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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1614516574666-0.jpg (88.73 KB, 1200x617, us regional commands.jpg)

File: 1614516574666-1.jpg (133.77 KB, 1200x955, chinese regional commands.jpg)


This is the regional military commands of the United States and the regional military commands of the People's Republic of China.

Even if you think China has a couple examples of belligerent foreign policy, how do you think these are even remotely comparable?


File: 1614516788996.jpg (81.99 KB, 800x650, 8a3df7f9293b5a8f9f16fc6d80….jpg)

>imperialism is when you have a "belligerent foreign policy"


China has no choice, they are completely contained and surounded on all sides. Pretty much any developed country could send cruise missles to blow up the 3 gorges dam.


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Please stop making more and more topics about China and USA

File: 1614516213211.png (39.32 KB, 208x200, 78967.png)




And that's a good thing? While /pol/yps are distracted by mirror boards, leftypol stays comfy.


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File: 1614437309218.jpg (11.09 KB, 236x323, 2db80e03009a6ba2375a7867dc….jpg)


Why does Maoism always attract insane people? Cultural revolution, Khmer rouge, shining path etc
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According to this thread here the BPP were actually crazy.
There are quite some excellent things being proposed here.


How tf does communists being beaten in those places because they refused armed resistance “prove Maoism” you fucking retard? Marx himself said that the Paris Commune was destroyed because when they held power they refused to BTFO the liberals. It’s obvious that when you take power you have to destroy your enemies as quickly as possible, the problem is that there’s much more nonsense attached to Maoism than just that, now flip off bruh


They weren’t what you’d call Maoists
And they actually did fail in the end


Okay faggoid, now you should be fuckng bayoneted


Better question, why does Maoism aways attract BASED people?

File: 1614249304876.png (32.09 KB, 340x227, ClipboardImage.png)

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Thoughts on leftcom
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Amazed how people can be so pedantic, yet understand so little about what they're pedantic about.

It's one person.


Keep crying badass, it's adorable.


1. Like .1% of the US population knows the history of the three arrows and at this point it just symbolizes "anti-fascist" because it looks cool and is easier to draw/stencil than wreaths of wheat around wrenches or whatever. I don't know if there's a 90 page inscrutable manifesto on people who are pedantic about symbolism but maybe we need one
2. Rightoids believe all kinds of retarded shit that obviously fails Occam's razor or whatever approaches objective reality. Black clad forever students could round up every Soros/Zuckerberg/Gates boogeyman and execute them live on Hannity with a short list of mono-syllabic demands and rightoids would still build a narrative about holograms and white the Human Rights Council.


Says the autist that bitches at people because he can't read.


Czarist Russia was a rapacious imperialist power that was an enormous empire. India is nowhere near as powerful.

File: 1614212301802.jpg (47.15 KB, 432x366, Buzz lightyear hmm.jpg)

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A common theme I hear on this site is that America is losing its hegemony and is on the brink of collapse. I generally agree with the former, but I am much more skeptical about the latter. The America has been through a lot of tough shit, like the Civil War, the Long Depression, the Great Depression, and World War II, but managed to get through all of those in one piece. It has also long been an incredibly stable nation in spite of these crises, and has never come close to "collapse". People say the end of the petrodollar resulting from the loss of American hegemony will spell the end of America, but all I see it doing is, at worst, causing a recession. As I said, America has already experienced some big economic crises, so I don't see how a petrodollar crisis would be any worse. There are also issues like Global Warming and the falling rate of profit, but those will hurt every country, not just America.

Disclaimer: I am American, so I am definitely biased here.
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Zero, hurting liberal feefees isn't against the rules


Go get em, Don Quijote!


Will do!


Watch out Quijote! There is another symbol of white supremaciy, this time in a kids cartoon from the 1978!!!!!



Nope. It's still hegemonic.

File: 1613297146877.jpg (24.91 KB, 1200x630, index(59).jpg)


A thread for moments when liberals discover through research something painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain.

In today's episode, liberal academics, after undertaking several studies have found that wage is a more motivating factor for employment than company philanthropy. Furthermore, they found that wages are similarly better at motivating workers. These findings are sure to send shockwaves through the academic world.

>Corporate philanthropy is not as successful at attracting and motivating workers as several recent studies have shown, according to new research, with company charity often coming out of potential wages in order to avoid cutting into profits.

>In a study published in the March edition of Games and Economic Behavior, researchers found that higher wages are up to five times more effective at attracting employees than increased corporate philanthropy, and wages are similarly more effective at motivating workers to be more productive.
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>extremist attitudes
socialists are also "extremists" according to lib canon


Liberals discover class struggle.
>There is a scarring effect of unemployment on social trust.
>There is a scarring effect of unemployment on social trust.


Can't wait for the next episode, "Comparing everything to Harry Potter shows how shallow of an understanding of the world you have".


Zinc Cadmium Sulphide.


