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File: 1679167508253.png (493.28 KB, 600x662, pain.png)


>Create the Disco scenes of your dreams.
>Introducing Collage Mode: the new functionality that gives you the creative freedom to stage just about anything in-game.
lmao ZA/UM usurpers come up with worst possible choices for the franchise now that they kicked out the creators and have become just an Amazon subsidiary now, expecting to see Disco Elysium NFTs soon
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ive always thought it sounded presumptuous in that it assumes we somehow know for a fact that we are getting towards the end of capitalism, and is misleading in the sense that the way society is shaped by reproduction of capital is not based on some definitely half-life of the mode of reproduction, but on the peculiarities of its functions, which are themselves historically contingent. the other side of that coin is that it assumes that the way capitalism operates necessarily breaks down simply through the passage of time, despite the fact that the fundamental laws of capital reproduction remaining the same throughout history, whether or not it is the dominant mode of production


its a dumbfuck way of framing capitalism, almost as bad as "neofeudalism"


this is splitting hairs


File: 1693236595631.png (217.54 KB, 628x540, ro2cd15y7tkb1.png)

The problem with the term is that it implies something being fundamentally different about how capitalism is now, in its "late stage" and how it used to be, and by used to be in this case means at most like 50 years ago, before post-war boom ended. It encourages reactionary and socdem tendencies, "lets just go back" to the time when capitalism was good and worked for the little guy. To illustrate the point, picrel is the first post I saw after opening r/latestagecapitalism subreddit today.


I mean TBH I feel capitalism is different today than it was say before WW2, sure the basic principles are the same but how they're expressed is different, the focus has shifted completely to rentierism, casual work, scamming as a major part of the economy, and so on, the decline in the ROP has made a post-industrial economy where most of the focus is in real estate and other imaginary capital.


Have fun reading to anyone here that does that.
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Well done for putting the work in, anon! that's more than most people ever do.

I'm working on fully editing your transcript, putting in paragraphs and making general corrections. If you want your work to be read seriously, you should listen to myself and the other anons in this thread. If you just like writing for fun, ignore it I guess.

Keep writing, anon.



I knew Skyrim sucked when I, a fucking nobody, walked right up to the jarl and without any proof told him a legendary creature burned his fort down, and he was like, "by the nine, I need to get my best men on this now. Hey, guy that just walked in and that I don't know at all, can you take care of this for me?"


Oh that’s caused by a multitude of problems both related the games combat and Bethesda’s dogshit mentality towards game design. I don’t even to write anything. they basically wanted the game to reward the player and feel good as a primary objective over fleshing out the game itself to feel like a world worth playing in for those that cared about it. This sounds redundant but it’s why the devs gave zero shits towards things like level design, world design, npc encounters, dungeons, fleshing out the cities, fleshing out the characters(in comparison to other TES titles, there’s still some really interesting people in game), fleshing out the enemies you get the point.


File: 1693045935998.jpg (165.51 KB, 895x719, Green Kotique.jpg)

Hmm, sounds fair. Elaborating on this I would say my main 5 gripes with their games nowadays are:
<Lack of NPC dialogue variety and depth, you hear guards talk about their bursted knees often and most of the time you get only one or two topics to talk about with any NPC outside of questlines
<Shallow questing where you get mostly binary choices at best, and at worst are forced to proceed with one choice, which couple with the first point limits your roleplaying choices and player agency
<In Skyrim's particular case: a pretty poor attempt at replicating Dark Messiah's combat and environmental interaction system that lacks the depth of its inspiration i.e. the shitty resource management, lack of the ability to kick, the ability pick up and throw objects, environmental hazards serve mostly as a deterrent to player and hardly can be used against the enemies
<Dungeon design that often resembles a gastro-intestinal tract in its linearity and lack of branching paths, also extremely claustrophobic when it comes to pathways between the rooms
<The power creep that kicks in once you get to a certain level, with the games pitting you against enemies that for example can disarm and shout you off cliffs while boasting insane amounts of health and stamina
Overall, I agree the issue here it not lack of game systems per se but lack of depth and refinement of them, as well as the lack of depth in the overall in-game world and level design. If Bethesda or someone else were to look to improve on it, they should look into generally expanding and refining what there already is laid out first and only then adding new mechanics.


Old thread fell off at some point. I've been trying out the hardcore addon for classic and it's been a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Only level 20 so far on my warrior but it makes what's usually a long slog to max a lot more dramatic with trackers for its own achievements like only using certain gear or not using professions. It's pretty sobering seeing all the death alerts too, knowing what a huge time investment it is for someone to get to the 50-60 range only to die from fall damage or something. There's also a big sense of community with all the hardcore guilds and people tend to look out for each other even if they're not "officially" allowed to, which is cool.

