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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1653254745789.jpg (117.13 KB, 976x549, p06qk9qs.jpg)

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Looks like everything is going to fucking shit. The Western Left is comatose paraplegic like usual so the likely outcome of all of this is a deepening of Neoliberal authoritarianism and a rise of Fascist solutions to Capitalist crisis.
Normally I would think that prepping is a pretty extreme solution, but without food, things can hit the fucking fan real fucking fast and we're 10 weeks away from a complete breakdown of the global food supply. Banks and Insurance company's own internal reporting predicts widespread violent civil unrest this year.
So I think it's probably in the best interest of most leftists, to prepare to be safe in this crisis. I'm not going to lie, I have no idea how to Prep. I'm going to read a lot in the next week and I'm already ordering sacks of flower and brown rice and other essentials, but I'm sure there are people here who have some good advice here and can provide said advice.
Think it's time to prep and what good advice can people here give to fellow leftists in this pretty fucking tense time to prepare?
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He also couldn't predict climate change or resource scarcity before a revolution. It's almost as though we have learned things in the last century.

OP should still learn how to acquire food though. It's a useful skill. I've learned a lot about gardening recently and am getting better at germinating seeds and how to improve the fertility of soil.

If you can't garden then learn how to hunt, fish or forage. Have a backup plan in case suicidal Russia ans their delusional mad king decides to keep the war going with Ukraine for another 10 years just to pretend he is Peter the Great.


>tfw I have ARFID and don't eat veggies/fruit/meat/basically anything that doesn't come from a packet

I am fugged when climate change comes :^DDD


Just go all in on cultured meats and GMOs
You don't really have a choice anyway…


Human cells take in less protein from a plant-based meat than from chicken


>You can literally remove your dependency on grocery store food if you become a good gardener and have enough land.

That's impossible bullshit. That would require a dozen or two thousand square meters of land and hundreds of hours. Try farming in your life, an individual (or a family) can't come close to efficiency of a farmer with proper equipment.

File: 1653327148142.jpg (582.04 KB, 1707x1322, E0A3PE4XEAI67Y6.jpg)


Do your friends and family know your political tendencies? I'm personally pretty hesitant to talk about that stuff with friends for fear that they'll discover my power level, and my family don't even know I'm not a Christian (though I think it would be easier to tell them I'm a communist). What about you?
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yes. I dont discuss it with them though. I made it pretty clear I think they're uneducated retards politically


I don't have family
I don't have friends

I keep everything to myself.


Sigma grindset


File: 1655768031231.png (1.13 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)


We've been working through Marxist texts (Marx, Lenin, Althusser, others I forgot) for the last 2 years and are about to start a new book. Leaning towards Theory as History: Essays on Modes of Production and Exploitation by Jairus Banaji but would be open to reading something else if new people are interested in that. Philosophy, Marxism, history.

We have a Matrix room:
Go there if you're interested.
And we have a thread on /edu/


if you return to the classic writings sometime I'd be interested


We'll read Vol 3 at some point.


welp, you guys are more advanced than me atm.




Is Grimes leading it? If not I'm not interested.

File: 1655905278114.gif (424.99 KB, 465x465, 1647450114938-0.gif)

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Why are the Eastern European countries so willing and eager to be destroyed by Russia? What do they hope to gain from it? Literally what is there to gain from tiny countries holding a belligerent stance to their most powerful neighbor?
Do they think West Europe will gift them colonial possessions? Is this just the psychosis that grips populations that are elevated into "whiteness", like with US micks all becoming cops and Italians being viciously racist? Is this just cope for nationalist governments that have absolutely nothing left but getting their people to blame the USSR for their shit lives? Are they just loyal doggos hoping their American master will lovingly pat them on the head for being such good boys? Are they just fucking insane and want an apocalyptic war that drags all of mankind down with them as a final cope for the Soviets stopping them from killing their Jewish populations in WWII?
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danke man, schön mal was von actually dort zu hören :). Ich kann mir vorstellen dass es nicht einfach wird, hab aber zumindest eine für Kuban lupenreine Historie und bin ja auch bereit was zurückzugeben in meinem Fachgebiet.
Schade wäre natürlich wenn man mich weil ich aus dem Westen bin nie ganz ernstnehmen würde. Aber wir sind ja nu auch keine Amis, Kuba und Spanien hatten glaube ich sogar recht gute Handelsbeziehungen.


sich ein Bisschen öffnen zu müssen weil Mütterchen Russland nicht mehr die Alte ist find ich etwas schade aber verzeihlich. Alles was ich will ist: Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen.
Nach dem Tag am Scheiß-PC zumindest mit dem Gefühl nach Hause zu gehen, dass es ein Puzzleteil von Millionen ist die unser Leben alle ein Quäntchen besser machen.


