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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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What are the most embarrassing events in leftist history:
>Sino/Soviet Split
>Leftist infighting in Spanish Civil War
>China supporting Cambodia and going to war with Vietnam
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I don't fucking care, why do redditors treat this dude as a sort of god


that's some noble savage shit


I hate you Trotskyists so much it's unreal


>Whats embarrassing is "leftists" eating up all the lib propaganda about it.
The only "eating up" was the cannibalism lmfao


Problem, anticommunist?

File: 1656540831654.png (98.96 KB, 261x193, ClipboardImage.png)


>During his famous Southern Tour 南巡 in
1992, he had said: “The Communist Manifesto
and the ABC of Communism are my guides

<ABC of Communism

>Deng Xiaoping read ABC of Communism

during his days in Moscow, where he also
heard Bukharin’s several speeches

>oung Deng Xiaoping, during his student

years in Moscow, not only studied Bukharin’s
works but also had the chance to listen to
Bukharin’s public speeches; he also personally
witnessed implementation of the New
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Ah sorry comrade I didn't see you had cited it already, the formatting really didn't help. But good job on the thread, it has sparked an interesting discussion.


yeah it had and i should have formatted better.
thanks comrade


>>1041085 (me)
Oh yeah your right, ive got good pdf of that ( He also talks about Pol Pot and Allende )


What did you expect? Bukharin has always been beloved by capitalists, revisionists and class enemies of the proletariat for being a capitalist ideologue and bending over to peasant yokels.


File: 1656611578862.png (71.32 KB, 382x436, ClipboardImage.png)

Did they ever put them back tho? Is this journalist the man who ended gommunism?

File: 1655899570182.jpeg (82.76 KB, 572x546, 1646279603902.jpeg)


>“You are forced to make a particular kind of movie,” [George] Lucas said to Rose, complaining about the need to make profitable films. “I used to say this all the time when people — you know, back when Russia was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. And they’d say, oh, but aren’t you so glad that you’re in America? I said, well, I know a lot of Russian filmmakers, and they have a lot more freedom than I have. All they have to do is be careful about criticizing the government.”

I've loved video games always wanted to be a game developer since I was a kid. However after doing a bunch of research I find the industry is scummy, ruined by capitalism of DLCs/MTX, etc. Its almost like any creative medium, whether traditional art, games, movies, etc. is ruined by MBAs and the profit motives and its funny how gamers can realize this and bitch about it nonstop when it comes to companies making every game into a glorified whale hunting lootbox/barely legalized gambling for children. However gamers are notoriously right wing and anti communist as well (ex: Destiny, Sargon, Quartering etc.).

Even high art is just a tax racket for the super wealthy, and relies on wealthy patrons (and always has). Opera, Orchestras? the same. Hollywood is shit too.

Reading all this shit of how hard it is to make it in a creative industry, and to do so you would have to be as scummy and exploitative as these fucks has really black-pilled my dreams. Isn't there anywhere someone can tell a great story under capitalism, or make a great piece of art, or music, or game without it being financially impossible or MBAified shit? Art shouldn't be transactional yet thats exactly the hole that capitalism forces it into. Even novelists are forced to write to a certain genre and play the capitalism game to get published.

Its well known (capitalist realism and all) that art, music and cinema under capitalism is becoming stagnant and bad. I don't think this is because of a lack of creativity of people, in fact I think that the fact we have the few good creations is really is a testament of how people have been able to succeed despite the system not because of it. Art will always be mediocre if it is designed by a room full of passionless soulless MBAs in a way to maximize shareholder profits.

The truth is art will never be truly great until it is free and will never truly be free until it is made free from the need to profPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Art doesn't necessarily require more capital intensity though. It's only certain run major business segments that are trying to run things through this that are suffering this problem, but there's nothing actually holding them to it.


>what you're describing is the effect of economic conditions
thats literally what OP says anon


>Even high art is just a tax racket for the super wealthy, and relies on wealthy patrons (and always has). Opera, Orchestras? the same. Hollywood is shit too.

