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No more Zero Punctuation and… whatever else they had on there.
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>lack of the number scale
thats based though

>In the original review he never talked about the love story, but later on made an extra punctuation video about how it's his favorite love story

how is that relevant to the quality of the game ?


What a weird thing to complain about. All a number scale is going to tell you is how much this reviewer liked the game, which you have to interpret anyway through the lens of what that reviewer's tastes are. It's better to not give a score and just explain your opinion so that the audience can judge from your description/reaction whether they'd want to play the game. That's a lot more useful than a number.

It's also something you can criticize Yahtzee for, since a lot of the time he just riffs on the game since his brand became about making jokes instead of talking about whether it's good or bad (and people have said that over the years).


I don't mind not having a number score, many reviewers I enjoy watching don't use one, like mathewmatosis and runningshine.
The problem is that there is so little to work off of, you just go to other reviewers to get an idea.

It's an old review, but a better example was his super paper mario review, which was just a fucking trainwreck to put it lightly.

For >>31863
The game is highly praised on its story.
Also, if that is a quality of the game that you enjoyed, maybe add it to your review to be complete?
It's already bad enough he skips multiplayers, but that was ridiculous.


>super paper mario review
Why, I havent play mario, but I did rewatch the review and it seems fine?


>He actually did the grinding in the second world
>The sparkling diamond comment with paper mario the thousand year door doesn't have a scope to take from it
<All of gaming? rpgs? All of media? Lol.
>Doesn't go into any meaningful depth of the game or story
<He gives little pieces like the nerd chapter and it being a platformer
>It takes a minute to get to the actual review since he spends the first minute shitting on jrpgs for no deep reason
<I'm fine if he doesn't like them, it just that when half his reviews are jokes or very specific personal taste, then it's hard to gauge the game's quality.
The only thing saving the review is that: he doesn't give spoilers, (still makes the review unsatisfying); and a summary of going, "overall, if you like the previous games, then play it".

I wouldn't mind if he didn't like the game, or even hate it, the issue is that the review is so lacking that I wouldn't be surprised if he just skimmed a lets play to do the review.

File: 1700437640199.png (62.18 KB, 644x168, hNmUDu8.png)


So, im almost 30 years old,until this year i just played singleplayer games since the ps1, then i decided if it was worth to play something with people in it, and its not fun, not just as a killer but also as a survivor, as a killer i win some matches, i play with the spirit character, but most of the time is just SWF squads that just makes the game more unbalanced, im no pro player but i know how to play my killer from both experience and study, as a survivor since i dont have any friends to play with, im thrown into a game with random people that dont do gens, dont save dont do nothing, i bring team based perks, to do gens faster, to heal them faster after an unhook, most of the times they refuse getting healed and theres an icon that says i have the healing speed buff to them. but the worse of all of these things is: if you play killer to win, be prepared to recieve death threats, insulted, bullied, you name it, now even when i win i dont feel happy, because at the end of the match if i used the strategies that the game mechanics encourage me as killer to get my win, im just treated like shit, and this happens every single game. its tiresome, i think im done with multiplayer games and im going back to Death stranding.


Well, depends on the games and random players you got of luck. Maybe you'd find a multiplayer game which will please you at the future?


Playing MP games with randos is a recipe for a bad time, especially if it's one focused on teamwork.


Can't help since I deeply struggle to play multiplayer games by myself.
Granted, it may be the adhd talking. Like I played apex legends, and I had to down a monster since it was so boring I felt heart palpitations.

>if you play killer to win, be prepared to recieve death threats, insulted, bullied, you name it,
I never understood that.
People say the game has good balance, and while I don't know the million technical details (like crows warning players if the killer is approaching), the fact that people get upset about that makes me doubt the balance.


Your ADHD gets better with just energy drinks?

File: 1700376977044.jpeg (69.72 KB, 828x291, IMG_0583.jpeg)


Full fucking price for a console exclusive update? God damn Sony, oh man tlou has had more remasters at this point than actual games… if they’re gonna pull this shit I hope they at least bring back the deleted rattler content from the game so I can semi tolerate this annoying shit.
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You thought you could escape discussing Morrowind on /bethesda/ OP but we're here to correct that.

Morrowind's keyword system isn't good either. NPCs are databases where 99% of them say the same thing, although in rare cases picking up a keyword from the wrong people can break quests because they get reused in different contexts, and there are barely any proper dialogue trees. It rewards quickly clicking through every topic without reading to see if they provide new keywords or happen to give quests. Dialogue has never been the series' strong suit.


