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VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A Connecticut man was arrested Wednesday after posting threats online about killing Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies said that on April 7, Cristhian Zapata, 23, made a post on the online message board 4Chan, which reads, “I WILL KILL CHITWOOD, MARK MY WORDS.”

In a release, detectives said the post was flagged by the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange for further investigation.

The post was traced back to the apartment of Zapata’s sister in Connecticut, where he had been living along with her fiancé and 3-year-old child, the release shows.

Detectives said Zapata’s sister told law enforcement her brother was always on his computer, often participating in “extremist” chat rooms and “talking to unknown people about conspiracy theories and white supremacist ideology.”

According to the sister, Zapata is Hispanic but identifies himself as white or German to involve himself in white supremacist chat rooms, court records show.

She added that Zapata was fascinated with Adolf Hitler and may have been suffering from a mental illness, deputies said.

When police contacted Zapata, he admitted to posting the threat, indicating that he’d heard about recent events in Florida.
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File: 1682668242688-0.png (720.91 KB, 815x1100, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1682668242688-1.png (584.55 KB, 529x1021, ClipboardImage.png)

thats why the USSR famously didnt have a police force right you fucking tard


and yes by 'basically the same thing' my orginal point was the police are good if communists are running them, which im glad you agree.


Yeah damn, it’s almost as if Lenin realised this was a mistake- with him even admitting they had vestiges of the old government they had overthrown.

>g-glad you agree, cops in red are le based

You really didn’t read anything about what was posted did you?


I read it and I have read Lenin, I still havent changed my mind that a oolice force in a socialist country would be

1) good
2) needed

im a althusser type mfer its all about ideology


>they must belong, one and all, to the militia which is to replace the police and the standing army.
uncle Lenin seems opposed to a division of labour
>bureaucracy is.. le bad!

File: 1682662849993.jpg (137.69 KB, 1018x499, Screenshot.jpg)


Wow, I've been reading about Marx and I found out that he shockingly didn't essentialize people. It's almost like we have a base material biology and a superstructure of societal roles that influence and change each other constantly in some kind of, let's say, dialectical cycle.


Who is Don Quixote in this?

File: 1682634216232.jpg (4.45 MB, 4961x7016, at_the_source.jpg)


Ex-Brazil President Bolsonaro appears before police in riot probe
Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has testified to federal police about his conduct around the January 8 attack on government buildings by his supporters in capital Brasilia following his election loss. Bolsonaro arrived at the police headquarters in a vehicle with tinted windows on Wednesday morning and did not make a statement to journalists, the AFP news agency reported.

Brazil judge orders temporary suspension of Telegram
A federal judge in Brazil on Wednesday ordered a temporary suspension of messaging app Telegram, citing the social media platform’s alleged failure to provide all information Federal Police requested on neo-Nazi chat groups. The move is regarded as part of the country’s push against a rise in school violence.

Sudan's diaspora offers medical lifeline as fighting takes toll on healthcare
Another major issue the diaspora has tried to address is the lack of medical supplies available in the country. Almost three-quarters of all hospitals have either been shut down because they've been struck by the rival sides or because of security concerns. Fadul and Eltom noted that with supply chains disrupted and many Sudanese weary to venture out far from their homes and go to pharmacies, civilians were running low on medical supplies.

Syrian refugees abused, shot at by Turkey's border guards: HRW report
A leading human rights organizaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Amazon delivery drivers in Southern California join Teamsters union
Amazon delivery drivers at one of the company’s California facilities joined the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the union said Monday, in a win for labor organizers that have long sought to gain a foothold at the e-retailer. A group of 84 workers at Amazon’s warehouse in Palmdale, California, won voluntary recognition by Battle-Tested Strategies, a third-party delivery contractor, to be represented by the Teamsters. That allows the workers and the Teamsters to sidestep the union election process, which can be challenging and last for many months.

Biden administration faces backlash in Congress over US-Tunisia defence ties
The Biden administration was slammed and accused of hypocrisy regarding Tunisia during a feisty Senate hearing on Wednesday over its decision to slash economic and humanitarian aid while maintaining military support to the North African country as its democracy unravels. Joshua Harris, the State Department’s top official for North Africa, defended the Department’s 2024 budget request, which called for budget cuts in democracy promotion and economic assistance while preserving security aid like Foreign Military Financing (FMF), funds used to purchase American weapons.

