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Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago
Israeli officials obtained Hamas’s battle plan for the Oct. 7 terrorist attack more than a year before it happened, documents, emails and interviews show. But Israeli military and intelligence officials dismissed the plan as aspirational, considering it too difficult for Hamas to carry out. The approximately 40-page document, which the Israeli authorities code-named “Jericho Wall,” outlined, point by point, exactly the kind of devastating invasion that led to the deaths of about 1,200 people.

Israel-Palestine war: Malawi sends labourers to Israeli farms amid shortage of workers
A flight carrying 221 youths left the southern African country on Saturday for Israel with more expected to follow, the ministry said on Monday, according to Voice of Africa. The announcement comes after Israel said it would give a $60m aid package to Malawi in November. Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, has been gripped by a cost-of-living crisis. High inflation, curbs on fuel imports and shortages in foreign exchange reserves, have seen Malawi's President Lazarus Chakwera suspend all international travel for himself and his government in November in a bid to save money.

Gaza aid trucks stranded as Israel-Hamas war resumes
Egyptian security sources and a Red Crescent official said aid and fuel trucks had stopped entering from Egypt. UN officials described the resumption of fighting as “catastrophic” and said the continuation of aid delivery was in doubt. A spokesperson for the Rafah border crossing confirmed that the entrance of trucks carrying much-needed aid, fuel and cooking gas from Egypt into the Gaza Strip had stopped because of the resumption of the Israeli bombardment.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


UAW Becomes Largest US Union to Back Gaza Cease-Fire
Fresh off historic contract victories, the United Auto Workers on Friday became the largest U.S. union to endorse a cease-fire in Gaza as Israel resumed its bombardment of the Palestinian territory following a weeklong pause. "I am proud that the UAW International Union is calling for a cease-fire in Israel and Palestine," UAW president Shawn Fain wrote in a social media post on Friday. "From opposing fascism in WWII to mobilizing against apartheid South Africa and the Contra war, the UAW has consistently stood for justice across the globe."

For years, the FBI quietly stopped tracking anti-Arab violence and hate crimes
For nearly two decades, anti-Arab violence was omitted from hate crime data. When the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program developed its hate crime data collection guidelines pursuant to the Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990, it included a category to record anti-Arab incidents. But, according to the Arab American Institute (AAI), the FBI quietly removed that code from the data collection program in 1992. It remained missing until it was reintroduced in the 2015 report.

Florida Republican party chair under investigation for alleged sexual assault
The chairman of Florida’s Republican party, Christian Ziegler, is reported to be under investigation for sexual battery – a potential political bombshell in a state that Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis call home. According to heavily redacted police department documents, Ziegler is mentioned in the context of an “active criminal investigation” after an individual reported being “sexually battered” at home in Sarasota on 2 October.
https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/dec/01/florida-republican-party-chair-christian-ziegPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Israel’s War on the People of Gaza Must Not Be Allowed to Continue
When Hamas and the Israeli government negotiated a temporary cease-fire last week to facilitate a hostage exchange, Politico published an article that contained an extraordinary yet all too predictable insight into the thinking of Joe Biden and his officials: " There was some concern in the administration about an unintended consequence of the pause: that it would allow journalists broader access to Gaza and the opportunity to further illuminate the devastation there and turn public opinion on Israel." Israel’s war on Gaza has already resulted in a staggering death toll among journalists. In addition to the sheer danger of reporting from the ground, the relentless nature of the Israeli bombing campaign has made it difficult for anyone to put forward a clear, up-to-date picture of the devastation inflicted upon the people of Gaza. The Biden administration had good reason to fear that a truce would expose the nature of the atrocities it has been supporting wholeheartedly since early October. Biden and his team will now bear full responsibility for the horrors that ensue from a resumption of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza. The only way out is to restore the cease-fire and make it open-ended.

