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Most people who we think of as intelligent (like Newton, Einstein, Hawking, etc.) were just wealthy and had access to a good education.

Then you have cases like Ramanujan who was poor and still became a math genius, but even he studied textbooks for hours on his own. So in his case it was more effort than anything.
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More pressing than the question of intelligence and genius is the way the borguoise, who despite being utterly mediocre as a whole, forces itself in creative fields and the humanities. I'm a former academic from a working class background. The amount of simpletons and imbeciles who managed to obtain a tenure track position and tenure doing so by attrition and lasting because they have a trust fund to support them is outstanding. Just think of the so called impostor syndrome in a dialectical context. The truth is that it is a borguoise coping mechanism and they are in fact impostors.


Let's not forget Leonhard Euler, Carl F. Gauss, Riemann, etc whenever we talk of real geniuses. "einsteinVSnewton" is so outdated



"The purpose of a system is what it does" is something that most people can barely conceive of let alone analyse it's effects in the wild


To pretend differences in neurobiology and biochemistry don't real would be to deny for example the injustice of children being raised by lunatic or trashy guardians and the stunting of their cognitive development and the malnutrition and poisonings and their effects to people's cognitive health, e.g. Israeli poisoning of Palestinian land, leaded gas in the US, Flint's water crisis, US spraying tens of millions of liters of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

File: 1701684311219.jpg (684.13 KB, 1984x1231, Z(91).jpg)


Hello, /leftypol/. Since New Multitude's complete and abject failure, I decided to give running a magazine a go. How hard can it be, really? I have hosting, domain and website design.

I started a thread on the /hobby/ board
but I think more people might see it here.

As I wrote over there, I'd like to have some 6-7 articles up when I start promoting it. You can send submissions to inat [at] disroot [dot] org

One of the goals is to have a quarterly print version, something we can all touch and feel, but that comes later. Let's get the online version up and running.

For more info check the hobby thread, but feel free to discuss it here.
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>communism = No iPhone
<In the USSR, Leonid Kupriyanovich, an engineer from Moscow, developed and presented a number of experimental pocket-sized communications radios in 1957–1961. The weight of one model, presented in 1961, was only 70 g and could fit in a palm.[11][12] However, in the USSR the decision at first to develop the system of the automobile "Altai" phone was made[by whom?].[13]

>what is going to be the capitalist virtue to uphold when the consumerism part has been de-emphasised?

Consumerism can never be de-emphasized because consumerism is an integral part of capitalism. Capitalist companies rely on growth. It will be different form of consumerism, that's why many software companies are moving to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. You consume a digital product via a monthly/yearly subscription. You end up essentially buying the same.product over and over again.

>how Soviets had to supposedly wait 10 years for a Lada while based capitalists were getting whatever they wanted, when they wanted.
But that is kind of true. In the USSR (in theory) those who needed a car more would get one first. The USSR also built trains, trams, and all the infrastructure that that necessitates. In the US the car companies made a bunch of cars then figured out a way to make as many people as possible want them.

The reality is that most people don't need a car every day of the year. It's best to rent one or get one from some kind of communal "depot" when you need a car than it is to pay yearly tax, registration, monthly maintenance, insurance, and all that for the days you do use your car. When you own a car you also own one type of car, but we have different environments and uses: city driving, muddy/gravel/off-road, pulling things, transporting things, transporting people. It simply doesn't make sense to be responsible financially for a single type of car rather than having a bunch of types of shared cars.

We don't need an ideology, reality has a communist bias already. We just need to show things as they are, pull the veil so to speak, and the socialist solution prePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


what happened to new multitude


Ah I'm obviously not cut out for writing because I'm just not conveying myself properly it seems, what I'm trying to get across is that propaganda narrative that capitalism is good because it involves people getting whatever they want whenever they want is widely upheld, but that propaganda can be flipped upside down now the pollution of capitalism is getting blamed on consumerism (while not really blaming corporations like Big Oil, liberalism applies blame to people indulging in something promoted as virtuous only a few decades ago).

