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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1620112517390.png (246.84 KB, 768x432, ClipboardImage.png)


Was WW2 an imperialist war like WW1 was?

btw in case you don't know what ww2 was (it's an abbreviation) :
World War II or the Second World War, often abbreviated as WWII or WW2, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. It involved the vast majority of the world's countries—including all the great powers—forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis powers.
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WW2 was the last attempt in history by an imperialist power to directly wage war for world hegemony. It's something that would no longer be possible after the invention of nuclear weapons and the emergence of USA and the USSR as superpowers.
>WW2 an imperialist war like WW1 was?
Yes, it was a war intended to displace western liberal hegemony and replace it with a new fascist bloc led by Germany, Japan and Italy.


>imperialist war
that was the position of comintern between september 1939 and June 1941


>Was WW2 an imperialist war?


100%. The Great Patriotic War should be considered separately from the wider conflict.


No, you fucking idiot, it's probably the only semi-justifiable war in history.

File: 1614278583075.jpg (95.89 KB, 640x480, censorship.jpg)


The tech media monopolies have been ramping up attacks on independent news media ever since the US capital riots, but they have really escalated censorship the last few days. Grayzone story getting tagged by Twitter as "material that may have been obtained through hacking", Analysis.news getting a video about the lack of police presence during the riots flagged by Youtube for spreading misinformation about election fraud, and Consortium News getting a video taken down for talking all about voter suppression.




This is not a thread for discussion about what speech will look like after the revolution; this is about what we can do right now to help our allies escape censorship and keep public discourse open to our politics. How can we help each other?
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I keep getting banned from social media for violating community standards. -_-;;


>Marxist larping as if the censorship effects them


'sup poltard
fuck off back to your hole you brainless cunt


>YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has acknowledged that the platform’s policy of boosting “authoritative” mainstream media sources and suppressing independent creators in search makes it “harder, in some cases, for channels, maybe who are getting started or smaller, to be able to be visible when there’s a major event or when people are looking at something that is science or news related” but insists that that the policy is “really, really important.”
>Last year, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, said that YouTube needs to raise up authoritative sources because people who create content in their basement are just “espousing their opinions”:

Are you doing your part to wean people off of Youtube, anon?



File: 1619828672430.png (566.78 KB, 458x600, trade accepted.png)

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TL;DR: bunkerchan is no more, any obligations newsanon or other anons had to consider for both sites are lifted.

DISCLAIMER – for the purposes of internal security, pseudonyms will be used to protect the identities of those involved.

Recommended listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU2wBKoDOzg

<Early April>

>Through communications within bunkerchan’s matrix chat, it is revealed that Apollyon is enacting a plot to revive bunkerchan through means unknown. The moderation team and userbase speculates on possibilities.
>The mod team begins to look at contingencies for certain possible plans of action and begins the work of forming a unified position on the matter of bunkerchan.
<April 17>
>Moderator Cybersyn is bantering with the general chat in the leftypol matrix about the possibilities of what Apollyon is up to.
>During the conversation, Spartacus comes forwards to Cybersyn about information relating to the plan.
>Spartacus reveals that Apollyon is looking to use an article published by Foreign Policy as leverage to negotiate with the leftypol.org moderation team for his entry back into the leftypol.org moderation team.
>Cybersyn takes this information to the rest of the mod team. Knowing in advance what Apollyon’s plans are, the mod team drops all other contingencies and begins planning around the now-revealed plot.
<April 18>
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I think many users sincerely don't get this what with jannies and co and there autism about bunkerfags.
It is easy if you did not visit it since migrating to inflect the idea that it was still being used actively but only by ex-pol, incels, stupidpol, everyone who thinks jannies are larpy retards, etc, etc. so it is kind of understandable we will have lots of opinions like >>204019


File: 1619902143200.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, h1.png)



will this thread be archived?


Yo wtf is this shit

Wtf is the foreign affairs article

This is gay, I miss Bunkerchan.


Moved to >>>/meta/6508.

File: 1620155517922.jpeg (119.72 KB, 672x447, kent state.jpeg)


>go to r/stupidpol
>no Kent State thread
>Come here to make fun of them for being fake leftists
>Ctrl + F "Kent State"
>0 results


4 martyrs give their lives to help end the Vietnam War and this is how you repay them?
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I thought you were making fun of me, my apologies comrade.


