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File: 1633960578026.jpg (20.09 KB, 313x161, frown-upside-down.jpg)


China is developing parts of Asia and Africa, and that put competitive stress on capital markets because they no longer are the only game in town.

NATO's ability to function as a attackdog of global capital has slightly waned in the last decade.

the geopolitical situation is already changing and will be unrecognizable in less than 10 years. The US's cold war is not going well, they offer only the stick and no honey. It is merely slowing down the change towards a world without a hegemon.

The declining fertility is the result of capital overexploiting workers and as brutal as this may be, the combined effects of China's thirdworld development and the shrinking number of workers will make the proletariat again the main political protagonist.

The prospects for the future are good, but it will be a difficult journey to get there.
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>China is ruled by a communist party


File: 1633972351043.png (39.01 KB, 462x464, cheers.png)

i just see social signalling , no rebuttals


While radlibs, maoists, leftcoms, trots and other anti-dengist suckers are coping online, in a timeline where Amerikkka, the EU and their liberal cronies are being dunked on by the PRC harder and harder every year that passes, I feel really good being a marxist-leninist and seeing that the chinese people is prospering and living a good life under the leadership of the CPC aswell as seeing the cuban people fight for their government, who provides the best for their people that they are able to do even while being sanctioned and embargoed by the amerikkkans, against yankee protests, more an more socialist influence becoming prevalent in South America and that Vietnam, Laos and the DPRK are still holding on and their people are prospering too. And with China looking like they'll reach higher stage socialism by 2050 (if not earlier) I can't help but to feel that WE ARE WINNING and it feels great.

So to all anti-china losers: get fucked, you're losing😌🇨🇳


I mean hes comparing it to how the prc now is challenging somewhat of the world wide status quo just like imperial japan did in the 1930s(even tho imperial japan only questioned the asian era of world wide politics)
a sorta rising power that is increasingly seen as an enemy fo the west through yellow peril shit.
the difference tho being that the prc is communist and is seeking to suppress its most extreme chauvanist nationalistic elements while imperial japan embraced it


Only you mention the racism here pal. You’re projecting. China in every way is in Africa for the resources and the sweatshop just as the the US did with China itself in the 90s. You can literally say the same thing but that doesn’t make the US socialist for developing China. Fuck off.


Why couldn't Xi keep down the national chauvinism and LARPing?
Imagine China being the leader of the international stage, in peace and prosperity and open borders to the world, spreading the socialist message to the world. No border conflicts, no hate. Learning Mandarin in high school to communicate with our brothers and sisters.

United Nations.
Human Rights.
1 Race.
Human Race.

Unironically though why must China and USA LARP and seek a Cold War v2?
I've always been fascinated with Chinese culture but I'm actually scared of residing in that country now; I keep hearing horror stories of xenophobia on the rise there.
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>I honestly think XI is getting senile, based on the way his policies have shifted
Is China a gerontocracy?



Maybe start to actually be socialist? Modern China is ethnonationalism, retard-tier social conservatism (feminine men are making the Chinese youths gay oh no), authoritarian technocratic governance, "totally not imperialism bro" in Africa, and ruthless capitalist exploitation of their own people.
The only redeeming quality of modern China is their opposition to the US, and their role in forming a multipolar future.


you're the kind of guys advocating for peace while germans are annexing the sudetenland
US is the aggressor here


what a bunch of shitty propaganda. i have criticism of china but retards like you show the uphill battle they face


>Republicans Now Advocate Workers Rights to Maintain Job regardless of Vaccination Status
>Republicans Now Advocate AGAINST corporate controll of social media and making it a public resource
>Trump did an economic recovery that was to the LEFT of barack obama with actual INCREASES in unemployment (opposed to mere extension) direct checks (which dems wanted to means test; and DID infact once they got power) and Pay check protection (Which saved Millions of jobs that were lost durring obama due to him doing fuck all)
Is it safe to say that the Republicans are now the more economically left of the two parties??
Not trying to meme about,
just genuinely crossed my mind
>Inb4 "muh universal health care" "muh free college"
If the dems dont actually DO this how tf does it make them more left???
The Republicans have shown they WILL implement economic stimulous MORE distributive then the democrats and end Vaccine mandates (which in the United States literally rob workers of their healthcare when implemented)
The dems have NEVER and will NEVER pass universal healthcare.


