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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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watched this today and found it very interesting as it was a very honest dive into the lives of alot of the image board types that make up the vast numbers of pol/ and othe reactionary Mosque shooter types and one thing i was distinctly able to notice throughout was how these young men spoke so strongly of an alienation they felt both from their peers and from any sort of greater meaning in their lives and i think its extremely interesting that alot of the Alt right and groyper types has been able to pick up these sorts at least in the first few years instead of them actually identifying with has created these unfair outcomes in capitalism and then wanting to change it they instead get pulled into this self loathing restarted misery hole of posting online and wanting to die.
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>Just bang hookers, it is cheaper aswell.
bro i dont wanna get an STD


>Just leave bro
It isn't that easy, incel

>Plenty of women get beaten up

Lmao why don't they just leave then


probably vegas, i bet the hookers there are desperate that theres no work nowdays due to covid


Based retard Labrador


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This maybe has been discussed before, but what if porkies steps ahead of us? I mean, they're building cyborgs to quell mass rebellion & exterminate us, don't they? What's the odds later? Can we survive against them? I don't want to be a doomer retard, but just how strong us the masses? It's never too late, isn't it?
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Explain more please?


Something something when every prole is dead communism
Stupid brainrot basically


>"prole" autocorrected to "problem"
>in this particular thread
The basilisk is mocking us.


>Sci fi thread
Lay off the television and video games youngin


File: 1614696509774.jpeg (48.68 KB, 610x729, antennablackwoman.jpeg)

This is what Andrew Yang warned us about and tried to prevent early on. Weaponized McRobots Soldiers are gonna automate us to the spirit realm. Be aware.

File: 1614649789598.png (419.02 KB, 3000x2400, Anarcho_Communism.png)


I identify as an anarcho-communist but I think social issues like racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia etc should be treated on the same level as class struggle,
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orwell newspeak is a retarded concept because thats just not how language works. They were basically just creating an "elite language", the advocated aim of newspeak is hopeless and even in the example given dont work at all (if ungood=bad, you just changed the word without actually changing the meaning).
Using euphemism or generalization is an actual propaganda technique, but for that you need more words, not less.

radlibs are the ones focusing on idpol shit from liberal angle, basically "more black women CEO!". They don't seem to realize discrimination can only happen in a power imbalance, a black ceo can't get discriminated by his employees anyway, but any prejudice he have can lead to not hiring/promoting someone. Thats why class is more important, its because its what gives teeth to discrimination. Black people getting shot in the US is mostly because theres more poor black, iirc if you correct for wealth, you have almost as much poor white killing by the police.
Thats why socialist policies are so fucking good at fighting racism effects, by giving everyone a good job and basic necessities of life, you disproportionately profit the poorest and most marginalized sections of society, the minorities. The women conditions improved a tons in ussr thank to providing good job, education, and good infant care. And no fucking "postitive discrimination" or stupid shit like that was needed.

I usually consider anyone accusing someone of "TERF" to be a retarded radlib. Trans are a fucking minuscule issue attracting way too much attention. And denouncing comrades over this shit is a redflag. Its incredible how there can be a complete breakdown of friendly discussion and debate over purely ideological discussions about 0.01% of the population.


agreed, you just need to take a look at the mainstream medias to see how it poisons all discussions and take way too much space

>idpol is not a distraction, it is driven by class and needs to be addressed from that perspective and that one alone
"idpol" refer explicitely to the liberal distraction, if you go to it through class lense, its just regular politics.


Based as fuck

Give the trannies hell

>Unironically being a capitalist on a leftist imageboard(muh idpol)


>he thinks thats the scientific definition of women


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Sometimes I wish I experienced it since it sounds like the last truly epic event in human history and everything after will never be worthy of the history books in the way WWII was
That or the US Civil War for Burger-specific history
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File: 1614663406395.jpg (134.74 KB, 719x561, IRA soy.jpg)

same energy


>be a Jew
<have to hide in attic all the time from Gestapo, get caught anyways and packed off to who knows what horrors and everyone you know gets killed
>be Chinese peasant
<see entire village get burned and pillaged and raped by army of the Japs
>be village in Europe
<everyone in it gets shot because some German guy was assassinated
>be citizen of Tokyo or Dresden
<half the people in the bomb shelter you're in suffocate because of firebombs, and you have no food, have to wear clothes of paper

How glorious, indeed.




But what about the battles 🤩


File: 1614692253214.png (444.39 KB, 1200x1948, 1200px-EasternBloc_BorderC….png)

USSR gains in the war were massive but also her losses.

