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File: 1679186440464.jpg (22.25 KB, 474x302, th-2676169397.jpg)


Tunisian authorities arrest union leader as Saied widens crackdown
Reuters reported on Thursday that Abdel Nasser Ben Amara, the general secretary for culture at the Tunisian General Labor Union (known by its French acronym, UGTT), was detained on Wednesday on suspicion of insulting a minister. His detention comes days after a protest organized by the union in front of the Ministry of Culture, according to the official. … . In late January, the secretary-general of the union's highway branch was arrested after organizing a strike by tollbooth operators to protest austerity measures sought by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout loan.

HPG: Turkish attacks on guerrilla areas continue
According to the statement, the invading army carried out 48 attacks on guerrilla areas on March 15. In the region of Zap, Turkish forces attacked the guerrilla positions in Sida, facing a response from the guerrillas in an act of self-defense. The Turkish army carried out a bombardment with unconventional bombs against the guerrilla positions in Çemço.

British Army gave top honour to soldier who 'karate chopped and kicked' Iraqi detainees
Chris Roberts, a physical training instructor in the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment, was found to have karate chopped at least one detainee and “kicked probably three more” by the inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa and the abuse of other prisoners on a British base in the southern Iraqi city.

Paris police, protesters clash for third night over Macron's pension reform
The growing unrest and strikes have left President EmmanuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


'Beautiful': Minnesota Becomes 4th State to Provide Free School Meals to All Kids
The move to make Minnesota the fourth U.S. state to guarantee universal free school meals—joining California, Maine, and Colorado—elicited praise from progressives. "Beautiful," tweeted Stephanie Kelton, a professor of economics and public policy at Stony Brook University.

Black lung is back: Disease’s deadliest form sees ten-fold increase among Appalachian miners
The numbers have climbed precipitously as mining techniques have evolved to extract increasingly hard-to-reach coal reserves. After a career in the mines, Michael Williams, 62, now lives with an advanced stage of black lung. Williams, a resident of the small town of McRoberts, Ky., is among a growing number of people diagnosed with the disease in central Appalachia, a region primarily comprising West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, and southwestern Virginia.

California, drugmaker partner to produce affordable insulin
The state of California and a generic drug manufacturer announced a 10-year partnership Saturday to produce affordable, state-branded insulin that they hope will rival longtime producers and push down prices for a medication used by millions of Americans. The product is not expected on store shelves until at least next year, and it was difficult to predict what effect it would have on a market already shaken by change. Earlier this week another major insulin maker promised steep price cuts as pressure builds on drugmakers and insurers to slash the cost of the drug.

SupervPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1679190725539.jpg (424.92 KB, 1170x1171, 1675986492413279.jpg)



CPP: The Philippines Is Becoming A Battleground Amid Heightened Rivalry Between China And USA
Superpower fbi.gov between the US and China continues to rise and the Philippines is increasingly being drawn into the growing vortex of their conflict. Both powers profess to be friends of the Filipino people, but in fact have complete contempt of Philippine sovereignty. Instead of asserting the country’s independence, the Marcos regime has adopted the policy of “no one’s enemy” to justify the plan to allow the US to construct more military bases in the the country, and its servility to China’s expanding claim of economic and military dominion in areas within the West Philippine Sea. As a result, the possibility of the country again becoming a battleground of inter-imperialist conflict continues to rise. The US government’s rush to construct four or five more military facilities within camps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) are clearly part of its war theater preparations and aim to provoke China and raise the level of armed tensions. This is further exacerbated by plans to carry out a series of joint war exercises, including the planned deployment of at least 12,000 American troops for the Balikatan exercises, on the pretext of preparing to “defend the archipelago.”

