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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1656182891026.jpg (319.45 KB, 900x600, Karl-Marx-Quotes-2.jpg)


In any case…

I ran through a search on the totality of MECW (Marx & Engels Collected Works) – the most complete works of the two – and found not a single occurance of them calling themselves "Left". M&E referred to themselves as communists. There's ZERO implication there that communists should self-identify as "Left."

I did the same for Lenin's, Stalin's, and even Kropotkin's, and Bakunin's works, with the same result. Based on this, any anarchist and Leninist who calls himself a "left-winger" is a fucking clown.

Can we face the fact that naming ourselves "lefty"pol was a mistake or do we concede to the so called" Left," riddled with reformists, woke-tards, and anarcho-imperialists?

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>leave leftypol for two years, disappointed
>get bored, check back in
>takes this many posts and y'all still haven't collectively concluded that the left right spectrum is useless liberal bullshit
It's almost comforting in a way to see you all still stuck in the same mud. OP is right except that you acknowledge left and right have any meaning at all, stay slow leftypol.


its obvious that they were based when feudalism was still around, but now theyre the new feudalists.


Leftist is a term used by baby actual socialists and communists or liberals. But you should never call yourself a leftist if you know better. I, for one, am a marxist-leninist


Has it occurred to you that the userbase is not a static entity


>Leftist is a term used by baby actual socialists or liberals
>I, for one, am a marxist-leninist
These gentlemen think that when they have changed the names of things they have changed the things themselves

File: 1656827270947.png (81.39 KB, 600x600, 1656780015733.png)


>first worlders are okay with capitalism as long as you give them their lgbt rights and affordable Healthcare/Education for economically weaker people. Firsties think climate change won't affect the first world that much and that they can easily cope with it through muh technology and innovations.
>third world will face debilitating embargoes/sanctions/drones/coups/invasions if they do anything that the global north under the US hegemony doesn't approve of
The world is completely fucked. There's no way to get out of this deadlock situation. If you're from a third world shithole you're double fucked. How do you guys cope?
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> netherlands will get literally atlantis'd
Also this
Western Europe has been a series of islands for much of Earth’s history up until the Ice Age when the sea level dropped


File: 1656854289822-0.png (322.49 KB, 452x375, euroe 65My ago.png)

Not exatcly. You are thinking of the creatceous period. Even if all the ice on Earth melted, Europe would not turn into a bunch of islands 🤓


Fuckin hell
Well there goes yet another cope


And that won't be communism


File: 1656875150252.png (64.45 KB, 1555x1160, ok doomer.png)


How can a socialist-/-communist revolution happen in today age ?

And what are the ways that we could achieve it ?
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Unironically WW3, or at least a war of similar scale. Against modern militaries, practically the only way to achieve victory is to have a significant part of the army defect to the revolutionaries, which isn't going to happen in peacetime. There needs to be a mass of conscripts fed up with constant warfare (as we could see during/after the previous world wars, especially the first one).


That’s tantamount to saying socialists will never win, since that will totally collapse the world’s ecosystem and the basis for human society along with it
It might do that even without a nuclear exchange


Yeah, we are pretty fucked tbh.


The far more important questions imo is what happens the day after? This isn't backwards shithole russia in 1917, its no longer enough to seize the telegraph station with some red sailors and the government is yours. Even the bolsheviks in trying to command a far more primitive and less complex state and economy were forced to employ countless tsarist officers and bourgeois experts to achieve anything.
Establishing a DotP and trying build socialism in today's world which certainly provides us with sufficiently developed productive forces, the means of production are here, capitalism's tendency to produce state capitalist monopoly and great standardised infrastructures that Lenin raved about has given us everything we need materially to establish socialism, but we have not the slightest idea how to manage any of it. Do you think that your local communist party, be they an old 'national' communist party or a revolutionary sect of any tendency, if put in charge of the state tomorrow would know the first thing to do with it? Would anyone on /leftypol/?
Of course not, knowing the most fervent self-proclaimed revolutionary communists around, faced with the enormity of the real material work of building socialism they would immediately set about ordering as many executions as possible in the vain hope that blind terror will save them from the consequences of their unpreparedness.
There is a vast public-private bureacracy and managerial strata which runs all the institutions, infrastructure and plans and organises modern society and unless we are ready to near seamlessly replace them at a moments notice (or ready to compromise with them and bring them onside whatever that may mean for the course of our 'revolution') you can kiss any hope for socialism goodbye.
The only solid argument for 'dengism' (and one self-proclaimed dengists and assorted china-shills never bring up) is that china and the CPC are the only ones doing what i think is necessary to build socialism today, which is building *actual* dual power (not mutual aid larp), that is having the party be part of every major enterprise, at every level, forming a sort of shadow cabinet for the whole economy, that will (one hopes) be ready at the crucial moment to step in and seamlessly takeover.