They arent lmfao


This should be in burger general.

Can a mod move it there?


File: 1634003451367-1.jpg (2.3 MB, 1500x3400, test.jpg)

They're both capitalist liberal.
So are bernie and aoc.
Take that hat off you faker.
Take this shit to >/USApol/ containment thread.


Go to USA politics containment thread.

File: 1633971031346.jpg (311.93 KB, 800x1142, zeitgeist.jpg)


>Zeitgeist Movie and 2 sequels
>Attempted Zeitgeist Movement
>Who Killed The Electric Car?
>Revenge of the Electric Car
>Occupy Wall Street
>An Inconvenient Truth
>Food, Inc.
Why did the early 2000s witness an anti-capitalist wave starting before the 2008 crisis?
Are we going to see something similar in the coming years?
It seems to me that environmentalism, "ethical capitalism" and "sustainable growth" bullshit are built by mainstream media to prevent any real anti-establishment movement from sprouting again.
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None of this is racist, liberal.


File: 1633992884996.jpg (43.59 KB, 600x328, IMG_20200411_103445.jpg)

>None of this is racist, liberal.



There is nothing racist about a skull with blue lines and the confederate battle flag.


>If you ignore the contexts of symbols, then the symbols have no context


gr8 b8 m8

File: 1633924299949.png (409.8 KB, 851x478, fake.png)


Since when does the Bible teach this?
What is the main reason on picrel? Why do white supremacists believe that God told them to not mix with other races, even though God (through Jesus) preached equality because we're all human?
Could they be reading THEIR version of the "Bible"?
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>a forbidden union could literally mean anything
So why does people make it about interracial unions?


I could be taken as a number of poor unions


But then that's just become interpretation rather than something explicit in the Bible.


Its always been


How was this ban-worthy? Do we have a butthurt christcom as a mod now? That is very bad news if so.

File: 1627893280185.png (387.3 KB, 932x789, liberal tantrums.png)

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Just wanted to commend OP for a great thread.



>a sinoglow speaks out? or is he a psy-op?
does it matter, does any of the uygha shit matter?


no, it's just that he (a detective) claimed that he mistreated uyghurs


File: 1633996816300-0.jpg (122.25 KB, 634x960, china copeistan.jpg)

File: 1633996816300-1.png (103.03 KB, 1712x413, xnegwts8hos71.png)

bumping good thread
anyone got more

File: 1633974377263.jpeg (1.83 MB, 4000x2667, download (2).jpeg)


Italian fascists and anti-vaxers storm union HQ
The main group of protesters in Rome tried to break through police lines to reach Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s city centre office, the Chigi Palace, while a separate group tried to smash their way into the headquarters of the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL) trade union body with the use of sticks and metal bars.

Bad week for Czech PM after Pandora papers help dethrone him
The populist Czech president remained in hospital on Monday as news sank in that Andrej Babiš, the billionaire prime minister, had suffered a shattering general election defeat days after the release of the Pandora papers and that Miloš Zeman, his main political champion, may be too ill to save him.

Communist party ousted from parliament for first time in Czech Republic's history
For some, the alliance with center-right populist party ANO may have been a final straw. The Communist Party took just 3.6 percent of the vote in this weekend's election, and have now lost their seats in the Czech Chamber of Deputies, the country's lower house. Going back into the history of the former Czechoslovakia, it will be the first time since 1925 that a communist political party is not represented in the Czech parliament.

London police to take ‘no further action’ on sex abuse allegations against Prince Andrew after review
Police in the UK have dropped an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against Prince Andrew, telling the British media that they decided not to proceed after studying a civil case filed by aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>P-please don't discard and murder me, nazibros. I-I'm one of you! See? See?
<Gets gassed


>Leninhat schizo represents /leftypol/
Not even close




Italian spotted


Go back.