>weil ich aus dem Westen bin nie ganz ernstnehmen würde
Ich denke, vor sowas mußt du in Kuba keine Angst haben. Erfahrungsgemäß ist Überheblichkeit in sozialistischen Staaten nicht sehr verbreitet.
Ich muß bald in die Nachtschicht, dir noch einen schönen Abend, Genosse


>threatens nuclear war
well, there's the answer to OP


Guten Abend man. Will nicht pathetisch werden aber danke fürs Rumschauen, hatte schon bessere Tage was die Zukunftsaussichten angeht. Halt die Ohren steif, Genosse. Wir sind keine Verräter, deswegen ist es nicht cringe.


Post any tidbits, info, graphs, pictures, etc that just infuriates you

>In early 2018, US Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher stabbed a defenseless teenage captive to death in Iraq. According to two SEAL witnesses, Gallagher said over the radio "he's mine" and walked up to the medic and prisoner, and without saying a word, killed the prisoner by stabbing him repeatedly with his hunting knife. Gallagher and his commanding officer, Lieutenant Jake Portier, then posed for photographs of them standing over the body with some other nearby SEALs. Gallagher then text messaged a friend in California a picture himself holding the dead captive's head by the hair with the explanation "Good story behind this, got him with my hunting knife.” After he was imprisoned, Gallagher's other crimes came to light: fellow soldiers said they witnessed Gallagher shooting and killing an unarmed old man in a white robe, as well as a young girl walking with other girls. Gallagher boasted that he averaged three kills a day over 80 days, including four women. In video interviews with investigators, multiple SEALs described how he would go on solo “gun runs,” emptying loads of heavy machine gun fire into neighborhoods with no apparent targets. “I think he just wants to kill anybody he can,” Corey Scott, a medic from the platoon, told Navy investigators. After his case went public, it became a conservative rallying cry: A website soliciting donations for his defense raised > $375k, and a prominent veterans’ apparel maker sold “Free Eddie” T-shirts. Spurred on by his family, 40 Republican members of Congress signed a letter in March calling for the Navy to free him, and soon after, US President Trump had him released from prison to house arrest. In July, 2019, he was acquitted of all charges. Gallagher was one of three military personnel accused or convicted of war crimes on whose behalf Trump had intervened to pardon or promote. Trump told a rally audience days after his intervention, "I stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state." Gallagher has now started a chain of companies selling clothing and nutritional supplements.

(from https://github.com/dessalines/essays/blob/master/us_atrocities.md)


File: 1655995158624.png (118.05 KB, 368x300, ClipboardImage.png)


sorry for the reddit watermark, I forgot the mark their stuff


File: 1655996622400.jpg (252.2 KB, 1275x2020, 765656.jpg)


Lol the US is something else


How in gods name does this new piece of tech in this wasteland of a neoliberal shitshow of a planet change fucking anything?

Whose gonna pay for the infrastructure development when regions like North America and some parts of west Europe are infested with suburbia, stroads, and over inflated cities that exist exclusively to cause ecological damage and waste resources purely for profit?

Why the fuck should I be excited when tech like hydro and nuclear are
Fought against by oil faggots that know damb well how efficient and clean it is and are hellbent on killing and spreading as much propaganda about it as possible. What’s gonna change with fusion huh? Are they just gonna find a new machine to get angry over and cancel every new installment of that aswell?

How in the hell does fixing the energy supply either fix anything else? Does anyone care about the fact that multiple species that billions feed off of like the candevish banana and your standard sardine or going flat out extinct either due to piss poor GMO design or being over hunted, not to mention that agricultural practices have fucked over nitrogen supplies around the planet where the soil and water levels are high enough to grow crop on top of the fact that due to endless sea mining and reef damage we’ve fucked over our own fish supplies aswell ALL ON TOP OF FUCKING OVER FRESH WATER SUPPLIES SO HEAVILY THAT ENTIRE PROVINCES AND COUNTRIES AROUND

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File: 1655994859922.png (77.68 KB, 800x611, ClipboardImage.png)

>Give me one reason to be excited for fusion power
No. I dont care about your nuclear faggotry.
Shut up.


based pic you've got right there anon


>Lol if you think humans will be around longer than the Sun
I do, and I am tired of pretending we won't. long live the human species!


Fusion is a meme tbh. I really don't think we'll ever get it at this rate.


>killing head of nuclear power company
>not killing head of oil company

File: 1655262628443.jpg (456.24 KB, 2560x1709, DSC_8780as-scaled.jpg)


>Millions lack food and health care and live paycheck to paycheck. Poverty wages now gutted by inflation. Eviction and homelessness sweep every city. Desperation so deep it drives people to opioid addiction and mass murder suicide. The looming fall of the dollar and depression. A dying empire lashing out for war with not one but two nuclear powers. The major left wing party in this country leading the charge for annihilation and censorship.
>Thankfully, I and many others have recently found real hope and joy in the prospect that Jimmy Dore could run for president of the United States.
>Jimmy has been considering a run for president with the People’s Party for the past several weeks. We’ve been discussing it with him and Stef and have developed a fifty state campaign and ballot access plan with organizers and leading ballot access attorneys.
>The crowds in Des Moines, Omaha and Kansas City erupted in cheers when Jimmy surprised everyone at his live stand up shows last month and said, “I’m thinking of running for president,” and took townhall style questions for the first time.
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Go back. Jimmy Dore should be classified as an eceleb so that his simps could be contained in /isg/ with the rest of the social democrats.


