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File: 1620421310995.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1794, CPUSA against violent over….png)


What did CPUSA mean by this?
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File: 1620431128697.png (812.53 KB, 2888x1588, american maoism.png)

>a vanguard party shouldn't be a legal organization


File: 1620432356081.jpg (297.71 KB, 484x600, Comrade Obama.jpg)

>It means that they are making the prudent decision to keep their official organization entirely within legal boundaries.
This is where they fucked up. Bourgeois constitutional regimes are inherently structured to protect private property against the will of the people, via the judiciary, executive branch vetoes, bicameral legislature, standing army, etc. This is doubly true for the US constitution, which only became the object of religious worship after the first red scare in the leadup to the Russian Revolution. This is why believing that "it is possible to create and build a fundamentally new economic system using the provisions of the existing U.S. Constitution" is fundamentally wrong. A real revolutionary party should campaign for legislative seats, yes, but at every moment point out that real social reforms can only be achieved if the anti-democratic bourgeois legal regime is abolished. With genuine majority support for your party's aims, and consequently a large base of support in the armed forces, people will realize that the constitutional order stands in the way and transcend it.

Instead of this revolutionary party structure that took power in Russia and nearly did so in Germany in 1917-19, most of the left is stuck between two ineffectual poles: reformist parties, and insurrectionist parties. Reformist parties, like the UK Labour party and the CPUSA here, openly proclaim that they will abide by and not question Porky's legal regime. "Democratic socialism" here is usually code for constitutional loyalism. Reformists won major social reforms from 1920-1970, but that was because they were supported by the bourgeois order as a bulwark against revolutionary change. After that, the reformist left became impotent because the revolutionary left had become impotent, becoming what I like to call insurrectionist parties. This includes open minority terrorism like the Red Army Faction, but also the "mass action left" which boycotts electoralism in favor of street strikes and protests, and Comintern style "Leninist" parties, which uphold an anti-democratic internal regime to give the decades-long leadership room to maneuver. Instead of these, we need to combine reforms and revolution - to give a Kautsky quote praised by Lenin, "a revolutionary party, not a party that makes revolutions" (insurrectioniPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


CPUSA shouldn't portray itself as a peace only party if it also wants to portray itself as the vanguard party of the proletarian revolution, lying and confusing the masses by claiming peaceful revolution will ever be possible is only playing into the hands of porky and making that hypothetical revolutionary situation even more impossible


based. riots and murders when?


Right wing predecessor SPUSA is more radical than CPUSA. The DSA is more radical than SPUSA.

The SWP, who supports and encourages aligning with the Oath Keepers, are still to the Left of CPUSA and they’re more active in supporting international AES states like Cuba too. CPUSA is just a terrible organization now filled with liberals.

File: 1620423205988.jpg (31.3 KB, 800x702, hohohoh.jpg)


I hate the government


it totally sucks


File: 1620423335779.mp4 (2.23 MB, 640x640, cop gets got.mp4)

youre not alone but make a better op next time ok


File: 1620427415784.jpg (67.54 KB, 781x834, febc9a028669d345fcafed6e4b….jpg)

Hello I am government I hate you more.

File: 1620214129968.jpeg (52.81 KB, 550x413, B21F6890-9C7A-4414-BD77-0….jpeg)

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>Bring up European/American extermination of indigenous populaces of the Americas
>Bring up the genocidal Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and murderous conquest of Africa in the 19th Century
>Mention starvation and conquest of the Irish by the British
>Mention starvation and conquest of the Indians by the British (100+ million dead)
>Mention the Nazis equally if not MORE barbaric crimes against the Soviet people in general, who they planned to totally annihilate (inspired by America, of course)
>Mention slaves in San Domingue/Haiti having a life expectancy of only five years
<Wtf u r a antisemite!
Why do they do this? Is it to keep up the myth that the Western Allies were somehow not as morally corrupt and despicable as the Nazis themselves?
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>killin' natzies is what 'merica is all about

Basically WW2 is the creation myth of the united states. Americans view it as how the US saved the world from them darn evil nazis. Challenging this story is a direct assault on their perception that the US is the ultimate moral authority. It's unironically the only thing that stops the US from descending into an outright Fascist vs Communist war and factionalization.


>Jewish nepotism is a real issue and they use these over-hyped events throughout history to expand their sphere
The Israeli state and the Zionist lobby in western countries uses the Holocaust as a shield to equate any criticism as a "you're an anti-Semite" card. The Holocaust was also not a discrete Jewish event, but a multicultural genocide of all kinds of people.

