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File: 1669978410904.jpeg (38.43 KB, 600x338, IHJDUchK-600x338.jpeg)


What does /leftypol/ think of the Badempanada line of argument that says Nazi war aims and ideology(lebesraum) were directly based off of US settler colonialism and manifest destiny?

>The Nazi's primary aim in World War 2, which Hitler had imagined since the 1920s, was the conquest of Eastern European land for German settlement. This was the driver behind everything, including the Holocaust. The Holocaust was engendered by their belief that the imagined 'Jewish Cabal' which keeps Germany down would never allow them to undertake such an endeavour. To 'get around' that problem, they first planned the mass deportation of Jews in Germany and the mass murder/enslavement of Jews in the East, and this later evolved into the outright industrial murder of all Jews - which specifically needed said colonial conquest to be carried out, as all Nazi death camps were in their occupied Eastern colonies.

>Hitler saw the US as the greatest extant example of what he wanted to achieve: a country conquered by people he believed to be ethnically German that had conquered vast amounts of 'open space' for its colonists. For this reason, as he wrote in Mein Kampf, he believed that the USA, with its mastery of 'space' was destined to become the top world power in due time. He planned for Germany to become a world power too, which would inevitably bring it into conflict with the US and the only way he believed that Germany could possibly confront a country like the US was to mimic its mastery of 'space' by conquering Eastern Europe for German settlement. He additionally believed that settler colonialism in other continents ie: Africa would be inadequate; the US' strength came from the fact its 'living space' was contiguous, not simply that it had a lot of it in many different places. Thus Eastern expansion to make Germany itself bigger was the only option.

>This is Hitler's motivation behind the focus on the East rather than Africa or somewhere else, he was not simply mimicking ideologies from the 1600s, he was looking at the world during his own time and came to see the contiguous USA as the model to follow.

>Here's a couple of choice Hitler quotes that make this very clear:

<European countries have their summit in Europe but their base in the whole world - contrast this with the American U
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this will literally never happen anon


burger psychosis is how you can tell America isn't doing too good tbqh, it's just unfortunate we non-burgers have to be subjected to the psychosis


Hitler referred to the partisans as "red indians". The allusion is pretty clear tbh


File: 1670411766732.jpg (105.34 KB, 800x915, 00.jpg)

>you will never win just give up
if god doesnt exist it is our moral duty to create hell here on earth


This isn't something Badempanada invented you philistine. fuck off and go and do your homework or something instead of shitting up this website kiddo.


the questions are rhetorical, I only desire that everyone ask themselves the same things, and when they answer, they answer for themselves, and not for me

Even the best of all possible futures, the future where we win, is a tragic future, because of the billions who needlessly died to get us there. The book of Exodus (fictional or not, doesn't matter right now) speaks of Moses dying after 40 years in the desert on the way to the promised land. He dies within sight of the promised land but never actually touches it. If Communism is the secular promised land, then that means the entirety of the human species leading up to the realization of Communism died in the desert on the way there. If all we have is our one life, and when we die we are gone for good, then what good is the lifelong class struggle? What is the difference between our surplus labor value being stolen by the bourgeoisie today and our Communism being stolen by unborn generations who will never have to live through the class struggle like we do? I think this question is why so many people turn away from the promise of building Communism for the unborn generations who will inherit the Earth from us, and instead turn to opportunism and selfish individualism. After all, we know nothing about the unborn generations. All we know is ourselves and the people we hold dear in this life. The unborn generations who will inherit the results of our struggles are as alien to us as we are to the ancients. Moses (fictional or not) did not die in the desert hoping that I could post on the internet. Yet each of us like to say that we would happily die if it meant that people 1000 years from now could live in peace and harmony without having their labor exploited. Is this irrational zealotry, or an admirable trait?
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So desiring improvement in the living conditions and empowerment of workers WITHIN YOUR LIFETIME is reformist to you? Jesus Christ. I know that deriding someone for the culture they were born into is kind of bigoted, but lay off the eschatalogical narratives for bit please for your own sake whitoid.


