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Today, 29 of November, is the International solidarity day with Palestine.

Is it possible to be calm about the fate of the Palestinian people?

The answer is NO. Since 1948, they have been denied their country and denied their right to exist. To know more, read: https://thetricontinental.org/newsletterissue/27-palestine/


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Seethe zionoid. We all know Plan Dalet and Plan Gimel. Literal ethnic cleansing campaigns that resulted in hundreds of palestinian villages and towns being razed and 750k Palestinians displaced from Israel.


Mods ban this ziorat


Just gtfo and go to /pol/ with your own kind


if your org ever publishes stuff in support of palestine, that day is an especially good day to do it. It helps have a unified global campaign for it to be louder.


stab your local zionist

File: 1669828699027.png (324.94 KB, 382x417, 39469.png)


I was thinking about a few instances in history where class antagonisms led to exodus/deportations of races of people. Indians from Uganda, Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir, The Soviet Union deported Slavs from the Asian SSRs. I was just thinking whether such a move can be justified as a legitimate decolonization measure.
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File: 1670036089382.jpg (124.66 KB, 826x871, 1661738257829846.jpg)

That's called ethnic cleansing and it is categorized as a Crime against humanity.

>but it's le based because it's left-wing



File: 1670089778829.png (226.82 KB, 590x371, 51lqit.png)

This was literally used as a excuse for every warcrime in the balkan wars from 1900s to 1999


The problem is that Slavs are subhuman and no lesson can be derived from whatever disputes they had. I can‘t derive any knowledge from chimps killing each other in the jungle either.


>Races do not colonize, classes do. Moving proles from one place to another is useless since proles are not oppressing each other economically, bourgeois are
That‘s essentially just denying reality. The bourgeoisie drove settler colonialism and profited from it the most, but the system of settler colonialism would have not worked out without proles participating. The two did participate in a race based oppression with an economic drive behind it, whereby bourgeoisie and proletariat worked in tandem under a racial label to attack another people under a racial label. Proles profited themselves from acquiring land and having lesser proles working harder and cheaply below them, who were trapped in a naturalized caste system. And when explicit legal discrimination vanishes, the subsequent society inherits the lingering power dynamic in favor of previous settler proles as they continue to be richer, own more land, live on better land agriculturally and occupy more positions of power in the government. Their ideological system of supremacy doesn‘t just vanish either. They tend to hold such believes while at best being less open about it. All of this drives a continued racism in underlying form. One set of proles continues to oppress another set of proles. This is only solved through decolonization. That doesn‘t necessarily mean deporting everyone of the race of people who have colonized the region, but it means immense economic reform and cleansing society of the settler‘s supremacist ideology, which comes in the form of race science and distorting history. Settlers who feel entitled to their exploits and privileges will either move on their own accord or they will resist having „taken away what is theirs“. Meaning they will inevitably be imprisoned or die if they put up resistance.

You are referencing laws made by liberal democracies with a history of genocide and settler colonialism who settled for a definition of genocide that was gutted from its original academic conception for these same nations to not be held accountable. The international laws on what constitutes genocide are simplistic and one should rather reference the original academic material and then also argue why its conclusions arPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1670278994289.png (115.91 KB, 255x235, 1639782002320-3.png)


