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File: 1699482344309.jpg (97.96 KB, 710x1030, FSLa4WNWQAI0cR2.jpg)


CITU Asks Centre to not Send Indian Workers to Israel
The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) has slammed the Israeli Builders Association’s plan to hire 50,000-1,00,000 Indian workers, particularly in construction, to replace 90,000 Palestinian workers asked to leave after the October 7 Hamas attack. The Association had urged the Benjamin Netanyahu government to allow companies to hire around 100,000 Indian workers to replace Palestinians who lost their work permits, according to a Voice of America report. Haim Feiglin of Association said it is negotiating with India and waiting for the Israeli government’s approval. “We hope to engage some 50,000-100,000 workers from India to work across the sector and bring it to normalcy,” he said.

Philippines radio journalist shot dead during live broadcast
The gunman gained entry to the home-based radio station of Juan Jumalon, a provincial news broadcaster known also as DJ Johnny Walker, by pretending to be a listener. He then shot him twice during a live morning broadcast in Calamba town in Misamis Occidental province, police said.

Indigenous peoples’ groups call for independent probe of the human rights situation in PH
Eufemia Cullamat, council member and spokesperson of Sandugo-Movement of Moro and Indigenous Peoples for Self-Determination, lamented that rights violations under the administration of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. continue to escalate.

Russia and Myanmar start first maritime exercises
The first Myanmar-Russia Maritime Security Exercise (MARUMEX) involves ships and aircraft and is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Abortion rights advocates, Democrats score wins in US elections
In Ohio, a state that voted for Republican Donald Trump by 8 percentage points in the 2020 presidential election, voters approved a constitutional amendment guaranteeing abortion rights, Edison Research projected. The outcome extended an unbeaten streak for abortion access advocates since the U.S. Supreme Court's decision last year to overturn its 1972 Roe v. Wade ruling and eliminate a nationwide right to end pregnancies.

Supporters rally around Rashida Tlaib after censure while White House denounces use of slogan
Supporters of Rashida Tlaib are donating to and speaking out in defense of the progressive Democratic congresswoman following her censure from Congress, while the White House “strongly disagrees” with her use of the slogan “from the river to the sea”. Tlaib, the only Palestinian American in the US Congress, was censured on Tuesday over her criticism of Israel’s attacks in Gaza. In a 234 to 188 vote, 22 Democrats joined Republicans to pass a resolution punishing Tlaib for allegedly “calling for the destruction of the state of Israel” and “promoting false narratives” about the 7 October attack on Israel.

LA City Council votes to ban overnight RV parking on multiple streets
The City Council voted to prohibit parking of recreational vehicles between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. along several streets in West and South Los Angeles. The Council voted 11-2 to support two separate but related resolutions to enact a city law, regulating parking of oversize vehicles. Council members Hugo Soto-Martinez and Eunisses Hernandez voted against the move, and council members Bob Blumenfield and Katy Yaroslavsky were absent during the vote.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Target’s Critics Call Out Chicanery: New Report Contradicts Official Reason Behind Closings
Data does not support Target’s claim that it’s closing stores due to theft, a new report finds — while others accuse the corporation of financial fraud, saying it is fudging its finances and falsely flagging shoplifters. Due to “organized retail theft,” Target announced in September that it was closing nine stores, along with three in Portland, Oregon that closed in October. The independent media watchdog Popular Information breaks down crime statistics at six of the nine stores Target is shuttering and found that there are other different reasons than the official one the retailer gave for the closures.

The TurboTax Scam
The tax preparation industry claims that current efforts to create a government-run system that would allow eligible Americans to file their taxes for free could be prohibitively expensive. But a new report reveals that the potential cost of such a free-file program could be less than the total tax subsidies scored last year by the biggest player in an industry that reaps billions from people using services that could be free. In effect, government tax credits are subsidizing Intuit’s fight against a direct-file system that would let Americans avoid paying for the company’s tax filing services. In October, the IRS announced it would pilot its free Direct File platform for select taxpayers in 13 states during the 2024 tax season — potentially delivering a final blow to a 20-year agreement with the tax preparation industry that prohibited the IRS from effectively becoming a competitor. That’s assuming Congress doesn’t eliminate funding for the free tax filing program as part of its new military aid bill for Israel, as Republicans have proposed. In return for the IRS not launching its own e-filing product, private tax prep companies like Intuit and H&R Block were required to provide access to free filing services for qualified taxpayers. But only three percent of eligible taxpayers utilized these free services, largely due to roadblocks set up by companies that forced people into payiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1699491419005.png (1.6 MB, 2000x1962, 1699032243291773.png)

