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File: 1710829945671.png (932.94 KB, 622x626, hegelians be like.png)


The end of the hegemony of the current imperial core will be a good thing, but will not mean communism is ushered in. This statement should be obvious, but apparently it isn't. Whenever people support the end of imperial core hegemony in the short term, there are always those who show up to "remind" everyone that

>1: multipolarity (an objectively emerging material condition which they call "multipolarism) is not communism,

>2: multipolarity will cause more geopolitical chaos
>3: the vilified rising star nations (BRICS+) are not communist
>4: you are duginist revisionist campist nazbol etc. if you critically support the periphery against the core.

Even more annoying than the above type of person are the JDPON (Joint Dictatorship of the Proletariat of Oppressed Nations) larpers, possibly trolls, or false flaggers, who actually do seem to pretend that the end of imperial core hegemony equals insta-JDPON. No. Obviously not. Obviously the imperial core waning in power means other countries rising in power. Obviously a new imperial core could form, just as it has in the past. Obviously the center of gravity of capital will continue to move around.

I think the real non-caricature hope among Communists is not that the end of imperial core hegemony equals insta-JDPON, but rather that, it will become harder and harder for imperial core capital to simply repeat the tricks of underdevelopment (coups, sanctions, embargoes, brain drain, destruction of fixed capital in warfare, etc.) which made it oh-so-easy for the core to use the periphery as a cheap labor source. Once "foreign" workers are, on average, just as cheap as "domestic" workers, due to equal levels of development, there will no longer be an incentive to outsource or brain drain. And once that happens, there will no longer be an easy scapegoat for reactionary politics. The domestic bourgeoisie will no longer be able to blame the foreign proletariat for "stealing jobs" and so on. International class consciousness will be on the rise.

Multipolarity, which is an emerging material condition, and not an ideology, is not an improvement in the mode of production itself, but an improvement in the potential conditions for raising class consciousness and encouraging international Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This board ain't worth a fuck and doesn't have a single communist in it
If faggots like you want to die for Russian and Chinese capitalists you can move there and join their militaries, instead you decided to remain in the West and be mewling sycophantic cunt online


>If faggots like you want to die for Russian and Chinese capitalists you can move there and join their militaries
<Hey commie if you like socialism so much why don't you go to North Korea
That argument is tiresome.China is socialist


Hey Kautskyite if you like capitalist states that compete with the West why don't you die for them instead of feeling self-important by posting online worthless faggot


File: 1711832118699.png (3.19 MB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

get a new shtick faggot


>He can only even defend openly shilling for capitalist states by projecting onto others
Kill yourself
Please, I want this board to stop down the path of some faggy woke version of fascism


if we implemented a global 1 child policy we could avoid a lot of future suffering with peak oil, peak gas, peak coal, climate refugees, and mass genocides.

But nobody's going to actually follow that so most people are going to watch their grandchildren die violently and miserably from ethnic cleansing, starvation, war, and climate change as the global population falls from 10 billion to 5 billion between 2050 and 2100
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Which is what I said. People already are having less children, even in poorer countries due to pollution, women rights and class economics. Add the future famines and wars and population will begin to slow down and maybe decline.


Thing is, the bottleneck for human civilization isn't resources, is the ammount of CO2 in the climate system.


CO2 is a resource


>another "malthusianism" accusation from someone who didn't read the thread


The fertility crisis is caused by micro plastics disrupting sperm production and embryo formation.


Japan to resume funding to UNRWA, following Sweden, Finland and Canada
Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa met UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini in Tokyo on Thursday to discuss ways the agency could enhance its transparency and governance, including ensuring the traceability of funds and the neutrality of staff.

Israel may cut off Palestinian banks from global banking system next week
To protect them from lawsuits involving the Palestinian Authority for “transfering funds to terror groups”, the Israeli government has been issuing a waiver of protection for the two banks on an annual basis, signed by the finance minister. Smotrich is now refusing to renew the arrangement, which has been in place for years.

