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Woah how high can they go.
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Didn't say the working class benefit from inflation.


The debt will be offloaded from sovereign ownership to private banking ownership
>The most direct channel for the transmission of sovereign stress to the banking sector is through the banks' holdings of sovereign debt. Banks maintain a portion of their assets in sovereign debt for different reasons. In several countries, sovereign securities are the most liquid asset available, and banks can use them to store their liquid reserves to satisfy deposit redemptions (Gennaioli, Martin, and Rossi, 2013a). Banks also hold sovereign debt for investment purposes. Traditionally, bank regulators have considered sovereign debt less risky than corporate debt, allowing banks to fund a lower proportion of their sovereign debt holdings with capital (Hannoun, 2011).2 As we discuss later, banks also use sovereign debt for secured funding transaction like repurchase agreements. Similarly, government debt may also be pledged as collateral in derivatives transactions. Some banks also maintain sovereign bonds in their balance sheet as part of their market-making role in the sovereign debt market.
>Exposures to sovereign debt can lead to losses for the banks if the domestic or foreign government that issued the debt becomes distressed. This type of bank loss has been common in sovereign debt crises in both emerging and advanced economies. The most recent example is the crisis that affected several euro-area countries starting in 2010. Before and during the crisis, banks amassed large holdings of sovereign debt, some of it issued by countries with weak fundamentals and large sovereign debt outstanding (Bolton and Jeanne, 2011; Acharya and Steffen, 2013). As the crisis deepened, countries like Greece restructured their sovereign debt, triggering material losses on those banks with these types of claims on their balance sheets.
>In episodes of sovereign default, the solvency of the banking sector is greatly affected due to its sovereign holdings. However, the empirical evidence on the effect that sovereign holdings have on banks during periods of sovereign stress, excluding defaults or restructurings, is mixed. Some studies find that there is a significant correlation between sovereign holdings and banks' stock prices and CDS premiums in periods of heightened sovereign stress (Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Woah how high can they go.
To infinity and beyond as long as rest of the world keeps absorbing their inflation. Man, I can't wait for the absolute devastation that will happen once countries ditching US dollar and increased inflation to those holding the dollar will turn into self enforcing cycle.


Debt is about power, not money. Money is imaginary as is, so you can imagine what that means for debt! Once you understand this little secret you can cut through the entire swathe of obscure finance mental gymnastics which exists to hide this fact. Hint: finance is a made up tissue of rationalizations too that cloaks itself in language to make it seem as if there were objective laws operating independently of human agency and belief.

All the complexity boils down to this. If someone owes you money and they have a gun and you don't, then they don't owe you money unless they choose to "honor" their debt. ( A funny turn of phrase, to "honor one's debt" as if usury ought to be respected, and that the concept that an entire society built on what it doesn't have isn't contemptible in itself. But I digress.)

That is essentially the US's debt situation. It has the reserve currency, which it bought with bullets, and it has the bullets if anyone tries to change that. Notice all this war mongering in correlation with all this financial distress? It's not a coincidence.

In short, debt means nothing if there are no consequences for not paying it back, if there's no way to punish you for reneging on your "obligation"

It's as true and clear as with a debt between individuals as it is between states or banks.


>In short, debt means nothing if there are no consequences for not paying it back, if there's no way to punish you for reneging on your "obligation"

Well, there's always a consequence to not paying back your debts, which is that you get a reputation for not doing so, meaning that lenders will be less inclined to let you borrow in the future. Of course, a state that issues the very currency and influences banking regulations is an exception. It exists both inside and outside the system, and is the only economic actor that can conjure more money out of thin air. A rather convenient way to circumvent the problem of having no money! It can always excuse itself, find some way to delay, equivocate, or reset.

Creditworthiness means little to the powerful. So what if its credit rating goes down. The state has innumerable assets. It's good for it!

The millionaire with poor credit can still foot the bill out of pocket .

But in essence you're right, so long as the US doesn't owe money to a bigger power with leverage over it, its deficit is a fiction meant to justify austerity measures for the poor. The opinion of private banks don't matter. It has the Fed.


Why are right wing and conservative podcasts so popular on youtube and other social media? its like I cant swing a dead cat without seeing some rando channel I've never heard of that has millions of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views.
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yeah. it's way different from strategy of tension shiet where the terrorism was done in such a way as to associate it in people's minds with communism or workers getting uppity, either through timing or directly blaming it on communists


>chomskys connections to the cia
wait really? explan


oh shit.so he had a personal relationship with this guy or does it go deeper?


what is this joe rogan is right wing meme?
his takes rarely ever rise above centrist.


