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File: 1614251933799.jpg (12.61 KB, 355x142, AI.jpg)


what do you think about an AI planned economy? is it a good idea, is it too dangerous or what?
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You may have seen some of the stories about AI being racist. Such as google turning up results of black people for searching apes or gorillas.

AI is not as powerful as proponents suggest. Its not like some of scifi movies where they are able to predict the future.


File: 1614314235389.png (21.79 KB, 759x555, spurdo_sparde_interesting_….png)

ok burger


File: 1614314602737.png (679.13 KB, 985x794, stop the capitalist deus e….png)

It's dangerous. Dangerously based that is ayyyyy


I don't think it's feasible. For one thing it would be highly unlikely to build an AI singleton or distributed system that is a neutral arbiter. Those algorithms are designed to benefit those who designed them. There is a tendency to think that AI is neutral and impartial, pure logical computation, when in reality they reflect power differentials and the biases of those who control their inputs. Furthermore, given that AI is also very dumb, lacking in the capacity for judgement, it sucks up whatever corpus of data it is fed and reproduces whatever bias is already encoded into the culture. So it will inevitably reproduce society's problems.

It's true that AI can be used to make business and logistical processes more efficient, but there would come a point where we'd risk giving it too much power and allow it to decide what to do rather than us. This could lead to all kinds of unintended consequences.


File: 1612610878534.jpg (130.12 KB, 845x445, GMTThreadless1Alternate_co….jpg)


What exactly is wrong with it? Hegel believed in great man theory?

How is it not true that the masses are passive dullards and it's really a few great inventors, scientists, generals, kings, presidents, etc. who actually make history?

Without maybe less than 12 different scientists in history we would still be in caves and huts smacking each other over the head with clubs and pissing in a circle.

Without Roman generals like Scipio in the third punic war, Carthage would have BTFO Rome and western civilization and thus world history would have been totally different, as Carthage not Rome would have become the med superpower.
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Based Losurdo Poster


File: 1614336056530-0.jpg (358.47 KB, 719x1251, IMG_20210210_045402.jpg)

File: 1614336056530-1.jpg (179.45 KB, 719x1159, IMG_20210210_052351.jpg)

File: 1614336056530-2.jpg (466.17 KB, 720x1417, Socialism Canceled.jpg)

This really look like this


Yankee go home


File: 1614337259033.jpg (56.96 KB, 960x827, cia and anarch.jpg)

>Red fascist
This is your brain on narcoism


I think the great man theory is less applicable to the political realm than to the realm of ideas. Intellectual genius is categorically above ordinary human capabilities, but when it comes to wars, revolutions, mass movements and the like, it is more headless.
Think of an ant colony. Each single ant has one job, and by every one of them doing it without fail the whole machine of the colony keeps running. Meanwhile the queen just lays there and shits out eggs.

It's true that there are sometimes the "brains" of the operation who operates the collective human machine, Napoleon to his Grande Armée, who did all the heavy lifting? Who procured all the materials? Who did all the fighting? Napoleon without his army is Napoleon sitting on Elba island chubby and brooding.

Napoleon, as the quintessential example of a Great Man according to Hegel, also got lucky. He rose through the French military's ranks rapidly and became a high ranking officer in his mid to late 20s, an unprecedented event, because all the old French military officers were from the nobility and were either killed or relieved of their positions. He was not a demigod.

Similar for Hitler (not to imply he is "great" in the sense of approvable), who was produced by the Nazi party rather than its undisputed dominator and who rode atop the crest of a wave of resentment in Germany's masses.

Finally every great man has been enabled by social structures that supported that position, he did not create his own reality like a God, but was allowed to do what he did. They were allowed to have POWER, if they weren't, they would have never happened and would have been one more of the masses

Also, if there is a Great Man theory there is also a Terrible Man theory, those individuals who fucked everything up.

Who knows what Caligula might have done had he never been assassinated, what stupid wars.
Look now at Trump, who is a complete fraud in everything he does. He is exceptional for all the wrong reasons. By the time he left office America was nearly set to implode.

File: 1614252026541.jpg (42.88 KB, 501x534, 0cd9739ec70a6eae95888cbcdf….jpg)


If Maoism is based on organizing peasants and rural people, isn't it outdated now that urbanization is increasing and the majority of the worlds population, even third worlders, are now living in cities? Has the historical window of opportunity for Maoism just passed? Mao could never do his revolution that way today..

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Yeah but Rojava's realpolitik leads to more US imprealism, the destruction of the wealthiest secular and stable state in the levant, and the strengthening of Israel that will be happy to buy cheap syrian oil at the detriment of that country and eventually expand to gobble up its neighbours you idealist rancid fuck


Yeah cuz they only wanted a fringe at the north, if they would have wished it turkey would have crushed the kurds no problem


There are a lot of peasants in the third world even today, and also it does not have to literally mean rural LARP but also can apply to the relation between periphery and core.


