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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1617894107120.jpg (539.3 KB, 1161x809, Nazi party funded by Zioni….jpg)


Hitler and the Nazi party were funded by Zionist bankers, according to Heinrich Brüning, who was a conservative christian Chancellor of the German Reich in the 1930's.
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Just saw it randomly on my feed the other day. Not from here but we should steal the idea.


kek, this is great.


File: 1617965725118.jpg (179.18 KB, 1429x580, 9743658324602537.jpg)

Could work, /pol/ tards actually agree with the literal Frankfurt school when you put Reactionnaries's pictures on Adorno quotes.




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File: 1617230645822.jpg (116.02 KB, 850x394, ddd.jpg)

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According to this article of the World Economic Forum, the ultimate goal of the Great Reset is to overcome the current capitalist system, into a new type of capitalism: Stakeholder Capitalism, which is the fusion of Socialism and Capitalism!
>1. Capitalism and socialism will need to merge
>Firstly, the slow death of capitalism does not equate to a resurgence of communism. However, rethinking capitalism, or giving capitalism a “Great Reset” as World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab has suggested, means that capitalism and socialism will need to merge to create a productive and inclusive economic and social model.

Are we heading towards a third-positionist future? Global Corporatism? Does it matter, if the cat is black or white?
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File: 1617308222363.gif (824.8 KB, 400x352, wtf.gif)



You are pants on head retarded if you think porky would ever concede near as much as you are capable of taking through force


>Define socialism
In crudest sense, worker control of production. Not control of the workplace, but the actual production quotas. Mondragon is a meme. They are still controlled 100% by the market and its signals. True socialism can only come from a fully planed economy where people have a direct say over the contents of the plan. Such a planned economy that also has no unions or workplace rights is still more socialist than the liberal fever dream of "Let's have all companies be coops". A coop is just as much socially destructive as a corp, because both of them are one and the same, except in the first one all workers are a collective proky, instead of a singular one.




retarded shit by people with no idea how the world operate

>the great reset is a real bourgeois ideology
like fukuyama end of history, doesnt mean it makes sense or that all porkies are in agreement over this

File: 1617953212544.jpeg (66.91 KB, 515x494, ECF4454B-F728-4D39-A833-F….jpeg)


I’m an unironic divinialist-extraphysicist-quantumist-soulist…

The first step is the abolition of the physical laws, then the second is the full access to the quantum potential of everything for possibility the freedom of the matter, like with the techno-quantum purity and the quantum matter purity, the third one is the abolition of matter itself, where all matter become extramatter or better saying, materialized spiritual energy that can become non-materialized at will, and the last step is becoming full divine, in other words, having the full access to its divine potential and being able to control everything, such as the whole existence this one are.

Long live the soul… Death to hierarchy!
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Tier 0 is based, Tier -1 and Tiers 2-7 both suck in their own ways.


What about Tier 1?


Actualoly nvm, after reading it again, I'd say Tier 2 is most accurate, Tier 1 is second most accurate, Tier 0 is 3rd most accurate, and the rest are complete garbage.


>>160555 (me)
Self cheka'd and I also think 3-7 are controlled opposition to make 1 and 2 (the truth) look bad and to get people to believe in -1 and 0.


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File: 1617942693082.jpg (191.24 KB, 1488x1488, 1617936867267.jpg)


what do you make of it?
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File: 1617951892771.mp4 (15.85 MB, 640x480, wandering_earth.mp4)

It's interesting that Infrared had Fan Wennan, the "people's punk" graphic designer from China on months ago:


Because it kinda reminded me of Wandering Earth which I think deliberately tries to put forward a positive and moral value system for young people combined with a futuristic vision. The working class rules the world now, and it's a classless society – there are no indications that there are class distinctions between people. It's like: people working together, and working hard but the work is meaningful and they cooperate. Plus: epic / awesome stuff. I like that vision in socialism.

Heroes come from the people. These right-wing memes love their leaders and strongman figures with traditional symbols of authority / command, but I think that comes from a bad value system.


File: 1617951948438.png (69.81 KB, 700x308, EyQjC0xW8AMQv5O.png)



<the only time he caught a Rothschild he let him go for some shekels
>any communist worth their salt
<burn capitalist factories for fun


It was a ‘China saves the day’ and much family story. Like that monologue about New Years Eve was peak cringe.


