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>Achieving major growth in the game industry is difficult now for companies that compete primarily in the Japanese market, given its graying demographics.

>In other words, the Japanese market is no longer sufficient for achieving a level of earnings that enables

us to recoup our development investment and generate a profit, and we therefore need to approach our development efforts based on the assumption that we have to succeed in the global market.


Isn't it ironic, vidya kills population growth, then degrowth kills vidya.


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There will be more old people games that is for sure.


Seeing Tomoko happy warms my heart.




>vidya kills population growth


File: 1667166248648.png (482.53 KB, 500x856, ClipboardImage.png)

Anime+vidya, but vidya is an important component.


There are no bad characters in fighting games. All players can win with any character in any game they like and every problem that’s associated with losing in games like tekken and smash to certain characters is all associated with simply bad movement

Except for DBFZ fuck namco for how hilariously broken that game is. At times it’s worse than marvel vs capcom


*laughs in Meta Knight from SMBB*
the reality is every fighting game has a meta. occasionally a character no one plays ends up being good but there's a reason metas are created, because it's an analysis of effort vs reward (i.e. you can try your ass off with a tier c character and do well but if you had been playing a tier s character instead you would have accomplished the same thing even faster and with a higher winrate).


I wouldn’t say that metas matter to a significant extent
Just look at that tekken tournament in Japan shortly after Leroy came out only to have 8 different Leroy “mains” get demolished by Mikio whom was maiming julia
Or how often changes to the meta of games like smash, mortal Kombat, Brawlhalla, and again tekken 7 receive with balance patches whom only like once every few months to years yield genuinely OP characters which makes not choosing a character you just like the moveset of pointless


dan habiki



I just came back from watching a tournament and every single
FUCKING guy that picked ness would literally spam pk fire and thunder and never use any other move. Did any win? Obviously not but the fact that there were that many ness mains that were terminally immune to the concept of a light attack verifies the need for daddy sakurai to come in and just fucking tear those two moves a new asshole if it means giving the mental midgets that play this guy a reason to learn other aspects of the game and not simultaneously losing every match against a elite smash player and piss off and receive death threats from low gsp players looking to just have a fun time when they’re off duty in the real world

holy I haven’t even seen Paul’s death fist spammed endlessly that much


the kids (ness, lucas, etc.) have always been trash in every smash bros. small hitbox means nothing because they have no knockback power. spammable abilities mean nothing when you can dodge them so so easily. if anything they should get hardcore buffs to the pk abilities so they can finally kill players that aren't first time smash players.


Why the fuck would you advocate making spamming. Something anyone can do even more rewarding than it already is you stupid fuck


The same reason you keep spamming the board with your inane views on fighting games instead of using the fucking fighting game thread you stupid fuck.


Eh fair


generalfag crybaby

File: 1666691832269.jpg (50.54 KB, 750x963, Oh, brüder.jpg)


Yanqui has stopped pretending now; can't wait to assassinate Putin in the next installment

Also thread for MW2 or something idk
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Even in the escapist part Castro still wins


Nothing surprises me after MW claimed Russia bombed Highway 80.


File: 1666973753082.mp4 (2.29 MB, 1280x720, fideldodgin.mp4)


it's over for ciacels


artistic liberties chvd. don't question it

File: 1666237688980.jpg (152.12 KB, 1080x649, mmexport1666015764496.jpg)


Games on Mobile phones should be banned. phones are addictive tracking devices meant to divorce you from meaningful social interaction. those who play mobile games should be bullied relentlessly
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I will end you!


File: 1666347575830.jpg (15.76 KB, 320x240, 1274182907.jpg)

the best mobile game behold




"Play Monument Valley" he says, drool slipping from his lip into the graveyard of his stubble. The same graveyard of the thousand other now dried globlets that rest there on his unwashed face.
By the time he found the picture for his post, his mind was already flittering, rebelling against the lack of something to settle his mind. The Celltweaker nervously hits post and returns to the comforting numbness of the glowing spectacle. He sighs, it hurt to be away for so long but he had to defend his precious drug. His precious screen.


