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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1656823244049.gif (2.83 MB, 498x445, ap.gif)


Why can't idealism and marxism go together? When I read Che. I read a very romantic version of Marxism that paints a proletarian struggle towards self determination and a proper, purified culture. I think the overly scientific/materialist lens of Marxism kind of dillutes the true potential of an ideology found upon liberation of all peoples and the use of the world's resources for all. The problem in a culture like America isn't just material but also spiritual, in attitude to how Americans see each other and their relationship to society.
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I suffer too for being evangelical and communist at the same time


look into ernst bloch and terry eagleton


Idealism in common parlance is not the same thing.
Also you’re a dumb frog poster.


>why cant fire and water go together?
t. water gang



How does this not happen more often?

In 1 single plane Poland lost

President of Poland, first lady of Poland
Former president of Poland
Chief of staff for army, navy and air force (3 people)
Governor of national bank
Deputy foreign minister
Head of national security bureau

+ Many other important members of government

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>The group was arriving from Warsaw to attend an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the massacre


File: 1656892104112.jpg (57.26 KB, 600x755, blokhin.jpg)



Apparently this gave Polish people even more of a lasting hatred for Russians. I'm wondering, if this event never happened, would relations between Poland and Russia have been better?


This was interesting part of Wikipedia page. Idk if true or not but neat

>NATO was reportedly concerned over the possible compromise of many of its secret codes and communications procedures to the Russian government. Many of the Polish government and military officials on the aircraft apparently carried secret NATO communication key codes and devices which were recovered by the Russians after the crash.[167]

>As of November 2015, Russia is still in possession of the wreckage and black boxes of the Tupolev, having refused various requests made by the Polish government to return the items.[168] In 2018, PACE issued resolution #2246 which calls Russian Federation to hand over the wreckage of the plane.[169]

File: 1656768311813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 374.72 KB, 1200x1600, 1654582636818.jpg)


I'm a cooder for a respectable software company and I absolutely can't stop coding. Im to the point of feeling genuine shame and guilt if I stop learning the latest framework/devops toolkit or whatever the fuck. Technology moves so fast especially open source software such that everyday there is a new technological leap that renders everything I've learnt in the past obsolete. I have to keep working during my free time as well learning these new tech stacks in order to remain employable or ahead of the market. Not only that but now they demand that you take certificates from software vendors in order to prove your skills. And these certs have a bazillion levels and aren't always cheap. I regret that we've come to that point as a species where you're required to grind constantly in order to survive. I doubt my parents or grandparents had to go through this bullshit.
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you need some interests or hobbies that give you something to talk about, the rest is handled by drugs


What a fucking disgusting thread, everyone here should be banned (except me ofc)


Anon stop your frontend javashit. Become sysdev our tools don't change


Are you retarded on purpose?


Tech workers are worth contempt because they are often petite bouge and outright reactionary libertarians and capitalist cucks. They believe in meritocracy and think they're superior. Read hackernews on any social issue and you'll have armchair retards being wannabe Ben Shapiro facts and logic yards. But software workers in general worldwide are not and are just workers. How exactly do you think we can run a modern means of production without software?


I admit I'm a tourist, but i've been studying Communism for awhile now, and the average person doesn't even know the difference between Marism, Leninism, Stalinism etc., so I'm in good faith.
And im asking for a gestalt
Like I just want to know the bottom line here, my impression is that basically it's a tankie board.
Like Anarchists are accepted and appreciated for the perspectives they bring but for all intents and purposes it's accepted that there isn't any real alternative that can challenge the bourgeois system feasibly that doesn't have some tankie things as a major component.

Am I correct?

And what else are some of the major elements/points currently?
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>libertarian (state) socialism.


>Aral Sea
This shit again?
>the West didn't have a major radiological disaster
Three Mile Island was avoided purely because a shift change occured just at the right time. It didn't occur not because of any proper policy, but because of luck.


File: 1656823288244.jpg (104.7 KB, 1200x1200, yeltsin.jpg)

The things one has to read


I'm still not going to effort post too much here so by so means throw my posts in the trash but specifically:


We haven't had one lately but occasionally we'll get liberals come here with examples of commodities that aren't tethered to the SNLT required for production and distribution. Stuff like wine, art, collectibles, basically any good that can demonstrate the applicability of marginalism. Instead of acknowledging that there are scenarios where it's fine to use marginalism, anons will twist themselves into knots to demonstrate that a $5000 magnum of wine can somehow be explained by the resources required to prevent the cork from rotting. LTV has its place but you can still apply Marxian critiques of capitalism even in edge cases where it demonstrably does not apply. To reference my first post: LTV is a liberal hypothesis from Ricardo, Marxists have no duty to defend it and if deboonking it destroys Marxism then it must also assuredly destroy the underpinnings of Liberalism.

