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Has electronic mass media made people stupid??

I can't help but feeling that literacy peaked in the 19th century and that radio, television, internet, etc. has made it possible to interact with material on a very shallow level and shortened attention spans.
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It made them queer and stupid
but on the plus side it made them insane as well


It's not the electronic maas media itself, but the information presented by it. The narratives are controlled by a handful of Western news agencies the most famous being the Big Three (AP-Reuters-AFP), WaPo, WSJ, Bloomberg, and the New York Times.


This. Aside from text on the Internet, every electronic mass medium requires considerable work and/or materials to produce.
Discoverability is also a huge factor. Anyone perusing a mainstream news source would eventually come across the pop-philosophical drivel that makes liberals feel intelligent. As a marxist learns about the historical development of socialism, they should become familiar with sufficient ideological tendencies and authors to find books actually worthwhile to read.

Nah. I clearly remember it from my childhood and i turned 18 this year.
Looks cold and angvlar to me though.


makes sense he is our resident 00's cartoon autist. he hasn't sperged out about norwood or his attraction to small children yet on this identity though so i am not so sure.


petition to get him to watch velma

File: 1678927893148.png (155.85 KB, 991x394, ClipboardImage.png)


>Remembrance Day of the Latvian Legionnaires (Latvian: Leģionāru piemiņas diena), often known simply as Legionnaire Day (Leģionāru diena) or March 16 (16. marts) in Latvia, is a day when soldiers of the Latvian Legion, part of the Waffen-SS, are commemorated. From 1998 until 2000, it was officially recognized as a "Remembrance Day for Latvian soldiers" by the Saeima.
>The day has been controversial as the Legion was formally a unit of Nazi Germany and the remembrance day has been seen by Russia as an attempt to glorify Nazism. Others point out that no one has ever been convicted of committing war crimes as a member of the Legion and hold that it was a purely military unit fighting against the Soviet Union that had occupied Latvia in 1940.
A holiday to commemorate literal Nazi collaborators. Imagine having a country this cucked to where you celebrate people like this. besides Ukraine
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File: 1679156667390.png (649.77 KB, 595x656, Baltoid Fash.png)

Umm sweetie, think of all the indigenous wholesome chungus Evropeans colonised by the Jewish-Bolshevik USSR! Listen to SS voices!


For "families" means their race against Jews.


I don't know. Ask Grillpilled Schizo .


>Meet the Lithuanian ‘Elves’ Fighting Russian Disinformation
The new Congress for Cultural Freedom. Everything is disinformation except for Western propaganda.


>They fought for blood and soil family and land!

File: 1678813060619.gif (1.14 MB, 498x373, sailor-moon.gif)

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Thread for the discussion of Modern Monetary Theory and Post-Keynesian Economics

## FAQ

Q: What is Modern Monetary Theory
A: MMT is a macroeconomic theory that explains how modern monetary systems work, and argues that governments with sovereign, fiat currencies can never run out of money. It also argues that deficits are not inherently bad, and that government spending can be used to achieve full employment and other public goods.

Q: What is Post-Keynesian Economics?
A: Post-Keynesian Economics is a school of economic thought that is critical of mainstream, neoclassical economics. It builds on the ideas of John Maynard Keynes and argues that the economy is inherently unstable, and that government intervention is necessary to stabilize it. It challenges the beliefs of neoclassical economics that markets are rational and self-regulating, and attempts to bring back sanity (empiricism) into a discourse that has become voodoo

Q: Why should I as a leftist care about these things?
A: Two reasons. Firstly, it undermines the right-wing narrative of barter economics as the historical basis for economics, whereas in fact the state has always been the monopoly issuer of goods. Secondly, governments and politicians are constantly attempting to gaslight the populace that we cannot 'afford' certain things, and we have some of the most economically illiterate people on the planet running the economy.