Yet you have a screen too. Curious.


This has nothing to do with CDPR, new information thanks to upper echelons games has published that QA testing was outsourced to a shoddy company CDPR worked with when releasing the Witcher 3, in it due to company quotas at that outsourced companies led to constant letters of non game breaking bugs given to developers rather than important notices like the performance issues and constant problems with physics breaking down.
This is the fault of CDPR for not downscaling the game pre releaee, you see most video games made by major titles are created for consoles and scaled up for PCs as that’s the most popular form of hardware used for gaming. Given CDPRs history it wasn’t surprising knowing cyberpunk was made for PCs and then downscaled for consoles, and this reality shows when you consider the promotional material Nvdia showcased for this game. Unsurprisingly things like LODs, enclosed spaces for cheap entity culling, reducing asset counts to save frames, storage of mesh data into arrays so assets sharing textures/geometry don’t load them independently screwing over PCs, pre fetching for pre generation or emergent events, cpu cache instancing for things like mobs, multi threading, simplified geometry on all 3d meshes especially static buildings etc all weren’t considered before release

>why the worlds empty

This is an easy answer, the design and writing team wasn’t confident on what they wanted in the game and hence shitloads of time was wasted creating and then deleting assets due to random changes in design and scheduling meaning just like anthem and andromeda the game was a management clusterfuck to develop
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File: 1666800315803.jpg (12.42 KB, 225x225, 1603037198007.jpg)

So I finally got to reading cyberpunk 2020 (the rpg core rulebook). I always wrote the system off because I never liked that it took the name of the genre as its own, but I held my nose and dived right in.

And holy shit it is super 90s but in a good way. Its dated for sure and it is saturated in edgy ham (which I kind of find wholesome tbh). Its cheesy, but the kind of 90s cheese that was always raunchy and entertaining.

Now this brings me to my second realization while reading the rules and drinking in the setting.

CDPR truly squandered the potential for a deep and amazing rpg game to made from this system. The system is based almost entirely on skills and a character's statistics (attributes if compared to d&d) that could have been transferred easily into video game form. It reminds me a lot of Elder Scrolls games (Morrowind/Oblivion) in that regard without the choice of classes at character creation.

It could have been like Morrowind but cyberpunk and actually good combat. The power curve of CP2020 seems very similar to that of Morrowind. Players start off weak (or if they know what they are doing in character creation overpowered), combat is always deadly, and eventually players can break the game and become walking (cybernetic) gods. This might seem like a nightmare of balance on the tabletop, but in a singleplayer rpg it would have been awesome as fuck. If CDPR would have just stuck to the cheese (ie not turning Silverhand into a depressed mary stu and stuck to the corny madlad who got Gatling gunned in half by a punk Adam Smasher) of the setting and the expansive unbalanced fun of the core rules CP2077 would have been one of the best albeit still janky games of the decade.


>wanting another morrowind
Just fucking no you rose tinted eyes maniac. The first time I touched that game I got a headache and refuse to play it ever again regardless of the cool shit it had like levitation spells and throwable weapons
You know why? Because all the obnoxious progression systems tied to jack shit every component made balancing the game for bethesdas developers fucking impossible and it shows ingame. Morrowind is fucking broken and buggy to the core and there isn’t a single component of the game that isn’t constantly reminding you of this shit and how much more fun it would be if the RNG tied to fucking everything along with the hysterically easy to break meta was patched out.


Unless your playing morrowind for the story, role playing aspects and couldn’t give less of a flying shit about the gameplay go have fun it’s fun to play if that’s what you want


File: 1666807633816.png (172.29 KB, 400x405, 1606874733935.png)

>Just fucking no you rose tinted eyes maniac.
Bruh, I first played Morrowind on the og xbox and died to a kwama forager and got confused as to why I died looking at this barking worm thing and then rage quit because waiting five minutes for the game to load on the xbox was annoying to my preteen brain. There are no rose tinted glasses here.

