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File: 1629942945972.jpeg (34.77 KB, 220x313, 220px-WoW_Box_Art1.jpeg)


Does anyone play this game or wow classic? I used to play quite a bit of classic, TBC, WOTLK and early cataclysm. TBH i consider the first three expansion packs unbeatable in their quality, esp. Vanilla and TBC. WOTLK was also the height of Arena pvp.

I don't think bu-blizzard could ever recreate something on this level. Classic Blizz (90s->2007/8) was an AWESOME time. Activision merger started to take its toll around the time Cata rolled out. Even WOTLK though having tons of oldfag devs etc. it still began to show a few signs of this, though arena pvp was at it peak and beast. Raiding was good, but already you saw the cycle of "running out of ideas", with them updating naxxramas. Cataclysm was supposed to be a reinvention of classic wow which is why they redid a bunch of classic zones including Orgrimmar.

I feel like after this period Blizz started to succumb to the same late-capitalist bullshit of hollywood where every single movie is a reboot. Every game nu-Blizz/activision-blizz made after that just seemed like a shitty recycle of previous ideas (ex: Heroes of the storm - lets make a moba like 6 years after they were hot and make all the characters in there from our other games or shitty generic). Even overwatch wasn't as original as people think, the characters felt like shitty incredibles/disneyfied versions of archetypical charcters.

The mechanics/graphics of wow have gotten better but the balance and storyline have become shitty. This isn't an inditement of the programmers or technical artists but more the corporate leadership and creative direction.
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It was only out for summer and Blizzard slacked off on releasing P2, which will come in 2 weeks now. Personally I srarted a few weeks back and already got my character some respectable gear for raiding, mostly because pre-raid items are possible to aquire while leveling and there are some good easy to get options out there. Also Karazahn is easy and there are pugs for Mag and Gruul, so the gear isn't that painful to get, only if you are really trying to get full bis.


AM i still good to start a character and get it to 70 in time to experience this expac?


Yes, just make sure to pick a populous realm so it wouldn't be a complete pain to find dungeon groups or pugs, as some smaller realms get kinda dead in between phases. T5 got released like a month+ ago, so there are 3 more phases (out of 5) waiting to be released. I'd say TBC still has 1.5-2 years left.


Is the private server scene still alive?


>EU Zandalar Tribe
Is that communist guild still around? If so, join it! Unless you're a member already.

File: 1621368239955.png (279.13 KB, 2518x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


Game would've been 100% better if Johnny fully took over after the tutorialdprkDPRK
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File: 1622337443352-0.png (510.71 KB, 847x1075, 1.png)

File: 1622337443352-1.png (556.03 KB, 821x1071, 2.png)

File: 1622337443352-2.png (576.05 KB, 837x1072, 3.png)

Reminder that Cybepunk ® ™ is a brand and not related to cyberpunk. cybernetics. or punk.

>Style over substance.
>Attitude is everything.
>Always take it to the Edge.


File: 1622344267107.png (2.65 MB, 1669x1075, Shadowrun PC.png)

Sorry for the dichotomy but Shadowrun >>> Cyberpunk tbh


tbh cyberpunk as style over substance seems, to me, the most valid form of cyberpunk.
try to meld the DIY-ness of punk to technology and you're either going to get free software movement stuff, which is lovely but more legalistic and geeky than usually comes to mind for punk - but take away that geeky legalism and you're left with bootlicking cunts who's main contribution to software is to let corporations use their code.

when you go broader than that, into what sort of ideas are generally conjured up by cyberpunk, you just wind up with "our current tech dystopia but aesthetically pleasing and where your pointless life has at least some narrative purpose", which is by definition style over substance rather than any sort of actual punk movement.




A normal smartphone can cover most of these functions and fit in your pocket

File: 1634526910234.png (225.56 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)


It's common to see games use a monetary economic system in gameplay. What are some games that use alternative economic systems?

