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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Libs often argue that monsters are racist and sexist metaphors. To what extent is this true?

HP Lovecraft is an obvious one with his themes of monsters being non anglos and degeneration through interbreeding which are common tropes.

But I've also heard that Vampire novels were based on Victorian anglo fears of eastern european jewish migration, etc.

Its well known that social conservatives have a higher disgust/fear reaction than others and horror is based on showing precisely that.

Is this just radlib BS or does it have a point?

Are monsters in fiction just paranoid northern europeans ideas of races they never met?
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According to a background document shown for a few seconds in Aliens, Lambert from Alien can be assumed to be a trans woman and Ripley her romantic partner. Alien is a trans love story, and in this essay I


Base and superstructure.
Yes, it is all political.
The ones that try hardest to be apolitical often are the most political.


Even slice of life anime is political.


Highly.. Isn't it obvious even just the name showing what they are pretending to represent despite the 'slice of life' they serve being upper middle class jap life completely removed from the lives of most everyone ever?

File: 1617828234171.png (425.94 KB, 701x602, gommie_card_dealer.png)


How much of /pol/tardism is just them not liking the way minorities look? I mean physically? I figure after years of print media/porn/etc. they've been raised to think the ideal of beauty is some Jenna Jameson looking chick, and they're too intellectually lazy to critically examine that and ALSO they are shallow enough to base their politics on aesthetics.

Also doesn't help that there's a nontrivial minority of "chudface" schlubby white right wing nerds whos ideas on women are more based on fantasy roleplay games than interaction with real women, let alone of other races of people or anyone outside their room in their upper middle class parents house in suburbia.

Do they really just want nationalism because they think only whites are good looking and therefore the end of whites is the end of beauty or something? Why they're obsessed with presentation and aesthetics and why they make their opponents look like "soibois/ugly fat sjw chick" over something like economic/trade policy or anything materialist.
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Yes now where's that post which describes it?


You think any of these retards are going to learn Quechua? They can't even be bothered to go to the bathroom to piss


File: 1617857023627.webm (4.83 MB, 426x240, stanhope-nationalism1.webm)

> like pathetic MRAs ranting about how “men” “built society” even though the MRA himself never did a damn thing of note all his life


File: 1617857406123.jpg (13.03 KB, 352x395, 239caf3607431fda61fd80f13f….jpg)

>the dislike the way certain minorities look because they see them as a sexual competitive threat as a result of media stereotypes.
you can just say black cock, anon


Actually living the third or developing world peasant life would probably make these fools more inclined towards egalitarianism.
There was allegedly research that did show that rice farmers were more likely to be equality minded.

But yes, aesthetics does make up a large part of those folks worldviews. Didn't one of their fan fiction literally start with the cliche of big black cock attacking the main whitoid's pure white waifu or some bullshit.

File: 1615938887618.jpg (100.92 KB, 620x620, all-political-power-comes-….jpg)


Everyone in here talks about how we need to do the revolution and why, us, communists, need to have a rifle by our side when the time comes and so on, all of this as an leftist argument in favour of gun control.
Of course, people object this statement saying that if you were to do the revolution, then your rifle will be useless regardless, as the goverment has an absurd offensive capacity: they have tanks, they have artillery, they have planes and boats, they have drones made specifically for kamikaze strikes and they have an experienced mercenary army behind them.
Obviously, the revolution will still have to happen, and this clash between the working class army and the professional army in which capitalist states get their foundations from. That counterargument holds no actual power, as any revolution, and more importantly speaking, the dissolution of capitalism and capitalist relations will have to be with violence, political power comes from the barrel of a gun, as it is said.
So, that's it. If you wanna dismantle capitalism, YOU WILL NEED TO DECLARE WAR ONTO THE CAPITALIST STATE. There's no other way around it, you need to beat the capitalist state with the rules they bring to the table, and the rules they bring to the table are those of Total War.
Because of this, it is necessary for us to develop ways to counteract and be able not only defensive war, but offensive one as well, we need to advance, not stay at place until they get bored of bombing us.

