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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1627454113249.jpg (28.03 KB, 259x352, PolPot.jpg)


What's the deal with this guy? After reading a bit it seems to me that he was an authoritarian cambodian nationalist (even using Nazi shit like superior cambodian race and genetics propaganda) LARP'ing as a communist for a while until the real communists (the vietnamese) invaded Cambodia and destroyed his government, after that he dropped the pretense of communism (Even receiving help from the CIA) and just started fighting the vietnamese without a clear ideology until he died in prison.

Is this accurate? What's the consensus about him?
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Oh. But I could formulate a reason on why I thought you're serious: Poe's Law.


>legit revolutionary who fought against a US-backed monarchy but once in power he made the wrong choices
Yeah. They should'veunited and made an Indochinese federation and henceforth invade Indonesia via direct action should they unify militarily and politically.


What was the political rationale for the Vietnam invasion? What did Vietnam say? Yeah we're invading another communist country to liberate their people…from communism?


Ba Chuc.


Alongside Ba Chuc was China's support for Cambodia (at that time relations are still strained within the Soviet and Chinese) and Pol Pot in general.

File: 1626264874249.gif (2.61 MB, 498x350, 1625630482469.gif)


Yeah, the title is an attention bait, but try to say where I'm wrong

While majority of people here are anti capitalist, there barely is any capitalism left in the actual world,

Capitalism can be thought of as a market society, where everything gets turned into commodity including people for profit, but markets barely exist anymore. Everything nowadays is done by computers and owned by like 4-15 people. There's no competition or markets to speak of in such cases. Google has a monopoly on it's app store, which is easily where 80% of online purchases are made and they can easily kick every competitor they want with a click of a button. Amazon too has a monopoly on physical goods and all of the purchases run on a computer without seeing any sort of market.

Furthermore, profit isn't a central part of the economy anymore. Nearly all of these mega corps run on loss. They just have banks and venture capitalist throw money in them, which funny enough actually works. Both the venture capitalist and the companies get larger and control even more with that.

There's still a labor market, but for how long that will too exist? I can't imagine it existing 3 decades from now, assuming things stay the way they are.

So isn't being traditionally left wing today being like being anti feudal just before industrial revolution? Because people here talk as if we lived in 1950s or so, maybe even earlier.
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Capitalism is when you're "evil" like a 19th century factory owner.




File: 1626350107916.jpg (62.04 KB, 512x337, unnamed (1).jpg)

Just sage this.


>Even if the size of various capitals has increased tremendously, none are total monopolies in given sectors (big retailers like walmart still compete with amazon for example, along with smaller ones).



human are commodified bruh, thing is it doesn't require capitalism

resources have determined male/female relationships pretty much everywhere outside Fourierian communities

File: 1625391042652.jpg (397.42 KB, 2048x1556, iranian_revolution001.jpg)


Red pill me on the iranian revolution.
How this was any different from other anti communist revolutions around the arab world? It btfo Puppets but at the same time it was radically anticomunist in nature, not any different from Baath shit.
why is it something to support?
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Nevro bump


hilarious to think that the communists who worked with the MEK terrorists deserve the title 'communist'


Terrorism is good


Why all the butthurt over IRan and Nica recently, did glowie libshitfags invade this place to complain about the third world lack of wokery.


>anarcho-feminism flag
Kill yourself

File: 1627237510959.jpg (249.2 KB, 913x910, polcomp.jpg)

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Found this political bingo quiz on reddit and was wondering what leftypol would put on it. I took it and most of my answers aligned with the bottom left of the bingo - as i expected.

Here is the empty template for the polbingo.
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Then you clearly weren’t bullied enough as a child.


Wowsie, 6/9 of those are Aryan!


File: 1627483655056.png (70.28 KB, 750x751, mutts (nm) law .png)

>The fact that you bring up cathedrals and other trad shit is proof that you need to be given an enema by a group of african men. Fucking pseud.


File: 1627847532778.jpg (135.33 KB, 913x910, myshit.jpg)



Play this game lads, instead of having to deal with leftcunt

File: 1626585481409.jpg (303.12 KB, 1200x800, rotting-teeth.jpg)


You guys love socialism and wealth redistribution.

I'm an American and I have poor dental health. I need at least 2 root canals and several fillings. My teeth used to be in great shape, but I've neglected my dental care for over a decade due to the costs and I'm gonna look like a meth addict in a few years if I don't take care of it. How can I fix my teeth?
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fuck dude try brushing religiously


Bro just floss and brush your teeth


File: 1627444961460.jpg (2.3 MB, 1500x3400, 1620569492734.jpg)

>You guys love socialism and wealth redistribution.
This thread isn't about socialism or wealth distribution at all. It's just basic services a government should assist with, like maintaining roads.
"Means of productions"? No?

But yeah US health care is fucked and medical tourism exists, even to fucking Cuba and Mexico.


File: 1627446144946.jpg (540.03 KB, 2000x1600, il_fullxfull.2385956804_mm….jpg)

American lives don't matter.


