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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1633897830563.png (13.54 KB, 259x194, ClipboardImage.png)


Why do so many westerners find foreign politics confusing and complex

All that’s needed to understand global politics is brief knowledge of NATO, WarSaw, MENA, UAE, SEA, the colonial era, central and fractional reserve banking, AU, EU, capitalism, socialism, corporatism, Keynesianism, the effects of WW1/WW2/ and the Cold War, foreign policy, warfare post Geneva convention and the rise of the firearm

All of which only require a few hours to days of brief studying
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Why the fuck should your average burger study this when they just get herded around to die in the next imperial war anyway? They only care if they it serves the goals of capital.


Because it is presented to them through a liberal lenses that tries to explain away US imperialism and the failures of capitalism.


>all you need is a full working understanding of these topics that you are unlikely to have ever even heard of if you are a western wageslave too brain tired to even pay attention to mainstream media, much less have any idea that these specific topics are what you should study.


lol I know this is a shitpost, but It's genuinely difficult to find good education & news resources in western countries, or at least the English speaking world. You really have to go out of your way to find anti-NATO writing, which means you're probably already receptive to it in the first place.


Also, there's absolutely no material incentive to learn about geopolitics in the West. Best case scenario, you'll end up depressed and trapped in a political tendency with absolutely no traction in your home country. Worst case scenario, you end up like Huey Newton.

File: 1632879103006-0.jpg (62.08 KB, 640x624, 1632798681715.jpg)

File: 1632879103006-1.jpg (622.28 KB, 800x9605, SUTPVYG.jpg)


leftist thoughts on financial independence?
its pretty much next to impossible on third world countries from my calculations, but knowing you can be free and flexible with work in ~15 years (age 30-40) of working at "meager" wages puts comfort in my head.
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>I will create a business and exploit my workers and customers!

They should focus within communist ethics and not try to use people to earn money to their advantage.


Always wondered what gave you more relative "freedom", FIRE or being homeless (i.e vandwelling)
If you're a hobo with a solar panel and a water filter all you really need to buy is food and gas once in a while, compared to;
- Taxes
- Mortgage/Rent (this is what keeps most people working)
- Utility costs
But FIRE at least gives you a normal social life and cope that in some 10 years you won't have to work to live on your roof.


It’s gay. Next.


Based /thread


While you may have a point if this was done on an individual level, if such a business was maintained under the authority of a revolutionary proletarian party for the sole purpose of generating money for the party it would, by definition, not be exploitative.

File: 1632085218117.jpg (139.03 KB, 1919x1079, 2341234234234.jpg)


What do you think about the use of firearms? I have seen leftists on Twitter and other such platforms divided on this issue. This begs the question at hand.
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People who have to live in those places do try to consider shit like that actually.
I'm not saying they're bad, mind, or that bombs won't be used. But they're not completely replaceable tools.



Get up on the high horse with me and be based comrade instead of cringe and jelly


>any tripfag


gonna change my response here:
First up, find what ammo is available.
Second, a .22LR rifle and maybe a shotgun are good starting guns. Both are widely accepted as sporting guns even in firearms-restrictive countries. They're a good place to start by learning fundamentals of firearms. Ruger 10/22 and Maverick 88 are decent starters, or literally any break action .22 or 12-ga. Have friends and practice shooting slowly and deliberately.
Make sure you know all four fundamental rules of firearms safety first.

File: 1633865026472.jpg (28.5 KB, 360x302, E-OLlGhVcAAUhC2.jpg)



>He campaigned to have gay people placed in prison, and when they were interned, they were treated worse than the rest of the prisoners.

>Che referred to these groups of people as ‘scum.’ He herded homosexuals, priests, dissidents and other ‘undesirables’ into buses and trucks where they were taken to the camps.

>Overall, the notion that Che Guevara was a champion of freedom is completely erroneous. He had no problem forcing the people of Cuba to work long hours for little or no pay. Che was also opposed to free speech, religion, the press, protest, and assembly. As soon as the new regime assumed power, Che was instrumental in crushing dissenting voices and ensuring Cuba remained under the iron yoke of a dictator.

All the hogs came out on Guevara day. Can you debunk these Claims?
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based trips


More like che GAY vara


I appreciate you trying to give the hard edge of Soviet Communism to your libbery, but this post makes no sense.


