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Communism is normal.
Remember that the average person (proletarian), if they had communism described to them accurately, would be a communist. It is only a matter of waking up.
This is literally proven by a study from 2006, revealing that the typical political profile of the average "apolitical" person is, at minimum, moderate social democracy.
Most people are basically communist in ideology. On the flip side of this:
We do not have a "healthy balance of both sides." Reaction is not a "side" because that implies a coherence that Reactionary ideology does not possess. It is NOT NORMAL for someone to be able to go on television and plead for us to worry about the "white farmers" (apartheid settlers) of South Africa. It is not normal for someone with a blue check next to their name to flagrantly deny the atrocities of Palestine. DO NOT GIVE IN to this "normality."
You are right to be upset .
You are right to feel like the emperor has no clothes.
You are right to hear reactionary babbling and start tensing up your shoulders because you are speaking with someone that thinks of you as cattle.
They are NOT NORMAL.
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File: 1699551023798.jpg (20.72 KB, 479x375, 1471969948682.jpg)

Communism not an "Extreme" Idea.

Communism is very rational.
Communism is a science.
Communism is NORMAL.
Communism is what billions upon billions of normal, everyday people who have families and friends they love wish the world was like.
Communism is simply the endpoint of the enlightenment. It is a natural extension of our intellectual curiosity.
There is nothing "extreme" about communism.

Capitalism is extreme.
Capitalism is fucking insane, as a matter of fact.
Capitalism drives normal people away from their family and friends. It turns people into psychopaths. It's a runaway cult of a small sect of lunatics bulldozing across the earth.
Don't let them tell you Communism is a crazy idea.


yeah pretty much


File: 1699979014178.jpg (203.44 KB, 880x900, happyworkerism.jpg)


Maybe post that study?


>The dawn of agriculture is the dawn of the grain silo and the first human who says "this is mine".
It's really not. It took thousands of years to go from one to another. That's just how "unnatural" private property is to humans.

File: 1699920099842.jpg (68.8 KB, 474x651, th-3795759070.jpg)


Syria front on edge as Israel targets airports, US hits Iran-linked groups
On Israel’s eastern front, Syria — so often a predictable target for Israeli airstrikes — has seen a marked intensification in fighting both on the border and around US bases. The US military has carried out three rounds of airstrikes in Syria since the war in Gaza started, targeting Iran-linked proxies in response to drone attacks on its forces.

375 more Yazidi IDPs return to Shengal
The Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement announced that 365 more Yazidi IDPs have returned to their hometown, Shengal. According to the ministry, the IDPs from Shengal were staying in the Persef Refugee Camp in Zakho and have returned to their hometown voluntarily. The return of the Yazidis from camps to their homes continue and the returnees are provided with basic needs, stated the ministry.

‘Corpses on streets’: Sudan’s RSF kills 1,300 in Darfur, monitors say
Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) besieged a camp for displaced people on November 2 after attacking a nearby army base in West Darfur. Over the next three days, the paramilitary group committed what may amount to the single largest mass killing since the civil war erupted in April. Local monitors told Al Jazeera that about 1,300 people were killed, 2,000 injured and 310 remain missing.

French Communists turn out in huge numbers to protest against the rise in anti-semitism
The French Communist Party (PCF) originally intended to boycott the mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ford production workers in Kentucky vote against UAW labor deal
Production workers across two Ford plants in Louisville, Kentucky, voted against a tentative agreement that ended a weekslong strike, a local chapter of the United Auto Workers said on Facebook late Sunday night. By contrast, skilled trade workers at the two plants voted in favor of the agreement, leaving the members of UAW Local 862 split on the deal depending on their respective jobs.

Militarized Police 'Indiscriminately' Attack Nonviolent Stop Cop City March With Tear Gas
Journalists and protesters said police blocked the road about half a mile from the march's planned destination. "The police have effectively separated the press at the front of the march from the rest of the march," the group Defend the Atlanta Forest wrote on social media. "Police are preventing them from rejoining the march and threatening to tow their cars." NDN Collective, an Indigenous advocacy group, posted video of police pushing reporters away from the march, calling the area a "crime scene" and threatening to arrest journalists.

