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File: 1673160206378.png (292.23 KB, 493x613, ClipboardImage.png)


do you agree with this pictures sentiment
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Fuck yeah dude. Give me some retro style low poly or pixel art stuff and refined mechanics doing something new and interesting instead of cookie cutter AAA shovelware with every graphical bell and whistle and microtransactions out the ass.


A lot of the work on video games ends up wasted. Yeah sure it took 6 hours of labor to build this character model and rig it but then the game just doesn't end up using it. Does that add to the SNLT of the game? Sure the waste is "part of the process" but does it have to be? There are other studios that are making games that don't fuck around changing everything and making big chunks of the material useless.


The bigger issue is management not the production team itself
In real life most of the shit that goes into these major titles a lot of shit ends up wasted because the designers behind these titles have to constantly shuffle between what the best ideas for their games are and likewise everyone else has to keep developing shit that’s never used meaning by the time a finished product is developed years have ended up passing


Where are they anyhow? I used to frequent itch.io but stopped once I got tired of sifting through endless demos and practice projects, which aren't necessarily bad but come on I want something new that's why I'm not on Steam or whatever the fuck


I usually try games I see game devs on social media are talking about. They're pretty good at finding the gems since making games is their field of study.


What games did you beat (for the first time) in 2022?
I really like single-player games, so I beat a bunch:
-Megaman Legends
-Amnesia: the dark Descent
-Twisted Metal 2
-Twisted Metal: Black
-Half Life 2
-Half Life 2 episode 1
-Gran Turismo 4
-Wolfenstein: the new order
-Need for Speed: Heat
-Gran Turismo 3
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>What games did you beat (for the first time) in 2022?
Well they added a new world since I beat it, but at this point it's more grind than I have time for. It's great fun, and a cut above what is expected of an indie open source game.


I'm gonna count Entropy Zero 2 as a full game and not only a mod. Was breddy gud and in terms of gunplay alone better than hl2 imo. Some call the MC a blabbermouth but it's a refreshing change in comparison to the usually silent protagonist valve games.


File: 1673455459951.png (527.29 KB, 1920x1080, 2017-08-14_15-07-38.png)

Idk if I played all of these in 2022, last couple years kind of blur together.


Make Me Real - standalone Hotline Miami mod, takes like 30 minutes to finish, it made me feel more than any game I can remember, go play it now https://asire.itch.io/make-me-real
Disco Elysium


Battle Brothers
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Unification Mod for Dawn of War

>Disliked (havent actually finished any of these, because why would I)

Witcher 3
Doom 2016
Sleeping Dogs
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Pre-RA2 C&C games are pretty jank gameplay-wise, can't blame you. Tiberian Sun not having attack-move made it a pain in the ass for me, but I feel like the cutscenes and art style made it up for me.


I watched all cutscenes on youtube, it is what made me give the game a try, in both C&C1 and 2 I played Nod because they are more interesting faction, but the gameplay is just not fun.


Hard mode: no GTA games
<specially GTA V where you're more likely to just end up fighting 12 year old in oppressor bikes

right now i'm playing:


<you fight corporate cops there's nothing more cool than cornering them into cover at the end and blasting their asses with all my modded guns

>Red Dead Redemption

<Literal illegalist-pilled game every heist mission is such a thrill even if they start a bit slow


<old game with mods i love making blursed weapons and blasting cops with them then making them surrender and executing them anyway
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File: 1672295109115.jpeg (86.93 KB, 1280x720, 1672295066380.jpeg)

Retrocity Rampage and it's sequel Shakedown Hawaii are like the topdown GTA games so they make cops killable.


File: 1672397250153.png (731.8 KB, 600x838, ClipboardImage.png)


All Elves Are Breedable


elder scrolls frankly lets you kill guards, and they're kinda like cops, in-universe


cruelty squad

File: 1672283096651.jpeg (548.73 KB, 2000x943, ati retro videocard.jpeg)


any of y'all ever dabble with speedrunning? I find speedrunning fascinating, but I wouldn't want to try it, because it sounds miserable to me
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I don't have the power of autism to get into speedrunning, but I do find them fascinating. I tried learning A Link to the Past back in the day, but it was just too much doing the same thing over and over again and I couldn't take it.


Wow, Cassetteboy really fucking hates the Streets


Find a game no one else has Speedrun yet. Furry porn games are usually easy picking.


