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File: 1676998666027.png (193.57 KB, 250x312, ClipboardImage.png)


Part of why the US is such a racialized society where everyone is obsessed with race and ethnicity is because the US was created by Anglos. These Brits, who came to North America in the 17th century had a very distinct method of colonization. They were extremely racist and didn't practice mestizaje like Spaniards or Portuguese. These latter groups were inspired by the Roman method of colonization, which involved mixing with the local population. Arabs did something similar in their conquests from the 7th to 9th centuries.

If the US had been colonized by a Latin-adjacent people, like Spaniards or Portuguese (though not French, since they were just as bad if not worse than Anglos), the US would not be the highly racialized society it is today. Reminder that the first interracial marriage in the Americas was not in 1853 nor in 1967 with Mildred and Richard Loving, but in 1593, since interracial marriages had been legalized by the Spanish Empire. But alas, they were colonized by Anglos.

To a certain extent this means that the racial problems in the US are inevitable and will likely not be resolved in our lifetime, if ever.(Too many America threads, take it to the general)
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>They were extremely racist and didn't practice mestizaje like Spaniards or Portuguese.
In a way, they did; lots of prominent indigenous people in what is now the US and Canada (including ones from hundreds of years ago) had mixed European ancestry. The differences are that (1) Anglos sent over large numbers of both men and women, whereas most of the early Spanish colonists were men who had to take black or native wives or mistresses, and (2) what is now the US and Canada was much less densely populated and much less politically organized than Mesoamerica and the Andes, so it was easier to kill or expel the natives, whereas in Mesoamerica and the Andes the Spanish just installed themselves at the top of existing civilizations. Furthermore, your comment about France is strange, since they were more amenable to interracial relationships than the Anglos were; French men with mulatto children often recognized those children as their own and sent them to France to be educated, which basically never happened with Anglo mulattoes. Even after the Louisiana Purchase, New Orleans was more culturally tolerant of interracial relationships than the rest of the US (my father grew up in northern Louisiana, which is culturally Anglo instead of French, and the first time he ever saw obviously mixed-race people was when he went south to New Orleans). Your mistaken impression may be due to the fact that the French colonies in the Caribbean wiped out most of the natives and assimilated the remaining few, but again, that was a matter of the population density and political organization of the natives rather than a universal French policy; in Canada, the French race-mixed so much that the created a new ethnic group, the Métis.


FR, it's more bizarro 4chan-adjacent mouthbreathers than anything to do with leftism


You are strawmanning me, I'm not saying colonialism with racemixing is good, I'm saying that type of colonialism will produce a less racialized society.


Mods if you are going to sage the thread because of too many US threads at least move the thread to the US general then.


File: 1677042847624.webm (269.44 KB, 1280x720, guillotolliug.webm)

>radicalize normies
material conditions do that, not rhetoric.


Should leftists learn other languages?
Rn I know only English, with some basic knowledge of some other languages. I kinda want to learn Chinese and Spanish past a beginner level so I can actually communicate with people outside the english-sphere, but also sort of want to know a non-western perspective on some socialist topics?
Ty for any answers.
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Based monolingual


Igen. A nyelvtanulás nagyon hasznos az életben!

As an Anglo who's been learning Hungarian for years now (I'm barely above A1 because I have trouble with sticking to things and I have no teacher) it hasn't come in handy all that often because so few people speak it. Polish would probably be more helpful for me, because there is a large diaspora community living in the surrounding areas.

This isn't so much for leftist reasons either; more just everyday usage, although because capital insists on driving wedges between people of different nationalities, being able to communicate with more people is kind of an anti-captialist act in its own right.


based lower cognition and lesser understanding enjoyer


Yes this is the next step after literacy IMHO and it's shameful getting sucked into online drama while neglecting it.
We've got immense resources at our disposal and we use them for distraction.


If you're specifcally referring to organizing, then absolutely try to learn as many languages as well as possible. For personal cultivation it would be useful to learn particularly important languages like Latin, Greek, German, French, Russian.


- Child Marriage legal in most states and used to get around age of consent
- Common Law Marriage Legal
- Legal to have and carry a gun in all 50 states, many without a license of any kind
- Only country besides Philippines which has legalized bounty hunting
- Only country outside a few third world ones to not have maternity leave of any kind
- Only country to have 0 paid days off mandated, either holidays or vacation, or sick leave of any kind

why the fuck is borgerland like this
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File: 1676986676295.png (341.7 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

Because it's kino.


Really? That's based.