Amid blowback over Clarence Thomas travel, Supreme Court says it will adopt first-ever code of conduct
the code itself included no enforcement mechanism, an omission the court's critics immediately jumped on. Outside experts have said enforcing a code of conduct on the Supreme Court would be especially tricky, given that no other tribunal currently exists that could overrule a decision made by a justice or the court itself. Others criticized the court's statement for describing the ethics scandals that have swirled around the court as a "misunderstanding."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


‘Free Speech’ Fans Call for Censoring TikTok as Chinese Plot to Make Israel Look Bad
Rep. Mike Gallagher (R–Wisc.), who serves on the House select committee investigating China’s Communist Party, took to the web publication Free Press (11/1/23) to sound the alarm: TikTok’s Chinese ownership meant that a dangerous foreign power was using social media to sway public opinion against Israel. His solution was clear: It’s “time for Congress to take action. Time to ban TikTok.” This is interesting for a few reasons, but chief among them is that the Free Press was started by former New York Times writer Bari Weiss, one of a handful of conservative journalists who banded together to assert the federal government exerted too much control on Twitter before it was acquired by Elon Musk (NPR, 12/14/22). The company’s liberal corporate governance, they asserted, had suppressed conservative ideas (Washington Post, 12/13/22). Weiss even signed the Westminster Declaration, a vow to protect “free speech”: “Across the globe, government actors, social media companies, universities and NGOs are increasingly working to monitor citizens and rob them of their voices,” it said. These “large-scale coordinated efforts are sometimes referred to as the ‘Censorship-Industrial Complex.” Now the Free Press fears the internet is too free, and should be cleansed of ideas deemed hurtful to the Israeli government.

Braverman's sacking is a victory, but the far-right threat is growing
SUELLA BRAVERMAN has been sacked. For all the Westminster gossip about David Cameron’s return to the front bench, Braverman’s removal is the key takeaway from the reshuffle, and it is a victory. A victory for democracy, and the mass movement for peace. A defeat for the hardest-right wing of the Tory Party, and their open flirtation with fascist violence. It is the extraordinary outpouring of solidarity with the people of Palestine that has framed British politics in recent weeks, making support for or opposition to an immediate ceasefire the key dividing line in the country — and even if it’s more a dividing line between the public and politicians than one at Westminster, the strengPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




File: 1699945757714.jpg (25.08 KB, 320x399, 293775912.jpg)

Thanks News Anon


>Party (PCF) originally intended to boycott the march if the far right National Rally (RN), led by Marine Le Pen, were going to take part but decided to march. … But France Unbowed leader Jean-Luc Melenchon stayed away from the march, saying last week on the X social media site that it would be a meeting of “friends of unconditional supporters for the massacre” in Gaza.
<tfw your biggest communist party is so fucking shit the socdems are better anti imperialists


File: 1694261448083.png (995.58 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.1593376[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Are there any "reverse Orwell" cases, like British conservatives or American republicans or straight up fascists who became communists or socialists later in life?
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generic template response


File: 1699915344642.jpg (485.61 KB, 1814x1920, baxter_3.jpg)

the one and only


Pretty much all of Kim Il Sung’s higher ups were former Japanese collaborators who were rehabilitated and reeducated.


