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>Lee Kwan Yew
>Chiang Kai Shek
>Deng Xiaoping(half)
>Zhu De(founder of the PLA)
>that Uber-sperg that started the Taiping rebellion; along with most of his top commanders
>Sun Yet San
>literally every notable military/political leader amongst the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia
So why are hakkas such good go getters? They seem to have always been the tip of the military and political spear for the Han people for some reason. they aren't like Jews who have a culture of education and higher learning, Hakkas are known to be among some of the poorer groups in China, I mean there just northern chinese people who fled to the south to escape Invasions and suffer from generational poverty

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Humans are divided by class and the bourgeoisie don't care about the workers of the same ethnicity. We look for what divides mankind.
The richer peasantry and bourgeoisie in 1917 did, the proletariat and poor peasantry wanted communism.


Its not really complicated or some sort of conspiracy, Hakkas are often poorer then regular chinese, however they never developed a culture plagued by Confucian values, they are more likely to be active in stuff(for better or worse) and that's why they might be over represented in Military and even politics


Genetic memories of their proletarian ancestry has given them exceptional intellectual and progressive mental abilities.


>Class matters, not ethnicity/nationality.
Many people follow their ethnic or national interests in addition to or even instead of their class interests. Of course, it would be ridiculous to say that certain ethnicities/nationalities have inherent, immutable traits, but that doesn't mean we should ignore those factors altogether.

Meds, now.


>Many people follow their ethnic or national interests in addition to or even instead of their class interests
Then they're idiots, and there's no "ethnic interests".

File: 1655820188684.jpg (209.64 KB, 880x1287, download.jpg)


What is the Left-Wing consensus on this man? Was he based or not? Curious because some liberals I know despise him for killing people. Do you think he was justified or was he just a lunatic?
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The proper communist position on our revolutionary comrade is poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee poopoo peeepee




poopoo peepee sisters…


File: 1655882080004.jpg (50.21 KB, 539x960, DORN.jpg)



File: 1655929859400.jpeg (43.76 KB, 300x400, Dorner.jpeg)


New dawn as Colombia elects first leftist leader
FORMER guerilla fighter Gustavo Petro has made history as he became the first leftwinger to be elected Colombian president on Sunday. He beat businessman Rodolfo Hernandez, the former mayor of Bucaramanga, with 50.47 per cent of the vote and will take up the post next month. “Today is a party for the people,” Mr Petro said on Sunday night after results came in. “May so many sufferings be cushioned in the joy that today floods the heart of the homeland.”

Ecuadorian House of Culture Becomes Barracks for Riot Police
Based on this state of exception, the Police requisitioned the facilities of the House of Culture located in El Arbolito Park, a site where thousands of people traditionally camped and found refuge during previous national strikes. "It is with great sadness that I have to say that culture has died today. Tyranny, darkness, and terror have won over life, joy, diversity, and plurality. Today, terror is settling on the most important cultural institution in the country," the House of Culture President Fernando Ceron said about the police occupation.

Australian leader refuses to publicly intervene on Assange
Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Monday rejected calls for him to publicly demand the United States drop its prosecution of WikiLeaks founder and Australian citizen Julian Assange. The Australian government has been under mounting pressure to intervene since the British government last week ordered Assange’s extradition to the United States on spying charges. Assange’s supporters and lawyers say his actions were protected by the U.S. Constitution.
https://apnews.com/article/biden-julian-assange-united-states-australia-29edPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Every federal property like roads, military bases, land is taken away.
Just the freeways are federal. Besides, in the Libertardian Republic of Texas the roads just spring into existence at the whim of the job-creators.
>Republican party loses 40 seats in both GOP and House.
I am talking about the interests of the people who actually make the decisions, the ruling class in Texas. What do they care for what happens in the rest of the un-United States?
>Passport needed to come into US.
That'll keep them pinko Californians out!
>Currency will have to be backed by gold or silver at first, because there will be no trust in it if it's fiat.
Stop! My penis can only get so erect!
t. Texan billionaire and Austrian School amateur economist


Western culture is something different, and it's nothing like the goofy consumer identity that they subscribe to in Texas.


>I am talking about the interests of the people who actually make the decisions, the ruling class in Texas. What do they care for what happens in the rest of the un-United States?
Fair point. Really. Though, then based RoT will be surrounded by godless communists from all sides (Dems with majority in US and Communist hell hole that is mexico).