You haven't played gta?


yes, it was huge news


The first three things you listed were to facilitate the genocide of native men and the rape/forced marriage of their women, however young

File: 1676774297871.jpg (79.93 KB, 800x450, not this shit again.jpg)


I keep seeing self-identified socialists, communists and leftists falling for liberal anti-communist memes and even self-identifying with them. Namely:

Collectivism. There is no such thing as "collectivism" as imagined by the liberals. By which, I mean there is no ideology that is the vulgar antithesis of bourgeois individualism. "Collectivism" in the socialist sense essentially refers to common ownership and management of institutions.

Under feudalism, almost every aspect of your life was predetermined before you were born, and the few decision that remained after birth were likely determined for you by your parents while you were still a very young child. Individualism, as originally formulated by the classic liberals, was essentially just a refutation of this. It asserted that people should be free to live their lives in accordance with their own conscience and pursue whatever path they chose, instead of these things being determined by birth or being prearranged by their parents. In this sense, communists are individualists.

Now, once liberalism started supplanting the feudal order with a capitalist order, the rising bourgeoisie was less keen on this interpretation since a person living their lives in accordance with their conscience didn't serve the ends of capital. You then begin to see the rise of a bourgeois individualism which re-centered individualism around the accumulation and reproduction of capital. This individualism pushed the idea that the ultimate form of freedom and self-expression was saving all your pennies in the hopes of starting some kind of business and rising through the ranks of the bourgeoisie. Communists are not this kind of individualist, but that doesn't make us some kind of antithesis of that.

It's been doubly confused by the entry of the counterculture movement in the West which, while it pushed for many good things such as the Civil Rights Movement, LGBT rights, rights for women, etc, also pushed a sort of cultural narcissism and has called these cultural narcissistic tendencies "individualism."

Authoritarianism. Authoritarianism is a meaningless liberal snarl word. All it means is either that you aren't a liberal or that you want people to submit to an authority the liberals regard as illegitimate. But all politics after the collapse of the feudal order have basically been about who or what the legitimate authority is. Any order that isn't libePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Moreover, individualism as a rule prioritizes the interests of the few over the interests of the many
>We're not any kind of individualist because individuals don't really exist. We are social beings who cannot be considered separately from society
Nonsense. Individuals and groups aren't things which are inherently opposed to one another or you can only be an atomized individual or a reactive social unit within a group. The individual and the group are two aspects of the same thing, and have a dialectical relationship. Individuals form the groups, the groups form the individuals.

The supposed conflict between individualism and "collectivism" is akin to asking if a person prefers trees or forests. A person saying "there are not forests, only trees" is an idiot, but you're no smarter for saying "there are no trees, only forests." Trees and forests are two ways of looking at the same thing.

You are absolutely correct that "individualism" has been used by bourgeois ideologues to attack socialism, but that doesn't make its invented opposite real. Socialism isn't a contrarian negation of liberalism.

>It is precisely the authoritarian systems of feudalism that are being opposed by the liberals who overthrew them

Because the liberals saw a hereditary nobility as an illegitimate authority.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." Kings and hereditary aristocracies are illegitimate authorities. Liberal democratic governments are legitimate authorities. It wasn't a question of authority itself, but who wielded it and to what end. Feudalists claimed that governments derived their legitimacy from the souls of their rules being closer to God on a celestial chain. Liberals claimed that governments derived their legitimacy from the popular will (or at least the "consent of the governed") and also typically in protecting certain rights of its citizens (property usually being chiefest among those rights). Though I would argue that as liberalism has evolved (and devolved) legitimacy has become more and more about just simulating a particular form of democracy with little care about the actual function of the state itself.

>since the en
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'm not saying they didn't fetishize the individual, they absolutely did. I'm saying that the view of individualism of the classic liberals who were rebelling against the feudal order was fundamentally different to the conceptualization of individualism pushed by the bourgeois class in the subsequent capitalist order. The socialist movement grew out of that initial revolutionary liberalism and we still hold to that original view of individualism that they did, even if we don't really fetishize the "individual" like they do. The idea that people should be free to live their lives in accordance with their own conscience and choose their own path in life is one of the ultimate goals of communism, far more than capitalists who promote the idea that individualism is essentially service to capital and climbing the ranks of the bourgeois class.


lol this. Everytime you see someone being like "authoritarianism doesn't exist" you can safely ignore them


Get in the box Arendt, you zombie bitch


Are you saying that anyone who isn't a Stalinist is a crypto-liberal? Interesting take from a Trot.

