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File: 1694932461204.jpg (831.73 KB, 4032x3024, R (1).jpg)


We're so close to the finish line that I'd argue everyone should be an accelerationist at this point.
Once the rate of profit reaches zero there'll just be different kinds of socialism and that's it.
However I don't agree that everyone being hungry leads to more innovation though.




Whats the current world rate of profit 6%? 6% more to go.


t. marx circa 1849



File: 1694814196806.jpg (593.47 KB, 903x1155, Vladimir Putin.jpg)


> The collapse of the Soviet Union was inherently the consequence of Lenin conceding to Wilsonite national self-determination sentimentality in giving nationalities "the right to secede", having never entertained a long Socialism in One Country.
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he was possibly the biggest yesman in the late cpsu. if you read transcripts from party meetings where he's present you can see just how little he actually said; not that he barely spoke, but when he did it was stuff like 'this has both good and bad outcomes.' absolutely zero opinions or input because until he seized power he was beyond generic, so it's ultimately unfair to blame andropov for not being a clairvoyant. anyway i'm generally skeptical of andropov blame since it's almost exclusively done by esoteric middle aged russians who think he was a jewish-cia wrecker that started perestroika.


andropov would not have changed anything. he was still part of the rot of the ussr that produced great figures like gorbachev. i remmeber hoxha shitting on him in the khrushevites for letting the hungarian uprising to get as bad as it did before having to cruh them.


youre right, except that the USSR was really not even close to on the brink of collapse. it was the sick man of eurasia, but gorbachev was a special breed of narcissistic saboteur or/and actual fucking moron.


Can someone who thinks like Putin compatibilize the beliefs that the Soviet Union (maybe initially only and this is how they do it) was an example of minorities taking out revenge on Russians and that the Bolsheviks destroyed a 900 year old state with the belief that the USSR represented tha apex of Russian dominance and influence in the world? Like I pointed out, maybe it's that the USSR started as an anti-Russian experiment but later became a Russian powerhouse. When would this have happened, in their eyes? With Stalin?


probably with brezhnev: most russian boomers grew up
in that era, there was tacit approval for a whitewashed version of stalin that was basically thought of as "the good old days" when russia stronk. i do not speak russian so purely speculation, but i imagine that the ripples of glasnost resulted in a marriage of residual genuine russian chauvinism + western perceptions of the USSR as synonymous with russia, & since the majority of russian adults alive today would have grown up during the mid 80s to mid 90s, thats an easy way of thinking "back when we, russians, were on top of the world" to fall into


Are there any anarchists besides Noam Chomsky that don't "both sides" the issue of Western imperialism and its proxy wars? I have sympathy with anarchism but every single modern figure disappoints me with their views on Ukraine, Syria etc.

I don't want this thread to center on Chomsky or his imperfections.

I want to learn other anarchists figures exist who share Chomsky's "tankie-esque" views on geopolitics.
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Lenin was literally the basis for my most heavily researched paper in international relations theory
I honestly think multipolarists haven't read Lenin themselves beyond quote mining for their faggot moralism



<being this mad about comrades defending, feeding and aiding their communities.
l m a o. Thanks. I needed the laugh today.


>literally the basis for my most heavily researched paper in international relations theory
>international relations

this explains a lot about how ecoposter


File: 1694912679354.png (572.33 KB, 1332x724, imperialism.png)

I'll recognize non-Western imperialism when someone is able to identify non-Western imperialist institutions and imperialist activities. What are the non-Western equivalents of the IMF, World Bank, WTO, etc and what invasions, interventions, bombings, sanctions, assassinations, coups, etc have occurred to back up the activities of non-Western high finance and capital interests? "Non-Western Imperialism" can only be taken seriously as anything other than Western propaganda after that is clarified and established.

