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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1680839872879.png (119.86 KB, 620x348, Gag reactionaries.png)


Censor clergymen. Starve clergymen. Gag the mouths of clergymen. Point out biblical contradictions to clergymen. Criticise drug pushers and clergymen together as those who spread opium of the people. Make clergymen read Kant and Hume. Accuse clergymen of counterrevolutionary activity. Make clergymen read the Book of Revelation in a clown suit. Set Protestant and Catholic clergymen against one another. Let clergymen rant. Question clergymen. Ask clergymen who they are in the pay of. Force clergymen to do hard labour. Make clergymen study a real subject. Remind clergymen that nobody loves them but their alienated selves. Make clergymen read Feuerbach. Ask clergymen if their Friend is in the room with us right now. Send clergymen to asylums. Confiscate the property of clergymen. Turn the children of clergymen against their parents. Make clergymen read the Critique of Pure Reason. Ask clergymen if God-for-Them is the same as God-in-Himself. Get clergymen drunk. Send in some whores to fuck the clergyman and record it on video. Play it back to the clergyman. Ban clergymen from fasting. Force feed clergymen to obesity on holidays. Make clergymen fuck animals. Play clergymen's bestiality back to them. Critically ask clergymen if there really was a Messiah. Record clergymen's statements. Let clergymen argue. Find contradictions in their recorded statements and point it out. Make clergymen read the Essence of Christianity. Ask clergymen why their fantasized subject is so similar to themselves. Teach clergymen about the Thirty Years War. Teach clergymen about how they tried to subvert the French Republic and the Soviet Union. Seduce clergymen's daughters. Show porn of their daughters to clergyman. Ask clergymen how the universe is created from nothing. Make clergymen read Plato and Hegel again. Make clergymen read other religions' texts. Make clergymen read Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto. Turn chapels and churches into libraries. Guillotine refractory clergymen.
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File: 1681647348625.png (2.58 MB, 1028x1156, 5 year plan.png)

Unfathomably based.


File: 1681648243096.jpg (91.16 KB, 960x784, oof zone.jpg)

>Nietzsche had previously written, "All superior men who were irresistibly drawn to throw off the yoke of any kind of morality and to frame new laws had, if they were not actually mad, no alternative but to make themselves or pretend to be mad."


This but unironically.


You see if youre cucking out to a master that treats you as a slave youre ubermench because morality.


Counterpoint: the Church is a mostly vestigial institution with a shadow of its former power. The power that it does have comes entirely from riding the coattails of secular reactionary parties. Some noise has been made over the supposed influence the Church has in the United States, but all the Church has done since the Moral Majority movement is give a divine stamp of approval to GOP policies. And, ironically, the Moral Majority movement has caused Christianity to lose its status as the moral majority in the United States.

This isn't to say the Church isn't reactionary, by and at large, but that this is kicking a dog while it's down and essentially engaging in liberalism, since Western liberals love to blame the Church for the failures of liberalism.

File: 1681108064798.jpg (11.36 MB, 2841x3225, dreyfus.jpg)


Reactionism is, inherently, lame and tired. It's been done so much and for so long it must by physically exhausting to continue doing, to not look forward and only back on something that does not exist, trying to reach it by saying vapid bullshit with half of your heart tied behind your back, suppressing any feeling that might inspire human emotions in you.

Why is it that reactionaries don't seem to give up despite the benefits of relinquishing their hate, and continue to exist?
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>Far from compromising the vision of excellence set out above—in which the prerogatives of rule are supposed to bring an element of grandeur to an otherwise drab and desultory world— the activist imperative only strengthens it. “Light and perfection,” Matthew Arnold wrote, “consist, not in resting and being, but in growing and becoming, in a perpetual advance in beauty and wisdom.”98 To the conservative, power in repose is power in decline. The “mere husbanding of already existing resources,” wrote Joseph Schumpeter, “no matter how painstaking, is always characteristic of a declining position.”
<If power is to achieve the distinction the conservative associates with it, it must be exercised, and there is no better way to exercise power than to defend it against an enemy from below. Counterrevolution, in other words, is one of the ways in which the conservative makes feudalism fresh and medievalism modern.


Not sure if I buy the premise. Even if looking objectively the big trend of history they have been losing forever, but in their subjective view they just shift the goalpost of what they are fighting against and what will bring about the total destruction of their way of life. Sure deep down reactionaries and conservatives are still in the same fight of maintaining or recreating the aristocracy that they lost in the French revolution, but the policies and who are the aristocracy and who are the plebs have been constantly changing.