Are there any that explicitly use labor vouchers or other labor-centric economies?
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Ironically Dwarf Fortress is a communal society with no currency whatsoever,only really existing for trading,and nobles only exists because they do,they're functionnally useless.
I say ironically because the dev really tried (and still does) to implement an actual capitalist economy in the game,but it always ended up in constant crises and monopolies,making the actual game experience miserable,which he called "bugs".


>I say ironically because the dev really tried (and still does) to implement an actual capitalist economy in the game,but it always ended up in constant crises and monopolies,making the actual game experience miserable,which he called "bugs".
well he's not wrong that they're bugs
he's just wrong that they're bugs in the game and not in capitalism lol

Also like DF lots of games are effectively a centrally planned economy with you as the planner, so wtf are video games based communism simulators?



I remember this was this flash game called Caravaneer 2 that had a really well fleshed-out economy system. In it, the prices of a commodity are determined by supply and consumption, which itself is made of many factors. For instance, smaller towns and tribes won't pay much for things like gold, oil, or soap because they have no demand for them and certain items, such as clothing, can take longer than other commodities, like beef, to be consumed. It's honestly quite impressive for a game that was free and is now like $6 on Steam. It also had communal economies in some areas if I remember correctly, most notably in the starting bunker and the surrounding tribes.


Somebody made a Skyrim mod that tried to simulate supply and demand of various commodities so that prices would fluctuate and you could make money as a happy merchant buying things in places where it was cheap and selling them in places where they were expensive.
Found it
Trade Routes is the name
<Dynamically adjusts the gold value and merchant supply of food, drinks, animal parts, ingredients, ores, ingots, gems, soul gems and spell tomes according to the actual supply and logical demand of each item in each hold. These regional differences serve to create a network of profitable trade routes, and can also be influenced by game events.

That's neat.


MMOs have functioning economies.
You can corner the monkey nuts market in Runescape if you really wanted

File: 1634350184508.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, We-the-R.png)


It plays like papers please, so thats a plus for me.
not sure how historically accurate it is though.


Overall, the court sections are pretty good, but the 'minigames' are bloated and overlong, with the final act standing out as particularly confused. In addition, this game attempts to avoid 'partisan politics' to a seemingly absurd degree and seems to only want to make a petty and vain point of 'unrestrained bloodshed is bad', well that's true, but it's dishonest to hyperfocus on the much-hyped 'reign of terror' while decontextualising it from the wider terror of feudalism which existed for centuries before the revolution and all its bloodshed.


I just got it, and I guess I just dont know too much about the French revolution yet to make any big deductions about the developer bias or things like that.


How far is too far? How mundane will simulating life get? Are we going to recreate the entirety of real life in a virtual world to escape reality? Is there anything so banal that it won't get a simulator game made about it? This isn't even interesting, like a depiction of the life of a professional lawn mower, with some kind of reflection of the place of lawns in modern society. You just mow lawns. Who is this kind of thing for? People who live in places where lawns aren't a thing? People who want to be that 30 year old boomer with his riding lawn mower but can't afford a yard? Why does this exist? Why does anything like this exist?

Lawns are bad for the environment, waste tons of resources, and occupy huge amounts of people's time that could be spent doing literally anything else, including nothing. Why immortalize something so pointless and insipidly stupid in digital code? How will humans 200 years from now look back on something so bizarre and pointless as a virtual simulation of an immensely irrational luxury status symbol that isn't even impressive? How did people get hoodwinked by supposed importance of lawns to such a degree that they would create an abomination like this?
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File: 1634317703016.png (264.34 KB, 441x603, ride.png)

Other than maybe shonen anime and similar stories you don't really see the empowerment fantasy operating to the same extent as in "video-gamey" video games. And even there it's not an interactive medium that requires the player's input to advance and further tricks them into feeling powerful (when it's really just a ride that's already laid out for them to experience).

A tycoon game where you are in charge of the 5 year plan would be tight Tropico is pretty close to that.

