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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1626763086425.jpg (257.35 KB, 1077x1077, 20200714_222248.jpg)


Is it in line with DiaMat? I see it used by a lot of structural marxists that have infamously trouble accepting dialectics, so maybe overdetermination is indeed a revision from Marx?
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that's a lie


As Ceaușescu once said, dialectic materialism is like cocaine….


I guess he lied in his autobiography to seem more humble. I bet he also lied about plagiarising his students' essays.


He also lied about killing his wife. It was just a prank


Those snarky comments by some retard on the internet are really intellectually stimulating

File: 1626854110270.jpg (84.36 KB, 914x1024, 1601642270788m.jpg)


I've come across this sham argument in an increasing amount recently, also by Eastern Euro anti-communists.
Meanwhile Burgerland, workers in a bloody chips factory work themselves to death.

Or the hyper-exploitation, which is going on now in Eastern Europe.

>In Romania, ‘modern slaves’ burn noxious trash for a living
>In the trash-strewn slums of Sintesti, less than 10 miles from Romania’s capital, Mihai Bratu scrapes a dangerous living for his Roma family amid the foul reek of burning plastic that cloys the air day and night.
>[…] “We don’t want to do this. Why don’t they give us jobs like (communist dictator Nicolae) Ceausescu used to, they would come with buses, with cars, and take us to town to work,” she told The Associated Press. “Gypsies are seen as the worst people no matter where we go or what we do.”

We know better, but feel free to post more examples of horrid working conditions in Eastern Europe and the imperial core, in addition to showing evidence of how working conditions under communism steadily improved over time, to use against anti-communists in debates.
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File: 1627384743908.gif (108.36 KB, 600x250, slide3.gif)



In Romania everything bad that happens today is blamed on communism. "See? This is what 50 years of communism does to you."


I fucking hate shit like this, I remember back when the pandemic started some dumb fucking burgers were taking pics of empty shelves in walmart and saying shit like "SEE??? DIZ IZ LITERALLY GOMUNIZM!!!111" "IF WE HAD GOMUNIZM WE WOULD HAVE THIS!"
They're all a bunch of goddamn toddlers


>these problems brought by capitalism are what happens when you have communism


>panic buying is communism

File: 1627360368510.jpg (648.94 KB, 2250x1779, 1627281992086-3.jpg)


If the world is suffering from problems with environmental degradation caused by industrial waste why not just build and dig bigger landfills that can contain more trash and build more sanitational based equipment? Why not just replant old trees? why not just cut down on production if keeping factories operating is causing industrial waste? It wouldn't be hard to keep streets clean, it wouldn't be hard to keep the air breathable, it wouldn't be hard to simply not turn the planet into a wasteland simple just by giving a shit about the natural environment
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File: 1627376474887.jpg (300.99 KB, 1280x720, NeoliberalsAreRetarded.jpg)

Neoliberalism works for NO countries. NONE.
Growth rates were much higher in the Bretton Woods era for all countries, there weren't constant financial crises, poorer countries were developing faster, income inequality was racheted down, the list goes on endlessly. Anyone who disagrees can tie themselves to an electric chair and fucking STIMULATE themselves to death as the good Lord Keynes intended for all the retarded mainstream economists.


Playing the devils advocate, but what do you say about race based arguments for why Latin American countries are bad?

Mexico and the other countries in the southern hemisphere are generally not regarded as failings of capitalism, they are usually brushed away as only being that way due to "corruption" or because of cultural values. I mean, could you say that Mexico has true capitalism? No one in the US would say that Mexico is capitalist, for example.

of course typing this made me realize the majority of people defending capitalism literally cannot define what capitalism is


Ha Joon Chang already addressed this a billion times on how culture and race stereotypes are used as a post-hoc justification depending on level of development ex. Germans (idk might have been French I forgot but some rando european country) used to be stereotyped as lazy good for nothing barbarians since initially their country was pretty far behind and then after industrialization and growth the culture-first retards bent over backwards and started turning their stereotypes into positive attributes and this also happened for countries like Japan, China, etc. basically it's all bullshit and has been from the very beginning. I don't have the book with me right now but I can send screenshots and excerpts later of what he pointed out later.


