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File: 1652124793408.jpg (119.58 KB, 686x768, Kautsky.jpg)

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Yeah yeah I get it, renegade, WW1 etc.
The fact is, despite his later opportunism, his theorical texts stays immensly important. He was the writer of the Erfurt Programme that solidified marxism inside the SPD. Strategically, he always fight both against left and right deviationism. Without Kautsky, there would be no Lenin. Even if tactically disimilar to him, the latter was on the same page philosophically, as a principled marxist, always a defender of the classical theory of Marx-Engels, and defender of the programmatic content of communism.
So, why such hatred and ignorance against this guy ? Is it only the fact Lenin attacked him AFTER WW1, and despite the fact he lauded his works "when he was a marxist" ? Is it the slanders against him that we can find in the neo-hegelian marxists such as Korsch and Lukacs ? Or is it simply because it's "common-sense" leftism ?
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maybe the bolshevik one that put Trotsky in command of the red army while Stalin was made into a pencil pushing bureaucrat?


illiterate ignoramus here. what's in this pic?


polish trade union "Solidarność" which started out with an actual socialist demands (first solidarnosc), then got coopted (second solidarnosc) and overthrew the Polish People's Republic, leaders of the second solidarnosc were in direct contacts with CIA


Good old Bolshevik-Leninist political revolution against Stalinism baby.


>in 2022 a two-country war is just like 1914 WW1
>Kautsky being the driving force in allowing ww1 to start
Yeah, Kaiser Kautsky should have kept out of Morocco

File: 1651142885973.jpg (49.06 KB, 768x432, rtr3b8h0-1_3661962.jpg)

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Ed Balls day's today!
Lets Hear a Hurray!
Ed Balls Day's today!
Let's song and dance and play!

Make yourself look like a tit
do your part do your bit
celebrate ed miliband
and on twitter do not get banned

For it's Ed Balls day today,
For it's Ed Balls day today.
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Guess I have to spell it out for you. That anon was saying the retard was doing phrenology, a pseudoscience based on measuring the properties of people's skulls to determine things like intelligence and behaviours. That seems to have gone over the retard 4channer's head and he resorted to busting out the 2006 new atheist youtuber debate lingo



File: 1654378812537.jpg (112.12 KB, 546x694, 20220604_183938.jpg)



Accusing others of being 4channers when you browse 4chan boards and bring up race pseudo-science which no one else in the thread brought up lmao
Kill yourself retard.
Obviously >>1003024 doesn't since he's pretending that phrenology/pseudo science bullshit had anything to do with anything when literally NO ONE brought up phrenology except yourself holy shit stop drinking lead. Not to mention how
etc. is all "le new atheist youtuber debate lingo"


Imagine what is like having an autistic king under an absolute monarchy.

File: 1654215198820.png (95.29 KB, 1083x673, ClipboardImage.png)

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Should colonial powers pay reparations to their former colonies?

We talk a lot about reparations to former slaves in America, but shouldn't all imperialist countries pay reparations to all their former colonies?
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Venice needs to pay reparations to Dalmacija!!!


We won't have any repercussions, we willl enjoy a warm tropical climate while you roast


It's economic illiteracy.


no,it's just being politically illiterate.


We should unite into a socialist superstate with a planned economy so that developing the least developed areas becomes common sense.

I don't support paying money to a government that murdered millions of our comrades and banned communism. Being a former colony doesn't automatically make their government good.

File: 1651525938711.jpg (32.52 KB, 474x592, Jordan Peterson.jpg)


>Always been as a minimum a labor aristocrat but claims he was poor in his young adult years and larps as having a working class background that was supposedly worse than almost all people's background.
>Joined a social democrat party tells people he knows socialists are evil as he was in a pro small business soc dem party.
>Gets addicted to drugs nearly dies cries all the time.
>obsessed with being a christcuck but Daughter sleeping with a saintinist communist.
>Claims to be the beacon of mens rights but hates the working class.
>Is le tough alpha male but for some reason randomly cries all the time.
>Gets rich by telling people to clean their room and act confident in a book filled with sexism and details that incorrectly teach you how to meet women.
>Lost his job as a psychologist due to poor performance and not even showing up and commits crimes such as insulting his clients to crowds of people.

How come right-wingers have a great deal of respect for Jordan and follow his ideas like shouldn't things he does such as randomly crying all day put them off him?
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I'm a Stirnerite, dude. I still hold a grudge on him for his "postmodern neo-Marxism" BS. So I don't even care about his reputation, I just say how it is. It may not be his room.


