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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Do you guys really think you're anti capitalism? You're apparently extremely marketable.
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>This isn't true at all, and this is literally the story for the majority of the capitol rioters, so it's not even an argument.

The distinction is that one was a group that was held on glorified trespassing charges, and some of those people are still being held in isolation. Which, not only violates their human rights, but also their rights as US citizens.

>But McCathyism happened. Are you so high on the need for a victim narrative that you need to actually deny that the US heavily suppressed communists during the cold war? Yet somehow were the dishonest historical revisionists here.

Yet none of the people in the Venona report, the people he was alluding to, ever faced any jail time. People suspected of being assets of the USSR, and under investigation for this. When the progressive media was reporting on this and trying to harass him to giving the names, they were doing so to sabotage the FBIs investigation of the assets in the Venona report. McCarthy go no-one jailed or harassed, but was demonized for thing s he never did, nor were involved with, and which to a large extent, just didn't happen.


> It was a preplanned raid by police as well, and there is plenty of released FBI documentation which shows them already laying out Hampton as a target.
No shit, the police plan their actions against criminals, and you're saying the FBI tells who to put more effort into investigating?


>Imagine believing this. There are dozens of ways to get around this.
And none of them employed to protects right winger, other protestors, or rioters either. You're just mad, in this small way, these rioters were treated the way anyone else would have been.


>But the majority of protests were peaceful unfortunately. You can't pull the wool over my eyes on this, we watched practically all the protest footage that got thrown up on either livestreams or prerecorded videos for weeks here.

That doesn't mean anything, it could just be someone sympathetic filming where they know nothing would happen


uyghur FAGGOT

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Quite a few comments on this video claim that Cockshott is misrepresenting Hegel's work.


Is Cockshott correct, is Hegel just doing intellectual sleight of hand?

The video itself seems to be part of a series responding to comments from his blog where he seems to claim that Dialectical Materialism was invented by social democrats to corrupt Marx's work.

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playing go better than humans is not the same as solving go


there is a very good german video with english subtitles explaining hegelian dialectics


what does "solving go" means?




Imagine the strategy needed for tik tak toe, 3x3 board alternating turns. It's extremely simple for us to tie every single game, because we have solved it.
Go is 19x19, so it's a bit bigger and requires quite a few more calculations than even chess.

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Would the US mount a successful ground invasion of mainland china? What about China successfully taking Taiwan and holding the worlds semiconductor capacity? What about naval battles in the pacific? Surprise nuclear attack on Hawaii?

Is it inevitable? and who will win, provided it is in the future (2030+)??
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Its clear that in such a scenario US would deploy some kind of hypersonic shit.
No single group of planes could get even close to China's coast as of now.


>Would the US mount a successful ground invasion of mainland china?


US can't powerpoject a huge conventional army in asia




The french won the sino-french war by just doing a river blockade

File: 1626643525586.jpg (4.94 MB, 2955x1978, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


I don't have the patience to read a dozen books on the Holocaust to try figure out what happened. I've encountered A LOT of dishonesty from BOTH SIDES. Things like selectively quoting people disinguously or outright lying. It's obvious that A LOT or even MOST Holocaust propagandists (for or against the official narrative) don't care about the truth and just want to brute force their own narrative into the public consciousness while discrediting the other side.

Which book do you recommend from EACH SIDE of the Holocaust debate? at most I'm willing to read two books, one from each side, so I need it to be the most honest propagandist from each side. The best Holocaust denial / "revisionist" book, and the best Holocaust believer book. I read a lot of Germar Rudolf's lectures on the Holocaust many years ago. I've also read all of Daniel Keren's 'Holocaust Denial and The Big Lie' and a bunch of other texts written on places like reddit over the years to debunk holocaust denial.

Also, if there are any decent debates between reputable representatives from each side, that might also clarify some things. each side brazenly lies about the other so often so they'd probably be less likely to do so if they're face-to-face with someone who could call them out.
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The Technique of Mass Murder - Perssac's second book on the Holocaust and response to the revisionists using technical arguments.