>Why is it that reactionaries don't seem to give up despite the benefits of relinquishing their hate, and continue to exist?
Porky knows how to create populations that keep them in power. In the early 70s one of Nixon's advisors said that the biggest threat to the governing regime is the population getting educated. The education system stopped educating. Another advisor admitted that the Drug War was a creation to target blacks and hippies. Like Rove said, they created reality, and the blue dogs assisted.


File: 1681132639313.jpg (265.94 KB, 1524x2048, pol phenotype.jpg)

the reactionary exists in perpetual outrage, in a perpetual present. they have no patience. they will never grow tired of it


They run on instinct don't even try to rationalize it.


The origins of trade were never rooted in politics, especially contemporary politics it was just a phenomenon that emerged from the distribution of tokens and capital where some figures wanted to hoard capital for the sake of it. the work of Garth ennis work kind of shows, at least to me that contemporary corporations and companies are still basically the same and will brainlessly serve whatever thing gives them more money and likewise don’t care that much about their customers or their perspectives to any extent that doesn’t immediately benefit profits. I guess the supers just represent how those companies treat those loyal to them, essentially disposable and meant to be hauled around until they run out of their usefulness to their companies, similar to how defence and healthcare companies do little to help veterans in NATO member states or how frequently reactionary groups turn out to blindly support corporations to their own destruction since ww1 to today
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Having nonwhite people in the cast is not idpol
Please fuck off




Video essays are usually written first


Actually it basically is


reading things is much better than watching some guy mumble for hours too


They’ve already collapsed financially. Their major cities are having population shortage problems because of their anti human design that civilians can’t put up with. Barely anyone there wants to work, nearly every city is bankrupt, underdeveloped and just piling on debts that will never be payed. Nearly every corporation there isn’t actually growing but just mooching off tax money and piling on debts. Crumbing infrastructure means basic things like clean water are becoming harder or just flat out impossible for some civilians to get. All while they’re dealing with the same issues everyone else faces globally like declining birth rates, rising rent and food costs but don’t have any migrants to back up the losses now that more emigration there is seen than immigration. The governments there dont even want to present their shitty GDP number anymore since they know it hasn’t gone anywhere up or even stagnated for at least 2 years now
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A lot of americans got healthcare coverage tho.


Hi Redditor. Much of this healthcare insurance doesn't really cover anything when you need it and forces you to pay out of pocket.


That's insurance


a quarter don't


That's pretty much every other post on economics here because there's an extremely low level of education among the user base, and there are a lot of crypto-rightists

File: 1683960826284.png (1.78 MB, 1432x1945, ClipboardImage.png)


>spoke 11 languages
>was a lawyer
>wrote more pages (~22,500 in collected works) than days he was alive (19,631 days)
>led the Bolsheviks
>couped Kerensky's provisional government

when are you going to leave your mom's basement
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Get a job.


i haven't been unemployed in 12 years. try again.


And you still haven't started posting tomes on the clock? Get it together anon.


<spoke 11 languages
And what languages did he speak? (except russian, of course)

He probably spoke german and french (i suppose). What other languages did he know?

And do we really talk about "speaking" here? Wasn't it just passive knowledge of them?


Aside from Russian, Lenin spoke and read French, German, and English. He spoke English with an Irish accent since his tutor was Irish. idk about others


Modi's Hindu nationalist party loses India's Karnataka state ahead of national vote
India's main opposition Congress party wrested control of the crucial southern Karnataka state from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist party, according to a near complete vote count Saturday that boosted its prospects ahead of national elections due next year.

Thousands protest at Pakistan’s Supreme Court over release of Imran Khan
In a televised statement on Monday, Defence Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif accused the Supreme Court of siding with Mr Khan. He suggested the court “examine the conduct of the chief justice” and take legal action against him. From his home in the eastern city of Lahore, where he returned following his release, Mr Khan claimed in a tweet on Monday that the sit-in is being orchestrated to remove the Supreme Court’s chief justice.

Opposition parties win big in Thailand elections
OPPOSITION parties in Thailand scored a stunning election victory today by capturing a majority of the seats in the House of Representatives. Pita Limjaroenrat led the Move Forward Party to a first-place finish, overtaking its opposition partner the Pheu Thai Party, which had been the favourite. Pheu Thai stumbled despite the star power of Paetongtarn Shinawatra, daughter of former populist prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was toppled by a military coup in 2006 and is the driving force behind the party.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1684194872902.png (328.91 KB, 750x369, ClipboardImage.png)

>Opposition parties win big in Thailand elections
Some might say to big. iykwim.


