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File: 1634254908279.png (7.97 KB, 179x282, octoberstrike.png)



>At midnight on Wednesday, more than 10,000 John Deere agricultural equipment workers launched a strike in states throughout the US Midwest. While the United Auto Workers is still conspiring with corporate management to strangle the strike, it has no credibility with the rank and file. Last week, Deere workers rejected a concessions contract brought back by the UAW by over 90 percent.

>The rebellion of Deere workers is a major escalation of the strike movement that is sweeping across the United States: 500 distillery workers in Kentucky went on strike on September 11; 2,000 hospital workers in Buffalo, New York have been on strike since October 1; 1,400 Kellogg’s cereal workers in Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Tennessee walked out on October 5; and 2,000 Frontier telecom workers in California struck on October 6. More than 1,000 Warrior Met coal miners in Northern Alabama have been on strike since April.

>A series of more localized walkouts and protests indicate the breadth and depth of working class militancy: a walkout Tuesday morning of 185 workers at 28 group homes and day programs in Connecticut over poverty-level wages and benefits; sickouts to demand pay raises by dozens of school bus drivers in Bullitt County, Kentucky and Calvert County, Maryland this week; a two-day strike last week by 400 health care workers at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Oregon; and a five-day strike last week of 350 health care workers in Antioch, California over staff shortages and working conditions.

>Tens of thousands of workers in other industries have approved strike action by overwhelming numbers, including 60,000 TV and film production workers in California who are set to strike beginning Sunday night; more than 40,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses and health care workers who have nearly unanimously authorized strike action across the West Coast; and 3,500 Dana Inc. auto parts workers. The Deere strike will encourage Dana workers to go out, as they have been working without a contract after massively repudiating a UAW-backed contract last month.

What do you guys think of the October 15th Strike? It seems to be rarely discussed here.
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what else could one expect from tik tok neets





So did anything happen? I'm not American.
I know the Kellog's/Frito Lay/etc people were already striking but was October 15th anything?


>people were already striking but was October 15th anything?
no, it was pure coincidence, though thier is a strike wave unrelated to the Oct 15th autism, almost 40,000 hospital workers and 60,000 hollywood workers are gonna strike soon


Class domination is very easily reconstituted if capitalism is not brought down quickly by an international revolution. The proletarian defense institutions are degenerating, by the simple fact that the complex division of labor recomposes class domination, being the secret foundation of this one.

We need the state in the period of the deadly struggle against capital, but it is working against us over time. The division of labor strengthens us but it is our secret enemy, the intellectual / manual division being the material foundation of class society. And determines the recomposition of social stratification within revolutionary structures. The revolutions of the past show us that the proletarian elants are not infinite and that their ebb condemns the proletarian institutions to become instruments of domination, bureaucratic ossification working for his own interests.


just regularly purge opportunists until a better system is thought of then applied lmao


fuck, what now?


File: 1634473455314.jpeg (201.88 KB, 1385x944, hhher.jpeg)

I wouldn't worry about that gomrade, here, gaze upon the future of the people's agriculture!


File: 1634128851259.jpg (104.5 KB, 640x792, dqowm5tp2bs31.jpg)

 No.545245[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So most of us here are some form of anti-capitalist. What do we do with this information? Work some office job and bitch on imageboards the rest of our lives? join a commune? Join a party and hope the revolution comes? Move to an AES country?
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>Communist should not build orginisations, parties and recruit people into them
ok mr fed


the problem with this is the state has a huge vested interest in preserving the right wing and protecting private capital. that's why they give out military equipment to cops


>With all the messy self defense laws throughout the US for example, there wouldn’t be much recourse to the law for those fools.
completely delusional. the state will always come out to bat for these guys even if it means contradicting their laws, it's in their best interests. it's been happening for more than a year now in portland


>Communist should join honeypots where they will get identified and possibly entrapped
Glow harder, /pol/ack.


Does the fact that you need/want things to get worse so you could achieve your goals, not trigger any kind of retard alerts in your head?

File: 1634470879141.jpeg (46.66 KB, 474x355, jpeg.jpeg)


Hey the 4 ongoing Maoist revolutions should be a beacon of hope in these dark days.

The 4 revolutions are the best things we have left unless you uphold DPRK as Marxist or are a Dengist.