What I did do a year back was finally sit down and play the game with the intent on actually learning its systems and what I found was something awesome. I literally made another character to see if ranged/steatlh build was shit like ppl always said. It was annoying at first, but by level 13 my character was a goddamn ninja who could jump twenty feet in the air, owned a demon dagger that gave them an unbreakable daedric dagger, could merc ppl yards away with explosive arrows, was so fast that they could stunlock most enemies before they could ready a weapon, and who had already assassinated some of the most powerful beings in world just because they could.

Now imagine an un-fucked version of Cyberpunk 2077 where you could do the futuristic version of what I described above. A cyber ninja solo with a fuck ton of augmentations and cyberware that
allows them to kill some of the most influential/powerful figures in NC (with a robust faction system to boot). Sure it you could kind of do that in CP2077 (to mindless gangers) but enemies are just bullet sponges and there is no depth to anything and loot is scaled so there is no sense of progression. You have a predefined character with 3 predefined roles with no weight on anything tangible besides lore dumps. You can't make yourself look like a cybered up monstrosity or roleplay as a master hacker. There's no Net which is funny because Netrunning makes up a large portion of the tabletop rules and could very much be its own game.

Another thing that is ironic about how CDPR adapted the setting is that the whole fucking back story of the vidya is literally a rip of the example adventure from the rule book, which does not feel like a homage but rather a lazy rehashing because the depth of what the designers and writers did was just a glance through the main rulebook and some source books and was like "oh you know that example adventure thats just to help players see how a game of CP2020 runs? lets just have the playPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I hate to tell you this but you are gay


I can't stop
I'm still in the game watching, how many more of these are, I'm a completionist

Im sure there's a reward in the end
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I think that was it. Thank you for reminding me (and sharing your opinion as well ^^)


File: 1666778131558-0.png (734.5 KB, 1281x800, Screenshot (50).png)

File: 1666778131558-1.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1028, Screenshot (51).png)

can someone explain why yuzu is that double lined and has edges and missing textures while ryjunix is smooth as fuck?


>we can't remember the last time we ate meat and she doesn't remember how many carriages she owns

do you think that was a real line, did they have a war crime type, judging council after the revolution for the royals?


you have an AMD gpu ? you need to swap to vulcan if so or you're going to have fucked textures.
If not,no idea.


I mean,the council actually existed yes,as if it's a real line,I dunno,I'm not an historian of the revolution.


This game was amazing, especially it's story. Its story really made me think about the state of the world today and the importance of removing "red tape" because there are people out there truly looking to destroy our democracy.
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*Raven, not Sledgehammer sorry.


I forgive you, sweet child.


benis :DDD


I genuinely though this shit wasn’t satire up until I read the second half of your post
God damb activision fans are so retarded these days you’ll believe they genuinely mean anything positive about that shitstain of a company


I heard activision has bush admin people on their suite of ceos and it's important for them to launder their action and militancy though games like these


Literally how tf did the game die so fucking quickly???
It’s not even like a failed AAA release or anything. It just came out and died instantly just like that…
For reference here’s cyberpunk and fo76 to realize how fucking extreme of a drop that is
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Think he meant for this game specifically since it's more of a kids' game


oh yeah ok


Hacked Consoles and low budget pcs are the people's platforms


Update It’s dead
Like nearly all there players are gone kind of dead


Pic rel

File: 1666594554932.jpg (151.72 KB, 1080x1440, gabe.jpg)


How private is Steam really? I've got an old account I haven't touched in ages and was wondering if I should go back to it or just make a new account clean of any old data about myself.
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If OP charged their Steam wallet then chances are they also had to give personal identifying information like real name, address, phone number…


you can use a prepaid credit card and fake address although idk if they changed it
t. did exactly that years ago


>datamining is le bad because it just is ok…


Who are you quoting


They do it as much as anybody else so I encourage you not to

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