Not being able to trade (even if to hand off things you can't use), no grouping unless in a duo/trio or in a dungeon, and only being allowed to run each dungeon once before max is annoying, but I'm hoping the official servers will be able to smooth out the rough edges whenever they come out. I don't think they should make trading/dungeons unrestricted, maybe just put a level band on grouping (no group member can be more than 4 levels apart from anyone else, for example) and prevent trading gold before max level while making traded items soulbound so they can't get passed around.
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Some drama in the hardcore community as a guy intentionally wiped an entire Naxx raid (including himself) on one of the only bosses that can't be petri'd out of. Not really clear why they invited him when he's been notorious for the last 4 years to go around fucking people over but it's clear he was playing the long game to reach this point.


What a loser. I bet he has nothing going for him in life.


kinda epic ngl


Every single design decision that blizzard has had to go back on or regret making can be traced down to a single idea, one wow shares with multiple other MMOs. Wow is designed like a linear game with a fixed conclusion in a game that’s not supposed to end. If you want to know what this looks like compare world of Warcrafts quest lines to RuneScape 2s. RuneScape 2 has quest lines that function similar to gta 5s, although some do connect to the main story of the game most quests don’t relate to any specific grand goal or character arc, they all serve as one off stories about different aspects of the world as a whole and how the player goes about dealing with the problems prosed in them is their own choice. Thus quests in RuneScape 2 rarely ever feel bloated or pointless to the game, because they’re all optional, and serve as content the player can playthrough at any time at any pace they want. Wow on the other hand has a lot of quests that play a lot differently, most are integrated to some major plot point in warcrafts lore, to some grand journey. When the quests go off topic to these stories they feel completely out of place, they feel pointless and serve only to drag out playtime for the player and they don’t have to be but that’s just how they were designed relative to the game. This disparity between how the game is fundamentally set up - an MMO to hop in and play for as long as you want whenever you want - and how blizzard designs new content is what drives out the fun in a lot of expansions, often completely indirectly and this is why so many new decisions put into it get scrapped. Increasing level caps, scrapped due to p2w shit and also just the fact that levelling for that long is boring and hard to balance on the developer end due to bloat. Azerite gear and item leveling, has to be scrapped and completely reworked because it feels out of place and over complicates progression. Heirlooms and the old skill tree, ends up getting reworked or even removed in some places because again it feels out of place, like it’s bloating the game even if the game isn’t meant to be finished without it.

What I’m saying here is that wows fundamental problems game design wise stems from a disconnect between the fact that it’s an MMO meant to be played indefinitely while having content designed to be finished once like in an ordinary game. What ends up happening is all that content ends up getting clogged with system after mechanic after feature and it all feelPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Classic Hardcore is out. Anyone else playing?


Guy undergoes failed blood transfusion gets crazy hallucinations and starts murdering randos and wild animals in southern Britain
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Bloodborne is the ps4's Xenoblade X. It's never getting ported anytime soon.


It will get a remastered on the PS6 that will also come to PC


I want it now


OP here, I think Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne were fromsoftwares most important soulsborne titles: DS2 expanded massively on NG+, QoL features like fast travel, a central hub the player always has access to without the need of features like lord vessels, and play-style diversity; Bloodborne brought in the mechanics that would speed up the combat of souls-borne titles, build a framework for level artists to design interesting, but believable interconnected worlds and provided graphical optimizations to the havoc engine for the developers to massively improve the visuals of their future titles.


Sounds a little bit too realistic for my liking

File: 1692895247652.webm (663.09 KB, 640x472, chudkeyboard.webm)


anyone play Cyberchinlet?


File: 1692895881297.jpg (145.14 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

where can I get this?

File: 1690801435592-0.png (179.37 KB, 967x613, kenshi.png)

File: 1690801435593-1.png (452.04 KB, 1702x1067, daggerfall.png)


Do you advocate for classless societies or do you prefer classes in your games? What about advancing skills/attributes on use vs a point buy system?
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I didn't mean to imply it was new, just something I hadn't considered before.


You can offer rewards other than XP. You can even build-in costs incurred as the flipside of earning XP (like depopulating an area affecting its economy) that automatically rewards the clever solutions in other ways.


File: 1692547206921.png (393.21 KB, 337x500, ClipboardImage.png)

This is what immersive sims do because it doesn't require you to grind enemies to progress and it makes variable playthroughs perfectly viable.


