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File: 1675410542269.jpg (984.4 KB, 2046x2046, wotr.jpg)


Anyone play Kingmaker or Wrath of the Righteous? I enjoy playthroughs until I get near the endgame where things get sorta bullshit, the encounters drag on way too long (especially if playing turn-based) and you pretty much have to take the same feats on every character to make the fights tolerable. Higher difficulties severely restrict the number of viable builds, which is a shame. I'd hoped WotR didn't go the same direction but they doubled down on everything I disliked, still fun games overall.
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pillars of eternity 1&2 are much better written, the pathfinder ones are good games but focus much more on providing you with a wealth of customization options and faithful reconstruction of the tabletop rules

if you're not invested in the D&D ruleset PoE are much better games



even for all the touted customizability the games have basically zero replay value, imo if they could just add some plot and strategy layers to their roguelike mode they would have a much better product

the studio is just not very good at writing imo


File: 1675756337907.jpg (498.72 KB, 969x657, 1650779930415.jpg)

i'be been playing baldur's gate and idk it seems like i keep having a character die then save scum out of it. i'm about 15 hours into it sould i hold out or can i go straight to baldurs gate 2?


Heya, it's me, Imoen!


You'll probably be confused by some references if you don't know the story already, but BG2 is a better game overall. If you aren't having fun with 1 and don't care about porting your character over I'd say just drop it for now and start playing 2.


Where would you like Elder Scrolls 6 to take place and what would you like to see in it ?
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all true but all of tamriel should belong to spriggans and female fire atronachs though because theyre hot


Tamriel belongs to monster races and beastfolk because they have some of the coolest lore in the series and barely have any history of imperialism while having a long history of being colonized, exploited or outright displaced by men and mer. And yeah, SEXÓ.


Literal genocidal KKKolonizers from Atmora

Tamriel is Elven and Beastfolk land


Imperials are fairly distinct from Nords and come from a population of humans known as Nedes which may have been native to Tamriel or migrated from somewhere other than Atmora, it' from the same group of people that would become Bretons too. The only substantially Nordic population of Imperials is the Colovians, who interbred very heavily with Nords.


there should be a daedric prince of sexo fr fr


This is never coming out and it shouldn't
The Elder Scrolls squeezed out its last drops of creative energy in Skyrim and is at its end now
Bethesda should kiss and say goodbye, and focus its energy on newer IPs
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he said better tho ?


It started with Morrowind, actually


all TES is garbage


Not as trash as Failout though.


It can be agreed that BGS was a mistake as a whole


I know I’ve already shit talked mmos for this like months ago but this shit is everywhere in modern games now except for elden ring and tes shockingly. The rest is all of this visual aids and it’s fucking horrible. What’s even the point most game designers make it so that players can still register wtf is happening in them even without all this clutter which makes most of it pointless

Think about it like this. Attach hp bars on an enemy that go down in response to damage but then add damage text right after for every hit even though the player can figure out which attack is good and which is shit just by looking at the fucking bar, now imagine this retarded ass design philosophy attached to everything else about your design

<pic of og halo is not representative of the above it stands in contrast to it


Incels love complicated HUDs, it makes them feel like an elite drone operator or whatever


This is why I like Rising Storm Vietnam, you can remove most if not all of the HUD

File: 1675327364945-0.png (402.25 KB, 676x1131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675327364945-1.png (205.04 KB, 1004x911, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675327364945-2.png (142 KB, 899x527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675327364945-3.png (81.91 KB, 1716x1110, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675327364945-4.png (52.54 KB, 1380x1235, ClipboardImage.png)


Expanding on this idea

Post ideas for characters, moves, stages, mechanics, etc for a fighting game starring political ideology catgirls or other characters from /leftypol/ lore.


File: 1675328457307.png (184.47 KB, 622x669, ClipboardImage.png)

Alunya stands in for generic socialism, no particular sect - if anything, representing unity of the red and black. As such she lacks moves specific to any particular tendency but combines "default" moves in more powerful versions. She is "the mario" - the character who is balanced in their attributes and ideal for learning to play the game.

