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File: 1685459115653.jpg (88.34 KB, 663x720, 1678829448548536.jpg)


So, I live in Bosnia and it is experiencing some trouble.

There is an ethnic conflict brewing and everyone is discussing war in bars and at work.
There is trouble in neighbouring Kosovo as well.

I live in a small town that has no leftist movements and I don't know any leftists except 90 year old pensioners. Yet if war breaks out I don't want to join any ethic nationalist army.

What do I do?
How do I deal with this as a leftist?

I feel cowardly if I just left the country and I want to help people.

Have any of you experienced war as leftists?
What so you so in such a situation?
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Glad to see a fellow Bosnian here.

Honestly, I find myself in the same situation even tough I am from the city. Ino I don't think there will be a conflict but I can understand your fear. I am just angry that the idiots in SNSD/HDZ and whoever is now in Federation are diriving this country to an abyss and I can't do much.

I thought of joining politics but seriously not sure, so unfortunatly no advice but I feel your struggle comrade.


Just leave man. You have to look out for yourself first, nobody else will. Staying would be more cowardly IMO, to be drafted into a war you don't even believe in just due to social expectations.


I am not Bosnian but is there a peace movement there? Are there protests you can attend?


>I would assume that you need to know something about medicine if you want to work as a doctor or a nurse on the battlefield
Maybe in the army.

If you can join some kind of conscientous observer group that can't be drafted then you can learn basic first aid and nursing skills as a volunteer and use that to help out hospitals and stuff responding to combat victims.
You may find it might be too traumatic for you to be dealing with mangled soldiers all day, but if so there is so many roles to fulfill and you can help a lot by helping haul stuff around and clean up and tend to recovering soldiers and stuff. As a young guy (I assume, apologies if wrong) with a strong back you would be a huge help to a hospital.

That being said medical staff are in danger during a war, especially combat medics attached to an army. If uou join the army as a medic you will still get basic training and may have to fire a gun or be fired upon, and I will say that your efforts will be directed towards specific military objectives, not saving as many lives as possible. That is not what an army is for.
So try and avoid getting drafted however possible for your conscience and your own safety. That is priority number one.

Priority two is secure your and your loved ones livelihood. If you are in a possible combat zone make plans with your family and possibly friends to board up your house and take your most important belongings that you can carry a long distance.
Practice together packing up and leaving so you have peace of mind and can do it quickly when and if you need to.

Thirdly is resisting the war in the first place.
You are right that you need to network with other leftists and people against the war. You should try and find such people in your own demographic in person and online-to meet in person, you should do so also with people in the "enemy" demographic.
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>The Balkan countries are about to start ethnic cleansing each other, what do I do?
Just try to survive. Get out of there ideally and bring people with you. It's not a situation that you are going to be able to ameliorate unless there's some kind of big and ongoing anti-war solidarity movement.

File: 1685486372305.jpeg (17.62 KB, 300x300, FewFM-jWAAAfHIA.jpeg)


How can Marxism be considered a science when it has "orthodox" positions that get you attacked as a "renegade," "revisionist," "deviationist" or other form of heretic if you disagree with them?
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Why bother with Karl Popper's definition of science as "falsifiable and empirical method" in the first place?

No, it is a priori Wissenschaft, since it uses Hegel's method. Popper couldn't even get past Kant, which Hegel did. Why bother with Popper's definition of science? No reason.


>OP discovers that opportunists and dogmatards make for shitty socialists


1. Marxism as a whole is an ever developing irrefutable revolutionary science. The various posits that make up Marxism could POSSIBLY
be refuted, but its just highly unlikely. The very notion that Marxism isn't science or that it's posits are unfalsifiable in any sense is false bourgeois consciousness.
2. Every posit or conclusion established from Marxist science COULD be falseified. Some already HAVE.
>The tendancy of the rate of profit to fall COULD be falseified if contradictory empiricle data is presented; likewise for how Marxism posits that accumulation capital leads to higher organic composition of capital, or how the proletariat is the revolutionary subject, or any other marxist claim.
<The posit that revolutionary potential and class consciousness rises as capitalism develops and material conditions worsen came into question with the rise of reformism and welfare states. This led to Marxists investigating newly arising forms of hegemony and imperialism and refining these ideas.


