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This isn't an insult. Legitimately there is visa free entry into various countries that are considered socialist/communist (ill provide links to search) that allow westerners to enter without visa or with easy to acquire visa

Why do you continue to remain in countries that are hyper capitalist and completely divided from your ideological ideas. Even expressing largely that you see no reason in these western countries you live will ever come close to socialism

If you are very poor and completely incapable to do so financially that makes total sense social mobility is very hard when in tough spot financially but if not why have you not left?

Many famous socialist and communist in history and recent years have done just this migrating to a country that fits their ideology


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File: 1656950633085.png (416.99 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)

>Take the cybersecurity pill and you get to script in glorious python
I did anon, i spent my teenage years obsessively hacking with the proto-hacktivists, HTS and such, jumped on the Anonymous/Lulzsec stuff and moved away when comrades started getting v&. I still do a little as a hobbyist but I do not have any formal education (not even highschool) and have no idea how to get work in the field, despite the fact that the field is ful of retards (i seen a 'security specialist' who was employed on twitter who didnt even know how to bypass sig based AV LMAO) so i think i know a lot more in some ways than these people, although i do have huge gaps in my knowledge due to being self taught… I'd also be interesting in doing sysadmin stuff, just maintaning nix servers and whatnot.
Any tips to get in to these fields? inb4 certs because i cannot afford them rn.
>implying i have a job
>implying i didn't spend my whole time on the dole and with CC monies owning whitehat job hackers for the lulz and for a better vision of the internet.
kek, kys.


Relevant today


Study business administration, health administration, public administration, urban planning, etc. and read marx at the same time. It’s amazing how so much of it connects together


Scientific socialism you dweeb


File: 1656998395490.png (545.28 KB, 809x703, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656859134895.jpg (139.38 KB, 878x663, 1917_9_s878x663.jpg)


Seeing CIA-orchestrated Color Revolutions in every protest that breaks out in the Global South is just as paranoid and pathological as the US seeing a so-called “Russian trace” in every one that breaks out in the West.

(This is written by a pro china and pro Russia writer who writes for china, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia state media not a western NGO shill, look up his work Andrew korykbo)

President Putin cautioned his strategic forecasters last week against wishful thinking in their assessments, which is also relevant to the Alt-Media Community (AMC) as the author explained in his piece about that part of his speech. The AMC’s speculation about Color Revolutions is a perfect example where his advice can be applied, particularly the claim that the latest unrest in Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan on Friday was allegedly a manifestation of the CIA’s weaponization of protests for political ends. The author challenged that populist assessment in his analysis about that incident, but there’s more to say about the subject in general than what was shared in that article.

Seeing CIA-orchestrated Color Revolutions in every protest that breaks out in the Global South is just as paranoid and pathological as the US seeing a so-called “Russian trace” in every one that breaks out in the West. That’s not to say that the CIA isn’t behind some of them or that it can’t shape their dynamics in the direction of its strategic interests, but just that there are many times where such demonstrations are mostly organic and provoked by so-called “trigger events” connected to certain decisions made by the state. In the Uzbek case, this is the report that one of the draft constitutional amendments will remove that autonomous region’s largely superficial right to secede through a referendum.

For the most part, there’s nothing wrong with overestimating an opponent’s capabilities, especially unconventional ones related to orchestrating Color Revolutions. This establishes the scenario’s parameters and enables decisionmakers to understand the socio-political process that might be unfolding. It also ensures that the state has a strategy for dealing with events if they evolve in that direction, both in terms of correcting perceptions about them as well as physically responding to what’s taking place. Moreover, this can also place the incident in a larger strategic context, particularly the New Cold War between the US-led West’s Golden Billion and the BRICS-lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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See these two. Vijay Pradhad promoted the hybrid wars book about regime change by the author of article this post is about

Andrew korykbo


Sensible people can probably agree that just because the CIA engages in regime change via colour revolutions, it can't be immediately assumed that every protest in an insufficiently pro-US country is a glow OP. It would be like immediately assuming that Al Qaeda is behind any and all explosions in the Middle East. Suspicion is of course warranted, but typically there are a few indicators which point to something being a colour revolution, e.g. if the Western press immediately starts giving the protesters positive coverage, Western states harshly denounce the government, strong involvement by Western backed NGOs, etc.





Could be

File: 1652224351827.png (20.39 KB, 596x405, ClipboardImage.png)

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Anarchy General, you know the drill


/ourgirl/ of the thread is PhinFisher, also known as Subcowmandante Marcos. Why is she so based, anons? Why can't we all be close to as based?
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This poster >>1025893 summarised it better than I ever could. It's usually just incredibly online fuckwits on twitter who call themselves a particular tendency because it speaks to them personally and they treat it like a cult/ clique.

