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A thread where you can describe what are you looking for and others give you recommendations, or just recommend an interesting game you found.
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The translation is poor. There aren't many errors, but you can tell it was made by ESL's. It got way too annoying for me.


Seems to play out like a modern version of Die By The Sword.
Janky fun :D


Exanima is similar


Got any recommendations for RPG games heavy on NPC interactions? Im fine even if that interaction is mostly violent, as long as it is contextualized (i.e. faction A sends you to take out faction B), rather than just crawling thought dungeons beating throngs of mooks. You know, something like Bloodlines, Fallout 2, Planescape, that sort of vibe.


lol I love how jank the inverse kinematics are

File: 1703803452772.gif (9.2 MB, 498x498, sus hamster.gif)


PLEASE recommend me GREAT, FUN games that i can play on: a kinda weak notebook which is able to run AT BEST ps3 x360 gen games reasonably well; can play ps1/n64 emulators perfectly; can play SOME games on ps2/gamecube emulators

thanks in advance ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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>>32806 finished eversion and rly liked it! a bit janky, the platforming, but it's very cool
>>32865 really enjoying nuclear throne, it's cocaine! thank you :3
>>32874 i'm more of a clone hero kind of guy but thx

>>32807 still h
>>32875 aven't p
>>32838 layed a
>>32827 ny of the
>>32826 se ga
>>32824 mes b
>>32816 ut th
ank you xoxoxo


Mount and blade warband
Flatout 2
Mirrors edge
Ridge racer type 4
Deus ex


Spore maybe


Dominions 6


File: 1704952953655.jpg (216.7 KB, 1440x1176, IMG_20240111_005835.jpg)


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These actors are now capitalists. They suck from dead labor


Burger "unions", not even once..The culture industry ones I heard even got bosses and shit, cannot expect much from them in particular but backstabbing their own members.
In the light of recent writers' guild and actor strikes, the film industry is now going in the direction of reducing labour force by any means necessary and unnecessary. My guess is that Replica in spite of its claims of being an "ethical" company will rob their donors of ability to get a job by the virtue of claiming exclusive ownership of their voices while paying them dimes, all the while the company and those purchasing their services will be getting most of the profit. Capitalists attempt to turn technology into a scourge against their labour force whenever chance to do so arises.


Probably they know trying to keep AAA from drinking the koolaid is a pointless endeavor, so now indies / maybe AA gain even more traction.


Using an AI voice to replace an actor is basically saying "the performance doesn't matter, just that you can recognize the voice." You can't give direction to an AI to read the line a certain way. But there are filters that exist that can take an existing voice clip and "convert" it to sound like another voice. This is probably what they're going to be doing, finding (non-union) voice actors to actually give the performance, and then filtering the recording to sound like a famous voice.

That said, if you actually read the article, it sounds like the point of this is to put protections in place to stop companies from copying someone's voice without their permission and denying them the opportunity to do the voice work themselves.

Worth noting here is that the SAG part of SAG-AFTRA is not a voice actor union. It's the Screen Actors' Guild. AFTRA is the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, which historically has covered voice acting. This move is to the benefit of celebrity screen actors and the detriment of voice actors, and is a further development in the tensions between those fields (and within the merged SAG-AFTRA union). Since Shrek came out pretty much there's been a big move to replace voice actors with celebrities for marketing purposes, so a lot of voice actors are big mad about losing work to be replaced with something that's usually noticeably worse.

>In the light of recent writers' guild and actor strikes, the film industry is now going in the direction of reducing labour force by any means necessary and unnecessary.
We are seeing large scale layoffs in a lot of industries right now tbf.

Yeah this is also a sign of the bad state of AAA games and likely to cause more drop in quality.


Good stuff.

File: 1704994881796.jpg (163.4 KB, 1732x746, acb.jpg)


This was in a normie game in 2010. Let that sink in.


File: 1704828827993.jpg (807.25 KB, 1280x1000, realityrealityreality.jpg)


Hello comrades.

I have noticed steam published this garbage (wall of shame):

Link I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWUOa55s8Pw&t=44s

Link II: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/marketing/upcoming_events/themed_sales/economy_2024 .


Godot is an good game engine: https://godotengine.org/

Sorry if I have sent this post in an wrong place. I am new here.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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>having a steam account



how embarrassing


>calling management games capitalists


what did OP expect? one of those "letter to GabeN" threads but we call him a bourgeois piggie?


Is there any good games in the sale though?

I don't think OP should have been banned for this topic though

File: 1704901014996.png (1.47 MB, 2488x2176, ClipboardImage.png)


RIP NOELLE. POST YOUR FUNNY 4chan fanfics related to games here. DOESN't HAVE TO BE DELTARUNE


now I wanna see the other image in that image that inspired him


I think art designers run out of creativity when designing high level gear in games that don’t look out of place because they’d have to imagine that gear being functionally better than all the rest but don’t know what it would have physically that would suggest that so they end up making armour and weapon sets look absolutely ridiculous to make them stand out and you end up with the OP

My suggestion to fix this is just base weapon and armour progression to crafting so you can visualize what the gear should have and cap off how good gear can get
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nothing wrong with unrealistic armors but a lot of higher-tier ones look hideous.



