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File: 1655567148336.jpg (7.67 KB, 261x193, download.jpg)


TLDR at the end for those who don't care about my explanation/story

The mindset that things are the way they are and they will never change frustrates me to no end. As someone who wants to make movies, living in America means I have to conform to the will of mega-conglomerates and let greedy execs ruin potential masterpieces so they can profit. When telling liberals that I was concerned about how artists are being exploited, they say I'm at fault for wanting to create art in a business that big, and that I'm the greedy and needy one. I never questioned capitalism before questioning my career, but now I think my anxiety was misplaced this whole time. I'm not anxious about my career, I'm anxious about how capitalism will ruin my future. Then I realize… this threat is present in all aspects of life all over the world.

The environment I live in is heavily conservative. I've never really had any debates that helped me learn and change. I think it's time for me to wake up and learn new possibilities that aren't "we need to become a fascist state after a bloody race war because globohomo." I also have a lot of doubts about leftism, I think; I'm somewhat religious, enjoy gun ownership, and believe people should speak freely to an extent… and I'm not sure how leftist that really is.

I'd hate to come here and ask you to wipe my ass and educate me, so if you have any reading recommendations based on the concerns I've raised (such as socialism's relation with personal freedoms), I'd love to read them in my free time. Thanks in advance

TLDR: I think I'm a socialist now, so I'd like some recommendations for reading, infographics, and video essays that'd help a newbie learning about the philosophy of socialism.
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Most of the board is ML or some adjacent strain so their relationship with personal freedoms is flexible and that they can be redefined at any time to fit the conditions of the state, and then they get written up into some constitution that people can ignore at their own peril, violating the constitution is how several NKVD chiefs went down iirc.
To give some real world examples in the early Soviet constitution striking was a constitutional right, this was gone by the Stalin constitution because Stalin confirmed in the early 1930's his expectation of a massive European assault on the USSR and therefore he adopted an economically maximalist approach to help defend the country. China's modern constitution is based off the Stalin constitution, only really varying by denying the right to secession, which played some role in the collapse of the USSR and is currently frustrating CIA attempts to dismantle the Belt and Road via supporting Islamist separatists in Xinjiang.
Ultimately there's no long term point in having certain personal freedoms when opposition groups will take advantage of the situation to leverage them into stripping the country of everything and putting you back into wage slavery with even less rights. It's treated as a balancing act rather than sacred principles.


Start with Marx/Engels and Lenin then go out from there. They're the most clear, lucid writers you'll read and everyone is responding to them in some way. Don't bother with infographics, youtube essays, etc.

Socialiasm: scientific and utopian is a good first book. Then you can think on where to go from there yourself.


Thanks for the recommendation, gonna look into reading that. Seems really interesting to be honest, from what I'm seeing so far
Interesting history, never knew about all that. I don't really disagree with their decisions, so, I guess it could be my cup of tea, and at least now I know what to look into. People just treat it as a slippery slope, as in "next they'll take your toothbrush!" or whatever. All we can hope for is a general level of competence and unity.


>I'd like some recommendations for reading
Wage labour and capital
Value price and profit


Read the unique and it's property, it's good to dispel spoogs and you don't necessarily have to be an anarchist. It will help you be more honest with yourself.


Why do entertainment companies put out schlock so much? Does it really make money to put out extremely vapid, cynical try-hard media that is utterly unappealing except to the most 2-bit personality straight out of a marketer's mind-palace? Is there really even a bottom line or lowest common denominator? Or is it just rich people flipping their dicks in the wind and/or being subsidized in order to put out propaganda, in which case is even that effective for its own ends?
Growing up gen Z, so much of my childhood was being force-fed awful pandering media that I never cared for and it seemed like other people my age didn't really care for much either. Interest is usually directed towards older stuff, like maybe from the 90s/80s and before. Idk
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Elvis and the Beatles while massively popular was still before the pop music phenomenon where studios manufactured bands with massive advertising blitzes. Instead Elvis and the Beatles were popular on their own and by the time you get to Woodstock in 1969 rock had splintered into different genres that had some cross overs as tastes diverged as artists experimented for new sounds.
The Soviet bloc had publicly funded art and proved it worked. Artists in the Comecon didn't have to beg fans for donations or worry about the profitability of their work.



You mean a complete wasteland completely empty of creativity and only is about chasing trends to get popular and following formulas? Not to mention the censorship on YouTube and the algorithm.


Capitalists are already censoring people. Google has removed and altered search results to block left-wing articles and websites.

These corporations censor people all of the time and they do it to actual leftists on Youtube by making it harder for left-wing content to be found by putting people in content bubbles to make them stay on the website longer and to prevent them from going beyond the supported capitalist culture.