The world’s oppressed will shed no tears for Henry Kissinger
Earlier this week, on the night of 29 November 2023, the world was informed of the death of Henry A. Kissinger: former National Security Adviser to the President, and a former US Secretary of State. In the days since, the bourgeois media – along with various statesmen and politicians – have been shedding tears for their late loyal servant. An obituary in The New York Times described Kissinger as a “scholar-turned-diplomat who …used cunning, ambition, and intellect to remake American power relationships”. Foreign Policy magazine – a favorite publication of Washington’s military, diplomatic, and intelligence elite – titled their obituary “Henry Kissinger, Colossus on the World Stage”, saying that “the late statesman was a master of realpolitik”. Tributes have been pouring in from across the bourgeois political spectrum. “America has lost one of the most dependabPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1701485291443.gif (358.72 KB, 446x498, 1701465526864938.gif)

Thanks News Anon





File: 1700734189316.png (887.92 KB, 1080x1621, dutchfascists.png)

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>With almost all votes counted, in a dramatic result that will stun European politics, his Freedom Party (PVV) is set to win around 37 of the 150 seats in parliament — more than double the number it secured in the 2021 election, according to exit polls.

This isn't as much a win for the far-right as it is the failure of the Dutch left to provide an alternative to the neoliberal parties. People want change, and nobody is going to elect the party that has the same policies as the liberals but with a coat of red paint. The Dutch left failed to change with the times and respond adequately to the rise of the far-right. **Looks like having a social club for middle class university students didn't make much of a difference after all.*
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They're non existent because it's not in the interests of the masses of the labour aristocrats in imperial core states to want socialism. No relevant communists in any imperialist state. Why expect anything different for the Dutch?
Stop using right and left you fucking moron. If you do, please say you're not a communist to people you meet so the rest of us don't branded as libshits by association.


>if Israel falls, the West falls
holy based
>So are all western countries fascist? Think.
anon I


>the muslims are replacing us
Don't worry soon the rich will replace all of us with machines just like they always have


File: 1701951967720.jpg (121.73 KB, 645x899, average jenny poster.jpg)

I wouldn't mind being replaced by a machine!

File: 1697342587576.jpeg (499.38 KB, 828x1277, IMG_0393.jpeg)


I got accepted into the school of nursing here and I knew for a while there was a problem with how NA post secondary education works because of how inefficient it is at actually providing people any skills/education they would need for any kind of job - dropout and graduation rates are a testament to this - but seeing what’s going on face first it’s obvious that these places should’ve collapsed ages ago. Canada has had a problem with getting enough healthcare workers available for a while now and seeing what’s going on in their schools makes it clear for why, students are having their parents or themselves blowing thousands on this shit and getting almost nothing out of it. The education quality is abysmal, it’s not like the factory style training I’ve seen teachers and parents bitch and complain over, it’s worse than that. So many of these schools don’t put any fucking effort into educating students at all, they should’ve closed down ages ago, they’re a waste of tax money.

You’re paying for a degree not for the schooling, they don’t treat their students like people. Essentially they place all responsibility on the actual learning part on students, then go out of their way to try to get rid of as many of their accepted applicants just to waste their money so that they’ll apply and come back again. Here in Canada college grades aren’t even based off of whether or not students actually understand course material at all, it’s based off the performance of other students and they use this to figure out which ones they want to get rid of. There’s no space for actually understanding anything, or taking time to properly digest information or even just for your health so you don’t fuck up while attending your course. It’s all studying months ahead and cramming as much information as you can while fucking over the educational level of your fellow learners just so you don’t get kicked. No wonder there’s constant demand for professional workers here in such a terrible way of producing professional level graduates, half the cunts that get in to these schools quit because they realize they’re in for years worth of bullshit with debt as a thanks for their efforts, while the remaining are stuck due to how much they blew on this shit. Not to the fact that some courses default into literally just upper management and overpaid professors lazily narrating off slideshows for a class and once in a blue moon a lab.
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You claim to simply enjoy the spectacle but you're clearly very spiteful about it


Internet streamers are actually more effective but in a mindless maoist red guard type of way


