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File: 1693097029577.jpg (19.32 KB, 400x400, chihuahua pikachu.jpg)


are you legitimately good at any game? The only games I'm actually good at are Tetris Attack and Pokémon Puzzle League. I love racing games and strategy shooters, but I'm probably below average at those even though I have thousands of hours playing these games.
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I suck at video games.
If grinding counts then I grinded a few of the rarest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. For about three or four months when I wasn't working I was at home waiting for these world bosses to spawn, and I had to kill thousands for the achievements. I am not proud of it.


I have 900 hours in TF2 and the best I can say is that I play a mediocre Scout. Even with MGE practice I just have no talent.


I used to be really good at ddr


>Skeletron Prime ended up being a royal pain
That's odd. I always felt the fight was rather easy, unless you didn't beat the Destroyer first.

File: 1694652984287.png (263.97 KB, 575x751, 907588_1694611129109.png)


How do you guys feel about Unity planning to murder the indie games market and Genshin for profit
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ok fanartist


>posting like your average chantard
The one I neglected to address didn't seem to have a core to address to.
>Treating your job as an identity
Artist is a descriptor for someone who makes art, you're projecting you own discontent with your own consumed identity trying to frame it as such.
AI art that has fruit, as you put it, is when the artist behind it sees it as the best tool for what they wanted to make. It is a form of procedural art, not "the big evil robot that justifies me asking for lower commission prices from those making art by higher precision means"
>Most of them are liberals
Unmeasurable statistical assertion founded on vibes. Most of them are educated or have peers who are, leading to anti-status quo leftist politics.
>Feel free to prove otherwise without handwaving it with "SEO", because being an artist isn't some mystical essence, anybody can be one.
Just look at conventional online artist spaces, liberal and conservative artists are clearly a niche in a bubble from the rest, I never denied their existance. They are more hireable for making corpo stuff though.
>AI art won't replace artists because everyone using it is an artist
When used for artistic purposes rather than marketing purposes, where the "AI vs. Artist" ramble stems from.
>special (derogatory)
Man, it's been a while since I've heard this one.
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And what's wrong with that?


>Treating your job as an identity is dumb capitalist bullshit
>being a liberal is leftist
Nobody tell 'em.

You also missed the other posters implicit point that AI will make it easier for others to become "artists". They only added the critical note that being an artist is more than just generating an image. They didn't even specify if that takes more than curation, just that it requires "specificity".
Instead of assuming an aloof, but unnecessary, meta perspective, first actually engage with a text on its face. Top psued.



File: 1697221587000.jpeg (245.64 KB, 828x546, IMG_0379.jpeg)


I think this image is the best way to describe how I felt about anthem compared to how I felt about cyberpunk. Most games with terrible releases typically have absolutely nothing going for them and cyberpunk on release wasn’t different as it offered nothing new. Anthem actually had the foundations of a genuinely original gameplay experience that could’ve brought a lot to modern gaming but never got anywhere due to a mix of issues from Casey Hudson’s departure from the studio and EA just being awful and it hurts. I didn’t feel that kind of pain from cyberpunk flopping and taking ages to become mediocre. It hurts more seeing cyberpunk fans call this game good now even though it’s a far cry away from being anywhere original, revolutionary or important to AAA gaming as a whole. How long is it gonna be before we get a major game from a big studio with a lot of resources that actually tries something that hasn’t been done before? Like fuck I can still remember seeing the star field teaser in 18’ and hoping it wouldn’t just turn out like any generic Bethesda title and here we are.


I only pirated and finished Cyberpunk recently, after the release of the DLC. It's a decent game, but the only great parts of it are the graphics and the atmosphere. Everything else ranges from mediocre to slightly above average.


And that’s my problem with the game, false advertising. Cyberpunk even by its gameplay teasers was no where near revolutionary, partly for being a first person game but more importantly its setup wasn’t unique. It’s basically futuristic vice city with light rpg elements. For a game like anthem I can’t equate it to anything but can respect the concept. It just doesn’t hit right for a game like anthem to fail but cyberpunk to financially succeed years after launch with an active fan base.

It really is like sitting in a finished rocket only to realize it will never take off :(


>a major game from a big studio with a lot of resources that actually tries something that hasn’t been done before?
Never. These businesses aren't dumping in money on the unknown when making a game in a popular template with a different skin or a remake is consistently brings in millions.


bro can you stop making topics about your random thoughts and just keep them in one topic??? you keep bumping stuff off the board

File: 1696987033037.png (114.96 KB, 256x256, ronaldo lysenko.png)


where the fuck do i download the 1.13 update for hoi4 im not buying it and i want to crack it nobody has it yet someone help me out give it to me for free



https://rutracker.org has been my go-to torrent site for some time.

File: 1696965679410.png (105.42 KB, 196x261, ClipboardImage.png)


>clantag HAMA not allowed: Profanity filter
Does anyone play warzone 2? I like it is a low skill level entry.
Any ps4 bros wanna play together?


try HMAS

File: 1696829474904.jpeg (647.24 KB, 828x622, IMG_0361.jpeg)


Every empire in popular sci fi games/franchises are always portrayed as these nationalistic or facistic entity. In a real empire on that kind of a scale, most people in it would be fully atomized. There would be no family structure, internal hierarchy, sense of glory or even identity with whatever faction any member partakes. Everyone in it would be too busy doing their designated roles like little cogs while bureaucratic divisions take charge of promoting the never ending expansion of their faction purely to better their own situation.


