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File: 1693242534211.jpeg (89.93 KB, 540x675, EmPDp1lXEAEyoQw.jpeg)


US officials visit Syria's pro-Turkish rebel area
Three members of the United States Congress made a rare visit Sunday to rebel-held territory in northern Syria controlled by pro-Turkish factions, an AFP journalist at the scene said. The Republican delegation comprising French Hill, Ben Cline and Scott Fitzgerald entered Syria from Turkey through the Bab al-Salama border crossing, where they were welcomed by a banner reading "Welcome to Free Syria" and revolutionary flags.

19 Syrian soldiers killed in clashes with mercenaries in Idlib
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the past 48 hours have witnessed a remarkable escalation on the frontlines of the southern countryside of Idlib within the “Putin-Erdogan” area, and violent clashes that led to the death of 19 regime soldiers and the injury of another 20, and the death of seven members of Ansar Al-Tawhid faction.

Iran: Anti-Afghan sentiment is on the rise
The reports of terrorists receiving training in Afghanistan have heightened sensitivities in Iran. There are concerns about radicalisation among Afghan refugees, who are estimated to number five million, according to the government. The UN puts the number of registered Afghans in Iran at 780,000, and two million undocumented. Critics of Afghan immigration, however, put the number much higher. Against this backdrop, a growing number of voices in Iran have been urging the government to address the presence of Afghans in the country as a significant security threat.

German rail workers vote against open-ended strikes, accepting a pay offer and inflation bonus
Germany’s rail workers will not go on opPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Puerto Rico board submits third plan in attempt to restructure power company debt of $10 billion
If confirmed by a federal bankruptcy judge, the plan would mean an increase in already high power bills for many people on the island if the new charge is approved by Puerto Rico’s Energy Bureau. On average, residential bills would increase by nearly $9 a month and commercial bills by $35. Some 1.4 million customers would not pay the new charge if they consume less than 425 kilowatt-hours a month, the plan states. The average monthly power consumption for a U.S. residential customer is about 886 kilowatt-hours, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Kaiser Permanente unions will vote on strike authorization
The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, which represents more than 85,000 health care workers in seven states and the District of Columbia, announced Thursday that its members would vote to authorize a strike between Aug. 26 and Sept. 13. This would be “the largest strike of health care workers in the history of this country,” said Dave Regan, president of the Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW).

‘They would not listen to us’: inside Biden’s troubled $53bn chip plant
The plant’s owner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the largest chip maker in the world, has pushed back plans to start manufacturing to 2025, blaming a lack of skilled labor. It is trying to fast-track visas for 500 Taiwanese workers. Unions, meanwhile, are accusing TSMC of inventing the skills shortage as an excuse to hire cheaper, foreign labor. Others point to safety issues at the plant.
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>US officials visit Syria's pro-Turkish rebel area
I pray Rojava kill those mfs
>ib4 rojava muh us imperialism


Tudeh Party of Iran, Tudeh Party of Iran: an assessment of the ongoing “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement
More than eight months have passed since the brutal death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Islamic Republic's mercenaries on 16 September 2022 and the beginning of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" movement thereafter. Although daily street protests have subsided in various cities, the notion that the anti-dictatorship movement of our country has been defeated is as wrong and unscientific as that put about by some at the outset of the uprising of "Woman, Life, Freedom" uprising that another "revolution" was underway in Iran. The October meeting of the Central Committee of the Party rightly emphasised that in examining the widespread street protests, it should be clearly noted that over the previous two years we have witnessed a wave of mass protests among various social strata that have continued [despite fierce repression by the authorities]. The widespread strikes of workers, farmers, teachers, education workers, retirees, nurses, and students across the country during those past two years have been a constant and unignorable feature of life in Iran and there has not been a day in the cities and provinces around the country when various currents of the people and intellectuals have not taken to the streets to protest the continuing of oppression, corruption, and deprivation imposed by the anti-people ruling regime, despite the manifest risks in doing so.

Brics expansion is positive – but not a coherent challenge to US power
The six applicants will mean the Brics (which already account for a larger share of world GDP than the G7 group of developed capitalist countries) rise to representing 37 per cent of the global economy and 46 per cent of the human race. They are also heavily concentrated in the Middle East, a region traditionally dominated by US imperialism. There is a definite move from Middle Eastern powers away from Washington’s orbit and the implications for continued US hegemony could be great. Could be. Socialists should be alert both to the positive aspects of BricsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1693273675870.gif (2.02 MB, 640x360, 1693096632246351.gif)

