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Is there a single country in the world that has this phenomenon ?
I have spoken about this before, but at least 70–75% of the Pakistani army (including most of officers) comes from Potohar region of Punjab, three sub-districts from northern punjab(the highlighted region in first pic), my family is from these communities, its a rural countryside region where there's a strong military tradition and masculine identity, the people from these regions look down on everyone, they protect Pakistan and fight for it but they hate most of the people, even though the vast majority of conflicts between the Pakistani army is between the Separatists in Baluchistan and Pashtun regions, the people(soldiers and civilians) in northern Potohar region don't really hate, just victims of Indian or Iranian propoganda but still having similar cultures and lifestyles, they hate at least majority of Pakistani's, they view them as weak and too Indian
my father and most men in my family used to tell me growing up how all people in the cities who weren't us were effeminate and half eunuchs who would die without our masculine race protecting them, that one of us was worth 10 of them, the weird thing is this isn't a minority rule situation, there aren't Pothars in high level government or academia, just the armed forces
its a really phenomenon and I don't know if there's any country in the world where a situation like this exists
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File: 1655350754419.jpg (71.58 KB, 1200x500, Epo0iANWwAIXQ-C.jpg)

A large portion of American astronauts come from Ohio for some reason


it's tribalism, not religion


all of the feudal martial clans are in northern punjab and no one else wants to die for an abstraction as stupid as pakistan, that's why


This reminds me of how people regard Chechens but you'll have to get a real Russian in here to comment on that.


A large part of the Tsarist Russian army officers were German.

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File: 1655093601178-1.mp4 (820.99 KB, 1280x720, ukraine child soldier.mp4)

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Geopolitics General >>1004370

Cometh ye folks, cometh into the new age.
For previous threads, check >>>/leftypol_archive/


>N.B. liveuamap.com is not to be trusted, they mostly parrot Ministry of Defence, these others may not be better, check their reporting first




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File: 1655392017713.jpg (37.55 KB, 428x612, zoomer marines.jpg)


File: 1655393976945.jpg (173.5 KB, 1233x1280, blm dugin.jpg)

dugin says black lives matter!



Because the
<theoretically advanced western left
Sold their fucking souls out by succumbing completely to neoliberal "individualism" and "incremental reform". They believed that the crumbs and drops that were constantly thrown at them throughout the second half of the 20th Century represented progress instead of appeasement until the moment that the USSR was weak and then the taps could be slammed shut by which point decades had passed and the Western Left was far too fat and satisfied and useless to the point of total impotence on any subject.

From then on they basically gave up and allowed NATO (an arm of US Foreign Policy) to spend 3 whole decades trampling over the world with their horrible interventions. Not to even mention all the other interventions that happened before that where the Western Left simply shrugged and fucked off as Latin America and Africa were abused into the over-exploited places they are today.


i wanna gape her white ass

File: 1653014891009.png (7.18 KB, 1000x600, 345vyt3noj701.png)

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Title says it all. The Khmer Rogue are a black mark on the history of communism, with good reason too. That said, what drove them to do the batshit insane things they did
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Pol Pot was Auth-Prim


>My ideology hasn't fundamentally changed at all. In the 6 or so years I've used leftypol my view on some issues (mostly historical positions, etc) has changed, but that's something that should happen as you politically develop, read moar, etc.
So did you just lie about your past? None of what you've stated before about yourself in the past lines up if your ideology didn't change.
>I react this way only when others engage in bad faith. How these arguments typically go is that after putting up like a dozen effort posts in response to some topic, you lot end up just screeching nazi or phone, or cherry pick some aspect of the argument out of context, use of a word, turn to armchair psychoanalysis etc.
Dude, I have seen most of your posts on this board, at least all of those which feature you namefagging. A good chunk of the time, you say really fucking stupid shit right off the bat. Then people respond to that stupid shit, then you take the responses as people just not taking you seriously, and then you just start mixing in "irony", that's really just your own genuine retarded views mixed in with purposefully antagonistic shitposting, with everything you say until you get banned or you just leave. Fucking anything about the "spiritual" nature of communism or trans or whatever fits into the five issues that get you really going is a guaranteed thread featuring you saying stupid unfounded shit that you see as profound.
>At this point I start shitposting in response to lazy bad faith adhom spergouts, at which point the jannies ban me for "arguing in bad faith" or whatever.
Now this is actual irony.
>Look at absolutely any thread where this occurs and any honest observer is going to see this is the case
I have, it's practically unavoidable. There have been some threads where you have unironically come off worse then Lear, and that's saying a lot because I've actually argued with him quite a bit.

