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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1626506979938.png (28.99 KB, 554x554, 34bc52e2c9b21295c9c1b69b5b….png)


what would be the ideal social network site???

Imageboards (ex: 4chan, *chan “alt chans”):
• Anonymous
• No registration
• OP requiring attachment forces content/memes to be produced
• Pruning catalog keeps server space needed to minimum
• Lack of upvote system reduces groupthink and disincentivizes non-originality
• Anonymity + siloing by board centered board identity over personality
• Linear reply structure that requires minimal interaction to read
• Effortposts that do happen are often phenomenal quality
• Attracts schizos, racists and “free speech” people who have been banned from other SM for good reason
• Dated UX/UI (mid 2000s approx.) loved by users but retro looking and unappealing to “normies”.
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>getting mad about not having an archive is autistic
>Why should anyone effortpost when it gets lost to the sands of time and the hope that someone screenshot it and is sharing that image with you?
Hasn't stopped anyone. This is a social media site, not some publishing site aimed at attention whoring. If it's something you will miss when it's gone, this was never the site it should be on and you should have no delusions of that.


t. autist


Describe to me what feature of autism that paraphrasing is reminiscent of.

This is a social media site. It's not a repository. It's not a publication site. If those are your intents, you SHOULD use another place that is made for those purposes. /leftypol/ is not pretending to be a good site for posting high-effort material on, that would actually be harmful to pretend it's a good idea to be storing it in an obscure place like here. It's like getting mad at a fork for not cutting through meat.


its irrelevant because there are third party archiving services that are regularly used and also people will cap any genuine effortposts


obviously is should have different moderation teams that you can select / subscribe to to mederate your content

mods are not doing their job, we need public militia

File: 1626769970638.png (727.06 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20210720-043056….png)


Man I would be so UPSET and heartbroken if this ship exploded with a glorious, courageous and exceptional human in it like Jeff bezos. Lord please guide this plane back to earth safely intact.

I will cry if I see this explode on my tv live

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File: 1626770298564.png (297.05 KB, 576x566, blur.png)

thats right prole, im going to go to space and survive

and when we're done, I'm gonna use the same tech to escape to another planet once we ruin this one. Enjoy your climate apocalypse proleoid!


Both die we win. One dies we win but slightly less.


I'm gonna be really pissed at commies if Jeff Bezo's rocket explodes in a left wing terrorist attack. fucking kike uyghurs the lot of you


The worst people live on case and point:

Yeltsin is still alive


I miss that uygha, I'm gonna buy a bust of him and sleep with it next to my Misato body pillow.

File: 1625799820195.png (90.55 KB, 700x655, revolution.png)


Suggest 3 reforms that you believe to be both desirable and immediately practicable by your countries government. Develop on your reasoning as much or as little as you please.
>Nooooooo I'm not a reformist I'm a true and honest revolutionary I have no interest in playing around the edges I'm only interested in how everyone will do exactly what I want after the revolution
Marx wrote a list of 10 policies which were immediately practicable and desirable. I'm only asking you for 3. If you really can't think of any, you need to spend more time reading and less time posting.
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1. Call for a consituyent assembly to change the constitution.
2. Pursuit a nonaligment policy instead of being lapdogs of the US
3. Pursuit a negative carbon emission policy in 10 years (the most progressive thing we have is replace oil with gas, electric should be our focus).

I'm sorry I didn't put nothing about economy, but really, even to take hold of the main economic drivers (or to tax the rich) we have to get rid of the constitution.


Abolish the monarchy
Stop aligning with america
Focus on industry instead of tourism.


Immediate declaration of war on the EU.


>a big focus on the health department’s infrastructure and training to build toward fully free healthcare to curb the rise of private ones
>reforms on property tax to prevent the ballooning real estate bubble and the rising petit bourgeois landlords from returning in full
>diverting government funding from building airports to the high speed railway system
>reducing military spending on foreign hardware and a refocus on domestic R&D (which of course includes nuclear energy)
>sea wall projects to protect the deltas from rising sea level
>reverting westernized education directions


As a burger here is some demands that I can think of off hand. We should collectively take similar ideas and begin to use them in agtiprop:

>Removing the legalized bribary in the government and remove lobbyist groups to be barred from government.

