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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Social media is the best tool for spreading communist propoganda there has ever been, and people on here aren't even using it! Every single person on this website should be posting on multiple different social medias like Instagram, Tick Tock and Facebook. It doesn't have to be well thought out content, but spreading an alternative narrative or making a dedicated agitprop account will do so much. We can't give out newspapers like its the 1920s because nobody reads those anymore except people who are already communist, we need to be using 21st century propoganda techniques, and I know many people already are, but the real strengh lies in how every single person can involve themselves in it. You have absolutely no excuse to not make yourself an Instagram propoganda account and start sharing USSR redpills for example, or spreading awareness of police brutality. On top of this is the amazing ease of organising through these websites, though of course anything serious should be done on private channels. The people are already in a revolutionary mood, this is our chance as long as we properly use the tools we have.
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dáme el link por favor hermano


I mean, imageboards are less unhealthy for you than social media.


anybody got normiecore instagram and facebook pages to share as an example?


how do you measure mental unhealthiness


do people from other websites regularly gun down civilians because some fed told him to do so? Outside of maybe facebook?


>high minimum wage

>strong social programs
>used to have strong unions
>gentle police
>doesnt believe in punishment
>low crime
>low poverty
>low unemployment
>highest on the happiness index
>hot nordic women
>fascists get beaten in the streets and their homes burned

I literally would stop being a commie if I lived in a place like this. Life seems so chill and comfy.
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How else did you think the social system is paid? By non-whites?


>ignores me


Kind of hot womane


I think both kinds of women (germanic and slav) are equally beautiful.


It's paid for by efficient management of national oil reserves, the program was actually founded by an Iraqi, so literally, yes. You racist ignorant son of a bastard



channer culture just discourages being happy about anything - the entire atmosphere of the culture is anti-joy. all happiness is a threat that must be beaten down, even for the channer. it's anti-affirmation.
this was a latent tendency in western imageboards for a while but once it metastasized into a political ethos around 2016 that anti-joy tendency, that seething resentment, was canonized in a way it wasn't before, as this grotesque caricature of earlier imageboard culture. so now we have an entire political tendency which projects their resentment onto everyone else, oriented towards the exclusive purpose of making everyone else as miserable as themselves.
if you were born pre-1999 and are still somehow devoutly unaware of—or at least, less than completely voluntarily participating in digital misery tourism, you're either very, very stupid, or very, very naive.
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Lib analysis. I bet next you'll start explaining why the US occupation of Afghanistan failed because Afghans "don't value democracy, bro."


Found the "channer".



suffering is eternal, even if you had your little revolution you would still suffer.

t. buhhda Schopenhauer


>channer culture just discourages being happy about anything
You're on shrooms. Try again next time.

File: 1655389298626.png (183.27 KB, 422x594, 1655024844880.png)

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How is this shit acceptable broos…i can't live like this anymore. I hope property crashes mi'e 2008 and rentoids get what's coming.
Any horror rent/landlord related horror stories you're willing to share.
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Is this Sartre's hell is other people wielded by capitalism to increase demand for housing and ease movement of labour?


i'm on my 10th year squatting, so… if it does not satisfy your ego simply stop paying rent


because property tax is to create demand for the federal currency among rural people who would have no reason to use it if it weren't for property tax. they could just grow their own food and fuck off forever but property tax demands they participate in the economy and accumulate fiat. Lib blue state people are mostly urban so the very nature of the urban economy forces them to demand the federal currency


agreed. I live with my wife and her parents. we're having a kid. based multi-generational household proletarian solidarity gang


>tfw mom will leave me a house
Sorry bros… I'll just have to take it

File: 1650922655294.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1200, 1386.png)

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What do you guys think the world will be like in 2122? The last time thier was a thread like this was back on 8ch in 2017. Lets bring it back. Previous threads were really interesting to read and had a lot of effortposts.
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Part of the solar energy that would have been converted to heat is used to grow organic material instead.


Full nuclear war by 2035


Sunlight is where the heat comes from. Asphalt and other structures absorb the light as heat while plants can convert it to chemical energy. Plants also reflect more light than typical city surfaces.


Why now and not the past 80 years?


By 2122 the US will have descended so far into technological control and urban rot that it'll look like China, but with more guns.


The liberal democracies of Europe made similar agreements with Hitler *before* the USSR, and shot down Stalin's suggestions of an anti-fascist alliance.


Furthermore, US industrialists were directly inspired by Fascist Germany and Italy to carry out the failed Business Plot against FDR.


