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File: 1667937123941.jpeg (91.44 KB, 678x960, download.jpeg)


Turkish army shells villages around Zirgan
The Turkish army has started shelling villages in the vicinity of the northern Syrian city of Zirgan. The towns of Tal al-Ward and Dada Abdal were targeted. The city center of Zirgan was attacked by Turkish artillery on Monday as well. The Turkish state is planning to incorporate the strategically important city into its already occupied area.

Turkey: Union leader detained for saying 'stupid' societies eat too much bread
Turkish police on Tuesday detained a union leader after he said only a "stupid" society would consume bread as its staple food. Cihan Kolivar, chairman for the Union for Bread Producers in Turkey, had been speaking on Monday to the Haberturk news channel about the rising price of bread in the country. “Bread is the staple food for the stupid societies," he said. "I speak scientifically, not from memory - per capita consumption is 210 kilos; in Sweden, Norway and Japan 50 kilos. Since our society is full of bread, such rulers have been at its head for 20 years."

Prominent Lion’s Den fighters turn themselves in to Palestinian Authority
An official in the Palestinian security services in Nablus told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity that contacts between the Palestinian security and the Lion’s Den fighters have been underway for months in order to convince them to surrender to the PA and avoid being pursued by Israel.

UN warns of worsening food crisis in Sri Lanka amid economic woes
The number of people in Sri Lanka needing urgent humanitarian help has doubled to 3.4 million, the United Nations has said as it warned of a worsening food crisiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Activision Blizzard Is Trying to Stop a Union Vote At Its Albany Office
Activision Blizzard is asking the National Labor Relations Board to stop a union vote at its Diablo quality assurance (QA) department in Albany, NY because, it claims, game development is unlike any other form of labor, making years of NLRB precedent irrelevant. Following a successful union organizing drive, the company has requested that the votes be impounded until a review is completed.

Big Oil Spent $13 Million to Boost Republicans in These 3 Toss-Up Senate Races
According to Greenpeace's breakdown of campaign finance data, Big Oil has donated more than $5.4 million to party committees and super PACs backing Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, $5.3 million to bolster Herschel Walker in Georgia, and $2 million to support Adam Laxalt in Nevada, each of whom has signaled they would oppose climate action if elected. During his tenure as Nevada's attorney general, Laxalt—who has ties to the Koch network—worked with other GOP officials to shield ExxonMobil from a fraud investigation.

‘$15 an hour is not enough’: US domestic workers rally on eve of midterms
As America heads to the polls, representatives of the more than 2 million workers in domestic jobs – from caring for the sick, elderly and disabled to cleaning homes – are making a last-minute midterms push to make sure their voices are heard.

Tyson Foods CFO arrested after drunkenly entering random Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Turkey: Union leader detained for saying 'stupid' societies eat too much bread
>Cihan Kolivar, chairman for the Union for Bread Producers in Turkey, had been speaking on Monday to the Haberturk news channel about the rising price of bread in the country. “Bread is the staple food for the stupid societies"


Left Electoralism, Fascist Direct Action, and Anti-Fascist Resistance
The 2022 elections pitted the authoritarian nationalism of Jair Bolsonaro against the institutional leftism of Workers Party candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Each of these rival strategies for governance presented itself as the only possible salvation for democracy. The entire campaign was marked by acts of violence, and not just from voters: at various points, parliamentarians allied with Bolsonaro exchanged gunfire with police officers and chased opponents in the streets with guns in hand. On October 30, the second round of the election took place to determine the president and governors, and Bolsonaro lost to former president Lula. But Lula won by only 1.8%, setting the stage for strife that will continue to divide Brazil, just as the 2020 elections in the United States did not mark the end of political polarization. After the result was released on Sunday night, Bolsonaro supporters began blocking roads. The institutional left and its grassroots movements did not respond; it was left to autonomous anti-fascists, football fans, and residents of the periphery to unblock the roads. This offers a glimpse of the conflicts we will see in the coming years of Workers Party government as the extreme right reorganizes itself while the institutional left continues to bet on a social order that is slowly collapsing.