I feel like my thread has been taken over by GPT bots
Also my point is, I'm not even sure these things are all that profitable or successful. I guess it's easy to just say there's a profit incentive and handwave any other factor away. I kind of regret posting here


honestly looking at his post history he honestly might be lmao

File: 1655201297845.png (93.2 KB, 269x188, ClipboardImage.png)



First five year plan

The most important task for the government was to expand social overhead capital, including energy sources such as electricity and coal, and railways, roads, and ports. These energy sources and social overhead capital are prerequisites for industrialization. Prior to full-scale industrialization, the government needed to expand energy sources and social overhead capital needed to achieve the level of industrialization assumed by the government. Accordingly, the government attempted to achieve this goal by constructing new facilities or expanding existing facilities.
For example, in the case of electricity, the government planned to increase production by 2.7 times in 1966, the target year compared to the base year of 1960, through expansion during the planning period, and it was also assumed that cargo transport would increase by 1.9 times.

Since the government set 'industrialization as the ultimate direction of the Korean economy', the construction and expansion of key industries was one of the most important tasks of the first plan. The industries selected for development in the first plan amounted to about 40, such as oil refining, fertilizer, chemical fiber, cement, general steel, railway vehicles, shipbuilding, automobiles, and machine manufacturing. These industries are industries where domestic demand already exists or the demand is expected to increase rapidly along with future economic development.

second five year plan

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>lenin specifically uses the word planning
>lenin describes planning as "It is inconceivable without planned state organisation which keeps tens of millions of people to the strictest observance of a unified standard in production and distribution."
>lenin uses this description for the german empire: It is Germany. Here we have “the last word” in modern large-scale capitalist engineering and planned organisation, subordinated to Junker-bourgeois imperialism.
>leven even says this is the preconditions for socialism(socialism which uses planning) if a prolertarait state is doing it

m8 all im doing here is refering to the words of lenin so unless you think lenin is a fascist or wrong

well idk


The "green new deal" is just random atoms colliding


You cannot plan the economy while the means of production are privately owned.


It's a bullshit marketing term for an adjustment of capitalism towards further exploitation of the working class in the name of environmentalism.

 No.1021644[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

A good economy contributes a lot to the quality of life. Besides a certain amount of freedom of business is healthy since competition results in higher quality products and innovation. Too many measures can also push companies from our country, so realistically speaking it affects a lot of people's lifes. I am quite conservative but I am moderately left on a few issues.
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The third one was funny. That’s about it.


>I wonder why leftists don't focus as much on unemployement and keeping businesses in countries.
Because unemployment is a symptom of capitalism in the first place. Literally listen to yourself dude, your entire argument relies on you selling out the entirety of the country and it's people in order to hopefully entertain the corporations that threaten to leave it. Why tolerate such a double blackmail on the first place as opposed to guaranteeing employment for all people and simply taking control of the actual means of production that said business have a hold over? If the process you describe continues every time unemployment resurfaces, eventually you are going to hit a point where companies assist in absolutely no way in the general upkeep for society, and all of it falls on the people, purely so they can have the "privilege" of working for said companies.


OP doesn't know about the reserve army of labor or how capitalists deliberately keep unemployment at a certain level to drive down wages and increase scabbing.


maybe you should explain it instead of alluding to it then.
as it stands now your post sounds like one claiming superiority because they know more than someone new to this. kinda like a boxer going into a kindergarten and scoffing at how shit everyone is at fighting


>Besides a certain amount of freedom of business is healthy since competition results in higher quality products and innovation

File: 1654204091164.jpg (55.9 KB, 760x480, boric-armas.jpg)

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Chilean President Gabriel Boric Font Wednesday gave his first TV speech, during which he announced a plan to ban gun ownership and tackle drug trafficking, among other relevant measures.

“Armed violence will not be tolerated,” said Boric, who will introduce legislative proposals to radically narrow the possession of guns, following various shooting massacres in the United States.

The President spoke of a “total ban on gun ownership” because “armed violence will not be tolerated in our country and that is why our Program 'Fewer Arms, More Security' proposes the radical limitation of legal access [to firearms].”

The head of state has asked Chile's Congress for “all the support to pass a law that will allow us to move towards a total ban on gun ownership and at the same time strengthen the institutional framework in charge of control.”

The President also vowed to “increase controls to dismantle the organizations dedicated to illegal arms trafficking” and prevent armed violence, a new and growing phenomenon in Chile in recent years, from taking root in society. “There are some who do not applaud this, we have seen what happens in other countries, let's not allow it to happen to us in Chile,” Boric argued. “A Chile without weapons is a safer Chile,” the president insisted.

