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Venezuelan government condemned for ‘anti-communist’ attacks and alleged political oppression
In an open letter, more than 25 communist parties from around the world condemned the decision of Venezuela’s national electoral council to block Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and Popular Revolutionary Alternative candidates in the municipalities of Caracas and Macanao and in the state of Guaira.

Germany’s coalition talks: Greens favor ‘in-depth’ negotiations with SPD & FDP, but don’t reject Merkel’s bloc just yet
The Green party co-leaders, Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, spoke to reporters after holding the first round of talks with the Social Democrats (SPD), the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), and the bloc of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU).

Ex Bolivia's de facto authorities involved in Pandora Papers scandal
Three former Bolivian officials of the de facto Government of Jeanine Añez are involved in the scandal known as 'Pandora Papers' for having accounts in tax havens, the Ahora el Pueblo newspaper reported today.

‘Dystopian world’: Singapore patrol robots stoke fears of surveillance state
Singapore has trialled patrol robots that blast warnings at people engaging in “undesirable social behaviour”, adding to an arsenal of surveillance technology in the tightly controlled city-state that is fuelling privacy concerns. From vast numbers of CCTV cameras to trials of lampposts kitted out with facial recognition tech, Singapore is seeing aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Here’s my suggestion: ban the liberals instead of the communists. Shocking I know but I think it’ll work.


Maybe they do. In that case, they should let the communists run I'd think. But either way, I still support Maduro; he's made plenty of decisions I disagree with but he is singlehandedly holding back a hostile takeover of his country by gusanos. That's gotta county for something.
The US is supposedly considering lifting sanctions if the municipal elections end up being "free and fair". Personally I think they're lying, but either way, the Venezuelans have incentive to play nice with the neoliberals. For now.


*count for something


Banning communist parties doesn’t sound like a free and fair election. Of course I’m being wilfully obtuse, you and I both know the Americans don’t give a shit if communists are banned from the elections. Theoretically they might care if liberals are banned or more precisely put they might be pleased if liberals are not banned. However if Maduro’s party wins there’s no way in hell that the american’s will say the election was free and fair. If his party loses the americans will take it as evidence Maduro is losing support and ramp up pressure. Maduro can only stand to lose by betting on the promises of the United States. He’s an idiot for sowing fbi.gov in the communist movement just to appease the USA.


I agree with your overall thesis, but the government's kind of at the end of their rope here. Sanctions are decimating their economy so they have to reach out for any lifeline they can (even extremely implausible ones).

File: 1633640346493.jpeg (49.68 KB, 425x600, restricted.jpeg)


In 1973 alone, 554 dams collapsed in China. China tried to extinct sparrows because they lowered grain production. Children were instructed to bang pots and pans until the birds died of exhaustion. Once the sparrows’ numbers were diminished, the insect population boomed, causing even more damage to Chinese agriculture than the sparrows had. China ended up importing sparrows from the USSR to combat a locust swarm in the early 1960s.

When the forests were all cut down during the call for fuel (to make steel), citizens began to destroy their own homes.

Despite the fact that China’s 600 million people were mostly impoverished and lived in a country with half the arable land of the United States, Mao was determined to grow the population further. Contraceptives were discouraged; importing them was illegal.

I think we can agree Mao was a retard. Ends don't justify the means and China is neither Socialist nor communist so there's no ends these could've justified in the first place
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The best thing Mao did was defend China from soviet jingoism by pitting the revisionist ussr against the imperialists in order to buy time and grow.


A bunch of western propaganda ala what we see today aimed at China's semiconductor industry - meaning incessant denial that China is achieving anything at all.

>Children were instructed to bang pots and pans until the birds died of exhaustion.

Imagine doing that to birds living near your apartment. Birds will just fly away, and chinese don't populate every square meter of land for having a noise creator to deny birds landing. It's like believing in a child story.

>China ended up importing sparrows from the USSR to combat a locust swarm in the early 1960s.

Proof? Are Chinese sparrows existing today actually breeds originating in Russia? How would logistics of that even work? Stop for a fucking second and think about your idiocy.

