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File: 1668951257574.png (161.31 KB, 1080x856, ErA38ozWMAAYzDU.png)


Dafuq. Nations are a social construct and something that emerged around the 19th century? What did they have before? How does that differ from nations?
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Nations are where people live. Greece wasnt called that for as long as people called it Greece due to the name sounding fitting for a bunch of shitty mountains and tons of islands. It was called that cause others knew it as the place where greeks live. Kurdistan was never a state and yet people can still pinpoint it on a map if you show them were Kurds live. Before nation states they just had different kinds of state whos purpose was to increase the power of the ruling class and most of the time this meant expanding into others land for the resources and workers there wich make more profit. Why the nation state picked up is easy. The want for a nation state started after people had a easier time connection with each other from a further distance then the village next door and thus started noticing they are alot similiar to one another then those big eared thiefs who speak gibberish. Althoguh the nation state started mainly for the sake of people wanting to unite to have a strong state to defend against invaders and opressors. United we stand divided we fall and such. This was then used as a excuse for imperalism as we see with Germany, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, China, India, Russia, Somalia, Israel, North Ireland, France, Poland and Yugoslavia.


Where can I read about Nation states


File: 1669020884405.webm (2.41 MB, 960x754, force.webm)


There were other cultural markers that were more important. The idea of nation is a construct which through being rigorously enforced kind of became reality, but is still very messy. Class or caste markers were more important; aristocracy would intermarry from all over Europe, and a a french noble had much more in common with a german noble than with a french peasant.

In fact, the nation as it is currently understood is pretty much a byproduct of the French revolution, which, by necessity of war, created institutions (especially the Levée en Masse) which intermingled people from all over the country defending the idea of the "nation".

File: 1661201420683.jpg (65.36 KB, 500x500, balaev.jpg)

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We have this one anon who always posts about his stuff ( like here >>131457 ), but usually nobody here understands what is he talking about because the majority of leftypol either doesn't know russian, isn't well-versed in soviet history or just doesn't know the russian communist milieu. That's why I made this thread, to explain who he is and why he is important.

I will give you a general information, because I hope the balayevite anon will chime in and explain things more in detail

In the western countries, you don't have many "stalinist" historians, except Grover Furr and maybe Losurdo. But in Russia it is mainstream, so to speak.

The problem is, however, that these "stalinists" are either some freaks (conspiratards or some "red-brown" idiots from the 90s) or they are openly agreeing with the official narratives on Stalin's USSR, but in such a way to make it look they actually support Stalin. I mean shit like "yes, the repressions were bad, but it was necessary!!1" or "Yezhov did that!!! Stalin didn't know about it!", basically making Stalin and people around him look like bloodthirsty maniac (just not THAT bloodthirsty), or making them look like incompetent idiots.

Balayev is probably the only communist-stalinist writer and publicist who disagrees with such methods. Basically, what he claims is that most of modern narratives on Stalin are either based on FAKE ARCHIVAL DOCUMENTS or equally as fake "statistics", "testimonies" and other "facts"

Now, how is this different from your mainstream "stalinist" historian - mainstream "stalinists" will agree that documents on Katyn are forgeries but nothing else. Whereas Balayev claims there are many more fake documents, like Order no. 00447, which supposedly started the so called "Great Terror". (there are many weird things about this document - it isn't written on a blank that was usually used for such documents and the language used is really strange - but I don't want to go much into details now to not make a mucho texto OP)

As for The Great Terror, Balayev claims that it is a pure fabrication - no mass repressions were happening in 1937/38. He admits that there were party purges in the party but not some massive repression that would affect the whole population of the USSR. (Unlike the other "stalinists" who claim the mass repressions happened but not in the extent anticommunists say, and were justified).

The official number of 600 thousandPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The only clown here is you, sabofag. You claim that a published book is a prooft of it's own truth. You can't provide a SINGLE piece of evidence that those interviews with Molotov happened yet you keep pretending that it's not just some cash grab on Chuev part, but a real interview.


