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What you fags thinks about Factorio?
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Wait, what promises exactly did it fail to deliver on? **Excluding the "no sales" part of course
>caring about dev's opinion on the Hohlostan spectacle
Pretty much every dev and gaming resource does it because if they did not they would get lynched by the shitlib mob. Although this is not exactly the last moment when Kovarex showed himself to be a liberal rightoid twat (his age of consent debate on the game's R*ddit that started a miniature drama where he would lash out on "cancel culture") so I am not surprised that he ended up supporting Ukraine so vehemently.


I mean you can just say nothing about the Ukraine situation


The dev roadmap had originally called for having a meaty campaign with hand-designed levels and was going to be moving towards an innovative new kind of RTS in multiplayer where you built your own combat units from components and commanded them remotely. That was all scrapped because, like other early-access projects, the devs became subservient to their paymasters on the forums who only knew how to demand more features. Players generally don't know how to ask for levels and goals because they don't know what they want. The devs got bogged down endlessly tweaking their feature list and completely forgot about creating a complete game such that the end result was a map generator and a grand total of 3 monster types with the pathetic win state of launching a rocket.

The Ukraine sperg out was especially ironic given how popular Factorio is in Russia.


This. You have to have severe autism to do it for any other reason.


dropped my phone, with no intentions of picking it back up. some ants are typing this rn

File: 1661638580490.gif (51.95 KB, 220x208, hacker.gif)


where the frick can i download them jack sparrow if u know what i mean games these days? Piratebay is down, kickass torrents is down, everything is down, and I ain't paying 60 Biden$ for a AAA game
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do these built in search features give any indication as to wether the game's crack has coronavirus in it? Like user reviews or comments or something?

is this legit?

i'm scared of clicking that


It works for most games
Use the .net link though it’s only useful for single player games


I've never got a virus from a crack (as far as I know), most people shilling viruses aren't going to bothered to keep a torrent seeded when they can just bruteforce viruses into boomers PCs through ads/links/etc.


rutracker is pretty legit, although you are going to have to use a translator to navigate it properly. russkie pirates are some of the most prolific ones out there so do not worry about getting a virus because they check every new release for that shit.


>>21648 an
>>21645 k you ev
>>21646 eryb
ody xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooooxox


Well that’s a surprise
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first game was so bad, I'm surprised they even thought about making another one


>Game has been in development hell for almost a decade
>In that time Dying Light came out and had a sequel not too long go
>Trailer is just cinematics and barely any actual gameplay
it'll be shit like the 1st one


Mass effect andromeda
No man’s sky
Fallout 76
Battle for Azeroth
Law breakers
Diablo immortal
Saints row 2022
Cyberpunk 2077
Sea of thieves
Battlefield 5
Battlefield 2042
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heck fucking yeah brother! i remember playing Dead Island 1, riptide and escape from dead island. all shit. can't wait to dunk on this sequel.


It's baffling to me people are excited for this considering the dead island games are some of the most uninteresting shooters ever made. Seriously it's peak early 2010s design it's mind numbing action, play literally anything else.
Yeah there's been a lot of shitty launches (add the gta trilogy to that list) but there's still some that are fine like elden ring or apex. It's baffling how half baked games can feel when they come out now though, just compare halo infinite's launch to halo 3 or reach.


I don’t get why it hurts to watch the gameplay and the trailers.

It’s like watching a city grow into the greatest thing you’ve ever seen and watching it crumble before your eyes in a fiery blaze and all you can do is scream. And once the smoke dies out what your left with is constant reminders of something that was far better regardless of how fucking long it’s been. I don’t fucking get it


<there's some shit game out there
<pay full price for it
<play it
<brag about how much it sucks
<keep playing anyway
<"I should just play the good games? I don't understand at all what that is supposed to mean…"


One I didn’t buy it

Two dude I was playing old games like hl2 and fucking around with mods for Gmod new Vegas and quake

Three I want to understand why this game hurts to learn about


i would've played this game
flying around in iron man suits

i'd like that


I’m surprised by a few things
You still can’t really move left and right properly, the camera for some reason hasn’t actually been fixed since release meaning every time you try pressing left or right on your keyboard the entire ingame camera rotates rather than just your character which gets nauseating quickly