File: 1699959391453.png (393.75 KB, 433x612, ClipboardImage.png)

This is a gonna be a bit controversial, Otto Ernst Remer was a a former German officer in WW2, after the end of the war he saw believed the Soviet Union would be a better great power in the world then the "Jewish controlled United States and their degenerate Empire", Remer founded and led the “Socialist Reich Party” which was partially supported by the Soviet Union. The party would be banned only 2 years later and Remer was to be arrested, so he fled to Egypt. He became an advisor of Gamal Abdel Nasser and even engaged in arms trade with Algerian National Liberation Front. He also went to Cuba to hire former Wehrmacht officers for the newly established army.
I mean regardless of his actual beliefs, he did more to fight American Imperialism then the precocious pseudointelectual academics


real strasserist patriots in control. if only he capped that burger-lover Hitler before he whored himself to the Junkers. sigh……

File: 1699569120648.jpg (73.91 KB, 600x432, original.jpg)


Is there a lore reason as to why the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) dissolved itself just overnight? Was the communist party stupid? Was Gorbachev stupid? Were they both?
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Even spending 5 minutes on googling this shit will show that it didn't "dissolved" and definitely wasn't overnight. It was a coup and then a brutal suppression of any resistance.

Vidrel is part of what happened back then.


"During the early years of perestroika, academia also saw a quick, systematic and centrally directed promotion of reform-minded scholars to positions of authority in the country’s top universities and research institutes, often through the direct personal intervention of Gorbachev and Yakovlev.46 To name but a few important appointments: famous liberal sociologist Tatyana Zaslavskaya was made head of the Soviet Sociological Association and the director of the All- Union Centre for the Study of Public Opinion; Yevgeni Primakov (future member of the Yeltsin cabinet) became the head of IMEMO; radical liberal historian Yuri Afanasyev was made rector of the State Historical-Archival Institute at Moscow State University; and reformist economist and Gorbachev advisor Abel Aganbegyan became chair of the Economics Department of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.47 As a result of the new appointments, various schools and institutes gradually came to reject Marxism-Leninism as the ‘guiding’ paradigm in each of their respected fields, first implicitly and later explicitly. Yakovlev himself publicly participated in this process to transform academic discourse. In articles appearing in Pravda and the Party theoretical journal Kommunist in April 1987, he criticized the ‘infallible truths’ and ‘dogmatism’ inspired by the Marxist-Leninist approach to knowledge, arguing that these principles “elevated ‘authoritarian thinking’ to a new political, moral and intellectual principle.”48 The newly promoted liberal intellectuals, given license to promulgate their theories and opinions on economics, history, foreign policy and other important topics in the country’s central newspapers and periodicals, gained a hegemonic voice as perestroika progressed".


File: 1699890507553.png (25.83 KB, 608x237, Chernukha.png)


"Films of the perestroika era came to be dominated by the chernukha, a style of filmmaking portraying unremitting bleakness, negativity and pessimism in the presentation of life, based in the desire to “chronicle…social horror…to reveal historical atrocity and ‘truth,’” to push “cultural production to the limit.”71 The main characters of these films, frequently from socially peripheral groups such as prisoners, criminals, and prostitutes, were often explicitly or implicitly portrayed as heroic individuals fighting ‘the system.’72 Film critics Andrew Horton and Michael Brashinsky argue that the chernukha’s portrayal of inhumanity and immorality, unmotivated cruelty and the death of all former ideals was specifically designed to leave film audiences “nauseated".

"Through the late 1980s documentary filmmaking underwent its own radicalization, coming to discuss sensitive historical issues and the contemporary problems of poverty, drug addiction, youth alienation, and prostitution. Like cinema, documentary filmmaking also gradually turned to the chernukha style. Stanislav Govoruhin’s 1990 film Tak Zhit Nelzya (It is Impossible to Live Like This), arguably the most famous of the perestroika era documentaries, epitomized this shift, mercilessly enumerating and condemning the problems in Soviet society, and ==ultimately
indicting the whole record of Soviet rule."==


Systemic Overcentralization of Power and the Hegemony of the New Radical Discourse

"Discussing the reform processes occurring in the Soviet Union in the late 1980s under the auspices of glasnost, Shlapentokh notes their “extraordinary” and historically unprecedented nature, the state effectively carrying out “a frontal offensive against its own ideology.”145 In Shlapentokh’s characterization, the old system, “a rigid, hierarchical organism, turned out to be defenseless against the actions of its leader, who undermined its vital mechanisms.”146 Conceptualizing Gorbachev as the “single motor of initial change,” Shlapentokh points out that even as political opposition to his reforms crystallized, it was unable to challenge him directly, or to formulate alternative policies, capable only of temporarily stalling the reform process.147 The Party apparatus, constrained by the only of temporarily stalling the reform process.147 The Party apparatus, constrained by the principle of Party discipline, ended up giving up one position after another, ultimately voting to deprive itself of its own monopoly on power".

