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File: 1684627394252-0.png (12.97 KB, 128x117, 1633236069003.png)

File: 1684627394252-1.jpeg (86.04 KB, 750x422, FCg5MULWQAM-9fM.jpeg)


Because of IDPOL.
And i dont mean that in the "those darn radlibs and their key-jiggling issues" it's way more Material than that.
The christian/atheist west is basically being flooded with non-whites from 100 different ethnicities and varying religions. At the same time the west is seeing a "cultural revolution" reharding LGBT rights and womens rights and their place in society.
Why would the muslim immigrant cuck on everyone of his backward islamic values so they could own the means of production? Why would the gay/trans/woman cuck on their rainbow feminist values so they could own the means of production? Why would whites cuck on their white majority to appease newcomers they have so little in common with and that dont even like them and not create their own ethnostate just so they could own the means of production? Why would white christian conservatives cuck on their values to appease Progressives they think are demons and that hayes them in return so they can own the means of production? I could go on and on about it but you get my point, none of those demographics would compromise on these values that they deem necessary to live and consider their opponents to be exisyencial threats. The era of nonsensical western political coalitions with big tent orgs that reunite gay activists with muslim, immigrants and evangelical brown or their rightist version that reunite antiracist conservative christian whites racist christian whites with white libertarian progressive with brown bourgeois immigrant and lumpen pagan neonazis wont last forever.
I feel like communism could only become a possibility if we merge all big religions Dune style while forcing everyone to racemix at gunpoint OR by doing racial genocides/race separatism so basically national-socialism.
What do you think? I fell very blackpilled about the whole thing.(One post spam IP)
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Its the difference between catholics and protestants in general


I'd argue Old World and New World protestantism have diverged greatly. American protestantism is absolutely bonkers.


UK protestants are weirdos too
Extremely nationalist and zionist, like americans
Obsessed with the end times, etc.
USA has the mass trauma of infant circumcision added to the mix though


Why would any self respecting proletarian allow their material interests to be cucked by some bullshit "belonging" to an identity group? OP's problem is believing these parasitic identity groups are more valid than the objective force of material interest.


File: 1684633321079.png (439 B, 30x24, image(2).png)

>I could go on and on about it but you get my point, none of those demographics would compromise on these values that they deem necessary to live and consider their opponents to be exisyencial threats.
>Compromise their values
Attempt and fail to define that and you'll understand most won't give a shit.
>Why would (…) conservatives
The only demographic that would give a shit, kill them and none of this would be relevant.

File: 1682799980085.jpg (1.24 MB, 2000x2000, cianazi.jpg)


Couple of years ago I came saw a thread where a comrade had studied the links between the CIA/FBI and Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi movements. There was some shady businessman, talk about "swarming" and all that. Does anyone have the info saved? I'd be very thankful.
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CIA doesn't do any swarming other than birds that aren't real to spy in your window.
It means Fort Bragg PSYOP MISB's, they're above the CIA though and they're the ones who invented the lore behind birds for the CIA.
American hippie lifestyle seems to be a secularized version of spiritual feudalism originating from renaissance catholic humanism but I could be wrong and they're Darwinist/Marxian/Gnostic types of naturalists that were introduced to america later.


there was more, like links to this book about how nazi feds used acid and charles manson in the 60s.


File: 1683839045986.jpg (265.73 KB, 800x1218, 0015169.jpg)

but do FBI? What about Nazi enclavers?


File: 1681908388294.jfif (12.75 KB, 460x276, th.jfif)


What does leftypol think of GA Cohen? And can someone explain what his criticism of John Rawls was? I read some of his works and it seems like he was a cool dude.
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>although were he less Stalinist it would have been preferable.
Are you talking about his economic views?


He gets mentioned here time and time again here for a reason.


Analytical marxists are a mixed bag. GA cohen is one of the better ones


>although were he less Stalinist
what does this even mean?


nix this i was mistaken

File: 1684331067709.png (375.53 KB, 580x788, ClipboardImage.png)


>the state is a naturally forming product and manifestation of class antagonisms
>therefore, by abolishing class antagonisms the state will naturally wither away
He believes this despite the fact that he said in the same sentence
>The state which despite arising out of society must necessarily place itself above society
>it places itself above society and alienates itself more and more from it
These two views are contradictory because if the state keeps alienating itself more and more from society, then at a certain point the state is no longer dependent upon class antagonisms as a means of its existence and therefore will perpetuate its own existence whether or not these class antagonisms exist.

