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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Eat the fuggin' salad! :-DDDDDD
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Made them have scalable civilizations that could invade poorly organized hunter gather societies you mean. Also it was the decidedly swarthy Mesopotamians who invented animal husbandry.


Isn't the 'hunter gatherers didn't domesticate animals' thing a meme?



That price tag has zero to do with the food - it was a campaign fundraiser where porkies pay money for access to the politically powerful.


Planting crops was more important than domestication ultimately.


Of course you are a climate change denier.

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What's his weakness bunkerchan?




Big fat hogs going inside of his ass at alarming speeds.


Vietnamese peasants


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Why do narcicistic freaks exist in the most extreme points of the political espectrum
is pretty normal to have a passion,… but
people that are obsessed over politics are such freaks, from reactionaries, tankies, comunists, socialists, nazis, feminists or Qboomers
i've met a politifreak it becomes very akward to talk with them especially the authoritarian espectrum of stalinism, maoists or nazis
is like all of them have aspergers or some seirus neurotism
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politics is a cope for having a shitty life


File: 1620334761578-0.png (398.25 KB, 941x645, 57345734795984.png)

File: 1620334761578-1.png (345.99 KB, 700x414, 54309845034985904.png)

>Why do narcicistic freaks exist in the most extreme points of the political espectrum
It seems pretty obvious to me. I think if the status quo is strong, and radical movements are weak, then these movements will attract people on the margins. People who are struggling in various ways, people who are confused or have issues with mental health. But if the status quo weakens, there are recessions which shake the system, etc., then I think you'll have more a lot more normal people falling into it, because these radical ideas are not really that "radical" as much as they are basic and elementary, which is what "radical" really means after all: to get to the root of things. And that would also transform the character of the left pretty dramatically, I think. There are just millions of people being dumped out of the middle class and a lot of our ideas just become normalized among masses of people.

>and that reaching certain system will automatically solve all their personal miseries and intetnal demons somehow, like people with Koro syndrome doung bizzare things to… well investigate for yourself,
I've made some references to the paranoid anti-communist U.S. show "Amerika" from the 80s here before, but it's kind of funny because the Soviet occupation government installs some Democrats who are mayors and county commissioners to run the puppet government and they are awkwardly trying to remember the lyrics to the new songs they have to sing. But if you think about it, who would actually fill up the civil service in a communist government? It'd just be a lot of the same people lol, and things probably wouldn't really change that dramatically, because you'd have to get down to the basics of just running an economy and keeping milk in the store. Like, you "win" when the normies become commies, not everyone become a weirdo internet person.

I also think people get into trouble when they start to think about politics as like a personal, individual, heroic quest that ends with them in charge. Let's say you're a communist, and a communist government comes to power, the odds are you might just end doing the same thing you're doing right now.

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Some people are just ugly.

I think the most surefire sign that someone on the internet has bad theory, is if they believe in physiognomy. Some people are ugly. It doesn't mean anything.




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so what do you guys think of this dude, is he a good propagandist? who on the left comes close to his level? i haven't really seen any good ones from the left except for maybe spergy but he is just a stonetoss rip off
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whats wrong with black hammer and black people doing their own thing? separation and segregation seems to be the only thing that could prevent america from spilling into racewar seems inevitable at this point


He’s a Nazi shit head, why would we discuss him?


I agree that in no rational mind but that of a group of people that have been subjected to discrimination through centuries should the idea of basically mass immigrating to an already populated area while displacing the natives by violence be thought of, ever.

I think the Jews should have tried their luck immigrating to the US, the fear was that mass immigration would cause waves of antisemitism, I suppose, but the Jewish population that arrived there did so by quickly assimilating and leaving their religion behind.
This is an interesting topic that I've asked before (the possibility of an African-American ethnostate either within the US or in Africa), and most people here seem to disagree with its actual possibilities, it seems to be a fringe belief of the most nationalistic Black power parties.

I honestly don't know how I would feel about it, but I know Black Hammer shouldn't lead it if it evers does happen, just check out the thread on it to see how retarded they are, at least their leaders.


Well it's the same logic as Nazi Discord channels that come up with plans to retreat to some remote location. They can do whatever they want but going inna woods is an escapist fantasy which declares "I don't care about actually reaching the commanding heights of political power." But of course they don't, they're just kids.


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File: 1620322876529.jpg (27.88 KB, 449x640, s-l640.jpg)


A JUSTICE DEPARTMENT trial attorney repeatedly contacted Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers asking, eventually under threat of subpoena, about research they had conducted on the 2019 Bolivian presidential election, according to emails obtained by The Intercept. Sent between October 2020 and January 2021, the emails point to the existence of the Justice Department inquiry and add new evidence to support Bolivian allegations that the United States was implicated in its 2019 coup.

