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File: 1656278152611.jpg (300.26 KB, 960x600, rainbow00.jpg)


How should left education and organise in current year?

Are left wing parties fit for purpose as they are? Do we need vanguards or more democratic forms? How should parties structure themselves?

Who are the people and parties around the world coming up with new ideas for how we organise?


affinity groups for various progressive political goals
start a serious marx reading group
everything else is fed shit


>Just do affinity groups and things will work out in the end

Sorry who's the fed here?


true, you should join some shady pseudo-party so a grad student can grope you instead

File: 1649774018216-0.jpg (193.2 KB, 667x1024, 4266-23535.jpg)

File: 1649774018216-1.png (14.48 KB, 522x104, anticoomer.png)

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Since when did the Left get associated with stances in favor of pornography, prostitution, and hard drugs? Those are not even very progressive for usual causes taken up by socialists, as misogyny and harm to families are frequently effects of proliferation of such activities like prostitution and the illegal drug trade in society and also as most socialist countries, historical and current, harshly regulated such. The bourgeoise even can outright admit that distractions like porn and drugs are useful opiates to diminish enthusiasm for revolution. So how is it that so many leftists in the imperial core take an uncritically positive position voluntarily on this sort of shit, that almost literally glowies have encouraged to sabotage communist revolutionaries' effectiveness as occurred with the Black Panthers?
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>in favor of pornography, prostitution
Lol the left was never in favour of pornography, there is a whole book by Oe Kenzaburo about how right wingers are sex creeps who musterbait all the time ,it was published in the 60s lol
We do support the exploited sex workers who are forced into prostitution
>and hard drugs?
Lol the only political parties who banned drug use for their members were leftist lol ,still though we leftist are open minded and avoid moral panics , drugs being illegal helps only the cartels

Be chill


These are all idpol and should be treated as such.


You're entirely correct OP but you won't get any support here because the glowies have successfully brainwashed the left into supporting it. That was their plan in the 1960s with hippies and it worked.


> if the conservative is against A, I must support A. Is the correct thing

This is the problem with almost all humans. Almost everyone including intelligent people live like this. This is why nothing will change.


Its associated with liberalism. Socialists who actually think it through and stop parroting liberal bullshit are opposed to all the things you list.

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Has anyone read Japanese Marxist theorists and economists? Didn't Japan have a long tradition of Marxist economists in the 20th century? Is it just the language barrier. I see picrel referenced alot by more mathematical Marxist economists but in general Japanese Marxism and Marxian economics is obscure by western standards. why?
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Just because a philosopher is from Germany, Italy, or Japan; doesn't inherently make them a fascist. Not everyone living in countries associated with the Axis were sympathetic to fascism.


calm your tits i'm making a joke


I'm interested in Japanese Marxism because I would love to learn more about the political economy of Meiji era Japan. I want to learn more about Japanese communists' struggle against the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world, the Chrysanthemum Throne, in the Taisho and early Showa eras. And lastly I want to learn more about what Patricia Steinhoff calls the 1960s and 1970s 'protest cycle' that gripped the nation after the Anpo Treaty was signed (which, sure had an marked effect on cultural output at the time; but most of that remains neglected even by western fan translators).


File: 1656324314950.jpg (16.81 KB, 457x457, fusako-shigenobu.jpg)

Healthy reminder that Fusako Shigenobu, founder and leader of the JRA got out of jail earlier this month.


Or rather, almost a month ago; geez my sense of time is out of order.

File: 1655989677636.jpg (332.04 KB, 1280x540, TgQ5oMJiU_E.jpg)


At noon on February 11, 1929, in the Papal Hall of the Lateran Palace, the representative of Pope Pius XI, Cardinal Pietro Gasparri and the head of the Italian government, Benito Mussolini, proclaimed the Vatican State — 44 hectares of land under the exclusive jurisdiction of the pope, with the right to send and receive diplomatic missions and other attributes of sovereignty. The Holy See received 750 million lire in cash and 1 billion lire in 5 percent Italian government securities as compensation for church property nationalized in 1870.

