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File: 1609476697466-0.png (19.69 KB, 256x224, Miss!.png)

File: 1609476697466-1.png (886.13 KB, 1024x768, pso miss.png)


Is this the worst mechanic ever put into action games? Is there anything more deflating then framing gameplay in real time with spatial control to give the appearance of player control and skill mattering, only to have them fail at random due to a number?
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That's reaction fire during the alien's turn.


File: 1609617313433-0.jpg (36.04 KB, 480x352, how_rng_works.jpg)



One of the reasons high level Doom speed running is awful.


I mean, it's kinda realistic though. Getting shot is pretty much a random process, you can die in one bullet or get lucky and tank 5 of them without serious injury.


Oh hey I found another one

File: 1609455577817.png (44.08 KB, 1400x1050, '・ω・).png)


How's that self-imposed challenge coming along, anon? You do challenge yourself… don't you?
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How do you manage to stay at level 3? I haven't palyed that game since I Was a little kid though


The Lucky Jewel guarantees the double-or-nothing minigame at the end of a battle. If you lose it you get nothing at all. It can be the coins or experience variant though, so there's an element of frustrating randomness. Later you can buy the lucky Hammer in Seaside Town after beating Yaridovich, which does the same thing but has infinite use.


Is that really an exploit though as opposed to just how the game works?


Whatever it is, it's repetitive and annoying to do constantly when you're trying to be the best.


A clip mostly for my own benefit. How to get that heckin fairy from the first big cannon in stage six by blowing it up early. Really tricky when it's only on screen for a few seconds!


What could we do to push people like this to realize that just whining at a massive corporation is not going to fundamentally change anything, and that the problem is the system? I'm tired of hearing the same "look, I'm not promoting copyright infringement, but I also hate what this powerful company who is the copyright holder does to fan projects/its own games…" and other such cop-outs. Sounds like cuckoldry to me.

Maybe the first step is to promote the idea of changing copyright laws so that big businesses can't fuck people over as much, instead of allowing consoomers to try to defend fan projects/piracy and cucking out to copyright law designed to protect the rich at the same time. Maybe some already realize this, but I think the majority hasn't even thought that in this case, the problem is not the company who is unwilling to be nice and ignore the law to cooperate with fans, the problem is the laws (and system, of course, but they're not ready for that yet) that allow "anti-consoomer" companies to force their own rules onto those fans whenever and however they want, and it's hypocritical to simultaneously support such illegal activities and copyright law. They definitely already understand that corporations are not their friend and just want to make as much money as possible, gamers only need that little push towards real action.

From there, we could start promoting criticism towards the system itself, little by little. Hopefully, they would end up realizing that the issues in the videogame industry such as overpriced pieces of plastic or overpriced and limited re-releases of old unoptimized software are never going to be solved by reforming the company's policy or capitalism, that the implications are much more bigger than they ever imagined, that capitalism is not a universal and unchangeable state of affairs that we just have to accept and deal with, and that there exists a viable alternative to it which we could help bring about.



>and cucking out to copyright law
*and to cuck out to copyright law

My point with that paragraph is that I would expect this idea to prompt consumers to think beyond their narrow view that companies are the origin of every one of the problems that they bitch about, which of course are only some of the logical consequences of capitalism. Or, in gaymer/programmer terms, "it's not a bug, it's a feature" but unironically. Perhaps realizing that the scope of these issues is bigger than they thought would result in them eventually seeing the whole system we live in as the fundamental problem.piratePirate


Great essay op. I don't think that the fanboys nor the consooomers would realize the underlying conditions that result in corporate behaviour.ak-47AK-47


Just look at this shit.
>A $1000 shitty mobile app? Sorry, we can't do anything about it; their business, their rules, you're not being literally, physically forced at gunpoint to spend that much money to see the full game, so there's nothing wrong with it even if you think it's exploitative and their workers are being paid above average wages. That's how this world works!
<Oh what's that? The creators like some incest ship or used to be obsessed with gay rape anime porn 7 years ago? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CANCEL THIS GAME
God I hate liberals so fucking much.
Plus, when will it become popular to tell these goddamn pussies that we can and should change the status quo?

