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File: 1633356012656.jpg (295.96 KB, 1778x1000, climate refugees.jpg)


In this century, the consequences of climate change are going to displace a historically unprecedented number of people. Rising sea levels, hotter equatorial regions, and other factors will force something on the order of a billion people to relocate.

What impact is this process going to have?
What can be done to prepare for it by the left?
How much can the effects be mitigated realistically?
What should the communist line on the topic be?

Post any relevant sources on how bad this will be or any socialist answers to these questions. Nationalists need not apply. This will be the biggest challenge to national borders we've ever seen. You can't stop the migration, /pol/.
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The highest and most widely-cited predictions seem to be around 200-250 million migrants by 2050


Moat burgers will immediately turn eco-fash instead of internationalist, including the ones on this board.


Burgers will deny climate change up until the moment they put machine guns on the border and start slaughtering people to shore up rationing


thats pretty far away from a billion
i know numbers are hard


fake and gay, fake refugees will be sent to Europe, despite the fact that Europe would lose the largest pecentage of land mass in this scenario. Literally just an excuse for leftist to get more blacks into white countries

File: 1633646221069.jpg (73.01 KB, 807x1000, che.jpg)


How can we build a society not motivated by greed? Many socialist nations were built by power-seeking people and ended up not fully serving the interests of the working class.
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Exclusively acting in self interest leads to inefficiency in that people are preoccupied with using each other (either making fair deals or exploitation) instead of directing their energy more towards productive purposes. Humans are naturally cooperative and prosocial people as a baseline for their interactions with others, and people generally seek those relationships out.


If society were greedy why do so many people live on wages all their lives and the rich live fatly in their mansions? By your theory you’d end up saying that humans are split into submissives and dominants, but if a rich fat person is dominant and weak muscled and weak willed, while a worker may be very well built and strong willed psychologically then that throws a wrench in your theory. Either way if human nature were the thing then why didn’t capitalism exist for 5000 years of human civilization? Especially if by your argument, capitalism is human nature.


What the fuck are you even talking about. If they were greedy they would be capitalists. If Fidel was greedy he could just make a deal with the US and give up socialism.


It's a misconception that communism calls for saintlike selflessness. It is in the selfish interests of the mass of humanity to emancipate themselves from the shackles of capital, debt, and private property and overthrow a system which constructs them as serfs indentured to a neo-feudal order. While it does call for a higher consciousness, a noble and aspirational spirit to see the way forward for humanity in communism, it is in one's self interest to strive for a system in which one is fully able to participate according to one's abilities.


>sustaining the needs of a growing population
ffs it cant even sustain its own existence without a need for a government

File: 1633559696741.jpeg (139.55 KB, 885x516, Damaged_Peterson.jpeg)


Maduro continues back sliding into liberalism. When I read in News Anons Digest today that 25 communist parties across the globe were condemning Maduro for refusing to let some allegedly communist parties put candidates up for election I assumed that only meant 25 new organizations I could deride as CIA fronts. Unfortunately it looks as though our international comrades were correct, as Jason glumly points out in the video linked above.

Maduro privatizes formerly state run operations

Venezuelan government condemned for ‘anti-communist’ attacks and alleged political oppression

So comrades, why is Maduro such a cuckhold? I know he's been dealt a shit hand but as the Roo points out he could turn to central planning. As things stand it's beginning to look more and more like Venezuela is becoming another chaotic market economy in the southern hemisphere, just one that has to suffer under US Sanctions.

>pic unrelated
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Based. Let's just forget socialism alltogether and privatize everything because of pressure.


Are you seriously joker posting you fucking loser? Go back to reddit


Have some nuance loser.


His daughter


It’s a quote from two face you retard and it’s a poignant meme that’s been employed since that movie came out. Why don’t YOU go back to Twitter?