Q: But it's not SOCIALIST
A: Look, it's just a description of how the economy as it is currently works, not prescriptive. There are plenty radical leftists who believe in these ideas, it can enrich discourse. Just think of it as another tool in your toolbox when it comes to debunking right wing nonsense.
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This thread's OP features a screencap from something animated, therefore less than nothing of value is contained within, everybody is a hyper-retard


The U.S. empire already functions off MMT effectuvely, whiuch is bad, read Jehu


stop bumping this fucking retard pseuds thread anon, he just wants attention


I agree w this btw


stay mad :)

File: 1678993862814.png (346.93 KB, 406x500, ClipboardImage.png)


People here like to say that the USSR's role in WW2 was defensive and the real ones to blame were the West for the failure to create an anti-Nazi coalition with the Soviet Union. Their justification is that after Stalin was rejected by the western allies, he had no choice but to enact the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact because other countries signed various international agreements with Adolf Hitler throughout the 1930s.

However, even western historians from today going back to the end of WW2 widely criticize the Munich Agreement as a symbol of "appeasement policy" which proved to be a disastrous move. However, when the Nazis themselves broke the Munich Agreement with their invasion of Prague in March 1939, the western allies THEMSELVES approached the USSR about a new anti-Nazi coalition. https://books.google.it/books/about/The_Twentieth_century_World_and_Beyond.html?id=2HiUQgAACAAJ&redir_esc=y

However, nobody ever talks about this. Why didn't Stalin agree to the anti-Hitler coalition and why is nobody talking about this? The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact could have never happened if Stalin decided to accept their request, he did have a choice about enacting it after all.
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Thank You Based Actually-Reading-Sources Anon!


ugh, what could have been….


>top left
Don't look up the Mitford Sisters.


I don't think this is fascist revisionist history this is just poles gonna pole


jannies ought to just lock the thread when op gets fucked this thoroughly.

File: 1674742179991.png (351.19 KB, 1070x616, ClipboardImage.png)

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Once again, leftypol has come, to rise from the ashes, a thread is done. Let us now talk of strikes and rugs, as the government takes us for mugs. We will cry and shout, but mostly lout about.
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If that's the best you can do I really can't be arsed.


I'm a Marxist-Leninist taking a firm stand against the EU as all communists do.


File: 1679269848450.png (286.71 KB, 474x353, ClipboardImage.png)


fuck EU owen jones dick riders go work on a farm for 200 euros a month in poland and suck your mothers


Yes and? Still doesn't mean that what is happening in UK is exclusively a UK problem.

File: 1622844213997.jpeg (41.93 KB, 742x560, 8e6.jpeg)

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QTDDTOT - Questions that don't need their own thread. The last one died, so here post your questions here.

I'll start, why is a centralized authority important to achieving communism and why is this seen a positive aspect.
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This is bleak as fuck


>Student debt crisis exist
<Conservatards be like well the problem is that college tuition is too high not that it was all a scam so we can't forgive debt
>Illegal regime change wars exist
<Gosh darn government has too much power, so we need to keep spending more on the military and continue to abandon returning troops
Why are they always like that? You have problem A with victims A and instead of acknowledging that and helping they find some miniscule aspect to focus on and ignore everything else.


how would you change this theory into a marxist one? Is it possible to do so?


Dunno, I guess a Marxist would critique this theory by pointing out how the US actually industrialized and that this also happened under huge governmental intervention and planning, creating a false dichotomy.


so can it be changed to this idea that the borg of non comprador countries create a developmental state to facilitate industrial or other development for their own interests and desires
meanwhile in socialists states, the proles and the vanguard create the development state for the interests of the prole, vanguard and etc


Imo the true legacy of those fuckers is how much stupider they've made the denizens of the Anglosphere and the fact that the average Angloid doesn’t know what the FUCK a socialist is by now. Like holy fuck, ever since their rampage on the world stage, the average Angloid I.Q. seems to have fallen down to the fucking pits, sure, Yankees and Britbongs were always idiotic violent anti-communist cunts, but it wasn’t until those fuckers pulverized their brains and made “socialism” out to mean “when people aren’t far right and the government does stuff” the average Yankoid or Brit has become a true slobbering retard. Shit, the average Yankee literally thinks Marxism is when the rainbow haired college professor talks about racism for 30 minutes, at least 50 years ago they actually KNEW what a communist was, now “communism” is uhhhh when you’re to the left of fucking Rothbard? And how do these fuckers not realize the end result is being torn limb from limb when most people still hate neoliberalism despite being too retarded to know why?

