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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1626731982768.png (134.3 KB, 450x308, hideradlib.png)


The hypothesis of linguistic relativity, also known as the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, the Whorf hypothesis, or Whorfianism, is a principle suggesting that the structure of a language affects its speakers' worldview or cognition, and thus people's perceptions are relative to their spoken language.

Is radlib word policing based on the SWH and how scientific is it? is it idealist?
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File: 1626794061929.pdf (22.66 MB, 194x300, Marxism and the Philosophy….pdf)

You should read this. Despite being written in the late 1920s, I think this has continued relevance when it comes to philosophy of language. It also deals with the whole superstructure and base stuff, if you're into that kind of thing.


>controlling people's thoughts by language policing
unironically that's literally 1984 (or at least a component of the setting)


Radlibbery is just a subset of Angloism.


you must be underage or something, lmao.


dont blame him, orwell is required reading in alot of high school

File: 1626853070974.png (116.54 KB, 888x444, ad286345111ab5af4aae759253….png)


Can you explain me why some "comrades" have an understanding of colonialism that has more to do with Gnosticism than Materialism?
Why colonialism has become the original sin ?
I often here even smart fellows end up in the rabbit hole with some spooky shit on "muh ancestors" "muh white people" "muh post colonial identity".
Why is colonialism worse than say slaves societies which non european countries had?
Every system (feudal, clan, slave ecc.) Has been imposed through conquering, war, competition, capitalism did the same. Colonialism is a consequence of capitalism.
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I know about it, but it has nothing to do about colonialism. Colonialism implies territorial dominance.


Did anyone say there is colonialism right now as it was in the past? They don't need to literally occupy or own the area to exert control.


File: 1626905808749.pdf (799.8 KB, 212x300, Lenin - Imperialism The Hi….pdf)

>Colonialism implies territorial dominance.
Not really, colonialism denotes an economic relationship rather than a political one. As I said in my previous post, territorial conquest is not synonymous with colonialism. You can have territorial conquest without colonialism (ie most pre-capitalist wars) and you can have colonialism without territorial conquest (the subjugation of the Qing to the Europeans, which only saw the cession of a couple port cities). I'd recommend you read Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, to understand the economic nature of colonialism rather than the liberal concept.




> Colonialism implies territorial dominance.
uygha the US has a major military base on every continent and some level of occupying force in almost every country

File: 1626652909405-0.jpg (185.84 KB, 804x1052, Sanzio_01_Plato_Aristotle.jpg)

File: 1626652909405-1.jpg (95.74 KB, 735x471, spenglerism.jpg)

File: 1626652909405-2.png (1.42 MB, 1024x597, kali-yuga.png)


The Left IS Western Civilization - Or rather Platonic Civilization.

Political wings can be the entirety of civilizations:
1) Where the opposing wing (Right) is chiefly responsible for the degradation and destruction of said civilization, the opposed wing (Left), by process of elimination IS it.
2) Where theorists of the opposing (Right) political wing betray the original context of the civilization for a rootless, reactionary mysticism, the opposed (Left) political wing IS it.
3) Where the opposing wing (Right, Left-Liberal) denounce the very founders of said civilization, the opposed wing (Left) IS it.
4) Where said political wing (left) has historically demonstrated the ability to rejuvenate that civilization, that wing IS it.
5) Despite ethnic differences from the original form of that civilization, by exemplifying its theories, a political wing (Left) may seize claim to and own that civilization as its true heir and thereby BECOME it.

Particular historical facts to the above premise:
i) Historically speaking and in the present, it is the world right wing that is responsible for the destruction of Western civilization, that is, Platonic Civilization (The civilization that embodies the Form of the Good by turning Philosophers-in-Training into Philosopher-Kings, like Lenin, Stalin). Just look at the amount of destruction Operation Barbarossa inflicted:
> The combined damage consisted of complete or partial destruction of 1,710 cities and towns, 70,000 villages/hamlets, 2,508 church buildings, 31,850 industrial establishments, 64,000 kilometres (40,000 mi) of railroad, 4,100 railroad stations, 40,000 hospitals, 84,000 schools, and 43,000 public libraries; leaving 25 million homeless. Seven million horses, 17 million cattle, 20 million pigs, 27 million sheep were also slaughtered or driven off. (The New York Times, 9 February 1946, Volume 95, Number 32158)
> 40000 hospitals, 84000 schools, 43000 public libraries
- Furthermore, consider the left tendency of raising literacy considerably (Russia, China, Cuba) whenever it gets power. It goes to the core of the Transformation of Philosopher into Philosopher-King, which is the Form of the Good, the whole essence of Platonic Civilization.
- Now consider that the current climate changPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1626837341642.jpg (2.3 MB, 1500x3400, 1620569492734.jpg)

>You know what western culture is because it is that which you hate and seek to destroy.
Are you sure you're on the right website? I can help out if you're lost or something.