I just bought 'Changed', not really planning on speedrunning it though lol.


I think it might be his funniest sentence mixing

'I need to be in jail' 'THAT'S SIMPLE COMMON SENSE'

But nah you had to be in the UK at that specific time, they really were everywhere for a couple years and it was pretty miserable

File: 1672761101271.jpg (128.19 KB, 800x450, Danganronpa.jpg)


>Live in a fully automatized post-capitalist commune
>Kill each other to escape to a world they know is broken

This franchise is globocapital propaganda


>a world they know is broken
t. Never played the game


doesn't the bear fuck with u to try and get u to kill ppl? like revealing ur secrets and shit


and purposely starving them until another kill happen,etc etc.
OP is acting like torture is a puzzle game you can win.

File: 1672441001279.png (64.71 KB, 1500x625, BoP XVIII turn 1.png)


Next month I'll be running a text-based, turn-based game set in the world of 1945. You can find the rules and who has signed up as what here: http://eregime.org/index.php?showtopic=20098

>ach turn represents a month gone by in-game. The game itself can last indefinitely, so long as players want it to continue and the world isn't destroyed by nuclear warfare. Each turn lasts for at least six days IRL, with the next turn normally posted on the seventh. However, a turn can be delayed up to four additional days if either the leaders of the United States or the Soviet Union requests it. All turn ETAs are located in the turn threads.


The game is played through carrying out actions (aka turn orders.) These can be whatever the player wants, although actions that are unrealistic or not possible will be pointed out to the player by the GM. The GM assigns the chance of success for your actions and their possible results, and will run the chances (on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being the most successful and 1 a total failure) through a random number generator to come up with said result. You can ask the GM what the probable chances of success are beforehand.


I want to be Truman. I promise to not go soft on commies and throw the game. Vote for me for a real war.


File: 1672441915788-0.png (87 KB, 1016x654, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1672441915788-1.png (87.64 KB, 1049x641, ClipboardImage.png)

Some relevant info.


If you want to be Truman, feel free to post in the sign-in thread saying you'd like to nominate yourself as a potential Truman player.


I dunno if I have time, but maybe you should just have the important characters played by committee anyways. Not like the president really makes decisions unilaterally anyways.

I dunno how exactly the game can really work anyways if you're trying to be true to historical fact. I'm not big on HOI but it seems like Germany is always doomed to fail unless important countries suddenly go in a left turn direction. Are countries allowed to change their historical allegiances? If not, I don't see how America and Britain can't just bomb USSR to the ground immediately.


Ideally there would be tons of players, including a bunch for the United States.

>Are countries allowed to change their historical allegiances?

If it's plausible, yes. Like the Truman player doesn't have to do the exact same things Truman did in real life, but he can't suddenly decide Marxism is glorious.

If the Truman and Churchill players want to launch something like Operation Unthinkable, they could conceivably try (although it would probably be foolish, in part given the considerable degree of pro-Soviet sentiment which still existed among the American and British populations in 1945.)


I fucking love shitty mobile game ads

let's share the best we have, I'll go first
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>Year of Our Lord 2022
>Watching ads
Do you guys not use adblockers? I haven't seen an online or tv ad in at least a decade (billboard and public transport ads still unavoidable unfortunately).


laughing at how many millions of spiderman and elsa videos were probably preceded/interrupted by this.



File: 1672371035405.jpg (377.72 KB, 1920x1200, 569098.jpg)

I wish there were more organized crime/underworld setting RPGs. My favorite parts of Fallout 2 were doing quests for gangs in Den and New Reno, Shadowrun kind of had that vibe also, Vampire: The Masquarade, and…, well thats it, nothing else comes to mid. There are other games where you get at most a single questline like that, like in Elder Scrolls or Pillars of Eternity.


The xcom game that is better than most xcom games


i got 90 hours into XCOM 2 just this week, i'm enjoying the game almost as much as i enjoyed Jagged Alliance 2 the first time i played it.

let's talk about why Tactical RPGs are the best turn based RPGs and what is your favourite ones

and why we haven't seen as many decent ones in recent years

also XCOM 2 OST is the best thing i've heard in a good while
it also has an accidental anti-capitalist message about how easy is for olligarchs to take control over the world through corporate overlord puppets to harvest the life out of us.
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File: 1672201692462.png (656.41 KB, 1445x868, ClipboardImage.png)


got it and it's hard af but i like it.
i mostly need to get a hang of the management part of the game.
which at first seemed annoying, but i'm trying to get the hang of it.

i'm also in touch with the Terror from the deep modders since they're working on a way to implement real mods into the game.
why on earth did the devs gave us a workshop for nothing but dll mods, released the last update with no SDK and refused to ellaborate further?

i hope when they break through the unity shitty mod support we can maybe get cool new content like a faction between Synedrium and the Disciples of Anu for an AnPrim run.


