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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.



>>>/hobby/38041 is >>>/siberia/ thread material, please move it there.


what the fuck is up with YouTube embeds, any time I try to put in a URL it gives me an error saying it can't parse it

I've tried getting the regular desktop URL and the truncated one from the share button and it makes no difference, still get errors


youtube links don't work if they are like this


or like this


you need to remove everything after the last letter of the actual video URL like so:



ban frogs and jaks please


it's the "youtu.be" part. Remove the period from that portion of the url and it should work as an Embed.


Soyjaks are already banned on the main board and alt-boards other than /siberia/. Pepe's aren't spammed nearly enough to deserve a ban.


Soyjaks are banned on /siberia/.


Soyjak ban is site-wide, was decided to be like a month after the /siberia/ ban. Also applies to pepe, but left-relevant memes or OC of both are permissible, within moderator discretion.
Threads about individual directors are fine so long as there aren't too many of them. From a quick glance there are only 2 threads like it and that thread has no responses anyhow so it doesn't matter.
Out of context reposts aren't really thread-useful without recontextualization into stand-alone posts. I might take a crack at doing it if nobody else beats me to it.


File: 1702993385122.png (68.56 KB, 355x287, 1623107002127.png)

Too much garbage gets posted on the ISG thread despite being on the main board. Lately the conversations have been more interesting but there's still the occasional baiter who ruins the thread by obsessively replying to everyone with their dumb shit.


Ok. Who? which posts


>The ISG thread is shit
<The shit containment thread gets bait and arguments!
E-drama threads always were shit, always are shit and always will be shit, just hide and ignore, and report it if its egregiously bad.

>Out of context reposts aren't really thread-useful
Well it's not really out of context. the /AKM/ thread is about drones and the short reply chain is on the topic of loitering munition drones in Russian service, so I think it's pretty self-contextualized. Thanks if you do repost them however.
>Threads about individual directors are fine so long as there aren't too many of them
I agree, but the OP is just very low-effort and baity, and as you said has gotten no feedback except someone else's statement on it being better placed in /siberia/, which is why I requested it being moved.
>Soyjak ban is site-wide
All the better, laziest fucking meme I know of.


/edu/ gets so unnoticed and unused that i feel usually feel bad for asking anything in it. sometimes i even wonder if i should have put it in the main board even if it doesn't really fit, because then it would actually get seen. this isn't even a mod complaint i just unironically am not sure if i'm just better off not using /edu/, i have no idea what other board to use express something like this


>>The ISG thread is shit
><The shit containment thread gets bait and arguments!
Who are you quoting? None of those quotes are in the post.


I use it and frankly its good that its so slow, it means that any posts there are going to be educational and stripped of dumb bullshit most of the time.

>Thinking that greentext = quoting
Lurk moar


why did you ban me for one hour for calling a self-described petty-bourgeois faildaughter petty-bourgeois??

Why was the ban for "idpol"?







it's in the log for siberia dipshit




m8 what the hell are you doin


whats up with that clearly bot generated "LEFTYPOL MODS ARE PEDOS" thing lmfao its amazing


quick question for clarification:

ik generally replying to obvious trolls is bad and just shits up the thread but assuming its siberia and shitty bait thread would there be an "open season" of sorts when it comes to users with nazi flags and tourists from smallweewee farms and sharty? Essentially if the thread was shit to begin with and the user is an outright /pol/yp are we basically allowed to say anything we want to them?


all shitty threads deserve to be derailed, no matter the board. Try to be the first to post to derail ASAP.


why was the abortion thread removed?


I just saw, 7,14e.

>7) Reactionism and liberalism, or any other kind of non-leftist positions are not banned in itself,

>14. e) are debating inherently reactionary topics where no reasonable debate is possible

 e.g. "In what way should be exterminate the lesser races, guys?"

I specifically said "abortion that isn't medically necessary should be illegal in capitalism". How is that 7,14e?


14e is pretty straightforward i think. only allowing "medically necessary" abortions is, in my view, an inherently reactionary position. 7 is more fraught i will concede. you do open the thread with what i've just said i believe is a reactionary position, so it checks the box for applying more scrutiny, but in hindsight i can't say that you were being a nuisance or disrupting.

i will remove 7 and cut the ban length. if another mod or some users disagrees that it's inherently reactionary, i'll remove the ban and let you remake the thread outright. fair?


>only allowing "medically necessary" abortions is, in my view, an inherently reactionary position
Stalin implemented such a policy in the USSR. Many of the Eastern Bloc communist states had more restrictive abortion policies than than your average American 'red state' too.
It's not as clear cut of an issue as you're making it out to be, you are confusing your own opinion with fact.


>socialist countries did it a century ago so it's good
whatever happened to communists and critical thinking


Where did I say in my post that it is good?


>Stalin implemented such a policy in the USSR.
far be it from me to question saint iosep.
>It's not as clear cut of an issue as you're making it out to be, you are confusing your own opinion with fact.
maybe there is nuance to be had, maybe not, but what does it mean for something to be in fact inherently reactionary? what are your objective criteria? the rules of the website certainly do not provide any such criteria. i could go with whatever definition of "inherently reactionary" you have, but then i would just be substituting your own opinion for mine.


if thats all it takes for something to be "not as clear cut of an issue as you're making it out to be" then we should also have threads debating whether to make being gay illegal again or if Lysenkoism should make a comeback


>but what does it mean for something to be in fact inherently reactionary?
True, it is a difficult question. That's why I gave several real world examples of governments that you could not possibly characterize as reactionary implementing policies which you claimed were so.
>the rules of the website certainly do not provide any such criteria
You should work to fix that. Although the truth is that you likely never will, as it would diminish your ability to control the narrative on the site. Vague laws and rules ultimately always benefit the cops and enforcers.

>we should also have threads debating whether to make being gay illegal again or if Lysenkoism should make a comeback
I would not see an issue with that. If both of these views can be easily refuted then no-one will take them seriously, and thus they will not be a threat. Nobody takes issue with posadists posting here, even though their ideology calls for a nuclear holocaust (which gay people would likely be killed in too).


lol yes absolutely we should have dumb threads that can be easily refuted and that will attract shitty posters all the time because freedom of speech or something


You cannot seriously make this argument when the likes of /isg/ is already in existence.
If you really want a super-serious leftist discussion forum filled with highly intelligent posters, nuke that thread and then we can talk.


OP of the thread here.

My point was that availability of abortion is used to place the responsibility of raising children on people who have them, rather than the liberal State. It is also how the State controls the number of working class people. I even agreed with the poster who said that surplus army of labour helps the bourgoisie, but they don't get that surplus army from natality.

Honestly, I really didn't think abortion would be a banned topic. I asked also if that should be part of a platform for a communist movement, in light of our lives in capitalism.

I even said housework should be paid work (i.e. Marxist Feminism). Sorry to say it, but you messed up on this one, subject. Did you at least gulag it so you could bring it back?


>I gave several real world examples of governments that you could not possibly characterize as reactionary implementing policies which you claimed were so.
something like a government is a very big thing. i can look at it in its totality and say, "i don't think this was reactionary". i can also look at some particular aspect of it and say "this is reactionary," or even "this would be reactionary if someone advocated it under the conditions that obtain today" with no contradiction.
>You should work to fix that.
yeah i agree.
>Although the truth is that you likely never will, as it would diminish your ability to control the narrative on the site.
i promise you i don't control much. i'm mostly here to delete the most egregious spam. i try to just call balls and strikes with the rules whenever i step beyond that.
>My point was that availability of abortion is used to place the responsibility of raising children on people who have them, rather than the liberal State.
no, bourgeois law like the special duty of care owed by parents to their children is what places the responsibility of raising children on those who have children. i don't really see what you are getting at here.
>It is also how the State controls the number of working class people.
even taking this at face value as correct, why am i then supposed to want to give the very same state invasive regulatory power over the reproductive systems of half the population?
>I really didn't think abortion would be a banned topic.
it isn't. the ban reason wasn't "posted about abortion".
>Sorry to say it, but you messed up on this one, subject.
no one is perfect.
>Did you at least gulag it so you could bring it back?
no i didn't. i don't think it should be brought back. like i said, if the consensus is i'm wrong about that, make another one.


I made it again. pls no remove


File: 1703441696607.png (35.38 KB, 371x322, 1703387401981.png)

People are stuck in the 8gag days and believe we still have countless eyes on us that could be converted if we marketplace of ideas them enough when we've been reduced to a small number of leftists with the occasional neonazi that only makes a single gore thread and immediately leaves.


it is the moderaters' fault for falling victim to the idpol that is apparently against the rules, among many other reasons.


what material conditions do you believe have led us to this point?


We are getting over that. It's only a matter of years.


File: 1703672577859.png (647.94 KB, 1080x1334, libsc.png)

why was the abortion thread saged? To not scare away the liberals?


File: 1703676900715.mp4 (7.72 MB, 956x720, 1683201981491.mp4)


I wasn't complaining, lol. Just saying people need to stop pretending there's much value in allowing right-wing shit these days.