This happened in my experience also, I would discuss socialism but people would always say, oh this is too hard, it's too difficult, it can easily be undone.
And I agree with them. But then I ask, should we then continue our society like it is now? At this point, if they payed attention to the conversation they say, no, we shouldn't. So why not try? We aren't doing this alone, we are building a better future for all of humanity and so on. They usually come to an understanding that class struggle is necessary, but it takes some work to actually get them actualize it. It's progress, though. I was surprised how easy it is to debunk common talking points and when offered an alternative, a reasonable way to do it, the people suddenly don't think communism is this utopia but a very real thing that requires only a few changes essentially how we operate now.
My advice is: learn, learn, learn! Discuss, discuss, discuss! Then, once you have a group which has a correct theory, you apply the lessons of the Bolsheviks to the 21st century and organize a party


File: 1670122264332.png (207.16 KB, 500x504, ClipboardImage.png)

>communism isn't for you, because you are an animal, it's for the future humans not yet born, who are the real humans.
the bourgeoisie:
>your surplus labor value isn't for you, because you are a prole. It's for the bourgeoisie, who are the real humans.


Suck it up my property


Well the alternative is billions die and our kids are enslaved by post-fascist techno neo-feudalist. Buzzword soup you get the energy I'm trying to convey They'll use transhumanism to biologically try to despeciate from us and the prole takes the L for good. So even if it's largely futile which path would you rather have? Let's be honest here if revolution occurs, many of us will die in the battle of it. We have to have a mentality of sacrifice, imagine if the soviet soldiers thought "why fight the Nazis and my extermination, if I'll die in the process anyways"

File: 1670202131574.png (852.51 KB, 1134x800, ClipboardImage.png)

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sick and tired of capitalists whitewashing everything they do with charity and philanthropy. It's pathetic that libcucks actually fucking believe that the so-called "nonprofits", charity foundations, trojan horse "aid" to 3rd world countries, high-interest IMF loans, missionary work, and so on are real solutions to a problem that is rooted in class struggle.
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They clearly don't want us to name the beast


Wow the feds really don't want us talking about Mr Beast huh?
Let's talk more about Mr Beast.
What is he hiding behind that jacked up smile?


The topic of the thread is not "Mr. Beast."

It is
>sick and tired of capitalists whitewashing everything they do with charity and philanthropy.


fr tho. who is this guy and who clicks videos with these thumbnails always including this menacing face


see >>1292762
>youtube shills him hard. if you go there logged out on a fresh computer with a fresh IP, you'll probably get shilled his shit on the front page. So kids who have new youtube accounts get shown him first.

File: 1669656299048.jpg (96.67 KB, 960x720, slide_3.jpg)


1) Wich do you think should have won (if it's Stalin then specify why he need it to win )
2) Wich one of them are revisionists
3) How would USSR operate between 1924-195x
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bukharin every day


>Also studied under Bohm-Bawerk just so he could btfo Austrian economics.
And BTFO he did, "Economic Theory of the Leisure Class" has one of best refutation of marginal utility i've ever seen.


File: 1670315405239.jpg (31.15 KB, 500x340, IMG_2876.JPG)

>alternate history
GTF back to the forums retard


None of them were gods. They could only work with the historical conditions given to them.



Zinovyev and Kamenev, I think.