So what does this mean for prospects for revolution outside china (and underdeveloped countries in africa where a bolshevik style coup could still work, maybe), does it mean you should as a coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Depends on whether or not communists will seriously organize a movement once again.


>Russo-Georgian War
>Assumption of presidency by Xi Jinping
>Romney scaremongering about the Russians in 2012
>Russian-American proxy war in Syria
>US psyops throughout Africa and the Mideast in the 2010s
>American invasion of Iraq
>Obama’s 2015 pivot to Asia
>Start of the trade war with China under Donald Trump
>2014 annexation of Crimea
>2016 accusations of Russian meddling
Also at what point will there be an explicit anti-US bloc and what are the odds of a new Non-Aligned movement?
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the finno-korean hyperwar never ended


And like “pivot to Asia” is literally what they themselves call it. I’m asking, when were they not in Asia trying to surround the Chinese? Basically never

opium wars never ended


The Indo-European migration-conquest never ended. The steppe menace encroaches on the neo-Shang dynasty. The horse-APC graze right beyond the border.


File: 1656855535033.png (3.03 MB, 2048x1536, finno korean.png)

Liar, they obviously signed a peace treaty.


i urge you to read this very informative piece by john bellamy foster -

File: 1649803501541.png (1.65 MB, 1300x957, ClipboardImage.png)

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This is a thread only for people who actually do IRL organizing to exchange tactics and ideas. Its time to stop whining about bullshit like Wiccans or shizo pedo rape cult conspiracies, and actually get some actual lessons out of each other, for fucks sake.

Explain your situation, ask a question on what you would like some advice on, and give insight into what you do right now and how successful you are.

Let me start off
>I am the chairman of a local chapter of a socialist nation wide youth org of a european country
>We have, on paper, 90+ youth members in our local chapter
>We have, on paper, 1000+ members nationally
>Recently formed out of a split, still very much in flux
>The real local cadre is around 10-15 people with varying levels of commitment, about 6 people at each weekly or so meeting
>The ideological and practical education of our cadre is low
>Following a broadly orthodox marxist line, as opposed to classical marxist leninist, or maoist, but also containing trotskyites and anarchists

Now the thing I would like your feedback on is explaining how you conduct meetings, how to educate cadre, how to retain cadre, how to ensure people show up, what communist youths are even supposed to do. So let me sketch out what we do now

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thank u so much for effort post anon

Can u share ur list of personal theory that u found most important to get this smart?


So it was q comie version of anarchist black cross? Cool.


This is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind, I'll definitely look into it more.


>Not only did the CPUSA refuse to support his case, they actively celebrated the jailing of the "Trotskyite wrecker". This later came back to bite them when the Smith Act was turned against the CPUSA itself in the 1950s, devastating the party.
This, above all else, even 'material conditions' is why we can never have nice things.


File: 1656856334351.jpg (351.44 KB, 1268x702, Legal Method.jpg)

This is good shit. I've done something similar locally with helping set up micro businesses.

File: 1656454774838.jpg (82.52 KB, 1200x1200, carl-jung-9359134-1-402.jpg)


When i see people on /Pol/ 4chan discuss psychology most of them seem to be attracted to his ideas and have respect for him.

