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An actual game with good deep combat with similar mechanics is kingdom come deliverance as you can’t cheese fights through button mashing the dodge roll key and cheese fights with magical bs and bows

Not just that but kc1, kc2 and mordhau all use a realistic approach to swinging weapons which provide a level of complexity towards how you approach people to the point where standing still and focusing on watching your enemy and strategizing with the knowledge given is better than constantly moving and praying your opponent gets stuck backed into a wall or locked into stun frames like what from software pushed. Sekiro to a general extent did address this which is why it’s my favourite from software title but all the souls fanboys completely over bloat how hard their games actually are
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When it's 1v1 where magic is supposed to go toe to toe with melee, it either ends up wildly imbalanced or you lose a lot of what both could bring to the table. I think magic works best in games where you have a party with roles to fulfill. In D&D for example you could have a spellcaster as a damage dealer, but they excel at other tasks like crowd control, AOE, utility, and support and it's best to let other characters specialize in raw damage, at least until late game when wizards can reshape reality at will. Or in Dragon's Dogma, a mage or sorcerer is gonna get its ass kicked unless they have other characters protecting them and only focusing on offense will leave the party much worse off. Although with sorcerers you can do a full party spell sync meme build to dish out constant, massive spells.


I don't think people think it's combat is deep
The appeal of darksouls for me is the many different ways you can kill bosses in it
Yeah you can strip off all your armor and dodge roll through everything
Or you can cover yourself head to toe in havel's armor and tank the bosses
You could also treat bosses like puzzles and study the environment to kill the bosses easier
At least that's what it was like in the first one
Over the years the games turned into action games where every boss played the same
Dodge roll through everything
Wait for the aoe
Then face fuck the boss
I could never finish sekiro because it felt too restrictive with it's combat


Disagree. They are decent games with interesting settings. The two are often conflated.
Definitely a breath of fresh air in terms of exploration, though that particular gasp has been going for more than 10 years for me so I'm not that impressed anymore. Really makes you reflect on how shit the industry is with adopting what actually makes Souls games worth playing.

The SMT franchise has interesting magic design. For me, magic combat works best if it is a modifier to combat progression and not a direct component.

I agree. I wish these games would incorporate "puzzle" (by lack of a better term) design into the bosses, and then allowing the player to figure things out. Demon's Souls had the right idea, but didn't go nearly far enough.


File: 1662666364397.png (214.16 KB, 616x353, ClipboardImage.png)

What if you were just a wizard who has no physical combat ability?


Something like Nioh blows Souls combat right out of the water, however, the simplicity of Souls combat is needed for its pvp system to work, which is pretty unique and hard to find in other games. Elden Ring kind of fucked it up with the insane Ash of War spam tho.


And kill people with them
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File: 1662667746857-0.jpg (19.53 KB, 511x242, Ursa_major.jpg)

Red Alert 3. Sure you cannot make the conscripts ride the bears, but at the very least you can command them, and in some mods like Epic War you can also train even bigger bears that can maul tanks.
Heh, classic mod.


Midickie's Wrecked


File: 1662697742418.png (469.5 KB, 1000x562, ClipboardImage.png)

an obscure indie game called kingdom: new lands (or two thrones if you want a MP version)


Far Cry Primal, but it gets old quick.




You know how some games separate interior from exterior world spaces so games run better hence why there’s random loading screens when you enter a building or some new zone?

Yeah why not just load in all that information based on the players position and not off some trigger for the purpose of keeping the player immersed in the game world? I don’t think it’s hard to implement as it would prevent instances of players being stuck on loading screens, sudden crashes or lag spikes being attributed to suddenly unloading and reloading shitloads of assets all at once in one area, issues with dynamic entities like ai or physics being reloaded upon entering a scene then list of shit wrong with the standard loading system goes on for me


Depends on the engine. Sometimes it would just be too much work to implement that. There are also often cases where spaces are kept separate because they aren't actually consistent. A lot of the time buildings are bigger on the inside because if they weren't it would be too difficult to move around (often because your movement speed is inappropriate indoors, or because of collision issues) or the buildings would have very large exteriors that would make it more tedious to move around outside.

You could still get around this by having the spaces be separated and putting a portal on the doors (as Valve did a lot in Portal 2), but that is a lot more effort and introduces additional problems.

