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Its a good subject that we rarely talk about. I saw one time a uygha on twitter saying "i gave up on communism because i will die", the other guy he was discussing with was an atheist activist, he replied with "science can make us immortal" and later "you are a coward"
Materialism can be cold water into a coffee cup for many people. For people that grew up in a religious zealot house, or homosexuals or people that generally like to sin, no God is freedom. But what when you are afraid to die? When you are afraid people you love died forever and now you are depressed? Young people think they will never die but when age hit, you feel in despair. I say this because i have an uncle that used to be a communist militant and an avid atheist, he told me he wanted to believe but cant and he feels shitty because of that.
Thats why i think its better to not be too harsh on the materialist. The common people dont need to be a Marx expert, and depressed or nihilist people dont do revolutions
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>Young people think they will never die but when age hit, you feel in despair. I say this because i have an uncle that used to be a communist militant and an avid atheist, he told me he wanted to believe but cant and he feels shitty because of that.

Thats an arrogant assu.ption made by adults. Most young people are alays scared of the future and are desperate to get it right.
This whole assumption of youth as "arrogant idealism" is mainly projection


Also forgot to mention, most peoppe dont really belive in spiritual ideas. They hope in them.


>The whole teleporter/replicator argument falls apart because you could make a copy of yourself, while you the original still exist, and obviously you can't be that other person while you're still yourself at the same time.

Why not? If we're just biologically patterns than why would your copy be any less "you"? I think a big flaw in human thinking is we often have a detached view of the universe and life. As if we're not a natural process of it but some outsider tossed into it.


File: 1718062251885.png (786.33 KB, 1000x667, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why not? If we're just biologically patterns than why would your copy be any less "you"? I think a big flaw in human thinking is we often have a detached view of the universe and life. As if we're not a natural process of it but some outsider tossed into it.
Because you would still be you while your duplicate exists.


File: 1718062844379.jpg (218.01 KB, 1013x1500, primer.jpg)

It wasn't me, it was my digital twin


>idealogue of the Iranian revolution
>tried to synthesize Islam and socialism
>murdered by the SAVAK 1978
so what does leftypol think of this guy?
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These are all esoteric fart sniffers. Just like Tronti, Ellul, or any of the flavour-of-the-month philosophers and esotericists. Political Economy remains the only way of observing the world that does not amount to a revamped version of Astrology. You will be much more informed about the world by reading The Economist and Bloomberg news than by reading these navel gazers.


>private property and markets are material
Kys neolib


>Political Economy remains the only way of observing the world that does not amount to a revamped version of Astrology.
Yes can confirm political economy cured my cancer


>What did Lenin know about Islam?
probably quite a bit as he had to oversee multiple majority-muslim territories within the USSR


Lindsey Graham has to oversee America's foreign relations in the Middle East but I'm not going to get my knowledge about Islam from that unhinged crank

File: 1716453419913-0.jpeg (4.98 KB, 194x259, image.jpeg)

File: 1716453419913-1.jpeg (10.73 KB, 300x168, image.jpeg)

File: 1716453419913-2.png (172.58 KB, 310x465, image.png)

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>Rishi Sunak has taken an astonishing gamble in going for a general election at a time when there is still a little room to delay and the governing party is in such poor shape with public opinion.

>The Guardian’s poll of polls shows Labour 21.7 points ahead of the Conservatives, with 44.7% of the vote to 22.9%. Poll leads of more than 20 points are usually only seen at exceptionally bad moments in the midterm.

>Labour’s poll lead now is a little narrower than it was at the equivalent stage of the contest in 1997. Support for both the main parties is down on 1997, with Reform UK (11.5%) and the Green party (6.5%) picking up. The swing since the December 2019 election is a mammoth 16.8 percentage points; the previous postwar record was the 1997 swing of 10 points.
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Farage-communism… doesnt have the same ring


what if we used the party name? Reform-ism!..
…I'll get back to you.


File: 1718072162231-0.jpg (118.35 KB, 1280x721, GOKSzH2bYAEEQpS.jpg)

File: 1718072162231-1.jpg (190.25 KB, 750x578, invasion10.jpg)

I'll never get over the Workers Party's logo looking like a generic authoritarian faction symbol from a video game.


it's incredible the degree to which this country coasts along like nothing is amiss, enjoying the delusion that if nobody touches anything "growth" will save us.


