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>walk in a straight line
>get one shotted by anomalies
>walk to loners with bolt
>get shot for no reason
>move out of cordon to explore
>get shot by soldiers right next to barkeeps location
>try getting ammo
>get shot
>do nothing
>get eaten alive by dogs
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Cheeki Breeki


>Made in Ukraine
It's gonna be reddit tier isn't it. Too bad because the trailer looked cool.


The trailer looked bad, like they were just trying to rip off the Metro series


It’s actually the same intro you get if you played shadow of chernobyl but a little different


I meant the first trailer, where there's a guy sitting on top of the Ferris wheel, or something

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What am I in for?
Seems anyone can access the beta. But no one else has played it yet. I'm kind of afraid to run a random exe. Should I?





If your expecting anything than another East Asian cash grab devoid of any actual substance your a fucking idiot. Just play a normal game like homefront


>play a normal game like homefront

File: 1644728993354.png (23.06 KB, 962x677, bing bing wahoo.png)


What's up with Nintendo fanboys? Being an unpaid shill for corporations is sadly pretty normal in gaming culture but the levels of dick-sucking that fans of Nintendo reach are incredible, to the point of celebrating every time a website is DMCA'd or even when pirates go to jail. It's pretty cultish behavior.
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Brand loyalty is not exclusive to any brand, but by its very nature it is a bit different for each brand, because different brands make different things (this is the whole point) and ask you to consume different things and/or in different ways.


I dont know, but man Super Mario Galaxy 2 on PC is awesome.


it's a brain disease caused by too much marketing and branding at a young age. Sadly, it is incurable.


>Do you feel special for being more than average?
Not particularly.


Read Dumbing Us Down. It's short and answers your question.


Fallout 76 is a weird game for me. Bethesda wasn’t lying when they said the map was 4 times larger than skyrims but there’s a problem with having such a large map in an open world multiplayer shooter.

There’s like no one to actually see in this game, most servers can only handle a max size of 24 players however the map is 38 thousand square kilometres making the population density around 6.24*10^-4 people/km^2 or around the same population density required for a player to have to spend over 15 minutes at a bare minimum to find someone else playing.

And the games low server sizes is just the surface of really bad multiplayer design

Fallout 76 doesn’t have things like cross platform play or cross compatibility up to 7th generation systems meaning not only can you not play this game on things like a ps3 but you can’t play it on a macOS, Linux system, other custom PCs, nintendo switches, ps3, Xbox 360, this dumbass list goes on which is fucking over the games potential users even more which is strange considering they released Skyrim on so many systems with ease. PVP doesn’t exist at all, there’s no reason to bother disabling pacifist mode(yes you have to consent to kill in this game for some reason idk what the devs were thinking), there’s no reward as all that happens is the guy you killed loses a few caps and that’s it you can’t steal their items like in rust making pvp pointless beyond minor trolling. There’s no offline mode meaning if your connection is down you literally can’t invest any time in this despite that being what the devs would want you to do, the games hilariously easy which dismisses the point of even bothering to add in multiplayer all together, there’s no add on support either like what most multiplayer shooters have along with older Bethesda titles.

I just don’t get it, why did they make a multiplayer game when there’s no support for multiplayer in it???
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>They made quake ffs
Uhhhh what, id made Quake.
If you mean the remaster, they were only the publisher.


Based fellow antisocial MMO hater??



watch what techreviewusa heard about an employee working at Ubisoft. It’s not that they aren’t aware of these design problems and bugs, they had to make the fucking game after all it’s that they don’t have the time to because staff has to be working on other projects


If you think that’s shits bad don’t forget the max inventory space is 1.5k pounds, that major enemies like deathclaws and mutant hounds spawn as individuals and not in groups and many more balance designs that make the player so overpowered to the point where shitloads of ingame assets legitimately shouldn’t exist at all

Don’t have a fucking clue with making high level mobs that don’t require high amounts of skill to kill


This is gonna be another PR nightmare and it’s on fucking faggotflix aswell
Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Fucking weeb garbage
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File: 1655084107693.jpg (Spoiler Image, 402.69 KB, 572x531, lick.jpg)

What are the odds of her having a cyberpenis


Silence namefag.


File: 1655084377770.png (33.21 KB, 500x387, 1654712643768.png)

>Petition it to be a banner.


stalinist anime website
kill yourself uyghur




>Terraria worlds are generally more dense with shit
Sure minecraft worlds are *technically infinite* until you hit the precision limits(a bug that can be fixed using big floating point types to fix problems with chunk loading and physics past a million blocks from spawn) but terraria worlds although limited in size have a shitload of stuff in them compared to minecraft worlds, terraria has living wood trees, undergound biomes, entire regions dedicated to structures like the dungeon, multiple enemies per biome with individual traits and functions, functions for NPCs beyond just the items you can buy from them, a mode of gameplay that offers a whole new roster of mechanics to the regions you’ve already played in. Minecraft worlds don’t have that, it’s just voxel terrain and once in a blue moon a structure you have to spend obnoxious amounts of time searching for, even the caves and cliffs update still gets drastically under minded by the scale and diversity present of terrarias cave system as far back as 2017, ffs minecraft doesn’t even have events, fucking f76 has that shit, yeah that god awful game has something that basic. This all ironically makes minecraft worlds feel smaller than terraria worlds even if they’re physically larger in the literal sense.
>terraria mods outperform Minecraft’s
This isn’t up for debate, just look at massive content mods like calamity and thorium vs shit like RLcraft that completely break the game. The most impressive minecraft mods are literal technical fixes the base game should’ve had from the day mojang as a company formed like LODs in distant horizons, entity culling, y axis terrain gen from cubic chunks, optimizations from sodium and optifine the list of shit that should’ve been here at the start just keeps going.