Lyft to cut 1,072 employees, or 26% of its workforce
Lyft shares closed up around 1.5% Thursday. The company has around 4,000 employees and had already implemented a 13% head count reduction in November 2022. Risher’s tenure as CEO started earlier in April. He has emphasized a need to streamline operations and get back to “better meeting the needs of riders and drivers” in employee communications and public messaging.
https://www.cnbc.com/2023/04/Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Grocery giants are screwing Canadians—and farmers have proof
The real cause of skyrocketing food prices is corporate greed and market concentration—and one group of farmers has the receipts. The National Farmers Union (NFU) has submitted data to the House of Commons agriculture committee which details how much retail food prices have risen compared to the prices that farmers receive for their goods. In fact, the union says retail prices have been completely “decoupled” from corresponding food inputs. This means that while grocery store prices reach record highs, the farmers who stock their shelves are not seeing any of those profits—and a small group of processing and retail corporations are lining their own pockets instead. “We need to be real about where the money is going,” NFU president Jenn Pfenning, who farms organic vegetables near Kitchener, Ont., told The Breach. Retailers and processors are taking larger portions of the money spent on food, while farmers are stuck with rising costs and stalled prices. “At the end of the day, retailers are posting record profits,” Pfenning said. “Farmers are, in many cases…posting either record or close-to-record losses and low margins.”

Sri Lanka 2023: Anniversaries of Struggle
This article has not mentioned the names of the individual leaders associated with these events; nor has it interpreted these episodes of struggle. As Krishnamurti told Colombo, “an interpreter is a traitor.”(Sri Lanka Talks, 1957) The study and understanding of these events must be the work of the working class itself — as the meaning of history belongs to those who make it. How will these epic anniversaries be commemorated? Remembered with nostalgia? Forgotten with shame? Exorcised with fear? Celebrated with struggle? For context, President Ranil Wickramasinghe has argued that the scale of the crisis facing Sri Lanka today has not been seen since the collapse of the Rajarata Civilization. This diagnosis and his prescriptions were articulated in the early days of his presidency and his counsel is clear: a shock doctrine of neoliberal reforms courtesy of international finance capital. What’s less clear is the position of the mass movement whicPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1682647516015.png (2.48 MB, 1920x3240, 161172749034418.png)

Thanks News Anon

File: 1682367063211.jpg (466.43 KB, 2048x2048, lole.jpg)


Has Saudi Arabia fully entered the multipolar alliance against US Hegemony or are they trying to bounce from one side to the other?
Saudi Arabia would be a huge gain for the multipolar movement, and them landing firmly on the progressive movement would surely accelerate the demise of the US Dollar.
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Classical liberalism is preferable to absolute monarchy with radical islamistic characteristics.


You're eating from the trash can of ideology right now. The "absolute monarchy with radical Islamist characteristics" is a puppet regime of American imperialism, and the Brits before them. Wahhabism would never have become prominent were it not for the Brits using them to destabilize the Ottomans. The United States is not a "classical liberal" regime, nor is it really trying to spread those values abroad. The united States uses dollar hegemony, the IMF, the World Bank, and it's veto power on the UN security council to keep the third world underdeveloped


Who knows what kind of backchannels the Saudis have with the Chinese, and how long the Chinese have been buttering them up and reassuring them to make this plunge. However, a few general facts are of the case here.

1. One is a fact of human nature: which is that people are generally uncomfortable with uncertainty. By jeopardizing the petrodollar–which the Saudis benefit from by the way, it's not like they are getting shafted–the Saudis introduce massive risk into the oil and currency markets.

2. China would benefit most from this departure . SA's benefit is more ambiguous . Therefore the question is how good is China at persuading SA to get on the Yuan regime.

3. Russia has little to do with it. Both countries above all are petro-states, one is OPEC, the other is not. Which makes them direct competitors. That means Russia must either choose against its financial interests by supporting an alliance with Saudi Arabia, or choose against its political interests by not doing so and therefore encouraging them to remain aligned with the petrodollar.

