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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1619186048406.jpg (211.92 KB, 865x1390, chinese-soldiers-guards-dr….jpg)


So, what's should be the uniform for the comrades of /leftypol/?
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>Don't be a tard and try some edgy shit, just wear good fitting and tasteful attire and you'll be fine.
Post inspo and examples then please


terrorwave best choice


Yes, good job!


American Juche style


File: 1619154141493.jpg (31.38 KB, 604x403, Goldblack-Gadsden.jpg)

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So let me get this right
>Capitalism is great. Governments are bad, thus we need to totally limit them and/or plain destroy them and leave a power vacuum that will inevitably be filled by a bunch of powerful billionaires, corporate boards and transnational corporations in which no normal citizen has a word and against which nobody can compete, effectively establishing a new state functioning as an all-out corporate dictatorship…
Why do people support this insanity again?
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Got caught with cheese pizza so he was physically removed.


He forgot to pay his internet bill and the spectrum police came to beat him up so he'd pay
he's in the hospital right now
he can't pay for it


Like all lolberts once the concept that ownership =/= labor enters the discussion, the rats start squeaking and sperging because they can’t run or hide anymore. Their lizard brain then kicks in and they start burping up memes and snappy quotes as a defense mechanism


Poor lolbert anon, after being a retard and realizing he lost his "argument" he resorted to brain regression and pinoshit spam. I guess tis the fate of many a lolbert


I love that the guy couldn't even defend libertarianism once, he kept bringing up the USSR in all his posts

File: 1619716012626.jpg (165.19 KB, 1100x950, f79cc1cdd92bcdab560e37c3f6….jpg)


Most of the world agrees with the cartoon malthusian.
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File: 1619728215580.png (14.2 KB, 112x112, 0b67a7851f45fa8f1b1d153769….png)

>66 countries buy into Thanos' overpopulation bullshit
Eco-fascism is inevitable. Fuck…
>Burgers and India have Joker
What they said → >>200533
Never thought, I'd call Burgers based for once.




>Britain has joker
yep sounds about right


who the fuck is 'emplate'?

File: 1619703079978.jpg (14.55 KB, 150x387, 150px-Stirner02-3.jpg)


Say you wanted to establish the union of egoists in reality. How would you go about doing it?
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You don't establish it. It comes about naturally when Stirnerian egoists decide to work together.


Incredibly based.
There are many ways but it ultimately comes down to this >>200234 use your skills and help provide for each other.

I want to establish some sort of mobile affinity group one day. It is easier to do crime when you don't have a physical address to be traced to.


File: 1619715566545.jpg (398.68 KB, 1128x1596, d3eaa7141f4a9f28e59c234f1c….jpg)

It would be another thing indeed, if OP wanted to see egoistic unions not on paper, but in life. Faust finds himself in the midst of such a union when he cries: “Here I am human, here I can be human” — Goethe says it in black and white. If OP attentively observed real life, to which he holds so much, he will see hundreds of such egoistic unions, some passing quickly, others lasting. Perhaps at this very moment, some children have come together just outside his window in a friendly game. If he looks at them, he will see a playful egoistic union. Perhaps OP has a friend or a beloved; then he knows how one heart finds another, as their two hearts unite egoistically to delight (enjoy) each other, and how no one “comes up short” in this. Perhaps he meets a few good friends on the street and they ask him to accompany them to a tavern for wine; does he go along as a favor to them, or does he “unite” with them because it promises pleasure? Should they thank him heartily for the “sacrifice,” or do they know that all together they form an “egoistic union” for a little while?


File: 1619716826548-0.jpg (15.79 KB, 480x360, torries-para-mil.jpg)

File: 1619716826548-1.png (319.67 KB, 592x461, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1619716826548-2.png (219.7 KB, 402x248, ClipboardImage.png)

>I want to establish some sort of mobile affinity group one day.
That tends to end badly anon. Pics related.


File: 1619721454980-0.png (633.27 KB, 1000x1500, anarchistMilk1[1].png)

File: 1619721454980-1.png (608.8 KB, 1000x1500, anarchistMilk2[1].png)

by starting a milk coop, obviously

File: 1619582006038.png (848.26 KB, 500x686, ClipboardImage.png)


Are the police part of the working class? They work in order to live, which clearly makes them part of the working class, so how could they not be
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It doesn't matter if cops are a part of the working class. If your surplus value is calculated in killing and beating workers then you're an enemy of the working class. This thread should have stayed locked because it's fucking stupid and basically a shitpost with a coomer pic.


>Police actually can be an asset if won over
That's a big if


>If your surplus value is calculated in reproducing the ideological structure of capitalism and abusing children then you're an enemy of the working class

better get rid of teachers too.


File: 1619690692095-0.png (571.05 KB, 1179x843, poljak thinks he's jacket.png)

File: 1619690692095-1.png (196.45 KB, 555x594, brandon.png)

Working as the police doesn't make one a worker in capitalism just as "working" for a paramilitary force or a Mercenary corporation doesn't make one a worker in capitalism. In socialism, policing or defense would not be separate from the community of people in question.