Why him?

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European civilization in general can be argued as the inheritors of much of Rome's cultural legacy, but how tf are you going to argue that China is a continuation of Carthaginian civilization?


How the fuck are you going to argue America is the inheritor of Rome’s legacy other than by being the ruling imperialist beast of the world?
American culture, despite being created by European settler colonists, is pretty damned divorced from European society and culture
Remember, even from the beginning America was a bourgeois society; even when half the country was dominated by slavers it was a bourgeois society; it doesn’t have the legacy of rule by the Catholic Church, it doesn’t have a history of domination by a monarchy or a history of a real landed aristocracy

As for China? It’s because polyps, like arguably all people, but especially due to their reactionary ideology, can’t help but to farcically drape the events of the current era in the garb of the past, even if it’s as warped as claiming a global confrontation between two modern powers in a series of much more covert coercions and invasions of other countries is equivalent to a competition between two empires in the Mediterranean thousands of years ago

What’s funny is that, of course, in this scenario America, the thalassocracy, would actually be Carthage and China, the land-based power trying to build up a navy to confront the sea-farer, would be Rome


>How the fuck are you going to argue America is the inheritor of Rome’s legacy
I'm mostly speaking in terms of culture, which is essentially the main mechanism by which civilizations have a lasting impact, at least on people who have no direct genealogical or institutional continuity with them. Greco-Roman culture and history is widely seen by Westerners as "their" history and most people have a passing familiarity with it, major elements of their culture is widely dispersed among Europeans (e.g. most people have some familiarity with Greco-Roman religion, mythology, and philosophy, Greek and Latin have lasting influences in most European languages). Most Europeans also practice a religion which took its predominant form within the Roman Empire (essentially all Trinitarian Christians should be included here), and live under institutions which consciously draw on Greco-Roman institutuons.


Wait, sorry if that sounded hostile mate, I didn’t mean “you” as in you Sabocat, I meant (you) as in the polyps that are claiming this is Rome vs Carthage III


>What’s funny is that, of course, in this scenario America, the thalassocracy, would actually be Carthage and China, the land-based power trying to build up a navy to confront the sea-farer, would be Rome
China is also the rising power like Rome, while the US is the established one like Carthage.

File: 1653067755333-0.png (1.17 MB, 1348x785, monkeymap.png)

File: 1653067755333-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.65 KB, 1200x900, large (33).jpg)

 No.980455[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The latest spread of the monkeypox virus has prompted The World Health Organization (WHO) to convene an emergency meeting, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported on Friday. The disease, which is typically confined to forested areas of western and central Africa, has been spreading rapidly in a number of European countries, as well as the US and Australia since early May.

According to the report, high on the meeting’s agenda are the mechanisms behind the virus’ transmission and possible vaccination strategies. Dr Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, is reportedly attending the discussion.

The newspaper claims that the WHO is looking at whether smallpox vaccines could be used effectively to tackle the spread of back to monke.

Meanwhile, the UK government has already ordered additional stocks of the smallpox vaccine, which is being administered to people who may have been exposed to monkeypox, the Telegraph reported. On top of the 5,000 doses the British authorities have on hand at present, an order has been placed for 20,000 more shots, according to the report.

In Africa, reports of the risk of death, if untreated, are as high as 10% to 11% in the Central African clade of monkeypox.[1][11]
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If that chart is accurate, and we're still in the beginning of the exponential phase, I'll start caring about this in September. Until then, nothingburger.


File: 1656522258402.png (368.48 KB, 673x375, ass.png)

>I'll start caring when it already too late


the god damned queers just can't stop sucking on each others' anuses, can they?


Too late for what? this shit isn't even particularly lethal.


>trusting western numbers

File: 1656598473784.png (308.48 KB, 620x298, ClipboardImage.png)


What the heck is the white genocide meme? Why do white people believe in that fiction based off baseless claims about a global Jewish conspiracy trying to extreminate all whites down to the last one? Are they just bread ad circuses designed to keep proles away from fighting capitalism?