Auschwitz: Plain Facts - Rudolf's response to the above collating the arguments of multiple revisionists.


the hoax of the 20th century by butz is a good overview. the father of holocaust revisionism rassiner was a socialist interned a buchenwald

>There is very little debate in (((actual, academic historical circles))) about what happened
>Only a very small minority of people don't believe the Holocaust happened
50% of arabs think it was at least exaggerated and the stats for SE asia aren't much better. not everything they teach in western schools is universal truth
european treatment of africans and indigenous people was undoubtedly worse than the holocaust, but those groups aren't "white" so we gloss over that shit in our history classes
malcolm was very critical of jewish power. understandable considering they control the NAACP and got garvey deported back in the day
finklestein is a coward and a false critic who allows his ethnocentrism to get in the way of actually challenging his supposed adversaries



Ok now that the spergs have had their say, what would you like to know?

For example, the holocaust was debated. Mark Weber vs Micheal Shermer in the 1990s.
No denier can be defeated in debate or discussion mainly because the main holocaust historians already admitted years ago there exists very little hard evidence for the holocaust and far more hard evidence that it both did not an could not have happened.



None of these books have any definitive evidence in them.


Nothing to debate. Go die.

File: 1626645548412.png (164.33 KB, 336x483, d6e2fbe1eeca478b8cc7051b2c….png)


It was commonly reported by several sources, this week, that TWELVE soldiers and LEOs died as they were working for the United States of America.

Did you hear about the deadly flooding in Belgium this week?: https://www.weather.com/news/weather/video/germany-belgium-hit-by-deadly-flooding

Also, the fact that God is not mocked made the headlines via the sudden destruction of a favorite idol of a huge group of people: https://www.foxnews.com/us/george-floyd-mural-destroyed-toledo-lightning “No idols” means just that!

Covid is a gift from God for a people who thought they would shorten His hand is some way. Currently there are FOUR European countries where the cases have double in the past week: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/european-countries-covid-cases-delta-variant-190051844.html that’s the more contagious Delta variant.


Also a gift from God is The Moon, and NASA says a pending wobble will cause extreme weather events on our planet: https://www.axios.com/nasa-moon-wobble-coastal-flooding-c4623977-31be-44d6-a73a-1da9107f3316.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=energy-environment-nasa in this coming decade. You are not supposed to worship or fear the things God has made MORE than you need to fear God.

In the United States there are Covid “hot spots” where, “They rapidly decline, very fast, and then even after intubation we’ll see them rapidly decline and unfortunately we are seeing people passing quicker than before,”: https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/13/us/us-covid-hot-spots-hospitals/indPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1626645737488.png (103.25 KB, 340x444, sweet.PNG)



Based schizo thread.


File: 1626646179800.mp4 (2.28 MB, 640x480, Amen.mp4)



File: 1626646548779.webm (36.6 MB, 320x240, 20060902emmys.webm)

Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.

I just reposted the westboro baptist church blog :—-DD

File: 1625789494913.jpg (161.26 KB, 1125x899, die freien.jpg)


Morality is not real—it is a Stirnerite “fixed idea”, if you will. To put it another way, “morality” is a human-made construct that does more harm than good. Don’t take it from me; take it from Lao Tzu, who wrote in the Tao Te Ching:

>The great Tao fades away

>There is benevolence and justice
>Intelligence comes forth
>There is great deception

>The six relations are not harmonious

>There is filial piety and kind affection
>The country is in confused chaos
>There are loyal ministers
(Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu, Chapter 18, Derek Lin translation.)

Here, Lao Tzu is saying that when we deviate from the Tao—say, how we naturally act—we are forced to fall back on man-made concepts such as “benevolence,” “justice,” intelligence,” “morality,” “spirituality,” and so forth. Indeed, all these concepts are relative—who is to say what is objectively good, bad, moral, and the like? In “The Unique and Its Property,” Stirner showcases some brilliant examples of the relativity of morality, with choice quotes such as: “Now we are so thoroughly religious that sworn-in jurors condemn us to death, and every policeman, as a good Christian, takes us to the slammer by ‘oath of office’,” (The Unique and Its Property, p. 44) and “When the guerrillas drew their country’s enemies into ravines and shot them down from the bushes, unseen, wasn’t that assassination?” (id., p. 45) Morality is decisively relative, and “objective morality” is—not real.