Rising National Income But Declining Welfare of People
INDIA’S per capita income, representing the average income of an Indian citizen, has risen from INR 79,000 in 2013–14 to INR 1,71,000 in 2022–23 — an increase of 116 percent. Therefore, some claim that incomes have more than doubled in India since the present ruling dispensation took office. The catch is that: a) this includes the price increase during the period and hence does not represent the real increase in incomes, and b) the data for 2022–23 and two earlier years is provisional and subject to revision. The real increase in per capita income, subject to the above caveat, is from INR 68,600 to INR 96,500 during the period, which is an increase of 40.8 percent. This is not bad. However, since these days everything is compared to the ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1679191690982.jpg (843.55 KB, 2893x4092, wycpjqnl49e41.jpg)

Thanks News Anon

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Joseph Stalin helped the Nazis partition Poland in 1939, attacking from the east on the 17th of September. He didnt do it to "protect" anyone, nor did he do it because "the Polish government fled".
Stalin repressed people severely in Eastern Poland, deporting ~1 million people from the region to Siberia and killing many thousands; that's not "protection".
The Polish government was in the country on the day of the Soviet invasion and most government structures were still in place in Eastern Poland. Mościcki fled to Romania near midnight on the 17th (so almost 20 hours after Soviets attacked), and Rydz-Śmigły escaped on the 18th, alongside most Polish ministers (like Józef Beck). All directly in response to the Soviet invasion.
Stalin's invasion spoiled Polish defensive plans which might've succeeded (Poles were retreating to Lwów, which they would've been able to defend for a long time, as it would've been a short frontline that Germans wouldnt have been able to encircle or find a weak spot in. German forces would've been split between France and Poland, buying enough time for France to prepare a counter-attack). Had they succeeded, the war would've been ended there and then, saving millions. Stalin's "genius move" to steal Polish lsnd bought him literally no extra time, and ensured that the Nazis would invade the USSR.
Stalin also undemocratically imposed communism on Poland against the people's will, through a rigged referendum, and the communist regime in Poland brutally surpressed dissent.
>inb4 "good, fuck pooplacks"
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new "Red-Brown" just dropped


Stalin rent free in your head faggot


the nazis themselves called them beefsteaks because they were brown on the outside and red on the inside


and pink in the middle because they were GAY


states are machines of oppression. it is what they are for, and what they do. i can take issue with any of a billion actions undertaken by agents of the soviet state throughout that country’s history, but i would miss the forest for the trees to then conclude that it was an unworthy project, and i would be spreading nazi propaganda were i to equivocate the crimes of stalin’s soviet union to the crimes of hitler’s germany.
relitigating history will always be losing ground for communists because so far we have lost history. it doesn’t matter what actual facts you have, what context or circumstance you could point to that disproves anti communist talking points because the narrative is already controlled. we can (and have, multiple times) sit here and post our images about all the nazi treaties signed by the west, all the soviet attempts to snuff out nazism and avoid ww2, and shriek “BASED BASED SO TRUE” at each other. it only has the effect of making us look like sore losers apologizing for what every idiot knows was a failed project.
pick your battles. reactionaries control the present, and thereby control our notions of the past. the best ground for a communist to fight on is the future, because there is no future in reaction.


Hopefully this is good /leftypol/ material, maybe not, in that case mods please move this to /siberia/.
To ask the question plain and simple: Is it wrong for me to absolutely refuse work around the weekends? (I.e. Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.)

I'm jobless and freshly 18 years old, and I've recently started to *really* try getting a job after I got yelled at by a gay guy who used to work as a manager to fix my resume - because it was absolute horseshit beforehand. I finally got an interview yesterday to be a cashier at a local grocer, and I was basically told "This position isn't fit, we don't want people working weekdays", which is understandable. I left, and proceeded to think on places that would be more accommodating to what I consider to be hours fit for me - those being weekdays.

The simple fact of the matter is that there are two things to me that I need to deal with when it comes to hours under employment: One is that I'm in my youth, and I long to spend time with friends (and lovers) who usually only have the weekends to themselves. Two is that I'm generally a time-responsible person, who downright fucking refuses to engage in any sort of debauchery (Pardon the baroque English there, but what else do I call drinking and smoking dope and partying and all that shit) the night before I need to wake up to go fulfill responsibilities like work, school, medical appointments, etc. I refuse on principle to try to make a "close call" where I come into work 2 minutes before my shift hungover from the night before, that's just a dumb move. Because of those two aspects combined, I refuse to work on weekends.

