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File: 1655197517751.png (277.9 KB, 582x498, dhj.png)


I see right wingers and some left wingers talking about a famine hapennening very soon for like 10 month now. Sure the price have augmented and all but i still see more than enough meat/baby powder/milk/egg since i have 2 kids (it's the main item they claim are disapearing of grocery stores).
So it that thing real and is there a potential massive food scracity coming or it the classic artificial scarcity by porkies despite their factories and warehouse being full of it?
(Sorry for the ESL btw)
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The word of the day is "terse."


"supply chain problems"
This is a lie. Capitalism is folding in on itself. "Supply chain problems" is just a convenient euphemism. They're milking the pandemic shutdown years for as long as they can to mask the true causes of economic dysfunction.


Canadian foreign policy is very much aligned with the US, but at the same time China is a very important trading partner and nobody wants to upset a very lucrative (for porky) economic relationship. Australia seems like it's in the same boat.


>retarded cuckservative can't be bothered to read a few sentences
Can't say I'm surprised


File: 1655333906046-0.png (570.61 KB, 442x600, CCF01.png)

File: 1655333906046-1.png (627.37 KB, 447x601, CCF02.png)

File: 1655333906046-2.png (574.9 KB, 433x598, CCF03.png)

File: 1655333906046-3.png (573.77 KB, 427x600, CCF04.png)

File: 1655333906046-4.png (569.31 KB, 422x594, CCF05.png)

>wtf was the ndp actually that based?

File: 1655191875206-0.png (256.36 KB, 358x500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655191875206-1.png (568.03 KB, 498x603, ClipboardImage.png)

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as someone who grew up in a rather conservative punjabi muslim family and who himself was rather extreme in my personal religious views(I'm an ex-muslim now) I know full hand the power of faith, of what it can do and make men do
I don't think there's anything that can fully replicate the power and will of a man with an absolute faith in his god, doesn't matter what God, cause as the saying goes "all soldiers talk to God"

This isn't me saying we should enforce religion on the state or RETVRN to mythical glorious era or whatever, rather underestimating the power of religious conviction is gonna be a detriment for whatever cause your trying to fight for
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it's sus whenever euros use it because it's almost always a fascist dog whistle. Shrouding it in religious mysticism doesn't stop that. Anyway, Nevsky was a 1938 film, obviously the pic of the teutonic priest in >>1016325 was intended by the soviet film makers as a reference to the growing axis threat


our boy's wicked smaht


The USSR wasn't nationalist, as you'd know if you listened to what actual bourgeois nationalists squealed at the time. For nationalists like Hitler and Mussolini it was the Asiatic Jewish Bolshevik Mongol horde.



>That's what happened in Spain. Dumbass
Yes? The church was literally allied with the state in Spain. They were even kidnapping children, what even is your argument here?
>This just sounds like you're projecting your own shitty life onto this anon out of nowhere Get help
I'm not projecting anything, I'm stating that he needs to make a choice and that this indecisive position that ends up contradicting both of his professed beliefs is something he needs to address. Its garbage terminally online nosense.
>literally how do you get that from my very clear definition, I literally state that simply dismissing your enemy will allow you to lose
Again, how is this not applicable to any kind of personal allegiance?

File: 1655332269544.png (1.81 MB, 1748x1032, putin.png)


If his regime and oligarchs weren't so corrupt all of that money he supposedly poured into the military would have resulted in Ukraine being steamrolled. For a supposed world power they have to rely on brutally flattening everything with artillery. He throws the poor and ethnic minorities of Russia into the meat grinder, poor leadership, equipment, and outdated battle tactics.
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ok you're just a true retard or glowie
fuck off back to reddit moron


File: 1655488546292.jpg (126.12 KB, 1600x901, yanysmad.jpg)

>is it safe to come back yet
Imagine being so corrupt that the second most corrupt country in eastern europe kicks you out.


He's the closest thing i have seen to a real leader since gaddafi


blind ztarded orc


Take that liberal
Stay here longer and get reeducated

File: 1654825363247.png (14.98 KB, 300x168, index.png)


Socialism not Communism and most certainly not the boring peace of anarchism which leads to stagnation and de-evolution. Anarchism is just a way to defeat the current system.

