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File: 1634514081335.png (1.14 MB, 1214x874, Capture.PNG)


The following video provides information on how Juche is revisionist and that anyone who likes Juche is a anti communist retard. I think the best example of an anti communist retard is "AusJuche" although he may just work for the CIA.

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Nepal had a sucessful Maoist revolution though, abolished the monarchy and all



File: 1634517607881.png (2.08 MB, 1438x1329, ANTIPESTAKTION.png)


>Lin Biao Gang
Ah yes, the Chinese Trotsky.


Yeah I think he won.


At 1:34:47 :

"If there is one critique we can make of Stalinism, its not that they created gulag, but that they didn't put in gulag those that should have been put there."
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Butthurt maoist fascist detected


Here we see someone that should be on the gulag but is not, as showed by the dude in the video, this is crearly an failure of Stalinists and Maoists.


extremely retard stalinist



As a fellow oriental despot, I agree we must accept this criticism as our failure. In the future more diligently to mire thoroughly repress the degenerate enemies, working towards their physical elimination, but also their metaphysical abolition.


who is a trotskyite these days lmao

File: 1634492527184.jpg (34.48 KB, 460x613, a6KW1ER_460s.jpg)


Everything bad that happens in societies happens due to bad incentives.

Democracy can't build an utopia, since "make the country a better place to live" is a non-goal for an elected individual/party — "get elected" and "get re-elected a few years later" are.
An authoritarian state, in principle, can build an utopia if a leader and his cronies see it as their goal — even if this goal is second to "hold onto power", the good outcome is possible thanks to the long-term planning horizon. However, this is a non-systematic, unreliable approach.
Proletarian dictatorship, be it democratic or authoritarian, is no different in this regard.

What political system does align individual & party incentives with the end goal of making people happy & wealthy?
How would (You) design a system to keep incentives aligned?
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Explain to me why your name is funny


>Politics is discourse and not an actual conflict between forces
To recognize your collective material interests and to organize, agitate and struggle for them, particularly against competing interests.


>good bad good bad good bad
stfu its about developing land efficiently moron, morality is objective and a social construct. All that matters is revenue and profit, utopia is unachievable and every economic system has their own definition of one


So in that case, what is the incentive for workers?



*Arguably the DPRK is more harmonious.

File: 1634407630780.jpg (45.92 KB, 318x381, 16180489.jpg)


Not to generalize, but why do people who obsess over military history tend to end up being fascists/right-wing nutjobs? I know there are leftists here who are into that, but when I meet someone and they start talking about WW2, it's enough for me to consider it as a red flag. The worst part of it all is that they don't even tell you anything interesting, an insight taken from an academic work or book, it's usually some r/historymemes tier "lol tiger tank transmission broke!"

These types tend to always play Hearts of Iron, War Thunder, World of Tanks… what's up with that? You never get such a specific but frequent kind of person. Why doesn't this phenomenon occur in other fields like cultural history, religious history, economic history, urban history, etc..
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John Dolan was also one of those guys, a right-wing war nerd who was into Jane's Fighting Ships when he was young. It's funny when they're talking about some warmonger in the news hyping up some threat and suddenly Dolan has a flashback to the same thing happening decades ago when he was consuming that stuff all the time.

It's definitely a type, kinda like Tom Clancy who main talent was churning out potboilers and showing up at events to sell them, and he had knack for promotion. He was really enlivened by technology but never understood any of the villains he put in his novels. Clancy was also apparently assisted by institutional forces in the U.S. because the CIA were the heroes in his books and he showed up at their events and associated with people like that, so he was a propagandist too.

I think the kind of stuff that gets published or televised in the U.S. anyways skews toward jingoistic stuff and people are heavily propagandized to. Here's an article from Dolan on Clancy:

>Clancy was born in 1947. So he was 20 years old in 1967. Good age to go to Vietnam. Did you ever hear about Clancy serving in Nam? No, you didn’t. That’s because he spent the war at a safe little Catholic college in Maryland, making sure he had a deferment. “Hail Mary full of grace/Keep me far from Charlie’s place!”

>I was born in 1965. Nam was over before I got my first pubes. I’d’ve gone. I’m not saying I’d’ve been a good soldier. I’d’ve sucked — but I’d’ve gone. And died. It probably sounds like bragging but it’s not. I know how I’d’ve died, some dumb way like stepping on a mine. Entrails dragging in a rice paddy. All the cool dudes in the squad laughing at me, listening to Hendrix, passing around a joint while I bled out. But I wouldn’t’ve spent the war hiding out at Loyola Maryland.