Leans libertarian on some isssues, conspiracy guy, anti-trans

File: 1678307922094.png (1.68 MB, 1432x805, N.png)


Whats the real story about Atlanta, I can't find any info that isn't rightoid fear mongering. I can't find any left-wing publications talking about it, WSWS had no articles about it.
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Pretty much the only burger source covering this from an on-the-streets perspective is this dude who has a youtube channel called Overthrow Media
He's been involved in it since the beginning, apparently, and has gotten arrested as well as interviewed people involved.


various other medias have been posted in this very thread.
Why are you a liar?


Spongebob lookin font lmao



every single person arrested was at a free music festival in weelaunee; none of them were involved in the "attack" on the Old Prison Farm complex.


>every single person arrested was at a free music festival in weelaunee; none of them were involved in the "attack" on the Old Prison Farm complex.
Is this the defence? Sauce? Thanks.


>“I’m 100 percent [Murdoch’s] bitch,” Carlson said. “Whatever Mr. Murdoch says, I do. … I would be honored if he would cane me the way I cane my workers, my servants.” - Tucker Carlson

How do we solve the problem of low autism score rightoids? Being stupid is unironically half the reason people turn/are reactionary. I remember going to high school with a bunch of guys (of all races, not even just white) who were military dependents from the south and they would tend to say shit about how it was good for 17-18 year olds to get spanked hard with a paddle, and how America either needed to be right wing libertarian or "the military should run everything", or "anarchy could be good to thin the population". These motherfuckers were basically conan the barbarian without the muscles, a lot went on to join the marines and went to Iraq/Afghanistan. The characters from 'generation kill' were actually pretty accurate to your average young 90s/2000s male, just get that plus a southern drawl and it's like 50% of the guys I went to high school with. It truly was an era of pre-woke, unthinking "chinlet-iness".

These are probably the same people who are "backing the blue" and voting for Trump and complaining about shit being woke. When I say they're low autism score I mean their thoughts are really just ID and they don't even conceptualize shit in terms of justifying their beliefs, or if they do it only goes 1 layer deep. These are the types of people who would respond to some liberal criticizing the war by (literally) starting to chant "USA! USA!" after a short pause. It's the barbarian id made manifest.

There are just some people who, unironically, like hierarchy and authority (especially when they see people like themselves reflected at the top). The "cruelty is the point" because they like the idea of domination, competition, and hierarchy. "Liberation" doesn't really even fucking compute for these guys.

All I'm saying is there's a deep connection between anti intellectualism and a preference for hierarchy because thinking too much leads you to question the rationality of tradition and hierarchy, which means conservatism will always be appealing to people who can't think (stupid low autism score) or don't want to think (religious schizo, anti intellectualism generally). This is probably why there are more conspiracy theories on the right and also why conspiracy cumbrains like shoe, dore, brand, etc. alwPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>people like hierarchy and authority
huh, that must be why most people dislike when authority figures tell them what to do?


>hierarchy of a vanguard party = supporting the domination of capitalists over workers.


not a big fan of tucker but he absolutely drips in sarcasm in that famous bubba interview. There is an element of truth to that sarcasm, of course.


File: 1678407992187.jpg (45.03 KB, 1010x517, 1667646104003186.jpg)

>dude enslaving women, genociding ethnic groups, imposing unjust laws on the majority of the populace is good because it works… it just works okay!
Read Ocalan, you dickhead.


its post ironic


Brazil’s Lula announces measures to promote and protect women after years of setbacks
At a ceremony in the capital Brasilia on Wednesday, Lula, as the president is universally known, presented a package of over 25 measures, including a Bill that would guarantee equal pay for women and men doing the same jobs. He also announced plans to spend 372 million reais (£60.9m) to build domestic violence shelters and 100 million reais (£16.4m) on science projects led by women.

Colombia: Petro Signs Act Replacing Jailed Mothers' Sentences
The act will apply only to women with sentences of less than eight years. In exchange for benefiting from it, female prisoners must provide unpaid services to their communities. "The alternatives to imprisonment that this law provides allow to reduce recidivism and prevent social and family ties breaking. It is not by imprisoning that we can prevent violence. Societies develop themselves in freedom,” he pointed out.

