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File: 1654815551265.jpg (217.52 KB, 1024x576, CANSEC-1024x576.jpg)


Canada intervenes in Saudi spy chief lawsuit to prevent disclosure of sensitive information
The Canadian government is seeking a court injunction to prevent Saudi Arabia's former spy chief, Saad al-Jabri, from disclosing allegedly sensitive security information in a civil proceeding against him. In an application to the Federal Court on Wednesday, government lawyers requested an order under the Canada Evidence Act confirming a prohibition on the disclosure of material, as well as an injunction forbidding Jabri or his lawyers from filing certain information in an Ontario court.

Turkey’s Erdogan warns Greece to demilitarize Aegean islands
Turkey says Greece has been building a military presence in violation of treaties that guarantee the unarmed status of the Aegean islands. It argues the islands were ceded to Greece on the condition they remained demilitarized.

Afghanistan facing acute hunger crisis while US holds £5bn of country's assets
AFGHANISTAN is facing an acute hunger and starvation crisis while the United States continues to hold some $7 billion (£5.5bn) of the poverty-stricken country’s assets, a new coalition warned today. A group including families of victims of the September 11 2001 attacks, Afghan diaspora communities and former government diplomats have called for the money to be returned immediately to alleviate the situation.

Moazzam Begg: Ex-Guantanamo detainee gets right to UK passport back after eight years
Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg can obtain a British pasPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Michigan officer charged with murder in Lyoya shooting
A prosecutor filed a second-degree murder charge Thursday against the Michigan police officer who killed Patrick Lyoya, a Black man who was on the ground when he was shot in the back of the head following an intense physical struggle recorded on a bystander’s phone.

Starbucks hails judge’s ruling in union case
In a Phoenix U.S. district court on Wednesday, Judge John Tuchi struck down the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) request to reinstate the three former employees, citing there were inconsistencies and a lack of validity in the NLRB’s claims. In a statement to The Hill on Thursday, a Starbucks spokesperson said the company applauded the court’s decision on the matter.

Democratic senators urge Biden to issue executive order to preserve abortion rights
"[A]s President of the United States, you have the unique power to marshal the resources of the entire federal government to respond," the senators wrote in a letter to the president, adding that "[a]bortion access is under attack in the United States and already completely eliminated in swaths of the country."

Capitol riot hearings to argue that U.S. democracy at risk
The hearings on the 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by Donald Trump's supporters will spotlight testimony by the former president's top aides and family as a congressional committee seeks to show that the riot was, as its chairman put it, a "conspiracy to thwart the will of the people."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




War will only stop if imperialism is uprooted: Extracted from the June 2022 issue of People's March
February 24 was the day when Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine began. Since then, the war has become a source of deep discussion of inter-imperialist strife. It is the need of the process to delve deeper into the issue in order to understand the developing conditions of the revolution and the tasks of the world proletariat. The whole world is aware that, as Lenin said, “imperialism is war”. Yes. War is the work of imperialism. And the current war is an imperialist war. This is a manifestation of the intensifying inter-imperialist rivalry for world hegemony. Ongoing developments show that the war will not end in a short time. Ukraine has become a dogfighting arena among the imperialists.

The Neoliberal State in Pakistan Is a Machine for Plunder
The neoliberal phase in the history of global capitalism is too often understood in terms of a simplistic binary division between state and market. In reality, the neoliberal counterrevolution spearheaded by figures like Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and Britain’s Margaret Thatcher was not characterized by states vacating the economic field. Neoliberal ideologues such as Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises never wanted the regulatory state to be eliminated. Instead, they sought to reconfigure it as a tool of uninhibited class war from above, waged on behalf of the rich and powerful through various means, including the hollowing out of public services and the dispossession of the working masses. Neoliberal globalization in Pakistan exemplifies a form of militarized, postcolonial capitalism to be found across South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, under which the state stands front and center in multiple processes of capital accumulation. To make sense of the dialectic of state and capital that has animated Pakistani neoliberalism, we must begin by looking at its roots in the period of British colonial rule before 1947.
https://jacobin.com/2022/06/neoliberalism-pakistan-south-asia-sub-saharan-africa-coloPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks News Anon

File: 1654497807539.png (2.47 MB, 2048x1536, 1654044069101.png)

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Previous thread >>>/leftypol_archive/558582
Geopolitics General >>1004370