So can the military and numerous regime changes towards a socialist leadership have usually involved part of the military defecting. Good things about getting the soldiers is their training, discipline and access to guns and ammunition no civilian could ever come across. The military, however, is the no.1 breeding ground for reaction and fascism for two reasons: one is their ideological indoctrination, which everyone goes through and is not the main issue as people are in the military for reasons usually other than just the blind devotion or love for their country.

No, the worst possible fascists are made by sending them to war. Going to war changes people sometimes to the point they are no longer able to adjust to civilian life without the constant bloodshed. There is also one more way to send these wartorn soldiers over the edge and that is losing the war which they are fighting. Germany is the most notorious example of this, but it applies to other nations such as Finland, whose fascists have been found to, too, have their origin in war by scholars, WWI (like the other Interbellum fascists), Russian civil war, Finnish civil war.

The story of Hotline Miami games also mirror this, as 50 Blessings is an anti-Russian terrorist group created by a bunch of US Army vets led by a man known as The Colonel, which the main character is also part of as a response to the defeat in the Russo-American war and founding of the Russo-American coalition, a Soviet occupation government. The game is an excellent narrative on far right terrorist groups IMO and gets one point across especially well: none of the playable characters are "on the good side" so to speak. Jacket, Biker, Richter, Jake and the Fans are terrorists, The Son and Henchman are Russian Mafia, Martin Brown is a psychopath, Evan Wright does everything for his book including neglecting his family and Manny Pardo is an egomaniacal attention- and fame-seeking killer cop.

The speech by the Colonel, soon to be a general, illustrates the nature of these terrorist groups perfectly.
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i don't really care if we could technically classify them as working class. doesn't make sense to me but whatever. the effort you'd have to put into "converting" them to the left would be better spent converting libs and young unprincipled anti-establishment rightoids. plus, treating police as a class enemy serves the very useful purpose of being the obvious violent hand of the state and capital. much easier and rally against something that's shooting at you.
if/when the revolution comes, there will be working class folks that will be fighting on the side of the fascists. cops will likely be part of that group. so whether we classify them as working class or not is moot imo.

File: 1619706349499.png (276.5 KB, 2000x2000, b4c-2.png)


What causes rightoids to be overrepresented online?
They dominate all online spaces that aren't specifically lefty. YouTube is amongst the worst. Most news stories about islam have unironic taliban worshipers with hundreds of likes. Not even getting started on the covid and protest videos.
Why is this? Terminally online? Analysing just the internet you'd get the idea 85% of america are hillibily boomers? What causes this?
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The right had a better approach to media (spam out a lot of low effort meme, low attention-span content e.g. Ben Shapiro PUNTS cucked liberal INFANT). This is in part due to their funding but also their ideas are simpler, so more appropriate for this type of media.
Also lots of the demographic stuff people in the thread already pointed out (if you have a lot of time to waste online probably middle class teen not a worker / semi-retired or retired boomer etc.).
Although it's actually improved a lot if you can believe it since the dark ages of the 2015-2016 alt-right/lite meme spam. There was almost NO left wing content and literal nazoids were getting millions of views.


One should consider that from a right wing perspective „the left“ seems widespread as well. Of course liberals aren‘t actually left, but socialists are few in numbers anyway.


Capitalists dominate the world too much, and controls just about everything.


Massive networks of chatrooms ready to brigade everything.

File: 1619661950545.png (1.89 MB, 1600x1065, ClipboardImage.png)


How effective is college organizing in the modern age of psuedo-activism and social media? Is there ever a hope of going back to the 70s in terms of true person-to-person rallying?
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How? How? How? How? How?


File: 1619669483828.jpg (9.51 KB, 480x360, how drole.jpg)



You could default on your student loans in the 60s. Now it works you over for life.


Age, time etc. Those things deflate the young revolutionary energy. But besides age and time there's conditions of the world. The 60s and 70s were a very politically charged time and many revolutions/liberation movements happening. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and western hegemonic domination people just said fuck it. On top of being old and tried the collapse killed any hope of revolution. The 90s were a time of economic growth. The movie Fight Club kind of nicely summarizes the political sentiment of that generation which was aimless and purposeless. It wasnt until 9/11 and then ultimately 2008 that led to the recharging of that sleeping revolutionary potential. We are already entering a new cold war because the liberal world is imploding once more and requires an enemy to justify itself. Anyways point is, the young revolutionary students of the 60s and 70s lost their energy by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the relatively "peaceful" capitalist development of the 90s.


So you're saying we might get it back post-2008? Why does it not feel like that?

