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Thread dedicated to the discussion of Australian politics and events.

I get that since the split the number of Australians here probably went from being counted on two hands to just one, but I figured that there should be at least a thread here that we can keep bumping.
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thoughts on the greens?


Vegan liberals
Worth promoting to white ant the coalition but not any better than Labor


Who the fuck are the AUSCP shilling posters on the streets of Parramatta and how do I know whether or not they're glown*ggers?


A split from the original Communist Party IRC


This might be able to help you

File: 1620046162550-0.png (115.01 KB, 600x300, ddr soldier chad music red….png)

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I consider myself to be a socialist and greatly influenced by Marx, but I have the following critique of Marxism (or at least my interpretation of it). I'm not from /pol/, in fact I've been on /leftypol/ since the 8ch days. Here is my critique:

Marxism is correct that human history is about struggles between different groups with underlying economic motives, but it seems to ignore the fact that collectives other than class exist and that struggle between these for economic gain is a feature of history e.g. national conflict, ethnic conflict, religious conflict, etc. also exist. These cannot be ignored. Moreover, historical materialism presumes that there will come a time where there are no more conflicts between collectives and the state can be abolished. This is also a dubious claim, as as long as there are *some* people who want to expand their material wealth, people will inevitably gather into collectives (often using a state) in order to protect themselves and their interests. This is because most humans prioritise their own survival first and will thus gather into collectives in order to ensure their collective survival against an out-group. Due to resource scarcity, we can't simply let everyone have everything for free (as the lib strawman of communism goes) and instead resources have to be systematically distributed. Conflict between collectives determines this distribution of resources.

It's a bit like the tragedy of the commons. Groups can never guarantee that the resources they need to live won't be taken by other groups, so they are incentivised to come into conflict with other groups and expand their groups to make them stronger. States in the international system cannot guarantee their survival, ever. Therefore, they must maximise their power which often involves coming into conflict with (and exploiting) other states. The bourgeoisie cannot guarantee that they will have their same power tomorrow, and losing it could mean death if revolting proles decide they want to get out the guillotines. Therefore, the bourgeoisie are incentivised to maximise their power so that their survival can be guaranteed a little bit more than earlier, although it can never be completely guaranteed. This then leads the bourgeoisie to seek out new markets and new workers to exploit.

Socialism will not solve national conflict. We saw this with AES states like the Soviet Union going to war with different states like Afghanistan, Germany, FinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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States are not the only actors. You're still caught up in the mystification of the state, rather than what the state actually is. Do you think Bill Gates gives a single shit about "American" dominance, or any influential magnate? They care about global eugenics and the institutions that will advance it.
They actually do believe in the "open society" - which is to say, unfettered access for the oligarchs. The society in which there is no place to hide and no privacy has been the goal for a long time now, for all the reasons that would be desirable to an oligarch. It doesn't serve any "national" interest, but it doesn't have to. You have to look at the actual priorities of the people who own the nation-states, and what they actually have done. They're not playing a game to dominate the world. They are primarily tasked with keeping what is theirs, and will conspire against their supposed nations towards that end. The actions of the past 12 years make a lot of sense if you think of organizations as the chief actors, rather than the mythologized states that purport to rule the world.
Regional blocs do have real relevance - you can't really break up China into arbitrary chunks, and the attempt to do so will fail spectacularly. The objective of the US isn't so much to affect the breakup of China, but to make sure China plays its arranged role in the global order. There is something real to the posturing between the USA and PRC, but it's about those who occupy their respective governments jockeying for better positions in the real game - which is centered around transnational firms, banks, and the ownership of land. Any war would be ruinous and not serve any particularly useful ends. None of the great powers desire a direct conflict with each other or have the ability to wage one for long. The US for its part is gearing up to suppress its own people, to conform with global plans for the "fourth industrial revolution". It's in no shape to fight WW3 and win, and the chucklefucks running America don't even pretend that it is a serious interest. No one else is even hinting at WW3 as a possibility. This is quite different from the period just before the first world war, where the Germans had predicted for decades that they would have to fight a two front war and would run into conflict with Britain. In that time, war was common and not fighting a war seePost too long. Click here to view the full text.