I by no means am trying to argue Morrowind dialogue system was good, but Skyrim is a go-to example of bad dialogues in video games. He could have just said combat or something, which I am not fan of in either of those games, but at least I understand someone used to playing Skyrim having objections to it in Morrowind.

But to return discussion to TLOU, I have been thinking about giving it a try since PC version came out, but I have a question, does player have any ability to affect the story, make some choices or whatever, or are you just following linearly cinematic to cinematic?


I like keywords more than most dialogue trees, because they are closer to how many actual conversations go. The type of conversation keywords mirror best is talking with someone about a few topics to get their opinions and a general impression of them.


I agree, and there actually was some true dialog here and there sprinkled in (mostly when you had to answer to someone or make a choice)
When playing a RPG dialogue is often there just to gather info, and as in real life, most people dont have anything unique to say on a subject and will say the same things as their guildmates/citymen, so it is actually quite clever way to minimize associated work for the dev doing a big open world to just have a few variations of responses for common topics for different factions/locality.
And the simple fact someone didnt say the same shit as everyone else suddenly made their opinion interesting and informed you a lot about that character.

they prolly cant compete with openmw and likely dont even have the skills to even make it anymore. Custom magic spells and enchantments ? Levitation ? That would break their shitty dungeon designs !

Man the mood of morrowind was really something else. I need to replay it.


Isn't that what Last of Us cunts want? More of the same drivel? I don't get the surprise.

File: 1612581801420-0.gif (185.78 KB, 220x220, Mudkip_BW.gif)

File: 1612581801420-1.jpg (95.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (27).jpg)

File: 1612581801420-2.jpg (269.24 KB, 1280x1143, 1564476967987.jpg)

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ITT capitalist guilty pleasures

which tier is your favorite teir?
i leik little cup (lvl 5 only)
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It just occurred to me, in the first generation of games, you have references to the moon landing and space shuttles.
In the latest generation you have gym leaders that are in universe streamers.


File: 1678484576151.jpg (16.64 KB, 402x225, th.jpg)

Lt. Surge is a literal war hero


who did war crimes most likely


Blaines committed war crimes and regrets it
Lt.surge committed war crimes and is proud of it


I'm deep into romhacks.
Even going so far as running for Retro Achievements in some.
Hardcore mode helps my lack of self-control, stopping me form save editing or cheating in rare candy.


>post your face when GTA 6 is probably gonna come to pc a year later than PS quintuple and xbox sex
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It's gonna be a shitty game anyway


Just bring back Cops and Robbers and I'm happy


comically large spoon


He'd find a way to rewire his university's electricity system to fry the floors in order to kill as many students as possible in a bout of incel rage.


Don't be mean, Tesla was a gentle soul.

File: 1700203154307.jpeg (515.52 KB, 722x461, IMG_0568.jpeg)


I tried “the suburban experiment” well sort of in sc4 and it’s jarring knowing how hard it is to zone an American Midwest style small town without resorting to deforestation or diversifying zoning and public transport so sims won’t complain about piss awful commutes and poor access to amenities. I can’t tell if I just suck at the game or if it’s truly impossible to build spread out cities on a small scale. I just know I want to build a structure like nobisco and not a Tokyo like metropolis where it’s impossible to see a tree for kilometres out.
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File: 1700248117169.png (1.09 MB, 959x540, ClipboardImage.png)

The towns were settled in the modern era and don't have any real history behind them. Therefore they are built around commerce and have car-based infrastructure. You look at these places and they feel permanent but they are extremely new. Think of them like boom towns in the gold rush era (the gold analog here being oil). They will become ghost towns before long.


Huh despite this community being generally way less developed than the one above it looks a lot like it’s been better shape. Decommodification does a lot to warp people’s perception of what ultimately can be the same kind of poverty…


I mean they both look pretty garbage anon, let's not be contrarians like 'the old west was cool actually'.


In my experience rural towns aren't nearly as spread out as suburbs. For the tiny chunk of the population that genuinely lives in the countryside, lack of services and amenities kinda goes with the territory, just give them farms to work on and ignore them. Most people should be living in pre war suburbs around a block or so of commercial area. Stick a single factory or two on the outskirts, spam farms and sprinkle in those farmhouses and you're set
If by deforestation you mean making farms idk that's pretty realistic for rural america isn't it?
Sorry cant give much gameplay advice, I've never made a small town before but I'm currently giving it a shot. So far I've got a hamlet of 147 people and the advisors are all green except for one guy complaining about dangerous traffic but welcome to my world buddy. Biggest challenge I'm seeing so far is the budget, all I'm providing is some electricity and the smallest medical facillity yet im hemorrhaging money
I think you're best bet is to make a single mid sized city somewhere on the larger map and have all of your rural areas leech off of it, also realistic


File: 1700261169410.jpg (639.59 KB, 1920x1080, 20231117173351_1.jpg)

Have you tried funding relevant city ordinances in the budget tab? Carpooling and the various alternatives to service buildings might help, like fire alarms, free clinics etc. If you can afford them that is.
Then again, town in picrel is provided with nothing but a single firestation and a windmill for power and other than one dude complaining about a power shortage, which can easily be fixed without breaking the rural theme, the advisors are happy.