Soon the Duce outlawed Freemasonry, exempted the clergy from taxes and tried to save Catholic banks from bankruptcy. At the same time, Protestants and Muslims were under pressure. Under the influence of Mussolini, politicians, including the king, began to take part in divine services.

In response, the Church became an ally of the fascist Party on many fronts. Firstly, Pius XI forbade his spiritual children to support socialists and communists. One can recall the campaign for an increase in the birth rate, and the fight against the "Negro" fashion for dance shows, and the attitude towards Orthodox churches in Palestine, Albania, Greece… Crucifixes were hung in state institutions, compulsory lessons of the law of God were introduced in schools, chaplains returned to the army.

(Post here any materials of the church's ties with Hitler/Mussolini.)
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File: 1656290030781.jpg (241.56 KB, 793x1000, piramid.jpg)

The forces of class struggle make alleged rivals side eachother
>Mussolini had solved the Roman Question by accommodating the church all the way. The Fascist state had made possible what the protest of four popes to the liberal Italian state could not because it still needed the support of the curia. It was, as former Italian prime minister Francesco Nitti wrote, quite simply “a capitulation of the Italian government.”80 “Because what benefits does the Italian state have?” asks Nitti in an enlightening essay. “Nothing but the recognition of the real situation that has existed since 1870. Who would ever have believed that Rome would once again be ruled by the Pope? Not even anyone in the Vatican would have believed it. I have been talking with the leading persons from the Church about the Roman question for thirty years. Nobody has ever seriously asked me for Rome or even the tiniest plot of Italian soil. But what has the Vatican now actually received? A territory, albeit a very small one, but recognition as a sovereign state. It has also received a sum whose amount is unique in the history of the Church … the capital of a world bank.”
>Apart from the political pact, the Fascists also concluded a concordat with the curia in which they also made unusual concessions. Catholicism became the state religion, church marriage equal to civil marriage, divorce impossible,and religious education compulsory at all elementary and high schools as the “foundation and crowning achievement of public education.” Antichurch books, newspapers, and films were banned; criticism and insulting of Catholicism were made punishable by law. Indeed, the state committed itself to coordinating its entire legislation with canon law. Of all the concordats that Pius XI had concluded until that time (with Latvia in 1922, Bavaria in 1924,Poland in 1925, Lithuania in 1927), the concordat with Fascist Italy was the most beneficial to the curia. As Francesco Nitti wrote, it extinguished two centuries of domestic development and abolished the intellectual independence of the country.
>The church rejoiced. On February 13, 1929, the pope once again praised Mussolini as the man “who was sent to us by Providence” and shortly afterordered the clergy to say a prayer “for the King and the DuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Even in Asia where the church were extremely pervasive in multiple US backed fascist dictatorships. Like how south korea kept making up insane christian evangelical cults. Or how the Diem south vietnamese dictatorship was in fact a vatican backed dynasty that incorporated catholic personalism into fascism.
>Diệm's rule was authoritarian and nepotistic. His most trusted official was Nhu, leader of the primary pro-Diệm Can Lao political party, who was an opium addict and admirer of Adolf Hitler. He modeled the Can Lao secret police's marching style and torture styles on Nazi designs.[69] Cẩn was put in charge of the former Imperial City of Huế. Although neither Cẩn or Nhu held any official role in the government, they ruled their regions of South Vietnam, commanding private armies and secret police. His youngest brother Luyện, was appointed Ambassador to the United Kingdom. His elder brother, Ngô Đình Thục, was Archbishop of Huế. Despite this, Thuc lived in the Presidential Palace, along with Nhu, Nhu's wife and Diệm. Diệm was nationalistic, devoutly Catholic, anti-Communist, and preferred the philosophies of personalism and Confucianism.[70][71]


you also have older groups like action franchaise in france which itself wasn't fascist but ended up influencing a lot of fascists (french marxist georges sorel who would go on to inspire bits of fascism also joined them)


I hate myself for vaguely recognizing that name


The Vietnam one wasn't really surprising as Vietnam was ruled by France with plenty of Jesuit influence for many years

File: 1655993691976.png (106.51 KB, 640x640, 1655038731247.png)

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I am an artist. I hire someone to serve as a model for my painting. I finish the painting and sell it for 10k. I pay the model 1k for their service.