Cometh ye folks, cometh into the new age.
For previous threads, check >>>/leftypol_archive/


>N.B. liveuamap.com is not to be trusted, they mostly parrot Ministry of Defence, these others may not be better, check their reporting first



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's just what you'll find with them. Ultras establish an ultraorthodox equivalency of capitalist states then take the usual Marxist understanding of authoritarianism as how reflecting contradictory they are, which tends to divide the working class. Thus anti-imperialist countries are lumped with feudal and bonapartist ones as a contradictory interaction of premodern and modern history to be negated by the liberal bourgeoisie and international capitalism. This is part of creating a more universal, evenly developed, interconnected plane that we can use to organize.

A lot of that has to do with how much we depend on the international capital - international labor antagonism, since we've never have actually had it yet Marx predicted it. Realizing Marx's prediction and skipping the contradictions and authoritarianism found in the proletariat carrying out the democratic revolution in the backward countries is the point of the ultraleft. Thus trot focus on permanent revolution, left com focus on disregarding the democratic revolution, and anarchist focus on immediate state abolition and gift economy.

This is why the first camp's division of liberal and illiberal tends to line up with the third camp's division of authoritarian and libertarian. Ultras will consider the first and second camp to be authoritarian, however the latter to be far more contradictory and thus bonapartist. 'Red bonapartism' is the gist of 'tankie', it's to suggest a form of capitalism inferior to what it critiques.

The point of the fishhook is to describe how attempts (like third campism) to succeed the struggling anti-imperialist synthesis, which declared the liberal bourgeoisie no longer progressive, of the WW1 era had a strange tendency of just regressing to the 19th century and its views of the liberal bourgeoisie as progressive. The trot to neocon pipeline is the most famous example of this. Anarcho-NATOism is yet another iteration.

With the crisis of liberal unipolarity and the emerging periphery, this section of the left has been thrown into crisis. Now it's the advanced countries that represent the contradictory form of capitalism, they are the ones resisting the course of capitalist history. We've moved on from this idea of anti-imperialism preserving a marriage of premodern and modern history in the form of nationalism with a red flPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You know leftypol is autistic when ukraine is still relevent here. all normal people have forgotten about it


wtf is a spectacle brain.??? can you imbeciles use normal english terms?


File: 1655054439407.jpg (269.82 KB, 1200x1800, 1543477766-bwns8008-0.jpg)

Bahaiists are sexy anon.


well lucky for you there's a general thread about Spectacle at the moment

File: 1654817019377.jpg (76.21 KB, 750x690, a real nigga.jpg)


As you all know, I've always been a fan for a long time now of authoritarianism, political repression, and other assorted anti-democratic policies. I think they to a certain extent represent the highest stage of Dialectical Materialism and Scientific Socialism. So why not do a thread commemorating the top 10 worst ranked countries by the Democracy Index? If they're shitting on these countries, that should be akin to a moral medal to wear on your chest proudly. So without further ado, let's begin
>10: Equatorial Guinea
A rather unknown West African country, the story for how the current regime was born is quite insane. Francisco Macias Nguema used to be the dictator that ruled the country (now he's cousin is president, so based socialism in one family right there.) He was friends with the DPRK (based) and did a lot of redpilled dictatorist things such as declaring himself to be a god and personally dismembered his ministers when they gave him information he didn't like (sigma grindset right her). He's cousin is not that based, but hey number 10 is nothing to laugh at.
>Number 9: Laos
The second lowest ranked AES socialist country (I think we all know who the based number 1 is), Laos as we all know is a Marxist-Leninist country so already extremely based by default. Beat the Americans in the 70s, and now they have developed quite extensively due to its socialist-oriented market economy. Repress weirdo religious fundamentalist Falun Gong wannabes so this country is quite redpilled if I do say so myself. Definitely the most underrated AES country, they deserve more love.
>Number 8: Chad
With a name like that, you know you already got a pretty baller country. I don't know a lot about Chad actually outside of its name and its number 8 place, but if they're in this place they must be doing at least some things right. But regardless, another based authoritarian African nation.
>Number 7: Turkmenistan
Ahh yes, the North Korea of Central Asia. Despite its dictator having a name that sounds like the sound your toilet makes when you flush it, make no mistake, Turkmenistan is quite the based country. A capital city where 80% of the buildings are made with white marble, so we got some fancy mfs right here who have been on that grindset. And despite it dictatorial nature, you still get tourists admiring the beautiful capiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1654818167116.jpg (20.63 KB, 800x450, based.jpg)

>Top 10 worst ranked countries by the Democracy Index


Nice post


>the most based arab nation
That would be Egypt under Nasser, but unfortunately they cucked out a long time ago.