Probably the smart fix for this is better character movement. Simplest thing would be to change the character behavior depending on whether they are inside vs outside or whether combat is happening, etc. A really good solution might involve a simple AI that recognizes obstacles near the character and steers them away and maybe toward interactable features. Lots of games have adopted a "cinematic" interactivity with physical spaces that characters move through. They are usually "baked-in" in the sense that they have specific preset animations and a limited number of known locations that allow the devs to debug them. However, you could definitely implement a more dynamic version of this, so that for example you have a wide open exterior with features inside of that flagged for specific types of "terrain" and then have various objects flagged for different types of reaction. Furniture and doors could trigger specific interactive behavior using the movement/behavior engine. Hazards could trigger an avoidance behavior, from a basic animation to altering the character's path etc. NPCs could trigger more careful movement weaving between them.

Some AAA games have done these kinds of things to different degrees. Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption, the recent Tomb Raider reboot series… just some examples. But the point here is that you could probably design the movement system so that the characters can move through consistently sized interior spaces. It does pose a problem for action-oriented games, though.

The other really big problem with this is the camera. It's difficult to have a controllable 3rd person camera in an interior space. This isn't limited by the current tech either, because you have to find something that works betweenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I feel grind based leveling in games like diablo and destiny is a shallow form of progression compared to action based leveling in games like RuneScape and TES

But after play testing im questioning if leveling should even be a part of “standard” role playing games and games that take this mechanic like GOW4. My reason for this proposal is that I feel that leveling in games indirectly makes progression feel overly complicated and can sometimes make ingame elements default into a numbers game rather than a test of how items, mechanics and actors function mechanically


Leveling systems are definitely shoved into games where they either don't belong or make the gameplay worse. It can be a useful stand-in for the player character's power level where they canonically start off relatively weak, but it doesn't make sense when the character is already a professional or when you aren't comparing levels with any other NPCs/players anyway. Mass Effect comes to mind, like why doesn't a secret agent super soldier have access to all the end-game high level powers right from the beginning? None of them are tied to the story and have no reason to be locked behind abstract point investments. If anything it would benefit from a system more like what you find in Zelda games, where you acquire abilities and expand your toolkit as you progress through the story instead of fretting over point distribution to make arbitrary tradeoffs imposed by the developers.

I guess another thing to consider is that it's a very easy solution and it's so widespread most people won't complain. Grinding out skill levels to get perks in Skyrim (or to be able to cast spells of a certain level in Oblivion) was extremely annoying at higher levels and I wonder how much the gameplay and progression would have been improved by locking perks, spells, and abilities behind quests, vendors, faction membership/rank, and/or trainers. That would require a lot of fine tuning when you could just slap on a level requirement as a time gate and give it no further thought.


Game design wise leveling is just lazy

Games are a way to express ideas much like articles, books, paintings and music. Games just do something different and make that idea interactive
Leveling systems in games are a mediocre way of making progression feel interactive and dynamic being that it leveling reduces actions to simple numbers like you said which makes things feel shallow, generally speaking the more simplistic a game is the more “dynamic” it is because the developer can focus on a single or few ideas and produce the most amount of possible interactive outcomes out of it compared to large scale role playing games

Example Celeste runs off a single mechanic dash jumping which provides a lot of replay ability in endgame sections and a lot of depth to its movement for players that understand how to beat levels outside of the way they were designed
Another Minecraft whom didn’t have leveling systems for most of its run sees alot of complex movement styles and mechanics like water bucket falling(or the recent boat trick), strip mining at low heights, masks and companions to scare off enemies etc similar with terraria where progression is almost entirely gear based

It shouldn’t necessarily be removed however it’s role in games should realistically just die out as time passes or at the very least diminish because it can seriously just serve as a stand in for fundamentally lazy components of design

File: 1614681809737.png (394.59 KB, 616x353, ClipboardImage.png)

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Without Colonel Soll, there would be no New Sordland!
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It would be good perhaps if the game was clearer/gave the option on whether the nationalization was with or without compensation.

Maybe with the trade off being that with compensation doesn't trigger capital flight but has a one off costs budget cost whereas without is free but causes capital flight.