Tories cry crocodile tears as migrant crisis escalates
Horrific conditions at a migrant processing facility in Kent have revealed the reality of the Tories’ ‘hostile environment’ policy. Whilst some Tory figures may cry crocodile tears about the migrant crisis, the truth is that the dire situation facing refugees and asylum-seekers is a scandal entirely of the government’s making. Recent events have shone a spotlight on conditions at the Manston detention centre in Kent. This facility is designed to process up to 1,600 migrants per day. Yet asylum-seekers – who have fled war and torture – have been subjected to massive overcrowding, with up toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


based, rice enjoyers stay winning


File: 1667952385730.png (227.74 KB, 728x600, 1621471553043.png)

Thanks News Anon

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So apparently a number of prominent American politicians, historians, and heads of military are claiming there is a significant probability of a second civil war in the near future, to the point that they claim America is currently in a “cold civil war” and that such a conflict can begin as early as next year due to the 2022 midterms to the 2024 presidential election

The most eyebrow raising statements I’ve seen so far are prominent generals stating the US military could potentially split if Trump were to contest the 2024 election, that the war would be more like the Syrian Civil War or Yugoslav Wars than the original Civil War, that it would involve extreme ethnic violence, and pretty much all say the threat is specifically fascist provocateurs and politicians.

Let’s discuss
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File: 1667939544021.jpg (28.91 KB, 600x600, ConsiderTheFollowing.jpg)

A 3 way troubles, even. left vs right vs establishment all in the same arena


and Tulsa Election Board reports at one precinct all workers were dismissed after 25+ Republican voters were not given city council ballots for District 5. Criminal investigation underway.



File: 1667940108329.jpg (59.71 KB, 850x400, gramsci1.jpg)

>I like the term "cold civir war".
All class societies exist in a state of cold civil war comrade.


The thing is that most people in the cities tend to be lib and people out in the sticks tend to be cons. You don't really have that same level of geographical divide that you see in Ireland.


class war is not the same as a civil war but whatever


I was listening to a lecture and the lecturer said that even small private property will lead to capitalism and IT IS A LAW. Where is this from?

In the same lecture he is saying that there is a process of prol dictatorship, at first revolutionary and then somehow else, but still prol dictatorship.

So if there is some private property and prol dictatorship, how can this lead to capitalism?

2. He is saying that communism is simply abolishing of private property. He is saying it is Marx definition from some letter. But that is it, is not it important how it will look like?
From the point of alienation. Is it still ok if workers work 12 h day doing routine labor under party command?
May be some people ok with the long hours, but I'm not ok. I do not know, may be I'm alone. Is it ok to command me how long I will have to work?
So is this deifnition of communism valid?

The lecture is in Russian and it is long and confusing.
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>>What is free exchange? It is unrestricted trade, and that means turning back towards capitalism. Free exchange and freedom of trade mean circulation of commodities between petty proprietors. All of us who have studied at least the elements of Marxism know that this exchange and freedom of trade inevitably lead to a division of commodity producers into owners of capital and owners of labour-power, a division into capitalists and wage-workers, i.e., a revival of capitalist wage-slavery, which does not fall from the sky but springs the world over precisely from the agricultural commodity economy. This we know perfectly well in theory, and anyone in Russia who has observed the small farmer’s life and the conditions under which he farms must have seen this.

OK, this

>revival of capitalist wage-slavery, which does not fall from the sky but springs the world over precisely from the agricultural commodity economy.

Exactly! The farming products were not the only commodities. He mean food, which is biologically necessary unlike some wine or flowers or toys, etc commodities.

But in the same text he is saying

>Can it be done at all, theoretically speaking: can freedom of trade, freedom of capitalist enterprise for the small farmer, be restored to a certain extent without undermining the political power of the proletariat? Can it be done? Yes;

>We can allow free local exchange to an appreciabIe extent, without destroying, but actually strengthening the political power of the proletariat. How this is to be done, practice will show. I only wish to prove to you that theoretically it is conceivable. The proletariat, wielding state power, can, if it has any reserves at all, put them into circulation and thereby satisfy the middle peasant to a certain extent—on the basis of local economic exchange.


Lenin is confusing, saying "Anyone who knows the ABC of Marxism …" no links or anything.

And here
>>1257907 (You) (You)
Lenin is saying that some exchange is ok.

I found ABC of communism by Bakhunin and he is saying, §8 Wage Labour
>The vast numbers who were left without any property were transformed into the wage labourers of capital. What indeed was left for the impoverished peasant or artisan to do? Either take service as agricultural labourer under the capitalist landowner, or else go to the town and there seek employment in factory or workshop. There was no other way out.