>See this is the problem. Socialists don't have a martyr culture.
You know who does


Rest in power comrades


nah, I like keeping my finger on the reactionary 'pseudo-alt-left' pulse. quit purity spiraling - they can be retarded but they reach a wide audience, and when the shit hits the fan, they may be of some use to us.


I literally made a thread using this same pic a week ago asking about student activism
What is there to discuss? The gubmint bad, like everything else about the 70s reaffirms this

File: 1620179097650.gif (182.07 KB, 1280x862, C271CA20-2896-4E79-ABE5-62….gif)


Why are all the genuinely communist identified subs on reddit dengoid shitholes? Every single one I saw is gurgling China’s jizz, they all preference Deng over Mao, cringe zoom zooms asking how to make their friends Dengists, shit like that. Why is it so difficult for reddit commies to not be completely cringe and retarded?
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Go on a site filled with the petite bourgeoisie who were completely fine with capitalism until they watched a breadtube video and you're bound to see retards.


Low IQ newfag socialists will turn into dengists due to their retardation and because reddit is a dengoid shithole and leads people there. The mods are sensitive dengist faggots who cry about the smallest shit and ban anyone calling china non socialist. There was one dengoid faggot who owned like 7 subreddits and turned them all into dengist shitholes and echochambers. The only ok-ish sub is r/debatecommunism or r/capitalismVSocialism


t.gets cucked by janny daily

critical support to jannies against soyjak hegemony


File: 1620201753622.png (259.41 KB, 590x587, desperate dengists.png)

You have to understand them.


Millions of dogshit threads clogging up the catalog and you decide to anchor this one because it used a picture you don't personally like? The state of post split leftypol. Get your shit together, mod team.

File: 1620162450912-0.jpg (91.11 KB, 640x467, image0 (7).jpg)

File: 1620162450912-1.jpg (135.46 KB, 974x670, jhgff.jpg)


Is it bad if I think that my life would have been better under feudalism or at the very least pre-industrial mercantilism? Sure life expectancy was shit but I might’ve been able to have genuine human relationships and community. Plus if I was literate I could actually read theory and not have my brain and attention span destroyed by the internet
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wtf? somebody build me a time machine stat!


If it was so simple to do, the ancien regime would’ve never toppled.


File: 1620179176021.jpeg (100.87 KB, 472x555, F85278C8-4E2B-436C-9F45-6….jpeg)

Life would be better in the post-50s 20th Century


File: 1620179414688-0.jpeg (99.53 KB, 620x442, 1973EastBerllinYouthStude….jpeg)

File: 1620179414688-1.jpg (1004.86 KB, 1280x1753, Alexanderplatz.jpg)

File: 1620179414688-2.jpg (532.52 KB, 1024x680, FountainOfInternationalFr….jpg)

>Life would be better in the post-50s 20th Century
In the GDR at least.


It would probably suck about the same but for different reasons.
And you can solve the internet addiction problem, although i admit my hypocrisy, it is pretty hard especially when I'm not very busy.

File: 1620044188751.jpg (86.65 KB, 1135x554, 62321321.JPG)

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Is pornography a capitalist creation?
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Narrative or art that has nudity or sex in it.


Are cameras a capitalist creation?


who is this semen demon?


I'm guessing it's in the filename. So try "Erica Lauren".


Most things in our society are capitalist creations.

File: 1620151967577.png (80.73 KB, 2765x2303, download.png)


France to sell Egypt 30 fighter jets in $4.5 bln deal -Egyptian defense ministry, report
President Emmanuel Macron said in December he would not make the sale of weapons to Egypt conditional on human rights because he did not want to weaken Cairo's ability to counter terrorism in the region, a comment that drew the ire of critics.

Biden waving restriction blocking aid to Azerbaijan over Armenia conflict
The waiver applies to Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act and its renewal — which has happened annually since 2002 — which allows the U.S. to provide military assistance to Azerbaijan so long as the secretary of State certifies that such assistance does not contribute to conflict in the region.

‘Stop the massacre’: Colombia tax protests continue after more than a dozen people DIE in clashes with police
Rallying around the slogan “Stop the massacre,” protesters took to the streets in several cities on Monday, following the news that Nicolas Guerrero, 22, was reportedly shot in the head by riot police in the city of Cali. The new round of protests stretched from Cali in the southwest to the capital of Bogota, as well as Medellin and Barranquilla in the north, AFP reported.

