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>Of all the classes that stand face to face with the bourgeoisie today, the proletariat alone is a really revolutionary class. The other classes decay and finally disappear in the face of Modern Industry; the proletariat is its special and essential product.

Why was he so wrong about this?
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>Where, exactly, does Ehrenreich take anything but the base as the point of departure?
see >>1899725


I make a six digit salary, hold stocks and invest in a managed fund. I am a proletarian.


i make 30k/yr, do not hold financial assets, but I work in an office. i am a PMC and am not a proletarian


What does that even mean? I support everything that will improve the lot of the working class


File: 1719813969035.jpg (83.89 KB, 1200x900, 1682004940893.jpg)

This whole stupid thread is why it's so irksome when leftists smugly deny the importance of income differentials to class status. No, income is not the sole determinant of class, but it's safe to say that if you have a chunk of money lying around in reserve, you are not some hapless proletarian, and even both Marx and Engels said as much.

File: 1719335022046-1.jpg (22.77 KB, 474x281, OIF.jpg)


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Not that it matters, there's copies everywhere. There's a good outline of the early intel campaign against him and the media here
>Assange required to instruct WikiLeaks to destroy unpublished files

Before Assange’s guilty plea was entered in court, the agreement with the U.S. government required him to “take all action within his control to cause the return to the United States or the destruction of any such unpublished information in his possession, custody, or control, or that of WikiLeaks or any affiliate of WikiLeaks.”

As required by the agreement, Assange provided a sworn affidavit before the plea hearing that indicated he had taken this step.

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson confirmed to The Dissenter that Assange had requested that he destroy "all unpublished U.S. secret documents."

This provision in the plea agreement echoed the infamous decision in 2013 by editors at The Guardian newspaper to take a power drill and angle grinder to a hard drive which contained copies of vast troves of information leaked by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden to then Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald.

Editors were threatened with legal action if they did not either hand over the hard drives. They agreed to destroy them in the basement of their headquarters in London, even though it was understood that copies existed elsewhere outside of the U.K.

Technicians from Government Communications Headquarters—the U.K equivalent of the NSA—filmed the destruction of the computer hard drive while taking notes and providing instructions to the editors.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Get ready for him to mysteriously die through a suicide or an accident. Nothing ever happens.


huh, didnt he have some dead man switch with additional shit nobody got ?


Australia is fake, too. Have you seen the "photos" of Australian animals? Ridiculous stuff.



Canadian airline WestJet cancels at least 235 flights following a surprise strike by mechanics union
The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association said its members started to strike Friday evening because the airline’s “unwillingness to negotiate with the union” made it inevitable. The strike came after the federal government issued a ministerial order for binding arbitration on Thursday. That followed two weeks of turbulent discussions with the union on a new deal.

Guatemala asks LGBT pride marchers to have 'good manners' after bid to ban event
"The parade is ready to go and we will not give in to intimidation attempts," the organizers' committee said on X. "This is a peaceful, civic and communal demonstration where diverse people are united by the celebration of who we are."

Third day of Israel operation in north Gaza as thousands displaced
The armed wings of both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad said they were engaged in ongoing fighting with Israeli forces there. Israel's military, meanwhile, said its operations were continuing in Shejaiya where fighting "above and below the ground" left a "large number" of militants dead.

Iran heading for runoff election after neither lead candidate scores majority
Iran is heading to a runoff election in a week’s time after the reformist lawmaker Masoud Pezeshkian secured a narrow lead over the hardline former nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili but failed to secure more than 50% of the votes. Turnout may end up low as 40%, a record low for an Iranian presidential election since the revolution in 1Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Families of Uvalde shooting victims push for more arrests after indictments: ‘Why only two people?’
“We are having to relive this nightmare again knowing they had the chance to save some of our loved ones – maybe all of them,” Arreola said, adding that she wants more officials to be indicted following the “cascading failures”, as described by the justice department, in the police’s delayed response to the shooting.