Firstly, is to say that I'm not american, I'm spanish, so I can't have a weapon by my side unless I want to be persecuted by law, but regardless of that, let's talk about this firstly.
Inspired by the Revolutionary French Army Thread and so on >>121269 , where people started talking about how we can replicate what the Revolutionary French Army did then (not literally, but talking about replicating how they bested the other european powers through innovation in their time and so on), this, we might add, that the european powers didn't have the power level that the US has right now, or any country for that matter, meanwhile the coalition armies had to bring in resources by horse cart and move all of it's armies by foot, modern armies can travel through a country in a breeze if they force themselves hard enough on their tanks and their paratroopers. Because of this, I ask the question: What is to be done against the US (or any other) army?
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Hell, most of the time you won't even have to shoot anybody or blow anything up.
Mess up their overpriced equipment. It ain't that hard.


this is the only good answer, everything else is larp except maybe sabotage. The idea of firefights with the military is stupid


technicals are already p good against tanks since they move fast and can easily outflank them but you still need antitank weapons wich can be pretty expensive for modern tanks


>technicals are already p good against tanks since they move fast and can easily outflank them

Unless you have a suicidal horde that all attack at once, a modern tank could easily obliterate dozens of technicals. Hell, unless they were in closed terrain, it would do it before they even got anywhere near close enough to fire. Modern tanks have an upper optimum engagement range of three kilometers.


yes but how quick can the turret turn? how fast can it be loaded? toyotas can be pretty fast can it stop them before it's too close? maybe it can take one or two before being disabled but surviving is unlikely hell you don't even need highly sofisticated weapons to take out a tank just ram it with a truck bomb big enough to flip them over

File: 1617841356074.png (436.7 KB, 700x511, ErjfZE-XIAEfLaF.png)


So how do you plan to solve racism as a problem? You think when your big revolution comes that this problem is just going to go *poof*?
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File: 1617846567599.jpg (66.6 KB, 770x403, 1617641441991.jpg)

Just give brown and black cuties to all men and lesbians. That's how you solve racism


File: 1617846716773.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 2500x1921, bbc4.png)

Tell the racists that if they don't stop, they might become pic related


File: 1617847064910.jpg (136.3 KB, 546x700, back to pol.jpg)





>abolish race
>other stuff
seems fairly easy

File: 1617849216358.png (1.59 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


The case for expropriation: Billionaires’ wealth surged 60 percent in first year of pandemic
>The newly released Forbes list reveals that in 2020, as COVID-19 was sweeping the world and killing millions, billionaire wealth skyrocketed as never before.


A third point can be added in that, as bad it is that those riches were extracted from the blood, sweat and tears of the working class and that it takes, at this stage, bailouts without limits to keep the whole contraption afloat, perhaps the most damning aspect of it is that every day the Capitalist system exists is one less day humanity has to reverse coarse and fully bloom as a species. In fact we seem to be devolving socially even as, on the surface, technology is moving us forward (it is not).

This aspect of Capitalism hit me again after the UFC's Francis Ngannou's victory in the heavyweight division match. He is one of Capitalism's (in it's neo-colonial guise) survivors. He was compelled to leave his native Cameroon and make the dangerous journey to Europe seeking a better life from the misery and likely early death that awaited him in his native country. He made it spectacularly (which of course the system never tires of promoting the rags-to-riches angle instead of his success coming despite the fact). But, I often wonder how many potential Einsteins, Picassos, Marxs, DuBois or even Michael Jacksons have been lost to humanity because they were unlucky to be born in a country ravaged by Capitalism (namely Western Imperialism) and never made it out like Ngannou. People whose abilities never had a chance to develop and see the light of day adding to humanity's development. Einstein himself was nearly lost had he not managed to escape the Nazis: Capitalism's worst filth.

To me, it is Capitalism's vilest crime against humanity that it robs us of so much human potential and really insults the Universe. For all we know, we may be the only intelligent species in the Universe and its only chance to understand itself. Left to its own devices, Capitalism may one day give the Universe the final slap across the face and leave humanity and our planet a heap of radioactive waste. We may not have souls, but if we did, for that final transgression, Capitalism wouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




we'll make no excuses for the terror




Yeah no arguments in the world can convince me that Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk are worth 50 trillion or whatever they make in a matter of months. Only a deeply corrupted society would value a single individual's existence to be millions more times valuable than that of the average. As if either of these guys have done absolutely ANYTHING to earn hundreds of millions of dollars this year while the average human on earth earns $2000 a year. Every time Jeff Bezos winks he makes more money than the average worker who slaves for him in his warehouses. Only the the delusional can justify that.


>The case for expropriation
Bruh, this is a far-left imageboard, do you really think we need any convincing?

