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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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& it's worrying me. Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on here?
This person is saying that all proles benefit from the destruction of the ruling class, but not all benefit from direct dominion over land. Are they telling white/white passing and possibly other proles to rent from BIPOC after seizing them means?
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posting twitter screencaps outside ITG should be a bannable offense


File: 1620460826093.jpg (46.93 KB, 850x400, quote-to-read-too-many-boo….jpg)

No lmfao. Summaries rule. Marx was a god awful fucking writer and everyone since then has summarized him very well, and even continued on his unanswered theoretical questions WITH BETTER MORE CONCISE WRITING. It's a waste of fucking time unless you have a hard on for economics and want to specialize.

So many fucking retards I know read so much fucking theory, mostly just Marx but never lenin or mao or che or anyone that actually APPLIED THEORY IRL and they end up fucking leftcoms who wait around for the spontaneous self organizing proletariat because they never actually read a synthesis or continuation of marxian analysis, wasting all their time, never fucking coming up with their own ideas.

It's like saying you have to read hegel in his entirety first, but before that you have to read kant, and quinas, all the way back to fucking plato, and now you're just a philosophy student.

Pic related


hampton embraced multi racialism, he was organizing with poor whites and latinos


File: 1620464689314.png (6.67 MB, 3550x1768, caunz6t4prf61.png)

I guess you'll just make up whatever excuses you can in order to get out of reading literally anything longer than 700 words, if you simply refuse to do the bare minimum then what on earth makes you think you will contribute anything of use to the proletariate? You gonna go tell your local plumbers about how the totally existent peasantry in your country is revolutionary or how cuba was based?

>mao or che or anyone that actually APPLIED THEORY IRL

Communism IRL is when you make friends with the USA and make friends with Nixon and Kissinger. If you think those bastardised versions of communism is what the labour movement should be stay on leftypol.

>It's like saying you have to read hegel in his entirety first, but before that you have to read kant, and quinas, all the way back to fucking plato, and now you're just a philosophy student.

Just. Read. Capital.

my god it's not hard, fuck me if you put this much effort into reading as you do trying get out of reading you would have already finished it.


And almost all leftcoms don't ignore Lenin

File: 1620334925489.png (299.96 KB, 500x500, 4chan_-pol-_logo.png)

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Here is the question:
Why is anyone taking /pol/ seriously?

After having over 100 debates on /pol/ here is what I learned /pol/ is literally worthless, nothing will come from it and nothing will happen you will also not change /pol/.

There is nothing of value on /pol/.
Why do I know this?
Lets get started about 70% of /pol/ are retarded schizos.
We are talking people who will go:
>TL;DR the left can not meme
To everything that is a long post so they are defective and literally unable to learn anything.

To give you a example I made a 10 panel comic to illustrate a point short text got this from a /pol/ retard as a response.
I'm sorry if you are mentally unable to handle a 10 panel comic that has pictures for your retard brain to not get exhausted on text then you are literally unable to understand or learn anything.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>4/pol/ is a cesspit because I make communist threads, btfo anons and then proceed to bully them
Do you have links to this? Like archives I want to see your work !


File: 1620463279301.jpg (768.67 KB, 2480x3508, SK.jpg)

Based taste, comrade.


His experience with Juche is likely just informed by memes and the "The Cleanest Race", given his responses in this thread its doubtful he knows about actual Juche or the polices of the DPRK.


I'm just 'avin' a giggle, I know they're a fuckwit.


File: 1620466113122.jpg (576.33 KB, 1920x2869, 282a84c10afe205f154e77836c….jpg)

Ah, sorry. Sometimes I can't tell.

File: 1620403659699.gif (1.62 MB, 360x203, 31258bc2cf49c84394044878cf….gif)


One little-known element of that gap is that the working class resents professionals but admires the rich. Class migrants (white-collar professionals born to blue-collar families) report that “professional people were generally suspect” and that managers are college kids “who don’t know shit about how to do anything but are full of ideas about how I have to do my job,” said Alfred Lubrano in Limbo. Barbara Ehrenreich recalled in 1990 that her blue-collar dad “could not say the word doctor without the virtual prefix quack. Lawyers were shysters…and professors were without exception phonies.” Annette Lareau found tremendous resentment against teachers, who were perceived as condescending and unhelpful.

