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File: 1617494572181.jpg (50.37 KB, 564x708, ad59158328927220ea1e875cff….jpg)


Why religion institutions being christian, muslim or scientologist ecc. seek expansion like a capitalist entreprise does?
Monetary gains is hardly an issues for many of these groups and their followers in the countries where they expanded are hardly milkable for money (not to the degree and actual capitalist interprise would)
What their endgame? What do missionaries want? What purpose opening churches or mosques in other countries serve?
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Did you even read Marx on the JQ?


Religion is doomed to extinction in western countries. Secularism won. The handful of religious people left are using what's left in their coffers to try and keep their institutions alive elsewhere.


The Christianity that's growing is nearly exclusively evangelical prosperity gospel bullshit. It's basically a cargo cult where rich burgers show up with expensive clothes and cars and preach that they too can become rich like them as long as they believe the right thing. Very appealing to people who live in abject poverty that the local religions have failed to do anything about.


I think empiricist materialists underestimate how much people can genuinely believe in their own bullshit.



Historically most religions don’t really seek to expand. Pagan berserkers didn’t send out missionaries. Empires like Rome and the Persians let their conqured peoples keep their religions for this reason, they didn’t care.

With religions like Christianity and Buddhism, it’s probably a combination of factors. One, they started out as more of what we today would call movements - movements for peace, anti-imperialism, anti-caste or slavery, general reforms and so on. In the early days they also likely spread due to a growing dissatisfaction with capricious deities, in the manner that Christianity turns people off today.

Two, there is the evolutionary factor that religions that sent out missionaries, and who would take anybody could simply acquire more followers from larger geographical areas. What comes down to us are the variants that were more successful.

In addition to those two factors, sometimes governments made them official. In ancient times city states, clans, and warlords would use deities as a sort of banner to unite people under. When Christianity started becoming popular, they used things like different interpretations of the trinity as their banner. When Christianity started becoming potentially threatening, Constantine made it the official religion of Rome, which neutered it.

File: 1617514738457.jpeg (74.33 KB, 645x970, 4soy.jpeg)


As we were just raided for the fucking umpteenth time just now I was thinking to myself, wtf even causes someone to barf out that many low-effort schizophrenic shitposts on an imageboard, especially with such, weird, disgusting, and sadistic content? And this isn't even referring to other flavors of rightoids such as mindlessly contrarian stupid/pol/yps and NatSoys who actually articulate their retarded beliefs coherently, I actually understand why those people do it, the first one can be fun as fuck tbh, and the second are filled with people who actually understand that there are systemic problems, they just misidentify them and want to apply the wrong solutions, no I'm talking about the people who come here and act like little toddlers spamming nonsensical one-sentence threads and spamming gore and child porn, all the while thinking they're "owning us." They just get on my nerves so FUCKING much, and I just wan to know literally what is even the point of doing it. Are there any people, not just people who used to be /pol/yps or rightoids in general, but who specifically spammed the most random garbage and were basically proud to reduce themselves to infants, and now have recovered and become leftists? I'd really like to here your perspectives. Also btw, this is just me quickly getting my thoughts off quickly, I'm going to make a more well-thought out thread with both questions and some of my own theories about human behavior in general and why some it is so bizarre, because some of you Homo Sapiens really weird me the FUCK out.
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Matrix Servers are a Form of Eugenicism


I mean I guess, if you count distracting autists even further from breeding


So no chance of Eugenen joining


Yeah I'd definitely say more quantity than quality, lol. Though you definitely do make a good point that spamming in acting in bad faith is rewarded in western, particularly burger culture, and overall dealing with these spammers has definitely made me have a lot more respect for effortposters like you, and I do feel honored to have a Eugene schizopost in response to one of my threads. Good luck on your article about fascism btw, I skimmed through it and it seems pretty informative, I'll sit down and read it later at some point.


File: 1618463814994.jpg (120.05 KB, 900x1200, Ekk6VaDXEAAeMGf.jpg)

Very cool

File: 1617476004581-0.pdf (9.67 MB, 214x300, Demystifying The North Kor….pdf)

File: 1617476004581-1.png (466.94 KB, 942x638, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617476004581-2.png (544.75 KB, 966x819, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617476004581-3.png (411.87 KB, 503x574, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617476004581-4.png (351.11 KB, 654x447, ClipboardImage.png)


>“It is to have the Party and the state in general to prioritize economic tasks over other national tasks, and to fully devote human, material, and technological resources to economic development.” (Kim Jong-un, April 21 and 23, 2018)

>“Today, for our Party, there is no revolutionary task that is more urgent than promoting economic development and improving the quality of people’s livelihood.” (Kim Jong-un, March 9, 2019)

>Large-scale commitment of soldiers into massive construction sites

>North Korean military aircraft sprinkling fertilizer

=>“Socialist Corporate Responsible Management System”=

Is Kim Jong Un finally breaking the war-communist stagnant state that NK has found itself in since the 90s? Is this the beginning of a new era for the DPRK? Is based Kimmy finally realizing that Songun is unsustainable and he's just going to ride out the inevitable collapse of the US imperial core with blackjack and hookers?
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>idealism is when you say that computers are 100 million times faster than the Ussr time with proven results and thus there's no reason not to have the market as restricted as possible

Capitalism consumed your brain, sad!


