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The purpose of blocking in most fighting games is to give players a defensive option so they aren’t discouraged from disengaging from conflict for the sake of trying to avoid an attack. In most aroma or just action games in general this basic concept of attacking is often overlooked and what ends up happening is blocking as a mechanic becomes completely useless which results in players running around waiting for bosses or enemies to throw out some basically unpunishable attack first and then decide to do anything after waiting for several seconds for the enemy to finish their trillion hit combo or whatever.

From softwares souls games and square enixs usage of kingdom hearts is notorious for this bs and their games end up becoming the passive garbage ever with the player essentially running away and spamming safe moves until they’re in a position where blocking is useful again and suddenly the games fun

This is probably why people consider sekiro to have good combat due to its parry system that actively rewards not just staying in conflict but also just being really good at defensive play without relying on disengaging and jumping back in only when the enemy throws out something completely stupid. Just something to think about knowing how many more of these games could be so much more fun if this one basic aspect of design was considered and handled with more care
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A personal observation I saw that’s still present in a lot of action games including gow4 is how slow most attacks come out. This was a way bigger issue pre blood borne era combat where ai attacks had so much startup frames that you could literally just walk around like half the attacks ingame something that’s still present in dark souls 3 and elden ring. With newish titles like sekiro, nier, kh and again gow4 this problem still exists because the ai in those games isn’t coded to overshoot attacks or movement when the player is trying to make it miss but because so many attacks come out faster and have more threat coverage this problem was only moderately corrected


yes, but the thread post doesn't specifically say single player does it. And he was referring to my original bannerlord post where i dont specify say whatever im talking about the single player or the multiplayer.
so seeing how this thread doesnt specify singleplayer games im going to mention the damn fucking MULTIPLAYER


Thats a very sweeping statement and I don't think its really fair. Combat in all video games is fundementally limited by the medium. No singleplayer or multiplayer fighting game will ever be as deep and engaging as actually sparring with someone IRL. With your line of thinking there's no point in playing any fighting multiplayer game because it is so limited compared to IRL. But games are fun and Sekiro is fun.


but what about my vr games


Only recently played MGR: Revengence. I regret it was on my backlog for so long. One of the few games I've beaten dozens and dozens of times.


The ingame world is 50+ hours of content, the level design is amazing but the world design breaks a level of cohesion and trying to navigate through it without bonfires feel like a maze. I think the shaded woods are a perfect example of this considering the region is technically like what 6-8 zones? But then it’s all sectioned off into room like zones that occasionally break each other by having enemies be visible behind invisible walls the player should be able to move through or just how fucking drastic moving from one major location to another can feel like majulua to the forest of the fallen giants for the first time after walking through a literal fucking dungeon

Any other games that feel like they have way to much ointment to justify how small their maps are like ds2


>the level design is amazing
Hard disagree but I won't elaborate since I'm quite bored of talking about fromsoft ARPGs

File: 1675019471724-1.jpg (20.3 KB, 474x265, th-4156405420.jpg)

File: 1675019471724-2.jpg (25.73 KB, 711x711, hpnnvxmh3ua91.jpg)


Figured we could do with a thread now that Freelancer and the big trilogy rebrand is out. Anyone else playing this? I've sunk an embarrassing amount of hours into it since 2016 and am still discovering new things. It's a very satisfying sandbox to fuck around in.


I remember buying the trilogy a year ago for dirt cheap during a sale, but I never got around to playing it because the weird dlc system would've required me to download each game separately to make the first two games playable in Hitman 3. It's great to hear that they're finally getting around to streamlining the process, now I might actually be able to play it without wiping half my SSD in preparation lol.


Yeah, moving saves across each game ranged from clunky to nightmarish as you could do everything right but still wind up randomly missing unlocks or access to entire maps/campaigns.

I do recommend giving them a shot though, they can be great fun. If you don't feel like grinding for everything or despise the online requirement you can also check out the Peacock Project server emulator.

File: 1675124674117.jpg (978.12 KB, 2560x1440, hades.jpg)


I hate rougelikes. Randomizing the map every playthrough is an awful idea since it entirely removes map design. Enemies are spammed without a thought for their place in the level or even room (or worse, they're always in the same predictable place every time). Every room is completely independent of one another rather than being a cohesive world. This ends up affecting gameplay, progression and also the atmosphere and worldbuilding.

Permadeath is only a good idea in slow paced games where it has actual concequences, so even if it is frustrating it is meaningful. However rougelikes are necessarily fast paced so you don't get bored repeating the same 10 room types over and over again, even if this doesn't work and they are extremely dull anyway. With this fast pace you often die without thinking about why it happened or it being consequential whatsoever, its like dying in a MOBA where you have to wait 5 minutes every time you die. I have way more fun playing DayZ for example since in that game despite losing all your items on death et cetera, it is slow enough paced that you can get immersed in moving through the landscape, and when I die it always feels a lot better than dying in a rougelike.