Michèle Lamont, in The Dignity of Working Men, also found resentment of professionals — but not of the rich. “[I] can’t knock anyone for succeeding,” a laborer told her. “There’s a lot of people out there who are wealthy and I’m sure they worked darned hard for every cent they have,” chimed in a receiving clerk. Why the difference? For one thing, most blue-collar workers have little direct contact with the rich outside of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. But professionals order them around every day. The dream is not to become upper-middle-class, with its different food, family, and friendship patterns; the dream is to live in your own class milieu, where you feel comfortable — just with more money. “The main thing is to be independent and give your own orders and not have to take them from anybody else,” a machine operator told Lamont. Owning one’s own business — that’s the goal.

What does /leftypol/ think of this phenomenon?
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>muh PMC!
Should have tried harder at school

Reported for wojak posting


This isn't some particularly unique to youtube and pundits. Everyone looks down on their specific career types as not 'real work'.

>On a related point, why do so many people seeme to miss the word "manager" in PMC?

Because management is such a vague term that almost anyone can be one.


>imagine my shock
Smug fart huffer still analysing everything from a 19th centrury perspective
Imagine my surprise


>Should have tried harder at school



I state my goal for this text-wall: Pissing you off, and cause you emotional discomfort. Yes you in particular, but also everybody else, so don't read it.

Op is talking about the division between mental and physical labor. People that do mental labor have a tendency to look down at people that do physical labor. They believe it maintains them a higher social status, a claim to higher wages and other benefits. An unspoken yet widely accepted assumption is that manual labor has to feel inferior to accept orders and instructions. Manual workers like all human beings resent having a low social status and of course create a counter value system that devalues mantel labor.

Tangent: Manual labor can in some occasions earn more than mental labor, like a diver that does welding underwater for offshore mineral extraction can make more than a lawyer.

Socialists will notice that this divide benefits the capitalists because they in effect are able to play different sections of their employees against each other. So the socialist program is to eliminate the social distinction between mental and physical labor. Work done is work done, it's time and effort regardless whether the brain or the muscles were exerted. We have reached the sticky point, both sides of the divide will have to adjust their attitudes and value each others contributions, and redirect their animosity towards the capitalist class.

Tangent: When the Soviet Union was being collapsed by the Yeltsin-gang, the educated strata of the former Soviet Union was protected, manual labor however experienced a huge rise in mortality and reduced life expectancy.

For our fellow educated leftist here, it has to be noted that mental labor has to carry more of the burden of healing this rift, because physical work is done by people that the system considers disposable for the most part, they often have less maneuvering room to make concessions.

Many people that work management like having power over others more than anything else in the world, they will not side with socialism because that wouldn't let them play the role of petty tyrant in an office, a construction site or corporate chain business. They wont care about their economic interests. Many academics are busy inventing new "theories" that explain why poor people are bad quality breeding stock or lack the sophistication it takes to run society, they abuse their cognitive tools to craft elaborate declarative nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1620386477938.png (128.22 KB, 220x326, Blade_Runner_2049_poster.png)

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Why is criticism of ruling ideology permitted under western liberalism but not under state socialism? Does this mean that liberalism has an anti-fragility that past socialist societies lacked?
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>When you firm a temporary alliance with a soviet state to crush a competing imperialist power, then proceed to maintain the power if various functionaries of the former regime at the expense of their communist opponents.


Real politik
But it still kind of upsets the whole leftist pretense that Western liberalism views marxism/marxist-leninist states as a bigger threat than fascism


>no one in the west wanted WW3
The West were the aggressors, the people who directly wanted a WW3. It was mostly the Soviet Union's dedication to peace that kept the Cold War from going hot.


Anyone have a screencap of sabocats post on this topic? The one where he goes into how different methods of control are only really possible with different levels of development and influence.


>It was mostly the Soviet Union's dedication to peace that kept the Cold War from going hot.
Pure ideology.It was the material reality of nuclear weapons.