To be fair it seems like the CPC has actively been working to improve overall living and working conditions, and doing a pretty good job of it. However this isn’t necessarily indicative of being on the path to socialism. It seems a lot more like the product of the CPC trying to mitigate and smooth over class contradictions, something they openly state is their goal. In essence this would just make them a social democracy, although less like the Clement Attlee/Olaf Palme type and more like the Bismarck/Peron type. Eventually this system will fall apart as capitalism’s contradictions make it impossible to satisfy the interests of both capitalists and proles. What the CPC will do when this happens isn’t clear.


>Literally what the GDR did under Ulbricht and the NÖS
And this policy worked perfectly as evident by the GDR existing today.


>Chinese and Russian companies have invested in the economic zone. Mongolia has joined recently
What in fuck; I didn't know that. What the hell are our gov doing there? Nothing against DPRK but they should be using that investment on building roads in the countryside. Can't even drive on those pothole ridden shit when driving to Khovsgol for vacation


they just finished their nuke program, and now they feel secure, all these resources can be redirected in long term economic growth

File: 1616704017741.png (556 KB, 875x577, zionist_spider_USSR.png)


A thread for everything Russia - related
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So how do you guys feel when people like Haz start describing Russia as "the great Genghis Khan successor civilization, greater than the decadent anglo west"?


Here's the actual thread with the old oppic.


this is funny how this thread is considered to be problematic because of the OP pic. but that one is not despite the fact it has a pic of Khruschev saying "These artists are a bunch of faggots!"

(btw, I was OP of the original russian thread and I and OP this thread.)


the artists are a bunch of faggots, yeah.
t. artist


File: 1617574735476.jpg (113.44 KB, 1120x630, 13-3-9099202.jpg)

They are a loser race and should be treated as one. Pic related is me with original Suomi KP and not that Soviet copied one.

File: 1617497527993.jpg (25.79 KB, 247x404, 1519183215907.jpg)


Why do radlibs want higher wages?

Inflation is a real concern that seems almost divorced from power per purchase per capita and yet I see it celebrated in leftie circles.

Is the braindead coomsoomer meme just more than a maymay
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Damn, Thatcher really took a shit on Britain


Kill yourself libtard


Arguments: none


Every time a Thatcherite tells you that she saved the British economy, remind them that her performance was so mediocre that Italy's GDP overtook Britain in 1987 and remained ahead until the late 1990s. This being despite Italy having a lower population than Britain.
The Italians helpfully gave this a name so it gets a Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Il_sorpasso_(economics)

(her performance on that chart is relatively overstated: Wages beat inflation, but conveniently 3 million unemployed got taken out of the earnings growth calculations entirely…)


>You quite literally have not idea what you are talking about minimum wage increases have a knock-on effect that increase wages across the board, not only those in the minimum wage sector.
Implying in an society with no unions workers can push for wage increases on any meaningful collective level.

File: 1617295818372.jpg (200.46 KB, 1200x750, 342093_1.jpg)


What does /leftypol/ think about buying silver and other precious metals?
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>has been used thousands of years as payment

So where sea shells, arrow heads and rice grains. What's your point exactly? What are you Boomers going to do if the American government confiscates all gold during the next economical depression, like FDR?


Silver is just dumb investment but gold has its uses in crisis like situations.


It does not generate income and you only profit if you find a greater fool


Couldn’t care less about gold, silver or platinum. But Indium? I want some just to chew on it.


Is this the commodity fetishism Marx was talking about?

File: 1616896905959.jpeg (95.81 KB, 600x802, Michio_Morishima.jpeg)


Japanese Marxism AFAIK was super dominant in the 1950s/60s in the econ departments in Japan.

There's a huge tradition of Japanese Marxist economists who are mostly associated with the JCP now, which is mostly unknown to westerners.

People like Nobuo Okishio, Michio Morishima etc.

Does anyone know their writings? and why are they so obscure compared to other writers, is it just a lack of translation?
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It has been said that even in the Imperial era of Japan and many other countries, Marx's Capital was one of the basic texts used in the universities to teach economics.


>When you spend your life being a politician in support of Imperial Japan, but then you realize you're losing the war, so you join up with the communists in an opportunistic preemptive attempt to coalesce a domestic opposition to occupation at home, but then some nationalist who thinks you're a traitor kills you on stage because he would rather prefer foreign occupation by the enemies of the guy you both worshiped then bother taking realpolitik into account, all because you decided to wear the funny Mao suit when you got off the plane a year ago
Just a day in the life


File: 1617538539062-0.jpg (619.28 KB, 720x2188, CRINGE ASS DICK.jpg)

File: 1617538539062-1.jpg (125.84 KB, 719x399, Weeb.jpg)

Don't forget about this


>Does anyone know their writings?
No I don't, unfortunately.
>is it just a lack of translation?
Likely. Japanese Marxism dates back to the late 1800s and so much of it remains untranslated.


