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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Hey leftypol
so im an unironic ancap and I want to become leftist but the issue is anytime there is a leftist point I always have some Austrian econ or anarchist talking point to debunk it I feel like theres an issue with my ideology but I dont see it and I dont see any alternative working I already have an arguement for objective ethics for ancap and it seems like it cant be debunked there is many many more issues but I cant list them all
another thing though is a personal issue of me being discontent with the right and as a transwomen get frequently bullied threatened ect

am i too far gone?
is there a path to leftism i can take or is there no way for me?
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Because they're fun and stop this place being a circlejerk. If you want a safe space, why are you on a place called /leftypol/?


ao what brought you left wards?


Going to therapy and getting some self respect and not letting my bosses dick me around, and watching how my bf was being treated by his employer over the pandemic. It got me out of the grindset, and made me stop believing in meritocracy. I also remember listening to the well there's your problem podcast episode on piper alpha being the last straw.


Somalia has rampant gang violence, famine and sexual assault. The EZLN run region of Chiapas Mexico has been doing well for around half a century and they dont even have prisons from what ive read.


courts and police are already private, these states are bourgeois states.

File: 1668078773085.jpg (38.53 KB, 960x590, PRVsdYA.jpg)


What meta-ethics do you mostly align with /leftypol/ ? Deontology? Threshold deontology? Utilitarianism?
I personally align with negative utilitarianism, meaning I value suffering above all, its much more important to prevent suffering than to create wellbeing.
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I'm pretty skeptical of empathy, it seems like something that can be trivially overcome. Just so many immoral acts as a justification of nature itself and watch as your empathy recedes. Here is another example, many societies that practiced adultery/polygamy are pretty okay with child killing because of the need to control population without modern contraceptives, these people have empathy but not toward baby killing which almost everyone in the modern day would abhor.

There is something to be said for N's idea of certain values being decuns towards a higher development and those that are base and lower. This also matches up with morality for communism which is contingent on the revolutionary party achieving it's immediate aims.

Past that it's all a meme and everything is permitted.


*Fecund not decuns lol
And many other typos but hopefully it's clear enough


>some shit nobody said
Look kid, go and play roblox or something else more your speed.
I don't disagree, empathy ebbs and flows with differing variables, it can be supressed or repressed all together, yea. I don't see how this makes one 'skeptical' of empathy though.


> skeptical
That there's nothing innate or universal about it. Apologies if this wasn't your point.


Wow, leftists really went mask off on this one.

File: 1668634725170.png (103.29 KB, 602x603, le_scary_reddit_face.png)

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>Two rockets hit grain dryers in Poland on border with Ukraine, Polish radio claims


>Biden said Ukraine air defence missile responsible for Poland blast - NATO source


>Zelensky insists missile that hit Poland was Russian


>Only tiny fraction of US military aircraft met mission capable rate goals in FY21


>Britain has frozen 18 billion pounds worth of Russian assets

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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we're almost there


Desperately waiting for the 99th


So haven't updated myself on Ukraine for a fat minute. Give it me straight: who's winning? When I read the news at work, looks like Russia got BTFO with the Ukrainian advance, but now it looks like Ukraine is getting fucked by missiles.

Just let me know if I should expect nukes or USSR 2.0 ressurection; if none of those two events happen then this will be a nothing burger to me


It's war, it's a back and forth. Nobody really is getting BTFO'd, the war is an even match of reactionary idiots with the caveat that the Russians are being based and cringe about it without fascism



The Conference of Parties (COP) is the apex decision-making body of the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention (UNFCCC). The UNFCCC was formed in 1994 to stabilize the greenhouse gas emissions and to protect the earth from the threat of climate change. COP members have been meeting every year since the year 1995. As of 2019, the number of member countries in the UNFCCC has reached 197. The first conference (COP1) was held in 1995 in Berlin. The 3rd conference of parties (COP3) was held in Kyoto and then after Kyoto protocol was adopted.

