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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1614274570101.gif (287.42 KB, 1412x1227, armenia.gif)



It seems the Armenian Army is "asking" the President to resign. Is this another coup? Also is it me or all these coups are a sign of an instability of some sorts in the world right now?
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According to this account what is playing out is a struggle between Pro Nato and Pro Russian factions of the bourgeoisie, and it seems Russia is losing badly.
If Armenia joins Nato their encirclement will be complete. (and probably they will be forced to strength en even more the alliance with China)


Yugoslavia was not part of the eastern bloc


File: 1614754728281.jpg (33.58 KB, 392x349, MarxismWarlordism1.jpg)


It isn't necessary to "critically support" or pick a side in every struggle. Sometimes the only thing that can reasonably be done is to sit back and watch as trends far outside of our control unravel, particularly as we're missing critical information. "Critical support" without some kind of action towards solidarity (however modest) is just cheerleading, and cheerleading most of the time is at best useless and at worst selfish and detrimental (perhaps even in ways which aren't obvious).

That being said, if you're not a retarded Yankee CIA-controlled opposition leftist then the correct position when it comes to struggles between US Imperialism vs lesser Russian or Chinese imperialism is revolutionary defeatism. Whatever the intentions of Russia or China, geopolitical multipolarity is a net positive thing for communists and progressive anti-imperialists globally. This particular move seems to be a US-orchestrated attempt at encircling Russia, strengthening US Empire and weakening multipolarity in the caucuses and middle east. This will have detrimental consequences for communists/anti-imperialist forces in the region, even if they aren't immediate or obvious. If you're not in a position to actually affect conditions on the ground in some feasible, even indirect way, then "critical support", as said, isn't useful here. We should definitely be *hoping*, if it is the case that this is a pro-NATO coup, that it fails and that pro-Russian forces/segments of the bourgeoisie succeed.


>WWIII will start in the eastern Mediterranean
I could see it. Turkey is drifting further and further from NATO. Everyone wants the natural gas. Seems more plausible than US and China fighting directly over Taiwan


Yeah that entire take is bs.

File: 1614755709983.jpg (78.63 KB, 474x293, mission-accomplished-momen….jpg)


Burgerland post.

Radical Liberalism, or radlibs, as we call them, is a form of liberal politics which emerged in the early 2010s, starting from blogs and college campuses and eventually spreading its hyperwoke culture into mainstream corporations, movies/tv, etc. Radical liberalism is often associated with the "millennial" generation, especially upper-middle class college graduates and also “identity politics”. Contrary to right wing beliefs, this is mostly an organic cultural shift due to the fact that college graduates make more money on average and are also more liberal on average, so corporations becoming work is actually just the result of normal market forces responding to the consumer preferences of the people who actually have money now, which is the mostlyl liberal knowledge workers.

My argument is that Millennial politics is mostly motivated by a backlash against the Bush era and neoconservatism, but this backlash actually imitates the thing it's lashing against very closely.

In the early 2000s, the culture was very different. You couldn’t criticize Bush, or criticize the war, without someone jumping down your throat, calling you a faggot prick who hated America, hated freedom and was a terrorist sympathizer or Saddam lover. Famously, the dixie chicks, a country group got shitcanned by conservatives after one of them said something mildly against the Iraq war while on tour. Overnight, thousands of people protested, sperged out, smashed their CD’s in the streets, and one guy even rolled over their CD’s with a steamroller.

Millennials who got this imprinted on them as children, teens, or young adults, learned – this is how we deal with people politically. Effective, isn’t it? According to these people, the problem conservatives have with cancel culture isn’t that people couldn’t be hounded out of polite society at the end of a pitchfork, only that they were on the wrong end of the pitchfork – that the culture had shifted from a post 9/11 conservatism so that people other than “conservative white males” could flex their power, unlike before.

Wokeness is a religion. It’s a religion for a new secular age. As urbanization and modernity erode traditional religious beliefs, humans still have the needs of religion, to find meaning in the world. Wokeness isn’t entirely political, although it overlaps with politics. It’s individualistic, it is more about feeling like a good person individually than any form of prPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1614763073207.jpg (5 KB, 227x222, asdja9d.jpg)

uhhh, why not just consensual sex? whys it have to be rape?


>Burgerland post.
>doesn't put it in the general
fuck off.