You mean like they did with Burkina Faso, Grenadia, Persian Socialist Soviet Republic, and the Gurian republic?


Well Wilde was an individualist. Not sure what you were expecting.
Also, read Dorian Grey, the poems, try to catch the plays of the eras best posing sodomite.


Just went back and read that interview for fun, what a shitshow
> That letter grossly misrepresented my position on Marxism as being a "necessary ideology." That's archaic, to say the least. I regard Marxism as the most sinister and the most subtle form of totalitarianism


File: 1655931394660.png (85.31 KB, 817x397, ClipboardImage.png)

Dimitris Koufontinas writes publicly in solidarity
I also join my voice and my solidarity with the hunger striker Giannis Michailidis. For his fight, with the last means at his disposal, for his freedom.
<Dimitris Koufontinas (unrepentant former member of Revolutionary Orgnaisation 17 November) - 19June

Kaisariani, Greece: Responsibility claim for the arson of luxury vehicles

>We take responsibility for the arson of 8 luxury vehicles in the area of Kaisariani in the morning of 18/6.

We make it clear to all those responsible for the torture of our comrade that for every day that passes and his health deteriorates , we will make sure with all our efforts to disrupt the normal functioning of the metropolis. In the person of Giannis, the judicial mafia is taking revenge for consistency and commitment to the anarchist struggle, trying to terrorize each and every person who dares to fight.

We call on every comrade, every grouping and individuality to organize their own attacks with simple means and imagination. To multiply the dynamic actions and to stand as a barrier to the plans to eliminate the striker.
John’s struggle for his liberation is a struggle of all of us.


>solidarity shadows - 20June

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1656997230102.jpg (139.25 KB, 1180x612, media_FWkKVxaXkAIcFZY.jpg)


This decade, perhaps this entire century, has been a process of global capitalism’s collapse back into imperialist competition over the entire world, which will further degenerate into barbarism towards a collapse of human society as we know it
So far under the rule of capital:
>Energy infrastructure is starting to fall apart
>Global trade coming undone
>Just-in-time production now revealed as suicidal madness
>Agriculture starting to collapse leading to the worst food crisis in history
>Ecosystems…need I say it?
>Pretty much all people poisoned by chemical pollution and plastics
>Countries in GS already starting to collapse
>Imperialist states all prepare for vicious internal authoritarian measures
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I predict a very divided humanity at the start of the 22nd century. Like in language, economic systems and even technology level. I bet CO2 ppm will reach 1000 before the industrial collapse caused by agricultural collapse.


File: 1656981467333.png (76.73 KB, 185x273, ClipboardImage.png)

remember that throughout history while one part of the world collapses the other part of the world rises in times of crisis


File: 1656981565689.png (8.48 MB, 2419x3226, ClipboardImage.png)

>They're laughing at you and so are we.

great, now snek boi is gonna walk away thinking pic related


>posts a country more reliant on foreign capital than any other
lmao even


it's true they hold a lot of foreign debt but they arent exactly reliant on it

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Welp edition
Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
The mod team asks you to please limit all covid discourse outside the mainstream media (vaccine skepticism, mask non-compliance, etc..) to this thread
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I wonder why the actual team itself didn't say that covid was a us bioweapon…


Should I be concerned this is increasing exponentially


About half the intensity of the Influenza virus mutations.



Boomer producer.


>boomer remover
not bad
>boomer producer
very very bad not good


Like no one trusts them, their own workers complain endlessly about shit pay and crunch because no one wants to work for them meaning the workers there always have to many assignment
The only people that get paid in that sector of public service are paid for by private institutions and they still manage to piss off their clients consistently
Civil forfeiture at this point is over glorified theft where randos keep getting their money stolen under some made up belief that barely excuses their actions
Couple that with their horrendous grading system that keeps them from getting fired by management based on how many crimes they “prevent” or stop means people keep getting pulled over for jackshit nothing causing constant road rage and police having to risk getting shot for something stupid than getting shot for what tax payers expect them to get shot at for what they pay for like shooting thugs


I see where you're coming from, but the primary problem with security of all kinds (including intelligence agencies and police) is that you don't see what you prevent.

It's reminiscent of scurvy on sailing vessels. For hundreds of years, ships had to assume a 50% death rate of all sailors aboard from scurvy. In the 1700s it was discovered that citrus was the cure for scurvy, and thus the Royal Navy started buying limes en masse from their colonies in the West Indies. Deaths from scurvy plummeted, and all was good. After a few decades of this, many officers had grown up in a world that had never known significant levels of scurvy on board and didn't know how vital having citrus was. Thus, the Royal Navy's expeditions into the Arctic went without limes to save money and cargo space, and everyone got scurvy and died.