Just my 2 cents:
Honestly there isn't a lot of value in it outside of discursive purposes or debunking rightwing talking points, that's why I've always advertised for the return of the idpol containment thread - Yes spillover can happen, and because its a CONTAINMENT thread it gives the mods freedom to remove idpol outside of the idpol thread, yet still lets retards fight with one another in a cyclical piranha tank of a thread without having to constantly police the entire site for this shit. They already have the same shit for ISG crap anyway, so I don't see why not this.

But I digress from your point; if you're going to ban right wing shit, that MUST include liberals, because they're barely left of center in the view of Amerikastan's immensely skewed Overton Window; in reality they're just slightly more mild rightoids, not leftists and certainly not communists. A few years ago this was a major agreement of the board - liberals are NOT our friends, they are as much our enemy as any other fake opposition created by Porky.

The fact of the matter is all liberal talking points deserve just as much of a ban as reactionary ones because I have seen proof both online and in real life that the phrase, "scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds" holds true 90% of the time. I've rarely met a liberal that isn't some NPC-tier shitter hiding behind PC social justice as a front for their reactionary ideology. Hell it's actually worse in some ways than the nazi-shit, because the Nazi isn't hiding behind moralfagging and concern-trolling about minority rights or pretending to understand communism, they just outright hate us openly, making it easy to spot and counter. Liberals are an insidious infection in any leftist movement, something that socialist and leftist leaders have noted repeatedly, from Malcolm X to Stalin.


are you trying to poison "left wing politics" and scare away the liberals?


liberals are right wing


liberals support abortion, they can't be right-wing.
>we aren't allowed to discuss abortion because it is a reactionary/right-wing talking point
>liberals support abortion
>therefore liberals aren't right-wing


some liberals support abortion, others don't. what makes liberals right wing is that they are in favor of capitalism and defend/help capitalism's survival.

to support abortion is to be merely rational, those who don't are braindead honestly.

what makes someone leftwing or not is if they are defending either the interests of the working class(left) or the bourgeois class(right) aka landlords, CEOs, bosses, billionaries, those who exploit workers through surplus value and their privately owned means of production that the workers need to use to work, etc. and the bourgeois class must be abolished.


>to support abortion is to be merely rational
Can something be a "good" in and of itself? Or is the reasoning just as important? That's the issue here. If abortion is good, then it is good always across all contexts and possible Worlds, as they say. It doesn't matter whether it's the Nazis, liberals, or communists who give us abortion as long as it is available.

I, on the other hand, think that context is important. That was the whole point behind the thread. Yet we have too many culture-war liberals who get triggered by mere mention of something they associate with republicans/conservatives.

75% of all abortions are done on poor people. How is that not class war? If abortion was "good", then we shouldn't see this big discrepancy. Discrepancy is there, therefore there are socioeconomic factors pushing people to abortion. It makes me wonder what if those socioeconomic pressures were removed, and if the number of abortions would go down (again showing that it is not a universal "good").

How is this discussion against the rules? I really don't get it.


can we get a cleanup of the sharty spill on /leftypol/?


it's on all boards now


8ch moment


Can you change the font so the letter K looks less like the letter X?


File: 1703978491927.png (240.18 KB, 1868x499, deleted thread.png)

Why was my thread deleted


let me guess, the mod has me mistaken for the noticer because he's at some point made a thread like this before so no ones allowed to make a thread like this ever again on /siberia/


skull shape analysis is inherently reactionary


The .neteen with the Markus Wolf tripcode is spamming 14f violations in the anarchism general.


Please move >>>/siberia/482437 to >>>/hobby/ as its a very interesting film discussion that belongs more on that board.




there is a thread calling for the harassment of some random girl on leftypol


wake the fuck up mods. clean up leftypol.




calling out hitlerite anarkkkists is sectarianism but apparently siding with adolf hitler to own le authoritarian bolshevik tankies isn’t apparently
misato is retarded


Post proof. If you don't have it, then start collecting it for when the mods fuck up


File: 1704996046980.png (30.21 KB, 1456x130, ClipboardImage.png)

justifying germany's casus belli against the USSR and spreading bullshit nazi propaganda about the bolsheviks killing gorillions is not sectarianism
>Post proof. If you don't have it, then start collecting it for when the mods fuck up
and then what? 14f is literally never applied to anarkkkist faggots shitting up the board with CIA, NATO, west german and this time literal fucking nazi germany propaganda to own le redfash tankies
what the hell am i supposed to do with the screenshots after i collect them? shove them up my ass?


lol settle down, its already taken care of


thanks, now please do something about the anarkkkist menace, i do not like to be bombarded with anti-communist garbage dressed as "anti-authoritarianism"
perhaps create a board dedicated to anti-tankie sectarianism discourse and name it /KKK/ - Kreative anarKist Kontemplations(nice shot! great basket!)


This goes straight in the bad ideas folder.
It'd be preferable not to try to enforce non-sectarianism and let people make fun of other tendencies.


I see you deleted the kulak comment. Understood I will stop derailing the thread over me pretending my grandpa was a kulak aka goofy goober shit.


also three days thats a bit harsh isn"t it :v


ban lifted
the thread could've had used less trolling but its ok lol


okay lol




Please make sure to archive >>>/siberia/452414 in >>>/siberia_archive/

Please move >>>/siberia/448359 to >>>/AKM/ it's more relevant there to be honest


>>>/hobby/38781 is necrobumped bait, the thread itself old as shit, has almost no posts, is >>>/siberia/-tier posting and belongs there.


File: 1705336666937.png (1.32 MB, 1440x1088, ClipboardImage.png)

issue is that the OP is too old to be moved to /siberia/, it would get purged automatically if moved


You’re not gonna get an honest response from the mods for why mocking chin shape suddenly becomes unacceptable when it’s done to Africans, primarily because as you pointed out 90% of Africans have pretty bad chins even when compared to Asian incels. Acknowledging this unfortunate fact would mean that whenever someone calls someone else a chinlet on leftypol they’d also inherently be mocking almost all Africans making the meme potentially racist, which means we would eventually get browbeat into not using it anymore. The other big problem is if the /pol/tards find out about it they’ll take the meme for themselves


Honestly not a big loss is it? Thanks for the response anyway Misato


Please remove posts as derailment. I already deleted my own that are not relevant to the thread topic (Avatar), having recognized them as also derailing. Thanks


does anyone whats up with all the incest greentexts on the overboard?


it's the current "guaranteed replies" meta




Someone make a new /fit/ thread on /hobby/ please.
The other one is full.


hey mods can you ban the sonic guy. Hes going full on spam at this point.


okay nvm I think he stopped?


bruh let the guy have some funif it isn't annoying people of course


porn is being spammed on all boards right now


Thanks for reporting all the posts. I think I got them all.


wtf he wasn't being racist


Overdoing it, you're overdoing it


>wtf he wasn't being racist
I triggered too many idiotic liberals who spammed reports. Nothing I posted was racist or incorrect; therefore, the mods were forced to settle for "weird chauvinism."
<Non-party integrated Chinese citizens lack the political education required to formulate conscious opinion and are therefore reduced to a superficial, dogmatic, and undialectical understanding. The layman's opinion does not constitute scientific theoretical understanding, nor does it at all reflect material fact. Asking the non-party integrated Chinese citizen what they think about the CPC's current administration of socialist development is like asking a deaf person about music.
This is not chauvinism, because it is neither excessively prejudiced nor uncalled for. This was the only possible scientific and reasonable response. This is plain fact: asking someone who has no comprehensible political education about politics is exactly what I defined it as above. The uneducated, non-party integrated individual is susceptible to liberalism, as demonstrated within the thread, and all unsubstantiated liberal criticisms of The Communist Party of China must be refuted utterly— no matter how minute. This must not go unstated.

My banning was a decisive victory for liberalism. The non-party integrated Chinese poster was clearly being manipulated by liberals into actively serving liberalism by making unsubstantiated—however minute—criticisms of the Chinese Communist Party. The facts above which I presented against this uncontested liberalism were indisputable by argumentation, as they were proven by all material facts; therefore, the snake liberals resorted to continually slandering and straw-manning me publicly while mass-reporting me in private.

I will never idly stand while a susceptible citizen of the greatest and only extant Communist nation is swayed to the side of liberalism right before my eyes. I will not watch impotently as the balance of power shifts, no matter how slightly.




u being serious?


IMO it's not a serious offense. I'd be glad to discuss it if you'd like, let me know.


I repeat: are you serious?


Whoah deleted my post in like 5 seconds flat and it's not in the logs. Don't ever give any honest opinion on trans. I said you do you, I accept it. Jesus Christ dude. I know you'll probably delete this post too. But I mean rationally think, why do you have that level of reaction to an opinion?


Oh sure if it's your actual opinion, that totally changes everything, sure
I wouldn't know where to even start with this


File: 1705842169227.png (187.53 KB, 549x563, ClipboardImage.png)

>and it's not in the logs.
Mods really have a button that deletes posts but keeps it out of the logs.


Hmm maybe the logs just lag. Ok.


Do you know which logs? Far be it from me to help you out. But maybe consider you are dumb and blind lacking information first before giving in to paranoia.