Thanks anon, although I wouldn't call it an essay, it's just my ranting out of frustration at this conformist, weak-ass, passive bullshit. So it comes down to this? Consoomer dicksuckers will be our enemies forever? No hope for them to be enlightened whatsoever?


>above average wages
*below average

File: 1609254494544.jpg (38.52 KB, 300x100, gamesleninbanner.jpg)


Farewell gamers of leftypol. /games/ future will be voted on the 31st Dec
The community mostly sees that this board -along with /anime/- should be merged to hobby. We shall meet each other there soon.
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t. OP


What's that site about? They seem reactionary.


This is pretty melodramatic. Game threads on /hobby/ are still game threads.
Join lain regardless tho, it would be more active.


8ch diaspora site for people who hated /a/ and /v/ but still wanted to talk about anime and video games.


Why'd they delete the thread though
I wanted to know what other anons's ideas were
And I also wanted to propose that we should try to repost our new posts from Bunkerchan's hobby boards on this site to let others know that we're here wanting to continue our conversations

File: 1609074166197.jpg (1.22 MB, 3840x2160, 20201226162414_1.jpg)


What are your favourites? Been playing pic related (Rogue State) yesterday, it's not the best game but it has a banging national anthem.


Last week I played Suzerain at the suggestion of a topic on bunkerchan, that was better IMO but I ran into a game ending bug which is always sad.

Which ones do you love? Hidden Agenda, Democracy 3, or?


Have people ever actually existed who change their mind about buying a game after reading this crap?


Reviews, or just box quotes?


Box quotes. Seriously, what kind of person does this sway?


IDK, people who aren't hardcore into gaming and don't know what's good and what's not. They wouldn't use these if they didn't work to an extent.


>They wouldn't use these if they didn't work to an extent.
You may be underestimating the depravity of marketers trying to justify their existence in life.

File: 1608528365124.jpg (242.18 KB, 1382x864, gta-4-art.jpg)


a reminder that GTA 4 (a 2008 game) is much better than DiaperShit 77
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>my shit game is better than your shit game
ok consoomer


>that's the joke.jpg


&ltimplying people don’t just pirate the game


kek that scene made me chuckle


Just replayed it recently. Was definitely more immersed playing it than the downgraded feel of GTA V. The early missions seem fairly plausible but towards the end it starts to just feel more of the same bullshit. Just found out on console if you squeeze the trigger it makes the reticle smaller before firing. Wish i would've known that before i beat the game because i used the AK instead of the M4 for more damage.

File: 1608528363041-0.png (422.32 KB, 1042x667, 55i95wgho9cz.png)

File: 1608528363041-1.jpeg (159.34 KB, 1920x1080, 75.jpeg)

File: 1608528363041-2.png (149.09 KB, 1154x705, Zombie_chase.png)


Hi /Games/. Tired of being the same kind of talky-talk board? Want to be a Get Shit Done Board like the imageboards of yore?

Why not help in creating a leftist post-apocalyptic community for Catacylsm:DDA, a singleplayer roguelike-like survival game? It could act as propaganda, that is to say nothing obvious and not just having the communists as the good guys but that could leave players walking away thinking 'huh, maybe some of my ideas about leftism/communism were wrong/unfounded.'

You don't need any knwoledge to help, just your ideas and a willingness to learn simple markup ( JSON ) if you would like to write data.

Mostly right now I am looking for Lore, how the group came together, interesting leftist characters, backstories, mission ideas, anything.

obviously we will have to add our mascot as a character so what kind of stats and proficiencies would Alunya have? If she cannot have cat ears what would be next best thing? Wolfs?


Oh, and C:DDA is the best Survival game out there. Prove me wrong.
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also, we should consider if we want to go with the mainline DDA fork or the Bright Nights fork, or both. DDA is more near-future where bright nights is sci-fi.


I was considering the same. I'm thinking mainline for now and hopefully we can add extra content for BN. Also i'd like to see some more basic factions in vanilla and for BN to become more developed first and become more refined even if it means sticking with vanila lore.

Can you guys tell me how Alunya could be as a person? so i can choose traits and make the dialogue i write for her right now feel less wooden. Character traits, etc?


File: 1608528366755.bmp (5.93 MB, 1920x1080, Catalunya.bmp)

I accidentally made her male, but here's a sketch. Maybe no cooking and some survival. And there are plenty more cat perks to add if you want, though I'm not sure how catty she is. Need a furry in here asap to offer advice.