File: 1627446245266.png (332.29 KB, 615x479, TISM.png)

On average, yes.

File: 1626553294223.png (523.78 KB, 720x1560, based ahmed.png)


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Yeah the USA back communists, retard


Abiy Ahmed said taking from the IMF is like taking money from your mother. Fuck Abiy and Fuck TPLF. Fuck TPLF the most tbh.


Abiy will not defeat the insurgency and he will get his shit pushed in by Sisi. Screencap this


Isn't the Prosperity Party openly neolib?


didnt they try to kill him again recently?

File: 1627432153771.png (54.77 KB, 687x586, whiteness.PNG)


Let's have an actual, legitimate thread for once about problems with radlib and race reductionist ideology, and idpol. One where we actually talk about theory, and the relationship between these ideas and their history to the working class movement. This is not a thread to argue about whatever culture war issue is on your mind at the moment.

I found this post very alarming, for how clearly it stated a primary, usually unstated, tenet of identity politics:
"you're white before you're anything else"
In this analysis, race is the literal focal point of an intelligent being's existence. It's very interaction with the world, it's very perception of the things around it, is decided, first and foremost, through race. Identity is a first principle. Epistemology is grounded in it (i.e. you have to a certain identity to have an opinion about something, only people of a certain identity should have positions of leadership in a revolutionary movement, etc.).

This primacy of identity is the very essence of what identity politics actually means. It's an extremely useful tool to divide people apart. People cannot ever be in solidarity with each other, working together for the same ends, if they are, by immutable nature, natural enemies who are physically, biologically, and philosophically incapable of understanding the other's feelings.

All identity politics furthers this "othering", in ways that can be very different, and have very different consequences. In right wing propaganda, you'll typically see this othering applied in a sadistic direction. Remember the old "humans vs orcs" post? The idea was to paint people of the audience's identity as real people, and all outside of the in-group as non-human others. In picrel, the same effect is used in a different way. It's used in a masochistic direction. The audience is supposed to feel bad about themselves, as beings of moral agency. People of color aren't discussed as people per se, but rather distant arbiters of judgement. They are quietly othered. They are objects put on the outside, judging the audience. They know all, and they know all your sins. They were put here to destroy you and your happiness, and that's a good thing.

The absolute worst nightmare of an identity politician is that people of different backgrounds, cultures, etc. will actually talk to each other like human beings, rather than see each other as malevolent forces of nature, which impose moral responsibilitiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1627441372102.png (2.7 MB, 1242x1250, Now that’s Praxis.png)



nah dude. If it was done by black people it had to be bourgeois, obviously. Cops, CNN, Biden, the proud boys, and the KKK were obviously communist freedom fighters being oppressed by the evil poor black people who were paid by the bourgeois to pretend to be oppressed. God bless America!


unfortunately I don't believe few thousand people in a park get to hear some rhetoric vs millions that now think that BLM is was a Marxist uprising is a fair trade.
the media didn't just admit to starting it they bragged about it. If the Facebook ect. sponsorship wasn't enough to cue you in


What class is revil4 ?


well according to the information publicly available on their blog, they're a 19 year old black enby whose not from the United States. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there aren't many bourgeoisie marth kinnies. Combined with the fact that they reblog a lot of donation beg posts on their blog, I'm gonna say that they're either a worker or unemployed.

File: 1627433715782.jpg (16.3 KB, 300x300, 3upZx2gxxLpW7MBbnKYQLH-120….jpg)


I've been wondering what happened to Danov, I found someone with the same vulgarity on slavic twitter called danov, doubt it's him.
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Brother-sister incest is basically the same thing as being in love with a childhood friend. Incest is only bad because of deleterious genes which only becomes problematic with repeated generations, which statistically, isn't likely to happen naturally because mutual attraction between random people is inherently rare. Thanks to advances in genetic sciences, it's likely that risk factors for deleterious genes can be mitigated by doctors in the near future. Basically, what I'm saying is consensual incestuous relationships between consenting adult siblings is not that bad and shouldn't be illegal. If I had a sister who I was attracted to, I would like to marry her.


>Slavic Twitter
Just say the language, fam






yeah not him he's discussing Bulgarian politics.

File: 1627440187041-0.jpg (187.71 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210727-203618….jpg)

File: 1627440187041-1.jpg (189.71 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210727-203644….jpg)


We live in an era where Canada is somehow warmer than an african country. How did we even get here? Why is the earth's climate evolved to such a point where kenya becomes colder than a country that contains mt everest

File: 1627406401591.jpg (276.42 KB, 735x1074, 8b0fb65c4894f31d13209c81e3….jpg)


Not only is there enough land and resources available but the type of civilization that could be achieved if this were accomplished would be tremendously beneficial to humanity as when population sizes go up so does the working population which breeds the potential for inventors being born and hence rapid technological and societal growth is achieved, humanity is better off with more of itself and it should desire to conquer the planet and all things on it and should desire to expand into space to ensure the human species may survive for the long haul
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>the depopulation cult is getting invasive, even going as far as complaining that you can't do a genocide
You've completely misrepresented him, intentionally. You know that that was not his intended meaning.