Thanks News Anon




Why are social democrats sometime more willing to ally with fascism then conservatives are ?
A few exemples to back up my statements
>During the Eugenics movements, fascists and social democrats supported it, wheras conservatives and communists opposed it (take for exemple, the Pope's reaction to Aktion T4 compared to Sweden sterelising disabled people until the 70s)
>During the boulangist crisis, monarchists and social democrast supported Boulanger's Proto-fascism while communists, anarchists, blanquists and republicans opposed him.
>ᴉuᴉlossnW straight up was a social democrat before inventing fascism
>The Second in Charge in Vichy France was Pierre Laval, who was a former member of a social democratic party, he wasn't the only one in this case, wheras the Resistance united Gaullists and Communists
>One of the faces of modern social democrats is Mitterand, who was an active supporter of Vichy France and Pétain (as pictured in the image) he also lend support to Jean-Marie le Pen fascist party
I'm not saying conservatives are particularly resilient to fascism, or that they won't turn toward it when capitalism is in crisis, but social democrats seem more willing then conservatives to turn toward fascism ?
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Not him, but socdems parties backed the war on Vietnam, and Korea too, while we're at it.


File: 1693258761196.png (1.63 MB, 1440x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

Social democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism.


That's because social democracy inherently supports a class based society with no social mobility. You are born bourgie/prole and you will remain there. If you are bourgie, you have to give a lot of your money to the proles, but you still keep all political power and make all economic production decisions.

Most modern conservatives want a class based society too, but unlikely social democrats, they believe in social mobility. The free market allows some proles to become bourgies. Fascism locks down classes to how you were born, so conservatives don't want this, but in this aspect, it's identical to social democracy.


File: 1693268759566.jpeg (595.69 KB, 1242x1461, NYT bangers 3.jpeg)

All cuckservative opposition to fascism is post-WW2 and pure theatrics. Hitler was the darling of the entire Western right-wing, before the whole Holocaust business. If you believe otherwise, congratulations, you fell for conservative PR, who, like the fascists, consider lying to you a legitimate political strategy.


I don't think you're giving conservatives enough credit. A crucial element to the rise of the Nazis was the support they received from the conservative petit-bourgeoisie, who believed Jews and others were hogging all the small businesses in Germany, and were thus happy to see them killed.

This isn't to say that social democrats haven't played a historical role in the rise of fascism, but conservatives are very susceptible to fascist rhetoric - they are, after all, the targets of it.

To build on this: social democrats behave this way strictly because they worship liberal democracies over everything else. They see the structure of government as their top priority, and if they have to stab communists in the back or make a united front with Nazis to do it, then you better believe they will.

And of course, in true succdem fashion, they will call this pragmatism - and then turn around and accuse communists of abandoning their ideals!


Internet Archive’s legal woes mount as record labels sue for $400M

>Major record labels are suing the Internet Archive, accusing the nonprofit of "massive" and "blatant" copyright infringement "of works by some of the greatest artists of the Twentieth Century."

>The lawsuit was filed Friday in a US district court in New York by UMG Recordings, Capitol Records, Concord Bicycle Assets, CMGI, Sony Music Entertainment, and Arista Music. It targets the Internet Archive's "Great 78 Project," which was launched in 2006.

>For the Great 78 Project, the Internet Archive partners with recording engineer George Blood— who is also a defendant in the lawsuit—to digitize sound recordings on 78 revolutions-per-minute (RPM) records. These early sound recordings are typically of poor quality and were made between 1898 and the late 1950s by using very brittle materials. The goal of the Great 78 Project was to preserve these early recordings so they would not be lost as records break and could continue to be studied as originally recorded.

>In a blog post responding to the record labels' lawsuit, Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle said that the Internet Archive is currently reviewing the challenge and taking it seriously. However, Kahle characterizes the Great 78 Project as providing "free public access to a largely forgotten but culturally important medium," claiming that "there shouldn’t be conflict here."

>"Through the efforts of dedicated librarians, archivists, and sound engineers, we have preserved hundreds of thousands of recordings that are stored on shellac resin, an obsolete and brittle medium," Kahle said. "The resulting preserved recordings retain the scratch and pop sounds that are present in the analog artifacts; noise that modern remastering techniques remove."

>Blood declined Ars' request to comment on pending litigation.

>Record labels said that the conflict is obvious. From their perspective, the Great 78 Project undercuts the industry's profits from selling licenses to stream some of the world's most popular recordings of all time on services like Spotify or Apple Music.

>According to Kahle, listeners accessing those streaming songs are diPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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i mean media with no use value beyond entertainment


civilization will end because of intellectual property rights


people in general are pretty aware that copyright is fucking shit


Copyright drools, copyleft rules!


File: 1693255081649.jpg (151.55 KB, 2048x1015, Blade Runner 2049.jpg)

Copyleft is a coping mechanism under capitalism.
I'm not saying it isn't good, it is, but it's will become meaningless and will be abolished under socialism.