File: 1717963429948.png (44.85 KB, 615x473, fuckedup.png)


The far-right party has, with a 99% chance, won the elections for the EU.
And they are preparing for the parliamentary election this year.
Furthermore, many experts assume that they will also win the election for the parliament.
What do you think, anon?
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Tell me one. The US isn't fragmented into a dozen of states. And Russia is part of Europe.


Are you implying that the US is bigger than euro states because of lower levels of nationalism?


it's true. you are a liar


Quite interestingly, they were in government with the succdems for three years in the 80s. I don't know if that stint coincided with Falco international success. But aside from that, what's the point of Austria at all?

File: 1714761536038.jpeg (63.27 KB, 634x423, IMG_5706.jpeg)

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You are not converting right wingers.

Just wanted to drop in to tell you that your negative attitude towards liberal progressives but your welcoming attitude towards right wing extremists with the rationale that the latter has more potential to be converted „because they also despise capitalism“ is both dumb and proven to be false.

We‘ve had a fair share of right wing extremists here, mostly because of raids and at other times attention whores starting pointless debates. Rarely do we have successful converts and when we do they still can‘t let go of right wing brainrot, i.e. chauvinistic idpol. And unlike the liberal progressive idpol it‘s actually pro-actively divisive while liberal progressive idpol still seeks to overcome oppression and bring people together this way, albeit based on a misguided liberal understanding of how these oppressions came to be.

The people with the greatest potential to be converted remain liberal progressives for the simple reason that they have a shared sentiment in opposing oppression and establishing an egalitarian society. Meanwhile, right wing extremists are exactly opposed to that. Sharing the notion that something sucks about capitalism has in no way meaningfully moved these people closer to being your allies, which is blatantly obvious through historic precedent; it was right wing extremists who killed communists whenever they could.

Your attempt to try to differentiate yourself from mainstream left wingers to appeal to /pol/acks by saying uyghur is pathetic and very telling. Grow up and develop a realistic grasp of who your actual allies are.
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>It's nonsense but communism is taught as good intentions but cant work. They dont demonize Stalin in the same way as Hitler. Thats why rightoids complain about Stalin not being seen in the same way as Hitler and its some sort of leftie conspiracy
It is in the very least an antifascist conspiracy, but the entire post-45 regime has been denazification, yet the jewell of this philosemitic gesture in israel also sours into the unconscious of the system (also in ukraine) as the very thing they are supposed to fight against - like how neoconservatism was bred out of trotskyism.
But this is why black sun emblems and neo-paganism wont save the white race, because these are the weapons of the american empire (where also the police force in the US is largely based on the codes of "the invisible empire" of the KKK - a racially esoteric cult said to be started by freemason albert pike).
So when you try to use the devil's tricks against the devil, it never works out; it just gets subsumed into the preexisting system of occult power. 4chan itself is just glowies baiting eachother. and you can still be a fed even if you dont work for the FBI
So fascism can exist in quantitative (unrepresented) relation to political-economy (in the military-induatrial complex). Yet this distance between the concrete and abstract in contradiction points to the failure of the sublimity of the system's imperium.
The system is repressed, so to say, but this "conservative" character defines much of capitalist society and is the greatest alienation; as a chasm between relations of the base of production and culture. Death is even censored behind hospital walls for example. Violent movies need to be protected from children and so on.
In ancient athens, young teens would go on military expeditions with masters to learn what life is all about. Today Reality is barred from us (even at the ontological level, with kant's *modern* epistemology). Today we are determinately mediated beings.


>This would be the total reactionary act
Not at all. It would be the culmination of a cycle. Your emotions are clearly leading you astray.
>which guenon defines as "the reign of quantity".
Maybe you protoids shuold stop reading German "materialism" and start reading Marxian materialism.


