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File: 1687465977814.jpeg (136.01 KB, 1000x710, IMG_1187.jpeg)


Is it possible for this type of game to have a good playerbase? The concept is amazing but it has possibly the worst online community I’ve seen in a game. I just want a comfy co-op space outpost autism simulator without dealing with uncreative griefers or admin abuse.

Goonstation was the closest thing to this back I the glory days


Not nowadays, half the people who play this kind of game are addicted to gmod trolling videos where grown men bully little kids


because they're funny, fuckin nerd


Nah, the best gmod trolling videos are the ones that go on "Nazi dark rp" servers and gets banned

But yeah, some ss13 servers (the strict ones) are fine but the rest are edgy trash


for online autism milsims are your best option


AI will be good for games, actually.

It will allow games like Morrowind to have fully voiced characters without needing to have either the hours put into voicing or the many audio files. Voice work will no longer consist of doing hours and hours of reading lines. It will instead consist of creating a distinct voice characterization with the most important lines and for the AI to read the rest (including procedurally generated ones). That is good news for voice actors because it will make it easier to voice characters, especially the more demanding ones. The actor will only need to read a small percentage of lines where the character screams and shouts for example, and the AI voice model will be able to use that for a wide variety of lines in the game. Since voiced characters has become standard (and creates bottlenecks with games like Skyrim), meaning that with similar amounts of effort from actors, there can be much more content in the game. If you combine that with chatbot-like systems to flesh out the dialogue, it means the writers can create more content with the same effort. It will allow much bigger and richer games with a much more efficient use of people's labor.

The same will also apply to all other assets once dynamic generation is good enough. There will be better dynamic models and textures, lighting systems, etc.
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>bidibidibidi, animalese or espeak can do just fine.
It's not at all the same as actually reading the line, especially for accessibility purposes.
>that many sevenfold playtesting to see if the AI fucked up the line
People are going to be playtesting those parts anyway, including to ensure the dialogue system works. Just another thing to make note of and doesn't require special testing since that system is relatively isolated from the rest of the game. The AI fucking up a line is a minor bug at worst, too. Where you'd have problems with procedural AI generation is things that affect other game mechanics, like dynamic level design making sense or meshes matching hitboxes.


AI tts is already doing a much better job than basic tts, try using one. Plus VA requires many hours of paying money, recording, editing, fitting it in, and repeating this a couple of times.


Lol no plenty of vas get paid barely anything

What matters is the quality of voice acting and if it even works to communicate the emotions wanted by the game developer or studio, something that requires so much to time and planning that you might as well hire an ordinary va anyways to do due to the consistency and diversity of results possible

Maybe ai in this recieves enough funding that it's valorized to the point where it can be conventionally used along with real actors but for now it's gonna remain a, although very powerful tool for modders


>you might as well hire an ordinary va anyways to do due to the consistency and diversity of results possible
Like I said you would still want actual actors to build the model for a character and to do the most important lines, but you could extend the character beyond what is reasonable to have an actor perform. Especially for the parts that matter the least and that you'd want to avoid repeating. Any amount of audio you record is finite, but if you are having the AI do the voice in real time can be reading newly generated lines. You could record 10 greetings and 10 farewells and then have the AI improvise 100 more if the player keeps talking to the same character so you don't keep hearing repeats. You could even have it adjust the lines when they have to be repeated so it doesn't sound too samey.

>Maybe ai in this recieves enough funding that it's valorized to the point where it can be conventionally used along with real actors but for now it's gonna remain a, although very powerful tool for modders

Considering that people accept solutions that don't really sound like speech at all, extremely compressed audio, or a mix of voiced and non-voiced lines it's probably a pretty low threshold to acceptance. If anything bigger games would have more use for it, to create more content on less budget. Games like GTA for example are extremely expensive, and you could save a lot of time and money if you can flesh out the dialogue (especially the random, least important parts) you can get a lot more bang for your buck.


Didn't you hear that it is possible to set different intonations for different parts of sentences now?