Far from criticising the USSR, the point I would make that all along it seems their consumer culture was always the virtuous option simply because it was less destructive to the planet which has become an absolute necessity. People will need to take a bus and they will need to repair instead of replace from now on and that fact has disempowered probably the most successful propaganda 'angle' the capitalists had. For the proletariat, capitalism returns to its pre-consumerist state, where no one believed capitalism was about giving the people what they want and wholly about what it actually materially was. That was the heydey of Communist movements and if we utilise the messaging explaining used why everyone needs to go back to victorian-era capitalism to protect the planet, we can renew that drive to have a more equitable communist society where we both conserve resources while redistributing them fairly, a previously derrided "Soviet" existence isn't just a preferable future, it was always the better system underneath the propaganda of "two cars on every drive"

That's really the best I can summerise it without just writing the article.


you do, I think the problem is on the other anon's reading comprehension. but I agree with him in that you are missing the forest for the trees. plastic straws, paper straws, capitalism hasn't failed yet for the people you are talking about. write about climate change, pick whatever part of it you think people will find interesting, and try to divulge the facts and root causes
the socialist talking points will literally emerge on their own, to the point you might not even need to explicit them


Ah again talking about climate change itself still isn't really my point, I just think as the death of consumer capitalism is made a necessity by climate change, that creates better conditions for communist movements to operate in since, at least from what I've seen, the reactionary gateway to anti-communism is extolling the conspicuous consumption capitalism had hitherto allowed and encouraged. Capitalism without the consumerism is a much, much harder ideology to defend to average-not-very-political people in my opinion.

Thanks for the advice, but I'm feeling like it's not a good idea for an article now because perhaps I just don't understand my own point, or I'm missing something very important that is obvious to others or that trying to spin capitalist propaganda against itself is a pointless pursuit. C'est la vie.


Tankies rightly criticize the genocidal Kissinger (he went to hell yesterday) but they are Kissingerian.

They follow the doctrine of guiding geopolitics based on the position of hegemony of the big blocs vying for influence in the 3rd world, but they want it to be China/Russia.

Socialism is international!
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No it's not lol.


(Unintentionally) retarded response to my (intentionally) retarded meme addressing (unintentionally) retarded accusations made against ML socialist states.


No it's ok when we do it is purely leftist rhetoric, and it's true.
Fascist rhetoric is "Everyone else does it so we must too." Read a book dumbfuck.


File: 1701650772367.jpg (39.62 KB, 817x599, df4-2889871583.jpg)


>geopolitics based on the position of hegemony of the big blocs vying for influence in the 3rd world, but they want it to be China/Russia.
Yes. a russian/chinese world hegemony is much more preferable to the american thug state being in charge.
>Socialism is international!
The worker led global revolution will not happen + BRI is doing enough for internationalism
Fuck off back to reddit/twitter/nu-chan

File: 1698332385321.jpeg (279.69 KB, 1668x1853, F9QYD4hWUAA9FsE.jpeg)


Help, my country is going to shit in front of my eyes. I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy I hate liberal democracy
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Feudalism with a soviet aesthetic


File: 1701564268943.webm (4.15 MB, 720x720, alunya_rap.webm)

what's with all the monarkkkists trying to sneak their ideology into this thread? has graceposter summoned her goons from some other chan?


Iberian colonies have a history of caudillos dreaming of big states and populares policies, running face first into colonial elite landlords demanding federalism, instead. To secure their fiefs (haciendas), basically. The system was never dismantled.


It’s not a real democracy because there is too much foreign (USA) and corporate influence.


Grace successfully subverted leftypol.

File: 1689102871154.png (99.64 KB, 1500x1500, glowiepedia.png)

 No.1531900[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

post instances of Wikipedia glowing, that is WP displaying blatant US/NATO propaganda or disinformation as facts
discuss ways of making WP glow less, including sharing sources that counter the glow. meta studies by reliable institutions are best
what to do if you discover radioactive material on WP:
>do NOT edit without logging in. otherwise your IP will be displayed. IP edits are viewed with more suspicion by editors. VPN or Tor IPs even more so
>DO register an account
>do NOT register more than one account per IP. sockpuppetry is not difficult to detect
>DO edit more articles than just those that glow. this helps build good reputation
>DO complain loudly on Talk pages. some articles are restricted, but Talk pages generally are not
>DO familiarize yourself with WP's bureaucracy. lib editors love referring to WP:OR, WP:SYNTH and similar to try and shut down discussion
WP editors are autistic, but not as autistic as the average poster here is. dedicated comrades can de-glow pages given sufficient numbers and patience
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This article is laughable


Check out the citations; includes Nicolas Werth and J. Otto Pohl who can regularly be found on Twitter squealing about "Jewish Bolshevism"


File: 1701609192447.png (274.47 KB, 480x563, 1665291450042.png)