I came home from the job interview yesterday and told my mother that I probably won't get the job simply because I refuse to work on the weekends. Thankfully, my mother is - albeit questionable at times - very gracious with me basically living like a leech off of her. She then bitched at me that it's just part of life - to work the "shitty shifts" when you're new, and I wouldn't find a job. Now, I'm fine working anything considered a shitty shift that isn't on the weekends, because who the fuck would really want to be up until 1am doing shit on a Tuesday night? Me. That's who. But I do not want to be working at noon on a Sunday for good reason, on both my personal end and on the end of my employer. So now I need to consult the anonymous internet Communist group if my viewpoint is "correct".
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go to a furry club. many of them have a lot of spare wealth


Hiring manager is unlikely to give a fuck what your reason for 'needing' the weekend off is, managers want everyone to be flexible so they can cut as much staff as possible without worrying about gaps in coverage, why would he hire you when 10 other people walk in the door who are willing to work anytime? Not saying it's impossible but my stepdad looked for months to find a shitty job because he refused to work weekends, he only eventually found one that was in the stock control/office part of a factory.

Just look for a workplace that isn't open on weekends, it will be a lot easier.


If you're somewhat competent with computers you can find a bullshit part time work from home job that will pay like 16/h to 17/h.


You might want to try jobs with the government/companies that contract with the government (although some might at least require an associate's degree). I'm on month 2 of a 3 month contract with basically a helpdesk for a gubbernment website, I didn't finish a degree, but it's 5 days a week >$15 an hour


>go to a furry club
i literally got fucked by a murrsuiter just a few weeks ago lmao
Eh, I'm trying to take advantage of the humanity in hiring managers.
Such as?

File: 1678657557171-0.jpg (503.75 KB, 2500x1874, Toyota yaris.jpg)

File: 1678657557171-2.jpg (433.96 KB, 2000x1333, yugomain.jpg)


What is your opinion on small cars in particular? Do they have the best of automotive engineering and its benefits without car culture and its excesses?

Yaris, Trabant, Yugo.
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>SUVs should be banned.
Don't worry, they will be soon-ish. Unless we get electric SUV's but I am not sure about that.

Even if they are not made illegal outright they will be heavily taxed and phased out, as diesel currently is for example.


File: 1678782845163.png (1.83 MB, 956x1300, ClipboardImage.png)

Kind of sad these picrel 2-seat micro-car things didn't take off at least. My grandad had one.

It would probably be extremely benfiical to have them smaller as a matter of goverment policy, especially when you think about that for most of us our roads were never built for cars, they've just been retrofitted for our modern usage in the most hacky way, i mean it's not unusual to come across an road that is made out of old bricks (there is a word for this in english i forget. Cobbled?).
Hopefully it would means some streets could be revamped for only small personal transport at most, with restricted access to commercial vehicles.


That'd be ideal. Berlin is getting ready to build a multi billion euro highway in the middle of the city.


>What is your opinion on small cars
They're cars. Fuck cars.

(but to be constructive, watch vidrel.)


Asking here because it's related enough. Is there a functional mechanisms for retaliating against cars? It kind of goes without saying, the only reason things like traffic are able to exist in the first place is because it's difficult or impossible to even respond to. A law legalizing damage to or the destruction of motor vehicles would be a good example of a solution–people tired of the tyranny of car owners could set vehicles on fire on put bombs in gas tanks as kind of a response-in-kind to traffic, provided nobody is killed. Because currently you're just kind of at the mercy of whatever car owners want to do to you afaik. If car destruction was legal then insurance rates would sky rocket and most people would give up on driving just from the cost alone because suddenly it's fairly priced.


hey hey
this is my first post on here, hope this isn't too shitty of a post.

