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File: 1633838091630.png (1.98 MB, 1440x960, ClipboardImage.png)


so what exactly does ms13 do beyond kill their own members and do drugs that make them one of the worlds most dangerous gangs?
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Just one gang out of many ganvs.


I'm pretty sure they both died


They are one of the biggest gangs in the world right now, do a lot of human trafficking and have a motto of "Kill, Rape, and Control" they border cross a lot which gave trump an easy excuse to justify the wall.

They are just evil full stop, they love to kill women for being women and have caused a dramatic rise in dead women in El Salvador as well as infanticide. Most of their recruits are children stopped while trying to go to school or random people press-ganged into it.

Slaughtering entire buses of people and killing whole families, basically every terrible crime you can think of they've done and they are effectively holding the entire nation of El Salvador hostage.


so they're like what the mafia is to sicily but on steroids?


They look like faggots to compared to mafia men

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Hello everyone, as part of the efforts to grow the site's reputation, I have been assigned the task to create a 'site embassy' on some kind of other website/chan. But I dunno what site would be good. Help please, my dog ate my homework.

Any ideas? /pol/ is an obvious choice but maybe we should start with somewhere a bit less hostile and a bit less fast. Preferably still with some relation to politics though.
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Stop posting in antiwork you lazy retard


Kys for posting in idpozzed antifa sub


literally the first "true" embassy:


>leftypol is the roof of all of our problems
Kek, these schizos will forever seek windmills to fight.


File: 1634473951841.mp4 (1.87 MB, 630x480, kill all americans.mp4)

all anglos must be extreminated

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>Inb4 there already is a COVID general
This is more about the political repercussions for this crisis than general developments.

For weeks there have been demonstrations against the current COVID measures all over Western Europe. Said protests always reach several thousand participants in multiple cities at once. Even in my pretty liberally-minded city over a thousand. Surprisingly, cops for the first time since the pandemic began, have started using violence against them, which is normally only reserved for left-wing protests and football hooligans. This is very peculiar to me, since for the past year the cops have been cuddling with those protesters, who always broke the COVID safety measures, which was illegal. What caused the sudden change of mind in the police? Will this last till they break-up the anti-measure/anti-vax movement or will they eventually rejoin them again?

This entire mess has been a huge boost to reactionaries across Europe. Many people do not trust science anymore, believe absurd conspiracy theories and made a conservative cultural turn. Just like with the fake refugee "crisis" the darkest reactionary elements were able to grow from it. Western leftists are, as always, too incompetent to exploit capitalist crises, but has this also been case in the rest of the world on this matter?

If so, why? The anti-vax schizos can spare me with their nonesense, I've already heard their talking points enough times.

If not, how were those other socialists able to benefit from this pandemic? I can only think of Bolivia as an example. What can we westeroids learn from them?

In any case, it is to be expected that there will be many more climate denialists, anti-abortionists and homophobic lumpens to deal with in the future. The slight progress we've made over the past decade seems to be all undone, which will make it all the more difficult to fight those problems, especially climate change. In some places the COVID-protesters are pretty radical and even want to overthrow the governments. I'm kinda worried, since this obviously won't be a proletarian revolution to overthrow capitalism. As soon as the cops surrender, those people will march into the government buildings. Will it be another nothingburger like the 6th January or something serious? I don't know what their exact goal is, since this movement is so absurdly incoherent. All they scream is "muh liberty™!" Will the fasPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Lets say that you can skip the vaccine if you renounce your right to medical treatment once you get sick.
The same people who is protesting against the vaccines will protest for their right to medical treatment, these people are fighting for privileges and they feel being vaccinated is losing a privilege.


uyghur I'm taking my midterm right now I'm about to handhold you through why you shouldn't reject the working class for being reactionary


This whole "workers quitting over the vax" shit is way exaggerated. Most of them threaten to quit but never actually do and end up caving in and getting the vax.


AK-47 posters should be banned for a month, since I haven't seen a single good faith post from you fuckers. I suspect it's only 1 samefag, based on style of posts.


File: 1634620736038.png (1.01 MB, 810x609, ClipboardImage.png)

Given that the communists got forcibly suppressed by the current Russian Government due to overwhelming support during the voting, I'd say it got people's support.