Boomer: Check
Communist: Check
Skitzo: Check
"History buff": Check

Oh yeah, its all coming together


With all those marks he's probably correct


According to Chuev himself, the actual trasncripts take 5 thousand pages
>Темы бесед с Молотовым были весьма разнообразны, они касались самых напряженных моментов послеоктябрьской истории нашей страны. Это – краткий конспект встреч с Молотовым, дневниковые записи наших бесед. Здесь небольшая часть моего «молотовского дневника», составляющего свыше 5 тысяч страниц на машинке. Да, все эти годы я постоянно вел отдельный дневник, детально записывая каждую беседу, каждое высказывание, а в последующие встречи переспрашивая, уточняя.

Page 3, second paragraph of the book. None were published or shared with other writers/researchers.

This is just to show how retarded sabofag is, since he didn't read the actual book nor even know what a fucking transcript is, while screeching aout how this book is an actual transcript and we just should believe Chuev.

Link to the book, since i can't attach fb2 apparentely.

File: 1668373923195.png (64.59 KB, 689x734, ClipboardImage.png)

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Within a week, humanity will reach a population of 8 billion people. Thought I'd make a thread to commemorate this milestone, and make malthusian fascists seethe as well. I intend to keep the thread alive until then, so post anything you think is related to this, how this will impact the future of the world, global politics/geopolitics, the development of the Global South, etc. Some interesting stats regarding our population right now:
>About 49.59% of the world population is female and the other 50.41% is male
>The two most populous countries, China and India, with approximately 2,865,339,800 people combined, represent ~36% of the world population
>The 'Golden Billion' (all 5 Eyes countries, all of the EU, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore) compose 1,130,000,000 of the world population, or roughly 14% of the world population
>If we add to the Chinese and Indian populations the populations of Russia, South Africa, and Brazil to see how BRICS compares to the West, we'll find that they represent 3,287,607,380 of the world population, or roughly 42% of the world population.
Also here's the live pop counter https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/
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It's not "baseless scaremongering", I have to point out again that "it will be ok because it was ok for some time and magic technology will fix it" is not an argument, you can't just risk everything on faith in technology and willful ignorance of scientific matters. It's not because peak oil didn't happen that it isn't at the corner. The Chinese government is aware of the problems and that's precisely why they are massively investing in green energy, biotech, cleaning the land, pushing deserts back, but meanwhile CO2 levels and oceans keep climbing, soil continue to be sterilized, clean water becomes increasingly scarce and species continue to die off in mass. And it's not a doomsday scenario now, it's just how it is, this year 33 millions people were displaced by flood in Pakistan alone, and it's gonna get worse.
That said there are a lot of things that can be done between this bad situation and mass starvation, like shutting down cattle production and rationing, and even mass starvation wouldn't mean total collapse, China went trough horrible famines before without its state breaking apart.


I was expecting way more overpopulation discourse to sprout from this in online spaces. I'm disappointed. One funny thing I saw at least was some guy claiming that the numbers are way off, and China has at least 4 billion people


File: 1668961499944.jpg (26.97 KB, 400x400, haz.jpg)

Can't wait til 10 billion.


How would we solve this without resorting to Malthusianism and/or antisemitism?


I hope everyone here will help us reach 9 billion

File: 1668986743212.png (597.46 KB, 2500x2500, ClipboardImage.png)


We all know that LGBTphobia is bad and that we must express solidarity with them as well as to support them in the fight against capitalist exploitation, but at the same time you also want to integrate identity struggles with them? How does it differ from divide-and-conquer strategies and capitalist "woke" "representation?" This exact strategy - focusing on identity more than goal - is the go-to strategy for all businessmen in the world to sow division amongst workers and from there kill their morale!!!
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based roseposter, im quite dissappointed they deleted my stuff alongside the tardposters


Cherry-picking, but I'm not surprised, because gender related topics are taboo with western communists


Also, have the guts to archive it and post it so other anons can form an opinion on whether the deletion was in order or out of line


