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File: 1714537377932.jpeg (137.71 KB, 1000x657, Germany-coal.jpeg)


We're going to run out of fossil fuels at the rate modern civilization exists. (Nuclear, green and renewables can only support up to a quarter of a billion or so for a long time. you can read about and analyze it for yourselves) until fusion becomes economically feasible we can't support the number AND rate of consumption we currently have. and on top of that we've fucked the climate that it's anyones guess from going back the bronze age to complete extinction of the only intelligent species in this part of the galaxy.
it's all going to rot because of cunts like Bezos and Buffet and the hundreds of millions of delusional narcissistic capitalist bootlickers that worship them.
>muh Malthusian
grow the fuck up and open your eyes, we're burning through this planet like there's no tomorrow. the next century is going to be nothing but misery, possibly the bleakest thing humans will ever have to go through. mass starvation and migration on levels never seen before… and no one gives a fuck.
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fucking idiot dumb fuck
millenarists like you who think proles need to experience death, catastrophes and immiseration to move the struggle forward should get hanged by actual socialists


>We're going to run out of fossil fuels at the rate modern civilization exists.
meme. There's more than enough fossil fuels to support civilization, the question is at what environmental cost?

We will run out of fresh water long before we run out of fossil fuels


File: 1715017127511.jpg (72.56 KB, 1024x946, IMG_9239.jpg)

I am afraid this may be impossible if we destroy the environment. What will be left? How many thousands, if not millions of years will it take for Earth to be amicable to humans again?
How will future generations imagine a better future when their ancestors destroyed the whole planet? They are no different from us. IMO, either we win now or defeat is absolute.


the pic you used is corny and you should feel bad for posting it, fag


Don't be mean

File: 1712963312010.jpeg (24.33 KB, 640x480, images (100).jpeg)


>Be me, Spanish speaking South American
>Opens youtube news video regarding the zionists and Iran/Palestine
>Almost every comment is a batshit crazy evangelical cocksucking the jews

Does this happen in your country too?
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fpwp. israel and usa are right wing empires who want to destroy any and all non capitalist ideologies


iirc the CIA and LatAm envangelicals have been cliqued up for decades at this point.

Evangelicals are a religous group in the same way Cossacks are ethnic group(they arent)


She's so pretty


i only get gaymen videos on youtube


not worshipping jews as demigods who are all inherently connected to israel is antisemitic, anon.

File: 1712694301619.png (4.17 MB, 1137x2072, ClipboardImage.png)


Is the origin of monarchy just a hereditary military dictatorship? like did most begin with just some barbarian tribe conquering a settled city, becoming the new ruling class and then devolving into inbred god-kings?
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Kill yourself redditor faggot


no but it helps a lot



Kings came from the sublimation of the tribal systems.
<The rise of private property and exchange was the beginning of a great turning-point in the whole structure of primitive society. The development of private property and property distinctions led to the result that within the communities different interests arose among different groups. In these conditions the individuals who in the community held the offices of elders, military leaders and priests used their position to enrich themselves. They acquired a considerable share of the communal property. The bearers of these social offices became more and more distinct from the mass of members of the community, forming a clan aristocracy and more and more frequently passing on their power to their heirs. Aristocratic families became at the same time the richest families. The mass of the members of the community gradually fell into one form or another of economic dependence on the rich and aristocratic upper stratum.
<Society's split into classes evoked the necessity for the State. With the growth of social division of labour and the development of exchange, separate clans and tribes came ever closer together and combined into unions. The character of clan institutions was changed. The organs of the clan system more and more lost their popular character. They were converted into organs of dominance over the people, into organs of plunder and oppression of their own and of neighbouring tribes. The elders and military leaders of the clans and tribes became princes and kings. Formerly they had authority as people elected by the clan or union of clans. Now they began to use their power to defend the interests of the propertied upper layer, to keep a grip on their fellow clansmen falling into poverty, and to hold down the slaves. Armed retinues, courts and punitive organs served this end.

It is mandatory that you read this book. You cannot understand history, capitalism, or socialism unless you read this book. Don't be like the ultras. Read this book.


