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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1617795778588.jpeg (108.12 KB, 1000x667, photo-1522435229388-6f7a4….jpeg)


Problem: Communists unilaterally hate their countries of origin for being 'imperialist' (or for being comprador/not resisting capitalism, if they're still developing) and resent their fellow native workers for not joining the Party or being radical enough. Communists spend inordinate amounts of time defending the interests of workers in other countries, but remain isolated nationally and occasionally succumb to chauvinism.

Solution: Communists should move to organize workers OUTSIDE of their native countries. All US Communists should learn spanish/portuguese and emigrate south to organize latino workers. Likewise, latino Communists should emigrate north to organize Americans. European Communists should emigrate to Africa and the Middle East, and African/Middle Eastern Communists should emigrate to Europe.

Westerners will feel much more at home among the workers they're ostensibly defending against imperialism, while developing world Communists will have lots more resources and less repression than in their native lands. Plus a shit-ton of internationalism will result as everyone learns each others' languages and forms bonds across cultures and national borders.
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>resent their native workers
Hi, /pol/


The reason is I've never lived among people who didn't know English, if you dropped me in the middle of Bolivia I'd probably learn Spanish and a little Quecha in a few weeks


>narodism is a solution
/pol/ thread sage and hide


>Communists unilaterally hate their countries of origin for being 'imperialist'
its not my "country", it's my shitty governement, porkies and elites fuckers


i don't think that's what OP is getting at, they more mean the kind of people who think that walmart employees are "labour aristocrats" who deserve an even lower standard of living.

File: 1617715926023.jpeg (169.99 KB, 720x720, FE19A338-69BC-4044-A5DD-0….jpeg)

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Was reading 4chan for a few hours, was really wondering why these people and so many others like them (largely people of Euro descent) have chosen to be enemies of the working class and communism basically forever. Most of these people would choose to die opposing liberation of the working class. But why? Why are so many whites enamored by private capital? Why are they so completely captivated by the spell of the bourgeoisie? When you see how they feel about non-white proles, their feelings are like listening to little boys explain why girls are “icky”. That’s it, they cuck themselves out to capitalists because they just irrationally hate other proles that look different from themselves?

Why are whites in the Western countries so willing to betray the rest of the proletariat for so little, basically nothing, in return?
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White liberals are racist frauds that only care about appearances, kys /pol/lack.


Nah! I'll stomp out my local white racist for assaulting Asians, just to make you seethe /pol/tard


The more time working class whites spend believing immigrants for "took our jabs" the less time they spend realizing the true causes are the hollowing out of the country by the forces of ephemeralized finance capital. It's a simple matter of them believing what the ruling class wants them to. The same can be said, conversely, of (mis)educated liberals who buy into the simplistic racialist and essentialist narratives of identity politics that mask class struggle with a falsified screen of the struggle between imagined identities.




based shay

File: 1617659335433.png (7.65 KB, 110x176, F-Grora7.png)


>TFW the US will be able to consistently tank crisises because they can just important labor from other countries to keep the age inflation rate down.
>TFW the US is still loved by everyone and everyone believes everything they say.
>TFW everyone in the end kneels down to the eagle.
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>implying he can




This is what happens when you have zero external intelligence capability, zero soft power clout and nearly zero relevant allied (except for Russia) around the world.,and all of this because you constantly chose a cuck foreign policy from Tienanmen onwards.

The end result of this will be the full encirclement of China when neoliberals will win in Myanmar civil war. (which seems likely)


File: 1617796172878.mp4 (6.37 MB, 320x180, archie_bunker's_railroad_m….mp4)

Rotting infrastructure and a worsening internal divide, alongside a government ever more apathetic towards actually governing (both federally and locally), doesn't really bode well.
With dams bursting, railroads rotting away, highways in desperate need of centrally coordinated investment, and construction being hand-waved as the responsibility of corporations because [insert pure ideology], at some point all the for-profit corner-cutting will come back to bite everyone in the ass. And despite January 20th, there doesn't seem to be any political capital to put effort towards this immense backlog of work (or interest, for that matter) .

