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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1634396354455.png (1.54 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


The John Deere strike and the UAW’s lies
>The UAW is working consciously and systematically to isolate and defeat the strike by more than 10,000 John Deere workers after failing to ram through a concessions contract.

It is very clear, growing discontent is developing among almost every section of the workers. While the unions are working to sabotage the struggle, the workers are seeking a way out. Good work John Deere workers.
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File: 1634641092473.png (60.57 KB, 949x381, ClipboardImage.png)

Based solidarity.


All of this depends on whether or not capital can really sustain these concessions, and for how long. If we accept the premise that they cannot be sustained forever, and that eventually release valves such as outsourcing will be exhausted, then the solution is to keep pushing for more and more concessions until they become unsustainable. The result will then be increasing desperation on the part of capital to claw these concessions back, leading to an increase in worker militancy and receptiveness to demands that go beyond a better deal within capitalism. Communists need to make sure they are at the forefront of this process of struggle, even limited struggles which simply seek concessions, because this will put us in the best possible position when those concessions become untenable. I don't think your comparison to feudalism is accurate though, since feudalism was a far more stable system which lacked the imperative of constant expansion of profits, meaning it had no point of maximum expansion which could cause its collapse, and no reason to constantly intensify exploitation wherever possible.


>All of this depends on whether or not capital can really sustain these concessions
the ones that are being pushed for probably can be sustained, they aren't really radical, though their is a window to push for more radical changes


Reactionary unions that divide workers by giving special privileges to the olds while the young get fucked are a huge detriment in the U.S. You see the same thing even at grocery chains like Meijers.


You and your unions are weak kek

File: 1634655349545.jpg (173.15 KB, 583x610, IMG_0007.JPG)


The planets gonna face some kind of revolution or massive change that stops the decades old problems of modern life this century right? It won’t just become a bigger dystopia than it is now
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It won't fix the climate catastrophe, it can mitigate some of its effects but there's no turning back on that one.


Why not? We have geoengineering, it's totally conceivable that we can fix the climate one day.


We're not going to undo the extinctions or the destruction of ecosystems. We might build something new in their place, but that takes a lot of time.


Maybe you should just get a job


>we're going to witness a fascist revolution in our lifetimes
Fixed. Well, we kinda saw the preview and real thing is probably going to happen in the next few years, especially Europe and North America.
Our best bet is to emigrate to a socialist country before fascists take over and start rounding us up.

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Can we get a europe general?
I'm kinda curious what's going on in the countries of my fellow europeans, but I feel like having a general for each separate country, with each speaking their own language segregates us further fellow euro brothers and sisters.

So dump news, banter, events, feels, and so on and so on
Let's create a better general than /USApol/

Reposting this from the bunker cause why not, it's been a while since the last one
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File: 1634645130019.jpg (205.74 KB, 1026x1280, IMG_20211007_133639_260.jpg)

Thank bourgeois media for that.



you do understand that their is a limit on how many people can be surveilled before the quality of said surveillance takes a nosedive, their are not enough people to come through all the data that is collected in modern surveillance systems, which is why they keep failing at stopping terrorist attacks.
>state owned enterprises without a central plan
so its just running on inertia


True and sad. But I take solace in the fact that he'll certainly go to prison like Sarkozy if he end up president.


>Whoever says that, probably thinks "right wing" means "authoritarian".
that is correct though


I might sound like a socdem but I personally have enjoyed it for the last year and a half. Food stamps, social security, stimulus checks etc. What is leftypols opinion on it?
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A bandaid.
It won't solve capitalism, merely make it more livable.
And since I see no chance of communism here for the next 20 years, I'll take what I can get to prevent the proletariat dying.


good for a functioning socialist society
especially when the govt pays you for them


It's necessary to upkeep the capitalist system in a world of mass unemployment. Of course, that doesn't mean it's bad inherently.


>My idea was to win over the working classes, or should I say to bribe them, to see the state as a social institution that exists because of them and wants to look after their well-being.
- Otto von Bismarck, creator of the first modern welfare state


>feeding the animals

File: 1608680398363.jpg (62.28 KB, 775x514, DOWn.jpg)

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💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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omg stonks are pumping again ❤️ love this system , it will never fail


>❤️ love this system , it will never fail
top ten sentences said just before disaster


>capitalism: Ongoing for half a millenium
>socialism: dead after 70 years 😂😂😂


good job porkyposter, someone has to larp what the nutjobs at wall street actually think


Where are the millions of homeless you guys said would be created by the eviction moratorium?