File: 1696829637807.gif (1.62 MB, 498x393, cant wait.gif)

>dystopian scifi
>scifi thats just medieval or present day with lasers

>utopian scifi

>socialist scifi
this is my jam


Empires cannot into space though


What about Asimov though?


>Every empire in popular sci fi games/franchises are always portrayed as these nationalistic or facistic entity.
Becouse that is what is implied in word "empire". If its not fascist its going to be called republic, federation or whatnot.

File: 1696274744378.jpg (1.86 MB, 810x3200, my juiced up cars.jpg)


do u like any of my juiced up cars
do you hate any of my juiced up cars


GTA sucks because the melee combat is awful


he literally said 'juiced' in the post anon

yes they are nice cars, I played the new NFS a month or so ago, it was okay


>>30788 i agree, but i like the shooting in gta 4 and 5, also the games from the cars in the pic are Juiced 2 and nfs Undercover, 2 guilty pleasure trash games i like
why thank you ~
do you have screenshots of your cars? I wanna see them right now


I miss 2000s tuners

File: 1695702905084.png (946.04 KB, 1400x1400, yang gang.png)


Any fans? Anyone still playing? Thoughts on the setting?
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Why not Gaias? They seem to be the unambiguously best faction from both moral (values of equality, individuality, respect, tolerance, etc.) and practical perspective (ideological inclination toward transcendence ending).


I think Deidre is second best but she goes a bit far in some places (like setting mindworms on her enemies cities, that's fucked)


Her AI is very pacifistic though, you need to be a real asshole for her to actually attack you.


Yeah fair but going by lore. Lal is also like that right?


I mean both lore and AI behaviour. Think about it this way, she pursues diplomacy, science, and harmony with the planet. So when it comes to war, she uses tool available to her, she hasnt been spending her time on the planet building cannons, but she does know how to control mind worms.


Been thinking about how to change the screen ratio in emulation without distorting the pixel shapes. There is a mod for Super Mario World doing this: https://github.com/VitorVilela7/wide-snes
The mod works because the unmodified game already simulates a wider playfield than the screen and the player can move the view left or right with the shoulder buttons, but making the mod still required a ton of tweaks. There is no general method of simply expanding the view port of old games since they usually don't simulate a bigger area than what the player sees in the moment.

It occurred to me that it is not necessary to reverse-engineer game code to rearrange where the HUD appears. In principle an emulator can just modify the screen output based on registering certain pixel patterns. This can also be used to change illustrations on the frame around the playfield based on the level the player is in.

It's also possible to implement achievements with that as long as the game has unambiguous pixel patterns for that, think the score in the HUD reaching X digits or a cutscene playing. There are already achievements modded into old games, see: https://retroachievements.org/ …but these seem to be hard to program. What I'm thinking about could be "programmed" by playing and marking a section of the screen when a particular event is triggered that makes that screen section look like that.

Now this seems like an obvious idea. Does it already exist?

File: 1695671340243.gif (2.95 MB, 498x280, IMG_0307.gif)


I’ve been coding some more in vscode and learned a few important things about coding player movement for really any 3d game. I then went to test and compare results to both movement shooters like ultrakill, apex and titanfall and with games with generally pretty good movement overall but aren’t as free like mw2022, insurgency sandstorm and the latest version of arma 3

It’s hard and complicated, and should be treated with a lot of care. Generally the players overall speed should never, under any conditions be set to a specific value. What do I mean? It’s simple, just make sure the players net velocity is always open to change and isn’t locked into a set speed under any given moment(unless they’re attacking or preforming an interaction that’s a little tricker to handle) since it gives the player the inertia they need to quickly transition into other forms of movement or interaction they wouldn’t be able to preform if it was locked completely on frame one. Why locking in movement causes this is because of startup frames, if your speed ever gets locked in to a set value then every time you try to preform any other action you have to wait for the startup frame duration to end before you have the speed to preform any other action. For example transitioning rapidly between ADS while sprinting. From what I could gather if the player quickly decelerates but doesn’t lock immediately into their aiming speed they have the momentum to cancel out of that speed and go back into a full sprint without stopping. If there speed and movement were locked frames they would aim but they’d have to wait slightly longer for the end lag of the ADS animation to start and then finish before they can move at a faster speed again. There’s many more interactions that handle way better with a little acceleration like this and it’s part of why it’s important to allow some level of inertia for the players character available at all times, helps make movement feel faster even in games that don’t have necessarily strong movement in comparison to others.


so in other words you want the player's input to map to accelaration and not velocity, if i tilt back it decelerates, if i tilt forward it accelerates, is that what you're saying? very interesting anon.


It depends on the input method tbh.
Analog stick vs key vs mouse/trackpad function differently in terms of the data you can translate into movement (including rotation).

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