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>Thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content.
>Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
>Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.

previous thread: >>1209465

>This is the place where you can find all /leftypol/ memes n' shit:

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>Tfw you're trying to defend the republic but the anarchists won't stop fucking around and the Fascists are at the gates of Madrid



really stupid really low effort


That looks awesome


wtf she's literally me??

File: 1685028003924.png (192.57 KB, 710x399, ClipboardImage.png)


Η λογική του μικρότερου κακού χρεοκόπησε πανηγυρικά με κεντρική ευθύνη της αστικοποιημένης αριστεράς. Αφού, έτσι κι αλλιώς είναι πιο πιθανό να μπει η ΝΙΚΗ στη βουλή απ΄ότι το ΜεΡα2,5 (το ότι πήρε ποσοστά κυρίως από αστικοποιημένες περιοχές και αρασίτες κάτι θα έπρεπε να λέει όπως και να χει), και η κακία δεξιά θα βγει όπως και να χει, λόγω της ενισχυμένης αναλογικής το ζήτημα μπαίνει μόνο έτσι: είτε ισχυρή, αγωνιστική, γνήσια λαϊκή αντιπολίτευση είτε 50% συμπολίτευση. Δηλαδή, το αν το ΚΚΕ θα καταφέρει να κρατήσει τους 11 επιπλέον αγωνιστές-βουλευτές του, ανθρώπους του κινήματος που το συνδέουν με το κεντρικό πολιτικό σκηνικό.
Οποίος, αναφερθεί στον "υπό εξέλιξη Γ' Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο" για να τονίσει την λάθος γραμμή του ΚΚΕ για τον ιμπεριαλισμό, λες και αυτό είναι που διακυβεύεται στις αστικές εκλογές, θα έχει πρώτη θέση στα gulag tours.
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And it's heavily speculated that they won't recover them in the next election either. Course of Freedom (basically 2012 Syriza pandering to nationalists) will probably absorb a lot of their voters as they have the momentum.
They just had their best result since 2012, they gained 1,9% (125k voters). Big protests, strikes and pre-election gatherings. The current general secretary is considered the funniest and most genuine party leader and has become a meme. Both Mitsotakis and Tsipras (pretend to) like him and repeat his jokes to appear hip.


watch out for golden dawn


You're way out of the loop brother, they got kicked out of parliament and declared a criminal organization years ago, New Democracy is where all the right wing energy is


File: 1685058214203.jpg (127.37 KB, 800x1200, temple.jpg)

oh shit i only know like 10 of those letters.

>college frat gets elected


Yayyy one micro party to another…


Amazon workers strike for £15 minimum wage while company earns £1.2m an hour
HUNDREDS of workers at Coventry’s Amazon plant will begin their 16th day of strike action tomorrow as they demand better pay from the multinational. GMB members expect as many as 700 workers to join the walkout, as they demand £15 an hour from a company which posted profits equating to £1.2 million an hour in the last quarter. The strike action continues amid what GMB has hailed as a “historic” bid to gain recognition at the notoriously anti-trade union Amazon – that ballot is due to conclude on June 9.

Cambodian union chief who led long-running casino strike gets 2-year prison sentence
Chhim Sithar, president of the Labor Rights Supported Union of Khmer Employees of NagaWorld, has been leading a strike that began in December 2021 in protest of mass layoffs and alleged union-busting at the NagaWorld casino in the capital, Phnom Penh. She was convicted on a charge for leading a January 2022 demonstration of nearly 400 other dismissed employees who were demanding to be rehired.

CITU Tamil Nadu Padayatra Crosses Fifth Day, Welcomed Spiritedly in Stop-Overs
The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) Tamil Nadu padayatra was enthusiastically welcomed in the stop-overs with garlands, shawls, trophies, and arathis. They were provided with refreshments and local varieties of fruits. Cultural performances ranging from folk to hip-hop were held, reiterating the attacks on the rights of the working class. On May 20, wearing caps and shoes, seven teams of CITU activists began their march against privatisation, demanding the abolition of contract systems, confirmation of an eight-hour working day and cancellation of the new pension scheme.
https://www.newsclick.iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


UAW: Master Lock to shut down Milwaukee location
Master Lock is planning to shut down their Milwaukee location in March of 2024. The decision affects 362 union workers. Master Lock employees that spoke with CBS 58 said they were caught off guard by the closure announcement. "It's just kind of unfair that they just dropped a bomb on us like that," said Eddie Lofton, a Master Lock employee and UAW Local #469 member.

