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File: 1634147738501.jpg (75.56 KB, 660x959, www.jpg)


What is leftypol's opinion on disruptive capitalists, like Elon Musk, do we like them for pushing tech and development forward or hate them for propping up capitalism and prolonging it?
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dont know and dont care they should all be shot dead


Elon Musk is litterally a Nick Land accelerationist that believes in a technocapitalist singularity computer taking control over the world, with an elite of corporate bovles managing it's will. That's what all the AI self-driving drones, Neutralink and robotics stuff is about.
He constantly makes references to concepts that Nick Land uses in his philosophy and his now Ex-Wife used to put capitalist techno-accelerationist language in her music all the time too.
Every process you don't like about capitalism, Elon Musk wants to accelerat.


File: 1634194702649.jpg (63.47 KB, 633x758, wojak.jpg)

Coping and seething.


reminder that Soviet Union had a reusable rocket in the 80s.
>Energia II, named Uragan (Russian: Ураган, Hurricane), was a rocket design proposed in the late 1980s[21] to be fully reusable with the capability to land on a conventional airfield. Unlike the Energia-Buran, which was planned to be semi-reusable (like the U.S. Space Shuttle), the Uragan concept was to have allowed the complete recovery of all Buran/Energia elements, like the original, totally reusable Orbiter/Booster concept of the U.S. Shuttle.[22] The Energia II core as proposed would be capable of re-entering and gliding to a landing.
I know it says "concept" but the fact they had a functioning Energia rocket, and functioning Buran that could autonomously take off and land, it is not crazy to imagine that they would have succeeded had the program continued.


agreed, I can understand retarded libs falling victim to tech porkies massive investment in pr and hype, allowing them to keep grifting our gouvernements and wasting some of the smartest engineers on their shitty pet projects that deliver value to shareholder only, at the detriment of everyone just to make lines go up, but we shouldnt allow their stupidity on our board

File: 1634190413800-0.gif (879.72 KB, 520x294, mjasnoj-kvas-1.gif)


What happened with 8chan /leftypol/? Do exist other left boards or only this site?


Probably best to put this on the /meta/ or /siberia/ boards.
There have been a couple of splinter sites but this is the biggest successor by a huge margin. You can read the history on that unitedchans wiki if you care.

>8chan /leftypol/

8chan got killed for months by Cloudflare letting it die, then 8kun succeed but literally (I verified) 90% of traffic is Qanon boards now. Most of its boards exodus'd to other imageboards.
>Do exist other left boards or only this site?
Apart from the tiny /leftypol/ derivative sites (bunkerchan,leftychan,leftcel), there's GETchan (nominally left but not political themed) and soon there will be 'dismantle capital', along with some tiny ones I forget.


/pol/ mass spergout #704905763328


Moved to >>>/meta/13785.

File: 1634138976612-0.jpg (178.23 KB, 1280x853, protest4.jpg)

File: 1634138976612-1.jpg (103.93 KB, 932x621, protest3.jpg)

File: 1634138976612-2.jpg (79.61 KB, 660x440, protest2.jpg)

File: 1634138976612-3.jpg (69.32 KB, 800x450, protest1.jpg)


So there have been anti-government protests going on in Slovenia for almost a year now, but in the last month and a half they have really escalated with the anti-restriction people starting more violent shit during protets.
Last week the police filled the water canon with tear-gas and sprayed people like motherfuckers which pissed of even more people. Today is quite calm ATM. Live stream available:
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>populism guud


You are on the same level of dumbness as all the posters who write about "americans were a mistake" and "anglos deserve to die" etc.

It is middle class demands as the political situation in EU si such that no real revolutionary alternative exists. So anything the people can think of is "elections now" and "stop corruption" and shit like that.


No teargas testerday


dont care fuck all euroaches


Now back to your sweatshop dear, I need a new 3 $ t-shirt

File: 1634088037337.jpg (30.78 KB, 640x360, lootboxes.jpg)


If capitalists can literally create infinite value from absolutely nothing (virtual goods like gacha shit, lootboxes, NFT's memecoins etc) does that mean that the marxist view of the failing rate of profit is false/invalid? You can make any kind of virtual good that costs 0 to produce and retards will surely pay big money for a couple of numbers in a screen or they favorite waifu in a shitty game, isn't that actually the highest stage of capitalism? Create value from nothing.
I'm seriously worried about the future of the socialist movement if shit like this keeps happening
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This makes me wonder if there were not some way to artificially simulate scarcity using this exact metric with NFTs. Essentially, a digital "diamond" has a certain valuation because, for some arbitrary reason, it takes up a ten thousand terrabytes on a server somewhere. Whereas a "digital ruby" might have a 500 gig valuation, or 500 in whatever arbitrary units. Each gigabyte is like a unit of acreage in digital real estate, and the prices of each asset are scoped to how much "land" they occupy in available storage space.