>Massive reduction in private military funding and black projects that cannot be audited. Redirecting said funds into domestic R&D.

>Repelling of Glass Stegal and the other laws that have granted corporations the same rights as citizens.

>Mass reduction to ceasing all fossil fuel useage and immediate switching to Nuclear Fission and hopeful fusion in the future, while promoting the greener energy sorces.

>Repair the failing infrastructure, modernize it and allow for the creation of cleaner alternatives of travel. I don't know maybe make bullet trains as an example.

>Immediate collectivization of companies that are racking in millions to billions of dollars, and forced them to become unionized and redistribute the wealth among worker's benefit and wages.

>Free public health care for all, this include your dental, vision, mental health, etc.

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File: 1626763483060.jpg (149.41 KB, 559x719, reza.jpg)


Hello, my name is Trump Support-er, and I hate liberals. I mean I really hate them. Democrats, liberals, conservatives, most socdems and demsocs. Really anyone who voted for a Democrat in the past four years. Sorry I used to make exceptions for "harm reduction" anarchists or whatever, but I'm very drained from being called a subhuman constantly by normie Biden supporters.

My question is, what is the most effective way to own the libs? To really destroy liberalism and make the libs cry and seethe?

Fascism? I don't really care about "the white race" or any right wing culture war things (Jews, trans, vidya). Doubt most people in the US would go along with it anyway, so it would fail.

Collapsism? Seems like it might take too long, be too complicated. Just US centric, then neo-China rules, which is based of course. Global, then industrial society never recovers. Of course many libs are owned in the process. But enough? and how quickly? I don't want to wait 20 years for climate change to destroy the world.

Accelerationism? The insane kind. AI assembling itself systematically exterminates life on Earth. Very thorough owning of the libs, very "up my alley" interests wise. But how long will this take? And what if life isn't destroyed, but instead is simply deterritorialized completely? Are the libs still owned if they're just turned into eggs, or whatever? Compare and contrast "Biosphere dissolves into technosphere" (Meltdown) and "No more human beings, only desiring machines" (Neo-Futurism). Which is worse? For the libs, I mean.

Maoism/Stalinism? This would be kindof a "right wing accelerationism" that is, accelerating leftism. You could also put "bioleninism" (identitarianism/"wokeness") here. We get the most extreme leftism, and ruin everyone to the right of that, which includes every liberal. Those of you pining for a communist revolution, what is your sect, and how many liberals will be thrown in the gulags? (You will be too) I know, and do not care, so long as liberals suffer. That being said, I can recite Marx, Lenin, Adorno, Foucault. Whatever sect you are, I can try and blend in.

Posadism? Collapsism, but funnier and quicker. Thermonuclear apocalypse to own the libs. Bonus that blue cities will be hit first.

What do you guys think? What ideology should I be to ensure the largest amounts of liberal tears? (But the whole point of accelerationism is that it doesn't matter whether you want Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You're literally identical to the liberals you seethe over, anon. All you're doing is swapping around the very beliefs you hold like they're new outfits.


I mean….yeah I guess you're right. He who fights monsters and all that. If I burn up alongside the liberals so be it.


There is no difference between republicans and democrats or whoever since they all protect capital. Come back to me when you actively support a group or a cause that rallies against capital and recognizes only class as the root cause of all problems in society.


File: 1626830631638.png (141.54 KB, 1259x506, libs.png)



bioleninism is not a real thing stop being such a fucking ameriburger

File: 1626798709714.png (201.16 KB, 1024x1003, 1024px-Base-superstructure….png)


I've been thinking back and forth about this a lot from time to time.
There is definitely a materialistic analysis of natural evolution based on this model.