But with workers dictatorship there is a way out.


Lenin isn't denying that freedom to trade will lead to the development of capitalism. All he's saying is that the proletariat can allow capitalism to grow without losing state power.

That text was from the period of transition between War Communism and NEP so that's why he's saying that.


>Lenin isn't denying that freedom to trade will lead to the development of capitalism. All he's saying is that the proletariat can allow capitalism to grow without losing state power.

No. It can't be, capitalism requires a state for workers oppression. NEP is not capitalism, no?
They had Soviets still under workers control, or may be not.. I'm not sure since Lenin suppressed one of the Soviets, but I do not recall the date.

I'm reading on NEP and it is
>allowed private individuals to own small and medium sized enterprises,[2] while the state continued to control large industries, banks and foreign trade.

Was the large industry controlled by plan?


>No. It can't be, capitalism requires a state for workers oppression.
Yeah and workers were oppressed by the capital under their own rule. They were managing their own exploitation because the condition for overcoming capitalism didn't exist at that moment in time.
>NEP is not capitalism, no?
It is
>The New Economic Policy means substituting a tax for the requisitioning of food; it means reverting to capitalism to a considerable extent—to what extent we do not know. Concessions to foreign capitalists (true, only very few have been accepted, especially when compared with the number we have offered) and leasing enterprises to private capitalists definitely mean restoring capitalism, and this is part and parcel of the New Economic Policy; for the abolition of the surplus-food appropriation system means allowing the peasants to trade freely in their surplus agricultural produce, in whatever is left over after the tax is collected—and the tax~ takes only a small share of that produce. The peasants constitute a huge section of our population and of our entire economy, and that is why capitalism must grow out of this soil of free trading.

>It goes without saying that the tax in kind means freedom to trade. After having paid the tax in kind, the peasant will have the right freely to exchange the remainder of his grain. This freedom of exchange implies freedom for capitalism. We say this openly and emphasise it. We do not conceal it in the least. Things would go very hard with us if we attempted to conceal it. Freedom to trade means freedom for capitalism, but it also means a new form of capitalism. It means that, to a certain extent, we are re-creating capitalism. We are doing this quite openly. It is state capitalism. But state capitalism in a society where power belongs to capital, and state capitalism in a proletarian state, are two different concepts. In a capitalist state, state capitalism means that it is recognised by the state and controlled by it for the benefit of the bourgeoisie, and to the detriment of the proletariat. In the proletarian
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Read this list and tell me why these AREN'T the priority jobs for organising, in this order.

1) Soldier,
2) Retail employee
3) Railway worker
4) Service industry worker.
5) Workers in extractive industries
6) Tech workers and workers involved in tech production
7) Logistics. (my word for whatever the fuck Amazon is, a delivery company I suppose)

Obviously this isn't an exacting science its some wiki list, and there is probably things you can say about how accurate it is, but I believe it is probably fairly representative of trends.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Lol of course most anons in lefty/pol/ only care about soldiers.
<one guy
Didn't taking one opinion and presenting it as a board consensus in bad faith in order to troll used to be against the rules?
What ever happened to that rule?


Only broad social unionizing which can include people across sectoral boundaries, soldiers, the unemployed, etc. has any chance of advancing a socialist political project.
If you limit yourself to the most 'strategic' sectors of the workforce, then we know exactly what will happen. That sector will eventually win some modest concessions and representation from the bourgeoisie, the workers will immediately sink back into trade-union consciousness to defend their gains, and communist organizers will be sidelined or purged. This is what's happened to every successful labor organization in the industrial world.


loosely enforced to allow shitposting,since it's "board culture"
I'm not sure about the army,since most are there now to get a paycheck,and aren't actually commited to anything (especially not waging a war,which is an actual problem for a ton of armies in "devellopped" countries) and I just don't see them coming around to "our" side in droves because of it,they're very invested in keeping the job and not doing anything dangerous,but if your country army sounds receptive,go for it.


>>1250986 (me)
it also means most wouldn't actually start firing on the civilians,they would unironically go back to their home to smoke weed if a civil war happenned,so if you manage to get some on your side,it actually would make a big difference in numbers,and the real problem in a time of civil unrest is not the army,it's the police,this is very clear and has been demonstrated multiple times,so I don't get why this thread is trying to pretend the army is going to gun them down and sage is dumb and smelly for it.