>When the forests were all cut down during the call for fuel (to make steel)

Again, any proof? Just imagine how much work one would need to cut down all the trees in a country! How the hell you people buy into this retarded stuff?!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Indeed. Critical support for the KMT brothers


ok larper

File: 1633556795005.jpg (2.65 MB, 3280x2540, HaierHQ[1].jpg)


I had a post deleted a while back describing Haier and Alibaba, but I'd like to put in a general question about what leftypol thinks about Haier. My general stance is that existing political and economic ideologies are moribund and next-generation forms are necessary to bridge the gap.

From the left side, I'm interested in "finance socialism" wherein the state controls the capital markets and controls the capitalist system underneath it through regulation and control of access to capital. "The Party must own the market, or the market will own the Party".

From the right side, on the other hand, I'm interested in the Haier model, which I'd argue is a very weird corporate organization system that might actually be socialist, or perhaps a system of communes that's fully competitive in a capitalist economy.


Here's the basics of Haier and the Haier model (Rendanheyi, or "customer-client unity").

Haier got its start from a nearly bankrupt Chinese state-owned refrigerator factory during the Reform and Opening Up Era. At that time, the conditions at the factory were so poor that workers were pissing on the floors, and a substantial portion of refrigerators produced were highly substandard but still sold with the user expected to make the required repairs.

Qingdao Refrigerator Plant then hired Zhang Ruimin, a former Red Guard and MBA graduate from a major Chinese technical school with an interest in then-cutting edge Western management theories.

Zhang ran a comprehensive turnaround project, making it clear to the workers that certain quality standards were expected, smashing defective and semi-defective refrigerators with a sledgehammer.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1633602463577.mp4 (1.21 MB, 960x540, WWtMMcWlzlbpxkNB.mp4)

>I'm interested in "finance socialism" wherein the state controls the capital markets and controls the capitalist system underneath it through regulation and control of access to capital.
Stopped reading. Read marxist books first, you moron.



Simply, all socialist systems to date have been in stagnation. Even social democracies tend to show less output than libertarian capitalist states; compare France and the United States and see who's controlling the economic high ground.

Finance socialism vs state capitalism is defined by the difference in the state's relationship to the market. In state capitalist systems, what you often have is dirigisme with capitalists corrupting the political class by having access to money that the political class does not.

In finance socialism, on the other hand, the state directly controls capital, and can simply skim money off the markets; i.e, surplus value is being captured by the state (and by extension the people / proletariat) as opposed to the surplus value being captured by capitalists who use the money to derange the state.


As another point, productivity and total factor productivity growth in China itself plummeted once the global economic crisis hit and the state began unleashing the taps to its own SOEs as opposed to the private sector. If, say, the money had gone to the private sector (Xi is emphasizing increasing loans and funding to the SME sector as opposed to the SOEs), this would not have happened.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


There's literally no need for capitalism anymore
>I'm interested in "finance socialism" wherein the state controls the capital markets and controls the capitalist system underneath it through regulation and control of access to capital
I like to call that -not socialism- and -just capitalism-


wasnt there a marxist theorist tho that advocated for a nationalized bank socialism
aka who controls the banks controls the corporations
I need to find his name again


In the sense that the first world is by definition a group of post-scarcity economies? That the drive toward further profit-accumulation is a result of capitalist superstructure convincing people that they are impoverished if they can't afford the new iPhone?

I agree. It's perfectly viable for current capitalist economies to switch completely to a socialist mode of production without impoverishing the people. Economic growth would collapse, but people are spoiled by the urge to have new electronic toils, bigger houses, etc.

If you look at happiness (orthodox / booj) economics, happiness tends to max around 18,000 GDP per capita before reaching diminishing returns. The United States is around 66,000 GDP per capita, Germany is 44-55k, even France is around 38k.

If the well being of the proletariat is all that matters, we can easily take a 50% drop in per capita GDP without impoverishing populations. The reduction in exploitation will likely result to an increase in gross national welfare and by making people happier, societies would be better off.

