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Secular ideology is divided into theory and practice. Analogously, religious ideology is divided into belief and ritual. I think when people ponder ideology, people think too much about theory/belief but not enough about practice/ritual. What you do/perform ultimately matters more than what you think/feel. What you think/feel does however serve as a useful guide for what you might end up doing/performing.

I think one useful avenue for communist praxis is to take a queue from religion, not in the domain of belief, but in the domain of ritual. Repetition of behaviors through credibility enhancing displays in a social setting where everyone is being watched by everyone else not only increases loyalty/faith to the ideology, but increases the tendency of future praxis.

I often think about prayer for example. Prayer comes in many forms but typically it is a ritual where you, for example, ask God to intervene in the lives of yourself or loved ones for the better. Or to punish your enemies. This does not work obviously. We are materialists. But! What it does achieve is the ritual iteration through a rolodex of people you care about. It sorts out your priorities. Helps you meditate on what you actually want. Stops you from forgetting certain people. Someone who prays every night for their uncle with cancer is going to keep picking up the phone and calling that uncle to check on him while someone who does not pray for that uncle every night might forget about him and then one day find out he died. The ritual helps renew your practice in areas outside the ritual by grounding you. I engage in what I like to call secular prayer. When I sit down for a meal for example, before eating, I close my eyes and meditate on the workers who harvested the vegetables, butchered the meat, etc. This creates warm feelings for my fellow workers, and I think establishing this kind of thing as a communist orthodoxy could increase working class solidarity.
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anon…. anon i dont think he was…


Alright, not an expert but I'll try. On the one hand there is the westernized tradition which is like mindfulness and so forth. Then there is Zen which somewhat minimizes the supernatural vodoo, I think.
But there is no one secular buddhism but several. Looking at the Thai tradition, there is Buddhadasa, who I stumbled upon while looking up buddhist socialism, who says either "all religions are inwardly the same" or "there is no religion".


>who says either "all religions are inwardly the same" or "there is no religion".
Secular Religious Studies scholars have come to a similar conclusion over the past few decades, that the very idea of a "religion" is a socially constructed western projection, that the etymology of the word "religion" lies with the latin idea of "religio," which is completely different from our modern idea of religion, and that the modern abstract category of "religion" that is used to group together various practices all around the world is not necessarily a useful or productive category. I think this is post-structuralism gone wild though. An ongoing debate in religious studies is the struggle to even define what constitutes a religion, given that they are internally diverse, change over time, and need not even be supernatural.


What slipped my mind is Ambedkar (Dalit, principal author of the Indian constitution) and his Navayana, which might be a synthesis of Marx and Buddha.


File: 1706765073287.png (347.38 KB, 979x743, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1706747339788.png (201.38 KB, 1050x700, ClipboardImage.png)


Finland strikes expected to bring country to standstill
The wave of stoppages, which started on Wednesday and is expected to continue into Thursday and Friday before further strikes next week, is in protest at the government’s proposed employment changes and social security cuts. Up to 300,000 people are expected to join the three days of action – also planned for factories, postal services, preschools, hotels and restaurants – with significant disruption predicted across the country.

Steel unions take fight against job losses to Parliament
Tata Steel has said it would close both blast furnaces, with the loss of 2,800 jobs, and ignored trade union plans to save the production of primary steel in Britain instead of building a new electric arc furnace to recycle used steel.

Journalists in Croatia fight against government’s attempts to stifle press freedom
Specifically, they protested a new draft penal code, under discussion in parliament, that would criminalize the unauthorized leaking of information from criminal proceedings, making sources and journalists prey to state harassment.

Houthis threaten more attacks against Western warships
The Iran-aligned group’s statement, released on Wednesday, said all US and British warships participating in “aggression” against Yemen are targets. The statement stoked concern over the simmering tensions in the region as well as increased disruption to world trade.
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‘Avatar’ VFX Artists Vote to Unionize With IATSE
The vote came down to 57 people in favor of union representation and 19 voting against. These VFX workers are employed by a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios and work on the “Avatar” films through the Lightstorm Entertainment production company.

Amazon terminates iRobot deal, Roomba maker to lay off 31% of staff
Amazon said on Monday it would not move forward with a planned acquisition of vacuum-maker iRobot , with the two companies saying in a release there was “no path to regulatory approval for the deal.” The Roomba maker also announced it would lay off 31% of its employees, around 350 people, and that its chair and CEO, Colin Angle, would step down effective immediately.

Tesla sued by 25 California counties for allegedly mishandling hazardous waste
The counties accused Tesla of violating state unfair business and hazardous waste management laws by improperly labelling waste and sending the materials to landfills that cannot accept hazardous material. California’s hazardous waste management law carries potential civil penalties as high as $70,000 per violation per day. Waste produced or handled at the facilities includes paint materials, brake fluids, used batteries, antifreeze and diesel fuel, the counties said.

