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File: 1694582637537.png (2.92 MB, 1920x870, IMG_0250.png)


It struck me how inconsistent thematically the fallout series is from its inspiration “a boy and his dog” and og wasteland. I don’t even know why Bethesda kept the goofy as shit world building elements from fallout 2 and stuck with it for 3,4 and 76. New Vegas could’ve been a fix but throws everything away with the sci fi nonsense and making the legion look like goodwill discount of ancient Rome. When I play TES games I feel like I’m on a separate province with consistent world building and geography containing familiar faces in familiar places, when I play star field I feel like I’m a star treck dystopia where there’s increased conflict, political discourse but most of all hope and love for a technologically advanced humanity. When I play fallout I barely can tell wtf is going on, not a single game throughout the franchise barely even feels like an acknowledgement of the realities of a post nuclear world. It feels like I’m entering another cowboy world with nuclear aesthetics to make even reference it.


File: 1694588606790.png (542.06 KB, 640x1042, bxwlvn8qdp811.png)

Because Bethesda unlike with TES where they called Kirkbride and co. for help with Oblivion expansions and Skyrim never consults the original Fallout writers and operates on their own weird mixture of headcanons, gameplay concessions and attempts at expanding the setting on their own that contradict and sometimes even retcon Black Isle's lore. It is like there was a building underway and then some guy barges in saying "hey, I can do better than you" with no idea what it is, takes over the construction and then attempts to continue it without heeding the original architects's input or criticism. Dumb as shit, but this is how the Bethesda top management wants Fallout to be treated for whatever reason and I do not even fully understand why.

File: 1693094180497.png (346.85 KB, 1412x733, ClipboardImage.png)


I've just finished playing the Skyrim mod Beyond Reach and thought i'd post some of my thoughts here. I'd played through the mod once before many years ago back when it was a quite a bit smaller in scope and it's questline pretty much ended at reaching Evermore and being knighted. The first time I played it because the mod author had posted about it in a thread on /leftypol/ and i decided to check it out and came away very impressed, but am even more so now seeing the progress and development made over the years since. So if by any chance you still visit /leftypol/ and see this razorkid then love to you and everyone who worked on the mod, it's an amazing and remarkable achievement <3

Anyone else who enjoys playing Skyrim and hasn't tried Beyond Reach I heartily recommend.
10/10 would save Tamriel from Ur-Dra/Ur-Fascism again
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can you give a synopsis of the mod from your pov and what you liked about it? i havent touched skyrim in years but im willing to be sold on it


I felt a pang of both happiness and sadness having finished the mod but more due to the content of the mod, it's story and themes. I've played Skyrim and beat it over and over so many times over the years that i don't think I feel anything much regarding vanilla. Besides im not done yet beating the game on this character/playthrough since before trying Beyond Reach again I'd been playing through Vigilant (for the nth time) and Glenmoril (for the first time) and now will try Unslaad for the first time, all mods that inspire feelings of sadness, loss, melancholy, etc.

Beyond Reach is a new lands mod which adds an additional world space to the west of Skyrim in the province of High Rock, specifically it's east which consists of the Kingdom of Evermore which lies across the Western Reach (coressponding to Markarth's eastern Reach) and part of the High Rock lowlands running along the Bjoulsae river. It's large and full of content at a level comparable to base Skyrim though the content quality is certainly above vanilla level.

The world-space is meticulously designed to a very high standard and polished to a good level (maybe short of mods like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma but that's a very high bar), with beautiful and distinct environments, music, NPCs, custom armours and weapons, spells and enchantments, building models and so on.
The mod contains 3 major settlements plus numerous smaller hamlets, dozens of varied dungeons to explore and dozens of quests, alongside a very well-written main questline. The mod is almost full voiced with 80% of the voice acting being of a good quality and the remaining being acceptable. There are some unvoiced character and lines that are still being worked on as I understand but it doesn't affect the enjoyment much for me.
The mod's writing and worldbuilding is excellent and the standout feature of an already very well-rounded project. If you're familiar and interested in elder scrolls lore, it's metaphysics and cosmology then i recommend the mod all the more as it engages with it at length, but while keeping itself grounded to gritty reality throughout. It is for the most part lore-friendly with the exceptPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Seems like the kind of Skyrim mod I would enjoy. I finished Moonpath to Elsweyr and almost completed Project AHO before and kinda want to get started with another mod on the next playthrough and something more grounded and serious like this is a good choice. Any other quest mods you would recommend besides this one and Vicn's trilogy?