What hurts more about this than how goofy the armies look is how much less diversity there is

In real life there’s a multitude of variants and types of armours people wore throughout history that serves both mechanical and cultural reasons but in video games there’s typically a lot less diversity due to finding issues so not only do you get unrealistic or even hideous looking armour sets you also get a lot less to equip with a lot less variation between them


Still waiting for a game where the endgame armor isn’t some voodoo ultra dragonbone unobtamium but instead there is a system where buying second-hand or looting random armor and using it gives debuffs because they don’t fit the player properly, so the endgame armor is expensive and stronger because its tailor made for the character’s body.

A size system for clothing would be really interesting and that is only one of those reasons, maybe you play a creature that has four arms and it can only put on corresponding armor with either adequate space to hide your extra limbs or with extra sleeves. Some games have something along those lines already, but sizes of clothing or armor are completely ignored.

Imagine this, instead of developers being forced to push down prices of looted armor, making them unlootable from the enemies or even making those items underpowered for no reason at all just so that progression doesn’t go too fast for the player if they defeat a single strong enemy with good equipment they could make those pieces of armor clunky to work with because they are either sizes too big or too small causing them to be uncomfortable for the player body.


The worst sin of armor design if having no relation between form and function. Example from Dragon Age Inquisition: First photo is a light armor for mage (called Sentinel Plate), the second medium for rogues, and third heavy for warrior.

And kind of off topic, but I hate class restriction on how player character can dress. Like give it a stat requirement, or provide bonuses for specific playstyle, slapping on big red CANT BE EQUIPPED is so lazy.

File: 1697900384885.jpeg (536.63 KB, 1469x828, IMG_0413.jpeg)


For those of you unaware squad is a tactical shooter like arma whose main focus for its gameplay is its infantry combat. Recently the developers launched a controversial but cool update called the infantry combat overhaul or ICO. The update brings realistic recoil physics, depth of field of effects to simulate the eyes focusing on certain objects, altered ADS time, improved weapon inertia and a lot of other QOL features. This update was controversial for the amount of things changed, more specifically changes away from being an arcade shooter to reaching closer towards a simulation of real infantry level combat. I think it was a good update, it brought a lot of new ideas to what FPS games can be and currently the game plays as if your actually controlling a person and not two floating hands with a hitscanned gun, adding another layer of depth to the gameplay.

I’m assuming real force vectors are used in this update because the current procedural weapon animations play out in a way that feels responsive to the players movement and inputs rather than being predetermined like in other shooters.


Agree, update caused combat to be more interesting, infantry can’t hit shit just like in real life, suppresion became king again. Had alot of fun fighting over a single tree line with both sides being able to reinforce before getting bodied which caused the battle to be way longer than before, flanking the flanking party of the enemy while getting flanked, amazing.

File: 1704648483046.png (56.83 KB, 1920x1080, GDLMxhLWkAAGvUl.png)


> Toby Fox has asked us to relay this message on his behalf

Context: Undertale Yellow was blocked from sharing most of their soundtrack because the company in charge of Undertale's music stopped them, which Toby doesn't want, but the CEO himself decided to be obnoxious about it by publicly making a 10k bet and then refusing to take the L and doubling down.

Toby Fox straight up said "hey, sorry about the actions of the company I hired to be in charge of Undertale's music, here's a statement from me you can post about what a manchild the nepo baby is being, also about those 10k…"


File: 1704649761188.png (320.25 KB, 828x822, 1695068053314.png)

just the music industry being the music industry lmao. this is a consistent problem that happens every single time anyone signs up with one of these companies but people forget the bourgeois are not human. toby fox wasted time he could spend finishing deltarune on dealing with a neurotic sociopath harassing people for money


>independent artist hires a company to do something and they immediately fuck things up episode #2956315673


You think he'd just speak with Toby about things before taking action, but porkies.


Every manager I've known, even the "good ones", were all flying by the seat of their pants. And to make things even worse: this cunt is a CEO.


I recently completed this rubbish game. I played it to completion expecting some story reveal later on but there was nothing. I am very, very dissapointed. How can people love this game where you can't fail and where gameplay is just pressing rmb lmb or right trigger left trigger. I don't get it, I wish the 4 hours I spent in this game could be spent watching video essays instead since that would be unquantifiably more worth my time.
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When will indie devs start putting DRM en masse?


Probably never since the license fees would be more than it's worth for small games


So essentially the main reason to oppose DRM is if you play AAA games?


Well you should oppose it either way but it certainly affects AAA gamers more


1. Make a cheap wholesum chungus and apolitical walking simulator where the plot is "love and tolerance is only what matter"
2. Make a list of wholesum chungus socdem/vaguely progressist twitchers
3. Give them a preorder key
4. Get the money from all the middle class teenagers and young adults buying the game

Didn't this happened at least 5 five times in 2023?

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