Dems Slam Social Security Board Nominee Over History of Supporting Benefit Cuts
Democrats on the U.S. Senate Finance Committee raised alarm Wednesday over the nomination of American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Andrew Biggs to serve on tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1706751579392.png (92.66 KB, 507x524, 1706491774063931.png)

Thank News Anon


Labor doubles down on support for genocidal Israel after ICJ ruling
The most significant finding of the January 26 provisional ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is that Israel is plausibly committing genocide in Gaza. If Labor really did care about human rights, justice or even just international law, it would have taken immediate steps to end its complicity in what the ICJ said is a “catastrophic humanitarian situation … at serious risk of deteriorating further”. Instead, it has doubled down in its support for Israel’s genocide. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s decision to suspend funds to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), has been roundly condemned. Francis Boyle, United States human rights lawyer, argued on X that those countries that have cut funds to UNWRA are “also directly violating Genocide Convention article 2(c)” which relates to “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”.

How Liberal Anti-Racism Was Used to Privatize Public Schools: Review of Expelling Public Schools: How Antiracist Politics Enable School Privatization in Newark by John Arena (University of Minnesota Press, 2023).
As mayor of Newark from 2006 to 2013, New Jersey senator Cory Booker led one of the nation’s most aggressive campaigns to privatize public schools. With the support of a dizzying array of powerful political figures, business and foundation leaders, and media moguls from across the political spectrum, Booker attempted to institute a regime of charter schools across the city. On his side were the Barack Obama White House, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, and media mogul Oprah Winfrey; against him stood teachers’ unions and large sections of the city’s working-class inhabitants. Teachers, students, families, and community activists came together and successfully halted Booker’s privatization agenda. Booker’s successor, Ras Baraka — son of the communist poet Amiri Baraka — rode this powerful movement to the toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




The Alberta Government is cracking down on trans people.

File: 1701926549181.jpg (95.18 KB, 800x588, HPIM2878.jpg)


does anyone have any documentaries or pretty much any content on regular life in north korea ? i
dont buy the obvious propaganda youtube feeds to me when i search this topic
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better then my country unironically.
yes, i do live in a shithole.


File: 1706741128478.jpg (72.91 KB, 1137x860, prawnblem.jpg)

What's the point of the Juche schtick if they're forming classes all over again?


urban to rural class divisions, read Mao


this is it, great documentary


anyone else watch jaka parker? he is an indonesian guy bikes around alot

File: 1706679851634.jpeg (89.82 KB, 750x1112, GCYEEw0XUAAJi-2.jpeg)


I don't think people realize just how politically illiterate many rightist populist leaders are whenever they try to "deboonk" their statements or whatever. Like leftists love to shit on Stalin for not reading Das Kapital but he at least was familiar with more contemporary leftist thinkers like Pannekoek or Kautsky.
Rightist populists, on the other hand, never read their own academists. Like with Hitler you can excuse him because he was basically a lumpen, but even rich modern leaders like Trump i can guarantee never read anything like Schmitt or Rothbard, and those who do like Thiel are usually gay or very nerdy and hated by the rest or the movement. This is why responding to their popular leaders are beyond useless because these leaders don't even understand what they're saying.
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I mean it's not so much that they're incompetent just that they're malicious (or at best disinterested), their class interests don't align with those of 90% of the country


the difference is communists are expected to read, which you can tell by how many dumb self professed communists pretend to read history and philosophy. liberals and MAGAtards are both intellectually illiterate, but even the ideological vanguard of the right, fascists etc., only read garbage anymore. /pol/ reading lists are like 10 books, half of them are mystical juju and genocide fantasies and the most intellectually respectable thing on it is some 101 shit like plato's republic or at best spengler


i agree
but this is also because right wing causes are much more immediate that left-wing ideas. the idea of being racist, being homophobic, etc. doesnt take much brain power - its just a reflexive thing. thats why i think populism is inherently right wing, since it appeals to a broad mass of disaffection rather than subtle or intellectual goals.
if you ask a crowd what they care about they will come up with something about immigration, trans people, "the elites" and so on. the left is rightfully careful of these premises being the basis of policy decision.
i understand the cynicism, but i do genuinely think that a lot of politicians are trying to make the system work (for "the people" in general) but they cant do it, for many reasons.


All the best rightist theorists are basically Marxists but racist. Schmitt, Alain de Benoist, etc.


Burden is on OP, but can you help us out with sum evidence?


