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File: 1711143325171.gif (5.28 MB, 360x235, UsrsHK7.gif)


Americanons, what do you think of the S.C movements and its applications for leftist militants? They are often "associated" with (either in fact or in imagination) the far-right, but I have evidence and proof that the "rising of the moors" movement is based off sovereign city ideas, talking points and books. They are a more militant re-branding of the Moorish Science Temple.
I have literal autism so all the juridical and historical-minutae arguments they give really please me. However to be fair and neutral:
the IRS debunks their talking points one by one. the kinda shoot themselves in the foot and everywhere else tho

>none of it is voluntary (pay up ,slave)

>ALL is income, we own your arse
>you are a citizen and can't escape, basically you're a chattel slave everywhere you go
>you have to pay for the child crushing machine that'll kill your children, you can't do anything 'bout it
>cry harder, its all constitutional
huge bunch of hyper-bullies, if you ask me, these IRS Statist thugs.
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>but I have evidence and proof that the "rising of the moors" movement is based off sovereign city ideas

Ok? Yes one group of reactionary cranks was inspired by another group of reactionary cranks. Sovereign citizens are an amusing brand of delusional but thats it, dime a dozen nothing special ultimately


File: 1711198455498.jpg (22.13 KB, 325x255, 20105317.jpg)

Sovcit logic makes a lot more sense when placed back into its original context of hardcore anti-Semitism. The idea is that there's a separate legal system that ignores all the commonplace laws and holds millions of dollars in your name works a lot better when you have "Jewish bankers secretly rule the world" as the how and why. The father of modern sovcit/free man woo in the U.S. is also Roger Elvick, who turned white nationalist libertarian ideas into an actual tax evasion plan that he sold in the 80s, although some of the ideas come from other fringe groups like LaRouchites.

Like it is true that it's literal crazy people/extremely gullible people believing bizarre things and overlaps with conspiracy theory wackiness, right-wing nonsense, and extreme libertarianism, but there's an underlying logic to it though in that they believe that there are magic words you can say to make the government do your bidding. The believe that they have obtained Forbidden Knowledge that allows them to bind the genie to their will, as it were. If you say the right things than the judge, police officer, government, authority, or whoever has no choice but to let you do whatever you please.


>Americanons, what do you think of the S.C movements
They're pretty funny to watch in court. Not sure why they think it's totally going to work this time in court when it didn't work last time they were arrested.
>and its applications for leftist militants
lol nothing


Like what some other anons said earlier, SovCits take the law-centric view of society and the state seriously instead of correctly seeing that it's a just thin ideological & rhetorical justification. Their mythology also includes a "pure" and absolute version of the "real law" that's still in effect (somehow?) centuries later and which is being hidden from the public because widespread knowledge of it would cause the state to just bend the knee or it will suddenly lose its authority, which is just pure idealist and almost platonic drivel.

So they try to counter the state using the dumb rhetoric they think it takes seriously and the "existence" of that "pure and eternal" "law" that the state still has to abide by. So how does this praxis look like? Well they just use magic words and sequences of these words as legal arguments in the framework of that eternal law as some sort of IRL cheat codes that supposedly would cause the actually-existing courts to release and acquit them.

Also may I just remind you that the real law they take seriously and abide by is the Magna Carta and the US Constitution (without the amendments)? Obviously not very socialist or even anti-state, really.
They're honestly the biggest proof that no matter how "anti-establishment" and "anti-system" lolberts and rightoids say they are, they will always be spooked one way or another.


lumpen consciousness

File: 1710465774765.png (11.4 KB, 1150x65, question.png)

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Jimmy Dore's video on the Boeing whistleblower that got Seth Rich'd has a bunch of rightoids malding over Jimmy attacking capitalism as the cause for Boeing being retarded with their safety regulations.
Comments are filled with
>not real capitalism
>it's crony capitalism
>it's fascism
>it would work if it was capitalism
<more rightoid bullshit

But this comment in one of the threads stood out: picrel

How would I answer this?
I don't comment on youtube anymore since my comments get deleted/shadowbanned and I don't find any use having debates there. But should I have a debate on Rumble, where there is actual free speech, how would I answer this?
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>anarchists reject "government"
shut up idiot


File: 1711221424537.webm (456.77 KB, 416x360, capcomrubio.webm)

>corporate communism


remind me to post a picture of the local anarchists having a sticker which literally says "abolish all governments" on here later