More like COPE27 amirite?
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growth is a garbage word inherently tied to the porkoid GDP. in that lens you can only have growth or degrowth, plus or minus, left or right. this leads to direction brain
in /cybersoc/ we tend to use words like feasibility and viability. we can emphasize improving quality of life subject to physical constraints. this isn't really possible with degrowth, because the first place the mind goes is "worsening quality of life" rather than "good or even improved quality of life but in a different way"


The Chinese will be fine. So will the Russians because their frozen over wasteland will finally warm up. Everyone else on the other hand…


>More like COPE27 amirite?
Well, how do you explain the fact that egyptian activists basically says that Thunberg didn't check her privilege?


File: 1668723250471.png (199.42 KB, 768x512, ClipboardImage.png)

The protagonist?


>The Chinese will be fine.
How? Tibet and Manchuria seems kinda ripe for migration/colonization. IFF they can grow food there.

>So will the Russians because their frozen over wasteland will finally warm up. Everyone else on the other hand…

And from that follows that a weak movement against climate change is in Russia's objective interest. The more fractured, silly and disgusting, the better.

*late antiquity christian shenanigans ensues and intensifies*

Also a german bicyclist that couldn't get to hospital in time and died because of.


File: 1668788663294.png (21.82 KB, 209x259, maskedman.png)


what is up with leftypol's and alt-left's (such as stupidpol) hatred of educated workers?
It seems like for a bunch of communists who have the power to change things through their memes, they are using it to form exclusive cliques.(false consensus rule etc)
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Marx's ideology was largely formed through his weird sexual fetish of braindead low-skill industrial labor, and believed that capitalism was getting in the way of people truly enjoying their braindead low-skill industrial jobs. This fetish manifests itself, consciously or otherwise, in most MLs to a degree and makes them hate and fear people that actually use their brain.


>They did a poll here on leftypol a while back which showed 90% of people here have a college degree, mostly in STEM.
you very obviously made this up. lmao.


bad analysis


>t. deranged fetishist


This. It is a common thing to be resentful of anyone making more money than you. It is false consciousness. These people have more hate towards what they imagine the average Netflix or twitter employee looks like (namely semi brown, blue haired, fat, woke, LGBT) than the ruling class and their minions.
That's just a different flavored liberalism. Pure aesthetic nonsense.
>because most people here and on reddit are self loathing mostly burger PMCs anyway.
Also this. PMC is a term invented by the PMC to engage in self-flaggelation, a favorite passtime of liberals in the imperial core.

File: 1668532871242-1.png (547.33 KB, 738x2577, hungary 1956.png)

File: 1668532871242-2.mp4 (28.62 MB, 1920x1080, yankees versus tankies.mp4)

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"Tankie" should be filtered to "Yankee"

Everything the "tankie" boogeyman gets accused of is shit the yankees actually do.

"Tankie" as a term that literally has its origins in the British "left" screeching about Khruschev invading Hungary in 1956 to kill some Western-backed fascists. Anyone who uses "tankie" as a pejorative is guaranteed a historically illiterate left-punching stooge who lives in the imperial core and is worried more about "optics" than knowing wtf they are actually talking about. I've noticed a weird uptick in people unironically using "Tankie" as a pejorative, and felt it was high time to redeploy some educational material. I don't think it's glowies necessarily, might just be some people who are new.
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Do you frequently base off your beliefs on imagined events and internet conversations like this
Most people could not give less of a fuck about Stalin and would probably laugh at you just as much if you pulled out your Grover Furr folder, and more importantly communism doesn't happen when you convince enough people communism is cool you retarded motherfucker
>Whoever imagines that socialism can be achieved by one person convincing another, and that one a third, is at best an infant, or else a political hypocrite


Lmao no, this happens basically every time I show my power level. You might not like it but the 20th century will live on in the propaganda that proles get to suck up every day until bourgs are overthrown and beyond.
If you really think that addressing this won't matter one bit to revolutionaries you are acting silly. Of course this won't be an individual effort. Never said communism would happen because of one guy going around the streets, I was responding to you saying nobody cares or knows about the past. And Stalin, he's the poster boy of communism in the west, gets brought up every time when socialism is talked about. Watch literally any video online where they interview people about what they think of communism if you want concrete evidence. But I don't see how it not being effective on an individual level actually is related to what we were talking about.