>that pic

synedrion are objectively based though


Basically what I know:
Literally /leftypol/: The Faction, complete with a gay ML-Anarchist couple. They use drones, cybernetics and cutting-edge tech. Seem to be pretty invested in the search for a cure for the virus, as well a way to make the Pandoravirus-transformed environment more survivable. Chummy guys.
>New Jericho
XCOM but angrier and overwhelmingly Western ex-mil types. Beefiest armor and vehicles, lots of firepower too. Will kill you, your entire family and your dog if they find out you are infected. Nothing else going for them otherwise, but still enough for them to be pretty popular.
>Disciples of Anu
The friendly neighborhood Cthulhu cult. They have mutogs, organic weaponry and mutant soldiers. Their idea of dealing with the virus is not to cure it, but rather to sing Kumbaya and hope it does not eat their brains. Very sus, but also kinda Posadist.


File: 1672244937311.png (454.07 KB, 1080x963, ClipboardImage.png)


i like both Synedrion and Anu

i think that if we stopped worrying about the aliens we could concentrate in raising ourselves from the ashes.


I do think it's a shame you can't have a 'joint victory' where you convince the factions to stop being retarded and just put aside their differences, NJ can have their humie zones and Anu can have their alien zones and Synedrion can have everything between the two.


i just beat golden eye 007 on secret agent difficulty (medium) and I don't feel good, because it was much harder than I thought it would be, this janky ass douchebag game. all of the levels in this game NEED to be really long, and then at the VERY END some bullshit happens that gets you killed instantly (like a bunch of enemies get spawned right behind you, and you only find out when they kill you, because they make no footstep sounds), and the game has n checkpoints, so you gotta do it all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the game is rly technically impressive though, and the gunplay feels great, so i get why it's so beloved, but it aged AWFULLY in my opinion

anyway, i didn't have anyone to tell about my feat, thx for listening to my scribbles
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Clear as mud to me. Would you say Chess is a technical game? Consider that there is a lot of dumb memorizing both about the early game and the late game. There is a Chess variant that selects one of a ton of several different configurations at start (Fisher Random Chess), so that early game patterns repeat something you memorized is far less likely. So is that variant less technical than normal Chess?

It's clear with normal Chess to even a total Chess noob just from reading the rules that there is a big payoff to memorize stuff about openings. Is the non-transparency of what it is that you have to memorize to play well a big part of what makes a technical game (like difference between collision geometry and how things look like, cooldowns on attacks that have no audio-visual cue)?


File: 1672112810826.jpg (223.08 KB, 1008x792, chihuahua alien.jpg)

sorry for taking so long to respond
>>25024 thank u boss ❤❤❤❤❤
>>25025 i agree 911% I remember playing skyrim on legendary difficulty or something, and it only meant that i had to cheese the enemy path finding by jump on and off of a place that the enemy can't go to. dark souls difficulty feels much more meaningful and fun

>>25026 i beat it in 0:07 seconds
>>25034 das crazy
>>25046 i think that chess is a really cool guy


good work bro
This is now a videogame achievements thread


>>25055 thank u bro ❤❤❤❤❤
what r ur videogame achievements??????????????????????????????????????????????????


Anyone else has played the sequel to F&H? I‘ve played like half of it and also watched others play it. It seemed like an improvement in every game mechanical sense and new elements were added which gave it a novel touch. I‘m only disappointed over some of the endings. But the last game was also changed and expended over time, so perhaps the creator will change some things.


On one hand i really dig the Post-WW2 Occult vibe the game has, the enemies are cool and i really like the cast. On the other, it feels like two disjointed games plot wise and there's way too many pop culture references, making the game harder to take seriously. Hopefully all of this gets fixed, and even if it doesn't, it's still a pretty good game


I tried the first one a while ago but I just bumbled around and kept getting killed and losing progress. I liked the atmosphere.

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