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im actually impressed they managed to wring out an entire souls knock off game from the story of pinocchio, thats a testament to korean innovation. americans wouldve simply turned "sexy final fantasy pinocchio" into a series of YA airport novels
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>meme arrow channer
yawn. get new material


File: 1698250126679.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 586.45 KB, 1920x2880, f8a5fe3d7cbaa4b6a5b0bee9c….jpeg)

I want to hug him.


the quality of the replies match the OP


The story sucks fat ass tho


It sounds like the type of game where sex with femboys outweighs the significance of the plot
Based but i bet there will be dlc if its popular enough that fixes shit


Post game animations, both official and fan made
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when I was a kid I used to love this game too, something about the idea of a titanic struggle for survival on a dying earth. Like in most wars it's just bourgeois power struggles but in BF2142 there is apparently literally not enough resources for everyone to survive, so the european union and the pan-asian coalition have a desperate struggle to occupy the temperate zones so they can grow food. I always used to stan for the Europeans as a kid but they've truly shown themselves to be only American shills now so I guess today I would sympathize more with PAC. The Euro uniforms are still cooler though.


Speaking of Euro stanning I always sided with the EU in Endwar. (skip to 1:10 in the video) They were the only faction that wasn't responsible for starting the war and just got dogpiled by the Americans and Russians, again when I was a kid I hoped that Europe could stand up and shake off the shackles of American domination and unite into a superbloc, I guess that isn't going to happen though, alas




cinematic from one of my childhood games

File: 1697895589876.png (18.84 KB, 640x400, gta.png)


How the fuck were you supposed to aim in this game?


move your character in the direction you want to aim and press the fire button


what are the chain gangs chanting


It's a recording of a real Hare Krishna chant but I can't make out the words.


File: 1697174813090.jpeg (424.55 KB, 828x594, IMG_0371.jpeg)


I’m going through part 1 again and there are several sections of the game that are almost cringeworthy in terms of writing that feel even more forced than what I got from part 2. Like the Pittsburg sequence that sees Henry and Sam randomly killed off because the writers didn’t know what to do with their characters beyond being helpers for Joel and Ellie, or the fact that the hunters don’t exist as anything more than mindless henchmen for something I guess. Marlene being a dick and not telling Joel anything about what could happen to Ellie, Joel pointing a gun at Henry and refusing to calm down even with the awareness that he and his brother went out of their way to keep him and Ellie from drowning, the fact that Joel’s relationship with Ellie goes from completely hostile to caring during the bills town segment with little transition etc. like fuck I can get some people not being able to handle Joel’s death, or part 2 in general feeling way more emotionally draining but I didn’t encounter anywhere near the same amount of disbelief from the kind of things that happened in part 2 as I did in part 1.

I’m guessing it’s due to screenwriters getting more experience in the sequel because holy fuck, there’s a lot of segments in the first game where it’s obvious that the leading protagonists are untouchable to the point where several sections of the game play out like what you’d find in an uncharted level or left 4 dead. Examples include the horde shootout in bills town, Joel firing a sniper in the suburbs against the hunters with infinite ammo, Joel and Ellie surviving jumping off a bridge with no immediate injury, the opening chase sequence with FEDRA officers surrounding Tess, Joel and Ellie, or just the side character deaths that often feel completely random like Sam dying to some random runner in seconds after outrunning a tank over several days.

I get shit like this was in part 2 like what happened in hillcrest, or Joel being a fucking idiot by letting someone he just met follow him in an abondoned house, but fuck it didn’t happen anywhere near at the same rate as much as it did in part 1 to the point where it became distracting to the games overall tone and pacing for me.
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ay what the fuck


tbf killing the one person with immunity is a stupid plan


Do they ever say explicitly that they will definitely develop a cure from her brain if they kill her? It's been a while since I played and I don't recall if it was a "her brain is the last piece to the puzzle" or "we kinda maybe think we can hopefully probably develop a cure if we kill her" sort of thing.