In my analysis, I consider life and genes to be the base. It is the things we have at an individual level that really makes us who we are. It defines the next generation and what comes next. Agents of this world. This includes any other living animal, but also at an individual level rather than species level.

The superstructure is the environment, which includes other living organisms as well. That is because living organisms affect the environment as well.
From the great oxygenation event to modern humans' effects on the environment. All these affect the evolution of other species.
Phenotype is also part of the environment since your phenotype can be influenced by the environment in real-time. For example, if your heart breaks down, you die and become a genetic deadend. However, if a pacemaker is installed, you can live and maybe also reproduce.

One problem I have is that I cannot think of any implications or use for this analysis as of yet. Any ideas, criticism, or anything?
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everyone making false assertions and talking shit however is from /pol/ and it makes up the majority of the board


Or maybe they really don't know and are asking a fucking question to clarify something. It's fucking weak that any assertion would trigger someone like this. Not everyone is an irony poisoned faggot like yourself.


This is retarded, why would genes by the base and the environment the superstructure? Do you think humans created the environment prior to them coming into existence?


Idk, why don't you read the comments and see what others have said before you pile on your unnecessary insult.


Read Gregory Bateson. There is already a lot of work examining circular causation and feedback loops in biology. No need to reinvent the wheel or force an analogy.

File: 1625537565495.png (613.3 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20210705-220917….png)

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Show support to our borger king bro trashing breadtube stupidity.

You guys are going to read the book anyway for free online

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File: 1626820514358.png (495.51 KB, 526x518, ClipboardImage.png)

Boot's with us


writing a book with "breadtube" in the title is some deranged shit


GET IN HERE before the stream ends.


Fuck, CIA got him AGAIN.


Marx, to diss on rivals, literally wrote books which had callouts in the book titles, so Maupin is not exactly anomalous here.

File: 1626768276992.jpg (146.59 KB, 856x1662, cecf993689bba2afb82b2dee01….jpg)


Where is it possible to find modern and materialist history of things?
Why everytime i search for something I always have to to through pile of positivist brainlets?
I want a library full of Materialist Analysis of history. Why i cannot find out history of the Mongol Empire and Lamaism without reading through some micky mouse shit about
>lmao they chinks they think like dat
>lmao das tradition mane
>lmao religion says x therfore y happen
why there is no fucking historian who explain the material basis of these thoughts of tradition in the first place? No wonder people are geographically and historically illiterate
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I'm also interested in this


Thank you




Dead board


Moved to >>>/edu/6516.

File: 1623126526010.png (63.31 KB, 336x469, socialism will win.png)

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This is the thread for good news.

People have a tendency to focus on what is going wrong and miss out on what is going well.
I'm also suspecting that there is a doomer astroturf going on.

To counteract this a little i want to ask you to post uplifting news.
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File: 1626800482738-0.png (27.09 KB, 975x362, 1626719582685-0.png)

File: 1626800482738-1.mp4 (3.78 MB, 640x304, 1626719582685-1.mp4)

Also a funny side story:


Dropping a massive whitepill for you bloomerbros

>China's central bank will support Shanghai to pilot the free exchange of renminbi (RMB) and explore the free flow of capital to facilitate cross-border trade and investment, an official said Tuesday at a press conference introducing Shanghai's further opening up.

>The People's Bank of China (PBOC) will back up Shanghai's trial in the free use of RMB, further facilitate the free flow of enterprises' trade and investment funds, and explore the free flow and free convertibility of capital in its Lingang Special Area, said Wang Xin, director-general of the PBOC's Research Bureau.

>"The PBOC measures to facilitate trade and investment are bound to optimize the business environment in the Lingang Special Area," said Liu Chunsheng, associate professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics in China. (LOL imagine believing this shit)

>Shanghai will deepen its financial opening up to develop RMB offshore transactions, cross-border trade settlement and overseas financing services, and increase the two-way opening of the market, said Chen Yin, Shanghai's executive vice mayor.