How true do you think this statement is? In scientific discussions, I find left-wing people favor social determinism (crime is caused by poverty, intelligence is environmental, gender is a social construct, etc.) and right-wing people tend to biological determinism (crime is caused by evil, intelligence is genetic, gender is what is between your legs, etc.) while both often ignore the existence of free will.
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Well, yeah, ofc it is true. The right and the left are working with completely different frameworks and rubrics than their oppositions. Frankly the right doesn't, really, have any theory, or, actual methodology they just go off pure emotion and fear. Every response they have to the left is kernel'd in the fear that they may not have complete control over their situation in the universe and that, inherently, freaks them out and they are in deep denial of this fact, so, that is why you end up with larping like jan 6th and ideologies like their own because they are in complete and utter denial.


We don't. We just don't ignore epigenetics the way the right does.


>How true do you think this statement is?
Neglect is the wrong word, but that trend does align with my experiences in general. Exceptions exist, of course. That said, if you're suggesting this as a definition of those wings, then read a fucking book.
'Left-wing' (?) people are typically more likely to emphasis the social (and therefore political-economic) factors. And experimental evidence is pretty consistent in supports that, the village makes the child. Genetic factors obviously exist and must be taken into account, that's a real and important part of material reality, but civilization is humanity's way to overcome raw physical limitations.

The converse of this is the mainstream right-wing's habit of overstating the importance of genetics, very often an appeal to nature or to social Darwinistic ideas. There is a gamut of reasons for taking those viewpoints, but yeah, biological determinism is a common rationale, and it's pretty clearly contradictory to reality.

>while both often ignore the existence of free will

Material reality is deterministic. It's just extremely chaotic. The human brain is material. The rest follows from there.


>Asians are authoritarians tyrants who ruined communism

This but unironically. Though, it's not because of genetics but because they are taught to be like that from an early age. Communists should actively fight against reactionary "asian values"


>The left neglects genes and the right neglects environment
I agree on this one.


"Bad Signal" (in Russian) made a video critique of one lib who tried to repeat the Katyn lie, the lie being that Soviets did it. 1 hour long video of lib-spanking and proving that Nazis have killed Poles in Katyn, and that Goering was hanged for it at Nuremberg
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File: 1706491076334-0.png (86.67 KB, 483x221, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706491076334-1.png (42.06 KB, 479x93, ClipboardImage.png)

>muh goebbels diaries
The fact that people continue to peddle the same exact nonsense claims over and over again proves that the denial has nothing to do with people honestly combing over the evidence, but rather people seeing that others are denying it and jumping at the chance.


Goebbels leaking the group chat


Read in those diaries about Goebbels finding about German bullets in the graves, and how that will destroy German theory of the Katyn if they don't hide the fact that it was German bullets Polish POWs were shot with. "Honest combing of evidence", my ass, you are just hiding from the facts

And on your way out do check out Nurnberg which hanged Goering for Katyn. And don't forget that Germans shooting 70k people in Kaunas in Lithuania wasn't in the final verdict either, only in the indictment, just like Katyn. Will you deny that Germans have shot 70k people in Kaunas, too?


Trying to cite the Goebbels diaries over and over again when he literally says in it that he thought they were shot by Bolsheviks and that the Soviets "found" (his quotation marks) (ie, he thinks they forged) evidence that implicated the Germans isn't a good mode of attack my friend.


>Will you deny that Germans have shot 70k people in Kaunas, too?

File: 1706307070184.jpeg (105.48 KB, 640x932, ezgif-7-7e06a15aba.jpeg)


What are the political implications of the 2ACW, and withholding major bias, who will realistically win it? All I can say is that I wish this had happened later than it has now, the left being in the state it is now. I only hope that this will cause unending instability in which true radical revolutionaries may exploit for their gain. For now, however, the left is still recovering from the lasting affects of the Bolshevik hegemon, the mismanagement of the American left by the Marxists.

In a better world this would have been a golden opportunity, but now it is simply a step toward the growing fascist threat.
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I mean i know that this is more so a red herring more than anything but i think a lot of people have a wrong idea on what a 2acw would look like, like a 2acw is not going to be a clean, two way civil war based on state boundries but most likely something like the balkan wars, where you have several different factions all wanting to achieve there own goals and have there own ideals (Basically what i'm trying to say is that a 2acw would not be Republican vs democrat but more like Traditional Liberals and Centrists vs Right wing Populists/MAGA bros (Who would themselves likely be divided into two seperate factions likely based around trump and desantis) vs Facists/Nazis Vs Seperatists (Aka Texas Mostly but there would also probably be a few states and territories that would attempt to secede like Hawii and Alaska) vs Neo Confederates (Neo Confederates and Facists/Nazis don't get along all that, ik there both retarded but still its kinda funny ngl) vs Marxists and "Traditional" left wing groups vs Anarchists.)