File: 1633242158640.jpg (194.24 KB, 1124x1593, unnamed.jpg)


Why are so many conservative's retarded?
And worse still why do so many conservative's look up to retards?
You can't convince me that Ben Shapiro doesn't have some weird deformities fucking his social autism score and making him look like a kid.
I know Marxists look up to retards as well but at least the Marxists that lead countries are chad/normie. All the conservative's that lead countries are retards. For example I would have bullied Winston Churchill in school but apparently he is a big conservative icon. His a weird fat nerdy pompous posh cunt. I genuinely can't name one conservative leader that isn't retarded/weird.
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You realize that the "judeobolchevik" cringe was invented by Nazis to justify the imperial expansion of capitalism into Soviet territory.
It's made up shit, whether or not revolutionaries were jewish or not is completely irrelevant. You can't just invert what right wingers are saying.
Inverted nonsense is still nonsense.


Communist do not all share the same preference for aesthetics, most communists in history would have concluded that changing ones hair color had to be a desire that was caused by capitalists trying to sell hair die. Or maybe they would have attributed it to hyper individualism.


Its meaningless in the round of politics


I'm just gonna leave this here


File: 1633700715524.jpg (488.85 KB, 694x1024, d5387204a.jpg)

>Anticommunists dont have anything to fight marxism on, no different economic or social theory that completelt disproves marx
Ayo Bruh, peep the handbook

File: 1633346914766-0.png (112.63 KB, 474x425, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633346914766-1.png (133.66 KB, 1725x1428, ClipboardImage.png)


ITT: Are we popular?
This thread proposes a simple question: Is socialism becoming popular among the people? I intentionally haven't specified a country or demographic, although I myself will start with discussing USA, as it has a powerful history of capitalism and red scares.

Potential points of conversation:
>demographics - Is there a sharp rise in acceptance among youth due to less Cold War propaganda, increased internet/media access, or further manifestation of dystopic capitalism?
>demographics - Is it just the 'socialism is for young college people' trend creating an illusion of generational change, or an actual increase in youth perception of socialism?
>Will the rise of China, commonly seen as 'communist', decrease its popularity in Pacific nations?
>socialism or ""socialism"" ? - Do people who 'like socialism' have a decent idea of what it is?
>polling results - Which are reliable or representative? For example, is the one funded by Victims of Communism subject to exaggeration?

Starting Polls:
1 (picrel)
>2019 - Gen Z prefers "socialism" to "capitalism" - USA - SurveyMonkey online poll, 2,777 U.S. adults, margin of error ±3.5
The poll results clearly show socialism accelerating in popularity by generation, with 18-24 year olds now reacting positively more to 'socialism' than 'capitalism' (61%, 58%), and for all ages women being significantly less receptive to 'capitalism' (51%, vs 71% of men).
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I miss ATHF. what a great fucking show


Much agreed comrade, the growing movement against the coalition of the Republican Party combined with finance capital, evangelical Christians, and the right-wing media, despite increasingly desperate denial from badjacketing federal agents (who resemble the Canadians that burned the White House down during the War of 1812), is striking fear into the hearts of the monopoly bourgeoisie. Capitalism can only be overturned by the uniting a coalition of progressive All-People's Popular-Front Before Profits (like the one Martin Luther King Jr. led) of all classes - including, of course, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight people; professionals and intellectuals; seniors; and the disabled; and the mass peoples movements including the peace, environmental, health care, education, housing, and other movements. Following in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln, the establishment of liberty-communism must only be enacted through the extension of the fullest democratic rights to the working-class. Just as George Washington said, "To the efficacy and permanency of your Union, a Government for the whole is indispensable." Bill of Rights socialism, consistent with the teachings of Benjamin Franklin, will rejuvenate the American Revolution in the nuclear age. In its century-long struggle to establish 21st century Americanism, People's World and the CPUSA have won the working-class to an unparalleled degree of class consciousness. Read Hinterlands.