File: 1694201241582.png (4.23 MB, 1500x2000, ClipboardImage.png)


How do we overcome language barriers and prevent confusion between the proletarians? Not just between different languages, but also between dialects of a single language, or even between political tendencies, or even inside of the same political tendency. For example, in Stalin's lifetime, the meaning of "social democracy" changed. In 1906 you have Stalin saying this:


>[…] an organisation is needed that will rally around itself the class-conscious elements of the workers of all trades, that will transform the proletariat into a conscious class and make it its chief aim to smash the capitalist system, to prepare for the socialist revolution. Such an organisation is the Social-Democratic Party of the proletariat. This Party must be a class party, and it must be quite independent of other parties—and this is because it is the party of the proletarian class, the emancipation of which can be brought about only by this class itself. This Party must be a revolutionary party—and this because the workers can be emancipated only by revolutionary means, by means of the socialist revolution.

This would imply that social-democracy is a good thing. But by the end of Stalin's life time, it was seen as a reformist movement by Marxist-Leninists, leading Stalin to say:


>Fascism is the bourgeoisie’s fighting organisation that relies on the active support of Social-Democracy. Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism. There is no ground for assuming that the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of Social-Democracy. There is just as little ground for thinking that Social-Democracy can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie. These organisations do not negate, but supplement each other. They are not antipodes, they are twins. Fa
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Spoken language*


Isn’t English already the default Lingua Franca?


yes but we can't acknowledge that because something something imperialism



File: 1694904199879.png (539.44 KB, 650x485, babel-eu.png)

Destroying the Tower of Babel was to prevent greedy man from enslaving the rest of mankind. That was the purpose of tribalism, different languages, and local gods and customs.

File: 1694834089076.jpg (7.12 KB, 194x259, 71892875.jpg)


I see stalin less as "a bad guy" and more as a regular aboveaverage autism score joe who got handed a bad situation and tried to hold onto it with ruthlessness and also tried to make the best out of it given the situation Russia was in. The great purge happened right before world war 2. He did that to avoid any further trotskys from going rogue and backstabbing all the republics for their own ego or personal gains when they were about to be the primary target of the biggest war in human history. You have to put yourself in stalin's shoes and imagine how you would govern the Earth's first large scale socialist project which is an experimental thing, it's being blockaded by all the bourgeoisie countries, the nazi party is in party as well as loads of other fascist parties, you got internal wreckers ala trotsky everywhere. The party is acting similar to a high school girl's club etc. It was a big shitshow for stalin
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Funny how prior to the Moscow Trials the "old bolsheviks" Trotsky referred to were 'out of touch retards' who hadn't kept up with Trotskyism
..because Trotsky had only joined the Bolshevik party in August 1917 so needed to discredit everyone prior to Aug 1917
<A broad layer of so-called “old Bolsheviks,” from among the students who had associated themselves with the revolution of 1905, had since turned into extraordinarily successful engineers, physicians, government officials, and they now unceremoniously showed the party the hostile aspect of their backs.
Trotsky https://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1930/hrr/ch36.htm

>Same for the military , literally 4 of the 5 first marshalls of the union were purged, whose were pretty experienced and developed themselves from WWI and so-on such as Tukhackevsky

Tukhachevsky was a guilty faggot
The Kruschevites maintained Tukhachevsky was innocent (so they can slander Stalin and 'Stalinism' by reintroducing the market economy)
However the Russian government as of 2018 released his trial transcripts showing he was guilty
(English, Fires translation)http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=8A4954B60920502F92A958115D746CDD


lick my spit a little


>However the Russian government as of 2018 released his trial transcripts showing he was guilty

Definitely it's not forced.

>Funny how prior to the Moscow Trials the "old bolsheviks" Trotsky referred to were 'out of touch retards' who hadn't kept up with Trotskyism

>..because Trotsky had only joined the Bolshevik party in August 1917 so needed to discredit everyone prior to Aug 1917

Literally has nothing to do with our topic, the "old bolsheviks" were purged with mostly accused being with Trotsky… that's the thing.


i think trotsky and stalin are both based for different reasons and that it's tragic they fought


>Literally has nothing to do with our topic, the "old bolsheviks" were purged with mostly accused being with Trotsky…
Too retarded to even follow the conversation..
Prior to the Moscow Trials(1936), Trotskyites referred to Bolsheviks as "Old Bolsheviks" to discredit them as 'out of touch' because Trotsky had only joined the party in 1917.
The "Old Bolsheviks" was therefore an insult to mean "out of touch retards that couldn't win a revolution without Trotsky in the party"