File: 1675668651838-0.webm (1.23 MB, 320x568, Turkey quake.webm)

File: 1675668651838-1.webm (2.44 MB, 320x580, Turkey quake 4.webm)

File: 1675668651838-2.webm (1.84 MB, 320x564, Turkey quake 3.webm)

File: 1675668651838-3.webm (1.29 MB, 320x564, turkey quake 2.webm)

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>A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria early Monday, toppling buildings and killing at least 568 people. With hundreds injured, the toll was expected to rise as rescue workers searched the rubble in cities and towns across the area.

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Glowies will deny it!!!






File: 1676930728577.jpg (107.54 KB, 720x1000, 1676194204719179.jpg)

I came here to post the same thing, good work anon

File: 1676860831102.jpg (120.07 KB, 960x960, 1490113223740.jpg)


Incuriosity is thriving at the moment. People seem incredibly proud of publicly renouncing critical thinking in favor of asserting a frustratingly simplistic “thing good or thing bad” mindset. I think this is due to a confluence of factors, many of them corporate. Identity has been so totally enmeshed with consumer habits that we’ve arrived at the misguided belief that the media we consume should perfectly align with our good politics, or else it is evil and an endorsement of our enemies.

This is how you end up with conclusions like, “a character in this show did something homophobic, and therefore the show itself is homophobic.” We’ve been so thoroughly conditioned, in the ubiquity and loneliness of capitalism, to think of media properties as our friends, and when our friends do a bad thing, it feels like a betrayal.

Worse yet, we’ve come to think of art—all art—as commercial goods that warrant this calculation of the “Moral Nutrition Facts” to ensure we’re not feeding anything “bad” to our brains. So we arrive at a place where art is constantly screaming its own virtues at us. All the rough edges get sanded away, and the lines between “good person” and “bad person” are boldly drawn with one of those ridiculously large Sharpies in mass-produced, infantilizing literature that reassures us that we are good people for putting it on our shelves.

Whatever happened to "no ethical consumption" or denouncing consumer politics? Leftoids have bought into it fully now.
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he's moral panicking about a phenomenon he can't even demonstrate exists


thats not what a moral panic is


File: 1676930078134.png (723.43 KB, 1013x1029, 1657996783901.png)

>youre saying people should do less moral panics youre doing a heckin moral panic yknow?
a lot of replies on leftypol seem to be basically this


I grew up with super conservative rules/mindset about good vs bad media and it was 100% "being a good person = don't watch this movie" and now that I'm in rather different circles it's fun to see this same pattern repeat and repeat and repeat
It is wild to see people repeating conservative ideology without even realizing that’s what they’re doing.


t. rural/south USA


Hello anons. Your local black comrade today has decided to open a thread for your best capitalist appropriation of Black History Month and Martin Luther King Jr.

Post your best shit.

These were from our own black community this year for MLK Day.

Post that good ole bullshit they do every year during this.
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File: 1676907266729.png (884.33 KB, 809x890, ClipboardImage.png)

Not the most interesting thing ever but I was very surprised to learn the author of one of my favorite books as a kid, the count of Monte Cristo, was black


He was 1/4 black, idk if he was actually considered black in france at the time tho. His dad was a general during the napoleonic wars https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas-Alexandre_Dumas


File: 1676921446945.png (344.96 KB, 828x614, ClipboardImage.png)

Nobody posted the undisputed winner for 2023 yet?


File: 1676921577984-0.png (264.06 KB, 532x354, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1676921577984-1.png (449.42 KB, 535x687, ClipboardImage.png)

Also I don't know what #blackgirlmagic is exactly but the top results have a lot of camwhores.


do I even want to know
oh, maybe I do


Many here will agree that in order for the world to heal the American system must collapse. I mean signature brand of corporate capitalism it represents and upholds and not America per se, supposing that it can outlive the socioeconomic mode it has so firmly bolted to its national identity. History as it stands is arrested in its progress; time is at a standstill and will remain in decayed stasis until the American system implodes. This eventuality is the one and only means for the world-historical process to advance to the next stage. There is no other option. No other way forward.

It is inconceivable that the system which has gotten us to this condition of horrible and worsening disrepair can correct the mess it has created, as its very existence is the exact cause of this disorder and it must feed of that devastation to sustain itself. The production of global crises is a byproduct of the system performing tasks it must do to sustain itself. Therefore its very existence is in stark contrast with the solution.

I say this because there is no other solution, no other cure, no hope for humanity if American capitalism persists to be the dominant template for political economy. The ONLY way that humanity can advance is if the American system not just continues to decline, but terminates.