I haven't played moonpath to elsweyr in years and at the time it seemed fairly bland (though it was an early quest mod) and as far as I know it's now a part of the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod which I haven't played yet though am interested in doing, just not right now as I understand it requires a new save.
Not played Project AHO either so got to put that on my list as it sounds cool.

As for other mods I'd reccomend Beyond Skyrim: Bruma if you haven't tried it before, the intitial offering/teaser of the Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil project which is still pretty sizable and fun.
Wheels Of Lull is pretty good though I had some issues with it, but if you like esoteric lore and fighting Thalmor I'd reccomend it.
Grey Cowl of Nocturnal is pretty neat, but wasn't that memorable for me.
The forgotten city is very well reputed although it didn't impress me all that much either.
Finally gotta reiterate that almost nothing beats Enderal, heartily reccomend giving it a try.


Moonpath was obviously meant to be beginning of a much bigger mod that would encompass the city of Dune and other parts of Anequina, but.the development died down and so it only got Tenmar,, small bits of desert land and the airship. Sad, but the only working Elsweyr expansion project now is the Elsweyr part of Beyond Skyrim.

AHO is cool as it centers around Telvanni, the Dwemer and the Telvanni's attempts to understand their technology. Not gonna spoil much, but I there is a lot of references to various lore concepts that the modders utilize to build their own thing. The only thing that saddened me is that there is not much stuff to do besides the main batch of side quests and **that you cannot help the slaves in any path you choose.*

Legacy of the Dragonborn is kind of a trophy room/museum mod that grew out into an archaelogy and exploration mod as far as I understand. Not sure what it really entails aside from building item collections, but there seema to be a questing component to it.

Grey Cowl is already on my list as well as Beyond Skyrim, but I did not get to them yet. Got to do them as soon as they become available for my character. Not sure about Forgotten City though.

File: 1694487456727.jpeg (98.04 KB, 588x377, IMG_0242.jpeg)


The major thing keeping me from getting interested in the RE remakes and village is the movement. Compared to other third person games, it’s really unresponsive. Like I can pick up a game like fallout 4 hell even 3, the last of us 2, or gears of war and get on the move immediately. The movement of re village and the remakes feel really sluggish: you can’t sprint forwards properly, you can’t sprint backwards or to the side, the guns feel like they have trillions of years of end lag between shots, guns themselves have weird recoil physics compared to other shooters, melee combat is awful never use it and the levels are designed in a cramped fashion for lazy scares. I can’t feel scared playing resident evil because the horror element isn’t genuine. I feel weak in a game like far cry 2 because the player isn’t made a god but not unreasonably powerful either meaning actual threats feel like actual threats, like a sniper or a car patrolling the roads. Tlou2 made the infected intimidating by giving them buffs that justified the games difficulty like increased movement speed, instakills, detection + patrolling and mini bosses like shamblers and bloaters. Those things are crazy fast, faster than the player whose moving at reasonable speeds.
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Most boomer shooters have no velocity simulation at all. That's the default. Like I said, when you press forward you move forward X amount each tick, then you instantly stop when not pressing. That's what responsiveness is.


Oh my god. Ugh, look I’m not sure if you’ve actually played these games at this point but I’m gonna sssume you did and just haven’t noticed yet. This doesn’t happen, because you wouldn’t be able to use nearly all the tech available if there was no velocity attached to anything. The devs of the original quake didn’t just implement movement in 3d so you’d only be able to move in a specified direction on the first tick at a static speed, they also provided ways of maintaining it. You have forces like gravity that simulate acceleration, momentum is carried over when you’re airborne and increases as you fall simulating potential energy transfer to kinetic energy. You can b hop, you can shoot yourself with a rocket to provide a force upwards that’s communicates a sense of acceleration to the player. If everything in quake moved the way you’re describing where there’s no velocity, no momentum, no acceleration, it would be stupidly difficult to get through most of the game, and be even harder to speed run it.

Fallout 3s movement was unresponsive because it was neglected and had to exist on bethesdas shittier version of the creation engine than being hardcoded through havok directly. Unsurprisingly the moment it got upgrades this problem of weird movement got fixed with skyrims introduction of real acceleration to the startup of any run or sprint, and it never came back in any major games released after. Most pvp and pve shooters today have this kind of startup into a terminal velocity style movement to make it easier for players to shoot at each other, but have cancelable sprints and runs with some amount of end lag to allow space for other actions without losing the sense of weight they provide. I could keep going but it means the same thing, weight matters to movement in game design and can make a massive difference in how enjoyable a game is when it’s implemented with care.