"The intensely hierarchical nature of the system extended to every sphere of political, social and cultural activity. Physically in control of virtually every organ of information dissemination, the reformist Party and state leadership could also rely, in Yakovlev’s words, on the population’s psychological dependence on salvation “from above.”149 As a result, the fundamental transformation of Soviet mass consciousness would only require a small ‘core’ of radical intelligentsia situated in the top posts in the media, the cultural sphere and academia".

<"Focusing on the press, Shlapentokh notes that “what the liberal press achieved in the country was amazing…it took less than one hundred liberal intellectuals to effect a change in viewpoint of the mass intelligentsia and of the politically active part of the rest of the population".

"Reviewing the Soviet media system’s transformation, Becker argues that especially during the period between 1985 and 1988, the press effectively “served as a weapon in the battle Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ideological Diversion, ‘Newspeak’ and the Concealment of Reformers’Real Intentions

"Writing about the conceptual origins of glasnost, Yakovlev has conceded that the reformist leadership’s decision to liberalize and radicalize social discourse was not based on any sense of
objective social necessity "Strictly speaking, the turn toward glasnost was not inevitable in those years. It was dictated more by the philosophy of perestroika and its initiators than by immediate necessity. At that stage society would have supported even some fairly radical version of an administrative ‘perfection of socialism, ’strengthening the technocratic approach, as opposed to the Partyideological approach for solving vital problems."

"Because the Soviet system prior to perestroika had a strong measure of popular support, a large core constituency of Party members and many non-party sympathizers, and a powerful security
mechanism organized to defend the regime, the campaign to destroy the old hegemonic ideology had to be carried out carefully, slowly and in secrecy, using ideological deception and political
duplicity.232 Discussing the introduction of new terminology and the transformation of old ideological signifiers during perestroika, Michael Urban et al. note that slogans like ‘a return to Leninist norms’ and ‘the renewal of socialism’ constituted “marvels of political ambiguity, enabling liberals and conservatives alike to share the same symbols and terms even while they might understand them in radically different ways.”233 In this way, the liberal reformers could use old terminology to criticize their opponents and simultaneously to disguise radical new ideas within
the old acceptable expressions. As the ideological reform effort progressed, these terminologically transient ‘vanishing mediators,’ having performed their role, gave way to more
and more radical formulations.234 Kara-Murza conceives of this process of linguistic reformulation as a form of ‘Newspeak,’a ‘totalitarian’ technology ultimately used by the reformers to radically transform mass consciousness.235 Kurginyan concurs, noting that the “strategy of semantic war…designed to address conscious Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1699928284547.png (203.83 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)


Your political velocity and your political trajectory matter just as much as your political position. I have noticed this after many years of observing people and asking them questions. If two people arrive at the same political position, but from different directions, and moving at different speeds, it is unlikely they will get along with each other, even if they technically agree, because they will not occupy the same position for very long (come to rest) nor will they necessarily even agree for the same reasons. Consider two different people who arrive at "Communism" from opposite directions:

>Person 1

<was a downwardly mobile imperial core petit bourgeoisie who became proletarian after their family lost their business. This person is an aggrieved former member of the small business class, and they carry with them the memory of their old class position, as well as ideological burden of their upbringing. They come from a secular family with "socially liberal" values. They became radicalized through the loss of their prior status. They're poorly disciplined. They enjoy the pleasures in life. They're bad with saving money and always took it for granted as something they could just get more of from their parents, until it finally ran out. They enjoy drugs and alcohol and parties. They had a child out of wedlock that they pay child support to. They don't have any real skills. They only have full time job that they are incompetent at and almost got fired from. They are objectively proletarian due to the change in their class status, but they often rub comrades the wrong way and clearly have a lot to learn. Their praxis and theory are lacking. Their former liberalism is obvious.