In fact, the contemporary western rightoid unironically thinks neoliberalism is socialism, holy fuck these people need to die
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File: 1679147697098.png (42.98 KB, 300x227, 2rda.png)

It will take years of debunking and work to overcome the anti communist propaganda embedded in western societies. Then slowly just like how irreligiousness, atheism gained popular support over the years communist ideas will gain strength too but it will take more time. Maybe internet can also help accelerate the process of class consciousness for the next generation idk

most probably they mean Bernie Sanders tier social democracy but anyway its an improvement


>most probably they mean Bernie Sanders tier social democracy but anyway its an improvement
if it makes the rightoids and rightoid boomers seethe its a good thing


>even tho lots of the american communist parties from the same era were racist as fuck and even pro-segregation.
Source: Your ass. The Communists were literally the first organizations to fight against Jim Crow. They refused to institute segregation within their ranks even in the dark days of lynching and the Klan. Read something other than Settlers.


This is your brain on budget cuts to education

Any questions?


They don't retard. They support a politically correct social democracy but with a little bit of spicyness like arrest all MAGA peoole.

File: 1679198933184-0.png (256.9 KB, 600x464, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1679198933184-1.png (170.59 KB, 1495x404, ClipboardImage.png)


Underrated turning point in history


>Originally GATT was set up as a temporary body to facilitate trade negotiations. The International Trade Organisation (ITO) had instead been created to break down trade barriers, govern trade during negotiations, and resolve trade disputes. The ITO Charter, adopted at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTE) in 1948, included (among other "leftist" principles) a provision that all nations should maintain full employment. This provision outraged the U.S. and U.K.; both calling it socialistic and a violation of national sovereignty. In 1950, the U.S. government refused to ratify the agreement, and the ITO died.

Had this ITO charter been ratified, all nations in the UN would have been obligated to maintain 100% employment. This means the destruction of the reserve army of labor and a massive decrease in the available number of scabs. This would have given striking workers far more leverage over the corporations and the government, while not abolishing capital outright.

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it's part of CS curriculum at least. you want some amount of queueing or else your assignment of jobs will almost certainly be suboptimal
it takes non-zero time to reassign workers.
for sure you can strive for having very low unemployment among people who can work, and you can certainly reach zero unemployment on paper, but you cannot reach zero in reality, nor is it even desirable. there is always some slack. slack is good
sure some people can't work and we need to exclude those from the statistics. I don't see the point of bringing up dumb shit in capitalism, we already know it sucks
>"100% employment" doesn't mean literally put babies in coal mines
fucking lazy babies. also there is nothing wrong with child labour, read Gothakritik. every human society puts children to work. large parts of the world have children in these forced labour camps called schools.


>also there is nothing wrong with child labour, read Gothakritik
>every human society puts children to work. large parts of the world have children in these forced labour camps called schools.

anon… there's a big difference between putting children in a learning/social environment like a school and putting children in the farms, factories, mines, and slaughterhouses before they've received an education, especially when that child labor is to provide them with means of subsistence that they wouldn't otherwise have access to.


Gotha critique was based on Marx's pragmatism for that specific period. Weak bait, but made me reply 2/10


>it's part of CS curriculum at least. you want some amount of queueing or else your assignment of jobs will almost certainly be suboptimal
Ok, it deals with queue length and number of "servers" and optionality is what? Less idle time for the server? The work place is not always an energy consuming thing like a server. Even if so, the "packets" - the workers, do not come in randomly.