Progressives Rip Effort to Insert Dirty Deal Into Debt Ceiling Hostage Agreement
Climate action advocates responded with outraged alarm Thursday to reporting that U.S. President Joe Biden and congressional Republicans may try to strike a "dirty deal" on permitting reforms as part of an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. The deliberations continue as fears of an economically catastrophic default are growing, with just a week until the U.S. government could run out of money to pay its bills if Congress doesn't increase the debt limit, according to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

US Supreme Court curbs states' property tax 'windfall'
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday curbed state and local governments from seizing and selling the homes of people with unpaid property taxes and keeping the proceeds beyond the amount owed, deeming the practice unconstitutional in a ruling in favor of a 94-year-old woman who battled tax authorities in Minnesota.

US supreme court shrinks clean water protections in ruling siding with Idaho couple
In a ruling passed down on Thursday, the conservative-dominated court decided that the federal government was wrong to use the Clean Water Act, a key 50-year-old piece of legislation to prevent pollution seeping into rivers, streams and lakesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


2024 Is Beginning to Feel a Lot Like 2016
In politics, it can be tempting to extrapolate grand assumptions from individual electoral events and assume that they’re applicable until further notice. Doing so, however, can also be risky. Since 2016, it’s been abundantly clear that much of the received bipartisan wisdom about how to win elections is actually bunk. If Donald Trump becoming president isn’t an occasion to throw old assumptions out the door, then surely nothing is. After last November’s midterms, however, much of the conventional elite wisdom about American politics yet again has reasserted itself. Among other things, Trump’s continued visibility had clearly hurt the GOP, and Democratic and Republican operatives alike began to envision a 2024 cycle that restored the familiar patterns and moved beyond him. For Democrats, the result was cause for celebration but also affirmation of the long-standing centrist belief that elections can only be won by appealing to suburban moderates. To elite Republicans, it was an opportunity to finally cast off the Trumpian albatross and anoint a less mercurial figure like Florida governor Ron DeSantis — who could presumably be counted on to throw red meat at the base during the primaries before making the standard general election pivot toward the center. Normalcy or something approximating it, so it seemed, had finally returned. Barely a few months later, such impressions have proven short-lived.

Amid Debt Ceiling Debate: VA Cuts Passed by House Give Corporate Dems Political Cover
When the new House majority passed its grab bag of government spending cuts last month, setting up an on-going game of chicken with the White House over any federal debt limit increase, they also directed their fire at essential services for military veterans, a constituency long courted by their own party. Included in the “Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023,” was a proposed 22% reduction in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Right-wing Republicans scrambled to provide political cover for themselves by insisting that “our budget cutting plan doesn’t harm veterans.” Instead, claimed Mike Bost, a former Marine from Illinois who now chairs thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1685066001222.gif (3.5 MB, 600x600, 1680075635463635.gif)

Thanks News Anon


To those that don’t know it was basically a period a few years ago where western news outlets would promote fear of CPC collapse through the Chinese housing market. This never happened because housing is needed chronically as china still has a massive portion of its population still living in rural communities that need homes to live in that the cpc as fast as it is with infrastructure cannot reasonably supply.

Judging from the state of what’s promoted in news today it looks like that era is finally over and with other good news no more clickbait over Chinese collapse is surfacing anymore on NMS(nato member state) news outlets anymore
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I just be dropping the factoid that china's home ownership rate is some crazy shit like 90% and it actually does help people realize china isn't literally evil


but at what cost?


You already have a whole containment thread to cry about what anti-china propagandists on youtube are saying. Did you really need to make an OP to do it some more?
Very, very few people care I can guarantee.


File: 1685057607843.mp4 (700.71 KB, 1920x1080, INSPIREUS.mp4)


a mere 800,000-2,000,000 millions landlords according to wikipedia

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Long-hidden ruins of vast network of Maya cities could recast history
<In Guatemala, scientists map well-organized network of 417 cities dating to circa 1000 B.C.