File: 1617817708520-0.jpg (568.52 KB, 719x1429, Food Aid.jpg)

File: 1617817708520-1.jpg (652.95 KB, 720x1901, Lift Black Voices.jpg)

File: 1617817708520-2.jpg (322.31 KB, 719x1020, Cringe Whitey.jpg)


So I stumble upon this movement about food wellness from fedbook. Well is Lift Black Voices part of the fed or not? I mean everyone need food security whoever they are.
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African =/= African American


I'm 25 minutes from a fresh fruit (yes I grow my own) (yes I still go the distance) no this shouldn't be acceptable. I shouldn't have to go the other side of a decent sized county to buy a banana. Dollar generals type stores are the devil. Most places in American can feed you but good luck finding a place to nourish you.


food deserts aren't just about calories
they are also about nutrition
most burger food has almost zero nutrition
no amount of junk food will nourish you


In fact, if you try to nourish yourself with cheap cereals, you'll become obese.


Moved to >>>/b/26449.

File: 1617831255967.jpg (119.92 KB, 1078x742, kim_il_sung_and_kim_jong_i….jpg)


Iranian ship thought to be used as military base attacked, says Tehran
Officials in Tehran said on Wednesday that the MV Saviz had been targeted in the Red Sea, a day after media reports said the ship had suffered damage after being hit by limpet mines. Images broadcast by Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency showed parts of the ship on fire. Tasnim said an explosion had targeted the hull.

Kim says North Korea facing its ‘worst-ever situation’
The comments, reported by state media on Wednesday, came as experts warn Kim is facing perhaps his toughest moment as he approaches a decade in rule, with North Korea’s coronavirus lockdown unleashing further shock on its sanctions-battered economy.

Main opposition party against mining wins Greenland election
With all votes counted Wednesday, the left-leaning Community of the People party (Inuit Ataqatigiit) had secured 37% of the votes, entitling it to 12 seats in the Greenlandic national assembly, the 31-seat Inatsisartut. Its biggest rival, the ruling center-left Forward (Siumut) party took the the second spot with 29% of the votes, giving it 10 seats in the legislature.

Polisario Front slam France and Spain over independence referendum delay and demand seat at UN
THE Polisario Front accused France and Spain of impeding a referendum on independence for Western Sahara on Monday as the separatist group demanded a seat at the United Nations. Spokesman OuldPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1617834348152.jpeg (23.08 KB, 250x267, F57F6455-D937-4EEB-91DC-0….jpeg)

Oh fuck is the DPRK facing that much difficulties?
<read article
>Improving the people’s living standards … even in the worst-ever situation in which we have to overcome unprecedentedly numerous challenges depends on the role played by the cells, the grassroots organisations of the party
How the fuck do they butchered his quote this bad to just push an agenda? Kim is speaking in a hypothetical scenario!


Greece: “Our Hatred for the Police Will Bring Us Together”
It is the beginning of April and the mental impact of the lockdown has become even more surreal as the seasons change. The acts of resistance over the past few weeks have been both beautiful and terrifying. Meanwhile, the government continues to restrict our freedoms while opening Greece to tourists and business—in spite of infection rates averaging between 3000 and 4000 cases of COVID-19 a day, putting Greece third to last in the EU in terms of managing the crisis. In the following report, we describe the conclusion of the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas, the clashes of March 9, and more. This report is brought to you by Radio Fragmata. You can read our previous reports from Greece starting here. A full list of resources on struggles in Greece is included at the end.

Biden to Ukraine: “Unwavering Support for Euro-Atlantic Aspirations”
Last Friday Joe Biden had his first call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky Friday. Afterward, Zelensky stated, “We discussed the situation in Donbas in detail. President Biden assured me that Ukraine will never be left alone against Russia’s aggression.” In the White House readout of the call, Biden “affirmed the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression in the Donbas and Crimea.” Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called his counterpart in Kyiv. According to the Pentagon readout, “Secretary Austin reaffirmed unwavering US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.” (See for reference Victoria Nuland’s description of the U.S.’ $ 5 billion investment in regime change in Ukraine as of 2014 as one in its “European aspirations.” The talking point term remains “aspirations.” But no reference to Pentagon aspirations to throttle Russia.) “Euro-Atlantic aspirations” means membership in NATO and the EU (that’s the usual sequence), the expansion of the Russia-NATO border by 1400 miles, and NATO’s virtual encirclement of Russia. What would go wrong with such a noble plan?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


> A small but growing number of world leaders including Pope Francis and French President Emmanuel Macron have begun citing an offense they say poses a similar threat to humanity and remains beyond the reach of international criminal law: ecocide, or widespread destruction of the environment.

