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File: 1634068955063.png (348.09 KB, 413x449, ClipboardImage.png)


I made this thread so that I want to hear your opinions about this, since I don't fucking know how to even respond. I'm not going to say where did I get those quotes from.

>Communisms core tenants is literally creating a group of people that are classless and liquidating both the bourgeoise and any races that need more help than others. It is why the Soviets even under Lenin and Trotsky genocided ethnic groups.

>Eugenics is a core tenet of Communism, even the Neo Marxist Markuz ascribed to trying to breed a better man for the new Communist state which would require the cleansing of those "left behind"
>Racism is perscribed under all Marxist branches of Ideology.

>Capitalism does not necessitate the exploitation of another race based upon racial discrimination or even at all.

>Eugenics is straight up mentioned by many communists ideologues from Engels to Markuz

>Communism is a Hermetic Religion founded upon Hegals asinine fascination with the alchemical process, ie Dialectic, he fashioned by ignoring Kants notable objections to the concept of a Dialectic and fusing it with Fischtes obsession with Germanic Idealism.

>Communism is divorced from reality; both in its perception of the nature of Man, Central Planning and especially it's materialistic scalping of any sense of right or wrong. It collapses on itself and its sycophantic supporters are incapable of doing anything but destroying.

>Capitalism does not exploit along racial lines in practice every time and saying its Racist because of how some tend to implement it does not mean the system itself is racist just that humans themselves tend to be racist.

>That is literally those communists opinions, if you read their books you would know this and it is reflected in their Ideology as written and always when it is implemented it is why Genocide is a key component of Communism.

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Kind of weird that he attacks Marxism for eugenics but doesn't really mention a prominent student of Francis Galton, Karl Pearson, who was a staunch eugenicist but also a Marxist.
Also the post is one gigantic fish gallop of nonsequitors and philosopher name-drops that it's kind of hard to know where to start, but the last dumbass section says Marc was "in the lap of luxury" which is very much not true at all. Then he says Marc was wrong because he was poor and horny as some dumbass adhominem. Perfect 4chinner pseudpostimg where the length and angry tone of the post is conflated with its accuracy and wit.


Marxism backs the bourgeoisie into a corner, they respond to this with the harshest violence and most zealous denunciations. It doesn't matter whether its true or false, whenever the spectre of communism rears its head they throw everything they can at it in a fit of pure reaction.


>any races that need more help than others
race realism assumption, not true. There are no "races" that are intellectually inferior to others, nor do humans operate in racial groups, so even if its true, it doesnt matter if whites are more retarded than asians, they will just work along the less smart asians.
>Eugenics is a core tenet of Communism
>Eugenics is straight up mentioned by many communists ideologues from Engels
I bet stalin mentions hitler. That must mean he supports nazis.
>blah blah blah communism is divorced from reality because <no reasons given>
shut the fuck up
>Communism does not understand the human condition because it was Marx himself lived a life of luxury
He literally lived in poverty, paycheck to paycheck.

>Capitalism does not exploit along racial lines in practice every time

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sneed, tldr, give me your wallet


Digits of truth.

File: 1634000958386.png (283.12 KB, 660x440, ClipboardImage.png)


If we had discussions on Boomers, Zoomers, and Millennials already…
it's wise to talk about Gen X.
Discuss anything Xer ITT.
Also Xer material posts welcome.
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Honestly this just sounds like idpol but with age instead of color or sex as a new twist on how to explain that class struggle isn't that important. In fact I could literally replace "generation" by "race" in your first paragraph.


yeah, well gen x was gen z's parents


Oooh good idea. I'll start.

Can we divide the left by age to keep them uniting by class?

It's getting harder and harder to divide people by race anymore.

Why is Amurica being DeStRoYeDF?!!!11!!!

It's the OtHeRs!

defintiely not the rich owner class.

This message against your own interests broight to you be the c-h-u-d-s of /pol/ in thrall to the 1%.


