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File: 1608527562565.jpg (7.25 KB, 171x237, yhvh.jpg)


Was he right?
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I really do enjoy an smt post
but regarding your question then no he wasn't right per say due to the Axiom or the Great Will having perfect reason to oppose him he's basically the main villain behind everything but regarding Law vs Chaos it's very interesting


Law is fascist
There's no materialist route in smt games.


All this Law vs Chaos shit is interesting but I am absolutely clueless as to the context (Gradius)


Yes there is, it's the neutral route aka HFY.


>Я не хуя не понимаю, но очень интересно

File: 1608527522412-0.jpg (178.5 KB, 1920x1080, undertale.jpg)

File: 1608527522412-1.jpg (14.25 KB, 1280x720, deltarune.jpg)


Thread for Undertale and Deltarune discussion! Post theories, art and bad AU's!

Official Websites:

Official Twitter (news may get posted here):

Toby's Twitlonger on Deltarune:
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I don't know how people can get off to this. At some point you should just go "Man I'm really going down a very silly path here"


File: 1608528218235.png (202.07 KB, 1770x819, know_your_humans.png)

here is a thing I made a while back for artistic reference for all the different humans we have seen thus far


This makes me laugh, post more


ive just accepted it at this point


I knew a dude who could play ths game on a nintendo at the hardest level and clear it in 4 hours. He was a nice person and really soft-spoken.

File: 1608527824966-0.png (1.25 MB, 1024x633, Kel'Thuzad_is nazbol.png)

File: 1608527824966-1.png (314.55 KB, 500x429, peon_awoken.png)


A place to discuss anything relating to or World of Warcraft. Retail, Classic, news, lore or any other topics.


bumping for kel thuzad


I fucking hate the artstyle


The Game That Killed Blizzard


Anyone else playing the new xpac? Seems to be quite well made this time.

File: 1608527679077.jpg (244.4 KB, 1049x1500, 91aRK9WgkdL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)


Why the FUCK is it so expensive?! 80 entire USD for. Is it worth it? are there any other better less expensive autism simulators out there?
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Dude there's a new board for games now. >>>/games/


Can't blame him when it's not in the topbar yet, but yeah.


Supply is infinite. Demand is low. This shit should be free were it for supply and demand.

But I got what you meant.


You should have used green and orange text


hearts of iron gang

File: 1608528255756.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1c7c9eb42605a12f6c335dd89f….png)


Enough of single-game and single-player threads, we're doing One Big Thread for games to play together!

Suggest games to play, say what games you like/have, et cetera, here.

As OP I'll just put this chart I made years ago on old leftypol.

My suggestions are;
Wargame: EE/AB/RD
Battlefield something
Hearts of Iron
Red Orchestra/Rising Storm
Minecraft (not for me but I know a lot of people like it)

Not like it's mandatory to play a WW2/Cold War/Modern war game but just the first things that come to mind. What do you like to play anon?
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File: 1608528261590-0.png (132.38 KB, 1024x896, Tetris Attack now you fuck….png)

File: 1608528261590-1.png (10 KB, 256x224, Wild Guns.png)

File: 1608528261590-2.png (960.36 KB, 1030x793, tux racin.png)

Be the change you want to see anon. I'm tried of people jerking themselves off over games that let them role-play as leftists around here too.


Make a TF2 /leftypol/ server, ideally without retarded mods.


File: 1608528262593.jpg (11.91 KB, 350x350, Slavery.jpg)

Is there an open source clone of TF2 yet without corporate spyware?


Not yet even though the source code was leaked in april.


File: 1608528267030.webm (3.89 MB, 424x240, heavy sings dragonforce.webm)


File: 1608527860464.jpg (83.3 KB, 640x652, Metroid - Fusion.jpg)


ITT: when capitalism ruined a game series
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Plenty already had come up with auto-aim. It was Halo that normalized [b]permanent auto-aim that you can't disable[/b].


>if we do our job well, you don't have any idea this is going on
Well they really fucked up then, because coming off of hardcore Perfect Dark sessions (where you intentionally disable autoaim so you can get headshots easier) I knew something was fucked with the aiming the very first day I played Halo.


>Wizard 101 paywall
Didn't know about that… good thing I never took the bait of the ads.


But Metroid Fusion is good.


