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File: 1611449908659.jpg (82.92 KB, 600x800, 614.jpg)


>Assault Android Cactus
>Geometry Wars 3
>Race the Sun
>Hotline Miami 1+2 (especially 2)
>Katana Zero
>Fury Unleashed
>The Messenger
>Blue Revolver
>Fight 'N Rage
>Return of Obra Dinn
>This is the Police
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>literally the worst trends to ever take over indie games
What are some of the best trends then?


>anything on that list


I used to play it when I was a child, what's wrong with it?
>>Hotline Miami 1+2 (especially 2)
I agree the fandom is shit, but the game is actually funny
>>Don't Starve
My grandma loves this game, I don't see the problem with it tho, just seems boring to me

>and thinks Hotline Miami is the most deep game ever made
Who thinks that? The only reason I ever played this game is because it has gore and nice music. People who think games are deep are cringe anyway.


hey fuck you n++ is god tier




Are you buying/pirating the replicant remaster?anarcho-nihilismAnarcho-Nihilism
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Oh. It looks way better in the new shots to me. You can say it's generic I guess sure but it's a JRPG, so, yeah. Also Oblivion was ugly as sin and we all know it, come on now.



>mobile trash
What the hell do you think it's going to be?


I was afraid it would be gacha trash, but the wikimemeia says it's a plot based rpg


Yes, on a fucking phone. So, shit.

File: 1611001320285-0.jpg (1.56 MB, 1751x2500, matrixukrainemap.jpg)

File: 1611001320285-1.jpg (3.15 MB, 3508x4961, matrixlasgahpolmap.jpg)


This seems like a good topic for a /leftypol/ gaming thread since it is both autistic gaming discussion and actually has potential for a leftist development of strategy.

Maybe this would ideally be better suited for /hobby/ but as long as /games/ is more active seems sensible to just post anything related to games in any form here, like the chess thread or other tabletop.

I've recently been interested in the kind of "wargames" (broadly meaning military/political/strategic/policy simulation) that militaries, intelligence agencies, and consultant groups use to strategize and troubleshoot their plans. Personally this is interesting as far as I enjoy playing and designing strategy games. More generally, this seems like a good investment of time for leftists who are nerds who enjoy this shit anyway because it is a way to attempt to apply "gaming" to actual strategic considerations.

The best publicly available version of this I've seen that is also utilized by the aforementioned groups is Matrix Games, which is a very rules-lite and scaleable model that tries to remove constraining gameplay meta in favor of players debating what is within reason and what is not. Whether this makes for the most "fun" gameplay possible is besides the point, because the idea is to use the tabletop wargame format to explore the widest range of strategic possibilities, and establishing in-game advantages and victories based on serious discussion of what would be concievable under the given circumstances seems to be a good way to encourage thinking outside the box and considering various angles.


Some abbreviated info from the website:

<What are Matrix Games?

>Matrix games are different to normal Wargames and Role-Playing games. In a these games you compare lists of statistics and peer at complicated books of rules containing someone else's idea about what things are important, before rolling a dice. It takes a long time and can be very difficult to explain to a newcomer. Instead, in a Matrix Game you simply use words to describe why something should happen, the Umpire decides how likely it is, and you roll a dice. If you can say "This happens, for the following reasons…" you can play a Matrix Game.
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Bumping for interest, did you continue to research the subject OP? I think we could open up a chat group to organize such games and find participants


Not really, I tried to get some of my friends interested and no one was lol. I would definitely be interested in organizing a discord or something for this purpose.


This sounds awesome OP, I wanna try this. Post a link if you end up making a discord or matrix room


Maybe I will do just a test game sometime with a few people and a simple scenario just to see what it's like.


Some games can necessitate a dozen of people to be run (like Hedgemony by RAND, it looks awesome but it's fucking $250), so we have to find a small scenario to start things off, fatigue and laziness can quickly overwhelm people who plays online games and they might stop altogether.
If the game necessitate a game master of some sort I volunteer to be one.
My discord is ComradeMielke#7849, you can add me so we can discuss the details here and actually start preparing the game.