Jews weren't even the majority of those killed in the Holocaust, despite the overwhelming evidence for a genocidal campaign against Jews and the existence of facilities built for that purpose. Jewish groups also later downplayed these other deaths and actively suppressed attempts to include them in Holocaust memorials.

All of this can be true.

That said, the U.S. seems pretty nepotistic to me in general where "who you know" determines success in life for most people. And if you want to see some nepotism, just look at the Evangelical Christian lobby in the U.S., which provides the deepest wellspring of support for the state of Israel. Or look at the NRA, which has the same constituency and fearmongers about "socialism" while enriching its board of directors with hundreds of millions of dollars in donor funds and spent on mansions, yachts and steak dinners.


File: 1620352618115-0.png (324.54 KB, 576x566, 9d5.png)

File: 1620352618115-1.png (15.99 KB, 200x162, thumb_smug-full-frontal-po….png)

File: 1620352618115-2.jpg (35.23 KB, 589x590, 773.jpg)

The elders of lefty have passed their judgment
you will be banned to keep the nursery school free from ze ebil reactionaries


File: 1620352688900.png (52.47 KB, 200x225, 564.png)

>dr-drop the Poljacks
<buah buah


>smack bang in the middle of Europe
>uses industrial societys all possible means, from railways to computers
>terrifying efficient
Gee, Idunno, lol!

Also, source please on the 100+ million dead indians. Seems really interesting.

File: 1620357691408.jpg (467.02 KB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20210506-211413….jpg)


An American man who has been working his whole life and is on his final years before his inevitable death is currently being forced to pay dozens of thousands of dollars to recieve aid for something even people in the 3rd world can recieve proper treatment for. To make things worse his wealth he has given towards the us economy has either been taxed away or stolen by major companies meaning he doesnt have the resources much less the time to build the wealth needed to escape his dire situation all while major medical corporations whom alleviate his problems get billions in tax payer handouts.
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>how does Mexico have tax payer funded healthcare and we don't?
all the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies lobby US government not to legislate them out of existence. that's why. public health care would actually be much cheaper in the US but it's about profit not efficiency


File: 1620420629958.jpg (17.33 KB, 380x319, 1616688562131.jpg)

America is the greatest country on earth if you are middle class and up. The middle class, business owners and the wealthy have extreme sway over the policies enacted in this country. The reason poor people are allowed to be raped by medical debt and big pharma is because those expenses are perfectly manageable if you are part of the classes I mentioned before. The top 25% of earners make over $80,000 a year. The professions which allow you to earn that kind of money typically have very good insurance plans. Not only that but people in the higher brackets of income typically marry others who are close to their own level of income. Meaning a couple earning around 80k a year will have a combined income of $160,000+. America is a very good country when you are making that kind of money.

This is who the political parties in the US base most of their policies around. This is why Democrats and republicans are always talking about the middle class while giving lip service but no real tangibles to the lower classes. This country is extremely generous to people in the top 25%. There are countless tax breaks and other incentives for middle class people and specially middle class people who marry.

The people in the higher income brackets DO NOT, under ANY circumstance, want to have their cushy lifestyles taxed in order to fund healthcare for the lower classes. This is why Universal Healthcare is so incredibly hard for America to even talk about. It's literally "fuck you, got mine" on a national level.


Crossing the Mexican border is easy. The American border is a huge hassle unless you're american. You can get sentry or global entry and it becomes ez pz to cross both ways.


almost every person in my family not counting children has medical debt either due to necessary procedures, cautionary ER stays, or getting picked up in an ambulance for a genuine emergency. it is not unusual at all, especially for poor people with shit for insurance


im a burger that lived in west africa for a while, got sick and ended up going to a clinic 7 times, all told including medications i spent less money than i would have for 3 doctors visits even with my insurance, and recieved the same treatment. ive been sick with the same thing in the US and africa so i know what the relative cost is

anyone ITT shilling about how the US healthcare system isnt actually that bad is fucking delusional or sheltered

File: 1620060825285-0.png (2.41 MB, 1170x780, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1620060825285-1.png (1.03 MB, 890x534, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1620060825285-2.png (1.12 MB, 968x645, ClipboardImage.png)

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Watching the people get lairy
It's not very pretty I tell thee
Walking through town is quite scary
It's not very sensible either
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i'll kindly ask you not to refer to the prime minister and the home secretary in those terms again


Answer my post, socdem >>229614
I did not write over a paragraph to be ignored


So SNP have supposedly secured a straight majority taking seats off both labour and Tories.