>nazcentbol is a forced meme,
so is nazbol. and what?
> the jreg-ification of politics
People have been laughing at the comodification of politics/ideology for years m8. Why do you think this started with a marginal youtube comdian?
>just a cope for the left losing.
>the left is loosing. you can tell bcause someone on an image board made a meme.
uhhh. what? How is your though process behind this?
> Its just /r/neoliberal but ironic and with more chan flavoured memes
Yes. All jokes can be taken apart to there components. What is your point here?
Because A. American or B. spends to much time online and has American Mindset Disase. Culturally they have a absoloutely fuckd view of women. even what others see as bad in there own cultures is nothing compared to those people. They see women as nothing but slabs of meat to be fucked, incapable of seeing them as there equals. In the american male mind the women is but a simpleton so her consent is not important when it means pleasing The Individual.


File: 1614764036721.jpg (252.51 KB, 1280x960, Feminists-Battle-Police-Me….jpg)

To add to this point, currently the big feminist campaign in amrica is to legalize Prosititution as apparntly it is heavily criminalized there.
Why we must ask does of all the things the american woman fight for it be 'the right to be comodified and fucked by men for pay'??
This one thing only shows us that the AMD damage goes further than just the men in regards to womens issues and is even deeply embeded within the female american.


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File: 1612878468185.jpeg (11.23 KB, 400x221, images - 2021-02-09T20412….jpeg)


>so youre saying we can keep all our crops without having to pay taxes?
>yes by doing a revolution
>um okay but after that who will protect us?
>er well youll probably need another ruler to protect you
>then whats the point?
>this ruler will be better, trust me bros.
>no thanks i think ill just pay my taxes
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>Marx did not envision great difficulty in makings this transition, nor that it would take much time.
What the fuck went wrong in the USSR with the whole kulaks incident then?


We protect ourselves. We are the rulers. We are the masters of ourselves & the saviors of ourselves. And if we have communes or socialist states, then we shall ensure to keep the corrupts at bare minimum. Not to mention Cockshott Cybersocialism explain well about direct democracy via AI. There's no such thing as perfect, goddammit.


Cockshott Cybersocialism route to startrek society & post-scarcity to abolish money & replace it with unlimited clean energy runs by AI to serve us the plebs. Meanwhile we enjoy ourselves & fixing the systems from the hands of the corrupts. Also seek another civilization to lift them.


We shall meet those posadists or becoming them & spread it to others.


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File: 1610905029870.png (597.7 KB, 854x483, nuclear_iran_flag.png)


What would be the consequences of Iran getting nuclear weapons?
My first idea would be the burgers and israel would try to either give the Saudis bombs or go with the NK plan of hitting everything that can be a nuke and then invade. Would the Euros allow the US and Israel to risk a hot war?
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Iran has enough positives for its position it doesn't need China next to it.


Iran should unironically get nukes.
Only when they can hit the imperial porkies will they be let alone to develop.
"This nonviolence shit'll get you killed."


Its large nation with favorable geography but they would force USA to act on it.


A third of the world's oil goes through the gulf and all Saudi's and some other gulf states desalination plants are on the other side of it, it's ogre if Iran wants it to be.


There is more risk in a nuclear armed Iran than high oil prices. America can and will occupy coastal Iran and Yemen.

File: 1614723426305.jpg (70.67 KB, 345x512, 55cee9b1d1e0eb7b95e7b9be08….jpg)


I know its an idpoled topic but i dont know if it is completely a meaningless discussion
I cant really make any meaningful critic so i ask if anyone has any good marxist takes on the issue
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>Black Red Guard or whatever the fuck Gazi Kodzo is doing
Blackhammer I think it's called
>profit off of dumb fucking white pety bourgeois liberals.
Fully agree with your argument but taking money away from liberals is based at desu senpai
Reminds me of the time some ML party in the third world pretended to be anarchists to get money off first world anarchists


also blackhammer has actually been doing some theory lately, imho it's mistaken but it is interesting and worth looking into anyway


File: 1614754198991.pdf (861.07 KB, 225x300, dongyoun-hwang-anarchism-i….pdf)

>If I call everyone a nazi nobody will see me for what I am.
it isn't working bruv. Give up. Go outside. meet people.


File: 1614758214193.jpg (27.4 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-73.jpg)

One culture - human culture


>jewish fairytales
kemet = egypt you tard

File: 1614678578443-0.jpg (4.57 KB, 300x168, waco 1.jpg)

File: 1614678578443-1.jpg (8.48 KB, 300x168, waco 2.jpg)


Whats leftypols feelings on the waco siege? Ill start.