However, if you're talking about third world countries, or countries that are attempting to challenge the American-led world system, then maybe there's a point to wealth. Look at India, Vietnam, and China in their response to the COVID-19 crisis.

China was able to afford a draconian response to eradicate indigenous COVID-19 in China itself, saving lives and improving the economy, because it's relatively rich (about 4-6 years away from developed country status), and it still has a Marxist / Maoist system of social control, so the anti-vaxxers / anti-masker idiots could be promptly dumped into labor camps. Vietnam, in contrast, did not have the same wealth as China, so when Delta hit, its Marxist-Leninist system of social control broke down because they couldn't afford any further lockdowns.

And India is just succdem. They could neither produce the discipline intrinsic in Marxist Leninist systems, nor the wealth of high middle-income countries, so the initial lockdown spread COVID, people starved, etc etc etc. If, say, Vietnam had more money, they could have afforded the eradication that China was well-off enough to do so. If India had more money, they could have afforded to pay for the health and social services needed to deal with COVID in a liberal mannePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1633404652968.png (199.51 KB, 461x259, finalcrisis.png)


In 2008-2010 people thought it was the final crisis of capitalism. In 2020 with covid and the stonk market dip people thought it would be the final crisis.

Will capitalism ever produce a true "FINAL" crisis and collapse? or is that just hapooner porn and in reality it will be a slow decline?
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Shit has been getting automated for centuries
Industrialization is literally automation


File: 1633484670910.png (504.19 KB, 454x600, 1492165313227.png)

Capitalism will not have a final crisis.
neither did feudalism and slaver societies.
Take that messianic shit off your head.


French feudalism had a final crisis, the church and aristocracy refused to concede anything to restore order leaving the crown with no resources to stop the sans-culottes from taking power.


"Or else we are left with the somewhat oblique comfort provided by a little ‘expert’ from the Dresdener Volkszeitung who, after thoroughly destroying my book, explains that capitalism will eventually collapse ‘because of the falling rate of profit’. One is not too sure exactly how the dear man envisages this – whether the capitalist class will at a certain point commit suicide in despair at the low rate of profit. or whether it will somehow declare that business is so bad that it is simply not worth the trouble, whereupon it will hand the key over to the proletariat? However that may be this comfort is unfortunately dispelled by a single sentence by Marx, namely the statement that ‘large capitals will compensate for the fall in the rate of profit by mass production’. Thus there is still some time to pass before capitalism collapses because of the falling rate of profit, roughly until the sun burns out." - Rosa Luxemburg


>In 2008-2010 people thought it was the final crisis of capitalism. In 2020 with covid and the stonk market dip people thought it would be the final crisis.
That never happened.

>Will capitalism ever produce a true "FINAL" crisis and collapse?

>or is that just hapooner porn and in reality it will be a slow decline?
Also yes, both are true.

File: 1633487611492.jpg (553.93 KB, 1000x665, glowie front.jpg)


<Patriot Front is an American white supremacist, neo-fascist, and American nationalist group[4][5][6] which utilizes imagery of patriotism, liberty, and other widely accepted traditional American values to promote its ideology.[7] Part of the broader alt-right movement, the group split off from Vanguard America in 2017 in the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally.[1][8][9][10]

On a scale from tungsten lightbulb to nuclear blast, how much do they GLOW?
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>Yeah! We descended from aristocratic slave owners! Rebels who didn't want to pay for a war they formerly started!


I dunno. Are you?

Thing is, it doesn't seem like much of a "party." What do they actually do? The stickers are ostensibly about getting their brand out there and drawing attention to themselves. But the members (or… the dupes in the org) are under very strict orders from the leader to not really discuss it with anyone except in oblique terms… just put up stickers and attend an occasional march. The recruiters on white nationalist forums meanwhile market it by saying "it's REAL activism." But that's obviously not true. It's a treadmill of nonsense.

Look at them, too. A lot of the members have a similar build. No beards. No tattoos. Remember when they ran away in Philly? >>534091

Why did they do that? I think the answer is simple: they're a bunch of cops. They're under orders not to engage the public when they're putting on this show.

