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people who accept and/or desire to submit to an authority do so because the state and authority in general is derived from paternalism. If a family/parents violate a child of the love, trust, safety, acceptance, and protection whether by heavy corporal punishment or even sexual assault, they might seek it elsewhere which is why so many right winged american boomers have their views due to widespread corporal punishment of children, especially before the 80s/90s.

In Alice Miller's book For Your Own Good, which provides a historical perspective on this. She proposes that the abusive childrearing practices rife in Germany during the early and mid-20th century were major factors in why so many Germans supported Hitler and were willing to take him seriously.

>Do you believe the concentration camps of the Nazi period would have been possible had not the use of physical terrorization in the form of beatings with canes, rug beaters, switches, and cat- o'-nine-tails been the rule in raising German children?
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Not saying child abuse is the only reason people become Tankies. Was just offering an explanation for some. It’s silly to think there’s one universal answer to why people do X or Y


>nazis want to submit to authority
This is such liberal brainrot.



>actually they got diddled as children obviously
do you deny that would have an effect?


Not really. Being petit-bourgeois has far more of an effect on your politics than getting hit with a belt or whatever the fuck stupid point you're trying to make.

File: 1713173048695.png (722.59 KB, 975x758, IMG_9631.png)

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He has been missing for several days now. They say he went to go help some Russian troops but got kidnapped. I think he is dead. So sad. I wanted to meet him someday he is my hero.
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File: 1713937437996.png (45.71 KB, 357x371, nato glowing.png)

Wow, you're truly a ghoulish, reddit-spacing fuck.
>notorious for ordering mail order prostitutes from WhatsApp.
Where are your proofs you slanderous glowfag? Fuck off.


The proof will come out soon.

This man is NOT who you red liberals think he is.


>The proof will come out soon.
in 13 days, or 15?


I really like this picture


He was married retard.


I'm looking for critiques of Buddhist metaphysics
Mainly their karmic system seems kind of weird since they believe in objective morality but at the same time don't believe in a arbitrer of said morality like god.
Also their theology relies on a complete negation of life. They have prayers and meditative practices meant to remind them of the disgustness of their own bodies. This seems like self mortification
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Reincarnation could make sense in a materialist perspective if the multiverse theory is true, if there's infinite multiverse then there should be infinite minds of "you" spread across them, and if your mind exists in at least one of them, then your consciousness should be present and living there, so that when you die in this lifetime you would simply start living again in one of those worlds.
There's another variation where the math requires that so long as there's a none-zero chance for your current existence to continue, it mathematically must, so for each living being, from their own perspective, they can't die until the probability of them dying reaches 100% and they're trapped living in whichever worldline ensures them the longest life expectancy possible for them.
Of course, these are all highly speculative theories. But for the meantime the math for them works and hasn't been disproven.


I'm kind of interested in the panpsychist theory that the quirks of fundamental particles are the most rudimentary form of consciousness in the universe. Maybe the buddhist 8 soul pieces theory is just off by a power of ten quadrillion billions etcetera


File: 1713921914310.jpeg (511.76 KB, 933x1217, bonesolarge.jpeg)

Isn't it obvious? The entire concept of enlightenment through disregarding of material need is inherently idealistic and stemming from the feudalist mindset of being satiated at the state of being a serf and peasant. It's basically an indoctrination to forgo actual organizing and hoping for enlightenment through fence sitting during social strife. I can get further in the commodifications of buddhism here and southeast asia in general but that would take way too fucking long.


So Buddhism is just a psyop to get peseants and slaves to stop protesting?
Kinda makes sense since Buddha was actually a high caste prince who lived a lavish life before the undertaking ascetism.


It's a religion

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Letzter Pfaden wurde dank der /Pol/acken vom Brett gepusht. Deshalb ein neues Deutschland General.
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wie wird sahra denn den tendenziellen profitratenfall ansprechen?


File: 1713903307140.jpg (7.47 KB, 300x168, Kohl Eier.jpg)

wie mett du bist, Rechtsruck :-D



Ich kann echt nicht der einzige sein der Krah hier sympathischer und klüger findet als Tilo oder?


Hab nicht alles gesehen von dem Mammut-Gespräch, bei dem was ich gesehen hab hat Krah sich jedoch gut geschlagen, er ist recht gewandt und kam tatsächlich ziemlich sympathisch rüber. Beim Thema Rente und Soziales konnte ihn Tilo aber (wortwörtlich) richtig ins Schwitzen und Schlingern bringen, da half alles hin und her nix. Da hat man dann mal kurz gesehen wie die AfD sich zwar als Anwalt des "Deutschen Volkes" präsentiert, aber bürgerlich durch und durch ist wie die FDP, bei fast allem außer Außenpolitik. Jung ist meistens sehenswert, auch wenn er selber so eine Art Mainstream-Sozilib zu sein scheint.


Ich muss schon sagen, der Fakt, dass der Querfront Sarah Fan komplett die Facon verloren hat kurz nachdem ich diesen Post postete
>>1832095 zeugt wieder von meinen hervorragenden prognostischen Fähigkeiten.
Ich war mir ja nicht sicher ob er einen Charakter spielt oder das ernst meint. Ich bin übrigens Dieter bei DSDS.