There you go /leftypol/, i rebuked Lenin.
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File: 1684622305252.pdf (833.32 KB, 180x255, state-and-revolution.pdf)


File: 1684622583407.png (251.51 KB, 1000x1000, black-rat.png)

>do i have to read State and Revolution before reading Society of Spectacle?
No, but also, the book is not really about Lenin at all.
That is not to say you should not read both, which you should if only to have a better understanding of things.


If you have a cat put them in your lap and start reading State and Revolution. I am going to create a whole book series called, talking to your cat about Communism. This will turn your cat into a Marxist with an understanding of Lenin and his works. Thus preparing the Cat for Revolution with the humans.


File: 1684622877546.png (83.74 KB, 2560x1600, koth.png)

>naturally forming product
not found
>wither away
says the opposite:
<According to Engels, the bourgeois state does not “wither away", but is “abolished” by the proletariat in the course of the revolution. What withers away after this revolution is the proletarian state or semi-state.
>The state which despite arising out of society must necessarily place itself above society
>it places itself above society and alienates itself more and more from it
he is saying this as an "is" statement, and not as an "ought to" statement
<But in order that these antagonisms, these classes with conflicting economic interests, might not consume themselves and society in fruitless struggle, it became necessary to have a power, seemingly standing above society, that would alleviate the conflict and keep it within the bounds of 'order'; and this power, arisen out of society but placing itself above it,
and alienating itself more and more from it, is the state.
<This expresses with perfect clarity the basic idea of Marxism with regard to the historical role and the meaning of the state. The state is a product and a manifestation of the irreconcilability of class antagonisms. The state arises where, when and insofar as class antagonism objectively cannot be reconciled. And, conversely, the existence of the state proves that the class antagonisms are irreconcilable

File: 1684365670841.png (668.81 KB, 500x700, ClipboardImage.png)


>there was a good honest liberal revolution in february and then a bad evil revolution in October
>there was a good honest liberal revolution in 1789 led by Lafayette and the liberal nobles and then a bad evil revolution in 1792 led by Robespierre and the jacobins
>there was a good honest liberal revolution led by Touissant Louverture and then a bad evil revolution led by Dessalines
>there was a good nonviolent civil rights movement led by MLK and then a radical extreme civil rights movement led by Malcolm X

Why do liberals love this myth so much? Conservative bourgeoisie just demonize revolutions in general (except the burger "revolution") But the liberals always break revolutions into two phases: The "good" one based on reforms and the "bad" one based on violence.
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Ah, ffs, i am an ultra too. Tho it's more of the matter of difference betwee "agree" and "strongly agree" which is kinda weird. Like, i don't understand why it's "Agree" on those questions instead fo "Strongly agree", when bolsheviks were the biggest proponents of those reforms.


>>1471630 (me)
And for some reason, Right SRs "Strongly agree" on the agrarian question when their leaders like Kerensky were vehemently against agrarian reforms. I dunno, it's all weird.


Self-hating liberals these days even hate the American Revolution for empowering too many slave holders.


Its not even controversial on the left to say that the purging of the SR and Menshevik parties was terrible and anti-socialist.

File: 1684569255042.jpeg (95.54 KB, 692x522, 3ras.jpeg)


Planned economies can work but that doesn't imply capitalism will be replaced by it nor does it imply capitalism will inevitability collapse… capitalist countries are chugging along just fine. Sure boom bust cycles exist but the trajectory of economy is upward in the long run.
>but muh homeless
Tbh most of them are druggies and waste away their money for buying new drugs, plus it can be solved by government programs or societal welfare initiatives without government
>access to food for poor
Just came across a Sikh temple recently that gives unlimited high quality food for free, plus many NGO's do this literally even without a government intervention

Nothing seems to suggest collapse of capitalism. Also more and more countries are adopting reasonable regulations, free trade, welfare programs etc (capitalism) as we speak
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>number go up good
Fuck off retard


when humanity dies the algorithms will keep strip mining the rest of the universe forever if the universe doesnt cease to exist


if you dont think capitalism isn't a failed system its cuz your a sheltered bitch and should kill yourself expeditiously


>In the long run they will expand out of it
that remains to be seen anon


Anglo-Euroid empire is ending, that means they won't be able to extract superprofits from the third world and pay off their proles and PMCs with welfare goodies anymore. Simple as.

