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File: 1614545362457.jpg (65.32 KB, 729x693, 04af7147a62b6d911fe21f8ecc….jpg)


Was nazi and fash lies as effective as described or is it a liberal cop out for the issues of capitalism


Nazi propaganda was generally pretty good. There's a reason why students of film, media, communications, etc. still study Leni Reifensahl's work. But it's important to remember that while propaganda is necessary for a movement or government to succeed, it in and of itself is not what makes it successful. Propaganda only works if the target audience has experiences (ie exists under the right material conditions) that make its narrative both believable and appealing. In other words, propaganda does not create political movements, it only galvanizes and motivatges movements whose scope and nature is determined by material/class forces.


like Zizek points out, Nazi propaganda was just a pale imitation of soviet propaganda in reality. the reason it was effective was because Russia at that time represented different concrete material conditions as a viable alternative to the hellscape of the great depression. without this context I doubt its imagery would have carry the same weight.

File: 1613757829328.jpg (5.93 MB, 3711x3281, Russian_Imperial_Family_19….jpg)

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Was it moral to kill the Czar's children?
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Grace is secretly a fan of Juche.


Guillotine is so old-fashioned. Why don't use this machine & be done with it?



Was it moral? No
Was it based? Yes




File: 1614281145159.png (651.84 KB, 828x454, Chappell.png)


what does leftypol think of modern Europeans tearing down medieval monuments and buildings for industrial expansion?
I consider myself pretty socially liberal, I don’t really care if people want to burn churches in their neighborhoods and shit like that, but isn’t it somewhat important to keep historic monuments intact for the sake of studying it? to me this is not that different from discovering a bunch of ancient Mesopotamian artifacts and just destroying them, I would think it a bane to future scholars to prevent them from accessing these things.
honest to god I’m not a /pol/ troll trying to spread idpol. I think these thinks can be viewed from a scientific materialist perspective.
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>Saying this as though we don’t try our very best to preserve the architects from pre-history
You’re an actual retard Leninhat, holy shit


what the fuck
Would socialist authorities permit this?


That's exactly what I would want to happen


Boojies don't care about aesthetics at all, they want all the proles to live in pods inside an ugly building surrounded by 50000 miles of urban sprawl. Booj architecture is designed to be alienating and ugly because it encourages you to do your transactions and leave instead of lingering about without consuming. When they do spend money on fancy architects, they almost exclusively commission postmodern horrors that people hate. This is to show that they can afford a fancy architect, to show they have "sophisticated" taste, and to boost their egos by forcing everyone to look at something jarring and ugly that is on THEIR property. They gain the greatest joy when they build these on top of a religious place or something else that once held sentimental value for many people (like a museum) because it makes them think they are better than the Christian god or the dirty masses who think they deserve a public place.
A socialist state should not be ugly and utilitarian, but should be designed to uplift the worker's consciousness and improve their morale by showing they are working to build for something greater instead of a cog building a private enterprise with little reward to themselves.


Can socialists build temples of Theophilanthropy instead?

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File: 1614522298328-1.jpeg (131.55 KB, 900x500, A2FFC5C3-09B5-4655-B84D-1….jpeg)


What is the UN’s role in this world?
What was their role in the Cold War?
If they’re evil, why did the Soviets help to create it?
Does the UN truly exist to prevent another world war?
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I wish Billson Gates would run my dick


how about I unite your momma jokes with the current year




The UN is an objective force created for a purpose in a specific time, drop the moralistic stuff. The UN is quite naïve and that’s why it’s incompetent, it’s idealistic but that isn’t inherently bad or good, it just is. Can the UN be made more useful objectively? Perhaps but it would require radically different structures of power of people more than willing to negotiate and cooperate. I have no doubts that each and every nation has leaders that want nothing more but the best for its people but in the real world people can be selfish and some power structures make it difficult to allow for negotiation. Even if America had Communists take power it would be naïve to think those Communists would be a force for good or whatever moralistic crap someone imagines it would be. Communists would make just as many mistakes as any other bourgeois democratic government. Governing is a learning experience, Communists would eventually adjust to the needs of its people and have to juggle that with the rest of the world, politics in a nutshell.