Thanks News Anon

File: 1699485996198.jpeg (17.24 KB, 360x433, Georgi_Plekhanov.jpeg)


Man shapes history by striving to satisfy his needs, initially imposed by nature and later modified by the artificial environment. Productive forces determine economic relations, leading to class divisions with antagonistic interests. Law, state systems, and morality arise from these relations. Economic relations also indirectly influence creations of the mind, such as art and science. To understand the history of ideologies, one must study social psychology, recognizing that consciousness is shaped by social being. Social psychology is crucial in the history of law, political institutions, literature, art, and philosophy. The prevailing state of consciousness, rooted in social economics, becomes a part of history. Social change alters psychology, leading to new ideologies, religions, and aesthetic trends. Ideologies may also carry survivals from earlier generations and be influenced by national temperament or race, complicating their scientific explanation.

Dialectical materialism eliminates teleology from social science, explaining human activity by needs and methods prevailing at a given time. Human races and instincts arose through direct adaptation to the natural environment. Ideas of "primitive man" are speculative, as even observed tribes exhibit social structures. Historical science's primary goal is to study the artificial foundation of societies, including its origin and transformations. Historical ignorance, as manifested in social movements, aspirations, and ideals, is relative and should be understood within the context of the prevailing conditions and limitations of each era.

The reciprocal interaction of historico-social factors complicates the understanding of social development. Attempts to establish a hierarchy among these factors were once necessary but are now critiqued. The theory of factors, akin to the theory of separate physical forces in natural science, is replaced by a synthetic view in modern dialectical materialism. Unlike Hegel's teleological approach, dialectical materialism rejects predetermined progress, emphasizing that humans shape history to satisfy their needs. Changes in productive forces influence social and economic relations. Dialectical materialists challenge economic materialists, asserting that any economic system conforming to the productive forces aligns with human nature.

All positive law is a defense of specific interests, and these interests are not products of human will or consciPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1699379510842.png (Spoiler Image, 446.71 KB, 720x1392, ClipboardImage.png)


I've come to realise that the smug bothsiding of many twitteroid BAPtard/Hindutva scumbags in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war isn't a result of their pathological hatred for Muslims. The real reason for their behaviour is the fact that they're trying to cope with losing their hubris.

A great lie shitlibs like to promote is that fascism cannot be defeated once it takes hold of a nation. Like always, they're only supporting the fascists by doing so. It feeds into the fascists' false sense of confidence while demoralizing everyone else. It's the reason why "The Diary of a Young Girl" is part of standardized curriculum around the world (even here in India, surprisingly), but accounts of heroism and bravery against the Axis powers are few and far between. No hate to Anne Frank, her life was incredibly tragic and the fact that shitlibs use her to promote their reactionary ideas is downright disgusting.

What does this have to do with the current conflict? It shows that reactionaries crumble the moment they lose a guarantee of inevitable victory. It is especially true given the fact that most of these fuckers are teenagers and young adults experiencing a nation with one of the most "advanced" militaries unable to defend its citizens against a fighting force that is so severely outgunned for the first time in their lives. They know that when the day comes, all their military tech and espionage techniques will be absolutely useless against the unbreakable morale of the oppressed nations. They've lost their comfort blanket of domination through force. This shows that they're absolute cowards, because despite being self-proclaimed "anti-Zionists", they bitch out the moment they actually get to see the downfall of Zionism. Mao was right when he called them paper tigers.
1 post and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1699379990002.jpg (119.17 KB, 1440x1080, media_FvLQVREaEAAdwjg.jpg)

the fuck does this mean


>umm i'm sorry i think there's a mistake i thought i'd be a based redpilled Bronze Age bodybuilder hipster


>but accounts of heroism and bravery against the Axis powers are few and far between.
Are they though? I feel like the various resistance movements get plenty of spotlight.
>It shows that reactionaries crumble the moment they lose a guarantee of inevitable victory.
Depends on how heavily propagandized they are, despite getting their shit pushed in repeatedly, it took storming Berlin to get the Nazis to finally throw in the towel.