I'd probably be more sympathetic to the not killing her option if she was at least planning on having kids and possibly passing on her immunity but by making her a lesbian(?) that kind of seems unlikely.


Anon it was established In the game itself that Ellie isn’t a special case and that the fireflies have failed to produce a cure, this doesn’t necessarily mean all of their previous subjects died, only some but this does mean that it’s uncertain whether or not Ellie would’ve been a breakthrough. This also means Joel’s decision to not just recapture Ellie but inflict enough harm on the fireflies to end them directly fucked over a lot of people even if his initial intentions where in good nature for Ellie’s safety.

This is what fucks people over when they think about Joel’s decisions. He’s hurt a lot of people including those he loved and the final decisions he made in the final game that exist as expressions of what he’s like put a lot of people who were already questioning his nature as a person to fully evaluate what they thought of him by the ending. If you hated the guy at the start you would’ve been indifferent to his death by Abby for everything he did up to the end of part one, similarly if you thought he had a chance to improve with new people and prevent sliding into his own isolation alongside madness, knowing how his death was left off before he was given a chance to repair his relationship with Ellie was painful. Personally I don’t think much of him beyond what he’s like, he’s violent lonely and empathetic, he makes a lot of irrational decisions and pushes a lot of people he likes away from him because of it but brings a lot of people together. It was sad knowing how he passed for me but ultimately I can understand it was something that was inevitable to his character being he never fully grew out of the shell he was back in Boston regardless of his attempts.


I'm not saying that Joel was a hero or something, just that the writing is a mess and potentially killing a test subject who you could study in a lot more depth is a bad idea. It feels like a lazy attempt to shoehorn nuance into the situation. If they really wanted to make out Joel to be in the wrong they should have just had him "rescue" her from being a test subject in general, killing people in the process instead of making them out to be sketchy and probably bad scientists.

File: 1692871417336.png (302.33 KB, 480x338, ClipboardImage.png)


I like how these two characters reflected each other. I like how sad Dros is when he finds out that Rene died and that he'll never have a chance to shoot Rene
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The answer is that the militant union are the real movement that are actually doing something, as opposed to "ideologically pure" communist students reading shit theory.

The joke is at the expense of every dumb asshole passing judgements on others not being communist enough.


I fail to see people like Evrart in real life though lol.


The game goes further than that. The ideologically pure wafflers are very much embodied by Joyce. The game, in turn, is smart enough to recognize that there is an opposite side to that and that's Evrart and his gluttony.
You are right though, the thing everyone inside and outside the game misses - even, if not especially, Dros - is that the real movement is happening right under their noses. Just like in real life.


File: 1697625940915-0.png (573.38 KB, 811x549, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1697625940915-1.png (1.36 MB, 1620x1801, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1697625940915-2.png (284 KB, 557x262, ClipboardImage.png)

Some gemmies from our sister site.


File: 1697659539228.webm (5.69 MB, 640x360, 1684878105205.webm)

File: 1693097029577.jpg (19.32 KB, 400x400, chihuahua pikachu.jpg)


are you legitimately good at any game? The only games I'm actually good at are Tetris Attack and Pokémon Puzzle League. I love racing games and strategy shooters, but I'm probably below average at those even though I have thousands of hours playing these games.
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I suck at video games.
If grinding counts then I grinded a few of the rarest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. For about three or four months when I wasn't working I was at home waiting for these world bosses to spawn, and I had to kill thousands for the achievements. I am not proud of it.


I have 900 hours in TF2 and the best I can say is that I play a mediocre Scout. Even with MGE practice I just have no talent.


I used to be really good at ddr


>Skeletron Prime ended up being a royal pain
That's odd. I always felt the fight was rather easy, unless you didn't beat the Destroyer first.

