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File: 1633832887315.png (187.46 KB, 410x499, thoughtful.png)


If western europe didn't undergo the "marshall plan" and get massive aid/investments from burgerland after ww2, would europe be third world today, if it stayed capitalist? or it would have gone communist instead?

Its arguable that the only reason (western) europe did well after ww2 was due to massive burger investments.

>passed in 1948 for foreign aid to Europe. The United States pumped over $12 billion (equivalent to over $128 billion as of 2020) in economic recovery programs to European economies after the end of World War II. The years 1948 to 1952 saw the fastest period of growth in European history. Industrial production increased by 35%. Agricultural production substantially surpassed pre-war levels. Poverty and starvation gradually vanished from mid-50's, and Western Europe embarked upon an unprecedented two decades of growth that saw standards of living increase dramatically. Additionally, the long-term effect of economic integration raised European income levels substantially, by nearly 20 percent by the mid-1970s.

Before and during WW2 European industry still had a ton of inefficient "cottage industry", the nazis even used horses to carry shit to the front while burgers leveraged developed mass production and carried supplies in trucks. Afterwards Europeans adopted more burger style capitalist methods, but combined with socdem state intervention, which lasted until the 70s/80s when socdem fell and got rolled back across Europe, and even more after the USSR fell.


it wouldve been taken over by the ussr, europe was already industrialized just to a much lower degree back then especially when compared to the soviets.


File: 1633834148397.png (578.81 KB, 426x639, 1633737437854.png)

also important note, capitalist countries only industrialize when access to cheap labour is cut off by force. It was actually reported that during the colonial age most of brazil under european occupation(hell you could say most of south america, SEA and colonial africa) didnt or actively refused to invest in factories and power plants since it was cheaper to just use slaves imported from africa and sometimes other european slaves, this resulted in increasingly widening gaps between the incomes of americans and the japanese compared to pretty much every other european colony at the time due to this phenomenon and hence you find yourself with an industrialized south america, same shits occuring again with the noticable resistance towards automation(i would really call it more productive factories as industrial robots have always existed and that those robots still need to be designed maintained get the resources required to assemble them etc) that shouldve happened decades ago simply because its cheaper to outsource jobs to china india and soon vietnam


>Agricultural production substantially surpassed pre-war levels.
Note that agricultural technology was going through a massive improvement during the 50s. Hitler's own schizo theory of "Germany starve cause of shrinking markets so need conquer lmao" was disproven as soon as the Nazi regime died.


>Agricultural production substantially surpassed pre-war levels.
uygh a
there still under the risks of literal famines to this day and get most of their food from other countries, most euros dont use greenhouses but traditional forms of farming and have laws against industrial production of food, unsurprisingly eating there is far harder than eating in a country like japan, america or fuckin mexico

File: 1633785939025.jpg (148.93 KB, 1200x798, lebanon power outage.jpg)


>Country’s two biggest power stations stop operating due to fuel shortage

<Lebanon has no electricity after the country’s two biggest power stations shut down due to a fuel shortage, a government official has said.

<The power outage will continue for a few days, the official added.

<“The Lebanese power network completely stopped working at noon today, and it is unlikely that it will work until next Monday, or for several days,” the official said.

<The thermoelectric plant has stopped at Zahrani power station, after the Deir Ammar plant stopped on Friday due to a fuel shortage.

<The official said the state electricity company would try to use the army’s fuel oil reserve to operate the power plants temporarily, but that would not happen soon.

<Many Lebanese normally rely on private generators run on diesel, although that is in short supply.

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Kikes did it(Nice try /pol/)



File: 1633828153710.jpg (6.24 KB, 229x220, exasperated pepe.jpg)

These literally say the same thing janny.
Death to Israel and all settler states.


Jews =/= zionists. To equate them is a zionist strategy.
Begone zionista.


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When the fuck will people comprehend that space is literally the stupidest thing that there is?

There is no FTL

If we can only manage to terraform our planet AWAY from habitability there is about a snowball’s chance in Hell for terraforming a planet that hasn’t been able to support life in hundreds of millions of years for human usage

Dyson Spheres are nonsense that ignore where we would get the resources from to even build one when the Sun alone is 99% of the solar system’s entire mass

Only two planets in the entire solar system can even be hypothetically settled by humans (Mars and Mercury) because anything else would kill a fully suited human that’s standing in their atmosphere

The only thing worth doing in space is checking to see if multicellular life exists on Europe, Titan, or Enceladus

When will these porky-tier copes end?
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Space exploration is whittled down to nothing more than private corporations sending people to the moon and mars and creating space colonies. The golden age of space exploration has ended. Every benefit we could get from space like satellites for GPS or tracking weather or communication has ended. There is not a single company trying to pursue asteroid mining nor any space agency trying to pursue it. They are only focused on sending people into the outer edge of the atmosphere and celebrating doing something we have been able to do since 1960.