>Falling profits

This is a demonstrable phenomenon that liberals and Marxists can agree on, so my criticism of how it's used around here is based on the silly anons who think it's a gotcha that guarantees socialism. There are self resolving mechanisms within capitalism to address the problem (new markets, technological advancements, corollary industries, etc.) and reactionary political movements that reinforce the capitalist class positions like fascism. Gramsci spent his prison years theorizing about why post World War workers rejected communism despite the rapidly deteriorating conditions of the working class and buddy let me tell you that is far more relevant in the imperial core than it ever has been.

There are too many examples to list of regions or peoples engaging in what is colloquially understood as imperialism prior to the development of late capitalism. You can call it vulgar imperialism if you prefer but even a retard like Harris understands regional powers leaning on their neighbors for a better take is reactionary bullshit


Call it demsoc then, whatever.

File: 1656623600803.png (58.51 KB, 327x154, ClipboardImage.png)

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i dont understand this argument:
wouldnt this apply to capitalism in general too. Wouldnt this apply to capitalist growth rates and limited resources. If it does then wouldnt this mean capitalism is unsustaniable in the long run sowell
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Any decent Marxist will benefit from reading Sowell.



Sowell basically just compresses what earlier authors laid out in more detail but in an easily digestible format. Why would reading him be useful?


>there is never enough of anything to satisfy those who want
Complete bollocks. Commodities are overproduced all the time. 2 years ago oil prices went negative, they literally had too much oil to sell. Why the fuck does anyone listen to this idiot or pay him any attention?


Because the right parrots him as a genius


>Government that exercises military dominance over the land
>Government that exercises military dominance over the sea
Which type of government is more likely to emerge victorious?
Which would you argue brings more formidable militaries?
Are they doomed to never really meet due to different areas of dominance?
Which is cooler, in your opinion?
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>These are fine for shore defenses
Do you really need more than that ?


If you want to unseat unipolar hegemony you do. China can have all the coastal defenses it wants, it won't help them keep the US navy from blockading any number of maritime choke points (Hormuz, Malacca, Suez, Panama, etc) or seizing Chinese shipping in the open ocean.


Maybe it's cheaper to build train tracks throughout Eurasia and evade rather than fight the US Navy.
If the US pirates Chinese ships, stationing light military forces on their trade ships directly should be cheaper than naval escorts.
The most efficient way to counter blockades in maritime choke points is to build alternative trade routes. Especially for all those canals. If I'm not mistaken China already has a project in Nicaragua that would bypass the Panama canal.

If you buy a fleet of glorious battleships, that investment depreciates in 30-40 years with new technology. But the additional trade canal will generate benefits that last at least 200 years. Buying fancy weapons is about getting better at competing with in the current environment. Building new trade canals is changing the environment to your advantage. That's on a higher strategical level.

Maybe China still needs some naval power, but a lot of US naval power can be negated by civilian infrastructure, that has a higher return on investment and further improves China's image towards being a benevolent power. You know the slogan "China builds, USA bombs"

If you engage in any kind of warfare, the most important factor is that you can decide when and where the battle takes place. In your example The US decides about those things by attacking Chinese trade. If China does reactive defense as you suggest, they would let the US have the advantage of dictating the terms of engagement . The more correct strategy for China is to not directly defend their trade routes but instead focus on finding easy US targets they can threaten to deter the US from hostile actions. That way the potential battles would happen on Chinese terms.

You think too small.


Peepeeocracy vs poopooacracy


what about a government that exercises control over the rules, like a rules-based government

bet you tankies didnt think of that

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Did communist countries or any communist country at all limit the ability of their citizens it leave the country?

If they did what is the purpose of doing this in Marxist theory?
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I don't get the joke here, is it that the Nazi Germany and the USSR are flipped in this example to make a point? Because that doesn't make sense, as the Axis actually did outnumber the Soviets at the beginning of the war in troop count, and continued to outnumber them in their total industrial labour pool throughout the war. Depending on where you look as well, they did lose troops at a comparative amount to the USSR.