>That’s the worst part: Maryland! The stupid fuck didn’t even have the sense to buy a van and head for SF and the hippie chicks like the smart draftdodgers all did. He spent the sixties studying accounting. So he’s not just chickenshit, he’s stupid.

>Clancy divorced his wife Wanda for a 20-year-old groupie. Left ol’ Wanda and their four kids and never looked back.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


fascist / right wing have hard on for everything that seem associated with power and virility, military is the most extreme and obvious example, also allow them to larp/rewrite history and sound cultured to other uneducated ppl


>All games promote fascism, militarism and colonialism.
plainly false. And even the ones that include it in a "positive way" can be extremely interesting for education and making people understand things like geopolitics are a lot about power relation, interest, historical legacy and realpolitik, and that those systems can push you to behave in completely inhuman way


cringe ass white devils boring hobby


But what about Hannibal Barca?

File: 1631702784132.jpg (18.47 KB, 600x323, Individualism-Graphic.jpg)


I was talking to someone about investing into stocks (I am a noob and have no clue where to start) just to earn some extra money to be able to sustain myself. I don't expect to turn into billionaire bourgeoise overnight, I just want my debt cleared and never to worry about falling behind on rent.
I pointed out that even if every average joe pulled out of the stock market and only lived entirely off labor or welfare, it wouldn't change anything because 99% of the financial system is corporate billionaire parasatism, and it was like accusing average people of causing climate change when 99% of emissions are caused by big corporations anyway.

He accused me of falling into their satanic economy, and falling for the wallstreet being meme'd on, and bitcoin shit, and that the more I enable the system the longer it takes to collapse. He claims that I have adapted a collectivist mindset that everyone falls into, and that eventually I will have a huge pile of money will accumulate from many pennies, "if I take a few pennies from everyone every week I can make billions".
Apparently, when everyone wants to invest a little bit here and there for themselves, it amounts to trillions over time and years of extending the life of the financial system.
So is this individualist idea of "be the change you want to see in the world" legit?
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Change is at the individual level, of only the individual. Societal change does not change with the individual on the other hand. Society =/= individual.


where is this from


I mean clearly if it was as easy as his example everyone would be a billionaire, the difficulty with stocks is that they take years to mature and also work similar to a joint-stock company (or cabal) in that youre rewarded based off percentage of the total social capital - put in more to get more out.

These two caveats make it nearly impossible for someone living under depressing real wages for the last 50 years to even save for retirement- which is only a viable option for the upper middle class - let alone become a millionaire.

>be the change you want to see in the world

Ironically the collectivist cabal of the capitalists have done more to spurn the overthrow of capital - falling rate of profit, increasing impoverishment of workers - than the working class has done in 50 years. So potato potato.


Unrelated, but absolutely don't do stock (or crypto) gambling to earn money, especially not if you are inexperienced. You are most likely going to lose your money, as the vast majority of hobby traders do. The system is not set up for you to make money. It exists for hedgefunds and corporations.
The only thing worth looking into is ETF savings plans.

File: 1634116411635.jpg (304.03 KB, 720x1289, 20210413_093351.jpg)


Okay, okay hear me out now.
Imagine the recent anti colonial/anti slavery social revolution.

Now imagine the same but with zoomers taking revenge on society for treating them like property for centuries, indoctrinating them with religion, subjecting them to degrading punishments and snatching away their individuality and hopes because "muh tradiyshun".

Encourage zoomers to rebell againts their parents, to roast and insult boomers, to form youth unions and break others out of abusive and authoritarian households or even burn down detention centers which they already did once. Tear down everything that reminds of the past.

Imagine the cultural revolution but without state oversight. If it spreads far enough, it might even infect the chinese youth and inspire them to pressure the CCP into moving away from dengism and back towards Maoism.

All it would take are a few good propaganda tiktoks to light the fuse considering that youth dissatisfaction is at an all time high and militarism and radicalization are on the rise. And with the recent sudden revival of maoism, maybe something would happen.

I know it's a fever dream, but at least im actually trying to come up with things.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Overturning the dominant mode of production is difficult because each person's existence depends on participating in that mode of production and one's participation strengthens and legitimizes the system. The fantasy of changing the mode of production through changing ideas doesn't work because people don't live off of slogans, people need food and shelter which can only be acquired through participation in the economy. A better approach is to build organizations that can provide economic necessities outside of the capitalist system but this is difficult and requires dedication.


Unironical insanity induced by being terminally online. I don't think you have much hope of recovery, OP.


