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File: 1711846811265-1.jpg (961.59 KB, 1280x1500, Karl_Marx-1116383723.jpg)

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So we know the right wing has their dogwhistles, i.e. "Christ is King" and "It's Okay to be White."
How about a Socialist dogwhistle? Something that will trigger rightoids, something that really hurts: reminding them that the soul does not exist, and that consciousness is an illusion. They HATE this, it threatens everything about right wing ideology much more than they are willing to admit. This is why they fought it fiercely in the 20th Century, making sure to appeal to the "godlessness" of communism. Ultimately I believe there is too much idealism around these days. You see it in things like psychedelic culture, wellness culture, tech culture (and their idiotic quest for "immortality") and surprise! they are all becoming very reactionary!

Trigger the idealists. "Matter is the fundamental substance in nature." It's the perfect combination of disarming and bewildering that gave "its okay to be white" and the AOK hand their power. "Matter is the fundamental substance in nature. Make it a meme. Marx would be proud. That's where it all began, after all. Before his ingenious theory of Dialectical Materialism, before Scientific Socialism, before the Communist Manifesto, there was Materialism.
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File: 1717648328666.png (1019.91 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>matter is a component of substance it is not a substance in and of itself faggot
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell it is not a cell in and of itself faggot


File: 1717801746418.jpg (468.63 KB, 1179x1548, GPeEhCEbcAAy9Yi.jpg)


>just be normal.


Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life…


Imagine disagreeing with matter existing.

File: 1714935053531.jpg (791.17 KB, 1512x2688, 20240410_160651.jpg)


Hello, ask a Kashmiri leftist who lives in Kashmir anything from culture to politics and history of socialism in kashmir
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what do you think of kashmiri pandits? they seem like a pretty reactionary bunch. are you glad they were expelled?


Aight, I'm back
I actually like this video and it is not researched badly
I mean the protests died out as soon as govt said they're ready to negotiate on the demands. You need to realize the difference that the majority of AJK doesn't want independence, it's 30-40% (less than 10% in areas like Gilgit Baltistan). JKLF tried to take advantage of it and raise pro independence protests which got amplified by Indian media to show that AJK doesn't want to be under Pakistan despite the fact the same organization (JKLF) is banned in India
Some people like to think that during 1989 KPs were controlling everything, they were owning most of the land etc which is why the exodus was justified which is wrong actually. It would have been true from 1857 till 1960s but because of the >>1845840 reforms their position in the society wasn't the same anymore. They didn't make the majority of the landlords and the muslims didn't make the majority of the serfs. Still there are a lot of things there, they were mainly targeted of their pro india beliefs and sometimes just for their religion. Even the number of them killed wasn't that high compared all other conflicts involving minorities (219 died in targeted killings according to govt sources over two three years where as in anti Muslim riots in Gujarat thousands perished, same for the 1984 anti Sikh pogroms). Due to the fearful environment created with spark from rhe rigged 1987 elections and these killings, govt ordered them to be moved out of Kashmiris and they fearing the bloodshed in Kashmir, obliged leaving their homeland behind. There are also some other stuff there like India admitting they used Kashmiri Pandits specifically in Kashmir for spying on independence movements, India assassinating a pro independence communist KP etc. but yes, what happened to them was very tragic. I don't think I'm glad they're expelled because this is their home as well and now their existence is of merely of a stick which India uses to beat Kashmiri independence movement with, nothing more and nothinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I haven't watched much at all since years due to the propaganda they make but probably Haider (I'm biased towards it) and Andhadhun (the last one i watched)


People like to make content about their native language and i follow some of them. We have some neat content makers now.


