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File: 1683332969815.png (3.74 KB, 464x209, basu1.png)


With all the corporate consolidations and acquisitions and mergers at an all time high and with banks collapsing left and right. Is the ROP just tanking? And I mean so low that there's no way to draw any more profit except through more and more consolidation. To me it seems that the ROP has gone into the negatives and shareholders primacy is the only policy, abandoning long term plans for short term quarterly results.
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File: 1683432193192.jpg (328.68 KB, 1176x635, steel-featured.jpg)

Yet investment in the means of production has also hit record lows. The USA has lost tonnage outputs across the board for heavy industry like steel as American capitalists simply hasn't invested in industry since the fall of the Soviet Union. This is why even the US Military industrial Complex can't complex even with modern Russia with mass production of arms due industry starving for reinvestment.

All those profits are short sighted as come at the cost of US industry falling father and farther behind its competitors that are investing in production.


>corporations will provide money and other benefits for the overall welfare of those who work there like healthcare, dental care
Yea but they reached that point due to workers not having vooting powers and their predecessors working their ass out to make company revenue. After you reach a certain point of prosperity its easy to provide these amenities and focus more on employ welfare.

>Labor-managed firms also already exist; the most well-known is the workers cooperative Mondragon. Even within a neoclassical framework, labor-managed firms are entirely viable.

Yea but its still under capitalism with markets and are a minority


>Yea but its still under capitalism with markets and are a minority
You said:
>>electoral democracy in politics have proven to be a inefficient lets implement it in workplace… what could go wrong
>giving workers the voting rights will eventually degenerate companies into welfare units
Neither of which is true empirically. If your contention is that people won't work under socialism, that isn't true either in the case of "actually existing socialism" or in the case of the more socialistic kibbutzim in Israel.

Also, if you're the one advocating for monarchy, monarchy makes even less sense from the point of view of efficiency. If a monarch is mentally stable, intelligent, and healthy, the state will at the very least tend to function as well as any other, all else being equal, but these qualities are hardly guaranteed historically. Primogeniture is always a matter of genetic chance, and, if the successor is nominated from within the royal family or within the nobility, this doesn't guarantee continuous and stable administration, even if the monarch in question is successful, intelligent, and so forth (e.g. Marcus Aurelius and Commodus).


I see USSR graph like this, compared to China today, and realize just how much USSR degraded after Stalin. Just another country, analogous in results to capitalists


And then comes in China and makes it so instead of 2 million products you can only sell 1 million or even less.


Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen may meet with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy during her "stopover" in the US on her way back from Central America. On March 29, American anti-war organization Center for Political Innovation (CPIUSA) protested against Tsai's transit in New York and shouted out loudly "China is not our enemy!" What's the motivation behind this protest? How do the anti-war forces in the US think about US provocation on the Taiwan question? the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin (Maupin), ideological leader of CPIUSA, shared his views with Global Times (GT) reporter Wang Zixuan in an interview.

GT: What objectives did you want to achieve by organizing this protest?

Maupin: Right now, the US is falling apart - our trains are derailing, our water is not being properly purified, our power plants are collapsing, our roads and bridges are crumbling. The American people do not want war. The polls show that they don't want more foreign interventions and don't want the US military to attack more countries. Our leaders are hosting Tsai Ing-wen and essentially working with her to promote war against Beijing. She came to the US to beg for more weapons, more provocations and more supports to antagonize the people of the Chinese mainland.

As patriotic Americans who love our country and want to make life better, it is our necessity to oppose this. We need to call out what was going on. The politicians and the billionaires that were shaking hands with her do not represent the American people. The American people want jobs, schools and healthcare, not more wars, so it was necessary to show her the real America, not the dog-and-pony show that the billionaires were putting on for her behind closed doors.

GT: Why does the US repeatedly provoke China on the Taiwan question? If Tsai meets McCarthy, what impacts will be brought on the cross-Straits situation and on US-China relations?

Maupin: We're facing a long-term economic crisis in the US. Things have never really gotten better since 2008. Now things are starting to fall apart once again, we just saw the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and other banks. So they want to scapegoat China. They want to say this is all China's fault. On top of that, some of the big corporations see China as a competitor. They want people to buy products from American corporations but not from China. For example, rather than engaging in Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Has Maupin been formally diagnosed?