You're overthinking it, its entire point is deconverting Ancraps and getting them to question their retarded dogma on what they think capitalism is.
>these people didn't read Capital, I can already tell
>C4SS are glowies
If they are, then they're doing a terrible job at spreading anticommunism, since most of their essays critique ancraps and lolberts.
>why don't these people just come out as ancaps?
Majority are ancraps going through deconversion therapy. They still haven't let go of market fantasies. But they're beggining to realise that capitalism is causing all their issues.
>these clowns reject "government" while proposing that the regulating force of the market should control society, which is a form of government!
They don't think of markets from a Marxist perspective, they see it mostly as commodity exchanges between people.
>how can someone believe this when all evidence points to the opposite? the fact that wealth thermalizes is a key finding of econophysics
As written they are still infected by radlib shit. They write shit like 'let the free market eat the rich' and it's usually through the lenses of countereconomic action in order to compromise the big players. They don't see the long term issues of such a model.
>this is just ancap shit. who enforces these contracts?
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And another thing to note about these proclaimed left market anarchists, is that a lot of them I've come to realise aren't even hard on Proudhonians, They still cling onto the idea of property through rebranding it as 'personal property' while most proclaimed mutualists use the term possesion through usufruct.

I'm not endorsing this shit. Just showing the way they process information. They haven't got a clue about what dialectics is at that stage yet.

File: 1711208274418.jpg (137.99 KB, 1024x1024, 1709828439609833.jpg)


Can any one of you explain why Poles should entertain communism as a serious solution to the evils of capitalism, after all the suffering we have suffered under the red yoke?
The two invasions launched against us by the Soviets. All the arrests, deportations and murders of intellectuals, artists, journalists, political figures, clergymen, military personnel, et cetera. The undemocratic imposition of socialism on Poland, the shutting down of dissidents, and so on.
What reason is there for us to even consider a return to this system, when we've been burned by it so badly?
This is a serious question. You can reply with "poolish subhuman bourgies deserved it, xoxo. death to poland" if you like, but I think you'd find it a rather ineffective argument when appealing to the Polish proletariat. Not to mention the hypocrisy behind claiming to be "for the people", and violently sperging out against a nation, its culture and identity, and therefore its proletariat.
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>Can any one of you explain why Poles should entertain communism as a serious solution to the evils of capitalism

The production of worldviews is not a linear topic as if we propose your 'morality' as our eternal mediator to take place in and resolve things. Perhaps there is no objective 'evil' to talk about, but dialectical unities and disunities in the history.

>All the arrests, deportations and murders of intellectuals, artists, journalists, political figures, clergymen, military personnel, et cetera. The undemocratic imposition of socialism on Poland, the shutting down of dissidents, and so on.

Democracy is a hollow phrase that the libs glorify as an end of the state form while the state and its mechanisms itself is an authority, an imposed will in its own.


>violently sperging out against a nation, its culture and identity, and therefore its proletariat.

The culture and identity will be erased, no exceptions, itz kill or be killed mein friend and we were distressed bolsheviki surrounded by polish philistines.


communism is when a single bourgeois nation-state invades another, duh


File: 1711227005532.png (1.07 MB, 1280x693, 1609011131203.png)

Excellent work, comrades. Another victory against the eternal Poolack!


I don't think that's quite true, and Gursztyn is precisely the sort I mean when I talk about the generation who lived through only the end of the PRL and have been in charge since.


>wahwah muh evil soviets
you need to go back
and kill yourself while you're at it, we have 0 interest in entertaining reactionary fucks like you that just look for an excuse to suck their porkies cock

File: 1708375156855-0.png (32.91 KB, 2000x1236, IMG_3418.png)

File: 1708375156855-1.jpeg (816.99 KB, 2025x1352, IMG_3424.jpeg)


A thread to discuss community organising whit the aim of protesting the current pollution of the environment
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>Obviously if you want to be 100% ecological then its human extinction.
Nah. Humans intelligently managing the ecosystem would be better than us disappearing after all the damage we've caused.

One of the benefits of getting rid of capitalism is we can invest research into sustainable and biodegradable or recyclable materials that just aren't profitable and therefore of no interest under capitalism.


File: 1711187386227.jpg (92.67 KB, 400x399, 1638085568084.jpg)


>The primary focus of the Soviet Union was industrialization, ecology came at last place
sure. but the main point is that the situation we now find ourselves in will require marshalling the sum total of the human species to rectify. this task will require far more coordination and labour input than the second world war. so far there is nothing in the anarchist camp that comes close to addressing the issue, beyond piecemeal nonsense like >>1773976 or smallholder farming or whatever else flavour of the week
>Humans intelligently managing the ecosystem would be better than us disappearing after all the damage we've caused.
this. appeal to nature is a common fallacy. nature is a cruel and shitty control system


Insane levels of based on display

File: 1710762318155-0.png (1.4 MB, 2327x1364, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1710762318155-1.jpg (19.03 KB, 480x360, Israel Parody 19.jpg)


Hey /leftypol/, how can we block the Cape of Good Hope?

