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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1614612820688.jpg (560.89 KB, 720x1382, Which Way Western Man.jpg)


Before you delete this thread, tell me why you so attached with degeneracy? Why would communism embrace degeneracy? Degeneracy won't bring you nothing more than wasted efforts. It must be because you all have cucked DNA.
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While this is somewhat true, "letting people do what they want" makes Sweden a much better place to live in for certain groups (women, LGBT).


File: 1614614187357.jpeg (36.66 KB, 373x280, 91D1D981-BFC4-4D70-BF7A-6….jpeg)

>Repurposing Nazi memes instead of just making your own


the OG nazi aesthetic, propaganda, and name are all repurposed from Bolshevism so why shouldn't communists do the same to them?


Not nonsense and you know it.


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File: 1614594756537.jpg (229 KB, 600x391, babylon_berlin_mayday1929.jpg)


What has become of this great event? Originally, International Workers' Day was a series of strikes intended to achieve the 8 hour work day. Nowadays, it's either just a mild socdem holiday, or some "revolutionary" anarchist LARP against the police. It's literally worthless. We won't achieve anything by going out to the streets to get beaten up by the police while also alienating the populace, because let's face it, no one likes it when random people start smashing shit for no apparent reason. It just makes the average people hate the left in general. That's why I think leftist movements shoud try to find a new goal to strive towards. This could be anything from demilitarization, protecting the environment or - preferably - workers' rights. In my opinion, at this point we could literally start a 6-hour movement and it would actually be feasible. We could also get massive popular support again this way. What's your opinion? Do you have any ideas for such a movement?
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Back in those days there wasn't a high-tech surveillance state glow niggers countering communist propaganda and organizations. They used straight up violence to protect porky profits. And now even fucking McDonald's (im serious) has a strategic intelligence unit that identifies and counters FighFor15$-movement activists.


It's not even celebrated in the UK.


Well in my country (Australia) striking and shit like that is illegal because it "Disrupts and corrupts the harmony of the nation" so the only people who really get May Day off are people in Union jobs, Its not a public holiday or anything else for everyone else.


>striking is illegal
What an absolute dystopia.


Yeah, some laws are fucking outrageous. In my country (ex-eastern bloc) you can get 3 years of prison for even trying to defend or disprove "communist atrocities" (which are not named of course). I always find it funny when people bring up the "free speech" argument when laws like this still exist even 30 years after the Cold War ended.

File: 1614440495622.png (144.08 KB, 315x316, tplf.png)


Can I get a quick rundown on what the fuck is going on here? I know very little about it. From what I understand, the Ethiopian government shut down an election in Tigray, so Tigray wants to become independent, but the Ethiopian government does not approve and the conflict spiraled out of control. Tigray's nationalist party is leftist in nature, but I have heard people accuse them of being western backed with the intention of sabotaging China's efforts in Ethiopia.
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File: 1614601247578-0.png (62.68 KB, 400x321, Ethno-Demography_of_Eritre….png)

File: 1614601247578-1.jpg (218.99 KB, 1362x1044, ethiopians.jpg)

>Also, from what I understand, Eritrea is majority Tigray
Tigrayans, tigryna are all different. But actually ethiopia has 80 ethnic groups and Amhara, Tigray, and Oromo are the most similar.


Dont make any mistake the TPLF is not socialist in literally any way shape or form, their Barzani / Iraqi Kurdistan feudal nationalists who literally took CIA (And Mao) money to destroy the actual socialist government that at one point existed in ethiopia.
>Ethiopian government hut down an election.
Basically the ethiopian federal government declared the TPLF a terror organisation because they have militia units and death squads and shit so the TPLF barricaded all the roads and declared themselves independent.

There is a regional nationalist party in literally every state of ethiopia.
this is a considered a pressure test to the actual strength of the central gov, if they dont crush this quickly enough this could literally devolve into a Yugoslavia tier sectarian race war but in an even worse starting position and in africa


File: 1614602301914-0.jpg (992.8 KB, 1920x2472, Polish_20210301_062522675.jpg)

File: 1614602301914-1.jpg (99.29 KB, 634x421, wire-9876196-1550261151-33….jpg)

File: 1614602301914-2.png (44.76 KB, 1200x794, 1200px-Flag_of_the_Oromo_L….png)

File: 1614602301914-3.jpg (29.11 KB, 600x600, ANDM.jpg)

You left out that The TPLF struck first OP. Just like Fort Sumter. This is one of the few things The Trump State Department had a good take on.