Newsanon, you should reach out to Second thought since he's doing news updates every M,W,F every week.


Do you think News Anon has some special ability to procure news stories lol?


Thanks News Anon


>INC gains slight advantage over BJP
better than nothing
Has the Pakistani government ever been stable?


Can anyone in Pakistan or India clarify if anything here is correct? I have the sentiment that the country of Pakistan is fine but I don’t know enough about it to state anything with confidence
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The so called tribal regions on the west are de facto independent. They used to hide Bin Laden while the US aligned government of Pakistan was trying its best to help the US.
The population does not want to be aligned with them and it cause some unrest.
They are more or less at war with India, another nuclear power even if they haven't shot a bullet in decades.

Pakistan isn't going to disappear but we might see some political changes, including coups or the country becoming Afghanistan.


File: 1684161444522.jpg (44.3 KB, 312x454, Nathuram_godse.jpg)

>Hello my fellow leftists, BILLIONS of Paxstani must die ye, Freedom is not free, AKHAND BHARAT must be watered with blood of turks and pathans


>carved up by the British
The unity between Muslims and Indus of the English India never existed.


If the facts don't fit the theory, the worse for the facts


asking whether a youtube video clickbait title is correct is definitely QTDDTOT material. even moreso than most threads

File: 1684063144266.webm (2.96 MB, 368x656, 1680296141617018.webm)


In keeping with the greatest socialist thinkers, I learned a bunch of foreign languages, but my French, Spanish, German and Italian are my best languages. Does anyone know of any socialist podcasts in these languages that I can consoom while wage-slaving so as to maintain and further develop these languages?
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File: 1684071431316.jpg (143.35 KB, 750x1000, 1683902494245929.jpg)

>socialist podcasts are a secret club


Does no one have recs?


I'd love Spanish socialist podcasts please. Preferably with clear slow pronunciation and good recording quality.


I want a podcast in thick paraguayan dialect recorded on a nintendo DS


the only thing that comes to my mind is "la izquierda diario" which is the newspaper of the biggest trotskyist party in argentina but also a network of trotskyist newspapers from latin america and spain. the argentine one had this podcast called "fuera del algoritmo". I think the spanish and chilean newspapers also have or had podcasts

the problem is that I can't really recommend them to you because they are really fucking cringe. the only reason I know they exist is because they (pts/fit) are the biggest openly socialist party here so one ends up forcing oneself to tolerate their insanely shit opinions. local politics is the only thing they kind of do right, but they don't talk about that in these podcasts - they talk about netflix series and that type of stuff

here is something else that I also can't recommend - a peronist radio show from the 90s that rarely talked about politics

File: 1684086221424.jpg (1.4 MB, 4000x2453, PLA_heroes.jpg)


Who would /leftypol/ say is the most famous leftwinger in history and the most famous rightwinger in history? Why? Consider how much influence they had on other theorists or politics and how big their impact was on their specific ideological scenes.
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Centrists were the Thermodorian reaction. Napoleon was further to the right than any faction apart from the monarchists.


Jesus Christ and Yaldabaoth


Is demiurge /gnostic god of the old testament some sort of edgy control freak incel to you?


That's the generally accepted gnostic position, yeah


Wow he just like me fr

File: 1682683521412.jfif (113.98 KB, 1043x931, EoVL69iXYAIs3ue.jfif)


Why do many of us still use this label for ourselves? It's a highly reductive form of categorizing different political groups, it's founded on a liberal conception of politics, and "the new left" entirely dominates what people understand to mean being left. We should simply call ourselves Marxists, socialists, communists or pro-working class. Anything but "left winger".
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like this anon said its tradition dating from the french revolution onwards. However you are also correct to state that all people on the left are not necessarily allies as its too broad of a category.


Everyone says that French revolutionaires sat on the left, but nobody explains why. It's because left-handed people were historically discrimanted against, so being on the left side of the king was seen as dishonorable.

I think that's pretty based.


beat it, patsoc


File: 1684187456067-0.jpg (95.18 KB, 286x281, go away.jpg)

Fuck you anon for being so criminally retarded on flag. Sincerely.


Nothing i said is wrong just because you dont want to hear it.
National-socialism is a thing and its not left.
Your precious china is right extremist aswell.
And this:
>Left is antinational, pro human rights, progressivism (anti norm)
Is what germany declared as to be considered left while choosing the seatings since other people mentioned it in the thread.

Its not wrong just because you dont want to hear it.

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