It is only after the trots were (rightfully) snuffed out (Moscow Trials) that the Trotskyites now refer to the 'Old Bolsheviks" to mean 'the dedicated Leninists snuffed out by Stalin's counter revolution'

File: 1694737517686-0.png (419.43 KB, 1862x668, stalin quote shoemaker.png)


On The lumpenization of the proles, the proletarianization of the petit bourgeoisie, and the cannibalization of revolutionary potential by downward mobility, and lack of morale

in order to reach a critical mass of class consciousness in the imperial core, I am starting to believe that it is necessary for the petit bourgeoisie to be almost entirely cannibalized by the haute bourgeoisie, ruined, and proletarianized. I'm talking every small town laundromat gets replaced with some Software-As-A-Service digital franchise with zero employees where you swipe your card to do the laundry. I'm talking no more affordable vending machines. I'm talking no more local restaurants. I'm talking no more family owned grocery stores and bodegas. Total petit bourgeois proletarianization. The problem is, the petit bourgeoisie, as stalin pointed out, will carry with them their reactionary attitude at first. It will lag behind their material condition. In the time it takes their attitude to catch up with their class position, they will be ripe for fascist radicalization. Raging against their loss of status. And on top of that, they will swell the ranks of the reserve army of labor, happily scabbing, happily licking boot, desperate to get jobs, and happy to betray the collective organizing of the people who have been proletarian their whole lives. In the same way as there is an intra-bourgeois conflict between "old money" and "new money", there is a conflict between "old proles" and "new proles." The ruined petit bourgeois who must become prole again is a "new prole" and he carries with him the reactionary attitudes and entitlements. He will scab. He will strike break. He will seek out sinecures. If he joins a union at all, he will choose a conservative bourgeois-collaborationist union. He will choose craft consciousness over class consciousness. He will try to limit the radicalization of others. But worst of all, the observation I haven't even gotten to yet, the one that got me to right this: He will push downwardly mobile proles into lumpenproles. In the same way as the petit-bourgeois gets proletarianized, the proletariat gets lumpenized. They end up homeless, criminals, vagabonds, addicts. And because the proletariat gets lumpenized, and the petit bourgeois gets proletarianized, the lower classes, collectively, get turned like a steaming compost pile, ripe soil for the bourgeoisie to grow profits from. The proletariat cannot become conscioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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.t retard


File: 1694818926355.gif (2.48 MB, 320x240, shut up.gif)


.t retard


File: 1694894570541.webm (16.69 MB, 888x662, obama abortion.webm)

this thread coulda been good but this guy killed it in its crib


Burgerstan has a very robust petty-bourgeois

File: 1694860944349.png (2.01 MB, 1400x788, ClipboardImage.png)


How soon will the Taiwan crisis erupt into open war? It can't be too long, right? I'm giving it half a year at most. Does anyone have some materialist analysis to share in brief? What's the Marxist or Communist position on this conflict? How does it tie in with the larger trend of dedollarization, decoupling and multipolarity?
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I don't see a war happening, at least within the timeframe of a decade. The CCP values stability and predictability and war is the opposite of that. The world economy has already been upset by the Ukraine war, and it wouldn't serve them to stir up the pot even further. I could see the US instigating a confrontation, on a shorter timeframe than a decade, but even they must feel they are spending too much supporting Ukraine now to bankroll another proxy war.


>lmao, you mean cut from the imperialist west. Everyone else if fine with them.
China's primary manufacturing goods market is the US and europe anon. Losing access to those markets would be a huge blow, although it would also be a big blow to the west as well.


Nobody is going to war without the global economy being in tatters first. Even a war limited to Taiwan only would still cause a disruption of shipments going from the Malacca Strait all the way up to Hokkaido and it's GG for every country in the region. Pretty sure the CPC knows this which is why they haven't even tried going to for Kinmen yet.

Plus it's not just up to China anymore, there's a risk now of Korea going hot again which would've been unbelievable two years ago. If shit really is gonna go down, then the capitalist prosperity of East Asia is about to undergo one of the most biblical phases of destruction in human history. Ironic that it immediately followed the fastest capitalist expansion ever, too.