I think it'll become more popular but not because of that. Shits getting so much worse, and the only alternative is a departure from capitalism. Everyone realizes this in one way or another, especially the qanon schizos that make up the right in this country now, they just can't or won't articulate that frustration meaningfully.
We're also only increasing in numbers and ironically dodged a bullet by having Bernie get openly ratfucked instead of getting him into a position of power and then fucking him over. The right ate shit last decade, even though it got into power it was neoliberal business as usual.


proof or requesting ban

File: 1631701980029-0.png (822.77 KB, 825x510, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631701980029-1.png (4.43 MB, 2500x1667, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.495012[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The Labour Party conference will soon be upon us, with Grotesque Chaos following in its wake. Starmer is trying to purge the left, the left is fighting back. Who will win? Nobody knows, but regardless, it will be a great spectacle to watch.
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Defo feeling #2 tbh.


Nah not really


File: 1633638334823.webm (3.62 MB, 1280x720, dead_society.webm)

I'm a schizo, so always think these things are happening. I mainly put it down to me projecting my worldview and psychological state onto others, but things have been weird lately. It feels like something's got to happen, but rationally I doubt anything will. I just think of the Britain in that film 'children of men' and see that as the only possible future. There's something about British people and society that seems to prevent large scale civil unrest from ever occurring. It does happen, but only intermittently. There's a reason we talk so often of Cromwell and Guy Fawkes.


Say what you want about the Blairites, they're doing exactly internally in the party what the Left should have had the balls to do under Corbyn. What pisses me off about the Blairites tho, is how obviously fucking insanely bad faith, gaslighting, hyper projecting cunts they are (They are clearly the most cultish, hyper-partisan faction in Labour by a mile, but still call the Left Cultists) and they have the backing of the entire establishment that plays along with their bullshit.

Also the antisemitism smears are really starting to get tiring, it's all done in just so fucking hilariously stupid bad faith, especially the attacks on completely innocent leftists and academics like Miller who got fired for saying a Jewish student org were essentially pawns for Israel, which the Student org, in it's Charter, literally has pushing the centrality of Israel in Jewish life and they are part of World Zionist congress and literally speak at Israeli lobby events. I mean, that is exactly what they are, yet it's "antisemitism" to point that out, but anyone shitting over Chinese student orgs as CCP Fifth columnists instead gets glowing BBC coverage.
Honestly the Antisemitism smear shit, has actually made my respect for the Jewish community in general massively drop, because they also know how stupidly bad faith this is, but are playing along because it benefits Israel and Zionism and plays into their ridiculous over the top victim complex.


File: 1633684037646.png (149.95 KB, 329x253, smoking.png)


Is social media the opium of the 21st century? It produces dopamine in the brain from likes, same as an addictive substance. Will future generations and historians see it as an epidemic similar to the opium crisis in China of the 19th century??
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(and for the record, addiction is a bit more than 'dopamine = pleasure'. I didn't study psychology of addictive substances just to let online arguments go unrealized! This is powerful in that there's ubiquitous social triggers and triggers delivered by the services, normalization, social exclusion for abstinence, and as you hinted at, repeated activation of the brain reward system when you receive validation. I'd say it's not really 'the same' as a pure raw chemical dependency like heroin or severe alcoholism where the crash of withdrawal alone is the core addictive factor, but it's significant that withdrawal will leave you craving that pleasure+emotional hit)


I'd say it's hyper-mega-ultra-fentanyl



It depends on how it is controlled. Twitter and YouTube pretty much crack down on fash content and are swift to get rid of prominent fascists. This makes them good places to engage in outreach, and there’s a lot of anti racist and leftist trending content. YouTube used to be full of fascist content, that Sargon guy was always in recommendations. It’s better than ever now.



As far as habitual use goes. Set a daily reading target and use social media for education. I sometimes report right wing content on Twitter too, although as things have improved you have to look for it at this point.


File: 1633692871837.jpg (22.62 KB, 627x626, 1027385256734.jpg)

Changing flags doesn't improve your bait.