File: 1659492894812.jpg (976.92 KB, 1532x859, suzerain.jpg)

this is my latest game, by my reckoning the only way to have your cake and eat it too on the left wing agenda is going full dictator. What i wonder about is if a similar run is possible where i nationalize koronti's stuff and still get re-elected


File: 1659561153079.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Just confirming that you are correct. I even got the Bluds on board this time and spent 4 wealth points on lobbying and it only made a different of 10 votes in the Assembly. Good thing I had the ACP this time around
Everything was going well until that Graf lady challenged me for leadership of the Party, I think I pissed her off by letting Iosif keep the Gendarmie but it couldn't be helped because I defunded the military and didnt want to piss him off further.
Graf won the election, so I joined the commies and got BTFO (I assume it doesnt help that I raised the election threshold to 15%) and retired. Pretty sure i could've just stuck the ACP on the opposition (or is it the old guard) instead of the oligarchs to prevent that, but now I want to know how to win the elections after leaving the USP


i pirated the game specifically cause of this thread
played it over the past day or so
it was okay, being able to larp as a dick takter was interesting, and i'm glad it didnt railroad into NOOOO NOOOOO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS PATH OR BAD ENDING
i dont think there's much replay value, though, and i most likely wont play it again


Lileas is pretty nuanced she's probably the most far left Sollist and she's also religious so there are many minor things you can do to up her approval and stop her leadership challenge even if you go full Commie.
Funding her Ministry, allowing for creationism to continue to be taught in schools, veto-ing the anti-Blud Religious Harmony Bill, building the highway in the poor region instead of cucking to the oligarchs and their railway, etc. all gain approval from her.
On the other hand if you just want to stop the challenge without conceding a few things you can either sic the ACP on the Old Guard which gets rid of not only Lileas but every Old Guard in government, or start the war with Rumberg (which cancels not only the party congress but also any military coup attempt because of imminent attack).

You can win the election as an independent party after losing the ladership challenge. Winning the war against Rumberg pretty much makes you a shoo in. Otherwise getting economy to max and enough of a large voter bloc will do the trick.


do u think hl3 will ever be released¿
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>Probably but it wouldn’t be explicitly called half life 3
maybe the order of counting is
half life 1
half life 2
Full life


no,because the story was scrapped like 3 times,all the assets got leaked and dumped,and nobody who worked on the original two is interested in it or working at Valve,especially not the writers




Quarter Life: Half-way to Destruction


The end of HL:A kind of confirms it
But I'm gonna laugh my ass off if they made an entire game to retcon the story into a more comfortable place for the writers and tease HL3, only to go another 10 years with no news about it until they make a Half Life: Kleiner or some shit to promote the Valve HoloDeck and tease HL3


Why? Because characters in fighting games are built to be balanced and which character is the “best” one heavily depends on context
<here’s some examples
>win rates for matches
Typically competitive fighters will rank characters based off how many players win with them, the problem is that this stat doesn’t account for several things
- the skill level of players at lower ranks making them susceptible to certain attacks because they don’t understand how to counter them. Example game is Brawlhalla where legends like Orion and scarlet get spammed heavily in lower ranks but stop being used because there attacks are slow and easy as shit to dodge away from once players get better
>ranking based off usage in tournaments
This isn’t a reliable stat either, what pros in fighting games choose to use depends a lot on the present meta of a game and how the community understand the games mechanics and exploits. Another example is smash bros melee where it’s been assumed fox is the best character but that isn’t true either otherwise tournaments would be fox only, in reality what characters get picked and actually win heavily depends on the state of the melee community and discoveries in exploits and bugs players are aware of at any time NOT the way the characters in melee behave exclusively
>ranking based off stats and special attacks
- this might be the most useless out of all ways to rank characters, the reason is that there’s only a few components to defining what makes a characters attack function, the direction, the action frame time, the attack frame time, the recovery and the hitbox. Most characters within fighting games feel and function the same way with only minor differences in how their attacks function between two or more characters sharing the same traits to the point where those differences are insignificant, couple that one top of the fact that most attacks rely on a players ability to connect and maintain combos means unless you have a character with a one hit kill move that has almost no action frames(which might as well not exist) it’s gonna come down to the players skill and usage of that characters attack each round there in not the attacks themselves.

Anyways bye
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That’s not even an argument

Your literally just saying “if I talk about something therefore it it is true without question” and straight up ignored bothering to sight any sources of evidence completely


I dunno about all that OP, but, anyone who plays Devil Jin in online mode deserves to be thrown into a volcano


Tires DO exit - with a lot of modern games the line dividing garbage from "shit OP" tends to be blurry at best but if you go back in time then stuff gets pretty blatant.
If you were to argue that Old Sagat and Gouki in ST are not a cut above the rest you're simply wrong.


Yes yes because akuma, Paul and Leroy aren’t infinitely times worse and more annoying


File: 1662411640785.png (1.39 MB, 2000x1601, 1632882169753.png)

I agree to an extent. Using winrates and usage individually are useless, but most people are aware that low rank players can skew the number and exclusively look at high level play. Regardless, when ranking characters in fighting games people are analyzing them across multiple categories. How well does the character achieve their goal, how easy is it for them to achieve their goal, what can this character do for defense, how consistent are they, etc. And looking at things that way you can get a good idea of how good or bad a character is especially in relation to one another.