>philosophy progresses linearly like the tech trees in my 4X games


this was very insightful, I'm not the OP but I want to thank everyone in this thread for sharing their wisdom and deep philosophical knowledge. truly enlightening answers, all of them

File: 1685434901624.webm (14.85 MB, 656x784, alunya_voice_acting.webm)



All spooks. Not real. Divide and conquer strategy against proles. Just like idpol. We are communists.
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>Noo you shouldn't label different tendencies (some of which are drastically different from one another and contradictory) we are all one communist hivemind!
Idealist bullshit. These tendencies exist because they are the result of contradictions and dialectics within the communist movement throughout history. To disregard their existence is to disregard the history of Marxism itself. It would be as if a scientist threw away all the previous theories and experiments of the past away and declared that all previous tests were not real and that "this is all math!" leaving it at that. Absolutely stupid anti-intellectualism.
>divide and conquer
History doesn't work like that. You can have a coalition of left tendencies but those tendencies will eventually come at odds. (See the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks or the CPC divide during Mao's time). The reason these tendencies exist is not to conquer but to resolve the contradictions that faced the various communist movements of these times. And Marxists give these tendencies names because that is what humans do when they want to label things and differentiate things so that future humans can "learn" from the mistakes (and triumphs) of the past instead of mindlessly waltzing onward blindly.


we see here the divide and conquer strategy in action


we must form a united front.


I'd say these labels aren't entirely useless when you're talking with other gommunists (it can rely on people interrupting the label in good faith) but we should be communists first for sure

also based webm


>noooo my particular interpretation of marx is irreconcilable with somebody else's interpretation of marx! we must struggle against one another until this contradiction is resolved!
healthcare pls


in capitalism I can just live off of neetbux in peace and quite.
under communism ill be sent to the gulag to get "reeducated".

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"
and under what obligation do I have to give back to other people?
id rather just live alone in the woods, or is that also not allowed?(Warning no low effort bad faith. bad faith copypasta etc. 7,11,14)
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File: 1685491300851.png (128.5 KB, 719x307, totalitarian.png)

>functioning in a society is le authoritarian


>in capitalism I can just live off of neetbux in peace and quite.
>"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"
>and under what obligation do I have to give back to other people?
>id rather just live alone in the woods, or is that also not allowed?
Ironically that is pretty much what full communism is. Most people will just have a different perspective on work compared to now where it is often cooerced drudgery, but there will be enough abundance (and probably automation) for loafers.


OP I see you are replying to the thread and I don't see any recent spam so I am gonna reverse the sage and ban and give you the benefit of the doubt but I am pretty sure that OP has been posted word for word multiple times here b4.


>I am pretty sure that OP has been posted word for word multiple times here b4
Yet you never ban any of the other template threads.


Template threads in and of themselves are not banned. Bad-faith low effort bait threads are.

File: 1685487491480.jpeg (106.71 KB, 800x445, 611152845-800x445.jpeg)


PFLP Prison Branch Suspends Hunger Strike After Winning Concessions From IPA
According to the Handala Center’s statement, the agreement provides for the suspension of the open-ended hunger strike, which the PFLP Prison Branch waged in occupation prisons, on the condition that the Israeli Prison Administration terminated the penalties imposed by the IPA against the Secretary-General of the PFLP, Ahmad Sa’adat, and two other imprisoned PFLP leaders, Ahed Abu Gholami and Walid Hanatshe, and the return of the three of them to general population.

WFP expected to cut food aid to Palestine due to lack of funding
Almost 200,000 Palestinians could be without critical humanitarian food aid from next month, according to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). The agency had said earlier this month that almost 60% of the total Palestinians it was providing food vouchers for will stop receiving them by June due to an acute funding deficit. Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza are suffering from decades of economic decline due to the constraints, barriers and restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation as well as frequent Israeli raids and attacks. According to reports, the WFP will be forced to close down its operations in the West Bank and Gaza by August if there is no new funding by then.

Israel set to bring 10,000 Indian labourers for jobs traditionally held by Palestinians
Israel is set to bring 10,000 workers from India to staff jobs in construction and nursing industries, in a sign of deepening economic and political cooperation with New Delhi, according to multiple Hebrew language news sites. Reports say workers will arrive in stages, with 2,500 filling jobs in both construction and nursing. The final agreement for labour is still being worked out between IsraePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Employee Non-Compete Agreements Are Illegal, NLRB Lawyer Says
The general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board issued a memo on Tuesday stating that overly broad non-compete agreements violate the National Labor Relations Act by barring workers from opportunities to get new jobs. The memo is the latest of multiple governmental actions to address the problem of non-competes, including a proposed ruling by the Federal Trade Commission earlier this year to ban them completely.