File: 1700029584365.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, store_home_share.jpg)


Why do people cling onto this shitty storefront instead of freely using multiples for the games they want?
Every new game that comes out on pc is exclusive to the epic games store and the first 10 pages of any section on steam is literally filled with shovelware pixelshit and porn games.
Despite the influx of indie shovelware on the PSN store you can atleast get a curation of good games on any page you visit. It feels like Valve literally does nothing to moderate their own fucking property. just sits there and collects income from gaymer cattle
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So how much are you getting paid for this thread?


>oh gaben oh let me choke on your cock oh oh oh oh oh


Yeah Steam is so unknown, I'm sure they need to advertise


I exclusively pirate, retard.

Your reading comprehension is so good.


File: 1700343731851.png (218.55 KB, 410x410, 1700341118639203.png)

>why don't people use the other storefront that is actively trying to divide and privatize PC gaming even further
i havent paid for games in a long time but its pretty obvious why steam remains king

<shovelware pixelshit and porn games

ah this is a covert /v/ermin thread about how indie games are gay and porn is bad for your "soul"

File: 1700063626576.jpg (58.25 KB, 957x542, s-l1600.jpg)


What was the last game you platinumed?
What's the current one you're planning to finish?


Come on anon, tell us how many platinums you have in total


Fuck trophies, retvrn to achievements


They should mail you a real trophy every time you get one in a game.


nintendo switch owners are going to have their games even more laggish than usual now LOL
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For me it's the opposite. I hate the console but I love the games.


Yeah I mean I don't know what is to love about the Switch except that it's only 'real' handheld remaining. It has terrible reliability (controllers especially), small memory capacity, poor performance, gets incredibly hot after extended play and burns your thumbs, and you have to pay for online. And it inexplicably has no web browser or file browser/playback even though that's a basic feature.


File: 1693354751805.jpg (16.75 KB, 331x332, taint (2).jpg)

No words can describe my absolute disappointment. Are they really this retarded?


TotK was what BotW tried to be but didn't achieve. A lot of less major titles are the real problem (mario party, mario maker, etc) and are suffering from extremely low effort. They also keep porting older games with slight upgrades (mario kart).

Most recently with an actual full game - Pikmin 4 is actual trash, the developers had no concept of what made the first 3 work. They bring back all kinds of creatures from previous games but not the behaviors or mechanics that made them notable. The space dog makes all the moment-to-moment tactical choice obsolete and the blue pikmin even more irrelevant. The squad recommendations spoil any sense of mystery or exploration. The 3-type limit makes it extremely tedious to get most things done (since you have to track down every last one of a color to put them all away to get a new one out). The UI is also extremely buggy and poorly calibrated - they dialed up the aim assist so high it's actively an impediment (and you can't turn it off). Other than the highest level dandori challenges the game is insultingly easy, (except for random bits where the important things aren't conveyed, and then only for that reason). The whole "dandori" thing positively reeks of corporate jargon. I could go on.

It feels like there's a new generation of developers working on their games and the important skills weren't passed down. It's like if you asked tiktok zoomers to remake classic cinema and they literally couldn't see anything on the sides of the frame because their brains only know how to perceive the phone aspect ratio.


the nintendo switch could be a really good console if it was a loss leader instead of a 2013 budget phone cpu with a screen strapped on


most proletariat videogame genre:
most bourgeois videogame genre:
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File: 1699937078387.gif (3.17 MB, 640x640, 1674885145250.gif)


Arcade games are peak booj no contest.


>most proletariat videogame genre:
any game made with only free(as in freedom) software and all assets(audio, graphics, etc) copylefted
>most bourgeois videogame genre:
any game made with proprietary software and copyright

no but seriously:
>most proletariat videogame genre:


Megaman is proprietary dumbass. Capcom still have the copyrights and license but cannot enforce them because the ROMs are literally everywhere at this point and it would not earn them any lawsuit money anyway.


>Megaman is proprietary dumbass.
no shit sherlock, I wasn't referring it as free lol

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