>Large numbers of people are obviously able to extract more resources, so if you reduce the number of population you will also have proportionally fewer resources. Fewer people are also less able to design and maintain sophisticated clean industry, so you might not even get much of a environmental bonus from reducing population size.

This vulgar marxist growth fetishism is exactly the sort of shit mao criticized. Go back and read, and while you're at it read some books on marx's ecology.


File: 1627418617015.jpg (403.42 KB, 2282x1397, How long elements will las….jpg)

We will also have less need for said resources with a lower population. Additionally, automation will enable us to extract more with less labor. Basically, we will have the same amount of natural resources with fewer people to share them between.

>the depopulation cult is getting invasive, even going as far as complaining that you can't do a genocide
I am not advocating for genocide, just stating that there is a (roughly) optimal population and that we are above it. Genocide would obviously do more harm than good, so we have to make do with the population we currently have.
>Large numbers of people are obviously able to extract more resources, so if you reduce the number of population you will also have proportionally fewer resources.
See above
>Fewer people are also less able to design and maintain sophisticated clean industry, so you might not even get much of a environmental bonus from reducing population size.
We won't need as much industry in the first place, although I will admit that we would have less economies of scale with a smaller population.

I should remind the people that the following resources are finite and do not increase with population:
-Fossil fuels


It's all so tiresome. The problems with population are political rather than the result of some natural limit being reached. Eugenicists bitch and moan about people existing for the stupidest reasons, because they don't want to extend the most basic human dignity to the broad masses, and they cannot for their ideology to be consistent.

A planned economy could support a human population of something like 20 billion, just from present production and expansions of it that would be possible with immediately available technology. Of course, all of this eludes the reality that technology does change, as do the conditions in which people live, what they will accept and what they will demand in response to the new human relations that have emerged. Today's austerity is completely a choice of those who hold status in our society, because austerity is the means by which behavior can be modified, by which people can be ground down into lower and lower expectations for the future. There is no good reason why medical care would need to be rationed. We could, if we so desired, train new doctors and medical workers, such that heart disease could be attended to properly. But, if that happened, life expectancy would increase dramatically, and that is not what the middle class wants. The middle class does not want competitors, and the whole system we've had for the past 100 years was premised on intense competition in the middle class, on top of the tendency within market economies to produce a stark divide between those who own property and those who do not. Modern society is in a precarious situation where technology requires a large middle class of technical workers, but the economic system was in the broad strokes designed to produce a few rich oligarchs and managers down the line while immiserating everyone else. Attempts to reform this into something workable have run against the basic tendencies of economic thought, but also run against the desires of many middle class dogmas, as the middle class in the end hated the poor more than they had any plans for making the middle class the universal class.


We have enough land, water, and minerals to last a really long time. The greater problem by far would be the health of the soil and the ability to replenish it in the long term, but even this is not an immediate concern. We could very easily build large desalinization plants to obtain water.

Estimates of when oil will expire have always been way off. According to the prognosticators, oil would have been unavailable by 1990, but the available deposits and the quantity in existing wells were drastically underestimated - if the figures reported to the public were not just lies from the outset, to justify the oil oligarchs restricting the supply.
In any event, oil and any means of transportation are available enough to move people from point A to point B. But again, a long run goal of the oligarchs is to remove the freedom of people to travel around the world, and it is also a goal to control the spaces in which people live. Hence, why they're rolling out vaccine passports and internal, eugenic barriers which are intended to lock out the underclasses of society, and then the general population from the preserves of the middle and upper classes.


If there were an actual, REAL resource crisis that was imminent, the behavior of states and large firms would be drastically different. The likely response of a state to an actual resource crisis would be immediate rationing and rationalization of oil use. You wouldn't have seen the use of plastic explode. It is far easier to just produce reusable bags out of plant material or even reusable plastic bags, than it would be to construct this rigid police state that requires immense resources to support internal security forces. Nothing like the neoliberal consumer economy would have been accepted if the ruling oligarchs were worried about genuine resource crises. No, you can't claim the capitalists are too stupid and that only you brainiacs can understand the model. Who do you think produced the neo-Malthusian models? The oligarchic foundations were the people with the most interest in exploring whether their economic model could continue, and whether they were actually hitting a natural resource limit.

It does not, of course, mean that the ruling oligarchs don't have a genuine interest in preserving natural resources. The primary aim, though, is political rather than practical. It is more important to impress upon people a eugenicist mindset, than it is to produce people and a society that would be wise in consuming resources. Doping people with mass stimulants and a consumer economy is far more important, and it is especially important in eugenism that they never feel fulfilled. The utilitarian, devilish philosophy of many of these people precludes any satisfaction or deeper meaning to life. For all their pretenses, a lot of these eugenists are like the autistic kid with no soul and no core, who is always wanting and always in pain. You can see it how a lot of these people act, and I see it because I know what that feeling is like.

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