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File: 1699637198387.png (1.25 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)


now that things have cool downed and a weather baloon isn't being used as a prextext to start ww3, what does everyone think about aliens?

the logo for the new alien agency in the us gov is pretty cool:

vita nostra est quod cogitationes nostra facere est -> our life is what our thoughts make it to be
universum mutatio est -> the universe is change

what do you think is going in with the 1st one, are aliens the same as sleep demons (not real), is this them winking that they're really doing psy warfare
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I'll believe in aliens when they actually abduct me and do the probe


Thats impossible to say, we don't actually know what are the conditions necessary for the creation of life on earth, let alone intelligent life, Earth might be the only planet in the whole universe where life is possible
every planet we know off lacks life (admitetly thats a very small amount for the universe), and in the entire history of our planet, there has been, as far as we know, only one inteligent species. Maybe there just is one planet suitable for intelligent life and it's earth. It's definitly not inevitable that life exists on other planets


>in the entire history of our planet, there has been, as far as we know, only one inteligent species.

i agree with you overall that we shouldnt extrapolate the existence of aliens without real evidence, but there are plenty of intelligent animals that meet criteria for consciousness. the fact that both mammals and birds on such different evolutionary paths independently evolved seperate intelligent branches (corvids and parrots for birds, elephants, apes, and cetaceans for mammals) indicates that developing intelligence and robust social life is not uncommon. the real variable seems to be whatever allowed hominins to apply intelligence to language and complex tool use, which seem to be the reason why humans are able to so exponentially develop and inherit material and social culture. its possible that whatever biological mechanism that allows for this is so vanishingly unlikely that the chances of it occurring again are closw to zero


you uyghas keep saying "consciousness" when you mean something completely different


Based Analysis Comrade, ✊😜! If their is any “Alien” life on any other planet, it is most likely nothing more then some exotic Bacteria, as the whole “little green men”, “flying saucers”, shit is so blatantly a combination of Hollywood Bullshit and MIC Glowie psyops to cover up Classified DARPA projects to anyone with a room temperature I.Q., 😂🤣✊😜!


Yemen’s Houthi rebels seize cargo ship in Red Sea and call Israeli vessels ‘legitimate targets’
Yemen’s Houthi rebels said they have seized what they called an Israeli cargo ship in the Red Sea, and warned that all vessels linked to Israel “will become a legitimate target for armed forces”. Houthi forces would “continue to carry out military operations against the Israeli enemy until the aggression against Gaza stops and the ugly crimes … against our Palestinian brothers in Gaza and the West Bank stop”, said a spokesperson for the group, Yahya Saree, in a statement on X.

Israel-Palestine war: Indonesian Hospital in Gaza besieged as reports of ceasefire denied
Israeli forces besieged the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza's Beit Lahia on Monday, as reports of an imminent ceasefire were vehemently denied by Israel. With the death toll since 7 October standing at more than 13,000 in Gaza - including at least 5,500 children - Israel has continued its assault on Palestinian health facilities across the besieged enclave. At least 12 people, including patients, have been killed in Israeli attacks on the Indonesian Hospital, which is still surrounded by Israeli tanks. Around 700 people are trapped inside, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

Israeli raids kill two Palestinians in West Bank: Red Crescent
According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, a 45-year-old man was killed in Jenin, a stronghold of armed groups in the northern West Bank, and another person was killed in Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem further south. Contacted by AFP, the Israeli army did not immediately comment.
https://www.al-monitor.com/originals/2023/11/israeli-raids-kill-two-palestinians-wePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Carbon emissions of richest 1% equal to those of poorest 66%, Oxfam report finds
The world’s richest 1% of people are responsible for around the same percentage of global carbon emissions as the 5 billion people who represent the 66% poorest, according to a report published Monday by Oxfam. The charity’s analysis, conducted with the Stockholm Environment Institute, found both groups contributed to 16% of emissions in 2019. The wealthiest 10% were responsible for 50% of global emissions, it found, while the bottom 50% were responsible for just 8%.

Appeals court says private citizens, civil rights groups can’t sue under Voting Rights Act
A federal appeals court issued a ruling Monday declaring that only the U.S. government, not private citizens and civil rights groups, can sue under the Voting Rights Act, a decision that would deal a major blow to the anti-discriminatory protections included in the landmark law. The ruling, issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit, said only the U.S. attorney general has the power to introduce legal challenges under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits voting practices or procedures that discriminate on the basis of race, color or language of minority groups.