>Its purely an exercise in fellating the american idea of personal freedom
You are a fucking retard, I'm a fucking tankie and even I recognize the absolute idiocy of permitting or supporting any totalitarian governmental action in this regard. In the USSR they prevented a goddamn Anthrax epidemic using immediate but LOCALIZED quarantine and then after the danger passed and after some time had gone for research vaccinations got made, but not until they had been PROVEN safe. And this is on top of the fact that the USSR's medical system had no reason to attempt to exploit the people or create more illness… but Big Pharma does, and continues to do so, and uses the state to shield and suppress those that oppose them or seek to expose them. For example for decades ALL vaccine producers are protected on a FEDERAL level from ANY judicial action; be they class-action lawsuits or a FDA investigations.


File: 1633935519456.png (12.79 KB, 2560x1707, Flag_of_Laos.svg.png)


"China isn't socialist, dengoid" "Western maoist in moms basement" "Doi Moi made vietnam capitalist" "They have a large communist party".

We've all heard this about countries in east asia, but what about Laos? I thought this country was also part of the "socialist" block of SEA
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Unironically, though


He was expressing doubt that *good* beer could be produced in a tropical climate, not that beer could be produced at all.

You could probably also make rum in Canada or Scandinavia, but some people might have doubts that it's as good as Cuban rum.


whats the source for the image? (is there a way to generate such a chart for any country?)


NTA but here:
> Interactive Visualization: OEC - Laos Product Exports (2019)
> Data Source: BACI - HS6 REV. 1992 (1995 - 2019)


thanks brother/sister

File: 1634463221113.jpeg (30.61 KB, 255x381, jpeg.jpeg)


What is to be done regarding Caleb Maupins closet homosexuality?
What is the correct political line should we denounce Caleb for being homophobic, should Caleb be forced to admit the truth, should we spam the sex tape of Caleb Maupin in a gay bathroom?

I think given Caleb's right-wing anti communist views more pressure should be applied to him I applaud Politsturm International new video on how to unite the left which correctly attacks Caleb unfortunately it attacks Mao as Politisturm is Hoxhaite.



don't bite



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Is Christian Communism the only way forward in America? Christianity is such a widespread ideology, which in its purest core can be viewed as communistic if you actually listen to some cherry picked words of Jesus himself, that it seems like a good shoe in the door.

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>They didnt kill random christians they nationalized church lands ,if you mix religious freedom with cucking out to the church then sorry there is no socialism for you
you're just pretending things didn't happen now.
>I repeat no there was literary a consitution retard
and you think that changes anything on the ground? wow you must be retarded


Today I fulfilled a promise to go to church on Sunday at least once if my prayer for grades was answered.

Unfortunately, I went to two Baptist churches
The first one I could be blamed for, the second I had the misfortune of confusing with the Anglican church which lent their premises to the Baptists
Worse they were Viet gusanos as well. I encountered the arrogance of presuppositionalism (in which YHWH lays claim to pagan Greek logic), a semi-xenophobic obsession with idols and culturally self-effacing denunciation of ancestor worship. Furthermore there clearly was a North American in the pulpit. Finally, the pastor denounced "social justice" for "social righteousness".

I suppose to worship the Hegelian dialectical Triune God, I should stay with Anglicans. Or maybe I should consider my promise with the Triune God fulfilled and spend my Sundays for others. But I am conflicted with the coomer urge to breed, so I think maybe I will go to a more critical Anglican church for the pretty girls.