This isn’t to say that I believe that humans have the capacity to force themselves to be “amoral”, so to speak. We can take some simple lessons from Dostoevsky here. In Crime and Punishment, the protagonist Raskolnikov kills an old lady and her daughter and can’t bear the guilt. In the censored chapter of Demons, the main character Stavrogin confesses to a priest that he had sex with a very underaged girl and stood idly by as she killed herself in the other room—Stavrogin suffers spiritually despite being the apotheosis of the amoral nihilist. In short: when one does horrible things—horrible being relative to the individual—they will naturally feel guilt. That is, for moPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You dont, I just reject it because I dislike it


Morality understood as a set of subjective cultural norms is real. But if we define it as an objective, atemporal and universal truth, its false


>i deslike it


the problem with any idea of [thing is natural and we naturally follow thing - we deviate from thing] is that it has to rely on an outside reason (e.g. in daoism, it can be immortality, or being more proficient in what you do, etc.) as to why we should revert back to a natural way (which we have to be told, in a book…).

The real problem being solved by both Stirner and Laozi is that we feel a dissonance and stress when we have to make decisions, or concentrate, and when we feel that there are consequences that we want to avoid. The ultimate teaching from them isn't that we aught to act one way or another, it's literally just "be a chad and own whatever you do, and don't let people tell you that you're not what you are or you aught to be a different way".

We're all egoists. The point is only that if you own being an egoist, then you don't suffer from cope.

(i dont mean to say that this is all Stirner or Laozi have to offer, but only so far as normative ideas of theirs and the idea of identifying what is natural in everyone, and then also choosing to follow it.)

Also you should have quoted the part of the DDJ that's talking about how morality makes people rule-followers rather than spontaneously and authentically nice
I'll find it.

>Banish wisdom, discard knowledge,

>And the people will be benefited a hundredfold.
>Banish human kindness, discard morality,
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Tao gave birth to the One; the One gave birth successively to two things, three things, up to ten thousand.
from the Dao De Jing
>In the ultimate beginning there is that which is without nothing, which is without a name. It is from that which the One arises; there is the One, but not yet shaped… In the not yet shaped there is division.
From the Inner Chapters

It's cool to see the shift

Daoism overall as a way of thought is basically a meaningless term, since it's come to encompass just about everything. It's important to pick out which schools of thought. Some is basically just crazy cult shit that looks like christianity. Other is this nice dialectical jazz, or just telling how to live a chill life

File: 1626626790665.png (1.6 KB, 377x179, bighouse.png)


Should housing be considered private or personal property? In Capitalist countries, the population is used to a mode of production where we either rent our own homes, or we take out a huge usury financial morgtage in order to pay for it. Should socialists/communists take a distributive role towards the solution of housing and distribute all homes as reclassified personal property to everyone? Or should housing be completely collectivized and not owned by anyone, ignoring the huge culture/narrative of people spending their entire lives to buy living space? I imagine the complete collectivization of housing wouldn't be something that connects with the proletariat or petite bourgeoisie in any sufficiently advanced capitalist country.

Countries like Cuba and China today have some of the biggest housing ownership rates in the world and other socialist countries like Gaddafist Libya also followed this too. However, there have been socialist countries like the DPRK that just collectivize everything.
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>If you allow people to own land then the question always becomes "How much?" Can you standardize the amount of land owned from one end of the country to another? Without tearing down every single existing home and replacing with standardized blocks?

How much is a decision only the proletariat as a whole can make. Naturally those with many large plots and many homes being the bourgeoise/PMC's, that own them will be seized. They will get salty but it's a Marxist revolution so they were already butthurt.

>Otherwise there is a degree of inequality you must be willing to accept.

Why that was the outcome anyways even in public housing you speak of, we'd have to tear it all down to get everyone a equal sized commie block house Public or personal ownership. That's all to much so as long as all people have a suitable home it should be alright if someone has a extra 1000 square feet Or one has a few more acres. Some will have families that need bigger homes others will be a single lad that only needs a little apartment. Naturally our needs are unequal!


You’re not it very smart it seems. You’re also arguing abstract concepts and not the question itself of housing. Which have real economic solutions that don’t involve lofty concepts like personal property. Marx never even went deep into the question of “personal property” because he thought it as so superfluous and not worth giving attention. But Engels released an entire book on the housing question and proposed real answers, economic ones. Your just using lofty shit that doesn’t mean anything.


Housing should be personal property, People want to own homes, you have to deliver on that or your system won't be politically viable.
Maybe sometime in the future when the socialist mode of production is very mature and economic precariousness, is rendered all but impossible, People might Change their minds.


Oh no no no no we got another "not very smart person"! You can't just use planning to increase the housing supply and give it to the populous. You can't do that because today market's exist. You have to have some bullshit state rental system or you literally have low IQ.