Libraries, summer school, police and composting face cuts amid NYC budget crisis
Libraries announced that they would soon be forced to end Sunday services at every branch except one. Beginning in 2024, only the Kew Gardens library in Queens will have Sunday hours. In a move that could affect the mayor’s priority on public safety, the NYPD is set to freeze hiring and suspend the next five police academy classes, according to budget officials. TPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Defeatism and antimilitarism
We present here our translation of the text “Defeatism and antimilitarism: Only possible class response to the war in Ukraine” written by “Centro di documentazione contro la guerra” originally published in June 2023 in Italian on their website. We consider this text to be one of the clearest expressions of the revolutionary defeatism in the current anti-war movement. We would like to especially underline several very strong points, that the comrades are developing in this text: The insistence on the necessity to organize practical actions on the “home front” of “our own” camp, like blocking the deliveries of the military material to the front. The insistence on an uncompromising stance opposing both sides of the inter-imperialist war in Ukraine and defending the third camp of revolutionary defeatism even against the pacifist calls of the social-democratic forces. The insistence on the fact that “War in Ukraine” is not just one of many wars, but has a central place in the forming global military confrontation between two opposing blocks. The recently unfolding war in the Middle East, centered on the relentless slaughter of the proletarians in “Gaza” seems to becoming the second such a place.

The “Human Shields” Defense of Bombing Gaza’s Civilians Is Morally Bankrupt
Progressive commentator Ana Kasparian recently appeared on the popular right-wing podcast PBD. The interview ranged over several subjects, but her most intense debate with the two hosts was about Israel’s assault on Gaza. Kasparian expressed horror at the civilian death toll, which she compared to historical atrocities like the Armenian genocide during and after World War I. In response, one of the hosts accused her of falling for a liberal “media narrative.” The Israeli military didn’t want to kill civilians, he told her. The problem is that Hamas uses civilians as “human shields.” In response, Kasparian asked him if he had any kids. When he said no, she switched examples: "OK, your mother. You talked about your mother. If an armed gunman grabbed your mother [and] had a gun to her head . . . and he is confronted by the authorities . . . they just decide, you know what? We’re not going to negotiate. We’re not going to do anything. We’rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1700529383635.png (361.85 KB, 631x720, 1700526088735671.png)

Thanks News Anon

File: 1700367130800.jpg (5.6 MB, 6897x3841, Quarto_Stato.jpg)


Does this painting have esoteric powers? I'm literally tearing up just looking at it.
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File: 1700417984103.jpg (152.44 KB, 1024x595, 1687018124565.jpg)

Same energy


Completely different, but proletarian, energy.


What is the name of this one?


This is an extremely historical painting.


Noble People of the Land of the Soviets

File: 1700374702938.jpeg (173.43 KB, 828x677, IMG_0582.jpeg)


I’ve been looking at population stats, specifically urbanization rates and compared them to countries in sub Saharan africa and noticed a weird trend. There’s a gap in urbanization rates between the two regions, one I don’t understand because even the poorest countries I could find in somalia and Mali had urbanization rates of 40-46 while some countries in SEA were averaging 35-28, the only country I could find that was less urbanized than ever country in SEA was Burundi. Why aren’t south East Asians and south asians moving to cities at the same rate as what was seen in SSA and east Asia? Is it a cultural preference, socialism to capitalist transitions disrupting ordinary migration all patterns? What’s going on over there, doesn’t China sponser infrastructural development in SEA?
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Lol I was reading some ancient Roman raciology and they thought heat makes you smart and cold makes you dumb. So the northerners were strong and dumb giants and the Africans were smart but weak and they, the meds, eere in the golldilocks zone.


Anon can you even read graphs? Can you not see that there are so many outliers (low brain volume high iq, high brain volume low iq, etc.) that the only fact you can conclude from this data is that the majority of people have average intelligence and average brain size? This image doesn't say anything no matter how much fake ass linear progression its author is trying to perform.


Dude, read the Communist Manifesto, it says we should spread the population out over the countryside. They're secret commies.