Dead Sea Scrolls, Death of John Paul I, Fall of Constantinople, 2018 Pennsylvania pederasty cases, Saladin, Heliocentric theory, William Tyndale, Native American genocide, Borgia family, Westboro Baptist church, Corinthians 6:9-11, Manifest Destiny, Witch trials, Ninth Council of Toledo, Gregory IX. Chemical analysis of Shroud of Turin, Battle of Jericho, sell of indulgences, Sex-Ed, Holy Spanish Inquisition, Curse and mark of Cain, Joshua Bar Nazarem, Mary Magdalene, Lateran Treaty, Egyptian and Roman syncretism in Christianity, Ku Klux Klan, Treaty of Tordesillas, Harry Potter, bellum iustum, Scholasticism, apocryph gospels, Iēsus Nazarēnus Rēx Iūdaeōrum, theory of evolution, Constitutum Constantini Donatism The Papess Saxon wars Teutonic Order Limpieza de sangre Bernardo Guy Rock music, Matthew 22:21, Pogroms, the Persecution of the Paulicians, the Albigensian Crusade, the Bosnian Crusade ,the Fourth Crusade/sack of Zara and Constantinople ,the Hussite Wars ,the German Peasants' War ,the Schmalkadic War, the Thirty-Years War, the Eighty-Years War, French Wars of Religion, Beeldenstorm, Staroobryádtsy, Skoptsy, San Miguel Canoa Massacre, Ustashe


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


If you mention hegel one more time I will fucking snap

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As many as 17 Christian missionaries from the United States and their family members, including children, were kidnapped on Saturday by a gang in Port-au-Prince as they were leaving an orphanage, according to Haitian security officials.

Details of the kidnapping remained unclear, but local officials said the missionaries were abducted from a bus headed to the airport to drop off some members of the group before continuing to another destination in Haiti.

Haiti has been in a state of political upheaval for years, and kidnappings of the rich and poor alike are alarmingly common. But even in a country accustomed to widespread lawlessness, the abduction of such a large group of Americans shocked officials for its brazenness.

Violence is surging across the capital, Port-au-Prince. By some estimates, gangs now control roughly half of the city. On Monday, gangs shot at a school bus in Port-au-Prince, injuring at least five people, including students, while another public bus was hijacked by a gang as well.

Security has broken down as the country’s politics have disintegrated. Demonstrators furious at widespread corruption demanded the ouster of President Jovenel Moïse two years ago, effectively paralyzing the country. The standoff prevented the sick from getting treatment in hospitals, children from attending school, workers from going to the rare jobs available and even stopped electricity from flowing in parts of the country.

Since then, gangs have become only more assertive. They operate at will, kidnapping children on their way to school and pastors in the middle of delivering their services.

The nation’s political turmoil intensified further after Mr. Moïse was assassinated in his home in July, a killing that remains unsolved. The few remaining officials in the country soon began fighting for control of the government, and the factionalism has continued for months, with officials accusing one another of taking part in the conspiracy to kill the president.

The kidnapping of the American missionaries happened only a day after the United Nations Security Council extended its mission in Haiti by nine months in a unanimous vote on Friday. Many Haitians have been calling for the United States to send troops to stabilize the situation, but the Biden administration has been reluctant to commit boots on the ground.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(not about leftism)
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Ok so, good that Christcuks are getting kidnapped and murdered?







Based, lol

 No.477795[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content
Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.

Previous thread: >>>/leftypol_archive/216284
This is the place where you can find all /leftypol/ memes n' shit
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File: 1634391383479.jpg (11.22 KB, 238x231, sister number one.jpg)


2nd pic is transhumanist


taken from Stickpit


File: 1634448547713.jpg (238.32 KB, 612x438, dystopian.jpg)

Did this. Give me more dystopian shit to paste Marx's face on.


We're gonna be talkin' about the PURGES.
We'll be talkin' about the DUSTBIN OF HISTORY.
Do you think that's funny, /pol/?
Do you find it amusing that we'll be talkin' about the GULAGS?

File: 1634357713072.png (1.36 KB, 275x183, ClipboardImage.png)


TLDR the Chinese economy is spending more than what it produces in revenue, a brief inspection online states that the Chinese economy takes in 4.45 trillion in revenues but spends over 5 trillion on itself every year which means debt is surging. What makes the matter worse is that most of the Chinese populace doesn’t have that great of access to social securities beyond healthcare and don’t have the money to afford most consumer goods due to unpaid labour ultimately putting solutions like cuts and higher taxation(most of China pays nearly 100% income tax) nonexistent

A similar situation is happening in the west as well but the fact that both of these powers are reporting any form of economic growth means something in the global economy is fundamentally broken or some form of extortion is going on in the global south to pay for all these expenses. This shit is bad real bad if China wants to maintain itself now that the USA pretty much declared war on the country
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>I'm holier than thou.