>Unfortunately is difficult to find good,accurate sources in english, apparently they make great efforts to prevent this from happening, still some good sources remain, like this book.

How's the Jon Lee Anderson one?


>Stalin literally murdered thousands of trans people

File: 1633892128228.gif (686.47 KB, 220x275, china-ice-cream.gif)


+15 social credit
Taiwan is not a real country
+15 social credit
Tiananm*n never happened
+15 socail credit
Xi Jingping is best president
+infinite social credit
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Young man beats up senior citizens gets bad reputation from it
Also dog bites man
More news at 11


I’m picturing some roided up chinese mma fighter beating up old tai-chi practitioners in public parks in China now and laughing, thanks anon


Well, you're not far off…
My only point would be, they're both in a ring agreeing to fight, I dont really see that much controversy.
It's entirely possible this is CIA manufactured drama


>if someone says something that is not aligned to the US media they are being paid


File: 1633812401430.jpg (27.65 KB, 656x368, Che_Guevara-656x368.jpg)


Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the most complete human being of our age according to Sartre died a day like today 54 years ago, he was cowardly murdered by Bolivian soldiers supported by CIA agents operating in Bolivia.

According to his murderer his last words were "“I know you’ve come to kill me,Shoot, you are only going to kill a man.”

Say something nice about him.

Above all, always be capable of feeling deeply any injustice committed against anyone in any part of the world. It is the most beautiful quality of a revolutionary. "

<Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Farewell letter to his children
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>He died less than 3 years later in Bolivia.
5 years*


>Say something nice about him.
What is there to say? There are no words, which can describe the absolute chad energy this man has.


>the Chad Che vs the virgin third worldist


Of course, one has to remember that he was an Argentinan - a white man trying to impose his backwards and bloody worldviews onto a hapless and disparate group of latinx americans


Kys but get b& first.

File: 1633891147095.jpg (72.53 KB, 311x327, RCO003_1583411667.jpg)


I hate other leftists, being a leftist and having to hang out with leftists. You guys are fucking lame, and the right seems like they have a better time with one another, just look at this shit, it's fucking embarassing to be a leftist when you can be a trad cath but even then I just can't help but be a leftist, because it's just objectively correct while the right is doomed. Yet even then they seem to be happier and sexier. Everyone knows that the left hates each other and the right loves one another or at the very least seem to be more pleased to be around one another more. Like even in the 4chan fbi.govs (yes cringe I Know) they seem to like one another more than leftists like one another. Why is it such a pain in the ass to be left-wing?
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Have you've ever bullied someone mercilessly for being a dork that takes memes too seriously?
It's powerful shit.


>…these are good mayms…
I kek evry tym


File: 1633895681795.jpeg (10.11 KB, 474x266, download.jpeg)

I don't hate fellow leftist I hate libs and I will continue to hate them!


I've never understood what's going on in this clip. Why are they attacking their own? Is this like ML-Trot split but for rightoids high on bath salts?


It's over muh Israel

File: 1633738278371.png (349.28 KB, 640x579, ClipboardImage.png)


how do you guys feel about keynesian models of economic growth when applied to planned economies(i.e. ML states)?
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kys burger




>Keynesianism worked for a substantial period
Correct. The 'Golden Age of Capitalism' did occur during the time where most first world countries were succdems, after all. Which, at first, looked strange to me, as i thought anything other than undistilled laissez-faire capitalism wouldn't produce any worthwhile results (a bit of leftcom take, i believe).

But i guess that unrestrained capitalism is better at creating, expanding and hoarding capital, rather than necessarily providing gibs for the populace (which may or may not happen, as capital is not a conscious entity). In this aspect, i can't help but commend Keynes and Social Democrats for trying to bring about a more human form of capitalism, and for being perhaps one of the most successful ideologies of our time.

Keynes looked kinda ugly doe.


>Keynes looked kinda ugly doe
Maybe that's why he was gay


>The 'Golden Age of Capitalism' did occur during the time where most first world countries were succdems, after all. Which, at first, looked strange to me, as i thought anything other than undistilled laissez-faire capitalism wouldn't produce any worthwhile results (a bit of leftcom take, i believe).
>But i guess that unrestrained capitalism is better at creating, expanding and hoarding capital, rather than necessarily providing gibs for the populace (which may or may not happen, as capital is not a conscious entity).
They also only did it because they were under pressure to appear legitimate in the face of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Once the Berlin Wall fell the mask came off.