While Biden is trying to push through a ~$2 trillion package intended for infrastructure projects, the American Society of Civil Engineers says that the annual funding shortfall lies around 3 trillion. Annually.
Assuming the package passes and is entirely put on maintenance, it only covers a single year and is still insufficient for doing anything beyond the critical. Not to even speak of funding improvements or new developments. And, considering that people already whine that the intended government funding for that project (and related taxation) is bad for business, somehow… Yeah. The arteries of the nation are not faring well.
But I'm rambling.


>3 Trillions annually
I cannot find this claim but i find one saying that they'd need 2,6 Trillion in 10 year just to repair and upkeep existing infrastructure, compared to 1,1 Trillion of projected spending in Biden bill iirc

File: 1617780072145.png (1 MB, 1000x1450, trot_article.png)






File: 1617794751049.jpeg (74.33 KB, 645x970, 4soy.jpeg)

File: 1617753471271.png (47.66 KB, 383x209, Partido_Socialista_(Portug….png)


A SocDem on social media told me the Socialist Party of Portugal is implementing socialism in Portugal. Is this true?
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Moving towards a "socialized economy"? It sounded silly but I'm mildly curious about how that party operates.

If I was Portuguese Id vote for the PCP though.


Socialization can mean many things beyond just the state owning stuff. Perhaps they mean turning into a cooperative society which is fine but socialism casts a wide umbrella.


All I know is that the PCP and the Left Bloc (radlibs/left-populists) quit the government coalition in 2019 October, so the Socialist Party is probably not up to any good.


>Imposing austerity from 2011 to 2015 crushing wages
<Benefiting from low wages attracting FDI
>Raising up the minimum wage afterwards leaving everything else as it is

Hardly a socialist government


File: 1617793286127.jpg (218.95 KB, 1073x550, Screenshot_20210407-125124….jpg)

Dude, that's not what the Portugese constitution says. This was written right after the Carnation Revolution, not even social democrats are this braindead that they would declare a society socialist right after the fall of fascism by decree.

It does allow you to somehow refer to that, however, and take the government up on it. I actually went to the Festa do Avante by the PCP once and I saw Portugese flags everywhere. Portugese communists consider themselves patriotic because of this very experience, "patriotism" in Portugal means the principled opposition to the pluricontinental lusotropicalism of the fascist, corporatist Estado Novo. In Portugal, the fascists were the globalists and the communists were the patriots, to put it in vulgar terms (actually it's like that in a lot of countries).

File: 1617713786753.jpg (91.77 KB, 660x440, 乔良.jpg)

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(Ret.) Maj. Gen. Qiao Liang (乔良) is a Chinese military officers and theorist who gave an interesting speech from several years explaining, in his view, what the U.S. empire is and how it works – essentially characterizing the U.S. as a piratical finance empire that regularly launches wars and creates crises around the world in a sinister balancing act to force dollars to return back into its economy to compensate for the deflationary effects of exporting dollars (needed to control inflation). U.S. capital also profits from this cycle, as assets in the crashed economies of the world can then be bought cheaply.

I think leftypol would find it interesting because Qiao is very brutal and straightforward about his judgements, and there was a link to this in the main China general thread, but that moves very fast. I've bulletpointed some of the main takeaways and share them here.

Here's a link to the translated speech:

For more Qiao Liang, I'd recommend running his bio at Baidu through Google Translate:


+ Critical to U.S. hegemony is the role of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency – important for both world capital markets, commodity flows and energy – and backed solely by U.S. government credit since 1971, when the U.S. moved off the gold standard to avoid being bankrupted by the Vietnam War.

+ This new arrangement allows the U.S. to profit from the whole world.

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Yes all of which are in the global north-west and their direct vassals like Australia and New Zealand along with a few micro-states that exist SOLELY to help porky tax dodge.
China and other socialist states like Vietnam, North Korea etc have still their productive economy


Not only that but China is expanding is rural economy greatly. In any case most nations are realizing how important agriculture and the rural areas are, at least progressive nations. Even Cuba went all organic by focusing on moving away from industrial “westoid” agriculture and towards the more indigenous natural agriculture. The US and the rest of the west continues to suck by keeping agriculture as a business because god forbid if agriculture does what it’s supposed to do, feed people. 13 percent of the US is productive labor, 13.




What is PMC?


