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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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ever consider "going back to school?"


who is this cutie


Thank you anon I love lying on my resume hell yeah


What happens if you get caught? Do you get blacklisted from other employments


>pick a field you know best
I'm stuck in this level


What is wrong with ye???
Imagine having to stand out from the rest while the world celebrates the International Workers' Day on the 1st of May every single year.


Lets be respectful, this do not deserve a single thread


>get a job
>What you do at your job?
>So you're getting paid and I'm not and you're the good guy
>Well then why don't you get a job?
>I don't have contact to nepotism I'd have to get a low paying real job
>Well you should get a job still
>I dont need to
>Yeah well you should be forced to get a job
>That'd be communism
>No huh
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>The socialist transition is already underway.
theres no dictatorship of the proletariat anywhere right now and the only one in history was russia for a couple of years


What the other economists advance against it is either horse-piss, namely that every action after all acts upon something, thus confusion of the product in its natural and in its economic sense; so that the pickpocket becomes a productive worker too, since he indirectly produces books on criminal law (this reasoning at least as correct as calling a judge a productive worker because he protects from theft). Or the modern economists have turned themselves into such sycophants of the bourgeois that they want to demonstrate to the latter that it is productive labour when somebody picks the lice out of his hair, or strokes his tail, because for example the latter activity will make his fat head – blockhead – clearer the next day in the office. https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1857/grundrisse/ch05.htm


File: 1710480070738.png (648.09 KB, 1038x576, ClipboardImage.png)

You can more or less boil down the existence of bullshit jobs to the separation of capital ownership from capital management. The big porky who owns the business (including the many shareholders) can't be bothered to see to the day to day operations of the business so they need managers. For larger businesses they need a whole bureaucracy. Within that space, the managerial "class" (really a stratum) is able to carve out for themselves a sort of security. Depending on the scenario, it's often beneficial to a manger to have people around doing nonsensical things. It creates an impression that the manager is more necessary if they have a lot of people to manage, for instance. You could say that what's happening with bullshit jobs is a result of internal contradictions of a business, the antagonism between the interests of the managers and the interests of the owners.

The bigger issue than bullshit jobs though is bullshit businesses. There are whole sectors of the economy doing something unnecessary but by some scheme are able to turn a profit (e.g. the FIRE sector).


Porkies are stupid and hire scammers to run businesses for them. Got it

I mean, yeah, the whole marketing science is just self-referential self-glorification black hole, same as economists and managers. What do Americans call it, hustler culture? Hustler class carved out a place for itself. It's kind of easy to see how fascists would see this and decide that if they liberate porkies from hustlers, then real capitalism "will come back"


Its less porky and more the managerial class as a burgeoning economic entity. The PMC is self-reproduced as a sector which itself is outsourced as an independent market, which is why its basically impossible to move up the chain in a business these days. So managers stand against both porky and proles.
And youll also notice that so much populist discourse is about how much people hate their "boss" which is usually just a regional manager, not the company owner(s).

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To be fair it's only the second largest industrial action in Northern Ireland. Do NOT ask about the first one, we don't talk about Britain's only ever successful general strike. We do NOT.
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I want to shag Grace Blakeley.


Based Blakely
She's to posh anon and not available to you. Just appreciate her as a good talker who didn't waver from a brexit position.


I want to rape Richie Sunak and give him my precious HIV


Griffith is not a regular WW writer I believe. And the article is outstanding. By that I do not mean it is exciting to read (it is not), I mean it is flawless.



Has anybody seen this? Apparently he was on his way back from a visit to Poland. If the attack was performed by state actors, it could be an implied threat and related to the subject of his discussions whilst there.


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Deafening silence


There is no movement for "the people" in the West, so what is this comic saying other than ripping on people like Leninhat


Based and Hoxhapilled Deng revisionists btfo


name this "butcher"


>muh west-east discourse


How about making a stock that funds workers coops and get minority ownership on the workers coop?
It'd still be a corporation but obviously it wouldn't be the same. Since workers coops are more resilient eventually most businesses would be coops.
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Nobody is opposed to coops. Isn't that what Richard Wolff advocates anyways?
>But there's be less profits
Some people just want a safe place to park their money, plus it'd be trendy


>Nobody is opposed to coops
Haha wrong, no one is opposed to coops because the vast majority of businesses are for profit and shareholder owned. If cops threatened that position they'd be classed as a communist attempt at undermining the rule of profit and democracy and be swiftly repressed.


>You think private capital is gonna let that get off the ground?
They tried to stop Labor unions too and how is that going? Joe Hill is dead yet the labor movement is stronger than ever and becoming stronger. I can't deal with these pessimistic fags man.


So true fan!!! We must critically support Benito ᴉuᴉlossnW, for he supported worker co-ops!!!! Long live Socialism with capitalist accumulation characteristics!!!!


Sounds like Mutualism. Meh.