>Number 3

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Breadpill me on CPUSA.

Were they truly Soviet "puppets" like the right-wing claims? Were they "outside agitators" or sincerely a part of workers' struggles?

Any deep lore I should be aware of?
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Maupin isn't even a Marxist so yeah.


Sorry, misremembered that, still pretty embarassingly shitty to support the Soviet Union so far into Gorbachev that you only lose funding in 1989.

Exactly, even on the topic of social democracy, these people need to realize that devalorization is just as much a process of capitalist accumulation as valorization. Just because your capitalism produces more "real" commodities and invests more into the population, the difference is largely superficial.


This is a very pretentious post but I think it makes some severe mistakes. I don't know why people go overboard with trying to dive deep into what they think Maupin-types believe in, when you can criticize them on the surface - because instead of trying to pretzel them into some ideological opportunism, organizations like the CPI or the LaRouche Organization (the former is a much, much smaller fish than the latter, the LaRoucheites have contacts to some former diplomats, ex-generals and intelligence officers and run multiple front organizations in Germany, Australia, Ukraine, etc.) operate because around "Maupinism" or "LaRouchism", e.g. whatever their leader says. In case of LaRouche, it's highly eclectic, it pretty much already shed Marxism in the 80s, although it sometimes still shines through in what could be called imitations of Marxism wrapped into a different terminology (e.g. "political economy" becomes "physical economy", etc.).
>the influence of productivism on all three
More often than not "productivism" is a strawman used against Marxists who talk about the development of the productive forces at all. It's one of the central issues within Marxism and the usual left-communist response is that we already have fully developed productive forces since 1900 or something - the experience of the socialist states of the 20th century begs to differ, China has shown that you need to make two steps back before you can make one forward. Sufficient productive forces do not just refer to raw output (within that regard, socialist state did keep up somewhat), but also the rationalization of supply chains, and even the skills and productivity of the proletariat itself which is part of the productive forces.
>ontologically identifying financialization with capitalism as a whole
Nobody actually does this. Imperialism is the merger of industrial capital with bank capital into finance capital, capitalism becomes state-monopoly capitalism with a "rentier state" where the source of profit doesn't only come from the appropriation of surplus value from the working class, but also from monopoly rents and financial rents (not undermining, of course, the underlying production of real value by abstract labor and its implications). This has very concrete implications, like tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Is Caleb telling the truth in this video or is he bullshitting some?

I always feel like he writes hagiographies every time he talks about Foster and his other heroes.


File: 1654811939458-0.png (1.66 MB, 1152x1543, 6549864576845987654.png)

File: 1654811939458-1.jpg (183.69 KB, 1000x563, R-QGhOlj.jpg)

Interesting booklet written by a long-time party member. Here's the section on Browderist liquidationism, and also describes a similar attempt at that which it says was rebuffed in 2016.

File: 1654330400677.gif (43.23 KB, 458x331, garf.gif)


What were the biggest youth entertainment propaganda shows of our generations, intentional or not? One more deserving of this place than Garfield. A true indoctrination of the capitalist status quo. I want something more than just 'police are protagonists' or 'russia is bad', I want some real food-grade ideology trashcans.
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I notice that society has a double standard for young vs older.

Young people are actively smothered/guilt-tripped into innocence/idealism.

Older people are actively encouraged to be selfish/cynical.

We treat children/young adults as comic relief. We talk down to them like cartoon characters with "baby talk", positivity seminars, etc.

Because of that, we wrongly assume that youth is automatic innocence.
Children are punished for having cynical opinions and dark humor.
Or, for merely having worldly knowledge.

It gets worse when you're a teen or vicenarian.


File: 1654751799315.png (2.83 MB, 1440x1490, 1641959777715-4.png)

This is probably going to be mentioned, but unironically capeshit films, mostly relating to that of Iron Man and The Batman.
Now truth be told, I do enjoy the first iron man, it's a fun film but i'd be lying if I didn't notice there seems to be an overarching theme relating to both of these films do take on very VERY serious issues, relating to the Military Industrial Complex and Police/ Political Corruption. However, they both go about it in very liberal ways, which boils down to "We just need the help of the upper elite to act outside the state to make changes and help pay off/ fight the system that they benefit from but not exactly destroy it".