File: 1717713347654.jpeg (461.08 KB, 917x714, IMG_0844.jpeg)


Kill revisionists. Behead revisionists. Roundhouse kick a revisionist into the concrete. Criticize Revisionists. Crucify filthy revisionists. Defecate in a revisionists food. Launch revisionists into the sun. Stir fry revisionists in a wok. Toss revisionists into active volcanoes. Urinate into a revisionists gas tank. Judo throw revisionists into a wood chipper. Twist revisionists heads off. Report revisionists to the state security. Karate chop revisionists in half. Curb stomp the class basis for revisionism. Send revisionists to Gulags. Crush revisionists in the trash compactor. Liquefy revisionists in a vat of acid. Eat revisionists. Dissect revisionists. Bomb Revisionist Headquarters. Stomp revisionists skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate revisionists in the oven. Mandatory reeducation for revisionists. Send revisionists to labor camps. Drown revisionists in fried chicken grease. Vaporize revisionists with a ray gun. Purge old revisionists. Feed revisionists to alligators. Slice revisionists with a katana.
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>Marxism as it actually is
Too bad Kuomintang already claimed the obvious acronym!
You're right, but Marx as it actually is demands that we look at the world as it actually is. How does anti-revisionism deal with expired strategies against which the enemy has developed a resistance or which are no longer socially legible to a further lumpenized proletariat? Maybe now is the time for that Catalonian revolution that anyone can dip in or out of.


File: 1717740083863.jpg (64.34 KB, 750x600, GPbnBp8awAENHWq.jpg)


revisionist state


File: 1717799558955.png (150.08 KB, 360x360, hellocommisar.png)



how dare you speak ill of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky


>The 1965 Bulgarian coup d'état attempt was an attempt by officials in the Bulgarian Communist Party and officers in the Bulgarian People's Army to oust the leadership of the party, more specifically the General-Secretary Todor Zhivkov. These plans were foiled in April 1965 before the coup could be carried out.

>In October 1964 two members of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Ivan Todorov-Gorunya and Tsolo Krastev , began to plot against Zhivkov. The conspirators were communists influenced by Mao Zedong of China, who denounced the leadership of the Communist Party for having become "opportunists" and for following the "revisionist" Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev. Although Khrushchev was removed on 14th of October, the conspirators aimed at establishing a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bulgaria. Several dozen officers joined, including the commander of the Sofia garrison General Tsvyatko Anev; the head of the personal cabinet of the Мinister of Defence, Colonel Ivan Velchev; the deputy chief of the Мain Political Directorate of the Bulgarian People's Army General Мicho Ermenov ; and the chief of department at the General Staff, General Lyuben Dinov.

>The plan was to execute the coup with the aid of the Bulgarian People's Army during the plenum of the Central Committee of the BCP. They planned to use the tank brigade based around Sofia, the Guard Division and the First Army headquarters in Sofia as a show of force against the party leadership.

>The conspirators aroused suspicion and a counter-intelligence operation carried out between 28 March and 12 April 1965 uncovered the scheme and arrested those involved. Some sources say that the leaders of the plot were being spied on even before 1964 because they were not fully trusted by the party leadership.The first arrested was General Anev on 8 April 1965. Following his arrest the coup leader, Todorov-Gorunya, committed suicide at home. On 12 April the rest of the plotters were arrested. Nine of them were court martialed and were given sentences varying from 8 to 15 years, and another 192 people were given administrative penalties.

>Rumors spread throughout Sofia about the suicide of a high-ranked party official and about the possibility of a plot against the current leadership. The state-controlled media, however, den
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File: 1714326857299.png (9.66 KB, 1184x720, Maoist Bulgaria.png)

Why didn't it work…



If they win Maoists would call them revisionists and wreckers for taking power through a coup rather than through people's war


This isn't Maoism. Maoism was initiated by the people's war in Peru. I think this is more of an internal conflict in the bourgeoisie of a revisionist state. It's an interesting story however.


there was no bourgeoisie you retarded idiot

File: 1717710185352.jpg (96.95 KB, 461x461, 1716057364599.jpg)


Why are south americans so friendly to reactionary or ancap ideas? And what's with the growth of USA-philia?

We've been exploited nonstop by the USA yet people seem eager to choke on American cock and run in the rat race in here, and the anti-left sentiment is not only growing but getting increasingly more aggressive and borderline rabid.
Feels like latam has been successfully lumpenified (I just made that word up).
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Idk, i wonder this myself everyday op. Every fucking day.