File: 1620342336150.jpeg (64.46 KB, 655x527, E4EBB186-5516-462B-929B-A….jpeg)

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Why isn‘t China actively helping socialist organizations abroad if they care so much about establishing socialism? Aren‘t they going down the path of socialism in one country again? Why isn‘t China supporting socialist organization in all countries to make them take leadership?
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>Also, "revisionist", immediate disqualifier
But China is revisionist?


File: 1620418010572.png (6.95 KB, 226x223, abc.png)

>China doesn't interfere in the internal affairs of other countries

>China doesn't interfere in the internal affairs of other countries


File: 1620418358183.jpg (48.7 KB, 680x664, a60.jpg)

>implying China ever stopped when they could've pressed on because they discovered "Oh, there's no american influence here that we can counter."


Not what anon is saying, nor are there any pristine and atomized vacuums. You're thinking about this too autistically.


Don't you have a revolution to start in your western country where they in fact do internal affairs interferences?
There are multiple companies worker-owned in China giant enough to be a behemoth. Can you name one in the U.S. using the same model?

File: 1615724007551-0.png (656.83 KB, 652x488, bio.png)

File: 1615724007551-1.png (628.86 KB, 800x596, 2.png)

File: 1615724007551-2.png (158.44 KB, 841x616, nordlands.png)


Thread for all things Nordic. Recommended languages: Finnish, Scandinavian and English.
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rusky noble who wanks to terror


File: 1620137532451.png (64.04 KB, 1684x824, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems like the Swedish root for 'wank' is the Finnish root for 'noble'. Go figure.


you learn something new every day. fuck swedes


<inte anställa Leif som gårdskarl
Hu vale! Fi donc!


Hur fan hittar jag "tenants unions" som engelsmännen beskriver dom? Det är väl ändå inte hyresgästföreningarna? De är ju i fickorna på eliten. Finns det någon mer gräsrots organisation mer styrt av arbetarna än kapitalet och staten, istället för Hyresgästföreningen™?
Eller är det bara jag som missförstår?

File: 1620256274698.jpg (128.5 KB, 1214x1600, Portrait-Sigmund-Freud-192….jpg)


I remember when I used to browse /pol/ there would be daily gore threads with the most vile sentiment. Most vile because no longer were anons shitposting about uyghurs and other minorities in the abstract, now you had gory imagery that was the culmination of their fantasies. Now you had human beings being stripped of their humanity right before your eyes. A far right murder simulation if you will. Chinese workers dying in work accidents, Mexican cartel executions, worldwide police thuggery… It was the kind of stuff that would make even the most milquetoast leftist want to bring back gulags. Websites dedicated to gore too, such as Liveleak, hosted a far right audience judging from the comments sections. This is clearly something that interests a certain reactionary part of the internet populace… Why is that?
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File: 1620416872703.webm (2.34 MB, 480x360, zizek - the promise of ob….webm)



Because it shows the world we live in.



Thanks and saved.


Where can I find the video at the start? Can anybody link?


I need to workshop it but I think there's also an incentive to prove their masculinity to themselves and have it recognized by others, in accordance with fascist masculine values–to look at violence, commit violence, order violence and not be shaken; that they can really take it, and are freed of burdensome, irrational, feminine empathy or moral sensitivity. In the real world, there's no inherent conflict between empathy and rationality, nor is it a weakness. Emotion is a type of information like any other.

This dimension of the fascist psychopathology is most brazenly exampled at, IIRC, the Wansee Conference where one of the speakers (Himmler?) thanked and congratulated the SS. According to the Nazi speaker, the greatness of the SS as men is proven when they undertake the "difficult but necessary" work of murdering innumerable defenseless women and children without losing their minds.

File: 1620418250256.mp4 (12.19 MB, 640x360, yt1s.com - TRIUNFO DE LA V….mp4)


In this thread post communist music that have been made in the last year.
Cuba still makes communist songs, I present to you "SOBERANA, LA CUBANA": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHvitAwAD2w


We have a >>>/music/ board. Please post on it.

