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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1627006725217.jpeg (7.68 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpeg)


How come most of the oldest americans are black women?
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obligatory "black don't crack"


Ah the famous LAX walkway


They arent.


Super specimens. Specimens of the highest caliber. They can have 20 children and still look young and fuck like they’re 18.



File: 1626288545422.png (18.56 KB, 572x171, ClipboardImage.png)

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Tv Senado 24h Pay-per-view edition

Last one got full

Melhor compilação dos atos circenses do executivo federal: https://medoedelirioembrasilia.wordpress.com/
Não inclui eventos nos picadeiros legislativo e executivo que não envolvem o executivo.

Narração em tempo real da CPI: https://twitter.com/camarotedacpi/
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podiam ter mais alternativas né


File: 1627011048109.jpg (220.56 KB, 1725x1080, E67Ts-EWQAci8hv.jpg)

reaça só é honesto quando comete ato falho


File: 1627011684918.png (216.39 KB, 850x400, Ceausescu.png)

Você ainda tem muito para viver, anão. Não se permita ser mentalmente degradado por uma imageboard.

>lugar para debates interessantes ou eu posso desistir?

Incomuns, raras são as ocasiões que eles ocorrem, eu diria. Não posso lhe dizer que vale a pena perder seu tempo aqui, mesmo que o pessoal deste site seja um pouco mais bem informado que retardados do twitter ou reddit.


File: 1627012567797.jpg (30.29 KB, 500x342, media_E6mlGsiWUAUQIxB.jpg)

Poxa, assim vocês me magoam.


A ameaça de golpe de hoje do Braga Neto, na verdade, foi feita dia 8. Disse a Ciro Nogeuria, "A quem interessar, diga que, se não tiver eleição auditável, não terá eleição". Chegou ao Lira, que falou direto pro Bolsonaro que estão com ele até o fim, mas sem golpe. Hoje, Lira enfim pagou pra ver o blefe dos apijamados ao vazar o episódio, e eles recuaram. Daí a nomeação de Ciro Nogueira como vitória do centrão na Grande Guerra da Mamata. Eles devem enterrar de vez o voto impresso quando acabar o recesso.


A nota em si teria sido propiciada pelo lobby encheção de saco do STF junto ao Congresso, que teria revertido a tendência de aprovação do maldito voto impresso. Algo, aliás, de que eu nem sabia. O fato dessa joça ter estado a caminho de ser aprovado é só mais uma evidência que a política é outro universo, compeltamente independente do país.

De um jeito ou de outro, é tudo filho da puta e só classicídio resolve.

File: 1626229866657.jpeg (86.39 KB, 1600x900, cover4.jpeg)


The midwit meme is fucking retarded and so is anyone using it. It's literally just the /pol/ version of the PMC meme. The vast majority of white collar professionals are "midwits" with the exception of some top scientists, mathematicians, etc. who may be somewhat above that.

Midwit as a meme was created by the far right writer vox day, and refers to people of average to above average (but not genius level) intelligence. I'm sure you've seen the bell curve memes like picrel showing a dumb guy agreeing with an intellectual on the idea that reason and evidence are epistemically unsound. The problem is that the intellectuals they quote are usually out of context or fucking Nietzsche, revealing them to basically be at the level of an arrogant sophomore philosophy major.

Every conservative ideologue in history, from Nietzsche, to Burke, to Jordan Peterson, to Charles Murray, to Ayn Rand have the exact same take: Hierarchy and inequality natural and the purpose of society is to uplift the few great men who will actually make society great.

All this bullshit about "high iq" people disregarding empirical evidence, reason, or research in favor of gut instinct is just idealist nonsense designed to obfuscate their preference for an unthinking acceptance of tradition and hierarchy.

The progressive forces of history have always used reason to critique and interrogate the existing hierarchical order of things. By the midwit meme, thinkers like Locke, Rousseau, Spinoza, and Adam Smith would have been considered "midwits" for questioning the privileges of the aristocracy or the divine right of kings.