The professional managerial class

File: 1617608495389.jpg (58.65 KB, 705x700, Gustavo-bueno.jpg)


Can we discuss Gustavo Bueno here? What do you think of him? Does he succesfully correct the idealist bits of Marx? I'm not an expert on Bueno, but some Materialismo filosófico (philosophical materialism) threads in here would be kino.
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The only works ive read about him were small excerps from his Myth of Culture book. It seems very interesting, considering he's a non-marxist materialist. I bet he could have useful stuff


File: 1617629323545.jpg (30.16 KB, 1706x960, oewvi12kor.jpg)

(OP here) I'll continue in a while because I have some work to do right now. Hope the thread doesn't die heh
Hello anon, yeah, there is some interesting analysis in the Culture book. As far as Marxism goes, well, there seems to be kind of a schism going on between his students at Fundación Gustavo Bueno, since some of them are communists trying to fuse historical materialism with Bueno's philosophical materialism. Look up Santiago Armesilla. He calls this fusion "political materialism". Even some of the non-marxist elements within the Fundación have a sympathetic view of Stalin and the Soviet Union, since they spend a lot of time destroying Anglo-made black legends, both against the Soviets and (especially) the Spanish Empire.


Bueno as far as I know is kinda like a Spanish Nazbol, who also has a strong association with Vox, as in the Spanish Far-Right Party, so I'm quite interested on why you(most likely a Spaniard or Hispanic) got interested on him


It was recommended to me by my head of department at uni after he saw me arguing with some dipshit postmodernist over which historiographical approach is most correct


I need to order Myth of Culture for this summer

File: 1617738453677.png (31.86 KB, 688x659, vlady_yes.png)


Vietnam elects new prime minister as Phuc becomes president
Mr Phuc, who was widely praised for the country’s successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic, became the first prime minister to be elected as president, according to the National Assembly. Communist Party general secretary Nguyen Phu Trong had been serving as president after the previous leader, Tran Dai Quang, died in office in 2018.

Maoists issue statement, say their fight not against security forces
The statement claimed that 28 Maoists have been killed in the last four months across the country and they have been able “to kill or injure nearly 100 policemen” during the same time. It cautioned Maoists over the newer technology being used by the state and urged them to be cautious while engaging with it. The Maoists have also called for a nationwide bandh on April 26 in support of farmers’ protest against three farm laws passed in September.

Czech Communists vote to withdraw support for PM Babis's government
Even if Communist lawmakers support any future vote of no-confidence, the coalition – comprising Babis’s ANO party and the Social Democrats – might still survive as opposition parties have spoken against toppling it so near to an election.

Maoist Centre strips four ministers who have sided with Oli of party membership
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Worm parasites that makes humans like them.


Going to stream the news starting at 6:30pm eastern, 22:30 UTC


I bet no one can make a dog aluyna
Cuz furfags are bad


File: 1617756509688.png (146.89 KB, 326x383, ClipboardImage.png)



all spooks

File: 1617666417171.png (199.73 KB, 486x397, ancom picardia - Google Se….png)

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Any anarchist comrades? This is my first time on /leftypol/
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>The man who made the video "learn marxism from jack ma" has read theory
I disagree


>"Communist Billionaires? No contradiction!"


Haha yeah i have nothing to learn from anyone too, comrade ;)


Learn from Marx and Engels. Learn from Lukacs, too.

File: 1617208242510.jpg (95 KB, 551x960, yin7I0W.jpg)


>TFW after the coronavirus shit is over, the US will look stronger than ever before.
>Biden will placate the libs
>The right will become more radicalized while the left will lose it's edge.
>The whole world will kneel to the US.
>China will have an economic crash
Our prospects are looking grim.
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All that stimulus money just pumped up assets and centralized wealth more. Everyone's asking where the inflation is after trillions got pumped into the economy. It went straight into retarded stocks, crypto, and house prices. Not the real economy outside of tech.

Sooner or later that bubble is going to pop, but it might still take a decade or more.

The DNC will probably lose control of congress in 2022, and will probably lose nationally in 2024, especially if Kamala becomes president. After that we'll probably get some sort of warhawk neocon-type who the right-libs will back because he's "not Trump".

The US might look strong for a few years, but it'll wear off especially if Biden or a future administration gets involved in any more foreign wars.


>underestimating neo-liberals


>Overestimating neo-liberals.





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