>read haz
>read cockshott
>read Agent Kochinski
>read the accellerationism guy I don't remember the name of and don't feel like looking up but I know he kinda looks like terry davis.

File: 1715033150131.jpg (57.65 KB, 425x623, peace016.jpg)


Hamas accepts Qatari-Egyptian proposal for Gaza ceasefire
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said the proposed deal did not meet Israel’s demands and that it would send a delegation to meet with negotiators. “Although the Hamas proposal is far from Israel’s necessary requirements, Israel will send a working delegation to the mediators to exhaust the possibility of reaching an agreement under conditions acceptable to Israel,” it said in a post on X. Full details of the proposal were not immediately clear.

US munition used in Israeli air strike that killed health workers in Lebanon, says report
According to an analysis by The Guardian, the shrapnel recovered by first responders to the attack revealed that the bombs used in the attack were the 500lb Israeli MPR bomb and a joint direction attack munition (Jdam), a US-manufactured missile guidance kit.

Aid groups issue urgent appeal for Yemen funds
A joint statement from 188 humanitarian organisations, including several UN agencies, warned that 18.2 million people – more than half the population – were in need of help after nine years of war between Huthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition.

14 Kurdish activists taken into custody in Iran
Security forces have arrested at least 14 Kurdish activists in the city of Oshnavieh, West Azerbaijan Province, and several surrounding villages in recent days and taken them to an undisclosed location, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Vogue owner Condé Nast averts union walkout with deal on day of Met Gala
The Condé Nast Union, which represents about 540 editorial workers, has been bargaining for a union contract since September 2022. It is affiliated with the NewsGuild of New York. Condé Nast owns a string of leading magazines and publications, including Glamour, Bon Appétit and Teen Vogue. It also owns the New Yorker, although this has a separate union.

Columbia University cancels main commencement after weeks of pro-Palestinian protests
Columbia’s decision to cancel its main ceremonies scheduled for May 15 saves its president, Minouche Shafik, from having to deliver a commencement address in the same part of campus where police dismantled a protest encampment last week. The Ivy League school in upper Manhattan said it made the decision after discussions with students. “Our students emphasized that these smaller-scale, school-based celebrations are most meaningful to them and their families,” officials said.

Conservative US judges boycott Columbia grads over campus Gaza protests
A group of 13 conservative U.S. federal judges said on Monday that they would not hire law students or undergraduates from Columbia University in response to its handling of pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Romney Admits Push to Ban TikTok Is Aimed at Censoring News Out of Gaza
Romney suggested that banning TikTok would quiet the growing outrage over Israeli atrocities in the United States."Some wonder why there was such overwhelming support for us to shut down, potentially, TikTok or other entities of that nature," said Romney. "If yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




Episode 376: Pigs Run Wild (TrueAnon)
We talk NYPD, “outside agitators”, the IHRA working definition & it’s consequences, UCLA, boomer memory & the 1960s, freckles, and more

Petro under siege as progress creeps forward
Since the historic election, powerful political groups — primarily drawn from business, landowning and military sectors — have sought to obstruct the government agenda, with some degree of success. One main avenue of disruption has been through the office of former attorney-general Francisco Barbosa, whose term ended in February. A close ally and appointee of former president Duque, Barbosa shielded another former president, Alvaro Uribe — the figurehead of Colombian right-wing militarism — from witness-tampering investigations linked to longstanding suspicions of collusion with paramilitary death squads in the 1990s, while governor of the Antioquia regional department. Elected president in 2002, Uribe’s eight-year government saw massive human rights abuses by state forces, including the murders of over 6,400 civilians presented as guerillas killed in combat; known as the “false positives” scandal, this is one of the major investigations under way by the transitional justice court.