What alternative do you propose? Fight the US and get destroyed, with American imperialism winning out anyway? Rojava is stuck between a rock and a hard place here, as many socialist societies have been.


But it does mean that it's not universal

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File: 1614327509035-1.png (558.28 KB, 960x745, 58efa8c1bf76d88618b517e21e….png)

File: 1614327509035-2.png (1.08 MB, 1080x824, 37bb768200c8790f36e8128934….png)

File: 1614327509035-3.jpg (69.85 KB, 750x750, 0e7586c971e8f6284cca200218….jpg)

File: 1614327509035-4.jpg (130.81 KB, 804x830, 08082b28b8093ffb496e63229d….jpg)


Post your Assad memes here… This was around half of what I could find on the depository


Moar plz


Moved to >>>/b/13862.

File: 1613363325258.jpg (43.51 KB, 640x360, HanChineseFirst.jpg)


/Leftypol/ loves China and sees it as communism in action and /pol/ nazis also love china and see it as basically the 4th reich. who is correct? are you both right? inb4 mods will delete this because they are cowards scared of open discussion
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My ideal would probably be the USSR during the 1950s-1980s, but that doesn’t exist rn.

Some people support the PRC and CPC for meme reasons, but most don’t consider it “ideal” or even socialist, merely recognize that it ‘s adapting and coping to modern realities the best that it can.


/pol/ nazis also love china and see it as basically the 4th reich.

What the hell are you talking about? Every time I see reactionaries talking about China it's all screeching about bugmen taking away their anime waifus.




File: 1614327248407.mp4 (14.55 MB, 640x360, chinese_drill.mp4)

I've seen Richard Spencer admiring China but he also likes the Democrats and Emmanuel Macron so I think he just like winners. He's definitely into Nietzsche and admires power, which funny enough puts him at odds with most fascists in the west because they are driven by a kind of slave morality that is resentful of power and constantly fall flat on their faces. Case in point: >>94800

>Do you think competing with the US in the Arena of Global Capital will be the Road to Socialism?
Could be. The
Well, for me, I don't think China is going to become a new hegemon. I don't think that's what they want to do. The idea that if the U.S. ceases being a hegemon then China will become a new hegemon is just a change of places, like nothing changes at all, which is not dialectical. Now, capitalism has also depended on a hegemonic nation to prevent international competition from eroding its own requirements, so with the decline of the U.S. in relative terms, that could erode the foundations of capital accumulation, and push the capitalist system to the brink.

So I'm just going "woohoo."


>why a fascists obsessed with co-opting China, a country that killed fascist en masse during the cultural revolution?
Before the Cultural Revolution too. The PRC term for World War II is the World Anti-Fascist War, which is a cool as hell name for it.

File: 1614317494891.jpg (361.58 KB, 1280x1791, 1280px-Jack_Lang_1928_(cro….jpg)


Jack Lang was a famous labour party premier in great depression new south Wales and was extremely popular for doing the following.

>During his first term as Premier, Lang carried out many social programmes, including state pensions for widowed mothers with dependent children under fourteen, a universal and mandatory system of workers' compensation for death, illness and injury incurred on the job, funded by premiums levied on employers, the abolition of student fees in state-run high schools and improvements to various welfare schemes such as child endowment

>Lang also restored the seniority and conditions to New South Wales Government Railways and New South Wales Government Tramways workers who had been sacked or demoted after the General Strike of 1917

>He passed laws restricting the rights of landlords to evict defaulting tenants, and insisted on paying the legal minimum wage to all workers on relief projects.


Also a known anti-communist


File: 1614317632500.png (74.85 KB, 600x516, .png)

He was also an anti-communist in his later years.
Lang was based for standing up against the banks and liberal government, and dolling out a fair can of drubbing to their cronies, but don't swallow the friendlyjordies "lang gang pill" just yet.



What where his major gripes with comunism?




File: 1608525316701.png (1.76 MB, 1222x902, Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at ….png)

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General discussion on current events/politics from Pakistan to Bhutan.

There are a few of us here, make yourself known!

Everyone is welcome and feel free to ask questions. Nobody really talks about the Indian left here and it would be great if anons had the chance to learn a bit more!
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w-whats going on


chill out, military exercises happen all the time, it doesn't really mean anything


File: 1613883197654.png (459.1 KB, 646x719, Supreme Interest.png)

>when three hot studs show off their missiles in the pool in a coordinated dance routine


down bad


File: 1614251672310.jpg (94.89 KB, 500x645, cockshottbike.jpg)


>Most of those bourgeois women who act like lionesses in the struggle against "male prerogatives" would trot like docile lambs in the camp of conservative and clerical reaction if they had suffrage. - Rosa Luxemburg

Comrade-anons what is to be done about the BFQ (the bourgeois feminism question)?
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Bourgeois feminism is talking about those scary brown men who oppress their uncultured brown women.