6 Sonic Drive-In restaurants in Nevada pay $71K in child labor law fines
The owners and operators of six Sonic Drive-In restaurants in northern Nevada have paid more than $71,000 in civil penalties to resolve violations of federal child labor regulations at their locations in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon and Minden, the U.S. Labor Department said. They also agreed to pay $274 in overtime owed to two teenagers who weren’t compensated for working more than 40 hours in a workweek, the department said Monday.

Student Debt Provision in Biden-GOP Deal Could Be 'Catastrophic,' Campaigners Warn
House Republicans weren't ultimately able to include a full repeal of President Joe Biden's pending student debt cancellation plan in the new debt ceiling agreement, but they did reach a deal with the Biden White House to insert a provision that campaigners say could be devastating for millions of borrowers across the country.

No sign of Mississippi governor fulfilling pledge on campaign funds tied to welfare case
Financial documents show no sign that Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has fulfilled his pledge to give away campaign donations from people charged with misspending Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


ELN: Which Agenda?
The Peace Process with the National Liberation Army (ELN) is a political solution that advances against the current of the old counterinsurgency regime, from where the agents of the foreign strategy that seeks to keep Colombia submerged in the Perpetual War are sowing several obstacles. In some very “special” circles it is said that the ELN does not have an Agenda, but that the Right does! As the “alliances” of the right wing with the current Government are relative; now, in the present context, their Agenda is what is being cooked up in meetings between Andrés Pastrana, Iván Duque, Álvaro Uribe, Federico Gutiérrez and others, where Ingrid Betancur is also emerging. It is said that it is to heat up the street and sabotage the governmental acts on the occasion of July 20, where the parade is contemplated, so that it will not be that, but a “deflation”. The million dollar question is… and how are the reserves going to participate or not participate in the “deflation”? It is not that the ELN does not have an agenda, but that it does not coincide with that of the Right, nor with that of the Government. The ELN’s Agenda is Peace with social justice, where the Participation of Society is definitive in order to build a better democracy.

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) on Erdogan's re-election: No room for pessimism, we 'll be victorious
"Those who are trying to squeeze the struggle of this people into the ballot box should shut up from now on! The results of the second round of the presidential elections have been largely finalized. Of course, it cannot be said that what emerged as the outcome of the elections, which were pointed to determine the fate of Turkey, is a hope for a bright future. However, All their political rights have been abolished, The right to strike was taken away, The possibilities of people to get organized have been usurped, The determination to struggle was broken by the unity of the government and the opposition, In other words, was it possible for people, who were in many ways disarmed, to succeed against this great darkness? Against a government that for 20 years had maintained its power through oppression of the working class and the poor, through attacksPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

 No.1445638[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

how has the board missed the work of Vivek Chibber?
>dunks on pomo leftists
>dunks on thirdworldists
>dunks on defeatist Christoid Western Marxists and their deathism and glorification of suffering
>the reason India and Africa are so poorly developed isn't because they're overexploited but because the peasantry has not had their land taken from them, that is, because they haven't been exploited enough
<Rescuing the Left From Its Obsession With Culture — Vivek Chibber
<Slavoj Zizek vs Vivek Chibber: What Is Ideology?
this man is the personification of this board and I refuse to believe otherwise
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Vivek 'Pulling the trigger on every Third World uyghur' Chibber


Vivek "Mao Zedong Thought? I think not" Chibber


Vivek "Nuclear exchange on unequal exchange" Chibber


Good thing nobody here would take an Analytical Marxist serious, right? Haha… right?


>muh philosophical traditions
healthcare pls


Soon(tm) the law project for 4x3 (4 days 3 days work/free) will be passed, it's an inevitability. What does this mean?
>the cappies won't have to pay ovetime or hire more than two workers in a given position to run his factory 24/7
>working hours will stay the same, but people will get poorer because of no overtime pay
>this is a combined attack on the social guarantees by the media and their capitalist overlords. Strikes were made illegal and you can get beat over doing
>the average Cucksta Rican worker physically cannot think of going against the grain
Anons I'm so fucked it's unbelievable, what do I do?
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B-but firsties told me costa rica, along with panama, were heckin wholesome and practically first world


The army was abolished at the end of the civil war (weird story, socdem us puppets against communists and a racist military government) so I don't imagine they have much of the coast guard


I know, precisely because I am from here. If there's any border patrol it's probably not focused on sea
Proponents say it's gonna increase productivity. Bullshit but nobody has the balls to actually oppose it
they lied to you anon, maybe we had some decent development in the latter half of the 20th century but all the worker protections and other things have been stripped little by little


You know English well enough to type it, you probably don't need to do it illegally


Do you have euro descent? If so, you could try to get citizenship via jus sanguinis. It doesn't solve many issues, but at least you can move and relocate without having to go through immigration stuff and all that bullshit.