At what point do monopoly super-profits paid to a substratum of workers switch to being something worthy of celebration to something of genuine concern. Should this be something that Marxists even care about?

Construction workers in one of Australia's largest states have reached an agreement that will have them paid wages equal to the top 1% of workers as a minimum, on major government projects. This is partly politics, partly because major infrastructure projects are one of the only things keeping this country artificially in growth.

Notably this doesn't apply to significant sections of the construction labour force, only for those workers on major government infrastructure projects, which are largely closed shops. Workers building domestic houses will still be paid shocking wages to work in terrible conditions.

Effectively this provides surplus wealth to a labour aristocracy at the direct expense of other government workers including healthcare workers in particular, who have average to terrible conditions and insane workloads.

Win for workers or another example of a politically connected minority extracting surplus wealth?
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Well it's likely not permanent, although workers on these projects are being paid a lot more than they usually would, such a situation usually comes about to explain why the project in turn costs the taxpayer so much money. Government contracted construction is such a common target for such scams to transfer money from the state to the bourgeoisie.

So I'd not go to the point of saying these workers are labour aristocrats, their income is still just a fair weather as anyone else's and they'll be back to regular tradie wages as soon as there's too much heat on government spending on infrastructure projects.


labor aristocracy doesnt have to result from imperialism it can also come about as a result of a skills shortage as highly skilled workers ex: engineers can demand a higher wage and better treatment, what stalin called the technical intelligensia, ironically the exact class that came to dominate the soviet government and eventually betrayed the USSR for its own class interests as they were jealous of their western counterparts relative living standard and prestige.


There are 2 types of labor aristocracy:
doles paid out by imperialist governments to the unemployed (farmers in the West are such workers on the doles, and not economically useful people);
and then there is the fact of "drift" of certain professions between borders, and concetration of bankers, doctors and programmers etc in the imperial core

First type MUST BE destroyed because they are straight up parasites. Second type will get abolished simply by developing production forces elsewhere


File: 1713937840271-0.png (4.07 MB, 4000x3509, world wealth map.png)

The "labor aristocracy" isn't something you have to worry about unless the proletariat supports imperialism. In fact, that's basically the entire thrust behind this theory. Certain sections of the proletariat get paid more because they take on some degree of the loot taken from exploited nations, thus tying their material interests to the maintenance of imperialism.

I don't know about Australia, but in the United States it was essentially a way to explain why the AFL-CIO was so chauvinistic in the 60s and 70s and today, after the AFL-CIO has essentially crumbled to dust, is used by Gonzaloids and other assorted Maoids to justify counter-cultural contrarianism to claim that anyone they don't like who possesses any comfort or luxury whatsoever is one of these, despite the fact that imperialist wars are controversial at best among the American public and the American proletariat no longer sees any real material gain from imperialist adventures.


The labor aristocracy is falling apart in the west and has been since 2008, but especially 2020. Basically all the traditional middle class jobs that arose around the turn of the 20th century and became the "dream" around the mid 20th century is basically over. The PMCs are being gutted basically leaving labor to purely service jobs which themselves are falling apart. Imagine what happens when they automate food delivery and taxis, you basically can say goodbye to that as well. Because AI is taking the labor intensive jobs and also the managerial jobs, all I can say is the future is grim for the human race.

File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

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I think at first it was more about the significance it holds for the Ukrainian nationalists, their fantasy LARP obsession, defending Galicia, like a lot of the Ukraine propaganda it's tuned for a hardliner audience, the people who have to die and pressgang their neighbors to die. Mania levels of morale at all times like for the Zionist settlers.
He's right, not to mention Tolkien explicitly said he wrote it to popularize Christian themes. It's a Christian wignat race war extravaganza. Not to mention at one point he has a character start complaining about coffee not being served black. Brits are such joyless freaks.


Oh, I think get it now why they all are suddenly hate China for "overcapacity" (apart from the usual reasons, that is)


>The Inflation Reduction Act

>A major purpose of the Inflation Reduction Act is to foster the growth of renewable energy sources and uses, notably the electric vehicle sector. The major method is tax credits for business investment in renewables, and a tax rebate ($7,500) for purchases of electric cars, as well as for appliances, batteries, and solar panels. The benefits from these measures are limited to firms conducting a large share of their activities in North America, especially the final assembly of cars. Healthcare provisions were also included in the law, including measures to reduce the price of pharmaceutical products; these are not an element of industrial policy.

>The tax subsidies have fostered an expansion of solar and wind electricity generation and the construction of new factories for electric cars in the United States. Advocates for clean power claim 83 new manufacturing plants have been announced; up to 170 either new or expanded (The Economist, 2023). The White House claims many new renewable energy projects, large and small, especially off-shore power generation (White House, 2023a).

China is murdering their Inflation Reduction Act without lifting a finger. US political class has invested heavily - money and politics wise - into an economic program, and there will be no dividends from that program


Yeah figured this was probably the case. Corpos wanted their new incentives scam and China just castrated them with competition.


