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File: 1686083777787.jpg (40.57 KB, 800x450, 4chan-heart-800x450.jpg)

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Inside 4chan’s top-secret moderation machine

<Internal documents show how chaotic moderation allowed racism and violence to take over.

<The way in which 4chan is managed and moderated is of growing interest among US government officials. The US House of Representatives' January 6 committee subpoenaed 4chan over its role in facilitating the assault on the US Capitol, while investigators with the New York Attorney General’s Office ordered the company to turn over thousands of records to better understand its role in Gendron’s terrorist attack. WIRED obtained a number of internal 4chan documents through a public records request.

<Those documents show how 4chan’s team of moderators—janitors, in their own nomenclature—manage the site. Internal emails, chat logs, and moderation decisions reveal how the site’s janitors have helped shape it in their own image, using their moderation powers to engender 4chan’s particular brand of edgelord white supremacy. In particular, the documents show how the site’s moderators responded to a wave of attention as their website had, once more, been cited as an ideological driver for an act of mass murder.

<More than that, the documents lay bare the degree to which 4chan’s toxic influence is a design, not a bug.

<Another rule, technically, bans racism—except on /b/, 4chan’s “random” board. There, racism is both allowed and encouraged. 4chan leadership confessed to the New York Attorney General’s Office that they take a permissive attitude towards racism on the /pol/ board as well.

>At one point, 4chan had been organizing raids on the notorious neo-Nazi forum Stormfront. But around 2010, Poole was reckoning with the fact that some of the boards on his website had essentially “become Stormfront,” as Dale Beran writes in It Came From Something Awful.

<In 2011, Poole created /pol/ explicitly to contain this growing far-right attitude, hoping it would spread no further. It didn’t work. “Rather, 4chan’s new neo-Nazi section thrived,” Beran writes.

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Same difference. I don't see a need to quibble over semantics. We both know what I'm talking about.


It's political semantics. Liberal semantics. It equates opposition coming from both the left and right as being somewhat "the same" (think "totalitarianism" discourse).


In context it was clear that I was implicitly referring to right wing radicalism.


THIS. It's time for the mods on this site to realize this too.


The people who use this site are unbannable because they can use tor/vpn. All mods can do is delete posts/comments, which they do frequently.

File: 1651015581675.png (447.04 KB, 400x649, spectacle.png)

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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!

Some digital anthropology

Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Simulacra and Simulation
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks, I'll use that one.

Well I want to annoy the libs so I'm glad the other guy told me :^)

I see, I would just use lemmy.ml but they're telling people not to sign up there cause it's overloaded.


>How TF do I use lemmygrad
Simple you just dont


hey I already use reddit, it's worth a try


File: 1686371574378-1.png (376.55 KB, 1199x837, bell.png)


We had to do that every morning. And we had two pledges, not just one. You know in China, I read, they only make the kids do it on Monday mornings. If that's communism then America is like… turbo-communism.

File: 1686014502736.jpg (102.72 KB, 1200x647, 1200x647.jpg)


There's a narrative going around that the "nuclear family" or family in general is some kind of antidote to the breaking up of previous social bonds, whatever these may or may not be, and that they teach a kind of "social responsibility" in contrast to bourgeois individualism
However this narrative falls apart if you're at all even marginally familiar with the actual reality of families within societies
Families are one of the biggest drivers of bourgeois individualist ideology
It probably has to, very unnecessarily, be said that families are inherently private and domestic social constructs with some biological features, and they implicitly drive any sort of larger social critique in many ways
For example, if you were to try to discuss any issue that you faced in childhood, it would usually be handwaved away by associating that issue with your specific family unit and nothing beyond that e.g. "your parents just sucked"
Also, although families do have a biological aspect, the birth and physical and mental development, the entirety of your being and identity and whatnot is thus irrevocably tied to this biological grounding even if it's clear you can develop beyond the cradle
This helps reify certain other reactionary alienated false consciousness such as racial and gender essentialism or anything where a fake biological essence that separates people is considered
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This. Before it was the nuclear family, it was the extended family, and before it was the extended family, it was the clan, and before it was the clan, it was the tribe. The slow descent from communal child-rearing and people looking out for and protecting eachothers' kids in favor of only living with, and oftentimes only tolerating your own blood-kin, has been a major element in the development of bourgeois individualist ideology. Of course my opinion is that the clan should make a return because it is a mixture of the bloodline family and tribal communal child-rearing. If marxists truly wanted to abolish the family (rather than transform it, as aufhebung can mean in german) then switching to a family model that isnt explicitly blood would be an important step, and the return of the clan would be an important step towards that. Many times the nuclear family leads to abuse and neglect from a lack of resources or just from being too private for anybody to notice what goes on within the unit so that's mainly why i hate the nuclear family. In a unit that isnt explicitly blood but that can include a few nuclear families within itself as a clan does, it would not only be possible for orphans to integrate themselves into one without too much difficulty but it would also enable the family unit to police itself better by increasing the chances of neglect or abuse being discovered by family members.
From anecdotal experience i also believe that free housing should be given to people upon birth so if they ever want to run away from their parents they can just go there without becoming homeless or getting kidnapped by a guy in a windowless white van.