What's good about it? Is it the stiff controls that gimp sequence breaking, the dumb gimmicky bosses, the extreme linearity and story railroading, the constant interruptions for unskippable story exposition, the half-assed shoehorned survival horror segments… Where's the good stuff?

File: 1608528141594.jpg (25.66 KB, 437x317, 958ee713647e8fbedc3d2ed17e….jpg)


Need some good games on Android, what would you reccomend?


This game is pretty based by the way
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there are lots of phone emulators for Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS games, I'd look into those if you wanted a proper game to play


thanks yall, i do have emulators on my phone, i was (at the time) just looking for games like zombieville, stuff that takes nearly no brainpower to play
honestly not a fan of the developer if youre looking for a new "good" grand strategy game id recommend age of civilizations 2
also i replayed that game i mentioned and it was actually super based, goes through the stages of civilization the right war


File: 1608528261289.jpg (596.23 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-11-23-23-4….jpg)

take your pick




>bad imitation of a bad imitation of Touhou

File: 1608527839014.jpg (118.2 KB, 793x926, 1594561263894.jpg)


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Lol if you think videogames are art wait till you hear about books or movies
Videogames fucking SUCK


File: 1608527856858.jpg (73.25 KB, 680x681, 4fb.jpg)

Hopefully the standards of prize events in the Loicenced Kingdom will continue being irrelevant within the general industry as companies are likely perceptive to the detrimental risk to the appeal of their goods that following such a framework would possibly bring.


>implying the companies wouldn't start copyright shitting


Holy /v/ermin.


>British Academy Film Awards
Wow no one cares (except gullible /v/tards as usual)

File: 1608527742829.jpg (24.12 KB, 405x479, 1449178140156.jpg)


>Game features some type of Kalashnikov assault rifle and an SVD as available weapons
>They're inexplicably the weakest, shittiest weapons in their categories whereas some type of NATO or Amerifat weapon is the strongest
The only series I can think of that doesn't do that is STALKER, where the SVD actually owns.

On a similar note:
>Fire a shotgun
>It has an effective range of like 10 feet
STALKER also thankfully averts this, as does Far Cry 3 from what I recall.
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The main appeal is a shitload of hidden triggers which change a myriad of things, your actions having direct impact and having ripples across the game world. The whole cryptic atmosphere was the main draw, before it got datamined to all hell. The only other game that did something like this was probably Silent Hill 2.


I don't mind this trope if "cursed/evil" items, enchantments/magic, etc actually have a negative aspect to your character using them. Then it becomes a question of is the risk/benefit worth it? Also "evil" stuff that is just better is boring. What's the point of it being evil then?


Do you think Deltarune will be any better? I like what I've seen so far, despite my opinions on Undertale being mostly mixed. Only part of it is out so hard to judge I guess.


File: 1608527991660.mp4 (1.26 MB, 1280x720, nO.mp4)

>Do you think Deltarune will be any better?
I don't really trust Toby Fox on that regard, but he'll probably make some really nice tunes and cute characters for porn artists to slave over for years to come along the way so i don't care.


the most annoying cliche is the Soviets being caricatures of evil and also incompetent AF for no fucking reason.

File: 1608527875975.jpg (386.2 KB, 1920x1080, 1993520361598230.jpg)


>Why are we still here?
>Just to suffer?
>Every night, I can feel my writing… and my direction…
>Even my story…
>The missions I've lost…
>The content I've lost…
>Won't stop hurting.
>It's like they're all still there!
>You feel it too, don't you?!
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File: 1608527878463.gif (35 KB, 300x180, slap.gif)

>quote "game" endquote


Yeah I don't want more missions of killing Soviet soldiers and protecting the based mujahideen thx. MGS was always shit


Yeah you can tell the extent of Kojimmy's hollywood poisoning on its portrayal of russians in these games.

A russian Hind-D in MGS1 being in an American military base to serve as a boss fight for no reason.
The enemy soldiers in MGS2 are russian despite both the tanker and the plant being american property located in fucking NYC.
MGS3 features soviets as enemies and has the KGB and GRU fighting each other in gunfights wtf? Also Volgin is by far the most deranged villain the series bar none and he happens to be soviet russian hmm curious.
PW Zadornov was a complete caricature but I'll give that a slight pass because everything in that game was absurd.

Granted, americans tend to serve as "bigger" badguys but that's always portrayed as a twist.

were there any russians in MGS4? I kinda deleted that game from my mind


based autist


Old BO wrote this

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