This would be more acceptable if the gameplay was fun enough to keep me engaged through the re-runs. Dark Souls (especially DS2) manages to keep me engaged through boss runs 10x more than every rougelike out there does for dying at any point. The gameplay just sucks in every game and it always has MMO like legendary epic monster enemies to pad it out, this also destroys the atmosphere which rougelikes have a massive problem maintaining. Even the supposed best of the genre (Hades, Risk of Rain 2, The Binding of Isaac) had me feeling like I was working a desk job. I think the reason comes in two parts, firstly they can't make individual enemies and rooms too punishing since runs would end too quickly, so instead of making the game hard through difficult encounters in 9 times out of 10 they have to increase the difficulty through limited health recovery which sucks in the fast paced rougelike structure. The other reason gameplay sucks is because its all based around rng builds. It's always based around getting the best build and the best boons which is ALWAYS RNG. You can't just play the game, you've got to interact with annoying mechanics you don't want to because the RNG gave you the lung or something. The Binding of Isaac is literally all about makinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Personally I always play with like 10x xp gained because it removes the grind from things while still requiring I go do the thing


Yeah, the reward is amazing, and it feels good cause I managed to stay alive and prosper enough to get to that point.
I tried save scumming once, the rest of the game felt so depressing I just ended up drinking bleach.


That's fine that you enjoy that but I don't see how my way of playing it is 'wrong'.

That probably would be more fun for me but oh well, I'll stick with default settings for now I guess.


>but I don't see how my way of playing it is 'wrong'.
You're the one who called me crazy for playing cdda as a roguelike.


Yes, fair enough, I guess that was rude, I was just expressing incredulity that anyone would do that.

File: 1674663128966.jpg (26.92 KB, 1920x1080, 343StudiosLogo.jpg)


So what's really going on with this company and Microsoft? I don't wanna here random bullshit, I want to know what the hell are they doing because as far as statistics are concerned Halo Infinite is failing and they're getting future single player development by gutting single player workers. I know that they were on a contractor hiring spree, is that one big reason? But this can't be it because they're letting go even in-house developers. When it comes to business sense how does any of this make any sense? I know that tech companies are laying off tons of people but these skeleton crews can barely manage and it's only hurting their profits or am I wrong?
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Is Microsoft really that bad of an environment for game developers from old devs I’ve seen reviews of the place they find it easier to work at than independent aaa studios


I liked Halo Infinite's campaign and because I'm one of those players who play Halo for it's campaign it basically screwed over that part of their consumer base with this gutting of the company and such. But the multiplayer is also fucked because of the weak content updates. I say weak because people got excited when they "added" custom games a few months ago when custom games has been a Halo standard since the Bungie days. Custom Games or Forge should not be considered as a "major content update" since it should have been there Day One. The drip feed formula is basically the biggest scam of the modern day gaming industry. I remember when DLC for any game was a big ass thing if it was single player and with regards to multiplayer it was not two maps but at least like 5 maps or more per DLC.


Seems like the "legacy" teams are still alright, it was where 343i was constituted from nothing to help with devwork alongside Bungie rather than being standalone, imho. When you are just like, bugtesting the MP for Halo Reach, it makes a lot more sense to have contracted workers and shit, but Microsoft tried to continue that practice after they become the company to handle Halo, and after the last Bungie hangers-on left with the conclusion of Halo 4 (mostly writers and the like), then it was a freefall.


i like halo but infinite was terrible


>take mega-successful franchise
>boot the original creators from it
>assign a new group with zero continuity except, like, voice actors
>be surprised when the shit is all fucked up
Pretty good illustration of how capitalists don't understand that labor is what makes the product.

File: 1638234295183-0.jpg (514.04 KB, 1801x1014, 1.jpg)

File: 1638234295183-1.jpg (560.85 KB, 1799x1014, 2.jpg)


This is a thread about a third-person shooter game featuring Alunya.

It is a free-and-open-source game made using Godot and Blender. Contributions are welcome.
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I make music if you want or need any sound design/soundtrack work


I've had issues importing an older godot4 beta project to a newer beta


what ya expect? It's a one man project, game like that rarely gets done especially when it's supposed to be some third person shooter. I've got dozens of these dead end projects on my harddrive


show some example


File: 1674629376146.png (1.98 MB, 1200x1201, R (7).png)

Just want to say to the dev anon who is the only one doing this. You have my support and I hope you can continue. And if I could, I would help in any way possible.

