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File: 1633605152080.png (1.67 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


The growing strike movement in the United States and the case for rank-and-file committees
>Nearly two years into the coronavirus pandemic, a major strike movement is gaining momentum in the United States, with profound implications for the class struggle all over the world.

As predicted in the 2020 January 3rd perspective, this is the decade of the socialist revolution. Faced with the Devastation created by the pandemic, the working class is becoming increasingly militant around the world, especially in the US. While the pro-capitalist unions are working to suppress these struggles, ICFI is working to give the leadership by building the international alliance of rank-and-file committees.
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The economic unrest caused by the global pandemic and changing demographics, people of colour mobilised and made conscious by movements like black lives matter. I see building blocks everywhere. Countries like America are more International than ever, Trumps efforts to stifle the countries inevitable development away from dominant whiteness were proven futile.

We need more feel good threads.


>t. pseudo-left Pabloite revisionist renegades



What are you, some kind of Grahamite Stalinist?


There is more chance ukraine will turn red than the US.


This. Trotskyists spent the entire cold war believing that the revolution in the UK, USA, France, etc. will happen any day now, because Marx said that the most developed countries will, so it must be true, right?

Just more proof they were never Leninists.

File: 1633573419384-0.png (762.65 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633573419384-1.png (762.65 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633573419384-2.png (762.65 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)


Who will be the world superpowers by 2050?

Once military stalemate has been achieved, will USA crumble as a power due to shitty public infrastructure and neglected radical youth?

Will nations with a 'blank canvas' begin to overtake them?
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yeah ok but afghanistan


Rebellion against capitalism has either been coopted and neutralized by lightning fast AI controlling minds through personalized messages delivered via screens augmented reality or it is destroyed by taking out targets with very personalized pathogens delivered by highly effective somatic line editing nanoparticle aerosols, created bc of lighting fast AI that can fold proteins. Whatever world power looks like it excludes 99% of people unless we call for control over our own highly direct democratized and confederated bioethical regimes.


uygha there will be a coronal mass ejection in the next ten years that will BTFO the Interwebz and communications technology


Only because 'the big one' gets fired at it.


It won’t be a nation but a people. Whether you embrace it or reject it, people mobilised under the BLM banner and we saw something real taking place. The future of western nations lies in how well we understand the benefits of immigration and diversity. Trotsky, whatever his flaws, reached out to and worked with black revolutionaries. Non Europeans are better equipped for revolution as they have suffered aspects of capitalism their white working class counterparts have not.

Then again, whether or not this reality is widely embraced by socialists, it is the reality. Why do you think fascists are so explicitly racist rather than anti communist today? They know where change is coming from.

File: 1633601833382.jpg (120.85 KB, 960x718, hola.jpg)


I went to a Maoist meetup everyone is still coping over Gonzalo the right wing Maoists want to adopt the political line of accumulating forces whist militarising the communist party and the left-wing Maoists want to launch protracted peoples war. Everyone there seems to agree that communists in a country are cucks if they don't at least want a militarized communist party and all communist parties around the world need to militarize and liquidate soc dem members/elements.
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>Cuck has always implied interracial relationships are uniquely disgusting and shameful.


OP has been making these sames posts, same writing style for the last few weeks.

Pretends to be some kind of observer talking about the huge exploding totally radical gonzaloist movement ready to 1917 their way into power although usually posing poorly as a critic.

He mixes it up every couple of posts. The last few times he was claiming to be an Ecuadorian and a Brazilian. Before that he was a German for a while, and before that he was Sri Lankan. It always starts off with something like "I saw a totally random maoist march!" or "I went to a maoist rally!" or "Gonzalo flew over my house" with some pictures or videos he scalped from some gonzaloist social media page.

He jumps between identities false flagging as an anti-maoist and saying cop shit then jumping around as a maoist accusing anybody who calls him out as a fed/glowy. His writing style is exactly the same though. This is just a more retarded/autistic version of the WSWS copypasta.


Don't be surprised if all you have to offer is dishonesty/deception that people react with hostility.

No mass base, no grounding in reality, only bunk revisionist account of history based in crypto-Avakianism & ridiculous circular logical spaz arguments. It's no wonder you have to resort to deception.


you're a drooling retard.


File: 1633604734495.png (682.27 KB, 1360x766, 1604957688448.png)

>kwanzaa flag thinks cuck means interracial
Sure buddy, let another black man fuck your black wife then.

File: 1633595332101.png (266.29 KB, 521x768, grillingboomer.png)


We've covered Q-schizos, alt rightists, leftists, liberals and even normies.

Now what about the normie's middle aged "middle class" suburban dad? What about the GRILLER?

Why is this demo so conservative and what can be done about it?


>Now what about the normie's middle aged "middle class" suburban dad? What about the GRILLER? Why is this demo so conservative and what can be done about it?
they were boomers but younger. basically gen x is as boomer as the boomers


File: 1633598833680.jpg (119.08 KB, 360x325, MUS-FAPC2020_500.jpg)

>Why is this demo so conservative
They are invested in the "stability" of capitalism and eat up petite bourgeois ideology.