File: 1710217889775.jpeg (375.45 KB, 701x624, IMG_0615.jpeg)


>in one year, country goes from one of the highest crime rates in the world to one of the lowest
>homicide rate cut in half; gang activity now almost nonexistent
>approval above 95%
>so beloved that people want him to run for reelection even though there is a term limit
>"experts" and "electoral watchdogs" heavily scrutinize the polls
>he stills wins with over 85% of the vote
>remember most US presidents win with barely 50%

Yet look at any western mainstream news and you will learn the most important thing about this guy is that he is a dictator who is has the highest incarceration rate ever and he is violating human rights.

Imagine living in a country the size of Connecticut and 87 murders occur in one weekend. You are telling me the first thing on your mind is “but what about the human rights of the criminals!?!?!”
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Speak your truth!


I am, the neointernet fucking sucks. We need to go back, unironically. It's like everything is either outrage bait or prudish moralism shit or outright fucking conspiracy thinking. It's a nightmare, it has become so fucking bad bro. I genuinely think the internet was less toxic when we all just called eachother retards and faggots and posted gore.


Retard, there's the core web and the peripheral web. You dislike the core web, the core web didn't replace the periphery, it just dominates traffic.


I didn't know fucking leftypol was the core internet dawg, because all that shit is here too.


Most users here spend most of their time on the core web, thus the culture there is largely carried here. We need more threads dedicated to peripheral web stuff.

File: 1710175365809.jpg (97.57 KB, 286x472, factory.jpg)


>Critics, attacking Marxism, accuse it of maintaining that development is performed according to Hegelian triads. According to them, development takesplace in the following way. At the beginning of the development of any process, it appears as a thesis, as something positive. This thing generates its own particular opposite – its antithesis. Further development unifies, in a way, the thesis and antithesis, that is, comes out as a synthesis. Thus development of any object takes places in three stages which form a “triad”: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. By these positions Hegel wanted to confirm the law of development through the struggle of opposites, transition of one phenomenon into another, its opposite, and transition of the former into such opposite, in which is included both preceding stages of development. Hegel’s positions contain profound thinking, which was grasped and developed by Marx and Engels. Engels wrote that the negation of the negation – “a very simple procedure, performed everywhere every day, which every child can understand as soon as the mysterious junk in which the old idealistic philosophy wrapped itself is stripped off […].”2

>But it is just metaphysical philosophy which also does not see anything in the law of the negation of the negation other than mystical [188] junk. The law of the negation of the negation is depicted by metaphysics as a schematic “triad,” which Marxists fit to the development concrete reality by force. True, it is necessary to say that Hegel himself gave grounds, particularly in his Philosophy of Right, to interpret “triplicity” as a law of development itself, and not merely as an aspect of the law of the negation of the negation. Thus he considered crime as the negation of law, and punishment as the negation of crime, that is, as the negation of the negation. Here the triad actively entered as an external schema, which drives the phenomena of reality. It would also be possible to say that the

struggle for existence in organic nature takes place according to a triad: insects are eaten by birds (thesis and antithesis), but birds are eaten by predators (synthesis). A kind of unification of the world of insects and the world of birds arises in the stomach of the predator arises.

>Certainly, such schematic behavior of phenomena according to a triad could not explain development
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>performed according to Hegelian triads. According to them, development takesplace in the following way. At the beginning of the development of any process, it appears as a thesis, as something positive. This thing generates its own particular opposite – its antithesis. Further development unifies, in a way, the thesis and antithesis, that is, comes out as a synthesis




It's immanent
Or inherent, critiquing something (concept, system, etc. doesn't matter) according to its own standard or logic
I suppose


oh ok


Maybe he meant imminent. His critique is coming soon.
He's talking about Hegelians, not Hegel, fwiw.

File: 1710407227266.png (637.7 KB, 612x408, ClipboardImage.png)


any Iranians here? just discovered that the Pahlavi dynasty isn't dead, they still have one more crown prince, reza pahlavi the Second, I was reading about him (not from fedpedia god forbid) out of curiosity and tell me, is this a fucking joke? The guy's indistinguishable from the average Tory politician or liberal midwestern millionaire. americans keep using the word "privileged" a lot lately, but if there's a man that can be described with this word, it's him

>when born, his father pardoned political prisoners, all of whom were re-imprisoned years later, such is life when you're a communist in the Middle East