I have two small pieces of advice. I think you should date the floods in Europe that you're talking about, they won't be current anymore if someone reads this in a few years, and here
>Furthermore, consider the Pinochet-era book burnings in Cuba as an element more generally of Operation Condor.
I think by Cuba you mean Chile. This is a good post. Thank you for writing it.


mmm don't care


The left’s goal must be a revolutionary vanguard OUTSIDE of history. Our global civilization is western in origin and function, but it’s historical context is now converging upon our newly opened techno-nihilist end of history hell world. The only option is to remove the historical context and destroy the enemies of the human species (ie the neoliberals who stand at the end of history, and the fascists who are clueless)


This dumb and spooked

File: 1623891086817.jpg (22.75 KB, 696x336, critical-race-theory-696x3….jpg)

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Can anyone please explain to me what the fuck this even is? I've tried watching videos on it and I still don't know what it's supposed to be about. At this point I'm not even sure if it even exists? Is it a glowop?
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fucking americans


>some study I'm not going to link
I'm sure it was a very unbiased study, completely unmotivated by flighty political groupthink of the day. Then there's Professor Putnam's study at Harvard that gets memory holed by libs.


>your talk about class is covered in intersectionalism
No class is not an identity.
Class is a relation to the means of production.
Class analysis is far more fundamental, you have to give it theoretical centrality.
You will become a reactionary idealist if you fail to do that.


>malevolently designed prison
That is Manichean not Gnosticism proper.


>No class is not an identity.
You don't know what intersectionalism

>Class is a relation to the means of production.

>Class analysis is far more fundamental, you have to give it theoretical centrality.
Intersectionalism covers of race and class interact to shape the experience of people and what their power relationships are due to their combination of class, gender, and race. Racism changes how class operates in a given situation, this is part of what racial privilege means.

>You will become a reactionary idealist if you fail to do that.

You don't have the faintest idea about what any of these terms actually mean, you're just a lazy racist. If you can read "Das Capital", you can read an article or two about intersectionalism. You can start with the "Invisible Knapp sack"

File: 1626745195995.mp4 (260.64 KB, 360x360, metacoom.mp4)

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What's the deal with reactionary "communists"
Mandatory reading before answering
(It's old and inaccurate in some ways but dude who wrote that invented the "marxism" term so pay attention.)

I'm talking about people defending family, monogamy and this whole load of shit.

So what now, we're supposed to uphold a capitalist social construction because some state crushed by imperialism said so? Doesn't sound communist to my ears tbh.

Weird pic because it's late and I don't care anymore.
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if you think the capitalist "nuclear family" would survive a change of mode of production you're not very materialist. In fact, modern capitalism have already twisted its meaning massively


File: 1626884448283.jpg (193.67 KB, 943x1390, soviet-russian-ussr-1950s-….jpg)

>I'm talking about people defending family, monogamy and this whole load of shit.

Reading Origin of the Family we can conclude that
<the family has always existed just in different forms depending on economic mode of production
<this is by no means an excuse for you hippie free love commune.

In fact it is capitalist alienation that is reducing the size of the family and monogamous relationships in society
with the end of capitalism we will see a lot more healthily families and relationships


File: 1626899104569.png (1.08 MB, 986x918, Lenin on sex no matter how….png)



I agree. People here shit on "1984 larpers", but it seems that being a leftist for them is when you read Brave New World and think it's actually a good thing lol


its a good thing BNW is so underrated so people are content with orgy-porgy for the sake of fighting big brother

File: 1620014239406.png (631.69 KB, 1121x969, 906fbd527163e7a0500c40409a….png)

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I mean why new American left isn’t wrong


>why new American left isn’t wrong
be he's wrong




lmao did you cyber autists really report this


did anyone save it?

File: 1626546375907.jpg (101.33 KB, 634x452, 064F5B730000044D-3406773-i….jpg)


Has terrorism ever been sucessfully usef to destabilize a country? I have heard of hundreds of groups like this from the 60s to the 90s from all sides of the political spectrum, but they never seem to have gotten anywhere. Is there an example of this strategi unsuccessfully sparking a revolt/uprising or is it just revolutionary idealism? I know it's useless in a neoliberal society, but what about an authoritarian dictatorship with a history of abuse? Is this counter productive and has it ever done anything other than delegitimize a cause and get people killed/tortured/imprisoned end legitimize thw regime's repression?
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"Terrorism" is often the precursor to revolution. It depends on from where it comes from and why.