>I mean, could you say that Mexico has true capitalism?
Yes of course.
Yeah there may be corruption, but this place is 100% capitalist, in fact is way more capitalist than 40 years ago, the neolibs tried to completely dismantle any kind of social welfare and give everything to the sacred market.


>thinking about the long term effects of their actions
But anon it's important that the planet gets destroyed to satisfy investors every year, we NEED to make everywhere dirty

File: 1627291028524-0.gif (1.06 MB, 480x470, 1599753920749.gif)

File: 1627291028524-1.webm (1.99 MB, 712x400, 1612064184499.webm)


I'm trying to de-nazify myself, trying to shift into anarcho-egoism, I think I get the basic concepts of leftism and all, but one thing keeping me away from full-blown leftism is, if race doesn't really matter and all that is just the capitalist ploy to keep us divided, why are there no thinkers, I mean like Marx and Stirner and stuff, that would be black or asian? I mean there were people like Mao or Mugabe but they still borrow all the basic ideas from Marx, point is, why is it only white man that thinks this way, or, dare I say, why is it only white man that thinks? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm really trying here, but just… why does it seem like only muh yuropeons "think?"
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I'll try
Well, thank you!
If I think about it, guess it really just boils down to me being eurocentric.
Hey! Just because I didn't know something and I was raised within an eurocentric worldview doesn't mean you have to call me the r-word! ;-;
I mean yeah, true.
they *kinda* do
>step out of the angloid sphere which isn't even more prolific in philosophy compared to some traditions of philosophy
will do!
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Well, Chinese communists think a lot actually but most of you faggot westernoid 'communists' disregard them as 'dengists'


File: 1627308198184.jpg (19.16 KB, 500x449, 1608525720577.jpg)

Seek mental help anon, but unironically being this obsessed with identity politics is deeply unhealthy, if mental health isnt available get a hobby like drawing, hiking, hunting just something and find friends


Kalyan Sanyal is a brilliant Indian marxist theorist

A.M Mazrui is an African post colonial theorist I like too.


File: 1627388709778.jpeg (74.31 KB, 645x970, 1617514738457.jpeg)

File: 1627250203079.jpg (283.66 KB, 870x489, tunisie-drapeau-870.jpg)


>Tunisia’s president has announced the suspension of the Tunisian parliament and the dismissal of Prime Minister Hicham Mechichi after violent protests broke out in several Tunisian cities over the government’s handling of the COVID pandemic and the economy.

>President Kais Saied said on Sunday he would assume executive authority with the assistance of a new prime minister, prompting the biggest challenge yet to a 2014 constitution that split powers between president, prime minister and parliament.

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>president is elected
>prime minister is not
Wot? What's your system?




Presidential Republics > Parliamentary Systems


Prime minister is nominated by the president. I know there are other parliaments that act this way but I can't name any off the top of my head



Here it says that Turkey could get fucked by this coup.
At least that's a bit of good news.

File: 1627367288173.png (6.64 MB, 2560x1440, tvqkf8acte111.png)


This thread is to discuss potential problems with Marxism in a relativistic society and how theory can solve them.

The first problem that comes to light is the tendency for the rate of profit to fall is affected by time dilation. If a spaceship is moving fast wrt Earth, the tendency for the rate of profit to fall will be slower in the spaceship.

Another problem is, for rates of profit to equalise across industries, it will require higher rates of profit in the spaceship since rates of profit on Earth will appear to be higher in the spaceship. For the same set of commodities to make a higher rate of profit in the spaceship, either exploitation needs to be greater or socially necessary labour time needs to be lower in the spaceship.

Lastly, workers on the spaceship appear to be working slower than those on Earth. Should this affect socially necessary labour time? I don't think so because the workers on the spaceship are also consuming less.

As well as these general problems with Marxism, can Cockshottian planning work in a relativistic society?
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Rick and morty tier rant.


lmao good one


Any interstellar society will require a warp metric of some sort for propulsion which means relativistic effects won't be experienced since ships will move nonlocally.


Capitalism will die long before humans reach near-lightspeed space travel. Not a problem.


Guys, what if Narnia was marxist???