And in that note, ban all namefags. This shit should have died in 2016-2018 with Afroplasm


>I'll sit here and effort post for like 2 or 3 hours if somebody is actually making a genuine good faith effort to argue a point, but once people start just soying out and screeching like a bunch of socially maldeveloped autistic teenagers then I'm going to put in 0 effort to actually to respond to you, and yes, at this point I absolutely do start shitposting in order to rile you up.
For what reason? And your bar for this is really, really low. I have seen you start shotposting in response to posts you just found disagreeable, simply because you saw the view professed as "soying out" in of itself.


>You khruzchev=bad
<me Nazi supporter=good
Go back to /pol/


even though /pol/ pot was a USA puppet

File: 1655339741590.png (367.41 KB, 715x676, ClipboardImage.png)


I love the teachings of Christianity, such as forgiveness and redemption, and a lot of the stories and lore is pretty interesting.

Nevertheless, is Anarchism incompatible with Christianity?
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File: 1655348549656.jpg (18.61 KB, 474x418, guessillshrug.jpg)

hate to be the "uhm ackshually guy", but it's important that we also understand the context of what he was saying at this time as slavery was different (but nonetheless cruel) to the time, and neither Peter's nor the Colossians were trying to approve of slavery as an institution but do this silly "kill them with kindness" and engage in a pacifist resistance. It was basically a sort of way of saying even the most wrong of people should be treated with respect and seen as equals under Jesus. I certainly don't agree with this, but this was written in the time of the Roman Empire.

In fact, the term translated in whole "in reverent fear of God" in translations such as the ESV and NASB is phobō, from the same root word used to describe a respectful "fear" of God in verse 17. Those who are truly free aren't dependent on any human authority to determine their actions or attitudes.

This is doubly damning of course as there are contradictory statements within the text due to various passages of the dead sea scrolls that were deliberately left out and why we have other statements of the bible which include:

>Galatians 5:1

>For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

>Colossians 4:1

>Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, knowing that you also have a Master in heaven.

>Proverbs 22:16

>Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yeah, no, I'm not buying that slavery is a nuanced issue.
>A lot of these writings are based on the context of their times- problem is, is that Christians still hold these old texts as relevant to the day and almost dogmatically reject materialism and the evolution of human morality. I think you'd agree that someone like John Brown wasn't exactly pro-slavery.
You do know that "the Bible is the inerrant, unchanging word of God" is commonly accepted Christian doctrine, right? If you think the Bible is outdated and a product of an irrelevant bygone era in human development, why even be a Christian? You're just picking and choosing the bits you already agree with and handwaving everything that's inconvenient, just like the rightwing Christians handwave all the egalitarianism shit to focus exclusively on their favorite parts about hating gay people and owning women.


>You do know that "the Bible is the inerrant, unchanging word of God" is commonly accepted Christian doctrine, right?
*Protestant doctrine


Self projection implies that one projects one's own qualities, but key to Feuerbach's understanding of Christianity (it is called the Essence of Christianity) is that we also denigrate ourselves in doing so. We become worthless before this God and we then see ourselves as being fundamentally flawed, forgetting that we are the ones who understood the goodness that we ascribe to God in the first place. It involves transference (abstraction) that is in addition to ordinary projection.

Ex. Regular projection, circa 2000s
Furry: these wapanese anime kiddies and their hentai and lolishit? They might act like they're more normal than us but they're just as perverted and fucked up as us.
Ex. Projection resembling something more like religious projection
Furry: wtf these bronies want to fuck characters from a recent show for little girls? I mean come on, even I'm not that perverted. They're like even worse than us


>>1018688 (me)
This is not to imply furries saw it as a value to be perverts, nor that they're necessarily wrong in these examples, simply that there is a cognitive difference of how they relate to something

File: 1655333330394.jpg (1.2 MB, 1876x4500, 1655319039990.jpg)


Can someone debunk this for me?
I was going through some archives and found this post image related:
The beauty industry and Brazil have always had a bit of an incestuous relationship so people with jobs like OP describes probably exist but surely this can't be the end goal of our current revolutionary social movements?
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People like this exist on wall street and in washington. Certainly what he was working on did happen/is happening, there's proof in this thread and in any us corporate messaging. What he's discussing is the end goal of the process and the real function of IGOs like the UN and world bank.

ok capitalist, globalist, whatever. Why does the left wing in the USA/elsewhere overwhelmingly support IGOs and their effects if they're so controlled by lobbyists? Additionally wouldn't it make any transition to communism fully and finally impossible?