Yet bitcoin's mechanism of valuation is tied to its ability to control the money supply and generate artificial scarcity through cryptomining. by creating a real-world cost in watts which takes resources, the imaginary value of the asset is conjured from the void.

This scheme would be utterly wasteful, of course, but the very fact that it is wasteful is what makes it potentially profitable and would not stop capitalism from doing it. Server space is valuable, although admittedly fairly cheap, but if you started hogging it up with crap And there I go throwing away a trillion dollar bullshit idea on an anonymous message board.

This type of conjuring trick is something that has always fascinated me about capitalism. As in a socialist economy, something must have a use to be of value and it is all but sinful to arbitrarily waste resources to conjure up fictitious capital. But, people cash out with real money on these things, even though, all in all, crypto and other digital assets are more or less elaborate ponzi schemes.


You might say that server storage space keeps expanding exponentially according to Moore's law and that therefore the ratio between used storage space and maximum storage space globally will continue to get larger. Therefore, the idea of equating a unit of "digital real estate" with fixed, physical real estate is a false analogy. However, this is dependent on several factors. First of all, the amount of data generation is also exponentially increasing, and there is no reason why it should not outpace the amount of new storage space produced. Secondly, the amount of storage space produce is dependent on ectricity costs and available electricity, semiconductor costs, the physical limits on the miniaturization of circuits (how much memory you can pack into the smallest unit of space), and on the other end of the spatial scale, limitations in warehouse space to host huge server farms. Eventually, one could imagine a digital asset whose only value is paying for its removal, once the amount of storage space maxes out at some point, which by physical necessity it must.

If there is a fixed amount of storage space whoever is sitting on that storage space suddenly has a very valuable asset. The same applies for land. Using computational resources then becomes a zero sum, exclusive act, and it is subject to the laws of scarcity like other assets.


File: 1634186203199.png (335.82 KB, 612x446, 1624246979125.png)

>ah fuck I mean run by actual people of course
But the fucking NFTs don't even do anything they are just abstract concepts that get traded around after they get minted. It's basically the purest example of how capital goods are absolute bullshit, legal fictions, except now that the bourgeois state has lost all credibility even autistic an-cap currency experiments are a legitimate store of value in the eyes of the public (until it's time to pay taxes). Currency was created to keep account of how workers fulfilled their obligations to the redistributive state (the palace economy) but neoliberalism sees the state subsumed to the whims of the market economy, so the rule of law becomes a farce as the rich just pay their way out of the justice system. Since financial assets and the functioning of a market at all are built on a legal framework of property rights, now that that framework itself is put under the profit motive there is no equal justice, no fairness, there is only plutocratic power exercised through the institutions of the liberal state. The weakness here is that capitalists get high on their own supply and we ought to break the illusion of the dependency of the masses on their patronage, by systems of mutual aid. The liberal state is a temporary fixture; it will become more and more useless with the passage of time. To maintain it is to hasten social upheaval, but without it, capital has no fangs. This dialectic will lead to its sublation by socialism.


And if your entire economy is based on NFTs where do you buy food and housing from?

Do you think the food gets created by money? Do you think houses are built with money?

File: 1634125157666.png (317.18 KB, 717x539, cult.png)


>A cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal. Sociological classifications of religious movements may identify a cult as a social group with socially deviant or novel beliefs and practices. Since the 1970s, the … anti-cult movement has opposed certain groups, and in reaction to acts of violence which have been committed by some of their members, it has frequently charged them with practicing mind control.

What is the marxist-materialist explanation for cults? Are they more common under capitalism? And how would a socialist society deal with cults?
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Under the neoliberal order which sucks the meaning out of everything and people are essentially taught to pursue vapid and empty values like "success" and their "career" which does not speak to anything fundamental in the human spirit.

People long for some kind of greater meaning and a feeling of purpose which is not on sale. Every society must have its myths which psychological orient and regulate it. Under neoliberalism, culture is replaced by business, and so there is no living, rooted culture, only a vaporous and sterile cosmopolitanism.

If this higher meaning and purpose is not provided for them, the masses will seek it wherever they can find it. The creative mind might, as per Nietzche seek to invent their own values to fill this horrible nihilistic void. Easier said than done, for to experience purpose it must be collective and social to feel bigger than oneself, which is the whole point. The average person lacks these intellectual and imaginative powers and cannot, like the philosopher, content themselves with doubt. Instead they must believe.

