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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1614573504928.png (357.26 KB, 1200x1000, ancap.png)


Commies are dumb for thinking that ownership is a real thing because the category of the means of production in relation to its ownership is something that is measured through taxonomy, the same as a nation. The concept of prot and broug weren't enough, so you add the concept of petty bourg, taxonomy doesnt have the potential to be objective in the truest sense


Yep… if communism is so good why does it fail and whys there so much infighting… capitalism always wins private property is the truth


File: 1614574030463.mp4 (13.97 MB, 640x360, loyalty.mp4)

Eh, I'm not an economist and I figure modes of production tend to co-exist alongside each other for some time, like we still have barter that's going on even though the capitalist mode of production is dominant, so there will probably still be businesses in socialism for awhile once the state takes over most things. I'm just in it for the cool communist shit and jumping into action to do people's relief efforts when there's a hurricane and cooking in the soup kitchen with a red bandana around my neck. Everyone has a part to play.


it’s not taxonomy fucking retard, prole and bourg both divide themselves into two categories any time they form a relationship of worker and business owner.


File: 1614577691605.jpg (27.17 KB, 600x695, ec8bf1f530d1944f4b5b56053c….jpg)

You're not objecting to the terms, "its a taxonomy bro" is not sufficient to call terms like prole, bourgeoise, petit-bourgeoise arbitrary, you have to actually explain why lol

File: 1614552712832.jpeg (85.17 KB, 540x360, 0432031A-1038-42E7-906C-9….jpeg)


Checkmate gommies
The problem with comunisms is that when u r a commie u cant handle teh power of SCIENCE
So tell me gommies
If private property isn’t natural, y do wolves defend their kills and their territories from other wolves?
U rlly think u can just make everyone nice and equal and get rid of the innovators and society will just function?
U know where they tried that? Somalia, look at it now.
Tell me again gommies, tell me if wolves believe in your system
Lmao, anyway imma enjoy this nice juicy burger CAPITALISM lets me have, it’s nice to have FOOD

Checkmate, later commies 😎
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>taking this thread seriously
youre the worst person here, so far.


File: 1614573448215.jpg (19.88 KB, 390x310, spooged.jpg)

>Second, the concept of bourgeoisie private property is not natural to human beings
<human nature


bumpblocked for generally low quality shitposting


If shitting on the woods isn't civilized or sanitary for 7 billion humans to do, why do bears do ot?


If cannibalism is unnatural why do some animals cannibalize their young? Chekamate
>Muh nahtuhre
Dont care lol see PDF related

File: 1614199691226.png (6.76 KB, 288x57, ClipboardImage.png)


We have two negative wikipedia threads:
>>42922 and >>73498
Why do we not have a positive Wikipedia thread?
What pages do you know of or relate to your interests that should be improved on?
What start class or stubs interest you that lack citations, both general or inline and are poorly written or translated?
What relevent articles to leftism or radical politics do you think should be tranlated over to wikipedia?
What are you confused about or want to know with regard to Wikipedia policy?

If you are new I think you should start here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Socialism
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Wasn't there some Wikipedia on a Marxist topic, I think it was exchange value but I'm not sure that is a complete shit show. Because you can tell the entire article it is just two people arguing with one and another.



This thread is glowing in the fucking dark


Tbh it seems to me that Wikipedia's problem is not so much a bias in a particular direction but a tendency towards sensationalism when it comes to darker aspects of history. Sure plenty of pages will described hyperbolic accounts of communist atrocities, cite propagandists like Solzhenitsyn, etc. However it's not as if they'll shy away from doing the same for porky atrocities. Pages on Operation Condor, Bengal Famine, Belgian Congo, etc don't really seem to pull any punches. It really seems like they just like posting the most dramatic and unsettling version of events since it gets them more clicks.


File: 1614575328007.jpg (106.92 KB, 533x400, terra_incognita_thessaloni….jpg)

People here could probably (i havn't read it so guessing) easy get the Communism article to GA if they decided to not boycott the site like a bunch of spegs. WikiProject Anarchism is a good example of how you all could make WikiProject Socialism. I mean it's basically dead enough that you all could take it over.
Soooo, fix it?
Big part of the reason is likely that en.wikipedia is overun by poorly educated burgers.

Here is a good place to get involved if anyone else has experience or knows about Squats. It is in dire need: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Squatting


Obviously dont edit those glowie selected pages or maybe reading them will also log your IP.