File: 1670088508550.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.04 KB, 800x515, 800px-Nordhausenmassgrave.jpg)


Did you ever notice that whenever it's Gulag, there's no corpses, no photos or anything of deaths, at most there's barbed wire (very rarely) and stuff, and all the deaths are recorded, while Nazis had loads upon loads of photos of corpses, but no records of deaths because? Funny how (supposedly) communists destroyed corpses to the very atoms, but kept (totally not fake) records, while Nazis struggled with getting rid of corpses and instead opted out to destroy papers. Say, compare wiki articles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mittelbau-Dora_concentration_camp to https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%94%D0%BC%D0%B8%D1%82%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B3

In Nazi case, there's immediately photos of corpses. In Soviet case, it's photos of "people responsible" and archival documents. Funny how that works, eh? :^)
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whats the original source for the pics?
Please & thank you


That's from Blackshirts & Reds by Michael Parenti


That is what I was I guessing ; but thank you very much for confirming for me comrade


I've never seen a single argument against GULAG other than emotional WAHHHH STALIN BAD

As if anticommunists being made to work is bad hahaha


Gulags were acceptable tho even if not ideal.

File: 1670162319462.png (438.98 KB, 581x387, ClipboardImage.png)

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Revolution means carrying out class struggle, but it does not merely mean that. The development of the productive forces is also a kind of revolution — a very important one. It is the most fundamental revolution from the viewpoint of historical development.

Over the past 30 years since the founding of the People’s Republic, we have laid the basic socialist foundation in agriculture, industry, and other areas. But we have a major problem, that is, we have wasted some time and our productive forces have developed too slowly. All revolution is designed to remove obstacles to the development of the productive forces.

Since socialism is superior to capitalism, socialist countries should be able to develop their economies more rapidly than capitalist countries, improving their people’s living standards gradually and becoming more powerful. We have suffered some setbacks in this respect.

The objective of achieving the four modernizations was actually put forth by Chairman Mao and announced by Premier Zhou in his report on government work. But how did the Gang of Four respond? They said that it was better to be poor under socialism than to be rich under capitalism. It seemed to them that socialism meant pauperism. Marxists have always held that socialism is superior to capitalism and that socialist countries should be able to develop their productive forces more rapidly than capitalist countries.Lin Biao and the Gang of Four totally deviated from the cardinal principles of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought.

Being a large country, China should play a more important role in the world, but owing to its limited strength, it cannot play a greater role. In the final analysis, what we should do is try to promote China’s development. It is not enough just to say we are poor, and actually, we are very poor. Such a status quo is far from being commensurate with the standing of a great nation such as ours. Therefore, starting last year, we shifted our focus onto economic development. We should unequivocally continue to do so. Developing the economy is a new endeavour for us, for which we must pay a price. We are exploring ways to develop the economy more rapidly and we have confidence that we can do so. We must emancipate our minds and we should do so even in answering the question as to what socialism is. If the economy remains stagnant and the people’s living standards remain at a very low level for a long period of time, we cannotPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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NTA but I want to add to this. The NEP was also never meant as a way to "develop the productive forces" but as a way to make up for massive loss of material during the Russian Civil War which happened shortly after Russia fought in WW1. By the mid 1920s Russia had repaired and replaced most of the lost factories and railroads and stabilized the economy enough to socialize again. China's "productive forces" dwarf what the Soviet Union had in 1991 let alone at it's height in the 50s and 60s. They've allowed the rampancy of the market to take hold. The only reason China won't "Maoize" China is because it involves acute social conflict not just domestically, but internationally it's a call to action which draws clear lines in the sand the way it did in the 60s.


This was followed by Kosygin's reforms, which initially were Stalinist-minded (due to popular demand), but got increasingly corrupted as the time went on

>The NEP was also never meant as a way to "develop the productive forces" but as a way to make up for massive loss of material during the Russian Civil War which happened shortly after Russia fought in WW1.

No, NEP was 1) a temporary retreat, as per Lenin 2) it enabled USSR to get money to buy factories and to develop productive forces during NEP and afterwards

>The only reason China won't "Maoize" China is because it involves acute social conflict not just domestically, but internationally it's a call to action which draws clear lines in the sand the way it did in the 60s.

They don't need to "maoize" anything because Mao's China wasn't a developed socialist economy. Presenting Mao's China as some sort of USSR is fucking dumb, it was a poor peasants' country that pooled resources for it's development.