Palestinian-led campaign calls for haste in rebuilding the PLO
The statement calls for all Palestinians to be included, with the goal of forming a unified leadership able to confront the present challenges including Israel’s plans for the "day after" the war, and the alleviation of the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Hezbollah fires heavy rockets at northern Israel after deadliest day of Israeli strikes on Lebanon
The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah fired rockets with heavy warheads at towns in northern Israel, saying it used the weapons against civilian targets for the first time Thursday in retaliation for Israeli airstrikes the night before that killed nine, including what the group said were several paramedics.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Welcome to a Brave New World of Price Gouging
If you weren’t already convinced the future of capitalism will involve an endless optimization of extractive capacity and the ensuing enshitification of every last bit of consumer life, well, get ready for a new frontier in “dynamic pricing.” Last month, Wendy’s floated its plan for dynamic pricing in 2025 on an earnings call. People flipped their lids and the fast-food chain rushed to clarify that they wouldn’t use their digital menus to raise prices — no, no, no, there would be no surge pricing. Quite the opposite. They’d merely use data and tech to offer better deals for customers at slower times. Setting aside for the moment the unbelievability of their about-face, the Wendy’s plan is the tip of the dynamic pricing spear as more industries and companies look to implement the model, particularly restaurants.

The Police Have A Dark Money Slush Fund
Private donors including big-box stores, fossil fuel companies, and tech giants are secretly giving hundreds of millions of dollars annually to law enforcement agencies and related foundations, allowing police to buy specialized weapons and technology with little public oversight. Experts say this huge deluge of police “dark money” funding, detailed in a new University of Chicago working paper and in an additional analysis shared exclusively with The Lever, leaves law enforcement beholden to the companies and powerful donors bankrolling them, rather than the communities that officers are sworn to serve. “The big-picture finding is that the world of private donations to police is a lot bigger and more complex than previously estimated,” said Robert Vargas, a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago and a co-author of the study.

Emma Goldman: Syndicalism
The feature which distinguishes Syndicalism from most philosophies is that it represents the revolutionary philosophy of labor conceived and born in the actual struggle and experience of the workers themselves — not in universitPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks Newz Anon


I don't trust these hos so I ride my own dick


>Private donors including big-box stores, fossil fuel companies, and tech giants are secretly giving hundreds of millions of dollars annually to law enforcement agencies and related foundations, allowing police to buy specialized weapons and technology with little public oversight. Experts say this huge deluge of police “dark money” funding, detailed in a new University of Chicago working paper and in an additional analysis shared exclusively with The Lever, leaves law enforcement beholden to the companies and powerful donors bankrolling them, rather than the communities that officers are sworn to serve. “The big-picture finding is that the world of private donations to police is a lot bigger and more complex than previously estimated,” said Robert Vargas, a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago and a co-author of the study.
Interesting. Makes sense. They say those stupid stickers they give you for donating to police organizations can keep you from getting tickets.


Who would have thought that American police were corrupt? Or that the US legalized bribery?

File: 1708758904561-0.jpg (181.59 KB, 720x1041, 1.jpg)

File: 1708758904561-1.jpg (228.56 KB, 720x1302, 2.jpg)

File: 1708758904561-2.jpg (208.79 KB, 720x1125, 3.jpg)

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Just reading over this 1954 political economy textbook written by 1950s Stalinists. Absolutely hilarious to read them talking about profit, private property, commodity circulation, the law of value, wages, etc. Just to then add the prefix "socialist". It's filled with retarded garbage, it was commissioned by Stalin himself and he went around giving interviews to various economists on how it should be written, though he died before it was finalized. These talks that he gave that led to the creation of that textbook can be read here, they're hilarious at points and extremely revealing.
As to who they dug this up they were probably recorded in Soviet circles but the group that translated them from Russian are a bunch of Indian Hoxhaists who published them without realizing how retarded they make Stalin and his cronies look.
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File: 1709710376306-0.png (53.02 KB, 531x192, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1709710376306-1.png (99.96 KB, 549x206, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1709710376306-2.png (43.09 KB, 535x134, ClipboardImage.png)

Today I will remind them


>conditions of intercourse
communism cannot happen until the SÈX improves!


So the Value of labour is held in suspension then by the market, so profit is an unrealized substance within the formal bounds of employment. Marx's point is dialectical, that the content of Value is self-separated between its formal properties and its excessive reality. But my contention is that in all contracts there has to be the realized and unrealized thing, and the idea of having "capitalism without capital" (as per zizek) is being uncritical. I think marxists are uncritical when they think they can have 20 hour work weeks without the benefits we reap from our developed economy, which is built on unpaid labour. I simply accept the gambit. All societies are built on unpaid labour.
That is a contemporary revision. How can you have a surplus without a value-form? Holding products in reserve like a grain silo is different because the informal qualities of money is what generates a surplus in the first place, while a 1-to-1 purchase of labour revokes the contradiction. Marxism is about overcoming contradiction, no?