Love it when ""socialists"" say the mass sell-off of government-owned housing in the USSR after 1992 was a ""good thing"" because now people ""owned their own homes"".

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Is the contemporary war of rhetoric between radlibs and wignats completely missing the point? The former posit that more "diversity" will lead to increased innovation, creative ouput (and therefore standard of life, etc.); the former posit that less "diversity" will lead to increased social cohesion (and therefore standard of life, etc.). However the mechanisms resulting in the stagnation of innovation, creative output and the decline in social cohesion is not actually due to the social superstructure but rather the decaying state of finance capitalism. The economic impact is actually a universal intersectional impact by which all identity groupings are affected. Fighting over the justice of a failed distribution system is self-sabotaging when you could fight to reorganize the distribution system itself, and address the inequities it outputs at a source level.


Their living standards are good enough that they're not interested in actually changing the system.


I think that's right. I think both groups (generally speaking) work in different industries, like globally-integrated services and technology vs. traditional industries and land-based industries (like farmers). So for the liberals, "innovation" and "diversity" is celebrated while the conservatives do not like "diversity" because they're more tied to land or national industries which are threatened by foreign competition. For the conservatives, the impulse is to build walls and hoard what we have, instead of dividing up what we have. For the liberals, this seems like the height of delusion and threatens to undermine the foundations of the modern economy on which we depend.

File: 1626552766053.jpeg (154.16 KB, 768x1101, Eighty-five years since t….jpeg)


Cuban president denounces US-backed ‘media terrorism’ while addressing massive supporters’ rally
Speaking to thousands of supporters in Havana on Saturday, Diaz-Canel claimed the narrative that there is widespread unrest in Cuba is a false one. He was joined by former President Raul Castro, 90, while he addressed supporters. The ‘lie’ being pushed through viral social media images and foreign politicians and activists is not “by chance or mistake,” Diaz-Canel said. “All this is the cold calculation of an unconventional war manual,” he claimed. The president had previously blamed the protests on “foreign meddling,” pointing to the US as the likely culprit behind the demonstrations.

Bolivia unfolds criminal investigation on former military commander
A recent investigation proved Terceros's participation in the arrival in the country of the aforementioned war material from Argentina, without complying with the requirements established for their management and in the context of the coup d'état against then President Evo Morales.

New Zealand Farmers Hold Protests Against Heavier Farming Cost
The Howl of a Protest event witnessed thousands of farm vehicles including trucks, tractors, utes, and even dogs, rumbling through cities in the protest against what farmers said is increasing interference from the government, unworkable regulations and unjustified costs.

French protests call for 'freedom' amid government vaccine push
More than a hundred thousand people marched across France on Saturday to protest against President Emmanuel Macron's plans to force vaccPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1626624920302.png (852.34 KB, 2622x1929, maoist_akko.png)

Would this work?


Covid passports are hyperindividualistic, we should have solidarity and stay away until everyone who wants the vaccine gets it.


Anon said some time ago on here that COVID tests in France cost 50 euros and the testee has to pay for them, and the govt wants people to take 3 tests a week if they have a job working with the public. Can't really verify that but it seemed true from what little I found in search


File: 1626639823946.png (124.96 KB, 700x507, glowpol.png)

Mormon CIA agent detected. How's the weather in Langley?



How realistic is it to run/drive away from the cops? Whats your chance of actually escaping? In this age of tons of cameras and police helicopters can a person even get away?
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i don't doubt that you could out-run them on bumpy country roads, but here they use a mix of SUVs, those dodge muscle cars, and those typical small white old american police cars

i'm sure they go faster than the shitty breaking down cars everyone has here, and except for SUV have ok turning radius and handling


Most people aren't driving rally cars around, but furthermore, you need to break line of sight to escape, isn't that a bit unrealistic if you go off-road where there's fewer obstructions?

Also, remember that if you make a cop car crash, then the others are still chasing you, but if you crash once, you're done for.


good point. Another problem is where in the country you are. In the plains a lot of this stuff about offroading isn that great, because its just flat roads in open land. In forest and mountains this could work better but still i have my doubts, especially since dirt roads kick up dust, and theres usually only so many places you can go with back roads….


Logging roads tend to be huge mazes that stretch dozens of miles that have more then one entrance back to public roads along with some backing onto farmers fields. There is also the fact since logging roads leads deeper into forests if you can survive in the forest then you can simply wait in the forest for the police to give up.


thanks for the info, i've never been around logging areas

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