Apparently combat hasn’t changed much either since release parry’s, blocks and misses are still mostly based on RNG in most scenarios rather than input commands oh well I do like the action camera they setup in the legion expansion. Really just made my day

As for the role playing aspect of the game I’m not sure what to say because i haven’t spent enough to know. Rather than like dark souls 2 where your not told anything beyond the basic controls and left off to beat the game WoW tries to hold your hand and guide you through at the beginning before letting you off to play i see as reasonable but also makes the gameplay for beginners feel idk shallow is the right word considering the first quests that are brought up compared to what I’m used to in games like TES, fallout, souls series, etc. I’ll update this thread as I keep playing and relearning this game
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I also forgot to mention that players blasted nzoth in half with a titan orbital laser in battle for azeroth but everyone criticized blizzard for killing 2 old gods in one expansion.


Not him but it’s clear that WoWs story seriously needs to be decentralized for the average player because blizzard
No I really mean blizzard as an independent studio now that some devs are gaining power and damage control is being implemented for the games really need to recognize the reality that the lore of wow is inherently large and players can’t keep track of everything at once on top of gameplay


OP here I’m having fun again

I managed to escape the dogwater tutorial and finally alllowed to just play the game and holy is it as fun as it was when I first played this game. Having a few UI addons and macros to lower the amount of clutter to a reasonable extent certainly helped as I’ve spent more time roaming aimlessly and chatting with randos I come across than giving a shit about anything related the world something I love about RPGs meaning I can reinvest myself into anything whenever I want

I feel like playing more


Op here update

Anybody have a source to where I can find an encyclopedia of mobs in this game in a pdf format
Specifically those allied to the horde as I’m still getting used to the terminology and not having most menu features here to hold my hand occasionally makes me feel stupid for not always remembering aspects of the world. Especially now I’m doing a quest line where I’m rounding up some townies in lakeshire east of whatever that city for the alliance was called to prevent a horde invasion that could cause a refugee crisis and mass death


Rate my pics


Passivity is basically a play style where one or more players in a match focus primarily on parrying and dodging while dealing damage when convenient in order to win a match, a sort of “hit and run” strategy applied to fighting games

I don’t dislike this shit because it’s cheap, I don’t think it’s annoying or broken I just think it’s not fun. Not fun to play against and even less fun to play. Playing passive for me fucking sucks for several reasons
>it’s likely you’ll only ever use a few number of moves to win a match if complex attack patterns aren’t needed
>fights start feeling unnaturally drawn out even if they aren’t simply because of the obvious delay within attacks and specifically attacks due to the focus on dodging and parrying leaving little room for aggressive play
>if you win it feels cheap in a way due to the reliance often on said minimal movements and reads and if you lose to someone playing passive it’s just irritating since it’s likely your aware of why you lost albiet dodging too early, failing to predict opportunities to get parried, running repeatedly into the same moves you get it
It’s just not fun for me, I can see why others would enjoy playing passive but for me it’s just too slow and too boring of an experience for me to play that way. That’s all bye
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Get good?


The Guilty Gear XX series addresses this well by rewarding aggressive actions like hitting the other player and moving towards them with meter gain while punishing retreat with meter loss, and providing a large number of useful things to spend your meter on, including a kind of blocking that nullifies any chip damage. In fact, if you spend long enough running away you'll actually lose your entire tension meter. It also addresses the problem of projectile spam by giving most characters both a ground and an air dash, allowing them to fly over or run under projectiles.


Injustice 2 does this better with combo damage scaling that literally encourages winning through aggressive play by scaling up the amount of damage a player can deal with the amount of times they can land a hit in a short period of time


>there are defensive options that aren't just blocks and that supers don't necesseraly counter,like meterless invincible DPs
And crouching kicks or slide moves can make you duck lower than normal ducking. I like that dual-use stuff.