File: 1614529630384.jpeg (106.17 KB, 1000x563, 207CBD19-1933-4750-AF8A-3….jpeg)


Let’s say there’s life on another planet that even had a civilization but that civilization never went through the modes of production on Earth, would histomat be wrong? Did Marx think there could possibly be life on other planets?
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Presumably that alien civilization, by virtue of its having a civilization, would have to produce a material basis for it no?


Any proof to aliens not going through the same interaction with their own materialist reality? Hismat never say that the road to communism is the same regardless of the conditions that mold any species.


So historical materialism is theoretically universal?


Yes. Historical materialism is the process of assessing the historical development of a given environment based on its material conditions. If there's an alien planet, i.e., an environment that's entirely distinct from the one we have on earth, then we have to assess that alien planet's historical development based on its own material circumstances, but this in no way invalidates the theory of histomat in and of itself. Hypothetically, the only scenario in which histomat could be invalidated would be one in which there was a civilization of psychics or non-material creatures or something in which ideals constituted the primary engine of historical development within the society.


It’s because the beings of Xrackxa were attempting to leave their planet to leave Egrugaxis dominion of the 52nd primacy in order to start a new their original way of life of siphoning from the land it’s bounty to run their communal national front based on familial bonds.

As they made their escape from the city Xfrusfurxion they were attacked by Reekhrakksura pirate ships that were constant threats of the system and when their ship the Pxuxmxakula they quickly drove out barely making it past the moons Xi and Ta to make their escape to outskirts of the gungukas nebulous string where they found Earth, as they landed XdraxIsturfxarthir the patriarch of the family who had a background in science found the soil of Earth to be rich and used the ground in order to perform experiments. One night his fourth cousin twice removed called Fxithixisthis was casually and haphazardly playing with the experiments mixing some things creating the first germs of life of human beings on Earth.

When the patriarch awoke the next morning he scolded his cousin for his meddling then banished him to the far outskirts to live on the land by his own. But the patriarch decided he would watch over these new creatures that would be the first forms of life on Earth.

File: 1613341582321-0.png (10.99 KB, 357x91, ACAB (except NKVD).png)

File: 1613341582321-1.jpg (70.48 KB, 700x482, acab including soviet cops.jpg)

 No.80327[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

"All cops are bastards" is common saying on the left, which is blunt way of saying that the institution of policing is inherently oppressive and should be abolished. I would imagine that leftypol believes that all capitalist cops are bastards, but what about socialist cops?
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Brazil anon, I had the perception that police in the southern hemisphere were unbelievably corrupt especially in small towns (like they overwhelmingly are in Mexico), do you have any experience with corruption?


There is no police in socialist states, law enforcement is handled by people's militia.
There is no such thing as "socialist cop".


>yeah but a lot of anarkiddies acab radlibs would still be against people's militia specially since the function of this militia wouldn't be that different from the function of modern police (deffending the dictatorship of a specific economic class)
They are extremely different because the interests of the classes are so different. Protecting the interests of the elite (capitalists or the party) vs the interests of the masses (of whom you are a member) is not just a difference of where you orient violence. It implies very different methods too. For instance, police brutality is a core function of the police under capitalism, because they have to remind you of their ability to hurt you - it's a form of terror to keep the commoners in line. If your law enforcement (whatever you call them) are actually answerable to the people rather than an upper class (or an "people's" intermediary like a party that functions as a de facto upper class), they would be called to account for these crimes against the people.

Another important point about police in capitalism vs what a socialist alternative looks like is that many functions of social work are handled by the police for no good reason. The (bad) reason they do this is twofold: budgets and PR. It's less expensive to not have specially trained social workers to respond to domestic disturbance calls and the like. It's also very useful pro-cop propaganda to show people cops being "good" doing those tasks. In any stage of socialism this work would be assigned to people who are actually competent and won't shoot somebody because they have Down's syndrome and don't understand how to obey the cops.


File: 1614551384617.png (41.49 KB, 138x164, 0f46d2a10f7181bda121e8447c….png)



>the only reason black people are upset with what they're doing is because coca cola has BLM stickers so that's why the 2020 mass protests happened so we can't have slogans

File: 1614566499378.jpg (47.49 KB, 720x820, 69abdfd32ab679343fbb35f591….jpg)


This is focused on the first world, because outside of there it is more different.