Standard moves
>Punches and kicks with a narrow hitbox directly in front
>Claws for more damage, more reach, and damage in an arc
>Signature bite attack from above

Special moves
<molotov cocktail: lobbed AOE and persistent fire damage, requires charge-up
<AK-47: low accuracy spray but moderate damage, easy to dodge so mainly used for area denial/control
<Read a Book: self-buffing move that leaves you immobile and vulnerable but increases effectiveness of other moves each time you use it

RESIST: A raised fist shoots up from below to punch opponents into the sky!


i wanna make an illegalist/lumpen catgirl


The Illegalist catgirl's outfit and signature weapons could resemble a stereotypical gangster, wearing a shirt, pants with suspenders like attached pic and either a fedora or a flatcap. Her arsenal could consist of a stiletto, dual revolvers, drum-mag Tommy gun and bundles of dynamite, making her a mostly ranged gunslinger-style fighter. Her finisher/limit break could be calling in a motor carriage full of gangsters ala Bonnot Gang that would open fire upon the opponent, stun-locking them while dealing massive cumulative damage.

File: 1675552256786.png (169.8 KB, 282x353, ClipboardImage.png)


The dead space remake is finally out. What do you guys think about it?

I watched the digital foundry video about it and they had a glowing view of the graphical and gameplay upgrades


its k


> Decide to remake a game
> Remake a game that is known to have aged quite well

Why do they keep on doing this? Just from the top of my head I can think of Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 2, Alan Wake, Demon's Souls, and now Dead Space. All of these games were fine on their own without needing a remake to be enjoyed. Anecdotally, it seems like a lot of the finer details and "feel" of a game tends to get lost in these remakes as well.

That being said, the new Dead Space remake seems to be pretty decent all things considered. The graphics and technical aspects are all quite impressive. On the other hand, almost all of the new story changes and the like seems to be a direct downgrade, and I would tend to agree in thinking that the remake doesn't succeed in nailing the "feel" of the original.


>Why do they keep on doing this?
Because popular old game with better graphics is an easy sell.


i only played dead space original version, but neither of the sequels, but i liked how isaac was silent protagonist in first game.

but now the game has him no longer silent


I was goofing off with oblivion ds2 Skyrim and some other older games and after watching maulers video on ds2 as a game I realized snap point turning a bug that existed was ds2 was actually extremely common to find in a shitload of older games in general including gta. Snap pointturning to someone unfamiliar with this concept is the instance where a 3d game has restricted areas a character can actually turn in relative to the cameras angle ingame that ultimately make moving that character visibly infuriating to pull off and janky

What I want to understand is why this particular bug even exists or why it ever did considering how easy something like this should be to fix or work around
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Kind of surprising this wasn’t in sonic frontiers but instead was in Mario odyssey.


Actually a lot of games including elden ring to new world shockingly don’t have this


> how easy something like this should be to fix or work around
What makes you say this?


Not op but this shouldn’t be that hard of a problem to fix just decrease the time it takes to turn around so it looks more natural for 3d characters to alternate between turn animations rather than just snapping to them
Other games like gta 4 have things like leaning and physics attached. The ways you can fix this is really wide


Fuck type increase the time to turn increas


I don’t get it or wtf is wrong with the people that fall for this shit, I didn’t watch any gameplay or play forspoken, I didn’t watch Velma or care for it, i didn’t watch or play back 4 blood all for the same fucking reasons. I don’t care or want to play them cause I don’t find them interesting but why tf are there so many retards buying these dumbass games or shows whatever they fucking hate and advertising about how much they dislike them, not in the sense that you’d advertise that hate out of passion for the IP I mean literally just buying the fucking thing to bitch and complain about it. Wtf is the point
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Pfft at this point those types of writers are who they’re looking for


Velma isn't really that much different from other """adult""" cartoons. It just very clearly panders to its target audience (liberals).


It is a delicate balance between liking something that is popular (based) vs liking something which is TOO popular (cringe and normie), and thats before looking at all the other indicators, like its politics or what it signifies or whatever. Basically its an increasingly narrow set of things you are actually allowed to like which, especially in right-wing circles, is built for the express purpose of making a captive audience which has basically been Pavlov'd into liking their low-effort content which costs basically nothing to make so they can maximize profits (see Shapiro, Crowder, or any of these other personality driven newscasts). It is desperately trying to recreate the aesthetics of a punk-like or countercultural movement artificially to allow them to shout out hollow signifiers about resisting the "establishment", while also paradoxically claiming to be a majority.



Its always funny watching Dunkey because he sounds ethnic but is very white. Any anon here knows ecelebs that sounds white but looks darker than night?