File: 1701671893859-0.png (102.91 KB, 474x395, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701671893859-1.png (54.45 KB, 811x366, ClipboardImage.png)

>Members of the Russian Fascist Party



File: 1701693506533.jpg (10.83 KB, 194x321, peggy doubt.jpg)

>During Ukraine's post-Soviet history, the far-right has remained on the political periphery and been largely excluded from national politics since independence in 1991
completely disregarding the Zelensky regime funding and arming freikorps like Azov
>Since then far-right parties have failed to gain enough votes to attain political representation, even at the height of nationalist sentiment during and after Russia's annexation of Crimea and the Russo-Ukrainian War

File: 1697240452387.jpg (446.11 KB, 1754x1240, zionism.jpg)


Please post all anti-Israel and anti-Zionist propaganda images in this thread. I'm looking for most effective and factual material. Emotional images and statistics (body counts etc.)

Going to print the best ones and plaster around the city. I hope you do the same. Bonus points if the image combines proletarian stuggle with the Palestinian cause.
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File: 1699043036561.jpg (60.34 KB, 1080x1017, 1698502553259.jpg)

More plz


File: 1699113959099.jpg (449.61 KB, 915x1024, Racist israel hates her.jpg)


File: 1701195327502.jpg (342.2 KB, 1500x1500, Palestine = Hamas.jpg)


should be amended with actual demographic breakdowns. i think if you do the math, the hamas voterbase in 2006 that could have lived on to today would be about 10%, though given these voters were in support of Hamas it is entirely possible this percentage would be even lower, from having been potentially recruited and then later killed on the front lines.


is this file too big?



My eclectic ideology called Marxism-Leninism-Maoism with Social Libertarian Characteristics is based on a unique juxtaposition of highly divergent Marxist praxis in the Imperial Core and the Periphery/Semi-Periphery, due to the dramatically different material conditions and class consciousness in these two regions. Thus, in the Periphery/Semi-Periphery I advocate for the traditional Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Praxis of Protracted Peoples War against all Bourgeois Dictatorships (of both the Comprador and Imperialist variety), while in the Imperial Core I advocate for critically supporting Left-Liberals/Social Democrats in order to defeat Fascism and eventually implement a UBI (that would replace the current Means-Tested and Earned Benefits Social Safety Net and be funded by a VAT and Flat Income Tax) that will divorce Income from employment as the 4th Industrial Revolution Automates most of the Workforce, combined with the legalization of all Victimless Crimes (legalized Abortion, Birth Control, LGBTQIA+ rights, Sex Work, Drug Use, Gun Ownership, etc.) in order to Hyper-Rationalize the Superstructure (ie. destroying the power of Organized Religion, Patriarchy, Nationalism, Systemic Racism, etc), and a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy, with these policies essentially being a fusion of Social Democracy and Libertarianism, that I refer to as “Social Libertarianism: The New Synthesis of Liberalism”, ✊😜!

You are probably wondering how these two seemingly contradictory ideological positions for different regions of the world come together to form a coherent whole that will ultimately place the Workers and Oppressed Nations of the World on the Shining Path to Communism, 🤔? The answer is through the 4th Industrial Revolution of AI, E-Commerce, Self-Driving Cars, 3D printing, Quantum Computing, Advanced Robotics, etc. that will Automate the vast majority of the Global Workforce in the next several decades, with the effects of this dramatic transformation of the Productive Forces creating the conditions for a dramatic shift in the mode of production worldwide from Capitalism to Socialism, ✊😜!

The effects of this in the Periphery/Semi-Periphery, will be seen through the Automation of global supply chains (thus, reshoring these supply chains back to the Imperial Core) in the next few decades, combined wiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>king Lear
Immediately disregarded


Thanks Comrade Reconstitute, ✊😜! Honestly, the only “Revisionist” aspect of my ideology, is my belief that PPW is not viable under the current Material conditions of the Imperial Core, and that Left-Liberals/Social Democrats should be critically supported in order to both stop Fascism and implement a UBI (that divorces Income from Employment, thus giving the Proletariat more autonomy from the Bourgeoise) which combined with Hyper-Rationalization of the Superstructure (by slowly destroying Religion, Patriarchy, and Nationalism) and the 4th Industrial Revolution (by reshoring supply chains to the Imperial Core, thus causing Maoist PPWs to successfully sweep the Periphery/Semi-Periphery) will help pave the Shining Path to Communism, while every other aspect of my ideology (ie. Universal applicability of PPW throughout the Periphery/Semi-Periphery, Nuclear War causing World Maoist PPW, eventually a Global USSR with World Cultural Revolution, Self-Determination of all Oppressed Nations, and World Communism, etc.) are all completely in line with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, essentially I’m “Revisionist” with regards to praxis in the Imperial Core as long as Liberal Bourgeois Democracy exists their, while I am a doctrinaire MLM under all other Material Conditions, ✊😜!