>To meet the increasing global demand for RMB assets, China has been promoting the high-level opening up of its financial sector, including the bond market, stock market, foreign exchange market, commodity futures market and financial derivatives market.

>The country has also removed restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares held in banks, securities, funds, futures and personal insurance.

>It has cancelled restrictions on the access of foreign capital to areas such as corporate credit management, rating and payment.


File: 1626808215565.png (161.96 KB, 499x361, 1617218608854.png)

>Dropping a massive whitepill for you bloomerbros
>China's central bank will–
Stopped reading. GTFO, Dengoid!!!


The irony understander logged on.
Next time read what gets posted instead of going apeshit.


>RMB slowly replacing USD as the world currency
Based, thanks for the good news.

File: 1626742773081.jpg (28.62 KB, 474x474, 9-5.jpg)


Hey lads,

I've been reading a lot of post-left anti-work and post-civ stuff lately. I've decided that my life goal is to escape wage slavery as soon as possible. I actually went ahead and put in my two weeks' notice today; unfortunately it's just to go to a slightly less shittier job—I'll still be a 9–5 drone albeit with better pay, PTO, and actually simply working 9–5/no weekends instead of 9–6 and weekends.

Anyways, how does one escape wageslavery? I've analyzed some options and they all seem unappealing to me. Here goes:


This option depends on hyperinflation not happening, society not collapsing, the USA economy keeping steady for a few decades, and so forth. Too risky, and you still have to waste away your youth and wageslave until your 40's while living like a miser. It's the "safe" option, but no guts, no glory?


Not really an option because my parents won't support me. Plus, I don't want to live with my parents as an adult. Lastly, I'd rather take a more proactive approach to achieving freedom than languishing away at home.


Based, but in the end it's working all the same. Being a drug dealer is like running a small business, only you have to deal dangerous customers as a bonus. Learning how to hack/fraud/etc. would take the same if not more effort than learning how to code and getting a non-illegal tech job.

Does /leftypol/ have any ideas? How the fuck do we escape slavery?
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>THe only commune I found wanted to force me to work a given number of hours a week or they would ban me. This is worse than capitalism.

How? It seems a bit less alienated.


I really need some good money saving tips and stuff like this from other leftists. The less you consume, the more money you can save and not have to work. Obviously doesn't apply to all proles, only the better paid ones.

Here are fast and easy tips:
- AdBlock! Adverts work. They work on you, whether you know it or not..
- Buy fans if you live in hot places, try to minimize AC use.
- thrift shops. NOT vintage Stores. Especially good in the US.
- don't eat out.
- drugs can be very expensive. Alcohol for ex. Especially if you do the fancy cocktail shit.
- If you get invited to restaurants, order the cheapest shit, nothing, or a dessert. Don't drink at restaurants.
- red meat is very expensive. Pork fills you up more per cent than chicken.
- legumes are super easy to make and are a great base.
- cancel subscriptions you might not need.
- move to a smaller place that is cheaper.
- whatch out for impulsive buys. You probably don't need that shit. Try to buy used if you think you will actually use it.


It only one step above acutal slavery.


Just like wages that don't allow you to pay rent.


And this, my friend, is why I am not in this comune.

File: 1626628550885.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.18 KB, 640x526, just-start-your-own-bank-w….jpg)


/leftypol/ told me i should always support Nationalism outside the imperial core, but isn't it a simplistic view?
When is Nationalism good and when is it bad?
Why the iranian revolution based but the Afghan struggle against a foreign country not?
Why is it ok for Iran but not for Checenya?
Isn't the Yugolav balcanization also a struggle for self determination? How about the prague spring or the hungarian counter revolution?
Where do i draw the line?
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>nationalism is good when I like it and bad when I don't like it


File: 1626804272646.png (220.75 KB, 600x729, Yes.png)

>>nationalism is good when I like it and bad when I don't like it


well yeah right-wing nationalism is mostly about just being a pretentious try hard asshole to people and left-wing nationalism is defensive.


>this is your brain on post-modernism


Based and correct.

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