On one hand, they see their world corroding because of the capitalist machine and hold great anger towards "the elites" or "the government". Most of them have at least some sort of proletarian background. They aren't apathetic or apolitical but their politics are almost always a kneejerk reaction to one thing or another that rocks the boat. The term "reactionary" is particularly appropriate.

On the other hand, because they don't bother to investigate the sources of their worries, they get caught up in petite bourgeois ideology that supposedly stands against the big bourgeoisie but also promises a continuation of the status quo. Supposedly they stand for nothing ("big") ("I just wanna grill" or "muh family is all that's important" etc etc) and thus fall for anything. They aren't willing to really rock the boat further than it is required for their person to feel comfortable for the moment but we all know how far petite bourgeois ideology can go.

>what can be done about it?

Ready ourselves and practice self cultivation. Capitalism is gradually stripping away their stability, some may thing they can weather the storm but we know that is impossible. Others go down the dark path of fascist reactionism to try to "reclaim" a some sort of glorious era of golden wheat fields and wives. We must be the light that pierces the clouds, to show them that socialism will provide the stability and prosperity they so desperately seek. That a new world, a socialist world, is possible but also it must be fought for.


File: 1633599173868.png (44.33 KB, 624x518, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why is this demo so conservative
lol wut



What can be done about racist old white people? More to the point, what need be done? Do you think they turn on the TV and see a world in which they feel they belong? You don’t think they’re demoralised and brow beaten? I’m not sure 60-70 year old Trump supporters are keeping me up at night. Their institutional representation and political sway is pretty much limited to a few segments on Fox News because they’re not tech savvy enough for 4chan.


>On one hand, they see their world corroding because of the capitalist machine and hold great anger towards "the elites" or "the government".

Capital won’t be there downfall. They are effectively aliens in countries they once arbitrarily thought of as their ‘own’ and that realisation is sinking in and making them lash out. Simply put, I wouldn’t invest energy in recruiting sections of society that simply don’t matter.

 No.535178[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>"Private Property"
Are both meaningless, undialectical and inherently reactionary social constructs
Then how the fuck is the United States (and north America at large)
>"Stolen Land"
Like if there is no legitimate form of non-universal ownership in regards to land how does one group hold any greater claim to land then any other group?
How is land "stolen" from a group who did not "own" it themselves???
More over,
if there really is NOTHING material that defines the cherokee or any other native group from any other larger or western group how then do you define between the group which did the supposed stealing and the group which was stolen from??
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>falcone general
isnt this some lanky soft spoken 14 year old gamer? absolute state of westerners


File: 1633593396739.mp4 (2.7 MB, 640x358, 1633455898013.mp4)

stop cooming


>"You work to provide for your wife so she can provide food for the child"
Not inherently reproductive. If you cared about this independently of it getting cum into a pussy, you didn't have to mention reproduction.
>"You like helping your community, but only to ensure they can consume calaries"
Not inherently reproductive. If you cared about this independently of it getting cum into a pussy, you didn't have to mention reproduction.
"You dont have your children because you love them, you have them because you like the thought of them providing food for your grandchildren"
Not inherently reproductive. If you cared about this independently of it getting cum into a pussy, you didn't have to mention reproduction.

You could have talked about the joys about these, but no. You only cared about these as a reproductive process. That means that if cum doesn't get into pussies, you don't care about any of these. If one of these was unnessary to that, you'd stop caring about it instantly.
and more importantly


That lays it bare. That is the one factor that could not be removed. Your children could be raised by someone else, they could love someone else, someone else could be providing for your wife, you could be unloved, alone, accomplish nothing, do nothing good for anyone

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how is this shit thread still up?


anchored for being the worst thing that was ever posted here
since the last a*erican race shitshow

File: 1633472966368.jpg (423.25 KB, 1600x1000, Work-1.jpg)


When you look at the situation both in Israel right now and apartheid era South Africa you can see a lot of similarities: an unpopular government rife with human rights abuses that is situated far away from the rest of the Western world in a region that is entirely hostile to its existence, moreover even its supporters have gotten more demoralized over the years as they are confronted with reality of the situation they are in and the abuses carried out by their governments and even in the US, the cornerstone of Zionist support outside of Israel it has become a mainstream political opinion to oppose Zionism and the government of Israel and the US government has been showing much less interest in intervention in the Middle East in recent times, just like how SA lost the support of America and the West due to the decline of white supremacy and the loss of interest in intervention in Africa to contain communism after the fall of the USSR.

The thing that is unclear if that is to be the case is how exactly would the government of Israel be brought down? Israel is an ultra-religious country armed with nukes and absolutely not hesitant to violently put down any serious opposition to its rule, is it realistic that Palestinian rebels could finally defeat the Israeli government after so many decades? Could international condemnation and sanctions, even by the US, be the catalyst for some sort of peaceful transition of power to a Palestinian or unitary government like what happened with Nelson Mandela? Only time will tell.
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Seleucid Syria was a proto-apartheid Greek ethnostate where Arabs and Assyrians were at the bottom of society


please endow us with your wisdom


Go home JIDF, slurs are part of image board culture.