Did I exploit the model?

The painting is a commodity. The model contributed to the commodity via their service.
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Nice answer, thanks.
On the topic of higher wages for skilled laborers,
I guess in part being able to give your kids the education necessary to give them the access to the job you have is part of this "value of subsistence" which is partly responsible for the reproduction of labor. But there's also mechanisms of supply scarcity with highly skilled laborers too which contribute to higher salaries for skilled laborers.


If you mean like in cases such as the medical profession where nurses in particular are difficult to replace and impossible to automate, that is absolutely true. Also, to again use the example of nurses, workers who are exploited at an unusually high rate–like nurses are–require more total and more expensive commodities to keep them working, just because they burn out so much faster that they need serious recouperation between their shifts and generally less stress in their home lives. Marx noted that any increase in the rate of exploitation corresponds with an increase in the total value of the means of subsistence, but it is not an equal or even a consistent formula.

However, in more strictly capitalist enterprises, labor that becomes too highly-skilled to efectively exploit tends to be eliminated entirely. Their jobs just stop existing, their function in society lost completely (sayonara, travel agents!). Often, their function will be replaced by either automation or by simplifying the job enough that less skilled workers can do it, but that usually occurs after the original highly-skilled jobs have already been eliminated. The automotive industry is a good example of that effect.


Interesting. I was thinking of doctors and software engineers in the US (because elsewhere they are not even paid well). But yeah, I see how what you're saying applies.

So wages are stagnating but people are burning out more and more.


Software engineers are in the enviable position of being the people who create the autotmation that eliminates other jobs. Companies need them to, ironically enough, slash their own overhead. Also, in the United States, the West Coast tech giants like to keep the people that they do hire to those positions loyal.

In contrast, look at how the entertainment industry pays software engineers. Remember, these are guys with advanced degrees living in San Francisco and Seattle.


>Software engineers are in the enviable position of being the people who create the autotmation that eliminates other jobs.
Also they (we) are creators of rentable virtual/digital property.

The entertainment industry creates less rentable property and more expiring commodities (although with long shelf life games like GTA V and LoL etc, that's changing).

Personally, I took a huge paycut to not work in the US and moved to Europe where salaries are 30-50% of US salaries for similar software jobs, sometimes for the same companies.


So, here in leftypol there have been many predictions and people talking about a second civil war in the US. Many anons have drawn maps and shit. But what about the nukes? The US can't peacefully back down from superpower status and/or become socialist. There is no nationalities to fall back down like there was in the USSR, and there is no other power orchestrating the fall like in the USSR. And I have no doubt the next use of nuclear weapons will be against a rebelling city, either in the US o somewhere else. So, is it known where are they stockpiled? What department of the US Defense manages nukes? Would use of nukes against themselves delegitimize the US against the entire world?
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The USSR didn't use nukes on the Baltic states or any other secessionist SSRs, and I don't see the US doing the same.


The USSR was a civilized nation while the USA are barbarians with no culture.


USSR also took different attitudes towards nuclear weapons in general and viewed them more as a level of extreme but manageable escalation, whereas the US and West in general seem to take it as The Final Solution sort of shit.


>How would the various agencies exercise their power unrestrained by optics or plausible deniability?
An incredible shitshow that rapidly spiralled out of control. The main weapons of these kinds of institutions is exactly their optics and plausible deniability, especially currently.


