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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1626055507144.png (15.97 KB, 1200x600, cuba flag.png)

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communists, why not just move to cuba?
seems much easier than trying to spark a revolution in the belly of the beast
if i had the opportunity to live in a country that fit my ideology, i'd move there in a heartbeat. in fact, i'm saving up right now to get residency in a country that most closely matches it.
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Wrong. He moved with 3 friends to capitalize off of a market inerrancy they noticed. Particularly they wanted to abuse the cheap labour in Vietnam. He didnt become an anarchist until after meeting his already communist wife, lunaOi. Who told you he went bc le anarchism.


>I thought leftists were all about being on the ground and actually being with the people to understand their situation?

Certainly the Cuban government and Canel are. Canel has on a number of occasions spoken with protestors and heard there side, there is no antogonism between either, the official line being that most of the protestors are proper revolutionaries who just want answers.

This wouldnt be anything new for Canel either, he has earned a reputation of being an immaculate governor who would regularly walk the streets to see how things were. This has been brought into his presidency.


That’s what I believe too


after oscar attacks and the bernie bro profusely apologizes, does everyone clap?

File: 1626024400546.jpg (324.63 KB, 1527x2160, lain.jpg)


Been reading Lenning and feeling really polemic. He is outdated and he is wrong, and history proved him wrong. It seems like his mind is stuck in this vanguard party paradigm and just can't get out, especially clearly seen in his anti-bureaucratic articles - he sees the problem and he just doesn't know what to do, he wants to fight fire with fire, bureaucracy with bureaucracy. His conscious and unconscious revolutionary elitism just can't fathom any other way out. In one of his latest articles "Better fewer, but better" I see a deluded old man with no answers.

Reading Lening really got under my skin, it really did. That's why I'm thinking of writing a kinda shorty-sh article/pamphlet arguing with Lenin titled something like "What is to be done after Lenin?"

The framework of my arguments would be something like this:
<There could be no socialism without direct democracy
<Therefore struggle for socialism should be a struggle for direct democracy
<Therefore Leninism is a dead end as it is inherently aristocratic
<Therefore the basic unit of socialist movement couldn't be a Leninist party, or any other political party for that matter, because political parties aren't compatible with direct democracy by their very organizational structure with professional politicians
<The question is then, what type of organization is the most compatible with direct democracy?
<My answer - trade union, because it has a common member base and a potential for combined economic and political power
<The biggest problem with unions is their entrenched collaborationist labor aristocratic bureaucracy
<Direct democracy mechanism means labor aristocracy and entrenched bureaucracy loses power
<Union potentially has economic power to force employer to let some of its members chosen by lot go on a paid vacation for a duration of their service in a union government, ie a year for example
<The result of implementing direct democracy in a particular union is a radicalization of said union
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>Just become Revolutionqry syndicalist OP, it has all the answers you are looking for.
I always perceived syndicalists as market anarchists, but whatever, if syndicalists are ready to introduce direct democracy into their organization, then it really doesn't matter. Logic of class struggle would lead them to seizure of the state machine or defeat.


>lol so by "sortition" you mean "technocracy"

it's seriously funny seeing people so demoralized that they give up in resignation "it's all the same bureaucracy anyway!"
yes, people need expertise to make decisions, but do they really need experts ruling them?


File: 1626081522302.jpg (238.89 KB, 960x895, peasant-chad.jpg)

>le low IQ farmers meme
I'd suggest you try farming, anon, before you open your gob on the matter

NTA but syndicalism to me seems more an organizational tactic. you could combine syndicalism with cybernetic planning. I plan on spreading cockshott thought to local syndicalists for just that reason.

I had a similar reaction to that anon's nonsense but didn't bother responding. technocracy seems explicitly aristocratic, sortition is explicitly democratic


Liberal democracy leads to neoliberal capitalism


File: 1626085524805.jpg (64.45 KB, 567x604, do it for her.jpg)

>I like feet
Lain is like a cuter Jesus walking barefoot through the desert of collective unconscious.

File: 1610564667414.jpg (30.48 KB, 452x285, 1604499982301.jpg)

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We need a debunk thread on here
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Whatever CGP Grey says in this video that's wrong.


The guy and the book author he is basing on are using templates of game theory in great scope.

If you believe game theory is bollocks and more so the macro version of it then thats about it


Fuck off, /pol/yp and get back when you learn to read and formulate a basic argument


I watched the video a long ass time ago, and I'm not reading the book.

Looking at a popular example, Caesar, and his civil war, you can see that he made a ton a promises.
He promised his soldiers land, his centurions political positions, his backers in rome both a payment on his debts and leniency under his rule. He promised the people of northern Italy (a large part of his army) full Roman citizenship, and promised he would carry on and take revenge on the parthians.

He would do all of it as dictator, except invading the parthians because spoiler:he died.

The senators who remained in Rome during the war, the ones who fled and received clemency, or even obtained their position through Caesar, rightfully realized early on that the Senate was reduced to a figure head.
Those, who as of recently had enormous political power, were reduced to mere rubber stamps.

Was it possible for Caesar to appease everyone? Did he particularly want to? Who was actuslly benefiting from this whole ordeal?

Who is to say, but it is interesting to think about.


is it true that there is no democratic election in cuba and that castro promised it but never delivered that promise

pls debunk asap

File: 1625398721955.png (674 KB, 700x420, ClipboardImage.png)

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After a 4-0 thrashing of Ukraine, England marches forward to a semi-finals clash with Denmark. Could it be happening lads? There's magic in the air.
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I was alone, falling free
Trying my best not to forget
What happened to us, what happened to me
What happened as I let it slip
I was confused by the powers that be
Forgetting names and faces
Passers by were looking at me
As if they could erase it
Baby, did you forget to take your meds?
Baby, did you forget to take your meds?


