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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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What is the socialist or planned economists response to how to deal with foreign trade?
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File: 1626989183248.jpg (101.38 KB, 397x580, e15-590.jpg)

If another country has something you need but don't have, and they need/want something you have, then the logical solution is to trade.


1. export revolution
2. there is no step 2.


Fuggin based.


Response to what?
You produce stuff then trade with others who made some other stuff, simple


Usually a state monopoly on foreogn trade is introduced near immediately. A good complement is to have a currency for donestic use and seperate one for foreign trade. It reduces opportunities for graft and corruption. In this way the smft also operates as a bank, strictly dealing imports, exports and money foreign capital flows.

File: 1625496403984.png (435.4 KB, 612x455, paranormalscream.png)


What non political conspiracies/paranormal stuff does leftypol believe in? Are any of you UFOfags? What exactly is it in human psychology that wants to believe in bigfoot, etc. and other such things where people are willing to believe in paranormal phenomenon? And if such a thing is built into human psychology can the vast majority of people ever escape an idealist mode of thought?
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File: 1626931738400.png (33.78 KB, 617x675, shroom.png)



>Dr. Bronners
Why do I see this brand everywhere? Literally the first time I saw it I thought it was a practical joke.


Nice, I should start browsing /x/




*tips fedora*

Voodoo physics going hand-in-hand with voodoo economics and politics. Nothing surprising about that really. Fisher was into weird diets, Friedman thought chiropractors contribute to society. There's a book called How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, and while the author is basically a Blairite himself, he totally shits on the Blairs and the Clintons for all the spirit voo they are into.

File: 1626985262131.jpg (305.95 KB, 750x899, 1626984296064.jpg)


I can't imagine that Karl Marx would look at this photograph and say wow this absolutely disgusting and no adult should even consider her remotely attractive!

What have you read from Marxist literature on age of consent?
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Down with age of consent laws!

Government out of the bedroom!

Hands off Roman Polanski!

No extradition!


This flag is for non-nonces ONLY, kys peedo


No it didn’t. It happened in west Germany


Locked for offtopic


File: 1627009043822.png (43.32 KB, 1329x198, gusano falseflag.png)

thread and pedo replies are from a polyp astroturfing here

File: 1626976679994.jpg (6.87 KB, 255x253, 1619217932905.jpg)


What the fuck happened to this place?

I visited this board a few years ago and was totally put off by the retarded leftist talking points. All the radfem, transhumanist shit, black people worship, orange man bad, white peepo bad, etc etc just turned me off. It seemed like an ultra retarded, neo-lib echo chamber. As a result I never really checked this place out too much because my first impression with it was so bad. For whatever reason, a thread on /pol/ got me lurking here a few days ago and I was blown away by the transformation that's happened. Suddenly this place now despises all the neo-lib retardation, and is woke about idpol being used as a weapon to stop people from uniting. There's actual intelligent discussion. There's people with actual enlightened opinions on the shit going down now.

Why/how did this transformation come about? Did leftists suddenly become based? Or did old-school /pol/acks just become woke? I haven't been following any politics very much for the past few years because I was busy getting my degree. Can someone give me a qrd?
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Why the fuck wouldn't they just come here? This place isn't even particularly focused on anti-idpol, we just don't really engage in it one way or the other because most everyone here is smart enough to realize the culture war is a fucking waste of time.


His board on 8chan was /marx/, which was a slow, comfy refuge for MLs. Ismail was known to end up being the grim reaper of literally everybody who walked in there trying to challenge him by extensive quotations from literature on the topic. After 8chan was shut down after the n-th /pol/yp mass shooting, Ismail relocated /marx/ to his own website, e-regime, which is a forum about historical turn-based strategy games he created.


You do not have to make an account and can post as an anonymous guest.


>>394661 (me)
Oh and as I just saw, on the old archives of /marx/ from 8chan linked in a pinned thread there. There is a specifically hilarious thread where /pol/yps tried to argue that the October Revolution was a Jewish conspiracy, and Ismail, point by point, absolutely steamrolls them. I have never seen /pol/yps being destroyed in such a way, this was targeted violence.