The U.S. is certainly privately-owned by its power is based on the supremacy of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency which is used to settle transactions in cross-border trade and in the all-important energy market which everyone depends on. That allows the U.S. oligarchs to profit from the whole world. This is backed up by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government which is underwritten by military power. U.S. hegemony is important but the state is a tool.


>I've heard of it but haven't done a lot of digging into it, I'll watch the video at some point today though
Ok, what are your opinion then?


You know. I actually looked up the book which the site used as source. It’s basically only on that book and nowhere else even in the year quoted, the letters in question in the Works of Marx and Engels have nothing on Slavs at all. Even worse when the “author” wrote as if it’s a secret letter that he “discovered” when it’s pretty obvious that he inserted the paragraph in a rather mundane letter to deliberately tarnish Marx.

In short, fuck Wikipedia.

File: 1620261504700.jpg (45.53 KB, 1024x512, 1577960041626.jpg)


Political and societal change can't be achieved in a democratic society as public opinion can easily be shaped by academia and media. The human brain is wired to trust authority. Most believe in what they are taught regardless if it's the truth. That's what makes humans a flawed species.

I believe that is the case as we want to feel safe. We would feel scared, worried and terrified if we questioned everything and everyone. If we questioned the people who claim to be working for our interests. If we questioned if they're actually working to deprive us of our rights, privileges and lands. It's easier on our mental health just to accept the mainstream therefore most people do.

Unlike other scams, democracy is unique as even its victims love it. They convince themselves that it isn't a scam because they don't like the alternative. They don't want to risk their lives to protect the rights of themselves and their descendants. They're cowards. The ruling class shapes the laws by shaping public opinion therefore democracy is the worst form of government for representing the interests of the public. Even worse than totalitarianism as the rich are governed to some extent under that system. Our governments can pass and amend laws without our approval then have public opinion shaped to accept such laws as they have done before. Supreme Court rulings, acts passed by Congress and executive orders are examples of that.

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File: 1620280109866.png (12.25 KB, 427x400, 1614278359290.png)

>That is correct


use your imagination




muh hOoMaN NaYtUrEeEeEe


>The human brain is wired to trust authority
By whom?

File: 1620233583332.png (777.17 KB, 1400x965, quote-lenin-on-strikes.png)


What is the ML (anti-revisionist) take on unions? Do they
1. advocate joining the big ones (let's say the ones coopted by capital during the corp-ification of imperial core mixed economies post-WWII) and influencing it with the Parties line?
2. Or do they create entirely new unions from the start (I know there were many ML unions historically, how's the situation today)?
3. If I have a choice between a yellow union, an imperial core socdem union engaging in open repression of MLs, or a syndicalist union - which would be preferable from an ML strategic POV?
4. What is the goal of the union activity for MLs?
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Revisionism has no bearing in the modern day. It's only something that happened during ww1 when Kautsky became a renegade. After that revisionist was hurled at anyone someone didn't agree with.


Lenin answered part of your questions in LWC


File: 1620239217499.png (437.92 KB, 1024x551, map-world-systems-theory-c….png)

Thank you, it seems to answer question 1 and 3 decidedly. 2 is still a big ? for me since I don't think it was only eastern bloc/ML/post-ML states that had such unions. 4 seems to be 'yes', but that the labor aristocracy, capital, etc., will be an enormous hurdle we have to struggle through with more difficulty the closer we are to the imperial core. This reminds me a lot of the debates between ThirdWorldists and other MLs and MLMs. There does seem to be some truth to revolutionary activity being more fruitful to carry in the peripheries and to gradually surround the core; note that this doesn't mean that revolution is impossible in the core, only that the imperialist bourgeoisie needs to be weakened in such a long and gradual game before we'd even have a chance to overthrow them as the working class.
My choices right now are: struggle in imperialist trade unions captured by the "progressive" wing of capital, illegally surveiling and suppressing communists and deploying nearly infinite resources.OR learn a foreign language / save up and move to a semi-periphery or periphery country that speaks English and face far less opposition to revolutionary organizing (i.e. India, Philippines, South Africa or Latin America). It's a difficult question.