>>doesn't understand when or why he hurts people
>>doesn't understand the consequences of his actions
>>jumps to conclusions without thinking
>>repeats the same shitty behaviour again and again; doesn't learn from his mistakes
The thing is, a lot of autistic people (not all) have issues thinking in the long-term, like they do whatever is good for them in the moment but lack the ability to judge how their actions will affect themselves and others in the future. Many times they make decisions based on their current special interest and as soon as their special interest changes they realize how short-sighted they were. It’s the exact reason why like 95% of detransitioners are on the spectrum.

In Maupin’s case I notice how he will apologize for something like writing his antisemitic book yet will continue using the same antisemitic rhetoric and tropes from his book. Or, he keeps running CPI like a cult despite being outed as a cult leader and abuser. In fact, after he was exposed for sexual abuse he should’ve dropped out of politics all together but returned after TWO MONTHS. This is all highly indicative of autism whether or not other autistic people admit it. Maupin has piss-poor judgement of himself and it shows very seriously.


Personally, I see the best indicator of Maupin being autistic as his way of seeing the world in extremely black-and-white terms.


You forgot:
>huge aversion to sex unless it’s a fucked-up fetish like sexualizing being spanked by his dad


Does your friend repeat himself over and over?

File: 1683114836507.jpg (20.46 KB, 659x692, FoIc4P5agAEw1iX.jpg)


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>harder rightoids


>What is surprising is Serbia going through such a thing.
It really isn't if you ever met a serbian anon.
it is almost is if they have a horrific and fucked recent history… idk i dont remember for some reason… something bad happened though..


'Individualism' is a spook that subverts and limits true self-actualization of an authentic subjectivity. In a new world, we will all be fully-expressed individuals embracing the collective.


Bosnian war


Yeah, but so did Bosnia and Croatia and like the latter two, Serbians almost always got guns but handle their grievances through fist fighting. Such an act of attention whoring is rare, and US style culture responsible for such a thing is also rare.

Do we have an ID of what kind of city, neighborhood, and shooter profile could have led to this?

File: 1683163093089-1.jpeg (77.28 KB, 800x533, watermark (1).jpeg)


On Feb. 24th, 2022, Russia starts off the invasion as a "special military operation". Since they thought that the people of Ukraine are mostly pro-Russia and not Western bootlickers, their initial belief was they'd surrender or support the invading army while they took Zelenskyy from power. Didn't happen the way they wanted it to and it became a bloody fucking conflict already. Given how America already infiltrated Russian intelligence and gave them all the wrong ideas, Ukraine survived the invasion and we're gearing up for a new Ukrainian counteroffensive. If it pushes the Russians out, Putin will get the nukes, but that likely won't happen, at least not anytime soon. So what will we get? A frozen conflict, of course. The terrain of Ukraine, even if flat, is far from ideal to invade, given the weather and soil. This is why Russia tried desperately to renew the invading army to carry out missions like their last winter "offensive" that didn't work out well (they got hundreds of their tanks destroyed in single battles in just Vuhledar alone). The only offensive part of their army left is in Bakhmut, and that shit's been going on since last year. Ukraine's not leaving until Russia does, and that'll happen pretty soon if the counteroffensive doesn't make Wagner quit beforehand (they've been getting the shit kicked out of them because of Shoigu's ass). But Putin has enough money to keep the conflict for a few more years, but beyond that it's speculative of just how much longer this will last, because there is still a standing Ukrainian army even 15 months after their "Shock and Awe" / fumbled invasion, so the chances of it becoming a guerilla conflict are quite low, actually, despite the losses.

How many more years do you give it? I'd say no less than 1 year and no more than 2. And the reason I say that is because Ukraine was able to catch it in time. That's why I'm not giving one of those "8-20" year doomer projections like some people did (who also claimed Kyiv would be seized within the first 4-6 weeks that never happened).