Soldiers don't have any power, they're not workers in any real sense, and they're easily discarded
Maybe at best the officers can provide their expertise if they come on board and help train a new military from the ground up, but that's about it
BTW the DoD isn't just soldiers
You do realize firms have different types of employees within them, right?


Today's the 105. anniversary of the October Revolution. How are you celebrating, /leftypol/? I personally will get drunk out of sadness tonight.

Post anything related to the October Revolution in this thread. Songs, books, propaganda. Anything goes.
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So what did we learn from it?


The necessity of the proletarian dictatorship.


Not what month it is…


File: 1667854239614.jpg (192.73 KB, 1282x830, 1624042546939.jpg)

Fidel Castro, Soviet Television Interview on the Occasion of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the October Revolution. November 7, 1977

[Question] Comrade Commander: I would like to ask you your opinion on the influence of the Great October Revolution.

[Answer] The October Revolution had an impact on the entire world, on all continents, on all peoples. And, of course, it had a great influence on Cuba. A few years had elapsed since the end of our wars of independence. But Cuba’s wars of independence had not concluded with full independence for our people because U.S. intervention took place, and, as a result, a puppet republic emerged and neocolonialism was established. The North American monopolies seized our fundamental resources. As a result of that, there was great frustration, great unhappiness among our people. By then, the ideas of Marx and Engels had already been disseminated in some labor and intellectual circles of our country, so the October Revolution had a great impact on our people.

We can say that the immense majority of our workers, peasants and intellectuals welcomed it with great sympathy and experienced a profound solidarity with the October Revolution. This caused the awakening of a much greater interest due to social problems, increased the class struggle and the study of textbooks by Marx, Engels and Lenin and gave a great impetus to the formation of the first communist party in Cuba.

In workers’ and university circles, the first Marxist-Leninist groups were organized, which some years later founded Cuba’s first communist party. This party had a great influence on the struggle being waged during those days, which coincided with a great economic crisis in the 1930’s and had a great influence on the formation of a revolutionary awareness among the exploited classes of our country.

That was the immediate influence. That influence remained prevalent over the years, and above all it continued following the consolidation of the revolution and the establishment of the first socialist state. It continued for decades. Thus, the vanguards, the more conscious elements of the working class and the intellectual circles were greatly inspired by the October Revolution. It happens with all of us, not only in workers’ circles but also in student’s circles, in intellectual circles. We can add that the ideas of Marx, Engels and Lenin had decisive influence on the revolutionary nucleus which organized the armed strugPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



File: 1667730638462.png (790.48 KB, 1280x851, ClipboardImage.png)


Who are your favourite Leftist spies in history and why, Anons?

I give you Phạm Ngọc Thảo because he got the Diệm regime after getting in close with the Diệm family playing up being a roman catholic before playing military brass off of each other and causing chaos before wrecking with some tanks only to. even after being a public communist against Japan, literally became the political adviser to Khánh before owning him in the radio one day and fucking everyones shit up, whilst whilst failed and had him killed leading to much chaos through it all and many victories of the north.
Oh and he was given the task of creating secure loyal hamlets so essentially the south was paying him to create loyal commie hamlets and give communists from the north south government papers and documents.
9 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1667821667126.jpg (102.09 KB, 1280x720, The Cambridge Five Spies.jpg)

> Im putting a team together..


Richard Sorge


Are there still leftist spies left or do you think only money-seekers and moles are left?


Josip Broz Tito, of course. Why? Because he's based.


File: 1667863860871.jpg (44.14 KB, 495x342, Nguyễn Thành Trung.jpg)

Almost certainly in the AES countries.
I would love to read a book about soviet, Chinese or north Vietnamese tradecraft and potential differences to west.
Independent spies for the movement would be based but probably highly unlikely if not theoretically impossible, just the incentive isn't there, even if we have part of a framework now, like wikileaks..

Also Nguyễn Thành Trung, a second generation communist from a family which had faced large repression, including a comando raid on his home as a young boy to kill his father. He sucsesfully hid the hatred for the murderers of his father and after his studies became a pilot, going on to america and learn the technical details of american hardware, becoming the best pilot in the program, when he got home he stole a plane to bomb the palace with before flying it back to real vietnam and teaching others how to fly non-soviet planes and leading in attacks.

