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Summary: it’s not hard enough

Explanation: it’s not balanced in a way that makes progression feel as meaningful as it was in diablo 1. That’s not to say that the scaling back of power and feature creep from d3 wasn’t a massive improvement on top of the shift in aesthetics for the game but the implementation of health globes, low damage dealt from common enemies and too an extent bosses even against ranged builds that should be vulnerable for poor zoning to compensate for the range of their attacks, on top of mandatory minimaps and other accessibility features that waste the effort animators and level designers put into this don’t still make this game feel really casual like d2 does take me out of the sense of grounded-ness and genuine feelings of anxiety over how my performance would dictate wether or not I could complete an area/boss with how I was playing I felt from d1. That’s all I gotta say beyond the fact that sorcerers are completely busted
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they were the first gacha/lootbox games


File: 1679496430890.jpg (109.96 KB, 1200x800, packcoon.jpg)

Kinda. Diablo 2's appeal to me is that it has a diverse class roster and tons of enemies to reduce to tiny giblets with a variety of skills, as well as digging through the aftermath looking for loot and then sorting it.
By that logic any game that has an element of chance for its loot tables is a gacha game.


i said what i said


File: 1679500444292.jpg (134.06 KB, 1600x1120, raccoon with apple.jpg)

There is difference between a game having an element of chance and being a game of chance. Apples and oranges.


Cute critter.


I just finished this game and holy shit the historical revisionism in here was insane. While I love the setting, the whole thing with the assassin's was so horribly done. Remember when the assassin's actually had an interesting philosophy and didn't pick any side of the christian vs muslim conflict and instead assassinated those who they perceived to be actual bringers of war only to realize that the Templars wanted something similar to the assassin's just going about it a different way. But in this game, or at least with the later games you actually are fuckin picking sides like Connor siding with the Patriots or Bayek and Aya siding with Cleopatra despite the fact that the Ptolemies were colonizers. They act like Cleo was this "true Egyptian" what the fuck? I remember this one side quest where there's this woman fighting because of Greek colonizers and you don't get any choice but to kill the Egyptians fighting to decolonize Egypt, a Medjay of all things. Also Medjay disappeared after the New Kingdom fell a thousand years before. Wouldn't it had made sense for Bayek to be an anti imperialist as well?


I don't know what you expected honestly, any game that dives neck deep into conspiracies comes out reactionary in the end


This game was made by my fellow Canadians as a casual pass time for people that liked AC and East African aesthetics. Don’t expect a super political dive into the plot it’s meant to be enjoyed for the emotions it inspires and characters in it not on its commentary of the time it’s setting takes place in


File: 1679357182347.mp4 (118.18 KB, 344x320, B9QWoReDBspdHH_m.mp4)

Isn't it alt-history tho? I haven't played it since AAA stuff tends to bore me, but from what I've seen it's not trying to be accurate, it's playing with historical figures like dolls to tell it's own story.


The first Assassin's Creed actually did have interesting things to say about philosophy and human society and especially did commentary on the time period which was the Third Crusade. It's one of the first games that got me into history and politics and philosophy. AC Origins had a huge opportunity to actually tell an interesting story about Egyptians fighting a losing battle having long lost its "greatness".


>The first Assassin's Creed actually did have interesting things to say about philosophy and human society

I don't exactly remember it that way personally lol

Though I did think the concepts were vaguely interesting, I would have been more inclined to see a 'modern assassin's creed' where you actually fight the Templars IRL.

File: 1678725086667.png (407.66 KB, 777x455, sparkles.png)


Which console is better if im looking into getting a gaming console?
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I have a PS3 that I still use because it has custom firmware and a ton of PS3/PS2/PS1 games and roms/emus from older consoles and arcade games on it. I find it pretty convenient and easy because I enjoy playing old games but hate having to sit on my computer.


I used to use steam link to stream games from my computer to my macbook air, the only detail is that i need to manually add the shortcut for ps2 games, but i see your point


naw its all of the world


Switch, but if you have to get one then I guess Xbox because it has better backwards compatibility and GamePass is pretty nice.