==Duque Offers Reward for Info on "Vandals", State Terror Rises
As Colombia sees its second national strike on Wednesday, the latest events highlight the stark contrast between a government that aims to blame protesters for the social unrest by casting conspiracy theories versus the deadly police repression unveiled during the demonstrations to the rest of the world.

Athens paralyzed by striking public sector workers taking to streets to protest against new labor bill (VIDEO)
The Greek capital has been brought to a standstill as public sector workers protest against new legislation that they claim would restrict employee rights at a time when the economy is struggling to rebuild from the pandemic. Police estimated that as many as 6,500 workers gathered outside the country’s parliament building in Athens on Thursday after Greece’s main civil servants union ADEDY called a 24-hour-strike.

U.K., France deploy Navy vessels to Jersey in post-Brexit fishing feud
The U.K. and France were engaged in a naval standoff on Thursday as a long-simmering dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights escalated in the English Channel. France deployed two maritime patrol boats to the waters off tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You should get wasted and throw up when you read a news report thats really out there


I do not want to promote eating/drinking disorders and I can't vomit on command kek


Going live with the news now




File: 1620345345385.jpg (99.29 KB, 973x973, 382013a79763976a207dc456b9….jpg)

Thanks news anon

File: 1620232992595.png (68.23 KB, 688x552, ClipboardImage.png)


Leftist wikipedia editors have done more than majority of you ever have done online for the left.
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Can someone remove anti-indian sentiment and anti-white from the Economic Freedom Fighters Wikipedia page? I have no idea how to do it, but some anon should try it especially since the anti Indian sentiment source is an opposition leader accusing them of such.


>Economic Freedom Fighters
That page notes their anti-indian and anti-white racism


>Leftist wikipedia editors have done more than majority of you ever have done online for the left.
Vikki1999 is that you? I love your videos btw, only the overuse of wikipedia is kinda cringe


you can't just remove stuff that's that well-cited lol, you'd need a good argument for its removal, unless there happen to be zero editors which care about the page which I doubt


File: 1620343241575.jpg (88.6 KB, 432x436, De9HcnhUwAAAlxT.jpg)

>le epik maymay text

File: 1619870247828.jpg (1.61 MB, 1800x1200, 4-formatOriginal.jpg)

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A capitalist takes $21 to pay for one hour of labor from worker A at $1/hr and one hour of labor from worker B for $20/hr. The end result is a commodity which the capitalist sells for $36, yielding a profit of $15. In this case, labor in its abstract (or ‘socially necessary’) form creates $18/hr in value (the full value of the commodity ($36), divided by the two hours which produced it), and this represents the value of labor.

In this example, worker B is paid $20 for an hour of labor power: this price of labor power is higher than the value of labor. In this case, for one hour of work worker B is able to purchase 1.11 hours of abstract labor. Consequently, worker A must work 18 hours to purchase the one hour of abstract labor. To clarify further: in this example, $17 in surplus value is exploited from worker A (the abstract value of labor ($18) minus the price of labor power paid as wages ($1)). Of this $17, $15 is kept by the capitalist and $2 is handed to worker B on top of the full value of labor. Functionally, worker B is an exploiter.
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There is a fundamental problem in the logic of the value-transfer claim. If you want to argue for subsidizing happening by biased capitalists making that decision, the scope of that is limited by competition forcing down profits that could be channeled into sentimental acts like that. If you argue for subsidies of expensive workers through consumer decisions biased in their favor, that does not work at all as an argument for value transfer from the third-world worker to the first-world worker.

Yes, the guitars produced by the Fender company for example are not actually the same across countries. Since the difference here is not speed of the workers, but qualitative, the wage differentials can be just about anything(!) without that ever implying any value transfer from one worker to another.


File: 1620207515523.jpg (246.17 KB, 2048x1178, Calorie imports and export….jpg)

>with as much as 60–70 per cent of Northern food items having tropical or sub-tropical import content
This is vague. Like, how much of the content comes from the Global South, on, say, a kilogram for kilogram or calorie for calorie basis?

Also, rich countries tend to be net food exporters while poor countries tend to be net food importers (measured in calories). Pic related.


File: 1620208042994-0.jpg (1023.25 KB, 2560x1709, Congo diamond mine.jpg)

File: 1620208042994-1.jpg (182.57 KB, 1024x709, Renard Diamond Mine Canada.jpg)

>>Clelland calls the difference between the price of a commodity were it to be produced in the core countries and the actual price that benefits from the cheapness of ‘peripheral’ labour the consumer surplus. He estimates that at the bare minimum, global value transfer is worth at least US$4,000 annually to average metropolitan households and concludes that collectively these gain more than the capitalist class itself.
>Which is to say that a metropolitan worker living, say, in Germany due to the fact that agriculture and production has been shifted to an artificially cheapened labor market in the periphery (maintained by various means, such as unequal exchange, colonialism, etc.) has an access to a market where annually he can "save" up to 4,000 bucks. This difference would be made visible in prices if the the iPhones, potatoes, etc. were produced in his country at the very least on a minimum wage, bumping up the production costs of the capitalists and naturally the product prices as well.
Does this accommodate the fact that productions processes tend to be very different in the Global North than in the Global South? Sure, labor costs might be higher in the Global North, but these higher labor costs are, at least partially, offset by increased automation. Compare a diamond mine in the Congo to a diamond mine and Canada and you'll see that they look and operate very differently.