Because it's almost all we get in the media. Our mid class is aspirational and take Americans and Europeans as an example of culture (which kind of sucks). One day they love them the next day they find themselves cursing them. People are getting tired of it and they're a major event away of turning completely opposite IMO.


Appeals to their macho-liberal culture pushed on through media and so on. Then they fall for horror stories about the "failures" of socialism while ignoring the crippling sanctions the USA puts on them every time. Bolsonaro detaxing protein powder is the epitome of this.


>trauma bonding
sweet dreams are made of these


OP, these are the best responses. There have been books on the concept of ‘internalized self loathing as the byproduct of colonialism and/or imperialism’. From the evidence I’ve found, this sentiment tends to be stronger in East Asian and South and central American states or societies (the difference between those words is that the ladder isn’t restricted by borders) compared to sub Saharan African and south Asian ones. This disparity might be caused by a lack of propaganda reaching these regions, and the formation of organizations like the African union and ASCEAN that provide some sense of guidance for their respective territories.

File: 1717725870673.gif (837.06 KB, 498x322, butt-1817058836.gif)


The most recent round of shitflinging about porn got me thinking about the Miller Test, and how it confuses the fuck out of me.

For those who don’t know, the Miller Test is a test used by the US’s Supreme court to determine if something is “obscene” and thus doesn’t fall under first amendment protections. In order for something to count as obscene, the answer to all three of the following questions must be “yes”:
>Whether "the average person, applying contemporary community standards", would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest
>Whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct or excretory functions specifically defined by applicable state law,
>Whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

Tests one and three seem very arbitrary to me. How do you determine what “the average person, applying contemporary community standards” thinks, or whether a “work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value”?

Beyond that, the very idea of “obscenity” as a legal concept seems like it runs counter to the first amendment, which is pretty clear that freedom speech and freedom of press aren’t things that can be limited. Is it because they’ve declared that it doesn’t count? Because if it is, then that kind of defeats the whole point of having free speech to begin with, doesn’t it?

Please, for the love of god, someone explain this shit to me.
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0:52 is my feeling about the miller test


Very good



Yankoids talk about secret police under socialism, while they are the most controlled people on the planet.

„Cointel pro is still active, just under another codename“

-M. Wesley Swearingen; FBI Secrets: An Agent’s Exposé P.105


OP here, I think part of my confusion is that I don't quite know what the tests even mean to begin with. All of the literature I've found on the subject assume you instinctively 'get' them in the abstract, without ever providing concrete examples to clear up what things like
>the average person, applying contemporary community standards
>the prurient interest
>sexual conduct or excretory functions
>serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value
To clear up what those terms are understood to mean.


You know how pseudolaw (sovereign citizen shit) is about using mental gymnastics to justify whatever conclusion you want?
Real, actual law is exactly the same, except the person doing it is sitting in a position of power.

File: 1717562385686.png (244.13 KB, 549x702, stirner_joker.png)


Revolution is just adventurism with planning. The manifestation of a class-wide union of egoists. The only difference between the "bad" adventurism that people like Lenin denounced and the "good" adventurism (revolution) is that when you do risky shit that gets you killed in the good adventurism, you do it with lots of people, and spend years and years "planning" in advance. And how does that "planning" manifest? Turns out very little of it is actually planning the way you plan to build a building by drafting blueprints. 99% of the "planning" is people hyping each other up for revolution, convincing each other it's a good idea, and convincing each other to stand together and not back out when the time comes. The same way a bunch of college frat boys "plan" to ride an empty shopping cart down a steep paved road when drunk. This "planning" is really hyping. Admit it.


Just means educate people that the thing being hyped is good
Just means get them agitated so they would rather do it than not do it
Just means get them to do it all at once rather than alone.

