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File: 1660924838247.jpg (16.24 KB, 283x351, deus.jpg)


Left wing game - yay or nay?
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It draws heavily from american lolbert stuff.


30% cringe, 70% based


It's not trying to be left or right wing. It's just trying to be cyberpunk and depict a world of corporate conspiracies not unlike our own, hoping to get people to think about things a little more. It's vaguely left wing for those reasons you could argue, but it's certainly not consciously trying to be marxist or anything of the sort.


It's just schizo in general.


Post-liberal game. Great for dispelling illusions about "vote for /ourguy/", and putting the seeds of thinking about politics on a holistic level. But won't bring you left by itself and can still result in "illuminati controls everything" kinda thinking if you're not careful


Reason: anticipation frames
Neglecting the fact that frame 1 attacks exist anticipation frames are important in pvp games because it gives players a chance to understand how their oppenent is about to behave in any given scenario so that they can understand how to react ie
If my opponent is doing a heavy attack like in for honour I back the fuck off because I can’t block without expecting serious damage
My opponent is trying to recovery in a game like smash better attack before they enter their action frame and lose the opportunity to edge guard

What skins do is make these anticipation frames harder to read because multiple frames can exist per player and unless your in a game where the VFX surrounding a specific move are always the same for a specific entity(which is rare and destroys the point of skins) now your in a situation where it can almost become impossible to predict your opponent and hence skins end up hampering on gameplay


That's also the reason why I prefer symmetric character designs in fighting games. Originally it was to cut costs (drawing and data storage), but it also makes learning anticipation easier and that's why some of the polygonal games also do it (e. g. Street Fighter IV).

Skins can also be bad in shooters because of adding all sorts of noise to the actual collision geometry and different colors have different advantages. In Quake III all characters have the same simple collision box, but very different shapes (there is an eyething with legs that is rather small). Quake III also had the solution though: you can just set on your side to see the same model on everyone.

All fighting games should offer the same option. At least the online mode should allow the individual player to always see the default costume (winning screens excepted). For offline matches you need a house rule for default costumes. (It could also be directly integrated into the interface of the fighter select screen that the other player has to approve you choosing an alternative costume, but I think that would be kinda autistic. Just talk to the other person ffs.)


That’s proven by the past 3 AC games if anything

They don’t wanna make another AC 2 or even AC origins but a full on fully developed oblivion and I specify oblivion like RPG considering how much Valhalla reminded me of it. But that makes me question why won’t they just follow through with that want outright with a new IP instead of passing off with far cry and AC?


They really do. Odyssey basically was a mashup if the newer Zeldas and Titan Quest, with stealth made optional if not entirely avoidable safe for a few quests.


I can’t be the only one to notice this and it doesn’t even make sense
Game devs don’t have to code anything they can just reuse assets or libraries built into modules like havoc or if their companies like EA, Ubisoft or valve they can just reuse libraries their devs have already programmed. Was it like a technical limitation imposed due to graphics, was it design choice so gameplay wouldn’t be affected as much by unpredictable physics like what valve did with source, is it just for stability reasons due to the fact that physics in games requires a lot of precise numbers that don’t work well with floating point numbers? If so aren’t their already techniques and fixes just for that?

What gives?
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yeah and it's F2P shit


What about new games like Noita?


Well that's 2d, it's like 1000x less complex than 3d physics, plus it's an indie game so doesn't really have the same issue as AAA empty suits




Not every game should include super realistic physics.
If I want to play a game to go full sanic midair 360° spin quad jumps I don't want to trip on some can dropped on the ground for example.


It’s just not fun for me to play any pvp based games.
It’s not a game design problem for me it’s a community problem.
these days competitive games aren’t like quake or titanfall whom have high skill ceilings which make high ranking matches feel justified in their sweatiness being that you can at least feel like your getting better at those games to be able to compete. So much of the community has instead promoted idk “casual pvp” games with lower skill ceilings that at low ranks feels impossible to climb out of because you can only ever be so good at those games before every match devolves into “who can bait the other guy better” and inevitably matches start getting increasingly annoying and gimmicky, playing against players starts feeling less fun and less of a celebration of what you’ve learned while winning just feels tiring and losing feels awful.

It’s not fun man at all. If this shit was regulated to tactical games like CSGO and r6 that would be fine with me but I’m beginning to see this annoying shit everywhere even in games that shouldn’t be taken seriously at all like fucking fall guys now has sweaty try hards and elo hell in it now
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You guys are bronze retards.
The nerf to bunny hop healing was to make it so that healing actually makes you vulnerable as intended by game design. If you have close to full mobility from healing they might as well just add regenerating shields like Halo since there's no danger anymore. Imagine complaining about something even pro players don't complain about anymore since they know it was the correct update.
Apex has been completely warped by movement abilities which push out all the other legends. The game would be better without abilities period because it is much harder to zipline dance than it is to hit q and e on Octane and fly 90000m away from another squad or to hit a Pathfinder grapple. I can guarantee that you can't even tap strafe or do the actual advanced movement techs because hitting one button on pathfinder is not advanced movement.


>the game would be better without abilities period
Holy not only is he complaining about the game being a movement shooter he’s also complaining about a hero game having hero’s in it ahahahahahahahaha holy fucking shit go play csgo danger zone if your that offended by people using the games mechanics the way they want to


CSGO Danger Zone is an abomination why would I play that over Apex.