Funny how the authors of race science always make it so their race is the superior one.



It is not that bad compared to Africa. We are less urbanized than LATAM for sure though.

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A general thread for all China related discussion.

Original threads:
leftypol.org archives:
bunekrchan.xyz archives:

Non-cucked map edition

I assume bump limit is 500, no idea what it actually is
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>I'll use a bomb to blow up all you bastards, not one can escape, blow up all of your Communist Party and have a new China


This is incredibly obviously fake lol.


I'd say so. People come out with old racist tropes and decades old urban legends about Chinese and China and then use them to build a "left critique."


>The CCP “was always going to decouple.. were always meant to be temporary
No they werent, this is just more Liberal Anti-China cope.

File: 1688495719938.png (111.59 KB, 1200x800, Gadsden_flag.svg.png)

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I still see people get confused about this ideology, so I thought it was worth spelling out.

Libertarianism (including and especially "anarcho-capitalism") is just American-style fascism. It is a plebeian movement of the petty bourgeoisie and lumpenproletariat, with some support among the proletariat and largely sponsored by a minority section of the bourgeoisie. It aims to do away with decadent liberal institutions and the democratic structures of the state to replace them with a more perfect dictatorship of the bourgeois class, creating some kind of national rebirth in modern times reflecting some highly romanticized and mythologized vision of the past, the American Old West being the Libertarianism's Paradise Lost in this instance.

The main differences from Fascism Classic are these:

Libertarianism was born in the United States, so instead of forming around pressure from below (against socialist, communist and militant labor movements), it largely formed as a reaction to reforms from above (against the New Deal, Civil Rights and the Great Society reforms) and consequently sees the (liberal democratic) government as the evil commies rather than an institution they need to stand behind to crush the evil commies

Libertarianism apes liberal aesthetics rather than socialist aesthetics because liberalism has traditionally been seen as the "ideology of the masses" in the United States rather than socialism

Consequently, its ideology is an insane, warped version of liberalism rather than an insane, warped version of "socialism." Whereas the classic fascists would talk about the need to collectively organize, put aside individualistic concerns and self-sacrifice for the good of the nation and the state, libertarians hold almost literally to what Lenin called "freedom for the slave owners."'

Further, and finally, this means that the libertarians at least appear to support civil society like normal liberals, but merely desire to accomplish the same things the fascists wanted, but with civil society and the business sector under a stripped down state acting solely as the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie rather than the expansion of the state into the business sector and civil society, as the classic fascists did.

The libertarians even like to style themselves as a sort of "Third Way" that is not actually right or left, though anyone paying attention would notice that the libertarian movement Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Cool idealism, friend. Was that an intentional parody?


Stop, stop, you're trying to view this in a political thought that doesn't really process "liberty" conceptually. I'll tell you what it is - there has been since the 19th century nascent communities of "drop-outs", and these have precedents going back ultimately to peasant revolts that sputtered out during times of crisis. A lot of these people were too incoherent to have any "political" or "class" position, drawing from a tendency within humanity that above all wants a "way out" of many social and political obligations. When land was cheap, these people would form communities, and they would usually fall apart because there was nothing holding them together. Other times, they would become insular, perhaps last a generation, then return to the fold of mainstream society or find some niche. The rise of the institutions enclosed these small offshoots of humanity and subsumed them. There is a tradition in America of forming these new communities, often with a religious doctrine. Some of them are still around - the Amish, the Mormons, built worlds apart from much of the norm.

The libertarians took advantage of that tendency but weaponized it and imported an essentially German institutional conceit about how these things work, and like all things Germanic, it's shit up and destroys itself. This weaponization has its precedents, but it was largely a thing to dismantle nascent movements around free love, "actual socialism" and various experiments to break away from the institutions that did form. The "libertarian party" as a construct has no organic basis, but was constructed as a vehicle for this Nazification. There were other "new parties" that weren't really parties so much as they were vehicles for various agendas - the Greens are another, except they became bigger in parts of the world. Not the US though, where they were almost entirely a political organization around Nader and had basically no one else saleable as a political leader or committed enough to act as if they had any business in politics. Then there are "new religious movements" which have grown in prominence recently. There's a lot more Scientology shit than there was a decade ago, as some of these people are attached to politicians. One of the people working with Michael Flynn's "let's start the next civil war" tour is a Scientologist lawyer for example, and there's a deep cult thinking that has been promulgated extensively since the natsec state began. We only now see some of that.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


There isn't a "libertarian" theory of anything. There is anarchism, which at heart imperial and fascistic, and a vehicle for eugenism. Mostly though, these flash in the pan "parties" are a way to shit up anyone who wants to do anything different, by insisting they enter the political arena where they are destined to lose, and handing them a self-defeating strategy that herds them to the slaughter. Anything of substance either isn't allowed to exist or is a "system-approved" candidate.