File: 1619199031191.png (272.25 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-Latin_America_(orth….png)

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is it just me or are there a lot of self-hating euro-larpers in this continent,hell i even recall back then when i was browsing 4chan's /pol/ and /int/ this happening:

>if the german third reich came back again today,many people would cheer for its return,believe me

>see his flag,its mexican

>based japan limiting the numbers of brown muzzie shitskins in nippon,deus vult indeed

>see his flag,its panama

>so? why should i care if he threw gibs demanders into the ocean?,my family wasn't affected by him anyway because we did not fall for jewish propaganda,too bad commies have returned to shit on his constitution.

>see flag,its chile obviously

>i just don't understand why couldn't they exterminate the algerians and force their poor to repopulate the land,if france did that there would be no stabbing attacks in paris today and notredame would still be intact.

>see flag,for fuck sake itsperu

and recently,in a thread about chauvin being found guilty.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>and Isreal exports energy, so they do not necessarily need that much Russia's supply

From the exact wiki link you just posted:
>Since Israel’s creation in 1948, it has been dependent on energy imports from other countries.[11] Specifically, Israel produced 7 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2013, and imported 720 million cubic meters in 2011.[12]


>>188572 (me)
So it appears that Israel does export gas, mainly to Jordan, while Israel's main petroleum supplier for imports is Russia. Regardless, I fail to see how Russia's oligarchy cutting petroleum deals with Israel, the U.S.A.'s power projection platform in the West Asia-North Africa, does anything to "stick it to America". If anything, it's actually helping the achievement of US corporate objectives in the region, albeit covertly in a form of meta- or deep politics that mutually benefits the realpolitik of US corporate elites, Russian oligarch elites and the Israeli garrison state (a power projection platform for the aforementioned US corporate elites and convenient business partner for the aforementioned Russian oligarch elites).



File: 1619366866625.jpg (48.97 KB, 1080x359, 1619366857771.jpg)



You need to follow whitexicans to laugh a little bit.
However, I found ludicrous the term raza still being a thing after hundreds of years of its creation. Some political figures sure they love to hold power onto anything they can.


Clearly it's uyghur culture that is cancer when uyghurs like this adopt whiteness

File: 1619644050472.jpg (175.26 KB, 725x1000, us_flag_burning.jpg)


(pic is unrelated, just chose it bc fuck america))

Is getting banned from the socialistra subreddit a badge of honor? I tried to have a constructive conversation about lgbt oppression (I'm gay myself) and how intersectionality divides us even more, and got banned for being 'insane' and divisive. I tried to point out that class is an overarching category that covers a multitude of oppressed communities. Engage in class struggle, then get rid of the economic means of that oppression. Even if they didn't like to hear what I had to say, I can only think, it's the fucking internet, if you don't like it, downvote it.

P.S. (sorry if this is annoying, overt-talked and really should be in /b/. Don't be mean to me 🥺)
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most leftist subs on reddit were taken over by neolibs that ban marxists that call for class struggle.


They are either dengoid autists or sensitive neoliberal faggots, mostly both.


thanks for the reddit report fag


File: 1619699460218.gif (1.95 MB, 237x240, 9a2.gif)

like clockwork


now you know that all reddit left boards are modded by glowies or useful idiots.

File: 1619631528860.png (322.64 KB, 1280x757, ClipboardImage.png)


Capitalism prepares to fight wars, not the pandemic
>Last year, as more than 3 million people lost their lives amid a raging pandemic, governments around the world spent nearly $2 trillion on weapons and preparations for war.


The symptoms of the diseased world capitalist system are becoming ever clearer, especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Huge surges in the stock market and the wealth of the top 0.001% tied to $trillion bail outs. Mad rushes by governments to reopen the economy and keep schools open despite overwhelming medical evidence that this spreads the virus. Ignoring mass death caused by Covid. Huge increases in war materiel spending. Downplaying of the threat of fascism and ignoring the January 6 US coup attempt. The rise of propaganda against Russia and China, and the censoring of the Internet by social media companies and Google. The reassigning of universities for military research. The wilful disappearance of the Julian Assange case from the MSM.

On the positive side we have the beginnings of mass consciousness of working people everywhere; the re-emergence of strikes and protests; and the beginnings of an organs of workers struggles outside of trades unions: the rank and file safety committees.

These developments are synchronized and represent the interests of the two main social classes. The outcome is uncertain but there is no doubt that a colossal struggle confronts the international working class to save humanity from disease, economic ruin and the world war. The role of the ICFI as the world party of socialist revolution is a decisive factor in favour of workers. This is becoming clearer by the day.
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Every WSWS article is just an advertisement for the SEP cult.


Your stack would be the height of the chair.
You could make a little money fort if you wanted


Nice article and a fitting title. While the working masses, whether it is doctors, scientists, nurses, or the ordinary people related to that work, toil tirelessly to find vaccines to safeguard the people from dying, the ruling elites are preparing the war.


Why the fuck aren't you using that money to fund revolutionary activities anon
You're not some kind of porky are you?


Fucking bastards man
They need their comeuppance

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