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This is the thread for good news.

People have a tendency to focus on what is going wrong and miss out on what is going well.
I'm also suspecting that there is a doomer astroturf going on.

To counteract this a little i want to ask you to post uplifting news.
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File: 1626800482738-0.png (27.09 KB, 975x362, 1626719582685-0.png)

File: 1626800482738-1.mp4 (3.78 MB, 640x304, 1626719582685-1.mp4)

Also a funny side story:


Dropping a massive whitepill for you bloomerbros

>China's central bank will support Shanghai to pilot the free exchange of renminbi (RMB) and explore the free flow of capital to facilitate cross-border trade and investment, an official said Tuesday at a press conference introducing Shanghai's further opening up.

>The People's Bank of China (PBOC) will back up Shanghai's trial in the free use of RMB, further facilitate the free flow of enterprises' trade and investment funds, and explore the free flow and free convertibility of capital in its Lingang Special Area, said Wang Xin, director-general of the PBOC's Research Bureau.

>"The PBOC measures to facilitate trade and investment are bound to optimize the business environment in the Lingang Special Area," said Liu Chunsheng, associate professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics in China. (LOL imagine believing this shit)

>Shanghai will deepen its financial opening up to develop RMB offshore transactions, cross-border trade settlement and overseas financing services, and increase the two-way opening of the market, said Chen Yin, Shanghai's executive vice mayor.

>To meet the increasing global demand for RMB assets, China has been promoting the high-level opening up of its financial sector, including the bond market, stock market, foreign exchange market, commodity futures market and financial derivatives market.

>The country has also removed restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares held in banks, securities, funds, futures and personal insurance.

>It has cancelled restrictions on the access of foreign capital to areas such as corporate credit management, rating and payment.


File: 1626808215565.png (161.96 KB, 499x361, 1617218608854.png)

>Dropping a massive whitepill for you bloomerbros
>China's central bank will–
Stopped reading. GTFO, Dengoid!!!


The irony understander logged on.
Next time read what gets posted instead of going apeshit.


>RMB slowly replacing USD as the world currency
Based, thanks for the good news.

File: 1626742773081.jpg (28.62 KB, 474x474, 9-5.jpg)


Hey lads,

I've been reading a lot of post-left anti-work and post-civ stuff lately. I've decided that my life goal is to escape wage slavery as soon as possible. I actually went ahead and put in my two weeks' notice today; unfortunately it's just to go to a slightly less shittier job—I'll still be a 9–5 drone albeit with better pay, PTO, and actually simply working 9–5/no weekends instead of 9–6 and weekends.

Anyways, how does one escape wageslavery? I've analyzed some options and they all seem unappealing to me. Here goes:


This option depends on hyperinflation not happening, society not collapsing, the USA economy keeping steady for a few decades, and so forth. Too risky, and you still have to waste away your youth and wageslave until your 40's while living like a miser. It's the "safe" option, but no guts, no glory?


Not really an option because my parents won't support me. Plus, I don't want to live with my parents as an adult. Lastly, I'd rather take a more proactive approach to achieving freedom than languishing away at home.


Based, but in the end it's working all the same. Being a drug dealer is like running a small business, only you have to deal dangerous customers as a bonus. Learning how to hack/fraud/etc. would take the same if not more effort than learning how to code and getting a non-illegal tech job.

Does /leftypol/ have any ideas? How the fuck do we escape slavery?
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>THe only commune I found wanted to force me to work a given number of hours a week or they would ban me. This is worse than capitalism.

How? It seems a bit less alienated.


I really need some good money saving tips and stuff like this from other leftists. The less you consume, the more money you can save and not have to work. Obviously doesn't apply to all proles, only the better paid ones.