File: 1614542618394.webm (2.99 MB, 640x360, 1614542048430.webm)

They saved Africa at least

File: 1614540033929.mp4 (603.52 KB, 400x400, polpotages.mp4)


Should I take the Pol Pot pill bros? Life just keeps getting harder and harder and I unironically am starting to believe Saloth did nothing wrong
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Pol Potism is a bastardization of Marx's theories.


Pol Pot was not anprim. Read the pdfs on this page https://www.bannedthought.net/Cambodia/index.htm


File: 1614540395606.jpg (70.69 KB, 640x641, Anti-urban action.jpg)

>Should I take the Pol Pot pill bros?
Yes. Pol Pot was the first leader in history to achieve lower phase communism.


if you have balls


You should take the diarrhea pill, to get rid of all your negativity

File: 1614540315751.jpg (94.47 KB, 1080x1242, 898f92fe0a03ca1c71471aa675….jpg)


Take the rouge pill
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I don't support losers who get fail AIDS


Take it to /b/, this board is already declining due to the influx of Bunkerchan rightoids, I don't want the catalog to be filled with shitposts.




More than 2000 nukes were detonated during the cold war

There have been zero (0) alien commies invasions


File: 1614356626217.jpg (117.63 KB, 749x576, leftright.jpg)


The Left-Right paradigm popularly used across the planet, appropriated from the French Revolution, and its standard use across political discourse, particularly amongst the less educated, is one of the prevailing issues in the discussion of theory as well as dissemination of theory to others across the world.

Words have meaning, power and orientation. Left-Right creates a dualistic, binary approach to thinking. And our thinking is primarily formed by the words we create and use to represent ideas.

Left-Right allows for very easy manipulation of political beliefs. You can effectively commit to large scale, cultural alchemy through the Left-Right paradigm, filtering out beliefs from one side to another, or entirely shading perceptions of people based on specific beliefs being "outside" their directional metaphor used to orientate their political beliefs.

Observe this most in the US, where US politics is so clearly fucked up with clear designations of "sides" with beliefs being held on either which side, and depending on the observe, they see one as "true" and one as "false".

This can be most notably seen in the following Burger wedge issues:

*Workers Rights/Working Class language used by Republicans

*Gun Rights, perception anyone of the left could NEVER been a gun owner or should never be (this should be alarming, btw) 2020 definitely has shooked this quietly though.

*"American Left" Effectively being center-right radlibs with huge social justice boners, partaking in performative acts as pressure release in bringing "historical justice"
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File: 1614487090343.jpg (32.19 KB, 404x270, 0be5a3fb274be3fb017c511e42….jpg)

Even sinister means left-handed in Latin…


File: 1614487351774.png (12.79 KB, 991x141, 53487598347598345.png)

I'm a centrist.


File: 1614488193044.mp4 (417.77 KB, 640x482, gorbachev-feat-deng.mp4)

That's why you keep generating counterrevolutionary saboteurs within your parties. Take the problem serious and you will need to take on positions arrived at by left-communists.


If you unironically ever use the words 'left' or 'right' in a contemporary political context unless you are calling it out, you are enabling political ignorance.


File: 1614532134962.jpg (191.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Michael Jordan is also the greatest basketball player of all the time, and him parlaying his money into becoming a porky is a little different from a self-replicating class of billionaire families over generations. That's all I'm saying.

File: 1612922533438.jpeg (149.9 KB, 817x428, 7DB92411-2373-4B65-AEC3-0….jpeg)