Let’s say only gamefreaks staff were working on the game and only 15 of their workers were actually animating anything ingame and it took 30 minutes at most to animate a single move ingame for a single animator

That means for the game to have fully unique(and even that’s not entirely necessary) animations for every Pokémon ingame game freaks animation team would only need to spend 9 months actually working normal hours and even then that’s under the worst conditions possible while ignoring the reality that they could just reuse older animations or copy paste them for other Pokémon, or outsourcing like what happened with sword and shield etc. why the fuck then was the game launched in such an unpolished state, you can’t just use the size of the studio as an excuse for this shit they work with other companies and just look at what they managed to pull off over 2 decades ago man


Because people will buy it.


So? Gamefreak reworked nearly every fucking component found in the formula for the last god knows how many Pokémon game in arceus and took a risk knowing barely anyone would give a shit and people still bought it then we got something new even if the animation was lacklustre.


>Let's say under these proposed conditions Game Freak was able to do what I want them to. Things are ideal in this hypothetical, so why can't that be reality?
>You're saying it's the result of a developer having to pump out games to meet deadlines to push merch and be out for the holidays by the other two and much larger corporations that also own the IP? Ridiculous.
>Just look at what they (actually another developer) were able to do when there were only 156 pokemon
If you want to shit on gamefreak directly you can easily point how the myriad of dumbass design decisions they make, refusal to actually iterate on new things introduced in prior games in favor of new underbaked gimmicks, insistence in modern games having cinematic cutscenes made uncanny by a lack of VAing (made especially worst when they decide to have characters singing), etc. Obviously having to shit out a new game at a specific time every year with hardly any employees compared to other developers and a shoestring budget is going to result in the overall game's quality going down to a degree.

>took a risk knowing barely anyone would give a shit
>barely anyone would give a shit
It's a fucking pokemon game. It was going to sell well regardless of its quality.


Gamefreak has 169 people that’s less than 10 percent of the studio working normal hours to fully animate the game WITH extra animations pointlessly added in. That’s the worst possible conditions required for the bare minimum to be achieved


The purpose of blocking in most fighting games is to give players a defensive option so they aren’t discouraged from disengaging from conflict for the sake of trying to avoid an attack. In most aroma or just action games in general this basic concept of attacking is often overlooked and what ends up happening is blocking as a mechanic becomes completely useless which results in players running around waiting for bosses or enemies to throw out some basically unpunishable attack first and then decide to do anything after waiting for several seconds for the enemy to finish their trillion hit combo or whatever.

From softwares souls games and square enixs usage of kingdom hearts is notorious for this bs and their games end up becoming the passive garbage ever with the player essentially running away and spamming safe moves until they’re in a position where blocking is useful again and suddenly the games fun

This is probably why people consider sekiro to have good combat due to its parry system that actively rewards not just staying in conflict but also just being really good at defensive play without relying on disengaging and jumping back in only when the enemy throws out something completely stupid. Just something to think about knowing how many more of these games could be so much more fun if this one basic aspect of design was considered and handled with more care
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A personal observation I saw that’s still present in a lot of action games including gow4 is how slow most attacks come out. This was a way bigger issue pre blood borne era combat where ai attacks had so much startup frames that you could literally just walk around like half the attacks ingame something that’s still present in dark souls 3 and elden ring. With newish titles like sekiro, nier, kh and again gow4 this problem still exists because the ai in those games isn’t coded to overshoot attacks or movement when the player is trying to make it miss but because so many attacks come out faster and have more threat coverage this problem was only moderately corrected


yes, but the thread post doesn't specifically say single player does it. And he was referring to my original bannerlord post where i dont specify say whatever im talking about the single player or the multiplayer.
so seeing how this thread doesnt specify singleplayer games im going to mention the damn fucking MULTIPLAYER


Thats a very sweeping statement and I don't think its really fair. Combat in all video games is fundementally limited by the medium. No singleplayer or multiplayer fighting game will ever be as deep and engaging as actually sparring with someone IRL. With your line of thinking there's no point in playing any fighting multiplayer game because it is so limited compared to IRL. But games are fun and Sekiro is fun.


but what about my vr games


Only recently played MGR: Revengence. I regret it was on my backlog for so long. One of the few games I've beaten dozens and dozens of times.

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