Ron DeSantis Stops Florida Beaches Closing Amid 'Fecal Pollution' Warnings
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has vetoed a bill that would have given the state the power to close beaches if tests show water does not reach the state's health standards. DeSantis made the call this week, despite Floridians being warned against swimming due to "fecal pollution" just two months ago.

13-Year-Old Boy Shot and Killed by Police After Chase
After a struggle on the ground, a police officer “ultimately discharged his firearm once, striking the male,” Mark Williams, the chief of police, said at a news conference on Saturday. The boy was taken to a hospital, where he died, the police said. Later, officers recovered a replica of a Glock 17 Gen5 handgun with a detachable magazine, according to the news release.

Revealed: the tech entrepreneur behind a pro-Israel hate network
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Biden and Trump debate: zombie vs. gangster
Following the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, one question is on the minds of millions of ordinary Americans and the US ruling class: “How the hell are these our only options?” The agonising 90-minute display saw a bewildered Biden mumble and stumble his way through incomprehensible half-sentences, after which his wife had to lead him by the arm from the stage. Trump put in his usual performance of bragging, blustering, and lying at an average rate of once every three minutes (according to CNN).The ‘debate’ (if one can call it that) has aptly set the tone for the remainder of this farcical election contest between two of the least popular presidents in US history. On the one hand, we have a senile genocide enabler; on the other, a megalomaniacal huckster. Heads, we lose. Tails… we lose. It’s no accident that it has come to this. To paraphrase the French philosopher Joseph de Maistre, every system gets the leaders it deserves. Last night's woeful spectacle perfectly sums up the senile decay of US capitalism.

American Suburbs Are Decaying: Review of Disillusioned: Five Families and the Unraveling of America’s Suburbs by Benjamin Herold (Penguin Press, 2024)
For the better part of a century, American internal migration patterns have been massively influenced by the suburban promise of great amenities, low taxes, privacy, safety, and a fresh start. But as long-time education reporter Benjamin Herold argues in his new book, Disillusioned: Five Families and the Unraveling of America’s Suburbs, that dream has always been elusive, not least because the suburbs themselves have a baked-in economic life cycle. Through a portrait of five families in pursuit of the suburban idyll, Herold reveals how suburbs are born to fail. Disillusioned is just as much about schools and race as it is about housing as a Ponzi scheme, but when it comes to daily life, these can’t be neatly separated. All five families Herold profiles move to the suburbs to get their children into better schools. But schools’ performance and resources too often mirror their racial makeup, good intentions or not. Part of the suburban story is that opportunity is usually dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


<The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the rearticulation of power.

Can someone with a thesaurus and an encyclopedic knowledge of 20th century french post-modern and structuralist philosophy explain what the literal fuck this means?
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File: 1719636866709.png (105.22 KB, 910x870, judithbutler.png)

>Judith Butler
should be shot


New thinkers say Capitalism is not a stable as it seems.


The entire intelligentsia should be buried alive in unmarked graves, frankly


I suspect that structuralist and many other pomo authors are intentionally obtuse in their writing because they aren't confident that they could actually argue their point.


File: 1719666602995.png (269.6 KB, 666x1082, ClipboardImage.png)

Found where you GOP cuntoids are cribbing your ideology from

File: 1719520171603.png (326.74 KB, 543x768, 10 qader.png)


Iranian Kurdish parties firmly reject Kurdistan Regional Government's pressure to disarm and relocate
"The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) security agencies have notified Komala (the Kurdish branch of the Communist Party of Iran), the Komala of Revolutionary Toilers of Iranian Kurdistan (Shorshger), and the Komala of the Toilers of Kurdistan (Zahmatkeshan) to evacuate their bases in Zirgwez, Zirgwezala, and Bana Gawra villages to Arbat refugee camps and a newly established camp in Surdash."