File: 1667795859836.png (46.41 KB, 231x218, ClipboardImage.png)


From reserching the deng xiaoping era, there are some funny simmilarities between deng and andropov. For one, both deng and andropov had liberal allies working for them deng being hu yaobang and zhao ziyang meanwhile andropov being gorbiechav.
And we know what eventually happened, andropov dying and gorbiechav rising to the top. The question is could something simmilar happen to china?
Could dneg have died and someone like zhao ziyang risen to the top and damned china just like gorbiechav helped damn the soviet union
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


I mean with the fact that zhao was allowed to rise as far as he did before tinammin square doesnt really paint a good picture of the system
but you do have a point that there were differences between the soviet anad chinese one


Lol my ass you disingenuous wrecker


not a sweatshop but world manufacturing center yes


File: 1667849065867.mp4 (3.01 MB, 1280x720, boris.mp4)

Maybe, maybe.
Thankfully it didn't
weird seeing yt recommending nice videos like this one


Just because USA has to pay it's labor aristocracy relatively more than in other countries doesn't mean that China has it bad. USA will have to pay back it's debts, and it will result in a rather predictable turn to fascism - so that workers won't rebel when their quality of life gets eroded in order to lower production costs for American porkies in America. And guess goddamn what, "America's sweatshop" China has already started turning towards it's own consumer market instead of selling for dollar on the world market and buying for dollar from world market

File: 1666926596110.jpg (27.24 KB, 440x500, Di0pWDxW4AEqGWv.jpg)


I cant even finish the communist manifesto without getting distracted or losing focus how am I supposed to get through all those other books ToT
am I doomed?
is there anyway to focus better?
do I need to read because its really hard for me
49 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


For me its much easier to read and study at a library than home.


>am I doomed?


Keep reading, and especially keep talking and keep engaging. Maybe join a leftist circle of some kind. Even being here on /leftypol/ can help, there are from time to time very good effortposts and back-and-forth which are like ghosts of the old internet. A bit like when you’re learning a new language and immerse yourself in that world even if you do not understand it well. I know it sounds like a cliche but still.

I never finished high school personally, and while Marxist writing was unintelligible to me for a time when younger, with time I started to understand and things started to click. Now I have more arcane books than I have time to read. I can never go back, the veil has been lifted. It is as Galileo said: “And yet it moves”.


>its really hard for me to read
just go and watch ur communist tiktok zoomer


File: 1667682023883.png (2.14 MB, 1500x1054, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.1253916[Reply][Last 50 Posts]



>Russian UN mission: Moscow disappointed with UNSC voting on biolaboratories in Ukraine


>Chancellor Scholz's inaugural visit to Turkey was dominated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The hostilities must be ended quickly, Scholz said. President Erdogan stressed that diplomatic talks would continue.


>DPR pushes out of Donetzk again!


>Russia […] is evacuating 70,000 people from the left bank of the Dneiper River to deeper in Kherson and Russia

<actually, pretty sure they finished it yesterday or the day before
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Funny you should say that, because…



I'll say it again.
Fedjacketing should be a bannable offence.


Thank you baker.


It's a bannable offence, except when there are obvious reasons to be sus, but regular posters usually receive a small ban time (minutes to some hours)


there is no meaningful difference since US "war on terror" where all partisans (and any civilians in the bomb radius) became terrorists

File: 1667816516499.png (816.42 KB, 1242x739, ClipboardImage.png)


The International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust was a two-day conference in Tehran, Iran that opened on December 11, 2006. Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the conference sought "neither to deny nor prove the Holocaust… [but] to provide an appropriate scientific atmosphere for scholars to offer their opinions in freedom about a historical issue".
>Participants included American David Duke, a former Louisiana State Representative and ex-Ku Klux Klan leader, attended the conference.[11] Politician Georges Theil, a member of the French National Front who was convicted under France's Holocaust denial laws, attended,[11] as did the German-Australian Fredrick Töben, founder and head of the Adelaide Institute who had been imprisoned in Germany for three months in 1999 for Holocaust denial.[10][12] Robert Faurisson, a convicted Holocaust denier from France also attended,[13] as well as Ahmed Rami, a Swedish-Moroccan Holocaust denier who was imprisoned in Sweden for inciting racial hatred.[14] Psychologist Bendikt Frings, a leading member of the German National Democratic Party (NPD), was invited by Iranian Deputy Minister of Islamic Guidance Mohammad-Ali Ramin; Frings said that he had waited for such a conference "all my childhood".[15][16] The NPD is often considered the most significant Neo-Nazi party in Germany.[17][18]

based or cringe ?
31 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>Haha, it's just, people I disagreed with agree with you, and since my worldview is evidently correct to myself I don't feel the need to justify it to anyone else
Seriously what separates you from something like a catholic other than Catholics not even bothering to cover their nonsense with a scientific or materialist veneer?


