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You think part of why the Nazi state, other than knowing the USSR and Allies were gonna fucking kill all the leadership and a lot of the officers, was also just their unwillingness to recognize the fact that Germany actually never could have won WWI and all their schizophrenia about the commies and jews stabbing them in the back really was nonsensical bullshit? Like, the guys that formed the Nazis out of Freikorps and bitter lumpen/petty booj were bitter as fuck about Germany losing the Great War, and German politicians/state officials always had a flair for the dramatic like the German generals wasting thousands of lives after signing the armistice just to make the war end at a poetic time to be recited in the future.
Plus I know by the end of the war Hitler apparently wanted to carpet bomb Germany to punish the remaining citizens for losing a war he started lmao
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>looking like an undeveloped teen
>young adult females looking ther age is pedophilia

Postboomer morality be like….

More like millennials.


Kanye is just a clown. I don't think he's really gonna do anything remotely fascist. People said the same about Trump.

But, I'm glad you touched up on Hitlers past.
People always wanna blame single moms/absent dads for villians.


File: 1670103528524.webm (5.51 MB, 720x720, nofuckingfighting.webm)

>Zoomer neo-puritanists out
>More like millennials.

The capitalist media has cultivated a bogus generation obsession in too many of us. We ought not to be fighting each other over what year we were born. “Zoomers don't want to work!” “Millennials are killing the housing market!". The media endlessly feeds us stories about how one generation or another is engaging in some collective act of moral failing that, either explicitly or by implication, harms another generation. It’s a widely-mocked cliché at this point.

The media creates this bogus intergenerational drama to divide the proletariat. Please stop.


File: 1670103795558.gif (1.61 MB, 480x360, card bait.gif)


That Kanye guys really got issues .people say he hates black people I don't disagree but I think he's going for something a little more narcissistic. He's reflecting his own hate and who’s a better symbol of hate then Adolf Hitler and using it as a creative tool ( it’s not creative but people seem to react so that’s enough ) . He had posed with confederate flags maga hats In other words he's saying he's white by virtue of joining the bourgeoise . He’s not white but Kanye’s art to me is he’s saying the white identity can be bought .


File: 1669680482275-0.png (19.15 KB, 977x638, china.png)

File: 1669680482275-1.png (52.91 KB, 2212x1777, india.png)

File: 1669680482275-2.png (87.86 KB, 2212x1840, vietnam.png)


How would you solve this problem? To pick some examples, the two most populous countries are sex-selective aborting females like crazy with sex ratios at birth greater than 1.10 despite de jure laws against it that no one follows or is enforced. This affects the entire world because the majority of immigrants in most countries are male, which is why 99% of all countries in the world at youth ages have more males than females. Excess youth males are a major cause of wars, gangs, violent crime, increased suicide rates especially starting in the 30s, and general societal and political instability (and not in a good way).


>According to demographer Gunnar Heinsohn […] while we must be sensitive to other factors, in general, a surplus of young males increases the risk of conflict.
>With such a surplus male population, China may be more risk-accepting in an international crisis or more likely to undertake expansionism. Valerie Hudson and Andrea den Boer's classic study of this problem finds ‘that societies with young adult male sex ratios of approximately 120 males to 100 females and above are inherently unstable’ (Hudson & den Boer 2004, p. 264). At 117, China is on the cusp of that now and, according to Hudson and den Boer, by 2020 will have 29–33 million surplus males aged 15–34 (Hudson & den Boer 2004, p. 186).
>China. India confronts the same surplus male problem, having an approximately equal number as China by 2020.
>The social tension caused by non-alpha young adult males in primate societies often is considerable. Inequitable distribution of resources across male cohorts in primate groups forming dominance hierarchies creates serious, often violent competition, in the context of scarcity. Scarcity of food is one thing, but a different type of scarcity is even more explosive: scarcity of mating partners. Polygynous primate groups have the highest level of social violence, because non-alpha males are threatened with complete reproductive failure due to monopoly of femalPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This tbh. Any thread that makes socialist China look bad should be removed for giving the right wing ammunition. Plus gender is a spook and this looks like propaganda spun up by the CIA to depict Chinese and Indians as the Asiatic horde trope, and population pyramids are as real as lQ tests, meaning not real at all. Men and women have equal rights in China, there's no reason socialist parents would perform sex selective abortions. What more likely is that you have a lot of young women in China feel pressured to identify as men because there's still a bit of a patriarchy in China brought in by the Falun Gong and NED. This thread glows.