Unironically good blogpost


>A great lie shitlibs like to promote is that fascism cannot be defeated once it takes hold of a nation.
Right. Which is just not true.

>They've lost their comfort blanket of domination through force. This shows that they're absolute cowards, because despite being self-proclaimed "anti-Zionists", they bitch out the moment they actually get to see the downfall of Zionism. Mao was right when he called them paper tigers.

Problem is – I'm not sure we are seeing that. Look at how Hezbollah is behaving. I might be proven wrong but their actions are contrasted with their own self-image. The Israelis got scared and then their enemies start playing the Final Countdown on repeat, but the Israelis don't strike me as people who are going to just puss out, and they're not. There's an existential fear of another Holocaust / total annihilation.

File: 1699281402736.jpg (25.89 KB, 511x451, 1695444221956073.jpg)

 No.1669025[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

How do you guys feel about people who are economically left wing but socially right wing? You know, pretty much the opposite of the "fiscally conservative socially liberal" meme
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>Eventually “all that exists deserves to perish.”
It'd be undialectical if it didn't perish.


You're correct in a sense in the first part and people should really get around to reading Plekhanov. Marxists have forgotten economics and have become critics for criticism's sake. They have wholly distorted the class struggle.

You're completely off the mark in the reply, thoughever, you fucking moralist.


They are the types who missed the point. The French Revolutionaries were based retards when they went so far as to change the calendar months to exclude Sunday and replace religion with a new cult. Class-negation, self-negation these naturally follow the negation of capitalism.


The separation of economy and culture into compartamentalized spheres is the kind of politics I'm opposed to on every level. The management of conflicts between separated interests is necessary within class society. This is the foundation of political theory and why prudent liberals aspiring to be managers of society are often proud of the contradictory political impulses they juggle in the quest for selective acceptance and representation of the "marginalized" under constraints that prevent the overcoming of their fundamnetal marginalization. A different management strategy, sometimes used by the same individuals on a different day for a different audience, can do the opposite trick and conjure up fervent unity of collective "values" via selective elimination of threats to the class structure internal to the separate group itself.
The communist idea has sometimes been defined as the necessary overcoming of all separation culminating in the collective struggle that is the only thing worth fighting for. Read the Situationists.


This + OP is a christcuck and religion is reactionary

File: 1699403474678.jpeg (119.04 KB, 600x750, patrick_deneen_01.jpeg)


What is the materialist explanation for the "dissident, post liberal" right emerging in the 2010s and 2020s?

>Postliberalism refers to an emergent body of political thought which rejects liberal views on market economics, globalisation and individualist views on society. Postliberalism instead posits a communitarian worldview that promotes social solidarity, fraternal relations and economic reciprocity. Postliberalism has adherents on both the political left and right. Prominent thinkers aligned with postliberalism include John Gray, John Milbank, Giles Fraser, Patrick Deneen, Danny Kruger and Adrian Pabst.

>Deneen's 2023 book Regime Change: Toward a Postliberal Future, argues that liberalism should be replaced with a form of postliberal conservatism that strives for the "common good."

Basically the thesis of the "post liberal" right is that liberalism is eroding the social fabric of society and therefore we need to retvrn to medival despotism and undo liberalism, the enlightenment, and maybe even the reformation. Of course, the social fabric of society is being atomized but by neoliberal capitalism not by liberalism as liberalism is only the political reflection of the economic system of capitalism. So in a way he is right but the idea that the solution is to bring back feudalism is obviously moronic and reactionary.
5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


His claim to fame is "debunking" the american revolution by presenting it as a "left wing" conspiracy against the humble wishes of the colonists who wanted to stay in the empire.
Ofc if he had a materialist education he would get that a lot of what happens in history isnt "ideological", but just class interest - in this case, of the enlightened bourgeoisie, which was was a class burgeoning from a century earlier.
I dont want to think yarvin is an idiot, but a midwit, like you say. A guy overconfident in his abilities.