File: 1633614776842.jpg (106.28 KB, 750x400, prison labor.jpg)


Companies claim there’s a labor shortage. Their solution? Prisoners


>Worker advocates say prison labor programs exploit workers with few options as bosses refuse to raise wages to attract employees

<Some employers around the US are responding to perceived worker shortages in their industries by pursuing cheap sources of labor, such as people currently or formerly in prison.

<During a recent industry conference, a Waste Management Services executive discussed hiring immigrants to fill commercial driver’s license positions, and other executives suggested using prison or work release programs to address perceived labor shortages in the sanitation, waste and recycling industry.

<Campaigners say the move would be exploitative and reflects a refusal to simply raise wages to attract employees.

<“The talk about immigrant labor, prison labor, it’s all about exploitation, nothing else,” said Chuck Stiles, director of the Teamsters solid waste and recycling division, which represents about 32,000 workers in the private waste industry. “There is no driver shortage. There is a huge wage and benefits shortage that these waste companies refuse to give up anything on the bottom line.”

<Stiles said several prison work release programs targeted by the waste industry fail to provide decent wages and benefits in an industry where workers face significant safety risks, poor weather conditions, long hours and scarce time off for holidays.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1633682432399.png (323.63 KB, 680x473, bec.png)



Disputing that labor prisons use coercive measures to "convince" prisoners to engage in prison labor is like denying water is wet. It's widely reported at this point.


Vermin Supreme was right:
>I walk into a store, grab a $3 bag of potato chips, hand the cashier $1, and they say "Sorry these cost $3."
>I reply, "Oh, I'm only willing to pay $1 for these."
>They say. "OK, then you can't have them."

>Am I facing a potato chip shortage?

>The "labor shortage" is a myth. There's plenty of labor and the market demands certain price for it. Companies willing to pay that price are getting all the labor they need.


I could literally be hanged until death for the amount of times I've violated the Berne Convention.

I'm even going to steal your post.
waiting for my 1 month jail sentence for breaking copyright laws online


Sorry comrade. I hope things go well.

File: 1633585559277.jpeg (50.03 KB, 600x399, images (13).jpeg)


I'm Nikolai Brown, former proponent of Maoism Thirdism. I stepped away in 2014 and have been silent since.

But I just release on a new essay, Alternative Hypothesis

>What about?

The first thesis examines shifts in the mode of production toward one of neo-tributarianism, in which expansion of the means of control takes precedent over expansion of the means of production.

The second thesis explores alternatives to equality, human rights, and harm reduction as lead normative ideals for socialism, thus rejecting much of the left. In its place, i promotes a alternative version of socialism based directly on adaptive virtues.



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Retarded take.

The dude with a condo (or even two) or even a few small houses doesn't compared in wealth and power of the people at the top -people who own hundreds or even thousands of units and properties.



Ya, 'virtue socialism' would be a society that actively tries to promote specific character and action based virtues that have been known throughout history to promote human flourishing, rather than a society that promotes social equality based on a philosophy that emerged in the 1700s.


The idea of Virtue you have is likely directly inspired by the Republic of Virtue



Not quite. Homer and to a lesser extent Nietzsche



After a bit more thought, I want to reiterate just how retarded this is.

Bill Gates owns 240,000+ acres in the US for fuck knows what reason. Yet these people, who (un)ironically call themselves 'phaggot,' are scolding Joe Nobody over Instagram about the supposedly moral implications of buying a single family home.

This is this sort of stuff that's going to isolate the left real fast and cast them as social-ideological appendages of the neo-tributary elite.

File: 1633675145427.mp4 (18.83 KB, 480x480, wah.mp4)


>be me
>see that john hinckley posted a new youtube video
>watch video
>hey guys check my new single on literally everything
>check spotify
>it won't show me because i don't have an account
>check twitter
>type john hinckley into the box and press search
>neocon bluechecks losing it
>horse paste enthusiasts trying to reconcile it
>libertarians speechless
>vid related, it's them


File: 1633675256010.png (699.96 KB, 750x834, E8x1e4pWUAAwKzC.png)

>be me
>do lol

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