Ismail is still going strong there. Absolut chad


File: 1627002386757.png (154.13 KB, 474x237, ClipboardImage.png)

>a thread on /pol/ got me lurking here a few days ago
Post thread now.
Describe it to me.

File: 1626419098500.png (67.86 KB, 963x535, communism.png)

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Guess there aren't any vaccine threads yet as of now. So what do y'all think about vaccines? Do you oppose it like /pol/'ers or support it like what's expected from the left wing?
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French workers have just been hit with a vaccine passport banning them from restaurants, cinemas, libraries etc unless they submit to the fascist dictates of Macron. Countries like Australia have insanely harsh quarantine rules and China welded people's doors shut last year when the op first got rolling.

Bet the cretins on here will cheer on the vaccine pass.


i can't wait until the vaccine issue forces people like you onto the right once and for all so we can start fighting in the streets IRL. i'd love to see you at an anti-vaxx protest that morphs into some kind of rightoid front for UKIP or RN.


>and China welded people's doors shut last year
Not gonna say that was based or not but this is what an elite does who are not interested in allowing a mere virus to stir a massive shitstorm in their society.


I'll remain a communist until a die no matter how many cretinous bourgeois spies posing as communists try to claim the term.
There is no virus. It's merely a pretext for a massive worldwide bourgeois assualt.


True. If the capitalists had at least the decency to consider us slaves, like in China, they would have instated an order that a least offer protection against pandemies and other things.

File: 1626789861478.png (59.3 KB, 788x455, belgium polls.png)

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Vlaams Belang (VB on the graph) is at 26.1% as of the most recent opinion polls. This means that one of the most far-right parties in Belgium's history is in first place. These guys dominate the youth vote as well, which is not surprising given that their candidate is just 28.

New Flemish Alliance (N-VA on the graph) is at 21.8%. These guys are just as far-right as VB just with more polish. They are in second place. They are more popular with older far-rightists, however have recently become increasingly popular with mainstream conservatives across the board without losing any of it's radical policies or followers.

The far-right controls a total 47.9% of the potential votes currently. Socialists are in third, but with around 10% less votes than N-VA and 15% than VB. Then there are two conservative parties, a green party, and finally the only true left-wing party, the Worker's Party of Belgium (PVDA).

How fucked is Belgium?
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Belgium isn't any different from any other capitalist country

stop letting liberals scare you with the "far right" meme they're just another capitalist party




Why do you care?


>Different people are different, egalitarianism is a meme incompatible with socialism
Neither of these points are related to the argument brought up. People are different. No one cares for egalitarianism. None of this makes balkanization for the sake of balkanization to create a million micro states not completely retarded.


>Belgium is a Fake country that needs to be Balkanized, with Flanders (the Dutch-majority part) and Walloonia (the French-majority) either gaining independence or merging with the Netherlands and France respectively, the German-majority part merging with Germany, and Brussels joining a independent Walloonia or being an enclave of France. This is in line with my principal of Self-Determination for all major ethnic groups (the USSR pioneered this concept with their SSRs and ASSRs for every major ethnic group), which makes much more sense then the highly confusing and contradictory nature of a Multiethnic and Multilingual “country” such as Belgium, which hopefully would be paired with Dictatorships of the Proletariat and a Socialist Mode of Production.
>This is in line with my principal of Self-Determination for all major ethnic groups (the USSR pioneered this concept with their SSRs and ASSRs for every major ethnic group
You were btfo on this when you mentioned this months ago you retarded namefag, don't make anons do this again. Your understanding of the USSR is meme tier, and dishonestly misrepresents, and many times just straight up lies, regarding the USSR's policy of "self-determination". The USSR didn't purposefully break up states and remove ethnic groups to ensure some kind of warped understanding of "homogeneity", like you've very clearly argued in the past, and if you tried to make this stupid argument of breaking up states even further to make an SSR for every fucking major ethnic group, Lenin and even Stalin would have laughed at your face.
Stop larping like your "policy" has anything relating to the USSR's. It doesn't, and all your retarded "policy" would do is attempt to stall the development of communism and the proletariat. The argument is absurd to begin with, if you believe people to not be "compatible" in the first place, then they wont move from their home territories to begin with in socialism.