File: 1682267489390.png (2.25 MB, 1408x2048, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes, that's what you read, even I didn't believe it when I started thinking about it, but now I can explain: The USSR wanted to conquer the West by funding and infiltrating parties and unions to instigate strikes and revolutions, as well as funding armed guerrilla warfare. The United States countered this by seeking to turn revolutionaries into hippies. The Frankfurt School came to America and worked with the OSS (Proto-CIA), they hated the Stalinism of the USSR and transformed the Class Struggle adapted to the Identity Mentality, that is, it is no longer fomenting and agitating the division and antagonism between rich (bourgeois) and poor (proletarian), but between everything and everyone, but always from the perspective of oppressor x oppressed (man x woman, white x black, straight x gay, etc.). Remember what happened to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Identity Politics is nothing more than American Imperialism in disguise.
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You're delusional if you think the police of any civilization state, socialist or otherwise, would respond to a fascist insurrection with anything other than lethal force. I guarantee if a bunch of hipsters started making a scene in the Soviet Union the police wouldn't bother to wait before shooting them.


I concur. A ton of druggo hippies became Christians in the 1980s and participated in the Reagan backlash/counter-reaction.


another example


File: 1684612813920.png (321.83 KB, 463x597, mcfreely.png)

Much has been written about the rise of the Christian Right in the late 1970s. Most of what has been written, however, has focused on the Christian Right as a reactionary movement within the ranks of American evangelicalism. Evangelicals, so the argument goes, had become so rankled by the successes of political and social liberalism during the turbulent 1960s that they finally burst out into the field of politics to beat back the liberals and reconstruct America according to the criteria of old-time religion. Although the “reactionary argument” is not without merit, it fails to give due consideration to another aspect of the Christian Right.

Many Christian Right activists did not come out of a fundamentalist or Pentecostal or even new evangelical background but rather came out of the counterculture. For these youth, converting to biblically-grounded Christianity was an act of rebellion against their theologically liberal and mainstream parents. In the early 1970s, no one could confidently predict where these new Christians would end up politically. There was a hope among politically liberal evangelicals that the neophytes would become a part of the Democratic Party. But during the course of the decade, Republican operatives joined forces with politically conservative evangelical leaders and convinced the majority of these countercultural but Christian youth to support Republican causes and Republican candidates.

Once the countercultural Christians melded into the larger evangelical movement, most observers no longer detected their presence as a distinctive group. But the countercultural spirit was indeed in evidence. And as one looks at the cultural pedigree of some of the radical activists of the Christian Right, one discovers that many of them were of countercultural descent. In the final analysis, it is hard to argue that the Christian Right could have arisen without the participation of countercultural Christians. The Christian Right, then, was not only a reaction against the sixties, it was also an expression of the sixties counterculture.

some quotes:

>Betsy Jackson voted for John McCain in 2008. She greatly admired Sarah Palin. She thought the Alaska governor was brilliant and witty, and that she took a ferocious beating from the media because she was a woman in the limelight and that’s what the media does to such women. Jackson also loved that Palin did not kee
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



follow up:

>the countercultural example of the Jesus People provided the language for conservative Christians to present themselves as outsiders of the dominant culture as the religious right accrued political power in the 1980s. Even if they were a majority of the population, as conservative Christians argued during the Reagan years — Jerry Falwell named his organization Moral Majority for a reason — their self-identity as marginalized figures in the American scene proved especially useful in a political context in which other outsiders, including racial minorities, feminists, and gay and lesbian people increasingly asserted their political rights.

>While their critics would argue the religious right represented a cultural and political establishment that had denied other people their rightful place in American society, conservative white evangelicals lashed back that they were the nation’s real outsiders, the authentic counterculture to an amoral secular culture.

>Jesus People often called themselves “radical Christians.” When Jerry Falwell implored conservative Christians in the 1980s to become “revolutionaries” for Jesus, he was tapping directly into that legacy. Co-opting the Jesus People’s outsider stance to justify their own entry into politics, white evangelicals took control of the Republican Party and set their sights on winning the nation.