An attack on reason is an attack on the tools of self emancipation as fascism and reaction have always thrived on mysticism and irrationality.
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t. midwit


t. midwit


what the fuck is up with this double posting


t. singleposting peasant


File: 1626593591535.jpeg (60.45 KB, 782x392, images (18).jpeg)


Why the fuck that faggotry exist? I can't take it anymore!?
İf fucking proletariat used to have a brain, we would have already live under socialism, but today if you even defend yourself slightly against elites; they will attack you, isolate you and humiliate* you like you are a fucking loser. Because being a chad-winner means taking a deepthroat to your masters while being loser means opposing the establishment. Oh yes, opposing the establishment is establishment, being true anti-establishment means taking deepthroat to establishment
Why fucking masses love their masters, wants to be facefucked by them and attacks anyone who doesn't want that ??
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Opposing the powerful is hard. Shitting on the weak is easy, and makes you feel good about yourself. For example: arguing against immigration on the basis of limiting porky's labour pool is capitulation to porky continuing existence, so you can beg for higher wages.


File: 1626717275169.jpg (27.77 KB, 657x539, xyy.jpg)



you have under every circumstances follow what the workers want, so if they don't want socialism you have to be an anticommunist
there have been several posts on this board explaining this to you, and you still have not understood this?
you must be stupid or something lol


File: 1626724501782.png (124.96 KB, 700x507, 7168754c2cea271c54c2b9f4f0….png)



uygha read Lenin.

File: 1626995286536.jpg (25.28 KB, 374x483, 00LeninTrain3.jpg)


Reading stuff:

So people here keep telling me to resist imperialism, which eventually means to side with capitalist assholes because they are attacked by the US. Those folks naturally define imperialism as this: hostile united states foreign policy.

But imperialism isn't that, or just that. Marx and Engels used the term to describe intrinsically conquering nations. Then Lenin went in and talked about how finance capital took over all the other aspects of capital and changed state politics so war would be the necessary conclusion of national bourgeois concurrence. He was right.

In the end Lenin made imperialism about how richer countries are exploiting poorer countries but he expressed this concept with a different; an enhanced meaning that would reflect a certain stage of capitalism.

Now to my final point: Lenin could reach power because of a plot from an imperialist nation who triggered the first world war in order to get a share of the colonial pie. He was transported in a train, protected by the army, given money and resources to do his stuff.

Sometimes I can't but wonder when I see some here try to dogmatically shut down the few who dare criticizing countries which happen to be in the way of the US as glowies. So what the fuck is wrong with you?


File: 1626996079318.png (2.87 MB, 1924x1080, train.png)

You WILL read Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
You WILL observe the imperialist lenin's train (picrel)


I was with you until the last two paragraphs. At that point I completely lose sight of what point you're trying to make.


File: 1626999795216.jpg (53.1 KB, 828x619, ucfmbzf50sb71.jpg)

Glad you stuck up. Your loss of sight is exactly why I'm angry.
So let me develop. Revolutionaries should seize opportunities regardless of where those come from. Lenin profited of Germany wanting to put an end to the eastern front to get there, he didn't ramble endlessly about how this country was shit and true communists should oppose it trough the power of talking. And I think revolutionaries should think more like him. Germany was not essentially evil and could prove to be a tool, although it was a the first military power wanting to get more in the imperialism game.
Well the same goes for the US.

In short the US geopolitical ambitions are not constantly contradictory with the communist project, they are merely in the way of it, likely fucking us but potentially serving us along the way. This is the point I guess.


File: 1627006026689.mp4 (1.81 MB, 640x360, zwsp-32qws68559861.mp4)

So to bump. As communists, should we support people like Lukashenko or Maduro, even though they're clearly capitalists, just because they're in the way of the US foreign policy machine?

Recently there was a big strike in Iran and I couldn't but feel sympathy with the workers who asked for better conditions. Yet people here said "this strike was organized by the CIA".