>people are still repeating 100 year old Habsburg imperialist propaganda


Noone is reading this, faggot. Paste this somewhere on reddit


I'm not gonna let that happen, all we need to do (in a self defense situation) is take all the lefties who identify as to the left of SocDem or DemSoc and actually talk about revolution, who would actually try to fight back and commit acts of domestic terrorism against the state,and (as the state with a monoploy on violence) we would simply conduct anti terror operations while the radlib (is that what you call them?) retards complain about fascism until we forcibly boat them over to Venezuela to destabilize the Maduro regime, once Venezuela falls, Cuba is isolated and we take that over using whatever violence the actual ANTIFA people have committed as a casus belli.
We'd boat the ones who protest and who got arrested over to Venezuela while simply laughing in the faces of the blue checkmark gang who always called Trump a fascist and thought that they were a fucking general in charge of something during the 2020 uyghur riots as they see what actual Fascism looks like. San Francisco trolleys that run on time, no more illegals raping and murdering white women, skid row is now a driving range, no more coronavirus, people simply die from pneumonia like in the good old days, every statue torn down in 2020 will be replaced with monuments to Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Donald Trump, and many others, never again will a man going to work for the day have to worry about accidentally committing a Charlottesville with all the protesters blocking the roads, police brutality will not exist, the old zogbots will be in a state of lifetime probation, there will be very police city wide police departments, the new United Federal Police made up of ourguys will reign supreme, pedophiles convicted of assaulting children under 13 will be sent in front of conscripted firing squads inside of gas chambers, under 7 or so will mean being placed in the Little St. James Island Enhanced Interrogation Technique Center everyone will either be on the giving or receiving end of vigilante justice, I have great plans for criminal justice reform, lesser criminals will be told to read the Western Canon and told to fuck off, even those who kill would get maybe 10 years max like Scandinavia, but being a fucking kike and found guilty of defrauding people out of millions of dollars? enjoy your exile to Antarctica, if you and others manage to use the supplies we placed there to build shelter Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I mean can you blame them that's how most people think the Great War started to begin with. Not realizing there was a bunch of other shit leading up to it and the crocodile tears shed for Franz was just an excuse for the Austro-Hungrians to try and get rid of the Serbs.

File: 1626878237184.png (333.64 KB, 512x345, ClipboardImage.png)


False consciousness is generated by the capitalist mode of production which requires as a condition for its functioning the reification of its economic categories. This reification is done by individuals that operate within the capitalist mode of production as members of classes, groups of people that relate to each other socially based on their roles in capitalist production. Class consciousness develops from self-consciousness as individuals identify their material interests as proletarians or capitalists. An individual, as a member of a social class, can be said to harbor a false consciousness when their material interests are obscured by ideology. False consciousness prevents the individual's self-consciousness from developing into class consciousness, a process which on a mass scale prevents the formation of a conscious social class.

The development of false consciousness stifles the struggles between classes, which occur due to the conflicting objective interests of each social class. By preventing the consciousness of the proletariat from interfering with the fulfillment of the material interests of the bourgeoisie, false consciousness directly protects the well-being of a particular social class, the capitalist class. Class-conscious proletarians aware of false consciousness and of their own material interests should consider the abolition of false consciousness a necessary political action for the complete fulfillment of their interests - a necessary action in the process of becoming the dominant class in society.

So far, the concept of false consciousness has been limited in that it has explained only the intelligible social relations of production. Those intelligible relations still structure our thinking, but mass consciousness from the 19th century until today has do-cohered and metamorphosed to the point that it is no longer possible to describe the content of false consciousness using those categories. To explain the source and content of false consciousness, it isn't sufficient to point to the fetishism of commodities, the capitalist phenomenon of interpreting social relations as relations between things, because the false consciousness generated in capitalism is no longer constricted to the domain of production, it has dominated all other aspects of self-consciousness. The traditional Marxist explanation presented, which focuses on commodity production and all of its associated social relations, does not explain false coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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And yes, I've actually read Marx, Engels, Freud, Lacan, Zizek, as opposed to OP.


Thanks for your thorough reply, it helped me refine my position. I'll go through and clarify some points.
>Consciousness is always already *false consciousness*
>you can actually argue that there are non- (or less-) obfuscatory means to address class relations
I agree that consciousness is never directly interfacing with reality, but what I meant by false consciousness wasn't just obfuscatory means to address class relations, but the fact that they are actually obscured to people who are experiencing them. That's a phenomenon that has always been interesting to Marxists for political reasons, and those political reasons are why I even bothered to make the post.
>The proposed "un-thingified beyond" was never available to us.
Below a certain point, I agree that "thingification" is inescapable, but the "thingification" of the categories of the capitalist of mode of production is temporary, because it is dependent on a transitory mode of production. Because the theory of reification has restricted scope of "thingification", the aim isn't to do away with "thingification" altogether, only to explain how a certain set of thingified social relations affects consciousness and the subsequent political implications.
>Already in "primitive communism" ideology operates and obfuscates the social's access to nature
I agree that ideology is not an element only of class societies, I was distracted by the point I was attempting to make, which remains the same, that ideology obfuscates and directs thought away from a more honest approximation of the real world.
>This is like a pre-modern understanding of the dichotomy of the individual and the social, neither of which could exist without the other.
I completely agree, but I really don't see how this disagrees with what I wrote, given that a dichotomy between individual and the social exists, although each depend upon the other for existence. I made this dichotomy clear because I was attempting to get the point across that, in capitalist production, different classes exist and that these different classes have conflicting interests, which are objective.
>You think this is a revolutionary insight of yoursPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Where’s your source that it’s false consciousness? Did you pull that out of your ass with out substantiating it?