If anyone is interested in joining the game contact me through discord so I'll automatically add you to the game's server once we start.

File: 1610952434894.jpg (290.76 KB, 900x1200, lmh4uvs7ciw31.jpg)


What's your opinion on this man and his work?
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I like Kojima because he's uninhibited and slightly mad and that makes for unique and inventive experiences, if not particularly coherent ones.
I haven't played Death Stranding yet but if anyone could get me to play a game about literally just walking it's him, because he's bound to throw unexpected things your way.


Like what? Fun???

I'd seriously recommend giving it a try, even if you just grab it from redbox for a weekend or something. Play it online if possible.

||I hope you like monster energy drink||


>Like what? Fun???
>boring, inconsequential open world?
>half assed voice acting?
>shitty hipster music?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play mgs3 just one more time


>half assed voice acting
What do you mean by that exactly?


File: 1611687763348.png (269.16 KB, 800x703, IMG_2731.png)

I will never buy another Open World game in my lifetime


A game music thread with a twist. It occurs to me that I don't encounter music like this too often in games, but it's really cool when it's done well. Looking for vidya music that creates a sense of dread and uneasiness, that stresses the player out and adds to the tenseness of a particular level or area in which it plays.
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One more for good measure




doesn't all music have a combination of consonance and dissonance?


File: 1610673119125.jpg (164.79 KB, 1280x720, ps.jpg)


Immersive WWII squad combat simulator. 80 people on a server, 40 a side, although they are talking about expanding it to a 100. There's no ranks, skins, microtransactions, or any of that bullshit. At the end of the game you just see your own stats, and four MVPs and that's it. Onto the next one. It's exciting as fuck and if you're not careful it eats your time. It is made with the Unreal engine and I am told it is very similar to Squad, which I haven't played.

The game has several game modes, but the most popular one is offensive. Where you capture enemy objectives by taking over the point. The maps and locations are as true to history as they can be, they re-created the locations from maps, aerial photos from the time, stuff like that. Weapons available are the ones available to that side at that battle. And yes, there are tanks. You can play as the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, US airborne, British airborne or French infantry (in 1940 iirc).

It's a real team game and communication and cooperation are necessary. You have a squad leader who commands his squad of 9 people, who can be riflemen, medic, light and heavy machine gunner, mortar, AT, sapper, radio, with the special classes divided among the squads. There are also armored squads, for driving tanks, because you need 2-3 people to operate a tank. There are also logistic squads, who have to set up forward operating bases, vehicle repair stations, supply stations, defenses, mortars, etc. The maps are huge, and you get a sense of a battle on a large scale.

Only downside is that the team developing it said they don't have enough money to add the Eastern Front battles to the game. But they have had modding only since December 2020, so probably in the future we can expect that someone will make some Eastern Front maps.

Do any of you play? I think it would be cool to get a leftist clan going in this game.
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havent played it but i love Squad, ive heard PS and Beyond The Wire are pretty barebones and underdeveloped at this point


Wrong, it's the best setting.
It may have some bugs, but PS is a fully functional game. They've only had modding for two months, so expect other maps, units and battles in a bit, someone already made a new map/battle and added it to the workshop.


BF2 still has an active playerbase with BF2HUB. We definitely should organise something, or at least have a weekly gaming session.


>It may have some bugs, but PS is a fully functional game. They've only had modding for two months, so expect other maps, units and battles in a bit, someone already made a new map/battle and added it to the workshop.

oh ok thats good to know, how does it compare to Hell Let Loose?

really my biggest (admittedly very autistic) issue with it is that its only the western front, pretty unforgivable sin imo for any ww2 game billing itself as in any way more authentic to focus so much on american infantry in europe. red orchestra had it right to make europe USSR vs Nazi and save the americans for the pacific in the first Rising Storm, which was the far more interesting american part of the war anyway

also i just hate playing as nazis, a bit petty considering i dont mind playing as like the US in Squad but w/e


btw, does anyone on here play Squad? should i make a new thread for it? would be nice to fill out a squad with some /leftypol/ lads


Not a thread about a specific game as such but more a general concept - After Action Reports don't have a definite origin but they were popularized heavily by turn-based grand strategy games like the old Total War games, Civilization, some RTS games like Command and Conquer, and many tabletop games like Warhammer 40k.