Anyway since it's summer and nobody likes text here's a meme full of text

File: 1626924365808.jpg (62.41 KB, 750x421, PEDAL TO THE FLOOR.jpg)


I've never actually heard a solid, real argument against accelerationism. People just parrot that it's stupid and ultra and "doesn't work", but nobody provides any evidence whatsoever for their claims.

Historically, every major incident of working class uprising followed or occurred in tandem with a major capitalist crisis. WW1 resulted in a wave of socialist uprisings across Europe, mass unionization pushes in just about every civilized part of the planet, and a successful socialist revolution in Russia. WW2 resulted in the takeover of China by victorious communist forces, the mass decolonization of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, the socialist liberation of more or less the entirety of Eastern Europe, and unprecedented rates of unionization in the West.

By what possible fucking stretch of the imagination could someone seriously and genuinely argue that accelerating the contradictions of capitalism "doesn't work" to produce communist uprising? Historically, it is the fucking ONLY thing that works. If anything, milquetoast reformism and cautious labor activism have shown themselves to be complete failures to producing anything resembling a strong and effective communist movement.

Only the grinding, breaking gears of surplus value extraction can lead to the liberation of the masses. Anything else is a silly, liberal pipe dream.
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>>393563 You literally simplified the greatest movements of Left-wing history into ur points. The socialist that lead the revolutions immediately following WW1 were the same ones campaigning against the war . Ur falling into the same arguments we had a century ago you can not condemn millions of ppl to death as a win for labour


File: 1626979184890.png (268.86 KB, 720x697, accelerationism blue paint.png)

Refute this


This is actually a pretty decent understanding of the concept.
You can always work to try to improve production processes, introduce new methods of production, and attack those who would try to exploit their positions of power to stagnantly leech off of society and instead drive things towards innovation and development.


It's a pure strawman that is believed by some number of retards circa 2016


"Accelerationists" can't even agree on what constitutes progress and how to measure when and how much progress has been made. Your U/ACC daddy turned into a sinoboo because capitalism is way too strong and simply refuses to die from its own contradictions.

Also accelerationism was already becoming lame and filled with retards in 2014, /leftypol/ and twitter were just the last nails in the coffin. I bet OP likes Zizek.

File: 1626950305058.jpg (13.41 KB, 370x194, быдло.jpg)


There is almost 0 organizational discussion. There is no tactical discussion: what do now?

One of the most important things is organizing. This can be done by action for shorter workday same wage. You do not even have to mention communism while discussing this. I mean, if a workers do not understand communism and you can't convince him, it does not mean he is not proletariat.

There is very little discussion of this tactics. If there is any, it is superficial.

Most of the discussion on marxism and history of USSR, etc, but there is very little if any, action.

You can popularize short workday (same wage, not lower wage!) by printing posters and gluing them, etc. I do not know, that is the point, to understand something and act.
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The left should be concerned with achieving pragmatic results and practice realpolitik conditioned by criteria of realism and feasibility rather than ideals or theory.It should abandon idealism and hair splitting and favor what works and gets stuff done. The left needs concrete, well-defined goals rather than nebulous generic notions like “overturning capitalism” or “establishing socialism.” These are just vague empty phrases and without more structure they are mere pipe dreams. It shouldn’t matter what variant of dialectics is truer than this one or which obscure French theorist you subscribe to. Theory must not be untethered from praxis. Instead what we see is leftists indulging in idle theorizing and arcane debates that bear no relevance to current factual realities and whose technicalities and obscurantism alienates the masses unfamiliar with such rare and abstract scholarship. Many leftist adhere to boutique, niche fringe ideologies that have absolutely no currency or utility in the present reality. This isn’t to condone crude technocratic solutionism but a call to be more intentional about where intellectual capital is allocated and to avoid indulging too much in dissociated esoterica that only an exclusive educated minority of people understand or care about and which has no impact on the real world.

Also. Nothing can be accomplished if leftism squabbles with itself over petty and inconsequential ideological differences. This is a direct result of the inconsistent and fractured position it is in naturally inducing chaos. Attempts should be made to see past disagreements that are unimportant in the grand scheme of things and focus on the key points that each faction can agree on. The right wing is more unified because their aims and intents are clearer and simpler and they all hate the same things.

