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File: 1664166286935.png (29.66 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)


Retroarch for everything or standalone for some stuff?
How do you #retrogame?

I like beauty, customization and ease of use but also understand how much performance and smoothness matters

So which systems you shouldn't go for a retroarch core and download the standalones?

Also, please post your setups and how you decide the play old games
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I like to use flashcarts when I can. I prefer to play on the original hardware, but I don't want to pay for original software prices anymore.


you make NES/GB games???
how is it like


Man I haven't heard that name of the emulator for a while. Takes me back to the old days of Retsupre when they were making fun of Let's Players and one of them kept constantly reloading since they were playing a Kazio Mario Mod. Every time SNES9x would pop up and Slowbeef interrupted himself from reading a paper he found.


lol I remember that video


Retroarch will always perform a bit worse than the original client and it becomes more noticeable the more demanding the emulation becomes - everything past the N64/PSX.


Apparently during the development of games like half life 2, gta 4, far cry 2, la noire, the last of us 1 and 2, halo, well this list can keep going for games that pushed the technological limits of the tools available for developers to use and gamers to experience the teams behind them had one universal goal. Connect the player to the game world as much as possible. The reason for this was simplistic, by having games be generally more immersive and responsive to the players actions said players could directly play test new features developers implemented and help the studios they worked at understand what to do with the technologies available and produce the games that are made today.

This is why the UI and environment art for so many old games is noticeably minimalistic and for the case of UIs it was almost nonexistent compared to the constant tags and indicators seen on todays screens. Or why the physics were much more detailed before clashes would game designers would have them removed due to interrupting the handling of a game. Or even why developers stopped prioritizing adding a lot of detail to games upon realization that most players would never actually play long enough to see them. Pretty interesting


File: 1681807209193.jpg (197.53 KB, 1280x720, zolda.jpg)

The new zeldas also follow this mindset


Nah the only thing technologically new about the zelda titles on switch is the physics ported from pc games. Just cause did a lot more physics wise to create an interesting open world environment


>Or even why developers stopped prioritizing adding a lot of detail to games upon realization that most players would never actually play long enough to see them.
It really bugs me every time I beat a game on steam and see that less than 10%-20% of players got the achievement. Goes down to below 1% for most games above normal difficulty. It really seems like all that work is going to waste.


Believe me man. Most developers are aware that most of their players rarely ever finish their games. The ones that know what they’re doing provide veterans with NG+ content and appeal to them the most often since they’re the most likely to buy micro transactions and extra content wether that’s an expansion or new game entirely. It’s not that different with how most alcohol companies get most of their money off alcoholics or why blizzard had so much of WOWs content be dedicated to endgame shit only to then make levels buyable


Thanks to this lovely presentation from naughty dog I found their tech interesting and it explained a lot about how their present day releases function so well when it comes to realistic animation.

To summarize the most important sections of the video the developers at naughty dog animate rigid bodies by first giving characters like Joel, or Nathan real ragdolls that simulate human behaviour as closely as possible, and then have certain collisions of those ragdolls stay active while keyframed animations play. For animations that are used to transition between other animations ragdolls are only active in the instance that the animation itself has an event requiring one. What ends up happening are the characters of naughty dog titles having natural looking motion and playing these games communicate a sense of weight to the player because that weight is real in the game world than doing what most developers do by not giving the players avatar physics but random objects and vehicles. It’s beautiful how many emergent details come up because of this, Nathan and Sam will bounce in response to ruff terrain while driving, NPCs slump over but don’t twist in weird ways when shot at, while climbing certain objects Nathan will move said objects along with his own body, the list goes on and I wish more developers had the time to implement and appreciate and implement such details in their own games.
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ragdoll physics can be done well, as seen by f.e.a.r. I would even argue that ragdolls physics are superior if done well, as SEEN BY F.E.A.R


File: 1682303926827.jpg (7.64 KB, 224x246, 1303417005642.jpg)

"realistic movement" is what is killing modern games. this focus on realism is crippling artistic creativity and shows that modern audiences have less suspension of disbelieve. it's not fun to have to turn left then wait for your legs to pass a bill. thankfully this trend is starting to show it's age with games like callisto protocol


File: 1682304795650.png (9.17 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

>"realistic movement" is what is killing modern games.
You could extend this to all 3D animation, which generally disregards the animation principles devveloped for 2D. You're never going to 1:1 match reality without some crazy Avatar budget (maybe not even then) so you should lean into the style and exaggerate movement to help sell it. It probably wouldn't even be that hard to implement, if you animate based on key poses you can interpolate between them using different functions according to how you want the movement to look.