Why? Well:

Focus on Rural Communities make them self-sufficient and self-governing with their own sort of collective community justice, awareness and empathy for nature and honour to each other who barter.

That is really boring but it does what the Cambodians tried to do: forces people out of cities to a natural existence where they can survive without the government and technology and money and live all under their own community's folk culture

However, there is nothing which is artistic, ideal, technological or progressive about this.

The ideal of today's art in my opinion is East Asian primarily their Cinema especially Korean Cinema the natural evolution of this is Interactive Virtual Reality Movies which are audio-visual experiences

Now why is this? Because video games are kids junk and basically like that now. So instead of typical hollywood bullshit we adopt our own stories in an accessible communal way via peer to peer network with an AI which moderates it not the government but the maintainers of said project can interact with.

Open source is a communist or government psy op usually.
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is that ginjeet lmao



File: 1655328620817.png (844.6 KB, 584x800, award_anon.png)


No, it's the O9A schizo who decided he's now a socialist because socialism is the real fascism.

File: 1655320196184.jpg (460.53 KB, 2000x1333, header.jpg)


Is anarchism or communist revolution even possible at this point with this giant superpowers powerful in military vehicles and weaponry, or the country's army's, what would it stop them from taking the country over or how would even manage a revolution today since many npc's don't even bother to care that much about anything to soceity ?


You have end of history brain, look at the absolute state of these powers. Most of their toys are from the cold war and they're stuck in either stagnation or slow collapse.


you can obliterate a country and people with bombs and laser guided smart missiles and 120mm smoothbore cannons but you can't run a country like that. ultimately they need at least a degree of support from the general public and an economy functional enough to fund that military. this is why russia will never be able to take the west of ukraine they'd never get the support from the general populace all they can do is drop bombs on it.


and they need local support in the area they're trying to control since you can't get around the massive logistical expense of having to run well defended supply lines for decades on end that shits expensive you need local production in support of the invaders for them to actually complete the invasion and take over.


>communism & anarchism
>caters towards proles
>cities not self sufficient in food
paris commune bros…

File: 1655275547307.png (184.06 KB, 400x400, 2breallymakesmethink.png)


Can I use a fake name when signing up for an org or does that make me look like a glowie?

Call me a pussy if you want, but after seeing the SRA get btfo I refuse to take chances and trust other people with my privacy.
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That's a relief at least, I was planning on (re)joining.


Most socialist papers in the US, whether Maoist, Troskyist, or Stalinist, have contributors that use fake names. Same is true for anarchist "zines," I don't think I've seen one that wasn't written by pseudonyms. It's moreso to prevent your workplace knowing that you're a diehard communist.


It's only the ones written by tenured professors like monthly review that use their real names.


Lenin's name was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
Stalin's name was Iosef Vissaryonovich Jugashvili
Trotsky's name was Leonid Bronstein


In countries where communism was actively persecuted (especially Lat Am with its military juntas ), using nicknames at leftist orgs was an extremely common thing. It was almost a requirement. If the police/military showed up and discovered your true identity, they would put you on a blacklist, arrest you and maybe no one would ever see you again after that. It'd also put your family in danger.

I don't know how it is in first world countries today.


How the research institutions went from screaming endlessly and promoting fear around covid as much as possible to then suddenly not giving a shit at all the moment the numbers curved even though the death rate is visibly higher than what we started off with

It’s like someone in charge of Pfizer or the other corporations just went “hey let’s get sued repeatedly for dishing out an incomplete problem, vilify the people that use what we sell, force people to conform to our policies for easy profits and then abondon them when the stats say we should with zero regard to the after effects of the fact that fluronas still around along with multiple other variants”
I know this is satirical but this genuinely is how this feels, like all covid mattered to those shitty medical companies was an opportunity to use up and abondon people


Why do you insult my intelligence by wording your topic header as clickbait?