CAN THE MODS PLEASE UNSAGE MY THREAD, 😂🤣🤢🤮✊😜! I’m one of the most unique/interesting/eccentric/funny posters on this website, and even if the Mods don’t like my eclectic ideology and eccentric posting style, they should at least realize that Anons like me are critical to keeping exotic imageboards like this alive, and I know many Anons may think I’m just a Troll, but I genuinely love this website and enjoy engaging with all the Anons on it and I give tons of credit to the Mods for being more accepting of me then any other website (I’ve been permanently banned everywhere else) and thank them for running this wonderful community, so can you please give me a break and MAY YOU PLEASE UNSAGE MY THREAD, MODS, ✊😜!


Mods saged one of the only non-retarded threads here


Free our righteous KING, our unspoken prophet of TRUTH KING LEAR

File: 1701556095605.png (155.26 KB, 837x514, ClipboardImage.png)


I've noticed that with people who have false consciousness they often think in terms of "income levels" and "wealth inequality" rather than in terms of relationship to the means of production. For example, they'll see a single digit millionaire petit bourgeoisie and a worker as having more in common with each other than a multi-billionaire and single-digit-millionaire have in common with each other. Because they see the wide numerical gap between a multi-billionaire and a single-digit-millionaire and they perceive this as having greater importance than relationship to the means of production. They are pathologically unable to think in terms of how a person makes their income, and they are only able to think in terms of how much a person makes. They are unable to see that there is a certain point after which it doesn't matter how much money you have, it only matters that you no longer need to work for it. That you can earn it passively through profiting off of the surplus value of the labor of others, either directly through capitalist production, or indirectly through financial speculation and usury. People seem unable to think abstractly. This is how you get petit-bourgeois reactionaries who think they are the true face of the common people. Small business owners and cops and church pastors seeing themselves as rebels against the woke globalist corporations. And reactionary proles/lumpen joining them because they have the same brain worms.
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>I make money of speculation. It's random, but in the age of financialization and deregulation, I was lucky enough to be at the the right moment in the right place. I dont have a job.
Where did you get the money you speculate with? Inheritance?
> I pay rent but I also get paid a rent.
My landlord also does this. Nested parasitism.
>Does that make me a petit bourg?
Yes. But Engels was bourgeois and Marx would have been bourgeois if his parents didn't disown him, so I wouldn't really put too much stock (haha) in whether your class make you a "bad" person or not. Castro was the son of a plantation owner.
>I dont exploit anyone (or so I see it).
to hold shares in speculative financial assets which appreciate in value is to hold a share of ownership in private property. That private property appreciates in value because of the appropriated surplus value of labor. So you do exploit labor, just in an incredibly indirect, depersonalized and abstract way.
>What I do is pretty much playing poker and so far winning (perhaps until I dont).
Yes you are gambling, that's true. I think it's interesting that when poor people gamble they're treated as imbeciles engaging in debauchery but when rich people trade in speculative financial assets they're "creating jobs" and "taking on risk." When poor people work they're "fulfilling their obligations to their employer." When rich people appropriate the surplus value of their employees they're being "innovative mavericks." When you read historical records of walls and monuments being built, they always attribute it to the monarch, simply because he commanded the labor. The sovereign gets credit as an individual for what the collective workers do, but when an individual worker at the bottom of the totem pole does something wrong, his whole squad gets collectively punished.
>I hate this system, billionaires and the fact that my skills (STEM with MSc) are not used at all simply cause I cant find a job (tbf, I dont want to learn the bullshit answer for the bullshit questions they make, so I just dont get hired) or because they actually pay shit to work. I get more by not working and by being a speculator.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


so they're the cops of the workplace, technically proletarian in their relationship to the means of production, but class traitors due to the function of their jobs.


>no longer need to work for it
NEETs in the first world don't need to work and still get welfare worth 10 times that of a third world salary
Are NEETs petit bourg?