A lot of rightists do not like Jordan Peterson.


YouTube forcefeeds anyone right of center Jordan Peterson because anyone more serious was banned years ago.
That's literally it. Nobody actually likes him.


>makes him have a mental breakdown


File: 1654315284418.png (265.53 KB, 646x505, seriously.png)

He says all the shit they agree with and want to hear? its as simple as that? The right just wants their gut instincts intellectualized in some way (muh icky LGBTQXYZs also why dont girls want to fuck me), and Petersons chaos dragon schizoid-tolkien theories do that. its literally that simple. He's just the a political and rightoid version of Tony Robbins. The only reason the right hasn't moved on from him is that no one better has come along to replace him. If they ever find a new guru/daddy with some other theories/rationalizations for why what they think is right is true who's more charismatic, Peterson will fade into obscurity


Three month strike set to end at Sibanye as miners back deal
South African precious metals miner Sibanye Stillwater (SSWJ.J) said on Friday that trade unions leading a strike at its gold operations had a mandate from their members to accept a three-year wage deal. Members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union have been on strike at Sibanye's gold operations since March 9. read more

Sudan’s emergency has been ‘lifted’ but protesters continue to face repression
At least 40 protesters were injured in the crackdown on the mass demonstrations demanding civilian rule on May 30 and 31, according to reports by the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD). 14 were shot with live ammunition. Many others sustained injuries from direct hits by tear gas canisters and from asphyxiation due to inhalation.

Chilean President wants full ban on gun ownership
Chilean President Gabriel Boric Font Wednesday gave his first TV speech, during which he announced a plan to ban gun ownership and tackle drug trafficking, among other relevant measures.

Peru: PM Holds Meeting With Bambas’ Worker’s Representatives
During the session, the attendants expressed their gratitude for the State's efforts to resolve the conflict with the mining company. According to what the PCM posted on Twitter, the meeting participants called on the Peruvian authorities to take the necessary measures to establish the public order.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Lack of water in Puerto Rico town sparks federal lawsuit
Puerto Rico’s water and sewer company was hit by a federal lawsuit on Thursday demanding that it provide services to thousands of residents who lack potable water on a daily basis. The class-action lawsuit was filed by Carmen Maldonado, mayor of the northern town of Morovis, who requested that a judge issue an injunction to force Puerto Rico’s Aqueducts and Sewer Authority to provide immediate service to residents in need.

Drought-stricken US warned of looming 'dead pool'
While the dead bodies are fuelling talk about Las Vegas' mob past, water experts warn of even more worrisome consequences. If the lake keeps receding, it would reach what's known as "dead pool" - a level so low the Hoover Dam would no longer be able to produce hydropower or deliver water downstream. Californians have been told to conserve water at home or risk mandated water restrictions as a severe drought on the West Coast is expected to get worse during the summer months.

Civil Rights Groups Demand Google End Complicity in 'Criminalization of Abortions'
More than 40 civil rights groups on Thursday warned that Google's practice of collecting and storing the location data of its customers is likely to endanger people who seek abortion care if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, as it's expected to this summer, and demanded the company put human rights ahead of its profit-driven marketing tools.

Amazon Workers Walk Out On Job At Warehouse In Bellmawr, Camden County
The workers tell Eyewitness News they are upset that Amazon is closing the Bellmawr location. They also say the compPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Vaccine Equity Coverage Underplays Barrier of Patents
While Western countries have largely lifted Covid restrictions and are attempting to put the pandemic behind them, countries in the Global South, where vaccines and treatments are still often hard to come by (e.g., just 11% of the African continent has been vaccinated against Covid-19), have no such privilege. But despite US media’s occasionally stated concern with vaccine equity, the role of pharmaceutical companies in perpetuating this gap is rarely mentioned. Covax—the vaccine alliance of non-governmental organizations—has established itself as a mainstay of global vaccination efforts. Wealthy nations that have contributed to this charity have touted it as the singular solution to vaccine inequity worldwide. Vaccinating populations that lack protections against Covid-19 saves lives in those countries and deters the emergence of new variants.