>Beneath 1,350 square miles of dense jungle in northern Guatemala, scientists have discovered 417 cities that date back to circa 1000 B.C. and that are connected by nearly 110 miles of “superhighways” — a network of what researchers called “the first freeway system in the world.”

>Scientist say this extensive road-and-city network, along with sophisticated ceremonial complexes, hydraulic systems and agricultural infrastructure, suggests that the ancient Maya civilization, which stretched through what is now Central America, was far more advanced than previously thought.

>Mapping the area since 2015 using lidar technology — an advanced type of radar that reveals things hidden by dense vegetation and the tree canopy — researchers have found what they say is evidence of a well-organized economic, political and social system operating some two millennia ago.

>The discovery is sparking a rethinking of the accepted idea that the people of the mid- to late-Preclassic Maya civilization (1000 B.C. to A.D. 250) would have been only hunter-gatherers, “roving bands of nomads, planting corn,” says Richard Hansen, the lead author of a study about the finding that was published in January and an affiliate research professor of archaeology at the University of Idaho.


Graham Hancock - absolved
His detractors - BTFO
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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<That discovery, in 2004, proved to be no anomaly; since then, Des Lauriers has discovered 14 other early sites and excavated two, pushing back the settlement of Cedros Island to nearly 13,000 years ago.

<The Cedros Island sites add to a small but growing list that supports a once-heretical view of the peopling of the Americas. Whereas archaeologists once thought that the earliest arrivals wandered into the continent through a gap in the ice age glaciers covering Canada, most researchers today think the first inhabitants came by sea. In this view, maritime explorers voyaged by boat out of Beringia—the ancient land now partially submerged under the waters of the Bering Strait—about 16,000 years ago and quickly moved down the Pacific coast, reaching Chile by at least 14,500 years ago.

A pre-ice age "civilisation" that could navigate seas and build boats…🤔


>What is something I didn't know. So why do they still say Egyptians made the Sphinx? Good source on the claim?
Because of the head carving, the idea that dynastic Egypt carved it out of something like Moai head is lost on them even though we have examples of them recurving their own statues. Then imagine the drama of the idea the Sphinx is two statues mushed together, the re-carved head and the plateau that they modified into the shape of the body.
>I was talking about the pyramids and the possible motivation for lying.
Yes but if they were lying I would think they would lie over their age thus the great pyramid (and such) being middle kingdom rather then old when they had iron tools making their construction easier for them.
>Because it was buried?
Again looking at the weak stone under the head I don't think it was ever meant to be a full body statue. Here is a plausible theory, the mining operation at the quarry left a plateau that could be viable from the river. The locals decided to carve a head on the plateau facing the river, they knew the layers of rock going down because they already went to bed rock in the quarry thus confident they could carve a head in it. They left the plateau as a rectangle as they knew all that stone was not worth extracting due to its poor quality. The result was a head sticking out of a rectangle rock plateau in the middle of an active quarry that would flood because its a quarry they didn't give a shit they'd just wait for the water to run down to the river. Of course Egyptologist don't like to admit this level of civilization existed in the pre-dynastlic period because it comes with an uncomfortable baggage that the settlements that got annexed into the first Egypt dynasty by force were civilized too.


Again, it doesn't matter what happened precisely or what the truth is. Egyptologists are wrong, that's the take-away.


More like towns/villages. But them building ocean-worthy boats and navigating by the stars isn't really that amazing, go visit a more tribal area somewhere around the pacific and ask them to teach you. Wasn't it a big deal when those guys sailed across the atlantic with a wooden ship a few years ago.


>them building ocean-worthy boats and navigating by the stars isn't really that amazing,
lol wtf? it is a big deal and it is amazing. Wood loses it's strength the longer it is, so building long boats presents some challenges. You look at a sea and you think "oh that's just water", well boats at sea are constantly pushed and pulled by forces. There's the upward force, the downward force, all the water, and so on. Boats need to be strong enough to withstand those forces. That's why (they used to think) Vikings' longboats were the first to cross the ocean, in 1100 CE with boats whose planks were fastened with iron nails, as well as being able to tack. For comparison, galleys, like the Roman trireme could not sail against the wind, sails were for downwind, oars for manouvering and up wind.
>navigating by the stars isn't really that amazing,
Are you just pretending to be dumb, or do you really think that? You really think that navigating with the naked eye, on a spinning, revolving Earth, using lights from a source billions of kilometers away isn't that amazing?