File: 1620460138494.png (250.52 KB, 1160x1160, ClipboardImage.png)


Are the Peace Corps a CIA front? I mean, they have clearly designed procedures on their application process about they forbid any CIA employees joining so it seems like a stretch.


Who are they? What do they do?




Who knows for sure. But since their actions over here comprise of intel gathering on nationalists and liberals they could support and spreading evangelicalism, they’re glowing hard.

File: 1614778432895.jpg (476.33 KB, 1500x1142, WEST ASIA general.jpg)

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Thread on one of the most unstable parts of the world.
Hope local anons will contribute.


-Ansarullah's Marib offensive in Yemen is going on but getting progressively slower and slower: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1k_5mC2oHM9Lj4I5irFA0pkXbqKQ&ll=15.368048501226081%2C45.226202631639545&z=12

-Lebanon's collapse accelerating, sparking protests
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File: 1620448718690.png (808.64 KB, 1024x756, ClipboardImage.png)

It is time that we deal with israel on Real grounds and not according to common terms . It is time that we introduce Europe as the main author and factor in the so called Palestinian/israeli issue . Isn’t it time to reveal the role of Europe in the creation of the myth of israel? Isn’t it time to start working on making Europe retrieve the European Jews that Europe has sent to Palestine at the beginning of the previous century – as it has sent the terrorists to Syria and Iraq – to usurp and colonize the Palestinian land ? This might come a little late in these circumstances where normalization and coordination with israel have reached their peak .It is as if there were some winged horse called israel with whom we have to normalize while it is European occupation and genocide that we have to normalize with just like South Africa .

But if we want to resolve and understand this issue there is no other way other than through the right understanding of what has taken place. We have to rewrite the narrative of the usurp of Palestine and uncover the lie of the chosen people and the promised land which we sort of believed and which the israelis believed. What happened is altogether different and the owners of the project are the European colonialists and not the Jews . Unless we realize this truth , we will be fighting ghosts. The leader of the Resistance Sayyed Hassan had taken this initiative and addressed the so called israeli Jews asking them to leave and go back home, and of their own accord and will before it is too late and before they are forced to leave because there is a difference between leaving out of will or being forced to leave . Sayyed wanted to spare lives and to avoid bloodshed .

The Europeans have to bear responsibility for what they did because the monster, israel, is their creation and is European on top of that. israel is their doing and the doing of the UN. The Jews are Europeans that were used for this endeavor , they are just a tool and an extension of the European colonialism and not on their own; despite the fact that they were manipulated into believing the lie of the promised land, which the Palestinians also believed according to which israel is the cause and standing on its own , and the israelis are a real usurper moving of its own accord to create the Jewish state meant as a shelter for the Jews rather than an extension of the colonialists’ scheme .

Is ISIS a Muslim endeavor we ask? No, it is a colonialiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


extremely based, but also theism in general is a mental disorder


File: 1620462745427.jpg (7.18 MB, 5906x3455, Palestine Will Be Free.jpg)



am i on pol ?


Do you really think it's a good idea? That project will fuck İstanbul completely.There is a reason why that project is created by crony-rightists and hard-opposed by left-wing opposition
İt's bad also because of it gives US chance to go black ses with weapons

File: 1620110695551-0.jpg (155.57 KB, 673x695, black hammer post.jpg)

File: 1620110695551-1.png (96.03 KB, 584x632, black hammer donate.png)

File: 1620110695551-2.jpg (178.84 KB, 2048x1468, black hammer lmao.jpg)

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So Gazi's group "Black Hammer" managed to raise $64,632 so he can build his own fruity little village for "colonized people" and now claims to have bought 200 acres with it. You'd have trouble buying 20 acres in Asscrack, Montana for $65k, but Gazi supposedly found someone willing to sell him 200 acres for less than $65k, because the $65k is supposed to cover all the costs of building his town, not just buying the land. One wonders that, even with 100% volunteer labor, how many buildings, roads, etc Black Hammer could be able to build with a measly $65k.

When asked about the financials behind this, people are directed to donate to Black Hammer.

When someone suggest they do soil testing, they got an… interesting reply.

Dis gon b good
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what did he mean by this?


Retarded religious beliefs exist, but what that anon is talking about is of a larger cultural stereotype in regards to African culture, in which it occupies a singlar set of archetypal customs and cultures.