>Where’s your source that it’s false consciousness?
The concept is introduced because from the perspective of capitalist production, the different classes should have conflicting interests, but in reality these interests are obscured by something else, it's part of the reason why we didn't immediately have communism after capitalism established itself. I agree that calling it "false" consciousness is contentious because it implies that the "true" consciousness is from the perspective of the capitalist mode of production, which would reduce people to economic agents. Whatever you call it, this phenomenon still exists and it poses a political problem for Marxists who might like to spur along class consciousness and the social revolution.


File: 1626898071117.pdf (909.02 KB, 199x300, (Post-Contemporary Interve….pdf)

>Do you think that economic classes based on objective property relations and relations of production exist?

>If they exist, can people identify with them?

"Identification" is NEVER a conscious act. It "happens" from the outside, like how black people come to realize in the USA how "they are black."

>Does the limited scope of "thingification" described in Lukacs reification actually occur?

It does, but the problem is that his reification theory moves beyond of what is given and describes shit that has been going on since we became conscious, him not realizing this.

>If it does occur, is it possible and desirable to expose and oppose this reification?

If you want to oppose capitalist "reification" you should propose a non-capitalist "reification," and that is EXACTLY what Zizek does when he proposes that we should have a "bureaucratic socialism."

>how can it be done today

It can't. I already told you: it is hard coded into our very being (via language, etc.).
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1626889727410.png (36.5 KB, 780x672, 150810110546-google-alphab….png)


Yeah, so I'm not trying to push any kind of conspiracy theory, but I've noticed the following. I've been google (mostly image-) searching the same words (e.g. "USSR real wages") which used to bring up real results in the first row for like 10 years.

Now? Nope, none, maybe second page results. (If any.)

Is there an actual censorship going on? Google is literally dumbing down its search results. But is this anything new? Jimmy Dore, for example, has been complaining that his youtube subscribers keep on reporting (when the Syria shit was going on) that they get "unsubbed" even tho they hit "sub" like weeks ago.

Since both are owned by Alphabet Inc. I think there's a trend here. But please, tell me if I'm a retard. I noticed this same shit with China-related stuff as well. Like I want to search for how China's GDP/capita changed since 1900, then 5 years ago I had a graph or sg, but now it's just fucking blank.

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oh, stfu


>our wiki


It's called memory holing. In about 50 years the USSR will be a myth akin to atlantis. Capitalism will never be named and instead be accepted as the eternal normal for mankind.


You can find the link, and other like it, in the Feedback sticky >>163675


File: 1626895488937.jpg (86.33 KB, 669x441, censored soviet gdp graph.jpg)

>They make graphs disappear
Here this graph might be affected as well, it used to be very easy to find it, but not anymore. It's a "rare graph" now, save it while you can.

File: 1626753058387.png (21.24 KB, 659x396, US-corporate-rate-of-profi….png)


Is war the most profitable venture and lifeline that capitalism has ever since the Great Depression?

It seems like war and conflict is the only way for capitalism to be able to raise the rate of profit because of the mass destruction of capital.
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> Destroying an entire country’s capital then investing in it generates much higher profit or rate of return than just simply exporting capital through investments into some country.
That is if you can acquire said capital, for example the USA bankrupted itself (thus why it went off the gold standard) in the Vietnam war and got nothing for it other then solving overproduction by shifting productive forces away from useful production.


This is because the US failed to establish working capital in Vietnam whereas it was able to do that elsewhere. But while capital failed to establish in Vietnam, the military industrial complex definitely profited from the conflict. Especially from the proxy conflicts in Afghanistan in the 80s as well as Africa. Looking at capital as one omnipotent monster is misguided, instead there are multiple capitals, sometimes not necessarily in competition with each other. The MIC doesn’t have any competitor and so it’s able to profit from conflict the most and contribute that to the American economy.


While the military industrial complex profited the US national economy got knocked down a peg. Other capitalist powers didn't believe the US had enough gold to pay its debts and the Bretton Woods system came to a sudden end due to the US's insolvency and this was only allowed to happen because of the cold war where the US going bankrupt wasn't in the interest of the other capitalist powers.


Xi Jinping can suck my dick


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