Good riddance.


biden's a lot of things but he isn't a greaseball that wears floral shirts


This. Also don't forget the DNC murdered Seth Rich.


>and the government will just shrug their shoulders and let them.
Both parties are private entities that can do literally whatever they want. They could pick the nominee by reading tea leaves and that would be 100% legal.

File: 1653870846371.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

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Figured the climate was serious enough to warrant it's own thread.


>BREAKING: new UN report warns of total societal collapse due to ecosystem destruction without radical changes

>1. Not a single media outlet picked up on the increasing probability of civilisational collapse.

>UN appears to have diluted its own findings.
>Recognising collapse risk isn't about doom-mongering, but understanding risks.
>2022-2029 is key time for action.

>2. This is the first UN flagship report to find existing global policies are accelerating us towards a collapse of human civilisation.

>- report doesn't say outcome is inevitable or specify how close to possibility we are
>- we can still act
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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capitalism abolishes capitalism?


Literally yes, in a long sense
The real movement to abolish the state of things isn’t fucking LARPers, it’s capitalism desteoying the biosphere and the human race
Congrats with your goddamned slogan mongering

May as well put a gun to our fucking heads eh?


File: 1655983422140.jpg (120.53 KB, 706x1117, seven years.jpg)

seven years left


File: 1655986448119.png (1.79 MB, 1082x897, damn boe.png)

5 years until the Blue Ocean Event


5 years until history's largest goatse

File: 1655860408387-0.png (6.47 KB, 220x147, pcmle.png)

File: 1655860408387-1.png (39.68 KB, 600x600, conaie.png)


National Strike Continues to Gain Strength in Ecuador (16 June, 2022)
>Human rights defenders demand that the Lasso regime stop underestimating the protests and reveal the whereabouts of the detained people and the charges against them.
>For the fourth consecutive day, farmers, students, workers, and transporters continue to join the national strike called by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) against President Guillermo Lasso.
Ecuador: National Strike Demonstrators Defy State of Emergency (20 June, 2022)
>The president of CONAIE, Leonidas Iza, ratified that "the strike continues at the national and territorial level and with an indefinite character, with a clear agenda of 10 issues" which have been presented to the Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso.
>The national strike, called by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), continues this Sunday, in a context in which at least six sectors of the capital, Quito, remain closed due to protests and the Government ratifies its decision to maintain the state of emergency.
>Protests continue despite the declaration of a state of emergency in Pichincha, Cotopaxi and Imbabura. In fact, the president of CONAIE, Leonidas Iza, ratified that "the strike continues at the national and territorial level and with an indefinite character, with a clear agenda of 10 issues" which have been presented to the Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso.
Links of to video footage / reporting:
>Protests continue in Ecuador:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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lmao the people believing the government's line that it was a bomb, room temperature i.q.


File: 1655985686228.png (95.24 KB, 464x251, hot hot.png)

Is Latin America Red Hot?


Cope on the tomography are dangerously retarded.
>this cant be real because the tomography needs to have the name and date.
<meanwhile video shows smoke coming out of the victim's face.


I want to read up about imperialism in this century, I find the historical developments of this century to be highly fascinating if highly disturbing at the same time
It seems the history of this century is the industrialization of most nations alongside a massive growth of the proletariat and capitalism as a whole
At the same time, it seems to have emerged from a single global hegemony of the US Empire, to a return of competing imperialisms in an era where the ecology continues to unravel

I want a contemporary analysis of war, imperialism, fascism, and ecological breakdown
I’ve already read “Socialism or Extinction” by Ted Reese FYI
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Look up the concept of Transnational capitalist class. Global capital is so concentrated and centralized into an upper strata of porkies that 0.0001% of the population can decide global policy on behalf of 99% of the population. They control half of the world's wealth whereas the bottom 70% of workers control 2.7% of it. They can only profit through financial speculation, war and privatization of public institutions. US/NATO are the main protectors and enforcers of global capital, so they will target any state that doesn't cooperate or open up like DPRK, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, etc. The US spends more on the military than the rest of the world combined and has more than 800 military bases in 70 countries, the SOCOM has troops in 147 countries and NATO countries represent 85% of the world’s military spending, plus hundreds of PMCs/mercenaries spending billions of dollars per year.


If you believe that "black" is as simply defined as a person of African descent, then the total number of black people in the world is about 7.8 billion (2020). Every person alive now, and every person who has ever lived is of African ancestry. The only question is the number of generations it's been since a person's ancestors left.


Wrong thread?


You could read this since your OP is literally the title


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