Chilean lawmakers shelve government tax reform in defeat to Boric
The government of Chilean leftist President Gabriel Boric suffered a major setback on Wednesday after lawmakers refused to move forward with a proposed tax reform meant to finance key elements of the president's progressive agenda. The tax reform aimed to ultimately collect up to 3.6% of gross domestic product and proposed a mining royalty, which is also being discussed separately.

Georgia to drop foreign agents law after massive protests
Protests against the bill Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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yes, this is based and patsoc


Thanks News Anon


Thank you based news Anna


>The government of Chilean leftist President Gabriel Boric suffered a major setback on Wednesday after lawmakers refused to move forward with a proposed tax reform
First the failed constitution proposal now this. What is the game plan for Chile anymore?


t. newgene


I've been recommend Leszek Kołakowski from anticommunist before, he seems well read but his main argument is that the state will simply not dissolve when classes are eliminated. And that Marx was somehow a nihilist. Anyone else read up on him?
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>a polack named kulakovsky
It basically writes itself.


File: 1678419349451.gif (1 MB, 640x480, vaush2.gif)

why the fuck are poles and those of polish descent Agent Kochinski - see last name so reactionary? is it something in their genetics?


Because everyone after Bierut was retarded.


Yes. You would think that these people; Poles, Balts, Slavs, Balkans etc who have suffered imperialist dominations for centuries would be more receptive to anti-imperialism; yet they give themselves to the darkest of global imperialism again and again. Nothing good comes from anything West of the Dnieper


Poland exists between western and eastern Europe also Poland is extremely backwards with regards to culture. Poland never really got to pass through a proper "liberal" phase where the national identity gets ripped apart for the sake of free trade and capitalist expansion. Read about Poland from socialists(preferably Marxists) about Poland at the time. Poland was in this limbo between the industrial backwardness and cultural backwardness of Russia and the more liberally cultured west that had got to go through their liberal democratic phase to develop an advanced working class. Poland was a nation of peasants utterly given to the monarchical system, which had not reached the peak of it's collapse. In other words the bourgeois revolution didn't reach Poland and the Soviet revolution reached Poland too soon for an experienced proletariat to take power. This is why to the backwards Polish it looked like invasion than working class liberation.



On this day remember all the greats that advanced half of the proletariat, and those who work to reproduce the working class… And they do it for free.

"Women hold up half the sky." – Mao Zedong
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File: 1678353787596-0.png (385.8 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678353787596-1.png (1.35 MB, 1024x791, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1678388443762.jpg (22.21 KB, 400x400, b0glogo_400x400.jpg)

>not a feet guy


by allah, had it not been for the mods i would post a soyjak right now


Do it again Lady Death!


A said day, I will picture the soyjack you would have posted in my mind.

Haha good soyjack anon well memed

File: 1670442311854-0.png (185.5 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670442311854-1.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.1295125[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Política de Perú.

PRIMERA NOTA: Peruvian President Pedro Castillo was arrested by the authorities after he dissolved the Congress of Peru on Wednesday. The accused as the leader of a “criminal organization” was approached in the street, in downtown Lima, by police officers when he was leaving the Government headquarters, it was reported by local media.

Cuál es el contexto de todo el desmadre que está sucediendo?

no quería postear en el hilo del namefag 🤮

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo announced on Wednesday that he will dissolve Congress temporarily and install an emergency government – hours before lawmakers were due to make an impeachment vote in congress.

In a televised speech from the Presidential Palace on Wednesday, Castillo said he will call for early parliamentary elections to work on a new constitution.

The embattled president, who has survived two impeachment attempts, also declared a national curfew from Wednesday from 10 p.m. local (5 p.m. ET) to 4 a.m. local.

Congress appeared defiant however, beginning its session on Wednesday with lawmakers singing the national anthem.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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page 18 bump


Protests aren't fizzling. Thoughts?


so is pencil man tyrones bitch?