Last thing, they have spent a decent amount of money on plexiglass riot shields, flags, outfits, rental vans which they use for transport, travel expenses, not to mention the sticker budget which must have produced thousands of stickers at this point. An article about one of the members getting arrested:

>In Monday's search of Milaszewski's bedroom, police found a large flag emblazoned with the symbol of the the Creativity Movement that matched the stickers on the church, according to the report. They also found a black Colt replica handgun, determined to be a BB/pellet gun, and a money order receipt with the handwritten name of Thomas Rousseau, founder of the Patriot Front.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>how do you guys think these patriots would react if they actually learned about american imperialisms affect on the planet?

Some fash argue against empire and colonialism on the basis they believe in the right of all people to a homeland and sovereignty and don’t believe one nation should interfere with the destiny of another. The way I see it, they’re not in a position of power, they understand that Internationalism is changing their world and they can no longer lay claim to so called ‘homelands’. Their future will not be determined by Europeans alone, basically. It makes me laugh, they’re a defeated people so any effort to organise has comedic potential for us.


hey mods, can you allow for filtering of flags


stop with the libshit faggot


You just gotta love the undrinkable tap water, the nonexistent jobs and social securities, the seemingly never ending debt and inflation, the decaying infrastructure, the rampant crime and rape rates coupled with the rampant police violence, the blatant propaganda, the cultured civilians that view criticizing islam as necessary but criticizing judaism as hate speech, the never ending propaganda french citizens receive all emulate the true success of capitalism. A beautiful country that I would love to visit some time and a beacon of civilization
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>europe going full fascist



This is good. If you can dispute the actual existence of a particular group of Europeans, dismiss them as ‘mongrels’ etc it’s demoralising for them. They end up arguing among themselves about some groups being less white than others. This approach is actually quite mainstream, the ‘nation of immigrants’ argument.

Internationalism is easier if they cannot see themselves nationally to begin with. France isn’t accordions and baguettes anymore, and from this perspective, it was never really ‘white’ to begin with.


Many rich people emigrate to France.


File: 1633639090617.png (233.54 KB, 604x416, awesome.png)

France is built for BNC
Big North (African) Cock



Love this haha. Most Europeans don’t even know that we had Europe for over 700 years. They don’t know their own history so god knows how they’re supposed to know their future. This goes back to my original point about ‘whiteness’ not being a central feature of revolution.

 No.498746[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So, the New Left movement was Trotskyist

Trotskyist organisations such as the ISO, the SWP, the DSP, Resistance and Socialist Alliance, using entrist methods, have spread it within universities, the political parties, the education system, and the legal system.

But Trotskyism is not restricted to formal membership of such sects. The Frankfurt School was broadly Trotskyist, as was Deconstruction and Postmodernism, even though these academic fashions are criticised at the World Socialist Web Site.

Those purists define a "Trotskyist" as one who acknowledges Trotsky over Lenin as the true leader of the revolution.

On the basis of a broader definition as one who sides with Trotsky rather than Stalin in their split, and promotes Trotsky's "ultraleft" cultural revolution rather than Stalin's conservative "reaction", the Feminist, Gay, Green and Black liberation movements have substantial Trotskyist ancestry.

I do not class Castro and Chavez as Trotskyists, because they do not promote Radical Feminism and Gay Lib. On the other hand, most factions of Trotskyists support them, and try to lead them to their own agenda.

Trotsky explicitly promoted Radical Feminism, Youth Rebellion, Communal Childrearing and the Destruction of the Family, in his book The Revolution Betrayed. It was written in 1936, when Trotsky was living in Norway, and was first published in 1937. The English translation is by Max Eastman.

Trotsky here describes the attack on all tradition launched by the Bolsheviks, and Stalin's reversal of its extremes. I hope that many Trotskyist sympathisers will be shocked to see how extreme he really was - something meaningful to us in the West now that our own family life has been shattered by the same forces.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1633635062482.png (1.16 MB, 579x753, ClipboardImage.png)

What the fuck are you talking about?