>Do you know which logs? Far be it from me to help you out. But maybe consider you are dumb and blind lacking information first before giving in to paranoia.
Which logs? The link in the OP? Your software is just broken I learned that after I deleted my own post and it didn't appear in the logs either.


I'm not giving more tips for free (gratis)


File: 1705842609969.png (66.22 KB, 1344x582, ClipboardImage.png)

Cryptic. The log
should show all deletion and activity and it doesn't it's just broken,



Damn, just realized, when did you change it from her to his? Definitely making me feel paranoid.


can you unban the RiseupVPN? You have 4-5 of its IPs banned forever since August 7th 2023 for "ban evasion". It is a free VPN service, used by several people I imagine, on account of riseup being a well-known service and their VPN being free. There's probably many people who'd like to post without using their home IP who can't afford a paid VPN service. I will post the banned IPs when I get the ban message while using the riseup service.
>inb4 just use TOR
I use the riseup vpn to browse the web, download movies because it is fast. TOR is way too slow (both to start up and bandwidth wise) that I think it is a hassle to use if I'm not visiting the dark web.


I use a free vpn service that always has a dozen ips unbanned. I don't want to say it'd name lest the jannies go through and systematically ban every IP. Old BO would routinely unban all IPs to avoid this nonsense.


And that's some shit too. I'm sure there is an easy way to ban every VPN IP as 4chan does. So what's the point of banning one VPN IP and leaving the rest unbanned?


Here's one of the banned IPs:

I'm posting it openly cause it's an IP from a free/open internet service, it being known is not a big deal.

There's several free VPN services. Calyx institute has one, Opera browser is another one

One of these days I'll make a post on /tech/ listing the ones I know.

I think some mods get emotional about their work and feel a catharsis when they ban an IP forever.


can you faggots stop banning the tor node globally every time some dipshit starts spamming solely on a single board, usually /leftypol/


Yeah, I'm being serious :/
If you really feel the ban is deserved, I rescind my unban and feel free to reapply. Again, if you want to discuss, I'm happy to give my reasoning.


Somebody is posting images of infant-coded anime characters getting raped rn. That's CP. It's on siberia


Comrades if we don't have a visceral reaction to images like this it's a problem. Why allow it on a board associated with left politics. samefag.


too obvious


Seriously, what's too obvious. We can't draw the line at anything infant adjacent? Not a whatever you think I am fwiw.


Are you using Tor?



i just think youre stupid


Is anyone from the mod team willing to make an official comment on images like this being allowed to remain? I've reported it several times. Maybe people are desensitized but infant shit is beyond.


File: 1705885712372.png (18.53 KB, 755x243, toomany.png)

30 mins later… still can't post on /leftypol/


Can you stop shitting your pants over Pokemon porn? Thanks.


Report it in the leftypol Congress matrix chat, also pls PM your IP to a mod so they can review with tech team


>this cartoon is "child porn" because my vibes say so
stop clogging up the moderation thread with your trash


Have you tried posting with a different IP?


Honestly, thank the fucks I never linked workmates here. I was very close to it because of the quality of the /cybersoc/ thread. Nobody in any country really gives a fuck about any kind of porn but anything infant adjacent will be trouble in most countries, or a useful excuse. If you dgaf personally you should be looking out for users. Whatever, I tried.


incredibly karen behavior. still want to talk to the manager, lmao?


File: 1705887457894.jpg (35.86 KB, 548x559, weuf7rki71qa1.jpg)

I'm sorry that you're not able to show this site to normies but this isn't a site for normies in the first place


Who the fuck would care to do that anyways. Maybe it's just a bug, stop sperging out with no proof


looking at the latest "complaints" its no wonder jannies dont even bother coming these days lmao


It is a certain word that triggers it. My bad for sperging out about "shadow bans" lol. I narrowed it down to a block of text. It also gives the same error here so obviously I can't post it.


It's a sentence that triggers it, this one: https://pastebin.com/gFPnw7dB


File: 1705916212393.png (65.28 KB, 1080x511, hilarious.png)

Is it possible to show any more contempt for the users?



To be fair, someone posting "test" is usually bad news


lol. paranoid much? I even complained on /meta/ I can't post on /leftypol/, with the same IP.


I'm not involved
It's not CP. Don't call it that.
Personally I don't give a shit about drawings


Rude 😒


>It's not CP. Don't call it that.
Anime/cartoon pictures of naked children, in sexualized positions and having sex is considered child pornography in many jurisdictions around the world.


I'm not gonna argue law but it is not equivalent (if you assume the law follows common sense even a bit).
It should be obvious not to call things that are not CSAM that but here we are.


Also we are not talking bloody about drawings of humans
We are fucking talking about fucking Bulbasaur


File: 1705944100826.jpg (59.02 KB, 518x306, Hima questions a pedo.jpg)

>If it's an animal its OK!
>It-it's just a drawing bro!
Do everyone a favor and climb an electric fence


>It's just a drawing bro!
Objectively. Your regressive, Christo-Judaic morals have no place in any socialist movement.


anti infant-coded-anime-rape-porn anon here again. I discussed it here for an hour yesterday and gave up. When I went back to /leftypol/ somebody flexed by posting a reply to one of my posts from 3 years ago.
<What did they mean by this?


*2 years ago


so it isnt just a drawing? what is it then?


thanks to hysterical retards like this agencies have to waste resources filtering out 99% of reports of child porn that arent actually child porn!



cool, doesnt change what agencies actually doing something against child abuse repeatedly say


Where are the servers located bud


Domain is hosted by a Canadian company.


Gonna report leftypol over your bitch fit then?


File: 1705962746934.jpg (34.61 KB, 372x442, 1662625823150.jpg)

the well is so poisoned every time someone accusingly brings up "child porn" you have to ask "actual children or just drawings?" and pretty much every single time its just drawings


What? I don't go on /siberia/. It's a shit board full of incels and terminally online losers.


This wasn't even "child porn" thoughbut. It was a first person perspective image of an infant coded anime character being raped. Yes a drawing. That's a level above child porn for me.


>infant coded

bro it was a pokemon, not even two legged


>explicit material depicting children having sex with adults does not constitute pedophilic material
Does explicit material depicting animals having sex with humans not constitute zoophilic material?


breh whatever. It's
>infant coded
>first person perspective
If that shit exists it doesn't need to be here on the board. When people post threads saying there's regular CP on the board I dgaf, somebody else will report it. Anything evocative of infants and rape should not be near the board, or defended.


>anti infant-coded-anime-rape-porn anon here again. I discussed it here for an hour yesterday and gave up. When I went back to /leftypol/ somebody flexed by posting a reply to one of my posts from 3 years ago.
<What did they mean by this?
samefag it's shit like this btw that's the reason for me constantly changing tor circuits. no doubt it's noted on my janny file or whatever. it's fucked tbh.


Is this guy still sperging out about that? Lol.


Should be pretty easy to end with an answer with mod flair.


The funniest shit is that it all started because of some Bulbasaur porn. Like it's impossible for me to take it seriously because of that.


Are you still arguing about the bulbasaur porn?
This thread an actual lolicon pic in the OP >>>/siberia/494754
But I guess because it's a tattoo and the vagina is just a real (adult) vagina it's not counted?


a grown ass woman wearing schoolgirl clothes would count as pedo by your logic


Weird how nobody wants to speak to the important shit and just talk around it endlessly
>infant coded
>first person perspective
>all in one image
Or maybe it's not weird.




It's illustrative of the mental state of some people.


It’s rather amusing that in this entire argument not ONE person has bothered questioning why we have pornographic material on a communist website at all


File: 1706005164830.png (186.38 KB, 500x281, crying imitates.png)


>a communist website
this is an anime imageboard


anti-pedo hysterics have lost their mind
like no joke the one here is a paranoid schizophrenic, as you can see


To be clear I don't give a shit one way or another
But you can not listen to that type of manipulation
or shit's gonna turn baaaaad again


If it's not on the front page and not put in front of people I dgaf honestly, I just don't get the defense of the extreme shit.
>like no joke the one here is a paranoid schizophrenic, as you can see
Whatever anon, I was the on who started this apparently because of the revulsion I felt towards seeing something infant coded get raped from a first person perspective, drawing or not. There's no defense for that kind of image on a leftist forum. There just isn't. I'm not part of any stealth op or whatever the fuck.
inb4 one of my posts from 2 years ago gets replied to out of the blue at random again after I bring this up.


Good for you


samefag again. fwiw I get the mod's shiz about stealth ops. I replied to a post listing western crimes with
>and Syria, and Libya
Then I see Andrew fucking Tate on twitter talking about western crimes
>and Syria, and Libya


File: 1706216200306.jpg (28.45 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

Why did Alice Cappelle thread on /siberia/ got deleted?


because mods are mentally ill losers


the parasite class is killing us.
She is part of the parasite class though, lol


Is she? I thought she was part of the labor aristocracy


she is a capitalist, not a wage-slave. she owns her means of production (channel and recording equipment) as capital


File: 1706293948383.jpg (38.92 KB, 457x322, 1495336346509.jpg)

the USA thread got filled with retards after the texas stuff. is it doomed to get as bad as the israel or ukraine threads? serious/effort posts are getting drowned out by shitposts


>serious effort posts
Provide examples


nta why not just delete anything off topic for a few hours? People are posting random shit


Why even ask? The main board is supposed to have SOME standards.


why have tor if you're just gonna delete every post made from tor?