Any relevant strategic targets are in the global north, which is probably inevitably going to become a nuclear wasteland. Meanwhile the resource-rich global south will suddenly be freed of a lot of their problems.

File: 1656260916821.png (324.94 KB, 382x417, 39469.png)


Is it wrong to gatekeep leftism by discouraging morons to inquire about leftist ideas? Or should leftists encourage everyone to join even if their stupidity might discourage actual intelligent people to join because they see that the left has idiots?
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>Is it wrong to gatekeep leftism by discouraging morons to inquire about leftist ideas?

>Or should leftists encourage everyone to join even if their stupidity might discourage actual intelligent people to joi

they aren't actually intelligent if this is what discourages them from committing to a revolutionary cause.


note, it wasn't some bitch ass college trot "intelligence" test, it was a test of showing that they were committed through action.

You can be a non academic type person, and be really good at getting the boys together for a strike.

The fact that people on here cannot fathom this, is a key reason this place is not different from other leftist spaces like it likes to think it is.

In fact, it is full of the kind of student orientated politics common to the "woke" left. Just, its a bunch of dudes so its more about crying that women are annoying


>The masses in any given place are generally composed of three parts, the relatively active, the intermediate and the relatively backward. The leaders must therefore be skilled in uniting the small number of active elements around the leadership and must rely on them to raise the level of the intermediate elements and to win over the backward elements

I doubt anyone here is serious about socialism since Mao explicitly gives guidance to how we conduct the mass line. It has nothing to do with 'gate-keeping', it's about actually organizing the masses.


>even if their stupidity might discourage actual intelligent people to join because they see that the left has idiots?
What do you mean by actual intelligent people? Economic oppressors?


File: 1656371311937.png (30.63 KB, 1200x1000, oh exploitable.png)

Stupid people can kill you. Intelligent people can ignore stupid people.

File: 1653690775437.jpg (74.65 KB, 800x533, map.jpg)


How do we solve the Palestine question? What can be done about zionism?
Imo the Palestinian refugees should be allowed to return, all the settlements disbanded, law of Jewish return revoked.
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>with surrounding arab countries having their back
Yeah about that… https://www.stateoftelaviv.com/a-new-diplomatic-era-5-days-6-countries-no-palestinians/


bashar this, ba'athism that
How about you take a ba'ath my uygha


The only remotely acceptable solution is the establishment of a unitary Palestinian state followed by the complete expulsion of anybody who practices or descends from the Zionist religious tradition, along with a blanket ban on any of them setting foot in the country


We need Gary Vaynerchuk to teach Hamas the art of the grind so they can finally cast out the Zionists from the river to sea, epic sauce style. 🙌


File: 1656282369033.webm (2.15 MB, 360x360, brap.webm)

the discussion wasn't derailed at all. i used it as an analogy. you're the only unhinged response i got to that post, even after a month.


>An attorney representing convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell said in a court filing Saturday evening that her client has been placed on suicide watch just days before her scheduled sentencing.

>Maxwell, the longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate, was found guilty of sex trafficking and conspiracy late last year after a jury trial. She is due to be sentenced on June 28 and prosecutors have requested she spend a minimum of 30 years in prison.

>But Maxwell's attorney, Bobbi Sternheim, submitted a letter to US District Judge Alison Nathan on Saturday stating that she would seek to postpone Maxwell's sentencing if her client remains on suicide watch.


File: 1656214744680.png (129.15 KB, 843x553, ah shit.png)


I hope she gets 'suicided' too, it would be hilarious to see pedo porkies trolling everyone so obviously


File: 1656282176370.gif (3.92 MB, 360x360, nothingburger.gif)

File: 1656281662949.jpg (229.93 KB, 792x794, 1643473521685.jpg)


In case of your enemys' victory, what is the best way to make sure you are capable of commiting suicide regardless of situation (capture, imprisonment, torture…) I will not sleep peacefuly until I have devised the perfect method.





immigration > suicide
fpbp, agreed on you too. op should take its daily dose

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