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I just feel so lost right now. Almost everybody that I like hates LGBT+ people and all the liberals, neocons and other Atlanticists are wrapping themselves in the rainbow flag. How has it helped LGBT+ people in Russia, who are now villified as pro-NATO agents and sympathizers? Are gay Yemenis supposed the cheer the gay drone pilot that murdered their families? Are trans Venezuelans supposted to cheer now that trans North Americans can join the imperialist military? Is somebody who just got thrown into homelessness by their parents for coming out supposed to feel better that funds that could have been used to build housing for them were plowed into regime change ops and military boondoggles instead? How can they call themselves the "new civil rights movement" but be pro-empire and pro-austerity? I hate them, I hate their "open society" and "liberal democracy", I don't want them on my side and I would thank them by finding a way to stab them in the back.
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>it said
>posting on a board that actively shits on trannies by allowing and spreading reactionary idpol and equating it to trans people merely existing
gotta have that good faith discussion about how funny le 41 % maymays are, amirite?


Yeah. I think it's dialectical to think about it this way? You find the universal in the particular, and the combinations of which at different stages create higher forms of unity as opposed to atomization.

I think these Icelandic artists, Hatari, "get it." The music and performance is queer anti-capitalism, it's very avant-garde and extreme, and they did a video with a Palestinian queer artist – a stateless person – who is waving a Palestinian flag around and singing about how he won't be erased. It's interesting because it's a direct attack on the pink Zionist stuff where the Israeli state associates itself with liberal, pwogwessive values. "We've got to drop a bomb on this gay guy for gay rights!"

I think Zionism has also become an identity. If you attack it, then you've triggered my Zionist identity or whatever, which obscures the fact that it's machine that destroys people and takes their land. A queer Palestinian doesn't exist in Zionism, is incompatible with it, and is to be destroyed.


>I think Zionism has also become an identity.
Yeah burgers made a big deal about Wonder Woman being played by an IDF soldier lol.


Hatari is really inspiring for me. I don't like their music, but their entire art project gives me strong urges to do something myself. They are on point and I love it.
?? are you new here lol


Moved to >>>/b/14858.

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>Spanish rapper Pablo Hasel's arrest has sparked protests in major cities, with critics calling his prosecution an assault on free speech. The artist was convicted for insulting the monarchy and glorifying terrorism.

>Thousands of protesters took to the streets across Spanish cities on Tuesday evening demanding the release of a rapper arrested by police over a series of tweets in a controversial free speech case.

>Police in riot gear stormed a university 150 kilometers (90 miles) west of Barcelona on Tuesday morning and arrested rapper Pablo Hasel, who had barricaded himself inside the campus to avoid jail.

>Later in the day, around 2,000 people rallied in central Barcelona waving banners and placards that said: "Freedom for Pablo Hasel."

>A handful of protesters also set trash cans on fire, erected street barricades, and threw stones, bottles, and firecrackers at the police, chanting slogans such as "Death to the Spanish regime."

>Video footage on Twitter also showed police charging at protesters hurling objects at them, trying to disperse the crowd, in some cases using batons and foam projectiles.

>Several stores and banks were damaged, and police stations in the Catalan capital were vandalized, with windows smashed and spray-paints on the walls.

>The Catalan regional police Mossos d'Escuadra said on Twitter that protesters burned motorbikes and bins, creating barricades and blocking streets in Barcelona, adding that 14 people had been arrested.

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File: 1614209379049.jpeg (26.75 KB, 744x478, be-gay-crime.jpeg)

Favorite Spaniards:
Phineas Fisher. She is famous for hacking spyware companies used by governments, Hacking the catalonian cops, Hacking the Turkish government to donate the money to the YPG and for hacking an Offshore bank, leaking everything in each instance and writing much documentation making hacking easy.

>Phineas Phisher, who has previously claimed responsibility for hacking the notorious cyber-mercenary groups Gamma Group and Hacking Team, claims to be a private individual whose stated goals are anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-surveillance. Some suspect Phineas Phisher is a nation-state sponsored hacking group, but there is no way to know.

>The hacking tools used in the 2016 bank heist were off-the-shelf penetration testing tools like PowerShell and Mimikatz. This means that if Phineas Phisher can do it, any number of modestly skilled attackers could as well. This makes the Cayman National attack a case study in how not to secure your networks (or how to rob a bank, depending on your point of view).

Her own article about the bank: https://github.com/Alekseyyy/phineas-philes/blob/master/cayman-english.md
Pic related. It is from her last text.


> Dude give Mexico a try. Spain sucks right now there's nothing to do under the corona regime.
Chile would be the best choice in LatAm – it is safe and also has been taking a huge turn towards popular power since the protests that started in October 2019. It also at least somewhat purged Pinochet's legacy before that.


File: 1614522349970.mp4 (5.73 MB, 480x264, reddit vid.mp4)

Oh look, it's raining.


I haven't heard about much hacktivism since the Anonymous insecure-by-default prime time (unless 420chan admin counts) and am glad to see it still happening, pls share some other active handles to follow (or dump them in the hacktivism thread)


That's from Argentina, but based.