This is good content that deserves to be fleshed out much much more. One caveat is that a game can be both a "mining" game and a "gardening" game and minecraft at this point has both elements in it. The fact that it's moved toward more gardening mechanics might indicate how that style of play is more popular. Probably the reason mining mechanics are/were bigger is because it's easier to pull off technically because you don't have to program any growth-based systems and just generate things that will exist in a permanent state until the player alters them. It's similar to how first person shooters are so popular partly because they are very very easy to design compared to other types of games.


I love simulation games. And I don't mean low-effort "mundane thing but LOL RANDOM" """simulators""" that are released on Steam every 2 weeks.


>Other than maybe shonen anime and similar stories you don't really see the empowerment fantasy operating to the same extent as in "video-gamey" video games. And even there it's not an interactive medium that requires the player's input to advance and further tricks them into feeling powerful (when it's really just a ride that's already laid out for them to experience).

Okay, well. I'm watching Better Call Saul at the moment. Part of the appeal is obviously the allure of being a hustler, being a scammer, getting one over on the man, and so on. It's wish fulfilment. And before that, I watched Breaking Bad, so again, it's about the money, being a secret badass, being powerful and important. Of course you are watching the characters not literally playing as them but the point is that you identify with them and their struggles and you project on them. Most movies and TV shows have some kind of similar aspect where you're going along with someone in their cool job/lifestyle (ie being a cop, being a vampire, being a wealthy socialite).


Are we sure this isn't a joke game?


File: 1634445591742-0.jpg (189.19 KB, 1280x720, house flipper.jpg)

File: 1634445591742-2.jpg (147.42 KB, 1280x720, viscera.jpg)

Idk, all of these games start you off mowing small yards, trailer parks, suburbs, school playgrounds, eventually moving up to like castles and probably the moon or something.
Some of these games have good environmental storytelling, where you ponder what the hell happened in the place your cleaning.

File: 1634437853557.jpg (26.75 KB, 314x472, IMG_0030.JPG)


Metro on phantom forces got a revamp

File: 1614700537361.jpg (73.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Can this be Series become iconic?

I really enjoyed the Story and although the Open World Mechanics were really not perfect, I think Sucker Punch did good for their first major Game as a Studio.

Also the Cinematic Elements of this game are just kino. The game let's you choose to play in Kurosawa Mode if you want, so we already know who this Game is partially dedicated to
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>but too easy

you can play in lethal mode you know?


Don't wanna play this game cause I don't want to kill my ancestors, lmaoak-47AK-47


Based and filial piety pilled.


Understandable, because you kill a lot of Mongolians throughout this game…


Post on the topic >>>/anime/10725


What is the origin of the brain problems that create corporate/media worshipping fanboys and how do we eliminate these smoothbrains from our precious hobbies?


Companies having personalities or being cool back in the 90s didn't help (ex. sega being the cooler alternative than nintendo)

File: 1617816455815.jpg (65.03 KB, 750x804, 1616829355749.jpg)


Hi, /games/ I opened up a stream for vidya if anyone is interested.
https://tv.leftypol.org/r/chrootStream Also, there's music.
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Thanks anon. I logged off today, but, I had a shit load of fun. Will stream again as soon as possible.


great you could use the cytube if you want


I try and pay attentuion to the cytube, lol. I forget it exists some times, lol.

I think I am going to mostly be streaming every day before work from here on out. I am streaming right now if anyone wants to jump on.


Is this Lee b8?


Hmm, I've been thinking about streaming on the Cytube too, though I also have a Twitch channel on which I've streamed, and wouldn't like people on either side to know who I am.
Maybe when I finish setting up my computer with a fresh OS install.


So, now that the game is out (I think, saw someone play it)
Is it actually good or is it full on gusano bullshit?
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small brain fucked to death by memes


t. no arguments


small brain fucked to death by memes


>full on gusano bullshit?




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