Houston’s Market-Driven Housing Solution Is No Triumph
The New York Times reported in 2022 that CFTH’s streamlined approach had reduced housing wait times to just thirty-two days. Compare that to New York, where the wait time for a similar program is closer to seven months. Contrary to New York and Los Angeles, which primarily use interim housing or shelters to shuffle people off the streets, CFTH grants voucher-holders tenancy in a variety of multifamily apartment complexes from the start, the idea being that people are better able to receive aid when they have a stable home. In a statement leading up to the Big Four meeting, Turner promised to “continue our groundbreaking, successful efforts until every Houstonian is off our streets.” Meanwhile, in southeast Houston, an uglier reality wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1715043955762.gif (810.53 KB, 225x350, 1713819313926182.gif)

Thanks News Anon



What are the implications of pension funds for the class status of workers enrolled in them, and for the contemporary state of capitalism in general?
Supposedly, about 45% of US assets, and about 25% of European and Asian assets are held by pension funds. By any standard that's a big chunk of change. About 80% of British workers participate in workplace penson plans (up from 47% in 2012), and about 52% of US private sector workers do too. You could push the figures higher yet by including government sovereign wealth funds, often intended to meet the cost of public sector pensions.

This has two odd implications I'd like you to play with: the first is that any worker enrolled in a company pension plan is arguably, by virtue of that status, an investor. The shareholder who's value the firm strives to maximise is often a pension fund in abstract rather than a traditional porky - a human capitalist trying to get rich. They aren't a shareholder - but they are invested in a financial service that holds shares on their behalf. (An unfortunate lesson for workers when pension funds go under is that pensions aren't all that special as investments go - sometimes you lose everything!)
The second is the oddity that since the pension fund wants to maximize the value of its investment, it can act in odd ways: It's not unknown historically for a company to be asset-stripped at the behest of its own pension fund, for workers to be made unemployed because that course of action maximized the size of the pension fund they were part of… Furthermore, political actions can have odd consequences - for example Liz Truss' attempt at a libertarian turn in UK economic policy ultimately achieved nothing except costing pension funds hundreds of billions of pounds by fucking up their investment strategy.

So, to repeat the opening questions:
1. What is the class status of workers heavily invested in a pension fund? Do they remain proletarian, become petit-bourgeois or bourgeois, or find themselves in some new category? And whatever your answer - why?
2. What are the implications in terms of future capitalist development for such a large chunk of global wealth being owned on behalf of future retirees, rather than by more traditional capitalist investors? An odd situation of a pension-maximizing machine eating the world? The painless socialization of all assets on behalf of the workers? (Are they really so different from Löntagarfonder if yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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sorry OP, this site isn't really for discussing contemporary capitalism. you should've made a thread about livestreamer drama, LARPing over foreign wars, academic points from texts from 100 years ago that you've selectively quoted to push an agenda today, or good old culture war issues.

nobody can build their sense of self around takes on pension funds. that's not a fruitful avenue for finding Stalin quotes about how you get to kill your online enemies, so you will be getting no answers. I suppose that beats getting bad ones.


Ownership is a spook, and even more so at doubly arm's length as in a pension fund. To the worker, an unmanaged fund is as good as any other institution of forced saving. All that "maximization" is bullshit; outside of whatever video game you're playing, "value investors" exist.


>discussing contemporary capitalism
Good. Contemporary capitalism is for abolishing, not for loving. If you want to discuss contemporary capitalism with an eye to assisting its reproduction, go to r/wallstreetbets and stay there.


Dunno what your problem is, OP is a top tier shitpost


Pretty sure Marx made some points about retired workers living off pensions, that they were still proletarian. Don't remember exactly where though.

File: 1715016741124.jpg (47.25 KB, 400x384, s-l400.jpg)


Illuminism, rooted in Enlightenment principles, emphasizes critical thinking, empirical evidence, and personal growth. It encourages individuals to question dogma and seek understanding through reason and exploration. In contrast, Abrahamic faiths often rely on ancient texts and authority figures for guidance, sometimes discouraging questioning or independent thought.

One key aspect where Illuminism shines is its compatibility with scientific progress and modern values. By prioritizing reason and evidence, Illuminism encourages adaptation to new knowledge and societal advancements. This flexibility contrasts with the rigid interpretations and resistance to change often found in Abrahamic faiths. Illuminism fosters a worldview that embraces diversity, equality, and the pursuit of knowledge, providing a framework for ethical living in a constantly evolving world.