Now i do have to rather HEAVILY disagree on the statement you made about the american left still recovring from the fall of the USSR, like seriously i really do hate this doomerist bs that sometimes is spread on this thread bcz A. the left has already recovered from the "Mismanagement" (Which i have absolutely no idea on wtf you mean by that but okay i'm just going to assume you meant the decrese in the lefts popularity following the dissolution of the USSR which was more or less reveresed following the years since the 2008 Financial crash and by now the left has A lot of support, if the recent Pro Palastine protests in america are anything to go by and yes i am aware that these protests wearn't nessecerily innately left wing but lets be honest the only real people that would be attending them would be people at least as far left as social democrat and even then thats being generous at best due to bernie's statement in support of Israel (and yes i am aware there was probably some really far right Anti-semetic group that did support the pro palastine protests but they would likely be FAR in the minority in terms of total amount of people that went to these protests)

And the left would certainly be able to exploit a potential 2acw to its own gain as in america at least the left already has its only militant groups in the form of Antifa and the John brown gun club (and probably several others these are just some that i could name of the tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1706603986290-0.png (10.33 KB, 337x80, civil war.png)

File: 1706603986290-1.jpg (669.5 KB, 3000x1986, 1641215547844.jpg)

File: 1706603986290-2.jpg (216.98 KB, 1123x2000, c5fxkjg0x9t21.jpg)

There is only one war, and the proletariat are its only victors.

No other class or configuration can rid itself of necessary exploitation. The boss needs workers, the workers do not need the boss. The fash need 'the other' to be 'mustard race' to, the capitalists need exploited workers, only the proletariat can rid themselves of the fash/bourg without regenerating their enemies. If they destroy all the exploited today, they would need new exploited by tomorrow.

Women Consumers Control 85% Of Spending Power


I am just upset I'm not able to fund and arm all sides


File: 1706604179567.jpg (35.84 KB, 1014x761, Alexander Helphand.jpg)


*toilet flushing*

File: 1704120251082-0.jpg (17.9 KB, 480x365, 1653574576945.jpg)

File: 1704120251082-1.pdf (1.12 MB, 180x255, boryk_jennifer.pdf)

File: 1704120251082-2.pdf (709.28 KB, 197x255, Pabst_Thesis_Final.pdf)


I saw a video on here a while back of Ukrainian reactionaries in the 90's I think, talking about how they were committed to making the Holodomor narrative a thing. Does anyone have a copy of it? Also looking for sources on Cold War Ukrainian reactionaries in general
I found pdfs attached at least
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yeah I'd guess the NED too, or the EU counterpart the EED


File: 1704802905588.gif (1.65 MB, 778x432, SNOOFBUMP.gif)



where's team Z when you need them


>no sources provided for these claim of course
Iirc it comes from a story about a meeting between Churchill and Stalin, where the former asked how many people had died in the famine. Stalin said nothing about it but raised both his hands and changed the subject. Later people claimed this was him "admitting" to 10 million deaths in the famine because he had 10 fingers (I shit you not). Iirc Parenti talks about this in "Blackshirts and Reds" as an example of how flimsy so many claims of communist atrocities were.


rare gif of Stalin admitting to killing a hundred billion Ukrainians

File: 1706284136620-0.png (2.9 MB, 1440x1540, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706284136620-1.png (1022.84 KB, 720x957, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706284136620-2.png (87.42 KB, 255x241, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706284136620-3.png (76.29 KB, 255x255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706284136620-4.png (658.16 KB, 849x543, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.1740196[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

🚨 Live Happenings/Updates 🚨

Al-Jazeera: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/liveblog/2023/12/9/israel-hamas-war-live-us-veto-of-un-ceasefire-effort-draws-condemnation

Middle East Eye: https://www.middleeasteye.net/israel-palestine-hamas-war-gaza-live-invasion

The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/dec/09/civilian-toll-israeli-airstrikes-gaza-unprecedented-killing-study

Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog-december-9-2023/ (trigger warning)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1706661661734.jpg (96.16 KB, 900x750, tom-clancy-5.jpg)

Why do geopolitical discussions on imageboards always devolve into writing Tom Clancy novels?


You see, there is a problem with reality, and the problem is that sometimes reality allows things to happen that any audience or editor would consider to be incredibly improbable, cruel and cheesy in fiction if it weren't for the fact that they are real.


>nobody will hit america
have you checked the news lately


Of course it deliberate, Pissrael would never allow journalists to independently report on what's happening lol, they got caught off guard so they decided to just murder them all


The problem is nothing will ever be done because the US doesn't abide by the ICC rulings to begin with and ever has

File: 1706705680866.jpeg (122.37 KB, 1290x822, IMG_4911.jpeg)


AnsarAllah, “Houthi” political bureau:
Weakest moralfag:

“We say to America and Britain: Our war is moral so do not waste your time. The decision to stop our military operations is not in Tehran, Moscow, or Beijing, but in Gaza.”
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up yours woke moralists


stfu westoid d&c the cpc are bros


Jordan Peterson should chew khat


inshallah brother


Houthi and the Blowships!

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