Really, I see a lot of denial of facts from the Russian side too to keep up with morale (obv) but it's not working. The truth needs to be admitted too and it needs to be taken seriously if Russia wants to win this one, but apparently not, since both sides are equally fucking stupid.(Ukraine general thread. Will merge in a sec)
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I think this is excessively harsh. We’ve seen a lot of militancy against this war on a global scale. From the Indian Maoists condemning the Indian-Russian connection profiting from war to the Italian dockworkers preventing arms shipments to the same Russian communists you describe. I understand that radlibs, revisionists, and reactionaries wearing red have been embarrassing but they have been virtually irrelevant and cracking under the real pressure that is the reality of this war coming up in painful ways. Just like how the second international blew up and collapsed in on itself exposing who was real and who was not. Such pessimism falls flat on the real experiences that were present during WW1 and are repeating themselves in real time today


The problem i really have with this stance is that if the Ukranian people don't want to be part of Russia they shouldn't have to be, why should their national self determination be sacrificed on an alter just to provide Russia with more geographic security?

The fact that they are afraid of NATO expanding is an explanation of why Russia wants to do this in geopolitical terms but not really a moral or political justification in terms of any theory, let alone Marxist theory.

All you people please fucking explain why Putin has the right to annex Ukraine against their will, especially when an unofficial armistice of sorts had already been established around the 2014 borders covering the parts of Ukraine which actually were pro Russian.

This is as moronic as if the UK tried to invade Ireland in 2022 claiming Ireland is not a real nation and the catholics of Ireland are repressing the British descended protestants.


But what the war is over they literally had referendum and did not want to be part of Ukraine.
Wanting to be part of Russia is kind of irrelevant as you do not have to like it but Ukraine has pushed every day for a violence only solution to the break away republics.


>their initial belief was they'd surrender or support the invading army
>Given how America already infiltrated Russian intelligence and gave them all the wrong ideas,
>they got hundreds of their tanks destroyed in single battles in just Vuhledar alone
>part of their army left is in Bakhmut
Is that so?
>Ukraine's not leaving until Russia does, and that'll happen pretty soon
Do you have a single fact to back that up?


K/D ratios don’t win wars.
Ukrops are not getting Bakhmut back.

File: 1683383686810.png (148.59 KB, 505x393, qsdfqsd.png)


I'm talking about all the people that identify as "anti-globalists" and such. It's mostly right of center type of peoples but really i never know what they even mean by this. Is it the globalised economy? It's a bit too late to be against that.
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Capitalist internationalism: The expansion of markets, formation of supranational government and corporate institutions, and general greater interconnection and collaboration between national bourgeoisie.
Right-wingers are not necessarily wrong about what globalism is, but they lack a systemic framework for analyzing and interpreting it and so end up focusing on the policy and plans of globalist elites instead of developing an proper understanding of globalism and the class that pushes it.


File: 1683394588589-0.jpeg (117.6 KB, 637x792, p2dF1cU.jpeg)

File: 1683394588589-1.jpg (94.19 KB, 624x792, 1573480100795.jpg)

That makes sense. Main character syndrome. It's funny that Dees also did commissioned work so there are ads out there for mundane stuff but with schizocore energy.

But yeah, you'll see the U.N. ChiCom troops lurking in the background in some of these images. This is why "left-right alliances" can take you to bad places, because I think it's true that if you were in Congress and you had the power to stop a bill if you teamed up with a libertarian, that is a concrete thing you can do, but it breaks down in the abstract, like "let's team up with the right against the war." Because the underlying ~logic~ that led Dees to oppose an antagonistic relationship with Russia – which is a position that I share – doesn't break fundamentally from the idea that that United States should be the master and lord of the earth, that America is the promised land as given by God, and that Trump was sent by God to save America, and that the weakening of America's comprehensive power in the world is bad.

It's similar to the ire at "woke military" stuff. There's no systemic analysis and critique of why the U.S. military is doing that. I've made one before but we don't have to get into it (basically the military is become like a "service provider" that operates with neoliberal concepts, career development, which is also similar to the professional special forces "operator" side of it, which is embraced by the far right and emulated by their street goons like the Proud Boys). But the ire on the right is that they perceive it as weakening the U.S. military versus China, which is a warlike and jingoistic position to have.


