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File: 1634606737555.jpeg (220.13 KB, 2048x1105, oSAolm6.jpeg)


Will they fall? Will the Arabs become victorious over the evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil Zionists?
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Not him, but Mondoweiss has had some good articles on this topic. Infrequent, but when they appear they're pretty thorough. Yeah, there are the non-military Ultra-Orthodox there, but a lot of people forget that there are also other ultra-religious groups like the Gush Enumin who are some of the most fanatical and violent settler types. Baruch Goldstein, for example.


I think this is true. No matter what the Palestinians do, the apartheid regime will not fall unless 1) they lose their hegemonic ally and 2) meaningful sanctions are threatened by someone, maybe in the future when non-US countries can make those sanctions.



File: 1634682180639.png (113.01 KB, 794x590, 1629592738121.png)


Keep coping, goy, the mullahs have no future

File: 1632908203955.mp4 (24.94 MB, 1024x576, HayTaburGonzalo.mp4)

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[Edit: 'Defend Gonzalo' Megathread]
The victors of the Syrian civil war share pride for the legacy of Chairman Gonzalo, the Syrian people morn the death of Chairman Gonzalo who synthesised Maoism akin to Stalin synthesising Marxism Leninism.

The Syrian people and sectors of the army realign to Maoism and are militarising for victory. Our Praxis was defeating the US, Nato and UN.

People's war to world socialism, cultural revolution to world communism.
We are building a Maoist Military
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Realizing more and more that the apocalyptic "global victory around the corner" and constant hype is not just a recruitment tool but a necessary retention tool for people stuck in the Gonzalo cult.

You have all these western gonzaloists talking about dozens of fictional people's wars, other gonzaloists posting pictures of fake movements, pretending to be random passers by just happening to spot the abundance of Gonzaloist propaganda & marches supposedly occuring outside of their doorsteps daily. Groups invest heavily in social media PR agitprop, taking neat looking guerilla porn photos, but if you actually walk videos or footage of these actions outside of Gonzaloist spaces you can see how blatantly their claims are exaggerated or straight up lied about. IE claiming victories when any impartial observer watching 3rd party footage can see a humiliating defeat, claiming the existence of mass bases which don't exist and just "happening upon" graffiti or posters praising Gonzalo supposedly put up "by the masses", in reality thrown up by the same small group of cadre.

I have a feeling that the majority of Gonzaloists have no awareness of just how fake their movement is. They absolutely need it to be the case that the final victory is around the corner, that their movement is expanding all over the world, that we're months away from a global 1917. They survive and retain membership based on this hype, and their collective organized ratty behavior, ie attacking other orgs, mass programs and soup kitchens in person or wildly lashing out and throwing accusations online is to create a kind of trauma bonding for their in-group. Their claims to be "the only people doing things" are built on a ridiculous form of circular logic. If you counter their claims that Gonzaloists are the only communists doing anything they hit back by saying all of the other movements which are fucking doing shit "aren't real communists, and MLMGZT is the only legitimate form of communism today" so therefore there are no other communists "doing anything" because Gonzaloists are the only communists.

Total insane circular logic, blatant internal deception & lying to their cadre, fostering of an environment of constant anxiety & enforced isolation/trauma bonding are the only things holding these people together. With all of this in mind thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


it's portuguese retard


I'll admit it, I have a hard time telling the difference between portuguese/spanish.

At least I know basic fucking geography & can differenciate between black/brown people. You're even fucking dumber than that because if you had have just not fucking said then you could claim plausible deniability because 2/3 of this board are Anglos and tell us that they were in Spanish out of solidarity with the Peruvians or whatever bullshit.

Instead you're the retard stuck trying to explain what a bunch of Latinos are doing in Cameroon & why they are speaking Portuguese.


uygha why are you so obsessed


>I'll admit it, I have a hard time telling the difference between portuguese/spanish
I'm a native Spanish speaker. Sometimes I don't notice something is in Portuguese until several words in. At a glance, its pretty hard to tell. Here there are no tilde õ vowels characteristic of Portuguese, so unless you speak either language, it'd be hard to tell.