>Zinc Cadmium Sulphide.
Can't tell if you're calling this thread a Glowie one or bring up the fact the US, Canada, and the UK dumped this stuff on their citizens unknowingly.

File: 1614354227105.jpg (290.74 KB, 1242x1809, american empire maskless t….jpg)


When future people are living in a bright socialist future and they're showed history textbooks of the American Empires decline they're going to think this is fake given how cartoonish stupid it is.
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>just overthrow the government, bro


The majority of people think Americans are incontinent subhuman capital cattle, nobody will view them highly in the future. Having American ancestors will be a humiliating sign of shame in the future socialist state that people will try to hide, like being an Albanian in Greece or a Korean in Japan.


This isn't true. Most common stereotype of Ameriburgers is that they're fat and naive, but well intentioned, friendly, and manipulated by evil people. Normie anti-Americanism is more aimed at elites although there is some stigma against white Americans where I live because they're seen as racist. Hating America is a requirement for being a leftist but I think blanket hating burger citizens is pretty psychotic and fascist thinking.


Yea as far as I can tell the general view of Americans is that they tend to be okay folks like most people are but have utterly monstrous leaders who have manipulated them for a long, long time


File: 1614492180563.jpg (110.07 KB, 749x562, tumblr_oof7pkGxDX1v5hkj7o2….jpg)

>Most common stereotype of Ameriburgers is that they're fat and naive, but well intentioned, friendly, and manipulated by evil people.
As an American, that seems pretty accurate. I've generally had good experiences traveling in other countries and meeting people, and people are usually friendly and often interested in Americans or can even find us exotic in some cases (depending on where you are), but that's true in different directions, which was funny to me the few times that happened. Of course, it goes without saying, to always treat people with respect. It's a piece of cake and there's nothing to it.

File: 1614463004169.jpg (77.54 KB, 800x528, Fall of Berlin.jpg)


The Soviets proved capable of pushing back the Nazis, so why didn't they finish the job and push the remaining capitalist scum into the Atlantic Ocean? Even the British under Churchill knew that the Soviets could beat them in war, as is evidence in their plans for Operation Unthinkable. Besides, communism was popular in Western Europe at that time, so the Soviets would have been greeted as liberators
>b-but muh nukes
Nukes were much weaker at that time, and took a long time to make. Besides, a couple more bomb drops are a small price to pay for world communism.
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>Right, which is why you have to wait for an operation unthinkable or somehow provoke it to happen in order to create an ironclad casus belli
Shoot the Berlin airlift! Legit makes me butthurt they weren't shot down.


Because they were allies


shooting down unarmed and occasionally outright civilian aircraft carrying coal and food is not exactly the best way to ensure you aren't seen to be the aggressor


I mean isn’t the goal world communism? Wouldn’t a soviet global hegemony usher in that process?


>You mean isn’t the goal for the red communist army to conquer humanity and bring it to heel and liberate it after?

File: 1613423388791-0.png (2.25 KB, 124x169, Partido_Comunista_de_Venez….png)

File: 1613423388791-1.png (20.38 KB, 506x108, Screenshot from 2021-02-15….png)


>We reject any attempt to undermine the political rights of the PCV and the working class. In this sense, we demand that the government of President Nicolás Maduro stops the attacks and slander aimed at criminalizing the fair struggle of the PVC and the workers of Venezuela.


It is interesting to see, that many prominent communist parties refused to sign this letter, although they are technically all in organized in Solidnet. Vietnam, North Korea, China, Cuba…. why didn't they signed this statement?
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>Just as the Soviets supported dictators who almost inevitably brutally purged, massacred and outlawed their communist former coalition partners who had on orders from moscow been supporting them until they turned from useful to a threat or liability.
"Stooge of Kremlin" and "Soviet Puppet State" memes aren't true, but they should be.


I'm going to suggest for all of you to research and investigate a bit more into this to better understand and to get a better idea of the situation. Also to read the history of the PCV and their more notable leaders, who later became the most raging anticommunist people.

Just because it is named the Communist Party of Venezuela nominally, it doesn't mean in the history of their leadership that they haven't sided with the right, weren't fifth columns or ratted out other communists in the past.

I have commented on this situation in other threads. The PCV leadership has adopted a terrible position in our current context. This looks more like a personal wedge between the PVC leadership towards the figure of Nicolás Maduro than ideological differences.

The PCV should have joined the PSUV in the past when Chavez created the party and requested them to join.


I havent followed too closely but from what I remember the PSUV started cracking down on PCV well before PCV started agitating against them. PCV was part of PSUV's alliance but was objecting to Maduro's softening on international capital and liberal figures in government, and the PSUV sent surveillance teams to monitor and intimidate PCV offices. I believe that the PCV didnt join the left opposition coalition until after this happened but I could be wrong.

I believe that the PCV left coalition also included many of the more radical collectivos and indigenous groups, who were the most energetic and loyal part of Chavez's base.