I remember listening to a richard wolff video where he literally says that scandanavian countries are a "form of socialism" like china is a "form of socialism". He's literally fulfilled the prophecy of his meme by saying that socialism is when the gubbmint does stuff. But then ofc the USSR is ebil state capitalism whenever these people want it that way lol.


>Let us now pass to the point that they want to introduce socialism in the countryside forthwith. Introducing socialism means abolishing commodity production, abolishing the money system, razing capitalism to its foundations and socialising all the means of production. The Socialist-Revolutionaries, however, want to leave all this intact and to socialise only the land, which is absolutely impossible. If commodity production remains intact, the land, too, will become a commodity and will come on to the market any day, and the "socialism" of the Socialist-Revolutionaries will be blown sky-high. Clearly, they want to introduce socialism within the framework of capitalism, which, of course, is inconceivable. That is exactly why it is said that the "socialism" of the Socialist-Revolutionaries is bourgeois socialism.


>Says Capitalism has created intolerable poverty and immiseration for the masses
>Blames Capitalism for the climate crisis instead of coping with the Book of Revelation
>Orchestrates meeting of both Christian socialists and actual atheist Marxists and anarchists to discuss society's contemporary issues
>Chastises US imperialism
>Chastises Israel
>Says gays are okay and can get married
>Tells Zelensky to quit coping and put his people first by surrendering
Tf is with the current Pope? Does he know he's gonna die soon or something?
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I don't trust Christians not to fuck them over.


>how did it stop?
Prots got soft. In November Biden will announce the cancellation of the election and officially turn the America over to his Holiness the Pope. Following this the Inquisition will give all pr*testants a chance to recant their blasphemous views or be burned as heretics. Deus vult.


Thomas and Mary are not in the catholic bible either, im pretty sure those are gnostic gospels.


Irelevant music video i know for some reason


oh hey i liked that series, the ending was cute, i guess you prolly were the one who posted it on here

File: 1711576048904.png (1012.43 KB, 698x666, GJddzrSWMAAOk6L.png)


Hezbollah launches rocket barrage after Israeli strikes on Lebanon kill 7
About 30 rockets were launched from Lebanon towards northern Israel on Wednesday, according to the Israeli military. Israeli emergency services said a 25-year-old factory worker in Kiryat Shmona was killed. The Israeli army’s attacks on al-Habbariyeh hit a paramedic centre linked to a Lebanese Sunni Muslim group. The Emergency and Relief Corps said the victims were volunteers.

Over 30 people detained in Şırnak and Urfa
Three people named Rızgar Güneş, Hasari Kılıç and Yasin Güneş were detained in the rural neighbourhood of Cûrnûs. On the grounds of the same investigation, Mahmut Yolcu was detained in Koçveren rural neighbourhood and Sabri Taş, a polling station attendant of Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) was detained in Milke rural neighbourhood.

Racist attacks by ultranationalist Turks in Belgium leave several Kurds seriously injured
A large group of ultranationalist Turks launched a racist attack on Kurdish families returning to their homes in the Belgian towns of Houthalen-Helchteren and Heusden-Zolder in Leuven after celebrating Nevruz on Sunday, leaving several of them injured, according to reports by Medya News and ANF English.

Germany set to add citizenship test questions about Jews and Israel
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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University occupations for Palestine – Which way forward?
Throughout March, a number of students active in the Palestine solidarity movement have gone a step beyond rallies and demos, and occupied university buildings. Such actions have been taken in Leeds, Bristol, Nottingham, Goldsmiths, UCL, and Manchester. In Leeds, in particular, our comrades have gotten stuck in. For the movement to succeed, it’s important for us, as students, to examine the effectiveness of occupations, and to look at our role in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism – on campuses and beyond.

Canada deporting highest level of migrants in a decade, despite promises to let more stay
The Liberal government is deporting migrants at an unprecedented pace compared to the last decade, despite pledging to allow more undocumented people to stay in the country, according to numbers obtained by The Breach. In 2022 and 2023 alone, Canada deported more than 23,000 undocumented migrants, at a price tag of more than $111 million. It’s the highest level of deportations since 2012, when Stephen Harper’s Tory government deported nearly 19,000 people in a single year. This flies in the face of a December 2021 commitment by the Liberal government to introduce a regularization program that would allow more undocumented people to stay in the country. In a mandate letter, Prime Minister Trudeau asked the federal immigration minister to build on existing programs, such as the Guardian Angels program that provided asylum seekers working in the health sector during the pandemic with a pathway to permanent residency, to “further explore ways of regularizing status for undocumented workers who are contributing to Canadian communities.”