According to Maupin, Trotsky was "satanic".


Trotsky is relevant to the left today in ways many who came before him are not. His acknowledgement of the black aspect of the revolutionary struggle flies in the face of people who cry about ‘idpol’ today. His Jewish heritage put him outside of WASP privilege. Trotskyism is also a winning method. We don’t defend progress towards multicultural societies by citing Stalin. We deconstruct whiteness, we demoralise by questioning the legitimacy of ‘white’ national collectives.


Another Caleb Maupin figure of speech taken out of context gem from leftypol.


I will say this, I have issues with him, but I don’t hate him as much as tanks do.
I see them as kind of the same.
His “History of the Soviet Union” is surprisingly well written and engaging, granted it’s probably incredibly bias considering it’s from his perspective.
Trotsky’s strengths as a writer are undeniable.
The modern movements built around Trotsky on the other hand, I can’t find it in me to be near as forgiving. It’s one thing to borrow ideas from Trotsky, but it always seemed really strange and sectarian that they felt the need to break completely from ML when the differences seem really minor to my eye.

File: 1633194628377-0.jpg (6.74 KB, 274x184, 98765432.jpg)

File: 1633194628377-1.jpg (15.45 KB, 300x168, 099.jpg)

File: 1633194628377-2.jpg (224.63 KB, 1839x1034, 23456yg.jpg)


the title, over the years i´ve read some rumors about his death from nazbols saying jewish doctors killed him, that he died during the moscow siege in 1941 and the party had to use a double, Kruschev assasinated or that he never died but become so delusional that the party had to hide him from the public, but i would like to heard any opinion on this topic
22 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Yeah, that's why he couldn't have done it. :)


He was killed by the British https://youtu.be/QqqdD9KH73M


He 100% died of a cerebral hemorrhage that being said Tito assassinating him after saying this just sounds cooler tbh


Literally fake quote


File: 1633635850322.jpg (111.52 KB, 786x960, benny_harvey.jpg)

Stalin was poisoned by CIC agent Benny Harvey. 100% true. read Mamardashvili.

File: 1633570804687.png (794.63 KB, 939x894, ClipboardImage.png)


New party forming. A third way. Neither left nor right. Why aren't you faggots on board again? The dialectic is in motion, it's time to hop on.


<I started the Forward Party for a few big reasons. The main one is one we can all see – the current two-party duopoly is not working. While the two major parties have different issues, we can all see that polarization is getting worse and worse, with 42% of both parties regarding the other as not just mistaken, but evil. Neither side is able to meaningfully solve problems, so we all get angrier and angrier.

68 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


> and the power lobbies such as the pharmaceutical industry and teachers unions have over the Democratic Party.[7]
>Writing for Forward, a Jewish American webzine, Yang, who is a New York City mayoral candidate, compared BDS "to fascist boycotts of Jewish businesses" in the past, seemingly a nod at Nazi policies of the 1930s and 40s.
> Yang also said that the two-party is too fragile, especially in comparison to countries in Europe like the United Kingdom
The guy is fucking braindead.


i hate that i know what you mean


Why would you hate having read Dune. It's a good book


>Sure but whats the implementation under capitalism going to look like
Yeah, this. How does UBI not:

-Face raises in the cost of living rendering it useless
-Face so much opposition by capital that it can never be implemented.

Like come on. Burgers have their healthcare tied to their employers and they are somehow going to emancipate themselves from wage slavery altogether? May as well call it "The Abolish Capitalism Act" TACA and run on bringing that to congress.


There's only one way this "forward" party will go. And that's downward. Trying to start a viable third party in the pseudo-democracy that is the US is a fool's errand.


why is the russian economy so dependent on oil and iron?
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


based and burgerpilled


Dutch disease


Because its a capitalist banana republic.


>their economy nearly imploded from oil sanctions

Let me guess, you read that on /pol/ in a happening thread with many wojaks and pepes


They sell raw materials to the west and import more refined products made in the west from these materials.

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