File: 1620240619105.jpg (77.4 KB, 960x960, imperialist-military-might.jpg)

Also relevant


File: 1620289647362-0.png (153.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210506-111914.png)

File: 1620289647362-1.png (216.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210506-112647.png)

Half of US budget is going to personnels :)
I didn't find data about Chinese but i found that,how China's budget is actually higher

File: 1619680622371.jpg (963.78 KB, 1458x1977, Trofim_Lysenko_portrait.jpg)

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Was he right bros? If so, elaborate. If not, elaborate.
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File: 1620254975431.jpg (21.25 KB, 250x252, lysenko.jpg)



>genes are metaphysical and inheritance is environmental
What the actual fuck does any of this mean?
>and the idea that its "both" in relation to each other is taken from my perspective to be enough alone to prove that evolution is dialectic and Lysenko was right
Every organism is a set of genes expressed in an environment. All that other shit you read into it does not follow logically.
>The nature vs nurture debate is over and the environment won, because the nature side was arguing that nurture has NO EFFECT AT ALL
t. illiterate haz fan


>What the actual fuck does any of this mean?

It means you can take two sheep with desired traits and breed a desired third one. That's how agrarian and animal husbandry selection works. Fixed randomness of "genes", as postured by mendelian half-brain geneticists, doesn't exist in reality.


>Fixed randomness of "genes", as postured by mendelian half-brain geneticists, doesn't exist in reality.
Google 'regression to the mean', brainlet


File: 1620285968918.jpg (37.14 KB, 500x500, artworks-000430799694-d0xf….jpg)

File: 1620246145791.jpg (89.44 KB, 580x421, marxcommune2.jpg)


So what's striking to me in a lot of the non-anarchist communist movement is the amount of significant movements and forms of thought that are named for their theoretical founders. Marxism, Leninism and Maoism first and foremost, but also lesser known strands where liberal accusations of a "cult of personality" are even less likely are subject to this phenomenon: Bordigism, Hoxhaism, Titoism and, depending on who you ask, Stalinism.

Now, the thought exercise is to think about what historical and contemporary communist movements might be called should we base the naming conventions primarily on their theoretical contributions or foundations rather than their theorizers. For example, Marxism could be called something like proletarian materialism and (Marxism-)Leninism something like Vanguardism. Notice that this is how it happens for some (but not all) liberal political thought: social democracy, neoliberalism, conservatism etc.

I realize this might not be a very interesting thread to some but it might be fun to think about in order to come to an understanding of how we view the (admittedly inevitably dumbed down) essence of the ideas we engage with and practice everyday.
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Where did you learn all this stuff about CPUSA history?


File: 1620262236144.pdf (206.21 KB, 200x300, Davis, The Barren Marriage….pdf)

By reading about it, how else? Here's a great Mike Davis essay on the subject of the labor in the US during the first of the 20th century, relates to most of what I mentioned here


Parliamentary democracy maybe, not democracy totally. In fact once there are no longer classes, then democracy really begins.


Broad Action


Is it hegelian just because it's dialectical? Admittedly, I don't get the label "Hegelian Marxism" either. I thought Hegel implied dialectical idealism as opposed to Marx' materialism.

File: 1619766447054.jpg (12.68 KB, 474x474, cf615356e8ffd1d5156d548071….jpg)

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If you don't understand Hegel's ontology + epistemology, then there is no way in hell you understand Marx's ontology + epistemology. Which means you don't understand dialectical materialism. And that in turn means you have some vulgar logical positivist view of what dialectical materialism is.

Cockshott cum drinkers need not apply.
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File: 1620067215437.jpg (141.18 KB, 1000x1080, 4353fb9f-c519-40ac-a785-6f….jpg)



Shouldn't the nonsensical statement actually make sense for the joke to be funny?