>Person 2

<is an upwardly mobile proletarian in the imperial periphery. They come from a religious and socially conservative family with a Communist party and labor organizer background. They've been raised in the class struggle since birth. They've had the shit beat out of them by the police before. They've been thrown in jail before. They've attended demonstrations and protests. They've always been disgusted with the IMF-loan taking comprador bourgeoisie in their country. But because they know how hard life is, and because they make barely above subsistence wages, they live very minimalistically. They got a trade job with a union inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Vector calculus isn't geometry
I meant to say 'spacial'.
>the class character of individuals
Rephrase this, please. Do you mean something different to 'the class of individuals'?
>that simply assessing individuals according to their class character, as though it were static rather dynamic, is a mistake
Class mobility exists, we're aware. And study of how to influence class change could be useful. But I can't see what practical use there would be in "a kind of vector calculus for class analysis", simplifying the complexities of society and its relations down to position and velocity, etc..
So I ask again, what is the utility of this model?


OP is definitely building on the concept described here >>1677252 in this thread >>1676955


Holy fuck do you know anything about vectors at all? Do you know the difference between the dot product and the product between ordinary matrices?


reminder to everyone on this board that you can easily stop making the mistake of thinking that
>he class character of individuals are changing so rapidly in times of rapid societal decay and institutional breakdown, that simply assessing individuals according to their class character, as though it were static rather dynamic, is a mistake.
by remembering the simple fact that class isn't just some immediate descriptor of your current circumstances but an average description of your entire life


Well that doesn't help either, comrade.


anonymity on the internet is actually good for political development because it allows individuals to re-educate themselves over and over by having low-stakes conversations. If you have the wrong opinion in real life, it is permanently associated with your name and face. But in anonymity we can subject our ideas to the collective critique of others, without having to be permanently guilty of being wrong. This allows us to accelerate our personal political development by resolving the contradictions in our personal ideologies without running the risk of being persecuted for our shitty ideas as we are in the process of resolving them. This is how people have lately been able to go from liberals to anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninists in five years flat without having any kind of Marxists in their family. The loss of this mode of communication would be devastating. Yes anonymity also brings the opportunity to be a reactionary without consequences, but if a person is actually curious and interested in subjecting themselves to a constant scathing critique, they may end up in the right place.

>class position determines all this, not having internet arguments

Mostly true, but I think this era is going to produce more bourgeois class traitors because bourgeois failsons have the opportunity to study the modes of oppression they benefit from, and submit themselves to scathing critique without getting lynched by the proletariat, i.e., they have the opportunity to self-re-educate. I think this is the age of a thousand Engels.
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That is not what is being said though.


> bourgeois failsons have the opportunity to study the modes of oppression they benefit from
Maybe if more them are being pushed out of their respective markets.
I’d say there is a higher likelihood that it’s more downwardly mobile petite bourgeois at risk of being proletarianized than the haute bourgeois, if that’s what you mean.


holy shit you are dumb. no one is having conversations or discussions on the anonymous parts of the internet. it's the age of a thousand million mentally impaired internet addicts doing nothing, thinking nothing and writing nothing
anonymous "politics" are a spectacle, you detach yourself from your material reality through anonymity, you become an idle spectator with no past nor future, and thus, no critical sense or intelligence or anything. these aren't just words but you are too far gone to understand what I'm saying so I will not bother to elaborate


>it's the age of a thousand million mentally impaired internet addicts doing nothing, thinking nothing and writing nothing
as if the previous eras were any different. its just that were now exposed to everyone else 24/7


<no one is having conversations or discussions on the anonymous parts of the internet.
Thanks for your thoughts and your contribution to the conversation that you are participating. I have internalized what you said and will integrate it with my ideas going forward.