File: 1687733676747.jpg (448.35 KB, 2048x1405, scam.jpg)


Once you find out that the same people own both the grading houses, and the auction houses, it all just clicks into place.
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hard to believe things are actually worse now than they were then


In that case they are making a future investment. By collecting the product and keeping it in mint condition, they, or their of spring, can sell it for gangbusters. That's the real reason people were collecting stamps (aside from the hobby factor).
It's a very bourgeois mindset.


This relies on other dipshits valuing the product enough to buy it later though.


the irony is that they will

1) never reproduce
2) hand off a bunch of crap that will be worthless when they die and is only inflated right now to capture idiots like them

its a ponzi scheme


Oh totally, but look at NFTs. That really exposed how many dumb cunts have way too much money.


What are the geopolitical implications of elite gamers from China, France, and America competing for the fastest Only Up! speedrun?


The FNAF trailer just dropped. Need it or keep it?


Never thought FNAF of all games would get a movie, not that i'm complaining


It already has a movie in my heart, featuring Nic Cage


Fnaf series is a great example of how under capitalism art slowly degrades and turns into a parody of itself. (Fnaf was not that good to begin but it did somehow get worse and damage an entire genre of video games.)


I just watched the entire film, through the trailer.
What even is the point, I know now the main character gets turned into a robot and the ending will be him going back into the fast food place as a half robot/half human with the child character.


it looks like it could be worse
never played a fnaf game

File: 1687886957918.jpg (200.54 KB, 1200x675, cyber1.jpg)


The story will make V a federal agent of a corrupt government and that NUSA will try to annex night city, i think it will be a battle between who's worse the corporations or the NUSA


i mean yeah probably, what else would you expect?


Did they fix the janky movement and weapon animations yet? Playing it on release feels like playing fallout 3 due to how weird the player movement is


i didnt see any problems with the weapon animations, but they said they're revamping everything with this dlc, from talent trees to npc AI

File: 1687887705995.jpg (418.85 KB, 1536x1102, wells.jpg)


I just found out that H. G. Wells was the original manchild
I was looking for his "russia in the shadows" book on libgen when I found this book he wrote about a tabletop strategy game he was inventing
there it goes, the only science fiction author I didn't consider cringe
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>the only science fiction author I didn't consider cringe
<It was the British author, H.G. Wells, that coined the expression: "The war that will end war" to describe World War One, which had broken out in Europe in September 1914. Wells believed the conflict would create a new world order that would make future conflict impossible.
also he was racist even tho he changed his mind later


Tabletop strategy is actually proletarian though cuz it's a hobby that used to be reserved only for aristocrats playing chess


eventually I found his "russia in the shadows", which gave me actual secondhand embarrassment whenever we mentioned his personal political fantasies. but I don't know, I prefer to live under the illusion that his disagreements with marxism were a facade to protect his career
I read most of his fiction works on high school a long time ago and I assumed he was a marxist because all of them were basically historical materialism projected into fictional futures



thanks for sharing this book anon


Post some gaming daddies


File: 1687698638665.png (947.2 KB, 1000x750, ClipboardImage.png)

I want to massage twinblades back.
Fable in general has these hunks everywhere including the main character if you get your stats up enough


File: 1687833647576.png (552.87 KB, 611x957, Armorking.png)

I like Armor King because for all his love for brawling he was a swell guy and pretty much joined the tournament to fill in for his dead friend.
Also he reminds me of Guin.


Fallout 3 is my favourite Bethesda title to have ever been released and even after beating nearly every dlc I still feel like I haven't truly finished the game with all of it's quests and discovered locations. One thing that hit different about 3 that I didn't feel while playing daggerfall, Skyrim and new Vegas was a proper feeling of scale. All three of those games have larger worlds but they feel emptier to me because their structures are too small or not densely packed together.

Most towns and locations in new Vegas and Skyrim rarely go on past a single room for a building about the height of the player and everything is too far apart in daggerfall for me to appreciate anything in the game world without spamming fast travel, I think Bethesda should stick with their world design choices they made in 3 and apply them to starfields worlds. It would make travelling not just between planets but in them alot more enjoyable - at least for me, if it means there's something to explore through even if it's not entirely interesting.
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But is the epic scale even noticeable or real if you can't traverse it in real time? If not you are basically just looking at isolated points that are effectively the same as discrete levels that have been the norm for most of video games.