File: 1701318468279.jpg (105.59 KB, 749x864, 4gjrpyn6f43c1.jpg)

>Here in Canada college grades aren’t even based off of whether or not students actually understand course material at all, it’s based off the performance of other students and they use this to figure out which ones they want to get rid of.
That's not true for every Canadian university. I went to a large university in Western Canada for my undergrad and whether grades were curved was entirely dependent on the course. I'm in medical school in the same province now and we go by Angoff scoring, which is supposedly the norm for Canadian med schools. That said, I do agree that the quality of education is not even a distant concern for faculty in most undergraduate programs. They have nothing to gain by actually preparing their students for the work force and a lot to lose if they were to actually invest in the students. Arguably, med school might be one of the few institutions that are forced to keep quality at a certain level due to the risk of losing accreditation and public confidence.


File: 1701500605015.png (758.69 KB, 1458x1535, obj2rxj9net91.png)

>harm reduction is leftist
Such a retarded and undialectic statement.
There is no harm reduction in the imperial core where 2 parties essentially have the same economic policies.
Voting for the worst and most harmful party. Aka accelerationism is leftist. Not voting blue no matter who libshit


>students are having their parents or themselves blowing thousands on this shit and getting almost nothing out of it.
when I was 19, like a decade ago, i decided to drop out instead of take student loans for this exact reason.

File: 1701466902260.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1439x1073, IMG_1511.jpeg)


Why do Marxists say that “Fascism is capitalism in decay” when Italy was still an agrarian country when the Fascists took over?(QTDDTOT)
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File: 1701492559400-0.jpg (386.23 KB, 834x1200, 767681.jpeg.jpg)

File: 1701492559400-1.jpg (116.83 KB, 563x799, download.jpeg.jpg)

File: 1701492559400-2.jpg (163.3 KB, 1200x795, 1200x795.jpg)

>After all, all that transportation of manufacturing jobs alongside industry to countries with lower wages, has overall weakened the real economy of the usa.
Well this is the contemporary contention, that the service economy today is paired side-by-side with virtual post-scarcity in the first-world metropolises, which distribute so many goods that they cant all be sold in the market, which is why funnels such as charity programs have massive imports of unsold stock from companies, which are given to places like food banks and hostels (i know this bc i used to live in a hostel, where trucks full of food pulled in every week).
So while the real economy of the first-world has declined, its wealth has increased, where wealth is defined by access to goods and services. A return to protectionism would put emphasis on production and exportation, which would lower domestic wealth since it would lower consumption by the steamrolling of service economy units like supermarkets, which also employ people for the purpose of prolonging a consumer economy.
Developing* countries are usually the exporters while the developed countries import goods in exchange for currency which feeds industrial development - in places like china, india and africa.
The post-industrial west has no need for national industrialisation because it doesnt compete except in the markets that you outlined, including tech, entertainment, luxuries and other areas.
There's no reason for the UK to make its own plant food if south america can do it cheaper - thats why its converting its "green spaces" into housing estates.
The system of economic self-sufficiency would be autarky, which is what fascist italy practiced, but it is again, a regression from liberalism, which impedes growth, for like you say, once national capital is big enough, it grows into international capital - this is why protectionism is "protectionist"; it shields national capitalists from competition. Tariffs can help a country for a little while, but long term it is uncompetitive and expensive. Autarky too ruins nations because it also produces national energy from its own land - whereas today its better to import arab oil than to drill for oil in your own seas. Like its better to mine for ores in african deserts than in domestic cliffsides. This is the basic law of intePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Gaddafi quote is probably more accurate than that fucking ᴉuᴉlossnW one


Where does wealth come from then?
Adam smith already settled this centuries ago


File: 1701500753514-0.png (673.76 KB, 602x874, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701500753514-1.png (733.77 KB, 1600x822, ClipboardImage.png)

This is a fair response, however I still have some responses.