It's literally copy-pasted from Novohispanic vaqueros, Latam overall had far more interesting horseback cultures like Llaneros or Gauchos but all the world knows about are Yeehaw native-killing burger-eating subhuman usians that barely even happened in the first place

The US does have cool national mythos though but they chose the stupidest one


fuck frogs, literally who cares


The more I learn about the world this feeling gets stronger

Everyone I know about wether my family, me, friends coworkers whatever all feel like retarded animals to me whom are all prone to the same predictable as shit behaviour or the NPCs you see in video games. This isn’t even like a one time thing this is a consistent feeling I’ve had for I think half a fucking year at this point holy
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This is the majority of social species tbh
Even ants will straight up dismember a lazy ant that doesn't do shit
It's really just humans and things like lions that let being a lazy piece of shit slide


The Dolphin Comrades are very pleased with you wanting to be friends with them. Together as human and Dolphin together we shall face the Space Comrades to liberate the world from the chains that bind us both on land and sea. Then the Dolphins will achieve their true final form.


>Even ants will straight up dismember a lazy ant that doesn't do shit
she who does not work neither shall she live


have sex


File: 1655926407232.jpg (9.7 KB, 480x360, John-C.-Lilly-img.jpg)

Great idea

File: 1655913565521.jpg (233.76 KB, 1056x1600, EwhGFifXMAEgA1Z.jpg_large.jpg)


How do you debunk this? Is there some truth to it? Or is it outright garbage? I'm having a hard time believing that countries with huge welfare states like Nordic countries are the epitome of the free market. Or Singapore, where like close to %80 of housing is state housing. Hopefully I've reached 150 characters by now.
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I'm still here.


>posts unsourced infographic
>does not define any terms or definitions
>asks other anonymous retards to "debunk" it
Another garbage /leftypol/ OP


Cry more, right-wing pos


Unlike rampant neoliberal economies like the UK, it is probably several orders of magnitude easier to open a business or something in Norway or whatever.

Although, any measure done to look at "economic freedom" is going to be full of the purest of pure ideology so it is never going to make coherent sense and never was


>Free market capitalism is when economic freedom

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'ate tories
'ate new labur
'ate NIP social fashists
'ate middle class woke liberal wankers
'ate the noncey royals
'ate the EU

luv me union
luv rnhs
luv corbyn
luv brexit
luv norf F.C.
luv ingerland

simple as.
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>>1027736 (me)
>Some are even coping by claiming that Remainers are supporting the strike for contrarianism.

Some are even coping by claiming that Remainers are supporting the strike for contrarian reasons. Other like Sage are trying to get blood from a stone by insisting that the 'working class' of the Leave bloc supports the strikes, when no data proves other wise. Even coping about which stupid letter is actual working class doesn't undermine that ABCDE has no stark divide as party, age and Leave/Remain on support for the strikes.


Freddie: >>1027771


File: 1656089702209-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 1500x843, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656089702209-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 1199x764, ClipboardImage.png)


>From Brexit to the rail strikes, working-class people won’t be pushed around any longer.
should the people on spiked be considered as sane people?


Peter Capaldi is awesome

File: 1652733317394.jpg (14.83 KB, 481x347, squidward.jpg)

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So no threads on sri lanka?

Shits on fire yo, ripe for revolution


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Word by word.


>we have had successful proletarian & peasant revolutions overthrowing existing orders for the ends of communism.
Sure, but can we do those litterally right now? Probably not, right?


can we snap our fingers and produce the capacity for a revolution out of nothing? obviously not, that's why you need to organize. you dont need a ton of people, you just need some committed, mature people who can commit to doing productive things for at least a few years at a time.

find a few likeminded people in your area. find the poor & working class people in your area and see what they need: food, other goods, help getting around, tutoring, help with job applications/other paperwork, trouble with their landlords, trouble with the police? then see if anybody else is already doing anything, find out if its helping or doing nothing. if its helping try, to help while remaining independent and be open about being communist without being obnoxious or evangelizing. if its not helping, find out why and try to fill in the gaps. if nobodys addressing the problem at all, do what you can to help, somethings better than nothing, just make an effort and try and fail and try again. most importantly try to get to know the people and community youre dealing with. commit to doing this 2 days out of the month and dont worry too much about organizational shit like official roles and political statements and formal meetings until you have the manpower necessary & the logistics that make such organizational formality necessary, otherwise itll waste everyones time and clog things up. when its necessary only formalize what you need to effectively delegate so that everyone can know what their responsibilities are without having to go to endless meetings and always know everything thats going on

it takes a long time but its how you get experience and its how anything meaningful is built by communists, at the very least create a locally sympathetic reputation.

theres no excuses, you just gotta do it and keep at it


Based in the same way the IRA was based. Both were socialist, but their primary goals were national liberation.


Sri Lanka government workers get Fridays off to grow food ahead of shortages
Permaculture bros?