A cyclical theory of history is reactionary since it submits to the eternal return of the form of the social Idea, like the "hard times make strong men" meme. Thats why the left favours linear notions of "progress" toward continual self-transformation unto the unbroachable ideal of total equality. This follows from hegel's dialectical theory of nature seeking to realise itself, yet only affirming itself in the failure of an ideal (like how man fell from the garden of eden).
There is a circularity in this mode of thought, but hegel also broaches the enlightenment as "histiry turned on its head" where History ends with its self-completion by the ascent of Reason as a captured object of self-reference (as opposed to previous eras of "irrational" social forms, which indeed where repetitions of the same - but this is History proper, where Reason in self-consciousness to Hegel represents the path of universality via posthistorical conditions).
This is obviously transposed by marx into a materialist context. Marx's theory of History repeating itself is always held out by the rupture of contradiction however that constantly moves things forward.
You see, in the right-wing perspective, there is no end of History since History is majorly particularised (as opposed to being entranced into concepts of "world-history"). World-history by this perspective i would gather has largely been seen to be a eurocentric fetish of occidental Reason and "philosophy" (as hegel's "absolute" Idea).
What qualifies "progress" to marx against this sameness is that marx sees that history has an object of its own dissolution, which i rhetorically anounced as the "reactionary" ideal by "retvrning" to the ancient past.
>Maybe you protoids shuold stop reading German "materialism" and start reading Marxian materialism
What am i missing exactly?


where hegel sees irrationality in thought defining history, marx sees irrationality in production defining history (where he even sees the "original sin" of aristotle in not marking the labour invested in commodities as the universal substance which binds them in equivalence, since the relation of the slave made man a commodity also, and thus labour was alienated from its object of self-consciousness in this way). Only with reference to a universal proletariat does labour come into essence and thus find political identification.
Marx is a hegelian afterall, even though he "turns hegel on his head" by his materialist inversion.


The inversion of an ideology is a firm and clear step into a "post-" camp. PMC faggots need to get their Hegelian bureaucratic idealism back in their asses before the proletariat pulls it out with tools.

File: 1717269045422.png (243.68 KB, 980x1149, ClipboardImage.png)


sadly, my parents have been going down a libertarian pipeline recently, something i was not aware of until recently due to not having a lot of contact with them.
the thing is though, that somehow this developed made them have an extremely correct and based analysis of many political issues, with them now having opinions on things like the genocide in gaza, the ukraine conflict, black liberation and anti imperialism in general that are indistinguishable from those exposed by your average communist, even though they still believing that everything bolshevik is the devil incarnate.
i then decided to introduce them to various anti imperialist media that doesn't use explicitly marxist branding (ben norton, btn, etc) and they seem to now be huge fans of those projects.
what the hell is going on there? how the hell did my reactionary parents get radicalized into being opposed to American imperialism while continuing to consume reactionary media?
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File: 1717284529139.png (3.6 MB, 2560x1964, FcDXcKlX0AAeGtj.png)

I was reading some of Orwell's writings (I know….) during WWII and people seemed just about as schizo back then as they do now. Once Britain and the USSR formed an alliance, he described the British working class as becoming much more pro-Russian, but somehow didn't connect that to communist ideology or to the Communist Party, which didn't really benefit that much. The party gained some new recruits but it didn't translate to political influence. The party also started shilling hard for Churchill which led to some interesting posters. Orwell distrusted communists greatly but he thought this was the right move for them though. (One of his letters at the time said he was cheering for Stalin, which he admitted was a strange thing for him to say.)

He didn't think German propaganda was effective but they'd run targeted psyops to different audiences. There was Nazi radio propaganda aimed at the right, and different broadcasts aimed at the left, like calling Germany "socialist" and fighting the British plutocrats, and that Britain needed a revolution (so go sabotage arms production!) which was necessary… to save the Soviet Union… but even if the USSR lost to Germany… which it probably will (!!!) … then at least there will be socialism in Britain!!!! There were some British pacifists who basically became pro-Hitler, or like saying, Hitler wouldn't be so bad (or who's to say he's any worse?). Then the leftists who actually took up a "revolutionary defeatist" position were the anarchists. Can you imagine?

Then there were the Catholics, the bulk of them very poor Irish laborers not suffiicently under the thumb of their priests to be pro-fascist, but the Catholic intelligentsia were basically pro-fascist (but mainly put the emphasis on being anti-Russian) and paralleled Petain. Some of the anti-Bolshevik stuff being put out by Catholic papers was so venemous it disgusted Orwell. He said it was old-fashioned stuff about Bolshevik atrocities and nationalizing women. There ended up being a split between the Catholics on this later.