File: 1613638502321.png (38.57 KB, 646x486, NUCLEARRRR.png)

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REDpill me on nuclear energy. Is it really the solution to all our energy problems?
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Unfortunately dams destroy river ecosystems.


I like how that source mentions > some adverse environmental effects and leaves it at that. The Colorado River ecology has been destroyed beyond repair because of > some adverse environmental effects. As it turns out damming entire rivers is awful for wildlife.


Reminder that coal plants produce more radioactive material than nuclear, so decommissioning those for any other solution is a net gain.


Just dump the waste in the deepest parts of Anatarctica, literally no one or anything lives there


france turbo recycles their waste until its far less dangerous wraps it in clay and dumps it in the deepest part of the ocean where it inevitably ends up pulled deeper into the earth.

the only downside is they may inadvertently create godzilla.

File: 1614562139665.jpg (31.11 KB, 582x644, photo_2021-02-28_19-25-28.jpg)


Would you work with real ancaps (not crypto-fash larpers) in destroying the state? Even the most radical of them I've seen say their ancap utopia is being something where they live in extremely decentralized autonomous zones. Keeping aside the fact that capitalism always produces monopolies they're at least against the government.
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I'm an anarchist but I don't support any kind of capitalist anarchists. I think too many anarchists fail to realise the success of Marxism Leninism and go to call something "red fascism" too soon. Left unity.


I read about that, I think it was fake or he purposely antagonized the anarchists.


How the fuck are you supposed to "work with" people that sit on their ass and shill ponzi schemes on the internet? They're not gonna do shit in any situation.


Absolutely it's parody but that does not take away from humor.


No. A private company with its own army is even a shittier form of a state than bourgeoisie democracy.

File: 1614548844703.jpeg (51.24 KB, 600x367, AA06E1FE-B3D9-4A2D-BD38-3….jpeg)


Is socialism when worker cooperatives? Or is socialism when state capitalism? Or is socialism when
About vouchers?
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fascism reinforces the status quo. see Spain or Chile.


>Muh Robert Owen vouchers.


USSR was a very close approximation of that model, so it was socialism.


Oh I know, which is why I disregard the not true Socialism nonsense as just that, nonsense. It is Socialists job to resolve contradictions as they come to us since there isn't this premade idea of an ideal Socialist society, unless you are an Anarchist or sophist. Markets won't disappear overnight, money won't disappear overnight, wages won't disappear overnight. Communism is a historical process of resolving contradictions. The current class dynamic is a current one that won't be done away with by the flick of a wand. State Capitalism is the only solution as it made itself known to us in the 20th century, beyond that it's a case by case basis that Socialists are supposed to resolve.


Labor vouchers are totally not money you cant keep them because the state burns your vouchers after it took what you produced and paid you with vouchers. Thats like totally socialism bro!

File: 1614574046248.bmp (6.98 MB, 1636x1491, 1613080767682.bmp)


What are some good operational security tips, both in person and online? Obviously don't use your real name or face online, but what are some additional steps I can take to remain anonymous, especially during irl protests?
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Cameras have the same kind of location tracking that phones do. You could scrub the metadata later, but I don't know if the FBI can track it in the same way as a phone. Probably not, but I'm not gonna risk it. I'm all for documentation, but you want as few electronics on you as possible.

Unless of course you're not committing a crime, but at that point why bother with opsec in the first place?


This guy knows what's up


How the fuck does this picture work? I just did it and it feels like fucking sorcery. How do I encrypt stuff into a bitmap?


Nah, they act as proof the police attack 'innocents'.


Just search for bitmap stenography, you'll find software that'll do it for you and things that teach you how it works. Ultimately its because the file is just bits and a bitmap is just bits too.

File: 1614626230624.jpg (206.8 KB, 1200x627, Romans-Go-Home-thumbnail.jpg)


Why is this word a thing? English already has a native gender-neutral synonym for "latino": latin. You know, like in Latin America.

It makes zero sense in Spanish, phonetic and grammar wise. From the point of view of a spanish-speaker the word latinx is impossible to pronounce as written.

It's also retarded how woke liberals use the adjective "latino" as to mean non-white (I know colonial racial classifications about whiteness are bs, just bear with me for a sec), when there are plenty of caucasian South Americans, plus of course the majority of the population of Portugal, Spain, France and Italy who are after all, latin peoples as well.
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It's not a thing. It's just liberal idpol jerking off type shit. It's brainless ignore it.


asked and answered, saging


The purpose is, quite simply, to infantilize and covertly denigrate people of Latin American ancestry as backwards primitives that are unable to use "modern" terminology to even describe themselves. The fact is that Romance languages like Spanish and Portuguese are gendered languages, and this upsets modern retards that are somehow convinced that this is a patriarchal attack on whatever idiotic nonstandard pronoun they have chosen for themselves.

The second easiest way to detect a useful idiot is to ask them their opinion on the usage of the word latinx (the easiest way is to see if they list any pronouns in their bio). My ex-girlfriend (who herself is from Colombia) uses it regularly, and lo and behold she thinks that burning down a Wendy's is praxis.