>Now imagine the same but with zoomers taking revenge on society for treating them like property for centuries, indoctrinating them with religion, subjecting them to degrading punishments and snatching away their individuality and hopes because "muh tradiyshun".
My parents are socially liberal, I have zero desire to live in a liberal cosmopolitan society.


>actually buying into porky's generational divides spook


It's not exactly wrong to call out the boomers for ruining everything though

File: 1634254908279.png (7.97 KB, 179x282, octoberstrike.png)



>At midnight on Wednesday, more than 10,000 John Deere agricultural equipment workers launched a strike in states throughout the US Midwest. While the United Auto Workers is still conspiring with corporate management to strangle the strike, it has no credibility with the rank and file. Last week, Deere workers rejected a concessions contract brought back by the UAW by over 90 percent.

>The rebellion of Deere workers is a major escalation of the strike movement that is sweeping across the United States: 500 distillery workers in Kentucky went on strike on September 11; 2,000 hospital workers in Buffalo, New York have been on strike since October 1; 1,400 Kellogg’s cereal workers in Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Tennessee walked out on October 5; and 2,000 Frontier telecom workers in California struck on October 6. More than 1,000 Warrior Met coal miners in Northern Alabama have been on strike since April.

>A series of more localized walkouts and protests indicate the breadth and depth of working class militancy: a walkout Tuesday morning of 185 workers at 28 group homes and day programs in Connecticut over poverty-level wages and benefits; sickouts to demand pay raises by dozens of school bus drivers in Bullitt County, Kentucky and Calvert County, Maryland this week; a two-day strike last week by 400 health care workers at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Oregon; and a five-day strike last week of 350 health care workers in Antioch, California over staff shortages and working conditions.

>Tens of thousands of workers in other industries have approved strike action by overwhelming numbers, including 60,000 TV and film production workers in California who are set to strike beginning Sunday night; more than 40,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses and health care workers who have nearly unanimously authorized strike action across the West Coast; and 3,500 Dana Inc. auto parts workers. The Deere strike will encourage Dana workers to go out, as they have been working without a contract after massively repudiating a UAW-backed contract last month.

What do you guys think of the October 15th Strike? It seems to be rarely discussed here.
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what else could one expect from tik tok neets





So did anything happen? I'm not American.
I know the Kellog's/Frito Lay/etc people were already striking but was October 15th anything?


>people were already striking but was October 15th anything?
no, it was pure coincidence, though thier is a strike wave unrelated to the Oct 15th autism, almost 40,000 hospital workers and 60,000 hollywood workers are gonna strike soon


Class domination is very easily reconstituted if capitalism is not brought down quickly by an international revolution. The proletarian defense institutions are degenerating, by the simple fact that the complex division of labor recomposes class domination, being the secret foundation of this one.

We need the state in the period of the deadly struggle against capital, but it is working against us over time. The division of labor strengthens us but it is our secret enemy, the intellectual / manual division being the material foundation of class society. And determines the recomposition of social stratification within revolutionary structures. The revolutions of the past show us that the proletarian elants are not infinite and that their ebb condemns the proletarian institutions to become instruments of domination, bureaucratic ossification working for his own interests.


just regularly purge opportunists until a better system is thought of then applied lmao


fuck, what now?


File: 1634473455314.jpeg (201.88 KB, 1385x944, hhher.jpeg)

I wouldn't worry about that gomrade, here, gaze upon the future of the people's agriculture!


File: 1634128851259.jpg (104.5 KB, 640x792, dqowm5tp2bs31.jpg)

 No.545245[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So most of us here are some form of anti-capitalist. What do we do with this information? Work some office job and bitch on imageboards the rest of our lives? join a commune? Join a party and hope the revolution comes? Move to an AES country?
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>Communist should not build orginisations, parties and recruit people into them
ok mr fed


the problem with this is the state has a huge vested interest in preserving the right wing and protecting private capital. that's why they give out military equipment to cops


>With all the messy self defense laws throughout the US for example, there wouldn’t be much recourse to the law for those fools.
completely delusional. the state will always come out to bat for these guys even if it means contradicting their laws, it's in their best interests. it's been happening for more than a year now in portland


>Communist should join honeypots where they will get identified and possibly entrapped
Glow harder, /pol/ack.


Does the fact that you need/want things to get worse so you could achieve your goals, not trigger any kind of retard alerts in your head?

File: 1634470879141.jpeg (46.66 KB, 474x355, jpeg.jpeg)


Hey the 4 ongoing Maoist revolutions should be a beacon of hope in these dark days.

