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stalin shouldn't have stopped at berlin
trotsky wouldn't have stopped at berlin
according to the world's most accurate history simulator


Trotsky wouldn't have stopped at Antarctica


The engine and qol updates in present fortnite are really impressive. The game looks so much better to me than when it first released, and I’m glad the studio has put so much effort to bring it to where it is now. It would be wonderful to see a third fortnite title with all these features.


I wish they stopped cutting out features. The arsenal is pretty drab and a lot of update stuff is basically one-off.
Also stop locking shit behind battle pass and have it just be a quick progression option at worst.

File: 1691345261159.jpg (1.48 MB, 3000x3000, kojima.jpg)


Yes or no?
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File: 1691412964150-0.jpg (146.82 KB, 900x600, kojima.jpg)

File: 1691412964150-1.jpg (37.35 KB, 770x612, kojima_Fkc1d6Q.jpg)

Have you ever read Kojima's article on Conservapedia? It's a bag of laughs.

>He was also a radical leftist, with his stories since Metal Gear Solid 4 and to a lesser extent Metal Gear Solid 2 often preferring total anarchy over law and order, promoting post-modernism as well as various nihilistic messages, as well as condemning patriotism.

>Agness Kaku, the former localizer for Metal Gear Solid 2, has also noted the hypocrisy of Kojima commenting on and condemning American soldiers and not even bothering to look back at his own home country of Japan, even citing the Japanese Red Army's involvement in the Lod Airport Massacre in Israel in 1972, as well as the death of a Japanese mercenary during the War of Iraq.
>His leftist ideology was especially and most infamously apparent in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which included the Sandinista National Liberation Front as being good guys, the CIA being demonized, various leftist talking points against America, praising the Argentine Marxist terrorist Che Guevara, and to a lesser extent Mao Zedong and Jean Paul Sartre, praising May 1968, and some LGBT themes.
>On a similar note, Hideo Kojima during an autograph session gave the hand signal used by the left-wing Brazilian gang Comando Vermelho (Red Commando)
>He also gave a positive review of The Last Jedi, with his making clear his radical leftist viewpoints by adhering to the view that revolutions entail, among other things, the oppressed overthrowing the oppressor.


Praising last Jedi makes you communist lmao


>Japanese Red Army's involvement in the Lod Airport Massacre in Israel in 1972
How is that hypocritical? It's based.


File: 1691479406996.png (34.28 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

Not a Marxist but still a leftist anti imperialist. Deathstranding straight up depicts a moneyless society based on mutual aid.


I put him in the same category as Eiichiro Oda (One Piece) where he's sympathetic to leftism and could be a crypto-socialist, but probably not explicitly a Marxist.


My game is about to come out! For those who don't know, Demolish or Die is like Red Faction: Guerilla meets Infamous, meets Ratchet & Clank, meets Zelda. I have improved it drastically since my reveal here (>>22346), in all aspects.

It's out in early access, but it's actually already finished. The release date (June 16) is for marketing reasons. I completely butchered the marketing, by the way. Really should've hired a marketing agency or something… Wish me luck!

Anyway, here it is in case you're interested: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2147890/Demolish_or_Die/
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Chihuahuanon said it's made in Unity >>28758
Unity is proprietary and closed-source but free to develop with until you make some threshold of income from it, then they demand license fees.

>Are you implying that most of the game can only be distributed in the binary form and the reverse engineering is forbidden?

If you develop a game in unity you yourself don't have access to this kind of thing. However, the system does support multiple platforms and you basically just select which one to export to. Idk if unity supports linux platforms though.


>Unity is proprietary and closed-source but free to develop with until you make some threshold of income from it, then they demand license fees
So you don't even have full rights for the game, great.

It's literally the worst licensing model. It's like they own all the copyright instead of you. Horrible, horrible license.


>>28940 found a non-annoying (???????) way to promote the game on /siberia/

>>29022 hey, I really hope you enjoy it in case you give it a try!!! And also thank you in case you do (❤❤❤❤❤). And it's ok, not all of us are highly sophisticated, muscular, square-jawed chihuahua enthusiasts

Regarding a Linux build: I'd be open to do it, but I need to make some updates for the windows version first (I need to add controller support, steam achievements and a new activity). It'd be a nightmare to make a Linux available before the game's fully updated, because this will mean that I'll have to play test both the windows version and the linux version before uploading each update, and that I'll have to upload two updates at once. And even if I'm incredibly muscular and gifted, especially in the genital region, I'm still only one guy.