It's also very hypocritical hearing AmeriKKKans whining about le globalism when they have military bases in nearly every country in the world, their corporations control global economy and their currency is used by the whole world over. Like uyghur you ARE the globalist, stop blaming ZOG or UN. The US is the Antichrist and if Amerisharts are consistent about fighting globalists they should balkanize the US and then jump into the yellowstone calderas


Are you asking the actual definition of globalism from the standpoint of economics or are you talking about strictly what right wing schizos who've never read an economics book in their life?


Essentially its just globalization (of trade, capitalism, etc.) viewed through a conspiratorial lens. The same way right-libertarians fetishize late 19th century America as the peak of capitalism, a ton of rightoids do the same on trade for the era prior to third wave globalization of the late 80s onwards. Instead of seeing this as a natural development of capitalism they see the earlier form of capitalism as somehow more 'real' and the newest evolution as a degeneration and call it communist. Basically when globalization and its effects, particularly the negative ones are viewed through a Apophenic schizophrenic lens as though there is some group of people who are controlling everything on purpose and "doing this to us" like elites/jews instead of being the emergent effects of a whole bunch of different people and social forces independently making decisions leading to the whole being more than the sum of the parts.

Make sense as many of these people are religious so if you believe in a celestial monarch of God controlling everything why not believe earthly matters are similar? And the reason that isn't just obvious to everyone is that its a secret elite who is hiding their power and you can stop the by finding them out just like the devil's greatest trick is making people believe he doesn't exist.

File: 1683299516987.jpg (29.62 KB, 800x500, n.feature.jpg)


I just found out that a friend of mine nearly died from going to a crisis pregnancy center in ct and I want to know who can report it to?
She went in for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. The tech found she had an ectopic pregnancy but let her go. On the way home her fallopian tube burst on the highway and she was rushed to the hospital.
What can we do?
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Blast that shit all over twitter but only after getting legal help. Also OP you shouldn’t mention the state you live/are near in so as to not doxx yourself, but do help your friend get justice.


File: 1683381796595.jpg (30.01 KB, 720x463, 1586519759976-b.jpg)

I never liked him, but the show had it's moments. If some crew had their budget and audience class consciousness amongst libs would, I dunno, go up a little at least maybe.


>harassment to outright kidnapping, refusing to let pregnant women go until they agree not to get an abortion.
Burger rightoids get away with this? Everyone is so spooked about the "rights" of the fetus that they fail to consider the rights of the mother as a person (which is why pregnant women have gone to jail sometimes to "protect" the fetus inside them).


Didn't happen.
WTF is the motivation for this thread? is it some new burger culture war shit about falopian tubes?


> It's mainly different in those cases because they don't have to be as deceptive about it and can just outright tell people that condoms cause AIDS or whatever.
?????? Oh. it's /pol/ bait.

File: 1608525017125.png (628.42 KB, 980x670, tankos meme-2.png)

 No.1[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Második felvonás!
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File: 1679579781103.webm (14.72 MB, 886x492, XiPutin-vegszo.webm)


File: 1682592836574.jpg (39.4 KB, 750x396, A-besugo-750x396.jpg)

Mi ez a szar?


comrades is there any public demonstration organized for mayday?


there aren't enough people for that


Mi a faszt mondtál nekem, te kis fasz? Tudatnám veled hogy a legjobbak között végeztem a Magyar Honvédség konyháján, részt vettem számos titkos pacalfőző versenyen, és több mint 300 sikeres hurkatöltést vezényeltem le. Kiképeztek gerilla grillezésből, és én vagyok a legjobb mesterszakács az egész Kárpát Medencében. Te nem vagy nekem semmi, csak egy újabb felhasználható alapanyag. Olyan precizitással foglal kifilézni a gecibe amilyet még nem látott a Föld, jegyezd ezt meg. Azt gondolod megúszod hogy ilyen faszságokat mondtál a világhírű Magyar konyhaművészetre? Gondold újra, seggfej. Miközben beszélünk, épp felveszem a kapcsolatot a Magyarországot lefedő séfhálózatommal, akik pont most élezik a bárdokat, úgyhogy készülj a viharra te féreg. A viharra ami eltörli ezt a szánalmas dolgot amit te az ételednek hívsz. Kibaszottul Al dente vagy gyerek. Bárhol lehetek, bármikor, és több mint hétszázféleképpen tudlak megfőzni, csak a puszta lábasommal. Nem csak hagyományos receptekben vagyok kiképezve, hozzáférésem van a Bocuse d’Or Központ teljes konyhafelszereléséhez, és ezt teljes mértékben használni is fogom, hogy lepirítsam a szánalmas segged a kontinensről, te kis pöcs. Bár tudtad volna micsoda szentségtelen megtorlást szabadít rád az "okos" hozzászólásod, talán befogtad volna a kibaszott pofád. De nem tudtad, nem tetted, és most megeszed, amit kifőztem, te istenverte barom. Úgy telibaszlak paprikás zsírral, hogy bele fogsz fulladni. Kibaszottul pörkölt vagy, öcskös.