I know its something that Libright love to go on about because it has all the things they love like guns, killing feds and fucking children but Im seeing a bunch of extremely cringe takes that refuse to even acknowledge the horrible shit that the ATF did and how enormous their fuck up was. How can we ever expect the average amerifag to ever sympathize with our historic instances of the feds killing ours when we wont even acknowledge the monstrous behavior from the federal government?
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what being an amerikkkan colony does to a mf


I wouldn't for a second doubt the ATF would set the fire. The ATF is one of the most schizo parts of the US government, and is comprised of:
>Law N Order True Believers who think they're Making A Difference
>Muh 2nd Amendment types trying to sabotage gun control at the level of enforcement and policy
>Pigs On Steroids who realize they can get away with killing people more easily if they're in a role that gets to say they deal with illegal machineguns, etc.
>Petty Tyrant paper pushing bureaucrats who just enjoy fucking with people for not correctly checking box 25-D of their 1094F paperwork before attempting to use their 1024x768 tax stamped gun on a 19A shooting range
The ATF has very little oversight within a relatively narrow jurisdiction and pretty heavily politically charged internally. They were already caught lying multiple times about their actions. One ATF agent deciding to just go with pragmatic-psycho even without the authorization of others isn't exactly an unreasonable scenario.


Two things I find distasteful, wack job Christian fundamentalists and Feds battling it out for no reason. Save for the children it's a shame more didn't die.


I mean, if it wasn't for the reprecussions and presidents that it sets about just invading autonomous spaces i'd almost say it was a net win for us. almost.


The only way it could be a net win would be how it made the feds look like total psychos
pump flammable gas into a building everything is on fire, big surprise fucking pig ignorant store shitters

File: 1610501762793-0.png (35.79 KB, 426x427, soldiers_guardian_redflag.png)

File: 1610501762794-1.mp3 (1006.87 KB, The Swaggies Have All Walt….mp3)


Thread dedicated to the discussion of Australian politics and events.

I get that since the split the number of Australians here probably went from being counted on two hands to just one, but I figured that there should be at least a thread here that we can keep bumping.
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Dont worry comrades Xi will liberate you from being an american satellite state.



>Xi will liberate you from being an american satellite state.

cant wait to be a Chinese satellite state


More like comrades in arms against american imperialism. Best of luck that this happens.


>Thinking of moving.
This is mainly a LARP i roll around in my head occasionally but iv'e always imagined the idea of taking some french classes and finding a job as like a bartender in like New Caledonia or some shit since i have my RSA/RG if the libs fuck things up to much.
From there i would go HARD for the Caledonian section of the French communist party / SP / Independence party . and try to help independence efforts / based shit etc. and then I'd just keep shitposting online like "Lol so PM-Cormann just legalised 24 hour back to back shifts and banned unions? Sounds pretty shit bet you guys wish you were here in paradise with me!"


File: 1614750504141.jpg (198.62 KB, 862x575, 3043c9088aca622dbb04367088….jpg)

Porters having a sob and taking leave without stepping down, thoughts?


File: 1614673893019.png (942.34 KB, 753x1004, Gorbachev_(cropped).png)


When will this piece of shit finally bite the dust?
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So, a dumbass.
"My father thinks Gorbachev is an idiot"
-Deng Pufang (Deng Xiaoping's youngest son)




>>102328 Agreed definitely,just a minor nitpick but we shouldnt talk the socialist revolution as inevitability (although it is) but rather as something needs to be done. Although extremely minor nitpick and it doesnt really matter


Sucks that he's still alive, but look on the bright side, we're witnessing a great person in our lifetime, Xi.


The USSR should've allowed a SocDem party like North Korea. That way, they would've known which weak-handed bitches to never give the country to.

File: 1614214287399.jpeg (91.54 KB, 499x750, 1263BCBD-5274-430B-90A7-5….jpeg)

 No.93358[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I’ll tell you the truth, I had a long conversation with my parents where they more or less called me out for being a fucking coward that has beliefs I do absolutely nothing with. And they’re right, having communist beliefs and sitting with them is fucking cowardly, and I’m sick of being this way, I want to make a real difference, a communist who does nothing should have no right to call himself a communist. I’ just looked up US communist parties but the list was so long, can anyone narrow down a decent party that’s actually helping people?
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Any party op you'll learn either way and theres nothing to stop you jumping ship
Personally i think Psl are best


>trots who don't do shit complaining about trots who actually do shit
To be expected from Weird Sex Web Site


It's an interesting read. Comparing it to Syriza seems legit.


Join the DSA but also join Class Unity


>Trotsky is when you complain about other socialists, the more you complain, the Trotskyistier it is

File: 1614723001553.jpeg (125.3 KB, 750x920, 0B2BF136-0884-4414-AC24-B….jpeg)


Why have so many “Marxists” abandoned dialectics for metaphysics?
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File: 1614724657820.jpg (21.82 KB, 600x777, brainlet.jpg)

i don't even know difference between the two


visit my thread


Based /edu/cator




So true!!

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