PC is the way to go, especially if you were considering Xbox vs PS5 either …
>Build or buy a new one yourself for gaming
This will be perhaps the most costly, but will give you the most sustaining power over time and of course. Either build one yourself ,buy a reasonable pre-built, or get someone else to buy/build one for you. Using discounted, used, or other high quality parts on sale can help get the best value
>Upgrade an existing one for gaming
Depending on how old and what form (ie if its a laptop things will be harder), you may be able to simply add a handful of components, notably new GPU, RAM, and SSD and make your computer way more gaming capable. This may or may not be worth it compared to a new core build, but its worth a shot
>Steam Deck + Deck Dock
If you want something "easy to use" console like, inexpensive, but NOT locked down, look into a Steam Deck. A solid value, well supported, and you're supporting Linux, openness, and generally not being a shit.


I’m going to be genuinely surprised if they somehow manage to mess this up completely. I know that sounds weird but this time it really feels like noting bad should happen
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This is a concern and on should be skeptical, but we do need more data on what will actually show up.

We know there's going to be some sort of "battle pass" style feature, but the question will be what prices, content unlocked, and what will "missed" season/battle pass content be available later on if at all. However, given that Diablo 3 had a well regarded "Season" system that, while not leveled the same way a battle pass was, there is at least some precedent for how they could do it decently.

The biggest concern I have is if in addition to the pre order/special edition one off stuff + the battle pass/seasons, they'll also have some sort of purchased cosmetics/item mall or similar feature. That will definitely drop it down the toilet bowl, but if they avoid that path and don't fuck up the seasons/pass, it could come out at least decently as monetization is concerned.

Of course there are other concerns for game content and mechanics besides monetization For instance, the past two years has put Blizz titles in the hands of censor-happy political correctness advocates to distract from their now-settled court case investigation. I can hope that certain long standing elements or fun content of the past will not be sacrificed on the altar of twitter stereotypes making objections.


wrong, HotS is the best Blizzard game ever made.


I just hope the games casual like ds2. Not necessarily hard just generally quiet and relaxing where you can focus on just playing to have fun like what they did with dragonflight or what from did with making Elden ring generally free from random popups constantly


literal MOBA shit.


Based of public perception by the community looks like the games in a good state and is well liked
Disappointed that they didn’t make common enemies or at least the player character just a little weaker to make the game easier to balance and make decision making outside of build creation matter more to the gameplay but that’s just me. A lot of diablo fans would prefer the causality of gameplay and from what I’ve experienced in d2 I’d want that to


Starting to understand why the best Metroid games have barely any dialogue. Great game but this made me lol when I saw it.
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Angry Metroid Marine


I liked metroid fusion…


They probably did it so when people call her Metroid it would technically be correct


What I'm confused about it is why Adam felt the need to say this when the whole point of the game Dread is a sequel to is that Samus is merged with her suit.


Because Federation is routinely doing the same experiment shit as Space Pirates, but Samus blew up their station with all the dubious experiments, and Adam helped her explicitly against orders. The Mother Brain was gone and the Federation was still copying it. SR388 is gone. ZDR is gone. X Parasite is gone. The Space Pirates are a non-factor. Phaaze is gone. The war-like Chozo are gone. Samus is the last one in possession of Metroid DNA. The only threat to Federation left is the Federation itself. Where do you think it's going? Of course they're going to start hunting Samus herself. Be prepared to find out exactly who was federated in that polity, because it's going to fall apart.

File: 1678985715378.jpg (138.76 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)


I have never played a game that felt like a bigger waste of time than Stardew Valley, and I've played my fair share of clickers and life sims in my youth.

A hilariously broken economy, that neither emulates real life agriculture nor attempts to create pros and cons for the sake of balance. Swathes of "content" for the sake of content. A plot (small business vs Amazon) I couldn't give less of a shit about, and funnily enough not because of my socialist leanings but rather because of how badly it's integrated with the game. Characters with the depth of random Elder Scrolls side NPCs. Basically I could go on but I'll spare you the suffering.

What about you?
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1/10 must apply self more


File: 1679001360725.png (160.31 KB, 390x308, x4e6c5rv6tb.png)

must apply non-retard logic more


I don't hate it but I was pretty underwhelmed after going through all the routes. The gameplay was just ok, the story was just ok. The only thing I really liked about it was the music.