Here are fast and easy tips:
- AdBlock! Adverts work. They work on you, whether you know it or not..
- Buy fans if you live in hot places, try to minimize AC use.
- thrift shops. NOT vintage Stores. Especially good in the US.
- don't eat out.
- drugs can be very expensive. Alcohol for ex. Especially if you do the fancy cocktail shit.
- If you get invited to restaurants, order the cheapest shit, nothing, or a dessert. Don't drink at restaurants.
- red meat is very expensive. Pork fills you up more per cent than chicken.
- legumes are super easy to make and are a great base.
- cancel subscriptions you might not need.
- move to a smaller place that is cheaper.
- whatch out for impulsive buys. You probably don't need that shit. Try to buy used if you think you will actually use it.


It only one step above acutal slavery.


Just like wages that don't allow you to pay rent.


And this, my friend, is why I am not in this comune.

File: 1626628550885.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.18 KB, 640x526, just-start-your-own-bank-w….jpg)


/leftypol/ told me i should always support Nationalism outside the imperial core, but isn't it a simplistic view?
When is Nationalism good and when is it bad?
Why the iranian revolution based but the Afghan struggle against a foreign country not?
Why is it ok for Iran but not for Checenya?
Isn't the Yugolav balcanization also a struggle for self determination? How about the prague spring or the hungarian counter revolution?
Where do i draw the line?
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>nationalism is good when I like it and bad when I don't like it


File: 1626804272646.png (220.75 KB, 600x729, Yes.png)

>>nationalism is good when I like it and bad when I don't like it


well yeah right-wing nationalism is mostly about just being a pretentious try hard asshole to people and left-wing nationalism is defensive.


>this is your brain on post-modernism


Based and correct.

File: 1626784627045.jpg (97.53 KB, 1200x675, https___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnex….jpg)


Jeff Bezos is going to space just to show his power and shit.
ITT we pray so it's spaceship fucking explodes epic style and he fucking dies in an infernal fire.
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Van 'Mao was a liberal' Jones just got 100 million dollars.


This bitch.


He became a boogeyman for boomer tea party types back in the Obama years. He's as much a communist as Obama or BLM are.


i hope you're killed by falling rocket parts


>Reminder that #BLM defended the cuban revolution while AOC defended the counterrevolutionary CIA backed protests.

File: 1626761807430.png (224.64 KB, 1024x512, Untitled-design-15-1024x51….png)


Jobs get outsourced to the ones willing to do it for less and or when the current workers ask for higher wages
I think it goes likes West -> Asia -> Africa

So when even Africa is finished and they too start asking for higher wages, What happens? Jobs return everywhere? Porky gets tired moving places and finally gives in to africa? They do a little bombing in some region to bring them down and get lower wages again? Some currency fuckery?

Also why did the black skin bad! shit originate in the first place? Was it a way to demoralize africans to take their resources? I mean it's insane to just look at some dude who looks different than you and become antagonistic. I know it's a slow racist snow pile that took many centuries to become what it is but who was the first CEO of racist (against black people)
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For some, the answer will be yes. Nigerians for example out earn native Brits in England, as they do in the USA. In fact in Bongland, the English fare well below many immigrant groups in earnings. It will really depend on your level of education, which is likely tied in on some level with the country you're from. If you're from Nigeria, expect to fully replace the European in earnings. If you're from MENA, or Somalia, you still might replace them, but statistics say that's rarer.


Oh! Best of luck for them!


Every country that's very poorly developed makes lots of children because each of the litter have a very low chance of surviving, so they need to increase the odds

Developed countries have low birthrates

Bro, I'm indian
I'll be lucky if my country invests in water saving methods and I still get to have water in the next 50 years


>Ngo neetbux

False narrative

>The US-based Global Financial Integrity (GFI) and the Centre for Applied Research at the Norwegian School of Economics recently published some fascinating data. They tallied up all of the financial resources that get transferred between rich countries and poor countries each year: not just aid, foreign investment and trade flows (as previous studies have done) but also non-financial transfers such as debt cancellation, unrequited transfers like workers’ remittances, and unrecorded capital flight (more of this later). As far as I am aware, it is the most comprehensive assessment of resource transfers ever undertaken.