i live in Argenina. i have for all my life, being born here; i'm fairly young and am lucky enough to be well off but im scared about the future.
Argentina's had a pretty bad series of governments for the past bunch of decades, ranging from neoliberalism to """socialism""" but now the threat of libertarian fascism is impending.
people have grown disheveled with the last few centre-left/centre-right governments and as such are desperate for an alternative. thanks to this, far right rhetoric has made its way here.
in comes Javier Milei. he's a far-right anti-semite libertarian and self dubbed "anarcho capitalist" that younger generations have been flocking to. he's also a complete bastard. he's sexist, anti-semetic and just a total fascist pig.
a lot of Argentinian voters are so desperate for something new that they're blatantly ignoring the red flags in Milei's ideologies. a lot of people genuinely think his policies will benefit the working class, despite the fact that he shares a lot of ideas with Menemism, and that was absolutely agains the working class.
i'm scared because it looks like he might win. Argentina, despite its flaws, has its good things. the public transport system is solid, we have public healthcare as well as many other state-funded institutions but with people like Milei in power we might lose that stuff sooner or later.
being bisexual and having many friends that are LGBTQ+, the notion that previous commodities given to us may be jeopardized is horrifying, especially when i think about my trans friends.
this is all so scary and i want to stay optimistic but its hard. i just wanted to vent about how much of a fuckface Milei is but everytime i do so my nihilism shows. i wish things could be different. i wish left wing ideologies weren't so looked down upon thanks to the fake left-wing "socialism" that Kirchnerism abides by.
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File: 1676430957412.jpg (33.51 KB, 431x557, 1DMuO3eYUQAA8fBr.jpg)

I believe Milei can't win a presidency due to simple numbers. The bulk of his voters are teenagers, incels and gamers. He literally doesn't have enough supporters to get voted into power over Peronism and Macrism.


To be fair, Lenin Moreno is a bad comparison, since Lasso won. Should've said like Ivan Duque


File: 1679154414775.jpg (118.5 KB, 1200x1050, cringelord.jpg)

Yo a esta altura creo no ironicamente que la unica forma de que la mayoria de la poblacion se conscientize sobre que defiende este tipo realmente es que eventualmente llegue al poder y asuma las reformas mas antipaticas para la clase trabajadora, y que como consecuencia eventualmente caiga. Si bien ya tiene un electorado fiel, aun minoritario pero fiel, particularmente en la capital federal, de gente gritando su propia narrativa erronea de "llevamos 70 años de socialismo en argentina" la gente no se olvido de los 90 ni del 2001. sigue presente en el imaginario colectivo, por mucha frustracion legitima que pueda tener la clase trabajadora con el kirchnerismo, especialmente con el ultimo periodo.
El escenario que mas me preocupa en las elecciones es que en lugar de liderar su propio frente politico, lo cual esclareceria aun mas para el grueso de la poblacion que representa Milei, se meta en la coalicion del macrismo, en ese caso ya me imagino a un monton de pelotudos de ultra derecha durante la gestion argumentando que le fue mal porque: "las palomas de cambiemos me ponen palos en la rueda blabla" y "esto no es liberalismo puro".

Also for all the non speaking spanish anons here, this dude identifies himself as anti political establishment, while he himself worked and associated himself a few years ago as economist to the Bussi administration (a family who rules the province of Tucumán since the militar dictatorship of the '76)


File: 1679154839172.png (166.18 KB, 264x385, lickmytate.png)

My god, its Ancap Man and he has the Omni Staff of the Free Market. He's stronger than all antifa super soldiers. Someone call the Social Justice League before he awakens the Primordial Sovereign Citizen from the Depths of Galt's Gultch!


File: 1679163219688.jpg (35.53 KB, 375x500, Paulo_kogos_templario.jpg)

>what if paulo kogos ran for president

File: 1678504524692-0.jpg (2.28 MB, 3000x2000, iStock-485511600.jpg)

File: 1678504524692-1.jpg (143.85 KB, 628x356, maio_de_68.jpg)


It's 1968, you're a communist, you live either in the US or in Europe, how do you feel about the world at this moment in time and about the future of the world revolution?
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File: 1679095142190.jpg (59.44 KB, 736x553, La Chinoise.7.jpg)

Why are we so afraid of nuclear bombs anyways? If the American imperialists drop the bomb on the social imperialists in the Soviet Union who fire back at them, it'll destroy a lot of things but it'll also destroy them in the process.


having lots of


kys autist


I always thought Mao was mental because of this but it's like fear is the enemy so why not. Let's just stop having fear.


>how do you feel about the world at this moment in time and about the future of the world revolution?
Are you ready to smash the reefs of the old world before they wreck your desires? Lovers should love their pleasure with more consequence and more poetry. A story tells how Price Shekour captured a town and offered it to his favourite for a smile. Some of us have fallen in love with the pleasure of loving without reserve — passionately enough to offer our love to the magnificent bed of a revolution.