File: 1684507591777-0.jpg (738.11 KB, 3000x1996, patriotfront_web.jpg)

File: 1684507591777-1.jpg (549.54 KB, 998x1965, Mclellan-Azovstal(1).jpg)

File: 1684507591777-2.jpg (86.55 KB, 609x1000, FrBd-XDXwAYreXC.jpg)


What's up with all the edgy Nazi groups emerging and getting popular all of a sudden? Before 2008 they were nonexistent. In the 1990s they were so small in number that their only means of spreading the message was rallies, flyers, pickets, AM radio stations where they could sometimes sneak in those views or even public access television (see "Race and Reason" by Tom Metzger). But now their propaganda can be found through a Google search. Why?
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Intelligence agencies are pumping money into them in broad daylight because of the very real threat of the population turning too far to the left to keep capitalism going. That's also why they're trying to make the internet unusable, because it's the internet that made people learned enough about the world to become left so quickly.


Do you think this is the equivalent of the the 60s/70s emergence of new left groups. I mean, it’s not one to one, given that the size for the left’s group in those days were way bigger but I would say the idea of constant rise and fall of these smaller groups does somewhat fit the bill. And the rise of groups from their ranks does fit. The only difference is that it’s kinda in reverse, in that the “peak” would’ve been the in 1968 for new left groups but these groups blew their load too early with Charlottesville


>Intelligence agencies are pumping money into them in broad daylight
Gimme some sources on that then, should be easy


its also a reaction to globalization and liberal culture


Crackers (mostly petty bourg) reacting to a loss of power and privilege. They know what happens to minorities under their enlightened rule so they know how bad it'll be when they're a minority under a multipolar world order

Plus porky needs gladio fags to kill the oppressed classes when they rise up. Look who these faggots always target in their mass shootings: it's never corporate boards or bankers. It's always muslims, blacks, jews, and the cops mostly stand by and let them do it.

File: 1678261082193.jpg (84.97 KB, 813x610, I CANT READ.jpg)


Post the dumbest terminology nonsense about politics which is true. Mindfuck someone.

No hot takes allowed; it's too easy. You flame you lose.

>Lenin was a Marxist, and a Leninist, but not a Marxist-Leninist.

>Socdems and Demsocs are fundamentally different.
>Communism is, by definition, a type of anarchism.
>National Socialism denounced socialism.
>There are people who claim to love liberty, hate liberalism, and love libertarianism.
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The Holy Roman Empire wasn't holy, Roman, and arguably not an empire!


0.999… = 1


Science and religion aren't fundamentally different


"America" refers to two full continents, not any single polity therein.


A revolution is not a party, but it should be led by one.

File: 1683431383626.jpg (36.85 KB, 680x539, FsAc3uOWYA8qQTA.jpg)

 No.1456758[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why does there seem to be so many people who are classpilled but still blame it on boogeymen like muh joos or muh immigrants? How do they not realize they're playing directly into the hands of the bourgeoisie? Are they just willfully ignorant?
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An opportunist and a liar. You can't be socially conservative and left wing. Social conservativsim is sociopathy and only reinforces hierarchy. Even if you want to take a degenerate con at their word they just want to "preserve traditions". Traditions will always be used to justify bullshit hierarchies and reactionary counter Revolutions.


True that!


File: 1684522541453.gif (447.08 KB, 960x540, 1684384030973.gif)

It just means you don't understand base / superstructure. If you're economically left you'll be socially left too.
Just read more books and blogs, and stop using social media for a while. You'll stop being a liberal in no time.


>But we can't really afford to alienate all religious proles. Just because we shouldn't appeal to religious chauvinism doesn't mean we should repeat the whole League of Militant Atheist debacle. It is simply not productive, as the Afghanistan experience showed us.

It depends on the material conditions of the state. Yeah if your a communist in Afghanistan. You'll have to adopt or align with reactionaries. Because you have to drive the imperialist away first and foremost. If you're in chili you might need to take an anti abortion stance because the catholic church has its claws in the minds of citizens. If your in Sweden the last thing you would want to do is appeal to religion it would just alienate people. If you're in the U.S being a militant atheist is good because you're driving the fucking stake into the heart of the most reactionary American institutions as it's frailing about and having a temper tantrum. Another thing with the U.S is even for how reactionary the country isbthe majority of people don't want the sex police banging on their door making sure they aren't having gay sex.

Sometimes you have to work with the culture you have and take the opportunities you can to change it. But not actively imbued yourself in the culture War as the class war comes first. Once the workers have their own institutions and their own material base to project power that's when social issues come.


File: 1684592160161.png (63.04 KB, 403x448, npc ss.png)

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