Parents will move their kids into some suburb that looks like a military outpost or some shit and is surrounded by the sketchiest rural land and act mystified at literally the most obvious end result of this kind of upbringing happening
These people are allowed to decide life and death over actual people
Think about this next time you lack confidence in your abilities


>Think about this next time you lack confidence in your abilities

ong remember anons at the end of the day at least you don't functionally believe in magic like most liberals and all reactionaries do lol


lol I remember my dad used to say "why are you inside all day and sad, you should be outside and playing," totally oblivious to the fact that I lived in a suburb with no sidewalks and no kids living in half a mild radius that I knew.


>ong remember anons at the end of the day at least you don't functionally believe in magic like most liberals and all reactionaries do lol
Reminds me of a tweet I saw years back that basically said any time you doubt your abilities remember somebody is out there doing it worse than you would, thinking their great at it, and getting paid for it.

File: 1686276587323.jpeg (153.9 KB, 690x900, wagner.jpeg)


Surveys say 80-90% of Americans think the US government is corrupt but what do they do? Nothing. They dont "reform or revolt". They vote for the same corruption they talk about over and over. Gen Z is the most leftist generation in history but they do nothing. They don't "reform or revolt". They couldn't even get off the couch to vote for the most serious leftist candidate in history who was great friends with Parenti and other people in the communist movement.

What else is there? It's not education. Every retard on the streets know the government is corrupt and we're getting fucked and they don't care. Everyone knows the rich are fucking us. They don't need to be educated. You can say what you want and they still won't do anything. What else is there?
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Okay, I will begin boiling babies immediately.


well Ackchyually, they didnt boil babies they just throwed boiled water at babies


>They couldn't even get off the couch to vote for the most serious leftist candidate in history
Leftist candidates are filtered out of the US election process before people are even given a chance to vote for them.



Would anyone be interested in a write up discussing “Left Fascism” or nah? Would basically be talking about the leftmost wing of the Italian fascist party.


>Threw boiling water at an armed 17 year old peasant government militia member attacking them on the behest of Fujimori, a US-backed neoliberal dictator of Japanese origin, in Peru*


Colombia’s government and ELN guerrillas agree to ceasefire
Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro and ELN commander “Antonio Garcia” announced a six-month ceasefire between the guerrillas and the security forces. The ceasefire was negotiated by government and rebel representatives who are in Cuba to negotiate and end to almost 60 years of armed conflict. At a press conference, the negotiators announced that the ceasefire will take force on August 3.

==FMLN Criticizes Bukele's Electoral Reforms in El Salvador
The new norm "eliminates legislators by residue, leaving only legislators assigned by number of votes," Bukele said a few hours later when signing the decree that would allow the reform to be published in the official registry. "With this reform, political participation is no longer plural. The Legislative Assembly would be made up of only three or four parties, which eliminates the possibility of minority representation,” the head of the FMLN legislative caucus Jaime Guevara said.

Salvadorans Ask for the Release of Santa Marta Activists
Before the Sensuntepeque Court, their defense attorney Denis Muñoz requested alternative measures to preventive detention, arguing that they are in delicate health conditions. Three months ago, however, this same Salvadoran court rejected a similar petition. On several occasions, ADES has warned about the dangers imprisoned leaders face, especially one of them who was transferred to the Izalco Prison.

Striking Urals Miners Demand Video Call with Putin
Miners in Russia’s Ural Mountains region have demanded to speak to Russian President VlaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Bath shipyard union hints at willingness to strike again ahead of contract negotiations
Bath Iron Works’ largest union signaled a willingness to go on strike again, voting almost unanimously this week in favor of a strike sanction as leverage for upcoming contract negotiations. Machinists Union Local S6, which represents about 4,250 of the shipyard’s 6,500 workers, said the vote authorizes benefit checks if members vote to go on strike, sending an early message to shipyard leadership a few months before sitting down to try to come to an agreement on the details of the next contract.

‘We deserve more’: hotel workers vote to authorize strike in California
Hotel workers are threatening to strike in California over pay and conditions in what would be the largest ever strike by hotel workers. In a strike authorization vote held on 8 June, workers voted 96% in favor of authorizing a strike, which could begin as early as Fourth of July weekend. The decision impacts 15,000 hotel workers represented by Unite Here Local 11 in the Los Angeles.

