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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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What's witth this /r/stupidpol meme that academics are not proles. First, in burgerland and canada Masters and PhDs often take the form of a normal wagie position, in which you are employed in one part for menial academic jobs, like grading papers, teaching people, assisting in a lab doing chores, and when it's worse, you do the lowest jobs ever, like working in the cafeteria, or literally doing chores like the normal servant you are. There is also the academic side, in which you literally work for the university, a lot universities in canada accept this too, in there you are literally paid money to research, because they know, some times they don't even employ you in something else directly, but rather force you to be employed with poverty wages. Secondly, academics suffer from the worse evils of capitalism, with long hours that you are force to fufill because of the university quotas, and the labour laws don't cover you, and when they do, the university often forces you to work more than the regular working day, like first world equivalent to what's like working in south america These positions are often associated with depression and suicide, with people developing serious mental illnesses just by the sheer allienation that you have from your own mental capacities. You can become part of the surplus population too, and ending up destitute, if somehow the university doesn't like you anymore. And it's the same shit when you are not a student, and are graduated, except you do the work side by being a teacher, and still have simmilar constraints. This is the exception when you become a department head, or get a serious position, in which case you status as a prole, can be iffy, because you can get sometimes part of the profit of the people you handle, but not always, a lot of times, you are just a simmilar prole working 18 h a day, but grading papers, and working with money instead.
This is why the meme of the communist grad student is half true. these people are very smart, enough to know their class postion, and are succeptible to radicalization.
So why are the academics and students not included more often in the labour movement?
image to bait you into clicking my thread
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>Sometimes the institutions responsible for governing the quality of mortgage backed securities fail, so that means all of Wall Street is bullshit

t. Wall Street defender


>noble-savage-tier ideas about the working class.
Glad I'm not the only one who's noticed this lol


It's because porky has propagandized them to hate them instead of him


>An institution for playing roulette with other people’s debts is comparable to institutions of research and developing knowledge.
The Soviets were big on education and as a result Russia has one of the highest degrees of tertiary educational attainment, you catamite pseud.

Marxism is a scientific discipline that Marx and Engels developed through extensive study. Hell, they should be known just as much for being the fathers of modern social science.


You really think the decaying institution we call the academy is the same as it was in the 1960s? It's middle class retards like you who still believe the American dream of education as the facilitator for upward social mobility. That stopped years ago. It's very clear academia isn't for anything other than dissemination of ruling ideology, not to mention its contracts with the MIC and NGOs.

Marx IS taught in all universities, in the sanitized and bastardized version. Where do you think all this idpol nonsense came from? Have you even touched on the social sciences?

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It's hard to read everything, and it's difficult to read all the stuff Marxists publish while we're in a revolutionary stance. I mean the goal is to fuck up the people ruling and doing our stuff right? So why should I read millions of words about culture and shit under capitalism?
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>Don’t be pedantic and recognize yourself for what you are: an Orthodox Marxist in the making who’s still kinda spooked by ideology.


It's okay. Trotskyists have never won anything.


Homeboy, I like Council Communism, too. I think it’s more conducive of a structure to establish an actual DotP. Quit being a schizo.


t. Larptard who doesn’t even read theory.


lmao ok buddy

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>you aren't a Ruguanist
Explain yourself.
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>why is everyone so interested in politics, when they clearly have no say in it?

Well that's the problem. Fuckin' normies.


Indeed, npc gonna be npc. Why we're all so interested in politics? Cuz we want to change our lives & have a say in politics. Cuz we want ourselves better. Not by asking some goddamn ridiculous question.


What do you expect from those cucked herds? They're wagies, they belong in the cagies. They shouldn't even question anything if they think what we did were useless. But relax they'll have their own use later. We still need cucks to run the show. Besides bystanders like them are gonna be beaten anyway.


Dante was right after all


Correct, m8. Those npcs shall engage in politics with or without their agreement. Their neutrality shall also determine the direction of the society & the system itself. They're just cowards eventually.

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Itt contribute great speeches or writings from leftwing historical figures. So we can enjoy the inspiration, learn the ideas and spread them on the interwebs
Eugene v debs speech to the court is in 1919 one of great speeches of the history of the left.

File: 1613421649885.jpeg (375.08 KB, 595x842, 369519 - 1girl artist req….jpeg)


I am only aware of Jacobin and Current Affairs. I would like some that aren't anglo-centric, so I can learn what's going on in the rest of the world.

YouTube recommendations are also fine, but please only recommend the ones that don't talk about domestic American affairs as those are dime a dozen.
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The first are Chinese Libertarian Marxists and criticise China a lot. Very popular with Anarchists also.

The Latter are unapologetic Dengists. I think the Contrast is pretty nice, if you read both of them


He didn't say anti-Amerian, just not anglo-centric


Those are both leftist and deal with stuff from all around the world


telesur is funded by the Venezuelan and Bolivian state

File: 1613402599267.png (4.84 MB, 2016x1512, ClipboardImage.png)


What books have you actually read?
What book do you recommend to anons here to read?
What are you planning to read?