File: 1614625783792.jpg (47.7 KB, 432x444, 0ffe51c37f72ebe31b93f803ad….jpg)


>It is important, however, to observe that the engineer's view of his job as complete in itself is, in some measure, a delusion. He is in a position in a competitive society to treat it as such because he can regard that assistance from society at large on which he counts as one of his data, as given to him without having to bother about it. That he can buy at given prices the materials and the services of the men he needs, that if he pays his men they will be able to procure their food and other necessities, he will usually take for granted. It is through basing his plans on the data offered to him by the market that they are fitted into the larger complex of social activities; and it is because he need not concern himself how the market provides him with what he needs that he can treat his job as self-contained. So long as market prices do not change unexpectedly he uses them as a guide in his calculations without much reflection about their significance.


Reminder that Hayek got so buttblasted that he wrote a whole essay ranting about how engineers can't possibly understand the magic of the market.
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Are you forgetting the survey we did on this very board a few years ago?

The majority of people on this board are literal STEMlords. 75%+ of people here are programmers, engineers, scientists, etc.


months* not years


Nah missed that, but there's a lot more to stem than CS, not that you can really do stem without coding.


I don't have a link, but the survey showed like 85-90+% of the board is university educated, which means if /leftypol/ was a country it would have the highest level of educational attainment of any of them, even south korea.

Also the most common major category was social sciences, but the next 5-7 were all engineers, science, cs, IT, etc. adding up to like 80% of the board altogether


most EE's in current year are basically coders anyway like 80% of most modern engineering is coding anyway so arguably most engineers are software engineers anyway regardless of degree. EE -> spend all day writing DSP in C++.

File: 1610734797424.png (583.94 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)

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Are you sitting down?
1. Dutch government resigns amid child welfare benefits scandal
2. Angela Merkel stepping down.
3. Estonia Prime Minister missing
4. Italian government has collapsed.
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File: 1614634920223.png (203.61 KB, 300x296, ClipboardImage.png)

thanks anon, greek MSM sources are best for now. :)
I wrote: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutionary_Organization_17_November#Prison Can you tell me if there is anything obvious I got wrong or missed? I intend to write about the other stuff that has happened to the gang since imprisonment eventually.
Picrel is iirc launchers stolen from a base and used to fire at the american embassy in the early 2000s.'


Seems fine ,only you forgot a word
Facebook is deleting pro Koufontina posts btw
You should mentio that criticism against the handling of the hunger strike by the goverments have been raised by most oppositions parties and human rights groups


File: 1614637907759-0.png (1.12 MB, 1024x616, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614637907759-1.png (1.12 MB, 1024x616, ClipboardImage.png)

>You should mentio that criticism against the handling of the hunger strike by the goverments have been raised by most oppositions parties and human rights groups
Was certainly on my to add list that the only party to oppose is the governing party, Do you have citations on these things at hand? DW if not, it will just hasten the process. :)
inb4 CIA shill

Solidarity action from DE:
>On the occasion of the deterioration of the health condition of the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas, the Greek Trade Union of Hospital Workers:s declares once again that it is the firm and non-negotiable position of the doctors:s not to carry out force-feeding. According to the current legislation on medical ethics, it is not a medical act if there is no consent of the patient. In particular, force-feeding is classified as torture even according to decisions of international medical ethics conferences, the assessment of the UN and human rights organizations.

>The current escalation of the situation, the solidarity with the prisoner and the struggle against the repressive system ignite a broad resistance in the antagonist movement in Greece and worldwide.

>Dimitris Koufontinas receives support from public figures.
>The Greek state is trying to nip any expression of solidarity in the bud, beating and arresting hundreds of supporters and showing the harshness with which it tries to break any resistance against its system.


In greek

It has all the reactions from other parties
Syriza,PASOK,Varoufakis and KKE


File: 1614686463560.jpg (44.52 KB, 600x336, thumbnail_mmexport15710627….jpg)

File: 1614551825196.jpeg (28.82 KB, 250x315, 909D2BCA-0C98-4190-A943-5….jpeg)


This man saved socialism. Without him there would be 0 realistic attempts at establishing future communism right now.
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So self hatred and blind anti Americanism. Same retarded dogshit that led people into supporting the Rape of Nanking to own the anglos. Fuck off and read theory.