File: 1699554164174.jpg (178.67 KB, 1177x705, voxshot.jpg)


Co-founder of Right-wing Group VOX Shot in the Face
>Alejo Vidal-Quadras, co-founder of the far-right party Vox, was shot in the face in Madrid on Thursday, and is now in the hospital in stable condition, Spanish daily El Pais reported.
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back when they said that they were terrorists, but not murderers ?


Tunnelling into jails?


No, Franco won because the nationalists have an actual army backed by the West. If atrocity porn is all that matters Palestine would've won against Israel a long time ago but guess what happened


you guys are the worst you all simp for the fascist equivalent of deng


shooting head of states ?

File: 1689770395845.jpg (34.23 KB, 474x295, th-4124938674.jpg)


It's very fun to laugh at the USA for getting knee deep into decay thanks to bad regulation of car companies and landlords that bankrupted every city and sent millions into abject poverty. However, being aware that this can and is happening to places that aren't like Alberta, that don't have any provincial drive to avoid the decay that comes with car centric urban design is horrifying.

Imagine spending years of your life trying your hardest to find the best job, help out your community and more just to end up homeless and stuck in a city that looks like it was a recent site of armed conflict. Not as a result of anything you did but the realities of capitalism destroying any opportunities in life you once had. That's not fair to anyone here, especially the poor and mentally ill that don't have the resources to simply leave to somewhere better. It's horrifying just to think about. At least strathcona county and Montreal will always be pleasant here
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How does Canada even benefit from being an American lapdog? Are its politicians that subservient, is its Chinese population that guano, what's the angle here?


even CBC is saying it
fr tho this is the most based vid Ive ever seen from them. you know its bad when


I'm from Texas, supposedly one of the fastest growing states economically, and there's tons of disaster fail neighborhoods. There are also giant, hideous masterbuilt neo-company towns, with LED street lights leading out through an abandoned plain to a hub of identical luxury apartments around some tech company office building with a soulless millennial coffeeshop on the first floor, filled to the brim with indian programmers.


Anyone got footage from recent Palestine solidarity protests in Canada, or other news of interest?


>its very fun to laugh at when it happens to americans
>it's horrifying when it affects me personally woe betide me
TND but for canadians instead of N's

File: 1695260236260.png (135.03 KB, 474x335, ClipboardImage.png)


Porky is confused, delusional, deranged, and NOT as class conscious as we make them out to be!

I think most proletarians, even in the imperial core, have been disabused of the notion that capitalism benefits them, even if they believe in the wrong solution to capitalism (such as a reactionary return to pre-capitalist traditions, etc.) or come to the wrong conclusion (such as aspiring to become a capitalist).

In short: Most people know that capitalism does not benefit most people.

But I think the most powerful myth of capitalism isn't the myth that it benefits the proletariat. I think the most powerful myth of capitalism is the myth that it benefits the bourgeoisie. Capitalism is only in the short term interests of the bourgeoisie. Because the internal contradictions of capital, as well as its ecological unsustainability, make its eventual overthrow not only inevitable but necessary, then how could the bourgeoisie view capitalism as in their own best interests? If they were at all as class conscious as we pretend they are, there would be a million Friedrich Engels running around, which is to say, bourgeois class traitors. The bourgeoisie organize to protect their own interests, but as it has been said, they sell the rope with which they will eventually be hanged. That is not the behavior of a class that is conscious of themselves or their historical role. If they were conscious of themselves and their historical role, the would have realized that they have already outlived their historical role of breaking up feudalism and industrializing modern society. Rather than grasping onto their dying power and trying to murder-suicide the entire planet, they should instead be organizing to bring capitalism to an end.