4. The House of Saud is an extremely bourgeois, capitalist, regressive and reactionary antiquated institution. Their decision ultimately and exclusively comes down to what directly benefits the Saudi Royal Family. If

5. A collapse in the US economy may well spell a global collapse. China unlikely has the resources to serve as an immediate substitute to swoop in and pick up the slack if the US falls. Complex global market economies are extremely interdependent and interconnected. There is no clean separation between one national economy and the next.


I'm the first one to admit this is a thin analysis, considering that there are so many possibilities and factors in play. Here are some more details.

The US is currently a great source of uncertainty, with its poor leadership, internal division, inconsistent policies that could shift diametrically every four years per presidential election cycle, and downtrending track record. The Saudis were never once ideologically aligned with the US, it was always about oil money.

China instead presents the possibility of a more unified, disciplined, and secure political future. The CCP has chosen not to contest Xi's power and instead lend their support in solidifying it. China's general outlook is much more clear, concentrated, and reliable whereas the US is all over the place . Maybe China is just better at hiding its problems, or maybe it has fewer or lesser.

The Saudis despise Americans and hold them and their culture and values in broad contempt . China's political style and values are more congruent with SA's. And before you say IDEALISM-→ know that politics is driven by people, and people are driven by emotions, not pure rationality. How people feel about it matters. History has been decided on the mere whims of the powerful before. Such whims are amplified immensely when dealing with autocratic absolute monarchies


I don't know why some people on this board get so flustered by Hegel when you see people deliver sub-Hegelian and even sub-Fichtean analyses of "national spirit" like this, then relay that these national spirits (alongside a touch of individual whimsy, apparently) are why political events happen.

File: 1682358216101.png (161.28 KB, 474x348, ClipboardImage.png)


Given his Western support in both the political and media establishments, will he become tonorrow's 20th-century right-wing dictator? Will he arrest leftists and union activists, and ban communism entirely? Will he issue resource exploitation permits to Western multinationals? Also, will he privatize the economy to the point where the State barely controls anything beyond both the security and military apparatus? Furthermore, is there a likely chance of Russia turning fascist after he assumes Russia's presidency? Leave your toughts here, anons.
>inb4 Russia-Ukraine thread
This topic deserves a thread of its own, as it also covers economic and social fields, not just miliray and political
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>We can learn from history, mate. Of how the West arms opposition leaders in enemy countries to advance their goals.
You twat you knew exactly well which direction this OP was going to go in, and oh look, it did.


>Outside of sticking it to NATO and the US
Which he doesn't really do since they push for oil and grain export and then whine about how "western partners lied to us again, oh no".


He will die in prison and the west will have to find a replacement for him



>You twat you knew exactly well
It's just a classic hypothetical question regarding his domestic and foreign policies, and you're the one seething.

File: 1682594472750.jpg (492.83 KB, 1842x1080, foto_no_exif (1) (1).jpg)


I know people here think this is obvious and not worth a thread. But everytime I look up some media commentators, cultural critics or what not a lot of them have some seriously sketchy backgrounds. Most of the tv presenters you see have completely fabricated opinions. Woke critics, conservatives don't actually believe what they're spouting. I'll give an example, there was one cultural commentator that regularly appeared on piers Morgan, Ernest Owens I think. No idea why, and everytime he did he would always debate piers about some asinine idpol shit and pretend to be incredibly outraged by piers and often would accuse him of racism or his guests. Now I don't see why he would deliberately reappear each time on piers morgan's show and each time replaying the race card and getting called out and insulted. Then I found out that this Owens guy has his own media company, with a marketing department and shit. Not only that but his media company seems to only focus on woke shit. Being outraged by conservative critics is part of his brand. He has to keep deliberately putting himself in situations on tv where he's the topic of some serious political discussion on race. And if he manages to stir social media twitter wokeyards the better. This made me realize that 99% of these cultural outrage is bullshit. I'm sure this Owens character probably doesn't even believe most his own bullshit neither does piers morgan, but our whole media apparatus exists to sell outrage and moral panic.


Piers is a coward and will only invite on people he feels supremely confident debating so tbh there's a bit of a self selection bias already in the system with just Piers alone without any other external factors.