You did it again, you are fucking braindead
>Watch literally any video online
What did I just fucking say lmao
Communism doesn't happen when people go "Woah I guess Stalin wasn't that bad, I'm a communist now!", and moreover it's not in the interest of any revolutionary to defend specifically the era when any revolutionary potential dissipated altogether. If '89 is what you want, you don't get it by defending Thermidor to the death. If you enjoy your hobby of arguing on the internet to defend the honor of some dead retard then don't let me stop you, but it's stupid to even think this has any relevance to the real movement


>No difference between the programme the Bolsheviks followed and the Communist Programme of 1848.

lol no, Leninism was a necessary improvement of Marxism. the Paris Commune showed its limitations.


You missed
>if you want concrete evidence
because you won't believe it until someone manages to film it, you want a study to prove it too? Apparently can't go outside and tell someone socialism is good and listen for their answer.
>it's stupid to even think this has any relevance to the real movement
My uyghur, I don't know how I can explain it to you because you will just say that "nah that ain't it". It doesn't matter if YOU think they are irrelevant or something because the average person has his entire mind filled by pictures of the USSR when thinking of da left. Did you go to school? What did they say about communism there, libs will not magically forget everything they've had drilled into their heads for years. Why do you think neo-nazis have been denying killing jews and stuff for decades? They know that people will only support them after their ideology's past is clean. Same thing for communists, it won't help if your answer to holodomor is "Yah ok they killed tens of millions, but".


Wondering if anyone has discovered any useful points about this dilemma. So few Americans identify as their class in a way that could easily make for a Left wing revolution.

Likewise, the far right faces the same problem, American whites, just don't identify AS whites, or at least far too few do. The vast majority of extremists on either side are neets or other things like that. What are ways that we could, not necessarily work together, but leverage the fact that we both have many of the same enemies, even if the Left considers them the enemy because they're the bourgeoisie and the right considers them the enemy because they're Jews, etc.?
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>in Isrsel, it's ILLEGAL for Jews to marry non-Jews
Moron everyone just gets a marriage officiated abroad then recognized by israel. This is how gay people in Israel marry.


Lol this is the guy Destiny debated right? Apparently stormfags do nothing but watch e-drama all the time, which really confirms OP's assessment that any sort of anti-establishment politics whether from the left or from the right is bound to fail do to how atomized the average American is, and thus most radicals cope with enjoying spectacles all the time


OP says co-operating with other groups, but jumps straight to complete fringe nazi retards instead of, well look at their flag, US-libertarians.

I know it's far easier said than done, whist certainly not impossible, but I'd rather try and ally with the so-called anti-government militia movement. Maybe the M-Ls will have a harder time crossing the divide but more liberty-minded socialist and anarchist ideologies have serious common ground that they would be crazy not to take advantage of.



So did he break a rule or no?


Decent idea but it doesn't go far enough. You've got three alternatives for trying to break through the malaise of contemporary capitalism:

1. The promotion of utopian, industrial communes which deliberately hold themselves apart from capitalist social relations

2. Neo-Blanquism, organize a conspiratorial sect and use popular unrest as a pretense to seize armed state power

3. Cling to the old Leninist/trade unionist ideas, wait for the coming declines due to climate crisis and resource scarcity, and hope the party can attract support without veering into nationalist lifeboat ethics (impossible).

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So it happened. Elon Musk, or as I like to call him Trump for Nerds has dropped a criminal sum of money to acquire twitter. As much as I resent every second I spend thinking about the site, twitter unfortunately is a societal force that warrants some discussion and analysis. As much as we might wish for twitter to not matter, it does.

Chinlets are ecstatic and the most concrete result we can expect from the company policy changes is the signal boosting of right wing rhetoric, trolling, and hate speech . As much as I feel some schadenfreude at the disruption of the radlib bubble that was pre-Musk twitter, idiots like Trump almost pulled off a fascist coup of the most powerful country in the world with the help of the site. Now that the barricades of censorship have fallen, the flood of right wingers back onto twitter will spark something of a war of words on the site. What might this conflict entail? And what are the implications of the right wingers, who are far more bellicose, combative, and out for blood, reorient the ideological polarity of the site to be more right leaning by driving away left-leaning users?
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This motherfucker is literally going to kill Twitter.