>I read they had an ML background when they were created but as of now they devolved into full Tigray tribalism

They devolved into neolibs as soon as they came to power and now they are falling back on ethno-nationalism after ruling Addis and neglecting Tigray for thirty or so years.

Also everyone meep in mind: every regional government in Ethiopia is nominally ML.


File: 1614602642004.jpg (992.79 KB, 5428x1920, Edited_20210301_060430.jpg)



Italian defeat in Ethiopia is a full 25 years before Mussolini wins the elections (add 3 more years before he takes full power).
What furthered italian revanscism was not being granted Istria and Dalmatia after WW1

File: 1614316859751.jpg (79.67 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-527.jpg)


I feel like I can't really see myself ever truly aligning myself with either the classical state socialist model or a more anarchist one. I feel both have good things to offer in different contexts so I've been trying to think of some kind of middle ground both groups could find in common.

Basically what are other models beyond this binary?
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>Trotsky didn't need permission from Lenin and other high ranking Bolsheviks
>Trotsky wasn't a Bolshevik


>Trotsky didn't need permission from Lenin and other high ranking Bolsheviks
Who gives a shit, they were just bandits who larped as anarchists and had such things as "voluntary conscription". They became a nuisance to the Bolsheviks and rightfully had to be dealt with.
>Trotsky wasn't a Bolshevik
This is right, Trotsky was a half-Menshivik bastard. He literally only joined the Bolsheviks when his meme "august bloc" fell on its face and after everyone else joined.


>hates Trotsky
>believes all of his anti-Makhno propaganda


The only close to impartial account of life there made them out as bandits


Actual Soviet (workers councils) system.

File: 1614268210385.png (526.38 KB, 828x732, Screenshot_2021-02-25 Chin….png)


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Cry more western dumbass talking out of your ass with western sources only.


70-80 years in fact


File: 1614581437570.png (79.72 KB, 211x244, 36d614e0cc1eba1fac762ba06c….png)

>If you criticize China you must be firstoid


He was memeing about post-war Britain


>Xinhua is western source
That’s some dank ass copium. Can I have some?

File: 1614448923906.png (661.27 KB, 794x821, The truth about the Hungar….png)

 No.97202[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why are there "leftists" who defend the Hungarian counter-revolution of 1956 and the Czechoslovak counter-revolution of 1968?
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File: 1614566078580.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.16 KB, 226x223, Soyjack enraged.jpg)



File: 1614566456488.jpg (651.04 KB, 1200x1357, HorthyProfile.jpg)







The lenin hat proves himself and all other leni hats are retards by failing to engage in historical and theoretical criticism (which is a core concept of scientific marxism) because it involves criticizing the Soviet Union (good heavens no! The union of soviet socialist republics could never do wrong!)
I am going to lay this fucking shit straight to you people here. SOCIALISM IS A SPECTRUM. You MUST participate in criticism and analyzing both capitalist and former socialist systems of the past so that we can formulate a new modern socialism that
1. isnt socdem tier bootlicker shit
2. isnt funny bunker man ideology from half a century ago
If we fail to do this, we fucking die.

t. marxist-leninist


The problem isn't criticism, the problem is engaging fully with anti-communist narratives. Left anti-communist "criticism" isn't something constructive or scientific, it's bowing to CIA narratives about socialist states in order to impress liberals and it's throwing up unreasonable criticism to, once again, impress liberals.

Yet, no one is actually convinced by this "not real socialism" nonsense. At best you might get something similar to the situation in the 19th century where socialism became a fad among intellectuals, artists and bohemians, a fad which dissipates the moment things get a bit dicey and maybe socialism isn't an instant utopia.


>Russo-Finnish war was started by Finland
Shitty take ngl
The continuation war was started by finland yes, but the winter war was started by the soviets.

File: 1614168352129.png (47.56 KB, 1460x821, page-header.png)


We've seen how the republicans have been split into two camps over the Trump fiasco: those who stood with Trump and thought he was the future of the party and the more "moderate" republicans who want to distance themselves from Trump and his ideology. Could this schism be the breaking point in the GOP's history, especially if the Democrats demonstrate that they could handle the current crisis better?
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every 4 years ofc


I feel like a Trump party might actually succeed that the Succdems will end up killing Rosa again.