You are the generation that grew up without scurvy. Police are not perfect by any means, but you can't just get rid of them without having massive negative side effects.


Lel half of whote people drive around with thin blue line stickers the other half secretly support the police. Lol no. Also cops are paid very well. Best job you can get without a degree.


>Police are not perfect by any means, but you can't just get rid of them without having massive negative side effects.
Only for the current established capitalist system they defend. By defending the system, the current state of things is perpetuated, and so all of the problems that come with that. Any negative side effects are momentary, as the state is quickly overcome and replaced, and new means of enforcement are implemented.


>paid well
Ngga are you paying attention after the first time they got completely disbanded and got allowed to come back less police officers stayed over complaints that a negative feedback loop was occurring that went like this
<police fuckup
<people complain about them and start cutting funding
<police leave for other jobs due to dogshit hours and terrible pay and PR
<new and poorly trained recruits get staffed
And start again


That's lovely anon. Please let me know when socialism is established in some country so we can get rid of police with no side effects.

File: 1656134936446.png (842.93 KB, 700x493, tiresome.png)

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Sooo, wheres the threads on roe v wade?
Where do you think the us will go from here?
Will this lead to other rulings being overturned like
Loving v virgina and maybe perhaps the Brown v Board of education?

Lets discuss todays ruling
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Yeah, the PSL has been doing a lot of shit for reproductive rights AFAIk. At least it focuses on them


I hope the worthless sack of stupid shit you call your existence meet a violent end before you ruin some poor girl life (or more realistically annoy the fuck out of anyone who interacts with your sorry ass)

>I will not answer an entire essay right now.

<can't be bothered to read the most famous argument in favor of abortion, so good that it is recognized as one of the only philosophical argument that can reliably change established opinions of the reader, and on a very sensitive topic
I don't care about your retarded answer, but you should have read it moron


>You're not exactly wrong on some of these points but you're the biggest retard on this board if you think poor people just have savings and need to step outside your bobo bubble.
Dude, you need to step outside your bubble. I have family which is poor to extremely poor, and while poor people don't have much in savings, they still generally have some because there is always something they are trying to save up for to improve the lives of themselves or their children in some small way. In the decision though between a one time $500 purchase, or something which comes with it costs that are far more then that, many are willing to scrounge up what they can and pay for it.


>thanks to obamacare it arrived in america too.
Which still doesn't it's available to everyone, because you still require multiple lengthy and location dependent steps to apply for and acquire them, which not every person has the capacity or means for. You also have cases in which the people involved are under the age in which they would aquire their own insurance and have parents which are not entirely ok with them aquiring it, and so try to get by with what means they have. And these things are also not perfect, you still have a small chance of becoming pregnant.
>true. thats why you keep the baby and then give it to the orphanage.
Why would we do that? It's a terrible policy to allow for the unneeded increase of orphaned children which the state must care for.
>no need to kill a human being.
We do not define this in any respect like you do.
>the state should help the mother with the unwanted pregnancy.
Why? That would make sense if it was wanted, but makes no sense it isn't.
>no, killing a life "because i dont deem it worthy of life" is no option.
We don't define it as life, and it absolutely is an option, even more so because it allows for the state to provide oversight that ensures a safe procedure as opposed to an unsafe one done by some back ally doctor.
You shouldn't be here.
>i was astounished when i started using google. im going to tell you the most obscene thing my history professor told us: americans freed aushwitz and let the russians reach berlin. i remember i had to corrent my english teacher because she was always saying the p in "psychologist" for an entire year. my german teacher used to correct differently one single exercise even if it was correct. yes, school is way shittier than google
In no respect is the internet better then actually being provided a proper education. You having shitty teachers doesn't suddenly make Google your substitute for going to school, this is burger levels of retardation.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>of course. i was giving a proof that cannot be categorized as "anecdotal" or even sexist
You got your information from a TV show, it's practically anecdotal.

File: 1652725772266-0.png (307.01 KB, 220x726, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652725772266-1.png (60.48 KB, 602x427, ClipboardImage.png)