Moreover, Illuminism promotes individual autonomy and personal responsibility, empowering adherents to make informed choices based on their own values and reasoning. In contrast, Abrahamic faiths may impose strict moral codes and hierarchical structures that limit individual freedom and agency. By prioritizing reason and personal development, Illuminism offers a path to self-realization and fulfillment that transcends the limitations of traditional religious frameworks.

I tried showing my MAGA loving Trump supporting parents the path to enlightenment through the gnostic gospels and the ideas of the Illuminati and called it a bunch of crap while declaring that God's Will determines everything. I hate boomers. I hate Gen X even more because despite what the internet says about boomers, its a lie. Gen X is the real most stupid generation. How can I get my parents away from MAGAtard thinking and towards rationality. SCREW GOD'S WILL!!!!
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Slide thread, but I went to lunch with the local masons because I was curious. It was mostly boomers with regret over their "fuck you i got mine" generational attitude trying to do social good with their limited capacity. In practice everything they do just benefits the bourgeoisie's brats. I was the youngest in the room in my late 20s. It's a dying movement.


>Slide thread
Total slide thread. Really good threads like the Burkina Faso thread died for this shit.


I'm not talking about masonry. I'm talking about the Illuminati.




Read the ghost written books by Mike Hockey and Adam Wesipheit.


File: 1715022491385.png (304.7 KB, 800x1199, ClipboardImage.png)

The bible is a rabbit hole too. I finally read it cover to cover at age 31 and let me say, I came away with more questions than answers. especially regarding the historical contexts in which the various stories and passages were written/edited.


Hey y'all. I am curious to learn about Robert Mugabe, a figure whom for imperialists, liberals and the far-right alike seems to be an icon of the inability of African countries to govern themselves without any assistance from the West. I see headlines such as "MUGABE RETURNING LAND TO WHITE FARMERS AFTER CRASHING THE ECONOMY" and get the sense there's some gross oversimplification going on here, not to mention good old fashioned racism.

I'm genuinely curious about this guy who was apparently a colleague of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, and seems to have taken his country on a similar path away from white supremacy as South Africa. So why is he so scorned? Why are there so many tabloid-esque headlines written about him? Why does his image in Western media strike me as the punchline to a big laugh everyone's having about Africa's slow, brave crawl out from colonial slavery and exploitation?
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you are white
please leave yakubian


You complete idiot. Wikipedia is the least reliable when it comes to historic, political and economic affairs, especially when they are contentious for the West. Corruption is a general cop out answer when it comes to explaining why the African countries are doing bad economically. That‘s not to say corruption isn‘t a problem, it is, but the West seeks to distance themselves by claiming it‘s solely corruption. The actual answer is that economic conditions and relations brought about by the West keep African countries unable to compete in production, so they are left selling their resources for cheap, which puts them on a current account deficit, to which they eventually respond by accepting credit loans to ameliorate.


bros yappin


File: 1711947080617.jpg (71.21 KB, 1600x900, tommy.jpg)

 No.1810736[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Do you think modern day fascists / abstract right wing authoritarians, anti democratic racists have the capacity to evolve beyond their larp stage and become something more deadly relative to "allowing" themselves to be co-opted into power or normalizing their politics? What could actually generate support for a new fascist-coded type of party or organization to rise in the United States?
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>they didn't eliminate it (franco, etc.) but did neuter it as a movement. however, this neglects that the WAY they did that was by absorbing it, and as such taking on a large number of its properties themselves
dude. read the post


<Source for that claim?

Italian Industrialists from Liberalism to Fascism: The political development of the industrial bourgeoisie, by Franklin Hugh Adler, Page 311


>"At April, referring to information passed along to Donati, editor of the Catholic newspaper Il Popolo, Salvemini noted: 'An industrialist of Turin told Donati that in his circle people have begun asking themselves if it might now be wise to pay the Communists to fight the Fascists!' In early May, the future Communist leader Palmiro Togliatti wrote to Gramsci in Moscow that 'the industrial classes are rather wary of the new regime, fearing unpredictable developments in the class struggle with Fascist syndicates."