There is issues with spam from tor ofc
But really you don't expect an answer to this loaded question


I'm just asking for proof of these quality "effort" posts in the american general. no need to be upset


I have seen a couple of long posts about the Texas situation with barely any replies among dozens of (un)funny maymays and shitty posts, many of them not even related to the thread at all.


I've just submitted a ban appeal for a permanent VPN ban, please be more considerate of VPN users. I've submitted several appeals for this before and they've been denied, this is obviously untenable if there's a policy of banning them permanently.













We're different posters kek


shit, my mistake, I didn't mean to reply to your post too


Committed post. In other news, I had a post deleted yesterday that literally said
>I am of course a feminist
Was it just friendly fire or something?


>Was it just friendly fire or something?
nobody likes a simp, not even other simps
we live in a misogynist society


>I am of course a feminist
<you are a simp
there's a wide variety of ways you can neck yourself


Is the call porn coming from inside the house?


>pornsquall on main
>fuck this I'm going to /tech/, it's quiet there, let's see what was posted this week
>porn appears
Alright, this is breddy humorous


File: 1706428185997.png (237.04 KB, 384x384, ClipboardImage.png)



>leftypol gets 75% of its posts from the porn spammer
Dead board.


Maybe it's time to pass the moderation off to users who still use this website as foolish as they may be.


Nah, I've been here hours, board was normalish apart from the shitty porn. Keep up the demoralization op tho.


>Created a new permanent ban on /leftypol/ for xxxx (#25667) with reason: embedded malware in .epub file
it didn't have malicious javascript you retard, that post was a joke


Jokes on you, I didn't bother checking, just reported.


What happened to the thread that called out western activists for their petty bourgeois support of Palestine? It had the "Comrade Lenin cleans the world from filth" poster in the OP.


most people don't even know epubs can have javascript, that's why I always make that joke


Most people sure are damn retards. Can cbrs or cbzs have js?


Don't say untenable when you mean annoying or something
Finally a good fucking post in this thread
I changed the ban


Why was my thread deleted?


It was deleted and I was banned because according to Sindikat it was a "garbage bait thread". Nothing about it was bait, I was responding in good faith throughout the entire thread.
I never knew that some leftypol jannies were such thin-skinned cowards. You couldn't even come up with an honest reason, Sindikat, so you had to make one up to cover for the fact that you disagreed with me.


File: 1706440648030.mp4 (288.13 KB, 640x480, 1681423844861.mp4)

ok lemme go through this quick
Did you admit to using chatGPT?


I didn't know leftypolacks were so illiterate that they are unable to parse the most obvious sarcasm. But yes, the whole article was written in ChatGPT from a single prompt I came up with when I was high on meth. My apologies.


Alright no more questions


Just out of morbid curiosity why can't you give a straight answer?


I did not use ChatGPT.


Aight, in that case I'll revert the ban


don't do it, he is gaslighting you + it makes you look like a bitch


I find it very hard to believe that you banned me and deleted my thread because I made a self-deprecating joke.
Regardless, thank you.


Well too late it already happened
Also gargle my nuts
Wasn't me.


I saved it because luckily it was open in another tab. Probably missing some replies, but I appreciate the analysis.


It was absolute trash, dishonest, bait, overly long, and written in ChatGTP.


i dont want to give you guys more work but can you do something about the naruto avatarfag, his attention whoring is tedious and clogs up threads with the same fucking pics


I don't mean annoying though, if you slowly permanently ban all the good VPNs then we will be stuck with absolutely shit tier alternatives. The reason people keep trying to get certain VPNs unbanned is because they're part of the small pool of free and good quality VPNs. I would say there are only a few hundred good free VPN IPs, if you permanently ban several every time there's a raid then these will eventually deplete. At least if they're temp bans there is a sustainable level of their bans expiring somewhere.


I reported my own troll, ignore that.


>if you slowly permanently ban all the good VPNs then we will be stuck with absolutely shit tier alternatives
Fair enough, I'll see about rejigging a bit


Mods please remove the following posts for ban evasion, samefagging through VPN abuse and derailing bad-faith bait. It's the same anons malding about the mods removing pedoshit from /siberia/ and are now trying to keep whining in the alt-boards.


Found proof that all the pedo defensive spammers and concern trolls are from leftychin using VPN and Tor.


Accidentally put some threads on my watchlist, I forgot how to remove them, help?


All those posts are replying to a post that brought up the topic first, you stupid fuck.


Please link >>>/hobby/752 into the OP of the new alternate chan thread >>>/hobby/36917


Delete >>>/hobby/39169
For continuing to revive a bait derail while arguing in bad faith again, also for being a leftychinner concern trolling, see pic 1 in leftychin link >>30383

Nope. The initial "topic" was a 3 year old post stating that enacting torture on toys is usually a sign of psychopathic tendencies. Then you began malding about that and bringing up concern trolling nonsequiturs, that were addressed with sources. No actual argument was presented in return, only ad hominim and "no-u" assertions. Fuck off back to your shit hole.


File: 1706732052908.mp4 (4.51 MB, 320x240, T-80U.mp4)

Belongs in >>>/AKM/ topic wise


Posting a single study doesn't make you any less hysterical, sorry. Psychologists don't even formally use "psychopath" anymore.

>leftychinner concern trolling
Take your fucking meds, holy shit. No wonder this place gets more dead by the day when it's filled with insistent annoying autists like this.


File: 1706737324598.jpg (69.85 KB, 600x499, A troll.jpg)

>More projection bait
Ok psycho, keep telling yourself that.

>N-no I'm not a leftyhcin raider, I'm NOT

<leftypol is dying guyz
Thanks for revealing your colors even more chinlet.


I don't even know how you made all of these connections. The /hobby/ posts aren't talking about anything related to pedoshit. And the leftychan post is inquiry about the incest coomer, of which the leftychanners themselves are responding with a negative or confused answer anyway.


File: 1706738670112.jpg (83.63 KB, 500x613, retarded on purpose.jpg)

>The /hobby/ posts aren't talking about anything related to pedoshit.
See >>>/hobby/39148
<Oh, and those who watch hentai are pedophiles.
Which is a blatant non-sequitur, yet was still addressed.
>the leftychan post is inquiry about the incest coomer
It's on multiple topics, open pic 1, which includes "muh anti-pedo hysterics" which is pedo-apologia 101. Leftychanners are not an organized group of raiders but they all have the same shit takes and love to muddy the water. This entire hysteria about deletions began recently and was never a problem before, mods have deleted loli-shit and similar for years at this point and the only time someone complained was when /pol/ spammers or leftychinners were getting caught for doing this consensus cracking bullshit.

Frankly this entire shitshow is predicated on the fact that some underage faggot can't stop being butthurt because people aren't just quietly accepting godawfully garbage takes trying to strawman discussions about violence in fiction, and tying it to 2013 memes about boomers and video-games. Furthermore it's a complete derailment of the thread, regardless of your stance on the subject.


>See >>>/hobby/39148
This is sandwiched in-between two other reductio ad absurdems which also aren't really related. He's trying to make a point.

>It's on multiple topics, open pic 1

Uhh… what pic 1? The post you linked in question is one sentence long and asking about the incest guy.
You made me ctrl + f "pedo" on that thread, and leftychan infact seems to be on the same page as you on this.

>rest of the post

Don't care. Just dunking on your schizotypic paranoia lol.


File: 1706740075815.jpg (385.78 KB, 2048x1563, China Laughing UN.jpg)

>This is sandwiched in-between two other reductio ad absurdems
<make a point
No, it's a bad faith strawman and false equivalency.
>what pic 1
Pic one in post /i/res/1351.html#1817

>schizotypic paranoia

<same phrasing as the leftychinner
The only dunking here is on you, since you're providing free PPH for the site.


Bruh you're genuinely stupid. The guy's posts are only 30200 and 30202 which are deleted, the rest isn't his and are still up here.


>>30409 (samefag)
Wait these three last posts are both him and Pasq arguing.
Either way, the point stands which is that the other two I just quoted are not related.


>the rest isn't his and are still up here.
You do realize that he's abusing VPN right? This isn't a new thing.

And also there is no proof this was an argument with Pasq himself, Mods post with a trip such as >>29755


The other two posts appear in his screenshot because they were (at that time) the last ones at the bottom. They're also talking completely different things from his argument with Pasq.

>And also there is no proof this was an argument with Pasq himself

Umm… did you even look at the second pic that the leftychanner provided? Pasq deleted his own posts alongside that guy.
Mods can choose not to post with the capcode. If they were forced to do so everytime they post then we'd notice them around more on the main board (where they post anonymously like everyone else).


>The other two posts appear in his screenshot because they were (at that time) the last ones at the bottom
<cropping screenshots doesn't exist
>Pasq deleted his own posts alongside that guy.
Fair enough, my mistake.
>If they were forced to do so everytime they post then we'd notice them around more on the main board (where they post anonymously like everyone else).
I wish they would be forced to, transparency and all that.