Do people here have accurate info on what's going on?
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CPP/NPA deliberate exaggerate their strength in public statements & if you actually read through past stuff you'll notice continuing inconsistencies. IE in 2012/2013 they openly stated that they had around 120 "guerilla fronts" and in 2015 or 2016 they were celebrating that they had "expanded" to something like 70 guerilla fronts.

This isn't really something to criticize them over as every armed force in the world over-exaggerates their strength. It's important to understand though that often times bourgeois states also have an interest in exaggerating the strength of an enemy force, ie in Peru where the countries far right blatantly exaggerate the threat of the senderos as a kind of boogeyman to shore up pety-bourg urban votes & in the Philippines where Duterte & the govt are under pressure from police/military to exaggerate the NPA's strength in order to produce more funding for police/military (which usually goes into the salaries of top state security officials) and allow for increasingly harsh state security laws which are used to repress all kinds of groups & provide cover for attrocities.

It's hard to know exactly how many troops the NPA has left although most accurate predictions are in the low hundreds.

300 figure is likely correct for the Senderos, 2000 figure is definitely off for the turks, I'd guess they're just counting party cadre - public propaganda with armed people looks impressive but at similar numbers in the early 2010's the NPA was able to get a hell of a lot more armed people together in parade, despite being spread out over an archipelago and not being able to hide themselves in the clusterfuck that is the Syrian civil war.

Public statements from leadership of an ongoing struggle do not actually reflect the reality of a situation. A movement which is losing isn't just going to announce that it's losing, even if they've given up hope of winning the struggle. Public projection of strength creates public image of strength which gives negotiating power.

That's also the problem with the Gonzaloists. They take public statements from overseas or historical movements at total face value, ie interperting articles from Peking Review or statements from x guerilla groupPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>CPP/NPA deliberate exaggerate their strength in public statements & if you actually read through past stuff you'll notice continuing inconsistencies. IE in 2012/2013 they openly stated that they had around 120 "guerilla fronts" and in 2015 or 2016 they were celebrating that they had "expanded" to something like 70 guerilla fronts.
The AFP do the opposite and constantly say the NPA are down to 300 troops, then announce later that over the last year they killed thousands of them. All the numbers coming out of that conflict are a meme.


File: 1634504607971-0.jpg (59.56 KB, 640x480, 1137152.jpg)

>Also some of the rare footage of the the CPN fighting shows them in a fight and one guy has an INSAS and it jams immediately lol
There's a Simpsons bit where Lisa has a school pageant and has to go dressed up as Florida and they've done a horrible job on the costume so she cries "I'm not a state… I'm a monster!" That's the INSAS rifle for rifles. It's basically different parts of an AK-47 and an FN FAL combined into one and vastly inferior to both.


>Right now, the farm population in the imperialist countries has become quite small. In both the US and Norway where a few infantile Maoists are blabbering about carrying out a protracted people’s war, the farm population is around two per cent of the national population and consists of both monopoly farm capitalists and rich farmers, using a great deal of mechanization, unlike the traditional landlords of China exploiting a great mass of poor and middle peasants using primitive tools of agriculture.

>Let the infantile Maoists start armed struggle now in the countryside of the US or Norway. They will be wiped out in less than 30 minutes by SWAT teams of the local police. Until now, no group advocating protracted people’s war has started it in any imperialist country. Small conspiratorial armed groups with no wide mass base among the workers or in an oppressed national community can go far within an imperialist country, as soon as the shooting starts.

>Revolutionaries in imperialist countries can propagate the line in the Communist Manifesto, Civil War in France and in Lenin’s State and Revolution for the proletariat to establish its class dictatorship by overthrowing the bourgeois state. Towards that goal, the communists can develop a strong working class movement through effective ideological, political and organizational work attuned to the worsening crisis of the capitalist system and prepared to fight the desperate effort of the monopoly bourgeoisie to use fascism against the working class.

Western maoist wreckers utterly BTFO'd


I bet they are some d1scord retards who believe they are "redpilling" people.