There's already standard "fade in" and "fade out" styles of motion tweening but you could significantly advance this by just adding in some variables and allowing for numbers beyond the range between one pose and the next. Pic related, some motion tween curves using classic animation principles. At least they could do a first pass this way to get more traditionally animated movements before adjusting and doing secondary animations (or use soft body simulation for it in video games).


everyone wants to be the next nostalgia critic and has their brains reddit-wired to demand realism and be on the lookout for "plot holes"


Honestly I prefer realistic and grounded gameplay. I’m at a point with games that I just need them to be quiet and slow enough in terms of the pacing and excitement in them that I have space to relax and play however I want in a setting where the mechanics don’t feel completely out of place

File: 1682331388222-0.jpg (95.55 KB, 499x1024, FuXF_5VXgAQX240.jpg)

File: 1682331388222-1.png (741.38 KB, 771x842, Capture29348756.PNG)


Naturally all of their critiques basically amount to "I can't be a confederate revanchist and hate crime former slaves and natives".
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To be honest there is a fair point being made behind the usual /pol/ bullshit that supposedly morally flawed characters in recent dramatic fiction are just mildly more rulebreaking self-inserts that allow liberals to vicariously live out fantasies of getting in fights with and beating anyone they consider problematic. Having characters in historical settings always defend movements and ideas that would not have had majority support in their time is dumb and even progressive types have questioned the trope on occassion.


As long as its not as egregious as the fucking Wolfenstein games.


I dunno, I feel like in the case of RDR2 specifically, I don't think the game would be enjoyable if you just got put in the shoes of the average nazi american thirsty for black and native blood.


Why would I want to play a game where I play as some evil shitbag. There were people that disagreed with the prevailing morality even in the olden days you know.


>vicariously live out fantasies of getting in fights with and beating anyone they consider problematic
That's the point of the game though. Arthur is intentionally written as that kind of guy. He's written to be the ideal anarchist, a dude who can believably live up to the fantasy of slaughtering KKK members by the dozen, but in the end, he dies and the gang falls apart.
The gang is the living embodiment of that kind of liberal vicariousness. They rebel against racism and inequality with uncoordinated violence, but never actually achieve anything. Dutch couches his ideology in American Dream-style libertarianism, which leads to him retreating into sophism once things start going bad. The whole game is a tragedy about how, in real life, the "beating anyone they consider problematic" guy is destined to be crushed by the forces of capital.
Does the game still serve to carry out that fantasy? Sure, but it still goes out of its way to give a lot of commentary about it.

File: 1682437830858-0.png (554.26 KB, 740x701, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1682437830858-1.png (62.31 KB, 778x627, ClipboardImage.png)


Wizards of the Coast sent Pinkertons to a youtuber's house because he made a video about promotional materials for Magic: The Gathering, which he received early probably due to a clerical error (happens all the time). Wizards is currently trying to cover up and censor any discussion of this, including on subreddits about their products that they control.

This comes not very long after Wizards tried to update an existing license for their Dungeons and Dragons products, which would effectively make any home-brew content published by the community retroactively the property of Wizards. They publicly backed down and claimed the new license was only an internal proposal (it was leaked by an employee), but this was almost certainly fake damage control because the controversy was causing them terrible PR just before the release of the Dungeons and Dragons movie which the community was threatening to boycott.

the youtuber discussing it:


crazy this happened the same week nintendo forced a hacker to pay 30% of his income to them for the rest of his life


Reminder the Pinkertons sued Rockstar for having RDR2 show them as the nasty pieces of shit slave catchers and murderers they are.

File: 1608527929616.jpg (80.42 KB, 1200x800, Chess.jpg)

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I'm making this thread here, because the other boards are practically dead. If a mod chooses to move it to /hobby/, that's cool, I just wanted some exposure on /leftypol/.

As you might now, chess played a large role in the Soviet Union. They outright dominated the game for decades and it was commonly played ever since the inception of the union.

I think chess does possess the potential to develop and train the strategic thinking skills of players, if they abstract from the game and attempt to apply it to the real world.

But it's also a fun game. Because of that I made a /leftypol/ club on chess.com, which is a great website with a nice UI and plenty of resources to learn and improve at chess. I've been using it for months now and got far better at chess and I even do the puzzles on it for fun every day. The way the website is designed makes learning chess and improving really, really easy. Making an account is free and would be quick. I know this sounded like an ad, lol.