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Please, please, please mods, this isn’t an idpol thread, I actually wanted to sort of analyze modern US racial ideology. Basically I wanna know….y’all got any theories as to why racism, both in the past and ESPECIALLY now seems so tied up with sexual pathology? For instance, a very popular porno genre in Burgertown is more or less endlessly playing out the Antebellum pathological fantasy of the slaves fucking the plantation owner’s wife. And adding to this is of course the way in Burgertown so many people (not even to say all or most Burgers) can’t just be attracted to someone of another race, it needs to be an entire pathological sexual obsession where they denigrate their own ethnicity while singing the praises of the fetish object with the fetish object still referred to as an OBJECT rather than a person. Shit in Burgertown like people getting shit from friends and family for dating someone of “le wrong colour”
Really, why is racism and racialism (that is, obsession with race essentialism but without the malice and hatred of real racism) so goddamned pathological in America? And AFAIK the level of sexual pathology attached to it really is a uniquely Burger phenomenon, like, holy fuck why can’t burgers just fuck someone that has a different skin tone without being insane about it?
Any thoughts?
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Racism's modern manifestation is not tied to any particular history or tradition, and has everything to do with a modern, eugenicist order… which is basically what the Nazis' "Germanism" was. The Nazis get painted as "traditionalists" and advertise themselves as such, but a whole lot of the Nazi project was about reinventing the German national identity, was about creating a futurist society that creates these garish mockeries of past history as empty iconography. The whole Nazi social reformation was not really reactionary in practice, but presenting this distilled form of the past that emphasized ultraviolence and edited any aspect of the past culture that was inimical to the main political project, that would impede the ruling cartels and technocratic institutions. Witness the way the Nazis were working on scrubbing out any Christian history and promoting "positive Christianity", and beyond that promoting this distorted version of German paganism in their elite circles (something that was so absurd even Hitler distanced himself from it).

A lot of this stuff, of course, was imported straight from American race-theory, which itself was based on racialization as a pretext for the economic relations of slavery. It is impossible to really speak about racism against black Americans as anything but the legacy of slavery. Anti-Indian racism is a strong historical force and still exists today, but white Americans don't obsess about the racial inferiority of Indians or post statistics about Indian IQ scores. Modern racism against black people is entirely premised on a eugenic judgement, and appeals particularly to the most craven of the white race who want a quick win under the rules of eugenic society. The white race can't make a serious claim that the black race collectively wronged them, since the historical relationship was very, very one-sided. The Nazi race-ideology, being imported, was most obsessed with the eugenics project, even above their project of exterminating Judaism (which was justified not with eugenics, but because Jews were associated with communism and a historical betrayal; and the Nazis saw communism as an enemy because communism opposed their eugenic project, rather than their eugenic project being a pretext to attack communism). Eugenism as a social system relies on omnipresent sexual perversion as a rule, because of its obsession with the sex act and desire to control all aspects of human biology. Ordinary racism or bigotrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Is this really only a burger thing tho? South Africa, Brazil, Colombia and other countries with very diverse racial demographics probably share similar bullshit beliefs


It depends on how much eugenics penetrates those countries. They share a history of slavery or domination, but their attitude towards eugenics, and the institutions that rule, vary signficantly, as does the racial composition of those nations. White identity today in South Africa is a harder sell when whites are the minority race and the country is ruled by black people almost everywhere AFAIK.
The peculiar sexual pathology of racists is really the sexual pathology of eugenism. Eugenists that aren't particularly racist are just as perverse as their rightoid, /pol counterparts. Really, /pol's perversions are nothing more than a mirror image of the dominant perversion prevalent in liberal societies, to be harnessed to build a political base entirely on faggotry.


File: 1614519995243.jpg (Spoiler Image, 191.57 KB, 1080x1398, image0.jpg)

It's easy to be a liberal as a racist. For example, look at a /pol/fag who uses /tv/ all day talking about john oliver and "cuck kino" ironically. They're great at being liberals (and yes, they are actually liberals, not just larpers, they promote capitalism and are therefore liberal)
I wonder, what ideology is whitney ryan?


whatever it is, it wasn't liberal with what was written about how blacks ran the world to the ground.

File: 1614448680022.jpg (31.55 KB, 600x500, mao-zedong-31.jpg)


>wins a great victory against the nationalists
>wins a war against the USA

Ahh, surely this man will make a great leader

>fucks up collectivization

>creates hundred flowers campaign and then sanctions mass terror against all those who spoke out
>fucks up four pests campaign
>is largely responsible for the worst famine ever in world history
>creates a fuckton of useless pig iron
>decides okay maybe this politic stuff not so good for me I'm going to go have dance parties and bang teenagers for a few years
>country starts getting better
>ok I'm back now let's take all of the students out of school and sicc them on the party, all the way up to guy like Deng Xiaoping
>okay students need to be put down, time to send in the military
>Soviet Union was totally revisionist (I wasn't just mad that they didn't support me bombing Taiwan) so I broke the world communist movement in half, but America is cool let's be friends
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>becomes a satellite of the USSR
And that is bad because?