I don't know why that guy took the screenshot like that, but it's not definitely not him because:
>these two are arguing about that pokemon porn
>they both have different typing standards from the leftychanner and from themselves (one's all lowercase while the other doesn't use periods)
>there is a 1 hour delay between the second, still-existing post and that of the leftychanner
And most importantly
>the two are arguing for different positions on that pokemon porn. the second one is who was complaining about it while the first one is mocking him
And of course the mods aren't stupid and can see the two posts' IPs.


File: 1706743263779.png (122 KB, 307x354, tired elf lady.png)

Fair enough. Honestly I only posted >>30382 because it's just off-topic. I don't mind other people's opinions, even if I disagree with them, but it's just a derailing eyesore that kills the thread when replies just use multiple fallacies in response to a good faith, sourced responses. Also leftychanners do spam this site a lot so at this point I'm tired of tolerating their shit, because it just gets the mods all up in everyone's business and nobody wants that.


File: 1706775651529.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280, mcnutty the fuck.gif)


you know, just because you think youre being "objective" by posting some random study doesnt make you any less of a pissbaby over shit like violence in fucking fiction or kids breaking toys dude lmfao. get real

someone even brought up things that were just as ridiculous to claim and you had to take the bait and agree with all of them too, and then act offended that you got clowned on for being a puritan


lol, embarrassing


This is on point imo. Did I start this shit by coming to /meta/ 10 days ago and reporting the first person perspective image of a infant coded character getting raped? Since then there's been a lot of necrobumped threads by pedo defensive spammers imo also. Like I said on the first go around
>whatever porn wherever in general, although it's shitty that it's on the front page
>anything infant coded has to go


and what's with these 5 AI picrel posts?


uhhhh what do you think


>there's been a lot of necrobumped threads by pedo defensive spammers
god damn take your fucking pills schizo

every time i post on /meta/ i feel filthy because i get the feeling only the biggest autists like this idiot care enough to come here to complain in the first place


One of a multitude of problems, yes


You can recover a post by going back one page (arrow in upper left)…


best you go and fuck yourself. there was ongoing discussion and I posted. Did you even look at the threads that were necrobumped? Or gems like this >>30286


>can post in bullshit /siberia/ threads
>banned from posting in political /leftypol/ threads
why you waste my time like this mods?


I'm working on it


The spam is out of control. the board is full of opinions I disagree with


Nah. Every porn thread is getting bumped butever. Wonder if there's anything going on in the world at this moment that porky doesn't want us to think about.


cringe larper tbh


thank you jannies for unbanning me


You a mod? If you've got access to data that shows I'm wrong why not say something so that people aren't wasting their time. The people who complain about smug posts sure do like posting smug.



working on it


banned from posting in the Palestine thread over tor. How could this injustice exist?


working on it


Node is banned again


still workin


Can someone fucking remake the fit thread. The other is full.


It’s broken again


It's just like me fr


So like, what's with the sudden burst of crypto shills? Is it one guy, or I suppose in terms you can answer, one IP?


Just a bunch of bagholders. You don't need a conspiracy to get a contingent of people to superficially look as if they're irrational.


Personally do not think that the “Self Improvment, Exercise and The Left” should have been moved to /Siberia/. It isn’t a joke thread, it’s a serious issue that holds back the left, the fact that so many people think of these things as “fascism” or “reactionary”


100% 100% 100%
100%>>30528 100%
100% 100% 100%


We need a transparent Social Credit system like Communist China.


File: 1707641351987.png (7.54 MB, 1920x4312, Liu Bei.png)

If you landed here, on this board, in this thread, it's already clear you deserve execution. It's just simple statistics. Under certain circumstances there may be a stay of execution for a while.


Your social credit = how the jannie's hormone therapy is hitting in that moment.


File: 1707644105509.jpg (39.49 KB, 720x610, 1671274846799.jpg)

Oh my god that is so edgy.


It's accurate. Leftypol operates under a hormonal mod system and with their hormone medications it can become erratic.


You're a riot


It's not a joke. Why do you think there have been so many board splits and mod drama? All from mood swings caused by the mods improperly titrating their hormone therapy.



File: 1707645797808.jpg (46.79 KB, 453x576, 1443813477109.jpg)


well, maybe if you weren't so transphobic the mood swings wouldn't be so severe. maybe if you were more supportive they would be depressed rather than angry




See this is a fellow human, whatever side this is taking (doesn't matter)
It's something new, it demonstrates basic thinking
Not like the usual malfunctioning automatons.
If you act like a stereotypical /pol/yp you are very, very like to have severe mental problems and that's not a joke.


It's a fact that almost half of the mod team are currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy, including one of the most active jannies. I think anon actually raises a good point, as their often erratic behavior could be explained as a side effect of their medication.


Look there is nothing for us to talk about. The gulf between us is so large we are barely the same species.


Variety of opinion is actually a characteristic of humans. We are not a hive mind species like ants or bees.


I'm not talking about opinion but behavioral pattern.
This is exactly what I mean.


Are you ok?


I'm grand




why are reactionary incels allowed THREE threads on /Siberia/

I don't mind people venting but some of the stuff that gets posted in there is sketch as hell, mods need to be watching that closely before it festers into right wingers taking over part of the website


Transphobes will be banned under Communist Leftypol Social Credit System


Doxed to the Chekka*


>bitch complaining about reactionary incels
Oh do sod off, the mods already delete ACTUAL reactionary shit (and plenty of stuff that isn't) as is, stop provoking them with this lame concern trolling.




Yeah I see it


why did the picture for >>>/siberia/499492 get nuked?


ban all democrats


Hey, is there any particular reason I got my post deleted (and got briefly banned and then unbanned) from the KFC thread for bringing up factory farming? The ban message said it was for /pol/ posting, which is clearly nonsense as those guys arent really champions of animal rights. And dont give me some shit about implied death thread or something, people make very explicit ones on this site all the fucking time.

From the mod log it seems the ban was given by pasquale, which brings me to the second issue: why is this guy even tolerated in a mod team? Almost every time I see post get unjustifiably deleted or someone gets ban for bogus reasons, this tard is behind it. He is a power-tripping mod stereotype, constantly taking out his inferiority complex on random posts he doesnt like, with complete disregard for site rules.


File: 1707947393916.jpg (52 KB, 376x419, 1683081822779.jpg)


>the ban was given by pasquale, which brings me to the second issue: why is this guy even tolerated in a mod team?
I don't understand it either. All the other mods constantly shit talk him behind his back on matrix, and even sometimes publicly on this board. I don't think anyone in this community likes him but for some bizarre reason he feels the need to stick around.


I'm beyond you


How did you get to this point? You weren't always like this.


File: 1708000681151.gif (623.79 KB, 300x163, 1680204022208.gif)

I got gud


>responded to a /meta/ post in less than 2 minutes
Frankly embarrassing.


When I say I am beyond you I mean it. I don't browse the board like a regular peasant.


Unfortunately you’re kinda fucked, if Pasquale decides he doesn’t like you there’s very little you can do other than post during the four or five hours a day he’s not online. He actively refuses to take accountability and the mods refuse to reign him in, evidently preferring to use him as a rabid attack dog


I actually agree with the sentiment.
Don't try.


I was wrong and the mods were right
unconditional support for the moderation team


Some janny gave me a 15 min ban over stating the fact he banned a Christian schizo in less than a minute while allowing a LITERAL ZIONIST troll to spew his racist rethoric (which still there for everyone to read), the absolute state of current leftypol

PS: Apparently it was this pasquale asshole from logs, why is he even in the mod team? He clearly only deletes shit he doesn't like, or that he personally feels offended to, while giving 0 fucks to rules



At least you found the right thread to be an entitled Karen
bitch ass


You’re wasting your breath. The mods are well aware of his behavior and they relish in letting him loose like a wild dog to remove all that triggers him. There’s an ever expanding list of topics he seems to have automated alerts for and scripts to ban for key words, and what’s worse is that he’s irrevocably convinced of his own righteousness so there’s no negotiation: you either agree with him on everything or suffer. Someone mentioned earlier that your best bet is to only post during the 4 hour period he’s not actively monitoring the computer and I wouldn’t be surprised if those become peak hours


You have two options
Adapt your behavior
Or listen to this cretin
Nothing personal


And what pray tell is this behavior you want us to adapt to? Your positions and enforcement of the rules are arbitrary bordering on schizophrenic, nobody knows what the fuck to do when you’re online because you’ll ban people without a reason and then remove all traces of their existence, never with any explanation. Can you blame people for not wanting to constantly have to tread on eggshells in fear that you’ll randomly decide a topic is problematic and ban everyone participating?


File: 1708092368083.jpg (68.4 KB, 500x692, 1706890589080.jpg)


You do realize nobody actually likes you and you eventually gonna sink this board even further as nobody's gonna bother to deal with your crap anymore unless other mods remove you right?