TSMC’s debacle in the American desert

"Missed deadlines and tension among Taiwanese and American coworkers are plaguing the chip giant’s Phoenix expansion."
Looks like China is going to lap the burgers lmao.


Useable via snowflake
Not suitable for videos etc
Deprecated for domestic protocols
Check clash or sing-box for general usage and surge or quantumultx or loon if you use apple products
If you can't find any domestic airports(a term heavily derived from shadowsocks that with a paper plane as logo, meant for these service providers) try neko warp, it's basically free cloudflare warp

File: 1622844213997.jpeg (41.93 KB, 742x560, 8e6.jpeg)

 No.296564[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Dump all the seemingly pointless, dubious, and frivolous questions that don't deserve their own shitty threads.

Got a question that's probably been asked a million times before? You're in the right landfill, buddy. Post it here.

Threads that otherwise might go in here will eventually find themselves become merged to this thread.
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lmfao absolutely


im not a fascist because of my class position i actually have the reactionary gene


>in theory politics is partly based on genetics
uygha wdymmmm


I strongly suspect that the bourgeoise are to a large extent selected by genetic traits for anti social behaviour, and as such they should be understood as a parasitic sub-species of human.
Does it not bother you how class consciousness seems to rub off some people like water off a leaf? I am struggling to come up with alternative explanations for why some people are so pathologically resistant to Marxist thinking.


>they should be understood as a parasitic sub-species of human
love moralist whining in my 'marxist' analysis

File: 1713825143961.jpg (13.2 KB, 412x355, me.jpg)


I swear to God almighty I fucking hate it here. This country is good for nothing and I wish it burns in the eternal flames of hell where it belongs yet somehow escaped it.
Like 95% of the people here are brainwashed by a population-wide CIA psyop operation eating up the most liberal bullshit propaganda like it's served to them from a kebab stall after a long day at work.
It feels nigh impossible to be a leftist here, not even mentioning being further left than fascism (also known as social democracy). Poland is literally a mix of the worst traits of the west and east with nothing good added at all (except grandma, love you.)
The class consciousness is non-existent, and historical knowledge is biased more than that Cuba society from Florida. Even when I provide actual sources that disprove any most common misconception I am met with accusations of being a paid Russian bot or posting falsified commie research (from famous commie institutions like Yale or Harvard)
If I see one more resident of this god forsaken country tell me that "Hitler's occupation was way better than the Soviet one" I will actually summon the spirit of Tukhachevsky and tell him to this time do it fucking right.

So how are you doing?
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Fron my understanding about Poland is that is an extremely racist, chauvinistic and catholic country, I know they have a severe hate boner for Arabs, Muslims and SWANA folk in general (whom they all call Arabs anyway), but anyway I say this only as online experience as an Iraqi myself not physical


>Arabs, Muslims and SWANA folk in general
Which is funny because SWANA folk, or at least Iraqis couldn't give two fucks about Poland, most of us probably can't even point it on a map


They armed the fuck up lol


The Catholics who haven't been to Church since confirmation lol
I'd say the major hate boner for SWANA calmed down past the whole migrant crisis, it's more about having a hate boner for Ukrainians and black people now, at least online.
Which opens a whole pandora's jar of its own as there's some right wing nutjobs posting scenarios of "black people invading your house with machetes" like this will ever happen in Poland


So, what can be done? If not consumed in fires of war then I predict that the butthurt belt will go extinct in the following century due to demographic disaster. Where should the few sane people escape to?

File: 1712518200590.jpg (9.81 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)


I am trying to understand more about the current Russian National Bolshevism, if there is a real ideology there or is it pure joke…

Does anyone know if there is an ideologist or any real theory that can be read about them? lol
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Like fascism, it is a spontaneous movement and aesthetic of political negation.
There is no "theory" because that would imply a project, or a platform.


>I'm convinced seeing Dugin everywhere is a Western journalist attempt to mystify Russian political movements as being puppeted by a Rasputin-like figure.
trvthnvke. they even tried to give him a rasputin-like death but got his cute daughter by accident


He is hard to kill like Rasputin. He also has a monster penis like rasputin.


I mean they literally have an article about him called "Putin's Rasputin" which helped codify this


Yes it is pure ideology

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"we used to have culture" edition

come in, make friends, talk about everything Brazil related - politics, news, the arts… and shitpost, of course.

Previous thread: >>1683261
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Não existe esse caralho de "stalinista" porra seu besta


Jones enviou um vídeo a respeito do Thiago Braga. tl;dr ele é um mentiroso patológico e pró-colonialismo europeu. Eu só fico triste por saber que esse cara tem uma audiência tão grande a ponto de eu conhecer pessoas que idolizam o sociopata.


Cadê o anão do fireshot capture? Eu me racho com seus prints do cuitter. Não ligue pros haters, camarada.

O subreddit de pirataria BR parece ser muito bom, eles organizaram esse link aqui:


O Mansur Peixoto do História Islâmica já não havia jantado esse verme templário de teclado?


Todo ataque a esse estrume é pouco.

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