Funny, since their threads vary from exagerating the strenght of the struggls to ignorance about the subject (for fuck sake, the "giving brazilian newspapers in a ""australian"" subway" is another level of stupidity)
Yeah, that was why they were kicked from the KOOL KIDZ KLUB
Reminder that in fact they blockaded Nepal in a recent enough occasion

About OP
Which 4 ongoing revolutions?
>India (in a tough spot)
>Turkey (in a tough spot)
>Philippines (in a tough spot)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1634325467787.jpg (26.75 KB, 314x472, IMG_0030.JPG)


What’s the planet gonna look like when neoliberalism implodes?
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>you miss the point. allowing them to exist in turn allows them to cause corruption, and influence those in power
You also missed the point in what i said, they can influence and corrupt even when they are not in any power on the government, you know they buyed with bribes alot of politicians in the USSR right ?, you deal with this by doing what Xi did and jail/purge them, but you also don't let them have and total footing on the aparatus that transmit ideologies, some level is tolerable and you don't need to crack it down, principally when you know who they are and keep an eye on them, you can just corner them and they are powerless, in fact all of this also goes for communists and any ideology.
>not what i'm arguing for. the right and liberals should not be allowed a foothold
Well i agree that they could make harder for rightists on the CPC, that is normal to every party to purge anyone not in line with their ideology, but the CPC is so massive that having "parties" inside the party so that ideologies can group up may be better than letting some yeatsin or gorbachev go running around, hidden from view with an bigger chance to get in power because they are not with the liberal clique so people don't know.
>if China lived up to the "people's republic" moniker, is what i'm wanting
their government have more Ties to the people than any liberal country will ever have, whinout the Neighbourhood councils covid would still be on China.
>which has happened where, exactly? another false promise designed to misguide the rubes.
please tell me which unindustrialised country had a socialist country to trade with China to industrialise themselves, you must be deliberately interpreting what i said wrong, what i said is that if you have an revolution you would not be exiled from the world economy and would have China to trade with/get industry from until are big enough to spread the revolution and trade with other socialist countries that would trade with both.


File: 1634499946297.png (17.3 KB, 220x220, d8.png)

I wish I had your optimism.
We all know that capitalism can't exist forever, but climate change will make sure that when capitalism collapses, so does human civilisation at large. There won't be anything left. Maybe some kind of tribal society made up of the unlucky few who survived the apocalypse, but not socialism.

We have maybe a few decades to stop climate change from spiralling out of control, at most. That means a few decades to stop capitalism from inevitably destroying our future forever.

We are headed straight for >6°C. It capitalism survives the next two decades, human civilisation will not.


Bourgeoisie states will keep capitalism alive no matter the cost. Its going to be ugly.


We are going to see a fascist world sooner than a socialist one…


>Bourgeoisie states will keep capitalism alive no matter the cost.
no the first priority of a state is to reproduce the state
fascism would immediately implode, because fascism can only reproduce it self if it can conquer, there is no more conquest with a net profit. The costs of imperial expansion outweighs the potential gains.

File: 1634446844462.png (82.25 KB, 1140x500, ClipboardImage.png)


The end goal of a leftist is to establish the enclave
A society composed of exclusively proles all mindlessly labouring to fulfill demands and reproduce while gradually taking over more sectors of the universe planet after planet

First we got rid of the church from the state
Then the emancipation of women
Then the emancipation of minorities and slaves
Then the separation of the capitalist class from the government under the first socialist revolutions
Then the first documentations of blank state theory under the Cold War that saw humanity become morphed with tech with the rise of propaganda, addiction, psy ops, ECT, big pharma, the surveillance state and mass media
Then the sexual Revolution that saw the separation of humanity from its own responsibility under sex
Then the rise of TV which began the digital revolution
Then the rise of smartphones and digital entertainment
Then the rise of pornography and online dating that separated the need for real sex and up close relationships in favour of more atomization
Then the rise of E sports over conventional sports as the worldwide gaming industry only sees continued and increasing growth
Then the dissolving of modern day borders in favour of freedom of movement and immigration separating the value of territory from state
Then the rise of industrial machinery as a part of factory production forcing more proles to work from home
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>social atomization is when Abrahamic religion becomes less relevant in society
That’s really not what I meant man, I mean literally destroying all forms of social gathering and structure of society completely until the working class is the only part of society left


mucho texto and kill yourself


File: 1634496233550.jpg (84 KB, 888x499, 4sw56s.jpg)

>it's all the working class?
<always has been


>…until the proletariat is the last class of history
Big chad yes.


>A society composed of exclusively proles

File: 1634492703277.jpg (5.5 KB, 200x250, 1634492391640s.jpg)


Please does anybody have a pdf file of 20 interviews by joshua citarella? or at least a link to one? I have tried looking for it everywhere but couldnt find it.