It really wasn’t

This is just how I felt bout the pandemic. They really did go from making it seem like the world was ending to abondoning everyone that trusted them the moment it wasn’t profitable anymore


Western response was cynical since day 1. Every response was cynical. I can't hate anti-vaxxers and covid skeptics because we were indeed lied to whenever it was convenient, every step of the way. Covid skeptics are retarded, but there were so many lies that its hard to tell whats true, and so I can't really hate them.

China has been vilified every single step of the way too. It's insane.


In a lot of ways those same companies made the problem worse than what we started off with

Your right they did just spread more mutations of the virus and now we can’t do anything about it, they abondoned the policies that actually worked like mask mandates, due to satirically inflated or deflated stats there’s no way to know what the actual infection rate is and now we’re gonna be stuck with this dumbass virus for at a bare minimum 10 years along with its variants for god knows how fucking long

File: 1653869494274.png (1.1 MB, 1024x1600, darkcria.png)


Liberalism, the ideology of capitalism and markets is one of the most evil movements of our time. Its only purpose is to make the masses of the world poor and miserable and make the richest few in that planet ever richer. Liberalism is to democracy what slavery is to freedom.

Socialism, however, is the cure for liberalism. Socialism is defined as the people's ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange. Socialism would end with the world's major economic issues: war, hunger, inequality, poverty, pollution, the destruction of the earth. Socialism would create a world that would allow people to live without being owned, controlled and oppressed.
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>open for debates

Yeah when someone isn't arguing in bad-faith, porky cocksucker.

kill yourself you Ayn Rand worshiping retard.


File: 1655305859361.jpeg (15.67 KB, 390x310, d40.jpeg)

>Liberalism, the ideology of capitalism and markets is one of the most evil movements of our time.
t. Has bats in his belfry


The WORKING CLASS' ownership of the means of production. Class collaboration is fascism and Dengism is revisionist.


File: 1655309714254.png (77.34 KB, 241x232, ClipboardImage.png)

Why'd this uygha bump a weeks-old post with no replies to seethe at lmfao



muh freedumbs


Is there ANY realistic scenario where, either now or during the cold war, when any combination of nations could have launched a successful invasion of the USA?
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The Soviets could have gone for a base swap strategy to win the cold war.

The scenario is about countering a nuclear first strike by the US with a massive base rush.
If the US does a nuclear first strike, and the Soviet Union retaliates, then both sides make their territory un-inhabitable. If the Soviets however did not retaliate with nukes and instead build an insane number of high speed military logistics they could have gotten a few tens of millions of soldiers/soviet-citizens and several hundred thousand armored vehicles onto US Soil within a day. They still would have needed to unload millions of conventional missiles against the US military to punch through defenses.

This is basically mega-death the strategy, but i would consider it slightly less insane than completely erasing each other with 50 thousand nukes. More people would survive this and less earth would be irradiated. If you think this is nuts, i would agree but if you compare it to cold war strategists who tried to win a nuclear war with a first strike, it's rational.

This is an ideological battle, i'm very intentionally invoking xenophobic fears as instrumentality to erode support for a new nuclear arms race : nuke first strike policy = foreigners will do a bumrush and take over


actually keked but no.


Starcraft 2 isn't real life anon. Zerg rushing just results in defeat.


Federalization is deeply rooted in the Mexican lib and later left conception of freedom. Centralized and Unitary governments have been historically the goals associated with conservatism and comprador colonial governments like the Porfiriato or the 2nd Empire.


The US is considered uninvadable by military theorists. And that's just factoring in geography rather than the US military power. The whole "attack through Mexico" is silly. It's a big wide open area and any invading army would get obliterated by airpower.

Invading via either coast is logistically impossible. Alaska can't be invaded and is strategically disconnected form the mainland.

This is why the best Japan could do is bomb pearl harbor.

File: 1653357707253.png (92.36 KB, 764x764, iu_371047_7451814.png)


Have not seen much discussion about this shit. I think its interesting atleast.
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That infographic needs one more line:
>White Rice
<tastes good
>Brown Rice
<tastes like brown rice


At best this is very radical Social Democracy or "Evolutionary" Socialism with a sci-fi aesthetic.


This is just Situationism with 30% less analysis and 40% more bullshit.


ideology shopping


Looks pretty fucking gay

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