Use Oekaki if you want to make a diagram to help illustrate your creative scheme. It's up to you to accelerate the fall of capitalism.
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let's see the Israelis green the Antarctic
actually that might happen by itself in another couple of hundred years of climate change


Idk how to fat lesbians will block the whole sea but I approve.


Fat people have plenty of blubber to enable them to float. I'm sure if they just join hands and form a line they can easily block access through the sea route.


Hmm that makes sense, I guess it takes a lot of determination too and lesbians tend to be stubborn and less passive.



The current world rate of profit is 8%
Where do we go from here?
What happens when it gets to 3%? How about 0?
However you cut the end trail of late stage capitalism
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giving a shit has only made me a reclusive paranoid hollow husk of a man


The rate of profit can't be measured like this, and inflation doesn't exist. All we have to do is make the state print money forever, this will induce demand for goods and services, increasing employment and benefiting everybody.


File: 1711197639370.png (243.21 KB, 1200x1200, socdems.png)

certified socdem classic


Yeah this graph is perfect.


How can you tell? The x-axis is not labelled.


Successful revolutions are, always were, and always will be the result of the popular uprising of the masses. While a vanguard party serves to strengthen and rally the masses to rise up against exploitation and imperialism, ultimately it is up to popular will to carry the revolution to victory.
A good example of this is the Islamic Revolution in Iran (I will skip over explaining why the revolution was historically progressive, feel free to do your own research). The Shah ran a powerful national security state but was nevertheless deposed by the sheer number of people in support of Khomeini – who acknowledged that his victory was only thanks to popular will. No amount of spying nor sabotage could stop the waves of people occupying the streets of Tehran, just the same as no police force being able to quell riots in 2020 in the USA.

As far as I can tell, surveillance is the purview of Blanquists, fascists, and anarchists, and not a concern for the revolutionary vanguard. Curious about your input though.
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The issues being that the masses are not the main target of mass surveillance. The state has other tools for that. And it is not likely that 90% of the population is going to simultaneously rise up in revolt.


>And it is not likely that 90% of the population is going to simultaneously rise up in revolt
I never even remotely suggested this. You've either misunderstood me, or put words in my mouth. You are also quite unfortunately unspecific about which population you're talking about. What of the populations in Chile, in China, in Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran… Do I need to elaborate further? Every successful revolution is ultimately a revolution of the masses.


Sorry, assuming you were arguing in good faith and simply misunderstood, a population "simultaneously" rising up in revolt is not only a gross mischaracterization of historical revolutions (such as the ones I've mentioned above), it is patently un-marxist, like he literally never even implied that. No serious Marxist ever has. That's a Hollywood idea of what a revolution is.


Idiotic response. I have to confess my eyes glazed over it.


>The ex-junkie at my job understands the master-slave dialectic better than y'all
Many roads lead to rome


Supporters of Modi opponent Kejriwal protest his arrest ahead of Indian election
Arvind Kejriwal, who is New Delhi’s top elected official, was arrested Thursday night by the federal Enforcement Directorate, which is controlled by Modi’s government. The agency accused his party and ministers of accepting 1 billion rupees ($12 million) in bribes from liquor contractors nearly two years ago.

‘Moral failure’: US House approves bill that would ban UNRWA funding
The proposed legislation now goes to the Senate, which must pass it by midnight on Friday, when several government agencies would start running out of money. President Joe Biden has promised to sign the bill into law immediately, if the Democratic-controlled upper chamber of Congress passes the legislation as expected.

Footage of 4 more Turkish UCAVs shot down by the guerrillas
Gerîla TV broadcast footage of Turkish Akıncı, Bayraktar TB2 and ANKA unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) shot down on different dates in the guerrilla-held Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Morocco accused of using Israeli weapons to kill civilians in Western Sahara
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Prosecute a Cop? You’ll Face Removal From Office
Two unions representing police and state troopers in Minnesota wrote a letter to Gov. Tim Walz last friday. An elected prosecutor in Hennepin County, which includes Minneapolis, was prosecuting one of their own, and they wanted her removed from the case — immediately.

North Carolina court rules landlord had no repair duty before explosion
In the majority opinion that sided with then-Durham County Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson’s ruling to dismiss Terry’s lawsuit, Associate Justice Tamara Barringer said that the common law created no duty for a landlord to inspect a leased property. Lucas hadn’t inspected the furnace or and other portion of the property since Terry and his family occupied it, she wrote. Terry’s wife signed a lease for the home in the mid-2000s.

Texas troops clash with migrants over barbed-wire breach at US border
A group of migrants clashed with Texas national guard troops over a breach of barbed wire fencing in El Paso on Thursday as they waited to turn themselves in to federal border agents – underscoring the power struggle between the state and federal government over immigration law enforcement.