UAW Strike Ongoing At GM 12-Volt Battery Supplier Plant
According to a report from Automotive News, neither side wants to budge as negotiations continue to stall. For reference, approximately 400 workers have been on strike as of May 8th, 2023 following a contract proposal that was shot down. Meanwhile, the Ohio plant employs roughly 650 employees in total, and produces up to 150,000 batteries a week.

Debt deal strikes blow to housing affordability
Now the additional monthly costs could be especially hard on debtors hoping to save up enough Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


CP of Venezuela, Neither bread nor circuses: the fight for wage indexation continues
Official Gazette No. 6746 will go down in history as the death certificate of the minimum wage in Venezuela. In its place, the Government of Nicolás Maduro has enthroned a new euphemism: the "minimum vital income", a fetish made of straw and bonds to which the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the trade unionists aligned to its designs attribute supernatural powers: for example, the ability to conjure up the misery in which they have plunged the country while a handful of mafiosi with cheap disguises of patriots have enriched themselves. But there are others who also worship this new fetish: they are the businessmen grouped in Fedecámaras, the main acolytes of the religion of the "zero increase". And how could they not! If the employers no longer have to worry about vacations, Christmas bonuses and much less about the crumbs that they used to give to the workers at the end of the labor relationship, since by killing the salary, the Government has given the last rites to the social benefits as well.

Syriza’s Electoral Quagmire Reflects Its Crushing of Greeks’ Hopes
Opinion polls ahead of Greece’s election had generally credited the conservative New Democracy with a strong lead over main rival Syriza. Yet the scale of its success in the May 21 vote nonetheless came as a political shock. Except for the November 1974 elections, which came just four months after the fall of the colonels’ dictatorship, there had never been such a vast distance between the winner and the main opposition party. New Democracy secured a twenty-point advantage over Syriza, as Aléxis Tsípras’s party lost more than one-third of its 2019 electorate. There was also another unprecedented aspect of the result: not since 1974 had the total right-wing and far-right vote exceeded 50 percent, with the far right at over 10 percent — an all-time record — albeit spread over several lists. New Democracy’s victory was not enough to win a parliamentary majority, and a new election has already been announced for June 25. This second voPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks News Anon


That Chevron story is fucking insane

File: 1686334045713.jpg (121.06 KB, 650x540, A2(31).jpg)


On 27 May 1987 700 members of Maoist Communist Center (MCC) killed 57 people of Rajput caste. Exact number is unknown, and the members of MCC were of Yadav caste. Today that village is as backward and deserted as it was in 1987.
What are your thoughts on it?
Why Naxalites did not succeed despite doing all these things? If one looks at it, it looks as if naxalites were doing all these things killing people and stuff and after 1991 they all just vanished. It makes no sense.

One more example, People like Jagadish Mahato were killed by Musahars.
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The population doesn't matter, agricultural employment matters
The small-hold independent producer is a steadily dying social class in India
Many rural people work in factories and in service work too


But the Naxals were calling these "small-hold independent producers" the oppressors and genociding them. So, wouldn't that mean that naxals have won if this class in dying out?


If the class whom you are fighting finally goes extinct, how all of a sudden it is you who becomes irrelevant?


What? I'm talking about self-employed farmers threatened by large capitalist expropriation of their land, who are the base of the Naxalite movement


lmfao hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah
There is no such thing. The base of Naxalite movement was the landless dalit agricultural labourers, and they were fighting the self-employed farmers from the upper caste all of whom had 10 beegha land on an average in those parts.
Are you really this stupid? Naxalite movement was also a movement to take land, in most cases not from very large landowners but from small ones who are easy to target.

File: 1686197741044.jpg (113.44 KB, 1200x600, posadizzm.jpg)


Is this Grusch guy for real? Seemingly his credentials as a security official check out and there's going to be a Congressional hearing in which he testified under oath that the US is hiding recovered alien craft. The weakness in his testimony is that it's mostly hearsay, but he's not revealing classified information in specific to prevent getting gulaged by the DoD. Other intelligence officials have come forward supporting what he said.

Why is this shit just popping up now though, could it be some coordinated effort by glowies to distract people from something, or could it be legit?

US urged to reveal UFO evidence after claim that it has intact alien vehicles
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>moving faster than c is travel
I don't think anybody denies that but time travel into the future is not creating an impossible paradox. I don't think time travel into the past would be possible.


Time travel into the future is incredibly mundane and happens all of the time (it's just normal time passing).

Increased or decreased travel into the future is also a part of relativity (Time Dilation) and is directly observed since satellites have to correct for this in their timekeeping. When I refer to time travel & breaching causality I am referring to time travel into the past obviously.


There have been countless people claiming inside knowledge. It's hilarious seeing normies getting exposed to decades old aspects of UFO lore for the first time.
I personally think UFOs are just disinfo to cover antigravity tech the military has had since the 1950s.