Israeli forces arrest 28 Palestinians in raids in occupied West Bank
The overnight raids, part of Israel’s increasingly violent assault on the occupied territories, targeted the governorates of Jenin, Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah and el-Bireh, Nablus and Jerusalem, said the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society on Thursday.

FARC dissidents order former guerrillas to leave southern Colombia
In a letter, the EMC’s Ivan Diaz Front said that fighters of rival guerrilla group Segunda Marquetalia were “hiding” in Miravalle, a hamlet that was founded to reintegrate the FARC. The EMC and Segunda Marquetalia oppose the peace deal that was signed by their former comrades and the national government in 2016. Both FARC dissident groups are vying for control over the area around Miravalle that lies in what used to be FARC heartland.

Toronto residents flood city lotteries amid ‘impossibly unaffordable’ housing
A new analysis by the Toronto Star has shown that demand far outstripped supply for six lotteries to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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“Pro-worker and pro-business”: The failures of class collaboration
If you were worried about what Labour will be like in government, worry no longer. According to Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, speaking to an audience of capitalists at the start of the party’s election campaign, her plan is for Labour to be both “pro-business and pro-worker”. The Marxist term for this is ‘class collaboration’. By asking both the bosses and the workers to be ‘reasonable’ in their demands, say the reformists, we can get to the best of all possible worlds, and sand off capitalism’s rough edges. There’s just one small problem: whenever anyone’s asked lions to lie down with lambs in the past, it generally hasn’t ended well.

Julian Assange Is Free, but Justice Has Not Been Served
On June 24, 2024, Julian Assange left Belmarsh Prison in London and boarded a plane for Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. Upon reaching the US territory the next day, the journalist was taken to a federal courthouse. Inside, Assange pled guilty to conspiracy to violate the Espionage Act. When asked to explain his crime, Assange told the judge, “Working as a journalist I encouraged my source to provide information that was said to be classified in order to publish that information. I believe that the First Amendment protected that activity. I believe the First Amendment and the Espionage Act are in contradiction with each other, but I accept that it would be difficult to win such a case given all these circumstances.” As part of the plea deal, Assange was sentenced to time served. During the sentencing, Chief US District Judge Ramona V. Manglona said, “The government has indicated there is no personal victim here. That tells me the dissemination of this information did not result in any known physical injury.” After setting the journalist free, the judge noted that the following week was Assange’s birthday, saying, “It’s apparently an early happy birthday to you.” Assange entered the courthouse one of the most visible political prisoners in the world. He left a free man for the first time in over a decade. There is zero question that Assange going free is cause for celebration. Assange is a journalist who expoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Kurds should resist the shithole theocracy in Iran instead of fleeing to Iraq


File: 1719626456137.png (40.33 KB, 500x500, 1719442941237598.png)

Thanks News Anon


When Rojava ends Turkey and Iraq

File: 1719589798857.png (388.21 KB, 600x450, ClipboardImage.png)


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you're right it means the master race :^)


does anyone have links to the debates? i plan to learn persian in the future and would like to save them as future learning material


Hibernian hands typed this post.


bros, are we going to reunite ireland on time to be in the star trek timeline?


Stp posting pedos OP


What does it look like when a government works for its citizens?

Post examples of governments improving society. They don't have to be socialist, it doesn't need to have survived the cruel realities of capitalism, it doesn't even need to be the correct or ideal solution. I just want real-life examples of what could be.

(It can be a local council, it just has to be a state government. So the Mayor of Marenaleda robbing supermarkets counts, for example)


inb4 whining about the example vid - I can't upload images and am in a hurry

File: 1719626919902.jpg (54.81 KB, 474x355, th-4103209392.jpg)


Japan protests sex assault cases involving US military on Okinawa and their delayed disclosure
In one case, an Air Force member is accused of assaulting a 16-year-old girl in December, while the other, which dates from May, involves a Marine who is accused of assaulting a 21-year-old woman. The case involving the assault of the teenager is a reminder to many Okinawans of the high-profile 1995 rape of a 12-year-old girl by three U.S. servicemembers, which sparked massive protests against the heavy U.S. troop presence on Okinawa.