>No, NEP was 1) a temporary retreat, as per Lenin 2) it enabled USSR to get money to buy factories and to develop productive forces during NEP and afterwards
All because so many factories and railroads were destroyed in the war.


>The NEP was also never meant as a way to "develop the productive forces" but as a way to make up for massive loss of material

<it wasn't for developing productive forces, it was for re-developing productive forces that were lost.

even so, the USSR partnered with the USA after 1929 to rapidly industrialize. They had their Deng moment in 1929.


> China did Molotov-Ribbentrop with USA.
funniest way I've heard this explained

File: 1670286884742.jpg (9.73 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)


What are some good skills for a suburbanite PMC can develop if I'm not doing actual labor day to day.
I was thinking something along the lines of woodworking, gardening etc
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Cleaning and repairing your house


uplifting people
reaching out to the people around you
being vulnerable
work out
cook good food

Everything except organizing/pro-social skills is generally individualist, consumerist, hipster nonsense. Look around you: are people you dislike doing the same shit u wanna do? If so it's probably not the right choice. Right now every man and their father is getting in hobbies and crafts like woodworking etc. The boho dream is coming back, riding the undercurrent that is the (white) bourgeoisie's fear of "collapse". Learning gardening, if it hasn't been passed down to you and you aren't just interested in the social options at your local community garden, is prepping-lite. Right wing influence seeps down into the normie (aka capitalist) zeitgeist. Resist it. Resist your suburbanite PMC biological drive to start a microbrewery in your garage. Spend your time becoming a better person, the kind of person that can grow many connections, because this is the skill we need most, and also the skill most lacking in us today.


the post kind of reeks of moralfaggotry and mutual aid being sharing dumpstered food and cigarettes with your poly coven. There is a sharp piece of critique in here. But we need all sorts of people including skilled people, and we need their labor without the mediation of wages and money. Leave it to the anarchist bitches to be people-people. But as other people have said ITT OP can learn practical skills like electrical or construction/repair or learning about native plants and their life cycles.(.)


>Learning gardening, if it hasn't been passed down to you
Why would it matter where you learn how to garden. Do you want to create a gardening cast you have to be born into ?

Private military contractors are into garage brewing ?

File: 1653870846371.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

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Figured the climate was serious enough to warrant it's own thread.


>BREAKING: new UN report warns of total societal collapse due to ecosystem destruction without radical changes

>1. Not a single media outlet picked up on the increasing probability of civilisational collapse.

>UN appears to have diluted its own findings.
>Recognising collapse risk isn't about doom-mongering, but understanding risks.
>2022-2029 is key time for action.

>2. This is the first UN flagship report to find existing global policies are accelerating us towards a collapse of human civilisation.

>- report doesn't say outcome is inevitable or specify how close to possibility we are
>- we can still act
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Coca-Cola said it will partner with other businesses, civil society organizations and governments “to support cooperative action” on plastic waste"
something about coca-cola 'partnering with governments' is forboding.


Most of the time when Coca-Cola partners with governments it's to murder labor organisers.


So why are you bitches complaining about overpopulation if birth rates are already plummeting? Although unwillingly, you are feeding the eugenist agenda.


Jeeze look at the time, almost late for the "it's worse than we thought" news


File: 1670350194332.gif (1.87 MB, 500x500, everythingsfine.gif)

 No.1220326[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why is the alt-right/far-right so obsessed with Jews? It completely blinds them from any kind of other elite or systemic thought and radicalism. If Jews and Judaism never even existed, how would the modern right even make sense of power politics? Like I get that there are a reasonable number of Jews in American/Capitalist power structure, but to pretend they're the absolute source and core of everything wrong is obviously a simpleton's oversimplification to understand a complex world. Jews live completely rent free in some of these people's heads. I'm curious what other people think about this phenomenon within the right and the "Jewish question" in general.
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I don't understand why do /pol/yps hate Jews since most Jews are exactly like them, fascist ethnonationalists who hate BIPOC and other minorities and on top of that, who have their own version of Rhodesia in the middle east