Fred Hampton was referring to the Weather Underground in that quote, not anarchists. What's with all the recent sectarian threads lately?


the eternal rightoid, just report and move on


bumpblocked for low quality sectarianism




File: 1614667499545.jpg (36 KB, 427x398, xCyuj.jpg)

You will never be a real women with a real zpusy— jlUeomIAtE

File: 1614278583075.jpg (95.89 KB, 640x480, censorship.jpg)


The tech media monopolies have been ramping up attacks on independent news media ever since the US capital riots, but they have really escalated censorship the last few days. Grayzone story getting tagged by Twitter as "material that may have been obtained through hacking", Analysis.news getting a video about the lack of police presence during the riots flagged by Youtube for spreading misinformation about election fraud, and Consortium News getting a video taken down for talking all about voter suppression.




This is not a thread for discussion about what speech will look like after the revolution; this is about what we can do right now to help our allies escape censorship and keep public discourse open to our politics. How can we help each other?
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Bumping important thread
Mods please be in on this, we need a jump on at least Mastodon and most of all Peertube; for example we should have the latter as a place to archive leftypol OC webms and mp4s


One important thing to consider as well is payment, a lot of even decentralised services will still require money to pay for a server at some location even if they are migratable. In which case it doesn't matter how easy it is to use an alternative service if the credit/debit card mafia decide to impose restrictions on donations and payments (both for the community and for the server hosting itself).

For that reason we also need decentralised censorship resistant payment channels. The only true easy example of this (beyond cash in the mail) would be Monero where its a decentralised cryptocurrency that also has censorship resistant properties that the likes of open ledger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and similar do not. With open ledger cryptocurrencies you can be blocked at fiat on/off ramps if your coins touched a wallet deemed undesirable or just via mining groups agreeing to censor transactions involving certain blacklisted coins (as we already seeing for bitcoin) while for regular payments you have visa/mastercard just being able to say "no".


File: 1614565341434.jpg (153.58 KB, 899x1330, EvP0n6sXMAECvVZ.jpg)

I'm glad someone already made this OP because this shit is SERIOUSLY going nuts. Every day there's some new insane censorship by twitter. I'm not a WSWSfag but their article about WaPo was nothing but quotations of the liberal establishment contradicting themselves, and yet Facebook pulled it for "misinformation". They're getting fucking brazen at this point. What do we do bros? Is it too late?

Alternative media, in my mind, should be pursued only in combination with a social-media-centered pushback strategy. the BBC being biased and twitter blocking people from liking the tweet is the juiciest bit here and easy to explain, especially to liberal Burgerfags who rank the BBC above Jesus - just spam quotes in liberal and leftist circles (god knows leftists have been abhorrent on this issue) about how this is 1984, Orwellian, et cetera instead of giving up on mainstream networks entirely. and don't let people just mumble about Chomsky, manufacturing consent etc - ask them what they would DO about it. push for regulation, or a boycott, or whatever, i don't care - but we can't cede this ground for free.

I don't know if alternative platforms ought to be purely leftist or if we should try to get them generally popular - I think both ideas have benefits. I'm far from the person with all the answers here but i will say that this seems to connect with the "dual power" idea i've seen espoused on this board concerning circumventing the media and the internet when it comes to organizing, and replacing people's media diets with less mainstream ones. would this involve getting people to stop reading reddit and twitter for their news? i can't say for sure, but it's certainly tempting to want to circumvent the entrenched glowie power of the twitter radlib bloc. it will be difficult to find the answers, but hiding in our bunker certainly isn't one of them. if we can't unite on theoretical matters or on physical praxis, we should at least unite on online praxis. otherwise we literally prove ourselves to be weaker than stormfags.

>pointing out shortcomings = "sowing doompills"
[NTA. Does it matter?] Grow a pair buddy. Everyone in this thread shares your same end goal, so why not argue your point instead of implPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The technology exists to circumvent these attacks. Distributed systems, website mirroring, proxy servers. The problems are with scale and access. Even if there was an infrastructure that was protected from big tech censorship, it won't do much good if nobody knows about it and for that you have to run through the social media monopolies.

The technology to resist censorship from non-state actors is there, what is missing is the community drive to publicize whatever platform might be build out of it. And to have a platform that scales, you would probably have to buy server space from one of the established players, which means you risk getting censored. And to raise awareness you have to shill the site on big platforms that will probably blacklist and flag the url.