File: 1614679792130.png (343.89 KB, 469x452, 1607143578899.png)

dengists need to fuck off please


The current obsession, almost or actually Orientalist in nature, about China or Cuba or Venezuela is more of indication of the impotence of the burgershits whom instead of trying to create the possibility for revolution in their own state impose their frustration at impotence onto other countries alleged not pure enough so that they do not have to reckon with their own abject failure, which, by virtue of the all paramount role in perpetuating capitalism that the empire occupies, is the if anything true betrayal of the communists of the world.

Simply compare the number of topics created which wax with hysteria over, for just example, what Cuba, an island viciously embargoed in shadow of its far more dangerous enemy, does which allegedly ruins the delusional platonic ideal of communism that occupies the minds of the many posters here, with the total dearth of threads that substantially discuss actual organizing efforts or the problem of building viable labor organizations in the era of digital, gig work. Even the stock market watch thread barely makes it to the front these days.

No one will build the communism for you, no Diaz Canal, no Xi, no Kim. And no one but the respective communists of Cuba, China, and the DPRK will build communism for them.

So mods, there should also be a new filter from Dengism to Dergism.


Moved to >>>/b/14662.


Moved to >>>/b/14731.

File: 1613439732926-0.jpg (3.58 MB, 2500x1667, marchonthecapital.jpg)

File: 1613439732926-1.jpg (279.51 KB, 1200x800, opendoors.jpg)

File: 1613439732926-2.jpg (3.16 MB, 4014x3011, capitalshotsfired.jpg)

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Believe me when i say i'm well a-fuckin-ware that any comparison between Trumpism and National Socialism/Fascism is generally considered to be
But for me at least, ENOUGH similarities have lined up for the idea of Trumpism as American Fascism to be taken seriously. (Opposed to being PURELY a re-asertion reganite neo-liberal economics with populist branding)
Q-Anon pedo conspiracies are a pretty clear fit for the anti-semtic conspiracy theories of central europe in the early 20th century that gave rise to Hitler.
The "Rigged Election" and the subsequent "cucking" of the GOP in the senate is already online being described as a "stab in the back" (Somewhat ironically being similar to the German stab in the back in so far as the GOP much like the German Empire couldn't really do shit to change anything)
The General branding of Trumpism as "populism" and as a inherently borg co-opting of proleterian resentment with Capitalism into National Chauvinism is pretty decent fit for how the Nazis called themselves "National Socialists" in more boomer friendly language
Even when you look at the demographics of Maga itself the class democgaphics map pretty well onto that shared by NSDAP (IE petite suburban borg, rural small holders and lumpin reactionaries)
The Biden presidency interestingly I think may also share a fare amount of similarities with the Hunger Chancellery, especially if the dems keep fuckin around trying to uphold "norms" while half the country is kicked out of their homes in the coming months. This will only be exaserbated if Covid lockdowns are reinstituted and dems once again in the persuit of perserving "norms" refuse to blow up the filibuster to keep McConel from blocking relief or just have the right-wing of their party refuse to support the base keynsian hole patching needed to keep capitalism afloat.
The major between the US and Germany of course being the entrenchment of liberal democracy and its legitimacy in america which weimar germany explicitly DID NOT have as well as far less concentrated demographic majority for the given movement to draw from.
This being the case i think an outright democratic victory is unlikely (excluding extreme measures of voter supression, which is by no means impossible)
Far more likely scenario I se is something simlar to the Spanish civil war with of course a noticable absensePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Key indicators that January 6 was an attempted coup d’état

>The history of modern political era coups and coup plots provides a great deal of insight in forming a conclusion that what occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was no mere “riot” or protest “gone wild.” Recent disclosures in federal charging documents of insurrection participants and leaders, as well as the feeble attempt by the Capitol’s three top law enforcement officials—who either resigned or were fired after the mêlée—to blame others for the lack of security all point to a coordinated operation involving the Trump White House, the political leadership of the Pentagon, far right extremist groups, and last, but not least, GOP congressional insiders, including senators and U.S. representatives and their staffs.

>It can also be ascertained what sort of post-constitutional government Donald Trump and his collaborators planned to form after eliminating the legislative branch of the federal government as a threat.

>What is being largely missed by the corporate media is the fact that former and, reportedly, current Trump political adviser Steve Bannon is in league with far-right fascist parties around the world that seek to oust existing democratic governments and replace them with far-right regimes. Bannon’s efforts are being financially supported by Rebekah Mercer, the deep-pocketed billionaire daughter of hedge fund mogul and major alt-right media financier Robert Mercer; exiled Chinese billionaire and would-be fascist warlord of a post-Communist Chinese state, Guo Wengui; and right-wing anti-Pope Francis elements of the fascist Roman Catholic order Opus Dei.