File: 1708093124599.gif (352.63 KB, 220x220, 1706437374408.gif)

pls cry more


You act like he’s not fully aware of this and sees it as a desirable outcome. Completely monopolize the discourse, and if that fails simply annihilate it


File: 1708093633821-0.webm (1002.25 KB, 720x544, manic laugh.webm)

File: 1708093633821-1.jpg (67.71 KB, 474x677, th-1979539745.jpg)

You are all merely puppets in my game


I have to ask, why being a mod if you are not going to take it at least a little seriously? You dont have to do this, so if you cant be bothered, just dont. I would assume that as a volunteer you care about fate of this website and community, and want to improve it, but all you are doing is making the experience worse for everyone involved.


I make the experience worse for a certain, very specific subset. This can either be chalked up to acceptable losses or working as intended. Take your pick.


By “very specific subset” you mean anybody that runs afoul of your ever changing arbitrary standards regardless of whether rules are broken. Why not just cut the crap and permanently ban the tor node and every VPN you can find? You’d at least be saving the rest of us the trouble of pretending this site is anything other than a glorified Reddit


File: 1708105618002.jpg (846.09 KB, 1600x1200, 1437866610832.jpg)


Keep showing everyone the kind of manchild you are rather than addressing criticism or changing your ways, it’ll only make more people leave


File: 1708105882741.jpg (20.78 KB, 250x250, 1442408245561.jpg)



Could you define that subset please?


Absolutely. Right-wingers, regressives, atavists. But not only that, no. Some of them still run around. See, a second criteria is being obnoxious beyond what can be reasonably tolerated.


Do your co-mods fit into this category?


I mean I'd say I'm not answering. But it's such a silly question, I'll entertain you.
None currently fit the category.


>None currently fit the category.
Is that because you have driven out all of the ones who did?


That's classified, babes


>Right-wingers, regressives, atavists
I get the right-wing part, what exactly do the other two mean though?


Oh pretty much the same thing


Oh you're factory farm guy
Well, I don't have too much beef (get it) with you
I think if I did, you'd know.


And under which of those categories does defending China against western propaganda come in to play? Because of all the arbitrary things you can and censor for “Dengism” seems to be the top of the list


woaw man
guessing I have serious beef with you. But it's not for that reason


Well yes I am one of many targets of your autistic little meltdowns, I’m surprised you’re even letting anyone post at all considering. But if it’s not China, it’s either people who speak positively about Russia in any regard or anybody who has any issues with pornography and sexual libertinism. Those seem to be your biggest hangups, though you have numerous others that I won’t get into. So what part of the above is “regressive” or “right wing”?


Yeah the sex thing
You're a maniac


I’m actually very normal. Leave your hyper online circle and you’ll find out that most people aren’t chronic masturbators like you are, least of all actual communists. So why are you so intent on deleting any opposition to your gooning when you know it’s counterrevolutionary?


You're hilarious, yeah almost there matey


You didn’t answer the question


onion down?


I dont give a shit if you have a beef with me, I want you to stop being a moderator because you clearly lack impulse control required to do that job responsibly.


Check again
Can't help you there


You don't need impulse control if all your impulses are perfect. I am a perfectly calibrated machine.


you also can't say that you want dprk to nuke the US


File: 1708125703270.png (186.38 KB, 500x281, crying imitates.png)

literal nonsense
Unless there's more to that story
but nah that couldn't be
you guys are so trustworthy


then why did you delete my posts saying that nuking US state capitals was the only way to save the human race? after that you just deleted any combination of words "nuke" and "US" or "US cities", including wanting dprk to nuke the US. You even deleted it from the posadist thread. you were angry that I kept posting "nuke US cities" after you deleted the post once. you even banned tor for an hour.

feel free to deny it, it's probably your other "persona". how many personas do you have?


Paleskin what the fuck are you smoking
I remember the spam
There's spam
I delete spam
We do that till one of us dies, apparently


I posted it ONCE. then it got deleted, so I posted it again. you admit it doesn't break any rules. so if you delete it by mistake or because you're having a fit or whatever I will post it again. that's not "spam". you leave the post up, then I won't have to post it again. is that so hard to understand?


File: 1708126472470.png (1.32 MB, 756x1067, 1647321954153-0.png)

lol sure


what's the point of appealing bans if the same janny who gave the ban can dismiss the appeal?


Now that's an interesting question.



The worst thing about communists is that they're too sincere and serious to understand irony.
If I were living under Actually Existing Socialism, I'm pretty sure I'd be GULAG'd for publishing the communist equivalent of "a modest proposal" or something.
My soy leftcom friend with minor clout in the party would try impotently and limp-wristedly to defend me to no avail, and I'd be marched off to 15 years of hard labor.
Then 50 years later capitalist media vultures would use me as an example of le poor freedom loving intellectual repressed by the ebil comminist regime. Tfu.


Yeah man, at this point I don't really deal with anyone having a "slip-up". It's all been pure psychos.


Also it wasn't funny
here have this
Gorky getting all giddy about Lenin


>their critique of communism is an entirely hypothetical scenario in which the party singles them out in particular for some imagined subversion where there immediately gulag'd

its honestly p funny how many times i've heard this critique now. it literally just boils down too "what if in a scenario I just made up the commies attack me for being the main character". Shallow and idealistic


the only problem is calling this communism - this already happens under capitalism all around the world and also happened under the ussr after degenerating into another bourgeois state


im not gonna shed tears for larpy third-worlders


Hypothetical? It's already happened. I got banned from a dozen "communist" fbi.gov servers for my vehement opposition to anime.

The bolsheviks went from a reading group to state power.
It's not hard to imagine fbi.gov mods attaining similar authority in the chaos of the revolution.


>vehement opposition to anime
Alright, I interrupted what I was watching to laugh at this


>i was banned from a fbi.gov server
boo fucking hoo


oh man, I just found out it is not against the rules to impersonate mods. now this thread makes a little more sense


What is a mod? On a spiritual level. We are all a little bit moderators.


did you just call me a terminally online neet?


File: 1708289691483.webm (5.33 MB, 540x960, mazov.webm)

No I called you a very smart boy


This site is only good for talking about SЁX on /siberia/


no, it sucks for that, all the replies are cück shit like "you should ask your partner". I need encouragement, I need to be told that men love when you disassemble all the appliances in their house to look for surveillance devices


File: 1708290318913.png (425 KB, 502x574, ClipboardImage.png)




There hasn't been a split in like 3 years though


i made some serious posts about the funny topic that everyone discusses to death daily here just as some guy started spamming shit calling the mods pedos so uh just in case theyre also using tor im a diff person


I use TOR too and I am not the spammer.


Whoa, I use tor AND I'm not the spammer too.


Waow, never looked at it that way
You mean there are normal people here too?


Yeah "scan"


How would you describe it? Mindless clicking?


But this is amusing
I just realized that the reason you've attempted to spam this place for god knows how long is that you have no idea how this works.


This is a metaphor for reactionary trash at large. They just cannot conceive of anything outside their own limited experience.


If you are multitasking you are like a god to a rightoid


I suggest we follow China's example with online games and limit leftypol lurking to 4 hours a day.
Upon first request of the day from a given IP address, a 4 hour timer should start, at the end of which the IP would be banned for 20 hours.

And it should be a ban on viewing pages as well as posing.


that's not bad


Obviously the rule doesn't apply to me.
Sovereign is he who decides the exception.
This is elementary.


File: 1708350618241.gif (422.19 KB, 300x173, hyena.gif)



Are there any posting activity stats available for leftypol
I want to pick the most opportune time to post bait.



Check the home page…


No daily / hourly graphs?
Guess I'll scrape em myself.

My bait will have to wait a week.


>one week later
*gets shot immediately*


File: 1708436828887.png (176.02 KB, 1652x749, img.png)

Generally you should assume any English (or Spanish) space is most active in the afternoon & evening of the timezones in the Americas (continent).
Check 4stats for a quick reference converted to your timezone, since the geography of the userbase is similar. As you can see, it's a smooth curve that peaks at 3-6 pm EST.

This rule applies to any space on the internet so along as you know where the majority of its users are. So for example if you wanna browse the Chinese internet at peak activity you aim for when it's ~4 pm in coastal China.


Ok, now I need a similar graph but for moderator activity, so I can pick a time in the day with maximum user activity vs minimum mod activity.


You are a bit funny I'll give you that


>Maintenance Notice — by at 2024-02-19 (Mon) 13:11:39
>Tuesday 20 February 2024 Leftypol may temporarily go offline for maintenance
sounds like a reverse canary. blink twice if they got you, mods


No! This can't be! I can't let the United States' government know my position on the LTV vs unequal exchange debate!!


this post glows


Why the heck is >>>/siberia/484403 anchored? There's no reason given and it's a legit thread even if some retards started arguing in it, it's literally what /siberia/ is for.


What the OP claims isn't true. It was just one guy.


anyone who disagrees with mod actions is a schizo cryptonazi reactionary spammer


can post a picrel in /isg/ but not in /palestine/?


Just because I see the same post repeated (obv it's one guy) over this IP. I wouldn't normally give this any attention.
We've long left behind any question of disagreement.
Quantity has its own quality. We have a handful of extremely obsessed spammers. If you are tunneling through VPN/proxy, chances are you will pick up at some point a ban that is not "meant for you". It is really that bad. I don't get how this is possibly a hard concept to grasp for anyone. So I presume it must be bullshitters crying for attention. Trite, boring, I can't imagine what brought you to this point in your life. This is why we can't have nice things.
I am of course here not asking anyone to have a come to Jesus moment, just the most basic self-reflection would constitute progress for some people.