File: 1670179702941.jpg (13.83 KB, 220x220, viper.jpg)

The only one in excess here happens to be you. Now fuck off and go hang yourself to the nearest tree.


The difference is that "excess" Chinese men will probably work their entire lives and eventually get some Southeast Asian mail order bride. The West, on the other hand, has actual excess males who want to kill everyone who stands in the way of their pipe dreams of having a sex slave wife and mass media commodities that cater to their most racist fantasies.


is this the new malthusianoid dogwhistle?


Another reason why Dengoids are scum.


New milestone for humanity just dropped 8 billion for the first fucking sweet ass time and I’m so glad I got to live to see this event.
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shay moment


File: 1670270801733.png (19.38 KB, 492x623, images (15).png)

bet some reddit0r was twerkin their dick when they wrote this.


Malthusian bros… we got too cocky.


>uygha ur kinda late to the party
Yeah, it was like less than a month ago.

15 November 2022
The Day of Eight Billion, marked at 8:00 a.m. UTC+0 on 15 November 2022, was designated by the United Nations as the approximate day when the world population reached eight billion people. It follows the Day of Seven Billion, which was marked on 31 October 2011.


Crazy it's already up 3.7 million already tho. A whole large city's worth of people created in less than a month.


God bless asia and Africa for making this happen so wuickly

File: 1670104181141-0.jpeg (6.26 KB, 164x308, Unknown.jpeg)

File: 1670104181141-1.png (147 KB, 236x213, Shared Image.png)


Anarchism has been commodified so much that it has stopped being anything controversial, just like many other counter culture/ radical things it has been turned into something that is seen as a mostly apolitical and harmless thing. So is there any hope for anarchist movements? Will they ever achieve anything meaningful or is anarchism fated to become part of the greater culture?(possibly good faith attempt at specific sectarian discussion, keep in mind rule 14f please)
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>Anarchism has been commodified so much that it has stopped being anything controversial
nope, just have to see how much they make rightoids seethe
rightoid and lib ideologies are the most commodified ones. But they all are to some degree.


>The world will always remember how the anarchists and social democrats celebrated the "death of socialism" in the 90s
Literally no serious politician did this
Socdems hoped that the right will calm down and stop pushing anticommunism ,euro right wingers realized that america will be free to fuck everyone, eurocomms and mls were all crying cause they thought perestroika will rejuvenate socialism, maoists and trots were glad that their predictions were coming true but everybody was afraid of what the next day will bring

Literally you have never talked to a leftist who lived back then


Anon, did you draw this?
I never once mentioned 'authoritarianism' that is not what we were talking about.
Are you a child?
I'm fucking tired of all these unironic special needs kids shitting up the board recently.


Anarchists have never done a revolution ever the Zapatista ls are not anarchists they call themselves autonomists . The Spanish anarchists had to relay in the on anarchist alredy existing Spanish military to defend them while they did their lame “ revolution “(low effort sectarian bait rather than good faith discussion)


Anon, Read the rules before making your knvetching about tendancy you don't like shitposts.

File: 1670245985458-0.png (60.18 KB, 692x113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670245985459-1.png (146.32 KB, 692x262, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670245985459-2.png (242.84 KB, 708x432, ClipboardImage.png)


How has such a prominent trade union get away with heinous crimes against the working class like this? Is american labor really that cucked to the whims of the american state? Whats fucking worse is the collaborations with glowie orgs like the NED (which is literally just the NGO wing of the CIA) in order to brutally repress working class action in third world nations.

<Book is from Kim Scipe's "AFL-CIO's Secret War Against Developing Country Workers: Solidarity Or Sabotage?". Couldnt find a pdf but had to read this shit from google book's preview, a pdf file would be appreciated
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File: 1670246408844.png (95.97 KB, 780x734, ClipboardImage.png)

>also they supported segregation
what the FUCK


Yeah everyone knows that the AFL-CIO has been anticommunist since it was created.
>Is american labor really that cucked to the whims of the american state?
Mostly yes, though some non-AFL-CIO unions are less cucked.


File: 1670247351389.gif (15.56 KB, 200x221, dontread.gif)

>this is one of the many shortcomings of so-called “revolutionary unions” like the IWW that make them untenable solutions even when the alternative is beyond salvation.
What do you think about the UE?