There’s my arguments
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Sorry, forgot the link to the modding tutorial, here it is:


Minecraft is a half-assed unfinished game OP, so no argument there. The really sad thing is that Minetest could be a proper fucking game where Minecraft failed, yet it's so locked into the Minecraft paradigm that it handicaps itself into providing the same completely aimless, goal-less wander-and-build system as a base and suffers because of it.

I have played a shitton of Terraria but ironically I have played very little of its mods and don't have a lot of interest in them. I'm still trying to master the base game and a lot of times I find mods just break whatever balance/game design something already had.

I'm still in the middle of trying to beat Master mode on a one-character-one-world Hardcore challenge. I feel like a lot of the additions since v1.4 have made this sort of challenge massively more time-consuming than it used to be for various reasons. This is in spite of the very welcome addition of pylon works to navigate the world faster. Granted I'm attempting this on a higher difficulty that didn't exist in the past, but it takes hours longer just to get to the Wall of Flesh now than it used to take when I completed a few of these challenges on Expert back on v1.3.5. Not very conducive to repeat tries.


terreria has better mechanics but the design aspect of minecraft is inherently superior due to its 3D nature


That’s why I only play on master mode

It really gets you to use all the games mechanics and max out your items. Couple that with the fact that terrarias progression is item based and not stat based makes genuinely one of the greatest progression systems ever made despite the horrendous RNG at times


call me when someone builds a functional Pokemon red/blue in terraria

also wasn't there supposed to be a terraria 2


I feel like this is glossed over to heavily but have you noticed how punching stabbing whatever just using melee attacks in shooters feels fucking awful most of the time? What’s jarring is knowing it’s not impossible to get right but rather easy, gta 4 is a prime example of getting this right


>locking the player in place while in combat

This ensures that something I call “input gliding” a phenomena where when the player is performing an attack while in motion will lead to the camera and player model moving when performing an attack making aiming difficult and combat feel “like constantly sliding on ice”. Look at games like any Bethesda fallout game, PUBG, apex, both destiny’s, half life 1 and 2 the list just keeps going on, only DOOM and the wolfenstein remasters got this right outside of the examples in the title simply by locking the player in place.
<but here’s where gta 4 and rdr2 shine
There’s not only a mechanism to avoid that gliding effect but also things like blocking, throwing your important, kicks heavy attacks, head shots it all works to provide not only a good feel to any melee weapon you possess but also provides a lot of depth to something typically glossed over in most shooters

>where rdr2 shines

I feel like red dead’s combat is a full scale improvement on gta 4s and it shows as not only are your weapons no longer limited to your fists but things like swords, daggers, knifes, and other mechanics like heavy and special attacks coupled with the complex AI and camera work that somehow works well both in first and third person something that gta 4 didn’t even have make a satisfying and deep combat system I fucking wish modern shooters had with their melee weapons

Anyways that’s all


Post webms, mp4s whatever you can find on games with dogshit combat


I really really fucking hoped this game would cause a PR disaster on par with reforged and starcrafts awful remasters or get abondoned on arrival just like elder scrolls blades

Instead not only did my fears about this game get confirmed but now I’m under the expectation that diablo 4 and every yes every single conceivable game blizzard releases in the coming years will be exactly as predatory, bug infested and mediocre. After all they already got millions of idiots to download a literal asset flipped game that’s laced with microtransactions to the tooth why the fuck would they decide to not fuck over every other aspect of the studio
God damb


Serious question: what do people like so much about Diablo to begin with? I could never get over how bad the controls were.


Nothing really
It was just one of the first dungeon crawlers that defined a lot of the tropes seen in modern day dungeon crawlers and inadvertently dungeon design in games to this day or at least the original 2 games were. Even diablo 3 had its moments but then this god awful game came out and pretty much proved blizzard could get away with as much P2W nonsense and their dumbass community would pay the ass out for it. Fucking shameful not just immortal but knowing every other blizzard game is now likely gonna turn out the same way


It’s not that the games bad. Far from it and there’s a lot of hours I’ve spent of pure bliss learning it’s mechanics and pulling off hard strings, what makes it in not fun for me is ranked, specifically any rank past silver is pure fucking cancer to be on.
There’s somehow spammers in gold, something I didn’t even know was still a thing past high silver, everyone only mains the like same 7-10 legends them being mordex, nix, jiro, wu Shang, Artemis, ray man, and kor, and if your not queueing up against those legends expect to deal with spam based legends like teros, queen nai, and brynn whom aren’t even good legends and I’ve three stocked god knows how many times because their sigs are slow and predictable as shit
oh well at least it’s not smash ultimate where somehow balance is nonexistent and simultaneously the easiest shit in existence because not only is pulling off combos is batshit impossible for most players but movement options are also tied to the character you play as.

I think I need a break from fighting games

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