The 4 revolutions are the best things we have left unless you uphold DPRK as Marxist or are a Dengist.

Do people here have accurate info on what's going on?
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CPP/NPA deliberate exaggerate their strength in public statements & if you actually read through past stuff you'll notice continuing inconsistencies. IE in 2012/2013 they openly stated that they had around 120 "guerilla fronts" and in 2015 or 2016 they were celebrating that they had "expanded" to something like 70 guerilla fronts.

This isn't really something to criticize them over as every armed force in the world over-exaggerates their strength. It's important to understand though that often times bourgeois states also have an interest in exaggerating the strength of an enemy force, ie in Peru where the countries far right blatantly exaggerate the threat of the senderos as a kind of boogeyman to shore up pety-bourg urban votes & in the Philippines where Duterte & the govt are under pressure from police/military to exaggerate the NPA's strength in order to produce more funding for police/military (which usually goes into the salaries of top state security officials) and allow for increasingly harsh state security laws which are used to repress all kinds of groups & provide cover for attrocities.

It's hard to know exactly how many troops the NPA has left although most accurate predictions are in the low hundreds.

300 figure is likely correct for the Senderos, 2000 figure is definitely off for the turks, I'd guess they're just counting party cadre - public propaganda with armed people looks impressive but at similar numbers in the early 2010's the NPA was able to get a hell of a lot more armed people together in parade, despite being spread out over an archipelago and not being able to hide themselves in the clusterfuck that is the Syrian civil war.

Public statements from leadership of an ongoing struggle do not actually reflect the reality of a situation. A movement which is losing isn't just going to announce that it's losing, even if they've given up hope of winning the struggle. Public projection of strength creates public image of strength which gives negotiating power.

That's also the problem with the Gonzaloists. They take public statements from overseas or historical movements at total face value, ie interperting articles from Peking Review or statements from x guerilla groupPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>CPP/NPA deliberate exaggerate their strength in public statements & if you actually read through past stuff you'll notice continuing inconsistencies. IE in 2012/2013 they openly stated that they had around 120 "guerilla fronts" and in 2015 or 2016 they were celebrating that they had "expanded" to something like 70 guerilla fronts.
The AFP do the opposite and constantly say the NPA are down to 300 troops, then announce later that over the last year they killed thousands of them. All the numbers coming out of that conflict are a meme.


File: 1634504607971-0.jpg (59.56 KB, 640x480, 1137152.jpg)

>Also some of the rare footage of the the CPN fighting shows them in a fight and one guy has an INSAS and it jams immediately lol
There's a Simpsons bit where Lisa has a school pageant and has to go dressed up as Florida and they've done a horrible job on the costume so she cries "I'm not a state… I'm a monster!" That's the INSAS rifle for rifles. It's basically different parts of an AK-47 and an FN FAL combined into one and vastly inferior to both.


>Right now, the farm population in the imperialist countries has become quite small. In both the US and Norway where a few infantile Maoists are blabbering about carrying out a protracted people’s war, the farm population is around two per cent of the national population and consists of both monopoly farm capitalists and rich farmers, using a great deal of mechanization, unlike the traditional landlords of China exploiting a great mass of poor and middle peasants using primitive tools of agriculture.

>Let the infantile Maoists start armed struggle now in the countryside of the US or Norway. They will be wiped out in less than 30 minutes by SWAT teams of the local police. Until now, no group advocating protracted people’s war has started it in any imperialist country. Small conspiratorial armed groups with no wide mass base among the workers or in an oppressed national community can go far within an imperialist country, as soon as the shooting starts.

>Revolutionaries in imperialist countries can propagate the line in the Communist Manifesto, Civil War in France and in Lenin’s State and Revolution for the proletariat to establish its class dictatorship by overthrowing the bourgeois state. Towards that goal, the communists can develop a strong working class movement through effective ideological, political and organizational work attuned to the worsening crisis of the capitalist system and prepared to fight the desperate effort of the monopoly bourgeoisie to use fascism against the working class.

Western maoist wreckers utterly BTFO'd


I bet they are some d1scord retards who believe they are "redpilling" people.

Funny, since their threads vary from exagerating the strenght of the struggls to ignorance about the subject (for fuck sake, the "giving brazilian newspapers in a ""australian"" subway" is another level of stupidity)
Yeah, that was why they were kicked from the KOOL KIDZ KLUB
Reminder that in fact they blockaded Nepal in a recent enough occasion

About OP
Which 4 ongoing revolutions?
>India (in a tough spot)
>Turkey (in a tough spot)
>Philippines (in a tough spot)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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