Im this anon >>83904, looks like I got it all wrong, could you recommend some good readings for me? Preferably shorter than book length I'm in the middle of other studies right now


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on 'The Communist Manifesto'

File: 1614289769295.jpg (725.81 KB, 1300x1300, tout.jpg)


Let us discuss a year zero for theory.
One of the many problems of the left today is the quasi-religious reverence in which figures from the past (and more to the point, their theories) are held. Instinctively, the left sets its compass by the writings of Marx and Lenin, usually with a good dose of Stalin and Mao, and with a sort of sense of kinship with Hoxha, Tito and the rest. Beyond the year 1985 one will scarcely find a left wing figure who attracts anywhere near such universal approval. (Find for example the debate as to whether China is the world's foremost pragmatist socialist state, or just the epitome of capitalist recuperation.)
The practical problem this raises is that in order for one's analyses to be taken seriously, the perceived need is to root them in the analysis performed by historical figures, not in economic reality or in usefulness for practical organizing. As soon as it is published there will inevitably be a sophist looking for ways in which it fails to accord with Marx instead of whether it truly accords with reality so that he can "debunk" your theory by appealing to the dead hand of a great man.

It can be a point of little contention that Marx was right about a great number of things - whether you want to say 40%, 60%, 80%, 95%, or 99% is of little importance. The problem is that it is an all but inevitable conclusion that he was also wrong about some things, or simply did not comment enough. The same is true to varying degrees about every other major historical figure, all of whom are dead, none of whom were seers. They had great insight, but those that followed have tended to be more like priests than fellow analysts.

And so the slogan: Abandon Marxism - Uphold Marx! (Which could be reframed for all figures: Abandon Leninism - Uphold Lenin!, Abandon Maoism - Uphold Mao!)
By which we mean a theoretical year zero: Drop everything you know and perform an analysis of conditions as they stand from scratch. Do not cross-check how it aligns with existing socialist theory, only cross check how it aligns with reality or aids in practical organization. By such a process, rigorously applied, the truth in what historical figures wrote will inevitably bubble to the top while whatever was false or neglected will be safely abandoned, no longer able to crop up again and again because an atheist bible studies lecturer was clout chasing.

There is a secondary advantage: Such a task is dry and borPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>As an anarchist, I agree.
Wew. But in seriousness, in my opinion you are going in the wrong direction with this, and assuming that a monopoly in violence is inherently a "bad" thing in the pursuit of ones political interests.
>And it is trash. You're larping and you will never be a real revolutionary.
Explain how what I said is incorrect.
>Your interests are directly related to your effectiveness. Anarchists, socdems, liberals, and fascists all agree that dogmatic MLs get the bullet immediately.
Ok, this has to be bait, given that you're admitting to some kind of aligned grouping of these ideologies together. I'm not really an ML btw, more like ML aligned. So you really couldn't call me dogmatic either. My interest is communism, and effectiveness is determined by how far one is willing to achieve that.
>People like you should be shot.
Kind of difficult to organize that in a consiquential fashion without a monopoly on violence, isn't it?


>Ok, this has to be bait
It's not bait. It's a statement of policy.
>some kind of aligned grouping
That's the beauty of the bootlicking mind: they're hilariously easy to outfox, have no ability to operate outside of their programming, and are idiots useful only to their owners. Very easy pickings.
>Kind of difficult to organize that in a consiquential fashion without a monopoly on violence, isn't it
There are enough people who find your early-conventional moral development offensive enough that a distributed effort with a consistent target profile would be enough.
Anyway, your larping as an edgy teenage redfash is boring and only porky will ever love you. Ciao bella.


File: 1614480433730.jpg (39.23 KB, 488x611, ronpaul.jpg)

I love you socdem anon. Never stop.


Buddy, I’m not an ML, but do you really want unity with fascists, liberals and socdems?

Internet MLs want to mass murder anarchists. MLs IRL look at them with mild disdain to benign indifference. The other groups want to actually murder anarchists both on the internet and IRL.


>It's not bait. It's a statement of policy.
Yes, allying with fascists is apparently a statement of policy.
>That's the beauty of the bootlicking mind: they're hilariously easy to outfox, have no ability to operate outside of their programming, and are idiots useful only to their owners. Very easy pickings.
And apparently I'm the edgy teenage larper lol.
>There are enough people who find your early-conventional moral development offensive enough that a distributed effort with a consistent target profile would be enough.
Sure it would. On that topic, I'm sure that we no longer live in neoliberalism as well, because people are more then enough aware of the previous actions undertaken across the world by such gvoenrments. What was that, we still live under such capitalist domination? And people are more then willing to overlook such things, because such actions lie in the past and exist simply as a footnote of an unfortunate period by their perception? Well then, I guess what you said simply doesn't have a lot of weight to it after all.
>Anyway, your larping as an edgy teenage redfash is boring and only porky will ever love you. Ciao bella.
Being critical of democracy doesn't make you a redfash, unless Bordiga is now redfash as well.

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