File: 1614595272010-0.png (644.01 KB, 640x480, 16077169419050.png)

File: 1614595272010-1.webm (55.58 MB, 1920x1080, Russian Civil War.webm)

File: 1614595272010-2.jpg (352.34 KB, 1494x1126, 16145307815630.jpg)

File: 1614595272010-3.webm (15.97 MB, 640x360, Yablochko.webm)

File: 1614595272010-4.jpg (306.19 KB, 1024x874, Basmachi.jpg)

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A million sides, constant changes of allies, a bunch of events - sort of the First World War in the South, in the Crimea and in the Urals, the latest fleet operations against the Germans and the Entente in the Baltic, literally Syria in the Ukraine, the Red Army attacking British tanks with bayonets near Arkhangelsk, the Wild West with Basmachi in Central Asia, Latin American partisanship in Siberia, White Genghis Khan is plotting something, White Czechs are fleeing from the Red Czechs with tsarist gold, finally the fight against anti-Soviet uprisings and simply hellish gang violence.

Red, White, Green, Black, Basmachi
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File: 1627293014469.mp4 (51.09 MB, 854x480, 【和訳付】赤軍に勝る者なし Красная Арми….mp4)



File: 1627312875312.jpg (59.4 KB, 531x593, z4FN0unA1qM.jpg)



People who say the kulaks deserved it are the ones who deserve it now. Remember that.


File: 1627316092806.jpg (331.83 KB, 1200x800, Josip-Broz-Tito1.jpg)

Into the pit Nazi kulaks were bourgeois owners to the means of food production. They weren't* common peasants, like with industry the workers deserve common ownership of food production like anything industrial. Seethe cope dilate…


File: 1627375185851.jpg (509.62 KB, 1908x1146, f3d4ac074ee5c39ecfa0a7c58b….jpg)


File: 1627322691446.jpg (75.66 KB, 377x750, e0ddde360ab9ad8cca4d48f5c2….jpg)


Theres already enough food on the planet until 2050 in fact it's been proven with countries like kenya china brazil and india that reducing population sizes dont fix societal problems as your controlling population sizes not increasing the wealth of a country per person
>water crises
This is a man made problem, desalination, well digging, atmospheric humidity to drinking water hell even fresh water supplies in the ocean are all available and most drinking water is spent on unsustainable farming methods that could be improved on in a month
>climate change
The earths climate is changing but not due to human influence as earth is fucking huge with most of its land and resources being unused, the biggest greenhouse gas isnt co2 it's water vapor and historically the climate has spiked and fallen at different intervals due to the climate cycle
Your at risk of mortality if your health is already compromised either often due to drugs, if your already ill or obesity, wear a mask and keep away from others but dont take the vaccine as theres no evidence that it works(something that you'll be told on official papers from your local government) and most vaccines are being produced by corporations that need you to take constant doses to fund their agendas whatever they may be
>gun violence
Drugs kill far more people every year than guns and the tobacco industry alone is responsible for 100 million deaths by cigarettes in the 20th century alone, it's been documented that outbreaks of gun violence primarily occur in areas where guns are restricted like chicago, canada(yes even they have mass shootings and quite a few)russia and california as gun control is a weak response to fixing the problems with a countries security as epidemics of violence are a byproduct of people not bullets
>mass immigration is a form of colonialism
It isnt most immigrants assimilate at one point in their lives or their nationality changes as they've settled into a region of the planet for long enough, immigrants cant take your jobs especially in capitalist societies because employers have multiple ways to create artificial unemployment including outsourcing, forcing workers to work longer and under hiring to have a workforce that's desperate for a job,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Maupin knows he's quoted in this article, right?


Don't care, have less kids anyway because life blows.


Pessimism has zero place in Marxism.


File: 1627276422778.png (260.92 KB, 525x591, idk what to do .png)


I know this is supposed to be non-sectarian, but I have noticed a serious problem with this board that is either going to eat it up and doom it to irrelevancy or at least be acknowledged and worked on. There is a very large group of people on this board who constantly do anything they can to be as edgy as possible by engaging in behavior like saying anyone to the left of stalin is just an idealist, or going through as many mental gymnastics as possible to say that countries like China are actually socialist.