Almost as soon as the administration of President Joseph Biden announced a redeployment of US Special Operations Forces to Somalia on May 16, the Western media began to spin the intervention. As the BBC framed it, Biden’s deployment would “support the fight against militant group al-Shabab” (sic). The intervention coincides with the re-election of former Somalian President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who governed between 2012 and ‘17. Similarly, the New York Times (NYT) reported that “Biden has approved a Pentagon request for standing authority to target about a dozen suspected leaders of Al Shabab, the Somali terrorist group that is affiliated with Al Qaeda.” But are these motives true? Does Washington really want merely to defeat al-Shabab? Is al-Shabab actually linked to al-Qaeda and, if so, to what degree? As usual, the mainstream state-corporate media reportage is missing context and reference to international law. As we shall see, the context behind the US redeployment is naked imperialism using counterterrorism as the latest in a long line of excuses to interfere in the politics of the strategically-significant country on the Horn of Africa.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




Thanks News Anon


more specific to the ongoings and results. as of this moment conservatives are gaurantee another majority. ndp following far behind. Kinda blackpilling knowing the populist is willing to elect the same guy who directly harmed everyones education, healthcare, economy etc. I guess highway plans and antipandemic stuff was more important. still this is just to have a more central place for the election
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canada sucks i was already planning on leaving this country
0 opportunities unless you went to college and basically an anglo ethnostate


File: 1654226374045.jpg (40.76 KB, 460x541, 1654210918791.jpg)

Why tf do we still use FPTP


means its very easy for 2 major parties to maintain dominance


Because hypothetically your local representative will support your interests and values. This actually works sometimes in the UK. They have a tradition of caucus rebels that survives. In Canada the party whip is all powerful and is expected to be by the media and therefore by the public. It's actually perceived as a scandal and serious problem whenever the party whip ISN'T controlling the MPs/MPPs/MLAs with an iron grip. It's easy enough for traditions that our form of government relies on to function properly to just stop being followed.

Despite the fact that the "local" aspect of our local representative is reduced to the occasional petition laid before Parliament and promptly ignored, and constituency office as Service Canada escalation centre, that hypothetical local good gets trotted out whenever FPTP is being discussed.

I'm not sure that replacing FPTP with a proportional system would be that much better either. Is a system of government devised in the 1200s really appropriate in a world with the cheap and available communication of the internet? Another party or two might become viable but most Canadians' relationship with their own governance would still be limited to a single vote every four years. It's not like the days of community organization building the CCF.


Del Luca and Horwath resigned, although the alternatives for leadership of the ONDP look to be even worse than her, except for maybe Wayne Gates who was actually involved in trade unions and has a thicc mustache.


I used to think that burgerstan and Brazil were violent shitholes due to the amount of people that had guns but now that I’m older I’m realizing that most them legitimately don’t know how to use guns in the first place.

Like seriously search up any image of like a fucking redditor or on those weird reality shows they like so much and your gonna notice how some of them keep an irresponsible amount of guns that they definitely aren’t spending the hours of repairing, cleaning and using for hunting or defence on otherwise at most they’d only have 2. It’s all props and by the time they actually have to use guns you’ll notice there about as handy with a rifle as I am with a car on the road

There slow, don’t know what they’re doing and likely are gonna break the tool they need by the time they stop using it since they don’t know how to maintain or repair it. And this does affect violence as that many untrained owners is obviously gonna cause emotional immaturity towards gun usage that inevitably ends most commonly with the user shooting themselves or something that wasn’t their target.
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This, it makes sure that every able-bodied adult man has had the experience of undergoing military training, learning to shoot and work in a squad, and creates a base of reserves that can easily be mobilized if a war happens.
It also means gangs and organized crime can draw upon those same skillsets but that generally is mostly a problem once the socialist state collapses.
If anything, volunteer militaries protect the bourgeois state from the workers by ensuring the workers are either skinny soyboys only fit to work a counter at Starbucks, or obese diabetics only fit to consume. It gets so bad that the generals have to tell the civ government they literally can't meet defense requirements because so much of the population is unfit. That's why school lunches and mandatory polio vaccination became a thing in the US, many American farm kids were essentially cripples in the 1930s due to poverty-related reasons.


>school shooters are now more effective


File: 1654288200914.jpg (146.06 KB, 900x373, Press gang.jpg)

This post was made by press gang


Reactoids like mass shooters are joining the military and training with privately owned guns anyway, faggot. With a volunteer military, they're the ONLY ones.


Shut up Shay, you are a NEET, enroll in the military if you think discipline is so good, you might make a buck in the process.