‘Economic Picture Ahead Is Dire,’ Elon Musk Tells Twitter Employees


File: 1668193419289.jpg (206.4 KB, 1080x610, twitter_and_empire.jpg)

True or not?


What's meant with massive L? Massive loss?


Yes, 'taking an L' = losing, taking a loss, being a loser.


File: 1669563869790.png (32.69 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)

A month later. Have there been any meaningful changes?
The only thing I see is a reduction of woke/idpol fascism, which is a good thing. Otherwise it's pretty much the same.

File: 1668606553782.jpeg (550.41 KB, 1200x1200, 6852.jpeg)


Say whatever you want about Americans, but I don't see Americans voting for literal nazis because of a few thousand poor and dirty brown folk in their streets caused by their genocidal imperialist wars like the Italians and Swedes did recently, I don't see American politicians parroting literal nazis like euroach politicians do in countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary when talking about refugees, I don't see Americans defending lynching and the use of live ammunition against refugees like Greeks literally did in the last year, I don't see Neonazi groups becoming mainstream politics in America like everywhere in euroach subcontinent

Truth of the matter is Euroaches never stopped being far-right filth, all it took was a few thousand brown people in their street to reveal themselves as the vile pieces of shit they have always been, and this is the people who have had the serve to lecture Americans
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>Do you deny shitland was a major collaborator of the 2003 genocidal against Iraq
no, i'm just pointing out that you sound exactly like george bush right now
>you have no counterarguments but garbage /pol/tier nazi talking points
ur entire argument was
ok so now you have italy, france, uk and pooland.
now what? how does that negate the rest of what i said
ur clutching at straws amerikkkan and you know it.


youre making it sound as if these parties are fascist.
they are not. not even remotely lmfao.
youre living in delusions.

>far right is when youre against mass immigration (but not even that is a real police because your sponsors want more labour supply).

just lol.




u are stupid they are voting for those parties because immigration alter the culture demography and some or more are refusing to assimilate !
immigration is their number one issue along with law and order and welfare not economic issues
its because of immigration they are big you idiot !!!


Well, these refugees do raise the murder and rape rate in the country.

File: 1668642531433.jpg (43.42 KB, 425x594, peace068.jpg)


NATO, Poland say missile was Ukrainian stray, easing fears of wider war
A missile that crashed inside Poland was probably a stray fired by Ukraine's air defences and not a Russian strike, Poland and military alliance NATO said on Wednesday, easing international fears that the war could spill across the border.

Russian Soldier Faces 15 Years in Jail After Criticizing ‘Poor’ Training – Reports
The soldier identified as Private Alexander Leshkov was filmed shouting profanities and shoving an officer at a parade ground near the Russian military’s mega-church outside Moscow. Leshkov can be seen flanked by fellow soldiers who voice anger over ill-fitting body armor and insufficient firearms training before their deployment in Ukraine in two videos published by the Ostorozhno Novosti news channel on the Telegram messaging app Sunday.

German opposition official lobbies EU to block cannabis plan
A senior German opposition official lobbied the European Union executive branch on Wednesday to block the government’s plans to decriminalize the possession of limited amounts of cannabis and allow its sale for recreational purposes. Germany’s health minister unveiled the legalization plan last month but said the government would check with the European Commission whether the plan is in line with EU laws. Minister Karl Lauterbach said it would proceed with legislation “on this basis” only if it gets the green light.

Parliament approves reimbursement of electricity suppliers’ excess profits
An amenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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oh, adam curtis spewing his bullshit yet again. The only good the man has done are 2 episodes of Century of the Self, cuz he just tells the story of advertising mixed with psychology well.


>Russian Soldier Faces 15 Years in Jail After Criticizing ‘Poor’ Training
Tankies will still continue to support Russia of course, honestly what could Putin do that who repel them from sucking his dick?


Putin is literally a member of the gang who destroyed the soviet union, if you get khrushchevite to like him there's no going back from this cuckoldry


No insulting PoC please
Nah but aren't the telegram ziggas and everyone else mostly mad at putin for cucking out


Everyone here who isn't a patzie fucking hates. We all wish he either died in the 00's or HARDENED HIS HEART already

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