>but anon, that's not in their short term interests, even if it's in their long term interests. They aren't going to be hanged tomorrow, so many of them are betting that they'll die before revolution/the worst effects of climate change comes.

But many of them are trying desperately to extend their lives, increasing the chances that they do live to be overthrown, and besides that, do they not care about their children? They accumulate more wealth than they can possibly spend or enjoy in a single life time. Ostensibly they do all this so their children can enjoy the fruits of their labor through inheritance. If they want tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The aristocracy of the grand bourgeoisie — the neo-nobility, — made up of people such as Bill Gates and Bezos, realized that the oncoming social changes will not lead toward a proletariat revolution but will lead to techno-feudalism. With the raise of modern technology the masses will be turned into modern serfdom, and with the help of massive-scale automatic surveillance systems they'll ensure that no revolution, proletarian or bourgeois, will ever happen again, nailing down the power of the neo-nobility for the next millennia.
Maybe China, Vietnam and Cuba will survive


I've already been turned into a techno peasant. I work from home at a tech job with constant surveillance and phone calls while simultaneously raising my infant child. I go outside and garden and stuff. I gotta admit, it's kinda comfier than driving to work but it also makes me super paranoid and depressed sometimes.


>realized that the oncoming social changes will not lead toward a proletariat revolution but will lead to techno-feudalism

Really? Well I certainly hope that they don't mind the peasants revolting and trying to kill them off. It certainly happened more often than not in regular feudalism.


File: 1697842508217.png (4.95 MB, 1920x1199, ClipboardImage.png)

feudal peasants revolts usually failed and were crushed brutally. It's pretty depressing.


not the same anon btw


>The aristocracy of the grand bourgeoisie — the neo-nobility
How are they "neo-nobility". Are you making a "neofeudalism is here!" type argument?

File: 1699413205149.jpg (60.01 KB, 791x526, whodunit.jpg)


It's a simple question, with a lot of simple answers. As we all know, the masses are inert and pliable masses of clay shaped by a handful of great men who crop up throughout history, just as Marx said, and every true Marxist has a definite answer on which specific figurehead drove the USSR down the path of no return. Some argue it was Lenin disbanding the soviets in order to build a party-led state bureaucracy, others say it was Gorbachev's liberal reforms; a great many posters fall somewhere between these two extremes, whether they blame Khrushchev's secret speech for the failure of internationalism, or whether they blame Brezhnev’s Economic Reforms of 1965 under Brezhnev. I've never actually seen anyone claim it, but I can only assume that someone out there is absolutely certain that everything was perfectly fine until Andropov came in and wrecked everything in the span of two years. I couldn’t even begin to guess what would lead someone to think it was Andropov of all people who dropped the ball, but from sheer probability alone, there must be at least one anon around here who curses Andropov's name every morning before breakfast and curses his legacy every night after dinner.

But enough of my rambling; I may have said a lot, but I certainly didn’t say anything in that meandering post. It's like the old saying about opinions and assholes goes, everyone has one, except for me, and I have no desire in life other than to study each and every last one of yours in exacting, even excruciating detail to make up for my anatomical and intellectual deficiencies. So, tell me anon: which one of these fellows in picrel is responsible for the collapse of the soviet experiment? (please don't gulag me mods, I promise I'm genuinely curious and only being tongue-in-cheek for the sake of an engagin OP)
52 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


If this was true why did the number of kolkhozes decline under Khruschev and all subsequent leaders while the number and size of sovkhozes grew?


Who were the main people promoting the Stalin cult of personality?


The actual Bordigite is in 1945. when Stalin revised class warfare for peaceful competition. He should've marched the Red Army to Paris. Death to imperialism.


Nah Bordigites became anti-Soviet in 1922


Bordiga was an opportunist and a Trotskyite, and hence his misjudgment in 1922, but he correctly analyzed the tendencies of opportunism in the late Stalin, which we must admit are theoretically and scientifically sound.

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