File: 1679027392779.png (290.05 KB, 491x491, cockshott.png)


Paul Cockshott is PRO CHINA. There. I said it. Although it seems ironic that this former student maoist, and advocate of planned economies would be pro modern China, despite his ideological differences with it and not even considering it socialist. Cockshott is a China accelerationist. In his interview of Doug Lain, Cockshott cites the Portuguese 'carnation' revolution as an example of the closest a developed or western country has ever come to communist revolution, because the portuguese had just lost a colonial war and the military had mutinied. In his video on a China-AUKUS war he says that AUKUS would lose and that would lead to the decline of western capitalism.

I think I've finally pegged Cockshott's actual praxis. He's a revolutionary defeatist (in regards to the west, at least) in the vein of Lenin because he sees military defeat and mutiny as the most plausible road to socialism in a developed nation. Specifically with regards the anglosphere nations i.e. the US/UK/AUS this is especially true.
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He's a Maoist, but applies historical materialism and strategic thinking to the material conditions of the urban environment (Scotland, western Europe). This is obvious if you followed him for longer than a day.


He's clearly critical of the rightist (Dengist) line of market mechanisms over planning. Among other things he outlines how China under Mao was more productive thanks to that eras planning than vs the period after (in effect saying that the CPC today is wasting its potential by not applying 'Maoist' governmental policy via said planning).
Also his TANS theory is clearly a defense of revolutionary Marxist communist positions, none of which the CPC utilizes; either domestically (bureaucratic monopoly-capitalist) or internationally (free trade / national bourgeois collaboration (least worst capitalist model is still not enough in this context: DotP, proletarian internationalism, lower-phase communism a la Marx, Engels, Lenin)).
Saging because I don't believe you, OP, think this, but rather wanted to make another bait thread which in effect confuses more than it amuses. Sink, stink.



>The higher profit of business X compared to business Y is not proof that business X directly extracts more surplus value from its workers than business Y.
Where do you think profits come from exactly?


The surplus comes from the working class. The total of profits, rents, and interest is the surplus. The ratio between two shards of the total measured in one way does not correspond to the ratio of shards of the total measured in another way.

For example, if business X obtains a very high profit due to patent monopolies it doesn't need to extract a very high surplus from its own labor force.

File: 1676251043389.png (1.1 MB, 1127x623, sdfsdfgfdg.png)

 No.1365332[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

US government suppresses strikes and because of corporate neglect releases 1 million pounds of a toxic chemical in a "controlled" burn.

Proceeds to assure the public it was a mechanical failure and definitely has no relation to staff cuts and cutting corners in the railroad industry.

Arrests reporters that try to record press conferences

>This is just like the soviet union!!!

Shaking my DAMN head.

But seriously though this whole situation is fucked up and is going to be causing problems in America for decades
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Good question asked here
Where was Hair and whatever sniffer's billion dollar infrastructure thingy?



Why aren’t railroaders just striking anyway? Will they get fired if they just park the trains in the middle of the track and refuse to leave?



I think there are laws against them striking, since they are like important infrastructure workers, i guess they can end up in jail for that. That is why they for years been jumping through hoops to get the strike approved. In the end Biden declared it illegal.

File: 1679053433857.png (27.36 KB, 738x161, wu.png)


Why don't the left do this anymore like during counterculture era? Fascists are getting militant day by day and the left still keep silent and no action
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Be the change you want to see in the world


Nah, conservatism is the new punk rock


>leftists are not tolerated by the bourg


half correct
communists aren't, but the rest are fair game


Or rather, whatever isnt permissible is revolutionary
i.e. anti-private property
Bourgeois consciousness has property as its framework - breaking that mind prison puts you in danger

File: 1679090583678.jpg (112.27 KB, 736x954, 0yCNt97-48633043.jpg)


Health workers in South Africa end strike after 10 days
In the 10 days of the strike, the government had repeatedly refused to approach negotiations with the trade union seriously, dismissing their demand for a 10% pay rise. Instead, the government had offered a salary increase below 5%, which the trade unionists said would not be enough to keep up with inflation and rising costs of living in South Africa.