Great. Yea, i will add more cat mutations as time goes by and if you do quests for her, get her to the larger faction base, etc!
Do you think she should start with tail and ears or just ears and they'll mutate the tail fairly early on, such as after first or second mission?
The latter was my thoughts anywas.

Can you send me over the JSON file or just post it here? I dont think this thread will get much interest but if it does we can use a free file sharing service like: https://cryptpad.fr/ Or just github to share eachothers things. :)

I'm working on dong the building she start in at hte moment and will be nice if i had base of character layed out.

I think she will be kind of cagey about her role in protests unit you get to know her more or have high speech/perception. What do you think?


Wrote her first quick quest, havn't checked yet but honestly want to just get them out and refine/bugfix later. What is her cat [KITTY] called? I think some kind of non obvous reference to her ideology or leftypol here could be quite nice.

"type": "mission_definition",
"name": { "str": "Find some cat food for Alunya." },
"goal_condition": {
"and": [ { "u_has_items": { "item": "catfood", "count": 10 } }, { "u_has_items": { "item": "catfood_dry", "count": 5 } } ]
"item": "catfood_dry",
"count": 10,
"difficulty": 1,
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shadow of the necropolis edition
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Slower, more deliberate gameplay isn't "shitty gameplay". The gameplay you're talking about is more suited for the singleplayer experience or the multiplayer "set match" experience. Twitchy, fast paced combat isn't suitable for the MMORPG experience, where this type of gameplay conflicts with the social experience which should always be put front an center. As the other poster pointed out, they were able to take down endgame bosses in the current iteration of WoW without need for communication which is a *problem* for any game calling itself "MMO".

If what you want is an adrenaline pumping, super-fast, twitchy experience, I'd never recommend Chess to you because that's not the experience you're going to get from Chess and, at the same time, even the most fast-paced MMO "action combat" system is going to be wholly inferior to singleplayer and set match multiplayer games. And you're not there for the MMO experience anyway, so why bother? Play the better game, the one that suits your tastes.


Speed chess is actually pretty dang adrenaline pumping.


Speed Chess isn't proper Chess. It's one of the many Chess variants.


Also, I don't think even Speed Chess is going to measure up very well in comparison to most physical sports when it comes to being "adrenaline pumping". So, instead of recommending Speed Chess to someone, I'd just recommend they play a sport. Speed Chess would very likely be inferior to someone looking for that kind of experience to something like soccer, football, rugby, tennis, etc.


Is the landlord bullying Leninist from /wowcg/ on /vg/ here by any chance?

File: 1608528352398-0.jpg (2.18 MB, 2000x1358, enroth_world_fan2.jpg)

File: 1608528352398-1.jpg (100.55 KB, 1280x720, -1000°C knife.jpg)


Enroth, home.
At least it was before I fucked everything up.
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>I definitely gave up.
It's a game defintly for people with autism, as it takes a very very long time, alot of detail and planning for you to do it. H2, I need to beat Archibald's, and a few other campaigns, but i got though the hardest ones.


I cant get over how ageless the graphics in these games are. Heroes 2 is almost 25 years old and it still looks gorgeous. I wish modern indie games would go for sprite graphics like these.


File: 1608528363812-0.jpg (397.04 KB, 1280x800, AoW3.jpg)

File: 1608528363812-1.jpg (133.15 KB, 600x331, eador motbw.jpg)

Heroes 2 and 3 were fun as a kid, and I played 3 some later in life, but it's not that great a game. Age of Wonders 3 scratches the same itch, and is a far superior game.
Eador: Masters of the Broken World is also a very interesting game in this genre, but that definitely isn't going to be for everyone.


File: 1608528373508.jpg (1.38 MB, 1280x4320, helltaker-malina-homm3.jpg)

Eh, it's been quite a while since I last played it, but I think HoMM5 wasn't half bad. Though I remember the magic system was designed in a way that many factions got in their towns schools of magic that they couldn't use effectively.

It's been an even longer while since I last played 3, and I lost my CD. I guess it's perfect timing though, there's a sale at GOG right now.


AbsoluteZero does livestreams every Sunday afternoon and plays multiplayer using HD HOMM3 HOTA mod.


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