I believe the Salvemini he's referencing may be Gaetano Salvemini, who was a Socialist and anti-fascist, so it's not like this is coming from the regime itself or some super 4D chess propaganda.

Edmondo Rossoni, the person I was referencing, spent some time with the IWW and prior to becoming a Fascist, would even spit on the Italian flag, so it's not like he started as a virulent nationalist. It was, however, Racism he encountered in America directed at Italian workers that ultimately led him to rediscovering his nationalism.

He described, while a Fascist, industrialists as "Apathetic, Passive, and Ignorant" and believed that under Fascism the workers would be trained in the running of large enterprises with the goal of ultimately taking them over and doing away with a capitalist/industrialist class in its entirely.


How does that part of your post makes the argument presented invalid?


File: 1714692830849.jpeg (216.01 KB, 1080x1757, 8482509adeaa3368.jpeg)


I don't see this development as necessarily a bad thing, because to me it seems that this process is actually splitting reaction. While I am not expecting anyone to seriously pull off a Red-Brown alliance, just the fact that reaction cannot treat White Nationalists as a reliable ally is a tremendous victory for the left.


So apparently George Soros is supporting Palestine. Rightoids say, he is a "Marxist-Globalist who wants to destroy America". Are they unironically correct?(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)
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File: 1714931409732-0.png (280.36 KB, 768x512, ClipboardImage.png)

No. "Capitalists" do not run the world. Capitalism runs the world irrespective of the individual bourgeois agents. You could execute every single porky tomorrow and more proles would just rise to take up those superstructural bourgeois roles if you did not build and organize and institute and enshrine and codify into law a class dictatorship of the proletariat that fundamentally changes the economic base of society. If you burn the invasive vine,but don't rip the tuber out of the ground, it will just grow back. Base vs. superstructure. Think!


He's mine.


>You could execute every single porky tomorrow and more proles would just rise to take up those superstructural bourgeois roles
Revolt works because humans can adapt to suit the matter in which they are expressed. If what you say were true, then there is no reason to organize, to resist, to revolt.
The base is not "dominant". It's "prior". That means superstructure can't command matter that doesn't exist, and nothing more. As long as matter exists, actors can act as they like on it.
>another religious nut selling soap and church as the answer to capitalism
>law is magical
Kys idealist


Yap god


but that make my peepee stop being big and get cold


>why doesn't Cockshott fix the NHS if his theories work
Well why doesn't he?
There's his opportunity right there since the UK health system apparently is not as good as it could be?
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>There's a town called Marinaleda in Spain that's run by a communist mayor. They'll build you a house at cost and a job in the town cannery to pay for it.
??? link?


nta, just put "marinaleda communist" and you will find sources, like this one:



Nevermind, this article is better:


Marinaleda, Spain – At first sight, Marinaleda appears to be a typical Andalusian village with white-washed houses and streets that do not come alive until after the sun goes down.

But if you look closely enough, there are signs that things are different in this small town of 2,700 inhabitants: there is the portrait of Che Guevara that adorns its sports centre and the notable absence of commercial billboards.

Marinaleda has been governed by Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, its self-declared communist mayor, for more than 35 years. And while the unemployment rate in the rest of Andalusia is 29 percent, it barely touches five percent here.

The majority of Marinaleda’s inhabitants work for the village’s agricultural cooperative and earn the same salary – 47 euros (about $54) for a six-and-a-half hour working day. This equates to a monthly salary of 1,200 euros (about $1,370), which might seem low, but it is significantly more than the Spanish minimum wage of 764 euros a month (about $870).

Life in the village is also much cheaper than in the rest of the region. For 15 euros a month, inhabitants can pay off their mortgage. The same price gets them membership of the sports centre, or a kindergarten place for their child. The local government provides three free school meals a day. As a result, even the small number of unemployed inhabitants are able to make ends meet with the 400 euro jobseeker’s allowance provided by the Andalusian government.




Paul Cockshott raped me when i was a child.

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