The future of space exploration will be NASA getting defunded and replaced by space x. Space X will do barely anything while subsisting on huge government subsidies.

I hate musk shills and i hope they all get shot.


You do realize it's possible to synthesize heavier elements from lighter ones right?


Communism is when you don’t go into space


we are all already in space


File: 1633824987750-0.png (305.43 KB, 474x592, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633824987750-1.png (255.99 KB, 474x466, ClipboardImage.png)

Been there, done that, not doing it again.



Why are people surprised by this? He's always been pro-Israel and its right to self-defense (and pro-Palestinian self-determination), he just wanted Israel to stop killing innocent Palestinians. There was a well-known episode in a town hall he had a few years back where people yelled at him about Israel. Obama gave Israel iron dome to protect itself against Hamas attacks. Unless you yourself are pro attacks on random Israeli civilians or an anarchist who is against all state violence, you should be for Israel defending itself against Hamas attacks. That's a separate issue from the IDF killing innocent Palestinians in carpet bombs 2. Regardless of what sanders say I myself don't see a problem with iron dome because Hamas rockets attack Israeli civilians, I'm anti-all civilians being attacked.


Take it to the /usapol/ thread.

File: 1633521243363.jpg (45.19 KB, 800x548, 479091461.jpg)


A general thread for news and discussions on the former Soviet Union countries and the future of socialism there.
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seconding this good idea
>Palestinians are entirely capable of building their own defenses.
yes but they do suffer heavy casualties when they battle the IDF
>China should just give them some form of support the way Iran does. In this way they would build a formidable deterrence and force 1967 borders.
If China did that they would likely help the Iranians help the Palestinians, that's easier operationally because the Iranians already can do that, and it has less diplomatic risk.


Even such a limited and easy form of support would give a qualitative jump to Palestinian forces.


File: 1633815407114-0.jpg (579.75 KB, 1201x1210, 1624191488944.jpg)

File: 1633815407114-1.jpg (1.67 MB, 2412x1688, lpsr.jpg)

File: 1633815407114-2.jpg (81.1 KB, 565x768, sovietbelarus.jpg)

File: 1633815407114-3.jpg (73.17 KB, 471x306, sovietestonia.jpg)

File: 1633815407114-4.jpg (159.61 KB, 550x291, 1623355797127.jpg)

Let's make a list of all active communist, or at least socialist, parties in the (temporarily disbanded) USSR and their websites/news sites if possible. Feel free to add any. Remember with the parties in the Baltic and Central Asian regions, they're often operating in semi-legal or illegal conditions.

>All-Union Organisations

All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (vkpb.ru) (operates in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia at the least)
Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union (skpkpss.ru)

>Armenian SSR

Communist Party of Armenia (can't find a link to any websites, here's a recentish statement from them http://www.idcommunism.com/2020/10/armenian-communists-call-for-immediate-ceasefire-in-nagorno-karabakh.html).

>Azerbaijan SSR

Azerbaijan Communist Party (http://kpaz.ru/)

>Belarusian SSR

Communist Party of Belarus (www.comparty.by)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>China, in contrast, is at around 75% of American productive strength (in nominal terms) and in PPP terms China is about 110-120% as productive as the United States.

Now do it per capita.


>Supportint two state solution
Online dengoidism was a mistake


Colombia’s defense minister called to Congress over child bombings
Colombia’s defense minister will have to explain Congress why four minors and no ELN commander died in a bombardment on a guerrilla camp in September. Opposition Senator Ivan Cepeda on Thursday revealed that one 13-year-old boy and three 17-year-old girls died in a September 16 bombing that was supposed to kill ELN commander “Fabian.”

1 dead, 3 missing in attack on Nicaragua Indigenous miners
One member of an Indigenous community in Nicaragua was killed and three others were missing after assailants shot at them on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, activists said Wednesday. Environmentalist Amaru Ruiz, director of the Del Río Foundation, suggested it was the latest attack by settlers who have invaded Indigenous lands. The Nicaraguan army and national police did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Old wounds are exposed as Spain finally brings up the bodies of Franco’s victims
The bodies of mass grave No 4 of Guadalajara’s municipal cemetery are being brought up for a decent reburial – and are emerging into a country still bitterly divided over how to deal with the toxic legacy of the civil war and the four-decade dictatorship that followed. This week, congress will debate the Socialist-led government’s “Democratic Memory” bill, which builds on landmark legislation from 2007, and which is intended to “settle Spanish democracy’s debt to its past”.