File: 1632663676446-0.png (617.31 KB, 960x654, POL-Cel VS Road.png)

File: 1632663676446-1.png (529.82 KB, 1852x640, TL;DR.png)

File: 1632663676446-2.png (95.98 KB, 987x640, TL;DR 2.png)

File: 1632663676446-3.png (149.06 KB, 1580x640, WORDS WORDS WORDS.png)

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Post the best pictures you got.

I like to see what others have and we need a thread to combine all the good materials.
Here I concentrated on the fact that Pol-Cel Nazis can literally not read more then 50 characters of text and are proud of it.

For these idiots everything must be a "meme" or have a "joke". Pol-cels are oblivious to the fact that others are giving them information and knowledge not jokes or memes.

Did anyone else observe this behavior from Pol-Cels ?
These idiots are unable to read children literature let alone anything important.

It looks like daddy Hitler hates people who can read or have attention spans greater then ADHD gold fish.
I never imagine the ability to have a attention span or read more then 50 characters of text will ever be something that I need to argue for. However here we are !
And this is no slander you cab go to /pol/ and engage these idiots yourself.
Of course it is like going to a zoo to look at the stupid animals.
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File: 1634657524414.gif (2.32 MB, 400x224, 1629399776055.gif)

>look at their policies, speeches, books and theory
<doesnt post any of these


File: 1634675307938.png (309.31 KB, 1508x732, wheres your chin poltard.png)

stop derailing the thread first warning


>Doesn't know how subspecies are categorized


I'd bread with this lil uygha
you ever have fresh bread with some butter?


>Implying human beings have the necessary genetic variation for sub speciation
>Getting hung up on categories as though they’re real things and not created by the human mind.

File: 1633165132818.png (31.74 KB, 700x545, yv96xs2beev11.png)


Never forget what the porkies did to us.

And remember that Russia has a good situation, since Russians only emigrate in small numbers and they received immigrants from all the FSU after 1991. In other countries, especially the ones that are EU members, it's even worse.
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>instead of teenagers listening to rock and roll and wearing jeans
rock and roll literally got published by Melodia productions including he Beatles, only certain songs got excluded for their ideological and social ideas and rightfully so given the CIA's involvement in that.


Even if what you said was true Yeltsin and chubais were more of a threat


True, but the KGB didn't focus on Rock n' Roll and Jeans as much as RadioFreeEurope claims it did.


File: 1634687268674.png (1.06 MB, 1529x673, Russia in the 90s.png)

related post

File: 1634686947497.png (80 KB, 1000x743, ClipboardImage.png)


TLDR rual population is still moving to cities.
That’s it that’s actually the answer, you would think with so many ghost towns there’s bound to be a housing surplus but in actuality only around 60% of the population is urban leaving a 40% still living in unindustrialized rice farms and hence there’s plenty of room available for massive growth under the belief that the CCP government still gives a shit about modernizing China post Mao and learning to innovate on its own. And here’s a source


nobody cares
back to your containment thread


I hear a lot of bullshit about Gonzalo this, Gonzalo that, but he's dead. Meanwhile, the Maoists in Nepal control the democratically-elected government. What gives?
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But anon why would I get my opinion from anything but screen caps from 8chan?


maoism moment


socialism is when the gov does stuff and the more stuff it does the more socialist it is and if it does a whole lotta stuff then its communism

-karl marx




Is this why I hear from my Nepali workmates that their government is corrupt as fuck? Seem to be a lot of Nepali people fleeing to my country atm.


>The issue is more that the last major Chinese client of note (Cambodia) went way too far in land reforms and exterminating class enemies and had the Vietnamese intervene to exterminate them

File: 1634682164145.png (69.14 KB, 1000x676, ClipboardImage.png)


What is the purpose of drinking the body fluids of African children when these people can just age normally as living past 80 is pretty natural especially with modern healthcare instead of being so lenient of staying young?


Not a mind reader.


File: 1634683330635.png (300.07 KB, 480x317, ClipboardImage.png)

Billionaires are humans larping as gods. They do all sorts of irrational shit to stop feeling mortal. Ruling classes throughout history have done similarly nonsensical things.


Didn’t pyramids get built due to religion though?


where is the proofs?


Yes, religion about Pharaohs journeying to the afterlife.