One big level, why would you want to suffer through that as a player, because it is "modern"? Epic scale means travel takes forever. This can be simulated so it's true in the game world without the player literally suffering though that. In a space game, you can have cryo-sleep and mind uploading to a series of clones as an in-game explanation for travel that takes decades inside the game universe. It's a common movie technique to show the passage of a lot of time as a montage with music lasting a minute or so. A game with a dude on a horse riding from one village to another can do an equivalent thing with a catchy tune playing while a bunch of random opportunities are popping up and your beard is growing one meter per minute.

Yes, I prefer distinct levels + overworld.


File: 1687539128314.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

My point was that "epic worlds and real time gameplay don't mix" is kind of the opposite of true. You might not like that design approach (which is fine btw) but on a technical level you can't have that kind of epic open world without also having real-time travel through it (or at least the option to do it).

It's about design goals at the end of the day.

Big open worlds aren't actually realistic of course. They massively compress the space you're in, which goes along with compressing the time. Like how you can see Whiterun from Riverwood in Skyrim and walk there in a few minutes IRL, but much more time passes in the game world. It's all about tradeoffs and which ones fit best for the intended design. Worlds like Skyrim are the way they are because the game is meant to emphasize a wide-open-sandbox approach where you can just go anywhere and do any of the game's content in whatever order you want. Basically an a-la-carte approach. But that means you have to make sacrifices in the realism department, because nobody wants to actually sit there for a realistic amount of time to travel between a medieval town and city. Same as how actually building a realistically sized town or city would not be that conducive to the kind of gameplay Skyrim emphasizes, it would mostly be adding a bunch of filler buildings between the important ones making it take longer to travel between key locations with more NPCs spouting their one line of dialogue as you pass. Daggerfall did this and the result is a world crammed to the gills with filler. The compression of the world is necessary to making it acceptable to play, and finding the exact right balance is a challenge.

Of course, you can forego that balancing act entirely if you just have a different game structure, like the "classic" discreet levels. More recently there's been the "open zone" method getting attention (Mario Odyssey and Sonic Frontiers), although it's older, going back as far as Deus Ex and other immersive sim types. That's potentially a better balance for this kind of open gameplay because it's a lot easier to design a more compartmentalized zone than an entire world where you can just walk from any one place to any other. This could be combined with the other really key feature of these sandbox type of games, which is the seamless travel. We've already got ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


A bigger isse with daggerfalls open world design is how small locations are and spread out they're not the size of the map itself

The towns are literally copy-pasted but even worse theyre barely the size of actual towns even by the standards of the middle ages, not to mention the fact that the wilderness has no natural npc and enemy spawn points, roads connecting cities, particularly interesting dungeons with explorable exteriors etc.

Most issues with exploration in daggerfall could be fixed by expandinf the size and number of ingame structures and adding spawn points for NPCs and enemies in the empty space in between


yeah but daggerfall is basically procedurally generated. nothing on that map was handcrafted, and to get a realistic scale the cost was making it impossible to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time without fast travel. i know this because i played that game (even if i didn't finish it) and because of the need for fast travel the world barely even feels real because you are fast traveling everywhere and are unlikely to actually manually travel anywhere in that game

at least that is how i remember it, memory may not be accurate


>ass creed puts marx in one of their games
>chinlets get to have it both ways
>they get to say "our society is literally marxist they put him in the mainstream bibeo gam!!! i'm oppressed!!!"
>they also get to upload videos of themselves killing marx where every comment is the same upvoted soyfaced reddit joke of "you sir have saved ten gorrillions"
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it is almost as though capitalist cultural hegemony has evolved to commodify its own opposition


File: 1687330250001.png (72.69 KB, 281x324, 1374417284876.png)

Games are for kids, do something better with your time.


Yeah rightoid bros, we sure own the lefties by playing corporate goyslop #344404. This truly is a red pill moment where we have based consumerism vs bad consumerism


>Yeah leftoid bros, we sure own the righties by making rightoid whinge thread #344404.


>smug manga girl
Sorry kid, but you are in no position to argue for anyone else being infantile.

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