>Why do you think it matters? Why would anyone think that burger electoralism can change anything at all? Why are mutts so stupid?
Because they are college freshmen/Maddow watchers/libs/petit bourg/retarded


File: 1614582138115.png (1005.03 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump rails against “socialism” and doubles down on stolen election lie at Conservative Political Action Conference
"The four-day event demonstrated the ex-president’s continuing domination of the Republican Party and its increasingly fascistic orientation."



It's unlikely a third option can even get far because of the how the bipartisan hold strangles challengers, so it's probably not going to occur, but that is not that important because the apparatchiks and supposed moderate Congressmembers will cave anyways just because of the threat of electoral setback. Barely any moderates switched votes in the past election, and the impeachment votes went similarly lacklusterly. A bunch still believe the election was stolen, additionally.

File: 1614578712342.jpg (123.1 KB, 1200x800, DZoqeMDXUAE9hbV.jpg)


Despite the fact that anarchists have not been able to pull off even (1) successful revolution, there are still millions of people, especially in the imperialist core, that cling to this impotent ideology. Are they really naive enough to think you can pull off a successful revolution without centralization and means of repressing reactionaries? Or did they just fall for CIA propaganda about muh authoritarianism. I honestly wonder how many anarchists are unironic glowies.


I mean in fairness it has been successful in numbers with the rise of Trump but I think now that the establishment no longer needs them as stooges they will get steamrolled.


Yeah that's what I've been thinking. They're just controlled opposition that will be disposed of as soon as they cease to be useful.


Moved to >>>/b/14316.

File: 1614573504928.png (357.26 KB, 1200x1000, ancap.png)


Commies are dumb for thinking that ownership is a real thing because the category of the means of production in relation to its ownership is something that is measured through taxonomy, the same as a nation. The concept of prot and broug weren't enough, so you add the concept of petty bourg, taxonomy doesnt have the potential to be objective in the truest sense


Yep… if communism is so good why does it fail and whys there so much infighting… capitalism always wins private property is the truth


File: 1614574030463.mp4 (13.97 MB, 640x360, loyalty.mp4)

Eh, I'm not an economist and I figure modes of production tend to co-exist alongside each other for some time, like we still have barter that's going on even though the capitalist mode of production is dominant, so there will probably still be businesses in socialism for awhile once the state takes over most things. I'm just in it for the cool communist shit and jumping into action to do people's relief efforts when there's a hurricane and cooking in the soup kitchen with a red bandana around my neck. Everyone has a part to play.


it’s not taxonomy fucking retard, prole and bourg both divide themselves into two categories any time they form a relationship of worker and business owner.


File: 1614577691605.jpg (27.17 KB, 600x695, ec8bf1f530d1944f4b5b56053c….jpg)

You're not objecting to the terms, "its a taxonomy bro" is not sufficient to call terms like prole, bourgeoise, petit-bourgeoise arbitrary, you have to actually explain why lol

File: 1614552712832.jpeg (85.17 KB, 540x360, 0432031A-1038-42E7-906C-9….jpeg)


Checkmate gommies
The problem with comunisms is that when u r a commie u cant handle teh power of SCIENCE
So tell me gommies
If private property isn’t natural, y do wolves defend their kills and their territories from other wolves?
U rlly think u can just make everyone nice and equal and get rid of the innovators and society will just function?
U know where they tried that? Somalia, look at it now.
Tell me again gommies, tell me if wolves believe in your system
Lmao, anyway imma enjoy this nice juicy burger CAPITALISM lets me have, it’s nice to have FOOD

Checkmate, later commies 😎
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>taking this thread seriously
youre the worst person here, so far.


File: 1614573448215.jpg (19.88 KB, 390x310, spooged.jpg)

>Second, the concept of bourgeoisie private property is not natural to human beings
<human nature


bumpblocked for generally low quality shitposting


If shitting on the woods isn't civilized or sanitary for 7 billion humans to do, why do bears do ot?


If cannibalism is unnatural why do some animals cannibalize their young? Chekamate
>Muh nahtuhre
Dont care lol see PDF related

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