I see. Well then just archive it in >>>/siberia_archive/ at this point.


Requesting threads >>>/hobby/26632 and >>>/hobby/15840 be archived

Requesting >>>/hobby/15521 and >>>/hobby/17019 be moved to >>>/draw/

and >>>/hobby/1516 be moved to >>>/AKM/


<caballohidden12 minutes/siberia/Deleted post #506717
>it's ok when I make fun of other but not when others make fun of me


idk why this was anchored but you should read the op carefully before deciding what threads to kill


I can post a jpeg but not a cropped jpeg?


File: 1708894771478.png (88.73 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)

Requesting >>>/siberia/506121 be moved and merged with >>>/anime/3808

Also requesting >>30837 be addressed, its been a few days.


sufficiently old threads like the one in >>30837 have to be moved carefully because they are from bunkerchan transcribed onto leftypol, and they often have their post formatting fucked up to hell if we move them - sometimes including loss of images or other undesirable effects. unless they are critical to preserve or migrate, its better to just leave them be, imho.


explain your logic for why you keep banning me wvobbly


Ignore that report, I reported myself by accident
also whats happening in the sino thread? Why the deletion?


>also whats happening in the sino thread?
mental illness. maybe one bystander caught in the crossfire. minor development pay no mind.
>Why the deletion?
if you want to know why something got deleted, come here first.


alright, good to know


hilarious I'll undo i guess


>that IP
>that post


>laughs at his post history
this place is just like reddit for mods. I feel a wind of change coming.


Change is inevitable. Change is good.


Please delete my OP >>>/leftypol/1773798

And can mods in fact let users delete their own OPs? This is very inconvenient for both sides involved


You mean our OP


Please merge >>>/hobby/39686 into the existing smoking thread >>>/hobby/10326




Whatever, can the moderators/devs change it so that people can delete their own OPs in the future, it's very inconvenient, especially since it means that accidental duplicate OPs have to be dealt with by the moderation team when its a waste of time for them.


Explain what was in my post history and what i was banned for. I literally did nothing wrong and was banned for so long for no reason


I didn't write "post history". I wrote "IP". Do those words look at all the same? I am very peculiar with my words.


Can you end the rangeban please. What was I banned for? Tell me so I can stop doing it


I have no clue
If it's concerning ban reason "samefagging" and yesterday, there is several bans either removed or not seen.


Just end the 7 day rangeban. We can come to a win-win conclusion.


That video one of you just posted is awful. Simply awful.


What was it


why do you keep deleting my revolutionary post in the imperialist westoid thread?
<total-westoid-deathism becomes a more legitimized science by the day. Leftists abroad, from the PFLP to cornel west, promote this theory by praising the self-immolation of this westoid


Since the thread has decent conversation going on I see no reason to delete it, sorry, I'm sure it will bump off the front page within a few days though.


It's idpol.


that is a fair take, but imperialists are imperialists. Revolutionary idpol is based and reactionary idpol is not. Total-westoid-deathism is valid and supported by all true leftists


>I didn't write "post history". I wrote "IP".
Oh I see, you were commenting on the aesthetics of the IP number. Was it a sexy number?
>Do those words look at all the same?
Meaning is the same.
>I am very peculiar
That you are. Unless you meant particular.




>Meaning is the same.
No it isn't



>No it isn't
What did you mean then?


I know what your IP is, you know what your IP is. The only mystery is why you think you have anything left to say to me. It's just trite and boring, doing the same spiel hundreds of times.


he is pretending to be me. i am the one who said mod blown the fuck out and the one who complained after getting banned for triggering a mod by saying the IVF ruling by alabama GOP was based. I got banned for GOP posting i guess. Cant post about the GOP, even when they do based shit


we arent samefagging. were all posting on the tor node because you banned us all


And I'll fucking do it again


yeah the bans never stop us. there is always proxies and tor


You are real trooper. Such struggle. Fight the powah bro


>give year long range ip bans for the pettiest of perceived infractions under the excuse of spam, with no chance of appeal
>people invariably are forced to use tor to even so much as appeal bans, never mind hold non-Pasquale approved opinions
You reap what you sow


The real troopers are the mods. they deal with my gore and scat and spam for hours on end when they push me to do that.


>You reap what you sow
That's my script you mong
By all means keep doing the same thing over and over and over


like that one time pasquale was deleting scat for like an hour one night, good times


Don’t you ever get tired of spending 20 hours a day power tripping like a Reddit mod? Don’t you feel the slightest amount of shame that this is all your life amounts to?


Projection, worry about yourself


Jannies are the vanguard of the revolution. Leftypol is the Frankfurt School of the modern left.


Why should I? I have no major problems with myself that need fixing


Me neither. I'm pretty much perfect.


A power tripping manchild obsessed with enforcing liberalism who unironically posts video game characters in an attempt to look cool is not what most would call perfect…


File: 1709050869119.jpg (911.13 KB, 1920x2228, dave-felix-sauron.jpg)


All attempts at building communism thus far have failed.


meant for the guy who said
>didn't the frankfurt school fail?


can we ban people who call americans mutts? this is chauvinism


>I know what your IP is, you know what your IP is. The only mystery is why you think you have anything left to say to me.
I'm posting from tor, so my IP should be Do you actually think is a WAN IP address of one person?? LMAO!


I'm glad your attention span is shot all to shit or you are laboring under some other brain problem. It means there is a very low ceiling to what you can do.
Unless it's an act.


Pasquale logs into his computer for another day of arguing with the same 5-10 retards in this thread. What a life.


That's a high estimate


I asked you what you meant, and instead of admitting you meant post history, you're deflecting and saying shit like "we both know what I meant!"

It's obvious you meant post history and now you're embarrassed (rightfully so). At least you being ashamed of being perceived as a redditor means there is some humanity left in you.


I assure you there is not.


he only does it because he can remove any comment he doesn't like. and he'll stay online all day and all night to delete that comment. he literally lives here.


Keep telling yourself that.


I'm the ghost in the machine


lmao why are you retards deleting any post that isnt weeping over a fucking US soldier


<You're banned for the reason: Tor user being obnoxious retard again
libshit moment. stop pretending to be communists and change leftypols name and design lol

the loser who killed himself wasnt even a communist, just a random activist who was a US soldier to boot. literally zero reason to get pissy about it, especially as a mod


mmmm communist lessons from the mossad agent, bellisimo


>checking logs
rofl of course its the terminally online mod who has a hard on for this pathetic livestream stunt

theres class ways to do this but you, being a liberal, have an affinity for petit bourgeois demonstrations. its not like you guys read or rather watch video essays slightly more difficult than mark fisher lol


>theres class ways to do this
oh yea youre one to talk about class, faggot lol


>talking about class action
<erm but what have YOU personally done?
so fucking smart

youre the one banning people for 12 fucking hours because theyre correctly assessing this as irrelevant propaganda of the deed impotent garbage lmfaoooo

like sorry that i dont defend useless activity in itself external to ends as virtuous like 99% of pseuds do. theres proper ways to put pressure on governments, with real historical examples to look at, but that would require to build class connections instead of idiotically setting yourself on fire


File: 1709086342815.png (247.07 KB, 792x410, ClipboardImage.png)

propaganda of the deed? on my left-wing imageboard?? its more likely than you think!


File: 1709086702356.jpg (40.69 KB, 706x467, loser.jpg)

trying too hard to seem cool by posting that after still reading the post lmfao

if we all engage in mass revolutionary suicide jim jones style we will force the bourgeois powers to stop selling weapons to zionistss, any day now


this has nothing to do with bushnell and is just you being annoying and childish af please leave


Screaming at this


File: 1709126873428.png (96.07 KB, 720x768, ClipboardImage.png)

steven bonnell is that you


The term has fallen out of vogue, but this is really the essence of "identity politics". Zero reference to anything real, just pure floating signifiers. All understanding must be mapped on to the "culture war", as expected from the mod who also wastes every day of his life managing the leftypol twitter account.



I can't even tell what the fuck you're arguing about, can we please keep this comment for actual complaints not just vibes? Thanks


But we all know you know what he means, don’t you. The question is whether you’ll continue to act like a catty high school bitch or own up to your intentions like an adult


wow "floating signifiers" you read baudrillard and laclau too? amazign
spare me the cock and ball lecture and go screech somewhere else

but let me give you a lowdown of reality to you since you insist so much on being Captain Real McFaggot:
someone made an intense act of protest, reflecting the rage and frustration of millions over a genocide thats currently going on ←– THIS IS REAL, THIS HAPPENED (WOW!)

riots, terrorism, performative suicides… a voice for the voiceless, its all a raw gritty and uncomfortable reflection of the political reality we live in.

this act resonated with the public so much that the fucking PFLP and Hamas made their own statements in solidarity towards bushnell.

this is the reality you claim to speak highly of. would you like to know more?