Even in the darkest hour of reaction, their is one thing that we can be optimistic about. Our class enemies by in large are fucking retarded. Most business owners, and ceos, are basically just small business owners and ceos who just won popularity contests. Most of the people who in managment in coroporations are extremly dull, and completly lack strategic thinking. THye are all living day to day and thinking day to day, about what resturant they want to eat at, or if their kid got good school grades, or what car they want to buy. They aren't strategic thinkers. If you want evidence just go talk to you manager for a little bit, every job I've had they were all extremely dull, many of them simply lacked the mental capabilities to properly do their job, and had assistant managers or other helpers who did all their work for them. If anecdotal evidence isn't enough then just look at MySpace, all of the people their just ignored the signs that their company was dying, and just went about their days until they all got jobs somewhere else. Or look at how oblivious the roman empire was to its own collapse, or gorby ignoring the failure of his reforms, or how nazi germany and imperal japan kept denying that they were loosing WW2. All of these people did what they did because they were retards who didn't know what the effects of their actions were. They weren't visionary thinkers or people who analyzed history. They were just a bunch of stumbling idiots. Their is nothing to suggest that the CEOs of the world are different, and their empire will collapse around them as they through parties in their castles, like all emperors of dying empires in history that have came before them.
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People should look at how the John Deer strike was organized, sending in office workers to the plant won’t really allow for a continuation of production of more tractors, but it looks good on paper to the board. The CEO or whoever did that move didn’t do so because they thought it would solve the problem, it was done so that they could sweep everything under the rug. Do that they wouldn’t get hassled from the board, so that they didn’t have to do any late night meeting. That’s probably all it was. Just a high level exuctive that just didn’t want to work. So he made everything look good on paper. These paper tricks are what constitutes most of America’s GDP. Same for probably all countries.
People who are good strategic thinkers and have high I,Qs because by in large they are mostly weirdos with poor social skills. The far-right talks about dysgenics as if it’s a conspiracy but in reality it’s just that the people who are really smart are all weirdos who don’t have good social skills and as a result don’t have the ability to navigate institutions.


that's innacurate
go back to reddit


File: 1634655264178.png (34.28 KB, 210x265, eab.png)



Do these billboards work in convincing people, or is it just glorified virtue signaling?

t. Only seen billboards in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


oddly phallic.

File: 1634427833692.jpeg (401.11 KB, 1000x776, Socialist realism.jpeg)

 No.550133[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Name at least three things you've learned through the USSR's existence. This could be either something that was done successfully or a mistake to be learned from.
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Americans love WHATABURGERing, whenever they get criticised they shout WHATABURGER!



>Dubcek and his west looking revisionist clique should have been cleanly removed in 1964 when the Slovak communist party warned the CPSU about him.
I've never heard about such letter. Source?


>>You're a hypocrite that thinks someone else doing a bad thing means it excuses your side
Yes, because that's ALWAYS the case for anti-socialists/communists.


File: 1634657518640.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 835.64 KB, 520x400, 6715754.mp4)

>"loud scream in the background"

 No.503808[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Because the last one keeps getting to 500 posts, then 1 post get's deleted and someone necro-bumps the 499 post thread and I'm sick of it.

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File: 1634444919222.jpg (173.15 KB, 583x610, IMG_0007.JPG)

Abolish NATO the CIA the FBI and the French Foreign Legion, those fuckers cause war and poverty wherever they go


File: 1634475665535.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2208, PNG image 5.png)

Well that’s interesting…


wtf did he mean by this


it was meant to represent the blood of his enemies
basically saying that if you fight against me your blood will flow in the streets


Manufacturing jobs are gonna stay in Asia

African workers actually get paid and most trade done in an increasing portion of Africa is exclusively between Africans, by the time China or India(this will take ducking decades) hit the middle income crisis all the jobs will just move to Vietnam Cambodia etc etc.


Thousands march in El Salvador demanding resignation of President Nayib Bukele
Anger has risen against the 40-year-old president’s rule, which opponents say has become increasingly authoritarian in character. They have raised objections to the adoption of the notoriously volatile bitcoin as legal tender, warning that it will plunge El Salvador’s flagging economy into an even deeper economic crisis.

Reintegration of Colombia’s former guerrillas threatened: UN
The reintegration of demobilized FARC guerrillas is being threatened by ongoing violence and the failure of Colombia’s government to provide farmland, the United Nations said Thursday. Speaking before the UN Security Council, mission chief Carlos Ruiz urged the government of President Ivan Duque to fully implement the 2016 peace deal.

Azerbaijan wants World Court to order Armenia to hand over landmine maps
Azerbaijan on Monday asked the World Court to order neighbouring Armenia to hand over maps it says show the location of landmines on its territory, while the judges consider tit-for-tat claims that the other side violated an anti-discrimination treaty.

Italy's unions rally against neo-fascist groups after violent protests
Italy's biggest workers' unions rallied in Rome on Saturday and called on the government to dissolve the neo-fascist groups involved in last weekend's violent protests against the COVID-19 health pass. Last week, police arrested 12 people, including leaders of the extreme right-wing group Forza Nuova, after thousands took to the streets to opposPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well, until something big like a shitcoin crash or a megacorruption scandal, or a blockade happens we can expect a strong backing to Bukele by the population.

Docu in spanish about Farabundo Martí


File: 1634602623381.jpg (237.77 KB, 1263x1343, 37281992.jpg)

Thanks news anon




File: 1634644079120.webm (3.89 MB, 320x180, 1565840807479.webm)

>Colin Powell: Former US secretary of state and Iraq war proponent dies
Good riddance.
Lived 84 years too long.


>Exxon Mobil lockout
How can porky even afford this? What is the material analysis of lockouts? It's rare, but how can it happen?

File: 1615724007551-0.png (656.83 KB, 652x488, bio.png)

File: 1615724007551-1.png (628.86 KB, 800x596, 2.png)

File: 1615724007551-2.png (158.44 KB, 841x616, nordlands.png)

 No.211966[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread for all things Nordic. Recommended languages: Finnish, Scandinavian and English.
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Nordic people, how are the Greens in your country? Do they have a left wing that is worth getting into or are they all bourgeois and a waste?


went terribly lol

i come here *very* rarely but i do recall seeing another icelandic person on here a while ago

they suck


of course Finland is eastern
eastern Sweden that is

>how are the Greens in your country?
cucked beyond belief by bourgeois idpol


Oh why? What happened in Iceland? I read that J didn’t get into government.


I meant parliament.

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