All Apex abilities do is make the game easier for those who don't actually know how to play.
Don't have sound on? Play Bloodhound/Seer so you don't have to hear enemies near walls/doors/buildings.
Can't get to a high ground position since you stayed on low ground like an idiot? Play Horizon so you can fly to the top.
Can't keep up with your team since you spend 10 minutes looting? Play Octane and hit the stim.
Can't hold a building by killing the enemy as they try to come in? Play Wattson/Caustic/Rampage and stall for as long as possible.
Don't know when to time your teammate being revived? Play Lifeline or Gibby so you can mindlessly set it up every time.
Don't have any guesses on where the next circle will be? Play a Recon class legend so you don't have to find out.
Too scared of losing a sniper fight? Play Bangalore so you can smoke the enemy's line of sight.
Constantly the first to die? Play wraith so you can hit q and try to make it back to your teammates (although admittedly most Wraiths are just plain bad and don't even bother to use their abilities nowadays).

Every ability in the game is a crutch designed to remove a skill check over the actual moment to moment gameplay that tests how good you actually are.


Well, while not a competitive game, UltraKill is a fun game, has plenty of Quake in it's dna, with speedrunning being one outlet of competition.
Also modded MineCraft might have something to offer: you could set up a cracked server and use mods: firework frenzy, squake, origins if you have the patience for making datapacks for it, ect… That's just a few steps away from saying "begome gamedev :DDD" but still.


I think this is what i realised too.
So i got quite good at Dota and LoL. You rarely get competitive games, and even when you do you are well aware that the moment you make a misstep the whole team is ready to throw. Its extremely stressful. the only way to get out of that is to be just wildly better, to stomp the other team. but when you do manage that its like taking candy from a baby. What fun is it to delete people that dont know any better?

and to even get to that point? grinding out your reactions through countless games of lopsided match ups just to at best get a profoundly boring experience.

I havent really had fun with competitive games for some time. the grind to get good takes so long, the payoff is deeply disappointing.

i miss the slow paced competition of long af WC3 and empire earth diplomacy games. Where even if you got fucked up there was shittalking to be had and alternative win states to be had.


The reason why I state optimization and not feature is because this exists to reduce lag on most MMO games
This is the optimization where the hostile npc will only react to the player if the player attacks first or is directly next to said npc contrasting how in most single player games AI will react to the player further away or even more commonly it will actively search for the player to kill them

The reason why this optimization is game breaking isn’t hard to think about as it means the player never has to risk death when coming into contact with any AI in game and can simply hide and run right in front of any enemy they encounter whenever they feel rather than plan in advance and make a break for it whenever it’s clear that they’re being overwhelmed

File: 1658759182767.png (7.82 MB, 1920x2773, ClipboardImage.png)


What does everyone think of EVE Online?
Do you think its playercount's downward trend can be reverse or is the game simply too dated in its mechanics? Will there be a game that fills its niche as big spaceman MMO?
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File: 1658946860061.png (126.82 KB, 460x215, ClipboardImage.png)

x3 is a lot better :)


dead game, the only hope is to reboot it on a fresh server with all the P2W removed and multiboxing banned, which will never happen, ergo dead game


Pretty sure multiboxing is already banned, in theory


no, they do and have always encouraged multiboxing because it pumps their numbers; why wouldn't they? (apart from it making the game shit, of course)

the only disallowed multiboxing is using free accounts, but if you're paying for 10 subscriptions you're encouraged to fly all 10 in a fleet at once


I see.

I don't think it matters anyways, any game where you can play 10 instances of it at once is for sure garbage

File: 1659093653717.png (216.93 KB, 350x435, PW_MSF_Shinkawa.png)


I don't see many people talking about this series although it's beyond based. They're not explicitly leftist necessarily (aside maybe from Peace Walker) but tackle some pretty based themes all around, especially Sons of Liberty imo
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>Father and son
>Metal gear saga
>Calling to the night
>Snake eater
>Heaven's divide
>Peace walker main theme
>The best is yet to come
>Sins of the father
>Quiet's theme
What's up with this franchise and having such good fucking music?


File: 1660830320994.jpg (69.34 KB, 1200x675, E3ybkjrXMAIvf1p.jpg)

>that pic
>the feels
Where did it all go wrong bros?


the proliferation of smartphone technology


MGS threads were always kind of shit. Not to mention the only good part of them were hahas over MGS 3.

File: 1659799424544.png (1.22 MB, 1024x1024, SprocketLogo.png)


Anyone into vehicle building games such as KSP, Space Engineers, SimplePlanes, Sprocket (picrel), etc?

Share your thoughts, building tips and post your designs!
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File: 1659803633242.jpg (313.61 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot.jpg)

If you love KSP, then you might like SimpleRockets 2. It's still in Early Access, but the building system gives you much more freedom imo.
(picrel is a MiG-21 inspired plane I made)


I thought of playing Stormworks but the reviews said they cut back a lot on the actual campaign/missions content so I didn't.

Overall these kind of games look kind of cool but I'm pretty much put off by the complexity needed. KSP is the last one I played in any great depth.


KSP really create the blueprint for accesible space games and even physics games in general. Have in mind that when the first alphas came out, the only other spaceflight sim was Orbiter, a complex sim for enthusiasts.


there's a mod for forts rts called flying forts which lets you build airships with guns etc, bretty fun


Never played Forts, should take a look at it.
Reminds me of Airships: Conquer the Skies, which is basically that in a steampunk setting.

File: 1660606458931-0.png (220.33 KB, 480x270, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660606458931-1.png (1.27 MB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660606458931-2.png (520.11 KB, 512x512, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660606458931-3.png (820.82 KB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660606458931-4.png (334.19 KB, 896x504, ClipboardImage.png)


Thread dedicated to the discussion our favorite controller breaking simulators.
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File: 1660635637703.jpg (4.23 MB, 3508x4960, 4vzezi5twvv61.jpg)

I hope Platinum Games makes NieR 3 too



What even allowed roblox to be as successful as it? Giving tools to the players to fuck around with?


child labor


Both answers

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