Can't wait for the West to use this one against any 3rd world country that doesn't fall in line with its agenda now that it's outsourced most dirty industries and production




>Destroyes the environment to build its productive forces and wealth
>Dosent let the browns do it because itll fuck up the environment too
>They keep the riches they stole while the rest of humanity has to suck up poverty and misery
I hate the west so hard

File: 1616625012604.jpg (636.28 KB, 2480x1653, People who are too comfort….jpg)


So far, every successful proletarian revolution has occurred in poor countries. It seems that the standard of living is too high for most first worlders to think it is worthwhile to revolt against their governments. Only people living in desperate circumstances seem to do so. I mean, can you imagine the people in pic related being revolutionaries? A lot of leftypolers have pointed out that, in some first countries, by some metrics, living standards have declined. However, they do not seem to have declined anywhere near enough to trigger a revolution, and it seems unlikely that they will in the foreseeable future.

That said, do you think revolution is possible in the first world? If not, what other goal(s) should first world leftists pursue?
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United States
>inb4 Homeless camps
There were about 580,466 homeless people in the United States in 2020, which is less than 0.2% of the total US population. Additional, this number is actually down from a high of 647,258 in 2007.


Ah, you concede that you have no arguments





>Most methodologies miss unsheltered homeless peopleIndividual COCs determine their own counting procedures using guidelines issued by HUD. Generally, the counts are conducted over a single night using volunteers, homeless service provider staff, advocates, and occasionally members of law enforcement. These types of visual street counts are problematic for several reasons. The first is that the people need to be seen in order to be counted, however, a study of shelter users in New York found that 31% slept in places classified as “Not-Visible” the night of the count.5 This problem is exacerbated by the increase in laws that criminalize homelessness. As documented in Housing Not Handcuffs, the Law Center’s 2016 report that reviewed the laws in 187 cities around the country, laws that criminalize necessary human activities performed in public places such as sitting, lying, sleeping, loitering, and living in vehicles are prevalent and increasing.

Gonna be honest if I was homeless I'd deliberately want to avoid places where I'd be easily seen while sleeping. Very easy to get robbed or accosted by law enforcement if people can see you asleep.


Can someone give me a better count then?

File: 1617826278278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.67 KB, 600x591, 1617750066718.jpg)


"I want to break free!"

Well, not in the way as implied in that clip, tho. I think that when comparing the """freedom quotient""" of the Eastern Bloc to the Western Bloc's a lot is getting missed.

Let me give you an example:
>1985, Eastern Bloc
>You literally DON'T have the freedom to die of cancer – there's a whole set of bureaucratically organized system that is making sure that you get the proper treatment, at the very least elongating your life span for another 10 years.

>2020, Western Bloc

>Do you have health insurance? No? You die now, lol.

This, ultimately, brings out the MAIN DIFFERENCE between the Marxist understanding of "freedom," or at the very least its emphasis, as opposed to the "capitalist" one and its emphasis.

<Marxist "freedom":

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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tbf both are interesting


Why was it spoiled? Do the mods need glasses?


Probably my fault sorry I'm tired so my visions blurred and there was a flood earlier which got me into the habit of reporting without thinking so I just muscle memoried nsfw spoiler plz when I reported this and the mods just took me at my word because I'd been reporting the flood


File: 1617828497334.png (91.54 KB, 1667x670, 1.png)

How is this pic wrong, LOL?


Tbh spoiler add a subtility because you click expecting NSFW making you likely to see it as such…

File: 1617347591033.png (212.86 KB, 1024x512, ClipboardImage.png)


With Hawaii verging on UBI, and considering universal healthcare again, when do you suppose we will see a full socialist Hawaii (nationalized means of production and all)? And how can we further the push for this?
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Most of these places have large non native populations or are wholly reliant on the US for their economies usually both.


Nicaragua recognizes Taiwan as the legitimate chinese government.


File: 1617830240201.jpg (820.55 KB, 1438x1966, 1617586671960.jpg)

When is our QUEEN going to make Hawai'i Nazbol? 2036?


Pink Wave countries are more China-aligned. Nicaragua is still pink wave, unless I'm mistaken.

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