Current protests in Israel are getting crazy.

Bibi wants to place enormous power in the hands of his right wing coalition government. To give some perspective i remember one of the party leaders in his government had a portrait of Baruch Goldstein in his office before he got into the public spotlight more by aligning with Bibi lol
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File: 1683240685082.jpg (315.47 KB, 1241x1506, israeli.jpg)

Leftist praxis!


god shes beautiful


is this burgerpunk?


File: 1683369001473.png (441.61 KB, 369x655, ClipboardImage.png)

I love Israeli leftists


oh look, it was another nothingburger as usual.

File: 1683324825106.jpg (80.7 KB, 1200x714, Df7fRNpX4AAqSjH.jpg)


Tunisia's Main Union Lambasts IMF Loan Talks
In a statement, it attacked "the global lending funds that seize such opportunities to dictate the conditions and dominate the economies of countries experiencing crises such as ours".On Monday, Taboubi also demanded the release of trade unionists arrested in recent weeks, including one detained on Friday for posts on social media deemed to be anti-Saied.

Germany: Arson attempt at Black SPD politician's offices
German lawmaker Karamba Diaby said on Thursday that this local constituency office in the city of Halle, located in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt was subject to a "targeted attack" as a 55-year-old man sought to set the premises on fire with "a flammable liquid." Images of the front door of the office showed cracked window panes and charred black markings indicating a recently-extinguished fire, particularly around the mailbox near the ground.

Greek government forced to rescind controversial circular on doctors’ duty
Intended to manage the shortage of doctors in public healthcare facilities in the country, the circular required available doctors to treat patients irrespective of their specialization, which doctors’ unions assert will put patients’ lives at risk and could also put doctors in trouble. The Federation of Hospital Doctors’ Unions Greece (OENGE) and the Athens and Piraeus Hospital Doctors’ Association (EINAP) had vociferously opposed the circular.

More Amazon workers balloting for strikes over pay
The union has already held a series of strikes at Amazon’s sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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McDonald’s franchisee fined for illegally using workers as young as 10
Two 10-year-olds are among 300 children who worked at McDonald’s restaurants illegally, a Labor Department investigation of franchisees in Kentucky found. Agency investigators found the 10-year-olds received little or no pay at a McDonald’s in Louisville, the Labor Department said. The franchisee for the Louisville store was among three McDonald’s franchisees fined $212,000 in total by the department.

Iowa Becomes Second GOP-Controlled State This Year to Pass Repeal of Child Labor Protections
Along with passing forced pregnancy laws and measures to punish parents for supporting their transgender children, the Republican Party is pushing numerous bills to loosen child labor regulations—and on Thursday Gov. Kim Reynolds confirmed she plans to make Iowa the second GOP-controlled state to enact such a proposal this year. The Republican said she plans to sign Senate File 542, which removes so-called "unnecessary restrictions" that have kept minors from working in hazardous workplaces and from working long hours during the school year.

Clarence Thomas under scrutiny after report of activist’s payments to his wife
The report published on Thursday outlines instances in which activist Leonard Leo paid Clarence Thomas’s wife, Ginni Thomas, via the GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway. Citing documents it had obtained, the Post said that Leo told Conway to bill one of his non-profits and send the funds to Thomas, at one point mentioning that paperwork associated with the transaction should have “no mention of Ginni, of course”.