"Planning" for a revolution is a lot like planning for a WoW raid except instead of 25 people fighting hundreds of monsters, it's thousands upon thousands of people fighting a handful of bourgeoisie and their well armed lackeys. Which brings me to my next point. Revolution should theoretically be easy. The "three percenter" reactionaries in the United States are always going on about how it only takes 3 percent of a country to overthrow the government. It probably takes even less! Washington would cave if 1,000,000 armed and half-trained civilians sacked it. And that's not even 1% of the USA.

This is why adventurism is based. If everyone capable went out and got a k/d ratio of 2 on the porkies, it would be over in a day.

>ooooh fed thread! fed thread! fed thread redemption!

The real feds are the ones demoralizing you from doing anything. The real feds are the ones telling you that this truth is "fedposting." I'm not telling you to actually do anything without planning, I'm just pointing out this "planning" should not take decades like people say it does. In fact 99% of it is people hyping each other to be brave. People lack the bravery to just fucking do it. YOLO tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm not an anglo. Telling how that's your reply.




prove it


File: 1717783980796.png (652.35 KB, 640x670, agrarian_socialism.png)



File: 1714723436046.jpg (116.95 KB, 1074x1238, 7360n8umion91.jpg)

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I know i know irrelevant shithole in the middle east and whatever but on the other hand
This article lays things out very nicely
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i hate it here :( please ill live in fucking zheltogorsk if it means i dont have to live here


>იფიქრე თუ რა მოუტანს შენს ქვეყანას სარგებელს
რა მოუტანს ქვეყანას სარგებელს ცხრაჯერ დედაშენის ყლით მოტყნულო არ ნიშნავს იმას რაც მოუტანს მატერიალურ განვითარებას და ცხოვრების ხარისხის ამაღლებას ქართელ მუშათა კლასს რომელსაც შენ აშკარად არ მიეკუთვნები იმიტორო მამიკოს კომპანიის შენარჩუნება გინდა როგორც ყლე გირჭია ევროპელი კაპიტალისტების
ევროპული ბიზნესები რომ შემოვლენ ერვოპულ კანონებს გადასახადებს შეზღუდვებს და წესებს რო მოგახვევენ თავზე ევროპული რეგულაციებსი გამო გაძვირებულ პროდუქტს რომ კიდევ უფრო მეტი ადამიანი ვერ აუვა ქუჩაში რო შიმშილით მომაკვდავი ხალხის რაოდენობა გაიზრდება აი მერე იქნება ხო უკეთესი იმიტორო შენ და შენნაირი ქვეყნის მოღალატე ნაცისტი ნაბოზვრები გააჯვავთ ევროპაში და ბალტიის პირეთის პატრიოტები როგორც არიან ბერლინის აპარტამენტიდან რო ითესლავებთ
შენი დებილი დედა მოვტყან და რო ვიცოდე ვინ ხარ ქუჩაში გამოგშიგნიდი და დედაშენს მივუტანდი მოჭრილ თავს შე ყლეო კლასობირვი მოღალატე ხარ ეროვნული მოღალატე ხარ და ზედ დამატებული რედიტზე რ/რუსთაველის მომხმარებელი ხარ შენი დებილი დედისმუტელი რო მოვტყან ყლეო


words, words, words

მთელ ცხოვრებას ამ საიტზე გაატარებ იმის ბოღმით რო შენი იდეოლოგია არასოდეს გაიმარჯვებს :D


File: 1717695289322.png (298.93 KB, 620x464, 1717210814333.png)

შენი იდეოლოგია და მისი მიმდევრები მთელიდღე იმაზე წუწუნებთ რო შავკანიანები გიტყნავენ თეთრ გოგოებს და ინდოელები ყიდულობენ თქვენს სახლებს და ამით იტანჯებით
კიდევ ერთხელ შენს დედას შესცა ცხრაასმა ვირმა ასეთი ყლე რო გაგზარდა


>attack country
>country allies with your enemies

Holy shit chads this needs some serious Marxist analysis and debate to understand

File: 1699710985385.png (5.12 MB, 1400x1408, ClipboardImage.png)