So, I'm inviting you comrades to start learning chess or improve whatever skill level you are at and join the /leftypol/ chess club. We could play against each other. Perhaps even organize tournaments. I think it would be really cool if we could get something like this going and make it the community wide hobby. If only 3 people join that would be good enough honestly.

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File: 1670316223615.png (866.94 KB, 1557x1091, 1652896599627-0.png)

Basically pic rel lel


Was chess the Monopoly of feudalism?


File: 1681821846674.gif (13.16 KB, 505x505, airairwater.gif)

<Chess variants are sometimes created and played in a particular subculture outside the chess community itself. Notable examples of such an origin include Tridimensional Chess, hailing from the world of Star Trek, and Gary Gygax's Dragonchess, an offspring of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing phenomenon. Enochian chess, an interesting variation on Chaturanga for Four Players, also has its origins in a particular subculture, in this case the world of Victorian occultists
Enochian chess, anyone?



Lichess has an interactive tutorial

File: 1682305616221.gif (3.75 MB, 256x192, videogamess smaller.gif)


which is the most likely to help a person successfully evade a police chase by car:
-if this person played 1000 hours of a need for speed game with police chases;
-if this same person played 1000 hours of gran turismo;

which is the most likely to help a person successfully survive in the wild:
-the person played 1000 hours of minecraft;
-the person played 1000 hours of skyrim;


File: 1682305879876.png (149.48 KB, 468x423, ClipboardImage.png)

>which is the most likely to help a person successfully evade a police chase by car:
Mario Kart.


>Which is most likely to help a person successfully survive in the wild:
The Forest because you going to run into cannibals at some point who are very hungry.

File: 1682054191376.png (155.48 KB, 597x1752, 1682025227997529.png)


or not?
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>satanic panic and literal nazis gathering together are the same thing


I don't see any evidence of that, unless you make the faulty assumption that "nobody would enjoy RPing as a Nazi unless they were actually a Nazi" which is just as stupid as "Someone playing Farming, Truck Driving, Power Washing etc..Sim either wants to or is capable of/training to do these behaviors as their occupation". Likewise any sort of "Anyone who RPs a cop in GTA Online RP servers, or even a dirty cop, must be in favor of police brutality in real life! Why you would ever take on such a role if you were not an evil person!" nonsense.

I don't want to list the particular server group here that I looked into the community (I am actually inclined to grab GMOD on sale just so I can see how it actually plays out in person and if it differs from what is on the community site) as I don't trust people here not to harass them, but I dont' see anything that suggests its serious "Actual Nazi or Cryptonazi losers", its a very comprehensive RP , including saboteur and resistance factions and a lot of civilian, commercial, and bureaucratic roles even on the Nazi side that are not the kind of thing the usual roles those who seriously support the ideology usually want to take on. You don't see a lot of hardcore Nazis chomping at the bit in order to make Gerhart Dummkopf, a mid level manager at a textiles factory stamping papers and ensuring boxes get loaded to take processed cloth to varying other fabrication plants or something.

Outside of either "Everyone who plays this is a real Nazi!" or "Well, real Nazis will eventually come play and like it therefore we can't have that" equally inaccurate and fallacious rationale, I don't see any reason to be upset about this conceptually

It is absolutely exactly the same thing. In both cases someone sees something "PROBLEMATIC AND DANGEROUS" from their perspective that people are having fun PRETENDING to do, and ascribes that either they either adhere to the same ideology in the real world already as who else would pretend to do something "BAD" or that it will be a "corrupting influence" leading them into actual BAD and we just can't take that chance! Everyone's fun must stop to PROTECT _ and after all something BAD really shouldn't be fun in thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Well my only real exposure to these servers is from Gmod trolling videos, and it just looks like a bunch of teenage losers from that, I admit that's hardly a comprehensive look but still.


Ahh okay, yeah that's kind of a selection bias, its a bit like those pushing "lefties dont' know anything" agendas go and find the most obnoxious and ill informed person willing to get on camera at Occupy , or the /r/Antiwork disaster etc

I'm sure that there will be trolls and edgelords and kids who just wanted to play on a server they can dress up in Hugo Boss uniforms etc.. but that doesn't make it justified shutting it down, or eliminate those more mature RP servers with a higher threshold of interaction. Like most moral panics, people will find the most objectionable thing they can hope to push their viewpoint even if it isn't representative. Besides, if the worst thing on the server is a bunch of edgy kids that's no reason to make everyone else pay for it - at most its a moderation issue.