>A few things don't add up. If these alien craft are getting recovered, that means they have crashed.
No, they could have been shot down, handed over, previously abandoned etc
Why would an advanced alien spacecraft capable of traversing the galaxy suddenly crash on earth? The technology must be very advanced.
Nobody says they're space aliens, nobody said anything about a crash
>Secondly, if the govt has been collecting crashed objects for decades, it stands to reason that they have been hitting the earth with some frequency. Would the government be there on the scene first in all cases? Wouldn't some private entity or individual recover it first in at least a few cases?
See above, we don't know anything about the circumstances of the recoveries. Perhaps they lift the things from the bottom of the sea; perhaps they are the only ones who know where to look. The US gubbiment sits on a lot of information these days
>Thirdly, knowing the US government this exotic technology would instantly be put to use for military applications. Have we seen any signs of materials or weaponry out of keeping with everything else they use? No.
If an F-35 crashed on North Sentinel Island, do you think the islanders would build their own fighter jets a few decades later?
all in all I agree with you THOUGH


Yeah I agree with all these points. I dont believe in ayylmaos at all but that's only because I've never seen the slightest bit of actually compelling evidence. These latest stories seem slightly different, it being an op of some kind is ultimately far more likely, and the chances of it being any other explanation fill out most of the rest of likelihood, but the fact that in this case it seems there's a shred of reasonable doubt is still really catching my eye and I'll be following.

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Why has CPUSA been so mythologized in the past two years when they were a massive failure and sucked even in their “good days?”

American communists tried to follow the Bolshevik strategy and failed. They didn’t originally give a shit about Black people either, they only adopted the Black Belt thesis because Stalin told them to. They were way too close to the Comintern and that bit them in the ass later on. Foster was power-hungry and mad because his steel strike failed while Browder was a clout demon. The whole thing was a mess from the start. I’m kind of relieved the feds took them down.
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The rising ultra-right was, and has been fought with bats, firecrackers, punches, milkshakes, and bike locks. Demonrats have had shit to do with it.


Why not use guns


>Why not use guns
Because rocking up to a demonstration wih gun will quickly escelate the situation and see you arested in minutes


Just keep a gun in your pocket. If you need a baseball bat just use a fucking gun


File: 1686365645125-0.png (242.81 KB, 472x655, 569054869045.png)

Activate the streamers


How is prison abolitionism supposed to work? Am I supposed to sit here and earnestly believe there isn’t a certain amount of people who simply need to be segregated from society due to extremely anti social tendencies?
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i think you should kys


people with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) which is the up to date name for psychopathy, who can have tendencies to act violently for their own enjoyment if they have sadistic traits, can be helped with therapy in many cases. And if their economic, political, and material conditions are reformed it's likely they would not be encouraged to become legitimately dangerous and violent criminals, because crime isn't needed under socialism and communism.

It's a slow and careful process, not immediately letting murderers and pedophiles out of prison with no care like libs might advocate for not understanding. But to transform the society radically to the point where prison isn't needed




Good post


File: 1686360357489-0.png (2.67 MB, 1747x1227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1686360357489-1.png (1.07 MB, 1024x683, ClipboardImage.png)

>How is prison abolitionism supposed to work
If we are to be serious in our sloganing of 'fire to the prisons' and so on we need to have hard and serious talks about who are not suited for civil society, that is; who we leave in the prisons when we burn them down.
In my conversations about this with comrades I like to advocate that the prisoners themselves should decide. As we see in many prison riots the prisoners usually use the time of the autonomous prison to exact beatings or death on the known prolific prisoners, that is your psychos and predators, child rapists and the like. The kind of people who will never fit in to a society.
Easy solution.

File: 1608680398363.jpg (62.28 KB, 775x514, DOWn.jpg)

 No.213072[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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File: 1686174394305-0.png (114.47 KB, 3392x1195, GME_Chart.png)

File: 1686174394305-1.png (180.52 KB, 3370x1196, SPX_Chart.png)

My whole point is that the price of GME is artificially being suppressed. When you've got a company that quite simply isn't allowed to go above a certain price range regardless of good fundamentals, it's no shock that in some cases you'd get a better return.

Still up +40% YtD however and retains the possibility of massive movements up.


He's in the CPUSA apparently
If he reads Capital, a Democratic Party aide will bust into his house and execute him on the spot


Is this an advertisement or are there real people on this chan who believe they should participate in this rigged market fraud instead of buying crypto, planting a garden or doing anything else of value with their time and money?

If you really can't think of anything useful to do, burn your cash.
That may be silly but at least it doesn't harm mankind by giving even more money to the worst scum of the earth.




America is now in a bull market led by Carvana.

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