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if you ever wondered what the modern Weatherman/leftist Western revolutionary looks like, you have well-documented examples of foreign volunteers in Iraq and Syria. So I'm not going to pretend I was there, most of my information is from some documentaries and one autobiographical comic of a guy who volunteered. The actual soldiers, doctors, and engineers from Western countries were highly sought after. The doctors and engineers more so, and the real soldiers were used as instructors and occasionally worked with local units, but these guys were not the majority going,
So first off, the YPG was a Kurdish ethnic militia and it did not accept foreigners (which bummed out a lot of these guys). They had to join the SDF; in most cases, they did not have any skilled labor or military ability, so they were made to do grunt work in the liberated cities. They were also encouraged to post on social media to bring international attention. They felt like they were adding to the war effort and helping to kill fascists and the Kurds would gain some credibility. Despite that, there were culture clashes, this was still a Middle Eastern nation and these guys just could not read the room. Like organising a drag-show, They actually dissolved their international brigades because there were too many of these retards coming that didn't even want to do physical labor.

This is a documentary about a group of British and American soldiers who were actually fighting. They are respected, working with local forces and training with them on the ground.
The one is a podcast about the 'anarchists' in Rojava. most of it was just willful denial on their part.
The is the comic I mentioned.by a volunteer who was made to do grunt work.


File: 1716328209712.gif (3.35 MB, 800x639, burger flip.gif)

They also make for funny gifs


Why did you make this thread about Foreign Fighters in Syria again?
Learn to use the catalog, retard.


> so they were made to do grunt work in the liberated cities.
The three people I know well who went to fight: Two fought in Raqqa, building-to-building urban fighitng. One died fighting turks during Olive Branch. So i do not know what you mean by either 'grunt work' as they were fighting or combat-medicing or whatever, nor 'made' considering they CHOSE to go and volenteer, it's what they signed up for.

TBH brother it sounds like you're angry at international volenteers and seething. Did you get in an argument or fall out with a volunteer at a meeting or something?


The hell are you talking about, the YPG had an academy to teach people coming how to fight and foreigners did fight under this organization, under YPG international. The YPG is the main member of the SDF which is a coalition so yeah of course they joined the SDF. The culture clashes were mostly internal to Syria because, breaking news, most people over there have a very traditional upbringing in contrast to the progressiveness of orgs like the YPG which aims to emancipate women among other things.
Maybe do your homework before spitting on people sacrificing their lives to fight fascism.


File: 1716416885449.png (1009.04 KB, 745x494, ClipboardImage.png)

Foreigners joining the peshmerga while it happened, was extremely rare, most foreigners joined the YPG associated group. The issue with the YPG was that they would rather have tea than to fight isis while isis was just in another village a mile away. The death of westerners was taken rather hard by the YPG. Very few units were formed with just westerners. One exception was Martyr Bagok unit. Most of which were veterans of western militaries. Hardly social media larpers. Shit, that unit could not even take photos. The other formed with macer gifford turned into a shitshow when the larpers started using all the morphine as recreational drugs.

File: 1716389244176.jpg (59.16 KB, 500x350, feminism.jpg)


This is a thread for general discussion about women's rights in Communist countries.
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File: 1716407738083.png (96.58 KB, 250x366, ClipboardImage.png)

The incels can have their threads, the schizos and coomers theirs, even self-professed /pol/acks can start threads. But god forbid that the women have even one.

Self-defeating site desu


File: 1716407880739.png (426.69 KB, 680x501, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1716494456772.png (63.6 KB, 605x400, bourgeois_women.png)


I don't think I've ever seen a feminist or lgbt advocate that used marxist language to advocate for their rights. It's always liberal, even in this thread it's liberal. I think it's the rabid identarianism they devolve into.

That said, I don't disagree that they should have the same rights as everyone. They just don't inherently seem to be allies. Like the TERFs that go to nazi rallies or radlib lgbt advocates who are okay with capitalist exploitation they just want people calling them Xum/Xey and use dismissive language like labeling people as "cis" as a reason to shut them up.