That's what happens when the teenage nihilism of Gen X'ers grows up and becomes middle aged.


>it is idpol to point out that people who have little stakes in class struggle anymore are lumpen

File: 1633953529695.jpg (577.63 KB, 1280x720, volc2244.jpg)


Is Bitcoin Volcano Man anti-imperialist?

AmeriKKKans seems want to overthrow him and force El Salvador go back to fiat.

IMF also keeps getting butthurt over him.
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Literally impossible, considering the FBI has an undisclosed number of bitcoins seized from darknet markets.
They're still deliberating on what to do with them though.


Any source on these claims?


> His paternal grandparents were Christian Palestinians from Jerusalem and Bethlehem. His maternal grandparents were also Christians; she a Catholic and he Greek Orthodox. His father later converted to Islam and became an imam. And his wife has Jewish roots.
<proof that he is Palestinian

> Upon his election as president in 2019, Bukele was referred to as “a friend of Israel” by the Israeli press. He was also described as a “partner for cooperation” by the Israeli ambassador to El Salvador in 2015.
>Shortly after taking office, Bukele struck a multi-million dollar medical deal with the Israeli nonprofit Jerusalem Foundation which saw El Salvador receive $3m for its military and police forces.
> In 2018, Bukele, at the time mayor of San Salvador, visited Israel on an Israeli government-sponsored trip during which he met the mayors of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and prayed on the Buraq Wall.
<proof he supports and is supported by Israel
There are also allegations that he’s been secretly soliciting capital investments from Russian Israelis but he denies those claims so for the sake of argument let’s assume they’re false.


Wait isn't this the guy who brought the army into congress to intimidate them into passing a vote to get a loan from the US in order to finance his personal militia to "pacify" the country with? Then kicked out the supreme court?


Wtf man, even for a right*id selling yourself to the people that comitting genocide against yours is way too low

File: 1633901714906.png (200.63 KB, 461x821, mcalevey.png)


I just showed up to the first canvassing (not organizing) session of my local "housing justice organization" since they quit holding them at the end of the moratorium. I expected a shift in strategy and a resurge in numbers, but instead there were only two other people and we just ended up passing out fliers on the governmental rent assistance program; in other words, doing the Democrats' job for them by implementing their own conservative bread-crumb legislation! One of these people is a local PSL member who says they "want to be like Lenin" and will quote shit from WITBD about "economism", and yet has no self awareness that what this organization is doing - random action with no intent to build power but instead to "help people" - is the modern equivalent, or even worse, than economism! They have never once talked about labor organizing to me, and when asked about tenant organizing has said, "We can't tell people what to do - we just have to wait until someone asks us to help them organize." Is this what the PSL calls political education?

The existing leftist orgs have more than one leftist (not communist, but I'm being generous) who has a head on their shoulders, but even they tend to cede to the idiots with influence. I never heard back from the IWW and gave up on trying to contact them. This is no Chicago, but it's definitely not rural - this problem is not rural but endemic to the American left. And yet a lot of us here are Americans. So what the fuck are we even doing?

I want to flip out at everyone in charge of these left "coalitions", but they'll see me as some kind of retard for being upset, because these people are not communists. Should you decide to sit through their bullshit meetups, gain their trust, and try to throw in suggestions edgewise, it will become obvious how useless this is given that they don't even agree that the objective is to get the workers involved or to build power of any sort. That is not communism. And given that the PSL members present have never shown any issue with this program or attempted to change it, that includes them as well.

I don't care about PSL's screeds on Venezuela if they won't fucking spend time organizing workers. I don't care about X vs Y party's fifty-year beef if they won't work together on basic issues. Communists and socialists working 100 years ago literally built a labor movement so strong it caused a profitability crisis; we might be smaller today, but how can such a smPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This is very disappointing, kinda blackpilled me OP. I thought PSL was a legit party trying to build dual power not just secular charity.