File: 1638574992292.jpg (63.23 KB, 1132x500, 4kz43x.jpg)

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The previous thread died (is full) for our sins. >>326202
Everything Russia related belongs here.
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they've just renamed the domain



Why didn't Russia join the EU, again? It's not that they're too conservative or poor, since there are counties like Hungary and Greece in the EU as well.


because Putin started cosplaying an epic patriotic leader


отличный обзор ситуации с левыми в Украхе от чела из РФУ и Батова

File: 1655756562185-0.png (981.02 KB, 1262x710, TIKhistory.PNG)

File: 1655756562185-1.webm (985.74 KB, 640x360, marxists BTFOed.webm)


This guy has somehow found a way to blame Marxism for the Holocaust. The video is titled "The REAL Reason why Hitler HAD to start WW2" and it has a million and a half views. Someone I know is deep into TIK's argument (he tried to claim he pieced it together himself from primary sources like Mein Kampf but TIK is literally the only guy talking about "shrinking markets theory") and I'm not 100% sure how to refute him. Just for background, TIKhistory is a hardcore Austrian School lolbert who makes some laughable errors (Keynes was a Marxist for one) but I want to address his specific economic argument, not ad hominem attacks on him.


The REAL Reason why Hitler HAD to start WW2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQGMjDQ-TJ8

Why they don't tell you about Hitler's "Shrinking Markets" problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go2OFpO8fyo
(First five minutes breaks down all the alleged "Marxist" ties)

So basically:

>Hitler sees that Germany is trading manufactured goods with Europe, esp. the Soviet Union, for primary goods like food and oil

>He claims, using Marxist theory (!!!) that if this trade continues, the Soviet union will industrialize, and therefore stop exporting food
>When the USSR stops exporting food to Germany, hunger riots will lead to a Marxist revolution as part of the Jewish conspiracy
>Therefore, Hitler immediately implements autarky in Germany and plans to invade Europe to seize control of its farms
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1655873054475.png (93.03 KB, 600x507, at_last.png)


Dude is a libertarian. In one of his videos he recommended a book by some mises.org author about Robber Baron Era being great.


this only works with america tbh, since they are a melting pot of various ethnicities, so they can only identify themselves with the general geographical location and race. shit like like this would hardly fly in europe


"Shrinking markets theory" just sounds like his way of saying "falling rate of profit". And it sounds like his point is (didn't watch) that Hitler tried to counteract falling rate of profit through imperial conquest, when he should have just said "falling rate of profit doesn't real" and let the free market do whatever, lol.

Just ask him why countries did colonialism and conquest to expand markets even before Marx was born.


>There wouldn't be any holocaust survivors left in that scenario because not giving people water for 3 people already kills them.
jews are not some automaton that if you didnt feed them power, they would just die, they can and did find their own ways of sustinence

File: 1655832912453.png (5.97 MB, 3000x2000, ClipboardImage.png)


I honestly believe India should be kick the fuck out of BRICS and be replaced by Mexico or even Iran, a far-right fanatical zionist global north cocksucking hellhole like India shouldn't be allowed.

I know Brazil elected Bolsonaro in 2018 but that was an anomaly here that most likely won't ever happen again, while being a right-wing banana republic is the norm for India
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This. Can't believe that mfs actually thought that BRICS was some kind of anti-imperialist justice league.


To add to this, many Kashmiris don't want to go with Pakistan. They see Pakistan as just another colonizer. Also, it was Pakistan that caused the crisis in the first place. The original plan was to let the king of the state decide if he wants to go with India or Pakistan. Pakistan invaded before he made his decision because they were worried he might pick India even though much evidence shows he would go with Pakistan for the sake of his Muslim majority kingdom. The king acceded to India in exchange for military support against Pakistani Invaders. After the accession, UN decided to hold a plebiscite to decide who gets Kashmir but the conditions were that both India and Pakistan need to remove their armies from Kashmir before the vote. Pakistan never removed their army from their part of Kashmir so the plebiscite never happened. The ideal solution seems to be that Kashmir should be autonomous state but none of the parties seem to interested in compromise.


>Tfw the GenZedong poster finds out Captain Planet isn’t real


best take. Modi is a shithead, and? Doesnt mean we have to starve the untouchables in the Delhi ghettos. India is more than just their president.


<Strategically what does it even matter?
>Himalayan Bulwark for undefended planes of Ganges and Yamuna from China.

>Origin of important rivers like Indus, Jhelum and Chenab https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indus_Waters_Treaty

>Strategic wedge between China and Pakistan, specially at a time when Pakistan gave away its portion of Kashmir region to China for a strategic road network.\https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-Pakistan_Agreement#:~:text=The%20agreement%20resulted%20in%20China,by%20Lord%20Curzon%20in%201905.

<Lel I searched for Kashmir and the first thing that came up was "Should India give Kashmir to Pakistan?"

>t. diasporoid cuck
Else you would have known
1. News is about the controversy of it being asked in a recruitment exam
2. Civil service exams ask such questions to test the aptitude and thinking of candidates
The news - https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/indore/mppsc-question-on-kashmir-sparks-political-row/articleshow/92375902.cms
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