Hello Poopy_poopson you have a shit taste on music btw


>• a digital copy of my book 20 Interviews
Pay goyim

File: 1632515331450.jpg (705.68 KB, 1280x1497, 1632190869483.jpg)


Are there any leftist analysis of Ottoman empire?

Or on eulogization of certain sultans of the empire by the modern Turkish state and the Islamists and how much it differs from actual historical facts?
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The parts in english/german/french are the manuscripts marx wrote transcribed. A copy of the manuscripts is found at the end of the book too.
There's no german translation because Marx himself never planned on publishing these writings, which are mostly notes on his thoughts reading Elias Regnault's book on the topic. The manuscripts were all taken from the Marx-Engels archive in the international institute of social history in Amsterdam.

The "interpretation" part only comes from the introduction, written by the editor, the rest was all written by Marx.


Then I stand corrected, I saw it on marxists.org just now, but under the section of manuscript fragments. I guess it is written by Marx. However, if you accept this as "Marxist canon" then you definitely have to accept Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 as Marx's work, too.


You don't?
Why not?



I do, but people who wear your flag don't. It's a rift between the Stalin, Althusser, History with capital H, Marxists and the Orthodox/Humanist Marxists. The former call the manuscripts a product of a young, liberal Marx and say that it is irrelevant to Marxist theory because Marx himself didn't publish it (but used a lot of the notes in later works). In fact, the argument from history against Marxist Humanists is that the works were not published by Marx, discovered and published after his death, and were not edited by Marx or Engels, but someone else.
For the record, I genuinely thought that the Romanian book was a book written by someone else, but attributed to Marx. I tried to look for a non-Romanian source about it, but found only the communist party of Romania website and then a bunch of websites that hosted the pdf. That is why I was skeptical initially. After the anon corrected me, I tried looking for it on Marxists.org and found it.

 No.483935[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is a thread to discuss your job or lack of job. For people seeking career advice and also for people who have some insights to give.

Jobs. Careers. Training. Education. Resumes. Compensation. Etc.
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My job is a waste of time and does a great disservice to my intelligence and capabilities. In theory it pays decently well, although the government takes half in taxes and yet still everything is still shitty. Worse, it requires the use of my brain, which I would rather apply to writing, research, and and more important, enduring labors or the mind.

This aspect of my job is particularly vexatious, as I waste considerable cognitive power on relatively trivial problems, thankless tinkering of technical configurations etc. And I am bossed around by managers who make more money and know nothing but tell people what to do. In my industry, the people who do my work are the producers and everyone else depends on our expertise and technical skills. Yet it is always us they expect to do the most work, and pile on more and more red tape and rules, trying to tell us how to do our jobs using their faddish buzzword-inflected productivity techniques.

I'm also stuck doing what is effectively bitch work, or the least interesting work in the field because of where I'm at in my career and the fact that I got good enough at doing this part of the job and couldn't be bothered to spend the rest of my precious time "upskilling" to learn what might be the more interesting stuff.

To make matters worse, this line of work never gets less frustrating. As you get better only a new class of frustrating problems come into focus while the ones that used to frustrate you go away. But it is without end and it is DESTINED that you will be frustrated.


Okay but wtf is your job?


How did it go anon?


Reading this makes me want to take your lunch money like a high school bully, you pretentious subhuman.


File: 1634484284204.mp4 (92.69 KB, 352x400, 1834.mp4)

Face the wall glasses-wearer

File: 1634252597735.png (705.64 KB, 1252x1364, Screenshot (17).png)


Alright, because I don't know. Why is Taiwan so important to China? I understand NATO countries are against China's desire for Taiwan because of anti-chinese ideology. But why does China care so much about a from my knowledge a seemingly innocuous country?
50 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>>548135 (me)
This, of course, isn’t to say there is meaningful diversity in Europe


epic pownage bro


Read just one book. One. A wikipedia page on Chinese-Taiwan relations even.


During the century of humiliation, western powers carved up China to weaken it and destroy it. From the perspective of the Chinese, they see the likes of the CIA stirring up trouble in fringe parts of the country - Hong Kong, Tibet, Xingjiang, Taiwan - and rightly say "fuck off".


File: 1634482467914.gif (759.3 KB, 1000x677, changingusa_thumb.gif)

If Anglos get to gobble up a ton of territory on a continent that isn't theirs, the Chinese can gobble up a bunch of contiguous territory on their own continent. Manifest destiny either applies for everybody or for nobody.

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