Don't mistake local chapters of any commie org for the national org, plz. Your criticism is correct, you jumping from this one particular problem in your chapter to the general state of PSL isn't.



Due to the rather shitty setup of the PSL, leaving chapters with huge autonomy and not letting communication between each one, there is little consistency between chapters. Like, outside of the Twitter account and a meetup on passed central committee directives, they all kind of do their own thing.

The PSL’s larger chapters in the West Coast and D.C. are the ones most focused on dual power and base building because these are the oldest and most developed chapters.

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Alright so what the fuck are you going to do with all the white people if you even get this land back shit off the ground? I highly doubt that most yanks will be able to reintegrate into the UK or anything like that even if they speak the same language, it just seems to be really larpy to me.
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To all of the people who say that criticism the whole "Land Back" meme is "Racist".

Why are you all trying to uphold private property "rights" because of someone's skin color or "race"? Why are you blaming all white people instead of the corporations and the bourgeoisie that actually are taking away the native land today? Why are you so focused on events that happened centuries ago to base your assumptions instead of looking at what is actually happening today and doing a class-based analysts of the situation?

"Land Back" as it currently is mostly on Twitter is nothing but yet another divide and conquer method to make the working class fight among each other over irrelevant "racial" divides that were completely made up as a way to prevent white and black working class people from uniting and rebelling against the elites.


I will not support any movment that hands over political authority over the area I live in to a minority ethnic group of forces me to be evicted
t white prol


god I hate burgers, they think that 1% of themselves are more important then the second most populous country on earth


if we're not under capitalism, why in the FUCK would we give land to private interest instead of collectively deciding what to do with it as a socialist nation that dont care about fckn ethnicity ???!
how can you morons pretend to be socialists

>give back to indigenous peoples their historical lands
>their historical lands


you have 0 theory, kys faggot

File: 1634049291823.png (1.8 MB, 1280x853, ClipboardImage.png)


The 90 percent “no” vote at Deere and the growing rebellion against the corporatist unions
>The margin of the contract rejections at Deere, Volvo, Dana and other companies expresses the real relationship between the so-called “unions” and the working class.

The main characteristic of a revolutionary period is the independent mobilization of the working class. This is what we are now witnessing. The 90 percent “no” vote at Deere workers, confirms the correctness of the analysis of the ICFI, and the necessity of building rank and file committees. The “Ice Age”, where the labor bureaucracies are able to manipulate the worker's opposition for their ends is a thing in the past. In the advanced US, or in backward Sri Lanka we can see the workers are coming into conflicts with the unions and taking a way out. The initiative of the workers at Volvo trucks in Virginia are now spreading to the other parts of the US. And the workers in other countries are taking that lead. While the revisionist of all forms rejects the revolutionary role of the American working class, the ICFI was/is based on the revolutionary capacity of the US workers. It is not accidental the American SEP is playing the leading role in organizing this worker's rebellion against international capitalism.


t. every Trot 1928-2021


Much agreed comrade. The growing Rank and File Committee movement, despite increasingly desperate denial from the pseudo-left Pabloite revisionist renegades, is still striking fear into the hearts of the global imperialist monopoly bourgeoisie. Global capitalism, now more than 80 years into its terminal death agony, can only be transcended through the fulfillment of the objective historical revolutionary role of the class conscious proletariat. The emancipation of the proletariat must be the act of the proletariat itself - under the sole leadership, of course, of the one true world party of socialist revolution, the International Committee of the Fourth International. In their steadfast struggle against all forms of pseudo-left vulgarizations of revolutionary Marxism, David North and the SEP have won the Rank and File proletariat to a genuine Marxist program. The contradictions of global imperialism threaten a Third World War fought with nuclear weapons, and therefore the fate of not just the working class, but the human species itself, depends on resolutely exposing the Pabloites, Grantites, Cliffites, Healyites, Hansenites, Wohlforthites, Mandelites, Steinerites, and all other forms of counter-revolutionary opportunism blocking the path to left unity and planetary proletarian revolution. We urge all workers, youth, and intellectuals stirred by this call to action to unite in Rank and File Committees and to contact the International Committee today.