It is a simple reality that unless you have the technocratic qualifications, you have no political rights after 1947 - none. Nor do you have a right to exist, and that right will always be held by a body that has a knife at your throat at all times. That is the situation we live in - and if you don't like it, you're "paranoid" for noting what is right in front of you. There's your "liberal democracy", lol.

If anyone thinks ideology has anything to do with politics, they are idiots and frankly should not be allowed to vote.


American Libertarianism does not descend from peasant revolts. It didn't even form until the 1950s.


File: 1700448759948.jpg (108.18 KB, 457x486, Spooner.JPG)

This is from the 19th century American libertarian entrepreneur. We are still refining our ideas unlike some other folks; libertarianism is supposed to be robust and ready to face new unexpected challenges.

File: 1700447213446.jpg (12.89 KB, 330x200, muslim_league.jpg)


What happened to the subcontinent general? I wanna talk about how shitty and miserable Pakistan is. I also want to find some recommended readings on its history of CIA-sponsored dictatorships.

File: 1692415503508.png (831.98 KB, 680x680, join us, bolsonaro.png)

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🚨URGENTE: O Ministro Alexandre de Moraes, do STF, acaba de acatar o pedido da PF de cooperação internacional junto aos Estados Unidos. Com isso, haverá as quebras de sigilos bancários das contas de Jair Bolsonaro, Frederick Wassef e Mauro Cid. Agora, os três passam a ser investigados pelo FBI

Previous thread: >>1531166
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e depois de inevitalvelmente dar merda vão fazer ferradura ou bode espiatorio com o tapado pra salvar a ideia a custa do corno.




File: 1700508484531-0.jpg (26.66 KB, 828x342, F_WlOLuWwAAUeW8.jpg)

File: 1700508484531-1.jpg (57.31 KB, 800x578, F_W3pEtWgAA1NT6.jpg)

>Bolsonaro 2026
A piada de que liberal está errado literalmente 100% das vezes não é mais piada.

Segunda e terceira pica relatadas. Os artigos chamando Milei de socialista já estão escritos e prontos pra imprimir desde antes da Comuna de Paris sequer existir.


Aproveito pra fazer uma previsão que, agora, parece-me tão óbvia que, imagino, muitos jpa deve ter feito antes.

A democracia burguesa nunca foi grande merda no capitalismo periférico, e agora, não é mais merda nenhuma em nenhum lugar; está filosoficamente oca, não tem mais nada a oferecer. Por outro lado, não há alternativa; essa democracia com morte cerebral é tudo que existe no momento. Some-se esses dois fatores e o resultado é o acirramento da falsa disputa de classes que a democracia burguesa transforma em ritual. As tendências:

- Redução do rol de candidatos a 2 campos com cada vez menos diferenças entre si
- Aumento da intensidade da disputa eleitoral, não no campo físico (ou seja, não descambará, pelo menos por enquanto, pro campo da violência), mas no campo das aparências: toda eleição será a eleição mais """""importante""""" pro futuro da nação até aquele momento, cada vez mais emocionalmente exaustiva
- Esses dois fatores supra-citados podem parecer contraditórios entre si. Não apenas não são, como fazem perfeito sentido. Ambos os lados exageram e exacerbam inconscientemente as poucas diferenças que há entre eles, justamente pra disfarçar a essa falta delas. Vide os wedge issues que regem o circo político dos EUA disputado por 2 lados quase iguais.
- Nessa dinâmica da democracia-zumbi, a tendência antiga de estabilidade inercial (tendência de um candidato vitorioso a se reeleger a menos que faça um governo extremamente ruim) é substituido por uma "instabilidade estagnante": não importa se o governo é ótimo ou uma catástrofe total, a próxima eleição vai ser acirrada. Como eu digo há anos, fatos não importam mais. Eleições degeneraram a um nível abaixo do que os gregos antigos já a tinham; eles as desdenhavam porque as consideravam meros concursos de popularidade. Pois bem, o nível atual é ainda inferior a isso, porque as pessoas cujas popularidades elas medem são mais ficção do que reais. Fake news, infocalipse, identificação com candidato, absolutamente todo tipo de asneira tem precedência sobre fatos na hora de decidir eleições. Nesse novo paradigma, personagens são ótimos candidatos, completamente independente de quão lastimáveis eles sejam na vida real.
- A única solução pra isso é outra coisa que venho falando há anos. A morte da democracia representativa só pode ser superada com o aprofundamento dela, transformando-a em democracia participativa. Se isso não ocorrem, desabamento em ditadura é o Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1700363609238.jpg (17.11 KB, 474x499, th-2960386716.jpg)


U.S., Israel and Hamas reach tentative deal to pause conflict and free dozens of hostages- WaPo
As part of the detailed, six-page agreement, all parties would freeze combat operations for at least five days while "an initial 50 or more hostages are released in smaller groups every 24 hours", the Post reported. Hamas took about 240 hostages during its Oct. 7 rampage inside Israel that killed 1,200 people. The newspaper said overhead surveillance would monitor ground movement to help police the pause, which also is intended to allow in a significant amount of humanitarian aid.

Panic as Gaza’s al-Shifa evacuates, Israel army denies ordering it to do so
Israeli forces ordered doctors, patients and displaced people at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital to evacuate the medical compound, forcing some to leave by gunpoint, doctors and Palestinian officials told Al Jazeera. Doctors said the facility, which has been under siege by Israeli troops for several days, was now largely deserted hours after soldiers ordered people to leave on Saturday.

Israel-Palestine war: Israeli air strike on UN-school kills 'at least 50' on devastating day of attacks
Graphic footage aired by Al Jazeera on Saturday showed scores of lifeless bodies following the attack on al-Fakhoura school, which is run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (Unrwa). It was being used as a shelter by hundreds of Palestinians. The school, located in the Jabalia refugee camp, had already been struck earlier this month, and was previously targeted by Israeli forces during escalations of violence in 2009 and 2014. Another Israeli strike on a building in the camp killed 32 people from the same family, the same official told AFP.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Puerto Rico raises alarms as FEMA ends power generation mission
Puerto Rico’s government and private institutions are worried the island’s electric grid could once again collapse, after federal officials announced the end of an emergency power generation mission. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials last month informed Puerto Rico’s reconstruction authority, known as Cor3, that it would cease operations by March 15 of two emergency power generating stations with a 350 megawatt capacity installed on the island. The announcement puts Puerto Rico in a bind, as officials there are hoping to keep the generators online through the end of the 2024 hurricane season next November.

Macy’s workers to strike Black Friday across Washington over ‘unfair’ labor practices
“When workers ask that store safety just be a topic that they can talk about in future meetings with management, Macy’s even says no to that,” Joe Mizrahi, Secretary-Treasurer of UFCW 21, said on Friday. “Macy’s workers would much rather be inside the store helping customers this Black Friday. But instead they’ll be out here (at the Southcenter Mall) on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.”

BlackRock is overhauling its lobbying unit as the firm scrambles to protect its reputation, leaked memo shows
The money management giant is looking for a new Washington, DC-based head of US government affairs and public policy as well as a new head of state government affairs, wrote John Kelly, BlackRock's global head of corporate affairs, in a previously unreported company memo last week. The state-focused position will be responsible for developing efforts "in priority capitals" to manage state-level relationships.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1700365490988.jpeg (21.58 KB, 474x355, 28759292.jpeg)

Thanks News Anon


Solidarity with Myriam Bregman, Socialist Congresswoman in Argentina, Under Attack for Her Defense of Palestine
During the second Argentinian presidential debate on October 8, the other four candidates unconditionally aligned themselves with Israel’s declaration of war against the Palestinian people. In contrast, the candidate of the Workers Left Front — Unity (FIT-U), while expressing pain at the civilian deaths, condemned the colonial oppression and apartheid regime suffered by the Palestinian people. Since then, Bregman and other representatives of the FIT-U have been subject to all manner of threats. Many of them come from the same right-wing sectors — like far-right presidential candidate Javier Milei and his vice-presidential candidate Victoria Villarruel — who defend the military dictatorship in Argentina that viciously tortured detainees, especially those who were Jewish. Other threats come from supporters of the Juntos por el Cambio candidate Patricia Bullrich, who launched a fake news operation against Bregman, accusing her of having objected to a minute of silence for civilians who were killed.