"People like this exist" isn't actual evidence, btw


OP was banned for schizophrenia
he was basically the only one posting pro-/pol/ sources as well so the thread is saged for being another /pol/ spam thread


>People like this exist on wall street and in washington.
Who do exactly what he states? Again, where is the proof.
>Certainly what he was working on did happen/is happening, there's proof in this thread and in any us corporate messaging.
>What he's discussing is the end goal of the process and the real function of IGOs like the UN and world bank.
Again, where is the proof? "Jews are race mixing us and using propaganda to make us into a slave race" isn't some actual end goal that was arrived by any kind of materialist analysis.
>ok capitalist, globalist, whatever.
Not whatever, read Marx you faggot.
>Why does the left wing in the USA/elsewhere overwhelmingly support IGOs and their effects if they're so controlled by lobbyists?
They don't?
>Additionally wouldn't it make any transition to communism fully and finally impossible?
What would? Capitalism is inherently unsustainable, it isn't some kind of eternal system removed from it's own internal contrdictions.


sure pal


The Bitcoin Crash Is Taking El Salvador's Big Bet With It
The Nayib Bukele tracker, named after the country's Bitcoin-obsessed president, records each purchase the country announces, its cost basis, total reserves, and average cost basis of those reserves. Bukele has purchased 2,301 Bitcoins at an average cost of $45,908 and a total cost of $105.6 million. Today, with the price of Bitcoin hovering around $22,000, El Salvador’s reserves have shed 51 percent of their value and are worth $51.6 million.

Colombian Far-Right Candidate Forced to Debate With Petro
On Tuesday, Bogota's Superior Court accepted a legal action brought by citizens and ordered presidential candidates Rodolfo Hernandez and Gustavo Petro to hold a debate on radio or television no later than Thursday.

South African youth to march on anniversary of Soweto Uprising to demand action on unemployment
MEMBERS of South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers are set to march in the capital Pretoria on Saturday as they demand action to tackle persistent unemployment in the sector. The union’s youth section is calling for a halt to the closure of mines and power stations, higher wages and government intervention to curb rocketing fuel prices.

Sudan doctors: 15 injured during June 13 protests
The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors has confirmed 15 injuries during June 13 anti-coup demonstrations, 10 in Khartoum, and five in Omdurman. In a field report Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Biden blasts oil refiners for record high gasoline prices, profits
I guess "Putin's Price Hike" didn't stick?
>U.S. refiners are running at near-peak levels to process fuel - currently at 94% of capacity - and say there is little they can do to quickly satisfy Biden's demands.
Im no fan of porky but tf does Biden want them to do?


Populous, important swing state, but leaning red enough for the GOP to be able to ram through a middling governor


File: 1655331814971.jpg (33.48 KB, 553x345, anti fmln.jpg)

>Tfw somehow this will backfire to the fmln
The one who will bear the grunt of the crash are those who held internetcoins and didn't converted into Sambucks.




File: 1655340917257.jpg (744.38 KB, 849x1200, 1607265873972.jpg)

Thanks News Anon

File: 1655245666245.jpg (33.13 KB, 500x375, RipSter.jpg)


If the working class and especially it's revolutionary subjects in this day and age are for the most part areligious sorts with socially progressive policies, why does it seem like a lot of marxist places seem to aim towards trying to convert religious people and conservatives to the cause?
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That's because they're in the position to be revolutionary, the forst world proles vote because any armed struggle against the state would be suicidal and ultimately pointless (see Black Panthers, RAF, Weathermen)


They're more 'revolutionary' because the state is far less willing and able to grant material or political concessions to the working class. People are regularly murdered in Latin America for trying to oppose big business or political reactionaries. Meanwhile in the USA if you make enough noise it's easy enough to squeeze out some reforms, money for your friends or a comfy NGO/union bureaucrat job.


Those conditions are exactly why armed conflict with the state is closed off for now, neoliberalism is eroding those conditions as we speak but there isn't anywhere near the organization or infrastructure to take power


>Lefty Latin Catholics

No such thing, and cucktolicism is a meme dead religion replaced by fanatical evangelism.


>Religious people
A problem for another day, preferable after a succesful revolution
Depends in how reactionary one can be. Its not the same a usanian amish to a salafist arab.
Next thing, a thread on /b/ about santeria, down with the eurocentric mindset, no mention of black or yellow religions.

File: 1655336388335.jpg (589.78 KB, 960x865, 1655332424620.jpg)


>be European leaders and ngo behind scenes
>Choose and promote pm that most men desperately want to spunk into with every fiber of their being

why would they do that? is having an extremely rapeable leader some kind of new strategy to maintain a stranglehold on power and keep socialism away?