>What they discovered is that the flow of money from rich countries to poor countries pales in comparison to the flow that runs in

>What this means is that the usual development narrative has it backwards. Aid is effectively flowing in reverse. Rich countries aren’t developing poor countries; poor countries are developing rich ones.



File: 1626796312327.jpeg (7.76 KB, 194x259, images.jpeg)

>when jobs get outsourced to africa
You dont know that much about that continent do you? Africa isnt india, africas growth is happening because africans are making things to sell to each other

File: 1626185835097.png (48.04 KB, 640x478, _113374327_global_fertilit….png)

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Why the hell are birthrates on the decline fucking everywhere? Even in africa the major causation of high birthrates is low access to contraceptives and abortion and even then their birthrates are on the general decline every year… it's not even like humanity hasn't had worse periods to have kids than now but seemingly enough no ones fucking and I'm worried about becoming a single father with 1 adopted son because of this retarded shit…
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Glow harder. There's stretches of what could be sustainably productive land that'll just dry up and blow away because there aren't enough people there to actively steward in a complex ecosystem based around domestication of food both plant and animal. There's been a mass migration to cities for even centuries now depending on where you're based and some of you now think there's no alternative to urban living and small or overcrowded spaces.
This is closer to the truth, I believe.


>all lives matter
Mods ban this racist bigot.


Okay patriot




File: 1626786303896.jpg (65.48 KB, 1200x596, 43b81a16fd5bc9265356996b7c….jpg)

plastics in the ocean and general environment leading to low testosterone/estrogen in men and women worldwide in addition to more genital defects/intersex people and other ill effects on reproductive health.

we're only 1-2 generations from "children of men" becoming reality

File: 1626721871920.jpg (177.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


There is a big redpill for you; none of the revolutions were popular and most of them were enforced to masses by a group of small people. That's includes most of those well-known revolutions too, where opressed masses uprise against opressors. At them, those revolutions only made by group of ""smart/bright people"" who tired by bastards; and they enforced their rule to the masses while masses despised them despite they made their conditions more better
I think a good examples are Ataturk and Lee Kuan Yew. At there in Turkey, reactionaries always use the argument that Ataturk was a dictator and didn't care about what masses think; but it's a good thing because if he wasn't a dictator and did what masses want ,Turkey would have no difference from any MidEast country. He had give many good things for masses, including "first right to vote for woman in world" but there was still many mass-reactionary uprisings against his rule, which wanted "ottofag" back. Because of those reasons, we progressives in Turkey are "mostly" elitist and have a saying that "for the people despite the people". Even some anarchists knows the fact that all progress in humanity is made by small group of people and not by masses. Lee Kuan Yew is another example, he has a quote that "I am often accused of interfering in the private lives of citizens. Yes, if I did not, had I not done that, we wouldn’t be here today." and that's true. Singapore is a dictatorship today and that's why they are very good. People of Singapore does have best-healthcare, best-education, skyhigh home-ownership, very green city, best-security, one of the best countries for woman, very racially-diverse and hell, even the free-food;which is not even fucking Norway does have
Because of that, how you mostly care about making masses leftists is totally impossible and wrong. What you only need is Max ~%15~ of revolutionaries compared to society. What you should do is taking the power and enforcing communism to the masses. Yes, you should enforce socialism to the masses; even with violance
Don't care about their thoughts, revolution is more important than what masses think
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File: 1626776726412.jpg (364.63 KB, 1700x850, Dwarves-in-The-Hobbit.jpg)

>a group of small people




File: 1626779535029.png (123.24 KB, 315x400, collective FU.png)

You don't get it the masses make the revolution, those "authoritarian" socialist leaders didn't have any inherent power imbued to their person that they could use to enforce their personal will on history. Socialist leaders are not randian heros that manifest their will to power in a superhuman way. They did what the masses wanted more than other type of leaders, that's what made them so powerful.
The best explanation for how socialist political power works comes from Mao, and the mass-line.
Here is the condensed version in the style of an imperative instruction set.