What about TERFs then?

File: 1716012240763.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.11 MB, 360x360, aaron_bushnell.webm)

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ya'll motherfuckers say "it's too early for PPW, think about the optics!" well I say 'really' because I don't see any other groups out there engaging in confrontation with the forces of my county.
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Explain to us how PPW is going to be a tactic than can be applied by anyone not living in Yemen or Palestine ATM. Lets go with some variety of examples: Argentina, Germany, South Africa, India.

Hard mode: Don't repeat the line "lazy westoids wants xyz group to do all the work", that is actually what you seem to be advocating, a lazy fucks position of cheering on third world revolutions on the edges, talking themselves into inaction because "nothing can be done where I live", hoping the third world proletariat saves you. Wake up. China, Vietnam, Laos, aren't going to save you, or any of us. So explain how your beloved PPW is going to save people living in those countries I listed if you claim its a universal strategy.


Beneficial to who?
The fascist modi government who wages war against maoists?
Or the fascist filipnes government who wages war against maoists?


Your frustration seem to hinge on the unfounded misinterpretation that I ever advocated for the universality of PPW, which is especially confusing considering I only ever spoke of India or Philippines, neither of which have overcome semi-feudal neo-colonial status.
We are speaking in English on a largely English-speaking communist imageboard and so your example countries are not relevant.
>Wake up. China, Vietnam, Laos, aren't going to save you
Never said this and never believed this.

Also look at the OP again. They never claimed that PPW was universal either, and
> I don't see any other groups out there engaging in confrontation with the forces of my county.
is open to interpretation - it just says MLMs are on the forefront in their country.


To the communist movements there obviously. Is no anon able to argue without attacking strawmans here anymore?


>We are speaking in English on a largely English-speaking communist imageboard and so your example countries are not relevant.
What the fuck are you talking about, you dumb yank? Do you think anyone who speaks english only live in the english sphere or something? Answer the fucking question and stop backtracking. The entire thread is about how PPW isnt being waged in countries like the USA despite it being supporsedly the god given tactict that has a bazillion percent succesrate.

Maybe make more substantiated statements than "move to <non communist poorish country>". Explain how a high education is going to benefit the maoists in India and the Philipines or how its going to benefit the MLs in india. Because it just sounds like BRICS developmentalist nationalism otherwise.

File: 1715966400867.gif (296.43 KB, 1254x706, IMG_7134.gif)

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It’s wild how the Imperial Core has to scramble hard to eradicate TikTok for basically being impossible for the glowies to control
You’ve got:
>America trying to ban TT because Zoomers would rather side with Palestine and socialism and tell celebs to kick rocks over the military’s attempts to shill propaganda
>UK glowies just following their American masters
>Froggies banning the app because people in their neo-colony in New Caledonia rising up against them
>India banning because idk muh China
It seems like tech porkies in Singapore accidentally made an app that allows for proles to rapidly communicate and popularize radical ideas, campaign for mass movements, coordinate boycotts and protests, it really is something, like yet another mOdErN pRiNtinG pReSs

Even Prolekult (god tier marxist filmmaker) uses TikTok

Something something something for length
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Russia stronk, gonna gas all the hohols and rape all the women and babies and farm animals, ha ha ha, you weak Western faggots can't stop us



All of the above


I think the winning formula is basically that algorithms place you in a totally unique 'community', which overlaps with other people's unique communities (like real life), and this makes it so that information can travel very quickly all around. It's anti-silo.