Well, no wonder you think the way you do. You've been so alienated from human activity that you don't think things like navigating by the stars with the naked eye is an amazing feat.

I suggest you try to make something from the ground up, something useful. Out of wood, metal, concrete, doesn't matter. I don't mean assemble pre-made parts, I mean take raw materials and turn them into something useful. That is the only way you will see for yourself, because Hollywood movies with montages and supermarkets full of stuff made you believe that things are easy to make just because we have machines and tools that do it for us.


>Attempt to organise a presidency announcement with Elon Musk
>It goes about as well as you'd think
>it somehow gets worse, fellow republicans turn on him
>Trump himself revels in the disaster
>Turns out his website is even worse design wise
>Even Joe Fucking Biden gets in on the DeSantis dunking

at least the capitalist dystopia is entertaining
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File: 1685052994136.png (184 KB, 773x441, fellow wagies.png)

>wow bruh BREEDING is based, you too should try unprotected sex and make more work- I mean spread your genes with some BADDIE THOT bruh fam fr fr
Kill yourself I'm not producing more labor for porky to enrich itself.


Do I did and marry a Mexican. Same race mixing is pretty gross imo. Basically incest.


File: 1685053357856.png (75.01 KB, 729x97, ClipboardImage.png)


retards thought that ron santis would be the nominee lmao


Did you know: The logical result of this line of logic is killing yourself to deprive porky of labour?

File: 1679069217312.jpg (95.97 KB, 960x611, cc.jpg)


Has anyone here read any of post-marxist Cornelius Castoriadis' critiques of Marx? I feel that in some places he gets the criticisms right, and in other places very wrong. Note that Castoriadis still remained a kind of anarchist.

Something I feel he got right:
- Whereas Marx claims that tech reduces surplus, by claiming that fixed costs would increase over time, and should lead to a reduction in variable costs like labour, Castoriadis criticises this heavily and says that tech provides opportunities to reduce fixed costs, and subsequently can actually increases the number of jobs

Neutral on this one (looking to hear what other people think)
- Castoriadis is highly critical of dialectics as a whole and suggests that Marx is claiming that simply because two things have tension with each other that they are opposites. Especially in the modern world where the lines between workers and capitalists have blurred such that we are all a sort of 'executant' now (think for example, a worker who owns company stock in the company they work out, takes on administrative tasks, or acts as a sort of middleman like a middle manager) and therefore suggests that bureaucracy is the largest enemy we have today that actually unites us on a human level, rather than individual classes of people. Institutions are socially constructed but have taken on a life of their own due to our alienation.

I think he's definitely wrong on this one:
- Tendency of rate of profit to fall. He analyzed this after the war when it was going back up, but it has continued to fall even lower after that point. However he definitely was right to suggest that capitalism was far more resilient than Marx made out

I'm taking most of these points from 'Modern Capitalism and Revolution'. Castoriadis essentially argues that Marx is outdated and that the system has already transformed from a simple capitalist struggle of 'the one who does not own but works' and 'the one who owns and does not work' into something a lot messier, which Keynes was (according to him) better equipped to analyse.
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>Especially in the modern world where the lines between workers and capitalists have blurred such that we are all a sort of 'executant' now (think for example, a worker who owns company stock in the company they work out, takes on administrative tasks, or acts as a sort of middleman like a middle manager) and therefore suggests that bureaucracy is the largest enemy we have today
Reactionary deflection


Nice, this is perhaps the first time I see a thread about Castoriadis, who is a pretty overlooked thinker.

For context, he founded the group Socialisme ou Barbarie after being disillusioned with Troskyism in 1949. They wrote a theoretical journal and expounded a pro workers' council stance. This group was pretty influential on Guy Debord, around the time the SI took a more Marxist turn.
After the dissolution of SoB in 1967, Castoriadis became more critical of Marxism, nevertheless without totally repudiating Marx, and developed a pretty radical theory about democracy and autonomy by returning to the Greeks. He was also a psychoanalyst and an economist.
I haven't read much besides a few articles there and there, but I recommend vid related, a subtitled interview of him about democracy in Ancient Greece, he knows his shit, and illustrates how much "representative democracy" is a joke, a "liberal oligarchy" in his own words.