The USA also paid reparations to German industrialists for their destroyed property after the war was over (Yes, even German industrialists who used Holocaust slave labor, like Krupp).


1933 - UK, France, Italy - The four powers pact

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Don't associate the USSR with the pitiful excuse for State that is modern Russia.
>inb4 it's just a joke nig, chill
Untill it stops being.


All I want to say is that Stalin should have stopped sending Hilter anything right after France fell, he should have realized that Hitler wasn't an rational actor


>Third Periodism
Social Democracy is fascism so that was right. The Third Period was a time of big communist growth.


For every lib crying about 1939-1941 there's a fash crying about 1941-1945.


communism is when you get ass mad at a debunk of bourgeois propaganda. honestly he should have been spending his time being ass mad about z posters.

File: 1653838586919.jpg (28.71 KB, 759x500, De29V8WXUAAoxdh.jpg)

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A former M-19 rebel (now a born again socdem) has a high chance to take Colombia's presidency. If so, he'd be the first left leaning president of that country.

Is Petro /ourguy/?
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Dream on


yeah, you're right shitposting and writing blogs only 37 people read on the other hand will bring about revolution in no time


yeah this based


Well…it's not like uribistas weren't with kiddy diddlers..
But yeah…we don't have a better choice than a succdem. It's that or uribismo


>When it inevitably does, and the system invents something like neoliberalism to undo the social reforms, that's when you can ruthlessly crush the bourgeoisie.

When has this ever happened? Social Democracy is a snare for the working class, a deception. What we need is ruthless class warfare, not dreams of class peace that pacifies the proletariat while the bourgeoisie are forever plotting how to claw back any concessions.

To win for good we need the dictatorship of the proletariat.


Was it a glorious pushback against a western-backed bourgeois counterrevolution, or a suppressive act of social imperialism that extinguished an independent country's genuine attempt at popular socialist reform?
China, Albania, and Romania opposed it and rejected the Brezhnev Doctrine however it is true that liberalization under Perestoika played a large role in socialist collapse. How far would the Prague Spring have gone, how much reform would be "acceptable", and how would such a movement gain popularity if it were strictly bourgeois in nature? If it wasn't bourgeois in nature, what popular reforms were desired in comparison to reforms delivered before the invasion?
Finally, was the installation of Husák the right response, considering both the desires of the people and Marxism-Leninism?
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Which class are these "people"?


I'd like to shake your hand good man.


>Modern communists could learn a thing or two from the Democratic Party and liberal media they're always seething about.
Be the party of billionaires who control the media? There was much dissent in the West when there were socialist states to fund anti-capitalist groups.


>le FoE and FoP are both le good
just means free pass for media oligarchs to spread capitalist propaganda. ok demonrat


We stand for freedom for the working class and repression of the bourgeoisie.


This man spent years going to school and studying to then go onward to write books that say literally everything Stalin did was correctly done, anything bad about him is propaganda and noone was unjustly killed ever during Stalins run.

He made sure to have academic qualifications before he wrote about this so he can become credible.

Is this the apex of what the /leftypol/ dreams of becoming?
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The ethnic deportations were LE JUSTIFIED because these ethnicities were just natural-born nazis bro! Look, a FEW THOUSAND (out of many hundreds of thousands) were saboteurs!
If we punished the nazi sympathizers individually, well that would be THE REAL GENOCIDE because then we would destroy their national character by punishing too many of them, so obviously we had to collectively deport all of the hundreds of thousands of them across the wide expanse of Central Asia as a more suitable punishment, fucking up their national character anyway but they were nazis so they deserved it anyway.
Why couldn't we return these nationalities after 1945? Uhhhhhh no more questions, that makes it seem like Stalin made a mistake.


>He made sure to have academic qualifications before he wrote about this so he can become credible.
he is a specialist in english literature or something. Plus the academia wouldn't respect him even if he was a specialist on Russia


Seems like kind of a cop out. By that logic the first phase of the Holocaust (1933-1939) wasn't a crime either.


He's brilliant. He's done more work to undo the damage done by the Khrushchevites and Trotskyists than just about anyone. As a historian he should be regarded alongside Engels, no joke.

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What are the most embarrassing events in leftist history:
>Sino/Soviet Split
>Leftist infighting in Spanish Civil War
>China supporting Cambodia and going to war with Vietnam
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I don't fucking care, why do redditors treat this dude as a sort of god


that's some noble savage shit


I hate you Trotskyists so much it's unreal


>Whats embarrassing is "leftists" eating up all the lib propaganda about it.
The only "eating up" was the cannibalism lmfao


Problem, anticommunist?

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