Socdemanon never disapoint


He was not cherrypicking. Almost every single reactionary idiot spoke like that

File: 1668920812584.jpg (19.46 KB, 333x500, blackmarxism.jpg)


Have you read it? What did you think of it? I was not convinced of all the vague stuff about the cultural specificity of Africa (he doesn't really describe the exact cultural content of Africa that made it so special) but the historiography is pretty top-notch and really makes you question any stageist economistic assumptions you may have made about the development of capitalism and its relation to racialism. In my opinion it is a better critical than constructive book, it shows that we must take culture and particularity more seriously than we have, both in the motivation and thinking of oppressed groups and in the development of the world order, but it does not quite spell out how this should be done. Sort of a better, wider-lensed version of Sakai's Settlers without the offputting Maoist terminology and rhetoric.
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i largely took it as a jumping point to learn about black marxists and its good for some of that.
through it I heard about CLR James, for example, who is very much worth reading, imo.
Dubois' black reconstruction is also worth I've heard.

There were some other authors and some metaphysical mumbo jumbo in there that I didn't think was really marxism but it was in the tradition of racial rebellion and useful if you want to learn some of that history.

The book didn't go into the panthers, it just never got to that point. I couldn't tell what its hard positions were on say stalinism and national liberation and identity politics in general, so it was kind of weak on the analysis front but ok for a historical review on things related to black rebellion, national liberation in haiti and a few black marxists or marx-influenced black thinkers

i haven't read settlers yet but i think it makes a very different argument central to its thesis, namely that there is no solidarity possible between black and white workers and that white workers are not even actually working class, which is a load of shit but I guess I'll read it eventually


Here OP I'm doing what you should've done


Lol thanks


>there is no solidarity possible between black and white workers
I mean reading about the history of racialism and it’s entwinement with capitalism at the very least makes the idea of the white working class a more complex position than shouting “workers of the world unite!l” or falling back on economism. I also think Sakai is pessimistic and a bit outdated but he shouldn’t be dismissed.


thanks I appreciate the link

File: 1667564231381.png (451.79 KB, 760x1412, ClipboardImage.png)

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The pirates' shadow library was originally a mirror of Library Genesis but grew beyond its database. It had about 32 terabytes more books than Libgen. Today the website was seized by the US government through the Postal Service after it became popular on TikTok and the Authors Guild submitted complaints.

Additionally, some domains for the site were blocked in India back in August. https://entrackr.com/2022/08/exclusive-delhi-district-court-behind-z-library-block-in-india/
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shut up pussy


>They will never privatize wikipedia
It's already private, no? I doubt it is a government agency.


So where the fuck do I get my books from now? Lib Gen is ok but some shit was only available on zlib


It's a nonprofit. Which means the Wikimedia Foundation goons suck up all the donation money while volunteers do everything.


zlib on tor

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This thread is for the neo Luddists of /leftypol/. The industrial revolution and it’s concequences have been a disaster for the human race : it has created a perfect breathing mechanism for the capitalist to automise desire , it has separated man from it’s power . And make life un-pleasant and un-enjoyable . The world has become a techno-capitalist hellhole .

But a Luddist reaction wuld soon come

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>With Ted wishing to revert society to the Agrarianism of the pre-industrial revolution, Zerzan obviously wishes to toss the agricultural revolution out the window also and return to hunter-gatherer primitivism
Excuse me?? Planting seeds is authoritarian. If food wanted to grow in that field, it would. You eat what grows, that's it! All the difficult stuff people do like crop rotation, watering, soil pH management, tilling, weeding, etc is hierarchy. The anarchist farm will not have it.