File: 1693247212128.png (803.24 KB, 518x788, ClipboardImage.png)


…but that doesn't mean they will not exist under socialism.

Authentic and possible change of gender only happened under capitalism when the following two requirements were fulfilled.
a) That the technological and scientific development, medical research etc. accumulated enough results - the material side of the equation,
b) and that under capitalism, in capitalism's production process, in the ever further developing productive forces the biological differences between men and women matter less and less, hence the only difference between genders in the productive process is evaporating and man and woman as categories are losing the meaning they had

The experience of 'gender' and 'gender identity' will always be foreign under capitalism whose production is coming into contradiction with the superstructure. Only under the dictatorship of the proletariat can this contradiction between production and superstructure be resolved and with that, the very concept of trans people, very concept of gender becomes obsolete because it won't have it's contradiction - the rigid gender roles of capitalism. What we know today as trans people will be just people under socialism.
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cis morons like you have no idea what you are talking about.


>ahistoric denial of the past


natsuccs gonna soy


So what's the plan, ban hormones and actively make our lives harder under socialism? Are we a reactionary capitalist threat that needs to be eugenically struggled against in the new socialist society? If so, why would that be desirable? There are a lot of trans people who are Communists including myself, why would we alienate them for simply existing, why do trans people being this or that have to be the biggest topic on your tongues, can't we just conclude its healthcare and move on?



I’ve been thinking about Ghana for a bit and why so many black Americans decide to move there, which got me thinking about the increase in people fleeing the states in general. It’s hilarious and frightening knowing how many Americans are actively dealing with not just minor but severe issues with mental health and drug abuse. Around 40 mass shootings occur every month there and the financial opportunities awaiting their younger populations are basically nonexistent, especially considering there on track to losing a massive amount of post secondary schools a little before 2025 due to enrolment issues.

Unsurprisingly the number of permanent emigrants from the us to South America, Africa and some parts of Europe has been steadily increasing - rapidly if you live along the west coast due to the whole housing issue - and it’s interesting to see why people leave. Seeing so many American residents in Ghana would be something bewildering just a few decades ago, but something understandable today given how awful of a country the place is. What does the average American citizen see in capitalism so much that it’s worth preserving in a country dying because of it? It didn’t do anything for the average person, of any kind for the countries entire history. Why can a country like Ghana end up being a romanticized paradise free from the problems associated with the relentlessness of American style capitalism among those who’re aware of the many far less liberal options where these problems don’t have a chance of even proliferating like Cuba, China, or maybe even other parts of Africa.


File: 1693202666604.png (558.88 KB, 617x618, 583495830.png)

>I’ve been thinking about Ghana for a bit and why so many black Americans decide to move there
I don't think it's a lot. There are apparently around 3,000 African-Americans live in Ghana, while the local Chinese population might be as much as 10x higher. There are 47 million black Americans. But it's politically stable and has better infrastructure than the rest of West Africa. The U.S. dollar goes far there so if you work remotely it's a good deal, a typical American salary puts you in the elite there, or if you wanna retire there and have a source of passive income like rental properties.

>It didn’t do anything for the average person, of any kind for the countries entire history.

I'm not sure about that. The U.S. is a well-organized economic superpower and is highly attractive to immigrants from all over the world. Not that the U.S. is exactly safe or "normal" and other places are "Black Hawk Down," but there are many parts of the world where wanton bribery, violence, and general lawlessness discourages enterprise and self-worth.

>Why can a country like Ghana end up being a romanticized paradise free from the problems associated with the relentlessness of American style capitalism

Relentless is one way to describe it. Have you ever been to the United States?

I've pulled this from people I know from third-world countries, but one thing about the U.S. compared to a lot of third-world countries is that life moves faster in the U.S., so life can sometimes feel more stressful. It's the "rat race" and comes with a hyper-consumer, everything-is-available-everywhere-always set of expectations, such that the 15-minute rolling blackouts during a heatwave once in the summer is huge deal instead of like, a normal, daily occurrence. A lot of things in the U.S. are easy compared to many countries, but some things are harder because of the relentlessness, it's like you have to be "on" all the time, you can't just drop out of the rat race for a month.


>rat race
Yeah towards nothing. I described American style capitalism as relentless because compared to other countries, there’s a level barbarism that accompanies it since it pays little respect to the fact that actual people have to maintain it. Again 40+ mass shootings monthly and nearly half the country at this point has had to be checked for severe cases of degradation to their mental health. A lot of it isn’t coming off trying to better there situation, but trying to cope with the dwindling opportunities that used to be there.


I think things have to change and they will change, and what it changes into, I have no evident idea. But I meet people from the Global South who have immigrated here and universally they buy into the "American Dream" more than the natives do because it's an automatic step up.