Anyway, this is why art is my hobby and not my job. If game design wasn't so industrialized, so notoriously abusive and so competitive (people make games for free!) I would probably be in the industry.
But if it's your hobby, basically all that's at risk is your reputation, which can be mostly avoided by using a pseudonym.

Not at all disagreeing, you're right. You're completely right, look at those lists of phone games all looking the same and everything being a buggy mess rushed out over Christmas before it's ready to sell because lmao we sold copies before they were half finished.


>Art will never be truly great until it has been unchained from capitalism.
You can still make propagandistic art promoting Socialism and its related topics under Capitalism


What is expensive about writing words? It's literally free

File: 1653800490678.png (214.78 KB, 850x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Thoughts Eldridge Cleaver, he was an influential black panther member and one time leader of the group

he was originally a black nationalist and Marxist, actually got kicked out of BPP cause he wanted "real violent struggle" i.e direct war against the United states(which would have gotten them all killed tbh) went to meet up with various left wing intonational guerilla groups, became a born again Christian in France, then turned to Islam, then Catholicism, tried making up his own religion mixing Christianity and Islam he called 'Christlam' and finally settled with Mormonism in 1983 and then ended up a Republican as well

overall he was a horrible person(raped scores of black women and his justification was that it was practice for him to rape white women and not get caught and also that he could rekindle his passion for black women that he had lost that he blamed on white supremacy)
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>So saying that he abused theory wouldn't ruffle any feathers of BPP?
Why would it? He literally had a massive falling out with Huey Newton and got expelled from the party. If anything, if Huey had known anything about his past, he would have 100% used it against Cleaver to discredit him as a perverse opportunist who cares nothing for cause.


he became famous for his book though, every one was aware of his past as a serial rapist


What's with her complexion?


>he became famous for his book though, every one was aware of his past as a serial rapist
No he didn't, Eldritch Cleaver was already known before the book came out. It increased how well known he was to the public, but he was already a known figure before then. The book also came out in 1968, at which time Cleaver was fleeing to Cuba (which also ended shortly due to his deteriorating relations with the Cuban government), and then to Algeria. Shortly after he was then kicked out of the Black Panther Party sometime in 1970. So at best you could say that during a year to 2 year period, people had the opportunity to read the book before he was kicked out. Even then, he insisted even in the book that he renounced the use of rape and his own racist views upon being introduced to Malcom X and eventually the BPP, and so the acts undertaken by him at that time has no relation to the BPP as a whole. There is no proof I can find that the BPP knew before hand either before him joining them.


he shouldve taken his meds

File: 1656439806325.jpg (491.95 KB, 1200x675, covergn.jpg)


To be clear, I don't mean this as a defense of the CIA at all. In fact, I often tend to lean towards thinking the CIA is guilty rather than not myself, but I wanted to make this post just to try and pick apart my own views critically.
I frequently see people confidently claiming that the CIA was involved in [insert basically any notable political death/murder or socialist coup] in leftist circles. And to give some credit, I think some of these are pretty public knowledge. In most cases, there is no verifiable information that could link the CIA to the death, but I get the feeling that leftists are sometimes quick to jump at any "unusual circumstances" around a death as CIA-related without a very strong link.
What separates these from just being the left's own flavor of conspiracy theories? Even with the most conservative interpretation of CIA history (e.g. things that have been definitively proven) would they still be anywhere near as dangerous as they seem?
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>ah yes the entire world is just doing competing forms of communism. we have already won. time to sit back and pic related
I think most /leftypol/ regulars realize how absurd this line of thinking is, but after talking to so many rightoids I'm starting to think this is how they genuinely perceive the world.


I think you're a cunt. Read what I wrote.


>What separates these from just being the left's own flavor of conspiracy theories
Have you read The Jakarta Method? America has intervened in a FUCKTON of countries ever since the opening days of the Cold War - from Korea to Indonesia to Chile - and now, you have Hong Kong, Ukraine, Belarus, and so on.
>Even with the most conservative interpretation of CIA history (e.g. things that have been definitively proven) would they still be anywhere near as dangerous as they seem?
The CIA is inherently a threat to socialism, as it is Capital's weapon.


the CIA in decades have continued their usual clandestine fuckery but they have taken to privatizing and outsourcing their actions. Groups like the National Endowment for Democracy now do the logistical work of staging coups and training reactionaries on behalf of the CIA so that the CIA has plausible deniability. More attention ought to be paid to CIA front groups and propagana outlets like the NED, RFE, RFA, etc.