File: 1642442497034.jpg (135.91 KB, 1029x1383, DPn0z2WXUAAlxwW.jpg)

 No.695716[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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File: 1685443772786.jpg (2.77 KB, 125x125, 1680492085666573s.jpg)

Seriamente che cazzo aveva in testa berlinguer?


Non saprei. Con il senno di poi, ha chiaramente sbagliato, ma probabilmente all'epoca è sembrata la scelta più sensata visto che la spinta rivoluzionaria dell'urss si era impantanata e le interferenze americane rendevano impossibile fare "qualcosa di più". Ha puntato tutto sul fatto che il PCI, al contrario della DC e del PSI, non era coinvolto nella corruzione del paese e questo lo aiutasse alle urne. Non è andata proprio così. Forse se non fosse morto non ci sarebbe stata la maledetta svolta della bolognina, ma non credo sarebbe cambiato molto: il muro è crollato lo stesso e il neoliberalismo ha trionfato.


Beh dio can, ho appena scoperto che Valerio Fioravanti (sì, proprio quello dei NAR) ora scrive per l'Unità. Non ho parole, che umiliazione.


Dei NAR?!? che cazzo ci fa quello a piede libero?


Non lo sapevi? Lui e la Mambro sono liberi da una decina d'anni nonostante siano stati CONDANNATI A 8 ERGASTOLI.
Nadia Desdemona Lioce sta scontando un ergastolo al 41 bis. Che cazzo di paese.

 No.1110021[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

"Tout est permis, mais rien n'est possible."

Pour tous ceux qui désirent la théorie d'un Clouscard et la passion d'un Marchais mais se heurtent au desert le plus hallucinant du moment politique présent.
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I think NUPES and RN are pressuring some LRs to vote the other way. Some did vote against in the first time around.

Else I see no possible way to remove the pension reform, at least for now.




nah 简体中文 will be the next lingua franca


If that's what it takes to make everyone use metric units, so be it.


J'ai besoin de potes français pour critiquer un article que j'essaie d'écrire pour un blog
envoyez-moi un mail [email protected]

File: 1684398101269-0.jpg (75.48 KB, 740x502, erdogan-kuran.jpg)


Redpill me on Erdogan, stealth anti imperialist? NATO puppet? Islamic gommunism?
What is the future of Turkey at this point and what prospects does the country hold for a genuine anti liberal, anti nato movment without islamism? Will turkey ever be laic?
92 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1685472040062.png (799 KB, 1417x1140, ClipboardImage.png)

Some maps of Kurdistan extend all the way to the Mediterranean coast around Hatay and I'd give the Kurds a port on the black sea bordering Georgia just because.
Still, they'd be coastline poor so the best best is to integrate with neighbors. Eventually BRI and the North-South corridor will pass through the general area which I suspect will give a big boost to Central Asia and the Middle East in general


ITT: retards falling for Kordish separatist propaganda aka pan-Kordism.

Kordish separatists aren't communists or socialists, they're liberal ethnonationalists who will kill anyone who refuses to be part of their baseless racist project. They pretend to be socialists because they think Stalin is still alive and will airlift supplies to them.

Kordestan is nothing more than a region in Mesopotamia. Most of its population are different Iranian ethnic groups. Kords are not ONE Iranian ethnic group. Most Kords are Sunni. They speak different Iranian languages that diverged over millenniums into mutually unintelligible languages.

The origin of Kordish separatism starts with Sunni Iranians unfortunately getting brainwashed by the Ottomans, Russians and British into thinking they're not Iranian and fighting against Shia Iranians. That's pretty much how a Kordish ethnicity was engineered and what Kordish separatists want to perpetuate.

The borders for Kordestan are always different and often exaggerated by Kordish separatists because it's a Western project to weaken the region for more exploitation.

Kordish separatists cut the throat of Kordish children, women and men who refuse to be part of their game.
Kordish separatists in Iran kill Kordish social workers and farmers.
Kordish separatists hate Laks and Lors for refusing to identify as Kord.
Kordish separatists hate Shia Kords for not being anti-Iran.
Almost every Kordish separatist is a Sunni Kord.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


That's an innocuous way to say "we want a racist nation-state".


im very leftist but id argue that at this point the kurdish identity should be eradicated, nothing but trouble will come from kurdish separatists.


so true!
Slava grey wolves

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