The downside is that there's too much content and you end up doing lots of sifting to find good stuff (or some days its a jackpot every time! engagement-maximizing algos are the worst), and that means creators need to implement strategies to get engagement quickly in the first second or so so that people don't scroll away. This biases for attractive people showing their face and telling you something you probably already agree with. This isn't good for anonymously (aka safely) propagandizing and educating people in depth. They're not there for brain-hurty, they're there for brain-relaxing.


video hosting is best when centralized, since you ideally want the videos to be available all the time, and also they take up lots of space that would either bloat clients a huge amount or make there a de facto situation of centralization via power users who host large amounts of videos, just not absolute centralization. At that point, why not just a web 'community' of socialist video hosting servers (and I only say community because the idea of decentralization is good for resilience and diversity of opinion when it comes to niche/ideological hosting) and a shared client. Like just cut out the middle man and obfuscating attempts and accept that most people have 0 interest in putting any resources into hosting video, so it's only going to be up to, A) datamining companies, B) datamining governments, C) grifters and wealthy/techy rejects banned from other social media, D) hosting for illegal video, E) committed political interests that don't have access to mainstream channels of communication or believe they need their own independent infrastructure - i.e. mostly socialists. There's no reason at all to work with these other groups, so federation might as well be just by and for revolutionary projects. Like I guess if you made a client and defined a protocol for servers to interface, it would be open to anyone, but no reason to cater to all of those relatively reactionary or just odious groups.

I think tiktok is what it is though because it's so mainstream (and fast, and equipped with capital-intensive AI, and with many filters, AI tools, etc. which are both very capital-invested and also apparently easy for tech savvy people to create for themselves, making for a fun multi-class playground - all for free to the end user, who is the product)


>9eyes: wtf tiktok is murdering our narratives
>Australian PM: We may ban under 16s from using social media

File: 1716182502819.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 168.87 KB, 1125x1523, image0.jpeg)


Obviously theres a-lot of Nazbols left but the post i made ONLY has likes from South American’s that ofc love leftism but are racist, also it only seemed Marxists hated my posts but no far-rights did, I’ve been planning on slowly making a thread with a interview with a writer for the Nazbol official newspaper and I’ve gotten a feel for the movement but I'm wondering why so many people (mostly leftists) don't think its a real ideology, and frankly the Nazbols mostly work alongside the communist party of Russia hand in hand, so I don't see the problem until the socialist revolution is won, including why at least the Russian aspect are barely on social media other than telegram.

Im also wondering who saw this post, just to know what audience I'm hitting with the algorithm.
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File: 1716324800626.jpg (31.7 KB, 474x616, Killinger.jpg)

See the thing is trying to take "National Bolshevism" out of it's, well, national context. Trying to import it to America is silly (and isn't that neonazi tub of lard behind the Traditionalist Workers Party trying to do just that?) because "National Bolshevism" refers specifically to a Russian context. That aside, there's been quite a few iterations of "National Bolshevism" already. You had Germans looking at the Russian Revolution and trying to theorize "National Bolshevism". You had Russian Whites trying to rally to the USSR out of a sense of patriotism try to theorize "National Bolshevism". You had the leader of the Russian Fascist Party later claim he was reformed and saw Stalin as the leader of a kind of "National Bolshevism" (he was later executed and arrested by Stalin). And you have Limonov's "National Bolshevism".

Honestly I think the reason we see a resurgence in the phrase is just because "National Socialism" was taken and ruined by the Nazis.

Theoretically it seems mostly underdeveloped in the west and the term itself has been used pretty abstractly. You'll need to define what you mean by "Nationalism" and "Bolshevism" to even begin to be taken seriously. And the thing is most people just throw around the term "Nationalism" to mean "Conservatism" or "Racism" because all they really want to do is ape right-wing mannerisms while still advocating for, I dunno, universal healthcare or something. I mean, does anyone except the extremely online think most Americans talk like some Nick Fuentes groyper? The fact is most people are just trying to get by. Appealing to some "National Volk" or "Imperial Glory" is as alien to normal people as, I dunno, Transexual Cherokee Drumcircles or whatever. Shit you'd be more likely to see a kind of integralism actually succeed here than National Bolshevism or Nazism or whatever.

Seriously, at least the Fascists would sometimes change their party names, adopt new symbols, or focus on different aspects of society. Can we all just take a moment to stop pretending we live in any other place and time than the one we live in? No more LARPing as NazBols or Nazis or the Red Army or whatever.