His plan seeks to reduce the number of firearms in the illegal market to help reduce homicide and violent crimes. Boric also argued the reform he proposed would be “in favor” of the police's work.

In his first televised speech, Boric also said he would submit a tax reform bill in the coming months.

The far-left leader, whose ruling coalition includes Chile's Communist Party members, has announced he would attend the Summit of the Americas next week in Los Angeles.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It is. There's little doubt the Chilean State is using gangs to do their dirty work at this point, so disarming the rest of the country makes things easier in general.

That other person calling everyone an american very clearly shows you all how mentally ill the left has become in this country btw. It looks like people want to die or be abused by the State, as martyrs, more than anything. All very Christian.


>disarming the rest of the country
you mean the <1% of cuicos?


Oh jolly this shitty thread got necrobumped.


I mean rural people or gangs. If the only people who can get weapons are the ones with ties to the police, rural violence or gang violence becomes an instrument to be used by the State.


>Yanks had what? The closest the american "people" has come to striking fear in their leaders' hearts were the 1898 Wilmington insurrection (a white supremacist coup) and the Capitol riot (a white supremacist coup attempt).

Not the anon you are responding to, but you do a disservice to the long and storied history of American working class martyrs that has fought, bled, and died fighting within the imperial core. (BPP, IWW, countless nameless faces)


>criticizes capitalism for its shortcomings
>instead of trying to formulate a new system that takes history into account and tries to be pragmatic, let’s just try this retarded boomer ideology and it’ll work! trust me!
Really, uygha
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What boomer ideology are you talking about exactly?
Stop this vagueposting retardation or go to /b/.


Hi pol


Won't i be in nomenklatura if i am current vanguard?


>I'll be intentionaly vague in my criticism as to make myself sound smarter than i actually am
Really, uygha

File: 1655444466763.jpg (84.38 KB, 1024x576, 1549523756983.jpg)


Today I find myself agreeing with a Gawker article.


>The martyrdom of fungbunger has made it crystal clear in my mind: we need a way to mute America. Why? Because America has no chill. America is exhausting. America is incapable of letting something be simply funny instead of a dread portent of their apocalyptic present. America is ruining the internet.

>America is the internet.


>The greatest trick America’s ever pulled on the subjects of its various vassal states is making us feel like a participant in its grand experiment.
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Really I think American 'discourse' is in practice as much of a weapon against the rest of the world as their military.
Wether they know it or not, americans and their 'debate' are actual information poison dispensed through the planet. Their state wouldn't spend so much money on 'technology/internet' soft power like social media otherwise.



Pic related. The other side is America exporting its right wingers and evangelicalism to Latin America


Let's say that this happens, what would that mean for culture? Like chinese global times only?


someone who writes for vice has no right to complain about americanism


This is an idea that just came to me, and I'm not entirely sure how stupid it is, but given the current challenges of irl leftist organization why not have publicly accessible leftist internet forums for specific local areas? This would be for the purpose of discussing local news, theory and politics, spreading awareness of mutual aid efforts, and discussing and spreading awareness of local actions. This would be accessible publicly with no membership requirement to maximize involvement, and would be multi-tendency. The operations of the site, if hosted independently, would be crowdfunded, perhaps through some aesthetic perks given to paying members. It probably wouldn't be an imageboard or anything conducive to anonymous shitposting to broaden its quality of discussion and appeal. There would need to be effective moderation, accountable to membership, to maintain the space and keep out spam and trolls. Fed & pig infiltration would be a given, but the stuff discussed in these spaces would obviously be things publicly accessible and discussed on social media anyways, with information you don't want public for opsec kept out of it. And no, it wouldn't really be a worker's council but it could be a place for leftist groups of various tendencies to discuss local issues and local actions, and it potentially could form the basis for actual local councils of some kind if successful enough if the membership had a broad consensus in favor of going beyond local forum discussion to forming an actual local organization for verified members.

The way it seems, leftist social media seems incredibly diffuse in character, and frequently also atomized with mass social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram built around followings. Most of the people that you're talking to on whatever subreddit or on twitter or here will be diffused around the world or your nation at least, making discussing local affairs and organization difficult. Often social media as an effective local leftist organizing tool is limited to places that are already saturated with a very big leftist scene. Propertied boomers have their own social media dedicated to local affairs like Nextdoor, but these are incredibly reactionary and suburban. On the other hand, irl leftist organizations are often divided and have limited mass participation.

Is this a bad idea that would never gain traction? I am aware that there is probably a good reason why these don't really exist, especially Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Is joining an irl org even if you just have something like the DSA better?