Hi Reddit


Cope on a rope


I appreciate you sharing that anon such a journey sounds quite lovely


"communist countries" are a nonsense and by implication have never existed

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We have all seen absurd caricatures, outright lies, uncited rumors, and subtle slanders in popular media depicting communists and communist figures. Post the most ridiculous shit you've seen. Even in "comedies" or other such genres that reinforce their propaganda through the pretense of "merely" being a joke or satire.
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fucking gusanos have been doing this shit for decades now, you'd think they'd have new material


>American libs sometimes have trot brainworms.
Based :^)


>Socialism always leads to Communism


File: 1656877989643.png (208.33 KB, 753x888, ClipboardImage.png)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare attributes the gulf war "highway of death" to the Russian Federation and not the USA



A lot of rooty tooy point and shooty military games are unironically government funded, they have an interest in saying shit like this. Shooting up places that suspiciously look like Iran or Venezuela too, but this was never considered "shoving politics into muh vidya games" by certain crowds

File: 1656861807293.gif (3.07 MB, 800x1600, 1610911051755.gif)


>Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts without a valid license.
Pirate radio seems like an excellent opportunity for dissemination of left analysis and propaganda. Right wing radio has been one of the major drivers of fashy radicalization in the US, often being billed as local "news" stations. Getting an idea in someone's head is the first step toward changing their worldview, and idly tuning into a radio station is a pretty low stakes, seemingly apolitical way of absorbing information. I think this could be especially effective in more rural areas. What do you think? Have you had experience with this kind of broadcasting? Discuss.
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Fm radio is still kinda expensive equipment wise, a pirate station has to disguise it's origin by using technical measures to deceive signal triangulation. That requires a lot of technical expertise. And it's analog so you have a narrow frequency range that would quickly get crowded.

Maybe it would be easier to use something digital. A WiFi mesh-net, perhaps.


I know some people who run a local pirate station from time to time. if you use a span of the spectrum that no other stations are on then you're less likely to be triangulated. I'd recommend hiding the transmitter somewhere and controlling it with a raspberry pi via tor
if you want international listeners then shortwave may be a better option, but the antenna system will need to be much larger
there are cheap chinese transmitters. but if you want to get any range out of it then you need to add a PA. you might also want an antenna with suitable gain like a collinear dipole
t. licensed amateur radio operator


File: 1656876310971.png (2.55 MB, 1000x1404, ClipboardImage.png)

Pirate radio is completely useless in this day and age but I've thought about starting my own station to transmit fucked up creepy cryptic messages like a numbers station and see how long it takes anyone to notice


Pirate radio might be relevant if the government hits the internet killswitch- but even then, there are alternative solutions like TOR and mesh networks i think? I feel like only boomers listen to radio and not many other people


You thought about it but you will never do anything.

File: 1656871948938.png (6.36 KB, 1093x747, AnComsAreShit.png)


I'm gonna be absolutely honest, "Anarcho-Communism" is super retarded, I'm no AnCap either tho. AnComs believe in crap like "direct democracy". It's not anarchy then. The true meaning of the word "Anarchy" means No Rulers, and also believes in the abolishment of hierarchies so if you start shoving direct democracy in there, then there are rulers. and I know Direct Democracy means that only the people vote on certain issues.But some people might NOT vote, Therefore it is a hierarchy, Therefore, it is a contradiction. I'm getting tired of a lot of these anarchist ideologies completely contradicting themselves. True anarchy can be achieved if you have no governmental systems. Because then there wouldn't be a hierarchy between voters and non-voters. To add onto injury, There have been several anarcho-communist countries, but they all failed in under 10 years, The longest lasting AnCom Utopia lasted 6 years, I wish that a lot of modern anarchists didn't say they were AnComs. Anarchy is supposed to be individualist, not collectivist. Max Stirner is a great example of an ACTUAL anarchist, if not far more radical.
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Yeah but you shouldn’t use another larp ideology as an example of your own one lmao


They’re political impotents who don’t know how to do a dialectical materialist analysis of the world necessary to achieve their own goals, but you’re also a sectarian asshole


a lot of ancoms are opposed to direct democracy and support only unanimous decision-making


>don’t know how to do a dialectical materialist analysis of the world
i have my doubts you do. tell me, have you ever read hegel?


Anarchy is the sublimation of the function of the political state into civil society, the direct social self management of the population. This is neither collectivist nor individualist and opposed to any kind of democracy. Stirner's project should not be interpreted as an object ontology, that would be a disservice to his work.
Appealing to historical failures of certain movements ignore the conditions that move history and can only really lead to a fetishism of the status quo. It is a fundamentally liberal argument

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