>So while the real economy of the first-world has declined, its wealth has increased, where wealth is defined by access to goods and services. A return to protectionism would put emphasis on production and exportation, which would lower domestic wealth since it would lower consumption by the steamrolling of service economy units like supermarkets, which also employ people for the purpose of prolonging a consumer economy.

Indeed, but the question is what produces wealth. While its true that free trade has allowed us to gain access to cheaper globalized alternatives or more access to goods to services, it has at the same time paradoxically reduced the ability to generate that wealth or even access that. For while it is true that we have more access to cheap goods at the same wages have stagnated, the middle class is dying, consumer debt is rising, future generations are expected to get poorer, house savings have reached critical low levels, jobs are transfered overseas and housing prices have skyrocketed alongside other forms of inflation. So yes we have access to more "goods" but at the same time paradoxically we dont.
And the notion of having access to more goods = more wealth is a very suspicious claim. Yes we have more goods but who produces those goods? Are those goods domestic or foreign. And in the era of neoliberalism the most likely answer would be foreign. The question is how exactly does this quantify as wealth?
For in the end, the capital, the know it how, and the ability to generate more wealth from the making of the products would go to the foreign. Sure the retailer would have the benefits of selling that good but he is merely the intermediary and not the producer. Which goes to my main response.
For in the end, I dont think its right to define wealth as a increase access to goods and services rather you also need to add in production too. For the production of goods is the one that generates wealth. It generates the domestic machinery, and infrastructure needed for a modern economy. Its the one that produces the tools needed for urbanization, construction, transportation, and other things associated with the modern economy. Its the one that encourages modern economic organization, transportaiton, industrial zoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>getting mad at shit I didn't say and don't believe

File: 1701304570172.png (172.59 KB, 474x248, ClipboardImage.png)


for me (perhaps on entirely idealistic grounds) i cant help but feel sympathy for him. For what i read (admitely little as that is give the hours of my current job) he seems like the last voice who trully believed in the project. The last cultural icon who regardless of what the trots and revoisionissts say was TRYING for a world revolution.
Am I right lefty pol?
if not who was the last who actually TRIED for it??
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Kermit was a traitor worse then Trotsky, Bukharin, Gorbachev, Yakovlev, Kautsky, and Deng.


>t. vid
Kermit was pragmatic, an engineer of world socialism. If what Kermit did was betrayal to the theory of his time, then the theory of the time was clearly flawed.


Think Peterson is a dumb benzo addict


He’s an intellectual narcissist whose brain got fried by his fifteen minutes of fame plus benzos

I really don’t think he’s that hard of a guy to figure out tbh


Her daughter is hot, I guess, not vibin with her meat diet tho.

File: 1701390666479.jpg (240.8 KB, 1200x900, CmRBVKdVMAAbyya.jpg)


Israel-Palestine war: Israeli army relaxed rules for bombing 'non-military targets' in Gaza
A joint investigation by Israeli outlets 972+ Mag and Local Call, including interviews with multiple current and former intelligence officials, indicates that lower expectations on limiting civilian targets were combined with the use of AI to generate a wider range of targets, which one person branded a "mass assassination factory". In at least one case, sources said Israeli army intelligence approved the death of hundreds of Palestinians as part of an attempt to assassinate one Hamas military commander.

Three Israelis killed by Palestinian gunmen at Jerusalem bus stop
Video showed the attackers getting out of a car on a highway and shooting at people with a rifle and a pistol. Off-duty soldiers and a civilian at the scene killed the gunmen, who police said were from occupied East Jerusalem. Hamas claimed the pair as its members and said the attack was a response to Israeli "crimes" in Gaza and elsewhere.

‘Serious doubt’ Israel complying with international law: Spain PM Sanchez
Spain’s prime minister has expressed doubts that Israel is abiding by international law in its war on Gaza, given the high number of civilian casualties there. “The footage we are seeing and the growing numbers of children dying, I have serious doubt [Israel] is complying with international humanitarian law,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Thursday.