File: 1693223365654.jpg (454.53 KB, 1773x1094, 81KI7CBlDSL.jpg)


i just read Stalin's essay on the national question and the subject made me curious. Can you recommend me more literature that are informative about ethnic and national relations in the Soviet Union and how the Soviets dealt with it?



I've seen this book and it's written by a liberal historian attempting to make the Soviet Union look bad. I want something by Marxist historians or original literature from the Soviets themselves about this subject.



File: 1693241808553.pdf (1.79 MB, 165x255, NorthOssetia.pdf)

File: 1693145787988.jpg (138.15 KB, 1079x624, 20230827_111510.jpg)


>find anarchist experiment that ancoms love for some reason
>Look inside
>People's police
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thx for proving my point abt the sectarians on this site being the worst most immature posters

Left Unity>>>>>>>>>>whatever the fuck ideology you chose to misunderstand and form a personality replacement around


>its another episode of MLs turning into fanatic anti-communists regurgitating western propaganda but its ok cuz its abt slighlty different communists this time

lmao yall mfers dont care abt revolution just hollow aesthetics


It's defending the USSR by quoting white propaganda about Makhnovia, which undermines their defense of the USSR since it gives credence to the idea that it's legitimate information, which elsewhere shits on the Bolsheviks. Literally undermining their "own" side to take pot shots at their "enemy."


No I meant what the ancom flag said about defending old socialism. A communist that doesn't have a grudge againsts anarchists but also doesn't let stuff like "communisms killed billions of people" slide is not equal to the guy posting literal white propaganda.


>lmao yall mfers dont care abt revolution just hollow aesthetics
People with a genuine commitment to socialist revolution don't crawl up their own assholes worshipping a movement that demonstrably failed to accomplish the actual goals of socialism even with superpower status that is correct t

 No.1507911[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post any old memes you can find in the archives of your phone or computer such as the corbyn era memes, bunker memes, political ideology catgirls, etc.

Finding old memes on Google counts. OC memes in the spirit of oldfag memes count.

Newfags are encouraged to lurk here.
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>not milfs


>look at 2020 archived thread
>people actually making shit
>people actually getting shit done
>actual diversity of userbase, enough that there are interesting people who have shit worth listening to
hold me, comrade


thanks caballo you stupid fuck


thanks whoever spammed 'christcom gang' on /christian/. Planted a seed in my soul, now my faith isn't wholly disconnected from reality but more complete.


File: 1693203635792.jpg (105.45 KB, 800x550, ben-lay.jpg)

??? That one based shitposter i guess.


There is a pretty typical aspect of talking on this board where any post made has a negative reply towards to OP in the first three posts.

Its a pretty well known fact that the first few interactions with a piece of content in forums or upvotes on reddit will determine the likely trajectory of the post. On reddit, paying for about 50 accounts to upvote a post is enough to get the drooling hivemind to continue its upward trajectory.

Same is the case here. I think there is a good chance that there is bots operating (or bad actors who act in the same fashion) in new threads doing what i call "third-posting". Just posting a one sentence ad-hom or some other type of bait to attempt sour discussion at best or derail it at worst.

Heres some examples in thread currently on the 1st page:


File: 1693196279184.mp4 (316.21 KB, 480x270, 62Y4.mp4)

post sorticition when?
we dont care about logical sequence of events.
we're not cookiecutters, we're freaks!


I disagree with the suggestion that this is artificial: there really are a lo of threads with bad assertions in the OPs and it's a healthy sign that they're being told to piss off so early.


I think people are just shitposting. Negativity gets more engagement. Assuming its regulars or mods doing it, I think there are better methods of driving up PPH but whatever, I kinda like the uptick in alternative views, I just wish they werent such spergs about it. It doesnt even bother me till people are generalizing tendencies based on those shitposts but tbh thats probably just the same people continuing to shitpost. Its shitposts all the way down, randy.


Alright, that's three.


File: 1693136171033.png (141.79 KB, 324x400, ClipboardImage.png)


>Hand-picked for the position by Joseph Stalin in 1926, Blokhin led a company of executioners that performed and supervised numerous mass killings during Stalin's reign, mostly during the Great Purge and World War II.[1] He is recorded as having executed tens of thousands of prisoners by his own hand, including his killing of about 7,000 Polish prisoners of war during the Katyn massacre in spring 1940,[1][2] making him the most prolific official executioner in recorded world history.[1][3] Blokhin was forced into retirement following the death of Stalin, and he died as an alcoholic and mentally sick in 1955.
14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1693164651535.jpg (34.61 KB, 426x563, y7sa1cj1l4cb1.jpg)

>You're a LIBERAL if you don't identify with Nazi/NATO atrocity propaganda like Katyn!


File: 1693165338620.jpg (48.63 KB, 1080x1018, didn't happen.jpg)


Source: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland




Natural reaction to scare libs away

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