File: 1633923205363.png (13.13 KB, 313x161, ClipboardImage.png)


>80% of the countries on this planet aren’t actually having their economy’s develop but rather are stuck in an economic limbo of trying to extract increasingly worthless capital from each other as global debt surges
>the largest economy on the planet the United States is worth less than half of its actual gdp sitting at 7 trillion in revenue it’s produced not in a year but in its entire pathetic history while the entirety of NATO only grows more geopolitically bloodthirsty as time passes in search of proper to exploit
>more and more countries all of which neoliberal are reporting declining life expectancies caused by ignoring safety regulations and depriving people’s of healthcare while jacking up living costs
>the geopolitical landscape of today is expected to remain unchanging as boomers dominate in both developing and developed countries and the transition to gen z having any influence over the planet will take a bare minimum of 80 years
>the USA has launched a second Cold War against China as a response to declining profit margins and seeks war as a way to make more printed capital worth a fuck which means more proxy wars, more propaganda more exploitation and more coups than before with another threat of automated warfare
>food and rent prices will only continue to surge globally sending more and more proles into food insecurity and hence fuel an aging crisis which in turn leads to a fertility crisis with several countries seeing a population decline most of which are either island nations or Eastern European countries post ussr
I don’t know how to feel about all this, how long does the average global worker expect to stay working? Most proles likely aren’t going to retire as most boomers never did and likewise the ones that did are going back to work while the planet is plagued with crisis after crisis that make the threat of a depression seem pretty much harmless. What’s the future of religion or nations or traditions or any other spook as society turns towards objective morality and urbanism? Idk why am I writing this
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This isn't new.


Yeah I’ve heard of the phrase there is no third world there is only exploitation. Settlers did a lot to inform on the fact that capitalists fundamentally need a source of cheap labour to operate otherwise nothing productive gets done


So tragic this brother died him and Sankara are spotless in the tides of time.


literally fuck off to /b/ you tide-pod eating troglodyte


dont forget the current extinction process engineered from indual capital

File: 1633691425086.png (702.89 KB, 1021x509, qatnt.png)


Why a cable company funded an even more right wing version of fox news and created it from scratch?

>OANN — which broadcasts conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and the 2020 election to its conservative audience — was even the idea of AT&T executives, who, per testimony reviewed by Reuters, asked now-CEO Robert Herring Sr. to make a conservative network to compete with Fox News in 2013. The executives, he testified, thought there were too many liberal channels, too. (Thanks to an acquisition of WarnerMedia in 2018, AT&T owns CNN.) Per Reuters, AT&T has contributed “tens of missions of dollars in revenue” to the network, which has faced lawsuits for its coverage of the 2020 election. In fact, the report shows, 90% of OANN’s revenue comes from a contract with television platforms AT&T owns, including DirecTV.
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B-but what about globohomo?


File: 1633733856454.jpg (160.86 KB, 1326x732, ATT-Reborn001.jpg)

>own CNN
>own OAN
what ""natural monopolies"" does to a mf


>Pics related
Rightoids owned by the Libs confirmed. BTFO forever.


Most bourgeois media networks are owned by an unrelated business since media networks are mostly loss making and used to gain advantages from the government for the owning corporation

>an even more right wing version of fox new

evidently the market exists and why would they hold back from going after it

Based Accelerationist T&T


Capital controls the opposition. Fascism is the violent outburst of the owner class attempting to preserve a dying capitalism.

File: 1633978627113-0.jpeg (22.21 KB, 480x330, bsgs4_hero.jpeg)


Does anyone else really love this show? In terms of its production quality for the early 2000s, it still looks great today. I recently copped myself a Blu-ray edition of the entire reimagined series. Not to count great characters, acting, action, drama, and lore. If you haven't seen this before definitely give it a watch. Also, critical support to the based Cylons lead by Comrade Cavil. Fuck the bourgeois cosmopolitan KKKapricans and 12 KKKolonies of Kobol.


>Does anyone else really love this show?
shaky cam, primal drums, ambiguous ending. no, I hate this show and everything it represents and inspired.
>In terms of its production quality for the early 2000s, it still looks great today. I recently copped myself a Blu-ray edition of the entire reimagined series.
I have to agree, it had a high budget
>Not to count great characters, acting, action, drama, and lore.
Who can forget such amazing characters as "racist man who hates robots turns out to be a robot" and "racist woman who hates robots turns out to be a robot" and "drunk captain who likes loaning out books"
>If you haven't seen this before definitely give it a watch. Also, critical support to the based Cylons lead by Comrade Cavil. Fuck the bourgeois cosmopolitan KKKapricans and 12 KKKolonies of Kobol.


Go give >>>/hobby/ some love

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