Kek nice reference

File: 1633928381791.png (2.55 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


Most businesses are never ever innovative and rarely ever produce anything to consumers that isn’t overpriced garbage but they might’ve done something different. This is genuinely one of the only companies I’ve seen that
>actually innovated without government aid
>actually produced a finished product
>actually treated its workers decently
>expanded in size naturally through genuine labour
What was different about IBM compared to other companies and why the fuck didn’t succumb to the same hyper culture vapourware faggotry that is the rest of the American big tech industry?
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they were heavily involve in categorizing jew and communist in Europe that list was later use by the Nazi


Its government funded militarized computer innovations kept it afloat.


They were a monopoly, so they could fund R&D and good salaries. They knew that if they didn't fund R&D they would lose their monopoly status.


This was either written by an autistic 12 year old or is the most advanced rightist sales pitch ever created for former autistic 12 year olds


Moved to >>>/tech/12087.

File: 1633878429036.png (158.11 KB, 2127x614, PKES-logo-small.png)


What even is it from what I have seen it just seems to be very removed from Keynesian economics and a non Marxist method for interpreting what is wrong with capitalism.



Marxists that don't want to be called Marxists.


this, its a lot of academic grifters too cowardly and careerist to come out with it and call themselves Marxists.
also this: >>541404

File: 1633965932198.png (85.48 KB, 724x868, fashienomics.png)


socialist economics? check
capitalist economics? check
fascist economics? well… *ahem*

what would you expect if fascists handle a country's economy? will it involve the same redistribution and the like just like socialism, or having those private property stuff like capitalism, or something else entirely
92 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Instead of all of this you'll get:

further privatization of national assets,
further monopolization of everything,
nationalization of unprofitable enterprise with the aim to privatize it back when it turns profitable (aka bailing out successful capitalists),
even lower technological standards/higher labor intensity up to a literal slavery in order to raise the rate of profit,
even higher degree of proletarianization of the petite bourgeoisie/middle class, because haute bourgeoisie needs more cheap workers,
public work projects that were not only finished, but most of the funding and work being done on them only after the fascists/nazis were defeated,
trade unions that have capitalists as bosses and which demand that there's no class war whatsoever, proclaim that capitalists are your friends, and with the state banking capital over labor 99% of the time.


File: 1634015350843-1.png (162.76 KB, 1496x891, ItalyPrivatized1.png)

File: 1634015350843-2.png (126.42 KB, 1516x809, ItalyPrivatized2.png)

File: 1634015350843-3.png (6.8 MB, 2720x3752, nationalsocialism.png)

Fascist "Economics"


>Fascism isn't an ideology that ever had real control over a nation
bruh literally look up where the word "fascism" comes from.
Everyone single namefag on this website is medically retarded.


sounds like Lenin's first 5 year plan lmao


Except Lenin immediately seized all the haute bourgeoisie's property - nationalized all the industrial monopolists and banks. Hence, u r dumb

File: 1633899685068.jpg (529.99 KB, 1280x1920, wikipedia.jpg)


Frenchie here.
I can't open the news without seeing this fuckers face plastered everywhere. He's gaining so much points in the poll. Not even trump had this much airtime. What is the endgame here? The only candidate that was this heavily (and artificially) promoted was macron.
37 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


He seems like a total clown and I can't tell his politics apart from Bu卍h-era neocons here in the U.$.A. so you could say that "far right" is just normie mainstream politics in the imperial core.


one must remember that one of the most ardent supporters of preventing the nationalization of the suez canal was the ostensibly still marxist SFIO of France
also please don't call it the U$A, makes you look like a retard




Following the based 'vive le quebec' libre general



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