Apart from the IWW they literally all did.
Just burgers burgering.


"Hammer and Hoe" has a lot of interesting info about the AFL and the CIO, and their merging, and how their initial radical potential was drained by Social Democracy, the New Deal, and the Democratic Party of FDR's age.


Watching over the past week what i would hope no one here would take issue in calling an attempted CIA color revolution in the People's republic of china i have found myself thinking over the last 30 years of the global class struggle more and more, specifically on the final conclusions that the forces of reactionary capital have all but uniformly subsumed the whole of the earth with. Gone are the days of neo liberal fiscal conservatism and social "liberalism." From every corner of the earth cartoonishly right-wing regiems of feudal superstition and explitic brutal xenophobia rule largely without contest.
The European Union and Nato has largely embraced an explitic neo-fascist regeim in italy while denouncing yet still funding yet another neo-fascist regiem in Hungary (whose leader has openly come out against "race-mixing" as a threat to "western civilization") based off its tacit unenthusiastic support for a war with russia; a Nation which has gone from being a socially progressive nominally socialist nation 30 years ago to a neo-theocratic chauvinistic state in that time. The "progressive" states of europe such as sweeden now forming coalition governments with the ""National Populist"" parties they correctly decried as "Nazis" less then 5 years ago leading to the mass deportation of refugees into war torn homelands bombed by the very nato memberstates themselves.
Across the pond in the States a fairly open neo-fascist party is taking its final steps via anti-semitism and hitler praise to becoming an open fucking neo-nazi party all while the """opposition"""" party funds the MOST extreme elements of the american right while pushing austerity and breaking union power; only hoping to maintain power by giving into as many immigration and cultural demands as possible without alienating the upper middle class college educated suburbanites that now make up the whole of the base of the party.
India is ruled by an expliticly theocratic government openly commiting atrocities against muslims in the name of their own religious fanaticism. Pakistan is ruled by an expliticly theocratic government openly commiting atrocities against hindus in the name of their own religious fanaticism. Afghanistan has been recaptured by the mother fucking taliban and is currently is in the process of reintroducing gender segregation in the medical field all while the US crushes their economy leading to extreme shortages of what little resources the country previously hadPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I agree with most of what you posted, except for two critical points of disagreement. Firstly, Dengist China is not a Socialist State, but a Capitalist, Social Imperialist, and Fascist one (as explained in this CPI (Maoist) article https://www.bannedthought.net/India/CPI-Maoist-Docs/Books/China-Social-Imperialism-CPI-Maoist-2021-Eng-view.pdf ), and Secondly, I feel your portrayal of the Democrats is way too harsh (including the fact that their Base are not “upper middle class college educated suburbanites”, but a mixture of Racial/Ethnic/Religious/Sexual Minorities, Young Leftists, and Union Workers), as they have obvious flaws (any Bourgeois Party is flawed from a Maoist perspective), but are a necessary “Lesser Evil” to the Crypto-Fascist Republicans that seek to abolish the Social Safety Net and overthrow Bourgeois Democracy, due to the fact that PPW is not applicable the current Material Conditions of the U$ (This article provides a great argument for why Maoists prefer Bourgeois Democracy to Fascism http://www.massline.org/Politics/ScottH/Fascism-MLM-Conception.pdf , contrary to the popular misconception here that Maoism is a form of Irrational Adventurism).

To elaborate on my second point of disagreement, the Democrats only funded Far-Right MAGAtard Republicans in order to make the general elections easier to win, which was demonstrated as a successful strategy by the results of this Midterm, where Weak MAGAtard Republicans like Lake, Mastriano, Dixon, Michels, Masters, Dr. Oz, Laxalt, Bulduc, Majewski, Kent, and a bunch of others I can’t name all lost, while stronger “Mainstream” Republicans (they support all the same Ultra-Reactionary Crypto-Fascist policies as the MAGAtards, but conceal it behind more “polished” and less “Vulgar” rhetoric that makes the Never Trump suburbanites feel good about voting for them) like Kemp, Desantis, Lombardo, and Zeldin, all won big, or in Zeldins case, almost won a upset victory in a “Safe” Blue State (New York, largely due to the Zionist factor, and his Willie Thornton style Dog Whistling about “Muh Black Crime Wave”) thus provinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1670155287055.png (177.88 KB, 950x736, baiting run.png)

mods should ban you again


>The revolution is legit guys


he should be let free just treat him as a clown instead his schizo takes are just outright hilarious