Unless it's like Kozo Uno, Thomas Sekine or Kojin Karatani you'll find very few new translations.


>Thomas Sekine
Historical Materialism republished his two volume The Dialectic of Capital pretty recently btw.

File: 1617427715830.jpg (150.53 KB, 707x1000, Em8qtDxXUAE9igL.jpg)


Present your arguments for and against price controls implemented in socialist MoP's
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Problem: People are too poor to buy X.
Idea: The state sets a lower mandatory price for X.
Problem with that idea:
If such a regulation is added to a system of private enterprise with the relevant companies here not being state-run exceptions, this can lead to a reduction in supply if the mandatory price makes the profits too low compared to other investment opportunities.
If the regulation is something which only applies in a state-run sector, you may produce it at loss and just keep on producing it subsidizing it forever, but you still have the issue that you make the good cheaper for both those who are very poor and those who can easily get by without that help. Furthermore, people might buy the stuff not because they need it, but to resell the stuff to foreigners who don't have a massive subsidy program going on for that.
The problem here really is about some people having too small budgets to obtain what they need. The least bureaucratic way to address this is surely not to enact a byzantine system of subsidies and price controls for various goods and services, but to make sure that people with the lowest salaries and smallest pensions still have budgets that can cover a necessary minimum basket of goods and services.


File: 1617508141076.png (882.16 KB, 1440x900, 1608526140632.png)

I know the issues of fixed prices, I've read quite a bit on shortages and waiting lines caused by fixed prices.

I was curious if it was booj propaganda and that there was a possibility to justify price controls. I'm also curious about the economic policies in east bloc countries. The GDR tried to gradually lift price controls in small doses under Ulbricht. Other countries like Poland raised prices for necessary goods to absurd levels.

If there was such a resounding realization of the problems of fixed prices, why did it take the USSR so long to lift price controls? And what could be done to mitigate the massive inflation that would occur after removing fixed prices?




>why did it take the USSR so long to lift price controls?
Political inertia I guess.
>And what could be done to mitigate the massive inflation that would occur after removing fixed prices?
This worry only makes sense when talking about regulated prices for monopolists/oligopolies under capitalism. No need to worry about that under socialism. Inflation is about the price of a standardized basket of things, not a single thing. Having a target range for inflation/deflation just means setting a target price range for what the stuff in the basket costs together. It is computationally trivial* to have both very flexible prices and a very small range for the target aggregate price.

*It's trivial enough that lack of computing power is not a convincing excuse for historical failures here.

File: 1615446656192.png (30.43 KB, 1280x640, ClipboardImage.png)


How do you explain, dialectically, the capitalist pillaging of the Soviet state in the 90s? These weren't foreign invaders, or the CIA it was the Soviet people that caused all this.
So, the seeds of the capitalism of the 90s were in the USSR. Why? Where did it all go wrong?
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File: 1617522265316.jpg (110.54 KB, 1182x1096, mises btfo.jpg)

>mises was right about the inability to calculate plans


So why did they restrict themselves to using linear programming at the "commanding heights of the economy" in a class of 200 or so goods rather than everything? There are computational or epistemic limits either way. Even if you have a strong enough computer to run many of the worst cases of say, the simplex algorithm (computers this robust were not yet available to planners late into the life of the USSR) it still does not address the other problems of planning, such as communication, control, and the epistemic limits of understanding whether targets are hit/missed, etc.
Of course many of these problems have been addressed with technological and theoretical developments today, so I'm not saying planning is not possible theoretical (I don't agree with Mises -in general-, only in this specific case given the historical and material position of the USSR).


>such as communication
communication boards, such as the internet.
>epistemic limits of understanding whether targets are hit/missed
Computerized network where the coefficient is calculated through the means of demand, and adjusted algorithmically with the help of projections.


The USSR did not have a functioning intranet until late into its existence, if at all. That's my point.


Informative thread!

File: 1617501784066.jpg (457.62 KB, 1080x1105, Cheese.jpg)


,>The Cîteaux Abbey, just south of Dijon, birthplace of the Cistercian Catholic order, usually sells its raw-milk, semi-soft discs only to restaurants or visitors to its on-site shop. But a drop in demand since the coronavirus crisis erupted last year has left the abbey’s 19 Trappist monks with 4,000 cheeses too many, a 2.8-tonne problem.

>“We tried explaining to our 75 cows that they needed to produce less milk but they don’t seem to have understood,” said brother Jean-Claude, in charge of marketing at the monastery, which was founded in 1098. “Our sales are down nearly 50%,” he said, with French restaurants still closed since 30 October as authorities try to stifle a third wave of cases. “We need to clear out our stock.”

>The monks have teamed with the internet startup Divine Box, which sells products made by abbeys in France and elsewhere, with a goal of selling at least a tonne of cheese by Tuesday. The minimum order is two wheels at 23 euros (£20) each, plus shipping.


Is it happening?


I don't know if this is the classic crisis of overproduction. It isn't a result of the process of capital reproduction creating far more product than demand, it's due to a drop in demand due to the pandemic.


>Crisis of Overproduction
Literally a feature of capitalism.

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