Nazbol isn't real it's just DNC operatives I mean "anarchists" who complain about anyone making actual victories by assigning them "nazbol" or "patsoc" or some other very obviously coded McCarthy-isms.
>you like some of Stalin's policies which helped him win WWII and defeat fascists? NAZBOL


Name the victories nazbols have ever made lol. I don't really like Stalin but he wasn't a nazbol


Why do you guys use this flag


File: 1716347466296.jpg (18.06 KB, 376x359, golden.jpg)

>frankly the Nazbols mostly work alongside the communist party of Russia hand in hand
Who would have thought crypto fascists would work hand in hand with social fascists?

File: 1716341512846.jpg (49.14 KB, 855x495, saint-max.jpg)


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Udrub udrub tel Aviv indeed


goddamn I had forgotten how hard this goes and how every lyric is spitting facts


Good thread, better still be here when I get to my computer.

Daily reminder that fun is allowed on /leftypol/, 150 limit was a mistake.


File: 1716333005395.jpg (91.19 KB, 625x1000, Cqz-hj6VUAAy3_p.jpg)


Two ISIS leaders captured in Raqqa and Qamishlo
The Military Operations Teams (MOT) of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have conducted two precise security operations that resulted in capturing two ISIS leaders in the cities of Qamishlo and Raqqa. One of the captured terrorists was involved in planning the VBIED attack in Al-Shuhail town on May 10th.

Israeli minister orders return of equipment seized from AP news agency
Israeli officials had on Tuesday confiscated the items from the US news organisation and accused it of violating a new media law by providing images to the Qatari-owned media network Al Jazeera.

New Caledonia riots: Tourists evacuated, French President Macron to visit
French President Emmanuel Macron will travel to the Pacific island of New Caledonia late on Tuesday, his office said, just over a week after riots erupted in the French overseas territory, killing six.

Delhi orders schools to close early for holidays as temperatures hit 47.4C
India’s weather bureau has warned of “severe heatwave conditions” this week, reaching a peak of 47.4C in Delhi’s Najafgarh suburb on Monday – the hottest temperature countrywide. Authorities in other states – including Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan – have also ordered schools to close, India Today reported.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Police break up pro-Palestinian camp at the University of Michigan
Police broke up a pro-Palestinian encampment on Tuesday at the University of Michigan, less than a week after demonstrators showed up at the home of a school official and placed fake body bags on her lawn.

Pro-Palestinian encampment at The New School comes down in deal with admin
The investment committee of the downtown Manhattan school’s Board of Trustees will vote on or before June 14 and publicly announce the results and rationale for their decision, according to an announcement to students and faculty. The vote will become binding after full approval of the board.

Blinken called "war criminal" by protesters during hearing
A small group of protesters stood up when Blinken entered the room. The protesters had what appeared to be red paint on their hands. "The blood of 40,000 Palestinians is on his hands," they shouted.

Delaware lawmakers OK bill enabling board of political appointees to oversee hospital budgets
The bill, modeled on a similar program in Vermont, establishes the Diamond State Hospital Cost Review Board, a board of health care “experts” appointed by the governor. Hospitals would be required to submit detailed annual budgets to the panel, which would be charged with ensuring that hospitals align their price increases with annual health care cost growth benchmarks set by the state.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Russia’s Offensive in Ukraine May Be a Turning Point in the War
The reactionary Russia-Ukraine/NATO war has entered a new phase. In recent months, it had ceased to be at the center of the news, largely overshadowed by Israel’s siege and genocide in Gaza and the first direct confrontation between the Zionist state and Iran. But on May 10, Russia made a major breakthrough, which, incredibly, no one on the Ukrainian side saw coming. Russia’s move is the most significant since the initial invasion in February 2022, and it may be a turning point in the dynamics of the conflict. On the night of May 10, some 30,000 Russian troops and 400 tanks crossed the border and entered the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine, supported by air strikes with so-called glide bombs (FAB-1500). Converted from old Soviet-era guided bombs, these have proved an effective and inexpensive tactical weapon to decimate the positions and morale of the Ukrainian side. In its advance, the Russian army broke the Ukrainian defense lines with almost no resistance and took about 12 small cities, among them Vovchansk. This forced the massive evacuation of civilians at a scale not seen since the beginning of the war.