V. I. Lenin: How the Bourgeoisie Utilises Renegades
Today, September 18, I received the September 7 issue of Vorwärts, the newspaper of the German social-chauvinists, the murderers of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. It has an article by Friedrich Stampfer on Kautsky’s new book (Terrorism and CommuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




File: 1711589149013.jpg (30.68 KB, 1024x989, 1711375959782853.jpg)

Thanks News Anon


>New questions, German magazine Der Spiegel reported, are to include: What is a Jewish house of prayer called? When was the State of Israel founded? What is the reason for Germany’s special responsibility for Israel? How is Holocaust denial punished in Germany? And, somewhat mysteriously: Who can become a member of the approximately 40 Jewish Maccabi sports clubs in Germany?

Absolutely insane


literally fueling ZOG conspiracy theories, gj israel thanks for stoking more antisemitism


A thread celebrating the birthday of the steadfast defender of the Bolshevik revolution, Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria! Rising to prominence in his expert managing of the Cheka when the workers and peasants of Georgia were revolting against the Menshevik servants of the British Empire, Beria rose through the ranks to squash the terrorist counter-revolutionary Trotskyite organizations after the heinous sabotage of Yagoda and Yezhov left the Soviet state fledgling without experienced managers of Police affairs. It was Beria who stepped to the occasion during this crucial hour and stopped the murderous Yezhov as soon as he could. With extensive thoroughness, Beria reviewed and released over 100,000 wrongfully imprisoned by the Yezhov gang, such as the heroic Konstantin Rokossovsky, allowing him to play his pivotal role in the Great Patriotic War.
After the 1930s, Beria continued his tireless service to the Soviet Dictatorship of the Proletariat, crushing counter-revolutionary plots and gangs of saboteurs. His service during the Great Patriotic War in maintaining domestic stability during the catastrophic conditions created by the German invasion cannot be exaggerated, him taking control of the manufacture of armaments and aircraft, and supervising the Soviet atomic bomb project.
Thanks to the early successful test of the Soviet atomic bomb in 1949, this deadly weapon brandished by the Americans was, to the great relief of all the peoples of the world, countered and could not be dropped as carelessly as the Americans had been dreaming of. Thanks to Beria's oversight, many hundreds of thousands of lives around the world were saved from the most wretched of deaths.
It was due to these revolutionary actions that the gang of revisionists, such as Khrushchev and Mikoyan, saw Beria as the most menacing threat to their aspirations of capitalist restoration. In a dastardly criminal plot, these agents of counter-revolution saw that this great Hero of Socialist Labor, who had fought uninterruptedly for so many decades in service of the people, had to be silenced permanently for their ambitions to be realized. Beria, alongside his trusted Comrades Dekanozov, Merkulov, Vlodzimirsky, Meshik, Goglidze and Kobulov, were unjustly executed by the Khrushchevite gang and its lackeys, who subsequently spread the most heinous lies and slander to justify their criminal deed.
Of course, liberals, including those liberals who wear a red garb, have accepted these KhrushchePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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According to his own son lol


Sons of communists are always a bad source.
T. Stalin


>'I am not trying to rehabilitate my father. No one in that regime can be rehabilitated but things should be known,'
Same son who happened to be a liberal and an interest to make his father out to be a "capitalist roader" to a western press that saw the collapse of the USSR in 1991.


Unlike Stalin, Beria seemed to be a good father and his son is very positive about him.
Wow, crazy how the evil revisionist Khruschev thought Beria was a liberal not a communist, Beria's son also thought so but thought it was good because that's how his father raised him. Molotov also thought the same, despite being no fan of khruschev.
Crazy, seems the only people invested in defending Beria's supposed marxist bona fides are schizos desperate to 'rehabilitate' him solely out of contrarianism and a desire to make khruschev the singular judas of soviet communism so they don't have to apply a shred of marxism to the reality of soviet history.


According to Thus Spake Kaganovich, he alongside Khrushchev and Malenkov had only been getting closer and closer to Stalin in his last years.