Lech Wałęsa to face trial on charges of false testimony relating to communist collaboration
Former Polish president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Wałęsa will face trial in Poland on accusations that he fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Fights break out during pro-Palestinian demonstration blocks away from Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting
The NYPD was expecting the demonstration and amped up security in response, knowing it would be a chaotic scene with a rally right next to the tree lighting. But despite the provisions, demonstrators were able to break through their barricades and at some points even surround and physically fight with police.

Mehdi Hasan Booted From MSNBC After 'Daring to Practice Journalism'
Progressives on Thursday said the American public was losing a vital voice that for nearly two months has offered rare critical coverage of the U.S.-backed Israeli assault on civilians in Gaza, as MSNBC announced it was canceling "The Mehdi Hasan Show."

Uncle Sam wants you to help stop insurers' bogus Medicare Advantage sales tactics
Officials at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are encouraging seniors and other members of the public to become fraud detectives by reporting misleading or deceptive sales tactics to 800-MEDICARE, the agency's 24-hour information hotline. Suspects include postcards designed to look like they're from the government and TV ads with celebrities promising benefits and low fees that are available only to some people in certain counties.

Everett woman suing officer after he arrested her for filming him
In a body camera video from Everett police, Molly Wright is seen filming an Everett police officer outside her apartment. Wright said she heard screaming and saw someone being arrested, so she ran outside. She was promptly asked to stop filming, but she refused. “Can you please stPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Obituary Kissinger: a war criminal who served US imperialism
HENRY KISSINGER, the US diplomat associated with some of the worst crimes of the cold war, has died at the age of 100. He packed his worst offences against humanity into just six of those hundred years, when he served as national security adviser or secretary of state, and sometimes both, to presidents Nixon and Ford from 1969 to 1975. A Metternich of the 20th century, Kissinger was a practitioner of cynical realpolitik in the service of the interests of US imperialism. Even after leaving office, he retained considerable influence for decades, advising successive US administrations and various private clients on world affairs. He is above all associated with the murderous bombing of Cambodia and the first outreach of Washington to socialist China, as well as support for the fascist coup in Chile in 1973, the pursuit of detente-through-strength with the USSR and peripatetic “shuttle diplomacy” during the Yom Kippur war between Israel and Arab states.

The World Kissinger Built Must Die Too
It is one of the greatest injustices that Kissinger lived to 100, enjoying a life of luxury, while so many people are not alive today as a result of his actions. A key leader during the Cold War years, Kissinger played a central role in advancing U.S. foreign policy to not only contain the Soviet Union, but also led a bloody campaign across the globe in the name of anticommunism, and ruthlessly suppressed national liberation struggles that threatened U.S. hegemony and influence in any way. Kissinger’s violence was ultimately at the service of maintaining and expanding the world capitalist order that emerged after World War II where the U.S. sat on top. Perhaps Kissinger’s greatest crime was the role he played in Southeast Asia, where he developed policy for the U.S. war on Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Under Kissinger, these wars were built on a framework of indiscriminate targeting of civilians, or, in his own words, killing “anything that moves.” This was done through chemical warfare, carpet-bombing, and massacres. Kissinger’s policies prolonged the war in Vietnam, and paved the way for the Khmer Rouge to tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




News anon>>>>>>>>>>lurkers/no name anonslike me>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>… Namefags

Simple as your our best anon!

File: 1700333029848.png (773.99 KB, 1116x750, ClipboardImage.png)


If you let someone borrow money at zero percent interest you're losing money in the long term, because the currency gets devalued in the time it takes for the loan to get paid back. In an economy with inflation, a zero percent interest loan may as well have a negative interest rate. In this regard, shouldn't the a "zero percent" interest loan actually have a percentage tied to the rate of inflation in order to truly be zero percent?

This is not a defense of interest, just an observation regarding the logistics of giving loans. I agree that loans are fundamentally exploitative and that interest is a way to keep working class people trapped in debt to the bourgeoisie. Historically especially the existence of debtors' prisons, etc. was particularly grim, and I fear they may be brought back writ large as the internal tensions of the present system reach their breaking point.