Hegel was a piece of shit know it all redditor and wanted to have a career by larping as an intellectual while not being viewed as a has-been christian scholar, so Heglel had to find a way to get people believe that his work is verifiable like a scientific work and he hopped in the rationalist train. A common trait of the atheists is to idolize lawyers, they think they are elite because they squeak a few random latin words in, so he became one and was acclaimed by other lawyer drones.
The best way to do this is by being an atheist, ie a guy who is obsessed with the atheist society and crams as much logic and rationalism into this atheist narcissitic analysis of the society. Heglel is the Deleuze of the french revolution. He is horrendous.

Don't forget that this piece of shit of heglel literally wanted a new religion which was popular and rational. The asshole literally said this. Like any franc mason bugman from the revolution, he was very antichristian, something very helpful to have a career, and he just swapped the one true god for the god of reason. Pure room temperature IQ. And people loved him for this. Muh I saw Napoleon today, look at me! Hegel would have made an insta story with this.

Hegel the piece shit physicist literally said there can't be any more planets that was discovered at the time. This is the power of the atheist who fucking loves science and yet suck at it. He was proven wrong and never touched maths and science ever again. Literally BTFO by a planet. FUCKING REKT. He never recovered. He knew he was a fraud who would never be seen as a scientist if his audience was educated, so he went full guru voodoism in front of gullible bourgeois (read germans and females).

After this mental breakdown, he wanted to systematize all this shallow hype of french revolution through the rationalist ultimate goal of unifying intellectual spooks and other dichotomies, and of course he completely fails. His whole oeuvre is a pile of bulky books full of jargon and word salads moving the goal posts all the fucking time. He was Lacan, Foucault and Derrida put together and deluding himself he was kant's true heir.
Now wonder a jew neet like Marx who fucking loves materialism and yet gets triggered by derivatives idolized this piece of shit. 100 years later all you get is this narcissistic crap about dialectical materialism and all marxists as their sole defense claiming that Marxism works but it has never been triePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Not to be an easily offended pissant but this one sucks. Their examples of CS could have been an automata graph with """??? the fuck is this circles with arrows????", maybe some set theory bullshit or lambda calculus bullshit, maybe draw a red-black-tree with "you've got to be kidding, they're drawing trees" as a caption. As it stands their examples for computer science are actual programs which makes it seem more legit.


File: 1620282448569.jpg (65.88 KB, 491x491, I wonder who.jpg)

File: 1608525017125.png (628.42 KB, 980x670, tankos meme-2.png)

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Második felvonás!
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>the white (fake) Jews in Hungary
the what now?


File: 1620245719278-0.png (319.91 KB, 689x577, érettségi1.png)

File: 1620245719278-1.png (48.54 KB, 676x160, érettségi2.png)

File: 1620245719278-2.png (308.79 KB, 685x767, érettségi3.png)

File: 1620245719278-3.png (90.14 KB, 651x219, érettségi4.png)

>A szövetkezet burzsoá apparátus. Ebből az követke­zik, hogy nem érdemel politikai bizalmat, de egyáltalán nem következik, hogy le szabad mondanunk arról, hogy ezt az apparátust az igazgatás és építés céljaira hasznosít­suk. A politikai bizalmatlanság azt jelenti, hogy nem szabad nem-szovjet embereket felelős politikai posztokba ültetni. Azt jelenti, hogy a rendkívüli bizottságok figyelemmel kísérik azoknak az osztályoknak, rétegeknek vagy csopor­toknak a tagjait, amelyek a fehérgárdistákhoz húznak. (Emellett, zárójelben mondva, egyáltalán nem feltétlenül szükséges, hogy valaki olyan képtelenségeket mondjon, amilyeneket „Krasznij Tyerror“ c. kazanyi lapjában Lacisz elvtárs mondott, a legjobb, legkipróbáltabb kom­munisták egyike, aki azt akarta mondani, hogy a vörös terror az uralmuk visszaállítását megkísérlő kizsákmányolók erőszakos elnyomása, és ehelyett folyóirata 1. számának 2. lapján ezt írta: ne keressetek (!!?) az akták között terhelő adatokat arra vonatkozóan, harcolt-e fegyverrel vagy szóval a Szovjet ellen".)