Iron Man, to his credit, takes responsibility for his fuck ups and destroys his own weapons and takes accountability for his war profiteering and seeking to dismantle it, but of course as he is a character made by a major capitalist enterprise, so narrative wise he can't go full class traitor.

Similar thing goes for the batman. For all their talks of trying to embrace realism etc, it was honestly surprising how long Jim Gordon and Batman himself weren't killed by the Gotham Cops like they would against any police officer who whistleblows/ tries to oust police corruption.

All in all, it's just great-man theory bullshit mixed in with neo-lib propaganda. I honestly hope should there be a communist revolution, Marvel Comics just stops.


Don't glorify monarchism is not the same as considering that hierarchies aren't necessary…they basically say "it's human nature"
And for racial determinism
>See? The black lion ruined his country giving rights to those minorities hyenas
>White lion needs to solve black lion's errors
Sankara would agree ;D



File: 1654803932809.gif (884.7 KB, 500x269, BatmanRobinRunning.gif)

I enjoyed the first Batman as well.

File: 1654695553510.jpg (66.12 KB, 600x800, waifu samurai.jpg)


I know some(ie; a lot)of communists say "waged labor is more thievery than taxation". or "you complain about taxes but not about landlords,etc"
this is a false dichotomy;both can be true. Both taxation and rent/wages can be,and ARE,theft.
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File: 1654720194729.gif (285.64 KB, 220x207, lahey.gif)


Man is entitled to the fruit of his own labour; whose labour is land the fruit of?


File: 1654784483950.jpg (100.39 KB, 400x300, YMDYHAGF.jpg)

In a bourgeois dictatorship yes correct


Theft isn't a very useful concept here.




Retirees join Iran protests over economic grievances
Pensioners took to the streets in many provincial capitals across Iran for a second day this week to protest what they perceive as the government's failure to even out their pay with rapidly rising prices. "The revolutionary government is such a liar," protesters were heard chanting in a video from one such demonstration in the central city of Ghazvin. The slogan appeared to question the government of President Ebrahim Raisi, which is taking pride in adhering to "revolutionary principles" promoted by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his hard-line supporters.

445 bombs landed in villages of Manbij in 10 days
“The invading Turkish state presents its foreign policy issues to the Turkish public as part of an imaginary victory. It is currently carrying out hostile operations on all fronts of Manbij. The invading Turkish state has committed the following crimes on the northern and eastern fronts of Manbij in the last 10 days: Turkish forces indiscriminately bombed the areas of Hoseriyê, Cat Hoseriyê, Cat, Toxar, Ewn Dadat, Mihsenlî, Ereb Hesen, Um Edese, Seyade, Yalinlî, Qertwêran, Kor Hiyûk, Ceble Hemra, Boxaz, Kewiklî and Erîme.

PFLP Holds Rally In Gaza To Support Palestinian Hunger Strikers Held In Israeli Prisons
Palestinians staged a rally in the Gaza Strip on Monday to show solidarity with hunger-striking detainees in Israeli prisons, Anadolu News Agency reports. Two Palestinians, Khalil Awawdeh and Raed Rayan, have been on hunger strike for 96 days and 61 days respectively, to protest their administrative detention in Israel without trial or charge.
https://www.redspark.nu/en/national-liberation-struggle/pflp-holPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


almost certainly glow op.


Tldr why him?


>San Francisco votes overwhelmingly to recall progressive DA Chesa Boudin
>Boudin sought to reform the criminal justice system, ending the use of cash bail, stopping the prosecution of minors as adults, and focused on lowering jail populations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Boudin also became the first San Francisco DA to file homicide charges against city police officers.
And that's why Burgers deserve every bit of suffering they subject themselves to. Fucking brainless drones! They love to be prison slaves, don't they?
>Momentum to recall Boudin picked up steam throughout 2021 as hate crimes against Asian Americans in San Francisco increased dramatically and victims blamed Boudin, saying he was siding with criminals.
More proof that every person, who migrates into the USA is a gusano of somekind.


You have to remember what San Francisco is–Google billionaires, techbros, and Napa Valley vinters.