File: 1673996767992.jpeg (44.77 KB, 739x415, krusakerd kings.jpeg)


WHY is he making my laptop OVERHEAT and CRASH even when hes paused?
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File: 1674497158809.jpeg (9.8 KB, 397x346, images (39).jpeg)

about 10 minutes into a new game, i havent even unpaused yet and my pc Crashes… paradoxtards told me this game runs on anything… explain now


>crashing on CK2
Lol don't try playing Stellaris.


Guess I'll be sticking with HOI2 then


then your pc is the problem,most games don't make PCs crash in the first place,they just crash themselves,especially if it crash fast,it's probably overheating or some shit like that.


BTW the graphics in these games are 3D, not 2D

File: 1674350758006.png (766 KB, 1919x930, 1673803404518749.png)


And this upcoming war is WW2. I think /leftypol/ should know because naturally there is a Soviet Union nation and this would be your great Patriotic War. Also some of yall have nothing better to do.
>After the success of ww1 /int/craft the intcraft community has been waiting for 2 years (since jan 2021 lol) for the new server! This intcraft is set in ww2 with the release date being February 17th. Join the fbi.gov to pick a nation and get defences up before the exciting weekend wars where every nation battles to gain territory. Set up nice builds to get materials from madmins, and craft gun parts to produce a wide variety of guns (brewery plugin also included). It'll be better the w*jcraft big promise
>DISCORD fbi.gov gg/hhM7acfKgm
>DYNMAP: map (dot) intcraft (dot) gay
>INFOPAGE: intcraft (dot) gay
t. /vm/
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sometimes,it's because it isn't appropriate that it's more interesting to make it work


Why is there a random blob inside ethiopia


New HOI4 update added some warlord there, so-called history buffs found out it exists now.


Sultanate of Aussa,and yeah it's definitly because of Man The Guns,I would be surprised if anybody even double checked it's significance on wikipedia.


What is this, Risk?

File: 1674538608790.png (438.08 KB, 1129x1973, 20230123_130518.png)


Noelle the Idea vs Noelle the girl


File: 1674539888876.jpg (247.06 KB, 2048x2048, pathetic girl winter.jpg)

>Scared of mice
Sir she's developed an immunity


forgot the
>Part of a harem.


For a game that heavily prioritized realism in its design I’m a little confused as to why they didn’t go all the way with interactivity in the game

<How? A few reasons

The map of far cry 2 is small, like it takes less than 10 minutes to reach the end of the map by driving kind of small despite the game having cars you can tell the map really wasn’t designed with them in mind

NPCs in the game are really really static which is shocking because the enemies are really responsive to your behaviour and can cooperate with each other, with NPCs you can only talk to them briefly, not trade, not heal, not see them trading with other NPCs etc
For some reason they designed the players stamina to be unnaturally low and impossible to upgrade meaning you literally might as well be walking for most of your play through while although the devs added in things like jamming and breakable weapons they for some reason didn’t do what fallout 3 did and add in a limb system where the theirs penalties for getting shot too often in certain places

So many weird design decisions and missing features. At least to me what do y’all think?


I think far cry as a series should be linear with levels you can come back to than an open world franchise

It’s mechanics just fit in a linear shooter far better than it would as an open world game. RPGs are much better suited for open worlds because they’re inherently more prone to encouraging as much non linear gameplay as possible while hit and run stealth shooters like far cry always will see similar gameplay


I love far cry 2 by miles more then the rest of the series
but yeah I agree with you
added on to it (just of list of weird things in the game)
-Number 1 where are the animals? in the trailer for the it featured elephants in the game they cannot be found anywhere. likely cut for time
-Another thing the Jeep liberty was apparently apart of sponsorship with toyota which is why it is featured looks a little out of place in africa
-there are three stealth weapons that all have silencer on them but there is a "secret" fourth one, the mac-10 is coded to be a stealth weapon despite not featuring a silencer. The mac-10 is already a beast of weapon so it likely changed during development but they forgot to code it out.
-on the topic of guns the game has FAL but lacks many of the main features the gun has in real life. The in game FAL is automatic but in real it is mainly semi-auto (some modify it to be automatic but is generally semi-auto).
-During development apparently there was going to be somesort of kamra system in the work but was scraped some what late
I love Far Cry 2 it is easly in my top ten favorites of all time



The crowbcat video showing off the fidelity of FC2 is cool and all. But it had some funny moments like video related.
Not so sure, if Far Cry has any identity left, it's being a video game version of action movies like Commando and First Blood Part 2 where you're guy in jungle who fights a one man war using ambush tactics. It only really works in open spaces where you can plan your approach.

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