The state of the Western Left now, and back on 2016 couldn't be more stark, the left was ascendant, left wing programs and policies were gaining mainstream attraction, Corbyn, Sanders were becoming incredibly popular even against insane media smearing with Sanders becoming literally the most like politician across the isle, and Corbyn leading Labour to 45% in the polls, even higher than Blair, then everything fell apart and I feel it's fallen apart catastrophically. People I know, in real life, who were massive sanders, corbyn supporters, know talk about how they're "grown up" and we need "moderate politics to win" (Implying Corbyn and Sanders loss was over policy, which anyone in good faith with eyes can see wasn't) any standard left wing position or anti-war position or anything that isn't Neocon warmongering pro-West gets you called a "Tankie" even by normies. Despite being in far more dire straits than 2016 materially, leftist policies have effectively been erased completely from any political discussion, I mean during a giant healthcare crisis, socialised healthcare/Medicare for all wasn't even mentioned by anyone as a solution. We're seeing working class people be strangled with inflation and no leftist solutions are part of the discussion.
What went wrong? I mean, the obvious media smearing and such, but why did the Western left do wrong?
I think several things
- Idpol. Extremely decisive, pretty much no working class person agrees with extreme Idpol shit and I every normie I speak to from various coworkers at jobs, to average people I talk to in bars and social gatherings absolutely despises it, and the mainstream left decided to go beyond rational with Radlib idpollery that went far beyond common sense to almost religious devotion. How in hell Trans/xenogender fundamentalism became the core issue to the left is fucking bananas to me.
- Idpol Riots, George Floyd. This whole thing was extremely cynical grift and distraction from actual material issues during covid. Riots wrecked communities, crime spiralled out of control and after Floyd, you even got black communities asking for more police funding and patrolling to cut down on crime.
- No serious response to Crime. Stupid valoration of Lumpenproles thanks to idiotic radlib anarkiddie punk tendencies of the Western left which has the left suggest absolutely delusional responses to crime which is basically to normal people "actually just let it happen, it's good"
- Left didPost too long. Click here to view the full text.(right-wing idpozzed redscare rapefugees must stick to containment generals)(https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/805130.html)
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>What does decolonization have to do with helping eastern capitalists expand their sphere of international influence and market shares?
The spread of the bourgeois revolution to these places creating modern states, unleashing productive forces, and shifting the economic center of the world back towards the east as it was before the colonial era.
>If the division of the world is between imperialist states and colonized people then the form it takes has nothing to do with the schizophrenic nonsense promoted by pro-imperialist "multipolarista" shills
Cuba, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, South Africa, and India disagree. These are some of the most exploited nations on the planet and suffered a lot from colonialism
>Isn't it curious how the arguments promoted by Russian glowies multipolaristas always sounds nearly identical to Mussolini ranting about national struggle and the need for bourgeois and proletariat to work together to raise GDP enough to compete with other capitalist nation states.
Mussolini ranted about how embracing national antagonisms and the total war they suppose will rebirth the nation. Multipolaristas just argue that the development of the rest of humanity is progressive. Nobody started disrupting this until it started undermining the control of the imperial core over globalization, causing a crisis of liberalism. The stake of the proletariat here is clear. It must become as international as the bourgeoisie is through the abolition of uneven development


>The spread of the bourgeois revolution to these places creating modern states, unleashing productive forces, and shifting the economic center of the world back towards the east as it was before the colonial era.
Are you a time traveler from the early 20th Century? Every country on Earth is currently a bourgeois nation state. Your justification for opportunistically supporting capitalism is nearly a century late.
>Cuba, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, South Africa, and India disagree. These are some of the most exploited nations on the planet and suffered a lot from colonialism
And I should give a fuck what the ruling classes of goddamn Brazil, South Africa, or India think because….? Funny how multipolaristas waddle in here and try to covertly promote goddamned Modhi while name dropping "Cuba" for clout 😆

Idgaf about this Duginist "neither left nor right!" garbage


>Are you a time traveler from the early 20th Century? Every country on Earth is currently a bourgeois nation state. Your justification for opportunistically supporting capitalism is nearly a century late.
That part of decolonization was only completed by the 1970s/80s, and it was a half-revolution that is completed by national development. This is part of globalization undoing the historically uneven development of capitalism that made the basis for imperialism and its colonial antecedent
>And I should give a fuck what the ruling classes of goddamn Brazil, South Africa, or India think because….?
It's not just about the national bourgeoisie, the proletariat has a stake in overcoming declassing conditions like underdevelopment and its exploitation by imperialism. This is part of the rise of the bourgeoisie and its antipode in the backward countries, which sweeps away what lays between them (quoting the Manifesto) and enables the proletariat to be the uniquely international class it's supposed to be. The absence of the international proletariat in most of the world is a key reason for the failure of the international revolution 100 years ago


>worthless internet rhetoric
Several of these countries have expressed thanks for our important work defending them online. Assad for instance personally thanked American Twitter users that debunk propaganda against him.


The USA is doomed

File: 1615724007551-0.png (656.83 KB, 652x488, bio.png)

File: 1615724007551-1.png (628.86 KB, 800x596, 2.png)

File: 1615724007551-2.png (158.44 KB, 841x616, nordlands.png)

 No.211966[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread for all things Nordic. Recommended languages: Finnish, Scandinavian and English.
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Gör borgare verkligen?


File: 1669981594532.jpg (16.34 KB, 260x260, Rasmus Ekund.jpg)

>Och vem VAR forskaren på SU Engström chattade med?
Oj, Flashback svarade på det innan jag. Det var Rasmus Eklund:






>nu använder vi den borgerliga statens verktyg mot den borgerliga staten
kul att de försöker ivf

File: 1670015918737.png (1.13 MB, 847x635, followthemoney.png)


I'm looking for input from people who have experience in communist/"radleft" parties/anarcho collectives – no matter the size of said orgs. First, bullet points, second, a longer expose, third, questions.