>Whereas Marx claims that tech reduces surplus, by claiming that fixed costs would increase over time, and should lead to a reduction in variable costs like labour, Castoriadis criticises this heavily and says that tech provides opportunities to reduce fixed costs, and subsequently can actually increases the number of jobs

The World Bank makes data available about gross fixed capital formation as a % of GDP, dating back from the 1960s-1970s.
I plotted the data for the USA, China, India, Italy and Kenya with this URL: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NE.GDI.FTOT.ZS?locations=US-CN-IN-IT-KE
You can see the picture isn't so clear-cut: for China and India, fixed costs have increased over time. For the USA and Kenya, they stayed relatively stable. For Italy, fixed costs have decreased. It's interesting to note there is a big unemployment problem in Italy.
I don't know what to make of this, but even if bureaucrats can create bullshit jobs, does it mean that we should? Especially in an era where ecological disasters are looming and people don't even know why they commute 5 days a week anymore.

>Castoriadis is highly critical of dialectics as a whole and suggests that Marx is claiming that simply because two things have tension with each other that they are opposites.

No one has been able to explain Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


That pic is wrong on so many levels, jesus. Stop spreading your miscomprehension as education tools.


psychoanalysis is pseud bs


bumping this thread just to troll the /ukraine/ LARPers a little bit

File: 1685039728906-0.png (1.93 MB, 1000x2200, MRPact.png)

File: 1685039728906-1.png (549.45 KB, 996x777, mrpact_highres.png)


every time a liberal discovers that the molotov ribbentrop agreement happened, they think they've discovered some hidden gem, and the key to deboonking communism and making it a pariah in the arena of public opinion.

Perhaps they are correct.

See, the real truth behind the molotov ribbentrop pact or the winter war doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that the USSR was trying to buy time, cut off potential corridors of german invasion, etc. etc. What matters is that the liberals have a simple, and easily disseminated narrative that can be repeated much faster than the counter-arguments. In short, they have a "Big Lie."

The "big lie" is a propaganda technique that involves telling a bold, often outrageous untruth as if it were fact. The idea behind this method is that by making such outlandish claims, they will stick in people's minds more than smaller lies because of their shock value, even if there is no evidence for them. Over time, these lies can become widely accepted as truth simply due to repetition. This concept was famously used during World War II by Nazi Germany's leader Adolf Hitler who said: “The bigger the lie, the more easily it will be believed.” The term has since been adopted by other groups and individuals in order to manipulate public opinion on various issues.

The MR Pact is a "big lie." How is it told? It is told in a very simple form: Hitler and a Stalin admired each other, came together and rape poland, and only ever fought in WW2 because they disagreed on how best to divide poland.

With this big lie, you have a narrative where the last world war was entirely caused by "National Socialists" and "Regular Socialists" coming together to rape "Innocent Poland." and then the brave liberal democracies with their freedom-loving capitalist economies intervening to save everyone from the holocaust. In this narrative stalin is an opportunist who joined the winning side.

This is how most people in the EU/US/UK/Australia/Canada/New Zealand have come to see WW2. Why? Because it is convenient for their broader anti-proletarian agenda of keeping their economies in private hands.
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The liberals are not uneducated, they are miseducated.


wtf is up with schizo anons lately?


Not sure anon, why don't you look in the mirror and tell us?


Why do you give a fuck that anyone gives a fuck


>implying liberalism (in the sense of bourgeois nationalist chauvinist republicanism) is not the dominant ideology of the ruling class

File: 1649803501541.png (1.65 MB, 1300x957, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.915584[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is a thread only for people who actually do IRL organizing to exchange tactics and ideas. Its time to stop whining about bullshit like Wiccans or shizo pedo rape cult conspiracies, and actually get some actual lessons out of each other, for fucks sake.

Explain your situation, ask a question on what you would like some advice on, and give insight into what you do right now and how successful you are.