>Dengist China is not a Socialist State, but a Capitalist, Social Imperialist, and Fascist one (as explained in this CPI (Maoist) article
I sympathies with the hard line maoist position but i think its a mistake to claim there is no remedial socialist under structure to Dengist china.
One cant really claim (to my mind at least) true "socialism in name only" when all property is officially owned by the state AND (critically) that that ownership is exorcised both under crisis and for the good of the working class (which I think Xi has demonstrated to a reasonable enough degree)
>a mixture of Racial/Ethnic/Religious/Sexual Minorities, Young Leftists, and Union Workers
Who happen to be largely upper middle class college educated suburbanite; at least to a greater degree to republicans. It gives me no pleasure to point this out but the republican party has infact largely captured the working class and is extending that control through vulgar cultural populism. While there is alot of metrics one could look into to demonstrate this i think this is one of the more tellinging ones is the increasing majority of the wealtheist counties in America which more vote democrat every election cycle:
>“Lesser Evil” to the Crypto-Fascist Republicans
The republican party isn't "crypto" fascist anymore, its pretty explicitly openly fascist at this point (and it ought be considered as an contentious point of fact)
I fail to se how a pilot screaming obscenities and twirling plane as he plunges it towards the grounds is meaningfully worse then a calm pilot steadly driving a plane towards a crash landing. Sure the latter will probably be a less horrifying near term experience but the end is the same regardless. Some might even say the crazed pilot is preferable as it lets more people realize the need to gain the controll room (they I personally think that the paralizing terror caused by the eratic violent movements made at the wheel render iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1669841018369-0.png (1.05 MB, 1024x678, slavery.png)

File: 1669841018369-1.jpg (349.83 KB, 1670x1266, slavery 2.jpg)

File: 1669841018369-2.png (983.3 KB, 1024x492, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669841018369-3.png (808.94 KB, 958x422, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669841018369-4.png (633.15 KB, 866x893, Headline_011.png)


>"China isn't actually socialist because it has commodity production"

How come nobody ever similarly argues that America isn't actually capitalist because it still has slavery?
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>everyone I disagree with i the CIA


>communism is when you call yourselves communist, regardless even of the reason for doing so


so you can't?
markets inevitably lead to capital accumulation


>so you can't?
you're incapable of actually responding to what people said. this leads me to believe you are a troll.


>markets inevitably lead to capital accumulation
>Market doesn't mean capitalism but it does mean non-socialism
Literal retards who don't even know that capitalism wasn't even eliminated by the Russian revolution either. They don't know what the dictatorship of the proletariat is, they just think socialism is when your economy looks some particular way and when you demand that the commodity form is "abolished" directly, or magically declare it as "abolished". This is Feuerbachian mental illness and utopianism that ignores how society works, which is also an important discovery of Marx.
<Will it be possible for private property to be abolished in one stroke? No, no more than existing forces of production can at one stroke be multiplied to the extent necessary for the creation of a communal society. In all probability, the proletarian revolution will transform existing society gradually and will be able to abolish private property only when the means of production are available in sufficient quantity

File: 1669051275472.png (1.53 MB, 1170x654, old-order-mennonites.png)


Are insular communities (namely, religious ones) inherently reactionary, or potentially revolutionary?

On one hand, insular communities tend to be immune to capitalist ideology and go to great lengths to ensure that their traditions shield them from becoming more cogs in the machine. They live out their principles and are very strict about not diverting from them. They also seem to old values that may be seen as very socialist, e.g. a sense of togetherness, all work being done collectively, people's kids all being raised together as extended family, and so on. Their entire existence is real resistance.

On the other hand, insular communities will always prioritize the particular over the universal. They become ultra-tribalist and members focus solely on their specific communities rather than the world as a whole. That mentality does not carry over well if you're trying to organize the masses obviously.

So what's our verdict?
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public/private/boarding schools in the anglosphere are grooming factories


yeah public schools


You’re retarded


There's nothing wrong with a community of people that collectively value each other, this is bound to happen at least somewhat. The point is that these communities should balance each other out, and be reliant on each other as to create a series of communities within communities. As for it being inherently reactionary, how can that make sense when a majority of these traditions existed before modern politics?