Communists go to the masses and request the wisdom of the masses.
Communists transform the unorganized wisdom of the masses into organized materialist thought.
Communists return the organized materialist thought to the masses.
The masses offer criticism of the organized materialist thought.
Communists receive the criticism of the masses and make corrections to theory.
Back and forth discourse between communists and the masses creates the theoretical bases for praxis
Communists implement theory into limited trial praxis that informs a new rounds of corrections to theory.
Materialist theory is put into praxis at scale by the communists and the masses together.
The masses experience praxis and then the cycle restarts.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




>none of the revolutions were popular and most of them were enforced to masses by a group of small people
Yugoslavia. It was so popular anglos had to give up their plans on forcing monarchy back after WW2, they realized it's objectively impossible. It was also executed and even somewhat organized by common people, it went hand in hand with anti-occupation struggles. The combination of central planning and worker's self-management was a continuation of that.

But the party allowed wannabe porkies ("technocracy") to grow in the cracks between planning and self-management, they allowed their representatives to appear within the party ("liberals"), then they made half-assed concessions to all sides and the system turned from socialism to a crippled capitalist state, so called "market socialism". Why they did that? Because the officials just wanted to reproduce their own social position at any cost. Some of these same people then managed the "transition" and looted the collective wealth for themselves and foreigners, some of them now have their own "left-" or "right-wing" neolib parties.

If they instead crushed porkies in the bud like workers and marxists were telling them to, then the system could have been saved. The problem wasn't too little authoritarianism, it was severing of the connection between authorities and workers. Expanding self-management beyond just immediate stuff on the job, maybe even right up to the federal level, would have prevented porkies from forming inbetween. Yes to central planning, no to "enlightened authoritarianism vs. stupid workers" myth.

File: 1626748979386.png (152.53 KB, 536x614, 1626739963678.png)

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Over some tasty choco ice cream. Well /leftypol/ Who is in the wrong here?


Bottom text bottom text
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>the Military superiority of Israel
they had that in the past, but it has been degrading. The military power of neighboring countries could overrun Israeli conventional forces, they are only able to uphold strategical parity because of their nuclear bombs.
The Arab world is weaker than their numbers suggest, but that isn't because of incompetence, but rather because of the many political and religious divisions.

>noo we're just raising awareness
>Isn't that liberal tier "praxis"?
Yes BDS is somewhat liberal leaning, but they got banned in several countries, so it must have been effective at creating political pressure.


How is this hypocritical? It's only hypocritical if your focus is on "human rights". But if the focus is instead on crushing you opposition, while preserving those you have a political interest in, then there is nothing hypocritical occuring here. A support such a thing occuring to my enemies, and denounce it in terms of my allies. Using a strategy or weapon you would be fine with being used aganist your enemies, but languish being used against you, is perfectly consistent.


File: 1626790668250.png (40.87 KB, 680x425, b8-debait.png)

>few questions
>equiparing BDS with sanctions on moral, scope, and power


>or muh jew-arab border scuffle liberal "awareness-raising" or sanctioning or boycotting
Communists have consistently supported Palestine throughout the cold war era and beyond you faggot, this isn't something new and it isn't some kind of "liberal awareness raising". And there are literally communists fighting against Israel in Palestine as well.


>Now that ice cream men have refocused your attention on Israel, now would be a good time to remind all of you that the State of Israel keeps dossiers on all of us that have attended a BDS event, participated in an on-campus BDS student group, or donated to BDS movements.
We already know about this, and ice cream man didn't "refocus" our attention on Israel. The left has always consistently been against Israel, and have always made up the majority of opposition against it on the west.
We already know about this as well, and have had multiple threads about it in the past.
>Cue the crickets.
Kys faggot.