>Trump collaborator, former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, and his brother, the then-deputy chief of staff for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lieutenant General Charles Flynn, are knowledgeable about coups, since they have both interfaced with pro-U.S. military coup leaders in other countries during their respective careers. In fact, the DIA largely supplanted th
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1614669737922.png (1.44 MB, 1280x719, ClipboardImage.png)

You are correct, OP. "Trumpism", defined as Trump's authoritarian personality cult (which is what the GOP has now become), is American Fascism. More specifically, the Republican Party is an incubator for fascist politics and embodies the effort of a faction of the ruling class to develop a fascistic movement. >>82392

This fascistic movement is being cultivated by this ruling class capitalist faction as a battering ram against the mass radicalization of the working class, which poses a potentially existential threat to the ruling capitalist order.

In other words, this ruling class capitalist faction is preparing for what left-wing historian Arno J. Mayer describes as a "preemptive counterrevolution". >>82406

Here's a recent article published 2 hours ago which makes clear that Trump and the Republican Party are doubling down on the "2020 stolen election" lie, which you accurately compared to the "stab in the back" myth of Hitler's NSDAP in interwar Germany, as well as Trump making explicit his vehement opposition to what he called “the onslaught of radicalism and socialism, and, indeed, it all leads to communism,” which he said it was necessary to “fight… once and for all.”

Trump intensifies fascistic agitation at CPAC conference
<The elevation of an increasingly fascistic tendency in American politics is rooted in the reality of capitalism and the homicidal policy of the ruling class in response to the pandemic.


>Nooo not the heckin Americino, wez can't let da home of da free go fascirino!!!!
Am I the only one who thinks that a fasci- no, not fascist, these people aren't fascists, just braindead reactionaries, Trumpist coup would be the second best outcome following a Bernie presidency. It would destroy NATO, it would cripple the US, it would traumatize the sheltered middle class retards, perhaps escalate social conflict enough to bring the imperialist wars home. Am I in a privileged position of not being a burger? Yes, but if you are a burger and are simping for DNC just to keep da fascist Drumpf away, you are a coward who just wants to keep up your shitty status quo.


I think the majority opinion here is that Trump fascism scaremongering is retarded. Trots are doing the DNC's work for free for some reason. And the DSA as well, but that's nothing new.


File: 1614676231167-0.png (4.08 MB, 2047x1003, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614676231168-1.png (4.86 MB, 2048x1152, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614676231168-2.png (6.6 MB, 2048x1536, ClipboardImage.png)

I would advise against this doom and gloom idea that USA is a "wasteland for leftists", as if the defeat of the US working class is both an inevitability and a finality. Far from it.

As the article linked in this post >>101547 explains:
>The effort of a faction of the ruling class [Trump's GOP] to develop a fascistic movement arises not out of strength, but weakness. The financial elite is working to deploy all the forces at its disposal against the working class, using both of its political parties.

>The American ruling class is terrified of the mass radicalization of the working class that is being generated by a year of the pandemic, ongoing economic dislocation and increasing social inequality. The fight against the resurgence of fascism and the turn to authoritarianism and dictatorship requires the transformation of this objective movement into a conscious, organized and revolutionary movement for socialism.

File: 1613962530151.jpg (92.86 KB, 590x787, stalin-424833.jpg)

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How do I indoctrinate my child into communism? My daughter is one year old and soon she's going to be getting her head pumped full of capitalist propaganda by the media and school and her friends and whatnot. I need to counter this but I also don't want my kindergartener to say "daddy loves Stalin and told me the kulaks deserved it" to her teacher
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I missed the get in leninhats pic.


Remember when 8ch got delisted from google for just reposting pucs from Instagram? Lmao


You should not force your beliefs on to people and especially on to children. If you do you will end up with people who are uncritical of anything and just want to be told what to believe so they have some sense of belonging. Call me an idealist, but I would only discuss my beliefs when asked or its relevant to the conversation. By doing this the people who are converted to your beliefs tend to have a way more deeper understanding of the belief.


>You should not force your beliefs on to people and especially on to children.
OK so how do you prevent your children from having capitalist beliefs forced on them?


>OK so how do you prevent your children from having capitalist beliefs forced on them?
Homeschool them and only allow them to associate with communists

File: 1614643649338.png (48.08 KB, 500x514, 4abe60f1e5f525890b4b37ed7c….png)


Sorry prole, but you don't have standing to sue to avoid being killed by climate change!





ok porky, if you make it impossible to sue you to prevent climate change we will simply chop off your head and use your resources to build green socialism

[email protected]

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