I think you're thick. Operation Northwoods was a plan to murder US citizens and blame Cuba.

File: 1656497422896.webm (5.71 MB, 1206x346, 20yrs.webm)

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Are you ready for 20 years of economic depression in the West? Because that is what the Pentagon decided we need to stop the rise of China and Russia. You think inflation is bad now? Imagine it going on at this rate for two. fucking. decades.

Whole interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AJwMvCxwm0
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Where should I emigrate?


BBC seems 1000x worse now than it was when I was a kid (maybe I was just naive idk)




this is a great post. Thx anon. Couldnt have posted it as conclusive but short


File: 1656602543517.mp4 (4.06 MB, 480x270, Ellsberg-coldwar.mp4)

>In the new 2nd cold war the US is going to face the situation the Soviet Union was in the first cold war. They will have to allocate a much bigger proportion of their economic surplus to military spending
You're confusing cause and effect for the cold war on US terms here. From its beginning the purpose of the cold war was to justify US military spending.

File: 1640227434688-0.png (832.74 KB, 1280x640, Redditoids.png)

File: 1640227434688-1.jfif (237.62 KB, 540x2127, Undra_Glowie_Mongol.jfif)

 No.657374[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Haven’t you noticed how feds will all have this smug “witty” attitude when they’re online? They sound exactly like redditfags. Pics related: This glowuygha was caught being an agent for the NED. You can find more evidence of this on twatter: https://twitter.com/DanielDumbrill/status/1374157179121397760
I'll show more examples of this weird phenomenon.
Note: I asked this question here >>655576 and some anon made a great response to it but his response "somehow" got deleted. He basically explained that the idea is to overwhelm the other opposing commentators in order to sound intelligent and give off a sense of legitimacy. The anon claimed it's likely written in a handbook somewhere because it's so common among glowies.
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It seems as if they are trying to recreate the “smugness” using other “smug” users and train their bots based on these users. Either that, and/or the Reddit hivemind is worse than I could imagine.


Holy shit nobody cares how much you dislike Reddit or Twitter you mongoloid.
Just be normal and stop visiting it i you hate it so much.


accidental non-sage



>Haven’t you noticed how feds will all have this smug “witty” attitude when they’re online? They sound exactly like redditfags.
Is it just me or I've heard some anons here ever say something about Reddit and Florida?

File: 1655295142325.jpg (60.88 KB, 961x640, image-1-4.jpg)


I am curious as to how you think about globalist powers such as the EU, WEF, NATO and UN. Personally I am anti-globalist although I understand there are benefits to certain alliances: so I don't advocate for leaving the NATO for example. I was also curious as to how you think left wing politics would improve the quality of life since I capitalism has increased the quality of life a lot compared to decades ago.(allow this topic for now pls)
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Meanwhile, on planet Earth, there is reason to believe that in fact a fair degree of election fraud was committed in Trump's favor. In seven out of 26 states where exit polls were conducted, the exit polls deviated from the tallied results by such a wide margin they would have failed the state department's own standard for verifying other countries' elections as free and fair. Six of those seven were in Trump's favor, one was in Biden's. None of them were large enough to alter the outcome of the elections in those states, so ignorant and proud Americans can once again pretend that there's nothing at all to worry about what multiple studies have described as one of the least transparent and accountable electoral systems in the developed world.


It's Trump's goons that are trying their hardest to stop people from voting. As if voting has any real power in this country, but how is shit like closing voting polls in inner cities where you the closest one is miles away, stopping people from getting food and water while waiting in long lines and so on, how the fuck is that supposed to be for "election integrity"
Fuck Democrats but jesus Republicans should be [Redacted] and so should everyone who eats their bad faith bullshit


ideology is a tool for controlling useful idiots like the many people in this thread ranting about "Trump" and "____ism." Its an objective fact that /pol/ is a DARPA social experiment and nothing like this place where there is an official ideology with social power dynamics in place to maintain it. Long story short, ideology is just a mask for brainwashing and political / social domination.