>See what I mean about football inciting stupid nationalism.
Anyone who has ever met a football fan knows this.
It's only the copers in this thread who think that it's some ideal working man's pastime full of "banter and cheekiness" that all the good lads of merry england like a bit of, and not just another proxy for their deranged tribalism.


Shut up, brit.


How lol, we are completely irrelevant to anywhere in the world but arabia and even there the USA could fill the UKs position easily. If we all died you'd live in the exact same world.


Hahahah. The English salt. Hahahah it’s even tastier than I imagined

File: 1626047035715.png (551.65 KB, 960x720, 1626006864083.png)


In the wake of rapid accelerationism the planet is facing technological progress reversing… although that might be weird to state it's true, years of overproduction and commodification of several goods and services all around the planet as a result of the systems of exploitation under capitalism combined with the powerhouse of the machines formed during the industrial revolution has made a situation where theres simply too much stuff… and hence forth the need to innovate has diminished as it becomes unprofitable for investment yet at the same time global birthrates remain on the consistent decline due to the extreme cost of living for billions around the planet. Weird a situation where theres no need to improve because everyone has everything they could possibly want yet nobody can afford anything because all the things people need are to expensive despite being worth nothing if they were tied to supply and demand economic theory…


this "paradox" has been well known by anyone who lives in eastern europe after the wall fell
<pre-1990: le empty shelves meme
<post-1990: le full shelves but no money meme
globalisation, financialisation and massive overproduction is what does this. far from what free marketeers would consider should happen next (big price drops due to overproduction), what actually happens is price remains static due to the tendency of profits to fall and the profit margin being tight already. and because of financialisation big porkies are discouraged from investing into r&d because what really matters is overinflated stocks, and that can be accomplished with far less risk by just buying up, merging then liquidating existing companies.

so capitalism really eats itself according to how it was predicted. the question now is how long until the current period of crisis ends and what will replace/reinvigorate capitalism at the end of it.


give me back my image cunt

File: 1626035625913.jpg (60.13 KB, 600x396, CTB.1983.15_paisaje-sudame….jpg)


South america is actually quite nice, most of the land and resources(especially in brazil and mexico) is unused and hence pretty much any individual is free to set up whatever they want for surprisingly little weather that be a store, farm, factory, mine, whatever or just go out hunting and living independently. most south americans I've met are pretty fine people admittedly flawed especially in the department of creative thinking but fine, I didnt find myself concerned about scammers or drug cartels in the years I was in mexico jamaica and brazil being that 1 they're statistically likely to kill each other and 2 I already have lived in west america surrounded by hispanics already meaning most of the issues present in Latin america weren't too different from my personal experiences.(Leaving thread up because it's hilarious "anal-ysis")
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File: 1626041941163-0.jpg (301.43 KB, 833x846, Screenshot_20210711-151741….jpg)

File: 1626041941163-1.jpg (98.02 KB, 720x720, 3a6zan7ukt871 (1).jpg)


This sub is filled with rightoids, but people definitely do not like living in Mexico lol for legit reasons

Last time my mom visited she was like I'm never going back to that shithole ever again


Based. Fuck tourists.


But Chicano you understand that if too many mexicans move to the united states, the united states becomes like mexico right? There are multiple reports of spanish being used as a main language coupled with rampant rates of homicide and drug gangs forming.


Any third world subreddit is filled with cancer. But yeah, Mexico fucking sucks because of wealth inequality, poverty, narcos, and generally corruption. It has its good things, but might as well move to vietnam idk.


Really? Are you for real?

File: 1625711539791.jpg (175.06 KB, 1150x900, wolff.jpg)


This was actually one of the more interesting interviews I've seen of Wolff, and it is hidden by Zero Books. Don't know why.

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Christ almighty, how much of a cuck do you have to be to actually watch this shit? Imagine watching TWO AND A HALF HOURS of Richard Wolff (who I basically like) debate with Destiny. I like a good longform youtube video (Cockshott, for instance) but why would you watch this babby-tier talking points exchange? Anyone with the attention span to watch this shit must be descended from Babylonian astronomers who tracked individual stars across the night sky every night for a lifetime.


File: 1625902673471.png (141.85 KB, 600x600, 1623378212473.png)



>Under that interpretation he is correct, capitalism is the class society of the employer-employee. Commodity production for exchange only acts as the historical form of exploitation of this social relationship
You make it sound like this interpretation has faults, but remember that Marx wrote that in volume 3, which is a time where his thought was pretty much fully developed. I think the only thing that this interpretation lacks is a further investigation of liberal contracts concerning something like land, property etc.
Other than that is goes to the root pretty well imo. What do you think based Wolffanon?


If I catch your drift I think that is agreeable. I only just came back to this thread and I can’t remember all the content of my rambling posts above, but even if I agree with Wolff that abolishing the employer-employee relationship would be the “end of capitalism” it may not be the end of economic exploitation or class society, it depends on how that whole process of struggle unfolds. I could see capitalists at the margins, or specific kinds of capitalists, or the coops themselves, scrambling into some new scheme of social stratification. But that’s what sucks about being trapped within history, we can’t guess at every eventuality. We can only respond to what exists now and try our best to stay a move ahead of the enemy. To me, and I could ultimately be totally wrong about this, staying ahead of the enemy can sometimes mean doing something that appears to them as a retreat but sets the stage for a more favorable struggle. I think the co-ops appear as a retreat to many capitalists AND communists because it just doesn’t look directly threatening, but I think they could be a threat in the long run.

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