I feel conflicted because on the one hand I agree that people should be allowed to do most anything they want that isn't affecting others, but on the other hand… Nazis. Then again I play TNO so can I really criticise?


Mana systems are stupid and make magic in games feel common and uninteresting. Scroll systems as a requirement for spells make magic both scarce and feel both like a choice in games and rewarding to use
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Spell charges make magic feel way too "normal" though. Like you are just using a fancy gun.


I would say Julianos is more of a conduit and Magnus and the stars are the real source. Magicka itself is fading out of Aetherius because the holes in its fabric are closing, and if nothing cannot be done about it Magnus will likely remain the only source of magicka aside from the plane of Oblivion, which would leave Daedric magic as alternative.


Counter point: the magic system in final fantasy 15 is similar to scroll (making then based off of a item resource), and it was a massive failure.
Turns out restricting your ability to use the spells will just lead you to never use the system and thus use anything else like physical attacks.

A better idea is that magic has a downside.


I think using calories as ammo for magic could be interesting. Use it too much and you'll overheat.

In Arknights, using Arts can cause your oripathy (basically cancer but instead of cells it's crystals that can be used as a power source) to worsen. No mana system in it, just cool downs. But like canonically they gotta take meds to lessen the spread since no cure has been found yet. Doesn't effect gameplay tho.


>I think using calories as ammo for magic could be interesting. Use it too much and you'll overheat.
If you ever play Cataclysm: Bright Nights, there are actually magic mods that feed into that, you can get mutations that let you rapidly burn off calories for mana to use for spells. Especially since there is a survival angle to that game, it can make it an interesting tactical choice where you can burn resources for mind bullet daka but really have to scavenge to make up for the lost calories, or limit your magic to your body's natural regeneration and only use it in very limited bursts.

File: 1681899207939.png (306.18 KB, 640x313, lonely.png)


Metas emerge as players learn more about the game's mechanics, both through datamining game files and trial and error within the game itself. Once good practices are found, guides are made and continually iterated upon as the game (and its playerbase) evolves. A common complaint is that players feel pigeonholed into certain playstyles, because the fastest, easiest, or most effective way to play becomes the expected way to play, and the developers in turn cater to the players who follow the meta. It doesn't matter if a player in an MMO can easily clear the vast majority of content without a meta build, other players expect them to follow the meta and not doing so is considered bad etiquette in group content. This mostly comes down to risk aversion on the part of the other group members, as people are more willing to group with someone they know put in the time to get their character geared up and using the "right" build.

Metas aren't restricted to character builds either; there are guides for leveling efficiently or gaming mechanics for the best possible rewards. In the former case you have old-school MMOs like Everquest or Final Fantasy XI where they're essentially solved games and it would be difficult to find anyone willing to just explore the world, since farming mobs in one spot for hours at a time with a group will always be the most efficient way to play.

Back to the question in the title, if you wanted to encourage more playstyles how would you go about it? Some games (or players acting on their own accord) do it by reframing the game, adding in rules like hardcore/ironman modes in WoW or Runescape. It keeps things fresh for a time, but even those have extensive guides now aimed at minimizing effort and risk and maximizing rewards.


You can also just not bloat a game with endless systems that make it hyper exploitable to begin with and just you know, balance the systems that do exist in them.


meta was the single unifying force behind what made brood war a timeless top-of-the-list esport for over a decade


I can think of three ways of "naturally" balancing out the concept of a gameplay meta
1. extremely good balance that makes everything situational and creates places for all the possible strategies
2. a small enough set of choices so as to reduce the distance between meta and off-meta configurations
3. a big enough (massive) set of choices and exploitable mechanics so that the established meta is always a step behind emergent gameplay and creativity
1 and 2 are easy to understand, good balance so there are no "wrong" choices, and not having that many choices in the first place. the only game that I can think of that has successfully implemented 3 is the dominions saga and some single player roguelikes


You could add more randomness to the environment and enemies.
That way a meta build would need to be more diverse, as to facilitate multiple potential playstyles.


One thing that MMORPG games do that encourages meta is ghettoize its gameplay, so the players at one time have to be only focused on doing one task, which means naturally, they are going to optimalise towards it. Leveling, PvE, dueling, large scale PvP, each exist separated from each other, so player never has to make tradeoffs between what they want to be good at at the expense of something else, they just switch to whatever build gives biggest numbers in specific situation.

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