Picrel is for explanation
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>>asking /leftypol/ instead of some retards on /pol/ who actually believe it
People ask /pol/ a lot of shit that right wingers would never be qualified in knowing.
And a lot of people are retarded and will believe what other retards believe and not seek out things that go against it.
> I Think for most of them it's mostly about them being edgy anyways.
That's how it starts
>Like insuniate that the left is getting censored and how the elites like to push right-wing ideologies abroad and here. They will DENY AND DENY that.
It's hard to make people understand that right wing i the status quo in society and US politics because they hyperfocus on a gay background character with one line in a Disney movie as a sign the leftoids control everything


>and that this was a good thing, since minorities always vote Democrat
Maybe stop being openly racist
Or secret racist, both parties are vile but Republicans pretty much only have racism as an appeal a la Southern Strategy


File: 1656838255651.png (235.72 KB, 700x394, ClipboardImage.png)

>I believe the idea of white genocide is older than that.
A lot of its ideas come from Camp of Saints which is somehow now part of public discourse thanks to demons like Tucker Carlson and Stephen Miller
Of course there's the Nazis, and a lot of examples before that like the KKK craze in the US, anti-abortion entering politics in the late 19th century as way to make white women to pump out more babies to strop the dreaded Chinese immigrants, and worse, the Catholic immigrants
And even pic related if you wanna go further


game of thrones


Keep forgetting that uyghas until some 60 years ago thought there was people in Mars and Venus.


Was it a glorious pushback against a western-backed bourgeois counterrevolution, or a suppressive act of social imperialism that extinguished an independent country's genuine attempt at popular socialist reform?
China, Albania, and Romania opposed it and rejected the Brezhnev Doctrine however it is true that liberalization under Perestoika played a large role in socialist collapse. How far would the Prague Spring have gone, how much reform would be "acceptable", and how would such a movement gain popularity if it were strictly bourgeois in nature? If it wasn't bourgeois in nature, what popular reforms were desired in comparison to reforms delivered before the invasion?
Finally, was the installation of Husák the right response, considering both the desires of the people and Marxism-Leninism?
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>le FoE and FoP are both le good
just means free pass for media oligarchs to spread capitalist propaganda. ok demonrat


We stand for freedom for the working class and repression of the bourgeoisie.


Anticommunist revolts in the ComInform during the "Stalinist" period of 1945-March 1953: 0.

Anticommunist revolts in the Warsaw Pact during the Khrushchevite period of 1953-1968: 5.


socialists believe that epople are at their base ok and can see through bullshit
the truth is they're dumb and gullible and need to be tricked into doing something good because left to their own devices they'll start massacring


>You can make the same disingenuous argument about Perestroika.
The same argument should be made about Perestroika. The fact that such liberalization movements were able to get positive support should be interpreted as a failure of the Soviet system to prevent the alienation of a considerable amount of its population. Perestroika obviously wasn't the solution, but changes needed to be made to build a more authentic proletarian democracy.

File: 1656833986406.png (13.91 KB, 438x336, images (5).png)


Why do socialist countries always suffer from low fertility rates? Even though they reduce mortality rates by a lot, the low fertility rates impede growth. The DDR literally had less people in 1989 than they did in 1945. I assume it's because of working women not having kids but are there any other reasons?
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Russian birthrates and fertility rates dropped naturally at the start of the Soviet era due to increased women's rights and education, legalized abortion, infant mortality rates dropping, new birth control methods, and of course the entry of women's workforce into labor, etc. At the start of the Stalin era, rapid industrialization created labor shortages and the need for higher population growth, so that's why abortion was finally banned.

WW2 also had disastrous effects on soviet demographics, I think I remember reading that the war might have prevented the possibility of a Chinese-style population boom in the USSR.


Poland, the USSR, China, Bulgaria etc all had larger populations after socialism.


"socialist countries" do not exist


your sex life doesn't exist


Soviet population in 1928 was 149900000.
Soviet population in 1989 was 286730819.

Stop talking shit.

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