Qanon is clearly a sign of such cultism in the wake of collapsing neoliberal norms. The masses must have something to believe and if given nothing, they will conjure any sort of wild fantasy. This impulse is greatly heightened in times of unrest and anxiety, when the world seems to be shifting and old institutions falter. People recoil against the uncertain.

A cult is merely a form of incorporated fantasy, in which exploitative relations to the "means of believing" are erected by psuedo-capitalists. Take for instance scientology, which is an odd blend of the catholic church and multinational corporation. It is fast-food religion, religion as product. It is sleek and marketable, with celebrities representing it and all sorts of nonsense. Yet it is structured around the abuse of its underlings and a hierarchy of manipulation. Cults often emulate the transactional sorts of relations which are the norm of the wider neoliberal society, because while they must be different enough to feel familiar, they must also be familiar enough to feel different.

People long for a greater sense of meaningful connection, but are unable to find it in a society based purely on transactional relationships between atomized individuals. These are those who are susceptible to cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


There's a couple bad sentences in this post. I'm too busy finding meaning and purpose in booze!


>Most cults let the leader sleep with everyones wife though
what's that have to do with communism


False consciousness latching onto an avatar in the form of a person. HEck there have even been socialist cults: People's Temple and some Maoist sects come to mind.


File: 1634187454165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.88 KB, 390x500, 8d90bb9afcba90b4a99babf86f….jpg)


File: 1634170248210-0.png (926.34 KB, 862x575, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634170248210-1.png (927.39 KB, 809x455, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634170248210-2.png (4.22 MB, 1600x1156, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634170248210-3.png (1.01 MB, 962x640, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634170248210-4.png (386.91 KB, 474x320, ClipboardImage.png)


Many orgs and, to a degree, ideological groups appear to have a general (contemporary) recruiting and outreach methods, and I want to see how accurate and universal this is:
'Leftist' ideologies (e.g. socialism)
>supporting unions
>college/university presence
>mutual aid/street kitchens
'Rightist' ideologies (e.g. extreme USA libertarianism, neo-fascism)
>militia groups
>gym/fitness groups
>gun clubs
Do you think this is an accurate list? Any more to add?
Of course there is some cross-bleeding (red/anti-fascist gyms, socialist rifle associations) but it seems trivial.

From these, there's already a clear trend, and I wonder how much is 'target audience we want' and how much is 'aiming for likely recruits'. Understandably, many communist groups are community-focused and workplace-focused, probably since it's largely an economically-focused ideology emphasizing workers. On the other hand, neo-fascist groups emphasize ideals of strength, power and masculinity, and US libertarianism emphasizing self-defense rights (like le gun amendment) and defense against the government.

Thoughts? What about less 'radical' ideologies; do they just live off the status quo of normal or do they have similar outreach?


>Of course there is some cross-bleeding (red/anti-fascist gyms, socialist rifle associations) but it seems trivial.
The fact that both those examples aren't more popular is a damn shame.
Comrades, we need to realise that a great deal of the appeal of communism is literally in the discipline and organisation that a healthy party should foster. Fighting for the working class isn't all literally brawling but its stupid on our part if we can't get in a scrap and hold our own.

When people think of communism, alot of the time the idea of the "tough cunt soviet" or the "brutal calculating commissar" come to mind. We should seek to embody these examples if even only in part.


we shouldn't glamorize violence, rather we should always be prepared to defend against it, we are peaceful and yet not passive, we should be ready to defend ourselves.


Normal but capable of defense should be the goal. Its also interesting that communist movements seek to establish themselves in a community but far-right movements seek to remove themselves from the community (and create their own). I guess its telling of the type of people attracted to right-wing movements (usually unemployed, criminal, alienated).


Bourgios parties love using school boards and school board elections to rally people

File: 1634097992771.png (694.59 KB, 640x699, 3kd047kpmxr61.png)


Should we move to Latin America, as socialism is far more popular there than here in the West? None of the socialist/communist groups in my country even have enough members to qualify for elections.
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Get arrested for being CIA lmao


I already live in a capitalist country.


I thought xi was cracking down on English teachers


Not sure about that, but they are becoming less popular


This is a retarded idea but if you're going to do this learn Spanish (get a good teacher if you have to) and move to Uruguay because that's probably the country which is most progressive and successful in it in Latin America


how will MENA, SEA and some parts of subsaharan africa and eastern europe evolve with islam around, does islam have a legitimate future in the modern world?
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You can fight against material reality all you want like don Quijote but in the end wind mills will win.