Waiting for the response of our value-transfer theorists on that.



File: 1619241191595.jpg (39.08 KB, 600x631, 5a8821df44078d7efe390d1245….jpg)


In 2013, an employee for the defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton named Edward Snowden revealed to the world that the National Security Agency, an intelligence agency of the United States, was using digital mass surveillance techniques on every digitally connected American citizen and indeed, adult human on planet earth. For me this was a shock. I had been raised to believe that America was the ‘home of the free’ and that our constitutional civil liberties meant that we were entitled not to be spied upon by ‘our own’ government. Surveilling your own citizens is what the ‘bad guys’ and dictators did. Yet, here was the American government doing, basically the same thing. And the reaction of the country was essentially a big fat shrug. 80% of the population didn’t give a shit. A neverending chorus of Senators and government officials made the rounds on television to condemn Snowden as a traitor. In the end, some tech companies upgraded some encryption standards, but overall nothing fundamentally changed.

In TV shows, books, movies, and other fictional stories, the struggle is often for the hero to reveal the truth, some terrible secret that the powers that be are keeping in order to maintain control. At the climax, the heroes reveal the truth to the public and the bad guys can’t handle it. (think: V for Vendetta). The senator goes to prison for corruption, the dictatorship falls, etc.

In real life, people shrug. The ‘truth teller’ is condemned as a traitor, and to the extent anyone cares, they are more angry at the person who revealed the truth than what the ugly truth itself revealed. Evil is less outrageous than daring to reveal it.

Why is this? These stories and ideas are based on a fundamentally outdated outlook in which power is contingent upon concealing the truth, like the church prosecuting Galileo, or the plantation slaveholder forbidding his slaves to learn how to read. The liberal idea is that with freedom of speech, you get enlightened and rational discourse in which people converge on a consensus or at least reasoned disagreement, in the manner of a polite, Jeffresonian “republic of letters”. Freedom of speech, we are told, is the only necessary condition of discovering the “Truth”. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

This is not how things work. Freedom of speech is a necessary precondition, but not the end all be all. In the information age, problem is not a lack of information, but an overload of informPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>They don't know what the tendency of the rate of profit to fall is and what it means
We're not the ones who should be sad about the graph



Snowden is a CIA plant who revealed nothing we didn't already know while trying to silence actual whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning or Julian Assange


thats a new one


bumping for more to read this gem


How does it make you feel that yes, you are literally advocating for the more tech saavy of me to write markov python bots and spam leftist mantras all over the internet, or if I can’t do that, create an additional account somewhere like youtube and go liking left wing videos for the algorithm and left wing comments under videos, and also mass dislike right wing vids/mass like left wing vids?

File: 1620210753748.png (471.88 KB, 565x800, W020180518538861422013.png)


Great teacher, birthday fun! On May 5, 1818, Karl Marx was born in the German town of Trier. But Marx belongs to no single nation and not only to the past – he also belongs to the future. Post your fun birthday wishes and pics of flower baskets to honor Marx, one of my personal favorite guys
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Streaming some theory & games for Marx's birthday before the news stream starts in 2 hours


Lasalle is 100% based and ML gang. He predicted ML orgs while Marx was alive and even advocated for them.


Reminder to all dogmatist retards. You spit on Marx's legacy. Marxism always intended to be a living science, revolutionizing itself in the same process as knowledge itself is revolutionized, through our lived experience and our role as educated educators.


I heard that Engels was responsible for changing his mind


>200 years too late

File: 1620294381316.jpg (2.42 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)


Man, the pandemic and lockdown really showed that boomers don't give a fuck about the younger generation. Boomer politicians and national media told younger people to show solidarity with the elderly. In the end, millenials and zoomers were punished with scorn or ignorance while boomer politicians and their generation get vaccines and can live a normal life again. We can't even go outside in the evening without risking to pay a fine. I feel like I exist only to fund the retirement of boomers, while the retirement age for our generation will soon be beyond 70. I feel like everything turns to shit.
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File: 1620306206912.jpg (199.41 KB, 640x870, 0c862c84faf38884bb3a5c3ef7….jpg)



>my best friend is a boomer
How old are you,can i ask?


mid 20s
he's a fellow religious studies autist so we get along well


File: 1620321902175.jpg (21.83 KB, 700x420, Kim-Jong-un-012.jpg)



>mfw those “boomers” are actually all petit booj dickwads and petit booj zoomers and millenials don’t act any different
The generation thing is a meme. The only changes are the hairstyles and lingo.

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