File: 1634598920575.png (127.11 KB, 768x432, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's talk about marketing and PR trends that makes you angry, concerned, revolted or feel violated. Hopefully we can get a few studies, leaked policies or other educational posts in here too so it's not another vapid pseud-fest like the last few popular threads.

The whole concept of marketing is a subcategory of manipulation. The intention is to change your perception of a brand to increase sales and therefore profits. One part of marketing is the way a company and its workers will communicate with people, frequently leading to insincere assertions and creepy cult-like trends. I'd like to see discussed cases where companies have developed obsessed 'fanboys' or an almost religious cult, and understand how they do it.

There are probably technical terms for these things and I'll like to hear them. Think of ideas like:
> We're a family
< Your friends at [company]
< We care about your privacy
> Personification of inanimate objects
< "Meet [this product]" uygha it's a fucking computer chip
< "Hey Google"/"Hey Alexa"
< Windows 10+ using words like "we" to humanize a computer program
> Illusion of empowerment
< Enjoy [x]… Your Way
< "Made for you." (to describe a mass-produced phone that allows you to choose from a few colors)
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it's on their website lol https://www.tictac.com/us/en/faq/
(which is great because it lets them go "look, we literally put it on our website in an easy to find location", but they safely know almost nobody will actually go looking for it.)
>Tic Tac® mints do contain sugar as listed in the ingredient statement. However, since the amount of sugar per serving (1 mint) is less than 0.5 grams, FDA labeling requirements permit the Nutrition Facts to state that there are 0 grams of sugar per serving.

though for full pedant marks: normal tic-tac boxes don't seem to actually say "sugar free" on them, only tic-tac gum.


Fair. FDA truly are the enemy of the people.
Praise be to allah I don't have to put up with this mystery meat bullshit in Europe.


>though for full pedant marks: normal tic-tac boxes don't seem to actually say "sugar free" on them, only tic-tac gum.
That is the actual mistake in the tweet. You can say 0 grams of sugar if it's under 0.5, but to say "sugar free" you aren't allowed to include sugar as an ingredient IIRC.


>Now with 0 grams of bovine estrogen! (Actually contains 0.99 grams)
Phewee. What a country.


wait til you find out about how much poop they allow in meat

File: 1634640347682.jpg (41.23 KB, 1280x731, home.jpg)


Did you know Facebook gave internet to third world countries without it? The catch was they only had access to Facebook and a select hand full of websites. No net-neutrality whatsoever. When Indonesians were asked if "the internet is Facebook" 61% said yes.


Facebook is making bank off this investment. It could be the future in the first world as well. What do you think?
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the internet was ruined by consumers who keep thinking biger = better


You mean media corporations


>vote with your wallet!
This is liberal ideology, friend.


the internet was ruined by private corporations. in no market are consumers a free agent. the narrative that the wrong sort of person ruined the internet is a convenient elitist identity adopted so people can full good about themselves, not a coherent materialist analysis of how we wound up where we did.

network effects tell you more about how facebook took off than any analysis of consumer tastes.


Blaming cattle is pointless because they have no agency. It's the ranchers who make all the decisions, in this case to over-graze the internet with retarded consumer Karens.


If you weren't aware, this economist nyukkha had a wild life:
>post-ww2 he joins the Hungarian communist party because… he's a joo himself, and the most openly anti-nazi party in that time was the commie party
>he pretends to be a diehard commie, up until the point when he learns that under Rákosi several of his collegues were tortured to shit
>add onto this 1956, which he views as a propah revolution, and his faith in the party withers
<Kádár era (goulash communism) starts
>this nyukkah gets several state funds, gets officially acknowledged as a talented dude
>he shitposts a book titled The Economics of Shortage in the 80's wherein he "proves" that soviet-style economics will "always" result in shortages, queues, and so on
>book gets translated to twenty billion languages
>regime change happens
>he goes mask off, starts shilling muh free private enterprise. etc.
>several decades later dies, yet still cites the influence of Marx & Engels as crucialto his personal development
RIP, faggot…
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Btw, I asked comrade Michael Roberts on his forum to give us a tl;dr on Kornai. The result is yet to be seen.




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