Let me start off
>I am the chairman of a local chapter of a socialist nation wide youth org of a european country
>We have, on paper, 90+ youth members in our local chapter
>We have, on paper, 1000+ members nationally
>Recently formed out of a split, still very much in flux
>The real local cadre is around 10-15 people with varying levels of commitment, about 6 people at each weekly or so meeting
>The ideological and practical education of our cadre is low
>Following a broadly orthodox marxist line, as opposed to classical marxist leninist, or maoist, but also containing trotskyites and anarchists

Now the thing I would like your feedback on is explaining how you conduct meetings, how to educate cadre, how to retain cadre, how to ensure people show up, what communist youths are even supposed to do. So let me sketch out what we do now

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1684940491599.png (46.9 KB, 549x212, ClipboardImage.png)


Reminds me of a lot of shit you see from the CPC-ML, a Canadian Hoxhaist party. They're of course more hardline than the Comintern era CPC, but this expresses itself in extreme caution and cageyness that delves into outright deception. They regularly hold events without any mention of their party, so the average attendee wouldn't know it was a communist event until they showed up. They're also super insular and are often unwilling to share information that would be extremely helpful to the socialist movement in general. I'm talking shit like contact information for union leaders and other progressive, pro-labour elements. It's like they want a monopoly on these connections for their party, even when it's obvious that the communist movement as a whole would be stronger if other parties had access to them.


This kind of stuff is a big problem with UK trots too. For example they gained a lot of distrust for hijacking the popular dissent against teh Iraq and Afghan wars, using the banner of 'Stop The War' as a shell organization to do essentially nothing but to act as a feed organization in to 'Socialist Workers Party (trot)' and then every election to tell you to vote labour.
They also have a very high membership turnover as a result of this and targeting mainly students, so it is easy to say it is not even an effective tactic.


Yeah, that's exactly the kind of thing people are pointing out with this group, someone even mentioned:
>Leftists in Britain, the US, and Europe have been voicing the same criticism of their local [Cliffite] Trot orgs for decades


decolonize your mind

File: 1683325746601-0.mp4 (1.88 MB, 640x352, ancom color sceme.mp4)

File: 1683325746601-1.mp4 (19.6 MB, 1920x1080, ancom2.mp4)


Its been to long scene we had a thread about this important subject. I'll start with a post about this nazi group in Ohio called "blood tribe" they are super larpy and retarded. They are all cowards who wear masks except their leader who has a retarded facetats. They are constantly harassing the LGBTQ+ community and protesting drag shows.
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How was this guy not charged or put into an asylum


I imagine Ukraine / Russia will have it if they aren't turned into parking lots, they already had a lot of hooligan brawls and that was before symmetrical war started feeding millions of men through a warzone.
A morgue would probably be more appropriate


>if they mean the catholic cultural whiteness "west", fluid linguistic abstractions which are just being used to rationalize a caste system, or if they mean a primordial form of social organization such as multigenerational clans, diasporial organizing and blood feuds.
More the former. Race in the U.S. is kinda like a caste system.

The old world "clannishness" stuff isn't really a thing outside of first-generation diaspora communities. There was an energetic display of it in Minneapolis this month when the supporters of a (right-wing, cop-aligned) city council candidate in a DFL primary election got his supporters in the Darod clan (I believe) to wreck a caucus (because he was losing to an incumbent socialist, who is also a Muslim woman with Pakistani immigrant parents, incidentally). While this might be how political disputes get handled in Somalia, this kinda thing does not "translate" and "lands" in the U.S. like, well, a really heavy thing in absence of a cliche'd analogy.


Jeeeesus. After that mass shooting recently it does seem like Dallas produces a particularly atomized / individualistic LARP that's exceptional by even Burger standards. It's deadly when the guy has an AR-15 but tragicomic when the guy is downtown and waving a Gladius around.


I wonder if it would be possible to organize the atomized Americans in anyway whatsoever. Or if it would be more realistic to weaponize the social atomization against the forces whom use it as a system of social control. Social organization is important in forming a society and building a revolution, but the delicate system of support required for a modern industrial civilization could be made to collapse with a few thousands motivated individuals.


File: 1685039546070.webm (3.98 MB, 1280x720, 1684799531036764.webm)

liberal but even so

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