March of the Millions thwarted by tear gas in Sudan capital
Processions on March 14 began at noon in Khartoum from the various assembly areas to the Republican Palace from Jackson and Stadium bus stations, in solidarity with striking workers and to call for an end to the military coup in Sudan. The regular forces fired significant amounts of tear gas at the demonstrators and obstructed their access to the Republican Palace. The authorities had reportedly preempted the processions with substantial military deployment. Similar processions also set out from El Arbaeen street (renamed Martyr Abdelazeem street by the revolutionaries) to Parliament, demanding the overthrow of the military junta and rejecting the Framework Agreement due to be finalised at the end of this month.

French unions plan more strikes against pension reform on March 23
"The united union front continues to demand the withdrawal of the reform and calls for another day of strikes and demonstrations on Thursday, March 23," hardline CGT union official Catherine Perret told a news conference. President Emmanuel Macron's government on Thursday invoked special constitutional powers to push through a much-contested pension reform without a vote in parliament, where his centrist party does not have an absolute majority.
httpsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Top court ruling unleashes permit upheaval in Puerto Rico
The ruling released Wednesday prompted the government to take the unprecedented step of temporarily suspending access to the website where people apply for permits. While access was restored Thursday, confusion still reigned as people began to question whether they’re allowed to operate a new business they opened, keep a new deck they built or start from scratch and obtain new permits if they were in mid-construction of a hospital or other buildings.

'An Abomination': Powell Cut Mention of Regulatory Failures From Bank Bailout Statement
Despite immediate questions about the possible supervisory failures that allowed the banks' crises to fester, Fed Chair Jerome Powell personally intervened over the weekend to block any mention of regulatory slipups in a joint statement on the federal government's response to the situation. The New York Timesreported late Thursday that some Biden administration officials "wanted to include that lapses in bank regulation and supervision had contributed to the problems that helped fell" Silicon Valley Bank, whose collapse marked the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

Moderate Senate Democrats join GOP in resisting new bank rules after SVB failure
Moderate Senate Democrats who voted to loosen regulations on midsize banks in 2018 are standing by their votes in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, joining Republicans in resisting enhanced scrutiny for financial institutions. Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, who caucuses with Democrats, said he wants to investigate “what actually happened in this case and whether a different set of regulations would have mattered” before he decides whether the 2018 legislation was a mistake.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


SM of Kazakhstan, There is no rehabilitation of Nazi accomplices from the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht and SS units in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan!
The Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan calls on the communist and workers' parties to protest and support this statement about the intentions of the ruling classes of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to justify the members of the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht, Muslim SS units, as well as counter-revolutionary rebels (Basmachi) with weapons in their hands, who fought against Soviet power, and supported by Turkey and Great Britain. The fact is that in the Kyrgyz parliament, on the second attempt, a bill on the "final rehabilitation of victims of Stalinist repressions of 1918 – 1953" was adopted for discussion, developed back in 2019 by the local Soros Foundation and the "Open Government" funded by USAID. And in Kazakhstan, the state commission for final rehabilitation, established at the end of 2020 by presidential decree, is actively operating, which has already prepared 31 volumes of documents and exculpatory materials for 250 thousand people. Both in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the participants of the "final rehabilitation" included ordinary criminals, bandits and convicted of embezzlement and official crimes among the "victims of Bolshevism" in order to show the mass nature of repression. Among those who are justified in various ways, including with the participation of pro–Western NGOs and local nationalists, are those who have not previously been rehabilitated - terrorists, spies, traitors to the motherland, Basmachi and accomplices of the German Nazis.

UAW Reform Candidate Shawn Fain Is Set to Win the Union’s Presidential Election
The machine will churn no more. Nearly eighty years of top-down one-party rule in the United Auto Workers (UAW) are coming to an end. Reformer Shawn Fain is set to be the winner in the runoff for the UAW presidency. As of Thursday night, Fain had a 505-vote edge, 69,386 to 68,881, over incumbent Ray CurrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1679094722409.gif (944.15 KB, 497x280, tenor-1.gif)



File: 1679114135028.jpg (223.5 KB, 2618x2015, 1658804449308316 (2).jpg)

Thanks News Anon

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