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Not trying to be an enlightened centrist here, but it has always seemed odd to me how people on the right and left fetishize the concept of a militia taking down a conventional army, when reality has shown the opposite result every time, I come from a shitty third world nation that is barely held together most of the time, and my country has experienced numerous rebellions by Islamists, ethnic nationalists, and communists, and every time they have failed. This is because a "well-armed and well-funded militia" is no match for a well-armed, better-trained army with superior logistics and structure. Of course, in the event of a total collapse, a militia could potentially become the only proper authority for a region or if faced with an entirely incompetent and corrupt army. However, in most cases, a real army always prevails over militias. I don't know how people fell for this meme really, Eve Marx bought into this up and advocated for workers' militias, which ultimately proved to be a massive waste of time and loss of life for everyone involved, the Spanish Republicans insisted on using them in the Spanish civil war and they were a massive hinderance that lost way too many battles, and thoughts of forming an actual army was "Stalinism" and a betrayal of the revolution.
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Of course you're trying to make an essentialist argument, but in truth symbolism is a powerful drug, especially to those trained to respond to forms as if they were real and immutable.


I think the biggest problems with training a militia are the lack of dedicated infrastructure, trainers, and curriculum.
Militaries have dedicated facilities for training recruits, they have professional trainers whose entire 9-5 job is literally just training new recruits, and they have an established curriculum which they can use to evaluate individual and group performance. Militias simply lack that because they're all volunteer and thus rely on how much said volunteers are willing to spend time and money on.


In rural communities it would be mostly veterans training hunters and sport shooters.
Also, in a period of extended civil violence, there aren't going to be battle lines like in a conventional war. It's going to be all about "popping out of a dumpster and ambushing someone," but a gunfight is a gunfight. It doesn't matter if it involves soldiers or insurgents. If you're working in a team, you have to know what you're doing so that you don't end up killing each other and can be effective as a team. Even a low-risk thing like a far ambush still necessitates a degree of know-how


>Now begins the time of the lone militia man.
>In the beginning I was alone
>Then it was beginning and we were alone
>Now it is over and we are all still alone

 No.1793453[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

"we used to have culture" edition

come in, make friends, talk about everything Brazil related - politics, news, the arts… and shitpost, of course.

Previous thread: >>1683261
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Acho esse acelerapt muito engraçado mas não levo a sério, essa gente com um vocabulário academicista e com um ar de arrogância me faz sempre perder os lados.


Tu já viu os Carlistas atuais cujo lema é Deus, pátria, rei, autogestão e socialismo?
Eu discordo que o anarquismo e o catolicismo tenham algo a ver, até porquê a ideia da igreja é monárquica, o melhor sistema para a igreja é a monarquia medieval. Mas se eu te disser que eu vejo mais democracia nas monarquias medievais e nos sistemas de corte de Portugal do que eu vejo na democracia liberal as pessoas me chamarão de maluco.


Alías, muito cuidado com estudo de misticismo e religiões comparadas sendo um católico para não acabar caíndo em diversos erros como o filho do olavo caiu e o próprio olabo também. Esse caminho é um caminho não muito bom de se seguir como católico, acho que o melhor a se fazer é se estudar misticismo católico, como os padres do deserto e são João da cruz. Porque para a igreja existe uma diferença entre misticismo católico e esoterismo. Não há um esoterismo católico e a ideia de esoterismo é condenada no catolicismo.
Falo como um ex-catolico que manja dessas paradas.


Quero que a marielle se foda


No Brasil o que se vê é que os partidos comunistas já não falam mas em revolução e se falam é como uma forma velada de conciliação de classes e sustentação da política burguesa e da democracia burguesa, nesse caso eu fecho completamente com bordiga. Participar do jogo político burguês é perda de tempo, de recursos e somente legitima o poder burguês. Porém ao mesmo tempo acho que esse espaço deva ser ocupado para que exista uma resistência lá dentro para brecar o avanço da burguesia, porém SEM PERDER O FOCO DA REVOLUÇÃO QUE DEVE SER FEITA O MAIS RÁPIDO POSSÍVEL.

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