FBI: Alaska Airlines passengers may be victims of a crime after Boeing blowout
The Justice Department investigation adds to the legal peril Boeing is facing. The company also is the subject of ongoing probes by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


From Ang Bayan: Women Bear Half The Imperialist Sky
Filipino women bear the worst effects of the neo-liberal policies imposed by US imperialism and its puppet state in the past four decades. Due to policies of liberalization, deregulation and privatization, they are further marginalized to the fringes of society, where they are forced to endure informal, insecure and jobs with slave-like wages. The majority of women belong to the most exploited and oppressed sectors of society—workers, farmers and indigenous people, the rural and urban poor. In the past decade, more than half of them, age 15 and older, have not been counted as part of the labor force because of the nature of the jobs they perform. Among them are the millions of housewives who engage in farm work and accept “sideline” jobs while burdened with heavy housework and childcare. In 2022, about 20 million were excluded from the labor force, unemployed and underemployed.

As VP Harris Visits Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans Call for End to US Colonialism
Vice President Kamala Harris is on her way to Puerto Rico, which is marking two historic events this week: the abolition of slavery and a United States-backed massacre that left 21 Puerto Ricans dead. … On March 21, 1937, Puerto Rican nationalists assembled for a peaceful march on Palm Sunday in the city of Ponce to commemorate the abolition of slavery and protest the imprisonment of their leader, Pedro Albizu Campos. Like the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover, then U.S.-appointed Gov. Blanton Winship saw Puerto Rican independence activists and groups as a threat to U.S. economic and military control of the island. On his watch, local police fired at and brutalized the marchers, with 21 killed, nearly all civilians, and 200 wounded. A U.S. commission found that Winship lied about marchers initiating the violence, but he was never prosecuted for that or for reportedly ordering the Ponce massacre. The violence of white supremacy and its iterations today, and the violence against pro-independence advocates have been constants, whether under Spanish or U.S. rule.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1711168083202.jpg (86.01 KB, 2000x1429, 20240322_102713.jpg)

Thanks News Anon


World's largest democracy, btw

File: 1711159202770.png (37.19 KB, 1000x1000, CIE.png)



I grade this as 100. This source even tackles controversial questions, like: Are lawyers, doctors, government officials, etc. petty-bourgeois? Their high, excess incomes allow them to accumulate capital. The Canadian Institute of Economics has a more complete grasp of proletarian consciousness than this website.

Who is Petty Bourgeoisie?
In the Manifesto of the Communist Party, Marx described the petty bourgeoisie as:

. . . fluctuating between proletariat and bourgeoisie, and ever renewing itself as a supplementary part of bourgeois society. . . The individual members of this class, however, are being constantly hurled down into the proletariat by the action of competition, and, as modern industry develops, they even see the moment approaching when they will completely disappear as an independent section of modern society, to be replaced in manufactures, agriculture and commerce, by overlookers, bailiffs and shopmen.

The petty bourgeois class includes:
– intellectuals
– scientists
– small business owners
– handicraftsmen
– doctors
– lawyers
– civil servants
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1711037921242.png (23.77 KB, 1280x203, Spar-logo.svg.png)


I'm just a guy who likes to wiki international (EU-based) companies whenever I buy from them or hear about them and sometimes I find some gems that were founded before the start of the Nazi takeover and their Wiki conveniently "forgets to mention" their history under nazi rule. Like… How did that corporation benefit from all the concentration camp slave labor and so on? What "aryan" rules they adopt, and so on?

Example: the Dutch retail company SPAR.
<Spar was founded in 1932 in the South Holland town of Zegwaart (now part of Zoetermeer). In 1953, an International Spar office opened in Amsterdam
<Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands on 10 May 1940 as part of Fall Gelb (Case Yellow).[1]
Which begs the question: what happened with SPAR between 1940 and 1945?

As far as wikipedia and SPAR PR is concerned: nothing. A complete historic blackout.

What are other examples? What's the real history? Do these companies that were established before Nazi takeover get a pass?
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>and nobody cares, right?
What are you talking about BDS is a large campaign.


>you know there are more blatant and well-known cases and nobody cares, right?
>nobody cares
Top 3 hasabra talking point right there. Sure bro, nobody cares about anything. This >>1801274 is sus af also.



If you are applying at a European company for a job and they ask you about the gap in your CV ask them about the gap in their company history from 1933 to 1945.


Sure, the Nazi shit was bad, but what's just as bad is the Marshall Plan just handed back these corporations to their owners. Like, imagine if somebody is trying to kill you, you fight them and win, then give them your stuff back. It makes no sense.

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