I mean, burning down a wendy's is better than not burning one down all else being equal


Agreed. People using Latinx are just (and I hate this term) virtue signalling how progressive they are. Its a shibboleth that people who masturbate themselves over how progressive they are use.

I would say that these same types don't actually engage in REAL progressivism and improving the lives of marginalized people, but that would be an unfair generalization.

File: 1614598013203.jpeg (113.76 KB, 750x1000, kronstadt-rebellion-eda73….jpeg)

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Is this the most glaring "everyone i don't like is a counter revolutionary" moment ?
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Fuck off with this degenerate nonsense. In socialism you get days off and shit. AES countries don't work people to the bone. Yeah it sucks that people have to work at all, but don't confuse the batshit insane level of work demanded in the west (higher than under feudalism and even some slave societies) for the actual amount required to keep society running. If we work for the people instead of for ever-growing profits it will become apparent very quickly just how much in excess of necessity we are currently producing and it will shock even the most strident anti-work dipshits how much free time people gain.


File: 1614621656187.png (476.76 KB, 853x480, Z875293750235972.png)

>I do not ever think 'work' when I am helping friends, tidying my house, etc. Do you?
NTA but I do. And I'm tired of pretending I do not.



Also the revolution has to build shit.


>I do not ever think 'work' when I am helping friends, tidying my house, etc. Do you?.

No, which is exactly the point. It is a form of work, or at least labor, but it does not seem as such precisely because it is fulfilling. Ideally all forms of labor would be this way but I suspect that is impossible, in which case 'work' in the modern sense should be minimized as much as possible. This is something you can do in your day to day life (and in fact probably already do) even without living under socialism.

>My point stands to this comment to I think, most everyone who exists conception of work is so far removed than what it could be in said society that it is largely irrelivent

Far removed yes, and the ideal form of labor that I (and Marx really) talked about is a long way away. However the discussion is an important propaganda tool because it motivates people to get up off their asses and fight for a society which isn't alienating. In that sense it is very much relevant as a concept.


File: 1614622425341.gif (6.75 KB, 425x291, situationist-cartoon.gif)

Way to ignore the whole posts, retard.
Hmmm, then maybe you should not help them if it has become s obad as to associate it with work.
>No, which is exactly the point. It is a form of work, or at least labor, but it does not seem as such precisely because it is fulfilling. Ideally all forms of labor would be this way but I suspect that is impossible, in which case 'work' in the modern sense should be minimized as much as possible. This is something you can do in your day to day life (and in fact probably already do) even without living under socialism.
I think we are talking past each other because I leargely agree. for me this is a linguistic issue only. I.e. Is it labour? absolutely, many things in our personal lives can be labour, I know it is a meme but 'emotional labour' is also an interesting concept. is it 'work'? not in my book.

File: 1614535506394.png (12.52 KB, 272x186, 282ABA21-BFC5-44AC-BC73-99….png)


Is the class designed to teach you how to lick porky’s cum off the floor or something?
Wtf do they even teach you in econ?
And why do people pretend that it’s a hard science?
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But I thought communism meant no say bad about communism economics


At my uni Capital was required reading for upper year Econ classes. I'd be shocked if it wasn't the same in Vietnam.


File: 1614617638612.png (242.8 KB, 327x499, ClipboardImage.png)

>At my uni Capital was required reading for upper year Econ classes.
Outside of the deranged mind of the burgers Capital is a seminal piece of economic theory, I honestly could not understand why anyone would bother to do an econ course that whitewashes away marx?


>I honestly could not understand why anyone would bother to do an econ course that whitewashes away marx?

This is a rhetorical question, right?


None of those graphs were about whether or not people make more than some arbitrary poverty line

File: 1612621898418-0.jpg (281.16 KB, 1200x1200, Ecuador.jpg)

File: 1612621898418-1.jpg (101.13 KB, 1500x1000, Correa.jpg)

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This thread will be dedicated to the upcoming Feb 7 elections in Ecuador.

The three main contenders are
Andres Arauz (Correista, so socdem but antiimperialism pilled)
Guillermo Lasso (literal comprador porky)
Yaku Perez (cringe indigenous idpol candidate)

The stakes of these elections, besides governing a country of 17 million people:

-Possibility of further breaking the blockade in Venezuela
-Some benefits for Cuba
-Possibility to definitely affirm the rebirth of leftism in Latin America as a force in ascent
-(Maybe) Some more support for Peruvian leftist candidates in the upcoming elections in April

And last but not least the possibility of making some Porklets somewhere shake in their boots as stated by Bloomberg in this article:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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both the US and Soviet Union had been stagnating since the early 70s when the post war boom officially ended, the soviets started with a smaller share of the world economy so they collapsed quicker. Stuff like the Pink Tide actually did do a huge blow to the Monroe Doctrine, or at least exposed its weaknesses, remember that the US had been trying to overthrow Chavismo in Venezuela since at least 2002 and have never succeeded.


The ARI helped give people more power (to hallucinate)


It's unthinkable the uncivilized barbarians could use a tool better than westerners.


woah dude cool it with the racism


Very true. I'm still going to think about worse case scenarios until I see them proven otherwise in that specific instance.

Every situation is different.

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