Damn that's edgy.. moms gonna FLIP if she sees that… but Atomwaffen called and said "stop stealing our bit!"


how could you possibly convince the masses that we shouldn't use technology to become the masters of planet earth? why shouldn't we research antiaging? why shouldn't we placate peoples' wants and needs industrially? why shouldn't we genetic engineer schizophrenia to give people who would live harsh fearful lives instead joy and happiness?


what did you want me to prove ? that the 80's were the start of the nuclear/computer program in France that made the USA incredibly butthurt,that happenned at the same time terrorism was at its highest in the country ?
or that they did only that ? because they litterally claimed every act they did and I have the rapport on terrorism in french if you want that,they never claimed anything else since 1983,litterally disappeared.
if you don't know anything about the country,why would you chose some litterally who that weren't even that prolific back in the day.


It's clear that when people who are strongly pro- and anti-tech clash that there's generally little effort put into seriously understanding the arguments of the other side. Still, I might as well give my thoughts, if only because they come out of left field.
Technology, albeit second in place to culture, has been the greatest and most disastrous aspect of the human race.
In my view, the development of self-consciousness/identity was the greatest disaster to have ever occurred on this planet. Civilizational technology furthers the psychological suffering of human existence by subjecting people to profoundly unnatural conditions, but it is not the root cause. The root cause was when Man woke up from an existence without mental friction and began calling himself an "I" and establishing a cultural background to everything, a future he dreamed of, and a past that he loathed. He destroyed harmony with existence and replaced it with ambition and psychological pain.
I see Kaczynski as partially right and partially wrong, and the main place he loses me is in his idea of collective struggle for a "better world" where people should put their lives on the line for such a dogma. I don't see why I should be in absolute, willing-to-die service to "humanity," to "nature," or to anything outside myself on an arbitrary moral basis. Considering this, I don't see him as a genuine individualist. I see philosophers of technology as a lesser addition to the work of "negationists" like Stirner.
I like that quote. Edgy, and I have yet to read the full book, but I would assume that it's decent. The only problem that I see with it is trying to define nothing under a name ("anarcho-nihilism") and then claiming it as your "ideology" when it is none. If you define your non-beliefs and non-ideology under an ideological name, you increase the risk of people ideologizing it.


Literally all of their gurus from the last decade has sunk into completely irrelevancy

Milo? Irrelevant
PJW? Irrelevant
Jordan Peterson? Irrelevant
Sargon? Irrelevant
Stephen Molineaux? Irrelevant
Lauren Southern? Irrelevant
Ben Shapiro? Irrelevant

Now just compare these fuckers to someone like Zizek or Chomsky
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I'm pretty sure he's playing a character to pander to edgy teenagers, incels, rightists and get easy bucks from them.


Peterson and Shapiro are still relevant. I think Sargon is part of some podcast now.


>>1273908 (OP)
>Jordan Peterson? Irrelevant
>Ben Shapiro? Irrelevant
Just because they might not have as much fanfare among the /pol/tard audience anymore, they are far from irrelevant. Ben Shapiro's show is syndicated in who knows how many markets for terrestrial radio, he reaches a gigantic amount of the more traditional American conservatives


If you read about the history of conservatism, it is apparent that it is only what is amenable to capital which becomes 'mainstream' ideology. For example, the embarrassingly laizzez-faire and pro-fascist prewar conservatism was completely buried after WWII, in favor of Buckleyite Republicanism which was more amenable to the Cold War and the New Deal compromise with labor and the state. This in turn was abandoned in favor of monetarist neoliberalism in the late 1970s after Keynesianism policies failed to resolve the profitability crisis of that decade.

Plenty of rightoid ideologues (i.e. paleocons, ancaps, localists, neofascists) have never received mainstream attention or power, because their policies were not relevant to the needs of capitalism. The same is true with the latest crop of reactionary internet populists.


>your parents are liars and billies if they believe in government or religion. Your childhood was a prison and you are a victim of abuse
finally, an anarchist manchild who takes that reactionary dogshit critique to its logical conclusion.


Why do Anarchist want so badly to be the underdog? It seems to be an intense insecurity of the fact no one cares about their terminally online ideology, so they rewrite history so that they are the drivers of leftist movements and haven't been a dead ideology since the Spanish Civil War.
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>guise im not a hazlet, I just repeat his opinions and beliefs
Again, kindly fuck off back to your "khan"


File: 1668941225519.png (181.03 KB, 474x712, i am horse.png)

I want to be under a dog


I don't know what you mean by this post. Whats that pic got to do with anything?