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File: 1617725935317.jpg (14.43 KB, 236x295, 21f567e069895efb9b0e2a7fe8….jpg)


Having looked up the housing prices of a lot of rural southern places in the states, as well as the shifting social attitudes of many hipster types. It seems as if social conservatism is going to be the new hipster tendency, as the richer types move away from the cities, turning them into ghettos while essentially mimicking the good ol' southern attitudes as a way to differentiate themselves from the woke folk that they were in the 10's. We will see a revival of performative unwokeness and insincere Christianity in the 2020's. If you check out stupidpol and redscarepod you will already see the realignment happening, let alone the non-nominamlly leftist places on that hellsite.
And 4chan…that place seems to be entirely filled with suburban/rural white types that still haven't abandoned nor will they abandon the boomer /pol/ type of "rebellion"
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</r/ModeratePolitics mods ban all discussion on gender identity, the transgender experience, and surrounding laws, due to the realization that any form of contrarian thought on these topics violates Reddit's Anti-Evil Operations" team's rules on permissible speech.
Can anyone say BASED?


File: 1617937753851-0.jpg (216.61 KB, 1600x900, Putin-Trump-kiss.jpg)

File: 1617937753851-1.jpg (59.98 KB, 750x563, trump-lead.jpg)

Reminder that liberals project what they find contemptible and threatening about homosexuality – the sexuality – onto the "fascist" (in their mind). The standard bearers of liberal values have gone straight back to the 1950s, and that "commie" Putin is a faggot!


I think this is more a parody of the "socialist fraternal kiss", parodying it because they're still stuck in 1988 cold war mentality. It's redbaiting not homophobia


>It's redbaiting not homophobia
Those two things were always intertwined.


File: 1617946645957.png (448.81 KB, 600x899, 2021.png)

late but

File: 1617903857935.png (916.2 KB, 1100x750, ClipboardImage.png)


Since 1945, the US strategy during has been to exploit the ethnic and cultural divides of its rivals, balkanizing them into smaller states which then by necessity need to form alliances/dependencies with larger states like the US.

>British Empire

> Proposed “Federated” ethnically cleansed Syria
>China, via Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This is the reason the US will never leave Afghanistan.

This has worked amazingly well because the US’s enemies are always empires in the Old World, which are composed of multiple ethnicities divided along strong regional lines. The USSR inherited the Russian Empire, which included lots of places that resented Russia and who had centuries of their own separate culture, language, and culture.

The US empire is the strongest in world history because it is a settler colonial state. The entire native population was wiped out, replaced with an ethnically, linguistically, and culturally homogenous blob with few regional fault-lines. Yes, I know the Civil War happened. But even within the ethnic divisions in the US, there is a shared 'culture' and identity of sorts unlike any other empire in history.

If the US empire is ever to be broken, the only way to do this would be balkanization. A socialist revolution is basically a pipe dream in the US, so the best we could hope for is a few smaller nationalist secessionist movements to trigger a wave of separatism. Regional differences, while minor, do still exist and could form the basis for a lot of smaller states. Rightoids could get some kind of American Christian Nation, Texas could get its own nation, Cascadia, the Northeast, etc.
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>With how adamant whiteoids are about knowing what's best for minorities I start falling for Sakaiism
If you don't like my idea, then what better idea do you propose?


>Not wanting to go through with what would most likely be the greatest crime against humanity in all of history makes you a reactionary
Go glow somewhere else


cracker c for chauvinist


Idealistic, most first nations dont exist anymore



File: 1617912583363.jpg (10.85 KB, 280x340, garrison.jpg)

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Why is it their go-to boogeyman/retort to all dissenting opinion? Hell, why do liberals care so much about them? I don't think I have ever seen one in real life.
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File: 1617946010647.jpg (29.7 KB, 820x565, totally not a fetish guys.jpg)

They're terminally online, and there are also a bunch of terminally online troons right alongside them.

Actual gender dysphoria is a fairly rare condition, but there's nothing stopping perverted weirdos on the internet from claiming to be "trans" because they rolled female characters in a fucking video game and the idea of being an anime girl makes their peepee hard. So if you're a right-winger who's always online with weird theories about soybeans and trans conspiracies, you don't need to go far to have your theories "confirmed".


ever thought about trusting your own capacity to reason you fucking moron ?


>You understand that this falls apart as well when you remove woman from the context of solely being the ones responsible for child rearing, right?
No it doesn't. The assignment of gender roles in early patriarchal societies arose from physiological differences not just from pregnancy and but also menstruation. I don't think these gender roles make sense today in the industrialized world either and that's why i'm for gender abolition. The transgenderist ideology in support of essentialist mental gender is counterrevolutionary in view of gender abolition and that's why I oppose it. People should be as gender nonconforming as they choose without the need to affirm the patriarchal gender binary.
>Federicii Uses labour in a non-marxist context.
Yeah reproductive labor is not productive labor. I'm not feminist or a Federici acolyte but she helped to illustrate the biological foundations of patriarchy.
>whitewashing forced medical gender-reassignments on homosexuals on penalty of death
>Neither Iran nor Thailand are Western countries.
they are patriarchal countries and obviously affirming transgenderism is more compatible with obtuse patriarchal traditions than decriminalizing gender nonconformity.