• I have experience in several parties, more than 12 yrs of it.
• You join a party, you do stuff, and as a mere member/activist you aren't even concerned about the flow of money in it – you just wanna do "cool stuff".
• But as you get more experienced you realize that money matters: who puts in how much? How is it distributed? Who decides about the distribution?
• I came to understand that it is one of the most crucial aspect of organizing that almost never gets questions by new or mid-term members.

I have 5 stories related to this:
1) a party wherein besides the negligible membership dues (around $2/month), a sudden influx of considerable money flow came in because they successfully grew to such a size in mere 3 years that members started receiving parliamentary wages (big bucks), council/municipality wages (mid-tier bucks), and "outside observer" statuses and wages at municipal governments (low-tier bucks, but basically "free money" for almost no work). There were absolutely no internal guidelines/rules about the partial redistribution/reincorporation of said wages in/into the party, so when literal WHOs started receiving "top 10% wages" they still paid the measly $2/month like anybody else. Rampant corruption followed, said members were constantly lobbied to, some of them laid down for porky, shady business, nepotism (e.g. hiring family members as "consultants") and it obv. resulted in a bourgeois party even when it started quite radical, since money is convertible to power, even inside a party;
2) smaller, more radical party, that had at least the decency to have an internal (albeit non-written) rule (which, as such, caused later shitflinging) about giving the above mentioned paying positions to low-income, hard working proles. Obviously more meritocratic (by "hard work" I meant party work) and more Marxist-y (proletarian-oriented). Like half a dozen members left the party for being pissed off at not being offered those semi-juicy positions. (Always have your rules written in the party constitution, comrades!) Still, the party had some – at this time, at least, internal – large donations (e.g. communist lawyer who had large savings) donations, but people like him ended up in the central burPost too long. Click here to view the full text.(don't pretend to be multiple users, nice OP but chill)
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>I have no IRL experience
remember this whenever you see schizo "lenin hat poster" make a comment.


in fact, screencap this shit


Input about what


<Input about what

>Anybody else have experiences with party treasury? Any other way to fuck up a party? Would you agree that fund-management is underrated and ridiculously B A S I C?


Pretty general questions, sounds more like a storytime thread than something you can give input about &metadining

File: 1669511094866.png (422.25 KB, 794x793, Emblema_del_KGB.png)


Did the KGB function as a deep state, or central part of one, in the Soviet Union the same way the CIA does in the United States?
Intelligence agencies have a tendency to act as powers behind the throne in countries, Pakistan being the most famous recognized example. Is this even an avoidable political situation? What are the implications of all this for socialist statecraft?
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so the german intelligence agencies belong to the USA?


Okay, now I get what you mean.

All western states are subservient to America.


>All western states are subservient to America.
yeah, but i mean, how are german intelligence agencies operating on american soil? And why would america's political bourgeoisie trust them over domestic private sector?

>>1285533 said
>The BND is the domestic arm of the CIA.

i.e. they're implying that the American CIA outsources their work on American soil to Germany? Like, what?


I've never got why the KGB has such a fearsome reputation. The Cheka, GPU, NKVD and MGB were much better. The KGB was formed by the Khrushchyovites.


the KGB ran circles around the USA the issue is it didn’t under stand the power of American media apparatus to colonize desire the fact that they let America media on Soviet TV was the first mistake

File: 1669851014549.jpeg (413.78 KB, 1200x1200, 26371.jpeg)


What the fuck is going on with Algeria and South Africa? What is Nigeria and Egypt getting so right? How come Morocco is comparatively so stagnant?

Also, seven countries in Africa are about to create a federation that will in a few decades reach the population level of the EU. Very young projected population, 75% of pop projected to be under 30yrs old by 2030. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_African_Federation

When will Africa finally become a powerhouse? I want to see /pol/ fuckers seethe and cope as their "muh genetic superiority" bullshit gets debunked live and their countries collapse while Africa keeps climbing up.
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Nigeria had a massive population.


The only Westerners I've seen who like Rwanda are rightoids who think Paul Kagame is le based strongman like Lee Kuan-Yew.


>The question you should be asking is what will be Africa's Ukraine/Taiwan that Twitter/Reddit will love to simp for.

you don't remember the "memes" about Angola and defeating the communists ?


>you don't remember the "memes" about Angola and defeating the communists ?
No? Can you show some of these "memes"?