I played this one when it came out. the combat was irrelevant because you could spam disengage and stab, and not only would the NPCs not block, but it would also pierce their armor. that was OK because fuck learning the proper mechanics of a single player game with no replay-value whatsoever. what was not OK was that there were enemies that you couldn't kill because it was required by the story that you lose some fights or that some people stay alive, that the main quest line was completely rigid, that you couldn't just fuck off and do your thing, and a long etc.

I hate that people call these games "RPG"s because you go from sword to sword+1 or sandbox because sometimes you can go back the rail. fucking crusader kings has more rpg elements than this game


I didn't even go through all the routes, just felt bland. But yes some of the music was fun.

File: 1677121234545.jpg (34 KB, 600x600, ec1.jpg)


Do corporations just hate people? Once I used to think that sure you have big bourgeoisie who act in their class interests but you still has creatives who could flex their muscles and produce something great and then it would make a shit ton of money for publishers. But it seems that publishers these days just absolutely hate developers and moreso despise the consumers and now you have what the modern gaming industry is today, record profits with absolute gutted and half made releases with microtransactions to "buy" the full game. Also physical copies aren't useful anymore and digital copies can basically be "erased" at any time. All of these problems make me think that they just hate, like actually hate their consumers.
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File: 1677435231127.jpg (3.03 MB, 2560x1440, krack.jpg)

Most recently, KSP 2, the sequel to the famous spaceflight sim Kerbal Space Program, released in "Early Access" ($50) and it is a mess. Lots of bugs and with less features than its predeccessor. It's another case of publishers pressuring devs to release something to return the investment fast.
But this case also touches some problems of inflated dev time and the AAA bubble that is close to exploding. The main promises of the new game (multiplayer and interstellar travel) aren't available. A game that was announced 4 years ago to originally come out on 2020, developed on the same engine as the first one (Unity). The original dev team was bought, disbanded and regrouped in 2021 I think, so that may have contributed. But damn.


I haven't played a new game in years


Early access is always a scam basically. No guarantee anything will be finished.


Yeah, its pretty fucked. I know it isn’t the full money power class dialectic, but it’s great to have in the pocket when I’m arguing politics with other lawyers.


Just pirate cracked versions that include all DLC or just emulate older games. I haven't bought a new game since Twilight Princess came out on the Gamecube.


I was playing far cry 2 again and thought a bit about the healing system and compared it to other games. I came to the conclusion it was one of the most balanced forms of healing in games to date but how it was implemented matters more to me than what it simply is.

There’s a tendency in games to make components of them at the start scarce in quantity for the player only to then be trivial in later stages as the player progresses essentially rendering that component pointless to even include in. for the player this can take the form of stamina attached to sprinting in games like blood borne and fallout 4 only to then become trivial as the player levels stamina with time. Another example could include high tier loot of diablo 3 that becomes increasingly worthless as it starts dropping in excess once the player is either high level enough or is already too strong for any of it to significantly affect their playstyle.

When sub components of a game are implemented to stay scarce or have their supply scale logarithmically not only is their impact on gameplay more meaningful, it also provides a basis for a far more consistently fair game overall. Take sekiros resurrection mechanic, unlike a simple potion healing system seen in standard rpgs how often you can save yourself in the middle of combat much like far cry 2 has an established limit that doesn’t change regardless of how much time you have ingame, when your allowed to gain the option to save yourself again depends directly on your performance as a player and in the end it allows for fights to last for reasonably long periods of time against generally tougher enemies without having those fights take ages to end. This both encourages the player to play aggressively but also rewards them for skillful play simultaneously. A highlight of such of a mechanic that directly contrasts the “run and chug after a direct hit” mechanics of estus healing of its predecessor’s that worked against such a level of consistent fairness in combat.

Theres plenty more examples I could list right off the bat about how to use elements of a game world with a level of consideration over its supply and how it could impact how people would play but this post is too long. That’s all for now, thanks for reading


>long periods of time against generally tougher enemies without having those fights take ages to end
<long periods of time against generally tougher enemies without having those fights give the player little chances of a win


>unlike a simple potion healing system seen in standard rpgs how often you can save yourself in the middle of combat
I don't think you fully understand the rationale behind potion quaffing. Especially in turn-based rpgs, you can rarely avoid damage based on skill. Health is a pool whose time between refills determines the time available for other actions.
In games where damage taken depends purely on skill, health recovery in combat is grace primarily and resource secondary, meaning balanced recovery items and limited revives can be equivalent:
Item access is usually scaled with the size of the health pool. This is especially impactful in turn-based combat, where an amount of healing per-turn lower than enemy attacks makes it essentially worthless. The approach can allow resource access to stay constant through the whole game.
This doesn't work well with all resources obviously. Stamina is an egregious example, where loss cannot easily be scaled, so capacity/regen requirements would be contrived in most cases.