Logic says Jews should be beloved by right*ids


>the guy defending marx is lassalle


File: 1670302914289-0.png (1.02 MB, 1000x667, 4590350.png)

File: 1670302914289-1.jpg (1.8 MB, 1200x800, Original.jpg)

File: 1670302914289-2.jpg (258.84 KB, 828x1107, EW0irlXUwAMIyS-.jpg)

I dunno either but the state of American Jewry is complicated. In Borough Park maybe that's true. So, roughly half of world Jewry lives in the U.S. and the other half in Israel, and the American Jews are probably the most liberal (in the U.S. political context) group of white people here and most of them vote for Democrats, but there's a contradiction when it comes to supporting Israel because that's a very right-wing country.

This is one reason why support for Israel is now declining among young Jews – like support for Israel came about as a vicarious thing after World War II because the Holocaust was terrible and Americans Jews felt terrible and helpless that they couldn't stop it. But nowadays that was a long time ago, and anti-Semitism exists but it really doesn't feel like the exigent threat that it was in the past. American Jewish culture (with some exceptions here) is also historically pretty liberal, but then the Jewish institutions turned into pro-Israel groups over that period and not much besides. What started out as not caring about anything except whether you support Israel or not turned into not caring about anything particularly *Jewish* in the American context either. Hell, for some of these institutions like AIPAC, you could be an anti-Semite and they'll take your money.

And Israel is a very different place, and Israelis can look down on American Jews and call them stupid and that they should just move to Israel and get with their program. So many American Jews are ghosting these institutions and also leaving Judaism the religion, and half of American Jews now marry non-Jews and don't raise their kids in the Jewish religion. Basically all Jewish religious denominations in the U.S. are in decline other than the Orthodox Jews who are conservative and have a lot of kids. It's within that community where you tend to find Jews who support Israel and Trump and basically try to live like their ancestors in Eastern Europe did in the 19th century.

Ben Shapiro is also kind of a freak too because he's young, but he's more like an older American Zionist Jew in a young man's body, so Israel is the main thing that matters to him. But I think he's really out of step with a lot of young Jews. Think more of guys like Adam Friedland, Felix Biederman or Brace Belden who support Bernie and think Israel is a fake cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Like that's the weird paradox that we're getting into, where the anti-Semitic portion of the right is politically in the same camp as the pro-Israel faction. And maybe the Israeli government will "condemn" some right-wing figure when they say something anti-Semitic, but I'm not sure they really give a fuck, and there's a growing awareness among these young Jews that the Israelis don't give a fuck about them, so why should they give a fuck about Israel?

Again, you're more likely to identify with one of those guys I just mentioned, because that has more in common with your vibe or your actual life than some IDF stormtrooper firing into a crowd of Palestinians.


Good WSWS article showing how modern antisemitism basically arose in the second half of the 19th century. Modern antisemitism has almost no relation to the medieval Christian antisemitism. Instead it arose as a response to the working class organising, especially after the Paris Commune and even more so after the October Revolution. It comes from the Okhrana and bourgeoisie.


File: 1669858218450.jpg (50.47 KB, 750x508, DC-EuhEVwAAYwoq.jpg)


Decided to make a thread for a place to post shit that the twitter page for /leftypol/ can pull from. They haven't posted anything since June, quite a while. Memes, videos (Has to be under 2 minutes and 20 seconds), informative shit, high effort green posts, funny greenposts. Overall anything that can be used to promote this place that hasn't already been posted. Am debating about making it a requirement for a watermark back to this place, but ehhh, seems kinda unfun. What do you guys think? Also if you have access to the twitter page, use a pfp that isn't saturated as fuck, the current ones blinds my eyes. Thanks.
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Don't look at me anon. I didn't make it lol


Well it is a good introductory set for burgers
Things to hook them in nothing to scare them off


hmmm, catgirls will scare off hopefuls


Do you really want people that get mad at catgirls here ?.


what about creating a mastodon account?

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