>NEETs in the first world don't need to work and still get welfare
you clearly don't understand how welfare works. Welfare/unemployment requires you to constantly jump through bureaucratic hoops, prove you're looking for a job, etc. I've never been on welfare but the process is so miserable I'd much rather just have a job where I clock in. There's constant means testing. And it runs out. And no it's not "10 times a third world salary." Especially not in terms of purchasing power parity. It's basically below subsistence.


>The pmc are grouped with the bourgeoisie because that's where their class interests fall.
not necessarily and we already have labor aristocrat for that. the primary contradiction between a labor aristocrat and a prole is that one is overcompensated and they can only exist like that as a part of imperialism. the problem is calling them pmc because not all professional managers are overcompensated but all labor aristocrats are.

petit-bourgeois still have to work themselves which is why they are petit and not haut. they are also downwardly mobile as a class in advanced capitalism. as capitalism develops into monopoly and the means of production consolidate into fewer hands this pushes the petit-bourgeois into the working class so their orientation can vary a lot more by individual.

 No.1575628[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Last month big news came from Niger. The military announced it had seized power and arrested the ProFrench President Mohamed Bazoum. The Constitution has been suspended and power transferred to a military junta. This was caused by increased unrest in the country, caused by the failure of the government to fight the ISIS insurgency and the endemic poverty that has gripped the country since independence from France.
Many nigeriens rightfully resent French neocolonialism over the country, especially since 2022 when huge amounts of French soldiers established bases in the country after they were kicked out of neighbouring Mali by a proRussia military junta.
After the coup was announced today, hundreds of procoup civilians came out in the center of the capital, waving flags of Russia and Wagner PMC and chanting antiFrench slogans. This seems to be signaling that Niger might be joining their neighbours Mali and Burkina Faso, who broke free of French control and established alliances with Russia after their French puppet governments were overthrown by military juntas.
Indeed, Mali recently removed French as an official language, demoting it to a "working language", while promoting only local languages to the official status. Like in Mali and Burkina Faso, this coup in Niger was followed by harsh western condemnation, and if the junta doesnt cave in to western demands, sanctions might soon follow like in Mali and Burkina Faso.
This is especially a problem for France, since Niger supplies up to 35% of its uranium. If Niger takes control of its natural resources like uranium, this could spell big trouble for French nuclear energy.

Previous thread >>1549685
Archives of previous thread
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File: 1700683540866.png (640.59 KB, 696x485, ClipboardImage.png)

>Traoré saw what happened to Sankara, he has to learn from that, I believe he's just going at it more slowly, he has to finish the war and make sure his governement is loyal before making large steps toward socialism, they already was an attempted coup in september, He can't take too much risks, if he secures his position, internally and internationally, then he'll start true steps towards socialism
Yea, I agree that finishing the war and giving BK territorial security would be a very good thing that would go along way adding much legitimacy, i think Traoré is likely to take a step down below the civilian leadership eventually, and sooner rather than later, which is exactly why he brought Tambèla in from the beginning rather than later. It seems also that any step is a risk, BK - and many regional states - face a tightrope blindfolded, truely.

Here is an interesting article btw from last week:
>The unions want to deceive the Burkinabè population, assures the Prime Minister

Ouagadougou , November 6, 2023 (AIB) - Burkinabè Prime Minister Me Apollinaire Kyelem de Tambèla condemned on Monday the attitude of the unions who were absent during certain heroic struggles but who woke up suddenly to deceive the population with pseudo-revolutionary language.

“For a long time, in our countries, the only organized forces were the army and the unions. The enemies of the Transition therefore relied on elements of the army who believed themselves untouchable, due to their rank and function, to foment a most reactionary coup d'état. The time will come when all this will be clarified,” said Burkina Faso Prime Minister Apollinaire Kyelem de Tambèla.
The head of the Burkinabe executive spoke Monday morning during the rise of colors within his institution.

“The coup d'état having failed, it was then that the union nomenklatura suddenly entered the dance, with pseudo-revolutionary language to better mislead the populations,” he added.

Me Apollinaire Kyelem from Tambèla criticizes the unions in particular for not having supported the government decision to deduct 1% of salaries to finance the war effort.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


la flamme talked about it

>French imperialism is the cork that needs to be popped!

>Kidal has fallen. The Malian army has taken control. The plans and devices of the imperialist powers, particularly France, to keep Mali on its knees and partition its territory have been shattered. It took a bold move to drive Barkhane, Takuba and Minusma out of Mali, but also Sabre out of Burkina and Barkhane out of Niger, to clear the way for the total liberation of the country from terrorist groups.
>The fall of Kidal shows and confirms to the peoples of Africa's former French colonies that, if they are to embark on a genuine process of self-fulfilment, French imperialism is the stopper that must be jumped if they are to move forward.
>For the people of Benin, it's confirmation of a lesson: we need to bind all our forces to drive out of our country the French troops that Patrice Talon is installing on our territory, and that the other pawns, Boni Yayi and Eric Houndété, are protecting by their silence.