File: 1620153053493.png (11.74 KB, 198x200, logo-xr.png)

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Is Extinction Rebellion in any way salvagable?
If not, how should the green movements carry themselves forward? I observe that Extinction Rebellion got a lot of attention and membership, which is good, I do wonder if that can be replicated without playing into the downsides of the organization and especially its almost exclusively liberal tactics.
Thoughts on a green mass movement going forward? I think this would be our last shot at preventing climate apocalypse, which I'm a bit blackpilled on the prospect of humanity actually achieving but worth trying nonetheless.
Are there green or ecologist etc. movements existent in your country which you think have the right idea already? If not, what would such a group look like?
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>Did you offer solutions that address production, public ownership, and direction of production and I missed it? Did you use other words to describe a working solution?
In the next chapter that I've almost finished I specifically address agriculture. I've finished the critique of industrial agriculture and the description of the alternative technology and am now finishing up the section on how it should be managed, which will address public ownership and management. I'll post that when I've finished it.

<I think it unreasonable to expect that we can force the restructuring our entire economy when

I say this in reference to using civil disobedience to force change. I'm a communist and think that revolution is likely inevitable.

>Communism isn't a "buzzword" its the only solution to climate change.

Okay but what does communism actually entail? We both know what it entails, but normies reading this aren't so I have to be more specific.

>Replacing agriculture, mining, deforestation, and automobiles, isn't going to do anything other than starve billions of people to death while making westerners feel better about themselves.

Actually the alternatives to these wont starve people as they're just as productive, however they don't work well with capitalism because they tend towards decentralization rather than centralization. Additionally, something like industrial agriculture is inherently unsustainable, no matter if its organized by the state or not. We need political and economical alternatives, not just a restructuring of management.

>How is your proposition meaningfully and materially different than XR's already proposed solutions to encourage entrepreneurs to be less mean to the planet?

Because I'm not appealing to entrepreneurs to save the planet but to get local groups to help promote sustainable, democratic alternatives. Long term goal is dual power but I avoid those buzz terms in this essay.
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who's "they"? it was like 2 dudes and half of XR hates them


File: 1620406799108-0.jpg (55.26 KB, 483x619, not XR.jpg)

File: 1620406799108-1.jpg (3.39 MB, 2090x2717, not XR either.jpg)

File: 1620406799108-2.jpg (147.51 KB, 962x641, but the sign is cooler tha….jpg)

File: 1620406799108-3.png (4.01 MB, 2560x1440, mm-mmh.png)

>Xr glows in the fucking dark in a way that makes Fridays for Future look like the fucking Bolsheviks
Maybe, maybe, maybe, just maybe things are as simple as they seem to be.

From a superficial view, XR are those who are just looking for excuses to protest. Those who can't protest against Trinity College in an intelligent way, but just "had" to ruin an old lawn. That all all the other bullshit they are doing is just letting other do the mental legwork for them. It's like they watched all the episodes of PitchMen and then decided to disregard all the lessons of that show.

Then there's Fridays For Future and their informal de facto leader. Maybe they are mostly school kids that don't want their protests to be exciting (and to be honest, there's too many FFF:ers in Africa that has too exciting protests for everyone's good). Maybe they want to get their message out in such a simple way as possible? So simple that you can't change nor remove anything? Maybe they want to be creative with the signs without having to go the detour via theory or being "creative" with street theater that either desperately needs or won't be helped by interpretation.

So just maybe XR and FFF attracted different crowds. I consider XR to be a great asset, because it acts like a sponge and attracts the hopless cases. All things different, this speech gives perspective:


<racial epithets the han-chinese wouldn't disapprove of

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>[YouTube] William Pierce Speech (unembed)
>do not tolerate losers
>we want winners
hmmm I wonder if Trump listens to him

>we are not interested in uniting the movement or competing

>According to Ronan Harrington, the coordinator of XR’s UK General Election Strategy Group, remaining neutral allows, “the possibility of all parties outcompeting each other to meet us where we are.”


>hmmm I wonder if Trump listens to him
Who cares. I'm just saying that Pierce's speech is interesting whenever someone wants to just have that big, happy family.

And if you see how XR behaves they will either alienate too many people. Or they will become something tame.

You can't accuse Thunberg nor FFF for "pointing with their whole hands". But compared to XR, they are Billy Mays, all of them! There may be something unclear with what they are saying or something. But at least they aren't stopping me from getting to my job nor ruining old lawns nor demands that I bring out the big decoder ring.

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