There were also some leftover Blackshirts who were in a crouch, but they'd adopt positions like, trading bases with America for destroyers is bad, we should stay out of any alliances, Britain can stand alone… with the basic idea being to forge some kind of separatePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Libertarian Stalinism is turned out real after all. Oppose elitist Fabianism, and the imperialist trick of welfarist, social democratic ideologies that traps the people. Oppose war, militarism, and racism.


It makes sense to me, a full analysis of all the problems of capitalism is difficult, but an instinctual revulsion to the inhuman cruelty of Empire is a normal reaction that you have to actively suppress.


I think parents just generally care about the material conditions their children are subjected to, and when the state of things is very clearly not good and getting worse, they're more willing to question if things ought to change or not.
My parents have both always been libertarian voters but in the last couple years have started talking about 'late stage capitalism' and stuff lol


Its natural for petit porkies to be liberal or "libertarian" in amerispeak. They have the luxury of caring about too much taxes or freedumbs as they dont to worry about material needs.

File: 1716814301158-0.png (392.15 KB, 540x549, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716814301158-1.png (966.89 KB, 655x851, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716814301158-2.png (5.91 MB, 1931x2541, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716814301158-3.png (810.79 KB, 1000x965, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716814301158-4.mp4 (4.05 MB, 960x360, ukraine2025.mp4)

 No.1867900[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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Prick was a British officer so of course his instinct is to order men to charge at the machine guns and then canonise them as lions once the inevitable happens. Literally anything he says or genuinely thinks about war naturally precludes his own participation.



The Suez canal is not even important. Right?


File: 1718038577588.png (1.67 MB, 1552x2131, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1712576341172-0.png (351.55 KB, 650x450, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712576341172-1.png (1.4 MB, 2373x1088, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.1816541[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I think reading up about these guys should be mandatory because they are a perfect illustration of what not to do. They were without a doubt perhaps the most incompetent and embarrassing armed group that has ever existed. Everyone, White Working class union members, Black Panthers and feminists all made fun of them and thought they were embarrassing retards
All their members hailed from very privileged backgrounds and were university students, Not surprisingly, when they were apprehended, only a handful faced any consequences or retribution from the government. Their grand "revolution" against the United States turned out to be a decade-long spree of meaningless bombings and vandalism. Law enforcement dubbed them the "toilet bombers" due to their penchant for targeting government building bathrooms. The pinnacle of their incompetence was when they accidentally blew up one of their own safe houses. Some of their members managed to evade capture for years(cause no one was actually looking for them), only to be astounded by the lenient punishment they received upon surrendering. cause law enforcement simply didn't deem them worth prosecuting. the majority of them are still alive and continue to enjoy their wealth to this day and are college professors and social activists.
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don't be mad they had chicks in the group and got laid.


I guess the native americans just didn't believe in freedom hard enough then.


>accomplish nothing
>invite more government reaction and public support for antiterrorist surveillance measures
>get arrested and spend 90% of your time trying to rescue former members of your militant group
fuck the haters maaaan


Rightoid dog whistle, stopped reading


File: 1718032341025.png (613.5 KB, 899x813, ClipboardImage.png)

Reminds me how modern activists are projecting Palestinians as their ideals

File: 1615724007551-0.png (656.83 KB, 652x488, bio.png)

File: 1615724007551-1.png (628.86 KB, 800x596, 2.png)

File: 1615724007551-2.png (158.44 KB, 841x616, nordlands.png)

 No.211966[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread for all things Nordic. Recommended languages: Finnish, Scandinavian and English.
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>– Jag har aldrig haft ens en betalningsanmärkning, säger han. Nu får jag brev från kronofogden för att jag inte kunde sköta ekonomin när jag var häktad.
hur är det med svensk rätsäkerhet egentligen? Kan man slå sönder nåns privatliv genom att häkta dem så här i andra länder med?


Hur rösta EU val pls


Nämner följande för säkerhets skull: man behöver ingen "riktig" valsedel för att rösta på ett givet parti, man skriver bara SKP med tydliga bokstäver på en blank valsedel. Lycka till kamrat!