I think he's talking about Russia, but yeah you're right. It's part of why Russia could afford to go to war in the first place, not much to lose compared to China.


> The Leninists turn Marx into an ‘alchemist of revolution’ and the humanists turn him into a contemporary reformist social-democrat—while in fact he was neither.

Have you actually read? Towards the end he rejected the idea of universality and that revolution was to be applied in all nations. Even Lenin believed that countries like Switzerland could peacefully transition to communism.

File: 1694812709778.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.8 KB, 828x335, IMG_0264.jpeg)


I’ve noticed many reactionaries and xenophobes alike try as hard as they can to shove as many slurs and swears into every sentence they throw out. It’s like they’re trying to prove to someone about how xenophobic they’re even if no one is there for approval that’ll never arrive, unsurprisingly when their language is criticized they tend to get shaken up and defensive, like they’re being exposed about something embarrassing.
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its not the swearing itself, its that theres something pathetic and juvenile about shoving as many of the meanest words you can think of into your speech in a limp attempt to give it some kind of affect

theyre emotionally stunted idealists who think that throwing a temper tantrum hard enough will make people see the "light"


also this is just not true lol, office workers & similar middle management ilk love to come up with corny obscenities and giggle like theyre getting away with being naughty


File: 1694885113549.png (19.77 MB, 4368x2912, slum_next_to_highrise.png)

Marx: “The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations. It has pitilessly torn asunder the motley feudal ties that bound man to his 'natural superiors,' and has left remaining no other nexus between man and man than naked self-interest, callous 'cash payment.' It has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervor, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation. It has resolved personal worth into exchange value, and in place of the numberless indefeasible chartered freedoms, has set up that single, unconscionable freedom—Free Trade. In one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions, it has substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.

The bourgeoisie has stripped of its halo every occupation hitherto honored and looked up to with reverent awe. It has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage laborers.

The bourgeoisie has torn away from the family its sentimental veil, and has reduced the family relation to a mere money relation.”

Retards: "what the fuck this is a jewish plot to make my grandchildren black"


they're just dull bigots who don't have any original thoughts or charisma
just seething hatred which they copy and paste over and over again
these people are pathological resentful losers


File: 1695088131326.png (558.8 KB, 638x630, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why do xenophobes talk like that
i know right, so true fellow human!

File: 1694806252462.png (62.58 KB, 780x470, ClipboardImage.png)


“Long night of horror” ends for Colombian trade union movement
In a symbolic act, the Colombian government on Thursday recognized the trade union movement as a recepient of collective reparation after more than three decades of persecution and stigmatization. Colombian President Gustavo Petro, in front of trade unionists from all over the country, announced the creation of a high-level commission that will include ministers and workers’ delegates to draw up a plan that will lead to truth, reparation and non repetition.

Dominican Republic President Orders Border Closure With Haiti
On Thursday, the president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, decreed the closure of the maritime, air and land border with neighboring Haiti as of 6:00 am (local time) on and has ordered the Army, Navy and Air Force to be ready to comply with the provision. "The Haitian government itself has control problems in its territory. If there are uncontrollables there, they will be uncontrollable for the Haitian government, but they will not be uncontrollable for the government of the Dominican Republic," said Abinader.

Train drivers announce fresh strike to coincide with Tory party conference
TRAIN drivers have announced fresh strikes in their long-running pay dispute that will coincide with the Tories’ annual conference and hit services at 16 privateer rail companies. Drivers’ union Aslef accused rail operators today of making proposals on pay that they knew would be rejected.

German health workforce strategy depends on nursing drain from India
Germany’s efforts Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


'This Is Our Defining Moment': UAW Launches Historic Strikes Against Big Three Automakers
The United Auto Workers union kicked off historic strikes against the Big Three U.S. car manufacturers early Friday morning after the companies failed to meet workers' demands for adequate pay increases and benefit improvements. The initial wave of strikes hit select Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis facilities, with the union deploying a tactic it has described as a " stand-up strike."