File: 1667834947250-1.png (68.07 KB, 280x276, Lh9txRX.png)

>Oh no, I’m not in a book club that occasionally attends protests, damn
<When gringo-larper hasn't done a single day of organizing and he thinks organizing is a book club.
>the global south this
>the global south that
Bitch, shut your mouth up, you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. If you knew even a little bit the history of the global south leftist movements you'd be well aware of the meddling of America in our affairs. I am talking about leftists, as I explicitly said, you fucking retarded mong.
You don't know what you're talking about. You're simply completely ignorant about the subject matter.

Dunning Kruger really did hit you hard.

>Iran does not need your help

Who the fuck do you think is behind most of the sanctions on Iran? YOUR COUNTRY'S GOVERNMENT
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Do you think education is when somebody like me unquestionably accepts your claims and the claims made by people whose perspective you agree with?
Are you genuinely so arrogant you think the only reason someone would disagree with your performance is because they lack enough knowledge to realize you are correct?

How can you be so arrogant when half your argument also rests on taking pride in being unable to actually ask questions and think for yourself? If you could do those things you would give a non-idpol soaked answer as to what makes your viewpoint and sources more legitimate, correct, or reliable. Because remember, you're also directly arguing against the number of non-white, non-western leftists that don't agree with your right opportunist perspective that you pretend don't exist

>No amount of words are useful against you

Of course not, sputtering out a textbook's worth of writing is meaningless if it requires me to already assume your viewpoint is correct and valid


Again, you're wrong in your analysis because American imperialism is actively attacking Iran and is actively promoting regime change. Again, the result of successful regime change is not wholesome big chungus anti-hijab socialist utopia. The result is a neoliberal gutting of the country and a rapid decline in quality of life for the average person.

So no, retarded imbecil. Your role isn't to agitate for regime change. Because that is counter productive to the people living there and also to the world. Your role, you retarded mongrel, is to, first and foremost, touch grass, second organize domestically, third agitate against international sanctions and intervention.

It is not your job to:
- assume what global South leftists believe
- lecture the global south
- agitate for regime change in Iran
- prescribe actions to Iranians (a region you have proven to be ridiculously ignorant about lol)

Further, your claim of Iran being imperialist, because it is a regional power is laughable. Imperialism rests on an analysis of geopolitical economics. Your absolute bastardization of such an analysis is completely divorced from the challenges these countries face and the political economic relations between them. As I stated before, your knowledge on the region is extremely poor, so abstain from making comments on the geopolitical economic relations of the area.


>You fool, America is attacking Iran, therefore YOU must support it!
Meaningless, practically moral posturing
The stakes for imperialist competition always have been and always will be exploitation if not death for the defeated, this is not a real reason for me, as a communist, to support or defend a capitalist theocracy
>- assume what global South leftists believe
That's what you're doing, in assuming they all have the same warped chauvinistic and opportunist view you have. You're literally assuming everyone in the GS automatically agrees with you or alternatively that anyone who doesn't can and should be disregarded.
>lecture the global south
Tankies on leftypol = the Global South?

Or do you mean I shouldn't disagree with someone if they're Iranian or generally from South of the equator? What if the individual is an anarchist and doesn't support any capitalist state you worship or any state at all? What if they're a religious fundamentalist and believe women shouldnt leave the house without Male supervision? What if they're a literal fascist that openly state they want to do what Hitler did but for their own people? How I decide which person from the Global South I blindly agree with when they have the same diversity of opinions as people from the Global North?
>agitate for regime change in Iran
You realize a communist or anarchist revolution would be a regime change by definition? Why would my primary priority, as a communist, be the continuity of the Iranian state?
>prescribe actions to Iranians (a region you have proven to be ridiculously ignorant about lol)
What are you yourself doing when you announce Iranians should simply be subservient and loyal to their government solely because it opposes America? Considering the huge protests going on if anyone is trying to police Iranian people it's probably you.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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