>The case for cancel culture
Oh no no no


politicians too


That guy has his book on display on the shelf which he's trying to sell and he utilizes political "ideology" to give himself leverage and to acquire attention and resources from the public which preferred to give it to others in the past. It's a business.


It’s amazing to me how many talking heads and commentators invited on are ex-deepstate

File: 1681881932605.jpg (141.86 KB, 630x420, 71929927.jpg)


So what actually did FDR and Stalin think of each other? A lot of people say FDR "saved" american capitalism, but that's assuming organized labor was ever capable of constructing socialism in America. Is it not possible FDR was a bit of a stalin-boo in how he essentially transformed the entire US into a planned economy in the 40's for several years?
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go back to your general, burger. you are not wanted.


Fair enough. Also the more I read about him the more I get the sense that he may have had good intentions on certain issues (colonialism was one), but was too hemmed in by the class interests of the American state, not to mention the glowies. I think it was his attempt to push back against these forces that got him killed. Just goes to prove Marx correct once again.


Jfk father was a huge Nazi sympathizer too that may have colored his lens. Not in the way retards use it today to talk about Republicans. His father was an ambassador to UK and actually wanted isolationism against Germany and really disliked Jews. Read about his views here

This may have led the view where in a diary a young jfk once wrote that Hitler would be remembered as a legend





File: 1681958451205.png (45.92 KB, 574x445, leftyburger.png)


>nooooooo you can't talk about one of the most relevant historical figures of the 20th century because of my /int/ autism



Amazon workers in Coventry on the brink of winning historic union victory
The online giant is being asked to formally recognise trade union GMB at its Coventry site, where hundreds of GMB members have walked out on strike in a dispute over pay. The GMB says it would be the first time workers at the company would have formal union recognition for collective bargaining over pay and conditions.

Progressive gov’t may depend on KKE or MeRA25 support, Tsipras says
In the event that a “progressive convergence” was 10-15 seats short of a parliamentary majority after the coming elections, the Communist KKE and Yanis Varoufakis’ MeRA25 would be faced with the decision to support such a government or pave the way for the New Democracy to return to power, SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has said.

German authorities set sights on youth wing of far-right AfD
For the last four years, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany's domestic intelligence service, has been monitoring the youth organization of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) more intensively than ever. The group has long been considered suspicious, as members continued to show signs of increasing radicalization – inciting hatred against refugees and migrants, propagating an ethno-nationalist view of German society, and promoting the idea that Germans who are part of immigrant communities are second-class citizens.

Belgium city of Liege becomes latest European city to sever ties with Israel
the Belgian city of Liege became the latest city in EuroPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That scum Bernie again trying absolutely anything he can to force all progressive forces into the deadend Democratic Party.


File: 1682559289938.jpeg (78.69 KB, 597x1280, boba drinky.jpeg)

Thanks News Anon


Oh Boy I wonder how well that's going for the British Parliament right now that Bank of England is pissing off the Citizens.


>Bernie Sanders endorses Biden, rules out 2024 bid of his own
Another great win for social democracy


kinda hot actually


Is "woke" liberalism just the secularized descendant of the northeastern tradition of Puritanism and Calvinism, but while the puritan form remained the same, the 'content' was switched to a modern, secularized form of morals?

After noticing this I just can't unsee radlibs as puritans.

>northeastern US settled by puritans from east anglia -> northeast is the most liberal part of USA now

>obsessed with cleansing the culture of what they regarded as corrupt, sinful practices -> basically the same today
>Puritans were pro education as everyone needed to be educated so that they could read and follow the teachings of the Bible -> Liberals hype higher education as the solution today
>Puritans set up Harvard -> do I even need to say it?
>Calvinist double predestination/"the elect" -> virtue signaling and having the right takes
>Original sin -> racism, sexism, etc.
>Conversion theology -> 'white guilt'

<Although the secularized American elite—successful, politically progressive men and women with degrees from highly selective universities and colleges who occupy or aspire to positions of leadership in government, business, education, journalism, publishing, entertainment, philanthropic foundations, and the like—no longer believe in the doctrine of God, they take their bearings by the decayed residue of biblical categories. It is not God they fear and profess to love, but man. Having learned at school to commit themselves to transformative moral action—the contemporary version of the Calvinists’ “rational formation of the social cosmos”—they heed not the internal imperatives of prophetic conscience, but the external ones of social consciousness. They confess and repent not inwardly, but vocally and publicly. For it is the public, or a certain part of it—an entity often as inscrutable and arbitrary as the almighty God who, in Luther’s words, “works life, and death, and all in all”—whose judgment they dread, and whose mercy they hope for.