Ok, Quake. Most of them have the movement I described. It's the default way to program movement.

>Fallout 3s movement was unresponsive because it was neglected and had to exist on bethesdas shittier version of the creation engine than being hardcoded through havok directly.

God I'm tired of this meme. These "engines" don't have any limitations like that. You can program any movement into them in an afternoon. The math is brain dead simple.


>God I'm tired of this meme. These "engines" don't have any limitations like that. You can program any movement into them in an afternoon. The math is brain dead simple.
*they program the movement like they do, because that's what their audience wants. Also seemingly yourself if you could decide what it is what you're looking for.


But you know this is a core part of the games, they were always meant to have tank controls and thats something thats widely praised for making the games more scary. Its fine if you don't get it but the whole point is to restrict your movement and gunplay.

File: 1694381272429.png (132.16 KB, 220x330, ClipboardImage.png)


>he Never played the game about the Irish man in nazi occupied paris who helps the resistance by blowing shit , climbing buildings, wearing disguises, carbombing checkpoints, panzerfausting blimps,grand theft tank,and worst of all, punching nazoids.
What's your excuse?


I did. It was ok. Way too repetitive.


>electronic arts
Why is it always the AAA studios publishing the most revolutionary games?


Its actually pandemic who made the game, EA just bought the studio and shut it down like they Always do


yea, i bought this when it came out.
It was pretty fun could have been better, quite forgetable.


Was he part of the IRA?


What is your opinion on proliferation of porn games on mainstream gaming platforms?

Like when I first saw shit that I am used to downloading off F95zone popping up on Steam and GoG I got weirded out, but then I though about it and its probably for the best, maybe this will encourage higher quality games rather than shovelware trash dominating the industry currently.
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VNs aren't games

Bastard bonds is ok but there's not really much gay content and the gameplay gets old like a 1/3rd thru the campaign
It feels like a good foundation of a game but there's just not enough content for the expected playtime. It's a shame we'll probably never going to get a sequel actually using the potential of the concept.


Steam has fallen.


I swear this guy is pumping out a game each month


how do you even play these? Do you just click stuff to activate animations?


Basically yeah. It's about as erotic as bumping Barbie and Ken together.

File: 1694358214759-0.jpg (93.11 KB, 493x618, alunya 01 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694358214759-1.jpg (60.25 KB, 367x489, alunya 04 - Copy.jpg)


VRchat /games/


File: 1694358269592-1.png (112.26 KB, 846x855, 1668920982042.png)

Anyone can now find the Alunya 3D models on VRchat.

Btw, you don't need a VR headset to play VRchat & can play on PC. & it's free

At Prismic's Avatar Search, by searching Alunya

It's the most popular avatar world around.


Model #1: Alunya no tail
^zip is Alunya without the tail


Model #2: Alunya with Tail
^zip has Alunya with the tail

File: 1692510940609.gif (1.33 MB, 360x270, warioad_jp.gif)


Everybody should play such a thing at least once. A new WarioWare will release November 2023.

Just played through WarioWare Get It Together for Switch and it's not bad, but WarioWare Gold on the 3DS was massively better. And not because the number of micro games is now smaller, as some people are saying. WWGIT has the twist that you visit a micro game as one of several characters with drastically different abilities (some can fly, one can teleport etc.) and it makes such a huge difference that it practically amounts to a much higher number of different micro games than what a direct count tells you. Another thing some people say is Gold was better because it had variety in controls like touch screen stuff and this one is only analog stick plus one button, but it seems just as many people found the constant change in controls in Gold annoying (though it had modes available limited to specific schemes).

What makes WWGIT the lesser entry compared to Gold by a significant margin are mainly two things:
1. The relatively low amount of bonus stuff and game modes, especially in single player. You unlock a "Variety Pack" of ten games, six of which are multiplayer only for no particular reason.
2. The high randomness even by WW standards which makes playing for score extremely frustrating. It shouldn't be a surprise that they did not tightly balance the difficulty of the several thousand possible combinations of this character & that micro game, but what is remarkable is the size of the discrepancy.
It would have been trivial to mitigate both problems.