Starbucks workers will gather, including locally, over alleged union-busting efforts
Starbucks workers will gather at cafes across the country, including the Greece Ridge Starbucks location, to speak with customers about the company’s alleged union-busting efforts. Starbucks Workers United, the union that represents workers across at least 40 states, says they’re demanding that Starbucks respects workers right to join a union. They’re calling the company “the worst offender of labor law in modern U.S. history.”

Warnock calls on Atlanta officials to be more transparent about ‘Stop Cop City’ referendum
Warnock’s letter comes after weeks of calls from “Stop Cop City” activists who were furious that the state’s top Democrats had stayed largely silent over the city’s plan to adopt a signature-matching verification process. Activists and prominent voting rights groups have decried the restriction as voter suppression. “I am concerned by the past application of signature match in Georgia that likely led to discrimination and potentially the disenfranchisement of eligible voters,” Warnock wrote as he asked Mayor Andre Dickens more than a dozen specific questions, including why officials plan to use a signature-matching process and how residents can fix potential errors to prevent their petition from being tossed.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Billionaires Cash In On Abusive Farm Worker Scam
Billionaires who have been buying up farmland across the country are using a controversial immigration program linked to labor abuses and human trafficking to find low-wage workers for their agricultural investments. The visa program, which is allowing a growing number of employers to pay rock-bottom wages, has been at the heart of recent modern slavery cases — and one in three workers in the program say the arrangement has limited their ability to leave their jobs. While the industry claims the immigration program is necessary to help family farms find seasonal workers, companies affiliated with billionaires like Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Stan Kroenke, Phillip Anschutz, and John Malone have used the H-2A visa program to staff their expanding agricultural holdings throughout the United States, according to records reviewed by The Lever. Records also reveal that one of the world’s largest financial firms, Toronto-based Manulife, owns farm properties in Washington state that hosted H-2A workers. Manulife is among several major financial firms that have gained control of hundreds of thousands of acres of U.S. farmland since the 1980s.

Iraq: communists help build a new electoral coalition
IRAQ is witnessing important developments and facing many challenges at various levels — political, economic, social and security — as well as the effects of climate change, water scarcity and environmental deterioration. In the current political scene, several internal and external factors are at play. The ethnic-sectarian power-sharing system and endemic corruption continue to dominate the political scene. The ruling elite or oligarchy, under this system, is seeking to perpetuate its control of political power, influence and interests, and to further strengthen the deep state and the militarisation of society. The persistence in strengthening the rentier nature of the Iraqi economy, the open market and neoliberal policies, and the weakening of the role of the state have resulted in a fragile economy that relies on oil revenues. These revenues account for more than 90 per cent of the government’s budget. The country is still far from the state of politPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1694833044515.jpg (94.08 KB, 834x1024, 1688633657249294.jpg)

Thanks News Anon



File: 1694853955241-0.jpg (209.02 KB, 828x778, 1694796758197858.jpg)

File: 1694853955241-1.webm (3.92 MB, 720x1280, 1694700999937279.webm)

 No.1598863[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

On one hand I realize the material conditions at play, and I sympathize with them for escaping terrible situations, but on the other hand I know they'll most likely integrate poorly, crime rates will inevitably go up, they won't work, and they'll get government benefits for it. I feel conflicted, I want to help these people but when I think about my own country that's still very much homogoneous, (Eastern Europe), I can't help but wish for it to stay that way, something about Africans being half the population just doesn't sit right with me. Am I spooked or just a bad person?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST: ID/POL/)
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>Force the resource companies to give a cut to the host countries, who often get nothing but pollution and exploitation in exchange for allowing them to be there.
And don't go through their corrupt governments either. Physically hand out dividends to the locals.


Another thing is that euroshits are just stealing other countries workforce, instead of improving material conditions in they own euroshitholes


Because you're no fucking better than them. That's why.


>Am I spooked or just a bad person


File: 1694885927339.png (231.34 KB, 400x345, ClipboardImage.png)

>The migrants are petite-bourgeois reactionary cosmopolitans
What in the actual fuck?! I'm confused. How can a migrant be petite-bourgeois?
User was banned for using words that don't mean what they think they mean lol…

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