>>29034 thx ❤

>>29035 true. which is one of the reasons why I want to use Godot for my next projects


File: 1691542800343.png (51.8 KB, 500x401, sadtux.png)

>capitalist proprietary videogame marketing
>stickied for months
what the fuck
who the hell thought this was a good idea to sticky. absolutely disgusting shilling, unfit for a so-called socialist website.


disregard now, fixed. thx


I dunno how there art team managed to do so much but fuck up something so simple. Most games don’t fuckup world design as badly as wow has. What I’m referring to is the dramatic changing of biomes and climates over laughably short distances, the fact that the games lore and aesthetics is based on “the lost Vikings” and Tolkien’s work yet barely features any coniferous trees, Southern and eastern European style infrastructure or the fact that you can have East Asian inspired tigers and dragon like mounts occupying the same space as African and indigenous American buffalos and bulls and on occasion, cybernetic elephants. I dunno wtf happened after mists of pandaria that just saw what the games sense of place eradicate completely but I’m not liking it. Azeroth is the size of a continent not a planet as large as earths that can have so many different identities all in the same place at the same time and make any consistent sense.
It’s like the world design of dark souls 2 to an extreme


The world design used to make more sense when it was a strategy game where you are always shown only a particular region at a time during each mission. Post-WCIII however the open-world paradigm has demanded that the world had to be squeezed in order to both not make it tedious and at the same to consume less computer resources, thus you have this issue as a result of the tradeoff.


The issues with wows world design on its foundations run deeper than that. I’m writing a document on it so it’ll be a while before I can fully elaborate on why I found the world so uninteresting.


Okay the unedited document on my problems with wows world design is finished. Some of them are tied to the fact that it is an mmo but a lot I feel are a symptom of blizzards design indirectly harming the game.


use the "justified alignment" so it doesn't look like shit
do you know why research papers include an abstract or a conclusion or some other tl;dr? because even world-renowned researchers are humble enough to value other people's time


No. I’m not a formal writer and barely understand MLA.

File: 1691158413838.jpg (341.8 KB, 1440x2065, F2fL0NYWwAA4A-r.jpg)


>persona 3 official design works interview with the developers
>the reasoning behind the mechanism of social links differing based on the characters gender

every time this gets posted it conveniently excludes the part directly following this where they say "yeah so that's why we had a woman in charge of writing the social links"


definitely not a weird thing to say


write what you know lol


Must farm social media outrage points.

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What games do leftypol play? I played through Stalker recently, I also like Deus Ex, Mount and Blade Warband, Dark Souls. I play supreme commander daily and generally enjoy strategy games.
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I just played this


Hey! I played it too!


It's too hard.


Just started playing Path of Exile, as I enjoyed the Diablo IV beta but want to wait until it's reduced.
Having fun so far!


I like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It's a class-based multiplayer FPS and it's available free of charge. I recommend using the open-source ET: Legacy client (you need the 32-bit version for mods, so download it). It works on both Windows and GNU/Linux. ET: Legacy has better support for modern hardware and it has fully working server browser. Some other resources: https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/wiki/Useful-Links


🎶 Cruuuuuuuwuuisan DAS RITE come mong go cruisaaaaaaan AWYEAH Lesbo Cruuuuuuisan 🎶

Cruis'n Blast for Nintendo Switch is colorful fast food. First time you race a course feels like your life turning into an amazing action movie. Second time you race the same course is also movie-like, but in a bad way. You suspect that explosions and stuff are rigidly scripted to coincide exactly with where the player is. In time trial you can slow down and see how the game falls apart: Animals slow down just like you, rockets and even falling rocks idle in the air.

Worst of all is how rarely collision detection happens. No experienced gamer expects the collision geometry to be as complex as what you see, especially in a racer that doesn't present itself as a very serious affair, but here the amount of things you just pass through almost touches the negative record for a game made this century (still your the winner, Big Rigs). Massive monsters and explosions can't ever hurt you as human-controlled cars take no damage from anything, which is a tolerable design choice for a 90s style arcade racer IMHO, but you don't even slow down and just clip through. Most of the chaos is just purely optical. Do you like the squid item in Mario Kart that does nothing but obstruct your view a bit? Would you love a racer to throw many variations of the squid idea at you? Well that's what you get here with the rockets & and explosions & dinos & UFOs and nothing else. 30 years before this Switch game F-Zero on the SNES had tracks with wind coming from the side you had to steer against, in Cruis'n Blast you have a storm or torrent of water crossing the track and there is no effect whatsoever on the steering.

You play a course for the first time on the lowest difficulty and in the last few seconds you make it from third place to first place. Then you practice and practice and practice and level up your car and what not, play the same course on the lowest difficulty and… in the last few seconds you make it from third place to first place. The amount of rubberbanding is off the charts here. The beloved Mario Kart is notorious for rubberbanding too, but most people playing that can achieve an early and persistent lead in first place on the lowest difficulty and better gamers can do it on higher difficulty as well. Here it is imposPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Anyone got a rec for a Switch game that's like Daytona or Ridge Racer? Or Cruis'n Blast but good…

Yes I'm pissed and I'm going full Karen and will continue complaining about every single little annoying thing I can think of with this game.