File: 1626922945965.jpg (56.81 KB, 1397x786, 1500294569-blade-runner-20….jpg)


Seriously does anyone at this point trust or believe the government should influence their lives at this point
>the chinese flee to the west in the millions to avoid their own government
>brazil britain and France, actually pretty much the entirety of europe have stayed corrupt economically stagnating or declining into actual shitholes for decades now due to years of government incompetency
>not a single government in africa or south america is trusted in the slightest due to foreign installed dictators or generally diverting taxes away from actually helping civilians
It's always the same repetition, do they work, do people really need governments to exist? What does the general worldwide opinion have to say about governments
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>the chinese flee to the west in the millions to avoid their own government
What alternate timeline are you living in bud? Because the Chinese diaspora are largely supportive of their government. In fact, that’s something Chinese intelligence agencies have been using for decades for national defense. Fucking hell even Taiwanese will gladly work with the Chinese government for the shared national interests.
Are you talking about the rich millionaires that buy real estate in the west that their government ignores because it cause no harm? The entire OP is ridiculous and desperately needed some citations.


Faggot spotted


I trust socialist governments because they are composed of a well educated and elite vanguard that acts on our behalf


What’s your solution? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.


The Chinese government is incredibly popular among Chinese people according to representative surveys. The national one more so than the local and provincial ones but still with approval ratings way beyond what any Western company would achieve.

File: 1625762766632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 378.74 KB, 1106x1500, A1fAAFPCvFL._SL1500_.jpg)


How come there is practically no anti-religious militancy in history? Like uprisings/revolutions/Terrorism or even individual attacks. When there was almost an endless amount of the same done by religious fundamentalists and the devout?

I mean with all the horrific and sadistic shit religious zealots and governments did to nonbelievers/women/others and all the control and domination they have had over people in history there is surprisingly little (almost none) pushback against this by secularists and atheists.(torture, murder, inquisition, pogroms, supression of freedoms, thought policing, mutilation, public hangings, public floggings, witch trials, forced conversions, support for slavery, support for fascism, sexual abuse of children, emotional abuse and indoctrination in schools…. to name a few)

And when there was, it was always a part of some other bigger movement and done as a sort of side policy and few people other than the most hardcore leading revolutionaries even cared about it. Even in places where Fundamentalists hijacked a revolution and imposed their rule on an entire country in Iran, resistance was confined to a small group of iraqi backed cultists hated by pretty much everyone else.

I mean, we constantly hear about people being radicalized into fundamentalism by rampant secularism but never the other way around even when there are perfect contradictions for it to happen. And most atheists I have talked to always seem to have a live and let live attitude and are bizarrely obsessed with being civil and polite in the face of opression. They seem to be bigger forgivers than Christians and balk at the idea of opposing it with anything other than a pen and paper and "muh critical thinking". Not even the most hardcorr state atheist regimes in history seem to be even NEARLY as brutal to believers as they were to nonbelievers. They never punished them for practicing their religions in private.

I'm not trying to be a fedoralord here, but I have a hard time understanding this. Is this some kind of extreme Stockholm syndrome, or what is it? I'm a theorylet and historylet but those things just don't make sense to me. Please explain.

I was raised in a generally religious country but never really fully bought into religion even as a kid. Christcom and Islamcom, please refrain from shitflinging and just quote me with a soyjak and move on.
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Also, notably, Francisco Franco was largely fueled by Catholics who were scared shitless due to a rising tide of anti-clericalism in Spain (precedented by multiple waves of anti-religious activities) leading to the Republican government not being willing to really defend the churches from attacks.


militant secularism is cringe


Atheists tend not to act much differently from religious people.
There have been plenty of horrific and sadistic shit done by cringe atheists this isn't unique to religious people


>atheism is incoherent.
Lol. Read one of your fairy tales instead then.


>something out of der sturmer
No, get rid of your liberal preconceptions and stop automatically associating communism with fascism.
And the Bolsheviks talked about exterminating the bourgeoisie for good reason.

File: 1620038670507.png (541.09 KB, 415x562, anime grill holding hammer….png)

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Thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content
Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.