The great epochs of history are defined not so much by the ephemeral empires that fill its pages, but by their fall and the effects that has in all that is to come. The world entered a new phase with the collapse of the USSR and in the wake of it the American system took hold. Its arc of ascendancy was brief, with unbridled capitalism quickly and greedily using up its fuel, and now keeps the world in a stagnating holding pattern. Now the sinews of debt have been worn threadbare from abuse and the whole ponderous structure of a once muscular framework falters and teeters on the brink.

The American system seeks to make its absolute and permanent basis a mode of economy which is inherently unstable and erratic. Thus its behavior as a state, driven as it is by such a chaotic actuator, is equally volatile. Its logic leads inevitably to war or economic and environmental disaster. The most concentrated center of power is built to self-destruct.
We must think through the implications of this moment in all its fullness and complexity. It presents both danger and opportunity, though the hazards are all but guaranteed by default if no preparPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Is burgerville even a country? The burger state is entirely subservient to the will of Capital. It literally cannot do anything for the people to help "justify" its rule anymore. There are only the companies on that flag, there is no United States of America.


You might say it’s too far gone… the corporate neoliberal model has metastasized all throughout the globe. But it’s not true that it overrides everywhere it spreads. It can be subsumed and modified by its host. The Scandinavian model, the Chinese model, even the Arabic model reconfigured this pattern. If it cannot be completely rejected, it can be expropriated, digested, dismantled and reconstructed from its component parts into something different. What would a socialist Amazon accomplish, with all that organized logistics and distribution capacity?


Sure but it's just a naming convention. It's like naming the Ebola virus after the Ebola river.

File: 1676829614668-0.jpeg (7.5 KB, 259x194, images (30).jpeg)

File: 1676829614668-2.png (204.82 KB, 1024x644, murmansk-1024x644.png)


Here's an entire thread about the crimes of a group called "NS/WP" (including that bath tub dismemberment video) (see 1st picrel):


This is the same group behind the attacks on Russian military targets as seen in the next 2 pics.


Here's a short video about Alexei Navalny - somebody who was praised by CNN & Biden:


Putin's stated mission was to "denazify" Ukraine. Since 2013/14, the Ukrainian right has been at war with Russian proxies in the DPR/LPR republics of Donbas for 8 years and the current war with Russia. These groups include the Azov Brigade, Right Sector and the Misanthropic Division.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well either way, the point is that Western media outlets will praise somebody like Navalny while trashing antifa, like they did that one time after Kyle Chapman's supporters showed up at one of his cancelled events in Berkeley and got beat up by a crowd of people so much to the point that riot police had to pretend to arrest them to move them to safety in handcuffs since they were ordered to stand down by the mayor (this was in August 2017). Thjs is also why I don't listen to garbage MSM outlets like MSNBC.


Plus thay footage of Charlottesville protesters chanting "Russia is our friend" and wearing MAGA hats.


Also, the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP; lead by Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach) used the chaos symbol and were heavily in bed with Strasserist / NazBol / tankie / autonomous nationalism / whateve like Dugin.



Old ass mfs

File: 1649803501541.png (1.65 MB, 1300x957, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.915584[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is a thread only for people who actually do IRL organizing to exchange tactics and ideas. Its time to stop whining about bullshit like Wiccans or shizo pedo rape cult conspiracies, and actually get some actual lessons out of each other, for fucks sake.

Explain your situation, ask a question on what you would like some advice on, and give insight into what you do right now and how successful you are.

Let me start off
>I am the chairman of a local chapter of a socialist nation wide youth org of a european country
>We have, on paper, 90+ youth members in our local chapter
>We have, on paper, 1000+ members nationally
>Recently formed out of a split, still very much in flux
>The real local cadre is around 10-15 people with varying levels of commitment, about 6 people at each weekly or so meeting
>The ideological and practical education of our cadre is low
>Following a broadly orthodox marxist line, as opposed to classical marxist leninist, or maoist, but also containing trotskyites and anarchists

Now the thing I would like your feedback on is explaining how you conduct meetings, how to educate cadre, how to retain cadre, how to ensure people show up, what communist youths are even supposed to do. So let me sketch out what we do now

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sign it up to all the spam services in existence as well as all the accounts you can from all services. Be sure to click "resend email".


Praise Milley, National Salvation Council soon.


File: 1676813309071.png (147.44 KB, 462x279, ClipboardImage.png)

I ripped down an anti-commie sticker today

i mean it was tiny and on one of literally hundreds of socialist posters in the town, but im doing my part!




Keep it up comrade!

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