File: 1620462585455.png (890.8 KB, 1276x876, ClipboardImage.png)



Agents of Disruption And Deception: Exposing Black Hammer’s Plot To Destroy Revolutionary Leadership And Manipulate The People (2020), by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, Minister of Defense, New Afrikan Black Panther Party

File: 1620340778694.jpeg (74.08 KB, 913x900, E0uXnNVWUAEkYvU.jpeg)


>Pedro Castillo and Verónika Mendoza signed a joint declaration on Wednesday sealing Mendoza's support for Castillo going into the Presidential runoff election. They also agree to work together in order to "achieve a government of the people."

The left in Peru is uniting behind a Marxist candidate who is on the verge of BTFOing the Fujimoris, neoliberals all around the world seething about his friendship with Morales & Maduro.

Can we show this based Incan some love?
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Lol, repeating Fujimori's propaganda.


Not actually baby boilers, do stop the shootups of other communist groups like from the nonmilitant groups and the Cuban groups.


File: 1620457768323.png (720.67 KB, 2100x1546, peter castles.png)

This reminds me of the one time I was running for president of peru


Oh yeah, that was my favorite Family Guy episode


File: 1620414140918.jpg (45.96 KB, 450x630, thelandalard1472_PPPA.jpg)


Israel forces kill two Palestinians at West Bank checkpoint
Israeli soldiers shot and killed two Palestinians and critically wounded a third on Friday at a checkpoint near the West Bank city of Jenin, the Israeli army said. The army claimed that the three men were carrying homemade rifles and opened fire at the soldiers manning the checkpoint, before being shot in response.

Afrin Liberation Forces kill 5 mercenaries and injure six
In a written statement, the Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) said that they carried out a series of actions in Afrin and Sherawa on 28 and 30 April. According to the statement, 5 invaders were killed and 6 were injured as a result of these actions.

A new armed group called “FLNC Magjhu 21” announces its creation
Presenting itself as a gathering of “activists from all components of the FLNC” currently asleep, this new armed group announced that it had decided on a “tactical redeployment, in anticipation of the French state’s strength of a real political settlement process.” of the Corsican national question ”, during a clandestine press conference broadcast in part by France 3 Corse.

School Teacher Leads Voting Intentions In Peruvian Elections
According to Datum International (DI), Castillo could receive 41 percent of the votes, while Popular Force (FP) candidate Keiko Fujimori would get 36 percent. The school teacher is a favorite in all regions except in Lima, where the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori has 48 percent of voting intention.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1620443546395.gif (298.66 KB, 480x480, 1384245929058836490.gif)

Thanks news anon


lol at Hasbara spamming


just blow in from the Foreign Policy article?


Israel trying to get another pogrom going

File: 1619563120032.jpg (443.54 KB, 1200x630, these-faggots-kill-fascist….jpg)

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Thread to discuss that on going situation in Rojava and wider Kurdistan in an informative and positive manner.
This means discussion of kurdish culture, regional news, activism, respects to our dead comrades, propaganda.
This does not mean whining like a little bitch burger.

Gerîla TV releases footage of action in Çukurca

>Gerîla TV released footage of a military action carried out by the Martyr Delal Air Defense Forces in Çukurca district of Hakkari.The Press Office of People's Defence Forces (HPG) shared the following information on the action:

>"Martyr Delal Air Defense Forces bombed the Çelê (Çukurca) battalion at 08:45 on April 23, as part of the Dem Dema Azadiye (Time for Freedom) campaign. The targets were struck effectively and the action was concluded successfully.”

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>The Kurds of Northern Syria: Governance, Diversity and Conflicts
Often cited.


Don't you have anything more recent?
I say it because they were in the heat of the conflict back then and I'd like to know how things run rn that there is a relative degree of stability


Also i'd like something more based on the economic side of stuff, i don't quite care about the superstructural aspect of it all.


I think this interview is a must
>Mazloum Abdi
2019, but still significant until this day.


File: 1620461808505.jpg (100.83 KB, 689x1200, E0zHL9jWEAQJ40m.jpg)

count me in boss

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