Stop the political frame-up of Ukrainian socialist Bogdan Syrotiuk=
On April 25, 2024, Bogdan Syrotiuk, the 25-year-old leader of the Young Guard of Bolshevik-Leninists (the YGBL), a socialist-Trotskyist organization active in Ukraine, Russia and throughout the former USSR, was arrested by the notorious state security service of the fascistic Zelensky regime, the SBU. Bogdan is being held in atrocious conditions in a high security prison in the city of Nikolaev (Mykolaiv), which is located in southern Ukraine. The International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), the world Trotskyist movement with which the YGBL is politically affiliated, has finally obtained the actual documents in which the SBU presents its charges against Bogdan Syrotiuk. These documents, which form the basis of his detention, make absolutely clear that Bogdan is the victim of a monstrous state frame-up. The allegations concocted by the SBU are a crude combination of lies, obvious fabrications, and political absurdities.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1716333545403.jpg (610.95 KB, 1920x1000, 20 bitcoin a ride.jpg)


>Free market capitalism is good because it gives people what they work for instead of handing things out for free. You don't deserve things just for existing, you should have to work for them.
<But capitalism distributes tons of money to people who don't work for it. A landlord doesn't work for his rent, he's just entitled to it by law because he owns land. Shareholders receive passive income from capital even though they didn't do anything to earn it. If you think people should only be paid according to their work then you should oppose rent and capital income.
>Sure, landlords and shareholders don't work for their money, but tenants voluntarily agreed to give it to them. Free market capitalism is good because it's voluntary. Buyers and sellers both consent to trade, and they both benefit.
<But free market capitalism is hardly voluntary for the poor. If there's no social safety net, they have no choice but to work and to pay rent, because the alternative is going broke and homeless. It's not a free choice if they're not provided with alternatives, anymore than it's free to choose between giving your money to a robber or getting shot.
>Sure, free market capitalism may not be voluntary, but getting threatened with poverty is not the same is getting threatened with physical violence. There's a distinction between active aggression and omission of aid. Free market capitalism is good because it doesn't involve aggression. You can do whatever you want and the government won't commit violence against you.
<But capitalism has lots of aggression! If I walk into an empty apartment and start living there, the landlord can evict me because he has property rights over the building, and the government will enforce his rights by using violence against me. My freedom is restricted by government force. Isn't that the textbook definition of aggression?
>Sure, free market capitalism may use aggression, but if the government didn't enforce property rights, there would be no incentive to produce new housing, since it wouldn't be profitable, and then we'd all be homeless. It's okay for the government to commit aggression if it's for the greater good of everyone. Free market capitalism is good because it provides the greatest good for alPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>How the fuck do intelligent people believe in libertarianism?
They don't.
<Calling right-libertarians 'libertarian' in conversation.
Also you're a cringe faggot.


>How the fuck do intelligent people believe in libertarianism?
because they want to justify their class position and everything else is a retcon. You may as well ask why medieval aristocrats who spent their youths being tutored on plato and aristotle and scholastic philosophy could possibly believe in a theory as intellectually bankrupt as the divine right of kings. The reason is, they believed it, because it benefitted them personally and people have a remarkable ability to rationalize that things that benefit them are actually good for society in general and true. see: >>1861971


because libertarians have a lot of fun (to a certain kind of person) models for why they're right and smart people prefer intellectual masturbation to empirical understanding.
moreover, smart people often don't want to be told what to do and libertarianism holds out the offer of this. (with, of course, the backhanded element that your boss, who is dumber, can and will tell you what to do - but you agreed to this in a voluntary contract, so more fool you…) alongside the offer of disproportionate reward for their position: they are smart, their talents go unrecognized because they're held back by stupid-ordinary people, if only libertarianism were implemented they could live like a king and the rabble will get only what they deserve…

it varies case by case, but you likely won't get good analysis here. in my case, i am lazy and offer only a quick summary before getting bored. many others will have gotten bored the moment your text turned green and as such will give bad non-answers like >>1862110