>what pros in fighting games choose to use depends a lot on the present meta of a game and how the community understand the games mechanics and exploits

I don't see what this is supposed to prove. Yeah, fighting game meta either changes based on what the community discovers or what the developers decide to adjust based on the current meta. You're acting as if the meta of a fighting game only changes based on the former, and then you use Melee, a game that never received any balancing, as an example when its situation is different from most fighting games.

Not even at the time the game was released, but before it even existed. Fighting games have been getting rereleases that balanced the game and added mechanics based on the current meta since Street Fighter 2 in the early 90s. And while it's true that on the other side of the coin a fighting game's meta is also defined by what the community discovers usually most of this is when a game is young. Not only is it rare when an old game has new stuff discovered, but stuff that drastically changes the meta of a game is exceedingly rare (which is part of the reason devs released updated versions or release patches because most people get bored playing a game they feel is mostly figured out).

Third Strike came out a little over 2 decades ago and Sean is considered a bad character (and if you want to know why watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjS1imDYkVM) by virtually everyone, especially Capcom themselves who felt he was too good in Second Impact and made him worse to fit their intended goal of having him as a character to be played as a joke/handicap. Now, there's a chance that someone could discover something that changes how Sean is perceived. But you can't say the current state of a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Truly loving a game isn’t expressed through endlessly praising its accomplishments but being willing to criticize and dissect its components and voicing both your positive and negative opinions on it out of passion to see it develop into something better that still retains its form


Truly loving a game is playing it for 2000+ hours.


So is that why you fucking fuckers talk about Fallout so goddamned much?


Dude the most recent fallout thread that isn’t fallout general is on page 10


They just lower the skill floor and encourage bad habits among new players to fighting games like button mashing over understanding how moves and inputs work or learning to handle your controller/keyboard well in a way that allows you to naturally transition between strings

This is also why I believe platform fighters, and 3d fighters like for honour are generally deeper than modern day classic fighters because to learn things like combos, strings, transitions and dodge reads you need to both take the time to learn what moves work with what inputs and practice them to be a good enough of a player to use them and execute them consistently across matched


File: 1662313505373-0.png (134.45 KB, 1240x896, FUXd1RKWYAAsZPn.png)

File: 1662313505373-1.png (40.57 KB, 1240x896, FUXePSiXEAEgHpr.png)

Autocombos in fighting games are just the modern variant of pics related (and in fact are sometimes tied together depending on the game). They're designed so casuals who pick up the game can mash and that's it. They don't lower the skill floor of the game given they're unoptimal compared to manual combos and the types of players that use them are mashy and get blown up by anyone who knows how to hold down back and punish with a combo of their own. And the bad habit integral to autocombos (again, mashing) is something new players will do if autocombos are in the game or not and will unlearn if they actually care about getting better.

File: 1608527914132.png (31.45 KB, 455x420, e2l3v5lb44j21.png)


ss13 thread
what servers do you usually play on?
what do you think of offshoots such as SS14 or unity station?
any greentext moments you want to share?
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>Works on my computer! By the way, it's TG, not "/tg/". Hasn't been in almost a decade.
Could you tell me how you got the TGUI to work through wine?
>>every time I boot into the other OS I have to reset the clock
>This is not ok. Check your hardware.
It's caused by how Windows and Linux handle time, Windows sets the system to local time while Linux sets it to GMT+0 and displays the correct local time by looking at your locale


Second the request for TGUI on wine. Very curious on how you got that to work.

Also does anyone have a link to the latest Escalation iteration (discord or whatever is being used to coordinate it)? I want to get back into muh gritty realistic cold war gone hot simulator


Sorry I am retarded.
I tried it again and remembered that at some point I turned off the gooey, which gives you a pure text output as that is the fallback.
However, when I played last time the GUI didn't rely on dozens of fiddly buttons. It's still doable, but definitely not pleasant. As for how to turn off the GUI to force fallback, it had to do with fiddling with external display settings. I don't know how I did it, but I do recall grabbing it from a bbs forum, so probably TGs shithole.


File: 1662292062373.png (218.12 KB, 953x1054, squareworld.png)

trying to run this on linux with a virtual machine, joining servers results in this
i've cleared cache, installed drivers, tried numerous different servers but nothings working
any help?


SS13 through a VM requires GPU passthrough, without it SS13 looks like your picture.

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