weaknesses while making sure the enemies can't do the same to you easily), but it still has stuff like equipment weight affecting your speed, spells altering the environment in minor or major ways, and party members/enemies becoming terrified depending on how the battle goes.

Can't say much for the story (because I spent most of my time I did play it trying to figure out where to go because I kept wandering into giant dungeons that seemed to lead into several different areas including other giant dungeons) but between the intro and the game starting it's a weird tonal shift. The intro's tone is what I was expecting going into it but the moment it's over it nearly 180s and goes from being dreamlike and horrifying to weird and comedic. Not sure if I'd call it a hidden gem until I've seen more of it but it's a really obscure and interesting game.


File: 1683381271562.jpg (112.18 KB, 877x493, 102e47193d.jpg)

Does World of Horror count as obscure? I don't think so, but it's not a smashing hit either. Something in the middle. In any case, it's a great game, you should play it.

File: 1683263962371.png (215.39 KB, 500x508, ClipboardImage.png)


kriselle is based and you cant change my mind


a thread died for this


File: 1683330705354-0.png (Spoiler Image, 262.36 KB, 684x887, 91c75c040bec7246e99584a4cd….png)

File: 1683330705354-1.png (Spoiler Image, 4.54 MB, 2400x3000, 4b79dac7b21908f0c3d660db37….png)

I wanna rail Ralsei's sissy goat ass.


File: 1683331079344.png (93.84 KB, 347x521, stacked.png)

Noelle wants to be in a poly lesbian relationship with their childhood friend and their teenage crush

File: 1683263279277.jpg (33.75 KB, 600x699, 118608_24707611.jpg)


why do we call them video games?
Theyre not video, theyre realtime graphics. Video is something thats playing prerecorded.
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this thead


Other than Fear and Hunger, What vidya let's you get raped? aSking fur a fren


File: 1683290088626.jpg (146.75 KB, 1600x920, gaem.jpg)

Nah, video since electronic would include all the niche ones like picrel


FEAR 2: Project Origin


why do we call it video conferencing if it's real time

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