I used to think like this but I think it’s not only fun but an essential part of combat

You should only play aggressively in scenarios where victory is obvious not in situations where your opponent is equal to you in any real world situation hence in a game it’s not different. Besides it adds in a level of depth to combat as well as it means shuffling between multiple strategies and recognizing immediate weaknesses and strengths and also learning to back off opponents that lack any vital flaws

File: 1661476529165.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, RW1.png)


Best game ever. Play it.
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No it’s an art game, I avoid those because the meaning is poorly established and often has little to do with the actual game. If you wanna establish an idea expressed in a game the best way to do it is clearly either through writing or gameplay not making the player run around in circles coming up with a much better story, or theme than the author did


>art game
<hey let’s survive in this hellish world in which everyone and everything are trying to murder you
There’s literally no more meaning. Just you trying to make the best of a bad situation. The best part of it is that the animals act like real living creatures and not game enemies.
Finished it already. Waiting patiently for the expansion. Having more slug cats is always more fun.


Yeah I’m aware rainworlds AI and animation is above average as it uses methods of animation and ai typically only used in position papers for computer graphics

Specifically those developed I think in like the late 80s but that alone isn’t what I want out of a game like it, I just wanna have fun and rainworld brings the same emotions as a game like half life 2 did. The game feels more like a tech demo than it does a fun experience


>isn’t what I want out of a game like it
Then what do you want out of a game as a side scrolling semi open world with timed mechanics though? From the title alone and the few beginning snippets you’re already know that it’s not going to be forgiving.

Having a game be a slower burn experience that give out dopamine in unfrequent doses doesn’t mean that it’s not “fun”. But I agree on the Half Life 2 part though. The gunplay sucked in that game to the point that Alyx was superior.


The art in the game is astounding but I think just calling it an art game is missing the engaging gameplay. You have loads of ways to approach encounters, either through running or fighting, and there is good enemy variety. The platforming is exciting and even just walking through the world is fun since you have to engage with gameplay mechanics even in downtime, which by the way is very important for any game and especially so for a game which is portraying such a strong atmosphere. That being said I've mostly been playing hunter difficulty and mods so the spawns might be higher for me, but there isn't really that much time spent without having to deal with encounters or platforming. I don't know how long you've played it and I don't blame you for just not enjoying a game, but I would try it again until you get to the underhang at least.

As for the story, I don't understand your critisism. Also I think you shouldn't critisize a story before finishing it since there could be something later on which recontextualised the entire experience. Perhaps the fact that death doesn't matter to the slugcat does contrast with the harshness of the world, but things can have different stories and themes in them, and as for the whole cycle thing from what I gather for most people it isn't like the last cycle is crystal clear in their memory, its almost more of a spiritual / theoretical thing. But the gameplay is very much linked to the story, since the different enviroments reveals much to the player through their art and atmosphere, and emotion is expressed just by moving through different enviroments, especially the more climatic areas, which is accomplished through a very effective combination of art, sound, level design and enemy threat. This game manages to tell a more effective story with atmosphere and gameplay alone than most games can tell with a thousand lore books, and this game has lore as well.

Major spoilers
As for the lack of writing, there actually is dialogue in the game, you just have to get to Five Pebbles, who you get to through the underhang. Then you can being lore pearls to Looks to the Moon, who will read them for you. Also, the ending is crazy and like the whole game really melancholy, in fact I would say its verging on eldrtich

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Literally the fucking opening of the game made me feel like I was suppressing anger when the lifeless character design and setup for the plot reminded me of how fucking boring and isekai infested modern anime is which is why I refuse to watch it several years since I first quit

The opening gameplay ramps up why I dislike modern RPGs especially East Asian ones because they have all the components 90s RPGs had with none of the depth or personality to it. The combat and world design is way to fucking bright and cartoonish to my eyes whom are used to blood, grey, brown and no VFX attached to every fucking move. The way the 3rd person camera moves to me feels terrible compared to what I’m used to in ds2, and TES of all fucking things, there’s no real freedom you’d see in games like fallout or RuneScape being the game at the fucking start will try to force you back into the tutorial even if you don’t give two shits about that annoying white haired small ass cunt and just wanna play how you like. Play this game if you have absolutely nothing better to do in your time or your just stuck with a shitty phone to play games on and are too retarded to buy a console or low end PC, holy fuck I can’t play Genshin impact and honestly say to myself I’m not suppressing anger with every waking second of the core gameplay and that’s ignoring the obvious and god awful monetization of the game

Good fucking god
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Yeah I’m aware that shitloads of the cunts here browse
D d d
S s s
C c c
O o o
R r r
D d d

And that some of the mods are from that space. I’m just amazed at how many of them are even on that game consistently, like it’s shocking knowing how on point all that slandering from the shitposts were


No one os going to talk about the fact these japs are purposefully making softcore pedo porn to get pedo bux? Yeah everyone agrees pedo weebs are disgusting, but how come we don't consider the companies making the pedo porn disgusting.