Finally, As some here will surely agree identity politics is detrimental to the leftist cause and promotes division, misdirection and navel gazing. Proponents of identity politics must not be permitted to set the agenda and define the priorities. By design this is meant to defang and trivialize leftism and draw attention away from the true causes of the (in their own right often valid) issues. Idpol is entirely contained within the capitalist/corporatist framework and serves its interests. Genuine leftists must resist divisive identity politics and its excesses, and work to dispel the popular perception which equates all of contemporaryPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>what do now?
Nothing. There's nothing to do. That's the reason there's no organizational discussion. Because leftists that actually read, unlike theorylets like you, have realized the futility of fighting against a system that beat the USSR (dialectics, bitch), and will take the whole world down with it.

Only retarded faggots still think "organizing" will solve anything.


Absolutely retarded. People - I mean PEOPLE are the driving force of our material conditions. It's not "nature". Human workers are the most powerful force in the universe.

To think that organizing does nothing in a world without organization is precisely missing how people today organized in a capitalist system absolutely transform the real physical planet.


You're beng idealist


"Just do nothing" isn't a plan. It's not a solution. It's literally nothing. It's jack shit. That's what you have lol.

<Help! Conditions under capitalism are worsening, let's do something!

>Just do nothing lol

I can't take that seriously, at least admit that you have no clue like the rest of us. That would at least give you a cop-out to go read more.

File: 1627001859832.png (554.27 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_20210722-205401….png)


Xi has failed his people and is letting his country drown under the sea.

This is truly sad to watch to see they had such high aspirations. Now thousands possibly millions are going to die under their poor infrastructure and lack of care for the lower class by Chinese elites

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> Surprised they aren't going for "Xi is intentionally drowning dissidents!". Communists killing dissidents with the weather gun is pretty baked in as a trope & is no outlandish than Stalin magically causing a draught.
I promise you that years from now they will blame this on Xi

They didn’t always blame Stalin for the Soviet Famine, there was a time where the CIA published propaganda celebrating the brave kulaks who destroyed their own livestock instead of handing it over to the dirty reds kek


Two states. Colorado and Oregon. Neither of which have been major centers of COVID.


This is how it's tracked In every state they've always said this


wtf is with all these floods? didn't germs and lelgiums also all get drowned like last week?



Link us up!

File: 1626984502540.png (273.02 KB, 2518x1024, 3813610D-A061-4242-8459-47….png)


If I am a short, ugly, mildly deformed genetic piece of shit incel, what does socialism have to offer me? Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of a classless society, the liquidation of the commodity form, shorter work weeks and better work conditions, but if at the end of the day I'm still gonna remain a genetic dead end virgin, why should I bother? Why shouldn't I just kill myself if I'll still be dumb and ugly under a communist society?
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Lmao he will never recover


Can’t you go back to ranting about troons in your other threas, you middle aged mistake


Lel BTFO in every thread, and you loudly seethe anyway. SAD!


File: 1626998129873.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1339x2649, CBCFCB35-2A88-4706-83E8-4….jpeg)

Body dysmorphia is the unrealistic view of your body and the subsequent hate that comes with it. I have a perfectly realistic view of my body; I'm unattractive and ugly.
Ok Lysenko.
Why can't you just give me a large dose of barbiturates and have me die?
I already work a full time job and contribute. I don't even care about sex. I just want to have good genes for Christ sakes. Why can't people in this thread get that?


Moved to >>>/b/111091.

File: 1626989904033.jpg (225.62 KB, 828x801, 1626984485202.jpg)


Top NFL Wide Receiver Deandre Hopkins takes a stand against NFL vaccine policy.

Top NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins takes a stand against NFL vaccine policy
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Ngl I miss the XFL


>Burgers should just admit they like it for the violence not for the "sport"
Nah, I actually like flag football better


I miss the old nfl where uyghas was getting paralyzed and danced on


Same. The new rules are way less fun




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