Not that im a genius either
I just dont pretend to be one
And I CERTAINLY wouldnt call myself a fucking "elf" like he does in his geeky lord of the rings racism


people are conflating alt right and nrx/accelerationist people with the tradcath right like Deneen, Adrian Vermule, etc. who basically want catholic integralism and to force catholic morality on america


<talking about Deneen and Moldbug
>when Graceposter is here on leftypol.org


>post liberal
>still liberal

File: 1699281011672.png (4.07 KB, 183x276, IMG_5704.png)


There was a huge effort to hide what fascism really is and I think using this
>“dictatorship of the financial capital”
definition is waaay too complicated for the common man and that makes it hard for people to fight back against it.

So let’s go from the beginning:
Guys own factories, guys own companies, guys compete with eachother often using illegal methods to take over someone else’s business. Workers work for the guys and the only reason why it all functions is because the government prevents the guys from abusing workers. Doesn’t always work.
>also known as bourgeois dictatorship
Remove or severely weaken the government, you get a pack of AUTHORITARIAN organizations/companies (factories, banks) who openly abuse workers, openly engage in crime and are basically free to do whatever, like creating their own personal armies and going to war with eachother. Each company is has a cult of personality of the owner, it’s almost like a monarchy of sorts.
>soviet democracy
Replace the guys with the worker’s councils, form the government with the elected representatives from each organization basically it’s an extremely democratic fair system where everything is decided with elections.
Is a reactionary movement which goal is to prevent the workers from forming the worker’s councils and creating their own government. The “financial capital” implies a fusion/alliance of the bankers and other big businesses. Basically they drop all sorts of contradictions between eachother in order the prevent the revolution from happening. Everything else is merely a distraction for the population.
The sole goal of fascism is to prevent the change which is why it is a reactionary movement. And because the worker’s councils are democratic - fascism is anti-democratic.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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cant /thread yourself, and should have said 'twitter'


The simplest way to figure out Fascism is to observe it's followers (pic rel)
1) National masochism
2) Social non conformity in public
3) wanting retardation of culture and society (often through violence)


If we are going to generalize then yes.
You can even say the first fascists were pro monarchists fighting the french revolutionaries.
However if you want to edge on the most lenient specificity possible then yes all non monarchist dictatorships.
Holy fuck why are fascists so hot and ripped.
I need to feed him my cum which he'll enjoy swallowing unlike the fake tube kind.
I NEED to top a fascist so fucking bad bros.



>“dictatorship of the financial capital”

>definition is waaay too complicated for the common man and that makes it hard for people to fight back against it.
Does this even work relative to the "fascism" that people usually think of, esp. Italy and Germany? Wasn't a lot of it people being thrown into industrial capitalist's hands rather than finance?


File: 1699402866056.jpg (120.26 KB, 637x422, TiberRiverGod_7411.jpg)

>Holy fuck why are fascists so hot and ripped.
Isnt that the whole point?

File: 1699394772017.png (245.38 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


happy holiday to everyone by the way, it's probably not a holiday in your country and it's already too late in some countries but there's no reason to not remind you of it


Theres already a thread
Repost in there

File: 1699379788798.jpg (38.86 KB, 800x533, mechanics.jpg)


I wanted clarification on this term. I've seen it thrown out a couple of time and have some vague understanding what Marxists mean. According to Georges Politzer it refers to a pre-Marxist materialism that only considered the displacement of matter but not other qualitative changes. It seems to me like that doesn't catch the whole picture of mechanicalism, so someone enlighten me what the term criticizes.
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


It is absolutism rather than relativism
The world is a static clockwork machine vs it being more fluid and (as we see it today) digital.


Matter has "internal contradictions" which arise between production and exchange. Each produce and so alienates the other from its origin. These categories are held in separation and so create tensions which resolve themselves in social systems whenever "revolutions" occur. This entails the improvement of the base of production by the input of the superstructures influence. Think of culture - how culture spontaneously produces ideas which are then introduced into the mode of production to improve its function. This is a way of seeing the base creating the virtual interface of its alienated product, which is then reintroduced into the base, altering its form. Same way your type of thinking can actually alter the shape of your brain. Or how computer viruses can destroy your PC.
The idea of marx is that as capitalism oppresses workers, workers seek reforms, these are then introduced into the system of production by regulations and so on.
The point at which the contradictions grow so tense a revolution occurs where the mode of production is changed and overcomes itself by dialectical "progress"
Again, mechanicalism only sees cause and effect - it doesnt see how effect can (re)produce its own cause (for example, by the defence of the status quo), or how an effect can change its own reproduction to allow a new way of doing things.
Darwinian evolution is marx and engels' prime example.
Hope this helps!!!