So the problems are less technical and more about the power dynamics surrounding the fact that the internet is not a free space or public utility but private property carved up like real estate between a few major corporations.


>risk getting censored
deplatformed I mean

File: 1613237469701-0.png (5.18 MB, 2040x1148, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1613237469701-1.png (54 KB, 748x317, ClipboardImage.png)


What is says in the title, were the Proud Boys COINTELPRO to distract the radical right from actual wignat terrorism and bring them under a controlled, honeypot org?

Link to article: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/02/12/proud-boys-splintering-after-capitol-riot-revelations-leader/6709017002/
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lol stfu there are two threads for ecelebs


Right wingers have no principals of course they would turn on their own at the first opportunity. That doesn't mean it's controlled opposition, it's all just optics pandering for normies.


>CIA does a color revolution in Hong Kong
>member of Patriot Prayer shows up with megaphone and audience waiting for him

Of course they do, these types of organizations exist to act as unsanctioned brownshirts


lol it's just "suspicious?" The feds controlled them as their playthings.


I think the proudboys were too useless to be used. They kept getting their asses kicked even with police back up. I think that's why they liquidated them for an easy P.R boost.

File: 1613918678556.png (5.97 KB, 255x157, 1612828082163.png)


Not talking about Veganism, just about Vegetarianism. What are the pros and cons of it? Should Marxists support it? When yes, based on what reasoning?

Tbh I see a lot of Libs approaching this from the Morals Angle, while saying Meat is healthier, because it provides nutricients that a Vegetarian has trouble consuming. That sounds like bollocks desu


It’s alright. We probably need to alter our consumption patterns for sustainability, and vegetarianism may help, but making it an imperative is idealism.


Just eat a bit less red meat and bad food in general (bad fats, refined carbs, less drugs and more water). No need to adopt some idealist Consumer Identity(tm). Eat tofu on a thursday, chicken the next. Asians, who eat the most of this "vegan food" originally, don't have this spooked western conception of it. This veganism trend is just a overreaction to the extremely bad condition of food culture that has spread from the Anglo nations to the west (and beyond) more generally, aka spearheaded by adverse gastronomical practices of the fastfood industry (therein also containing the mainstreaming of high-fructose corn sodas). Real change will be econo-political (revolutionary socialism). This moralist lifestylism is misguided and alienating.


Thanks comrade


Theres no way to produce enough natural meat to sustain anything resembling mass meat consumption without the abuse endemic to the factory farm system. Even putting aside any concerns about the treatment of the animals (you shouldn't but its not a winning stance) it is still an awful working environment for anyone that isn't an actual psychopath (there is no way to make industrial farming and slaughter present to anyone as humans will always struggle to face the sheer horror of the factory farm/abattoir), extremely destructive to the environment and a massive waste of resources.You could still have some small levels of meat production allowing a small amount of meat for anyone by going back to the Good Farm™ which would minimise cruelty, environmental, worker suffering and health impact but don't expect to be eating much meat in this future unless the world population collapses.


My grandparents ate meat only once per week, every Sunday. There simply wasn't an abundance of meat back then, you couldn't just go to the supermarket. Instead they payed a butcher to come slaughter and slice one of their own animals. Which was emotionally hard as well.
But in that time urban areas weren't as expanded and populated in my country, more people lived outside of cities. We could never go back to that state now, there's much less farmers while the population has increased, so even for that kind of "modest" diet you'd still need an industrial approach to supply the whole population. The hippy happy farm approach is not feasible. But at least we could stop feeding animals nasty shit that makes them grow faster and bigger at lower costs.

File: 1614549288044-0.png (69.5 KB, 1024x717, 1024px-Flag_of_Andorra.svg.png)

File: 1614549288044-1.png (1.49 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-Flag_of_Switzerland….png)


Is the movement of financial capital the largest reason why a return to a sociodemocratic status quo in the West is impossible?


No, it is not the largest reason.


If you country is small it does affect it ,but punishments could have been harsher


But in praxis a socdem state in itself leads to petit boujism ,there are some who support who realize that they are were they are cause of pro worker welfare while others who luck education dont and i am sorry but the petit bouj are pretty much as guilty as the big bouj of tax evasion

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