I always assumed the authors were just like that on a foundational level over there
Like fuck I knew that these people did appeal to that low ass denominator of the anime community but whenever I saw the authors behind that shit they were always kind of deranged so I didn’t care


It's standard for eastern MMOs to have a playable little girl race, pedos are the biggest paypigs and kept games like TERA afloat for years. They're chasing profitable market segments wherever that may lead.


It's Chinese made.
Also, I would ram Paimons cervix like the Gauls did Rome.


If the whole Microsoft buyout thing fails it’s likely blizzard will have all the financial reasons to just split off activision entirely as they do have their own subset of investors and it’s clear that the joint with the company isn’t actually doing anything to promote blizzards reputation nor its profits due to its dead community

I wouldn’t be too surprised if somewhere during diablo 4 or dragon flight something major erupts at A to B and just sees blizzard gaining either increased control to maintain itself or splitting off entirely leaving activision with just its only developed IP call of duty especially considering after Warcraft 3 reforged dropped it was documented that blizzards marketing sector was cut off and parts of head management overall were replaced with either industry veterans or just someone not tied to activision. What do you think?


Blizzard has lost most of its developers so even if it went independent, it would still not be able to produce a worthwhile game.


Didn’t they literally just buy out an entire studio this year

Yeah i think it was the one that made spell break, obviously those devs still need training and a marketing team still needs to be present but realistically to make even one game with how low standards are these days they really wouldn’t have much trouble pulling it off


Not him but if that breakup happens it NEEDs to happen soon. Blizzard as a studio is even worse off than it was as a subsidiary of vivendi during its collapse despite the increased wealth the studio has. the influence of activision coupled with the increasing alienation from their community has sent that studio into a decade long down spiral of bad update after bad game after bad PR nightmare while all their partner can do is fuck up their employees and milk cod while ignoring everything else the two studios have made.

It’s clear after the nightmare that was BFA which was considered to be the worst expansion ever made the devs won and a serious push to be better was implemented with lowering the level cap back down to 60, releasing classic, switching up management, updating dragon physics, being honest about diablo 4 as much as they could etc but the changes aren’t drastic enough to repair their games much less repair the state of the community which has long since eroded into nothing

File: 1660934943857.png (1001.5 KB, 1145x759, What the fuck.png)


You can tell the game was built for consoles because holy fuck are the default controls cartoonishly awful
If your motion sensitive oh man don’t play without a console again because you cannot manually adjust the games sensitivity meaning even the slightest move can cause the entire in game camera to undergoe a full rotation.
It’s not even with the bad keyboard inputs whom some don’t do anything important it’s also minor things like binding keys to move the camera when the mouse already exists due to the way controllers have those arrow buttons or how there aren’t icons for PC interactions meaning every time you go to do things like light a bonfire or open a door you’ll see a controller or for XBOX controllers than the key you setup your keyboard with

Also the jump button doesn’t work in the way you think it should


Dark souls 2 in general is an experience, play any other souls game


One of the things that I loved about dark souls 2 was how optimized it was for pc at the time of release. Remember how absolute shit Dark Souls PTDE was when it was released on steam? Remember Windows live and the ds fixes? Well, DS2 didn't have those problems. Sure the controls had to be slightly reworked on keyboard but compared to what came before, it was a godsend.


Yeah they didn’t even have a pointer lock system for the mouse until the remastered version came
Shame all the fun components of the game got overclouded by the bs systems they ended up removing in ds3 and never brought back again like having your health reduce to 50% for dying which caused an issue of appeal due to the fact that new players kept quitting out of frustration over being punished for death or how badly placed the checkpoints were which made a lot of deaths unnecessarily tedious to deal with due to the time it would take to come back to your original spawn

Either way ds3 set the standard of how from software games would design their titles later on to be more fun

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