The general premise is that you take the game session you played and turn it into a narrative experience meant to be read by people who hadn't experienced the campaign - stylized like a military document of sorts meant to relay the events during towards higher ups. However for this thread I think the definition should be expanded a bit to more encompass just any narrative retelling of a game experience, either single or multi-parted for any game that you think can manage it.
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Huh, Zomboid is 3d now?


yeah the beta build has almost everything 3D modeled now


File: 1610790482348-0.png (458.34 KB, 1178x640, 2021،01،16-12:25:32.png)

File: 1610790482348-1.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, cooking.png)

File: 1610790482348-3.png (1004.73 KB, 1920x1080, 2021،01،16-11:45:44.png)

File: 1610790482348-4.png (832.48 KB, 1920x1080, 2021،01،16-11:46:44.png)

Agent Karl Survival Diary: Night #XX0

I went to loot a gas station known as the bone yard. As I walked in the hotel in search of food and supplies. I saw a graffiti saying "You're are in red territory". I stepped into the hotel. Slowly making my way in, so not alert anyone. As I searched through the rooms of the hotel, I saw a dead scavenger's corpse that is still warm. Someone killed him and they are not far away. I made my way through the dark alleyways of the hotel fighting mutated humans that throw acidic secretions, and mutated hounds.

After scavenging the whole hotel I decided to leave it and see if the restaurant still got some food in it. I jumped from the window of the hotel. Unfortunately there was a group of mutants guarding the front of the restaurant. After a nearing death several times, I finally made my way to the restaurant. It was mostly empty. I found two dead soldiers in the restaurant and a human head in a boiling pot.

Before leaving the gas station, I went to see the grocery store. It was locked. I went to search for a way to open the grocery store's door, I decided to double check the restaurant and saw a garage door leading to the back of the restaurant. After going through the door and exploring the closed area behind the restaurant, a group of mutants came out of no where. Fortunately I survived and found the card for the grocery store as well.

I went to open the doors of the grocery store and found the group of scavengers. Possibly the "red"s. After a fearsome fight, I was able to beat them. Turns out they were protecting a booze factory. I blew up the booze factory and opened a way for me to escape. There's no reason to stay here anymore.ak-47AK-47


what kind of total conversion is that btw?


Hideous destructor with Ashes 2063 sterilized. Along other mods like Ugly as sin for hunger and flashlights.ak-47AK-47

File: 1609983766058.png (85.44 KB, 698x656, cata-01.png)


Hi /games/. I'm looking for a few volunteers to create a leftist post-apocalyptic community in C:DDA both to discount the Hobbesian idea of war of all against all and show that humans are communal creatures as well as showcasing leftist ideas to a large, international group of gamers.

No Technological Experience or Knowledge is required, mostly just an active imagination, possibly some writing and an interest in having real leftist examples in video games.

If you do not currently play c:dda but would like to understand the other factions that currently exist in the game, read:

It's important to mention that the two currently most developed factions are a capitalist one which broadly speaking are free market capitalists, with some just wanting to make money whilst others are pure 'right libertarian' ideologues. The second being a faction which is the remnants of the old american state and seeks to unite the US back into the old USA. Patriots, Generals, beurocrtats, basically govt people and there patriot supporters.. rumored to have a good portion of the US fleet still active and just off-shore of somewhere preparing for a ground offensive.
These two groups are allies. This is significant as it allows for conflict with leftist organization and as we know Conflict Drives Plot.