MMOs and RPGs should EITHER prioritize class OR prioritize levelling, rather than prioritizing both. WOW is an example of prioritizing both and what ended up happening is that both the classes and levelling experience suffered because both were intrinsic mechanics of the game. A game like morrowind otoh prioritized levelling and any class you pick at the beginning does nothing but influence your starting skills in certain magic schools or combat skills. A game like tf2 prioritizes class and barely has levelling at all and therefore has great pvp gameplay where strengths and weaknesses are what you need to understand to gain skill as a player.


I’ll expand on this. It’s better any RPG has its progression focus on at most, two connected systems of its progression, because it prevents feature creep and improves accessibility of that game. Like you said, WoW is a fucking monument to what happens if a game dev tries to include every system at once at the same time, the games so over bloated with systems and features tied as core components to its progression that it’s unapproachable for both veterans after a break and new players. Admittedly those systems aren’t hard to learn, but they become a headache to manage mid to late game. Worse having too many systems alienates players from the world they’re in, because they’ll end up spending more time thinking about their build than the time they actually spent playing through the game. Seriously look at how many max level characters wow vets have on their accounts but don’t give two shits about talking to any generic npc about their day, or their experiences with any encounters, dungeons or low level raids. It’s hard to take those kinds of things seriously when your first concern is how long it’s gonna take before you get your next skill points.


During the development of splinter cell and AC unity, Ubisoft was developing their still widely used methods of node based animation. It’s why the games feel so smooth and responsive movement wise to this day, but there’s an issue. Shortly after the conclusion of splinter cell the studio would go onto develop another technology, motion matching. Basically it’s a similar technology to uncharteds physics animation system, but it’s specifically links the movements of an actual person to any character. The difference between it and NDs techniques aren’t huge but it does bring a question. Why exactly does AC mirage and Valhalla not use this tech they just made. Mirage is especially weird for this, the animations are fine but they lack the physics based transitions the team made for splinter cell and previous AC games. I want to feel like this was a deliberate choice for the sake of improving responsiveness to the player, similar to what the studio did by downgrading physics from far cry 2 after the Dunia upgrades. But that still doesn’t explain to me why the animation transitions had to die with those downgrades. Was it budget? Did the team have collision issues with the anime? What happened.


idk about the specific case but animation transitions are kind of controversial because like you said they reduce responsiveness. It adds padding between actions and while it may look more realistic it can be more frustrating to play and make the game feel more sluggish. For a game like assassin's creed that does a lot of acrobatic stealth it's kind of a weird fit.


Maybe it’s not even the movement but the map design itself that causes breaks in the quality of animation transitions. It would be easier for the studio to implement the transitions safely in a game like unity, because it’s map is dense with things to climb on, that makes it less likely for the player to have to make large jumps quickly in order to traverse through it. That’s my guess, maybe they’ll change this when mirage releases


I’ve seen some anons on community forums and mainstream social media sites like Reddit, YouTube or 4chan suggest the story wouldn’t have gotten as much backlash if it started off with Abby and not when players would hate her the most. I don’t believe that’s wrong, but I don’t think the story and the experience would’ve been better as a result.

It was clear on druckmanns end that starting off with Abby right after Jessie gets shot was fully intentional, and was supposed to piss off the player. The entire first half of the game is specifically setup to get you to hate Abby as much as possible, having it suddenly transition to her perspective at such a specific moment would be considered suicidal by any other director if that wasn’t the goal. By having the story start off with Ellie, a character the fan base already connected with and ending off with her resolution with Joel, the story feels more closely connected to her as a character and Abbys impact on her. Letting the game conclude with Ellie stating how she felt about Joel’s actions and then not being able to state what she wanted to do with her relationship with him at the same period when Ellie is moving on with her life past Abby makes it way easier to understand not just why she was so angry, but how she was such in a miserable state of mind well past the death of Joel. It’s not just the fact that Joel died horribly, it’s the fact that he died at a point in her life where she wasn’t able to let him know that she forgave him and wanted to make sure he wasn’t completely abondoned by those that loved him during what were his final days. If the game introduced abbys arc just after that, it wouldn’t have hit right. I wouldn’t have felt as angry, I wouldn’t have as much of an understanding of Ellie as a character, I wouldn’t have been as open to understanding the conditions required for Abby to even go after Joel to start. Obviously the way the game was paced pissed the living shit out of so many players, but I think it was a risk worth taking if it meant getting a new, and in my own opinion, thoughtful and experimental way of concluding a character arc.
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Yeah Bethesda games are pretty bad about this kind of stuff. At best if you are playing a character with Illusion skill you can cast Fear on NPCs and watch them run away or they'll extremely rarely do it when beaten down to an inch, but making an NPC yield unconditionally is pretty much impossible in vanilla at least.
Stealthy pacifist walkthroughs are an option, but like I said it barely affects the storytelling here in any way and it makes the dissonance even more jarring because it still acts out as if you fought your way through. Contrast this for example with Deus Ex, where taking the stealth/pacifist route during levels opened different story paths, affected the dialogue, character disposition etc. If it did affect the storytelling and its outcomes then I would commend it, but as it is the point of the mechanic here in this context falls flat beyond letting you not waste precious resources by avoiding combat.