Could anti-submarine drones help China keep up with US and Japan in underwater arms race?
A Chinese military magazine has urged China to develop unmanned anti-submPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I can't really tell how you've interpreted my post but to be clear I was lampooning people who think that "rebelling" against mask mandates is some sort of cause communists should take up.


Normally i'd agree with you, but given the way media blew this out of proportion, i'm not so sure.


Shit, there's a captcha now?


Goddamn it, must have been because of the /pol/ spammers yesterday. /pol/ fucking ruins everything, as usual


No, it was because of the spammer 40 minutes ago. >>540202


Is there a materialist explanation for humans’ fascination with other animals and with nature?
Not materialist as in some silly vulgar sense, just, is there a way to explain it? It seems like humans have always been deeply engrossed by the world we live in, from cave art of the animals encountered by Stone Age peoples, to the reliefs of animal sculptures and depictions in Ancient societies, to the heraldry of the medieval world depicting things like lions and the like and of course the modern heraldry of nation states like the US depicting predatory animals like eagles

Now, I do get why ruling classes depict themselves with predatory animals, both as a threat and as sociopathic self-gratification, but what’s with the overall fascination people have with the natural world?
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one thing i learned is that these wierd positions are hidden sexual desires, no one that just hates somethings go on and on about it every hour


File: 1633815734821.jpg (83.71 KB, 1080x1064, Monke.jpg)

Because animals are bros.


File: 1633815813726-1.jpg (2.76 MB, 2400x3037, 9780140369847.jpg)

Many of the animal sterotyoes, and as a consequence, symbolism, for the west can be dated back to Aesop.


>Brad Sneed


>Brad Sneed


The right desperately want to think that the bourgeoisie are trying to summon Satan so that their skydaddy can come and rescue them so that they don't have to accept the fact that he doesn't exist and that everything they decry is the result of the system they put their faith in where the only motive is profit. They've been trained behave as the simplified agents of market simulations because they're slaves to their greeds. Aestheticism as politics is just the new form of conspicuous consumption for people with no money. The same alienated and shallow husks lie behind the guise of prestige. They LARP to escape the truth that they no longer have any control over the direction of their physical lives at the hands of capital.



 No.525404[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Fuck, I hate religion so much. I get that it was basically a universal form of cope for enslaved people but the ability of religion to persist so much and so parasitically over the ages with proles in the 21st century still clutching so hard onto it and using it as a justification for their own misery pisses me off to no end. I know that ultimately the ruling ideas of a giving epoch reflects the ideas of the ruling class and I know that the enlightenment era bourgeoisie have done their fair share to dispel the myth of religion in Europe but still it's so hard to try to convince religious proles of anything since they put their beliefs over any kind of rational thought.
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File: 1633808012391.jpg (352.32 KB, 3120x4160, 1606806772090.jpg)

We will blind, burn, and explode the enemies of god.


Someone post that screencap of how the Left is literally designed to ATTACK AND DETHRONE GOD in all things.


File: 1633808727957.jpg (2.24 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20210909_141309.jpg)

Until it retaliates.


That’s the thing, he’s not.
He’s “king of kings”


That's just what everyone else calls him because he got coopted as a mascot to complain about the Roman Emperors deifying themselves.

File: 1633756146626.jpg (176.63 KB, 1920x1080, 2s58ha9pa1h01.jpg)


what would workers' control over the means of production look like in practice? In your opinion has anything close to this been achieved in history?
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in what way did the soviets stand above the proletariat that they could not be considered a part of them?



I think it might be wiser to set pay at socially necessary labour time of a given plant type, otherwise people working more fertile fields or newer steel mills for example will get significantly higher pay for no good reason.

But otherwise this suggestion is indeed the basic firm worker control would take. Devil is in the detsils.


Big businesses are somewhat like this already. Where the CEOs report and receive guidance from the board, but basically the entire company is comprised of employees. The issue is that the company has top down direction and is for profit.


and that ruling "class" was not made up of workers, you say?


>The soviets had no worker ownership
Not even at the most degraded, perverted levels of USSR corruption was this ever completely true. At the local level the soviets were always overwhelmingly run by workers.
>but only replaced the ruling class with the higher ups of the communist party
This is a result of the poor, less-than-ideal productive conditions in Russia at the time. Had the German revolution succeeded, we would all no doubt have a very different image in our minds today of what a "Soviet government" looks like.

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