I suspect recovery items are often chosen, because they meet player expectations and are a malleable quantity that can be tied into any loot or shopping systems.

Also you should just make a general for your blogposts already.


I find healing based off death is a lot more consistent for both turn based and real time combat systems as it ensures when someone regains another opportunity to win is very clearly defined and ensures an opponent wether the player or the enemy can maintain the pressure they have over the entity they’re dealing with until they reach a point where continuing to aggress is no longer an option to give the other a chance to win that they also have.

Think of this way, you’re playing a card game and have a poison debuff stacked onto your opponent. Should they rely on the real time healing method to prevent an immediate loss only to then have to play through the rest of the match at a disadvantage that comes at their HP dwindling at each turn or would it be fairer for said opponent to simply respawn back with their deck at base stats with their opponents options also reset ensuring both opponents have the same amount of options to beat other again. In my view the ladder is much more fair for both players as it ensures both have the same opportunity to win so long as they make the decisions that would guarantee a win than simply stacking pressure on top of each other
That’s how I view respawning over healing


You're confusing 2 distinct uses for health points: grace and resource for combat actions.
Health as grace gives you "another opportunity to win" and health as a resource for combat actions requires you to replenish it as a necessary part of play.
To refer to your example, if the game expects a skilled player to avoid being poisoned, it is inconsistent. Poisoning mechanics are a drain on health that is meant to be offset by your own healing options and thereby poses the challenge of timing your actions correctly.




I’m aware that during fallout 3s development the development of the gunplay was strangely enough not done by bethesda(the parent studio) but by ID software. The creation of the areas, story, and DLC however was done by bethesda directly. What I’m trying to understand was where was ID, experience wise that somehow led to Bethesda creating generally better developed gunplay mechanics for fallout 4 that the both the teams for new Vegas and fallout 3 failed to achieve

I’m looking for any responses due to the fact that ID has worked on FPS, titles like wolfenstien and doom, while obsidian has the outer worlds whose gunplay mirrors again fallout 4s


Fallout 3/NV were pretty directly using the same engine as Oblivion with barely any changes. Fallout 4 was using a more modernized version of the engine that made better mechanics possible. Idk but I doubt id had much under-the-hood control on Fallout 3 and were stuck with building the walls and ceiling on a shitty foundation.


That’s really strange fallout NV had iron sights to ads with and some other stuff. Specifically for ADSing was there some sort of time management reason or bug that created limitations for this?


IIRC they were working with existing gun models from Fallout 3 that were designed in a way that made ADS impossible. Energy weapons in particular had a bunch of greebles on top that blocked the sights.


File: 1678852232561-0.png (95.24 KB, 360x322, Fo1_Plasma_Pistol.png)

File: 1678852232561-1.png (969.03 KB, 1800x1000, PlasmaPistol.png)

Bethesda's gun design looks like utter bullshit smh.

File: 1678216042153.jpg (8.22 KB, 225x225, sabbat.jpg)


Are the Sabbat the good guys or the bad guys in Vampire the Masquerade? On one hand, they're a reactionary organization that values vampire supremacy, but on the other hand, they're the only ones that promote communial solidarity, want to stop the apocalypse, and they expose the corruption of the anarchs and the Camrilla. The anarchs always take a side alongside the Camrilla whenever things get serious like with the introduction of the Sabbat or the Keul Jin as threats.
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The Sabbat only wants to stop the Antediluvians so they can enslave humanity unimpeded, the Anarchs aren't all Camarilla cucks either and are the most likely to have actual communists in their ranks.


The anarchs only care about rights for vampires though. All the factions suck and there should be one that actually cares about humans.


What about the Brujah clan? The lore says they have always fought for equality and egalitarian causes both in human and vampire societies, not to mention quite a lot of them outright being part of leftist and communist movements also.


V:tM doesn't have good guys and bad guys


fat titty goth chicks are close enough

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