This is the place where you can find all /leftypol/ memes n' shit
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File: 1626968505883-0.jpg (8.51 KB, 300x100, chavez-rocket.jpg)

File: 1626968505883-1.png (12.56 KB, 300x100, hatred.png)



File: 1626972261667.png (1.46 MB, 800x722, jvr5wgmq9ii61.png)



File: 1626973049944.mp4 (6.29 MB, 1920x1080, video0-5-1_1.mp4)





Earrape is not, has never been, and will never be funny.

File: 1626245929352.png (824.79 KB, 1080x864, Cupace20210714083437.png)


GQ:Are there political or social ills that that you think might benefit from the sort of entropy that psychedelics can introduce into our consciousness?

Pollan:I do and I don't. I do in the sense that the experience addresses what I see as two of the biggest problems we face as a society. One is an environmental crisis, born of our sense of distance from nature: our willingness to objectify nature and see it merely as a resource. The other is tribalism: our inability to see the other as like us, and the egotistical zero-sum game with other people, whether it's other countries, other races, other religions.

Along comes these medicines that actually change consciousness in those two domains, very specifically, by making us feel really connected to nature, that we sense the subjectivity of other species. Which should lead to treating them with more respect and care, and feeling a deep implication that you're part of nature, not just a spectator. And then, on the tribalism side, [it] makes you feel deeply connected to all different kinds of other people. So you could argue that this is exactly the drug we need right now.

But then you need to stand back and say, “Wait, is it possible to prescribe a drug for an entire country?” How many people do you have to give this experience before you change the culture? And that was something Timothy Leary spent a lot of time on, he had these predictions of how many people he'd have to trip before the world changed. There's no model for prescribing treatment to a culture. That takes you into a really terra incognita of social change. I think, for that stuff, we still need politics.

Is he right? Will Psychedelics help with archieving the lower stages of communism, or are they to advanced, so that only in a well developed democratic dictatorship of the proletariat they can help transition further into full gay luxury psychedelic space communism?
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File: 1626961945241.jpg (204.5 KB, 850x478, 5b9a63dc15e9f911863350fa.jpg)

Honestly, people who believe that psychedelics are somehow a tool towards understanding are, well, tools themselves. There is nothing in psychs which can replace the thoughtful activity and actual practice. They offer no shortcuts and people who believe to have understood something from something as superficial as drugs are imbeciles. Drugs are a coping mechanism in our oppressive times, and while I personally have taken them several times, never have I thought that they were anything more than chemicals. Even when I was taking 500ug together with weed I retained a clarity my tripping compatriots didn't seem to have – I fully understood processes of what a drug does and I didn't pretend I am getting any insight. They, on the other hand were buffoons thinking that their peaks were something to be caught and used to guide their lives in a positive direction (surprise: once the peak and psych wore off, they couldn't retain that experience and that made want to do *more* drugs, instead of, you know, actually changing their behavior).

Taking psychs doesn't help you understand the processes behind capital production. Neither does it help you understand anything. It's a drug. It makes you hallucinate. If you believe there is more to it, you are partaking in bourgeoisie idealism. It doesn't offer insights to "lower level communism" and it sure as shit doesn't help in agitating and *actually* building socialism. For that you need a clear head.


File: 1626963341176.png (654.81 KB, 488x516, nofunallowed.png)

Eat mushrooms, have a good time and learn a bit.


File: 1626975756020.jpg (293.5 KB, 567x317, mark-e4ed2cc663ba2aea77da8….jpg)

So what do we think of him (and acid communism)?


File: 1626976175592.jpg (66.41 KB, 539x960, 162615365118.jpg)

I mean, I mostly agree with this. I use LSD and Mushrooms and the like as a pressure relief valve to help me unwind after a year or so of pressure under capitalism and every day life. I do think I understand and have become more comfortable with death and my personal mortality after doing psychedelic drugs. When you experience full ego dissolution it kinda humbles you; it's a little death, in a way.


I've managed to turn two people into communists while under the influence of LSD (or LSD+cocaine). Even after their trips they started reading leftist literature. Im not saying drug use is good or enlightening, but I do genuinely believe the use of psychedelic drugs can tear down mental barriers/biases built up by bourgeois culture,

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