I will preface this by saying I've met many principled ML's here who have very solid principles and criticisms of modern politics, but it seems all too common that they're willing to deny that these edgy and terminally online faux socialists are polluting this place with their dogmatism. This is especially manifested by the constant hatred thrown at groups like anarchists and leftcoms who are supposedly included in left unity, but even in the most basic threads outside of USSR or China worship, these people are constantly shat all over as not real leftists.
I don't want this board to become an ideological hugbox, and I enjoy the discourse between different leftist groups, but the fact that obviously mentally ill people dominate the board and get free reign to shit on people that should be considered comrades under the guise of non-sectarianism is seriously killing this place.

This is coming from the bottom of my heart, I really want to see leftypol be something better, but it's really disillusioning when you're relentlessly shat on and called a radlib or anarkiddie for criticizing anything about the hivemind of this board.

tl;dr anarchists and leftcoms are comrades too, and it's really hard to agree with left unity when they're constantly shat on
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I'd agree in part, but it doesn't have much to do with "tankies" as such. A lot of online political discourse is essentially empty. People conform to the apparently dominant set of values on a forum, and disguise themselves as if they know something by reinforcing these values. "Marxism-Leninism" is just the latest disguise in a series of disguises by the know-nothings that make up a large part of the culture of online Marxism. Even telling them to read a book is the wrong strategy, because they too often end up over-valuing the one book they've read in years, supposing they read it at all.

Otherwise, I'd agree with >>402818 and take the point further. "Left" and "leftist" mean very little. The labels are most often used to describe positions in the culture war. In "leftist culture" online, they're frequently employed by people wishing to imply some "commonality" between "us" as "leftists," that we're all "fundamentally on the same side."

This rhetorical strategy can be used nefariously by progressive liberals intending to position themselves as political "realists" against socialists as mere "idealists," claiming to be making the "practical leftist choice" as opposed to the "impractical leftism" of the supposed idealists. In short, it becomes a way to disguise differences in principles as differences in practices, individual moral differences rather than political differences. This is also how you get hundreds of videos and essays sincerely talking about the "leftist case" for some bourgeois politician or political party.


The inability and/or unwillingless for the Marxist-Leninists and other dedicated socialists here to distinguish and either correct or expel genuine tankies in their midst is disturbing and is a sign of just how uncritical most leftists actually are.


>Le radlib wants anons to cancel other anons.
the fuck do you want.


Good point, thanks for reminding me that Marx was a radlib who was steeped in #cancelculture.


Karlmilla Marx was a strong independant black woman.

File: 1626984819565.png (2.51 KB, 208x191, 1626619573758.png)


I wanna understand how that site descended from an obscure mostly liberal imagebboard that could discuss politics with a varied amount of humor to a cesspit of botting, bait and shill posting that's actually more popular than most communities on reddit with a userbase that's so politically 1 sided that it feels like only 1 or a few like minded people browse and run the entire site. Around 70% the catalog of /pol/ in it's current state is anti vax propaganda and the rest is almost exclusive to id/pol/ faggotry, how did that place reach this point and is it possible for them to recover?
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Nuke the website, hang everyone who posted atleast 50 times.


>Whats wrong with /pol/?


theres no way to save that board at this point it needs to be axed and have anyone that browsed it forcibly removed from the internet, I just got back from using it and I made 1 post stating that 4chan users weren't /pol/s personal army and that they shouldnt keep having seizures when someone has an opinion that deviates from the norm to just 1 anon and got met with a shitstorm of autistic stormfags whining and bitching, another instance was when i called out an anon from making an incel bait thread and predicted that it would derail into a woman bad thread just before a porn thread gets uploaded and what was worse wasnt the fact that my prediction was right but the replies that showed open pride in the boards degeneracy and blatant displays of stupidity. That boards male tumblr


Seethe & Cope /pol/ you will never be a man, grow a chin.


They're so easily triggered that it's funny to post stuff to see how many (you's) you can get. But be kinda subtle about it and don't use a meme flag. I'm just a patriotic guy who thinks we should have a system over here like what they have over in China where a centralized political party subordinates capital to the interests of the people!

And then people freak out. It's amazing.


If you want to call it thinking.

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