>Why the stigma? Dont you feel a little bit curious about an allegedly "third positional" political theory?
>I mean, the undertone of my post exposes a certain disgust toward the more commonly referred political theories known as third positionals (like fascism, duginism and distributism).
So? Third postionism still implies some kind of "mediated" and "sustainable" capitalism.
>Ah, so you are one of the cult-like marxists.
No, I just bothered to read him.
>Fyi, i did read like 50 pages of the first volume. Then stopped: i felt like i needed more in depth knowledge of philosophy before continuing.
No, you really don't. Capital is written in such a way that you really do not need any prior philosophical knowledge outside of some basics, because it's largely not a work concerned with philosophy, but rather an analysis of how capitalism developed and what mechanisms define it. If you had said you needed more in depth knowledge of the classical economists, then I could buy that. But saying that you need a more in depth knowledge of philosophy in regards to Capital makes no sense.
>I bet you read it every day, don't you, anon?
>And everything else is capitalism, right?
Not everything else, no. Just the system of capitalism is capitalism.
>I think I can diagnose you with a severe case of dialectic deficiency.
That doesn't make any sense.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Globalist powers are enablers of capitalism. All they want is dominance over the 90%.

File: 1656414106508.jpg (924.28 KB, 1920x1080, pentagon-shutter-331615.jpg)

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Pentagon struggling with recruitment
The Pentagon is “scrambling” for ways to find new recruits as multiple branches fear they will not reach their annual enrollment goals, with the number of young Americans willing to join the military hitting its lowest level in 15 years.

According to an internal Defense Department survey seen by NBC, just 9% of eligible citizens aged 17-24 have any intention to serve in the armed forces, the lowest number since 2007. Coupled with a fall in the overall number of Americans qualified to join – which has dropped from 29% to 23% in recent years – one senior Pentagon official involved in personnel issues said the military now faces a “recruiting crisis.”

“As the military has gotten smaller and the public has gotten less and less familiar with those in uniform, [the crisis] has grown,” the official told NBC, adding that “Covid accelerated it.”

While the pool of potential recruits has gradually shrunk due to an increasing number of disqualifications over obesity, drug use, or criminal records, a growing number of young Americans believe military service is not in their best interest. More than half of those surveyed by the Pentagon, or 57%, said that joining would result in “emotional or psychological problems,” while a similar number cited concerns about “physical problems.”

“They think they’re going to be physically or emotionally broken after serving,” another senior military official familiar with the recruiting problems told the outlet, adding that a general lack of familiarity with the armed forces is driving the crisis.

Though the Pentagon believes parents are a major influence in whether an individual decides to join, the Defense Department survey shows that just 13% of respondents said they had a parent who served in the military, down from nearly 40% in 1995.

Even as the Pentagon faces what the Marine Corps officer in charge of manpower dubbed “the most challenging recruiting year since the inception of the all-volunteer force,” some branches say they should reach their targets despite the difficulties, including the Space Force, the Marines, and the Navy. Others are lagging well behind their goals, however.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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i hope this is already a copypasta, this is great


aand its out there!


This pasta is pretty old. Is it from the 8chan days? I'm not sure.


I think it's a few months old
see >>>/siberia/236308


I'm excited to see NATO vs China. Do you think Xi shares Mao's belief that killing half of humanity is cool, or do you think he's too deep into capitalism to willingly sacrifice the world?

File: 1656460392289.png (27.39 KB, 534x529, smug chud.png)


Overpopulation is a myth of scarcity like all the others. There are more than enough resources to support all of us and more — capitalism manufactures the scarcity. We don’t need to be policing peoples procreation to save the planet and there is a specific term for that: ecofascism.
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Why do anything? Survival is futile.
For me, its fun.


>what is technology?


You breeders all need to read stand on Zanzibar
Technology aint magick, Moor's law is not an actual physical law.


hello, based department?


File: 1656595883766.png (1.47 MB, 897x900, hell.png)

>if you don't want there to be 100 gorillion people you are an ecofascist
the absolute state of the modern left

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