>A politikai bizalmatlanság a burzsoá apparátus kép­viselőivel szemben jogos és szükséges. De lemondani arról, hogy felhasználjuk őket az igazgatás és az építés munkájában, a legnagyobb ostobaság, mely súlyos kártokoz a kommunizmusnak. Óriási hibát követne el, aki azt ajánlaná, hogy egy menseviket mint szocialistát, vagy mint politikai vezetőt, vagy akár mint politikai tanács­adót használjanak fel, mert az oroszországi forradalom története végleg bebizonyította, hogy a mensevikek (és a szociálforradalmárok) nem szocialisták, hanem kispolgári demokraták, akik a proletariátus és a burzsoázia közötti osztályharc minden komoly kiéleződésénél képesek a burzsoázia oldalára állni. De a kispolgári demokrácia nem véletlen politikai képződmény, nem afféle kivétel, hanem a kapitalizmus szükségszerű terméke, és nemcsak a régi, kapitalizmus előtti, gazdaságilag reakciós közép­parasztság „szállítója" ennek a demokráciának, hanem a kapitalista kultúrájú, a nagykapitalizmus talajából kisar­jadó szövetkezet, az értelmiség stb. is. Hiszen még az elmaradt Oroszországban is, a Kolupajevek és Razuvajevek mellett, akadtak olyan kapitalisták, akik értettek hozzá, hogy a művelt értelmiséget, a mensevik, az eszer, a párton-kívüli értelmiséget szolgálatukba állítsák. Talán csak nemleszünk ostobábbak ezeknél a tőkéseknél, csak fel tudjuk használni az ilyen „építő
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Tetszik, hogy most már legitim forrásnak számít az életkörülményekkel kapcsolatban egy közvéleménykutatás arról, hogy mit gondolnak az emberek az általuk valószínűleg sosem, vagy csak nyaraláskor látott Nyugatról™ lmao. Erősen érződik a kolbászból van a kerítés szindróma. Egyébként csak kíváncsiságból, de az idézett szövegek forrását meg tudnád adni?


Szerintem holnap estére már ki fog jönni a teljes feladatsor forrásostul a hivatalos oldalon ( https://www.oktatas.hu/kozneveles/erettsegi/feladatsorok/kozepszint_2021tavasz ). Most csak ez a szkennelt verzió amiből nincs meg a forrás.

A negyedik képen az idézet valódi, csak az az egy probléma hogy ez a Lacisz fickó egy kb. senki, már ha egy olyan embert akarunk találni aki egy személyben pontosan reprezentálja a "szovjet rendszer ideológiáját". Egy kb. középszintű vezetői pozíciókban mozgó csekista volt és semmiképpen se volt egy meghatározó szovjet politikus vagy ideológus. A szöveg amit bemásoltam Lenin felé intézett kritikája.

File: 1619621596196.png (114.59 KB, 1435x1600, gfhj.png)

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A general thread for all India related discussion.
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File: 1620079040455.mp4 (17.75 MB, 640x480, prashad.mp4)

This is from an interview with Prashad awhile ago that I thought was pretty interesting and goes into a few things and why you shouldn't be too concerned about bourgeois electoral results .


File: 1620150491923.png (661.58 KB, 720x732, ISfZrwe.png)

Big news


Man it's very comforting to hear a indian communist talk. Thanks anon


<The CPI (Marxist)-led left democratic front returns to power in Kerala.
Goddamn, son.


What do you think are the achievements and failures of the current administration since 2014-2021?

File: 1620161731739.jpg (9.94 KB, 480x360, trudeau.jpg)


what did you guys think of pierre trudeau, he met with mao a years before nixon and even opened things up between canada and cuba, he had also kept close ties with different left leaning groups specifically trade unions he also crushed the left wing FLQ
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it was in 1970


Jack Nicholson fucked his wife


File: 1620196317791.jpg (1.79 MB, 2700x1822, 02491082.jpg)

he did pic rel in '82


How do I meetup with actual leftists in my area here? My friends are libs / maybe anarchists at best here and I afaik no one is part of an org or anything. Most people I know aren't even that political.

I don't know how it is in other places but ontario is mostly a lib shithole in the city centres and just gets more reactionary the further out you go. I would be nice to hang out and talk with some people about class politics for once.


Fidel Castro fucked his wife

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