Venezuelan Trade Unions, Left Parties Blast ‘Pyrrhic’ May 1 Wage Increase
Unions and leftist organizations highlighted a series of other issues over the weekend, including wage restructuring, de facto dollarization and deteriorated workplace conditions. There have also been a number of independently-organized protests in recent weeks over pay, conditions, and privatization in recent months.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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OK I read your longass post and it was still shit.


>OK I read your longass post and it was still shit.
Insightful rebuttal. It's all good. I'm not here to butter your ass until you change your ways. I hope you'll reevaluate your beliefs sometime in your life as you're clearly not ready to do right now. Peace bro.


File: 1620174413531-0.jpg (118.55 KB, 600x932, Publication is a weapon of….jpg)

File: 1620174413531-1.gif (18.44 MB, 460x581, tybnacyber.gif)



>I hope you'll reevaluate your beliefs
Nice job "proselytizing your faintly elucidated, shallow, world view"


I elucidated as best I could. You gave up after tour first 2-3 posts in this thread. Anyways. I'll probably see you around. Explain yourself in a reasonable rational matter and people here will probably debate you for days on end. Nothing you posted is close to changing my world view based on my life experience. You didn't really try to tackle that. If you have some life experience that lead you to your beliefs as you hinted at:

>Do you think only white people live in trailer parks faggot, I know plenty of people who aren't white
I invited you to elaborate, but you wouldn't.

I guess it's the "butter them up" and "convert the racists/nazis/kkk/etc." lib in me that I'm engaging with you in the first place. You seem less childishly trollish and vitriolic than the average /pol/ raider so I'll give you credit for that and that's why I'm trying to educate you in the first place.

Anyways, anyways, peace bro.

File: 1620003923631.png (1.28 MB, 850x850, ClipboardImage.png)

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What brought you into this hellscape of a board and ideology? Was it the internet (duh) or something/someone irl?
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>My purpose now is to become a communist "jack of all trades," so when a revolution happens in my country or any country in my continent I can go there and help out. You need me to be your Dzerzhinsky and organize the terror? I can do that. You need a cool headed bureaucrat in a department? I can do that. You need somebody to help with the every day organization of the party? I can do that. You need help or advice in foreign policy, economic planning, your revolutionary cultural ministry, education system, what fucking ever? I can definitely chime in. Or you just want me to shut the fuck up and be a stakhanovite in a factory, farm, construction? I'll gladly do that. I literally don't care anymore, just give me something useful to do that will contribute to killing these capitalist mother fuckers en masse and ushering in the new age this wretched species of ours deserves.
Based, this is the attitude I have as well.


War on terror > 2007 financial crash > snowden leaks > prison > anarchism > actually organising > Maoism


conservative catholic growing up, worked in soup kitchens and habitat for humanity and other local shit after school for years, so I always empathized with poor folks. sociology major in college, muh conflict theory, prof tells me to read marx to really get it because soc textbooks are shit. i don't remember why i decided to, but i ended up reading the first two parts of capital I. And it's weird because i hated reading, it was probably the first book i read with enthusiasm since what catcher in the rye in 7th grade, but this got me hooked and got me reading a lot after that. I've been meaning to go back and look at my term papers to see where the hell my head was back then because i just don't remember. i had been working a shitty somewhat physically demanding warehouse job for years at that time and that was getting old and marx made so much sense.



Based Sage


i went to /leftypol/ first when the 4chan migration to 8chan took place and im still here because i have fond memories of this board from when it was still cool

File: 1620166430864.png (57.55 KB, 506x228, chadfuentes.png)


Nick Fuentes once again speaks facts and you sectarian faggots on /leftypol/ and /pol/ keep fighting the wrong enemies. /leftypol/s main priority is racist /pol/ hillbillies who live in trailer parks I guess.
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Except Fuentes is a complete bullshiter and economically speaking is favorable to capital and private property, in any case what he says is vacuous and substancless and drowned in cultural bullshit that had nothing to do with material life.


>Nick Fuentes
Why should I take that guy seriously?


can this motherfucker get spencered already?


It will never happen…


Means to an end… like Olof Aschberg

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