>obtained a plane license at the age of 13
>was sent to Texas to keep studying/training on flying military supersonic jets and economical jets with the USAAF, drove a fuckton of them before being forced to leave during the revolution
>dropped out of two different high-end private universities before pursuing a degree in "oil industries" (sus) and political science in California
>Right now owns many penthouses in Texas, Paris, I could go on but the important part is that he officially lives in a mountain real estate in Great Falls, Fairfax Virginia. (conveniently not too far from Washington DC, only 12 miles away from the white house and 6 miles away from the George Bush Center for Intelligence, CIA headquarter) place is guarded by fences and bodyguards and forbidden to drones, it isn't even shown on Google Maps.
>said to regularly refer to his house's bodyguards as imperial guards and urges his interviewers to refer to him as "your Majesty"
>urged Le monde to write more articles about the 2017 Iranian protests in Persian, and urged the British and Americans to act against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for their seizure of "international ships"
>may or may not be the one behind funding English documentaries about Iran under the pahlavis,
>is a fucking NEET, was unemployed his whole life, still unemployed now, when asked about his current job he says it's "to speak about the issues of the Iranian people 24/7, when asked about the way he makes money, he says it's from the donations of his supporters.
>met in apriPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


i feel like the elites that be of the West are keeping this man on cold ice to use him when the time finally comes to attack Iran and totally, 100% succeed in toppling the theocracy with the help of the iranian people and install this guy as a new puppet on the rubble of Iran


IDF says biting speech by general was not approved in advance by spokesman
In rare and harsh remarks directed at Israel’s political leaders, the commander of the Israel Defense Forces’ 98th Division said Wednesday that the military would “not run away from responsibility,” and told them they must push away extremism so as to “not return to October 6.”

Economist Mohammad Mustafa tipped to be next Palestinian Authority prime minister
Mustafa, who worked at the World Bank for 15 years and was PA deputy prime minister from 2013 to 2014, is said to have received the backing of close ally Abbas. Officials cited by The Times of Israel said Mustafa has been meeting with prospective cabinet members in recent weeks and has been on a whistle-stop tour to Washington.

South Africa’s foreign minister says citizens fighting with Israeli forces in Gaza will be arrested
South Africa’s foreign minister says her country’s citizens who fight in the Israeli armed forces or alongside them in Gaza will be arrested when they return home, deepening the rift between the nations after South Africa lay accusations of genocide against Israel at the United Nations’ top court. Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor made the comment earlier this week at a Palestinian solidarity event attended by officials from South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party.

UK plans to pay asylum seekers to move to Rwanda
The proposed scheme, part of a deal struck with Rwanda, was drawn up by ministers with the aim of clearing a backlog of tens of thoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Boeing whistleblower’s case could go on posthumously, attorney says
John Barnett, 62, of Louisiana, was found dead Saturday in the parking lot of a Charleston, South Carolina, Holiday Inn “from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” a county coroner said. Barnett was in town to give deposition testimony in his federal legal action against Boeing, with his case, which dates back to 2017, set to finally come before an administrative law judge this summer, according to his legal team

Boeing is unable to provide key information in door plug blowout investigation, NTSB chair says
Despite interviewing employees who work at Boeing’s Renton, Washington facility that assembles the 737 Max, as well as collecting other paperwork, the National Transportation Safety Board says it has not determined who in Boeing’s factory worked on the door plug that left the factory with missing bolts and later blew out on an Alaska Airlines passenger flight in January. Boeing recently said it has searched for records but believes its employees did not document the work.

48,000+ Democrats Vote 'Uncommitted' in Deep-Blue Washington
More than 48,000 voters and counting marked "uncommitted delegates" on their ballots in Washington state's Democratic presidential primary on Tuesday, far surpassing organizers' expectations and further showing that President Joe Biden's unconditional support for Israel's war on Gaza has angered significant chunks of his base.

Pro-Palestinian faculty sue to stop Penn from giving wide swath of files to Congress
FakhreddinePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


NYT’s Morning Newsletter Blames Everyone but Israel for Israeli Crimes
With over 17 million subscribers, the Morning, the New York Times’ flagship newsletter, is by far the most popular newsletter in the English-speaking world. (It has almost three times as many subscribers as the next most popular newsletter.) Since October 7, as Israel has waged an unprecedented war on Palestinian children, journalists, hospitals and schools, the New York Times’ highly influential newsletter has bent over backwards to blame everyone but Israel for the carnage.

Who are the Colombian Guerrillas?
Colombia is currently undergoing a historic process in which the government is attempting to negotiate with all active guerrilla groups simultaneously for the first time. The mega-project of the country’s first left-wing president, Gustavo Petro, is reliving the limelight of the political-military struggle in the Latin American country, one of the oldest armed conflicts in the world. Who are the guerrillas still active in Colombia?

Tony Cliff: The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust
Knowing that they would face resistance from the Palestinians, the Zionists were always clear that they needed the help of the imperialist power that had the major influence in Palestine at the time. On 19 October 1898 Herzl went to Constantinople to have an audience with Kaiser Wilhelm. At that time Palestine was in the Ottoman Empire which was a junior partner of Germany. Herzl told the Kaiser that a Zionist settlement in Israel would increase German influence as the centre of Zionism was in Austria, which was a partner of the German Empire. He also dangled another carrot: “I explained that we were taking the Jews away from the revolutionary parties.” Towards the end of the First World War, when it was clear Britain was going to take over Palestine, the leader of the Zionists at the time, Chaim Weitzmann, contacted the British foreign secretary, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



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