Did you know that some libertarians like murray rothbard or hans hermann hoppe believe in the classical "homestead principle" which adam smith venerates? The theory is that uncultivated land requires rents to allow for its upkeep, and so if you have people who claim ownership of this land by productive appropriation then they get to keep it. So a squatting situation would fall under the homestead principle since the house is unused. Rothbard supported the homestead principle in regards to the worker-owned factories in yugoslavia too. The old example would be building a house on an unclaimed piece of land.
Many cities also perform a *similar* operation when they sell abandoned homes for £1, but also make you pay for the maintenance costs that allow it to be a viable property. So if you take an abandoned property and fix it up, you have the "natural right" of its ownership.
But your post proves my own thinking; that the position of landlords represent the true class contradiction in capitalism, and if the government gave us all possession to our own homes then most people would also falter in their anticapitalist sentiments too.

I wouldnt blame libertarian "theory" per se, but the "voluntarist" mind virus that permeates certain circles. The issue is that "rights" are tied up in "private property" and so in the end, one beats out the other. Our "voluntary" subjectivity is inherently tied to these institutions. So the issue is with the burgeoning of monopoly capital and its increasing irrationality, and applying solutions to this.


Also here's an example of the state intervening on the side of monopoly capital against entrepeneurial solutions to homelessness.
This would be an example of "the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie" in action. Many small businesses are purposefully targeted by high business rates and regulations to empower big capital. Amazon has famously lobbied for governments to apply regulation on business for example.
Here, "competition" creates a smaller amount of winners and a big pile of losers.


What are some other how-to guidebooks or notes on insurgency tactics (a la Che's Guerrilla Warfare)?
21 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



why would I include the barest minimum books you should have already read if you're on this board on a reading list?


>on this board
>has read Marx
so like 2 people


im assuming if you've made it this far you've at least read the manifesto, if not Capital Vol 1


even as a joke, that's a stupid thing to say.
if you think you are among friends, you are not. go away and don't come back until you're up to date.


after u read that and mao, t. derbent is a good contemporary autist whose written various things about military theory n its relation to communist movements. I'd also read more generally about past insurgencies and revolutions, see what worked and didn't, etc. Cop the vibe. There are some general trends in insurgent warfare, which is the form proletarian class war takes, but there are also many specificities relating to the capacities of the state, geography, types and amount of working class organization, state's capacities/theories of social control, technologies that assist in social control, war tech, etc. It's going to be different every time, but some things stay the same (e.g. a heavy focus on information, a focus on political rectitude and popular support, etc.)

File: 1713718871288.jpg (154.88 KB, 988x919, 0078.jpg)

 No.1831170[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Maoism vs Dengism

Which proved superior?

Why do some leftists credit Deng for the rapid development of China, a principally liberal view of Chinese history.
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You had me until the last sentence. Mao did do class collaborationism but was the one important person opposed to kmt cooperation


Someone has to explain to me why Maoism v Dengism creates such a shitstorm on this board.


Because most people here have no idea what they are talking about but "strong opinions"


Maoist = theorist puritans that move the goalpost constantly because they don't want to do the hard thing and defend North Korea or China. Also are controlled opposition.
Dengist = produce material victories which makes glowies/defeatists mad.

So it's the same argument of tankies vs anarchists but more modern since anarchists are pretty much recognize as fantasyland morons while Maoists at least can point towards a handful of people running around a jungle in the Philippines and say it's working. Maoists pretty much just say shit isn't happening as fast as they'd like it. It's kind of ironic because Mao wrote "Oppose Book Worship," but you'll constantly see them cite books from an entirely different time as the concrete rule for achieving communism.


There's been a tension on the radical left for 150 years between productivists who want to ape capitalist development via the state with the expectation that communism will follow, and those who want to establish communist relations now regardless of how developed the productive forces are.

The expectations of the productivists have so far failed to materialize, which is why we're still arguing about it.

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