File: 1654277531445.mp4 (461.87 KB, 268x552, baby skinwalker.mp4)


The Stalinist Soviet Union (all due respect to stalin because i love him) became a degenerated worker's state ruled by aging bureaucrats who eventually destroyed the USSR with the yeltsin coup, though brezhnev defunded OGAS in the interest of protecting bureaucrats' jobs, and prohibition of alcohol created a black market which encouraged trading outside of the state apparatus (cockshott's analysis). You can't even deny this. The best system of Socialism would be a decentralized confederate government which elects a governor for each province to serve on a federal council, swiss style, as well as the promotion of militia groups to replace cops and the professional military in order to prevent counter-revolution from taking hold without at least some resistance. Also revolution should be spread worldwide, not confined into the national space. This is why all dying and elderly people should be hooked up to a collective hivemind consciousness to act as the cybernetic economic planning system utilizing the human brain as the storage for information downloaded from and uploaded to the cloud.
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Why you gotta preface your post saying you love Stalin tho? He is dead.


Shay secretly wishes she got to get a taste of the Dick of Steel.


File: 1654287514166.jpg (45.4 KB, 749x476, DKxJ7l9UQAAhVEl.jpg)

because we love Stalin?


shay you are terminally ironypoisoned is what you are


File: 1654287887055.png (589.34 KB, 1000x723, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1654230463437.png (1.06 MB, 1161x882, ClipboardImage.png)

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Yes it is not going to happen. French revolution gave birth to all sort of idiots who in their infinite optimism thought that class less society is coming. But actually a much stronger ruling class replaced a weak one, that's all. 250 years of academic screeching and yet on ground nothing.
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>This little "anomaly" of history is never explained by the "real" Marxists for some reasons.
because dogmatic marxoids think in a linear ordered stages of history fashion
Maxists of old were completely wrong with their absolute impoverishment of the working class dogma
there's only relative impoverishment, and just like with the competitive advantage theory, it is only absolute that matters

so no absolute impoverishment - no revolutions in the first world
but retarded dogmatic marxoids keep clinging to this false assumption and jump through mental hoops in a futile attempt to explain why no revolutions in developed industrial countries


Damn. You're right. Idk what else to say.



>Climate change activism is the pursuit of the petty bourgeoisie and the comfortable university students who share their mindsets.

in any case, climate change is the fault of the first world bourgeoisie, and it's absolutely going to devastate the third world while the 1st world continues to hoad what resources remain and pull up the drawbridge to their fortress. Surely one can see how relevant climate change is to workers everywhere, but especially in the third world.


>Saint Simon
A Christian pacifist who was thrown in jail for being a counter-revolutionary during the French Revolution and swore off revolutionary violence. Not a socialist.
Your shitty opinion has been discarded. "Utopian" socialism was not actually socialism. Any socialism that does not set as a goal the abolition of private property cannot in any meaningful sense be described as "socialist".
>Liberals aren't that bad at state building
They are. Like >>1001793 pointed out, the only reason liberalism ever achieved hegemony was by conceding multiple times to left wing and socialist forces in terms of welfare state programs. Now that the communist threat is gone everything is being taken off the table. Prices of food, education, housing, insurance, transportation, and everything is going up while wages have stagnated. I agree that a socialist revolution is unlikely however you mistook that as me expecting liberalism to continue. It's not. Everything is collapsing before our eyes.

Paternalistic Conservatism ala Metternich and the rest will always be closer to socialism than liberalism. This is irrefutable I'm not even going to bother getting into it because it's obvious you do no research judging by how you threw out Simon as an example of someone who enjoyed the French Revolution when you didn't even realize he was persecuted by it.


>Maxists of old were completely wrong with their absolute impoverishment of the working class dogma
huh? wasn't that official soviet propaganda line? the same as the permanent crisis of capitalism even tho marx wrote there is no such thing as a permanent crisis under capitalism

File: 1654220784420.png (175.68 KB, 850x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Figures we should have one thread for universal gun control. So is the minimal amounts of people that killed by firearms worth disarming the proletariat?
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>W.E.B. Du Bois
Why do people keep pushing Du Bois who wanted black ppl to support WW1 when you have Hubert Harrison?




Du Bois got based nearer the end of his life, he started as a lib.
Also, Black Reconstruction in America is a great book, it clearly shows the necessity of a revolutionary dictatorship


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