Let's Get Shit Done, anons!ak-47AK-47
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File: 1610136653062.gif (195.87 KB, 1209x734, commune-jobs-2.gif)

>What sort of game is this? Is it even fun?
Survival. Zombe Survival specifically but it is he most intricate Survival game that exists even f you turn zombies off. guarantee you could not name a more intricate, 'realistic' one.

>I started a few CDDA games, but either did not get out of the starting location or starved/was poisoned, because of the lack of reliable food sources.
You will die a lot. ths is part of the experence. every death is avoidable and you will learn with each one. Find a building to use as a HQ and run expeditions from at night to get food and supllies.

>hey will probably object strongly to any kind of straight-out revolutionary factions.

We could get away with some kind of syndicalist faction though.
Revolution s uncessary because the old orld has been destroyed. Now it s just a matter of building a community (i have an idea for them to start in a church or school, they were using it to have there reading group when it all went down.)

With regards to your other stuff i was thinking they'd start in a building just on the edge of the city but is stlll urban. This gives them some reason to want to try to agitate in the Tacoma Commune so they can take over a rural, working commune and will in the larget context create conflct with the Free Traders Captalist Faction and Old Guard faction which i imagine to be guided by a kind of neo-American Exceptionalism.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>the old orld has been destroyed
The relations of the pre-Cataclysm USA are mostly destroyed.
Through the strong focus on defense against the zombie hordes, relations above communal level will probably stagnate for the first few years.
However this does not spell out the end of classes.

Because of the sudden nature of the Cataclysm, the starting factions will for the most part be influenced by their former class, as you already took into account.
Therefore we need to carefully weigh the desire of the factions clinging to their former self interests against the emerging material conditions.

>Undo the Cataclysm, or failing that, re-establish civilization under the Old Guard’s control.

>The Old Guard claims to be the remnants of the US Federal government, with an armada of ships in the Atlantic Ocean and a few walled off cities near the coast.
<The established conflict of the Old Guard is predominantly concerned with the administrative question of balancing military presence and living conditions in newformed settlements.
<The Old Guard is probably aware of the large growth potential of their relatively save communities at the coast, so will they be able to regain farmland and resources inland, or will they focus on aquaculture and send missions to overseas?
<Their need of overseas expedition may depend on the success of the Free Traders with stabilizing trading relations and projects like the Tacoma Commune.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1610886271362.jpg (263.92 KB, 1396x1250, Hotwheels.jpg)

I'm thinking of making a tutorial video for newfriends to better get into this game. Any ideas on how I should structure this? Never done any videos before.
I'm thinking an edited video of the first few days where I explain what is needed to craft the most basic stuff, how to gather supplies etc.


I would structure it as a kind of "what to do in the first few days" thing where it is more a loose set of recommendations you can give which will maximize their chances of survival in all situations. stuff like what skills to raise quickly, what they can do to grind them, good starter weapons, how to use the terrain when fighting towards your advantage, recommended early armor, encumbrance and warmth and how to manage it, ect.


Straight up unnecessary.
Instead make a fun video showcasing all the wacky shit you ran into. Then start that video with a brief explanation of how to get the game, and how it works.
You get more eyeballs pointing your way and it's a more entertaining video besides.

File: 1609655747340.jpeg (239.7 KB, 1280x720, farming.jpeg)


Hello comrades, I've been playing the Harvest Moon/ Rune Factory/ Story of Seasons series for a long time, is Farming Simulator worth it? Is it relaxing and tranquil? Or is it too realistic and a desperate push to break even?

Other sims allowed in this thread too, flight sims, goat sims, whatever.


The Harvest Moon series is best described as a sort of social life RPG. It's a big mistake to group it in with sims, which don't even making any real attempt to be games.

File: 1609575126817.png (145.37 KB, 1038x584, Ec5YYs0WoAAF9Pe.png)


Valve Index: One Year Later
Around when do you believe these will price drop to the more reasonable 200 dollar range?caCanadien


Can I get a little more context on your link OP before spending 30 minutes increasing the video hit count for a shit eating e-celeb?


That's not an e-celeb. Its what it says on the tin: Review of the Valve Index after a year of usage

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