File: 1694652984287.png (263.97 KB, 575x751, 907588_1694611129109.png)


How do you guys feel about Unity planning to murder the indie games market and Genshin for profit
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ok fanartist


>posting like your average chantard
The one I neglected to address didn't seem to have a core to address to.
>Treating your job as an identity
Artist is a descriptor for someone who makes art, you're projecting you own discontent with your own consumed identity trying to frame it as such.
AI art that has fruit, as you put it, is when the artist behind it sees it as the best tool for what they wanted to make. It is a form of procedural art, not "the big evil robot that justifies me asking for lower commission prices from those making art by higher precision means"
>Most of them are liberals
Unmeasurable statistical assertion founded on vibes. Most of them are educated or have peers who are, leading to anti-status quo leftist politics.
>Feel free to prove otherwise without handwaving it with "SEO", because being an artist isn't some mystical essence, anybody can be one.
Just look at conventional online artist spaces, liberal and conservative artists are clearly a niche in a bubble from the rest, I never denied their existance. They are more hireable for making corpo stuff though.
>AI art won't replace artists because everyone using it is an artist
When used for artistic purposes rather than marketing purposes, where the "AI vs. Artist" ramble stems from.
>special (derogatory)
Man, it's been a while since I've heard this one.
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And what's wrong with that?


>Treating your job as an identity is dumb capitalist bullshit
>being a liberal is leftist
Nobody tell 'em.

You also missed the other posters implicit point that AI will make it easier for others to become "artists". They only added the critical note that being an artist is more than just generating an image. They didn't even specify if that takes more than curation, just that it requires "specificity".
Instead of assuming an aloof, but unnecessary, meta perspective, first actually engage with a text on its face. Top psued.



File: 1697221587000.jpeg (245.64 KB, 828x546, IMG_0379.jpeg)


I think this image is the best way to describe how I felt about anthem compared to how I felt about cyberpunk. Most games with terrible releases typically have absolutely nothing going for them and cyberpunk on release wasn’t different as it offered nothing new. Anthem actually had the foundations of a genuinely original gameplay experience that could’ve brought a lot to modern gaming but never got anywhere due to a mix of issues from Casey Hudson’s departure from the studio and EA just being awful and it hurts. I didn’t feel that kind of pain from cyberpunk flopping and taking ages to become mediocre. It hurts more seeing cyberpunk fans call this game good now even though it’s a far cry away from being anywhere original, revolutionary or important to AAA gaming as a whole. How long is it gonna be before we get a major game from a big studio with a lot of resources that actually tries something that hasn’t been done before? Like fuck I can still remember seeing the star field teaser in 18’ and hoping it wouldn’t just turn out like any generic Bethesda title and here we are.


I only pirated and finished Cyberpunk recently, after the release of the DLC. It's a decent game, but the only great parts of it are the graphics and the atmosphere. Everything else ranges from mediocre to slightly above average.


And that’s my problem with the game, false advertising. Cyberpunk even by its gameplay teasers was no where near revolutionary, partly for being a first person game but more importantly its setup wasn’t unique. It’s basically futuristic vice city with light rpg elements. For a game like anthem I can’t equate it to anything but can respect the concept. It just doesn’t hit right for a game like anthem to fail but cyberpunk to financially succeed years after launch with an active fan base.

It really is like sitting in a finished rocket only to realize it will never take off :(


>a major game from a big studio with a lot of resources that actually tries something that hasn’t been done before?
Never. These businesses aren't dumping in money on the unknown when making a game in a popular template with a different skin or a remake is consistently brings in millions.


bro can you stop making topics about your random thoughts and just keep them in one topic??? you keep bumping stuff off the board

File: 1696987033037.png (114.96 KB, 256x256, ronaldo lysenko.png)


where the fuck do i download the 1.13 update for hoi4 im not buying it and i want to crack it nobody has it yet someone help me out give it to me for free



https://rutracker.org has been my go-to torrent site for some time.

File: 1696965679410.png (105.42 KB, 196x261, ClipboardImage.png)


>clantag HAMA not allowed: Profanity filter
Does anyone play warzone 2? I like it is a low skill level entry.
Any ps4 bros wanna play together?


try HMAS

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