File: 1618370505705.png (388.69 KB, 592x1566, husbando fixed.png)

I just gotta post this one
This is the one I'd love to fuckkkkkkkkkk


Let's be fair, half of 4channers end up becoming tranners after a while…

File: 1617916352647.png (545 KB, 1988x1599, Comrade Akko (3) edited.png)


Kannur DC calls all party meeting to end violence over murder of IUML worker
Kannur district Collector TV Subhash has called an all-party meeting on Thursday at 11 am after violence broke out in the district following the killing of an Indian Union Muslim League Worker (IUML) allegedly by Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI(M) activists.

Donbass Escalation Would Be ‘Beginning of the End’ for Ukraine – Putin Aide
The outbreak of major hostilities in eastern Ukraine would mark “the beginning of the end” for Kiev, a top Kremlin official warned Thursday as alarm continues to grow over troop buildup in the region.“I support the assessments that also exist inside Ukraine that the beginning of hostilities is the beginning of the end of Ukraine,” President Vladimir Putin’s deputy chief of staff Dmitry Kozak said.

EU and UK pledge backing to Ukraine after Russian military buildup
The European Union and UK have pledged “unwavering” support for Ukraine’s government amid concerns of a military escalation in the east of the country or a possible new offensive against the Nato ally after recent Russian troop movements.

French military tests the robotic dog Spot in combat drill, Boston Dynamics tells media it had no idea
The pictures of the drill were shared earlier this week on Twitter by France’s foremost military school, the École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr in the country’s northwest. The tweet said the drill tested sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1617920428488.gif (2.21 MB, 480x270, Under-the-Bus.gif)

News reading today at 7pm EDT or 23 UTC
Chauvin trial wasn't very busy today but he keeps getting bussed.
Two big medical witnesses explaining how his death was definitely from the knee and not drugs.


>military tests the robotic dog
>its battery died “in the middle of an assault”.
>robotization of the battlefield.
In the future the military will draft all the battery packs from EVs and electronic gadgets.


Live now, covering the Kannur story.


What a Hell of a Way to Die podcast is queued up because we can do that with cytube


I love francis and nate.

File: 1616588909659.jpeg (547.19 KB, 2048x1368, vigil.jpeg)

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What causes mass shootings? Specifically in America, the world epicenter for it, and not ideologically motivated violence such as terrorism. The reason the media pushes–guns–always struck me as a half truth. The correlation is undeniable, the more guns you have around predictably the more they will be used. But a gun does not alone cause someone to want to murder innocent strangers. What about America's brutal society puts these people over the edge?

There seems to be an intersection of causes, psychological, cultural, and sociological, that are enabled by the availability of guns. The breakdown of a sense of national community, a culture which disposes of young men and leaves them in isolation, inattentiveness to warning signs.

However, a more detailed answer eludes me and blaming guns seems to be too politically convenient, like its attempting to coverup the societal decay which leads to troubled young men engaging in hyperviolence.
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This ^

A great example of this would be the UK, which people's guns got completely confiscated. But now, there is a knife-stabbing epidemic, where some braindead politicians seek to regulate regular kitchen knifes for registration and such.


You are correct and wrong (Big brain centrist moment)
Capital hill "rioters" were just retarded boomers with brain prions from McDonalds getting entrapment oped by the FBI basically and there was never any threat of US liberal-democracy being interfered with by them.

At the same time there are legit schizo's in like the worst redneck flag fucker parts of the south and like Idaho and Oregon/Washington who want to start the fucking race war and kill every minority on earth or something and are actually dangerous schizos


<Idiot for not realising this thread is already over 173 replies long

This ^ based take


Let's look at that "great example", the UK.
Compare and contrast the length of the list of massacres in the UK back to 61AD:

With the length of the list of mass shootings in America just last year:

Even when you exclude the incompetents who didn't actually kill anyone, you still wind up with more fatal mass shootings in America in one year than Britain has had massacres in the past 2000.


This one is in Bryan, TX near a school.

1 person dead, 4 hurt. A cop got hit.

File: 1617914534386.png (1.55 MB, 1760x1167, Everything you think you k….png)


In this talk: Libs discovering materialism

I start to think socialism is indeed an inevitable step of progress.
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you're not alone


Nope. Ever since high school I've been wary of TED type of talks. I hate that shit so much.


TED is basically a cult. They have extremely rigid standards for how you speak and the requirements of what other speeches you have to attend to go to their events.


You've watched TED talks in high school?


also Mutual Aid

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