The only political books I've read is 1984, Animal Farm, Communist Manifesto, The Prince, first chapter of Capital and the Thesis on Feurbach.
I'm 24, it's over for me, isn't it….
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Defo gonna miss stuff out but off the top of my head (politics related books only, no fiction included) : Capital, volume one, the German ideology, a collection of Marx small stuff like Value, Price and Profit, Grundrisse, etc, The Wealth of Nations, assorted other liberal economists from economics module at uni and from high school, Reform or Revolution by Rosa Luxemburg, Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism, The State and Revolution, what is to be done, all by Lenin, Collected Writings of Mao Tse Tung (pretty much all of them I think but maybe the book wasn't 100% comprehensive), Society of the Spectacle, The revolution of every day life, ( a whole bunch of other pomo orientated stuff in this area that I forget/ wasn't very memorable) EP Thomson Time Discipline and industrial capitalism, War is a Racket by Smedly Butler, The wikileaks files, The Jakarta Method, BlackShirts and Reds, Inventing Reality, both by Michael Parenti, Manufacturing Consent, Turning the Tide, Noam Chomsky, Paul Cockshott Towards a New Socialism and How the World Works, Frantz Fanon the Wretched of the Earth, Chris Harman, Peoples History of the World, Demanding the Impossible a History of Anarchism by Chris Marshall, David Graeber Debt The First 5000 Years, Bullshit Jobs, The Democracy Project and the Utopia of rules (RIP), Kropotkin, Mutual Aid and also ebin Bread Book, also a colllection of essays. Bakunin God and the State (don't bother) The Ecology of Freedom by Bookchin, The ego and its own Max Stirner, Democratic Confederalism Aduallah Ocalan, What is Property, Pierre Joseph Proudhon, Revolution In Rojava Knaff Flach Aybuga, The Coming Insurrection (and that other newer one by invisibile comittee I forget the name) Rogue State William Blum, Killing Hope William Blum, Anarcho Syndicalism Rudolph Rocker, Rebel Cities, David Harvey, Rent and Its Discontents Neil Grey and assorted others, Critique of Everyday Life and the Production of Space by Henry Lefebrev, Wade Rathke: Acorn, Nuts and Bolts, the fundamentals of organising, Jane F Mcelevy: No shortcuts, Organising For Power in the New Guilded Age, Midwest Academy: Organising for social change (half way through), Saul Alinsky- Rules for Radicals, Michel Foucalut Discipline and Punish, Orwell: Homage to Catalonia, Road To Wigan Pier, Politics and the English Language, on Truth (hes a fucking grass) also Ebin Farm and Ebin 84. How Europe underdeveloped Africa Walter Rodney, Militant Antifacism a History by M.Testa. ViPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


He does that on purpose because they are mainstream papers liberals will understand


Why did a mod delete my post? Am I not allowed to ask if a Parenti book is good and note that he uses the Washingpost Post as a source?

Is the Rome book good


File: 1613419123076-0.jpg (213.73 KB, 1468x2410, 71q2n5R yPL (1).jpg)

File: 1613419123076-1.png (2.24 MB, 2220x1248, cool-dune-cover.png)

The only fiction I read is scifi


who knows what goes on in the minds of mods

File: 1613339266100.png (41.5 KB, 256x256, OnkaCLid.png)


I keep hearing about the term PMC used a lot by various sorts of people and it seems like it does have validity even if it doesn't line up with classical marxist definitions of the term class and how it's relationship with the means of production is defined. That being said there is obviously various flavors of heirarchies for workers, such as the military and then you have the PMC who lords over the regular proles such as people who work in McDonalds or in like mines.
That being said I can't help but notice that the actual PMC isn't really as woke as stupidpol would like you to believe it is (because it seems like stupidpol's politics isn't actually very popular) but what do I know about anything.
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Engineers and programmers fall under the professionals category, they are not managers. Professionals can be productive workers like engineers or non-productive like medical doctors. Managers are always non-productive.


It’s the stratum of the proletariat who are a cunt hair away from becoming porkies themselves and who often are the instruments by which Porky puts the screws on the rest of the proletariat. Once the dictatorship of the proletariat arises, the internal contradictions between these faggots and the rest of the proletariat will be the impetus for transitioning from higher to lower stage socialism. Or backsliding back into capitalism like what happened in the former Soviet Union.

You read me correctly. This was the true nature of the nomenklatura in Leninist states . Leninists think that it’s best to let your country be run by a bunch of dickhead middle-managers who’re all part of an aborted fetus of an organization resembling a criminal gang, suburban housewives’ bookclub and college fraternity.

Don’t be like leninists.


The term makes a bit more sense when you read the two terms together, not professionals and managers, but professional managers, the CEOs paradropped in on special missions, the interlocking board members, the middle managers who presume to be able to run any enterprise as long as they can do it through a spreadsheet. They could be said to have de-skilled porky just as they have de-skilled workers.