Even the puritan view on sexuality is more compatible than the modern radlib than you think. Puritans were 100% in favor of sex in marriage, There were actually some people in earlyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>You don't have a better word because you don't understand the things you're complaining about
Beyond this board, I didn't complain about anything. You're free to mention this "better word" any time.
>Please read theory
Reading theory in general wouldn't tell you this.

>One issue with the deranged confused 'antiwoke marxist' is that they call idpol idpol over and over whilst engaging in a deeper, more confused, stronger form of identity politic by allowing themselves to be drawn into a frame of propaganda spread by the bourgiois against 'wokeness' as anticommunist propaganda,
I've never thought this explanation made much sense. It's too easy to say "no, you're the identitarians," but doesn't this make the argument into a competition between identity claims with no exteriority? You seem to imply both sides are essentially identitarian in saying a "more confused, stronger form of identity politics."

It's true that some opposed to identity politics can engage in confused identitarian arguments, but it certainly isn't true of everyone who criticizes identity politics on the left. Adolph Reed and Todd McGowan are largely critical of identity politics, for example, but it would be hard to level the same accusations against them.
>because porky realizes that black liberation, lgbt liberation, etc has embeded itself into american culture to the point companies have realized paying lipservice pays dividends because the american population, on average, by demographics, is at least slightly 'woke'
This really fails to ask the critical question here. Sure, there's a portion of the population who'd consider themselves progressives in this sense, or who are broadly sympathetic to "woke" messages in media, but there's also a portion of the population that isn't. One might expect something proportional (pro vs. anti, given that ostensible advocacy of one side will antagonize the other) if the question were merely demographic, yet this isn't the case: one does see the predominance of "progressive" or "woke" messaging, with conservative messaging consigned to a few media ghettos. This naPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Sacvan Bercovitch was writing about this stuff 50 years ago.


'tis true




I think wokeness is like…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… a religion……………………………………………………………………….


Let's debonk: "The Rules for Rulers"

Vidrel is a short, high-level analysis of explaining that rulers, in both representative-democratic and dictatorship systems, are forced to appease the military, police and financial key players, or get replaced by someone who does. The video implies this is inescapable, and that revolution only really happens when the powers that be (esp. military) allow it to happen, rather than them being replaced by a benevolent ally of the new leader, therefore requiring the new leader to appease them similarly and betray their ideals (stated or sincere). The implication is that benevolent leadership is doomed to fail, because otherwise those who keep you in power will instead enable a less benevolent rival to take your place.

I assume the best approach to debonking may be to describe real life contradictions (proof by counter-example). With a whole world of countries, it shouldn't be hard to find some counter-examples, but please explain more than just listing the name of a coup/leader. Be explicit in describing why it is a counter-example.
25 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Talk about economics you retard. All this hooey doomerism/conjecture without even a droplet of materialist thinking is reactionary garbage.
>eating bugs
Ah. Ok. You are a reactionary.


File: 1682544949874.jpg (134.68 KB, 1314x1579, Ftlx6zVWIAAMwdL.jpg)

Bugs are not for eating


File: 1682558879059.png (295.62 KB, 469x637, Abdullah_Öcalan.png)

Yes, and how did it get that way, anon?


In the sense that he argues that stuff like public spending is simply the result of ruling party interests being aligned with the interests of the population, it seems like one of the least bad videos that commit the awful sin of terribly simplifying complex social structures. at least it doesn't pretend that social spending is due to elected leaders' intrinsic moral superiority or whatever dumb thing liberals tend to fantasize with.


>how did it get that way anon
They stopped policing who was a communist and who was not in the party, or you think it was always like that ?.

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