I feel like the issue extends to how the game was set up. ND did a lot of things with uncharted and the last of us, but one thing that was consistent was how linear their games are. It’s not just the fact that we’re playing a story based game, but a series focusing specifically on one or a few protagonists. Other story based games like dying light, gta, what you mentioned, deus ex, undertale, and more can have branches to their stories, but that only works because their isn’t one character in focus for multiple games. If NDs major entries had that kind of non linearity to their stories to fix the dissonance, it would be a lot harder to write a coherent storyline between games without constant retconning, or plots that converge towards the same outcome regardless of the players actual inputs with slight modifications to dialogue(cough cough telltale)


File: 1692808762112.png (14.83 KB, 770x312, F1kkuobWwAEpfTz.png)

It's funny how the game getting leaked and people seething over Abby completely overshadowed Druckmann writing the story as some allegory to the Israel-Palestine conflict.


>Oh, man, if I could just push a button and kill all these people that committed this horrible act, I would make them feel the same pain that they inflicted on these people.
saying this specifically in reference to Palestinians lynching IDF soldiers is just about peak irony, wow


Imagine if he was referring to the Israelis from a Palestinian perspective

File: 1689271131685.jpg (61.01 KB, 546x438, 1335862847807.jpg)


Babylon's Fall was done dirty.
Friday the 13th isn't anywhere near one of the worst NES games.
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>3 player co-op
Shouldn't it be titled Triple Dragon then? Jokes aside, besides having MTX it sounds like big fun.


that game was fun as fuck. one of the last ones I ever rented back when rental stores were still a thing. I was 12 back then.


File: 1692502703805.jpg (111.4 KB, 258x387, ff.jpg)


Cringe premise, but the gameplay is solid and the soundtrack is good enough that it is reused in the Rise of the Reds to great effect.




I’ve been thinking about the last of us 2, a lot and something stuck out to me for why the game felt so different from so many others; there aren’t any spectacles at all throughout the entire game. For those that didn’t ready debords book, a spectacle is a thing to stare at, a thing to grab your attention. They exist everywhere, as billboard ads, celebrities, online variants of click bait, exaggeration in news headlines etc. Games have them too but they’re designed in a much subtler ways, typically through UI pop ups to reward the player with something they did. Achievements, damage text, shaky cam during action scenes, flashy combat effects, epic music. Tlou2 feels different, outside of a minimalist hud design the gameplay never feels like it’s trying to grab the players attention in anyway, similar to how dark souls 1 makes no attempts to impress the player with anything outside of what exists in the game world. It feels brutal, the music is subtle and is synced with the emotions felt by all characters in it, takedowns and fights aren’t overly flashy or stealthy like in far cry, they’re fast, vicious and filled with flaws. It’s strange for me to play something that makes me feel physically and emotionally exhausted, but I want more spectacle free games like dark souls, far cry 2, tlou2, and more barren in visual and auditory rewards. It makes me feel a lot more connected to the game as a game and helps sympathize with the crushing realities of the characters in them as they grow past their own problems.
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what do you mean the "everything I don't like is spectacle" thread is absurd? he even explained guy debord to you! you have to take the videogame discussion seriously!


TLOU 1 and 2 relies on writing to grab the player. Some people think games should be gameplay first, and they are wrong. I want games to focus on whatever the developers want. There are many "spectacle-free games" but most of them are 2D. Maybe you would like Sekiro.


Pathologic games and Cryostasis: Sleep.of Reason seem like they would be up OP's valley too.


While this is a good prompt for an effortpost, I think you fumbled it by trying to make it fit one paragraph and thus not taking the time to let the ideas cook.


File: 1692542314513.jpg (329.92 KB, 1284x1567, woc9of273ke91.jpg)

Fuck I found out Cryostasis got delisted from both GOG and Steam so here's the torrent:
Pathologic 1 and 2 are available on both, but fuck it, here is the torrents for them too:

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