Airline Unions Aim To Preserve Sky-High Credit Card Fees
A congressional effort to rein in ever-increasing credit card swipe fees that are costing retailers billions and raising consumer prices has encountered a new hurdle: airline unions. Swipe fees, which retailers pay to process credit card transactions, fund the airlines’ lucrative credit card rewards programs that flight attendants push on travelers mid-flight in exchange for a healthy commission. To protect that arrangement, labor unions representing industry workers have joined forces with powerful banking and credit card lobbies to beat back the reforms. “It would probably hurt the revenue of the airline industry if they didn’t have these credit card partnerships and rewards,” said Lulu Wang, a finance professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management who studies competition in credit card markets. “So then, of course, they rally the troops.” Labor unions that represent flight attendantsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



File: 1700248764714.mp4 (767.11 KB, 270x338, 1699049765044.mp4)


Whats so bad about lifestylism? shouldnt we be living the revolutionary life?
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I fucking wish.


Aesthetics are much more important then many other Anons believe, as they are visual symbols of the Superstructure which maintains the Base, thus showing why it is important for Communists to maintain an Aesthetic profile which promotes the Hyper-Rationalization of the Superstructure (a key aspect of Social Libertarianism, along with UBI and a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy), which will eventually (once Maoist PPWs sweep the Periphery/Semi-Periphery, and proceed to semi-peacefully merge with the Social Libertarian Imperial Core to form a Global USSR) allow for the destruction of the Capitalist Base, which will place the Workers and Oppressed Nations of the World on the Shining Path to Communism, ✊😜!

The Aesthetic profile that Communists should embrace consists of any visual Aesthetic symbol that demonstrates a rejection of the Reactionary Superstructure of Organized Religion, Patriarchy, Nationalism, etc. that reinforce the Capitalist Base (in particular, the Right-Liberal/“Conservative”, Fascist, and Theocratic ideologies). Thus, true Communists will dress up as Red Guards wearing Mao suits (with Communist Flag pins on them), and carrying the Little Red book with them at all times, have personal Maoist shrines in their house with red candles lit (with hammers and sickles on them) for the Six Heads of the Immortal Science (Marx, Engles, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Gonzalo), with all of their portraits present with a Red flag draped on the table (with a Naxalite or Shining Path Hammer and Sickle on it), fly Communist (Soviet, Chinese, Naxalite, and/or Shining Path) Flags on the window or balcony of their dwelling, live in a small Apartment in a walkable big city and use mass transit in order to save the environment and reject Petit Bourgeois Suburbia, never go to Church/Mosque/Synagogue/Temple, listen to Leftist music (ie. The International, Old Soviet and Chinese Communist Music, 60s/70s counter-culture artists like John Lennon, and modern U$ Alternative Rock music like Green Day and Rage against the Machine which have Anti-American and/or Pro-Communist lyrics), smoke pot, buy guns, never get married (marriage is a bourgeois Capitalist, Feudalist, Theocratic, Reactionary, Superstructure, just have as many Girlfriends and/or Boyfriends as you want), be a NEET, vote Democrat, and if you are a Woman, cut your Hair extremely short (Pixie cut, Buzz cut, or Shaved Head), don’t wear dresses (wear a Mao suit), don’t use makeup, and don’t wear highPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'm not going to live the Ted Kaczynski lifestyle if it's not going to do any good in the long run. You can't just live outside the system, you'll eventually be brought back in anyway because otherwise you'll die.


A bunch of schizo nonsense


>Dude, you'll literally die unless you buy new smartphone every year, subscribe to 5 streaming platfoms, buy Fortnite season pass, eat red meat everyday and wipe ass with gendered butthole wipes

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