Dozens more deaths may be linked to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's supplements
The health ministry revealed on Friday that there have been dozens more deaths potentially linked to beni kōji (red yeast rice) supplements sold by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, in addition to the five that had been previously confirmed.

Journalists refused entry to Azerbaijan energy conference ahead of Cop29
The journalists said they were not given a valid reason why they had been turned away, but they chose to leave the venue after “frightening” and “intimidating” encounters with the organisers. The conference was held shortly before research by Human Rights Watch revealed at least 25 instances of the arrest or sentencing of journalists and activists in Azerbaijan over the past year, almost all of whom remain in custody.

Battles rage in north Gaza as Palestinian fighters ambush Israeli troops
In a statement on Friday, al-Quds Brigades,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Labor protesters picket at Connecticut's largest Amazon warehouse
Delivery workers represented by Teamsters Local 396 protested starting at 4 p.m. at Windsor’s BDL4 Amazon fulfillment center at 1215 Kennedy Road. Picketers blocked two entrances to the Amazon warehouse on Kennedy Road, asking passing trucks to honk, urging workers to unionize and shouting insults about Amazon owner Jeff Bezos.

Kroger union workers ratify new contract with increased wages, better benefits
Kroger union employees in Michigan ratified a new contract, which increases wages and improves paid time off and improves benefits. Member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 951 ratified a new three-year contract, which goes into effect on June 30, according to a release.

The Supreme Court says cities can punish people for sleeping in public places
In its biggest decision on homelessness in decades, the U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that cities can ban people from sleeping and camping in public places. The justices, in a 6-3 decision along ideological lines, overturned lower court rulings that deemed it cruel and unusual under the Eighth Amendment to punish people for sleeping outside if they had nowhere else to go.

California voters to weigh proposal to ban forced prison labor in state constitution
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Episode 389: Muppets take MAGA (TrueAnon)
We kick off our 2024 election coverage with a jaunt down to Sillydelphia for our first-ever Trump rally. Featuring: chicken strips, Jack Posobiec, Cold War veterans, Celine Dion, Beautiful Hillary, the former president himself, and more.

Tudeh Party of Iran, On the latest developments in Iran and the upcoming "election show"
The ludicrous roster of candidates showing up during the registrations for the presidential election show, and manufactured controversies by the regime’s propaganda apparatus about the approval or rejection of this or that candidate by the Guardian Council, is another desperate attempt of the regime to “draw” attentions to the show of installing Raisi’s successor on June 28. The outcome will not benefit the people in terms of the overall policies of the regime and will only be a superficial change and a reshuffling of the regime’s oppressive figures. The recent so-called discussions, including advising the Supreme Leader to “hold free elections” and the debate about “choosing between bad and worse,” which is an outdated matter, is implying that by bringing to power one of these figures the current suppression and repression and the trampling of workers’ rights can be swayed towards democracy and the realization of people’s rights. The correct question is that which of these candidates, all well-known regime figures, have taken a step towards realizing the people’s rights and challenging the theocratic regime? We have gone through five presidential elections over the past two decades. The elected and in fact appointed Presidents in all cases have implemented similar policies of harsh and bloody repression of the rights of the working people, women, and students (since 2005), implementing disastrous economic policies in line with the interests of the country’s grand capitalists which has led to rampant poverty, deprivation, unemployment, inflation, unprecedented corruption, and the destruction of the country’s economic infrastructure. Has there been a difference between the regime’s overall policies and the performance of these regime operatives that we can today fantasize about the possibility of such a change?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1716426553050.jpeg (6.64 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)