>it takes non-zero time to reassign workers.
>for sure you can strive for having very low unemployment among people who can work, and you can certainly reach zero unemployment on paper, but you cannot reach zero in reality, nor is it even desirable. there is always some slack. slack is good
Ok but instead of hyper fixating on how literal we should take "100% employment," we should focus on what OP is pointing out, which is that the capitalist class has openly confessed to being against minimizing unemployment, which runs contrary to their "job creators vs. lazy proles" propaganda narrative

File: 1679032402884-0.png (77.74 KB, 569x331, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1679032402884-2.webm (1.36 MB, 944x698, milley.webm)

File: 1679032402884-3.png (1.12 MB, 1024x737, ClipboardImage.png)


is UNITED STATES GENERAL MARK ALEXANDER MILLEY hiding his power level or is it just a meme?



he's read karl marx
he's read Mao Zedong
he's read Lenin
he wrote his senior thesis in 1980 on the IRA and Guerrilla warfare, and admitted in the opening that he was sympathetic to their anti-colonial struggle against the British.
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holy shit anon stop assuming someone made something just because they repost it lol


>students at military academies dont pay tuition AFAIK its free



>holy shit anon stop assuming someone made something just because they repost it lol


NTA but on this site you can save a file with the filename it was uploaded as by clicking the filename. Often it's preferable because it's easier to find named files than ones with a random number filename.


Yeh but if you get kicked out they send you the bill. My friend got kicked out of West Point for talking back to his CO one time and that's what happened to him.

File: 1679208175075.png (64.96 KB, 537x671, New Text Document.png)


~There will never be an "End of History."~

Why do you think it is that capitalist society still permeates to this day? Simply because you haven't unleashed the global communist pandora's box, and that the masses are yet to receive the truth? All throughout history up until this point we have always had competing factions who may work for either the common good or for the atomized success of their own interest. The "philosophical problem of evil" does come to mind. It's certainly nice to imagine that we could stave off any further mass societal evils in such a way, though this is reductive. If people could be motivated at any point to perpetrate the evils of nazi germany, they could be motivated again to turn against the tide of what ought to be done in favor of some kind of hysteria or just an innately selfish drive. I'm not at all trying to make a "but human nature" argument against communism, simply state that I don't believe in any future humanity which isn't guided by the flux state of good and evil in contention with one another. It is a kind of self-deceit to assume that humanity will ever be able to rid itself of its tendencies. Simply looking at the world around you, do you think any of these people are ready to cheerfully transcend all evil and remove themselves from the drama of this human condition as it perpetrates itself upon us? The capitalist urge, the selfish urge, is not something that can be done away with by any one sweeping movement.

We should be willing to think more thoroughly about a post-communist world and all that it entails. It is my belief that society will have to have ever-evolving principles and ways of organizing itself in order to actually sustain something resembling the utopia which is dreamed of here. What new moral dilemmas will arise given new conditions? How can we, just as the capitalists dream of with their (supposed) technological growth, consider the philosophical and moral implications of a post-utopian society that is capable of growing beyond present limitations to keep in tide with the advent of nature influencing our drive towards something higher than what is already achieved? Nature does, I believe, ensure that there is an ever-present force of change in the universe. And if we achieve a "new harmony," surely we will face oddities unforeseen by the trends of today.

Perhaps, given all this, it is somewhat necessary to narrow ourPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Can you be more specific outside of just the end of suffering caused by capitalism?
just go back to marx. people will be able to be a hunter one day, a factory worker the next, and a student the next. no longer will we be forced within any systems but the systems will be at our disposal. we will develop into our species-being and be capable of achieving species level feats of engineering like dyson spheres and general AI, fully automated economy, an explosion of arts and leisure activities as well as inventing new ways to do old things, advancing at a pace far beyond what capitalism allows


>It can be like the "if you love communism, why don't you move to X" argument but actually everyone does want to do that.
that sounds amazing


steinbeck is taught in school sbut never attached to any conc ept of labor or worker rights or socialism in america





I dislike here the concept of the reliance on technology. Without that, communism would still be a cultural as well as an economic revolution.


That the eternal fixation on this alleged "communist rapture" of the future may be a delusion, and that we should strive to make real what is possible today without an attachment to grandiose outcomes.

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