I guess Cuba isn’t socialism then

I am literally


>billionaires in the CPC
Dengoids: this is socialism


Burger debt crisis & projection


Are they actually billionaires? China has a whole class of SOEs in all by name which have a sole investor - their chairman and a member of CPC. I'm pretty fucking sure China does this fake shit to evade WTO problems.


What if the different stages of society in human civilization just different underlying essences that are blocked by what I call a civilizational gate that requires a societal key to be cross. In order to cross these gates there must be the perfect conditions set forth beforehand by this universal and underlying essence that cannot be directly observed by felt in the changing of society as their productive capabilities increase.

This would also explain the Fermion Paradox in that there’s an absolute peak and cap on how many civilizational gates can be crossed by the productive increases and the societal transformation forthwith. It’s impossible to pinpoint this essence because of the manifold appearance of life and life activity which makes it hard to observe the absolute essence which one who has read Hegel calls it the world spirit. But what if the next gate, the hypothetical gate of “higher communism” is a gate existing at a level so far behind human grasp that humanity could never cross this gate no matter how much they attempt to increase their productivity because in inverse ratio our planet is being destroyed so perhaps there’s an underlying power of the universe that will not allow mankind to reach this higher phase communism.
12 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I like this idea but because I also subscribe to Marxism I consider the manifold manifestations of god or gods as the single underlying essence of not just the universe but humans in the universe with their productive powers. There’s this saying that man is the universe experiencing itself and I think there is a lot of truth in this in the way man manifests in many forms of society and religion but I believe that communism is the gate that exists beyond our capabilities.

Alongside climate change because of our increased productivity, and because finding a new planet to settle in is highly unlikely, chances are that humanity has peaked as a civilization and that communism itself is the essence of transcendence, not only of our current mode of production but of the universe itself. If humanity can master society, master the productive forces while also not destroying the earth and itself in the process, this means that man has transcended a civilization boundary that was before thought to be impossible and what seemingly the universe presented itself as resisting humanity and its evolution. If humanity can transcend all class, all negative effects of its increased productivity while also living lives befitting such high productivity then humanity has truly evolved and at that point I believe we may reach a 5th dimensional consciousness and possibly be able to travel beyond our universe above just comprehending the higher dimensions.



> age of suffering ended before both world wars


There’s an absolute limit to our computing capabilities as regards chips where increasing their efficiency can no longer go further. The universe itself has set real physical limits to things, there’s an order to the universe and even when entropy rises, by then the universe will become uninhabitable to any intelligent or advanced species.

Civilizations can also reach a wall, a pinnacle that it cannot cross. The fermion paradox itself explains the phenomena of why advanced civilizations are a rarity in the universe. Also experimentations can help us understand certain phenomena and make theories on certain phenomena but we could never know “everything” as that itself is a contradiction.


Pretty much.

Suppose there is, and will be, no such thing as a utopia. Does the human condition make any proposed utopia a dystopia in due time?
>Civilizations can also reach a wall, a pinnacle that it cannot cross.
What defines this pinnacle?


>Does the human condition make any proposed utopia a dystopia in due time?

Since I’m still Marxist I still believe that as our productivity changes and expands, so does our consciousness. Civilization, society, brings a certain kind of awareness of subjects in this world and their life conditions and activity and it is expressed in a multitude of ways. No doubt people of the Assyrian empire felt a certain way about their way of life, it’s hard because the majority of people couldn’t write about their everyday existence. But one can imagine a full consciousness that isn’t rudimentary and animal that is somewhat aware of their societal place. They may have saw their life as dystopia and may have wished for another life. Isolated humans are human beings that stagnate, hence all the isolated tribes that largely went unchanged for millennia. I’m not making a moral judgement but it is a fact that isolated humans become stagnant societies compared to the more advanced societies in constant contact with other societies. Brings a collective consciousness and experience to man.

>What defines this pinnacle?

For now, the effect of industrialization on the planet and the effect of leading to a future of shortage and lowering of productivity by destruction of not only land capital but labor, people. Technology itself has its limits such as I mentioned with computers. The next social and societal gate is one that would break the limits of productivity and technology and thrust us into a new epoch that in some ways is physics defining.

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