So in short, mechanicalism
- subscribes to a notion of things fundamentally remaining the same
- denies that things change due to internal developments and therefore outside forces are necessary for a physical system to change
- neglects emergence
- neglects feedback loops


File: 1699391088159.jpg (12.93 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg.jpg)

Oh and one last crucial point!
To marx, he sees machines in production as "constant capital" (that is, the devices which create constant production by repetitious activity), and he sees human labour as "variable capital" (that is, he sees humans as either lowering or increasing profits by economic output, since we can work smarter and harder than what we are assigned for). This perfectly mirrors the relation of the "fixed" base of of production to the "variability" of the superstructure.
But here's the important part. To marx, its within this very variability that he derives his theory of "surplus value" or profit from. So, the reason why human labour creates surplus value is because it is this aspect which is fed back into the productive - man is a thinking creature, and so imbues the dead system of undead motion with his divine spark of creativity, which improves these very machines, at once- in the competition of the capitalist to erase human input, but likewise in his ability to mediate production within his own position. This is why its called "surplus value", because it is the "excessive", "virtual", "abstract" aspect of labour which allows capitalists to reproduce their riches. We are supposedly just replaceable "meat robots", yet we necessitate production and exchange - even in the most bssic example - if no one works, how will they buy the products?
This is also why the tendency for the rate of profit to fall can be simplified as saying that as the superstructure is erased, the function of the base becomes unmasked by naked representation, and so contradictions rise to their highest levels, with unemployment and desperate appeals to the destruction of workers rights (we see this today with the desire to get rid of minimum wage).
So, profit is the extracted surplus of variable capital, which feeds the machine, and seeks to erase the human. The more the human is erased, the more he is awakened to this fact, and revolts. This is progress unto revolution.
"Keynesianism" (an economic policy first implemented after the great depression) has provided temporary solutions for capital to deal with this, but thats a different subject. Hope you learned something!


File: 1699391663020.jpg (52.2 KB, 799x713, qb20td8o3if91.jpg)

I would say thats a basic summary
We have to understand that newton was around before a theory of evolution or complex theories of history
Dialectics (in the west) "begins" in plato - but this is elementary. It determines itself fully in hegel (who claims his system from christianity), then ,it is "reversed" (progressed) in marx, in a movement from "absolute idealism" to "dialectical materialism".
I would say that the scientific revolution of einstein's relativity marks the point of its full academic integration (after the origin of species).
There is a perfectly ideological comment from one nazi (i forgot his name), where he says that "an infinite universe is a jewish idea, whereas a perfectly closed universe is an aryan idea). So that perfectly represents the state of abstraction at play in these peoples' minds. Einstein was also one of the first official anti-zionists, so doubly based.
In the east there is the magnificent "tao te ching" which explores the relations of seeming opposites and how they become eachother, like the knife, which when sharpened too much, becomes blunt.
This is also present in human affairs, but thats a different topic.
… I would say yes. Mechanicalism is only primitive because of the context of its scientific environment, and is only continued today by ignorance of the facts.

File: 1699324109410.png (29.79 KB, 474x237, ClipboardImage.png)


Hamas armed wing says it fired 16 rockets at Israel from southern Lebanon
The armed wing of the Palestinian group Hamas has said that it fired a barrage of rockets at Israel from southern Lebanon in response to Israeli strikes on Gaza. In a statement on Telegram on Monday, the Lebanon branch of Hamas’s Qassam Brigades said that it had launched 16 rockets targeting the northern Israeli city of Nahariya and the southern outskirts of the city of Haifa.

Doctors in Gaza Respond to Israeli Doctors Who Endorsed Bombing of Hospitals
"We as doctors are ambassadors of peace. We save lives," said the doctors, led by Dr. Marwan Shafiq Al-Ham, director of Muhammad Yusuf Al-Najjar Hospital, in a statement. "Israeli doctors who signed a letter promoting [the] bombing of hospitals with patients inside have committed a betrayal to their noble profession and bear responsibility."

Israel-Palestine war: Turkish police fire teargas, water cannon at pro-Palestine protesters
Turkish police on Sunday used teargas and water cannon to disperse a pro-Palestinian rally outside the Incirlik airbase, hours before the arrival in Ankara of Washington's top diplomat. Images posted on social media showed hundreds of people waving Palestinian flags being chased by police and security forces outside the strategic airbase, which also houses US forces.