Also, San Francisco has the highest rent in the country. They chased all of the poor people out of the city (and Oakland!) and into shitty suburbs around Sacramento.

File: 1654738254760.png (466.21 KB, 744x719, 1654088445772.png)


I can't read theory because I don't like reading ebooks, and libraries don't keep leftist theory to check out. So the only way is to buy it, but that's stupid. Can I get I borrow theory books from college libraries? How do you do your reading?
13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Because I said so, sweatie 😙


Why not? If the anon wants to learn, then it's our duty as communists to teach.


File: 1654750796096.jpg (139.77 KB, 828x903, FUvWOJ2X0AA76MA.jpg)

>I can't read theory because I don't like reading ebooks
If you use Microsoft Edge, or a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, you can have PDFs read out-loud to you. In-addition, many classic works of Marxism are available as free audiobooks on YouTube.
>So the only way is to buy it, but that's stupid.
It's not stupid. They are often good books, and depending on how you purchase them, you can support a radical organization in doing so. Even if that is not the case, consider that you could give them to others when you are no longer using them.
>Can I get I borrow theory books from college libraries?
Depends on the college but I will say yes. Try also the public library.
>How do you do your reading?
I read a lot of things via audiobook, but also purchased some of my books from https://foreignlanguages.press (usually ~$5 each) and https://ebay.com (I would not purchase anything greater than $10. Many classic texts are around $2.50-$5). I like reading with audiobooks because it enables me to do /other/ things while I do it, like playing video-games. Don't judge me lol




>How do you do your reading?
Ebooks, fysicsl books, prints of short texts

File: 1654757742150.png (784.47 KB, 548x746, jamaica.png)


In what way is America an empire? How does one explain that the US is an empire to a person with a basic understanding of politics?


Read Lenin's 'Imperialism'. A country need not be formally and openly an empire with an emperor to participate in imperialism.


>largest army in the world
>Stations their army in other countries
>Client States military subservient to much larger us army
>Overthrows governments they don't agree with
>Openly proclaims themselves to be the world police


do they live on mars or something

File: 1654732529639.png (40.96 KB, 359x267, ryome02.png)


anyone hate the argument style of libs that is like, morality is not objective, however your actions do have consequences, or is it just me? it's a bad argument in spirit because actions do not always have consequences for the person committing them. Cops get away with racism all the time, countries get away with Genocide.

I've also seen them reason that, sooner or later, somewhere down the line consequences will come, aka karma, but that it simply hasn't happened yet? theoretical bullshit.

Only atheistic libs do this and i only mean the very specific kind of atheist that places much importance on the subjective/objective distinction like a child who just discovered object permanence. They're also the type to become fascists or idolize humanity pre-social constructs, or think that there must be some utilitarian purpose behind every social construct/moral/ritual.

I don't think the alternative to think is to become a Jordan Peterson pseud, i just think the obj/subj distinction should stop being a cornerstone of debate, like you can't use that framework to talk about human relations where words like real or illusory could easily be applied to ALL of it. instead we should work with what we got, cultural inter-subjective morals, and try to study how they bring us into conflict with one another, and maybe try to minimize this conflict, through helping frameworks accept each other via in group logic justification perhaps, or other means.

i think this would be a more interesting angle than just going like, oh yeah, I seek tha TRUTH beyond all ideals or confidentially making useless binaries for oneself to jerk off to…


the only thing that is real and objective is swirling, pointless, amoral chemical compounds that make weird funny patterns in fractals through time.


Cultural values, experiences, etc are subjective, but the relationships and interactions between people are objective in the sense that they happen materially and can be discussed in that way. They of course experience it subjectively but what happens happens objectively.

The real trick of the Jordan Peterson debate types is not that they are just autistic about objectivity, but that they pretend to be while sneaking their subjectivity in through the back. While real things are objective facts, people relate to these subjectively and that colors how they understand and talk about them. The problem is that these people have tricked themselves into thinking you can not be subjective and that by cleaving to whatever is conventional wisdom, you are in fact being objective. This is actually somewhat in line with Hegel's notion of correctness being context-dependent, although it's a bizarro version of that since they deny subjectivity by "reclaiming" it as objectivity. They are in a sense Hegelian but in denial about it. The "death of god" and loss of a sense of absolute truth has many copes, but there really is no way to ignore it.

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