I still find it valuable to contemplate interest and how it relates to inflation, currency devaluation, labor, exchange rates, stocks and bonds, etc… In fact one of the biggest loopholes in the imperial core economy (and eventually the entire world economy) that causes the out of control growth of fictitious capital is the fact that commercial and investment banking are no longer separated, so the funds of ordinary workers are, collectively, used to give loans to investors and bourgeois enterprises. When those enterprises fail, or those investments crash, the government is forced to bail out the banks using public money, which means the proletariat is taxed thrice by the bourgeoisie. Once directly for income by the bourgeois government, once indirectly through the banks in order to give loans to private enterprises, and thrice through government bailouts when the bank suddenly doesn't have the real capital to back all the loans it has been giving. One of the meanest tricks the bourgeoisie pulls using loans is when they put stocks up as collateral for low interest loans, knowing full well that the stock is about to crash, so that the principle of the loan they end up getting from the bank, even after interest, is worth far more than the rapidly devaluing stock they put up as collateral. This is the essence of short selling.
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by far the funniest thing about cockshott is his beef with heinrich

dude spends all this time railing against neue-marx lekture and every time heinrich gets asked basically just goes "I don't care go away"


>neue-marx lekture
what is that


He talks far more about why market socialism is unstable and about climate change.
You can make another thread if you care.


he has no retort
he has no alembic
he has no calcinator
he has no mortar nor pestle


File: 1701428021096.png (379.48 KB, 1200x613, YOU HAVE MEDDLED.png)



*inhales* Am I getting through to you, anon?
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Luis Bunuel
Pier-Paolo Pasolini
Bernardo Bertolucci
Vincent Monnikendam
Jean-Luc Godard
Charlie Chaplin
Fritz Lang
Michael Haneke
Ingmar Bergman
Steven Spielberg (according to Castro, at least)
Lars von Trier
Chantal Akerman
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


george lucas is a leftist, speilberg is more just a liberal zionist like sacha baron cohen



>he served in korea which was all around a pretty pointless conflict in the end.
it wasn't pointless. it was an imperialist conflict that had many ramifications. it's only ever "pointless" from the nihilistic perspective of the imperial core liberal looking to avoid both class war at home and imperial war abroad. To an American peacenik Korea/Vietnam/Iraq etc. were "pointless" but to the military industrial complex the point was to secure natural resources, control the economies of neocolonial subjects, and contain communism. To the people being invaded, the point was to survive against the ruthless onslaught of imperialism, capitalism, and colonialism.



Pier Paolo Pasolini
Michelangelo Antonioni
Jean-Luc Godard
Michael Haneke (implicitly as the other anon noted)
Hayao Miyazaki
Mamoru Oshii
Michael Mann (yes, really)
Bernardo Bertolucci
Nagisa Oshima
Bong Joon-Ho
James Cameron (not always blatant but it's there)
Godfrey Reggio

File: 1701444765919.png (204.2 KB, 535x662, 1701414351907634.png)


Worldnews is full with Zionist apologists. Literally saying shit like Palestinians deserve it and saying shit like Israel is the most moral country in that region. What a cursed website. Glad it's dying
9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


You have to start doing your part and using "worldnews" as an adjective. Oh some Palestinian Americans got shot? Must've been a worldnews shooter! Oh, you haven't heard of the worldnews guys? They're mainly young white men who get radicalized to think the enemies of America are all evil and must be genocided, yeah it's pretty wild.


Yeah a lot of people on 4chan are actually teenagers and early 20s that "grow out"of it or at least mellow out. But the people on those subreddits really speak as if other people are subhumans or inferior that need the stewardship and guidance of the International Community.


4chan is either boomers who are sincere or underageb& being edgy


It's been that way since I last used r world news in like 2017. Any article about Israel was guarunteed to be 90% Israeli astroturf in the comments and any comment that was negative about Israel was guarunteed to be down voted until it was hidden.