HPG: Six soldiers were killed in actions by the guerrillas
According to the HPG statement on Monday, two Turkish soldiers were killed in a sabotage action in the province of Van in northern Kurdistan on 4 NovembePost too long. Click here to view the full text.




File: 1699324704885.gif (303.95 KB, 260x260, 1698828193907094.gif)

Thanks News Anon


GM-UAW agreement expected to include more affordable Bolt EUV
General Motors (GM.N) is expected build a more affordable version of the Chevrolet Bolt in Kansas and a new series of premium electric vehicles for Cadillac and Chevrolet in Michigan as part of its planned $13.3 billion in investments in U.S. facilities, sources told Reuters. The outline of GM’s planned investments through April 2028 was laid out on Saturday in a UAW summary of the new contract it negotiated with GM.

Counterterror Director Used Hamas Attack to Justify Mass Surveillance Program Renewal
During a Senate briefing last week, a federal counterterrorism official cited the October 7 Hamas attack while urging Congress to reauthorize a sprawling and controversial surveillance program repeatedly used to spy on U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. “As evidenced by the events of the past month, the terrorist threat landscape is highly dynamic and our country must preserve [counterterrorism] fundamentals to ensure constant vigilance,” said Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Christine Abizaid to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, after making repeat references to Hamas’s attack on Israel.

Jury finds Colorado officer not guilty in Elijah McClain's killing
Earlier this month, a jury rendered a split verdict for the two other officers charged in the case, finding officer Randy Roedema guilty of criminally negligent homicide and third-degree assault, and officer Jason Rosenblatt not guilty on any charges. Two paramedics face separate trials this month for their role in giving McClain ketamine, a powerful sedative at times used on highly agitated patients. The death of McClain, 23, inspired sweeping police reforms in Colorado in 2020, including the bannPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


South Africa’s Transition to Democracy Left Neoliberalism in Place
South Africa’s transition from an apartheid state to a democratic republic did not inaugurate an era of either prosperity or egalitarianism. This year, South Africa has seen its worst period of planned blackouts, which the country’s government has taken to euphemistically refer to as “load shedding,” since the advent of multi-racial democracy. According to some studies, the average citizen spends 27 percent of the year without power. Meanwhile, some 15 percent of South Africa’s water supply systems are in poor condition and seventy million liters of drinkable water are lost daily as a result of poor-quality infrastructure. Many have blamed corruption for the country’s ills. A popular narrative has developed that the country’s state-owned enterprises (SOE) are dysfunctional because these companies are in the hands of the government. Cutting back red tape, critics argue, is the most efficient way to improve the dire situation. By stealth, South Africa’s infrastructure crisis has provided a justification for a turn towards economic liberalization, a move which would only worsen the conditions for the poor who suffer most from the country’s inadequate social provisions.

Israel-Palestine war: Arab regimes have betrayed Gaza. It's time to change course
Words are not enough. UN resolutions are not enough. Official condemnations are not enough. A small trickle of aid is not enough. These are all empty words and meaningless actions. As the Palestinian people face a genocide, with Israel indiscriminately killing them, displacing them and destroying their towns and cities, Arab states must act in a meaningful way. It is time for the Arab world, including the Palestinian Authority, to unequivocally sever diplomatic and economic ties with the Israeli state. All states, by their very design, respond only to self-interest, not moral pleas. Though I will always remain committed to making a case based on justice, I want to focus here on why it is in the self-interest of Arab states to cut ties with Israel immediately. For two main reasons, Arab regimes currently view their self-interest asPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Mexico’s Zapatista rebel movement says it is dissolving its ‘autonomous municipalities’
Literally fake news. Nowhere in the statement do they mention dissolving or abandoning anything, it seems more like a change of structure. But more info is to come.


How do we deal with cumbrains who think workerism is socialism and productivism is marxism, so mcmansion suburban petit bourgois larpering realtors wearing cowboy hats and driving Fseries truck are the real working class and a service worker on minimum wage is "bourgeois"
53 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


oh yeah, then who's this: >>1670731


capping so he doesnt delete


ur mom


so just name calling


NTA but you have literal dengoids in this thread calling for the death of "ultras" i.e. communists

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