 No.1730585[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>hyper annoying ideology
>Almost a hundred years of theoretical development
>Millions of dollars invested by think thanks to make it seem reasonable
>Hundreds of pointless internet arguments made trying to convince you that it is the most rational economic system on the planet
>Takes care of one country
>Complete bankruptcy

why do people still take Anarcho-capitalism seriously
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a bourgeois state is already private? or do u think that a toiler can affect any policies enacted in such a state lol? ancaps seek to abolish the state and let the market take care of everything
inb4 yes they can they can cast their vote


>first pic

lmao yeah because if theres one selling point everyone will love, its replacing all government with insurance policies


>Complete bankruptcy
What's wrong with this? They are destroying the state, that's what anarchists do.


It sounds like rebranded fascism tbh.

Ancapism rarely if ever gets implemented "properly" because it pretends you don't need to enforce capitalism. So it ends up being "accidental fascism" every time.


Its over ancap bro

File: 1707686933695.png (1.89 MB, 1399x787, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.1757979[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


>We form the party in opposition to the policies of the leadership of the entire Swedish labour movement.

>It is the Social Democrats who have been in government for most of the attacks of the last 30 years. Their policies are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from those of the right.
>The Left Party leadership has followed the Social Democrats to the right, in search of government posts and respect from bourgeois public opinion.

>Many people dream of going back to the large-scale improvements for workers of the post-war period, but this was an exception in the history of capitalism that will not be repeated. In fact, it is precisely the illusions of that period that underlie the state of the labour movement today.

>Whole generations of activists were educated in the idea of class collaboration – peaceful cooperation with the bourgeoisie, on the basis of ever-expanding capitalism. Socialism was postponed indefinitely: staying within the limits of what the bourgeoisie could tolerate. Since the boom turned into a crisis for capitalism, this has meant accepting, step by step, and in many cases implementing, the atacks of the bourgeoisie.

>At the same time, trade union leaders have come to see preserving the stability of capitalism as their main task. The message to workers is always the same: it doesn't pay to fight.

>The truth is that the previous period left its mark on the entire Swedish left. It is enough to open any issue of supposedly communist papers like Proletären, Internationalen or Offensiv to see the total lack of propaganda for the need for revolution and communism. They promote the only thing they think workers understand: struggle for minor improvements within the framework of capitalism. The ideas of communism are relegated (at best) to programmatic documents and study circles.

>The whole history of capitalism shows that the working class cannot take power without a revolutionary party on the basis of scientific socialism – Marxism. The immediate task of
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1711661914277.jpeg (10.99 MB, 2580x3531, mac.jpeg)

Mike "Big Mac" Macnair ANNIHILATES the Revolutionary Communist Party with ARGUMENTS and ACUMEN (Part II)



I was part of the Canadian branch for a couple years. It is essentially just a newspaper subscription service and they have completely alienated themselves from basically every other left wing org in the country due to autistic behavior. They do unintentionally funnel people into actually useful orgs, so I guess they're not all bad. Don't see what the rebrand is about


This information is out of date and incorrect comrade, as things have progressed there in the past years.
KAF criticizes the Gonzaloist splitters that fruitlessly tried to will a new Maoist international out of thin air, without the support of the active, leading peoples struggles ongoing in the world.
KAF has the best political line in Sweden currently.



what I find funniest about RKP is their big words, when in reality the vast majority of its members are students, not workers. say what you want about K, but at least they have an actual connection to Sweden's working class


I was briefly discussing how hypersonics could make imperialism untenable, i.e, provide a way for weapons to shut down American bases and carriers anywhere on the globe, but it turns out the Americans are working on megawatt lasers to counter.

The Chinese are claiming to counter with their own anti-laser coating, that ablatively resists megawatt lasers at around 1 km ranges.

But the technology in general seems interesting; i.e, laser maturity is growing at a tremendous rate, and the J-20 is better designed for laser paradigm warfare than the F-35 (the side weapons bay allows the J-20 to carry two laser pods externally, and the two F119-class engines in the WS-15 should be able to generate greater total power than the single F135.).

How much do we know about lasers? For instance, the Chinese were advertising a megawatt class pulse laser, but when it comes to pulse lasers, petawatt lasers are already common.
11 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Is that the schizo guy who was always threatening to blind people with lasers years ago? He was on 4chan. I think he even posted here sometimes. He's dead then?


I am sorry but you lack basic reading comprehension


yes it's him, and no he's not dead, the pussy turned himself in


He was already insane


You need to express yourself clearly then. WW1 was fought with artillery and that's a defenders weapon, nobody thought it would give first strike advantages.

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