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File: 1681167613068.jpg (54.52 KB, 1200x667, Bethesda logo.jpg)


What are the issues that make their games end up so glaringly flawed? Is it Todd Howard sniffing his own farts too much, shitty workplace practices, general lack of competence among the staff and/or their parent Zenimax corporation's meddling? Or maybe it is something else?
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Flawed in what way? They set out to make casual action adventure games focused on exploring interesting, isolated set pieces in the form of dungeons and in that regard I'd say they do fantastically well. Trying to see them as anything more than that will lead to disappointment, as story elements will always be secondary to their primary design. If anything their flaws come from tacking on the vestiges of an experience and leveling system where it no longer fits. Perks and abilities should be bought from trainers or obtained as a reward from quests and exploration, rather than arbitrarily locking them behind character level and causing some playstyles (like mage) to be perpetually perk-starved and forcing every player to spend levels getting the same perks no matter the build (like with crafting).


File: 1681176151569.jpg (193.59 KB, 900x1200, Dugt9LTXcAAOybc.jpg)

I play Oblivion with a mod called Ultimate Leveling that overhauls the XP system to revolve less around skill usage and other kind of grind and more around exploration, defeating enemies and completing quests and I got to say it indeed made the game play more smoothly than usual. Every level-up I can invest into pretty much any skill or attribute I want without having to change my equipment, grind magic or meticulously calculate the optimal level up scheme so that my attribute gains do not get gimped.


A lot of fallout 3 and new Vegas fans that have never touched 2d fallout in their lives and morroboomers have a tendency to not realize this and get mad over anything bethesda does while ignoring the fact that earlier titles did the same things and thrived with them similar to how fallout 4 and Skyrim thrive on their design today. Personally I’m just glad bethesdas still consistently working on and releasing original games both small and large considering how rare that is for a major studio outside of blizzard.

Like fuck activision is dry on anything not cod related, Ubisoft kind of stopped making anything after fc6 and legion due to the management issues related to skull and bones. EA right now is making one single player sequel with respawn. 343 just fucking killed halo and aren’t releasing anything. The only major studio(well more like AA) still cranking out small and large IPs are digital extremes, devolves digital and obsidian


Capcom is still making good AAA projects.


Its very simple OP, the reason is crunch and shitty labor practices


Huh would you look at that
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It’s not the speed that’s the issue all fighting games are naturally fast paced at a high level it’s the VFx. I complained about this a while ago but generally speaking the VFx in this game when compared to games like smash, Brawlhalla, and fraymakers is overdone to the point where it’s hard to figure out what’s going on especially in duos


a lot of 2d fighters have a ton of screen clutter


Most of that clutter is easy to ignore. Smash in the standard configuration would be hard to follow even if it had abstract minimal graphics because you would need to have six independently moving eyeballs for that.


Wha tha


TLDR multiversus launched with less legends, maps, worse physics, less map diversity, gamemodes and a missing campaign
Game flopped shortly after its launch because of that and also server stability issues

File: 1674301577927-0.jpg (107.41 KB, 480x270, proxy-image(2).jpg)

File: 1674301577927-1.jpg (150.25 KB, 640x360, proxy-image(1).jpg)

File: 1674301577927-2.jpg (199.69 KB, 940x766, proxy-image.jpg)

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Isn't this lazy? Titties and ass with no face. Will the game have good gameplay and story to compensate?
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Bros, it's so fucking over


File: 1678809978426.jpeg (7.97 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpeg)

oh god this is so cringe


The heart is still red.


i dont like this


Did y'all get fucking baited by one Ukrainian shitpost?

File: 1681097629834-0.png (753.58 KB, 850x934, mujer.png)

File: 1681097629834-1.png (461.64 KB, 496x652, agro americano.png)

File: 1681097629834-2.png (671.46 KB, 750x884, 6.png)

File: 1681097629834-3.png (1.47 MB, 1286x960, 5.png)

File: 1681097629834-4.png (594.08 KB, 480x940, 3.png)


I am creating a gta san andreas with ideas of punk and oi music, I changed the grove street gang for skinheads s.h.r.p.s, the enemies, that is, the ballas, I changed for hammerskins/boneheads/ the pistols I changed for bats, mitts, by little I am adding gangs, I also plan to change the radio,I post some photos of my project


did you mean to post this in /games/ or /hobby/?