>There are three conditions for survival that a guerrilla force must embrace if it is emerging subject to the premises described here: constant mobility, constant vigilance and constant distrust. Without these three elements of military tactics the guerrilla will find it hard to survive. We must remember that the heroism of the guerrilla fighter, at this moment, consists of the scope of the planned goal and the enormous number of sacrifices they must make in order to achieve it. These sacrifices are not made in daily combat or in face-to-face battle with the enemy; rather they will take subtler forms, more difficult for the guerrilla fighter to resist both physically and mentally.
<Perhaps the guerrillas will be punished heavily by the enemy, divided at times into groups, while at other times those who are captured will be tortured. They will be pursued as hunted animals in the areas where they have chosen to operate; the constant anxiety of having the enemy on their track will be with them. They must distrust everyone, for the terrorized peasants will in some cases give them away to the repressive troops in order to save themselves. Their only alternatives are life or death, at times when death is a concept a thousand times present and victory only a myth for a revolutionary to dream about.
> - Che Guevara, "Guerrilla warfare: A method"

Let's say fascists take over your country. Or your country is going through strikes and protests and is on the rise. So your country is on the verge of a left wing revolution. Are there any books that one should read in preparation for this? physical training, procurement/production of arms and explosives, tactics, strategy, recruitment, logistics, even food procurement, etc? While reading theories is all well and good there seem to be good but there are very few on the specifics how to actually wage an armed revolution. And before you say this shit glows, the fact is the fucking glowies are likely already here.
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You're not interested in political power You're interested in playing cowboy and Indian, please stop.


The most important skill to learn is long distance running and hiking, the rest is optional compared to that.


>if you consider yourself apt or interested in military action id suggest enlisting
holy muthafuckin glowpost lmfao


>The idea that you're going to form a revolution through people individually doing private sales of small arms and then they're going to defeat aircraft carriers is so fucking funny.
incredible how Americans have learned literally nothing from Vietnam and Afghanistan. how's Operation Prosperity Guardian going bud? there's no way the houthis stand a chance against AIRCRAFT CARRIERS!!!


>nooooo stop trying to abolish my future career!

File: 1719552052365.jpeg (179.14 KB, 335x527, IMG_0396.jpeg)


For all the scare depopulationists have been pushing, many of them fail to realize just how fast both governments and their citizens are adjusting to this changing world. Pronatalist programs seen worldwide, Africa going through its population boom, and governments making the economic reforms necessary to reduce inflation and promote financial security. These things at most are doing much to allow people the security they need to have kids and a stable future, and at least they are preventing the legitimate realities of a dying humanity from ever forming.
If that doesn’t convince you that the global population is genuinely fine, than I can tell you this. There are more governments than ever that will openly pay you to have kids, and there is more food than ever being produced to sustain all those children. Renewable energy has its highest share over the humanity’s energy consumption than at any point in history, and Africans right now are pushing for sustainable power development and nuclear solutions to their energy problems. Most countries (Japan, Jamaica, post soviet states, etc) that are experiencing population decline are seeing a reversal of the trend, which signifies that their populations are stabilizing and growing past a set point rather than simply declining in free fall. Finally, global inflation is declining not growing, which provides the generations of today a chance to start a family some time in the future even if that that future could be years or decades away from when they thought they’d get a chance.
Obviously, things are not entirely fine for people today to simply just start having kids right away. However, to say that humanity’s overall fertility rate will suddenly stagnate and decline rapidly is unrealistic, because of how much were changing as a global society in response to our shared problems.
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>African nuclear power


They have all the uranium


But none of the knowledge or man power (and they never will thanks to their average autism score being 68)


There's no reason to when property isn't heritable. Other social machines to discourage inbreeding are known to exist. A lower birth rate just means more for the one kid on whom you inflicted life. Besides, the state's withering depends on the family's withering, which is pretty advanced in the West already.


Yeah and how’s your precious German reactors doing? Looking to shut another down for coal nazi?

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