Was this script in the oven for like 2 weeks? lmao
Good reporting, it has not all the instances of violence and it is phaaaased like by a lot.
>Protests aren't fizzling
Get this guy a dose of reality. They are in the same state as the gillet jaunes were after JVPITER didn't budge. They are only strong in some provinces literally where Castillo won by 70-90%, in the mayority has cooled off, not in a national level right now. And Dina & rightwing is confidant that they can manage that.
A goverment with less aproval than Castillo and with a parlament going for 1% and yet Lima has not revolted like the Merino week. They feel invincible.
And! Being a news report with such a case of not being fair on that Castillo is a retard. Just glimpsing it, putting it under the rug. By that it can gain itself being a fake news, by not calling what he did a selfcoup and the congress' counterpunch a coup. Thanks for being so atent to Peru being bleed like cattle by the state forces but I fucking hate Castillo for doing such an idiotic move.
Literally the most idiotic coup in history. And the cherry on top? "Go" flee to the Mexican embassy LOCATED IN THE MOST WELL OFF /BOURGUEOIS DISTRICT IN LIMA Didn't he know that by the second he left palace under those circunstances he was meat for the sharks?! Didn't he have an helicopter in the last instance?!
For doing that circus now an alliance of the peruvian farright and common right govern without the shackles the presidency gives.

Also, a little Katrina is hitting north of Peru and the focus will shift there, a golden opportunity for her to gain some popularity until idk some ghost from the Castillo administration shows that she was corrupt or something that makes her fall and even then the tables turn, with Castillo he had a golden shield with the left not giving votes to vacate him and now Dina has them with the right
In short, good video, old news for that date, and too Castillolover.
He just got 3 years more in prison while his trial starts yesterday for all of you to know

File: 1678320019102.png (757.07 KB, 578x1068, bordiga reading theory.png)


I've always been skeptical of identifying "the left" as the savior of proletarians, such orthodox Marxist thinking seems to have been shown flawed by history.
There can't be any savior of the proletarian. The proletarian is itself the revolution, the outside, the avant-garde, the mass of minorities. What a lot of the European left saw is that capitalism is far more resilient than the early Marxists gave it credit for, and would in fact create its own oppositions in order to maintain control over every flow, every aspect.
The proletarian is far from the Christ-like crusaders the left would like to believe. Turns out, people are extremely flawed, and the most radical shit can come from terrible people.
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>The origins of both anti-Marxism and anti-Leninism is in equating it to classical fascism with the myth that the majority of the working class was not revolutionary, when in fact counter-revolution was a small minority with connections to publishing houses and newspapers whose voice was inflated by bourgeois funding and taken as representative of the masses by liberals who needed to rationalize their own failure.


Capital won.

Just give up.


File: 1678392889413.jpg (35.07 KB, 303x368, pancakes.jpg)

pic related but with leftypol


Probably the most illiterate post I've read this week


If you're going to be ignorant of/misrepresent history, you could at least admit to it instead of pretending otherwise.


>The protest, which was called the Freedom Convoy (French: Convoi de la liberté) by organizers, was "first aimed at a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers" when the convoy of hundreds of vehicles, including semi-trailers, headed towards Ottawa, Ontario the nation's capital, starting on January 22. The protesters quickly changed their messaging to include demands that all COVID-19-related public health restrictions be lifted. By late January and early February, the professional trucking industry and labour groups, such as Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), Teamsters Canada, Canadian Labour Congress, had published statements distancing their members from the convoy protest. By January 29, when the convoy converged in what became known as the red zone in Ottawa, there were estimates of from 8,000 to 18,000 pedestrian protesters at its peak on the first weekend and hundreds of vehicles, including 18-wheelers that were parked directly on Wellington Street, in front of the Prime Minister's office. In spite of an injunction by a judge and the invocation of three levels of states of emergency, municipal, provincial, and federal, protesters temporarily refused to end blockades and the occupation of the red zone. On February 14, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. Over the weekend of February 17 to 20, a large joint-operation police presence in Ottawa arrested about 200 organizers and protesters, laid 389 charges, issued fines, removed the heavy trucks and trailers with 79 vehicles towed away, seized 36 license plates, and dismantled encampments across the city. Action was taken against thirty-six commercial vehicles by the Ministry of Transportation. By February 20, the area surrounding the Parliamentary Precinct, occupied by protesters for three weeks, was fenced off by police after it has been secured by a series of police advances pushing the crowd away from Parliament Hill. A heavy police presence remained.

Who was in the right here? Was it a based working class uprising vs the neoliberal capitalist state? or right wing schizos vs common sense? Something similar happened in the late 70s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tractorcade
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File: 1678392667460.png (184.34 KB, 1344x592, trucks.png)

>now that the dust has settled
>Who was in the right here?
Template threads should be against the rules.


Boomer forum?


You're on an imageboard.




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