Space-taxi guys can shoot in one direction sideways & fly around freely. Ninja girls can shoot in one direction sideways & constantly jump and can only be steered left and right. Take a guess who does worse on average (should have a charge-up ability for the shot to make up for that). 9-Volt zips around automatically and you can't make him change direction unless you hang on to something. Couldn't they have made it so that the stick modifies his movement just a little bit to make him bearable, jeez. Wouldn't even use him if he had a 1-up mushroom in his pocket. Penny has a cumbersome control concept made even worse because it uses button toggling to hover in place instead of button holding. (Oh and why doesn't any character know how to duck? Clumsy bunch.)

The game makes yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


McPixel kinda fits the bill, especially the latest episodes but it is generally more like a point-and-click trial-and-error game than a microgame.


There is actually a series of games which predates WarioWare: Bishi Bashi by Konami. Don't think many people outside of Japan have heard about it.



There's the usual mode in Get It Together where you can play a single micro game over and over. I can report that the counter for rounds for doing that goes to 999, then just stops and the game just goes on. How lame. I think this mode would be better with these changes:
-no extra life
-big speed bumps at 50 & 80
-score should not just be rounds, add a fractional digit behind the round counter
-the screen should just explode and end it when you get through round 99.

File: 1694136986768.jpg (348.04 KB, 1308x1308, falloutnv.jpg)


It's better than Fallout 3 in almost every way except the world itself. Bland and mostly empty space, no random encounters or anything worth exploring that made the capital wasteland fun and unpredictable. The New Vegas Strip is too small and boring. I'll admit that Obsidian has nothing on Bethesda in terms of immersive and atmospheric worlds (Ahem, The Outer Worlds). Yeah, yeah it was made in only 18 months. We need a remake of the game for this reason.

Oh yeah, pic related.
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I mean arguably Bethesda and other devs have been trying to do that for years and failing lol

I think also the truth is NV wouldn't be considered that good if it came out today, the easy wins have already been accomplished and we're not kids anymore, we have higher standards


Why wouldnt it be considered great? Its not like since 2010 there has been a bounty of great open world RPGs raising the bar. Even in vanilla state its one of the best RPGs I played, and modded it might be the best.


I dunno, I tried playing it a year or two ago and it just felt not that great to me, now that I'm not a kid the repetitiveness and poor combat really stands out more


File: 1694245168369.gif (3.7 MB, 498x498, mijngezichttoen.gif)

>in vanilla state its one of the best RPGs I played, and modded it might be the best


Please, tell me your favorites.

File: 1677388046093.jpg (792.77 KB, 1920x1080, half life RT asdfasdf.jpg)


the ray tracing mod for Half Life 1 has been released! Not gonna post a link because it's gonna look like spam(?), but you can find it easily. i'm really enjoying playing the game again with a new coat of paint


Why not just play black mesa?


i like the janky feel of hl1


Do you think a 1060 6gb can run this


Old polygonal graphics and pixelated or smeared textures are comfy.


You know what, yeah, there kinda is.

File: 1694061301578.webm (2.48 MB, 1280x720, boxfox.webm)


To display some of the ingenuity of Ohshima, and his unfortunately scorned cohort Naka, we must look at the Box Fox. The Box Fox is a powerup from Balan Wonderworld that has gained infamy; yet, the source of its infamy is entirely the incompetence and slow-mindedness of e-celebs.
The player will acquire the Box Fox powerup in the 4th level on a cliffside abound with slopes, at which point they will be told that the Box Fox will randomly transform them into a box. Almost all players will then start walking backwards down the slope, at which point they will be turned into a box and slide off the cliff to their death.
The humor of the moment is unmistakable. The Box Fox is based on the shapeshifting kitsune of Japanese myth, known for their pranks and mischief. To kill the player in such a comical manner is befitting of their nature. The player will lose, at the very most, 30 seconds of progress, due to the Box Fox being discovered very shortly after a checkpoint. The player will lose nothing but the Box Fox powerup itself.
So why did the internet at large mock Balan Wonderworld for the Box Fox? It's simple. Low IQ people don't like a joke being made at their expense. The concept of a game killing them for a joke is too far, especially in a game like Balan Wonderworld which most of them were already predisposed to hate because of its reputation and dogpiling at the time of release. Rather than identifying the Box Fox as a clear joke, they instead ascribed it to poor design, due to the aforementioned low IQ. That being said, if a powerup like the Box Fox were in Mario Odyssey or some other Nintendobab game, they would have posted about it on Reddit on mass numbers praising it for its wittiness. Herein lies the idiocy of Balan Wonderworld's critics.
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how is Balan Wonderworld btw


not good


why are you ranting about people whining about a garbage game that no one played




>>30364 are you saying this about me or about op? if it's about me, i'll have you know that i'm well below average

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