What a piece of shit. I get there’s plenty of freaks like him all over the capital wasteland but fuck Vance anyways for being that organized about it


what the fuck are you talking about


I really wish people could put their endless thoughts about Bethesda games in a single thread


Cannibalistic npc that’s the leader of a cannibalistic community located underground called Vance in fallout 3. You can choose to join him or just kill him and all his equally disgusting followers. I chose to gtfo when I found this


So, the vampire guy? I could not be fucked to do that quest because it seemed boring to me, rather than helping someone write a survival guide by bashing molerats heads in with a poisoned stick or figuring out how to blow up/save Megaton from the nuke wedged in the middle of the town. The vampire perk reward also seemed rather useless because it restores only 20 HP and requires you yo lug around the weighty blood packs, as opposed to weightless and more effective alternatives in the form of stimpacks.

File: 1681012618547.jpg (126.59 KB, 1460x821, re4_remake_anime.jpg)


Do you like the series? Which one is your favorite? Did you enjoy RE4 Remake?


Only liked re7 because I found it genuinely scary


7 is on the scarier side. Kinda runs out of steam after the ship part. I always found RE to be creepy at best, nothing about it is that scary to me, I just love the gameplay and the characters. Some titles can get very intense and stressful, but if I want to get scared I'll probably play Silent Hill or Fatal Frame.


Of all of the ones I played I liked RE1's remake the most. Felt It struck a nice balance between horror and action. One or two zombies in a room are actually threatening due to how locations in the game are designed to be cramped for the most part, and crimson heads means that dealing with zombies doesn't stop at "shoot it until it falls for good" for the most part. Haven't played RE4R and I want to go through the original first before I eventually do.


RE1 Remake is in my top three, it's close to being a perfect game. Crazy how good it still looks, it's just a timeless classic.

File: 1678694639086-0.png (206.64 KB, 300x400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678694639086-1.jpg (24.54 KB, 676x768, 2019 mass shootings.jpg)

File: 1678694639086-2.jpg (563.93 KB, 1500x1011, when prophecy fails.jpg)


you might think the reason Rockstar Games have been so slow to make GTA 6 is that they're still making money off of online DLC for GTA 5…. but the real reason they haven't released GTA 6 is because Amerikkkan society has become so insane that GTA's attempts at parodying it would be tame by comparison
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My point is that you are doing mental gymnastics for being a Butthurt Tulcel burger


Wrong, the real reason is they don't want to be canceled for the female protagonist of their comedy satire game not being an epic girlboss but being flawed and kind of shitty.


Lol. That's good point. Has Rockstar ever had a single female protagonist?


No, but the next game does, it was confirmed by the leaks


that didn't stop that game with the black girl and the cuck links

File: 1680753630678.jpg (96.63 KB, 962x1284, 1676537353382.jpg)


Thoughts on the jc141 crack scene? They attempt to bring pirated Windows games to Loonix in an easy way to use.

>The motivation behind the project is based on the communist and anti-capitalist ideology. We re-distribute games on the GNU/Linux operating system which is not directly controlled by a corporation such as Microsoft and provide blocking internet access from prying eyes in an environment where the user is viewed as a target for marketing schemes.

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all the tools given are floss except for the games themselves


While I can see some value in what they're doing (particularly making games capable of running on Linux but also portable without install etc) overall that isn't as much of a big issue as it would have been before Valve basically did 90% of the hard work with investments in Proton and the like.

These days you can use Proton / Wine, DXVK and similar tech to get more or less the same thing done, minus the portability , dwarfs packing, and the like. Also "blocking internet access" beyond what is done in the standard cracking process itself may be an impediment to things like users attempting to play over LAN emulation, or pirate servers or whatnot depending on the game. Likewise the "run from a script, compressed without extracting" is neat but may impact users attempting to mod, as they reference on the site. Releasing the tools as FOSS is great, something some cracking/ scene groups have done as well.