Arcade mode doesn't make sense as a distinct mode. It's just the courses from the arcade version that are a bit longer than the rest and arcade courses are only available for single race and not time trial or tour and you can't set the difficulty here (4 levels for the other tracks in single race and tour mode). This "mode" doesn't have different physics as far as I can tell. The checkpoint system from the arcade is absent, just like with the other courses. What's the point of separating these courses from the rest?

Speaking of courses, there are the 5 known from the arcade plus 24 "more" that I don't know how to count because it is some iceworld and Hollywood and remixes thrown together with some variety like where the course starts and ends plus optical effects. They should have differentiated the course variations more (boost-pad patterns!). Feels like the equivalent of about a dozen courses.

Everything about it feels so flat: Drift-boosting is so easy it feels just stupid. Unusually restrictive invisible walls on courses are everywhere. Alternative routes are neither cleverly hidden nor hard to access; likewise with the keys & dollar bills (stuff literally glows through objects).

The HUD is dumb, too. Thank you devs for telling me I'm currently numbah 1 out of 1 in freaking time trial. While I'm racing you constantly poke the corner of my eye with the information that I already found the three keys on the course.

Couldn't you devs put the key graphic in your stupid loading screen. And I want to fiddle around while the course is loading so I should be able select a song title and viewpoint already during the loading before the race. And an air refresher should be dangling on that screen and I should be able to make it swing back and forth.

There are three viewpoints and they all suck. First person is kinda awkward as usual and reverts to just showing the car when things get too wild for it. Normal view obstructs the most interesting part of the scenery with your car. It would be a neat perspective if only youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>>29541 (me)
>They should have differentiated the course variations more (boost-pad patterns!).
To be fair there is more than zero variation with the boost-pad patterns (e. g. only on Dino Tour does the Rio course have the boost-pads at the end of the big jump after the statue), I just think there should have done more of that.

Forgot to mention that AI cars in front of you interact even less with the environment than you do. There are several scenes where you must crash through something to continue the course and you are always the first to do so, even while in last place. The AI cars just pass through the stuff like ghosts. So here is something where a modest amount of rubberbanding would be the intuitive and realistic effect (cars in front of you move shit out of the way of the cars behind them, so…) and then they don't bother to model that (just like with the non-existence of the slipstream effect). Instead of some "natural" rubberbanding they have this massive amount of insane rubberbanding where almost everything depends on the last few seconds.

Oh and forgot to mention also that there is a stupid system where you gain XP and "level up" your car which is not something you actually feel because of all the 💩🗡☣💣💀 rubberbanding, but it's a stupid idea anyway. If there is a sequel I hope they will yeet the XP.

I think older Cruis'n was more sophisticated (and that series is not known for sophistication) because of the checkpoint-time requirement and being able to set back the checkpoint clock by doing stunts, and also because of the option of using manual transmission that is now gone.

Just like with the Cruis'n home ports in the day of the N64 you can't make animals splatter like you can in the arcade. No mirror mode. And you can't honk. I want to honk at the f'n dinosaurs.

Still have a glimmer of hope for the next iteration because I'm clearly insane.


This game learned nothing off ff16 or isekai anime. Overly flashy combat effects, endless screaming, unnecessarily high pitched voice acting, anime faces that don’t look like faces all stacked on top of the most generic fucking world building design that I would expect from any generic isekai slop. God I can’t fucking illustrate how much I loved the worlds of made in abyss, Tamriel and avatar for how much care went into making those places feel organic.
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>bro we made the rocks float in the sky look at how interesting our worlds look like
Meanwhile in major as mask, a game made in 2000


This board is filled with people who'll make a new thread for everything even if there's already a thread for it.


Xenoblade Chronicles 1 did this shit tbh


Op here
My best guess is priorities. Like you can tell who this was made for and the developers knew that if the games combat and base mechanics were fun enough they could ignore the standards gaming veterans like me expect from games today. This meant world building and diegetic design is an afterthought for these kinds of games that companies like Bandai and nexus(I think they made maple story) don’t have to care about since they’re not gonna get shit for it.


File: 1691168925797.jpg (228.79 KB, 1920x1424, 14740980786400.jpg)

Yeah, they found a formula that a good portion of casual players enjoys and now the thing is to pump out similar games and capitalize on the success. As such, they have little time to write good lore or work on a more or less comprehensive artstyle and just focus on taking elements from other JRPGs and blending them without much regard for how well it would look all in all, and more effort goes into creating the worldspace itself, gameplay mechanics, ironing out bugs and then making sure the monetization model will milk the whales as much as possible.


>Still the only game in this generation that had american soldiers as the main baddies you kill.
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multiplayer modes do


don't they call in the national guard in GTA if your wanted level gets high enough



You're the bad guy in those games tho


In GTA5 the CIA and FBI are all corrupt opportunists, you even end up killing an "ex-CIA" guy TV show host who tortured some random Arabic guy. The game also has a Blackwater stand in and the CEO is an Erik Prince smug rich dickhead. In GTA:VCS the military is just straight up selling guns off the base
Pretty much everyone is the bad guy in that series



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