Why would it matter if they live apart from the world and only interact with outsiders by the barest minimum amount needed to get by?

As long as they pay their taxes to a socialist state and stay out of politics they are nothing but a quaint curiosity .


<The Soviet-Nigerian arms deal turned out to be one of the turning points of the war. Besides establishing an arms pipeline from the Soviet Union to Nigeria, the possibility that the Soviet Union would gain greater influence in Nigeria led the United Kingdom to increase its supply of arms to maintain its influence in Lagos. Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin stated to their chagrin in October 1967 that "the Soviet people fully understand" Nigeria's motives and its need "to prevent the country from being dismembered."

<The New China Press Agency stated the People's Republic of China fully supported the justified struggle for liberation of the people of Biafra against the Nigerian government supported by "Anglo-American imperialism and Soviet revisionism". China supported arms to Biafra via Tanzania, supplying arms worth some $2 million in 1968–1969.

<Israel did not begin arms sales to Nigeria until after Aguyi-Ironsi came to power on 17 January 1966. This was considered an opportune time to develop this relationship with the federal government.Meanwhile, as elsewhere, the situation in Biafra became publicised as a genocide. The Knesset publicly debated this issue on 17 and 22 July 1968, winning applause from the press for its sensitivity. Right-wing and left-wing political groups, and student activists, spoke for Biafra. In August 1968, the Israeli Air Force overtly sent twelve tons of food aid to a nearby site outside of Nigerian (Biafran) airspace. Covertly, Mossad provided Biafra with $100,000 (through Zurich) and attempted an arms shipment. Soon after, Israel arranged to make clandestine weapons shipments to Biafra using Côte d'Ivoire transport planes.

Now that the dust has settled, who was in the right?
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They literally were though, starved 2 millions people even, but at least we got medecins sans frontières out of it.


Didn't happen+not fascism/US proxyism.


<Strategically, its interests aligned with the Federal Military Government. The US also saw value in its alliance with Lagos, and sought to protect $800 million (in the assessment of the State Department) worth of private investment.


So essentially, the U.S.S.R. was under the impression from it's African allies and associates that ethnic and religious nationalism was being inflamed by the western/NATO powers in order to divide africa and disrupt de-colonisation, This seemed to proven correct during the Congo-Crisis where basically every province attempted to declare independence at one point with the ultimate result being the execution of the pro-independence government and what was essentially a NeoColonial puppet state coming to power.

As stated, Because Nigeria was non-aligned NATO feared it would get drawn into the U.S.S.R.'s influence if they didn't effectively meet the U.S.S.R.s contribution 1:1, So an arms pipeline through Britain was established.

Mao decided to self-destructively fuck with the Soviets like he always enjoyed getting a giggle out of.

And France and the Israel 'before 1968, after 1968' funni meme is just Gaulle and Israel putting all their skill-points into realpolitik like usual., I think Israel wanted like a 100 year lease on the Biafran oil-wells if they became independent to secure them against any potential oil-embargo or something iirc.

 No.1246895[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

First and foremost, this thread is about historical accounts of left wing fitness programs, movements and etc. You could debate about the merits of fitness and what the left can do about it and things like fatphobia if you want to but mainly I want to get historical accounts.
Here are some things that I already know of
>Anecdote of Lenin and fitness
>Liubers, a fitness oriented pro soviet group
>Soviet 'Ready for Labour and Defence of the USSR'
If you have any stuff about above or have any other information about the topic, please share below and discuss. Want to talk about this topic because theres been a rise of fitness emphasis recently I've seen in more far right leaning circles. Figures like Bronze Age Pervert, Raw Egg Nationalist. They've been featured in a Tucker documentary, been made articles by libs on them and etc. I think of course they're reach is exaggerated but got me interested in fitness from the left.
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You are dumb, there have been several arguments

And yes, """"fitness"""" is right-wing


Literal idealistic porky pushing spook


> """"fitness""""
NTA, but what do you mean by that? You referring to like dudebro, gym bro idea of fitness. All about the pump and stuff like that? Because I assume when you put all the quotes, you don't actually mean all fitness, would be ridiculous. Hell, I find even the notion that weight lifting being right wing is wrong. But I want to get to know more about what you mean


You can tell the Perestroika was really full force


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