I disagree. The PMC, read as I did just above, have a controlling relation to the MoP, usually as delegates of porky with an especially long leash, and are therefore pb with full bourg characteristics. Their property, as a guild of sorts, consists of their exclusive relations among themselves, their ever-changing passwords by which they authenticate one another, and their ability to use those relationships to coordinate production within, and importantly across, capitalist enterprises in a spirit that looks suspiciously like mutual aid.
I agree with your post in all other aspects.


it's literally nomenklatura 2.0


It's just a synonym for white collar labor aristocrats

File: 1613364230060.jpg (8.19 KB, 302x167, DEATH TO AMERICA.jpg)


I read through most major works of Marx, Engels and Lenin. However, I've been dodging the more Hegel-heavy texts like the German Ideology or the Feuerbach critique (not the short theses).

Honestly, why should I care about them? Whatever dialectical method Marx employed in Kapital, I can already read his results. The political, historical, economical and sociological works of Marx and Lenin are enough to get a gist of how their argumentation methods work. Besides, isn't it disputed how Hegel-heavy later Marx works are? And why does Engels go full autist in Dialectics of Nature?

I am willing to change my mind on this topic if anons can provide a good explanation as to why a Marxist should care about dialectical materialism.
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I was merely quoting Lenin. Also,
>classical theory of value
>nothing to do with Hegel


marxism is not real only hegelian materialism exists




LTV was invented by other economists before Marx discussed it. If I’m not mistaken, it’s important in classical economics.



Marx does a Hegelian critique of the labour theory of value. If you don't have a dialectical framework in hand, you'd just think he was rehashing Adam Smith without the metaphysical implications it has for humanity.

File: 1613413855898.jpg (157.84 KB, 900x900, epicentrofestival-military….jpg)


I recently learned about the anti nazi you gangs in ww2 germany

>The strict regimentation of youth culture in Nazi Germany through the Hitler Youth led to the emergence of several underground protest movements, through which adolescents were better able to exert their independence. There were street gangs (Meuten) of working class youths who borrowed elements from socialist and communist traditions to forge their own identities, and there were less politically motivated groups, such as the Edelweiss Pirates (German: Edelweißpiraten), who acted in defiance of Hitler Youth norms. A third group, consisting mainly of upper middle class youths(although with some working class members), based their protest on their musical preferences, rejecting the völkisch music propagated by the party for American jazz forms, especially swing.

What can we learn from the germans on civil guard and youth groups?


>A third group, consisting mainly of upper middle class youths(although with some working class members), based their protest on their musical preferences, rejecting the völkisch music propagated by the party for American jazz forms, especially swing.

Why am i imagining that one meme where its the "who would win, nerd with bottled up anger or a jock who listens to jazz"


its funny when nationalist make everything about "muh volk" people start rejecting their bs and actively adopt foreighn culture
For example many left wing youth groups idealized the ussr and actevely used russian slang, same with swing youths and english

File: 1613272906972.png (305.97 KB, 680x680, Scandinavia vs China.png)


I've noticed a lot of leftypolers seem to praise China and shit on Nordic countries. Usually the main reason I see given for it is that Nordic countries are imperialistic while China is not. However, it doesn't really seem like Nordic countries are really much more imperialistic than China. First of all, none of the Nordic countries go around declaring regime change wars like the United States does. 3/5 are in NATO, but they aren't all that active in America's overseas military escapades. Secondly, while they have corporations that exploit the Global South, China does too. Chinese companies have been setting mines and textile factories in Africa, taking advantage of the cheap labor there.

Then of courses there's the fact that Nordic countries have greater levels of democracy, civil rights, and civil liberties, but I'm not sure leftypol cares about those things.
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>Labour Party that was interested in socialism but by "keeping the colonies" because granting them independence would be a step back as they argued Anglos represented civilizational progress
[spoiler]Labour was right.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Insofar as that most countries which were given independence just became part of the unofficial Amerian empire, one where imperial plunder could continue freely but where the blood from the famines and the civil wars didn't stain their flag. National independence is preferable to colonialism, but overt colonialism is much preferable to covert colonialism.[/spoiler]



Hey man next time just say out loud the things you think before typing them


can't, boyfriend has work at 11.


One doesn't follow from the other - whether or not a hospital makes a profit is completely irrelevant in terms of access depending on your insurance system. As you know, the law or value continues to exist in socialism and both the USSR and China tried to straighten up unprofitable enterprises. China does not have a entirely private insurance system like the US, that's nonsense, although out-of-pocket expenses for specific services do exist.

Hospitals in China that are overwhelmed do not give preferential treatment depending on the wallet, they have waiting lists. So that's clearly not an allocation based on income.

The obsession with healthcare is a specific American perspective because of the catastrophic system in the US. But healthcare isn't the only thing in terms of basic necessities, there is also a roof over your head, groceries and education - and China does give away free homes when they construct them in rural areas. The people there get the keys handed over, for free. And those are nice homes too. But yet surely if I were to ask around most people would be more "okay" with some form of cost accounting when it comes to housing or groceries, I've never heard people scandalizing the USSR for "not giving away food for free" but for healthcare it's implied that they are cruel for having to ratio a scarce service.


>per capita
is it really that condemning?

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