They don’t, anarchists want freedom, their goals simply do not align with Marxist-Leninists. In the anarchist perspective, they do not know why Marxist-Leninists speak of liberation, when, from the anarchist perspective, liberation of the working class is the opposite of what MLs actually desire.
And is it appropriate to say you have only embraced ML to be hated by liberals? After all, if anarchists, even those who organize in real life, believe in nothing, why should anyone think some edgy fags that LARP about killing people on the interwebz actually believe in anything?


>In the anarchist perspective, they do not know why Marxist-Leninists speak of liberation, when, from the anarchist perspective, liberation of the working class is the opposite of what MLs actually desire.
are you one of these retarded not marxist anarchist ?

File: 1667330510364.png (611.09 KB, 572x754, false.png)


Christianity: the most successful psychological counterinsurgency operation in history

Saul of Tarsus, aka "Paul", responsible for writing most of the new testament was actually a Roman glowuyghur. Basically Christianity started as a Roman psychological counterinsurgency operation. He never met Jesus and "claimed" to have heard/seen him in a vision. Although Christians today think he was executed upon returning to Rome there is no evidence of this and it's just as likely he simply returned to his old life as a Roman citizen.

He really was an agent-provocateur working for the Roman administration in Palestine and various other parts of the Empire. Paul's biography and his own letters, both of which were taken up in the New Testament, hold numerous clues to the effect that this former persecutor, never left the ranks of the government, but instead went undercover after his famous ‘conversion’ en route to Damascus. The self-proclaimed successor-to-Jesus was not only treated dramatically differently from Jesus by the Romans, but they were his friends and allowed him to live and work for 20 years instead of crucifying him. Jesus' original followers distrusted Paul, and made various attempts to kill him throughout his life.

Paul's claim that Jesus, this candidate-king of the Jews, was the Messiah and had been crucified as the will of God (the prime assumption upon which Christianity is based) should be read as a sadistic mockery of Jewish faith, meant to divide a Jewish resistance organisation and pacify it.

To this day people believe in a religion which was simply invented to suppress jewish rebellion in the region of palestine by making their religion more Hellenistic and compatible with roman imperial rule which is why it teaches obedience to Roman law.

TLDR: Christianity was a roman imperialist psyop
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>No. There's a clear doctrinal link between Christianity and the other Abrahamic faiths. This doesn't exist with Gnosticism. Gnosticism was early Christian fanfiction.
Fun facts: In christian circles "gnostic" is often used as an insult. It does have some kind of merit. But it's mostly a case of recognition breeds contempt. Because calling someone a "gnostic" doesn't make you own up to the dualism of christianity. And the gnostic considered themselves to be christians.

Then there's the strange case of "render unto Cæsar": >>1258775
All religions says "Be kind, mkay?" All rulers are like "Pay taxes, mkay?" But why put tax paying into part of scripture? :-/

>Maybe Paul was a true believer that just introduced his schizo ramblings into an already schizo religion.
Good take! Maybe he was an operative that started believing his own agitprop?


>Maybe he was an operative that started believing his own agitprop?
then whyd he go back to rome? xians claim he was executed


Not OP. There is a long vid on this topic on YouTube with a good amount of evidence. It doesnt disprove Jesus ever existed as claimed in the vid just that the bible is a fake version at least. No mention of Paul to my recall though but been a while since i watched it. It was emperor Nero Caesar and Jesus in the New Testament basically is just a copy of the travels of Roman-Jewish historian Titus Flavius Josephus which closely align with the New Testament even in same order and all.


the book is better than the documentary. the documentary doesn't have enough time to go over some of the best stuff and the editing is frankly whack and it spends too much time being preachy about religion's role in the modern world and not enough time building the strong case that the book does

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