Always has been. It's fun by Eglin AFB

File: 1700067596442.jpg (523.94 KB, 2048x1365, Cultural Revolution.jpg)


Why aren't y'all reading reports from the living movement, anons?

China’s Health and Health Care in the “New Era” by Wei Zhang
<Wei Zhang is an associate professor at the School of Marxism of Tsinghua University in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. This work was supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China under Grant no. 20BKS076.
Although China’s health system has functioned efficiently during the COVID-19 pandemic with timely and free deliveries of tests, vaccines, and treatments, outside of the pandemic, the system has not always performed optimally. Despite growing government spending on health, the household burden of out-of-pocket health care costs has increased. Self-rated health scores among the population have decreased and chronic disease prevalence has increased, especially for young people. Unnecessary medical care remains widespread, and the patient-physician relationship has not yet achieved a satisfactory level. While China’s health and health care in the “New Era” have seen significant improvements, they face deep-seated problems and challenges.

Relative Pauperization and Involution in Contemporary China: A Survey of Jingzhou City by Alex Witherspoon, Amir Khan and Yu Zhou
<Alex Witherspoon is a graduate student at Yangtze University’s School of Economics and Management in Jingzhou, China. Amir Khan is an associate professor of English in the Foreign Studies College at Hunan Normal University in Changsha, China. Yu Zhou is a graduate student in the School of Foreign Languages at China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, China.
Involution, an obscure term once known only to scholars in the social sciences, has perhaps now been spoken in every Chinese university and high school. In casual Chinese discourse, the term involution refers to the subjective feeling that increased investment of effort and other resources into personal development is yielding diminished returns.1 A college graduate performing work that does not require any educational background might be called a victim of involution, while the increased investment of time and money into educPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>How much hassle it is to run both client and server locally on linux distro?
Read the manual section about the server - you probably don't need it. I don't use one, just client which talks to the database. I haven't checked performance but it's never been an issue on my mid-range, 5yo+ laptop.
>Does it have some cli tools for search and stuff?
I've never used CLI for it so I can't help you there, I get the feeling CLI is not particularly useful beyond some launch arguments. Might be a third party program that could help? https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/client_api.html Otherwise, I'd ask the dev to see if they have knowledge of a project.


Well, thanks anyway, been looking for final solutions to my picture folder and hydrus wasn't even on the radar. Definitely gonna try it.


>although after importing and tagging a few hundred images in one week I can understand why someone might not go to the initial effort for a large collection.
I know the feel, I tried using tagspace for my webm porn collection at some point but gave up not even halfway through

when I was looking for similar solutions I think I saw hydrus but I didnt want to store my shit in a separate db. Tagspace just rename files or use sidecar files (I use rename because sidecar break if you move them outside of tagspace).


>Critical Support [for social imperialism]
Based totally unbiased social democrat.


Oh joy, one of these posts. Here lemme translate
>Critical support
<completely uncritical support in practice
>Don't manufacture consent
<I have no faith in the masses ability to think and worry that any criticism will make workers ravenous warmongers against China.
>Cautiously observe development
<Watch Chinese media and CPC statements only with the baseline that SWCC is correct
>Focus more on domestic organizing
<Completely abandon any real international scope to our movement. No struggle, deep international connections/conversations, or analysis. Just vibes and vague "awareness" of things happening in other countries.
>Don't care so much about things you can't change
<Forget about this being a collective struggle and stick to the individualistic bourgeois paradigm that we naturally gravitate towards in the imperial core. Don't think about unimportant questions like "what is socialist development?" or "how can things be one thing in form but another in content?" that are clearly irrelevant to your own struggle.

I didn't even make this thread to be anti-China or whatever. I made this thread because, though China is extremely visible on the left, Chinese authors who aren't Mao, Xi, or Deng aren't. The Chinese left has a lot to contribute and we need to genuinely engage with it rather than just reading the documents of "great leaders" and official party statements. The top isn't where the meaty analysis happens anywhere, in any country, it comes from below.

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