I can give them credit in the repacking community, but I do wish they'd give more info on which cracks they are using, what content (ie DLC, patch versions etc) are enabled . Not doing this is seen as an insult in "the scene" and isn't great for users overall not knowing what actual cracked versions or contents they're using. So I can applaud them by being Linux friendly especially if they started this before Proton made it to where it is now, but there are some concerns that I'd have and while I would like to see non-shitty repackers, I think the best thing they can do is to amend these issues.
>Cite all cracks and content (ie DLC enabled, patches and updates etc) in a given game along with its source etc. Every major repacker does this.
>Give an option between a compressed install as is current and a more standard decompressed install, as the user desires. Some may not want the shell script and dwarfs style install, others may,
>Those that have the knowledge to contribute to cracking or utility creation, do so!

Denuvo cracking is in a sorry state now with EMPRESS being one of the only public groups/individuals , but their bad behavior is antithetical to the scene values (ie you don't take money to crack , you don't put all kinds of nonsense in nfos etc) which is disappointing. I can applaud JC141 on the Linux side of things but if they want to strike out against capitalist excesses or privacPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Valve basically did 90% of the hard work


Liberal, even.


Not sure what kind of brainrot this is? Valve had a massive role to play in improving Linux gaming and especially the ease by which you can take some Windows title and play it on Linux. They literally created Proton and other FOSS projects (ie gamescope, SteamVR/OpenVR etc) , bolstered others like Wine, DXVK ,and Linux GPU drivers with development contributions plus funding for existing developers, and sorted out all manners of bullshit like getting even Easy Anti Cheat to allow compatibility with Wine/Proton users…all to say nothing regarding the Steam Deck shipping Linux with its new SteamOS where a large amount of games "just work" with a parity or nearly so experience. Steam Deck's ongoing success is not just a matter of technically adept Linux geeks, but rather the experience - if not always perfect - is smooth enough often enough that they feel it can be put in front of general users which is a tectonic shift from a decade or so ago


This was an experience for me after playing 2. this entry by far the weirdest one being its considerably easier even on harder difficulties most notably guerilla mode due to how easily exploitable the game is, similar to what Bethesda and obsidian did with fallouts difficulty curve. In far cry 2 on infamous difficulty you kind of have to know how to get around without a map to guide you since enemies do just spawn in cars or isolated on roadways and not paying attention to where your going could easily get you killed immediately, this can’t be said for 6 beyond enemy spawn placements and even then
<I’m guessing due to the engine switch this was actually a preformance issue due to script lag on top of new graphics
The ai of far cry 6 was drastically nerfed thanks impart to the whole detection meter thing 3 introduced on top of enemies in general not having the same level of mobility, sense of self preservation and resourcefulness they have in 2. Another major thing is resource management in 2, I actually didn’t have a problem with being constantly low on ammo on infamous as I already got somewhat decent at the game after beating it on hardcore which made running out of ammo for poor sim frequent but not impossible to get over with good positioning. This just doesn’t matter at all in guerrilla mode because Ubisoft gave the player way too many guns and gadgets they can carry at any given time to the point where I felt like I was playing doom at times due to how little thought I could give towards stealth in favour of just rushing through outposts. What a difference in time and game design


sure, but lookit them grayphics


I’m kind of amazed knowing this was released this year. This feels like a 2000s game idk, maybe I was expecting too much of what gaming would look like in the future than accept that living in a vr fantasy or playing some super well animated and detailed physics based masterpiece of a pc game would be common in the 2020s


i prefer that they give me a million Pizza Towers and Ultrakill's than anymore of these Triple A garbage that is all Ray-tracing and Realistic graphics and nothing else.


Good unlike transhumanist ultrakill game


>muh troons


I think he meant transhumanist as in transhumanism because ultrakill is about AI revolution taking over and destroying all humans

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