File: 1709135689264.png (428.91 KB, 1600x669, im in the class struggle.png)

Yeah, this is typical brainlet rubbish about how any act must be defended no matter how stupid. No analysis whatsoever, only aesthetics and optics.

>not just vibes
The fucking gall.

>the fucking PFLP and Hamas made their own statements in solidarity towards bushnell

All this does is reveal how bourgeois your aims and means are.
I couldn't care less either way, but we now have every petty bourgeois liberal with a hammer and sickle next to their username going RIP to this moron.


The current /leftypol/ staff position is in support and solidarity towards the Palestinian resistance against genocide perpetuated by the Zionist regime. I apologize if this is fucking news to you.


No I genuinely don't know what you mean. I can't make sense of what people are complaining about. Except that someone is upset they were or are being banned for making fun on Aaron Bushnell, which you know what, yes, I don't think we should set ourselves on fire, but I can respect the guy's depth of feeling and his act has in fact served as a message for pro Palestine feeling. I don't think we should make fun of him even if you don't think it was useful activism.


I guess we dropped the "critical" part of critical support now. I'm "pro-genocide" if I refuse to support stupid propaganda-of-the-deed acts in support of a side in an imperialist war, a side created by the other side decades ago to stop Palestinian communists that came back to bite them in the ass, even.
I thought only MLs backed currently existing powers (all of which are in fact aligned against communism) but it seems anarchists are getting their brains rotten in the same way too.
Just because the situation is so fucked up marxism's role becomes quite limited doesn't mean we need to start pretending every act of "praxis" (useless term) is "based" and "communist". Can't criticize the act because of Christian bullshit about the sanctity of death or whatever.


Ok I don't give a fuck. People that are extremely critical tend to be just shit. You hate everyone, good for you. Do you want a prize? Anarchists and such I can relate to. Leftcoms etc. are just garbage.


the socialism in one arm chair posters are insufferable fr


btw we have of course completely left the issue of what position is correct, or it might be more precise to say we were never there. The issue is as always that you are irredeemably childish. "I want to post whatever I want, wherever I want, how many times I want". Then you throw a fit. etc. etc.
Discussions at a certain point are just over. If you had any engagement in the real world, in reality, you'd know.
Fuck that. Your issues are so self-evident. If you do an absolutely shit post, if you do a poo on the floor, no one gives a singular fuck. But if you do it over and over and over again, well, it's time to go.
And I just got banned on a forum, not to see how the other side lives but just because I wanted to see some more civilized behavior for a change. Just change it up a little.
Anyway, that is not the situation we are looking at here.


imagine all the people


>Can't criticize the act because of Christian bullshit about the sanctity of death or whatever.
The only people bringing up Christianity were the ones trying to smear the guy as a Christian fundamentalist, which was shown to be false and was dubious at best to begin with.


Guys let's just get everything straight
>yes you are not allowed to post any takes that the mods don't approve of.
The rules say reactionary, but what that means is so vague. It's funny because 90% of the userbase of this website are uyghur-saying ex-current-4chan addict crackers. There's all kinds of racism all over the place that's widely tolerated by the crackerbase. Meanwhile you can get banned for positions as innocuous as questioning pop-urbanism I shit you not.
>Everyone has access to a million free VPNS
So bans don't actually keep anyone from posting, but mods can still delete wrong think, even if those same anons are posting again 10 seconds later.

We talked about all this before, but I'd like to here one of the jannies opinions. What do you think you're really doing here?


We are all hurtling towards death, clearly.
But what do you think you are doing here?


Shitposting, enjoying this diversion, pastime. I do it regardless of jannie bans or not. I'm just a little curious to what motivates a jannie. I guess maybe you just do the same. It's just being a leftypol premium user where you get to delete anyone anytime you get btfo when you're posting, and I don't just mean like in this thread. I'm sure you jannies are a significant portion of the userbase considering this is a dead website. You're getting BTFO in arguments all over the boards and then you always have you delete button trump card.


>positions as innocuous as questioning pop-urbanism
screaming that trains are fascist isn't a productive discussion


That's very likely it
I didn't want to spend more than half a second on that post, but that's almost certainly a bingo


>muh strawman
>still doesn't even apply to the rules
That's the thing tho, it's the most unemotional, dry, factual arguments that upset the jannies the most because that's what BTFOs them. They're happy to let the thong noticer post.


>I didn't want to spend more than half a second on that post,
Exactamundo, you only have emotional defensive shut down mechanisms, you can't read posts and comprehend and respond to information.


My man I am so far above you it beggars belief


This is what sane and healthy people say yes. How do you let janny powertripping on a dead board get to your head this much?


The thing is it really doesn't get to my head.
But it's a fact. You are a puddle. I am the ocean.
You are so incredibly stagnant.


>more sane things sane people say


>>still doesn't even apply to the rules
Sure it does.
<11) Posts should, overall, be conductive to an informed and productive discussion. /leftypol/ is not an academic journal, but it also should not be a cesspit of back and forth bickering and pointless insults. Users should attempt to argue for the point they are presenting in an honest and open way and should be receptive to information or arguments that do, in fact, challenge their views.
Those kinds of posts are just an attempt to derail by Phil Greaves tier labeling everything fascist/reactionary.


*retard twitter tone policer voice* "more sane things sane people say, I am mentally stuck at 12 years of age" waaah wahhh


> I am mentally stuck at 12 years of age" waaah wahhh
Well I hope you get better anon.


I was honestly smarter at 12 than you are at present. And I was very stupid back then. Like compared to now, night and day. Totally different individual.


>I was honestly smarter at 12 than you are at present. And I was very stupid back then. Like compared to now, night and day. Totally different individual.
Whatever you need to tell yourself anon. I'm sure you've come a long way. I wouldn't want to meet your 12 year old self anymore than your current form.


lmao being an obnoxious prick is not a personality
Do some soul searching, meditation, anything else than acting like a cunt all day.


That's what everyone has been telling you.


Everyone being the 5 (high estimate) clowns that refuse to ever move on in any way. Act like a normal fucking person or find a different place to act out.


It's funny the jannies doing the
>you're seething
>I'm not seething
When they're here seething with a new anon everyday of the week. I just come to this thread for lulz occasionally when I see it in the overboard.


Jannie we've already established you're far from a normal person. Normal people don't have megalomania.


I'm not normal. I am not normal in a way, way better way than you are "subnormal"


>I'm not normal. I am not normal in a way, way better way than you are "subnormal"
> Act like a normal fucking person or find a different place to act out.
You know what you need to do anon. Now live your advice.


Oh I act out.
I don't act out here, because it's my place. I like it.


>more sane things sane people say


at least I am not the human version of a stuck record.


So the mods finally had a full mental breakdown huh? Which one of you was it? Pasq right?


“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.”


Imagine there's no countries


Ich hab' keine Lust mehr auf die Softymasche
Komm in den Club mit Bill-Cosby-Maske


File: 1709172363681.gif (1.89 MB, 340x347, I leave for 1 day.gif)

>make some requests/comments to mods regarding some action I'd like them to take
<leave and go about my business
>return 2 days later
<The thread has 20+ posts of Pasq and a bunch of morons trying to outshit each other.


>>>/anime/23352 is an isekai thread, and belongs in the Isekai thread >>>/anime/373 Please Move It There,Thanks


How to kill the side boards 101


>>>508306 should probably me moved to the /isg/ thread

flood detected post discarded


File: 1709243491070.png (138.6 KB, 583x621, 1709210641260764.png)

You are the most normal man here.


lol I see what you are saying but here's why I don't really care: There's a couple angles here but bottom line, I think it's funny to rile up these pond scum that clearly vastly overestimate themselves. This thread has never been different, at least as far back as the tripfag Sage's time. It was since forever ago mainly this type of idiotic screeching.
I am immovable to people of that caliber. Everyone meets a bigger fish at some point. It's just nature taking its natural course and evening entertainment for me.


>K-kill sideboards
Shut the fuck up faggot, you LIVE on /meta/ whining about "muh generals" and "muh merges" and whatever the fuck every time someone requests them. Stop consuming oxygen.


>leftist politically incorrect
<do not call the dead soldier an idiot :'((((((((


File: 1709286645347.jpg (232.12 KB, 1545x2000, 1703127777734.jpg)

Yeah yea
we should rename it to
Left Politically Correct*

*Politically Correct here referring to the original idea of being "in line" with the offical or party line, not the later usage of reactionary dicks having fits over "censorships and so on ….

like some David Foster Wallace joke


This is the last couple years of /meta/ discourse summarized. You can continue to do the same thing over and over, expecting shit to change. Or not, up to you.


what's with all the soys?


there has been low level /pol/ spam for the last few days, but they've been trying to slip by with fewer posts going unnoticed rather than their usual MO of large volumes of post to disrupt things. they've also been employing some use of chatGPT, so overall its still about as subtle as a shart in a library.


Why have you deleted my ccru thread?


because you're a schizo spammer and I am the smartest person on the planet


Great, leftypol.org has turned into Reddit. Do you want me to go to leftychan.org?


Anyone else think outrage bait shouldn't be posted on the inc- I mean relationships thread on siberia?

Unique IPs: 96

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