"Your honour, I only killed one man, while there are people who killed several, dozens even. This means I did nothing wrong."


The famine during the Great Leap was the last and was necessary. If they hadn't collectivized then China would've still been dependent on the Soviet Union.


CIA is working over time in the consent factory to get people to hate on China.


>then China would've still been dependent on the Soviet Union.

File: 1614476766792.mp4 (323.72 KB, 480x480, I_got_2_blickys.mp4)


What is the consensus on the "fact" that:
The party/state != Workers
That the eastern bloc and soviet union was state capitalist?

The state owned the means of production, and treated workers like under regular capitalism, but with more benefits.
Government is inherently capitalistic since it relies on a elite owning the means of production, the state must be abolished and individual communes should be established with democratic control over the MOP

I won't waste time by calling the USSR "fascistic" since that's obviously CIA bait, but you still shouldn't deny that the USSR didn't give the workers the MOP or give them complete control, it was just a vanguard party that allowed the exchange value and commodity production (capitalism) to flourish, just on a state level

Also, please please please dont think of this as a sect/idpol bait thread, this is just me trying to converse with other leftists/MLs and trying to understand what they think of it
vid unrelated
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I think the key part is whether or not the state is actually engaging in the pursuit of revolution globally, or if it's simply accepted the state of things and made little attempt at transition towards socialism or conflict against the bourgeoisie. The USSR, even in it's regression, still made active attempts at the export of the revolution. China has not, and in fact has acted against it.


File: 1614495188959.png (252.4 KB, 463x500, FuSrYPY.png)

>The USSR, even in it's regression, still made active attempts at the export of the revolution.
In a sense, yeah, but the argument against that is to claim the Soviets weren't really interested in exporting revolution but engaging in a kind of "social imperialism" to justify exploitation of poor countries, winning over allies in a losing/failed geopolitical struggle with the West, meddling in other countries' affairs, supporting some pretty shitty tinpot military dictatorships, and so forth.

I'm thinking of Mengistu where they'd take down signs from businesses and put up communist stuff when the Soviet diplomats flew in for a meeting just to make it look like they communists, when the reality it was a specific ethnic group that was calling the shots.

I don't know if that's true or not, just for the sake of argument, and I'm trying to work this out myself.


>In a sense, yeah, but the argument against that is to claim the Soviets weren't really interested in exporting revolution but engaging in a kind of "social imperialism" to justify exploitation of poor countries, winning over allies in a losing/failed geopolitical struggle with the West, meddling in other countries' affairs, supporting some pretty shitty tinpot military dictatorships, and so forth.
Social imperialism is the stupidest concept to come out of the split. Something is either imperialism, or it is not. If the USSR was continually pursuing communist expansion, such a thing is simply what is proper for any socialist state to do. Of what you mentioned, only two are suspect, that being exploitation and the tinpot military dictators. And simply taking a state is not what I would define as exploitation in an imperialist sense, so really it's a question of who was supported and why. Meddling in other countries affairs is what should have done more though, no one is going to give you a pat on the back when bourgeoisie governments decide to collaborate with fascist paramilitaries to execute foreign revolutionaries and suspected citizenry, and your response is how morally self-assured you feel at not getting involved. The bourgeoisie proper of the world had no qualms in doing whatever was necessary to protect and expand their interests, and did so voraciously and collaboratively. Communists must be twice so.


Bull fucking shit. Go check supreme soviet elections, you'll see non-party candidates always made up 1/3 or 1/4 of the elected deputies.


File: 1614528162104.jpg (83 KB, 592x572, sartre-2.jpg)

Its not about ownership of MOP or abolition of private property but about planned economy = literally communism.

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