>orthodox Marxist theory ignores the labour that goes into reproducing labour power.
It literally doesn't . Necessary labour required for the reproduction of society is something entirely discussed by Marx, but this is simply not kept in the same discussion as labour directly related to that of commodities and the sale of labour power, of which any discussion on capitalism must primarily deal with due to being fundmental parts of it's mechanisms.


How does this relate to the statement made, which was "end sexism"? Do you conflate the term "sexism" with men and woman being physically different, of which no one is contending against? Your statement doesn't make sense in terms of what you're allegedly taking issue with.


Uteri and easy lactation, mainly.

They asked for a theory of change of how to end it. I gave them one.


>Separate the bourgeois feminists

Every single iteration/wave of feminism has been unquestionably bourgeoisie. It exists solely in capitalist societies and it accomplishes nothing that isn't already covered and described in origins of the family. It can never be anything else besides antagonistic towards class

File: 1614155146097.png (7.2 KB, 251x201, 64b211f06164aedb792ff4340b….png)


Burger post -

If I apply to work at a government job that requires a security clearance, how will it turn out? I was a public communist in college so if they ask about that I'm screwed. But the only jobs they are recruiting for in the area (in engineering) is based on having a clearance.

also I was in a Marxist 'militia' but we never really did anything other than argue and read books
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what about if you smoked weed, should you lie about that too? (I assume you lie on the form where they ask you if youve ever been in an organization that wanted to overthrow the government, which by definition all gommies in a party are, [ML/MLM] except reformists).


Yeah you just lie on it. Depending on the actual job itself, as well as the level of clearance it requires, they will do a little background check. For small jobs/low clearance (Public Trust & Secret in some cases they just run the standard FBI check, same as the one that gun shops use. All that one does is just check the criminal database to see if you ever got arrested for things. If the job is super serious/high clearance (TS & TS/SCI), then they do what is called an SSBI. This is where you fill out a sheet of info about yourself, including your last 7 years of addresses, jobs and some friends you know. They then spend a long time (it can take months but for the average normie doesn't take long) interviewing the people you listed and searching things like credit history, mental health history, and also quietly asking the interviewees for other people to talk to so they can get more info.

For the vast majority of people it's really easy to skip past these things, as the government is run by idiots and you can also ask friends to lie if someone shows up to interview. And they won't care about you smoking weed(assuming you're not trying to be some LEO or something, which I assume not given that you post here).

TL;DR you're probably fine, the government is dumb


if they find out they will fucking kill you


I knew a person who posted anti-government anarchist stuff for years and now he does Army intel. I doubt he was a fed from the start because he started when he was like 12.


File: 1614315386234.jpg (20.54 KB, 500x402, images.jpeg-526.jpg)

Currently posting from my unionized government job.

Shits good lads.

File: 1614265565842.jpeg (185.39 KB, 729x963, B464DEA0-D738-4781-9DCA-2….jpeg)


Obviously no empire is good, and yet only the British Empire spread ideals of freedom, equality, and prosperity; people discuss the crimes of the empire, but how are they worse than the crimes of any other empire? Did not the Romans destroy all of Carthage and make the lands un-harvestable? Did not the Spanish utterly wipe out entire civilizations, invent the entire concept of race, and also (alongside the Portuguese) invent the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? After all, the British were just trying to survive in the face of Spanish and Portuguese Imperialism. And the British also did destroy the slave markets in the end, of all people in history the British Empire were the first to abhor the scourge of slavery and the first to destroy it so utterly that it can no longer be conducted on any legal basis. The British also spread industrialization thus creating the modern world, and even in their colonial conquests they stated they were trying to uplift people unlike all others who justified their crimes with “Muh God muh savages”. Weren’t the British, therefore, the least bad of all the capitalist empires? Just look at the Japanese and Germans, they intentionally tried killing as many people as they possibly could largely just to kill them; look at the Americans who were the chief architects of the destruction of socialism and worker’s rights all over the world.
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>invented the concept of concentration camps
>murdered hundreds of millions
You have to go back Anglo.


>the Rape of Nanjing
>Unit 731
>the 2 million Chinese killed
>the 2 million Koreans killed
The first Persian Empire on under was pretty all right. Allowed religious tolerance and self governance.


I mean >>94243 for the first one.


regardless, we should remember that the world today is a more colonized place with the imperialist boot pressed more firmly upon it's neck than during the days of the british empire.
not because the british were benevolent, but due to solid material developments allowing an altogether slicker approach to imperialism. in the days of the british empire the key thing was to project an impression of power - but always with the risk that people would come to recognize it as the source of their problems.

in the wider US empire today this is a far lesser problem: there are hundreds of flags flying over enterprises owned by US capitalists, and hundreds of movements to seize control of the areas those flags represent. but the great thing is that when they do take power, all sorts of nice international advisors will come in to explain to them: yes, you were right, it was that last lot who were mismanaging the place… you can do better for your people, but whatever else you do, pay no attention to that (american) man behind the curtain..!

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