File: 1655436404068.pdf (657.27 KB, 170x255, kaos.pdf)

5. The above facts prove that for the formation of Soviets certain definite premises are required. To organise Soviets of Workers’ Deputies, and transform them into Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies, the following conditions are necessary.

(a) A great revolutionary impulse among the widest circles of workmen and workwomen, the soldiers and workers in general;

(b) An acute political and economic crisis, attaining such a degree that the power begins to slip out of the hands of the government;

(c) When, in the ranks of considerable masses of workers, and first of all in the ranks of the Communist Party, a serious decision to begin a systematic and regular struggle for the power has become ripe.

6. In the absence of these conditions, the Communists may and should systematically and insistently propagate the idea of Soviets, popularise it among the masses, demonstrate to the widest circles of the population that the Soviets are the only efficient form of Government during the transition to complete Communism. But to proceed to the direct organisation of Soviets in the absence of the above three conditions is impossible.

7. The attempt of the social traitors in Germany to introduce the Soviets into the general bourgeois-democratic constitutional system, is treason to the workers’ cause and deception of the workers. Real Soviets are possible only as a form of state organisation, replacing bourgeois democracy, breaking it up and replacing it by the dictatorship of the proletariat.

8. The propaganda of the Right leaders of the Independents (Hilferding, Kautsky and others), intended to prove the compatibility of the ‘Soviet system’ with the bourgeois Constituent Assembly, is either a complete misunderstanding of the laws of development of a proletarian revolution, or a conscious deception of the working class. The Soviets are the dictatorship of the proletariat. The Constituent Assembly is the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. To unite and reconcile the dictatorship of the working class with that of the bourgeoisie is impossible.

9. The propaganda of some representatives of the Left Independents in Germany presenting the workers with a ready-made formal plan of a ‘Soviet system’, having no relation whatever to the concrete process of civil war. is a doctrinaire pastime which diverts the workers from their essential tasks in the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


May be I missread, but this is confusing and contradictory. I've actually looked at the data some time ago and Soviets were made during the whole period 1905-1917, but yes, with higher intensitiy close to 1917. But they did not show up just in a month, when necessary, it is actually not possible.

As I see, Soviets begin with worker organization at work. When workers demand something - higher wage, less working time, etc, they have to make a soviet and choose a few guys from workers who will communicate between the workers and the boss and and do etc things.
So you definitelly do not have to wait to do this.

Soviets can take all power only at some moment, sure, may be this is true. But all power.. some power is not really something to call a parody. And it is questionable how this worker Soviet organization can turn into a revolution at the moment given that there is smaller percent of workers and farmers, many people frequently change work places or work remotely.
But I mean, if there is 10% population of workers and they already formed Soviets/unions and united into a Giga Soviet, what do they have to wait? Can they somehow benefit from this?

Giga Soviet is, as I see, a lot better for the workers than small Soviets/unions. They can plan some production for themselves and things like that. They can unite into something like this, even if revolution is not possible at the moment, it is still beneficial to them.


Too generalized, too many problems introduced. In-person meetings are perfectly good enough already


How do I stop being a LARPER (Legally of course)
Surely someone here actually does socialist/ communist/ anarchist / union shit in real life instead of just shitposting all day.
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Lol I really fucking hate american leftists


If he's a burger, there are no union jobs available to him outside the public sector, but that has started changing lately. It will be interesting to see if if worker organization continues to gain steam in the United States.


based digits


File: 1655549486048.gif (62.63 KB, 680x476, a17.gif)

>push them to do something useful
<implying reading books isnt useful


the book clubs are the best ones tbqh, im so sick of leftist parties always wanting to 'do something' unless its actually useful stuff the local community needs/wants

File: 1655273046571.png (165.93 KB, 654x498, burger gamer moment .png)


They aboutta make vidya games real.
But the absolute state of burgers
On topic though, why have mass shooter incidents shot through the roof this year?
Is this how glowies demonstrate their fears of potential revolutionary turmoil?
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>am /chem/, can confirm. chlorine gas bombs are easy to make. chloramines also, one of which is an unstable explosive
Mind telling more? For use in Minecraft, of course.


File: 1655480090143.jpg (16.39 KB, 317x332, smirk hank.jpg)



File: 1655488334987.jpg (46.51 KB, 1200x675, huh...metal...gear....jpg)

>I can't wait for the first "school mass shooter" who stealthily kills their way to the lockdown panel or who, by the time they get caught has dozens of knife victims in conveniently locked classrooms or stashed around out of sight.
pic related the next school shooter


File: 1655491764043.jpg (25.39 KB, 400x300, alawite chad.jpg)

Fellow Assad enjoyers, I see


File: 1655539369661.png (14.11 KB, 450x450, based.png)

we do a little gassing

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