File: 1655234266233.jpg (108.4 KB, 1035x582, 1655216256076.jpg)


>Karen Amsden, mom of alleged Patriot Front member and Springville, Utah resident Jared Michael Boyce, said on Monday that her son has struggled to fill “a void” in his life ever since his father left the family years ago and came out as gay. A licensed clinical social worker, Amsden said she’s going public in an attempt to sabotage his standing in the group, because her other attempts at convincing him to walk away from the far right have so far failed.
>Before heading to Idaho, Boyce told his mom that he was going camping for the weekend. Amsden, who was busy rehearsing for a local community theater production, said she “had no inkling” that anything was amiss until a news alert about the hate group’s arrests flashed on her phone. “And I saw this news story come up that said 31 members of a white supremacist group were were arrested at a rally, and I just knew—I knew he was part of it.”
>Amsden said her son told her that anonymous donors bailed him and the other suspects out of jail. When Boyce appeared at her door on Sunday, Amsden said he told her, “Don’t believe the media, mom. We were just there because they’re grooming kids.”
>Amsden said that after her son was released from jail, he told her he’d continue to stand with the group, so she delivered an ultimatum. “I told him, ‘Well, then you can’t live here. You can choose between Patriot Front and your family.’ And he’s like, ‘Well, I can’t quit Patriot Front.’ I’m like, ‘Well, then you've just chosen. So pack your stuff and get out of my house.’
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No, leftypol is just completely illiterate. The sentence is crystal clear.


The gay part should come before the left the home part else people would think it is separated from the father altogether.


I think it's pretty clear to be honest, the writer would have used a comma if they were separate tenses


Yeah, easy mistake.
But either way hilarious


I hope he kills himself


New Xinjiang fabrication just dropped



> The Xinjiang Police Files, as they’re being called, were passed to the BBC earlier this year. After a months-long effort to investigate and authenticate them, they can be shown to offer significant new insights into the internment of the region’s Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities.

>Their publication coincides with the recent arrival in China of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, for a controversial visit to Xinjiang, with critics concerned that her itinerary will be under the tight control of the government.

>The source of the files claims to have hacked, downloaded and decrypted them from a number of police computer servers in Xinjiang, before passing them to Dr Adrian Zenz, a scholar at the US-based Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation who has previously been sanctioned by the Chinese government for his influential research on Xinjiang.

Appearabtly journalism according the BBC is now more akin to a propagandistic piece of activist art than just writing about facts.
43 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



What's funny is even if these files are legit they contradict what Zenz and the west have been peddling about Xinjiang the last few years. They suggest the number detained is only in the thousands, not the false 1 million Zenz gave. There's also nothing proving any forced sterilization or outright killings.


Right? If anything this is a bombshell debunking of the alleged genocide of millions. Cohesive holistic narratives don't matter. Facts can exist in isolation and are mere mnemonics to remember how one must feel.


They know people aren't going to read it, they're just gonna have a title and a premise and they're gonna shove it in everyone's face as "proof" and run away before anyone can question it.
Thus it becomes gospel truth.


File: 1655336369319-0.jpg (28.83 KB, 582x220, sc2.jpg)

File: 1655336369319-1.jpg (28.65 KB, 583x214, sc1.jpg)

It's because the claims and the documentation of the specific problems have diverged significantly, and it is well known among the small group of academics/activists who essential own this entire propaganda project. They are Bunin, Grose, Milliward, Byler, and of course, the disreputable and imbecilic Adrian Zenz.

Due to the many outrageous lies told about this situation, it's very difficult to talk about. Early on, many commentators simply assumed the very worst was happening due to anti-Chinese racism, and relied on claims by incredibly untrustworthy groups like the World Uyghur Congress, which have literally decades long history of boldly lying and outright reversing facts. For example, they claimed 600 Uyghur were killed in 2009 riots, despite overwhelming 3rd party evidence.

But I often read these above activists direct reports, because reading the first hand accounts, rather than the think-tank or journalist packaged narratives, provides a dramatically different picture and tells a different story.

Activists have separated "prisons" from "camps", which are also called Vocational Education and Training Centers. VETC are closer to schools than prisons. VETC have also emptied and closed starting in 2019/2020, signs of detention or internment (fences/towers) etc. used to verify facilities via satellite imagery have been dismantled, and the facilities are now used as fully normal school buildings, or their original function. This is supported also by testimony and lack of new testimony. Essentially, there are no more "camps".

The overwhelming majority of detentions and arrests occurred in 2017-2019, and since then, new detentions are rare and the VETC system is essentially over. So when people talk about "a million in camps", pay attention to the vague and careful way that tenses are used, to be ambiguous about whether something *is* happening, or *happened at one point*. To get to the round 1 million number, they use some low-quality methodology. They basically just triple or quadruple official numbers of *arrests*. Because of the nature of the VETC system, they don't really know. This group of scholars, even when being aggressive, make estimates of people who *remain incarcerated* in 100s of thousands, around a quarter million.

This group of people is the smaller group who remain in prison. Academics and activists are not careful to make distinctions betweenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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