Religion doesn’t have a future
The urbanized future will be hyper atomized

There will only be single parent and nuclear families
There will be women’s and lgbt rights everywhere
There will be no offices as people work from home
There will be no rural communities as more get urbanized or proles move to the cities
There will be secularism established worldwide
There will be no money as all transactions will be done digitally
There will be no war stories as war becomes automated and heavy machines become standard
There will be no hookups as online dating and relationships becomes standard
There will be far less sex as porn becomes standard
There will be far less friends as parasocial relationships with e celebs become standard
The only 2 governing bodies of the future are the beaurocratic government and the proles
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>implying religious fundamentalists don't breed like rabbits


>does islam have a legitimate future in the modern world?
Depends. The future of Islam is just like the future of any religion.
>how will MENA, SEA and some parts of subsaharan africa and eastern europe evolve with islam around
Regardless of all the BS they give you, it's fine.
Islam is just a religion.
Especially for SEA, where its Islamic powerhouses are emerging regional powers, and (God willing) superpowers.
Both Indonesia and Malaysia tbh have stronger soft power potential than its neighbors as well as having stable economies.




CIA Funding Arm Gave Encrypted App Wickr $1.6 Million
In-Q-Tel, a nonprofit investment firm started by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), recently poured more than $1.6 million into encrypted messaging platform Wickr, according to public disclosure records reviewed by Motherboard. The $1.6 million was transferred before Amazon purchased the company, but highlights Wickr's continuing position as an end-to-end encrypted messaging app for government agencies. Beyond the In-Q-Tel investment, Wickr also has a specific product approved by the Department of Defense, and as Motherboard reported last month, a new $900,000 contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Pinera mobilises military against Chile’s indigenous Mapuche people
Troops have been deployed to put down protests in the provinces of Malleco and Cautin, where the restrictions are expected to last for at least 15 days, Locals fearing further state violence have said that “masses of soldiers” are stationed in nearby Concepcion ready to attack.

Mexico president says foreign companies smuggled fuel, names Trafigura
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday that well-known foreign companies had engaged in what he described as fuel smuggling and he named global energy trader Trafigura as an example of the practice.

Member of Jaish al-Islam killed by member of Jabaha alPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rahm Emanuel Is Back, Thanks to Some Corporate-Funded Rehabilitation Efforts
In 2019, Rahm Emanuel left the Chicago mayor’s office in disgrace after the public learned that his administration had suppressed video of police murdering black teenager Laquan McDonald. It didn’t take long, however, for the Washington establishment to bring him back into the fold, first welcoming him as a political pundit and now rewarding him with a potential ambassadorship. But financial disclosures that Emanuel was required to file after President Joe Biden nominated him for ambassador to Japan shed new light on how corporate interests continued to line Emanuel’s pockets after he left office in Chicago and took to cable news to disparage progressives. Those disclosures reveal that while he was being paid by ABC News to push a corporate agenda, Emanuel was also being paid millions by a firm that advises companies that stand to win if Biden’s agenda fails. He also received more than $300,000 for speeches to corporations and industry trade groups, as well as a board seat at a health care company benefiting from privatized Medicare coverage.

Who Cares About the Pandora Papers?
When it comes to Russia, while a cast of the high and the mighty appear, inevitably media attention has focused on anything that can be linked with Putin, notably allegations about the family of a reputed former girlfriend. That reflects Western media obsessions as much as anything else. But does it really matter? First of all, the news can be mobilized for political purposes in other ways, too. The relatively innocuous discovery that before his election, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy moved millions of dollars assets into a network of offshores, in collaboration with his aid Serhiy Shefir and present security service chief Ivan Bakanov, has been pounced on with glee not just by his political enemies but also the Russian media. Given his carefully cultivated image as the one honest man in Ukrainian politics, the impression of impropriety ⁠— even if everything he did was legal ⁠— is a problem. Secondly, the very scale of the revelations dilutes their impact by contributing to the sense ⁠— not entirely iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thank You Based TYBNA!


Thanks news anon


as usual, TYBNA




>Decide to show up to my campus’s Young Socialists club.

>walk in

>see like five people
>currently, the most retarded person in the
room (a high bar to cross) is the foul-smelling trans girl carrying on a conversation with empty space.
>sit down
>hastily select club officers
>Happen to become the representative to student government
>a few days later, in the club fbi.gov
>get into an argument over infrastructure policy
>someone contends that state owned enterprises should only be run by native Americans
>says that it’s because they know the land much better
“To call America a nation of Americans is very uncomfy”
>they end the argument with “#landback”
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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this is a bit, right?


>>Decide to show up to my campus’s Young Socialists club.

>>walk in

>>see like five people
But they said leftist ideas are popular among zoomers, what happened?


Maybe your pro-billionaire land privatisation politics is just cringe


Muh blood and soil


the only popular idea among zoomies is political nihilism.

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