>𝐎𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐝𝐞𝐬 𝐏𝐞𝐮𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐬 𝐝𝐞 𝐥'𝐀𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐞 𝐝𝐞 𝐥'𝐎𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 (𝐎𝐏𝐀𝐎)

>Speech to the people of west Africa

>On the occasion of the taking of Kidal by Mali Armed Forces

>After Dien Bien Phu

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>On November 14, 2023, Mali's Head of State Colonel Assimi Goïta made this solemn announcement: "My dear compatriots…Today, our armed and security forces have seized Kidal. Our mission is not yet complete; I would remind you that it consists of recovering and securing the integrity of the territory without any exclusions, in accordance with the Resolutions of the Security Council."
>This news was greeted with relief in Mali and throughout Africa. If it is not the epilogue of a story, the capture of Kidal constitutes a crucial turning point in the struggle of African peoples against French imperialist domination. To grasp its significance and scope, we need to start from the origins of what brought about the crisis that Mali and the whole West African region has been going through since 2012.

>1- It all began with the overthrow and assassination of Colonel Gaddafi on October 20, 2011, by the coalition of the USA, the UK and Sarkozy's France, under the cover of a UN resolution that they were known to support. Apart from a few special unit forces and the commando sent in on the ground to kill the colonel, most of the fighting was aerial bombardment. Fearing fighting on the ground and the loss of human life that this could cause, Colonel Gaddafi's assassins made a deal with elements of his Praetorian Guard, made up of Tuaregs from the Sahel: they would avoid fighting the aggression troops in exchange for a promise to withdraw to the Sahel with all their military equipment, so that France could help them create a state in northern Mali.

>2- Indeed, with this promise, France is reviving one of its long-held dreams of creating a Sahelian state that would enable it to control all the mineral wealth in this region straddling Algeria, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. So, after their return to Mali, the MNLA (Mouvement de Libération de l'AZAWAD) rebels seized Kidal on March 30, 2012, driving out the Malian army. On April 6, 2012, the State of AZAWAD was proclaimed, not in the Sahel, but before the French National Assembly in Paris. The rebels quickly took Gao and Timbuktu, which they considered to belong to AZAWAD.

>3- Faced with this situation, the Malian government asked France,
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Everything I’ve seen from this guy seems pretty fucking based


File: 1701660438195.jpeg (4.18 KB, 179x211, download (50).jpeg)

KEEEEEEK the DPRK as an isolated embargoed small country has done more for the third world in the past two decade than china, the second largest economy of the world, has ever done in its entire history

File: 1701037235149.jpg (12.13 KB, 200x218, end of the tail.jpg)


White people quickly became the overwhelming majority in North America and Australia. This enabled them to crush the Indigenous resistance. The Zionists are not that lucky. https://www.timesofisrael.com/jews-now-a-minority-in-israel-and-the-territories-demographer-says/
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>>1688780 Is demographics a good enough explanation by itself?


I don't think demographics is everything certainly. Aristocrats managed to rule over the entire feudal world for centuries despite them being the absolute minority of their respective societies.
In the case of Israel, it's not so much the fact that there are more Palestinians than settlers but more about the fact that most Palestinians are concentrated in cramped urban settlements, that allowed for effective political mobilization without being hindered by traditional societal structures like Arab Tribalism for example


>not posting the vid


He basically boils it down to 3 things:
Sheer numbers count for a lot when the aim is to replace a population.
<Productive Forces
Being able to produce more per man-hour is strategically very important in war and peace.
<Development of social relations
Being able to organize and administer large states is key to success in colonialism, or in mounting resistance to colonizers.

It's specifically the gaps between colonizer and colonized that Cockshott considers the key. He concludes that you need a major advantage in all 3 areas to succeed.

Obviously he can't cover everything in a ~20 minute video, so there are things he leaves out things like the Americas and Australia lacking disease immunity, but that ultimately falls under demographics anyway since its primary effect is to cause a population drop.


Was Korea really a settler colonial project in the traditional sense? Maybe I’m just undereducated but it seems more like a failed cultural genocide/forced assimilation than a settler state

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