Honestly I’m mindfucked from looking at this thing
Looking it picrel makes me realize how much of a joke humanity is and life is
Like, humans think they can control nature, that is, everything in the entire Universe, it’s insane, yet humans basically appeared on the last day of the year if the Universe’s entire lifetime were an Earth year, and all of history after the Ice Age was the last fifty seconds

Like, what’s the fucking point this is all meaningless? We will never create anything as amazing as what the laws of physics created, we will never create anything as intricate as life itself, which is self-motivated, grows and changes both in its own lifetime and through many generations, can form integrated systems of competing life forms from an initial origin point, and can eventually form conscious intelligent beings like ourselves

Fuck what even is life? What is the Universe? If my life and the lives of everyone around now is just the blink of an eye then…what do I make of all this?
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I took it more as a metaphor and not anon wanting to harm the universe


>The probability that all of this insane shit could go on for billions and billions of years to perfectly create Human beings who can think. A single second difference or a single centimeter off and nothing would exist yet everything lines up perfectly
Not really. In a universe this size the odds of at least one case of a planet perfect for the development of intelligent life are actually very high.




Fermi paradox suggests life should actually be even more prevalent than is known. Rough estimate of the number of stars in the milky way alone is about 200 billion. If 0.1% of them have planets in a habitable zone, that brings us down to 200 million opportunities for life. If 0.1% of that actually have the atomic content and gravity necessary to develop at least some kind of life, that still leaves us with 200,000 relatively earth-like planets that could sustain life. Even if we take this down another factor of 1,000, 200 shots at creating life isn't that bad.
That is just within this one galaxy alone, and there's approximately another 100 billion galaxies known. So multiply your 200 chances at creating life by about 100 billion and suddenly you're looking at 20 trillion opportunities for life to form just in the galaxies we can see.


The proofs is our existence, plus basic common sense. Even if the probability of intelligent life emerging is extremely extremely small, the universe is large enough that it should still happen at least once. The fact that it did happen at least once proves this.

File: 1633875289660.jpg (322.27 KB, 830x1333, Vinsvina-1.jpg)


I have a friend who i'm worried about. I'll call him "anon" just to make it easier to understand. Unfortunately Anon leans more towards the right ever since I've know him. His family are porkies, they have a blue lives matter flag outside their home. Anon and I were always friends as kids. I've met him when he stood up for me from my bullies. I've encountered him again in school when I didn't have a place to sit. I'll admit I do like him more than as a friend. He's handsome and smart, it's just the people he hangs out with are bad influences. I feel like if I didn't meet anon, I think my life would be a lot harder than it already is.

What's been bothering is… he showed me a video during lunch. The typical pro-nationalist video that's been going around the web. "fuck Joe Biden", anon and his friends laughed like it was funniest shit. I didn't even know what to do at the time but just stare at him. I can't believe i'm seriously losing my childhood friend because the world is brainwashing him into becoming a rightoid. How do I drop subtle hints at communism to him. Please help me comrades, I can't lose him forever.
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Ah, looks like the AUKUS cuck still has a hate boner for us.


Holy shit almost 100k Mentions of us on degenerate board. Wow so we are like their favorite BBC/Cuck porn since they like talking about us so much.


File: 1633928365352.jpeg (39.2 KB, 722x349, ngthmrvsgggls.jpeg)

ah yes, leftypol, bastion of the radical anticapitalists


I she's posting it right now XD


What's with the sudden rise of boomers entering my threads? I blame 2016 elections.
There you go pal, now fuck off

Yep, maybe in two more weeks right guys?

Just throwing it out now since i've been lurking around the threads. But you guys really don't like jokes huh? Especially the ones that poke fun at you, stones can break my bahahahahahahah I get it, seethe as much as you desire. Whatever helps bring more people who'll give me more advice.

Oh, while i'm still posting, I wanted to ask. What is it with you guys? I know I am sorta of newish, but immediately get hostile responses and everyone assume i'm a chinlet. Wow, alright. But honesty, you do you. I'm not going to stop taking an interest of communist over some weirdos.

Progress report: just bread crumbs that surprised anon and his friends. You should've seen the look on their faces when they found out the founding fathers were lefties, or as we known it today. classical liberalism, didn't push it too much because I think they got uncomfortable. Ate some french fries, yep today went well.

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