Ex-officers get probation in 8-year-old girl’s fatal shooting outside a H.S. footbalPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


CPP: Marcos-Biden Meeting Marks Advent Of Heightened US Domination
The recent Marcos visit and meeting with US president Biden cemented the US strategy of using the Philippines as its military outpost in the Asia-Pacific region in line with its intensified push to strengthen its hegemony through expanded military presence in the region. It also serves as a historical juncture in reinforcing the status of the Philippines as a US semi-colony. The visit comes a few weeks after Marcos completely acceded to the US plan to build four more (in addition to the existing five) military bases under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), and a few days after the US military held the Balikatan war exercises in the Philippines in one of the biggest shows of force in recent years. Biden expressed extreme satisfaction with Marcos cooperation with the US geopolitical strategy. He told Marcos, he “couldn’t think of a better partner to have than you.” The Marcos visit served to secure the Philippines as one of the key links in its First Island Chain strategy of encircling China and provoking a military conflict. The planned US military bases will complete the US plan to build a $27 billion network of long-range missiles within these islands that are closest to China. The results of Marcos’ US visit and meeting with Biden mark the advent of even greater US control and domination of the Philippines. It produced agreements and programs that all aim to heighten US military intervention, strengthen military control, as well as reinforce US economic and cultural domination.

Iran Dismantles Itself
Last week a senior cleric was assassinated by a security guard in a bank lobby where he had a savings account totaling close to eight million dollars in Iranian money which earned him twenty percent interest, or $125,000 per month tax free income. Apparently, he had earned this horde through corrupt dealings – certainly not through his fourteen-year membership in the Experts Assembly, who are supposedly responsible for selecting the next Supreme Leader. Then a few days later two clerics in Qom, the religious center of Shiite Islam, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1683336093742.png (97.52 KB, 303x305, The_TYBNA_Cat.png)

Thanks News Anon


Athens, Greece: “Put an incendiary device at your neighborhood cop” Responsibility claim for incendiary attack at cop’s apartment
Solidarity to G.Voulgaris, Th. Chatziangelou, P. Kalaitzis

We wish a good recovery to comrade Alfredo Cospito

Solidarity to the 4 imprisoned comrades F.D. – I.R. – P. & L.B.

Signal of solidarity with the French insurgents

The unswerving solidarity with the imprisoned comrades, the multiform daily struggle against the power structure and the inexhaustible desire to destroy it will always be in our consciences and will help us to define the path of the insurrection.

Whenever you take your holidays within the normality of defined etiquette traditions we are given another opportunity to break through it to remind you that nothing is interrupted as long as our lives are silenced, imprisoned and suppressed.

It must be understood that wherever the scum of the authoritarian system responsible for repressing, punishing, beating, raping those who do not fit in or who oppose it exist and reside, they will be targeted

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



 No.1431158[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I'm starting this after asking in reading general because there was some interest shown. A thread for the encouragement, maintenance, and organisation of different reading groups- a regular thread will be maintained in order for reading groups to rhizomatically organise. No specific topic of reading is mandated. I would like to start by organising a group, I have a few texts I would be interested in reading but would like to get any kind of feedback because I don't want to propose we read a book and then have a buncha people be like 'nooo i dont like that book' so here are some initial suggestions for what we could read to begin with:

CURRENT BOOK: engels' origin of the family (prehistoric society)

- Baruch Spinoza's 'Ethics'
- Vladimir Lenin's 'Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism'
- Murray Bookchin's 'Post-Scarcity Anarchism'
- Felix Guattari's 'Three Ecologies'
- Alfred North Whitehead's 'Process and Reality'
- Guy Debord's 'Society of the Spectacle'
- Theodor Adorno's 'Negative Dialectics'
- Fredy Perlman's 'Against His-Story, Against Leviathan'
- Friedrich Engel's 'The Origin of the Family'

We humbly invite you all! Feel free to organise and maintain your own group here!
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>it was interesting to me some of the developments of like how fishing and pottery play into human development.
Yup, and how the ones who chose to research animal husbandry got horsemen first.


ok. i gave u bitches enuf time to read and discuss. next chapter!!!


We are on chapter II, the family


I'd like to emphasize the end of this chapter


right, Morgan says (and Engels seems to be agreeing) that reproductive relations may still evolve with society


File: 1683348403084.pdf (723.55 KB, 197x255, origin_family.pdf)

Chapter III. The Iroquois Gens
>Outside the tribe was outside the law.
Nota Bene

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