What's The Current Job Market For Pornstar Kayleigh Wanless Professionals Like?
Pornstar kayleigh


Meh. Minulle kelpaa tämä kolmen vassari-MEP:in minijytky.
Ja koska Li lähtee, Yrttis palaa isoon saliin :D

File: 1717871688870.png (52.6 KB, 620x618, ClipboardImage.png)



Take the "Political Compass of the Revolution" test and find out who you would have been a hundred years ago - an anarchist, cadet, Bolshevik, right Socialist Revolutionary or Black Hundred
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I would be Kautsky of course, we must critically support the triplice multipolaristas against the anglo imperialists


not once in your copypasta did you prove that I was lying. It is interesting that you characterize me as "lying" right out of the gates and you aren't even remotely charitable enough to be open to the idea that I am simply mistaken about events over 100 years ago. But I am not mistaken. You are mistaken. In fact, you repeated exactly the historical events I recounted (along with the entire context of February to October 1917 leading up to them), but simply quoted Lenin's post hoc justification for Bolshevik actions.

Here is where your post literally agrees with mine:

<Third, the “Left” Communists have a great deal to say in praise of us Bolsheviks. One sometimes feels like telling them to praise us less and to try to get a better knowledge of the Bolsheviks’ tactics. We took part in the elections to the Constituent Assembly, the Russian bourgeois parliament in September–November 1917. Were our tactics correct or not? If not, then this should be clearly stated and proved, for it is necessary in evolving the correct tactics for international communism. If they were correct, then certain conclusions must be drawn. Of course, there can be no question of placing conditions in Russia on a par with conditions in Western Europe. But as regards the particular question of the meaning of the concept that “parliamentarianism has become politically obsolete”, due account should be taken of our experience, for unless concrete experience is taken into account such concepts very easily turn into empty phrases. In September–November 1917, did we, the Russian Bolsheviks, not have more right than any Western Communists to consider that parliamentarianism was politically obsolete in Russia? Of course we did, for the point is not whether bourgeois parliaments have existed for a long time or a short time, but how far the masses of the working people are prepared (ideologically, politically and practically) to accept the Soviet system and to dissolve the bourgeois-democratic parliament (or allow it to be dissolved). It is an absolutely incontestable and fully established historical fact that, in September–November 1917, the urban working class and the soldiers and peasants of Russia were, because of a number of special conditions, exceptionally well prepared to accept the Soviet system and to disband the most democratic of bourgeois parliaments. Nevertheless, the Bolsheviks did
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



The Bolshevik party only participated in the elections as a protest to condemn and crush all institutions of the bourgeois state and put an end to the superstitions of the capitalist state in the consciousness of the masses. You confuse Marx's texts against the state as if it were a desire for petty-bourgeois decentralization instead of crushing the bourgeois state to install the proletarian state. Marx and Engels already realized that the bourgeoisie was already conservative and becoming more and more conservative as time went by, which is why they didn't even go through the liberal revolutions completely in fear of the workers, therefore the ones who should carry out these revolutions would be the proletarian class and not remain passive, supporting the bourgeoisie in the corner.

You don't notice the difference between the reformism of the Mensheviks and the revolutionary position that the Bolsheviks had from the beginning. Everything was intended to build the forces for the proletarian class to take power and lose its electoral prejudices of superstition of the state that Marx fought.

Lenin had already published the text State and Revolution in September 1917, many social democrats accused Lenin of having a semi-anarchist theory that was neither anarchist abstentionism nor the reformism that Marx fought that came to dominate the social democrats with the conciliation of classes in a neutral state without a classist character.

You should read State and Revolution here: https://www.marxists.org/ebooks/lenin/state-and-revolution.pdf

Now let's see what Marx and Engels said about how to participate in these elections, but not recognize the current order:

<Complete abstention from political action is impossible. The abstentionist press participates in politics every day. It is only a question of how one does it, and of what politics one engages in. For the rest, to us abstention is impossible. The working-class party functions as a political party in most countries by now, and it is not for us to ruin it by preaching abstention. Living experience, the political oppression of the existing governments compels the workers to occupy themselves with politics whether they lik
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


i got left SRs a few years ago
makes sense ig
not the biggest fan of the bolsheviks, but not an anarchist either
youre a fucking psycho if you unintentionally get the black hundreds btw

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