File: 1626665557893.jpg (286.43 KB, 1280x958, Danton_IMG_1335-IMG_1337.jpg)


>the founders of the US saw political parties as the ultimate evil to be avoided at all costs
>despite this, political parties had emerged before the Washington administration had ended
>meanwhile, for the entire duration of the first french republic, there were amorphous, free-flowing "factions" as in groups of people with shared values or political interests, but never centrally-administered, disciplined "parties" in the british or american sense
Why is this? Was there some material or procedural difference?
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Jill Stein, while she is unfortunately just a progressive liberal, is a staunch opponent of both neoliberalism and imperialism.


wtf, there's a kuomintang party in china?


It's China's ruling party from 1912 through 1949 and fled to Taiwan where they still remain today. Now better than their past they would like to reunify with the mainland.


The Kuomintang under Sun Yat-sen had allied with the Communist Party and had accepted material support from the USSR.

Then Sun died and a few years later Chiang Kai-shek infamously broke the KMT's alliance with the CPC, killing a whole bunch of communists in the process. The CPC tried to mobilize what they considered the KMT's "left-wing" under Wang Jingwei, but Wang ended up turning on the communists as well.

The Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang was founded in the 1940s. It allied with the CPC and argued that Chiang had betrayed what Sun Yat-sen had stood for, therefore members of the RCCK considered themselves the "true" heirs of Sun Yat-sen's party. That's the context of the RCCK existing today on the mainland.

Obviously the "official" Kuomintang remained under Chiang's control, and ended up reduced to holding onto Taiwan.

So there's two different parties: the RCCK which is part of the United Front framework led by the CPC, and the KMT on Taiwan.

This wasn't even the only country where something like this happened. In Germany the Christian Democratic Union ended up split into two parts: one in West Germany where it obviously became a major political party, and the other in East Germany where it was a junior partner of the ruling SED. Outside of identifying with Christianity, the West German and East German CDUs had little in common.


speaking of which, how is old howie doing post 2020 elections and have the greens made any reforms to their party org? Even with Howie getting the nomination I don't think the Green liberal and socialist camps have reconciled yet.

File: 1614595272010-0.png (644.01 KB, 640x480, 16077169419050.png)

File: 1614595272010-1.webm (55.58 MB, 1920x1080, Russian Civil War.webm)

File: 1614595272010-2.jpg (352.34 KB, 1494x1126, 16145307815630.jpg)

File: 1614595272010-3.webm (15.97 MB, 640x360, Yablochko.webm)

File: 1614595272010-4.jpg (306.19 KB, 1024x874, Basmachi.jpg)

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A million sides, constant changes of allies, a bunch of events - sort of the First World War in the South, in the Crimea and in the Urals, the latest fleet operations against the Germans and the Entente in the Baltic, literally Syria in the Ukraine, the Red Army attacking British tanks with bayonets near Arkhangelsk, the Wild West with Basmachi in Central Asia, Latin American partisanship in Siberia, White Genghis Khan is plotting something, White Czechs are fleeing from the Red Czechs with tsarist gold, finally the fight against anti-Soviet uprisings and simply hellish gang violence.

Red, White, Green, Black, Basmachi
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Because I'm a ML too, I know of kulaks and reactionary meddling, I don't need to be convinced. I was wanting you to put it in a way a apolitical person could accept and understand. Kek the kulaks deserved it while fun to meme about isn't exactly good praxis. Maybe I'm spooked idk.


File: 1626523831553.jpg (192.27 KB, 1020x662, riga1919.jpg)

Celebrations for May Day in the Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic, 1919.


Maybe if you explained what the kulaks actually were as a class, and how they developed


File: 1626738513502.png (1.31 MB, 1300x1008, 4567890-9.png)

Bolsheviks burn a burqa on a square in Andijan, Uzbek SSR, on March 8, 1927


File: 1626765532931.jpg (279.06 KB, 1280x910, Петрозаводск. Ок. 1924 г. ….jpg)

Cavalrymen of the Red Army of the civil war. Petrozavodsk. 1924

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