File: 1670009662775.jpg (82.86 KB, 800x912, Xi-Jinping-wine.jpg)

>What the fuck is going on with Algeria and South Africa?
IMF loans
>What is Nigeria and Egypt getting so right?
Belt and road loans

File: 1669974610708.png (781.49 KB, 780x520, ClipboardImage.png)


bourgeois "reformist" political party playbook

- rotating villain in party to prevent reforms from passing (sinema, manchin)
- give up leverage at critical moment to "compromise" with reactionary colleagues
- get rugpulled at the last minute on purpose and play dumb about it
- constantly "worry" about appearing "too extreme" for the "centrist voter" and punch left as a "solution"
- combine bills/motions/clauses/provisions that ought not to be combined
- separate bills/motions/clauses/provisions that ought not to be separated
- always talk about your intentions
- block party movement to the left
- allow party movement to the right
- tell marginalized/powerless groups that you "feel their pain"
- tell marginalized/powerless groups that "now is not the right time for reform"
- tell marginalized/powerless groups to not be violent because it will ruin the reputation and electoral potential of the party
- tell marginalized/powerless groups to "be patient"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>misses the scare quote in the title


>bourgeois "reformist" political party playbook
All reformist parties are bourgeois


There is a difference between the class nature of a party and its objective political service


And it works every time. Pelosi-sama, I kneel.


>There is a difference between the class nature of a party and its objective political service
The history of all societies that have ever existed is the history of class struggle. The ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class. The bourgeoisie are the ruling class. Bourgeois political parties perform a bourgeois service to the bourgeoisie. Their class nature is their service.

File: 1669764137800.png (235.13 KB, 1000x1000, radlibs-tugofwar.png)


is "corporate wokeness" dying? I've read all kinds of articles that DEI, ESG, affirmative action, etc. are losing influence. EX:



>the Supreme Court is poised to repeal affirmative action at American universities next year

>BLM dying
>Defund the police unpopular
>Elon bought twitter and allowed rightoids back on
>Woke tech workers have less leverage due to tech recession

If corporate woke politics is dying, what's going to replace it? 2000s style """apolitical""" non-woke capitalism?(>corporate wokeness >hype fading around protests involving literal glowy assasinations)
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It‘s just as retarded as referring to „post-modern neo marxism“ when you see a blue haired college girl talking about trans people. That is also a nebulous term that rather references a vague caricature of traits that someone doesn‘t like. The difference is that „woke“ happens to reference something you don‘t like either so you are fine with the intellectual laziness in that regard. It‘s a buzzword to blurt out when you identify your personal boogeyman.


get out of your bubble, bub(take meds again)


Every conservative complaint is a self report.

The republican elites are denouncing white supremacy and anti-semetism which makes them woke.


Seethe more reactionary. Your political theory is impotent, incoherent, and has nothing to do with reality. Concern-woking is just woke.

Your political movement's lead representative is a divorced dad and his incel friend in a hoody doing prop comedy jokes from 1500 years ago.


>pic 1
It's still amazing to me how people like Mc Conell can vote against their own marriage.

File: 1669830577301.jpeg (26.13 KB, 474x267, th-3489073058.jpeg)


Why did he killed himself, comrades? Was cancellation of the future really that bad?
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>(this was supposed to cleverly dovetail with my general theory on standard of living - that a third world society getting better will be happier than a first world society stagnating, even though "Objectively" the first world one is "better off", but i got bored.)
>Why does it have to be radically different?
That's a good question. I get the sense that AES in the 20th century was a radically different kind of society from Mark Fisher's society in part because they were really undeveloped societies in comparison, but also embarking on a different path to modernity, yet they were still heading in that direction. But the closer they get in the race to catch up, the less apparent that it's so *radically* different. This isn't to repeat the kind of "convergence theory" that had a brief moment at the end of WWII but if you look at countries managing the transition period from capitalist to communist society, then why not study modern China and Vietnam? These are not doombrained regimes in their overall and political and world outlook.

>He realized Nick was right afterall and that nothing human will survive.
But he wasn't right.

>Good riddance.
It's always fun to have a ruthless guy who sounds like a KGB agent in a thread. "One less Nietzsche fanboy in the world. After that it's a purely academic balance."


idk probably a chemical imbalance or some shit


I'm more of a OGPU kinda guy.


>But he wasn't right.
This, Land believed that IT-fueled capitalism would lead to an irreversible deterritorialization of pretty much everything, when in reality, the opposite is true, the 21st century has led to pretty much boring reterritorialization everywhere


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