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other then nazbol what are some more weird idiosyncratic ideological mixes, I was just learning about Canaanism, a fringe radical ideology during the mandate of Palestine
It branched off from Zionism and wanted to RETVRN to a pre-Jewish era for Hebrews, where the native arabs and returning hebrews would embrace their shared canaanites Levantine semitic heritage, a lot of the ideas would later be copied by the SSNP, In the last Israeli elections, the new Cannanite movement, got 622 votes

so what are some similar schizophrenic political ideologies in other nations and throughout history, bonus points if its a non-European nation cause they get even weirder and funnier
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>The theme of this article is the ideological and political transformation of The Carlist Traditional Community Comunión Tradicionalista in Spain of the late 50s and early 60s of the 20th century, executed by Prince Carlos Hugo de Borbón Parma and his associates. Until then the carlist movement was an utra-reactionist and ultra-catholic movement aiming at restoring the traditional monarchy, based on ideology of unity of nations creed, legitimism and respect to provincial diversity and privileges fueros, within one common Spanish homeland. As a result of the reformists' activities carlism transformed into the movement of totally opposite ideas. It transformed into the democratic Carlist Party Partido Carlista and became ultra-leftist, laic and socialist movement demanding the abolition of capitalism by the proletarian revolution. The former traditional motto lema of carlism: "God – Homeland – Old Laws – King" Dios – Patria – Fueros – Rey was replaced with "self-determination – confederation– socialist self-government" autodeterminación – confederación – socialismo autogestionario. The scale and the character of this transformation should be described as the revolution cutting itself off the former rules. The article investigates the reasons for and conditions of this revolution searched for in the facts, ideas and tendencies.
fucking wild


its written by Jacek Bartyzel, THE arch-reactionary in Poland, fully unironic monarchist, mourning the death of the Traditional monarchy, posting about indo-european solar traditions, quoting Evola and posting photos of himself raising a toast to the "brave soldiers" of SS Charlemagne trying to stop the barbarous bolsheviks at Berlin


gotta admit that this article was really good though, he's actually a very intelligent man, just very, very spooked, worst kind of an enemy for us, communists




File: 1656961565529.png (351.91 KB, 1181x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

related to this, an argument could be made that the nationalists during the Spanish civil war were the most ideologically diverse faction in history, you had , reactionary decentralizing carlist monarchists, traditionall muslims, corporatist centralizing alfonsist monarchists, fascist falangists, national syndicalist jonsists, authoritarian national conservatives, political Catholics, fascists, nazis, anti-freemasons, anti-communists, anti-liberals

File: 1608525017125.png (628.42 KB, 980x670, tankos meme-2.png)

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Második felvonás!
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Elvtársak… mi nem vagyunk többek hunKKKáriai gyarmatosítóknál… Ez a cikk most annyira összetörte a lelkem hogy ezentúl NATO-párti liberális leszek aki büszkén harcol az orosz-magyar-kínai imperializmus ellen…


File: 1656753841622.png (228.42 KB, 895x340, ClipboardImage.png)

>>The most "left" a Hungarian generally is is a NazBol
picrel and plz kys
Pedig igaz (kép kapcsolódik)

A fickónak pont annyival volt több esze és tartása az átlag libsinél hogy kimaradjon az összefogásból mint politikus, de ez még nem teszi őt a baloldal hősévé


Bizonyíték arra, hogy Thürmer nazbol?

>inb4 nincs

faszomat szopd le


>Ez a cikk most annyira összetörte a lelkem hogy ezentúl NATO-párti liberális leszek aki büszkén harcol az orosz-magyar-kínai imperializmus ellen…
nagyonsok hasonló kéjsziz
many such cases


File: 1656856164348.jpg (114.11 KB, 877x1024, 1656670152463.jpg)

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Seed oils are literally hitler and just as bad as asbestos or tobacco, because tobacco wasn't put in literally all baby formula or in most processed food. You consume it without awareness.
There is even evidence seed oils are worse than heavy drinking when it comes to health consequences. 50% of people over the age of 80 have some form of dementia. Seed oils are linked to increase your risk of developing alzheimer. We are literally setting zoomers up to be fucked for life. We're looking at a potential dementia epidemic in 40 to 50 years.

Here's a quick rundown on how seed oils become present in literally everything you eat without you knowing it:

>US cotton industry grows in the 19th century

>at this point cotton seeds are waste and basically worthless
>Europe experiences many oil and fat shortages because of napoleonic wars
>William Fee invents a huller that allows separating the cottonseed hulls from the seed meat, allowing to make proper oil
>this oil is used to replace whale oil and lard which are becoming more and more expensive for lamps
>mills start developing to recycle these waste seeds and profit from them
>petroleum industry develops and oil lamps go extinct
>increasingly expensive lard/olive oil gets spiked illegally with cottonseed oils (this is still a thing today btw, olive oil is often spiked with s*ybean oil)
>armour&co, a meatpacking company, realizes this when they realize they've been buying more "lard" than could be produced by the hog population
>legislation passes but shit still gets spiked
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>100% of the population on a normal diet has constipation


from the vid, citing a research paper, my man:


don't care, you are gulag material, tbh

reeeeetaaaaaaaaard buuuurgeeeeeeer readiiiiiiing compreheeeeeeeeeension


Mods, please move this to /siberia/


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