Apartheid was overthrown in South Africa due to the revolutionary role the Angolans and Cubans with Soviet support played in helping South African revolutionaries weaken the colonial order. Israel is much more closely integrated with and commanded by imperialism, and without the Soviet Union acting as a revolutionary base, the chances are lower. Israel is a bridgehead for American imperialism and it won't surrender it lightly.


File: 1633571296280.jpg (172.48 KB, 750x759, maxwells.jpg)

It's really more like the Maxwell blackmail ring though.

>Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal:

>The picture painted by the evidence is not a direct Epstein tie to a single intelligence agency but a web linking key members of the >Mega Group, politicians, and officials in both the U.S. and Israel, and an organized-crime network with deep business and intelligence ties in both nations.

>The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage

>Ghislaine Maxwell is hardly the only Maxwell sibling to continue their father’s controversial work for intelligence, with other siblings carrying the torch specifically for Robert Maxwell’s sizable role in the PROMIS software scandal and subsequent yet related hi-tech espionage operations.

>Isabel Maxwell: Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley:

>By moving in “the same circles as her father” and vowing to “work only on things involving Israel,” Isabel Maxwell became a pivotal liaison for the entry of Israeli intelligence-linked tech firms into Silicon Valley with the help of Microsoft’s two co-founders, Paul Allen and Bill Gates.

File: 1633328978658.jpeg (169.67 KB, 828x1223, FA09kmQWUAEgVn1.jpeg)

 No.530108[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What do these people that desire land back think that will look like in the USA and what will happen?

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He's saying that the guy on instagram is saying that. Read more carefully.


nvm im stupid


File: 1633531200505.jpeg (15.43 KB, 738x415, images (37).jpeg)


Real question: How would you react if you had a daughter and she came home with a white boy one day?


File: 1633401972892.jpg (42.83 KB, 612x603, 73kyr3xjnra71.jpg)


>All the left Twitter accounts I follow get hundreds of likes on their tweets at best when it was tens of thousands a year ago
>Most of breadtube is dead, those that aren't are memed on but both the left and right
>All the good subreddits are suspended. All the passable ones are full of boomers now
>Almost all leftist discourse on social media is hijacked by Blue No Matter Who types and wine aunts
>Even leftypol is dead now. Some threads on the catalog are 10 months old

Does it feel like all our momentum died when Trump left office? Like it's even bad for Euro lefties. Was it all just propped up by a mix of a DNC botnet and a few leftists who hated Trump enough to get involved in politics until he was gone? I've seen the far-right gain on Twitter too which is blackpilling as fuck because that is our space.(enough doomer shit)
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Wow, just to think that they were supporting abortion like barely 5 years ago. What changed?


I'm on tic Tok and it has a pretty decent leftist presence. I do think we lost momentum after trump because biden has far exceed expectations by barely doing anything. Leaving Afghanistan, canceling a good chunk of student loan debt and also now libs completely stopped caring about the treatment of immigrants. There is also the fact that for libs covid is killing people they hate and for conservatives covid doesn't exist and the vaccines are killing everyone they hate or putting gay bill gates trackers in them or whatever. It's really a weird time in America, everything is decaying but at a bit slower pace than before it just feels like almost everything is inert.




And yet my point is that the board is low quality right now.
Reading comprehension is important, comrade.


Because we never recovered.

File: 1633361066607.png (77.56 KB, 900x900, ong.png)


Is it possible to plan out my life using something akin to socialist economic planning. Can you achieve your dreams via socialist style planning in what you do with your time and what results are expected.
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Grow grains in your backyard and sell them until you can buy a factory


No. You are part of the capitalist system and should behave as such until capitalism is overthrown


It's called "Socialism in One Person" midwit, and it's a legitimate evolution of Marxist-Leninist thought.


Uphold the Marxist-Stirnerist-Leninist thought.


I guess if you live together with your siblings or other room-mates you could use the chores-dividing tool on spliddit.org but I don't think that's communism.


say what you want about revolutions but this, this is just too brutal. The senseless mass slaughter to establish an ML state under the rule of the derg along with Francisco Macías Nguema and Pol Pot was needlessly cruel and couldve been handled way better. the fact that the derg was responsible for the worlds first ethiopian diaspora is fucking frightening
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File: 1633520276511.png (1.01 MB, 793x1186, Siad_Barre.png)

Totally agree, OP. Many mistakes made over there!


How were the Derg needlessly cruel?


have you got more pictures of dengist Ethiopia


File: 1633531343387.jpeg (6.82 KB, 200x252, E4I9DoTVEAILHtD.jpeg)

OP is a huge cocksucking faggot who loves niqqer dicks


It wasn't "senseless mass slaughter", but revolutionary violence, which is a necessary and entirely justifiable part of proletarian revolution. Always seems weird to me how people will rightly defend the Cheka but then capitulate to tears about revolutionary violence in Ethiopia, Democratic Afghanistan, Peru etc.

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